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My Top 10 Favorite Apps on My Phone (and Why I Love ’em So Much)

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  1. SPI 039: Changing Lives and Getting Paid with Niched iPhone Apps—Success Story, Interview Series 4


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    In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast I’m super stoked to feature another success story interview, this time with someone who has built a very successful iPhone application business in a very tight niche.

    His name is Mike Doonan from Speech With Milo, and what makes him and his apps special is that he’s building apps that are changing people’s lives, and he’s making a good living doing so—to the tune of 5-figures a month!

    With how crowded the app market is today (and any market—not just the mobile app market), creating something unique and dominating a specific niche within a niche is a great way to go, just like Mike and his wife did.

    I can honestly say that the information in this podcast is the best information I have on this blog about iPhone apps.

    In this session you’ll learn about:

    • How an iPad paved the way for Mike and his wife’s app business.
    • How many apps they have how much income Mike’s apps are generating.
    • The top questions you should ask yourself before you begin to build mobile applications.
    • 3 important categories of app design that you need to think about.
    • Finding developers and dealing with costs when building an application.
    • How to post a job description to protect your idea and find the best developers and designers possible.
    • Mike’s (simple but brilliant) strategies for getting his apps found in the app store.
    • Plus a lot more!

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    Items mentioned in this podcast include:

    Mike graciously volunteered his story to share, educate and inspire people here in the podcast, and I could tell that he really wanted to make sure he was helpful and honest about the app business too.

    He actually messaged me after our call saying that we forgot cover something extremely important that he thought everyone should do when getting into the app business, which was really nice of him.

    You’ll hear that important “follow-up” tip at the end of the podcast.

    Mike and his wife are getting paid by making the world a better place, and that’s awesome.

    Mike, if you’re reading this—I know the entire SPI community here wishes you, your wife and your applications even more success, and I’m so happy that you’re being rewarded for your good deeds.

    Thank you all for listening!

    Please subscribe to the podcast using the links below and look out for another success story in the next episode that is “out of this world”.

    Hint hint. 😉

    Cheers, and all the best!

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  2. SPI 014: iPhone App Development and Marketing Tips


    The Smart Passive Income Podcast Logo

    In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk more about my iPhone app business. I’ve written a couple of posts about iPhone apps before (here and here) and have always been asked for more, so I thought what better way to talk about the business than on an podcast session!

    During this episode, I cover:

    • Why I’m super stoked for February 10th, 2011.
    • How I got into the iPhone App business.
    • A detailed story of our first iPhone application and the 3 things that went terribly wrong with the whole process.
    • How much our business makes with iPhone apps, and details about 1 of our free applications that generates between $50 and $100 a day.
    • A few marketing tips I’ve learned during my 2 years in this business that will help you increase your chances of a successful app business.
    • How much it costs to develop an iPhone app.
    • How to protect your idea when searching for developers.
    • My thoughts on the app market and if there’s room for more success stories.

    No guests – just me, so I hope you enjoy this session!


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    Items Mentioned in this Session:


    Right click here to download a PDF of this transcript

  3. iPhone App Business Models: Paid vs. Free


    SPI on an iPhone?As many of you know, in addition to The Smart Passive Income brand I also have an iPhone application company, LOLer Apps. We currently have 27 applications live in iTunes right now which are passively generating a decent chunk of change each month, as outlined in my monthly income reports.

    Whenever I chat with people about my various businesses, my iPhone app business is the one that intrigues them the most. Maybe it’s because it’s the “hot” thing at the moment, or maybe because it’s something that they can see doing themselves too.

    I’ve written about iPhone apps before (see 5 Things You Must Know About Creating Your Own iPhone Apps), but I’d like to expand a bit on some of the money making strategies one can take when developing their own iPhone apps (or apps for any other platform too). (more…)

  4. Starting an $800,000 iPhone App Business with Free The Apps


    I’m really excited to share an amazing and inspiring interview with Mike & Quoc of Free The Apps, an extremely successful iPhone app development company that I’ve actually paid a lot of attention to since their start, primarily because Mike & Quoc are two of my good friends from high school.

    I knew they were doing really well since picking up their iPhone App Guide, but up until recently I had absolutely no idea how successful they actually were. I saw them in a recent article on that blew my mind which is exactly why I had to get them here to share their story with you today. (Editor’s Note: As of 2015, Elance has combined with oDesk to create Upwork.)

    All I have to say is that I couldn’t be more proud of what my friends have accomplished. They saw an opportunity, went with it, and created a life changing passive income business as a result.

    Even though I have my own iPhone app business too, it’s nothing like what these guys have. Enjoy! (more…)

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