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  1. The Secret to Success Comes in Purple


    Stand Out From the CrowdOne of my favorite books of all time is Purple Cow, by Seth Godin.

    In it, Seth describes that the key to success is to find a way to stand out – to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins. (A Holstein is a breed of cow. I looked it up.)

    Seth’s description really resonates with me because looking back at my entrepreneurial journey, that’s exactly what I’ve always done – I have always purposely tried to stand out from the crowd.

    In fact, you may be reading this post today because there was something I did, or something on my blog that one day made you think that it was different from the hundreds of thousands of other blogs talking about entrepreneurship and making money online.

    Here are some examples of how I purposely try to stand out from the crowd: (more…)

  2. A Fatal Attraction for Blogs and Businesses


    It’s in our nature to always look at what’s not working, first.

    Take for example, the report card shown below. What stands out to you?

    report-card1Probably that “F”, right?

    If this was your report card, even with 7 “A+” marks, you probably wouldn’t be able to get your mind off of that “F”. Of course, an “F” is a failing grade, so there’s definitely a reason to be concerned.

    Now, let’s see an example of a report card that is nearly perfect and see how we feel about it:


    If your son or daughter gave you this report card, you’d probably be very, very proud. However, can you not help looking at that “B+” and wonder what happened?

    Again, we are attracted to what is wrong.

    This is why bad news grabs our attention more than good news. It’s why missing a slam dunk is more often a big deal than making one. It’s why some ideas die, businesses fail, blogs get abandoned and why we’re so infatuated with trying to fix what is wrong, instead of first trying to understand what’s behind the things that are working for us.

    So the next time you’re looking to really improve your business, blog, or whatever you do online, don’t dive right into what’s wrong. First look at what’s going well and try to understand why. You’ll be surprised to find that often the solution for what you’re trying to improve may very well be behind something that’s going well in your business already.

    I can’t take credit for the little report card demo. This was a variation on something I learned in the book Switch, which I’ve been raving about lately. If you’re looking for something to read, I definitely recommend it.

    Here’s to a great weekend! Cheers!

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