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My Top 10 Favorite Apps on My Phone (And Why I Love ‘em So Much)

Currently, I have 161 applications installed on my phone. I use a lot of them every day, but there are others I haven't touched for months and should probably delete. :P Here's a list of my top 10 favorite applications on my iPhone right now, and why I love them so much... Since building a small team [...]

Taking Control – An Incredible and Inspiring Success Story ($2,325.91 in a Day!) with Benny Hsu

"This wouldn't have been possible if I never found your blog. Thanks Pat!" This is the type of message I aim to receive from every reader of SPI, and recently Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living sent me this very message, along with a success story that had me smiling from ear to ear. Benny [...]

SPI 014 : iPhone App Development and Marketing Tips

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk more about my iPhone app business. I've written a couple of posts about iPhone apps before (here and here) and have always been asked for more, so I thought what better way to talk about the business than on an podcast session! During this [...]

Starting an $800,000 iPhone App Business with Free The Apps

I'm really excited to share an amazing and inspiring interview with Mike & Quoc of Free The Apps, an extremely successful iPhone app development company that I've actually paid a lot of attention to since their start, primarily because Mike & Quoc are two of my good friends from high school. I knew they were [...]