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Q&A Webinar (10/18/2010): Unanswered Questions Answered

Hey everyone! Thanks again for joining me on Sunday’s webinar. I apologize again that Joost wasn’t available for the SEO talk, but I had fun answering your questions. Below are most of the questions that I did not get to, followed by my answer.

My wife has an on-line store PR 3 and she would like to ask you who would you recommend as a mentor? Someone that is trustworthy to help take her store to a new level.

It’s always great to have a mentor. I’ve had a couple myself that helped to inspire and direct me (Sterling and Jay from Internet Business Mastery – although not totally 1 on 1, they were always there to help me out in a mastermind setting or online in their Academy).

As far as a recommendation for a specific person, that I cannot answer right away because it depends on your wife’s goals. I would say that the most important thing is to find someone that matches perfectly as far as they way they work and how they run their businesses, and how your wife would like to run hers. Some research and further asking around will probably have to be done until you find the right person.

Does it matter to the search engine if the sidebar top visited page links are created with list elements or simple paragraphs?

Not that I know of – as long as the links are there and are “dofollow”, they should be picked up by the search engine spiders.

Would You Use Joost Again?

(This is in reference to the $500 I spent for an SEO analysis by Joost from

Yes, I would, however I would hope that after my initial analysis I would not need to purchase another one from him :)

Pat, what aspects of your business do you focus on i.e. writing articles, keyword research etc. Basically, what stuff do you do yourself without help from VAs, etc.

All of it. I like to do things on my own, or at least learn how to do them so that when I do hire a VA, I’ll be able to communicate using the proper terms and guide them exactly how I want them to work.

What can I expect to pay for a site designed similar to your or  Who would you recommend for work like that?

It depends on the designer, obviously. I paid about $750 for this blog, and it was a well, worth-while investment in my opinion. Of course, you don’t need to have a custom or even a paid theme to success, but it definitely does help.

You could try odesk or elance to get different bids and an exact price before committing, but I use the guyde from

Does acquiring twitter and rss subscribers take away from acquiring email subscribers?

Possibly, but I don’t think it matters that much, as long as you make sure you give people the opportunity to sign up for your email list, as well as a reason to do so. Twitter and RSS are different from an email list for a newsletter.

What is Your Opinion of Kajabi?

Well, beside the fact that I get about 5 emails a day from different people promoting it, it looks pretty cool. I don’t know how much I would need it at this point though, and to me the same things can be done without using that platform, it will just take a while longer – but it’s stuff that I think I can personally figure out (shopping card, affiliate stuff, web pages and videos, etc.)

Can you talk about how you use your email list without coming across like an unwelcome salesman? I have signed up for email lists and been bombarded with daily requests to purchase products.

Well, I write my emails like I would want to be written to, and if I do sell or promote something, I do it in a way where it’s non-evasive, for example, sharing an affiliate link of a product or tool that I use or have had experience with, and how I use it – not just saying straight away that YOU SHOULD BUY THIS NOW. Offer, not sell.

Are You Considering Using LinkedIn?

I actually do have a linked in accounr back from my architecture days, but I haven’t updated it lately and I don’t know much about how it can be utilized at the moment.

What, if any, wordpress theme do you recommend?

I prefer a custom theme – that way you can stand out from the crowd. Like I said in the webinar, for some reason I don’t like when I see a thesis theme, just because I see it everywhere.

WooThemes themes are pretty good, depending on what kind of content you want to publish. You should check out their premium themes.

How long do you typically spend on a post?

2-3 hours.

In the beginning, what did you do to get your business of the ground?

Honestly, it was just…publishing content, and as much of it as possible. And good content too (or as good as I possily could make it). Nothing happens until you begin to publish stuff online, whether it’s on a blog, on YouTube or whatever…just get something out there and the momentum will start to pick up.

Where Do You Recommend Doing Development?

I prefer to hire people from elance or odesk. I’ve heard rent-a-coder and scriptlance are good too, although I have no experience with those sites.

Have you Found a Good Plugin Partner?

Not in the market for one :)

How much time do you spend on SEO per week?

It depends. If I don’t have any projects going on that require SEO work, then that number would be zero. However, for the niche site duel, for example, I spend about an hour a day writing content, building backlinks, etc. – all of which I would count under SEO.

When including affiliate marketing ads on your site, how many ads are too many?

That’s a tough one, because it depends on your audience and how they feel about it. Some niches, like the make money online niche, are okay with those ads and banners, while other niches might not like them at all. I would ask someone a favor to just tell you what they feel about the number of ads currently on your site – too much, not a bother, etc.

How many hours a week do you spend producing content?

For the blog, I’d say about 8 hours max. And for other projects, maybe an additional 1-2 hours a day. So overall maybe 15…max. Usually less.

Do trackbacks hurt your site if they’re coming from SPAM or scraper sites?

That’s a good question, although I would assume, no. The reason is because if they did, I could easily go to one of my competitor’s sites and just create a TON of trackbacks from my own scraper site and hurt that site this way. I don’t think it hurts.

Do you ever write posts without worrying about keywords or SEO?

Yes. Sometimes if I’m writing posts about personal stuff, or posts that have a link roundup, I don’t worry about the keywords.

How long would you recommend video blogs should be? 5 minutes? 2 minutes?

3-5 minutes seems to be the optimal length for a YouTube video…people have short attention spans and are always looking to click to view new videos.

Pat – did you just say all outbound links on your site should be nofollow?

No – not all outbound links. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The SEO report mentions a nofollow attribute for all affiliate links, links to rss feed and counters. All social links. Privacy policy link.

What do you use Fiverr for?

I’ve tested it to build backlinks and drive traffic before. In my experience, you get what you pay for…

Are you using an SEO or article marketing service for any part of your SEO?

I’ve previously used an SEO service a couple years ago for, but I have not since. For article marketing, I have my own software that does the trick, i.e. Automatic Article Submitter and Unique Article Wizard.

When is Episode 8? Your Podcast Rocks!

Should be out this week sometime! Thanks!

Why Don’t You Use Adsense?

I currently use Adsense on my Niche Site, and it’s performing very well. Adsense, however, takes away from the professional look of a site, and that’s why i took it off SPI and Plus, competitors were shoging up in the ads, so I’d much rather have a customer buy an eBook from my for $30, than have them click on an ad and I get only $1.50, while my competitor gets the customer since they clicked away from my site.

How does getting less sleep because of your internet ventures affect your health and fitness. Specifically P90X?

Not much at all – I stayed up late during P90x and still saw great results. That being said, the program does recommend 7-8 hours of sleep a night, because it’s only when we are asleep that our muscles build up.

What is a good source for getting eBooks that can be resold?

Look up “plr ebooks” in Google. I don’t know much about Private Label Rights, except that there’s a ton out there!

Do you basically focus one keyword per page to ensure good SEO rank for that page only?

Yes – the best thing to do if focus on one keyword per page on your site. Any additional keywords or secondary keywords should be optimized for on a separate page.

If you emphasize one keyword for a page to maximize SEO for that page, can you also include other keywords which obviously will not add to the ranking.

You can, because it will probably look more natural, but as far as your title and url, just use your target keyword or keyphrase.

Could you refer me to your theme designer? – tell them PAT sent you! <- helpful SEO post on warrior forum!

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