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Is This the End of the Market Samurai Dynasty? Direct Answers from the CEO

Over the weekend the team behind Market Samurai, a keyword research and SEO analysis tool that I've recommended several times here on the blog (and that I'm an affiliate for), posted an announcement about some changes that are happening with the software that had a lot of people asking—is this the end of Market Samurai? [...]

SEO Competition and How URL Competition Plays a Role

If you know a little bit about search engine optimization (SEO) or have seen my free keyword research webinar replay, you'll know that there are two important factors that determine the viability of a keyword: The amount of search traffic a particular keyword receives; and The competition for that particular keyword. Both of these factors [...]

Oops. The Niche I Selected is Bad, and Here’s Why

Before anything, I want to say this: I'm not an expert at niche sites. Tyrone Shum, my challenger for this little competition, is not an expert either. We're both fairly brand new to the niche site scene, so we're going to make mistakes. The reason why we're making this challenge public is to show you [...]