SPI 008 (Transcript): How to Get More Traffic with Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic.net

Pat: Hey everybody what is up? Welcome to the eighth session of the smart passive income podcast. Thank you for tuning in today. I actually just got back from Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo and it was awesome! I mean this was actually my first kind of convention type thing and it was amazing, so many people there. So many people that I actually looked up to ever since I started doing online business and blogging. People like Darren Rowse from pro blogger.net and Leo Babauta from zenhabits.net, two of the top blogs in the world. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers and Leo especially he and I hung out for quite a long time for hours on some of the days talking about business, talking about blogging, talking about random stuff and he is such an awesome guy. Hr’s as nice as he presents himself on his blog. So Leo if you’re listening to this thanks for hanging out. I learned a lot from you and I definitely will implement kind of the, your tips and advice so thank you for that. Awesome and a lot of other people were there who I’ve been friends with online for such a long time who had never actually met in person. So it was really cool to actually shake hands with those people, grab a couple of drinks, play some blackjack with them and actually I came back with I came back up 250 bucks which was pretty cool and actually most of my winnings were from a penny slot two days in a row with the same exact slot machine. So that was pretty awesome.

One of the guys I met over there. His name is Corbett Barr. He’s actually been on my radar for the last few months and I’m actually really excited to have him on as a co host today. I haven’t really had a co host on the podcast before but he’s going to be co hosting with me today. I’m excited because we’re going to be talking about something I know you’re all very interested about. If you’re at all interested about online business or blogging which I’m sure you are if you’re listening to this podcast and that is traffic. Getting traffic to your website and here’s a great quote from one of Corbett’s sites thinktraffic.net which I think sets the perfect tone for this session. This is what he says I probably don’t have to tell you that thinking if you build it they will come won’t get you very far. That’s just not how things work online. Having great content or useful site is one of the most important aspects of building a popular website but great content doesn’t bring in big traffic all by itself and Corbett is the right guy to be online today for how to make sure our content gets read online. For example thinktraffic.net which is the site that he started this year March 15, 2010 and it’s only October right now. Same year, so what’s that like eight months and already his site thinktraffic.net has over 8000 monthly readers, RSS subscribers? It gets a ton of comments, a ton of retwits and I expect this blog to go even higher in a relatively short period of time. Totally awesome, I’m excited to chat about traffic with him today. Corbett, thank you so much for taking the time to be our kind of my co host today.

Corbett: Thanks so much Pat. I really love the smart passive income blog and the podcast. So it’s an honor to be on thanks.

Pat: I appreciate that. Okay before we get it on can you just give the listeners of a rundown of kind of how you got started with online business and blogging?

Corbett: Yeah sure. I actually have two blogs. you mentioned think traffic which I started earlier this year in March and I have another blog called free pursuits which is about people who are living unconventional lifestyles and figuring out how to build businesses and work for themselves in a way that supports the lifestyle that they want to live and that one actually started back in March and I started that blog while my wife and I were on a six month long road trip sabbatical through Mexico. We had sort of decided to take time off from life and I was in between projects and I had come from sort of a corporate consulting background and decided that I wanted to take some time away and decide what I wanted to work on next and while we were on that trip we met a lot of people who were living these really cool unconventional lifestyles. I expected to run into people who were on vacation for a week at a time or something but instead we found a lot of people who were living down there for months at a time and who did that regularly for the winters and these weren’t people who are rich or retired either. They were just people who just figured out a way to work for themselves and create this alternative lifestyle of their dreams really and so that really intrigued me and I started to blog free pursuits to sort of chronicle that journey and tell people about those folks that we were meeting.

Pat: Very cool. So just from starting that blog at freepursuits.com I mean it’s just people started following you and things just took off from there?

Corbett: Yeah I plugged into a couple of really great communities online and there’s a whole lot of people that talk about lifestyle design as a concept which Tim Ferriss wrote and entire book around that was really popular and also people that talk about location independence which is the ability to live and work wherever you want and so I plugged into those communities early on and they were very supportive and free pursuits took off early on last year in 2009.

Pat: Nice well congratulations on all your success so far. You’ve came on my radar just recently but I love what you’re doing. I love the content that you’re writing and I’m really excited to see where you’re headed so congratulations.

Corbett: Awesome.

Pat: So this is how it’s going to work everybody who is listening. We are just going to go wing it today. It’s going to be different from the other interviews because I don’t want you to think of it as more of an interview. I want you to think of it as Corbett is on as a guest host and we’re going to kind of take you through this question of how to get more traffic to your website. So hopefully this would be really useful for you guys out there and you’ll get a lot of value of it. So if you’re ready I’m ready.

Corbett: Yeah definitely let’s do it.

Pat: Alright so let’s start from the beginning. Right at the moment when we have that idea for a new website or a new blog that’s a really exciting time for us. I remember when I first started my sites I couldn’t wait to crank out the content and then get everything set up. We have that buzz but so many people just find out after they launch their site after they’ve spent a good month on it, really excited about it things just don’t go the way they want to and then they just give up and I hate to see that because a lot of those people who have given up had the potential to go really far and first and foremost I just want to talk about expectations like as you mentioned if you think if you build it they will come. It just doesn’t happen like that but what should a new blogger expect when they first start out.

Corbett: Well I mean if we’re just talking about the average blogger to be honest I mean there are millions of blogs launched every month I’m guessing and so the average blogger should probably expect to get no one except for their mom or their boyfriend to pay attention to it. Of course people that are listening to you and paying attention are probably a little smarter than that but to be honest even when I launched my blog for the first month or so it was just sort of about figuring out how to write. I think a lot of people who decide to start blogs aren’t necessarily professional writers. They just have something that they’re passionate about and for me it was about figuring out how to write and figuring out how my voice was and so worrying about trying to get traffic is in the back of your mind but you really you have no idea how to do it when you’re sorting out through all the technical and writing issues.

Pat: Right but so many people are so just they want traffic right away but that’s just not what’s going to happen and a lot of people expect to see people coming in to their website but honestly it takes time for Google to pick up your website. It takes time for your name to get out there. So my advice would just be to just don’t worry about the traffic right away. Worry about preparing for that traffic to come in the future.

Corbett: Yeah that is good. That is definitely good and when I talk about traffic personally I like to break it down into different components and I think a lot of people think that traffic is all about figuring out the latest like social media thing becoming good with twitter or facebook or something but really it starts even before you write your first post and what I mean by that is you have to come up with a compelling concept for your blog and you really have to  think that you’re competing with thousands or tens of thousands of other blogs on similar topics out there and you have to answer the question very concisely for your readers which is why I should I pay attention to your blog when there are so many other choices out there. What am I going to get from it and so that’s something that’s known as the unique selling proposition and it’s really about setting yourself apart from the competition and being clear about the value that you’re going to provide to your readers.

Pat: Right exactly I talk about that all the time. Figuring out how you can stand out from the crowd and you can’t just say well I’m going to write better content than everyone cause…

Corbett: No exactly like writing good content is just the price of admission I mean there are tons of people out there who write really fantastic content and you just have to be a good writer to even get into blogging and then so you have to do things beyond that to stand out.

Pat: Yeah exactly so what are some of those things that you can do kind of specifically? Actionable items that you could take in the beginning to kind of get your name out there. You’re writing good content. You believe you have a good unique selling proposition but even if you have a USP for short you got to get your name out there somehow.

Corbett: Right. Right. Absolutely as you mentioned it takes months for the search engines to pay attention to you so you definitely shouldn’t count on search traffic in the beginning as a way to find readers so if you think about it the other two strategies, the other two places that people can find out about your blog the most common ones are through social media and the other one and the biggest one that I found early on was actually from other bloggers. So a great source of traffic is if another blogger links to you and talks about something that you are doing or a story that you wrote. So obviously first of all you have to have really great content and then second of all you have to somehow get on the radar of other bloggers and I don’t necessarily mean A listers if you’re just starting out you shouldn’t really worry about getting into that big pond with the big fish but there are other people who are in a very similar boat as your peers to have some visitors that they could share with you and you could share with them and so it helps a lot to network with those other bloggers and try to get on their radar so that you’ll earn links from them.

Pat: Absolutely. That is probably the number one thing that has helped my blog just go just kind of crazy wild with traffic lately is, or even when I first started, when I first started, the first four or five months I wasn’t seeing any traffic. I was seeing maybe 10 visitors a day if that but I kept writing and one day lazy man and money, that’s a personal finance blog, he created a blog post just about me and what I was writing about and ever since that day my traffic has just been skyrocketing. So you just got to keep at it and one, it just takes one influential person to tally launch your blog and skyrocket it and there were probably things that could have done better. I wasn’t networking as much as I probably should have but I was fortunate enough to have someone like lazy man and money feature me on his blog but if I were to network that probably would have happened a lot faster. Just meeting people on places like social media platforms like facebook and twitter just so they know who you are and then they’re not going to read a post of yours the very first day they meet you but if they keep seeing your name time and time again they’re going to start to become curious about what you do. If you put out useful links on your facebook or twitter and other people are retwitting and they see someone else retwit it, they’ll start to notice that hey this guy is getting traction and they might come over to your blog and they could very well be an A lister that will be awesome but like you said it doesn’t have to be and lazy man and money guy he wasn’t an a lister but he had a good group of 3000 RSS subscribers and that day I was going from 10 visitors a day to my website to a couple thousand and then it just spiked, a huge spike that day and it’s never gone back down.

Corbett: Right. Right. That’s great. The thing is I think you mentioned posting links on twitter and becoming sort of getting on people’s radar that way. Another great way is through flattery. Honestly if you write about other bloggers on your blog and if you link to their post often or one big post type that I am a big fan of is the influential person round up post where you talk about the top 10 bloggers on your topic and give a little blurb about them and why you think they’re influential and put that up on your blog. That’s a good way to get on people’s radar and because you’re calling someone influential or giving them some sort of honor it’s in their interest to share that with other people because it reinforces their value for their own readers and so that’s a post type that I’ve used successfully in the past and I’ve seen other people as well.

Pat: Honestly that’s, you mentioned me in one of those posts that you did and that’s what put you on my radar. Ever since then I’ve been following your stuff and sharing your stuff with other people. I featured you on my blog a couple times now and it all started because of that. So I think definitely that is a great idea and I’ve noticed a few people doing that lately now because it, I see it as kind of as an alternative to guest posting because a lot of you out there know that guest posting on another blog, actually writing content for another blog is another great way to get traffic to your site but that doesn’t, you can’t always do that. You don’t have the control of whether or not you’re draft is going to be posted or not or when it’s going to be posted but you can definitely write a post on your own blog featuring influential bloggers in your niche and then they’ll more than likely be happy to spread that word and again like we were talking about earlier it doesn’t have to be those A listers that you’re featuring. Maybe it can be up and coming people in your industry and they’ll be even more flattered and they’ll be even more likely to share because they probably don’t get as much exposure as they want.

Corbett: Right. Right. Absolutely. I did a post at free pursuits last year called 44 Adventurous And Creative Bloggers You Should Know and I focused on people who were writing about simple living and lifestyle design and just location independence, living unconventionally and I purposefully chose not to focus on the A listers and I included literally everybody that I knew that I had read at some point or another and some of the blogs I included were not very popular at all. They were probably just starting and getting that trickle of users you get when you first start out and that post was tremendously well received. It was one of the most popular posts I’d written at the time and when you make those connections with people who are smaller fish at the time there’s a good chance that some of those people as you grow are going to grow with you and they are going to become influential and some of them will become much more influential than yourself even eventually and those relationships that you form early on can be really valuable in the future. I early on became friends with Adam Baker from Man VS Debt and…

Pat: Great guy.

Corbett: He’s just blown up. He’s a super great guy and his blog is really popular and we’ve helped each other out along the way and so just because somebody seems small at the time doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be spending time with them and helping each other out cause it can be really valuable.

Pat: Yeah for sure that is totally awesome. I was just thinking the same thing. You never know who will become the next A list blogger and if you’re friends with them and they’re going to remember who you are because you were nice enough to link with them when they were just starting out. You’ll be a part of their journey and they will never forget that just like I’ve never forgotten lazy man and money for what he did for me and other people who have posted links to my blog too. So when you write those kinds of posts, so we talked about how writing those kind of influential posts featuring other bloggers is a great way and we know that now but as far as how to structure that post like I’ve seen a lot of people create those posts lately but I’ve seen some people just simply list, like bullet point each of them without giving an explanation. I’ve seen other people go as far as putting pictures along with quotes actually coming from those people if you can get in contact with them. So for the beginning blogger how would you get the most bang for your buck for that type of post you think?

Corbett: Well when I launched think traffic I specifically wanted to create sort of a buzz right away and not go through that period of a month or two where not too many people knew about the blog and I wanted to get on the radar of a lot of people really quickly so I’d sort of did a combination of those posts that you mentioned there which is I came up with post, I think it’s called, 17 Traffic Building Tips From Some Of The World’s Most Popular Bloggers and basically when I knew I was going to launch the blog I started by writing some cornerstone content, things that people would be able to read when they came to the blog even though I wasn’t publishing them over time as regular post but I wanted things there so that people will understand what the blog is about but on launch day I complied this post and I wrote maybe 25 of my favorite big bloggers out there and asked them for their most unconventional sort of a tip that you might not hear all the time. Not as simple as oh you should go guest post or something but something that is a little more unconventional but really effective at building traffic to your blog and I compiled that list and so that became sort of an influential person round up post along with getting quotes from all those people and that helped me catapult think traffic right away to getting thousands of visitors that first month as opposed to starting out with just that trickle of traffic. So I think if you’re smart about it and you try to leverage the influence that other people already have then you can actually start out a bit quicker than say you or I might have with our first blogs.

Pat: Yeah definitely. I mean with my first blog I just, I wrote my first post and then I went live. I wasn’t seeing traffic for a while and that’s always a tough part because that’s when you’re most excited and that’s when you’re going to write your best content because you know you want to put your good stuff out there but then no one’s reading it. We could talk a little bit about that in a second but I want to go back to your, a post that you did that where you got tips from other bloggers I think that’s genius because not only does that become an influential roundup like you said but it also becomes a really useful post for people out there with a lot of value in it and it’s not just a roundup but it’s actually how to information all in one spot from some of the top minds that you gathered. So that is really excellent but for new bloggers I know a lot of them out there will be scared to just ask people to get that type of information like how do you go about asking some of the top bloggers in your niche for some piece of advice that you could post in your blog. How do you do that?

Corbett: I think there is like you were mentioning there’s a bit of fear involved maybe but the fact is that most bloggers, maybe not the biggest A listers but even in some cases the biggest people most of them actually do a really good job of getting back to people. Some people actually have made a reputation about how many of their readers they can communicate with. For example Gary Vaynerchuk, people may be familiar with him from Wine Library TV. He responded to everyone that wrote him for the first two or three years that he was becoming popular online and I can only imagine the thousands of emails that he had to go through every day. Seth Goden is another one who gets back to people very regularly and Krista LeBeau and so on and so forth. The point is that for that post that I wrote I ended up with 17 quotes and like I said I probably wrote 25 people or so and the thing that you just have to realize is that those people are really busy and they’re getting a lot of emails everyday and so you have to get to the point and be very specific and not take up much of their time. So don’t write two or three paragraphs telling them about you and how your blogs going to be the next best thing. Just say hey I’m a new blogger. I’m writing this post that I’m compiling. I’ve already gotten so and so and so and so involved and I’d love to include you if you could just answer this simple question and just be direct and to the point and I think you might be surprised that people will be willing to get back to you because it’s a little bit of promotion for them and in a lot of cases people want to help out. People that are just starting out because they got the help of other people when they were starting out.

Pat: For sure that’s I want to like edit this so that we could repeat that whole thing you just said cause that was awesome. Keep it short and simple. I know I get almost a hundred emails a day and I save the longer ones for the weekend when I do have time to get through them and I do try to get through all of them but yeah Gary Vaynerchuk good example. I remember him specifically because he used to go into or I think he still does, he goes, he’s the author of Crush It and on his Amazon reviews he replies to all the negative reviews and even asks people what they wish was better and even chats with them on the phone. It’s pretty amazing and you would think that a millionaire like him, super popular wouldn’t go through all that stuff but they do, they do care because they know that they think they’re in the same spot as us before and are happy to give back.

Corbett: Right.

Pat: Let’s see you were talking about and your launch with thinktraffic.net like totally impressed me. I couldn’t believe how fast you got traffic and how many subscribers you got in such a short period of time. I know a few people out there actually a couple of my buddies right now who are just about to launch a blog and that they’re having some thoughts about whether they should post multiple posts before going live like you did or just write one post and just get stuff out there as soon as possible and you’ve taken the approach of writing multiple posts and then with kind of that pillar article to actually commemorate the actual launch date. So your thinking is that you can have people come in through that very popular post but then they see other posts there just so that they’re not, so they have other things to read. Is that right?

Corbett: Right, I think if you just have one post up there, the thing is if you’ve been blogging for a while, if you’ve been reading blogs for a while you kind of get used to the fact that a lot of blogs come and go and even blogs where people seem to be really enthusiastic and pumped about writing them. Those tend to disappear over time as well and so if you come to a new blog and there’s only one post, it just leaves a question in your mind like how serious is this person and this one post may be really great but is there enough here for me to feel like I should return or I should put this in my reader or sign up for emails or whatever. And my feeling is that you should at least write a few posts that ready and maybe you write them and just quietly publish them over the preceding week before your official launch but then when you officially launch make a big deal about it and tell everybody you know. Email all of your friends and contacts about it and put something on your facebook profile and your LinkedIn profile and wherever you have access to getting the word out and try to launch with a bang by having some big really like you said value filled post.

Don’t just try to use some trick to get people to check it out but actually create value because the thing is we talked a little bit about the USP which is sort of what value am I going to get overall from this blog but then every post that you write has to have a similar USP or value to it. You have to answer the question why should I read this post and you really have to consistently deliver value to your readers so that they get the feeling like it’s always worth reading a post from you. That’s what I would try to do with those first posts that I write as well.

Pat: I think that is good advice and if I could go back to that time that I’d probably write a few posts before I have a launch post but I always heard that you should just get something out there as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse it is and I guess there is two different arguments out there but I think going your route and really kind of shaping what your content is about not just having one post about one thing but having a few posts in place already to give people a feel about what you’re going to write about to give them the kind of little push to become a subscriber to expect more posts like that. I think that’s a better way to go and you’ll make up for the time you lost by not putting it out there sooner.

Corbett: Right and the thing is like whatever you and I are talking about here and whatever other advice people might get on blogging out there, the thing there aren’t a whole lot of constants. Things that you can really count on in blogging. I mean really the two for me that apply to every blog and that are always true is that one, you have to put out really great content and two, you have to get the word out about your blog but as far as techniques go like whether or not you should create posts before you launch or whether or not you should have a facebook page for your blog or whether or not guest posting is a good strategy. Those things differ for every blog and they come in and out of favor over time and so you can’t just take these things as Gospel and think that they’re going to work because they worked for me or because Pat said it was something good to try. You really have to try things out for yourself and you may find that everybody a year ago said that guest posting was the absolute best strategy for growing traffic but over the past few months personally I’ve had some experiences where I guest posted on gigantic blogs that were five times as big as mine and I got just a handful literally like less than 20 visitors from that guest post and I’ve heard from other people the same experience that they’ve gotten the same thing.

Pat: I’ve heard the same thing, yeah. Interesting.

Corbett: So just from in and out of favor and you have to try them for yourself and see if they work for your blog and for your specific situation.

Pat: Yeah absolutely I mean once you get to a certain point and I always tell this to people that you just, this is all about testing and optimizing. Just test, test, test as much as possible to figure out kind of what is working for you and what doesn’t and once you find out what’s working for you just do those things.

Corbett: Right.

Pat: So good. Another thing before we start moving into more advanced techniques, one thing I would like to bring up and this kind of goes along with my friend who’s about to launch this blog. He is worried because he is putting out all this excellent content and he knows he’s not going to get traffic right away. So how do you deal with that like putting out your best content up front but then, are their ways to come back to that content. Can you rewrite that or republish once you start to get visitors just to get it in front of their faces? My advice to him was just in later posts you can link back to your older posts, I do that all the time. Obviously I have an archive so people who are interested in what you’ve written before will go back to this blog post and also like what I’ve noticed you’ve done on thinktraffic.net is in your side bar. You actually have links to your older posts that aren’t necessarily the most popular posts or the hot posts but they are just posts that you really want people to start off with. I think that is really a good thing.

Corbett: Right. Right. Yeah that is exactly what I was going to suggest because the popular posts can be sort of a self fulfilling prophecy if you put up a list that is supposed to be the most popular then that’s what people are going to click on and those will always remain the most popular so I like to keep a static list that I get to choose from. They are sort of like my favorites or the post that I think people are going to get the most value from and I list those there regardless of if they’re the most popular. So I would encourage your friend to do something similar and the fact is that if you don’t have a whole lot of traffic to begin with when you’re just starting a blog you’re probably going to write some really great stuff that’s not just going to get a whole lot of traction but it will make an impression on your early visitors and those people hopefully will tell other people about your blog. So there is value to it. It’s just not going to be as impactful as those posts would be six months from when you started.

Pat: Right and one thing I’ve done I was kind of late to introduce an email list or newsletter to my blog. Finally got around to it, one of the things I’ve been doing on a couple of my auto responder emails is linking back to those old posts that I felt like had really good content and then because I know that a lot of my subscribers that wouldn’t have seen them otherwise. So linking to them in your newsletter once or twice isn’t a bad idea either and I’ve had a lot of people comment on those older posts as a result of finding them through my newsletter and were really thankful that I linked to those.

Corbett: Yeah. Yeah. Great strategy.

Pat: What is your take on forums and commenting on other blogs as a means to get traffic to other site?

Corbett: Actually I was just talking with a newbie blogger yesterday I do some consulting through think traffic and I get that question a lot from new bloggers and to me the thing is like if you comment on a lot of other blogs, unless you’re the first commenter and it’s on a really popular blog you’re probably not going to get much traffic, direct traffic from it you’re just going to get a trickle. So I think that commenting as a way to get traffic is probably not the best way to make use of your time however it can have another value which is you can get on the radar of the blogger who writes that blog as well the other popular commenters, the other people that regularly write comments and so it’s a good way to get your face out there and I just tell people to really be strategic about the blogs that they do comment on don’t just go and shotgun everywhere but focus on a couple that you’d like the blogger to get to know who you are and for blogs that really align with what you’re trying to write about that are really closely related and you’re going to get the most value from that because over time people will figure out who you are and then they might stop by your blog or they might even link to you.

Pat: Yeah. absolutely some of the people, some of the great people who I’ve met online were actually commenters on my blog and I’ve got to know them very well and we’ve developed a relationship, I can think of a good handful of people right now that are constantly providing great value in their comments and I would be happy to help them out in any way because they add to the conversation and I know exactly who they are and yeah. So that’s a really good way of putting it. The direct traffic you might get some of it and I know there are some strategies out for learning when a new blog that you’re targeting comes out with a post so you can be the first one. I don’t really believe in those types of things either.

Corbett: Yeah I mean fundamentally my strategies for building traffic are rooted more in trying to make genuine relationships with people and trying to create value for people instead of trying to come up with cutesy techniques or tactics for getting direct traffic and I think if you focus on those things if you focus on always trying to create value and help people out and then try to create genuine relationships with your readers and with other bloggers then you’re going to end up with a lot of traffic without having to learn all of those little techniques that you mentioned.

Pat: Yeah absolutely. I mean I didn’t, I’ve gotten a lot of traffic and it’s just from developing those relationships. I’m learning more tricks as I go along but I didn’t need them to get to where I’m at. I’m sure you didn’t need those either. Okay moving on we just have a few more questions because actually it’s already been a half hour, that’s awesome I mean time flies when you’re having fun. Let’s see as a blog starts to grow what are some of the more advanced things that a blogger can do to gain traffic. They’re doing all the right things, they’re developing relationships but they’ve just plateaued and I’ve noticed a lot of blogs including my own sometimes just hits a plateau where I’m flat on the amount of traffic I’m getting for months at a time. What have you noticed that kind of gets you off of that plateau into the next level?

Corbett: I think the goal to break through a plateau should be to widen your sphere of influence. So at some point basically you’ll sort of saturate the extent of all the relationships that you have and there’s just a fixed pool of people that you’re reaching and then other blogs on similar topics are reaching in. So you need to try to expand your influence to other pools of people and two of the ways that you can do that that you have a lot of control over are one, you can write a big, free manifesto or eBook or something of tremendous value that cuts through the normal noise of blog post. It automatically puts you head and shoulders above other content that is released that week because it’s of such tremendous value that people just naturally pay attention to it and want to share it. So the big free eBook or manifesto I’m a big fan of.

Pat: Absolutely and you just came out with your own manifesto.

Corbett: Yeah I just did that this week actually and it’s actually helped me to break through a plateau so I know exactly what you’re talking about and this, I just released it this week it’s called Eighteen Months, Two blogs, Six figures and it’s about my journey over the past 18 months and blogging and how I built it up to a six figure income and the manifesto’s been received very well. It’s been checked out by three or four thousand people already so I’m really happy.

Pat: Nice. Yeah. Congratulations on that. I’ve read it. It’s awesome and I will post a link to it on the show notes on the blog so I definitely encourage all of you to get it. It’s free. It’s awesome. So definitely check that out. Going back to what you’re talking about for those kind of over the top posts that are just killer. My post that did that and kind of broke to the next level was The Bloggers Guide To Facebook, that was something I spent a good 12 hours writing but in such a short period of time it gained so much traction and that one post alone has helped me reach so many more people through twitter, through facebook, through YouTube because I have hooked up a couple of YouTube videos with that too and it’s just been amazing. So yeah definitely taking the time, investing the time to create those types of posts will be really, really helpful and help you break through to the next level.

Another piece of advice I give is actually expanding into new media if you can. I’ve recently obviously this is my podcast and it’s something that I’ve started fairly recently and this has gotten me to introduce myself to people who I would never have reached before. People are emailing me everyday saying Pat I found you through iTunes, I found you through the podcast, love what you’re doing and then they go on my podcast and then they go on my blog and then they download my free eBook and then they get to know me a little bit better and they’re all in my email list. YouTube videos, I’ve done the same thing. I’ve seen tons of traffic coming from my YouTube videos and again on YouTube I do almost the same thing. I create really high quality kind of killer manifesto type videos that will get out there. I mean one of my videos which actually has to do with creating a landing page on facebook has gotten almost 50,000 views in such a short period of time and that brings traffic in and it’s just been amazing to experience those new forms of media but there is a little bit of fear involved. I didn’t want to do that first. I didn’t want to speak on the microphone. I was scared of it. I didn’t want to show my face online but if you do want to reach that next level you kind of have to break through your fears and step out of your comfort zone and do some of those things.

Corbett: Yeah now those are awesome. Those are little great tips and you’re one of the few people, Pat who I think has really taken that advice to heart and expanded it into a lot of new medias and its obviously working for you so it’s really cool.

Pat: Yeah it’s working and part of it is motivation to share with people what does work and what doesn’t. I knew this would work once I did it. I just had to break through it and I want to thank all you out there who are listening for helping me and encouraging me to continue with this podcast and also do more YouTube videos because it’s definitely helping me help you. So that’s what it all about, we’re all helping each other here. Well we’re coming to the end and there’s one question that I ask every visitor, every special guest who comes in the show and that is what’s working for you Corbett? I mean what’s a strategy that is working for you right now that our listeners can take away and implement for themselves and their blogs.

Corbett: So I think the thing that is working for me right now is running counter to the attitudes and the techniques that people are using in the niches that I’m talking about and specifically what I mean is I have a blog that’s about building traffic and I also have a product that is about affiliate marketing and in a lot of cases when you look up information like that online about those topics you find sort of a sleazy, salesy, kind of pushy set of tactics that people employ and people are also sort of cagey about real numbers and they throw around flashy figures and so forth and I’m just trying to be a truth teller in those areas and be really honest and take more of an ethical and down to earth approach on topics that are traditionally not and I think that has really become my, one of my unique selling propositions for the sites that I run and it seems to be working so I’m pushing forward with that.

Pat: It definitely comes through very well and you’ve recently had some good success with your product launch. Can you talk about that really quick? What is the product and how were you able to have such a successful launch?

Corbett: So I had success personally with affiliate marketing and I know that you’re working on that right now with your niche site dual which is a really cool series and that early success that I had I decided that I asked my audience at my blog free pursuits what they would be interested in learning more about and because I’ve talked a little bit about affiliate marketing overwhelmingly they told me they’d love to get the basics on affiliate marketing. So I created a product called exactly that. It’s Affiliate Marketing for Beginners and I decided to take a real beginner’s approach. So it’s stripped down to the bare essentials of what you need to learn to get a new site built from the ground up and I also chose to take a real sort of ethical approach which is to help people figure out how to promote things that they actually believe in a way that they are comfortable with and I launched that product just back in August, so less than two months ago and I had great success with it. It was my first product through the blog and I sold $11,000 within 72 hours.

Pat: Awesome.

Corbett: Yeah I loved it. It was a really great feeling and I got a lot of great response from people saying that it’s really helped them out. So it’s another way to break through plateaus as well. It’s just release a product because products stand out and they get noticed and if you get affiliates on board to help you sell your product they’re going to reach new audiences that you haven’t reached before.

Pat: Awesome that’s great advice. I’m actually in the process of developing products for Smart Passive Income. I’ve had a lot of requests for certain things and I’m working on that now. So I will definitely come to you for advice for that too because your launch success story is very inspiring. So Corbett thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to share your advice with us and join me on the show as a co host and if people want to find more, if people want to find you and learn more about what you do where would you recommend they go?

Corbett: So given the topic of this conversation I’d say go to thinktraffic.net and there are links on that site to anywhere else that I talk about that I’m involved in right now.

Pat: Awesome. So do you have a twitter, people can say hi to you at?

Corbett: Yeah. It’s my first and last name, Corbett Barr, C-O-R-B-E-T-T B-A-R-R.

Pat: Awesome. Hey thanks a lot for taking the time again and I know this recording will be very, very helpful for people. It’s been already helpful to me. So we definitely have to get together again. Hey actually next week I’m going to see you in Vegas at BlogWorld. So we’ll definitely have to meet up and say hi.

Corbett: Awesome I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again for having me on.

Pat: Alright no problem. Thanks again and everyone out there go to Corbett’s blog, thinktraffic.net and download his manifesto. It’s awesome. Super inspiring and it will get you off your butt to do the things you need to do so check that out. Thanks again.

Corbett: Cheers.

Pat: Bye. Alright everybody, I hoped you enjoyed that interview with Corbett Barr with thinktraffic.net and freepursuits.com. Again just as a reminder you can visit the smart passive income blog to get all the show notes, all the links that we talked about in today’s session. So go ahead and check that out and thank you again for those of you who have taken just a minute to go into iTunes and leave me a review. It really keeps me going. It really keeps me up there in the rankings as well. So thank you. I really, really appreciate that. So until the next session I just wish you all the best. Leave me a note on facebook, facebook.com/smartpassiveincome and just say hi. I’d love to hear from you. Alright take care and have a good one. Bye.