Be Everywhere

What I Learned from SPI Fans at NMX

I'm back home from New Media Expo in Vegas, and WOW - what an amazing trip! A lot of you have been asking if I'm going to publish my presentation (especially after hearing about it on Twitter), and the answer is that it will be published as soon as it's done being edited. It's a [...]

How to Be EVEN MORE Everywhere

1.32 million = The total number of unique visitors to The Smart Passive Income Blog. 1.66 million = The total number of downloads of The SPI Podcast. 1.48 million = The total number of video views on the SPI YouTube Channel. The blog, the podcast and the YouTube channel are the three conduits that have together powered the SPI [...]

A Quick Update from Pat—Is it Finals Week?

Wow - it's been a busy, busy week! It sort of feels like I'm studying for finals. You might think I'm crazy, but I actually love this feeling. ;) You see, next week I'm flying to New York to attend Blog World Expo. My solo presentation, Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way: Stop Hoping and Start Earning, [...]

Crooked Arrows and Being Everywhere

Last week, I experienced one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. Let me explain... In SPI Podcast Session #31 I shared that in early 2011, a Hollywood producer had found me though my podcast on iTunes. He was interested in hiring me to help with the web and social media marketing campaign for a [...]

Be Everywhere: How I Got 2000+ NEW Visitors to My Site—with a Front Page PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare

I'm still recovering from widsom tooth extraction last Friday (not fun - it was apparently a very rough surgery), but what makes me feel a lot better is being able to share this high-quality guest post by Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind. I rarely accept guest posts on this blog, but when I do it [...]

A Detailed Look at My (Non-Aggressive) Email List Strategy

A lot of the strategies that I implement here on SPI are a direct result of seeing what other people are doing - and then doing the exact opposite. For example, most people don't share their income publicly online, while I have my Monthly Income Reports. A lot of people say to stick to one [...]

SPI 028: Be Everywhere: Building a Profitable BRAND by Thinking Outside the Blog

Note - a book entitled BE EVERYWHERE is being worked on as we speak! Please subscribe to the blog to stay updated. In this special session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I share a re-recording of the presentation I did at Blog World Expo in Los Angeles last week. I also include a YouTube [...]

My August 2010 Monthly Income Report

Each month, I like to write a detailed report about where my online income comes from, as well as report on the things that I’ve been up to that may have had an impact on my earnings. I do this for two primary reasons: to help myself keep track of how my businesses and brands [...]

7 Ways to Be Everywhere—Building a Brand Online

Last week, an SPI reader asked me the following question: "Pat. You seem to be EVERYWHERE online. Everywhere I go, people are talking about you and your name always comes up. How do you do it?" To be honest, I never believed I would become this successful online, especially with SPI—a blog in the "make [...]

My October 2009 Monthly Income Report

Another month down, another monthly report to share! It seems like a lot of time has passed since my last report, but I think that's because I've been focusing a lot on creating quality posts on a consistent schedule for you to read. I feel, and I think most of you would agree, that the [...]