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Email Segmentation: Inside One of My Autoresponder Emails – SPI TV, Ep. 31

In this video, I show you how to get started with email segmentation. Segmenting your email list is one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your email marketing strategy.

SPI 185: Solving a Problem by Building It Yourself – The Story Behind ConvertKit with Nathan Barry

Today's guest is Nathan Barry, who previously joined me on Episode 75 to talk about his six-figure business selling ebooks. In today's show, Nathan tells me how his frustration with email platforms led him to build ConvertKit, a system built specifically to serve bloggers. He also shares how he surveyed prospective customers and built trust in his product over time, with amazing results. He’ll cover what questions he asked, what questions he should’ve asked, and why he’s making his progress totally accessible to the public.

A Beginner’s Guide to Email List Segmentation

Your audience isn't all the same—it's made up of several groups, each with their own needs and problems you can help them solve. In this step-by-step guide, I'll teach you to use email segmentation to better serve the groups within your audience.

The Top 5 Email Marketing Tools – SPI TV, Ep. 30

Building your email list is a crucial, ongoing process for your growing business. The tools I’m covering today can help you build your list via mobile, prompt your site visitors to opt-in, create customized landing pages to engage potential subscribers, and more. They integrate easily with most email software, so you can add them to your email marketing strategy seamlessly.

SPI 184: Psychological Strategies to Get More People to Open Your Emails, Read Your Copy and Click on Links with Derek Halpern

If you’re ready for a new and deeper understanding of your customers, listen in. Derek Halpern from Social Triggers is back to share his expertise in the psychology of growing your business. The strategies he’s offering up today will help you get more people to open your emails, read your copy, and click your links. He’ll delve into identifying that all-important Ideal Customer persona—who they are, how they feel, and what they need from you.

Why I Switched from Aweber to Infusionsoft to Convertkit

Earlier this year, I made a big decision to move my email list of over 135,000 subscribers to Infusionsoft from AWeber, which I’ve used for the past 5+ years. Three months later, my email list now lives on an new and rapidly growing platform called ConvertKit.

Here’s the story and what you need to know about choosing and using the right email service provider for your business.

The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing – SPI TV, Ep. 29

In this episode, I cover the major dos and don’ts of email marketing—lessons I've learned from my mistakes—including subject lines, segmentation, calls-to-action, and auto-responders. I’ll also delve into reaching out to your audience, asking them the right questions, and knowing when to push a sale.

ConvertKit Demo by Pat Flynn – SPI TV, Ep. 28

Email Marketing Month is in full swing here at Today, I’m giving you a quick demo of a brand new email service provider I’ve totally fallen in love with: ConvertKit. ConvertKit has so many excellent features. It’s beautifully designed, ridiculously easy to use, and makes your analytics simple to understand. It also comes with higher-level features like segmentation and tagging, so it’s perfect for users at all levels with all kinds of needs. You’ve got to see this.

How to Train Your Subscribers to Open Your Emails Every Time You Send

You could write the best content in the world, but it’s all for nothing if no one opens your emails. There are two variables that can mean the difference between your subscribers reading your emails and completely ignoring them. Learn how paying attention to these two variables will greatly improve your email open rate.

Top 10 Places On Your Website to Include an Opt-in Form – SPI TV, Ep. 27

It's Email Marketing Month here on SPI! Let's start off by going over the top 10 places to include opt-in forms on your website, so you don't miss out on any opportunity to feed subscribers into your email list. Plus, check out my brand new eBook, Email the Smart Way, which you can download today for free!