10 Creative Ways to “Level-Up” Your Presence on Facebook

I love Facebook - not only because it helps me remember when to wish my friends a "Happy Birthday", but also because it has been an extremely effective tool for my brand. For example, over the past year Facebook has overwhelmingly been the number one site for referral traffic to SPI: Again, this is for [...]

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (HTML / iFrame Edition)

Please click here for the latest tutorials on the new Facebook Timeline Setup. **Important Update to Facebook Landing Pages** Please note that all Facebook Pages will be converted to the new "TIMELINE" version of wordpress, which you may have seen on your friends' personal profiles lately.  No comment on how they look, but there's nothing [...]

Facebook Pages Update and Redesign – Again

It's happening again - Facebook has made changes to its business/fan pages and now all of the videos I have about creating a page and landing pages are out to date, including the one I published just a couple of week ago. There are already a number of articles that do a great job of [...]