Stuff I’ve Been Reading, Watching, and Listening to Lately

I’m currently working on a hardcore, start to finish podcasting tutorial! I’ve already put in over 15 hours of work into writing and recording this tutorial, but I have much more to do so it’s going to take a while before it’s published. You can, however, watch the first video in the series of videos I’m shooting by clicking here, if you’re interested. 😉

As a result of dedicating my time to this tutorial, I didn’t have time to write a “normal” blog post, but that’s okay because I have a lot of cool and interesting resources to share with you in the meantime.

Here’s what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to lately – plus some news about some upcoming speaking events that I’ll be attending.

Google EMD Algo Update – Early Data (by SEOMoz) – As many of you probably know, Google recently updated their search algorithm, once again, to target lower quality Exact Match Domain websites. A lot of you have been asking how my sites have faired. I actually don’t have too many EMD sites – most are scrap sites that were created for tutorials or demonstration purposes, and rightly so – they were hit by this update. The ones that I am actually keeping up with, however, were not hit. My “almost EMD” sites like and were not hit either, and in fact my security site jumped quite a bit in rankings for many secondary target keywords – probably as a result of other EMD sites that were ranking highly before getting pushed aside due to the update. (See screenshot)

The algo update by SEOMoz gives us some early data from a pool of websites about what was effected, and was was not. Clearly, there are mixed signals, so we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer before we know exactly what’s going on. Such is Google.

Please Don’t Kill Feedburner – In other (Google) news, you may have heard rumors that Feedburner, the widely used RSS subscription server, is dying. It does seem like that’s the case since Google didn’t renew Feedburner’s Japanese domain, they stepped away from their Twitter account and got rid of Adsense for Feeds. If Feedburner died, it would definitely make a lot of people upset – both bloggers and podcasters who use the service. This page I linked to about explains more about the situation, hoping for someone on Google’s end to respond, which I know from my experience is highly unlikely, but we’ll see.

Here’s another recent article by Cliff Ravenscraft about Feedburner too.

Why I Love the FitBit Ultra – Speaking of Cliff Ravenscraft (two time guest on the SPI Podcast and dear friend of mine), I have to thank him for introducing me to a sweet little device called FitBit. It’s a small little electronic pedometer that you attach to your belt or just stick in your pocket and it keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken during the day, calories burned, and miles traveled, among other things.

The best part about the FitBit is that it wirelessly updates your stats online so you can keep track and compete against friends. Since using this for the past 4 days, I’ve been addicted to upping my step count to out-step other people who I know use this device. You may recognize some of these names:

Fitbit Rankings

(That’s Cliff leading the pack right now, followed by Mark Mason from, Erik from the Beyond the To Do List Podcast, and Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. I’m on my way though…I haven’t had mine for a full 7-days yet.)

The FitBit is an amazing way to motivate myself to make sure I get out there and exercise during the day, and for a work-at-home dad with a two-year old and a newborn in the house, this is exactly what I need right now.

You’re welcome to join in on the fun – if you’re up to the challenge!

Dumb Pricing Mistakes (by Derek Halpern from – Derek has been stepping up his game recently with a set of well-produced, very educational and entertaining videos on his blog. This one in particular, about pricing strategies, is fantastic and I know from experience that pricing products and services can be very scary and confusing. Derek sheds some light on some of the biggest mistakes people make when pricing things, so don’t miss this one.

Samsung Shows Complete Marketing Genius and Ignorance with Attack of iPhone5 (by Marcus Sheridan from – I own an iPhone 5 myself but was very impressed with Samsung’s recent television commercials, the one’s mocking people who stand in line waiting for a new Apple product. Marcus Sheridan dissects what Samsung did right, but also what they fell short on with their marketing campaign, which is a shame. Definitely a must read, and please subscribe to Marcus’ stuff – it’s awesome!

Affiliate Sales for – I found a company that was doing online training for security guards (only in California). They had no affiliate program but I worked with them to get one up and running, and now I’m making sales! They had developers take care of setting up the affiliate program on their end through an existing aMember setup for their training courses. It looks like this could be a good stream of income for SGTHQ! Now only if all 50 states had or allowed online training. Not all do, but I’m currently finding similar options around the U.S.

The Talk to the Top – The Talk to the Top is an online event put on by The Rise to the Top host, David Garland. I was interviewed for his show a year ago here and at the end of this month I will join an amazing speaker list that includes Andrew Warner, Derek Halpern, Corbett Barr, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes and more! If you’re going to this online event, you can use the coupon code patrocks to get 50% off your ticket, which you enter on the checkout page. I so look forward to this!

Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA – April 7, 8 & 9, 2013 – I’m extremely pleased and excited to announce that I will be speaking live in my hometown of San Diego, California at Social Media Marketing World from April 7-9 next year! This is an event put on by Social Media Examiner and it’s going to be awesome! I’m honored to be a part of it and if you end up going, let me know and we’ll hang out together sometime during the event in a place soon to be determined, somewhere in my hometown. :)

That’s all I got for now! Thanks for the support!

Fun fact: 90% of the post was written with one hand (and a sleeping baby in the other). #parenthood #ilovethisstuff #onehandedninja

  • Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion

    Pat, appreciate the link love brother, thanks a bunch for that. :-)

    Can’t wait to chat at Social Media Marketing World. Mike Stelzner does everything ultra first-class, so this will be fun.



  • Joe Cassandra

    Excited to see your tutorials come out!

    Love Derek and David, it’s great that you all know each other and work together. Probably attributes to your success!

    That’s probably one of the lesser known secrets is not seeing other bloggers as competition but partners.

  • Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging

    The most terrified post I read recently is the emd google update. I hope that google don’t hit me.

    • Ben Troy

      yes, i am also pay much attention to the recent google update, there are lots of niche site getting bad effect and the keywords position are knocked down badly, even not in the first 10 pages result .

    • Ple

      This new update just attacks poor content niche site and spam massive backlinks in a short period of time . Just publish new fresh content and donot build multible backlinks pointing directly to the money site .

  • Brandon@RealEstateInYourTwenties

    FitBit – sounds awesome! Thanks for the update. Nice work on the one handed typing also! And I agree – Derek’s “Dumb Pricing Mistakes” was excellent!



  • Benny

    I gotta say typing that much w/ one hand is impressive!

  • Patrick

    Great round up of what’s been tickling your fancy recently. Derek’s video in particular is great!

  • Kids Shoelaces

    Pat, I have one EMD site that so far is not affected. Although there was an EMD algorithm update this past spring I believe. At that time my site disappeared from search results (at least it was no longer on page one) and I lost all my Google traffic for 3 – 4 weeks after which time the site returned to search results and my traffic came back. Here is my site:

    • Ben Troy

      Donot worry so much about EMD update, just keep up providing quality posts, ultimate resource and most importantly, donot build low manufactured links and the same anchor text. Then, your niche site is still at high ranking .

      • Theodore Nwangene

        Absolutely Ben,
        Once you’ve done every other thing right, then the update will not affect you.

  • Holli Graham

    Since Feedburner is probably going to be going the way of the dodo soon, here’s a good post I read recently that lists several good alternatives. It would probably be best to go ahead and set something else up now before Feedburner dies.

  • Mitja

    Great job with the affiliate deal on your Security Guard website? I’m wondering, how many visits do you get from those twelve keywords?

  • Alex B. (@DreamJobGuy)

    Hey Pat!

    Major props to you bro for typing 90% with one hand! If you can type 90% of this post with one hand, that should be a strong encouragement to other people to crank out content, especially since most people use both hands, on average. 😉

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to lately! It’s always nice getting great recommendations from others as to what content they are finding most helpful and attention grabbing at the time.

    That’s awesome that you will be speaking at Social Media Marketing World in your hometown of all places! I’m SUPER excited for you, and everything you’ve got going on.

    Take care!

    All the best,

  • Clark Hetherington

    Hey Pat,

    I keep updated with your site, and love your content. I am doing the foundation and wanted to stay accountable by means of a little blog. I was wondering if you mind that I share it here brother. Thanks for being you dude, YOU ROCK

  • Servando Silva

    This is nice. You should put interesting links on your blog more often. I bet many of us share the pleasure of reading those or even can recommend new lectures!

  • Dave G

    Hey Pat nice update :) Sadly my site (the one linked to ^here^) was knocked from page one to page 20+ for my top keywords, essentially killing all traffic from the big G (traffic from them is down about 99%).

    My main gripe is that I’m not into SEO, so I’ve only tried to make the site useful, full of good stuff for my audience, and present it how I want it to be. It happened to be an EMD because that seemed to make sense as a name.

    So I’m now in the position of knowing that I did something wrong, and after 6months+ of being good and steadily rising up the SERPs, I’m suddenly bad and banished from them!

    Now part of me feels like I have to do tricks and play Google to get back in the game – and part of me wants to just forget about them and concentrate on other traffic sources…

    Reading your blog cheers me up and inspires me to continue though and I know I just need to keep having faith in myself and my vision of what I want my site to be and not be swayed by external things out of my control!
    Thanks Pat!

    • Holly

      Hi Dave, I feel your pain! My EMD site was hit HARD. I never even thought about the fact that my site WAS an EMD site before last weekend when I lost 75% of my traffic. I’ve been adding quality content for 5.5 years and it’s very disheartening to have your traffic (and thereby your income) cut by that much for doing absolutely nothing wrong. I only hope that once the smoke clears, they’ll adjust their algos and things will go back to normal…

      • Dave G

        Thanks Holly – yeah it’s annoying, but I’ve heard a few people mention that they had this happen with previous updates and the quality sites crept back up in the next 3-4 weeks – here’s hoping!
        My traffic has gone from about 150-200 a day down to 1-2 from google – totally decimated.
        That said, I suppose I should be thankful to the big G for putting me in the top ten for a few months, and that I’ve got a reasonably healthy mailing list…otherwise it’d pretty much back to square one…
        Will be checking your site too as we’ve just had twin girls a few months back – a lot on my plate aside from internet stuff for sure :)

        • Holly

          Wow, twins? You are busy :) I did have a Google setback almost a year ago…traffic went from 700-800/day down to 400. After a few months, it came back better than ever (1200-1400/day). Now it’s down to 300-400/day. Here’s hoping once things settle we all get a nice rebound :)

  • Frederik Trovatten

    You got my vote for podcasting and biz!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Steve @ IngeniousInternetIncome

    Great list of articles. I’ve read a few of them and have added some of the others to my current reading list. Good stuff!

    As for the EMD, I like what you’ve done with your SGHQ site and how you’ve found the program and encouraged them to put together an affiliate program. What a great way to help them and help yourself at the same time. It’s a win/win situation for them and you.

  • Alex | Perfecting Dad

    I agree that Derek is getting watchable, but I liked his text way better for consuming on the transit ride to work or during little breaks at work. I can skim some blog posts, but can’t watch too many videos.

  • nicole steinberger

    hi pat,

    loved the podcasting video… thanks! really excited about your full tutorial coming out. i enjoyed the simplicity and clarity and mac/pc options. i think i have most of the gear already because i am a musician. my mixer is digital so i’ll have to see how that works out for podcasting. thanks again………. awesome! nicole

  • JR @ Photoshop Training Channel

    Thanks for sharing the Samsung marketing article.
    It was really good!

  • james

    Long live feedburner!
    Thanks for the links, the pricing videos were top notch.

  • Justin Mazza

    Hey Pat,
    I am totally looking forward to your podcasting video tutorial. Definitely need some help in that area.

    I have already a couple of the blog posts that you shared here. Now get back to finishing that podcasting tutorial. 😉

  • John Corcoran

    OK, next video you need to show how you did the cool spin effect – looks very professional. Did you buy a steadicam?

    • Ben Troy

      what is spin effect, you mean article spinning ?

  • Julie N

    Just curious: Why don’t you use a voice recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking instead of typing one-handed? Seems like it could help with transcriptions, too.

  • Okto

    Thanks for sharing the stuff Pat. If heard about the google’s hit on EMD and feedburner’s dying. But I haven’t notice the rest informations.

    Can’t wait for the report of your attending in social media marketing world Pat there’s no such an event here in my country :(.

    Once again, thanks for the post

  • Greg @ The Home Business Hub

    Regarding the EMD update. Isn’t it crazy how we all keep trying to beat Google through “SEO”, when in reality, the only thing that has ever been a constant with Google is their thirst for quality content? Great content is part of SEO… But… Most of us will still be trying some tricks ;-). it’s so much easier haha.

  • Greg @ The Home Business Hub

    Regarding the EMD update. Isn’t it crazy how we all keep trying to beat Google through “SEO”, when in reality, the only thing that has ever been a constant with Google is their thirst for quality content? Great content is SEO… But… Most of us will still be trying some tricks ;-). it’s so much easier haha.

  • Nicholas Redd

    Yeah FIT BIT ! ! ! I LOVE FIT BIT. Cool article. Thanks!

  • Shirish govilkar

    Nice article Pat.Keep the good work going…..

  • Sheyi |

    Been a problogger myself, I still do not know what feedburner is. I guess i’ve seen it been talked about everywhere online these days.


  • Karyn

    Hi Pat,

    Excited to say I will be attending the Social Media World conference… heading to your home town all the way from mine in Tasmania, Australia (the little island at the bottom everyone forgets about!).

    I run a company which promotes local businesses in Tasmania and sells a loyalty card to use at the participating businesses which raises money for local charities.

    Though meeting many businesses owners I was constantly being asked for help with their social media so I am currently in the process of setting up another business called “Karyn with a Y” which will be a social media blog with advice for small businesses. I am also working with a few new clients managing their entire social media strategies. All very exciting!

    My biggest help in setting up my new business has been your website so thanks heaps :)

    Whenever I get in the car I switch on one of your podcasts and learn something new each day.

    Would love to catch up at the conference :)


    Karyn Hogan

  • Dr.Spencer Jones

    Pat, Nice post with one hand. 😉 Am now watching your pod-casting Video 2, you got a good handwriting there too, but not as good as when you used your Wacom Tab. I also have a hard time getting a good handwriting using the stylus on ipad.

    Regarding the EMD update, My blog which was on first page of google for “online income” was also hit. I only started blogging regularly there since this May. Have been spending multiple days writing and recording each video blog posts (as i include a video on every post). But hoping that it’ll come up soon.

    Love the fitbit thing and competing to the top. Now a days I am loving everything with an accountability element.

    Wish you all the very best for your online event and for the live event…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • Stefan

    Great post Pat! Its amazing the amount of quality content you produce. I have come up with a slightly modified version of what most Internet Marketers do. Instead of coming up with my own product to sell I find successful offline business and help them monetize an online product.
    For example, have a friend who owns a very successful Law firm. I convinced him to sell his Employee Handbooks that he normally would sell for over a $1,000 for only $97 online.
    He just about fell out of his chair when I told him that price but then I explained that he could have a passive stream of income coming in for this one time work. Its going well so far and I plan on doing more in the future.
    Keep up the good work, very inspiring reading your posts.

  • Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Great one handed typing. Dictation next?

  • Monica

    I just got the Fit Bit Ultra as a birthday gift and love it too! :)

  • David Thomas

    Hi Pat

    This is a timely post as I am about to begin recording my first podcast before the month is out. I use a blue snowball mic which I think Cliff advises not to use but it seems to be working OK.
    All the best

  • Jeremy J

    Hi Pat,

    Yet another great bunch of knowledge delivered by a true expert and pioneer in online success! I have been a follower of you since podcast ep.1. I have lived and learned so much from you, a real inspiration! I have emailed you before and received great feedback! Enough of the brown nosing :-). Because of you I have successfully launched a comedy type podcast this year and am on the fast track to quitting my day job and podcasting for a living! I use methods you have taught on the SPI blog and podcast to help me from everything with building my website and building traffic to monetizing primarily through and making a living by making people laugh, the best thing to me is that I am not even a comedian per se!
    Again thanks for everything you do Pat!
    PS. Laughter is natures best medicine, and I deliver some storys that will make you laugh at SlamTalk!

  • Robert

    What? One hand? If I haven’t read your blog for 2 years. I would think you are a liar (just kidding). Great resources for people in blogging niche. Thanks for the recap Pat

  • Theodore Nwangene

    Onehandedninja……..hahaha, i love that Pat,
    Regards the Google recent EMD update, just like Ben Troy stated above, focus on updating your blog with quality content, provide real values for your readers and avoid fake backlinks. If you do everything well, there will be no cause for alarm.

    I don’t believe that Feedburner will die just like that, but even if it does, there will always be an alternative.

    Thanks for the update, will take time to go through those links.

  • Ben Troy

    congratulations , your niche site should be taken to the next level for new affiliate opportunities. Setting up affiliate system is not difficult now, with third party like clickbank or onsite plugin .

  • Derick

    Hie Pat,I am not surprised by Google killing feedburner.It is a part of Google’s strategy to dominate the internet by killing competition – buy the most promising start-ups and kill them.

    • Ben Troy

      tons of free feed service out there, donot rely on feedburner, i am just sorry that the adsene or feed was removed :)

  • Thomas S. Moore

    Nice read Pat.

    My wife’s company is actually using a product like FitBit (could be it for all i know) to help the employees get discount on health insurance. I think they get $50 off per month if they average about 7k steps per day.

    Would love to attend the conference I actually just got back from SMX East in NYC.

  • Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

    The articles you listed sound very interesting. I would click your links later and check them out. But what rose my interest was the fact that you were able to type such a long post with one hand. I love my babies and my work… but I can’t do both at the same time. It is either I give up mommy time to concentrate on my writing or let my articles wait and spend some time with my babies. I admire you!

  • Loz James

    Thanks Pat

    I’m a bit worried about Feedburner actually. I’ve just set up a new blog and it took me ages configuring Fb – now to learn that it could be discontinued. I would raise my concerns with Google, but as you mention – they rarely respond to anything at all these days. I might look into other options before my subscribers start increasing.

    Great post as always.



  • lisa

    Thanks for the EMD info, I got hit hard and I don’t even have an EMD so still trying to figure out what the big G wants! Tis all fun n games til he decides he aint playing ball no more!!
    It’s amazing what one can accomplish single handed when the need arises huh?!
    EEk the shiny object distraction is kicking in and I NEED a fitbit! I’m way too competitive, and way too unfit to even try to keep up – I wonder how this is going to end hahah

  • Dave G

    Anyone else find it a bit icky when people put their keyword(s) as their name in the comments? Just seems a bit like “I’m just using your comments section for the backlink” – not everything needs to be about link juice, you know?

  • digiMon_JJ

    Hey pat,
    I remember surfing through this website couple of years ago when you just started this blog and told you would post your income reports. I just spent an hour on your blog today reading your various posts and totally enjoyed it , just because you actually still continue to post your income reports , unlike other bloggers who stop once they start earning over a certain amount. Your transparent way of blogging and also your honest tips have made me place your blog on my favourites bar .Looking forward to more of your stuff and i will surely be taking some inspiration from your efforts.

  • Shalu Sharma

    This EMD update is getting up on many people’s nerves. There was a lot of ruffle with feedburner where the stats was showing as “0” but was back again in a few days thankfully. No idea what Fitbit is, might look up on it? Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Harish Dundurthi

    Typing with one hand that’s great, but how much time did you take to write this post?

  • Chris Altamirano

    Congrats on the speaking gig Pat! Now you can relax from the comfort of your own crib and be well prepared!

    Speaking of San Diego, my buddy and I are heading down South for Jonathan Budds Unstoppable Millionaire II. Should be pretty epic!

  • Dennis

    Hey Pat.. thanks for the link Google update. It hit my site pretty hard and I’ve been searching for answers. Also, I really enjoyed your interview on the rise to the top. Not so sure how I missed it but your story never ceases to inspire no matter how many times I hear it.

  • Vickram

    Is this post one of those filler posts that you refer to previously in your posts ?

    Nice to know what you keep up with… Good going..
    Keep them coming man…


  • Evan

    Great write up Pat (especially doing it one handed).
    The Samsung advertising article was amazing, I didn’t realize so much was missed.

    • Jack D


  • David B

    Thanks for all your help

  • Monja

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the interesting article. On You Tube, I stumbled over your Podcasting videos (which I absolutely LOVE!!!) and looked at Pamela for Skype but I can just find a Windows version – is there a Mac one? Do you have another software to recommend for recording with skype on a mac?

    thank you :-)

  • Paul Caparas

    Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see what you read so I can get an idea what your thinking process is when you write future posts.

  • Alessio

    Fit Bit received!

    Any SPI reader that want to join my friend list? [larryetsi @]

  • Alan Fascia

    I appreciate your work, keep posting good stuff!!