SPI 009: Make Money By Making the Web a More Wonderful Place with Nicole Dean

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I interview Rock Star internet entrepreneur, blogger, business coach, publisher, affiliate marketing manager and friend, Nicole Dean from NicoleOnTheNet.com.

Nicole obviously knows a lot about doing business, but what I really love about her is her approach to online business, which can be summed up in her motto, “make money by making the web a more wonderful place.” I truly take this saying to heart because that’s exactly how I feel about the work that I do and why I think I’m where I’m at today.

In the later half of the interview, we have a deep discussion about PLR (private label rights) material and how bloggers and niche marketers can use it to quickly produce quality content for their sites, even if they don’t know about the topic. Nicole owns her own PLR article company, and I never even heard of PLR before until just before this interview, which is why I asked her so many questions about it.

Also, be sure to listen for her two top tips for getting started online, as well as her top two tips for those of us who are already doing business online and want to get to the next level.

We’re coming up on the 10th session already! Thank you so much for your support!

Enjoy, and be sure to say hi to Nicole on Twitter!

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[spoiler]Pat: Hey everybody what’s up and welcome to the ninth session of the Smart Passive Income podcast thank you for joining me today. I wanted to answer a quick question before we get into our featured content and that is Hey Pat how often are you going to be posting these podcasts? Great question. I’ve actually been asked this quite often because it seems kind of random right now and I just want to let you know that I’ll be publishing a new podcast episode at least once every two weeks and I know a lot of you out there want more cause you’ve told me and I’m just trying to balance everything that I have going on right now. All the blog posts that I’ve been writing on smartpassiveincome.com which is obviously my hub for everything I do. All the niche sites that I’m been working on right now especially ones for the niche site duel which right now if you’re following along I’m sitting at number three in Google and I am seeing a lot of income come in each day just through ads and (1:11). I’m going to implement some other monetization strategies but things are going really well. If you want to learn exactly what that’s all about you can go to smartpassiveincome.com/nichesiteduel and that’s where a buddy of mine Tyrone challenged me to start a niche site. We’re doing this together to see who can make the most money, rank the highest in Google and I’m already sitting at number three. Just totally awesome.

So yeah I have that going on along with YouTube videos, all these projects I’m working on for software like wordpress plugins and iphone apps and all this other stuff. So right now I’m going to be publishing a new podcast episode every two weeks and I’m sorry if that’s not as often as you’d like. It’s not as often as I’d like but that’s what I can handle right now and sometimes you just have to know what you can handle in order to make things work. So that’s it for now. If I do happen to have other episodes on hand which I do and I feel like it’s appropriate I will publish maybe once a week but it fills up a spot on my Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule at smartpassiveincome.com and when I do publish a podcast so I have to take that into consideration. So yeah twice a week and so just from all that stuff I’ve been talking about all the things I’ve been working on lately you might think to yourself hey Pat dude you’re working on a ton of stuff how is that passive income I don’t get it?

Well the thing is I could literally stop working right now. Stop all my businesses. Not put in any more work and I believe I would be okay for the next two to three years as far income is concerned pending any crazy major things happening like Google being shut down or things in certain industries that might have been be totally changing. So I don’t have to worry too much about that but I’m building up my passive income portfolio as I would like to call it. I’m adding to it like the tagline of this show says work hard now so that you can reap the benefits later and I want a lot of benefits later that’s why I’m working hard now and it might seem like I’m putting in 12 hour days. Well honestly I’m only putting four hours in a day but I don’t have to but I’m choosing to do that. Most of my work is for stuff like this the podcast, the blog which aren’t even my primary income streams. I mean most of my income streams come from other projects. The smart passive income podcast and the smart passive income blog, those are things that I just created to help other people and help you realize that this stuff really is possible. It is possible to make a living online or make some extra income online and that’s why I’m here and that’s why I’m not charging anything right now and it doesn’t even feel like work to me because I’m having so much fun. I’m helping so many people. People are emailing me saying really wonderful things and it just keeps me going. So thank you so much for all your support really.

So with all that said I mean let’s just jump right into the featured content and I’m super stoked because I have a special guest. Her name is Nicole Dean from nicoleonthenet.com. Nicole spelled N-I-C-O-L-E and she’s a rock star and she’s awesome. Nicole how are you doing today?

Nicole: I’m doing awesome.

Pat: Awesome well actually for everyone out there I heard about Nicole a while ago through Mark Mason from masonworld.com who you know from the very first interview we’ve had on the smart passive income podcast. That was in session number two I believe and she does a lot of really cool stuff. She’s an expert affiliate marketer and manager, a publisher, a business coach, a blogger and all these other cool things that we’ll be talking about and I’m really stoked to pick Nicole’s brain today about a number of things that I’m actually really curious about which we’ll get to in a minute. She’s got a number of website under her name. I already mentioned nicoleonthenet.com, that’s her blog. Shelancers.com, outsourceweekly.com, justaddsweat.com, webtrafficbasics and easyplr.com and I’m sure she’s got a number of other sites too. So you could tell she knows what she’s doing. She’s got multiple streams of income working for her. So Nicole thanks again for joining us today. Would be willing to share exactly how you got started doing business online?

Nicole: Oh sure. Everybody has their story right?

Pat: Right.

Nicole: First of all I would like to thank you for having me here today and I just want to tell you that I love what you’re doing. I’m a huge fan of your blog ever since I found it. I just love it. I devour it. It’s fabulous.

Pat: Thank you I really appreciate that.

Nicole: Yeah. I think you’re doing fabulous things. I’m impressed. So my story let’s see. Back in September of 2001, of course we know that September 11, 2001 was when our world changed and my daughter was born nine days later. So it was kind of an interesting time in a lot of our lives and it was also an interesting in my life because my daughter was born on September 20, 2001 and my husband was laid off on his job a week after that.

Pat: Oh wow. So you had all these kinds of things going on at the same time.

Nicole: Yeah. I’m very blessed that I did not have it worse. I know many people had it much worse than I did but we went from I had a four and a half year old boy and then my brand new baby girl that we went from one very nice income and living in our dreamhouse to no income overnight and I watched my husband go through that and suffer and it was not fun and it was not fair to him. So that’s when I decided that we needed some more control and some more stability in our lives because the pressure on him was unbearable and it was really, I feel unfair for it to all be on his shoulders but I couldn’t really do anything cause I had the baby and so I started looking around then and I took the long route to where I am today. I went through direct sales. I went through spamming my links on message boards. I went the whole route. I made baby bracelets for a while and dabbled and explored and tried to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and how I could contribute and so basically, eventually in 2004 I set up my first website. It was ugly. It was hideously ugly and I sometimes I go back, to way back (7:45) machine and look at it just for a good laugh. It was showmomthemoney.com and I still own that site and I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed playing around with it and then I started to monetize and I started to make a few pennies and I was like well that was kind of easy.

Pat: Yeah right. I felt the same way when I first started. I mean I implemented adsense. Is that kind of what you did?

Nicole: That’s how I started, exactly.

Pat: It’s such a good feeling just to get even just to get like 10 cents. You’re like oh my gosh this is fantastic.

Nicole: Exactly and so I know we’re going to get in into my little petri dishes in a bit cause that’s the question coming up.

Pat: Yeah, I love that.

Nicole: Basically I used that to figure out what markets were hot and then I spun off sites, way too many sites and I had a nice broad mess of niche websites. Again way too many and I would not recommend taking the path I took but I had all kinds and still do have many of my niche websites and we say my niche websites are what pay my mortgage and that my internet marketing money is my fund money because I don’t feel like I could about how to make money in niche markets unless I was actually doing it. So that where I learned most of what I know today and that’s still my playground where I go and experiment on things and see how it works and then if it works I teach it. If it doesn’t then chuck it up to another learning experience but since then I just have been basically watching what’s worked and I’ve been doing more of that and then watching what hasn’t worked and then not doing that.

Pat: …not doing that right.

Nicole: …and it’s really pretty much been the foundation of my business and now both my mom and my husband work for me or my husband works with me. He doesn’t like it when I say work for me. Work with me in our company.

Pat: Works with you okay. Got it.

Nicole: …and my mom does work for me and so it’s been a long journey but it’s been a good one and I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and I’ve learned a lot along the way and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pat: It seems like a lot of the most successful people I come across always have those hard times in their lives where they just learned so much and their backs are kind of up against the wall and I think that’s when they perform best. It seems like that’s the same kind of story with you.

Nicole: Exactly. If I could bottle that sink or swim feeling I would be the world’s best business coach.

Pat: Right yeah I mean…

Nicole: …cause I know that with my clients, I mean my mom was one of 11 children and so she had a big family and I have many aunts and uncles but they live on a river and the way they learned how to swim was that the older one would throw in the younger one and it’s sink or swim. That’s what it is and so I think that is probably not the most loving way to learn.

Pat: No it’s a very stressful time.

Nicole: So yeah I was put in that sink or swim situation and I started paddling my little arms off and it worked.

Pat: How would you recommend people to actually kind of maybe think that way even though maybe they have a nine to five job and they just want to start something on the side but it really takes that almost pressure to be forced to do things that you might not be comfortable with but you know will get you results. How would you suggest to somebody who may not be putting all their effort into their business because they don’t have to?

Nicole: Right. I wish I knew. I really wish I knew. One of the things that I like to do is run through a visualization with someone where you try to picture the fear of regret and the fear of regret has to be bigger than the fear of failure and the fear of success because those are things that hold people back. So if you can’t, if you’re not in situation where you have to get past your feel of failure and the fear of success and I find that the next best thing is to look 10 years from now at the regret that you’re going to be holding on to because you didn’t go after it enough because you didn’t have to go after it.

Pat: I love that. I’ve never heard that before but that’s excellent advice. I mean just thinking about the what if. We always have those what if situations and they make us feel kind of bad sometimes or just make us really wonder what could have been.

Nicole: Exactly.

Pat: If you kind of like you said think in the future and how you would think if you didn’t act now you might actually start doing stuff. So that’s a really great advice. Thank you.

Nicole: Sure.

Pat: So you said you were doing some niche marketing and I’m interested because I’m kind of in the middle of this challenge with another blogger Tyrone Shum from tyroneshum.com. He’s challenging me to a niche site duel. We’re both beginners at this but we’re putting, we obviously have some experience online and we’re putting our experience behind this kind of experiment and we just finished selecting our niches which was a crazy process. I’ve never done anything like this before. So I’m interested to know kind of if you can give us any insight on how you approach finding a niche. I know everyone else has their different style but how do you approach finding a profitable niche.

Nicole: Well I, my motto is making the web and the world a better place and that’s been my motto ever since I started and so I do things a lot differently than other people teach and that is that I build quality sites in my niches. I don’t look at it as a fast thing throughput of junky website, drive traffic to it and hope for the best. I put up something that hopefully either my kids would get down the road or that I could sell because it will be quite profitable and valuable so it depends on, it really depends on someone’s attitude going forward but I have websites that I set up in 2006 that I have not touched since then that still make $300, $400 a month which I know isn’t a lot of money but it truly is passive but that’s because I don’t have to worry about Google dropping me. I don’t have to worry about, I just don’t have to worry because I know it’s a quality website. So it is offering value and if I do decide I’m tired with it later then I can sell it for a nice profit. So going into a niche, it really has to be something that I’m interested in and where I feel that I am improving people’s lives in some way and I know that it is all warm and fuzzy and simple but that’s just me. I probably won’t set up a site just because I saw dollar signs there unless I actually thought it was going to be helping people in addition to making me money. So it’s hard because it has to be something I’m interested in and it has to be something that I’m going to be passionate about. Something where I really feel that I’m making a difference and where I’m going to be profitable at the same time. So I don’t dabble in widget niches. I dabble in, I really try to build a business that’s going to last the test of time and that like I said is something that I can either sell or hand down to somebody.

Pat: Yeah I really like that approach and I’m finding that, I’ve done a few niche sites in the past where I just select a product based on click bank numbers and profitability predictions and stuff and they’re not that interesting to me and I can only write so much content about Farmville.

Nicole: Yeah.

Pat: But this recent niche site that I’m doing which is about security guard training. My mom’s a security guard. I’m really quite interested in this industry and I feel like the content that I’m actually writing on this niche site is actually a lot more genuine and if someone were to come to the site I would actually feel good about it. So hopefully in the future kind of following your footsteps, Google will find me out and put me up there in the top rankings because it has quality information on it and it’s not just there to make money but also to give people information that they can use.

Nicole: Exactly and then I also always put an auto responder sequence like a yearlong auto responder sequence on those sites so I get the repeat traffic too and so I also get referral traffic because I ask the people that sign up for the list to refer friends and so it is a valuable site. I don’t like to game the system because my business is too important for me to gamble to on. So I’ve always had the strategy of offering value. So if someone runs across to Nicole Dean site and it doesn’t have my name on it but it’s one of my sites that they will be better off for having found that rather than landing on some crap site that somebody threw up in five minutes and have been gaming Google because Google’s smart and getting smarter all the time and they pay my mortgage. I’m not messing around with them.

Pat: I know right.

Nicole: You know what I’m saying?

Pat: Yeah. I mean you are making the web a better place if only everyone had that same mindset that we wouldn’t come across these crappy websites. Going back to what you just mentioned about your auto responder on your niche sites. How many, you said you had kind of like a yearlong auto responder campaign. How often are you hitting these people up? Like once a week. So that’s like 52 different emails. How often are you hitting them up?

Nicole: Yes. I start off quicker because I usually offer like seven days to blank or three days, three secrets of whatever and so I start off more frequently and then go to about once every seven to ten days after that.

Pat: Okay. Cool and I have another follow up question on niche site. Sorry I’m like totally interested in this. I’m sure everyone listening out there is too. I remember you saying you started like a crazy amount of websites, niche sites and obviously these are all things that you are passionate about or else you wouldn’t have started them right. Do you use like a pen name or how do you separate Nicole from these sites. Or do you keep Nicole on all these sites?

Nicole: You know that’s so funny because I just back from NAMS, niche affiliate marketing system and that topic came up so often there that people are just fascinated by it and to me it’s just part of my life so I don’t even think about it but yes I do have pen names. I have personas and each one has a, I don’t know if it’s a pneumonic I guess it’s not the right way to describe it but for instance if I were to create a site about car safety then my pen name would probably be like Sally Saturn or Sarah Ford or something…

Pat: Nice I like that.

Nicole: …so I can keep track…

Pat: I’m actually using a pen name on my security guard niche website. Its Pete Chamberlain and it’s totally random. I wish I thought of something more creative like…

Nicole: It helps if you have more pen names so you can remember who you are.

Pat: Yeah right. That’s so funny. Well I feel a little bit better about that cause I’ve had a little bit of backlash cause people are coming to me and saying Pat well you should be totally transparent and anonymous wherever you are online and I kind of disagree like I kind of want to separate my niche sites from  smartpassiveincome for example.

Nicole: Well my opinion is as long as you’re not trying to pass yourself off as a doctor, lawyer, financial adviser or something like that. You’re just setting up an informational site then that’s fine. One other thing I recommend doing is setting up a community if you’re not comfortable with a pen name. Set up a community where other people become the experts. So a community blog where you bring in columnists and guest bloggers, so you have this, you’re just basically the overseer of all the other experts. So you can still have the big site, the authority site. You could still make money on it but if you’re uncomfortable with having a different persona then that is another way to just be the owner of the site but have the other people be the expert so you don’t have to do them.

Pat: That’s fantastic. Good stuff and we mentioned petri dishes just a while ago and this came about because I remember listening to an interview of yours actually. It was with Mark Mason where you compared doing online business to petri dishes and I thought that was a fantastic analogy and I was hoping you might want to share it with our listeners cause I thought that was really cool.

Nicole: Of course. In the offline world to start a business is extremely expensive and it’s a huge commitment. I mean you have to get lenders, investors, all that kind of thing. Even if you wanted to buy like a McDonalds franchise that’s a colossal investment.

Pat: Absolutely.

Nicole: But with your online business it’s like ten bucks to set up a new business. So you’re able to experiment and people, I was so fearful of making a mistake or to committing to something in online business. Now we say just look at it like a little petri dish. You put something in there. See if it sprouts. If it does great. Run with it. If it doesn’t then oh well move on to something that is and so what I did is like I said my first site was showmomthemoney.com and what I would do is go into my stats and I would look and see where I was getting traffic from Google naturally and I was like well obviously it’s easy to rank for these things and obviously people are looking for information on these things because I’m getting traffic for them without even trying and so then I would take that information and let Google tell me what I should create my sites in and anything that I saw there that I found or I thought that I could grow value I would grow that section of that website but I would also spin off a website on that same topic. So I setup too many niche sites. Not as many as some people but too many for me personally but…

Pat: How much is too many?

Nicole: I had a hundred websites.

Pat: Wow.

Nicole: …and that was too many for me.

Nicole: Now I’m down to 80 domain names total. So I probably only have like 50 real websites. I’d have to count again but the thing is that it’s easy to set up a website but then what people forget is after you set it up you have to, the internet marketing part of internet marketing comes in. That word marketing is the important word there and so the marketing begins at that point and so if you have a hundred websites then that’s a hundred websites that you need to market if you want to make money from them. So it became a big beast and it was very stressful and I learned how to outsource very well and still do but it’s just more, it’s too much mental clutter for me personally. I’d rather have just a handful of really good valuable authority money making websites than to have a whole bunch of little ones out there that I have to keep track of. So I let go of some of my personas and I let go like a lot of my websites and I’m much more relaxed now.

Pat: No more Sally Saturn?

Nicole: <laughter>

Pat: For those of you out there who don’t know a petri dish, it’s like something you use in chem lab or bio to like put something, it’s like a little plastic dish and usually put some type of I don’t know, bacteria and then put it in this thing to see how much it grows or what not and you put samples of stuff in there to see kind of what’s going to happen. I think that is a great analogy because petri dishes are only like 10 cents and you can setup a whole bunch of them and see what works and run off with that just like you said. So that’s great advice. The offline to online comparison really strikes a chord with a lot of people because offline, you’re so much involved and online like you said it just takes just a little bit of time and a little bit of money.

Nicole: Especially now that we have wordpress. When I started we didn’t have wordpress. So it was much more difficult to put up a website but now, you buy a domain and two clicks later you’ve got a blog.

Pat: Yeah I think I had a for my niche site the most recent one it took me about three hours to set up everything including putting up my first post and it was nothing. It was absolutely no work at all. So I’d like to switch topics as we finish up here to something that I know very little about. Up until last week I actually haven’t even heard of it or rather I’ve actually heard of the term but I didn’t know what it was or how it worked and the term I’m talking about is PLR or private label rights and I’m totally in the dark with what PLR is and what is private label rights stuff?

Nicole: Well the way I, there’s all kinds of opinions on PLR. A lot of people think that it’s just crap. Is it okay that I say crap?

Pat: Yeah, totally. Crap away.

Nicole: A lot of people think that it’s just crap and that it’s absolutely pointless but you know my motto is to make the web and the world a better place and so this stuff that I teach and that I sell is not crap. It’s actually a valuable tool for bloggers, affiliate marketers and internet marketers and what PLR is, in this instance we’ll talk about articles. Basically its article drafts that you can purchase very affordably. So like my site which they can get to at smartpassiveincome/PLR, that’s Pat’s affiliate link. if you go there I hire writers and editors the write articles and edit them, really quality stuff, these are college educated people and then I sell these articles to multiple bloggers and affiliate marketers normally about 75 to 100 people buy them and then each of those people can take those articles, edit and enhance them with their own thoughts and ideas and use them as a shortcut when they need ideas for blogging. So when you’re staring at a blank screen on your blog and you need something to write about you can take either a paragraph out of a PLR article, you can take a whole article or you can consolidate articles and combine them. Edit them as much as you want. You don’t have to link to anybody and it’s basically a draft that can short cut your blogging process and help you to add value to your blog without having to work so darn hard.

Pat: So that’s pretty cool especially if you’re getting into like a niche that you may not be totally familiar with. So there’s these kind of pre structured articles already written for you that you can kind of put your own voice in is that…

Nicole: Yes.

Pat: Now why would I, I’m just throwing out a whole bunch of questions cause I don’t know anything about this. What is the benefit of using PLR instead of say like a ghost writer?

Nicole: Like I said I’m also someone that outsources a lot. So I work with a lot, usually around, I have about 15 people I pay each month. So I deal with a lot of outsourcing and it’s not easy. Outsourcing can be very difficult especially when you’re trying to find quality writers because either they’re going to be very expensive or if they might not get your voice right, they could just be plagiarizing stuff. I mean there’s a lot of things to jump through when you’re dealing with writers and some writers charge between $10 and $75 an article. Seventy five is definitely on the high end but you can pay $10 per article whereas with PLR you’re paying about a dollar per article because the cost is split between multiple websites or multiple customers. So there’s less work for you, less hassle, lower costs and you can let me deal with the writers.

Pat: So if I was a blogger who got PLR and I knew that other people were kind of using the same articles on their own sites I’d be a little worried about duplicate content. So is that something I should worry about or is the purpose of PLR actually just kind of to be a structure that we can add our own voice to and in that way we wouldn’t have to worry about duplicate content.

Nicole: Great question and that is actually a very common question. The way I recommend that people get around this is when you buy a set of PLR articles I recommend that you stick them into your blog as drafts. So just right away get them off your hard drive. Get them into your blog. Save each one as a separate draft and in that way when you have writer’s block or you’re about to go on vacation or something. You can just go into those, add and enhance them and you’ll be set. I would not recommend loading an entire blog with PLR articles but as far a lot of people teach you to rewrite PLR but I prefer not to rewrite content just to rewrite it because I think that is kind of pointless and because most people have their own knowledge, their own experience, their own stories to add. So I like to say to go in and enhance the content. Add graphics, even adding a call to action, adding stories, adding case studies, anything that you can add to that will make it different than anyone else’s that’s bought it and in all honesty most people that buy PLR never use it. So there isn’t nearly as much direct competition as you might think unfortunately it’s on their hard drive which again I recommend you to stick it right into your blog as draft so next time you don’t feel like blogging it’s sitting there ready to help you to get your post written.

Pat: Right. Would PLR material be something that we’d be allowed to use say on article websites?

Nicole: I don’t recommend that for a couple of reasons. One is that sites like ezinearticles has a very good program for detecting duplicate content so you’ll get caught and probably get in trouble and the other reason is just because you don’t want to look bad if other people have the same article up there and they may think that you stole their content or vice versa. I recommend using it on your own blog, in your ezines and to create products and free reports. Those are the ways that I like to recommend using them.

Pat: Okay yeah that was my next question so what were the best practices with using PLR for bloggers and internet marketers, how and where I use them? So you mentioned obviously your blogs like newsletters and kind of free reports and products to maybe drive people into your newsletter.

Nicole: Exactly and as far as best practices go as long as you know your customer and you keep them in mind and what’s best for them and how you can help them then using the PLR is just another tool to do that.

Pat: Right. Very cool. So if you’re interested in looking for more PLR material you can head on over to smartpassiveincome.com/PLR and look that up. I mean you won’t know if there’s articles about your specific niche until you go there and just search for what you have right or are there articles in every single niche available?

Nicole: Oh no.

Pat: Okay.

Nicole: No and we do sell out quite quickly for when we release content on certain topics. So check back often and make sure that you get on the newsletter notification list because we usually release new content once or twice a week.

Pat: Very cool. I think Mark Mason who’s actually joining Tyrone and I in this niche challenge is using PLR material to, is using enhanced PLR material, excuse me on his guitar website. It’s already up and it looks like it’s a really professional site because of the content that I hear he has on it. So that’s very cool. So again that’s smartpassiveincome.com/PLR and as we finish up I just have a few more questions for you. You are an expert and you know what you’re doing. What two tips would you give to people who are just getting started to help them become successful?

Nicole: The first thing is to pick one model. There are about a bazillion ways to make money online and bazillions on the low end.

Pat: Right. Right.

Nicole: So pick one model and stick with it and take that and run with it until you start to get profitable and the other thing is find one mentor preferably someone that is teaching the model that you’ve picked because that will make your life a lot easier. So pick one model for making money online and then find a mentor that can help you to get to profit because otherwise you’re going to be so distracted running in circles after every different thing that crosses your inbox. It’s going to really slow down your progress.

Pat: Yeah I have to just reiterate that last point. Finding a mentor is really important for me when I got started actually. I had a couple but I think just one would be enough and people, there’s a ton of people out there who are willing to help who were in your shoes not too long ago who know where you’re coming from and would be happy to offer their advice. So I mean you’ve just got to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Nicole: Right and don’t think you have to know everything at first. Just pick the one thing you’re going to learn and after you’ve done that then you can go on and learn the next thing. You don’t have to learn list building, affiliate marketing, blogging, info products, coaching. You don’t have to learn how to do all that right out of the gate. Just pick one thing. Do it and then you can move on to the next?

Pat: Right. Perfect and second to the last actually. Two tips for people who already have a presence online. Who have already began their internet business journey but are looking to take things to a whole new level. What would you recommend for those people?

Nicole: Oh definitely. The first thing would be to focus on what’s working and do more of it. That’s plain and simple, it sounds obvious but nobody does it. Look at where the money is coming from and replicate and duplicate that. It’s so much easier than always looking at new things. Just look at what’s working and where the money is coming from and do it more.

Pat: Yup the 80-20 rule.

Nicole: …and the second one, what was that?

Pat: I was saying the 80-20 rule.

Nicole: Yeah exactly and the other part of that is saying no to distractions. I’ve made much more money in my business from saying no than I’ve ever had in saying yes because every time I say no to something it allows me to focus on the things that do make me money and that’s just, it’s key, was absolutely key, otherwise your brain is just on overdrive and you’re running in circles and making no progress whatsoever. So do more of what’s working. Do less of what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to say no. Opportunity will continue to knock. Trust me.

Pat: That’s really great advice I will take to heart because I need to hear that quite often. Lastly I’ll like to ask all the interviews here kind of what’s working for you right now. What is something that you’re doing right now with your online businesses that people can apply for themselves at this very moment?

Nicole: One thing that I recently done is to setup a blog plan. So I’ve got each day of the week Monday through Friday has a different theme but I haven’t posted that it has a theme. It’s just for my own inspiration and for my own planning because I don’t want to feel like I’m tied to it by announcing it to everybody and then feeling trapped because I’m kind of a free spirit in case you didn’t notice. So I know each day of the week what I plan to blog about and it’s really made blogging a lot more fun and it’s allowed me to relax and enjoy it a little more and my traffic is definitely increased since I’ve been doing this. So like I said this is not posted on my blog but I have Monday as motivation, Tuesday as how to’s, Wednesday I do a weird niche Wednesday, Thursday I do an expert briefs where it’s a composite post where I ask people that I respect and admire to answer questions and then I compile those well my virtual assistant does but then Friday is free content Friday.

Pat: That’s true. I didn’t notice that before but now that you mentioned it, I see that pattern now.

Nicole: Yes exactly. So they don’t expect it every week but when I sit down I know exactly what I’m doing and it frees up my mind and it makes blogging a lot more fun again. So that is something that I’ve been doing lately that has been working.

Pat: That’s great. I sort of do something similar every first Monday of the month I do my income report and I just, I don’t even know what to think about what’s right. It’s just automatic and it makes it a lot easier. So that’s really, really cool advice and something that I think a lot of people can apply. Maybe not every day or every week but just looking to do things a certain way consistently. It will improve your results definitely. So Nicole thank you. Thank you, thank you so much for spending time with us today. If people want to learn more about you, I know you’re everywhere on the internet, where should they go to find you?

Nicole: Well the best place is my blog nicoleonthenet.com and N-I-C-O-L-E-onthenet.com.

Pat: Alright and do you have a twitter we can all so hi to you at?

Nicole: Oh yeah. Nicole Dean.

Pat: There you go. N-I-C-O-L-E D-E-A-N.

Nicole: Yes and please comment on my blog. I do read them all. That is not outsourced. I read them. I don’t get a chance to answer them all but I do personally read every comment that is left on my blog.

Pat: Awesome. Great. Well thank you Nicole. I really appreciate it and if you’re not following Nicole or you’ve never heard of her before just go to her blog nicoleonthenet.com. She knows what she’s talking about. I’ve learned a lot from her and I’m sure there’s a lot more we can learn from her too. So thank you again and have a good one. I’ll talk to you soon.

Nicole: Thanks Pat.

Pat: Thanks bye. Alright everybody I hope you enjoyed that interview from Nicole Dean from nicoleonethenet.com. Check her out. She’s awesome and she definitely knows what she’s talking about. If you want to look into PLR material for maybe a niche site that you’re doing that you might not know much about, you can go to smarpassiveincome.com/PLR. That’s my affiliate link for her. Really inexpensive PLR articles, private liberal rights articles that are available in a number of different categories. So you can go check that out. Thank you guys again for taking the time to listen. I really, really appreciate it. Thank you for all the support. We’re growing so fast. This podcast is in the top charts in iTunes now thanks to you. So if there’s anything I can do for you please let me know. Stop over to smartpassiveincome.com for the show notes and hit up ebooksthesmartway.com to get your free eBook by me that will teach you how to write a killer eBook too and that’s it so I’ll see you in the tenth session which will be out in the next two weeks and yeah take care. Keep killing it out there and I wish you all the best. Take care and bye.


  • http://latestartsuccess.com Alex Thio

    Thank you, Pat for yet another excellent interview with an excellent guest! (Thank you, Nicole!) I find myself craving for more mp3 interviews that I can load up on my iPod – I’ve exhausted the last eight podcasts and keep checking back for more!

    Keep it up, Pat – YOU’RE making the web a more wonderful place!


    • Pat

      Thanks Alex! I wish I could publish more often, but I’m trying to space them out and balance them with everything else, including the blog posts and all of the cool projects I’m working on. Thanks so much for the support.


      • http://latestartsuccess.com Alex Thio

        Hey, I FULLY understand! Your podcasts are GEMS – but I can’t imagine how much time you invest in producing them. All the more reason why we appreciate them when they DO come our way. Quality and not quantity, correct? :)

  • TrafficColeman

    If you can understand how the internet works, and how to solve an person everyday problem…now you have an business that can possible make you money..Nicole proves that anything is possible if you but your mind to it.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      Thanks Coleman!

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    Thanks for the great podcast!

    btw- what wp plugin is that to the left? – the f share and tweet one. Thanks.

    • Pat

      Thanks Cody – the plugin is called “sharebar”. Cheers!

      • Cody

        Much appreciated Pat. What great timing, I just received your email about staying true to your blog. You state that many popular bloggers stop doing what made them famous and start to mainly sell things to their readers and have guest authors post. This is a valuable lesson: keeping doing what makes you you and respect your readers. Awesome 😉

  • http://www.devinelder.com Devin Elder

    Thank you Nicole!

    I really like the emphasis on quality. It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of simply publishing ‘content’ without thinking about how the human being on the other end will benefit.

    Congrats on #9 Pat, well done!

    • Pat

      Thanks Devin – hard to believe I’m almost at #10 already, after waiting 2 years to finally get this podcast off the ground.

      Quality over quantity, always. Cheers!

      • http://www.devinelder.com Devin Elder

        Absolutely, your iTunes rankings definitely attest to that. The podcast is a great format for someone like myself who works full time and can’t spend the day reading blogs – car time is learning time :-)

    • http://www.nicoleonthenet.com/category/podcast/ Nicole Dean

      Thank you, Devin! There’s a common saying that it’s PEOPLE who have wallets, not search engines. 😉 And, there’s nothing more powerful in business than having raving fans who endorse you and tell their friends about you just because you’re awesome (like Pat’s fans do). It gets you some serious momentum.

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    Thanks Pat and Nicole! I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s always exciting and encouraging to hear about another person making a really good living on the cloud!

    • Pat

      Thanks for listening Karen! It’s definitely possible and like Nicole says, you can do it in a way that improves the web and other people’s lives :)

  • http://Www.brandonhansen.com Brandon

    Pat – this is a great concept. I love the idea of making money by actually adding value. I have (as many others have as well) tried to make money other ways, but the real benefit and long term fulfillment comes from adding something of value. Well done as always.

    • Pat

      Well said Brandon – I definitely think the only real way to create long term income online is to provide huge value to people. Thanks for your support!

    • http://www.nicoleonthenet.com/category/podcast/ Nicole Dean

      Hey Brandon,

      My first mentors taught me to go wide into many niches. I’ve since then closed down most of them, focusing on creating valuable sites – as I mentioned in the show.

      My income has grown much quicker because of it. Plus, if I choose down the road to sell off some of my sites now – I’d actually get money for them. They rock! 😉

      Thanks for listening!

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    Awesome podcast Pat (and Nicole)! This episode was unexpectingly more informing than others, at least for myself. What I found interesting was PLR article packs — a topic not really discussed about much. They are the staple resource for many freelance writers, just check DigitalPoint forums for proof! Personally, I avoid PLR article packs, but to each there own!

    • Pat

      Thanks for the kind words Jeff. I knew nothing about PLR before this interview and Nicole was extremely helpful. If I run into some niche sites that I don’t know much about, I may look into trying to enhance some PLR packs.

      Thanks for listening and all of your support. Cheers!

    • http://www.nicoleonthenet.com/category/podcast/ Nicole Dean

      Thanks, Jeff. I’m glad you got some nuggets. :)

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    Another great podcast! Thanks man!

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    I hadn’t heard of the strategy of using PLR content to make money. What’s your take on that?

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    I have been listening to your podcast and regular blog reader. Great job on your progress. I don’t know if this is appropriate to ask this question here but I wanted to get your perspective on this.

    I’m still working full tine in IT field and was wondering, should I use my real name to start a website where I will be sharing my observations and advice on how to start an online business and do this whole internet marketing thing.

    Or go for a nick name or pen name?

    The concerns I have are
    1. If I brand myself as a nick name or pen name, how will I be conducting interview with other experts or offer coaching or hold seminars?

    2. If I use real name, this could be considered as somewhat of red flag in my current career as I have Internet access durning day time and I will be tempted to spend time on my own online business during those free cycles that inevitably come up in programming type jobs?

    I would love to hear from you (you can email me if that’s better way to respond ) and your perspective on this whole thing.

    May be this would be a great idea for a new blog post. I’m sure lot of other readers may be struggling with the same dilemma?

    Keep up the good work and best of luck in your ventures

    • Joe

      Hi Pat,
      Would love to hear your thoughts on the questions above?


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    Also, in addition to adsense, why not offer a related CPA offer or affiliate product right in the sidebar? You already will be getting the lion’s share of search traffic so just an idea on making your dual even more competitive yet keeping the dual clean.

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    Since I’m not really pressured into working, sometimes I find myself putting things off. I loved the suggestion to just think about the regret later that I’d feel if I did push it off. I actually do somewhat feel this regret, since the year that I’ve been blogging hasn’t been very productive for me.

    I find PLR interesting. I always thought it was something spammers bought to fill in their blogs to dominate search engines so that they didn’t have to do the work and write. I never thought about enhancing PLRs before – very interesting. I’ll have to check more into it.

    And 100 niche sites? WOW! I’m struggling with just 5! That’s truly amazing. Right now my plan is to just work on one niche site at a time – so I would do one a month and gradually make money with each one before I move on to the next.

    I always enjoy these Podcasts. Keep it up, Pat!


    • http://www.nicoleonthenet.com/category/podcast/ Nicole Dean

      Hi Christina!
      I’d say to follow the money. Look at your 5 sites and see which one is naturally making the most money and getting traffic the quickest. Based upon the numbers – focus on that site for one month and see what happens. I think you’ll be surprised. :)

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