Niche Site Duel 007: Ranking and Traffic (and Earnings!) Update

earnings-updateThe niche site duel is in full swing, and if you hadn’t noticed already there are 16 other people beyond myself and Tyrone who have joined the challenge too – all revealing their niches and strategies just like we are. What’s really cool is that there are a ton of different strategies being used (I’m picking up on a lot of tips and tricks too), so by the end of this we should all have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

To stay updated on everyone’s progress, be sure to bookmark the Niche Site Duel Hub.

So how is my security guard training niche site performing so far?

Search Engine Rankings

Here is a Google rankings update:

  • August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
  • August 29th: #184
  • September 6th: #162
  • September 8th: #135
  • September 9th: #119
  • September 13th: #117
  • September 14th: #53
  • September 21st: #38
  • September 29th: #27

Ranking on September 29It’s definitely nice to see such a steady climb because it confirms that my backlinking strategies are working. I’m going to keep on chuggin’ and hopefully see myself on the first page of Google sometime soon.


Unfortunately, it’s tough to gauge the traffic because I know a lot of you have visited my site one way or another just to check it out. It’s okay though, and that is expected because of the nature of this challenge, but I can still tell I’m getting some good, targeted traffic that is relevant to my niche.

Here is a snapshot of my top visits coming from organic search engine traffic:

Top Organic SearchesBased on the search terms, it would be safe to say that most of these hits are probably coming from people following the challenge. Maybe a few of the hits for my primary keyphrase are from “true” traffic, but it’s tough to say.

Now check this out. Here is how I know my site is drawing in true, targeted traffic:

True Organic SearchesThese are all long tail search terms that I actually did not optimize for. They are just parts or snippets of blog posts that I’ve written that enable people to find me through on Google.

Sure, each phrase draws in a single visit, but there are actually over 175 terms just like these that people used to find my site. They definitely add up.

This just shows how important quality, relevant content is for your niche site. The more quality content you publish, the more chances people have to find you, period.

Have you checked the search terms that people are using to arrive at your site? Take a closer look, and you might be surprised to see a few terms that you had no intention of ever targeting, yet they are still bringing traffic to your site.

More Traffic

In addition to search engine traffic, I am also seeing a number of people click over to my site from the articles I’ve written on article directories. By far, the top article directory for direct traffic is EzineArticles, drawing in 66 visits so far:

Traffic from EzineArticles.comSo, not only is fantastic for creating powerful backlinks back to your niche site, but you can get direct traffic from it too. In addition, check out the metrics that I circled. The pages per visit, the average time on the site and bounce rate are really really good here. Again, the average time someone spends on a site before leaving is 7 seconds.

Good stuff.

A Super Tip from Pat:

For driving traffic from article directories, the most important factor in your articles is the author or bio box. Usually placed at the very end of your article, this is typically the only place that the directories (at least the main ones) will allow you to put in a link back to your site.

Most people start their author boxes like this:

“Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur and blogger who…”

When people see something like this, it’s a sign that the article is over. Boom, they’re gone.

The trick here is to not make it seem like the article is over. Just think about the author box as a closing paragraph, where you can direct people to learn more. I like to start mine like this:

“And finally, if you want to (anchor text), you should visit…”

‘In addition, you can get quality information about (anchor text) by clicking…”

As you can tell, this leads into a call to action too (you should visit.. & by clicking..), which is also really important.


Apparently, based on my conversations with some of the duel participants and their updates on the hub, I’m the first person to earn some money from my niche site! Yay!

On September 13th, I had earned $2.21 from a click on an Adsense ad that I embedded on one particular blog post. I was pleasantly surprised and then immediately put up more ads on each of my other blog posts to see what would happen.

Here is a snapshot of my total earnings so far:

Adsense Earnings

$10.04 – not bad, especially considering I’m not on the first page yet. I can only imagine what will happen then.

I like adsense, I really do. It was how I made my first dollar online (besides Ebay) when I first started I’ll go into more detail about my monetization strategy in a future update, but it will basically mimic exactly what I did on GEA:

  1. Start off with Adsense, testing and optimizing for best placement.
  2. Move to (or add) private advertisements, either 125×125 pixel advertisements, or banners or link ads on State specific pages within my site.
  3. Something like a course or and eBook. I’ll let the evolution of my site tell me exactly what that’s going to be later.

With Adsense ads, you can do one of two things:

  1. Create an advertisement that sticks out like a sore thumb; or
  2. Create an advertisement that blends in to the rest of your page.

I’ve always had more success with #2, and I’m using that same strategy on my niche site. Now that adsense allows you to change the font and colors of your ads, you can get pretty ninja with your placement. So far, I just have one ad in the center of each blog post, but I plan to test and optimize other types as well very soon.

To manage my ads, I’m using a wordpress plugin called Advertising Manager. This plugin makes ad placement on your site a lot easier, although I must admit that it takes a second to understand exactly how it works. It can integrate with most of the common advertising platforms beyond Google Adsense, which is cool.

The Workload

Although I consider my niche site to be performing very well so far, I must say that it is taking a lot of work to try and do most everything myself. I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I just don’t want to do some of this stuff, but luckily I have you to hold me accountable.

There are certain things I wish I had more time to do too, like other backlink strategies and building more web 2.0 properties, but I have a ton of other passive income projects on the table that I’m concentrating on as well.

I’ve never had a full-time virtual assistant before, and I don’t plan on using one for this particular niche site, but after seeing how much work Tyrone and his team of VAs are doing in such a short period of time, and how much Mark Mason was able to do with just 2 hours of time (yes, his niche site only took 2 hours of his time, primarily doing research), it makes me wonder how much further ahead I could be, or how many other similar sites I could have up at the same time if I had a VA.

Some internet marketers swear by them, so I wanted to ask Tyrone a whole mess of questions about VAs and how to work with them, where to find them, etc. He suggested that we actually do this on a webinar so that we could have everyone who is interested in possibly working with a VA someday learn and ask questions too, and I thought this was a fantastic idea.

So, Tyrone has setup a little webinar for those of you who are interested. Totally FREE and it will be me and Tyrone chatting about VAs. It will be held on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 at 8:00pm EST.

There are only 100 seats available, so please click here to register for the FREE webinar.

Final Thoughts

I’m looking forward to the next couple of months to see where my niche site and (and everyone elses) end up. I really hope to get on the first page of Google because once that happens, I’m going to kick things into gear with monetization strategies that I hope I get to show you in action.

I’m crossing my fingers.

Love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

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  • Peter J

    That’s impressive how things are going, well done!

    • Vik Tantry

      Absolutely great job Pat! I think your white-hat strategies are exactly the way to go.

      I would definitely recommend looking into a team of VAs, especially if you are planning on scaling your operation in this area. I talk a little bit about how you can find cheap talent on Odesk in my article marketing guide (which is free on my site). Let me know if you’d like me to send you a free copy!


  • Hector Cuevas

    Wow.. page 3 already? – That’s awesome bro.

    Thanks for that great tip about making the article ‘spill-over’ to the author box. That makes perfect sense. Even though I don’t do too many article submissions, that tip is great for guest posting too.

    Congrats on the 10 bucks man!!

    Talk soon

    • Pat

      Haha – thanks! I paid for my hosting for the month and then some. Yay! Sent you a response to your email :)

      • Jason

        Hi Pat,
        Awesome! Congrats! Do you actually purchase a new hosting account for each of your affiliate sites, or do you just put them all on a shared plan?

  • Michael

    Mind blowing Pat! Things are really starting to take shape. Great tip re: the ezine articles…I’ve always preached doing what you say but I never actually do it…doh!

    Looking forward to next update.


    • Pat

      Hey dude! Thanks! This stuff really works, I’m tellin’ ya!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is really great Pat,

    Its glad to see how you’re going and you’re really getting some great results.

    You gave me a really cool tip to get more traffic to my blog from guest posting (the author bio call-to-action :). Thanks so much!).

    You talked about creating an ebook to monetize your blog, is it going to be a paid one? Do you plan building a list for your niche site?

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Pat

      Hey Onibalusi – I haven’t decided yet re: the eBook. The list, I do plan to build one – I’m just waiting for the right time, which honestly was probably yesterday 😛

  • Daniel

    You use hq at the end of the domain too! :)

    Liked the theme setup for that site (badge logo fits the overall design).

    I so wish having my Adsense ban removed after doing some dumb testing clicks way back in 2007. :(

    • Pat

      Yep, hq. I think Glen started that trend, or at least made it famous. Sorry about your adsense account :(

  • Sebastian

    Hey Pat,

    i really waited for this update on your niche site Duel, i found it very interesting with how much detail you write this article and provide useful informations to the rest of us.

    Thanks for that Pat!

  • Eunus Hosen

    I’m being inspired by you to give niche site a try but I’m not getting time to do that :(

    • Pat

      Maybe you should join us on the VA webinar to help get things done without you having to use your own time 😉

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    it’s really great to know your site has been steadily climbing up the ranks and start earning some money. Things are really looking good at the moment. You should be featuring in page 1 soon based on the progress you have.

    Thanks a lot for the updates. I will be looking forward to the next updates.

  • manelgarcia

    exceptional post, I really will look forward your niche progress, looks interesting!

    thanks for the information!

  • Daniel

    Hey, Pat

    I’m curious about how you actually ended up adding content to your site. I saw your content strategy, but I’m curious about where you found and how did you compose all the information, and if you are planning to keep updating the site in order to provide valuable content.

    You didn’t know about this particulare field when you first started off. Are you training yourself as you go? Have you gathered all the information from the internet and copied it straight away? Do you try to differentiate yourself from the competition by giving a special approach to your content?

    Just out of curiosity.

    Thanks, man!!


    • Pat

      Great questions Daniel,

      I’m actually doing what I did with my GEA site: learning and writing as I learn. I’ve pretty much gathered as much information as possible from existing websites (many of which are wrong), along with the State websites where most of the information is laid out in full, just in really hard to understand words. I’m learning, simplifying and reporting, I guess you could say.

      As far as differentiation, I am just trying to make things as easy and simple as possible. Step by step almost, which no one else is doing.

      And finally, I do plan to check on my information maybe once a year. Luckily, sometimes people do the research for you if things have been updated, and because it’s a blog where people can comment, they can help out too.

      Thanks again!

  • Mike

    Hey Pat,

    Great write up and very informative. The thing that sticks out the most is the average time spent on the site, 5+ minutes. That tells me that people are getting into the content, which should help further answers the question if spinning is effective.

    This series is full of great info. Thanks for sharing. Mike

  • Ron

    I’ve been really enjoying this duel Pat, learning a great deal. (that warrior forum resource is superlatively awesome)

    I remember you mentioned that you were toying around with Automatic Article Submitter along with Instant Article Factory. How is the submitter? And is it a must have purchase for building “quality” backlinks from directories?

    Thanks Pat, and good luck!

  • Wade McMaster

    Man they are some awesome results! I’ve been slowly climbing the ladder with my site but no where near as fast as yours. Congrats!

  • Adam

    Hey Pat,

    Great stuff as always. I was looking forward to this update. Being a newbie Adsense guy i’ve wondered how well non-product specific niches work with Adsense. Can you tell what tools you are using to show both your Google rank and visitors? It looks like it is a plugin directly from WordPress?


  • Wilson

    dude all this information you’re delivering to us, is worth so much. I seriously hope people follow these tips because this is better than any of those MMO products people are trying to make money off out there.

  • TrafficColeman

    It’s great to see magic happen in front of your eyes, the site is moving up the ranking..and will bet it would make it to the front page by Oct sometime..cant wait.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • Clay

    Another great post. Thanks for getting this info out. Adsense is one of those things that has had me scratching my head from time to time. I actually ended up removing the ads from my site (at least for the time being)for a couple reasons. My site is brand new. I started it about the same time you guys started your duel so I have been following what ya’ll have been doing pretty closely. I initially put the ads on my site simply because I could. I thought that was the objective. And to no surprise I have not seen any return. As I plow my way though this puzzle I am starting to realize that just because I can do something doesn’t me I should. So, that coupled with the fact that I think the typical adSense ad looks cheap and aesthetically unpleasing is why I have removed them. I am focusing on putting up meaningful content and back linking. Since I have removed the ads my site looks a whole lot better and more friendly to visitors. I will revisit the monetization once my traffic and page rank improve. Thanks again and Cheers to you. Clay

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Pat, it looks like things are going pretty well for your niche site. You’ve made some nice jumps in the rankings and $10 from AdSense is actually pretty awesome given the traffic that you’ve had so far. I would’ve never thought your niche would have such high paying clicks.

    I’m planning on sharing my traffic/earnings/rank update tomorrow – I really like how you structured this post. :)

    – Eric

  • Ian @ Holistic Marketing

    Hey there Pat,

    I feel your pain in regards to time. Being a stay at home dad make me have to really be a time ninja so that I can get things done while keeping my kids the top priority in my life.

  • JC

    Good stuff, bro. Just a few things in this post that are over my head (still figuring out the traffic stuff) but I’m glad you’re doing this for us! :-)

  • Mark Mason

    Response coming tonight, Pat. Nicely done! Mark

  • Join the Office Revolt

    Typical Pat… delivering high quality posts! Thanks for that.

    Regarding the webinar… it would be great if there was a downloadable version or if you could provide access after the fact. 100 seats is not very much… as I am already the 22nd comment and this post just went up a few hours ago. Tyrone will have a following as well and it will fill way too fast.

    How are you guys scoring this duel anyway… is it strictly income? Or list totals? a hybrid of them?

    Great work again Pat!

    • Pat

      Hey Adam – we’ll make sure to post it somewhere afterwards so people can check it out if they cannot make the webinar. Over half of the seats are filled already, so it’s definitely in high demand it seems. We wouldn’t want to leave anyone out – its just the people who don’t watch live can’t ask questions directly as it’s going on.

      • Join the Office Revolt

        Thanks Pat. Looking forward to it!

  • Susanne Myers

    Congratulations. Your site is certainly growing quickly. Love how you are sharing what’s happening keyword and traffic wise. Are you planning on going back and creating content around some of those long-tail keywords you are starting to get traffic for?

    I also enjoyed reading about how your sites’ monetization evolves from adsense to paid advertisers or affiliate offers to your own products.

    • Pat

      Hey Susanne, great question. Yes, if I see any terms that seem to be getting more hits than others (for the ones I didn’t optimize for), i’ll definitely put some extra effort into creating content around those keywords. Cheers!

  • Karen

    Wow! Congrats! I would be overjoyed with 10 bucks right about now!!!

    How many articles have you submitted that point directly to your site, and how many articles have you submitted that point to your Web 2.0 sites (, Squidoo, etc, that have links to your main site)? Also, how many web 2.0 sites have you set up? I’m still wallowing on Page 9, so I’m trying to figure out if maybe I just haven’t submitted enough articles or created enough Web 2.0 sites.

    Thanks for everything!!!!

  • KimP

    Nice job, Pat! I’m certainly impressed with the comparatively low bounce rate and avg. time spent on the site, especially the later. I think that’s a great sign you’re reaching your target market, in addition to providing great content.

    I can tell the first image/snapshot is from Market Samurai, but are the second and third ones from MS as well? Also, is the referring site image/snapshot from MS? I’m just wondering if these tools are apart of MS as I’m still learning the software.

    Btw, have you all set an official end date for the challenge?

    Thanks for another wonderful post!

  • Azad @ Business Geeks

    Good going Pat. You may also get some short report or some PLR report to get leads and then sell them something related to your niche. Hope you find this useful.

    All the best.

  • Brandon Winters

    Great work Pat, knowing what you want to do must really make the details easier to focus on. I’d imagine you are noticing new things to improve that were previously in the overwhelming area of your understanding?

    Keep focused and keep trucking, this duel is awesome to check up on! Same with everyone else, it’s awesome to hear how many people are in on it with you guys

  • Moon Hussain

    Pat, you’re doing to well for ranking as you are :) Just imagine when that baby lands as the top 5…. keep up the good work!

  • Ireti Paul

    Pat, i salute your effort and like your progress. You’re very open. I’m learning everything i can from your niche site challenge. Thanks for been a good mentor/boss. You rock pat.

  • Matt Robinson

    Great post Pat. I’ve been following your blog for a while now but this is my first comment. With regards to ad placement – I agree that embedding them into content wins over obvious placement.

    However rather than using another plugin try using a ‘shortcode’. It involves adding a tiny bit of code (mostly cut & paste stuff), but its faster and cleaner than most plugins. I found two great guides on how to create them (no affiliate links here): &

    They list a few templates you can use – including a great adsense one. Give it a try!

  • Allison

    Hey Pat!

    You are such a guru! I want to be like Pat! (I even miss living in San Diego, lol.) You are so refreshing to read and listen to and you are such an inspiration!

    Congrats on the niche site, you will continue to flourish. We are all cheering for you!


  • Wedding Paper Genie l Tim

    Pat – Your Ezine tip rocked; I’m absolutely going to implement it.

    – Tim

  • Larry Clark

    pat, if you use a counter like site meter, the free version you can see exactly where the referrals are coming from…
    here’s my counter, click on referrals

  • David

    Hi Pat

    one question regarding your page rank: do you check this only through Market Samurai (MS) or also on google(dot)com itself? I guess the result SHOULD be the same.

    So, I also checked the page rank of your site on MS and get the same page rank: 27. But, as soon as I enter “security guard training” in google I can’t find your site, at least not on 27. Not even within the first 50 (after that I stopped looking for it). It might have to do with the fact that I am not searching from the US but from Europe but can’t say for sure. When you look for the keyword from the US, do you find your site on 27?

    Thought this could interest you because to me it looks as if MS is delivering other (better) results than an actual google search.

    Best regards from Greece,

    • Pat

      Hey David – I’m glad you brought this up. The rankings will vary depending on your location, and even within the same area, it will vary based on the servers. I learned a trick from Joseph Archibald, the guy behind the 40 day challenge over on Warrior Forum I linked to in a previous post, that if you want to get the truest ranking from a non-history non-location based non-ip based search, you can search for your term on scroogle (dot) org. I have other ranking devices here (rank checker plugin for firefox, plus other programs) that are butting me between 25 and 33. I’ve just been using the MS ranking since the beginning so that’s what I’m reporting.

      Thanks again for bringing that up, great point!

  • Diggy

    Sweet Pat!
    How you doing? Seems all is going very well for you!

    I’m also working hard on affiliate sites, but I’m not really doing the SEO myself. I pay up to $150 per affiliate site to get a top-5 ranking in google (which I think is very fair) but only for relatively low-competition keywords.

    Besides that I have just hired a VA to do link-building and promoting of my blog and affiliate sites full-time, so that is interesting to see if it will have major effects.

    Will keep you posted and let you know if I have good results!

  • Michael Ziarko

    Paaaaaat congrats on making the first dollar of the challenge! Hopefully I’m not a long ways off myself. I just realized I didn’t go too much into my monetization strategy (since I decided that from the get-go), that’s a good topic for Part 4!

    I’m riding a bit on cloud nine today because I sold my very first web property that I successful flipped. Perhaps that’s a topic for a future duel! (Especially once all of our sites are up and humming)

    • Larry Clark

      Mike, how much did you get? and could you send a link to the sold page? I’d like to look at it and see how it went.

    • Pat

      Sweet dude! I really think web flipping would be so much fun – maybe that’s the next challenge. I’d love to checkout a link if possible too :)

  • Felix Albutra

    I used this phrase in my author box, “Pin Name” is a “main keyword” expert. For more great information for “anchor text”, visit “anchored site url”.

    You can see my example on this link at ezine articles.

    I hope this helps….

    – Felix

  • Mark Bell

    Hey Pat,
    That’s awesome that you’ve started to make some $$$ already – sure $10 doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a good measure so far.

    I’ve written recently about my backlinking strategy – and I’ve started using ezine too. The author box tip you mention I got advised of through my mastermind group on Skype – it makes good sense. Before I’d wasted this opportunity – hopefully I’ll start seeing some conversions!

    I completely get where you’re coming from regarding the workload – I’m trying to juggle this and a full time job – but I’d rather take the time to understand everything, then worry about the money!

    I look forward to hearing your monetisation post in future – keep up the great work, Pat!


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  • Sean Matthews

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve also been building a number of niche sites lately. Mainly to promote product launches and I’ve been making a small profit too. I use SEnuke for my backlinking and it works pretty good. Moving up slowly using the same techniques, but hey…it’s progress. Congratz on your first earning as well!

    Looking forward to a video showing your backlink stragety


  • Funny News

    Pat, the information on your blog is so good I am afraid of closing your website and going to sleep for fear that it is going to go disappear and cost thousands of dollars to access when I wake up! I am a broken grad student. and can’t afford those expensive internet training courses and academies out there. However your information is everything I’ve been looking for that other people seem to talk around rather than about. Such quality and such detail. You are saving me so many hours of labor. Thank you so much! It means so much. I am itching to do keyword research and build niche sites all day and night.

  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    Congrats on your progress so far! My question (and I could’ve missed this from one of the previous posts in this series), but are you only using Adsense right now to monetize or will you be incorporating anything else into the mix?

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for your continued updates on this project. Doing a niche site or two has been on my list for years but I’ve never had time to really get into it. This series is helping a ton.

  • Sarah

    Hey Pat!
    Thanks for all of the info that you publish on your blog. You have helped my online felt shop immensely! However, I do have one question. I have been posting comments on various blogs with my website url to create backlinks. Market Samauri is telling me that I have 566 page backlinks but I haven’t posted anywhere close to that many links on the web. Do you know how they come up with that number? Thanks!

    • Sarah

      Hmm… I may have just figured it out. I am running an ad for my shop on a large craft website and it gave me all of that website’s pages as links. That is very interesting. I wonder if that is temporary and those links will disappear when the ad is taken down….

  • Mike

    That’s grea pat I hope your webinar will be posted up soon. I agree with you.. It is good to do it by yourself, at least for your first time. That’s what I’m doing right now, learning different backlink strategies, I am focusing on the link wheel right now.

    But for a veteran like yourself you should tale a VA because it will make your life so much easier. Hope to hear a new podcast soon, your he best man haha


  • How To Im

    Hi pat, The niche site duel is interesting. I read about your backlink strategies, and do you make time to target dofollow backlinks? I ran your security guard blog, and yeah it looks like you have been building more backlinks. According to the backlink report you have a total of 160 backlinks, and I do see some dofollow backlinks.


  • Virility

    This is great information you are sharing pat. Really looking forward to see how this progresses for you.

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  • 123CFD

    Thanks for the update Patt, really enjoying this series.

  • Ryan H

    Hey Pat,

    I enjoy following your blog. I did cheat and go check out your site. I watched that slide video on the right hand column and I’m not sure if you were aware you end it by saying click the start here button at the top. It’s almost like having a broken link on your website, because I did not see any “start here” button.
    Just a comment hope it’s useful and good luck.

  • Caleb

    Pat, how did you identify your ranking? Manually? That was for your primary keyword phrase, right?

  • mk akan

    well done Pat,your ranking is growing fast and surely learning a lot from this .thank you

  • Lynn C.

    Hi Pat,

    I came to your site many times but this is the first time I’m leaving comments here.

    Just want to say a great thank you for allocating a special section for your Niche Site Duel. It is so much easier to follow and go back for reference. I had been to Tyrone’s blog but there is less update on the Niche Site Duel these days.

    So thank you again for the consistency and great works. It’s a great reading materials and I enjoy it.

    Look forward for more. :-)

  • Nick

    You seem to be doing very well. Already earning money, you make it look so much easier then it is.

  • shawn kummer

    Was wondering what was the url of Tyrone’s niche site? Thanks and look forward to seeing you at Blog World this week.



  • Brent Hodgson

    Very cool Pat.

    It’s interesting watching you guys, how you’re using Market Samurai, and the results you’re getting.

    Have you been doing keyword research for your Ezine Articles? (If not, give it a shot – it can squeeze out even more referral traffic for you – especially if you can leverage EzineArticles’ site authority to get a few articles ranked.)


  • How to Build a House

    Pat – You never really clarified if you are submitting multiple articles to the same service or not. Do you submit for example 15 articles to ezine articles or 15 articles to 15 different article sites? (when promoting a single site)

  • KathyBaker

    Hey Pat, thanks so much for your valuable sharing of information about the development and progress of your niche site duel.

    I totally love your recommendation to write your Author’s bio box as a closing paragraph and call to action. That’s Brilliant! I’m going to redo my author’s bio boxes for sure! :-)

    Thanks heaps again!


  • Carmine | Abs Training Guide

    Hey Pat,

    Congrats on the progress so far with your niche site. I’m trying to follow along and build my niche site as the duel goes on to compare how I do with you and everyone else. I’m a beginner, but it’s nice to be able to see how you guys are all doing your sites and improve mine from what I see and learn from it as well.

    Thanks for doing this duel and all the posts on it! They are extremely helpful!

  • Dwight Anthony

    Site sure is progressing, 2 Bucks with adsense is a great start. Here’s an idea, if you can make good money with this site after the challenge, you could flip it for multiples.

    Are you outsourcing your articles or doing the hard work yourself?

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • Swamykant

    Wow. this is a great work. congrats.

  • Paolo Jorge Lojo

    hey pat. how do you check your site ranking for a particular keyword? i use the rankpay’s website tool for mine. how accurate is that? are their other ways?


  • Chris

    wow you’re adsense really went up since haha. I earned $10 my first month too!

  • Kevin

    This is very cool! Right now I am exactly where Pat was. I am so surprised that if you follow Pat’s advice, you will see results. Keep believing people, it can happen. I knew nothing about this stuff about a month ago, now I am 25 on google for my niche site. If there is anything I can do to help, please ask.

    Thanks Pat! I’m coming to San Diego in January. I owe you a beer!


    • Kevin

      You can help me… How do I get my picture in my profile? Thanks.

      • Pat

        Hey Kevin! You can go to and connect a picture to the email address you use to comment, and you’ll be all set!

  • Lukas

    Hi Pat, Could you please help me with one question, where you can see the google rank for one particular keyword connected to your site? Which you describe on this page, maybe I overlook smth but I dont see that.

    August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
    August 29th: #184
    September 6th: #162
    September 8th: #135
    September 9th: #119
    September 13th: #117
    September 14th: #53
    September 21st: #38
    September 29th: #27

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Camella

    Dude, this series totally rock! I can’t thank you enough for all the things you share — FOR FREE! You could have earned more money if you make this into a report/wso. But instead, you are giving away everything for free and what you share here is totally awesome!

  • Lenia

    Hey Pat!
    Not only I learn from your post but also from the comments! Great job. 10 $ from adsense in just a month! It is amazing. You know how to do things!

    p.s. I didn’t know that rankings will vary depending on your location, and even within the same area, it will vary based on the servers.
    I live in Greece and I want to build an english niche web site. I am wondering how can I be sure that my site is going well and have a good ranking???

    Regards from Greece!

  • Lenia

    Hi Pat,

    It seems that the wordpress plugin called Advertising Manager doesn’t exist anymore.
    Could you please tell me if you use another plugin to replace it?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Pat

      Hi Lenia – there are a number of plugins with similar names. the one I use is:

      “Advertisement management”. which I believe is still available.

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    Just the author bio box trick made it for me on this post… That was a psychological ninja tactic right there, thank you!

    The Adsense earnings were good enough to reconsider using them on my site, thanks for that too!


  • site spell checker

    Keep on writing, great job!

  • Tracy

    Hi Pat,

    Following you niche duel site and wanted to know the tool you used to find you traffic report and the top organic and true organic report. I just want to make sure I’m targeting the right words for my niche site. Thanks for your posts and encouraging me on!

  • Kris Richardson

    Hey Pat,

    a newbie here going through your site and this duel is amazing.

    one thing to note is that your link to the Webinar is old but seems to be eager to take money even though there is no actual webinar scheduled. You might consider removing or updating the link.

  • Jigar Kapadia

    Hi Pat,
    Getting Inspired from you, I created my first Niche site
    and I was able to rank on #1, #3 and #5 for most of the keywords on google.

    Since I am from India, I tried applying for google adsense after 6 months and it got rejected 3-4 times.

    Entire site design, Code and all the contents are unique. I did everything myself.

    I read entire policy to find out where I was wrong. But I’ve found nothing.

    here is the Google thread where I posted my question and I got few Answers saying I CAN NOT GET ADSENSE ON MY SITE.!mydiscussions/adsense/OsU878QTXkQ

    Any Input is appreciated from anybody

    • Greg ALAN

      got a virus on your site bud

  • juel rahman

    Well done Pat,your ranking is growing fast and purely learning a lot from this .Thank you.

  • monish

    your site is great thank you

  • Chris Floyd

    A step by step book would be useful here.

  • Mark Kumar

    Hi Pat, great post dude.. love your stuff…. keep my the good work..

  • arif hossin

    Hi dear pat i am daily visitor your blog, your post is very helpfull alwas thanks for sharing your knowaldge

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  • David John

    Although I am not a language teacher, even I am still learning english,
    so do you think it would be pottential to be a profitable blog the
    future? Every help of you I will appreciate a lot!

  • Edu Signal

    Hi, My niche is local education updates in Bangladesh. You may see my blog: