Reader Challenge Round Up: Interviews and the Next Challenge

Interview in ProgressPart of my responsibility here on SPI is to not only give you the best information possible, but to encourage you to take action as well.

One of the ways I love to do that is through my reader challenges, where I challenge you to do something specific that I know will help you and your online business.

Here’s a list of all of the previous reader challenge results posts:

At the end of the last challenge, I asked you to conduct an interview. Interviews are awesome because:

  1. You’re providing unique and refreshing content for your audience and you don’t need to be the one to deliver the expert advice. You just need to ask the right questions.
  2. It can raise your level of authority because of your public association with the person you’re interviewing.
  3. Networking! The interview will help you build a relationship between you and the person you’re interviewing, which can lead to other growth opportunities for you and your brand down the road.

The requirement was one interview in the medium of your choice (text, audio or video). Here are the results in the order that I received them:

An Interview with a Friend: Trader James by Rick from Invest in 2012

Fitness Guru Dax Moy on How to Awaken the Guru Within! by Erik from Fitness Business Interviews

How to Make a Great Living with Niche Sites | Spencer from by Niche Income Lab

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Interview and Dixie Meat Rub Interview by David from BBQ Dry Rubs

Expert Time Management Interview: Lucas Kleinschmitt by Timo from Productive SuperDad

Hit Songwriting Interview – Jess Moskaluke and Summer Cult by Brandon from Hit Songwriting

Behind the Wrench, Mechanic Interview with David Hillier by Charles from The Humble Mechanic

9 Questions for the Millionaire Teacher by Robert from The College Investor

Scott Johnson Revealed (Scott has lived with T1 diabetes for 32 years) by Tony from Blogging Diabetes

Sketchup Interview with Gary Katz by Matt from Master Sketchup

How Eric Mann Persevered Over 3 Failed Projects on Kickstarter and Raised over $20k in his Last 2 Projects Combined by Brian from Kickstarter Rockstars

An Inside Look at Niche Sites – Adsense, Amazon and More with Eric Gati by Adam from Dorm Room Cash

How to Live a Meaningful Life with The Minimalists by Conni from A Life of Blue

Intro to Real Estate with Tim Beck by Austin from Residual Income Life

Jaime Tardy Interview: Becoming an Eventual Millionaire by Carrie from Careful Cents

A Full Time Income from a Single Niche? Interview with Steve Scott on Experiment Income

Social Media Case Study: Drive-In Theater by Lindsay from

How to Fess Up and Pay Off $60,000 of Debt by Jeff from Good Financial Cents

Escaping the 9 to 5 | How I Did It with Lolita Sheriow by Sharon from Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

Immediate Personal Finance Lessons for Everyone by LCF on How to Finance Money

This Financial Advisor is Very Bullish About P2P Lending by Peter on Social Lending Network

How to Replace Your 9 to 5 Income from Blogging in Nine Months by Jeff & Mandy from Dollars and Roses

How to Dress for the Curvy Body Type: Style Lessons from Georgette by Sylvia from 40 Plus Style

How Brent Thomas of BikeWrappers is Crushing It with his Jimdo Online Store and Even Got Featured on CNN by Robert from Website Tool Tester

Interview with Simon (Full Time Affiliate Marketer) by Kevin from Dropout Got Rich

Meet CopySean Making $10k a Month without Google Traffic by Kent Chow from In Marketing Tips

How to Get 20 Million App Downloads as an Individual Developer: An Interview with Alex Keim – Developer of Pic Stitch by Thomas Strock from Mobile App Tycoon

The Pictured Rocks Expert – An Interview with Bill Thompson by Jesse from Things to do in the U.P.

It’s About the Fundamentals, Product Creation and Building Relationships by Chris from Day Job Knockout

Mr. Money Mustache – Early Retirement Made Easy by The Mad Fientist at madFIentist

Wonderful, wonderful interviews! I’m extremely pleased, encouraged and inspired by the quality and care that went into each of them! As I went through the interviews, I was finding myself losing track of time in some of them – that’s a great sign.

Thank you to all of the participants, I couldn’t be more proud and I know that some of you have done several more interviews since the ones posted here, which is awesome. Well done!

As promised, I’ve randomly selected 3 participants to receive a $50 Gift Card. Congratulations to Lindsay, The Mad Fientist and Matt!

The Next Reader Challenge (and $500 in Prizes!)

I know that a lot of you are new to the blog and were unable to participate in some or all of the previous Reader Challenges. Or maybe you were able, but just didn’t have the time or didn’t make the deadline.

That’s okay – this next one is for everyone and it’s the Readers Choice Challenge!

All you have to do is pick 1 of the 7 previous challenges and submit a link to a post or page on your site that fulfills the requirements for that specific challenge. The post must be a newly published post on your website that went live on or after Thursday, August 16th 12:01am PT. No submissions of previously written posts, recordings or videos will be accepted.

To recap, you can:

  1. Write a Pillar Article
  2. Publish a List Post
  3. Create a YouTube Video
  4. Develop a Mini-Product
  5. Write a Post that Tells a Story
  6. Create a Case Study; or
  7. Interview Someone

Click on the links above to get a description of what each challenge is, and I will only accept 1 submission per person.

I’m giving you until the end of October 2012 to complete this challenge.

After you’ve completed this challenge, send me an email with a link to it through my Contact Page and make sure you write READER CHALLENGE in the SUBJECT LINE so that my email filter will catch it and I’ll include it in the next roundup post. Also include which challenge you did too.

Amazon $100 Gift Card

This time, I’m giving away FIVE $100.00 Gift Cards!

Four will go to randomly selected submissions and one will go to the person who I feel has the best headline/title for their post, so do your best to make your headline a compelling, eye-catching headline that can’t help but be clicked. 😉

I highly encourage you participate this time, even if you’ve participated in one already. Not only can you win something, but you’ll get a shout out on the roundup post after the challenge is over and most importantly, you’d be doing something that helps you and your brand.

With whatever challenge you do, I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to accepting your submissions!

If you’re in, let me know in the comments and give me an idea of which challenge might interest you the most.

Remember, end of October.


  • Timo Kiander


    Thank you for including me on this post :) Also, it’s great to see other interesting interviews too … plenty of content to go through!


  • Marius

    Definitely will join this one :)

  • Shaun

    I have always enjoyed reading your challenges, but have yet to participate. So I may consider doing all of them my first time out since I have until the end of October.

  • Joel Clough

    Such an amazing way of collaborating great community content + getting some bold action taken.

    Looking forward to seeing the submissions!

  • Tyler Herman

    Pretty hard not to do this reader challenge if you’re actually working. A month and an half to finish and if you aren’t doing one of those things listed you flat out aren’t doing anything. So if you’re working on some project or another you probably quality.

    In that amount of time you should have 4-5 of those completed, just a matter of picking which one will end up being the best.

  • Karl Steinmeyer

    Very motivating Pat, nicely done.

  • christelle

    That looks pretty exciting, I need a kick like that to challenge me, I’m definitely in. Not sure whether it will be a Youtube Video or a pillar article, but I’ll try something.
    Thanks for this challenge!

  • Adam

    I’m in.

  • Ryan G

    Perfect timing. This is why I visit SPI a couple times a week. Love the inspiration.

  • Estevan Montoya

    This is great! I am going for the mini-product. This give me some motivation to make a product in my niche.


  • Joel Zaslofsky

    Sweet Pat!
    I barely missed the deadline for the last reader challenge to interview someone. But now that my podcast is up and running, I have lots of interviews coming up. Actually, I have one that will be going live on Monday the 20th so that’s what I’ll be submitting to you.
    That is, unless you want to come on the Smart and Simple Matters show and be interviewed. I’d happily submit that entry to you instead. :)

  • RJ CId

    I am on it! Just created a few of these things but working on FIRST interview for blog.

    thanks fora all you do.

  • Jason

    I like the idea but don’t care for the random drawing, just saying

  • LaTisha

    Awesome! I was waiting for the next challenge, I will be sure to participate this time.

  • Erik

    Great list Pat. Thanks for including me in on this roundup. One thing you touched on in the beginning of this post is how interviews are great for relationship building. I think in the online world they are the easiest way to start and network with others even if you are just starting out.

    You are helping your guest by giving them free promotion, building their authority, and making them look good. Once you have an interview with someone you have an open door of communication with them. Then you can build a relationship from there.

    I use interviews exclusively and it amazes me how great they are for networking and relationship building.

  • Jamie Alexander

    That’s such a great idea. Nice out the box thinking, Pat.

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen them before. I have a pretty good story I’d like to tell. The first one ever on my blog actually. I’d love to enter the challenge when it’s done.

  • Brendan

    Pat!!! Just in time. I’m starting a podcast based on everything you’ve written (albeit a 6 months too late haha). Let’s see how many of the past challenges I can incorporate into it!

  • Matt

    Pat, I was floored when I found out I won the gift card for the challenge. Thank you so much for inspiring me to reach out of my comfort zone and take a risk by asking a well-known writer in my niche for an interview. I had just launched my site, and he had never heard of me before, but I just walked up to him at the conference after he had done a presentation and kindly asked him if he’d mind if I asked him a few questions. He said yes! Afterwards, he invited me to write a guest post on his well established site!

    I think I’ll earmark a portion of my $50 gift card for your Kindle book when it comes out! lol, (I was going to buy it anyways) I’ll have to buy it twice just to be fair. Thanks again Pat!

  • Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    Glad to be a part of this challenge and definitely going to submit one for the next one :) Thanks for doing these Pat!


  • Robert

    Thanks for continuing to challenge us! I’m glad you included me in this challenge, and I’m definitely in for the next one!

  • Kent @ Amazon Affiliate Tips

    Pat, thanks for including me on this challenge. It’s so true that I got to learn new things and build relationship in my interview.

    Also it’s nice to check out other interviews here.. I definitely enjoy working on my niche sites and rebuilding up my niche site income from Amazon and Adsense.

    Definitely, I will join in your next challenge. Thanks for your encouragement and getting us takek board actions. I am ALL in.

  • Matt’s Medicare Plans

    First time I’ve seen the challenge, can’t wait to tackle it and improve my site while I learn exponentially!

  • Carrie Smith

    Thanks so much for always creating these awesome challenges. I’ve actually picked up several more interviews since speaking with Jaime Tardy and I plan to do lots of more. I’m also working on your “Be Everywhere” strategy – in my own unique way of course! Looks like I have some other challenges to catch up on. :)

  • Matthew Allen

    I’m in for sure! I just got started on a niche site case study that will definitely be done before the end of October. This will be perfect for this challenge.

  • John Corcoran

    Hey Pat — I have a suggestion – have you ever thought about crowd-sourcing the “prize” you giveaway in these reader challenges? Maybe instead of you having to buy $500 worth of Amazon gift cards, your readers could donate something of value, such as help with customizing a wordpress theme, help with setting up a podcast, video advice, legal advice, etc.

    I mean, a $100 Amazon gift card is awesome, but I bet your community could come up with some good “gifts” as well. Or maybe you could give both, an Amazon gift card and the donated item from a reader.

  • Vijay

    thanks for making us to do something and come out of our comfort zone. But the deadline seems very long. I think it should be something actionable which require anyone to act quickly say in a week or max two?
    this is my personal opinion though.


  • Katherine

    Thanks for the encouragement and the motivation you give to your readers. I’m definitely going to submit this time around.

  • Jesse

    Thanks for the inclusion Pat!

  • Monty Campbell

    This competition is great, and I look forward to participate.

  • Brian Kwong

    Love these challenges, I had done 3 in a row, not going to miss the next one of course!

  • Monja

    Awesome, Pat! I just finished a case study and will send the link :-) Love the challenges!!!

  • Alexandre B

    Hi Pat,

    Nice opportunity, I was just thinking : “oh that’s so sad, I missed the previous challenges”.
    A quick question, is that a big deal if the post is written in a foreign language ? (ie not in english). I could include a link to a translation in my post :)

    Thanks for letting me know

  • Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    Thanks for including my link in the line-up. Very happy to be representing the fashion niche! Of course I’m in for the next challenge as well! Not sure which one I will pick, perhaps I should aim for something challenging like creating a video or a product….

  • Tune Seidelin

    Awesome Pat, I’m in!

  • Brandon Breshears

    Awesome Pat! Thats a great idea! I will do this challenge!

  • James

    Thanks soo much for the include! Was a fun challenge!

  • Warren

    Hey Pat does the mini product have to be something we give away?
    I just launched a website last week and was thinking it needed a product (but one I will sell). Having an Oct deadline will put the pressure on me to get it done. :)

  • Sam Brunson

    Great idea Pat, I’m going to get to work on a pillar post!

  • Steven Fox

    Great example of “outside the box” thinking, Pat. These are really things that all of us should be doing anyway, but I’m sure that these challenges give a lot of people that extra little kick in the butt that they need to stop reading the (fantastic) info on your site and go TAKE ACTION! I will definitely submit something in one of the categories for this challenge.

  • Andy

    Wow, what a great way to get people to step outside of their comfort zones and try something that might be the missing piece of their blogging puzzle.

    Of all these types of posts, which was the hardest for you to dive into Pat?

    I think I really want to do an audio interview. I’ve done all the others up there but never an interview, and I think I have a really good idea for travel interviews with a political twist. I know two people off the top of my head that would have great stories to tell, and I think hearing it in their own voices would really make the difference.

    Hopefully I’ll muster the courage to do so. Thanks Pat!

  • Chris Deals

    Pat, because of the interview challenge I got the confidence to start doing interviews. After the first interview, I did five interview at Blog World and have several others schedule for my podcast.

    I’m looking forward to the next challenge. I think I will do either a YouTube video or a Case Study, or maybe both :)

    Thanks again for all your encouragement.


    • Peder Aadahl

      Way to go Chris, doing an interview has been my weak point and your story is inspiring, I just need to do it!

      For what it is worth, I think you are determined and could probably do both 😉

  • The-Military-Guide

    Great timing, Pat, I just finished my pillar post and e-mailed you the link.

    I blog about the niche topic of military financial independence, and and REDUX is a military retirement system that… well… sucks. The smart servicemembers will stick with the High Three retirement system instead of sacrificing decades of benefits in exchange for a $30K lump sum.

    Snarky title aside, hopefully I explained it clearly enough that servicemember’s spouses & families will also understand why it’s a bad deal.

  • Jean-Luc

    Hi Pat
    Can I participate even if my blogs are in French?

  • PhuongLe

    i am not in the list :)

  • Jessica Kihara

    What a great idea, Pat! That’s how to light a fire under our… rear-ends!

  • Pamela DeRitis

    Ok Pat, you convinced me. I’m in! I just sent you a message using your Contact form. I’m doing the #7 – Interview Someone challenge.


  • Asim

    Hi Pat,

    Great Post!! Just wondering if I can only submit one type of post as I want can submit a list post, interview and my soon to be released video pidcast (when I figure out how to do it!)

  • Rebecca

    Pat- I’m totally in. Thanks for the added incentive. In fact, thanks to you and this challenge, I just recorded and posted my FIRST You Tube video to my brand new Artist With a Day Job channel yesterday :).

  • Adam

    I’m in on this one as well. I love the idea, and thank you for the added incentive. I just have to choose which one

  • Adam

    I’m so in on this one. Thanks for the opportunity Pat, this is why I love your blog so much.

  • Ruan | HighTechNovation

    Count me in Pat!

    I immediately jumped into taking action approaching someone I’d like to interview…well just got an email reply last night – he’s in! How cool is that!

    Now this idea I have will incorporate two of these challenges into one, both being brand new playgrounds for me but I am so excited I started last night already – looking good so far; can’t wait to hear what you think as soon as i am done!

    Genius man, keep it up!

  • Hari


    Thanks for the opportunity, i started reading your blog recently and have learnt a lot from your posts and the experiences other have shared. its a pleasure to be part of your contest.

    I started my blog few month back, so its still early days and this contest is much needed motivation for me. I am a software professional, i also volunteer to teach displaced professionals in local community collages and i started this blog basically for my students as they have so many questions and i thought i will start a blog where i can share information with them. ( disclosure – i have no idea how i can turn it into a business, its basically more like a resource for my students )

    I have written a Story about a friend who was laid-off but did the right things to land a better job in 9 months. ( i have turned into 9 secrets as its easy to read ).

    link –

    PS: Since i was not sure how to construct a blog, i have taken your blog as a model/template , and if you find some of it is similar its not a co-incidence :) . i hope you don’t mind

  • AlexB

    Awesome stuff Pat! I look forward to participating in the challenge!

    All the best,

  • Alex Singleton

    What a great idea! This is my first time coming across these reader challenges and it sounds amazing. My blog is brand new and still needs a lot of work, but I’ll do my best to pull my socks up and try and get something together for October!

  • Andi the Minion

    I shall be taking part in this one, I had an idea for an interview post for the last challenge but the guy I want to interview keeps turning me down. One day Mr Flynn, one day… 😉


  • Tsitalia

    I’m in ! I’ll prepare a post in English

  • One Frugal Girl

    I just came across your blog and will definitely participate in this challenge. I love the previous submissions I’ve read so far.

  • Carey_PA


    I’m totally in! I’m interested in the youtube video challenge and
    I actually just submitted my submission to you.

    Thanks for putting this challenge together! Appreciate it. I’m sorry I
    missed the last one.


  • CaAtherine

    I’m in! Thanks Pat

  • Will Blears

    I am interested in taking part, but I was wondering the case study – would it be OK if I did a 30 day case study?

  • Craig

    I am so pumped about this competition, I’ve got a great idea for my submission post. Watch out everyone, I’m going for the gold! 😉

  • Mike

    Plan to enter as well – just got the site off the ground.

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    great idea with that challenge. I like lists and pillar articles so maybe I’ll participate in new challenge.
    BTW – just stumbled and tweeted :)

  • Blair de Jong

    I’m in!

    I plan on doing my first interview for The Bootstrapped Entrepreneur. Mystery guest to revealed once interview goes live :)

    Keep your eyes open for my submission!


  • bluegreeguitar

    just wanted to share a great link for anyone interested in improving their speaking voice. … I do youtube videos sometimes and I think this will help me …

  • Mark Hunt

    I hope to submit a pillar post.

  • FrugalPatti

    Hi Pat, I’m looking forward to taking your challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for my pillar article. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Tony Meijer

    I’m in and I sent in a pillar article about crafting user experiences to you.

  • Dr.Spencer Jones

    Hello Pat, I am in. I just sent you a pillar article. It’s a keyword research system that I developed after many months of brainstorming. So definitely I’ve put my very best.

    Thanks for the reader challenge…
    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • Kevin

    I’m in again and went for the interview, as I actually had a very smart internet marketer contact me and ask if he could be interviewed on the site to help out his new marketing company.

    If I wasn’t given a great opportunity for an interview I probably would have went for the YouTube challenge, as like many I enjoy videos over reading.

    Thanks for the opportunity Pat!

  • Ryan

    Hey Pat! This challenge and opportunity is awesome! Thanks. I’m in. Writing a list post as we speak.


  • Alessio

    List post sent, thanks again!