SPI 012: Mind Hacks, Physical Hacks, and Work Hacks for Better Productivity and Getting Things Done

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk about exactly how I manage to work on so many projects at the same time, stay focused and get things done!

I’ve divided the podcast into three different segments, which include:

  • Mind Hacks – The mindset of how we work and what we do is probably the most important thing about staying productive and on the right track. I go into great depth about some of the things I do to stay laser focused and motivated.
  • Physical Hacks – There are a number of things you can do that relate to your physical body that can have a dramatic effect on how much you get done. Small, simple and free changes that can really make a big difference.
  • Work Hacks – Here I talk about work related things you can do to help boost productivity, which includes a number of different tools and resources that I use.

Realize that I’m not saying you should do exactly what I do – that’s never the case here on the blog. But, I give you examples of what I’ve found works for me to hopefully give you a place to start (and some inspiration too!) to help you really take things to the next level in 2011 and crush it!

Thanks for your support everyone, and enjoy a safe and healthy holiday!

The opportunity for niche site coaching with Tyrone and me is now closed.


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  • http://www.unleashthewealthwithin.net Azzam

    Thanks again for an awesome podcast, listening to it now.
    Just a question on the tools mentioned on the niche site coaching [I want to recommend to a newbie friends], will they also need to purchase the tools mentioned within the coaching ie. Market Samurai, etc. Just want them to know the costs implications. Thanks

    • Pat

      We’ll be going over how to use all of the recommended tools, and people have the option to purchase them if they want. Market Samurai, however, is free for the 20 students. Full access lifetime licenses ($149.00) for free, so the students will be able to get started with keyword research right away at no additional cost. We’ll also be covering free strategies that will help as well, although results might not come quite as fast. Cheers!

      • http://www.unleashthewealthwithin.net Azzam

        Thanks for the clarity Pat.
        Finished the Podcast and taken action by clearing my desktop first 😉

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really awesome podcast, Pat!

    This podcast is really timely cos I’ve been wanting to write an ebook for weeks now but I’ve always been procrastinating. I’m also amazed anytime I read (here or in your interviews) that you only spend 4 hours working on your online business, and after listening to this podcast I now understand.

    I also love your tip about smiling in the mind hack section. I’ve also experimented with that and I noticed my worst days are days I don’t smile…and I do get tremendous results anytime I smile.

    Thanks so much for the awesome post,

    • Pat

      Hey Onibalusi! Time to take action, right? No better time than now. The smiling thing is a trick I learned when I was taking classes at the gym. The teacher would tell us to smile when we were struggling with certain exercises and it would help us get through them much easier :)

  • http://Www.virtualbusinesslifestyle.com Chris C. Ducker

    Nice session, Pat. With time off from the office now, I’m catching up a little on my reading and listening. This was a great.

    I have found that my Mind-Mapping has really helped take control of my project plans, etc., since utilizing it even more on my iPad I’ve been super productive.

    I’m still super jealous of your P90X results… But also still scared to they it myself!!!

    Best regards and wishes from the Duckers to yourself, April and lil Keoni for the festive season, buddy.


    • Pat

      I definitely have to check out the iPad in more detail. I was reluctant to get one because I don’t like to get the first version of anything Apple puts out, but it seems like the second one may be announced in January and I’m definitely considering it. How else has it helped with your business?

      Best regards to you and your family too! Maligayang Pasko!

      • http://www.virtualbusinesslifestyle.com Chris C. Ducker

        Hey man – just caught your comment on MY blog. Thanks!

        On the iPad, its mainly be down to the capturing of ideas, project updates, etc., as well as generally enjoying my web surfing more. I can utilize Evernote and clip everything on the laptop or desktop, when I’m surfing, but then READ the posts properly on the iPad when I have a little downtime.

        Its also helped me with the mobility issue. Sometimes now, even if I wouldnt normally bring a laptop where I might be going, the iPad comes with. I installed Skype (iPhone version, but still works), and that in itself allows me to stay connected when I’m out and about.

        I hear you on the first release thing, but with so many managers working for me now, I figured what the hell, and got one – knowing that when I upgrade to V2 next year (whenever it comes out!), I’ll simply pass it on and write it off as a business expense…

        My youngest, Charlie, loves the kiddies books on it, too!

        Have an awesome Crimbo, bud.


  • http://www.jerrypathfinder.com Jerry

    Great podcast Pat. Your daily diet is becoming like Tony Robbin’s type of diet. It really works and I feel the difference in my energy and happiness on days that I eat more healthy.

    Recently I got the MindManager software and literally it blew my mind. No! not literally of course, but you are so true about it. It is so great that I started to collect all my ideas, beliefs from every note that I had. And the brain storming feature is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    Thanks again your pod! It has every detail, one might think of. And Merry Christmas

    • Pat

      Thanks Jerry – food is our fuel and like the guide to P90X says, your body is like a car, and in order to make it run well you’ve got to keep it clean and give it some good gas. Well, that’s not the exact quote but you get the idea.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours! Cheers!

  • TrafficColeman

    Yo Pat..people don’t really understand how to stay on task and productive. I think its just an human thing when we don’t see results quickly..hopefully your podcast wake some people up and get them on that right path.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      You’re right – it’s tough to stay the course when we don’t get immediate results, especially this day in age when we’re all about quick searches and quick results. Cheers buddy!

  • http://www.endingthegrind.com Steve Roy

    Love the idea of your coaching program. Not only is it a great way for you to earn a significant amount of money, but I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, who would gladly pay for this service. Well done.

    • Pat

      Thanks Steve, I appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

  • http://www.mikeforshort.com Mike Moyer

    Hey Pat,

    One thing I found encouraging about this is that you are able to stay focused on so many projects at once. So many people suggest only working on one project at a time and putting everything else on the shelf.

    I’ve always enjoyed multitasking more than only having my hand in one pot. Maybe not everybody can multitask, but it’s nice to see others are successful at it.

    • Pat

      Well, I think it’s important that people focus on one thing at a time, but to me that doesn’t mean only working on one project at a time, if that makes sense. And you’re right, multi-tasking definitely isn’t for everyone, but I think the ability to get more things done in a shorter period of time, if mastered, can be life changing.

  • http://bulanetwork.com/blog Randy Cantrell

    Pat, I realize these projects don’t pop up overnight, but I’m wondering what impact Tyrone’s recent confession may have had on your decision to move forward with him in this project? I’m not biased against Tyrone. However, I admit to a bias in your favor. For the past few years I’ve followed you and found your information useful, interesting and practical. I must admit I find the timing of his confession odd, when coupled with the release of this project.


    • Pat

      Yeah, the timing could have been better, but I’ve always had huge amounts of respect for Tyrone and that hasn’t changed one bit, especially now that I’ve gotten to know him even better recently. Thanks for all the kind words about me and what I do, I really appreciate it. All the best!

  • http://www.megabizflakes.com samuel

    Awesome podcast Pat. I will listen to it again 😀 great info! Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun.

    • Pat

      Thanks Samuel – you have fun too!

  • Carlos

    That 20 minute nap you mentioned sounds like a derivative of polyphasic sleep. Basically the 20minutes gives you extra REM sleep which allows you to sleep less in total time. (Quote 4HB)

    • Pat

      I don’t know the biology behind it, but there’s a reason it’s called a “power nap”. I haven’t gotten to that part in 4HB yet. Still closely reading the diet section.

  • http://www.devinelder.com Devin Elder

    Another great podcast Pat, thanks!

    I agree 100% that it all starts with mindset. You WILL find what you are looking for, so you just have to shift your attention to find the things you want. If you’re looking for reasons why something won’t work, you will certainly find them! The opposite is also true.

    Have an awesome Christmas, I look forward to following your projects in 2011!

    – Devin

  • Jason

    Speaking of focus – Pat, I like it that you mix in these “step-back” type posts and don’t get too focused on the technical posts.

    It’s worth reiterating a key productivity hack from one of your earlier posts: separate personal from business as much as possible to assist your focus. For example using one computer for business and another for personal, or if you can’t afford that use separate browsers/email clients/etc, or if you have a dual monitor system use one for personal and one for business, turning off the one not in use. It’s also good to give your spouse and kids a way to tell which type of stuff you’re doing so they know if it’s OK to interrupt or not.

    The one thing I’d add about productivity is to keep in mind the paraphrase “Perfection is the enemy of the profit” :-) When you’re working on your own thing on the side, it’s easy to focus too much on getting it perfect before unleashing it, don’t be afraid to get the v0.1 out there and start building on it.

  • http://driverdan.com Dan DeFelippi

    Pat, tons of great info in this episode. Thanks!

    I think you have a misunderstanding of energy drinks and caffeine. Caffeine is the active ingredient in 5 hour energy and other energy drinks / shots. The B vitamins, taurine, etc do very little, if anything. Coffee contains other stimulants so it acts a little differently.

    The selling point of energy shot type products is that you split it up over a few hours. This will work for any caffeine source. Any of these products that claim to be crash-free are lying. The “crash” will be the same as any other caffeine source. By consuming caffeine at regular intervals (eg every 2 hours) the “crash” doesn’t happen.

    I buy bulk caffeine and make my own “energy drinks”. 150mg caffeine in a .5L bottle with some sugar free lemonade mix.

  • http://www.HectorJCuevas.com Hector Cuevas

    Hey Pat..

    Totally agree with you about using mind maps. I use Mindjet to brainstorm ideas, new projects and how I’m going to grow my business. It’s a fun process and I recommend it to anyone looking to get their creative juice flowing.

    The NicheSiteCoaching looks really cool. Wish you the best.
    Talk soon


  • http://thesuccessfulgeek.com Adam Teece

    Really great tips on the podcast. I love the checklist strategy with the stopping points in it. I need to start making some of those.

  • http://gbgonline.blogspot.com Juan Sanchez

    Hello Pat,

    Super podcast! I need to let my team to listen to it. Keep up the great work
    don’t forget the people that follow you.

    Sharing Hope, health and success,

  • http://unlockthedoor.net Stuart

    Great podcast, really informative piece about getting stuff done. Especially like the mind-mapping part, always good to hear a new take on this idea. Thanks Pat!

  • http://gamelicker.com Gamelicker

    Hello Pat,

    well you really are a great inspiration for many people, including me. Must say thay your stuff here is great and you really give out very valuable information on this blog. I think that in this post you really got to the point – in order to be successful online you need to stick strictly to work. It is very easy to get distracted by Facebook, Twitter or other “hot news” articles but what really matters is getting done the work which earns you money. You must “do the paycheck first” and afterwards you can get some free time. This is absolutely essential and I think that many people fail online because of the fact that they waste their time on doing “useless” tasks, which do not earn them any money. Thanks very much for great and valuable information and I wish you and your family Merry Christmas.

  • http://cashcampfire.com Christina Crowe


    I can’t even begin to describe how useful and motivating this podcast was for me. Thanks for taking the time to share with us how you’re able to stay productive and only work 4 hours a day – truly amazing.

    I especially like your idea to create folders for the different projects that you’re doing. I’ve been sort of doing this on my computer, but I never thought about actually having physical folders handy to brainstorm. I’m definitely going to utilize this idea.

    By the way, there’s a Firefox plugin for Windows users that allows you to do the exact same thing the Self Control application for Mac does. It’s called LeechBlock – I use it and it works great for blocking distraction sites like Facebook or Twitter.

    Basically, you set a time each day that you want to block said sites, and you can’t access those sites while they’re blocked. You can also check mark an option to prevent access to the option menu so that there’s no possible way you can unblock or access the sites while they’re blocked. I absolutely love it.

    Again, thanks Pat for sharing this with us. I would say this is the most valuable podcast you’ve ever created (and all of the ones in the past were absolutely valuable). You really outdid yourself here. I can’t thank you enough!


  • http://www.travel-australia-planning-guide.com Tina – love oz travel

    Thanks you so much Pat, I love your newsletter. This one was especially great. You have given me many ways to really focus and get things done on my website properly and set targets and goals. Which I will start doing from the start of the New Year and it will be successful with your wonderful wisdom to steer me along the way.

  • http://www.mommyreporter.com Mommy Reporter

    Thanks so much for the info!! It helped me remember to stay focused and keep up with the healthy habits. BTW, are you still doing P90X? I just started Insanity and I LOVE IT!!!

  • http://ninetowhat.com Fernando

    Always bringing up good stuff!
    Hey Pat! By the way I’ve found a crazy keyword for the NicheSiteDuel!
    Will keep you updated!

  • http://www.owenmarcus.com Owen Marcus

    I love mindmaps too. I use Freemind.

  • http://www.whatsonmybrain.com Joshua H

    Hi Pat,

    I was wondering if you could recommend some other cool podcast that you listen too? I follow your podcast, but was wondering if you have any other ones you can recommend?

  • http://www.thelmaharcum.com Thelma Harcum

    This is a great Podcast. It’s amazing how much you get done. Thanks for inserting the script to read it.

    You are such a great writer. The informaion you share is phenomena!l

    I’m thinking of writing a schedule as a reminder of what to do daily just as reminders.
    There’s a dance you’ve got to do with each blog you write:social networks, emails,links, photos, etc.
    I like how you write your blog tags out so as to highlight the keywords; thereby,
    directing your readers to content focus that interest them.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Your baby is really growing. Keep the pictures coming.
    Peace, Love and Blessings!
    Thelma harcum

  • Katz

    Happy Holidays. You’re one of the most resilient people in the world in my opinion. Only thing we share in common is we both have Filipino blood and it’s not that made me read your blog.

    I like your personality and as I’m listening to your podcasts, I am inspired to do more websites. I am primarly a web application developer (senior in fact).

    I have started earning passively last year because I’m interested in blogging or didn’t initially think that the adsense idea will work but it actually does. I still work very hard (like 50+ hours a week) every day. I believe I’m close to making a great project that will help several people like you do.

    Keep hustling!
    I’ll look forward to your next posts.

  • http://www.investparttime.com Brett

    Hey Pat,
    Looking forward to checking this out. I finally went and upgraded to an iPhone so now I’ll be a bit more organized and get some podcasts set up. Happy holidays!


  • http://wormdiaries.organic-raised-bed-gardening.com Cassandra

    Great episode! I really like the folder checklist idea. When working on bigger projects, I usually have a stack of papers clipped together that accompany my work. You gave me permission to have something physical and non-electronic which actually helps at times. Then the checklist keeps everything on track and focused. I love the idea of not stopping work until you hit a pause. Awesome!
    Postling, cool service. Very helpful in keeping stuff in order.

  • Ron

    I have added Sublingual Liquid B Complex to my diet. It does required a regular diet to be a benefit. But if you would like to kick the caffeine habit, this is the way to go.

    And yes having time to laugh and play does add to your mental and physical energy.
    Moderation is the key to a long healthy life. So said my 99 year old great aunt. She must be right.

  • Timo

    Great tips!

    How do you dedicate your time between each project? Do you work on 4 separate projects in a day (1 hour each) or do you just spend the whole 4 hours with the same project?

  • http://inmyhomeoffice.com/ Ian McConnell @ InMyHomeOffice.com

    I love the idea of minimalist internet marketing… I’ll be applying some of those ideas. You’ve made me realize how I’ve cluttered my IM life with stuff that doesn’t get me closer to my goal.

  • http://www.onlinecoachingprofits.com/ Byron

    I like where your heads at Pat! Another timely post/ podcast.
    Rock On, brudda!

  • Kristy Ruiz

    First time on your blog and this is my second time listening to a podcast! My husband listens to your podcasts on a regular basis and loves them! I really appreciated this! Thank you!!

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  • http://thesisready.com Dave Grimes II

    Awesome episode Pat! One thing that I found to be helpful that I thought I could pass along is wearing headphones. Whether I’m talking on Skype or listening to quiet music while I work, I find that being physically attached to the computer (via the headphones) makes me more tuned-in to what I’m doing. This is especially true of longer projects that seem tedious. I’m far less likely to get up and wander off distracted if I have to take my headphones off and unplug them.

    Do you have any tips for reengaging in a project after being taken away from the computer for circumstances beyond your control? (i.e.: Nature calling, or taking a food break.)

    Thanks again!
    ~Dave Grimes II

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  • http://shervacik.com Sher

    Your pod cast is exactly what I needed, but I didn’t realize it! I’m a fairly new Internet entrepreneur, and am dealing with more projects than in the past. We are now in the beginning of 2011, and looking at what I need to get done has been overwhelming. Your pod cast has some great ideas and tools to help me focus each day and accomplish all the task at hand.

    I’ve been a reader for a couple of years, and have always found great ideas and helpful information here. Thanks for your help! I’d like to wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    Have a great day,

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  • http://www.stephanietreasure.com Stephanie Treasure

    Hi Pat, Could you add a link to your mastermind group you mentioned in the podcast?

    Thanks! Really enjoyed it and actually burned to CD which I listen to in my car almost daily.

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  • http://financiallyeliteblog.com Dwight Anthony

    Just got chance to listen to this podcast, really took away some good nuggets from this.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • http://www.makermama.com Maker Mama

    This podcast is exactly what I needed after starting work on my own ebook–I love the idea of creating SMART goals and project folders. And I’m especially grateful for your reference to MindMeister mind maps–I just started using it this evening and it’s made mapping my ebook so much easier! Your podcast is filled to the brim with helpful content (and great energy), but this was my favorite episode so far–can’t wait to hear more!

  • http://www.rachealomack.com Racheal O. Mack

    Great Advice, Thanks!

  • Kevin Gomes

    Thanks for the email reminder. It came at an opportune time as I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to not jump around and focus. I actually started putting loose papers in physical folders last week but not carefully thought out. So I’m going to make a folder checklist now and make sure to put stopping points in each project.

    Your posts are amazing and I would say they would make great paid products but you probably have tons of other ideas that are more fresh and exciting. I do think that keeping the information free is one of the reasons why I come back when I want to learn new things about passive income.

  • http://www.thebravemanblog.com Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    Pat, I think I will sit one day and listen all the podcast you’ve made hahahahaha, they are great

  • Charles Tutt

    I like the project to do approach as well. It works far better for me than the daily attempt to allocate my time. It also saves a lot of re-writing–IE. transferring uncompleted tasks to the following day’s plan. Thanks for sharing your success with us.

  • dean

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the nice Podcast. I really like the “stopping points” part and the getting rid of the daily todo list which I find somewhat defeating at times.

    You must have read David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done?” It seems that your following that mentality which I have gotten away from. I use a program called Nirvana and its a GTD software. It’s the GTD method. I thing I will try getting back into it again.

  • http://www.lanikee.com Noelani Kee

    Aloha Pat, gosh what a great post and podcast. You’re doing the multitasking job at home, maybe that is the key being at home, makes any gender to do various things. Lol Anyway, you shared so much valuable information here and I admire your determination in making your business work and the family environment. I’m glad I stopped by and keep it going. Mahalo, Lani :)

  • JP


    I’m re-listening to this episode and I realized the power of the checklist/stopping point system. I’ve started to implement it, but I have a question.

    How do you fit the checklist system into your day/business as a whole? Some tasks don’t fit in a checklist like that. So, how do you balance those other things and how do you decide which check list to work on at any given time?


    • Pat

      Hey JP – great question.

      For small tasks, tasks that take maybe 5 minutes or less to complete, I just do them and get those out of the way.

      Other times, I work on my checklist until I get to a stopping point, and then if there’s time left in my schedule I work on those other “non-checklist” type of things.

  • http://personalgrowthpeople.com Judith

    Hi Pat,

    I liked your email of creating a project to do list rather than a daily to do list. I am going to implement that and see how it works. It makes sense because things do take longer than we allocate time for and at the end of the day it feels like you fell short of your to do list. Thanks!

  • http://growth-focus.com Henrik Flensborg

    Project tasks lists is obviously a good idea to make sure you get all things done related to each project.

    But I don’t see why having left-over items on a daily to-do list is enough for you to ditch them completely.

    If I find that I “permanently” have left-over items because of unforseen and urgent issues, then I know I’ve been putting too many items on my daily to-do list.

    And then I can adapt and put less items on that list.

    If I only rarely have left-over items then I know that I’ve become better at estimating current tasks and estimating/guessing how many unforseen items pop up during a normal/average workday.

    If I complete my daily to-do list ahead of time then there’s always items on tomorrows list I can begin working on.

    Besides, rather than being demotivated by not completing the daily tasks it makes much more sense to celebrate and embrace those tasks that you *do* complete.

  • http://www.creativewritingblock.com Alex Gouria

    Hey Pat I am like ages late when it comes to listening to your podcast however it is because i did not know of your awesome site before. I am reading all of your old posts and have all your podcast episodes downloaded on my ipod and I listen to them before i go to bed.
    Anyways i was curious about the mastermind groups you spoke about in the podcast how could i know more about it and join one also do you still provide niche site coaching or has it been discontinued?
    Thank you so much for all your help

  • Amanda

    Hey this is great. Inspired me to share. My to do lists eventually just helped me prioritise and eventually I didn’t sweat it when I didn’t get them finished. To me it was never the 20% I didn’t get to, but rather a pat on the back for 80% done. On some days, and we all have those days, it would be a pat on the back for 5 or 10% done. Now I do similar to you, but it’s all on my fridge door and the wall in my study or wherever useful – I use project mind maps. Like my house renovation is one map with each area listed on arms running off my little house drawing in the middle and I tick off as things get done, the next is paint the kitchen before I do the floors for example. Kids have their own maps so I can keep up with Ballet performance tickets purchased, new track pants to buy and the kids add to their maps to keep me up with it and use highlighters or move their map into my eye level. I recycle paper to draw them on and update them when needed. When my 8 year old started swimming lessons she drew her own map of what I needed to do and stuck it on our front door and one on her bedroom door so she wouldn’t forget her togs, towel and goggles. When it’s not swimming day she takes it down. Thanks again Pat the world needs more like minded people such as yourself.

  • http://www.reachforthesummit.org/blog Pastor Sherry

    I’m just now getting onto your blog. I tried to watch your podcast, but I come up with a blank screen. Same as with the PDF version. I’d like to see what you have — how can I access either or both?


  • http://www.afterthebook.com Matthew

    wow man I cannot believe I missed your site until a couple of weeks ago, catching up on all the great content. This was another great podcast, thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.tapchidanong.org/categories/Hap-dan/Thoi-trang-nam/ thanghn92

      I wrote my first blog post today and feel mighty accomplished. I wrote
      down a lot of your tips for blogging and I think they will help me make
      a good blog that people will want to read gia vang giay nam thoi trang FiFa Online 3 thoi trang nu tu vi xem boi mon ngon am thuc…eventually, when I have
      more than one post up. I just wanted to give you a shout out and a
      thank you. I’ll be listening to more of your podcasts.

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  • http://gilmichelini.com/ Gil Michelini

    SMARTY Goals. The Y is Why is this goal worth doing or Why is it important to you.

  • http://jarodonline.wordpress.com/ Jarod Billingslea

    Jesus… I’ve been following your blog since the first full moon this blog lived though Pat, and I am back again and listening to you explain the difference between working “on” something vs working “toward” something. But at least I know I’m a hard working… just not the smartest way, right?

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  • Tony McCabe

    It’s one of those things that I never really cared for because there are day’s where I never really cared to do nothing and then there are day’s I can do almost everything. Most importantly I like this post because I need a detailed list of goals that I can accomplish. Leaning to work with different hacks will help me a little, but need more input… LOL

  • Anh-Thi Tang

    Your podcasts were recently recommended to me to help me start my blog. Yesterday I listened to this episode and there were many great things to glean from it. One of the things that jived with me was your P90X experience. I’m a teacher and I decided to do the workout 3 years ago. I went to school early in the morning and I just banged out the workouts every day until 90 days had passed. My motto at the time was to “do something for yourself before you give it all away to the kids”. I am sure the focus and discipline that the P90X instilled in me is related to me deciding to become a teacherpreneur shortly after I completed the P90X. It isn’t the reason I started my own business, but it may have helped me believe that I could be successful at it. Like you, I also feel fitter than I ever have and I think it has definitely helped with productivity and goal setting. As an additional note which you might find weird/funny. I have yet to own my first cell phone, so when my MasterMind Group suggested your podcasts (I had never listened to any podcasts before) I had to go out and buy an MP3 player to do so. As of last week, you have broken my podcast cherry! I am definitely the odd one out in my MM Group of teacherpreneurs. I don’t have a cell phone, and I just joined facebook so that I could communicate with the other members of my group. I have a budding online business (currently making me ~$3000-4000/month) but I am lacking the social media marketing to take my business to another level. I have a lot to learn and a lot to figure out but that’s the exciting part isn’t it. I wrote my first blog post today and feel mighty accomplished. I wrote down a lot of your tips for blogging and I think they will help me make a good blog that people will want to read…eventually, when I have more than one post up. I just wanted to give you a shout out and a thank you. I’ll be listening to more of your podcasts. Maybe one day I’ll be worth guest hosting on your podcast. You need more female hosts! 😉

  • huyennhi

    Realize that I’m not saying you should do exactly what I do – that’s never the case here on the blog
    ẩm thực,giảm cân,giải mã giấc mơ,Tin trong ngày,chuyện lạ

  • Nguyễn Thanh Hùng

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  • http://8bitnerds.com/ Dave

    Good episode. What has worked for my physically has been a keto diet. I have had a ton of mental energy since doing this.

  • http://www.muabancanho.biz/ Jane maithi
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  • http://www.MompreneurGuides.com Sadiyya Patel

    Another great episode. Like Dave, a low-carb, sugar-free diet works best for mental alertness. I loved your suggestion of taking a walk every now and again just to get yourself active.