SPI 097: John Lee Dumas on his 6-Figure Month, Facebook Webinar Strategy and Adding Sponsors to Your Show

John Lee Dumas is back for a second time! Since his last appearance 6 months ago, his brand has exploded, and so has his earnings! Learn how, his exact Facebook to Webinar strategies you can use, and the pros and cons (and how) to add sponsors to your own show.

How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 9 – Other Marketing Techniques

Note: Some of the details regarding specific advertising strategies may be out of date. For current recommendations regarding selling your ebooks, check out my guide eBooks The Smart Way (Editor’s Note 09/2015). Ok, so you can do all of the free marketing techniques you want - sometimes you'll still feel the need to fork over [...]

How to Make Extra Money for Doing Almost Nothing – Part 2

This is part two of my series on banner advertising, which again I believe it to be pretty easy money. I've gotten a lot of great comments on part 1, and I'm happy that I've started some debate about a few things, which you can read about in the comments section if you're curious. Please [...]

How to Make Extra Money for Doing Almost Nothing – Part 1

Imagine you're a farmer who owns a good amount of land. On your land, you grow some crops, milk cows and raise pigs. Mmm...bacon. Anyways, you notice that you don't really use all of your land. There's a huge chunk of it that you know has really good soil, but you don't really have the [...]