Reader Challenge Roundup: List Posts

List Posts Reader ChallengeChallenges bring out the best in all of us.

Every couple of months I like to hold a reader challenge, where I ask you to do perform a particular task that will help your business or blog grow, and in return I link to your achievement and together we inspire and educate.

The pillar article challenge was a major success, and as a result many of you emailed me saying thanks and that you really benefited from participating. A few of you told me you received record traffic for the articles you published, and one of you even told me you got a book deal because of it! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

My next challenge to you was to write a list post, and I’m excited to share with you the results of hours of work put in by a number of SPI readers today.

To all the participants, I’d just like to say…

You rock!

Way to see an opportunity, take the challenge and execute. I love it.

Below you’ll see 1003 things listed in 63 posts about all kinds of topics. I don’t expect you to read them all, but scan through and see which ones stand out to you. If you have time, read through some of them and leave a comment on their post too if you’d like.

In order of receipt:

27 Reasons Why I Write Crap Everyday

6 Steps to Making More Money with a Sales Funnel

10 Reasons to Not Work With a Freelance Client

One Easy Trick to Increase Your Conversions by 10%

7 Savvy Comments and Ideas from Maths Insider Readers

Twelve [No BS] Reasons to Take Massive Action Today!

Top 10 SEO Myths Debunked

6 Easy Privacy Techniques For Traveling With Digital Gear

Effective Habits That Have Helped Me Work Less & Get More Done

3 Ingredients to Standing Out From the Competition

32 Types of Fitness Equipment and the Top 4

6 Biggest Mistakes I Made With My Blogs and That You May Make in Any of Your Projects

25 Ways Not to Change Your Life

10 Reasons to Create a Lead Magnet

10 Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Challenge

The 9 Biggest SEO Myths Busted

4 Top Ways of Keeping up to Date with the Latest News on the iPhone

5 Ways Facebook is Costing You Money

8 Ways to Use Evernote in 2011

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Language Learning Block

10 Qualities of a Successful Online Entrepreneur

10 Things to Do to Feel Young at Heart

5 Cool Down Summer Activities in Lima

12 Meaningless Time Eaters in Your Day

Top 10 Reasons to Save for Your Retirement

10 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

8 Pasos Para Que Nuestros Hijos Alcancen Sus Metas

14 Things You Should Know About Making Money Online (Proven And Very Important Points To Always Remember)

25 Ways to Jack Up Your Success Using Intuition

10 Ways to Have a Great Audition.

5 Mistakes Fat Dads Make

15 Things I Look at Before Trading a Stock

15 Must Have Computer Software Applications, Services and Utilities For Running Your Online Business

12 Ways To Kick Your Debt To The Curb

10 Tips for Getting Out of Your Own Way

Vacationing in Las Vegas Timeshares-Ten Check Lists that You Can’t Do Without

Top Ten Holiday and Travel Tarot Cards

Burned out on your job? 10 surefire tactics to survive being stuck in a work rut

5 Simple Tips to Finding Your Blogging Rhythm

11 Awesome Tips for Shooting Product Review Videos

Top 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7!

5 Whole Foods Meals that are Cheaper and Faster than Fast Food

50 Reasons Freelancers Should Be Using Social Media

Healthy Eating – Controversies

7 Indispensable Web Tools Every Ecommerce Merchant Should Be Using

7 Things You Should Know About Getting a Tax Rebate

10 Things to Know About Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

7 Things You Never Knew About Your UTR Number

5 Types Of Australian Visa Application You Can Make

10 Trips to Take in Britain in 2011

5 Ways to Get More From Your Foam Roller

142 Ways to Make Money Online

7 Steps to Building a List of 2,000+ on Mobile for Free

10 Ways for Women to Obtain Financial Empowerment

The Top 7 Things You Should Back Up on an External Hard Drive

101 Books You Must Read to Succeed

Top Ten List of things to do in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

The Top 50 Greatest, Brilliant Video Game Shirts Ever!

3 Things Every Self Employed Person Should Know About Self Assessment

10 Great Educational Games for Kids

Ten Great Tips and Tricks to decipher the “Riddle of the Kitty”

5 Things That Affect Your Tax Code

100 Things I Learned From Blogging – 100th Post Celebration

7 Most Important Factors for Email Marketing

Some Interesting Statistics:

  • Total number of posts submitted: 63
  • Total number of stuff listed: 1003
  • Average number of stuff listed per post: 15.92
  • The most common number used: 10 (30%)
  • The second most common number used: 5 (13%)
  • The third most common number used: 7 (11%)
  • Highest number: 142
  • Lowest number: 1
  • 12 “ways“, 11 “things“, 6 “reasons“, 5 “tips
  • 14% of people made a “Top” list
  • 40% of people used an odd number; 60% used an even number
  • 6 posts spelled the number (i.e. six), instead of writing it out (i.e. 6)

Interesting indeed. Any insights?

The Next Reader Challenge

Part of becoming a successful blogger and online entrepreneur is stepping out of your comfort zone. For me, one of the most uncomfortable things I did was start to shoot and upload videos to YouTube. It was hard for me because although I loved to write, I dreaded the camera, my voice and the thought of people listening and criticizing me.

Now, 2 years later, I have a very successful YouTube channel with over 300,000 views and a fast growing podcast that has already been downloaded 250,000 times. I’m not shy in front of the camera or behind the microphone anymore, and my only regret is that I wish I had started sooner.

My challenge to you is simple: upload a 2 minute (or more) video to YouTube that relates to your blog or business. It can be anything – from an introduction to what your business is about, to a specific task or strategy involved with your niche. Anything, but try to think about your audience as well and how your video could help them too.

The only rules are that the video must be at least 2 minutes long, I must be able to hear your voice, and please link to your website in the description of your video (for free traffic!). You don’t need to show your face on camera (I didn’t at first), but I’d like to at least hear your voice.

I don’t suspect as many submissions this time around, but please – I want you to prove me wrong.

I’ll award one random YouTuber a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card, and I’ll link to everyone’s videos in the next challenge roundup post. Just send me a link using my contact form here.

For some tips and tricks on creating and maximizing the potential of your YouTube videos, check out my series below:

Cheers, and good luck!

Congratulations to Cara from 17000 Days who was randomly selected as the winner of the $50.00 Gift Card for the List Post Challenge. Yay!

  • Amy Harrison

    Hi Pat, great challenge. Do we submit a link to the video in the comments or contact you with it? :-)

    • Pat

      Hi Amy – please contact me through my contact page with the link. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the video must be uploaded to YouTube between now and April 30th. No older videos :)


  • Internet Geeks

    Youtube challenge is quite hard for me as I never done it before. I do try to record some videos for myself and analyze them for any improvements. Hope in next one to two month I will start posting video as well.

    You are really a inspiration to me. Thanks Pat.

    • Pat

      I was hoping to get some people to step out of the box and do something they’ve never done before :) Good luck!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really awesome list Pat,

    I especially love the part of you breaking the post down to see the most common features and I think I’ve gotten an idea when I’m going to write my list post. I’ll be off to read some of the above posts.

    I’m also anticipating your Youtube video challenge, I know it will be awesome and I just can’t wait to see it.

    Thanks so much and have a great day,

  • Rat Racer

    Wow! This sure is a good way to do something I’m not comfortable with. Hope to send a video ^_^

  • Brian Lima

    Pat, wow this is a crazy amount of information. I’ll have to save this one for later. Very cool post. Lets us newbie’s get a feel for the mindset of all the other SPI members. I’m not alone! Brilliant work and keep pushing the limits.

  • Marie @ KinWorm

    This is a great challenge. I’ve only just started making a couple of you tube videos and it is very much out of my comfort zone. I hate the way my voice sounds :( However, I really want to conquer this because I think in the long run, multimedia is something I could enjoy. So you’ve inspired me to try again this weekend.

  • Remco

    Have been procrastinating my 1st video on my niche website, and will use this challenge to follow trough !

  • Timo Kiander

    @Marie and @Internet Geeks: I made my first videos just couple of weeks ago and I was terrified too. However, as soon as you get the first video done, it’s is going to be easier next time. I had to make many takes before I got things right.

    You will be OK!

  • Tim @ Faith and Finance

    Hey Pat! Thanks for including my list – I love your challenges and hope that more readers take advantage of them!

  • Matteo

    Hi Pat, I hired a webmaster to redesign my bulletin board, so I had this idea to explain with a video how to take advantage of the new features my forums will offer! 😉

  • mike

    great work on compiling all of these submitted lists. i like the breakdown of the various stats.. too bad that i missed out on this challenge.

    i have a bit of experience creating and editing videos for youtube, but nothing with me talking and nothing related to my blog. if i can find some time, i might give this a shot.

    good luck to everyone.

  • Rob Cornish

    Hello Pat!

    I missed out on your previous Reader Challenges but I’ve actually started to make a lot of videos my blog now (getting better slowly – I hope!) so I’ll definitely give this one a go.

    Mission Accepted!

    Cheers, Rob.

  • Benny

    Great list. Good job to everyone. Major thumbs up to anyone who reads all 63 posts!

  • Brad

    Thanks for the challenges and the links Pat. The video is going to be a tough one, but it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it was easy, right? :-)

  • Allison

    I like the new challenge. I wasn’t thinking of video posting for a while (like a year from now) but this can get my feet wet.

    (I need to get my 12 yo son, computer mini geel to help me with this one, lol.)

  • Sarah Russell

    Great list (although I’m wondering when on earth I’ll have the time to get through even half of them…) :)

    Can’t wait to get started on the video challenge – adding Youtube videos to my site is one of my March/April goals, so the timing here is perfect!

  • Siegfried

    i like the new challenge, will try to make a good video 😀

  • Danielle McGaw

    Awesome list and it looks like some very interesting reading! It will be fun to check out some new blogs.

    I think the video challenge is great. Bloggers often get stuck in a rut and making videos is easier than ever with the tools that are out there. Should be interesting to see what people come up with!

  • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution

    Nice work creating the challenges and compiling the lists. Way to get your users involved. Lots of great stuff here!

    Keep inspiring!


  • Rusty

    Two points(1 off topic)
    1. Videos: I have used for videos before. You can use your own voice(if you want) but you have to do that offline in video editing software. Or, just type what you want the “actors” to say. Last I checked you can post directly to youtube.

    2. Article writers: Does anyone have a recommendation for some good article writers? I need to get some articles written for spinning and placement on my niche sites.

  • John Sherry

    Holy moley Pat if this is what quality results you get from your challenges I’d give The United Nations a call if I were you. It also shows how many interesting, humorous, and informed writers there are out there. Nice one everyone, good job Pat.

  • Paul Wolfe

    Hey Pat

    Loving the YouTube challenge – have emailed you about it.


  • Mark Dacoron

    I need to create a list to get more traffic to my site. I have a bunch of topics in mind but it is hard where to start.
    I do have a youtube channel and I should market more on my business rather than testimonials that I do have. Probably that will help me get more business doing it that way.

  • Pavel

    Wow, what a great challenge. This would really be a step-out-of-box for me.

    The difficulty for me would be to find things to talk about for 2 straight minutes. :)

  • Nick

    I have to start submitting to these. I even had a list post. Oh well, I will from now on. Thanks for these challenges. It will help me make myself become a better blogger.

  • Devin Elder

    Great community involvement on this one Pat. I sent you my YouTube submission, I’m looking forward to the next roundup!

  • Darla Serrano

    Hi Pat,

    This is a great exercise. I’m a little nervous about creating a video and posting it to youtube, but it is exactly what I need to do to move out of my comfort zone.
    BTW, I really enjoy your blog. So much informative and relevant content! :-)

  • John Mitchell

    Thanks for including my list Pat, and great new challenge.

    Thinking cap on for ideas for videos.

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  • Fat Daddy, Esq.

    Thanks so much for including me in your list. I am just starting out and I have learned so much from your podcast and materials.

  • Chris Guthrie

    Is it too late to add mine?

    lol I published this post before I saw your reader post but the timing is sort of funny. It’s not really what you think.

  • Jia Jun

    Wow!!! I miss this.
    Will I get listed here somehow? :p
    I wish one day I could.

  • Bridget Taylor

    Oh wow – what a great challenge!

    I just uploaded a 1min introduction video this week to you tube, promoting a regular “workout wednesdays” feature on my site, which is totally scary as now I have to make a video EVERY week!!

    I’ll send you the link to my 2nd video when I upload it next week – it will be my first full (over 2mins) fun fitness review.

    Video is awesome but I know what you mean about worrying what ppl will think! You are totally right tho about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that seem scary. It is definitely the path to success.

    Keep it up Pat, you rock!!

  • Karo Itoje

    Hello Pat,

    You’re something, you know that? This is amazing. You linking to all these posts, and bringing out the best in people.

    One question though, how do you cope with so much outbound links?

    I said the last time that I wasn’t really into lists posts but I would have loved to write one for the challenge but so much to do I didn’t get around it.

    Anyway, this next challenge is more interesting for me because I have been thinking about doing a Youtube video but just don’t know how to get around it (I mean how to do a good free youtube video) and I am also camera shy. But I think with this challenge I’ll find a way to make it happen.

    Thanks Pat

    • Pat

      So I have a lot of outbound links. My response? So what! I’d rather connect with readers and help them out as much as I can then worry about how many outbound links I have. Sure, I might be not doing “what I’m supposed to be doing”, but putting readers first and stepping out of the box and not worrying about myself is why I’m where I’m at today. Just sayin’ :)


      • Nick

        It’s that kind of selflessness that we all love so much Pat. You really care about helping us become successful online. Thank you so much. I will try to give back to this blog whenever I can.

  • Jackie Paulson

    Pat, you are so inspiring. I like your challenges and to learn from you. I agree that you must have so many outbound links, how would you deal with that? You rock!

    • Pat

      Thanks Jackie! See my response to Karo above :) Cheers!

      • Jackie Paulson

        Pat, thanks for caring about your readers, I admire you for that. I blog and network for others a lot. I see so many get “what they want” then their “subscribers” are not important after awhile. I don’t want to mention names, but I have a few that I boycott now. Thanks for really caring. Jackie

  • Matt

    When is the deadline?

  • Asim Sheikh

    Great post and thank you for inspiring me to get my list post finished (50 video game shirts). The video challenge is taking me way out of my comfort zone bit it is something I am looking forward to. Now I am having difficulties on what to exactly to make my video on! Any ideas?

  • Ian Dunford

    Hey Pat

    Ian UK Here, I’m going to do the video too.


  • samuel

    This is really awesome Pat! I will check out the above list posts. Thanks so much for sharing. Rock on :)

  • Lean Muscle Matt

    Great idea Pat.

    I guess I sort of owe you after all you’ve done for me (my way of trying to guilt my way into some courage). :)

    I’m just waiting for the little tripod I ordered for my Zi8 and then I should be good to go! Maybe I should get a Jets bucket or something to spit in. Hey, it works for Gary!

    I also wanted to let you know that your post “4 Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To” has truly been the gift that keeps on giving for me. I’ve replaced my daily Pandora music with podcast after podcast, and I’ve learned SO much!

    Thanks again,


  • Mike

    Too funny!! The same day you made this post (FRIDAY), I just launched my very first ebook – TOP 10 WAYS TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE. I sent it to everybody that is on my e-mail list and I got some of the greatest responses. Yes, List Posts Work!!!

  • Rob

    I challenged myself to read and comment on all 63.
    This is what I found: It took me 6 hours and 4 minutes, there were approximately 3 down for maint., 8 did not allow comments (but, I still read through), I was the only comment on about 12 posts (nobody wants to be the first:)
    Another thing I learned: You have a very talented group of readers ( I was greatly humbled, but then realized, ‘Hey, I read Pat, too’ ).
    I would have finished faster if it weren’t so darn hard to quit reading after just one post on some of these sites. There were a few that I read 3 or more articles on. I saved 7 sites to my favorites. I subscribed to 5 sites. It would be hard to choose but if I had to, my 2 personal favorites would be: 142 Ways to Make Money Online and 25 Ways Not to Change Your Life.

    It was a tough job but somebody had to do it:)

    • Danielle McGaw

      Wow – that is great work Rob. I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends after all that commenting.

      • Rob

        Thanks. You know, it started out as a job. Then, it became really neat to see how great diversity really is.

    • Nick

      Yeah that’s a good idea. I think I’ll do that as well. Thanks a ton for that idea.

  • Mike Reeves-McMillan | Living Skillfully

    Thanks, Pat (and thanks, Rob, for mentioning my 25 Ways Not to Change Your Life as a favourite). When I started getting more comments on my post I thought, “I bet Pat just published his list challenge roundup”, and I was right.

    Thanks also for giving me the extra push to do some video – I have been planning to do it, but now I have an extra reason to get off my chuff and really do it.

  • Paul

    Great stuff Pat, I totally agree about creating lists posts because in the past, they have always been some of the most read on my blog…by far.

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  • Billy

    Pat- did wrote April 30th for the video submissions. Did you mean March 30th? I might be unclear, I thought it was a monthly thing.

    • Pat

      April 30th, not March. Giving people more time for this video challenge. :)

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    First time here on your blog and definitely digging it!

    This challenge looks like fun but even better more than half of those headlines grabbed my attention so I’m definitely bookmarking this, thanks for sharing.


  • Himanshu Chanda

    Video post was something which always was on my mind with a ‘to be done some day’ tag… This is awesome and I guess now I have a deadline. Hope to beat this and be worthy :) BTW I believe you shud provide feedback to the ones you liked (tht wud be way much better than Vouchers 😉 )

  • Dee

    Ha ha ha…the challenge is on. This was on my “to do” list anyway. Thanks for giving me that little kick in the pants we all need from time to time. I am addicted to your posts. You give out so much info sometimes my head feels like it will explode!
    Keep it coming…and Thank You!

  • Andrea

    You have inspired a quicker launch date for our new niche website, and the corresponding videos are now almost complete! It’s a topic, as a mother, that I’m passionate about, and you’ve inspired me to ramp it up.

    This little blog of yours truly does impact the world…I think as a father you will appreciate what we’re doing.

    Looking forward to submitting my video.

    Thank you Pat!

  • Tambre Leighn/coaching by tambre

    As life has it sometimes…perfect timing. One of my mentors JUST nicely “got on me” the other day about starting to use video…hilarious I’ve not done a lot of it yet since I was in the film biz for twenty years before becoming a coach to cancer survivors and caregivers. Thanks for creating an opportunity that challenges me to finally get to it!

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  • Judy H. Wright-Empowerment

    Hello from beautiful Montana,
    Really have enjoyed reading some of the posts and encouraged to do more videos.

    Thanks for mentioning your family. That is the most important work you will ever do.
    My youtube channel is

    Thanks for connecting.

  • Judy H. Wright-Empowerment

    Not sure why that did not work. My youtube is

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  • Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition

    What a fabulous response you got with the list post challenge. So many terrific submissions here. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a video, so your next challenge is perfect timing. Thank you so much for listing my article here and for all you do.

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  • Christina Crowe

    Alright, Pat. I’ve finally decided to upload this video – I’ve been shying away from putting videos up on my blog for far too long, and I’m finally ready to take the leap and show myself in video form. I even bought a $90+ web cam, so I can’t back out.

    You see, I’m incredibly shy when it comes to public speaking. In high school, I actually opted to NOT give an oral presentation and take the bad grade instead. That’s how bad my anxiety was. But, after watching so many videos on several different blogs, I really want to give it a shot. I’m actually kind of excited, believe it or not. I just have to wait for my web cam to come in the mail. :)

    Thanks for the motivation, Pat! And I’m sorry I couldn’t join the last contest (was on vacation). =/


  • Airbed Guy

    OK Pat, I’ve submitted it. Thanks for the opportunity to share and for pushing the collective forward. Can’t wait to see everyone’s videos!

  • Jenny Shih

    Thanks for the carrot! I’ve submitted my video. I love a good challenge!

  • Phone Answering

    Good Article Great Post . i like this type of content ..Good Luck & Keep it up.

  • Leonore

    Good Challenge ….and especially a great source of inspiration :)

  • Dwight Anthony

    Awesome list of ‘list’ posts there Pat. Thanks for all who contributed. I’m about to bookmark this page.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

  • One Direction

    Good idea and wow! that is a big list you have there lol

  • Stacey

    I’ve completed this readers challenge 11_2_12. Super late … yes. But I did it! Pat thank you so much for blogging and archiving so late bloomers like myself can catch up!

    Happy dance Happy dance *tink tink boom pow!


  • jasmine nile
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