Book Review: Ask by Ryan Levesque – SPI TV Ep. 25

Ryan Levesque's book Ask has been a huge game-changer for me. After reading his book and applying the Ask Formula into my business, I'm now able to better serve my audience because I have a much better understanding of who they are and what they are looking for. Click through to check out the review!

Book Review – The Art of Apprenticeship by Azul Terronez – SPI TV Ep. 24

Finding a great mentor can mean the difference between slowly figuring things out on your own, or quickly learning the ropes from someone else who is more experienced than you - someone who could hold you accountable and inspire you to keep moving forward. Beyond finding a great mentor, you have to be a great mentee, and in this episode of SPI TV, I review a lesser-known book called The Art of Apprenticeship by Azul Terronez, which shares with you how to make it all happen...

Book Review: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan – SPI TV, Ep. 23

This month on SPI TV (new episodes every Friday!) I'll be reviewing books that I've recently read and enjoyed. First up, a book that's been an absolute game-changer for myself and several other entrepreneurs as of late: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I look forward to sharing what this book is about, some specific tips I picked up from the book, and more. Check it out by clicking through...

How to Write a Book – The Secret to a Super Fast First Draft – SPI TV Ep. 1

Have you ever wondered how to write a book…fast? If you’re like me, then sometimes you have trouble with the hardest part - just getting started. Blog posts typically come easy for me, but when it comes to writing books, I used to be completely clueless. If you've ever stared at a blank screen wondering [...]

SPI 145: How to Become a Contributing Writer on Large Media Sites—From Bread Delivery to Content Delivery with Kimanzi Constable

You'll love this story. A former bread delivery man turned successful self-published author, who then got a multi-book deal as a result of his published work. Kimanzi Constable not only gives us an amazing & inspiring story, but he gives us a ton of actionable advice too—especially when it comes to something he's finding success with now, which is contributing articles on large media sites. Here's how you can do that too...

5 Books From 2014 That I’ve Read More Than Once

I've read (or listened to) a lot of books recently, but there are a handful of books that I've went through more than once. Here's a list of 5 books that I re-read in 2014, and why I decided to double up on them.

SPI 109: From Personal Trainer to Successful Self-Published Author and Podcaster with Vinnie Tortorich

Many online businesses start as a result of people going through major life challenges. For me, it was when I was laid off from architecture. For Vinnie Tortorich, a personal trainer, it was the crash of 2008, the writer's strike (since his clients were in Hollywood) and Leukemia - all at the same time. Since then, he's battled back and has become an incredibly successful self-published author and podcast host. Here is his story and how it all happened...

SPI 079: Time Travel and Book Marketing with Jeff Goins – Strategies to Help You Sell More Books and Spread Your Word

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I get to do something I've always wanted to do: Time Travel. Let me explain. :) My good friend, Jeff Goins - a popular Amazon best-selling author, award-winning blogger and speaker who writes at - joins me for what is essentially two sessions in one. We talk all [...]

My New Book ‘Let Go’ Is Now Available!

The big day is finally here! My new multi-media book, Let Go, is finally available on the brand new Snippet application in the Apple App Store! Since this is on brand new technology, here's a quick step by step process to help you get Let Go onto your iPad or iPhone: (Android and Kindle are coming [...]

SPI 059: How Viral Happens—An Interview With Jonah Berger, Author of Contagious

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I'm really excited to chat with Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at Wharton's School at the University of Pennsylvania and author of his new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. To sum it up, the book is about why and how stuff goes viral. Even though it's [...]