One Year After Getting Laid Off: My Annual Passive Income Report

PhotographsA lot can happen in one year. A lot.

Just one year ago, at the age of 25, I was living in my parents’ home, engaged to be married. I got laid off and wasn’t exactly sure what was going to happen next. Now, I’m married with a baby on the way, we have a puppy, we’re living in an apartment (about to move into a house), I own a couple of businesses and I work for myself on the internet. A lot can happen in one year.

I do feel very fortunate to be where I’m at today. That being said, I also know that it wasn’t all luck. There are a few things I’d like to mention about how I think I got here, before I get deep into the numbers.

My Mindset for Success


Getting laid off sucks. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have never been laid off, it’s kind of like getting punched in the stomach, losing your breath, and when you finally regain your lungs and get back up, you have no idea where you’re at.

It’s easy to panic, because it’s human nature. I panicked for a day or two myself, but soon realized all it did was make me feel worse, and get nowhere fast. Think about this: in life and death situations, who are the ones that usually survive? The ones who panic and freeze, or the ones who focus and assess the current situation, and act accordingly? I did not want to become a victim of natural selection.


decisions-aheadGetting laid off was not like coming to the end of a road, but rather arriving to a fork, one where I could decide where I would want to go next. We don’t often think about it, but every single decision we make determines the course of the rest of our lives. I hate to get all philosophical, but it’s important to understand, especially when you are ready to make an important decision in your life, like which college to attend, what your major will be, or what to do after a lay off. Thus, I gave some careful thought into my next decision.

One path I knew would lead me down a road that I was quite familiar with: I’d go out and search for another job in the architecture industry. It’s the comfortable path that I had been down before, so it was really attractive to me at first. It was really all I knew.

There were two reasons why I didn’t go down that path again:

  1. I thought about how happy I was the last time I was on that path. I liked my job, but I didn’t like the kind of person I was when I got home from my job – tired, stressed, and grumpy. I didn’t want to be that kind of husband or father.
  2. I wanted to explore what the other road had to offer, and I knew that if I had reached a dead end, I could very easily come back to the fork, and go down the road I was on before.

So, I made the decision to go full force with an internet business. I had a non-monetized blog that was getting some decent traffic, so I knew there was something I could do with this.

Know You’re Right

When I was in architecture school at Cal, specifically in our semester long studio courses, we were required to make plans and build models for various types of projects. It was awesome because we could usually design the buildings however we wanted. The problem with that was, that left a million and one possibilities, which meant that we would have to determine a reason why we design something a certain way. When presenting our final designs to a jury (a group of panelists, usually local architects and designers. Yeah…that’s how it worked), we must also give the reasons why.

“The building curves here…”

“Why does the building curve there?”

“Well, because it addresses the wind coming from the West.”

“Why is it at that particular angle?”

“Because it allows for views into the courtyard from North side of the building.”

See what I mean? Anyways, what I learned from this is that if you’re going to make any kind of decision, you must be able to:

  1. Back it up from all angles; and
  2. Know you’re right.

When deciding to go into internet business, I was fortunate enough to have the support of my family and friends. For many people, however, this kind of decision is met with immediate backlash from others, which will often lead that person to some kind of self-doubt.

Self-doubt, especially self-doubt implanted by others, is a killer. If you can back up your decision, and believe in yourself and know you’re absolutely right, you’re going to give yourself a better chance to succeed. Some of you may call that “delusive”, I call it “mandatory”.

In architecture school, even if your designs weren’t that good, if you had a legitimate reason for them, you were given more credit than if you had an outstanding design for no apparent reason.

For whatever reason, I knew I was going to succeed with online business one way or another.

Knowing and Doing What it Takes

My next step was to figure it out. I read books, researched like hell, asked a billion questions, and even paid a monthly fee to join the Internet Business Mastery Academy so I could figure out exactly how it was supposed to work.

Please note that the link above is an affiliate link and I do earn a commission if you end up making a purchase. If you have any questions about IBMA, please let me know. Thank you!

laptop-and-booksEverything I had read helped, but nothing would of happened if I just read and did nothing. So, as I was learning things I put them into action. I learned about how to optimize my blog, so that’s exactly what I did. I learned about outsourcing to do various tasks, so I did that as well. I even learned to create some type of information product, so I sat down and wrote an eBook for a couple months, which many of you know became my main source of income ever since.

I’m not a genius, nor do I consider myself an expert in anything. I got a 1240 on my SATs, and I still write “would of” instead of “would have” no matter how many times I try to correct myself. I forget where my sunglasses are, when they are on top of my head. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I am not special! With the internet, we’re all on level playing fields, so it’s really the people who take action, those who learn and do, who will meet success in the future.

Looking Back

As I reflect on the past year, I can truly say that my lay off was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. For some reason, my 9 to 5 job was masking the fork in the road that has been there the whole time. It just took an eye-opening experience like a layoff to really see what was available for me and my future.


Most of you are familiar with my monthly income reports. Well, here’s my first ever annual report, a sum of all of my income from all of the different sources for the entire year. This goes from October 2008 through September 2009 (it doesn’t include my latest report from October 2009).

  • Product Sales:
    • Ebook Only (2 versions): $70,353.78
    • Audio Only (2 versions): $8,536.45
    • Ebook + Audio Package (2 versions): $79,163.06
    • Total: $158,053.29
  • Google Adsense:
    • Total: $16,456.25
  • Private Advertising:
    • Total: $7,108.32
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $1,448.56
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Total: $10,806.62
  • iPhone Apps:
    • Total: $9,346.00

Gross Total: $203,219.04

*Please note that these figures are best estimates and do not reflect my actual income for the year because income from the months of November and December may change as some companies do not pay until 30 to 60 days later because of the potential for refunds.

Basic Expenses

Here, I’ll give you a rough idea of what kind of expenses I’ve had. In total, I’ve spent over $20,000. That may seem like a lot, but just to be clear, most of these expenses are expenses that were made after my business was already created and generating an income. The total startup cost, including the domain, hosting, paypal (payments pro) and shopping cart fees, and even the creation of my eBook, was less than $200 bucks.

  • Bookkeeper: $50/month
  • Tax preparation: $500/year
  • Formation of LLC: $420 bucks
  • Voice talent (for audio book): $3,500.00
  • Website design stuff: $3,200.00 (redesigns and updates)
  • Paypal fees: 4% (about $6,000)
  • Legal Fees: $1000.00
  • Business education: $3,000.00 (classes, books, courses, etc.)
  • Outsourcing SEO: $900.00
  • iPhone App Development: $6000.00+


At the beginning, creating the business did eat up a lot of time, but I knew it was all an investment.

The green exam blog actually was built while I was working my 9 to 5 job, since it’s primary purpose was to hold my notes for the exam before I took it. So during this time, I’d spend an extra 2 to 3 hours a day writing my notes on my blog. It was kind of like killing two birds with one stone, because I was studying at the same time as I was writing these blog posts, which I didn’t know would get picked up by Google, but they did.

After I was laid off, I had all the time in the world to work on my business. When I finally decided to write an eBook, I’d spend 6-7 hours a day for over a month writing, organizing, and re-writing until I was satisfied with it.

After the business was setup, and the shopping carts and payment processors were all in place, and my eBook was launched, I’d spend about an hour a day answering emails and tweaking the website for better results. I soon created an FAQ, and was down to just working 15 minutes a day while earning a full-time income.

When I learned about product expansion, and decided to create an audio version of my eBook, I hired a voice talent to record the entire thing for me. It took about 2-3 hours to go over instructions with the person I hired, and after 2 weeks, it was complete. It took about a day to incorporate my new product into the existing website, update the shopping carts, make new buttons, etc. but after that was finished, I was back to only working 15 minutes a day, mostly answering customer emails.

Giving Back

Right now, I’m not quite earning enough to feel comfortable donating a large chunk of my income to charities and back to organizations that have helped me get to where I’m at, but that’s a very important goal for me. With the baby coming soon, I want to make sure we’re all good and set on his financial future first. Remember, a large chunk of my income goes back to Uncle Sam too.

The Smart Passive Income Blog is kind of my way of giving back at this moment in time, by providing helpful information and quality content related to how I got to this point. If I had a resource like this blog when I was starting out, I probably could of done even better, and reduced the amount of mistakes I’ve made in the past. Hopefully, it has helped you out in one way or another so far. If not, I apologize for wasting your time.

Thank You

It’s been a great year, a year I would have never imagined would ever happen. I just wanted to personally thank you for joining me on my online entrepreneurial adventures, and I hope I can continue on this path and take things to the next level again in the near future, and share my experiences with you.

I wish you nothing less than success. Cheers!


P.S. If you’re new to this blog, please feel free to stay updated with your RSS reader by subscribing here!

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Very interesting and inspirational story, thanks for sharing.

    • Blogging Banks

      Pat is one of my favorite blogs that I check almost every day with my morning coffee. The guy not only makes the big bucks online, he also walks you through it step by step. That’s just awesome.

      I have one question to Pat however. Do you get to save any of these money and put them in stocks/fixed income in order to create another income stream which is not reliant on online earnings, or do you do something else with the money ( I hope you are not spending everything you are earnings).

      Best Regards and hope you quadruple your income to 1 million in 2010 😉

      Blogging Banks

      • Pat

        Actually, I save MOST of my money. I don’t really splurge on anything. For one, I know I’m going to owe a lot back to uncle Sam. Secondly, there’s no reason for me to spend more than I have to to be happy, and what makes me happy is just knowing that my family can eat decent food, sleep under a roof, and spend time together, whether it’s for free at the park, or for a small cost at the movies or Disneyland or where ever.

        A lot of the money I save goes into stocks and mutual funds, as well as IRAs and stuff for retirement. Also will plan on a 529 plan for my child’s education. I’d love to get to a point where I would fund a scholarship for the Marching Band I was a part of in College, but that’s way down the road (well, hopefully not!).

        Thanks, and best of luck to you too!


        • veronica

          Hi Pat,
          I get your e newsletter, and read them but I am so scared to take the step. I get so discouraged, I don’t know what to do and how to get started.

  • Hynek Palatin

    Pat, congratulations on your successful year.

    If you type a lot and want to get rid of things like “would of”, you could use an autotext program. It will expand text for you and also correct your typos automatically. The program I use is only available for Windows, but I found the following two for Mac:

  • Marty Green

    Great post Pat!

    To me it feels like an adventure that we are on. Working on the online business has given me something to really look forward to. I get inspired by yourself and others and I am starting to see what you have learned in the past is starting to happen to me as well.

    I haven’t hit the fork yet, but I know it’s just down the road. Time will tell but I am enjoying the ride!

    Thanks again for these posts. They truly keep me moving forward.

    Marty Green

  • Ron – Heroic Nature

    Truly an inspiring year Pat. I’m working on doing the same as well, since being faced with some similar job-work related experiences. Your site has been VERY helpful and encouraging by the way. I’m planning on joining the Internet Business Mastery Academy sometime this month as well, Sterling and Jay have a killer podcast, so thanks for the recommendation.

  • Dustin- The E-Hustle

    Wow! I would say im jealous, but I know I will be there one day. It is so good to see people talk about there success online. Thanks.

  • James

    Just so you know, Pat . The day I stumbled on to your SPI blog is the day I decided to start my own journey, you have been an inspiration. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • Sarah H.

    What a great journey you’ve had over the last year, Pat! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your success!!

  • Sethuram

    Congrats Pat… Really worthfull to read. Very inspiring … me too traveling on the same road [ internet ] but not yet layyed off 😉

  • Craig

    Congrats, been following for almost a year and feel like I have seen the growth and know it is going to double over time.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Excellent stuff man

    It’s really great to see you succeed!

    – Glen

  • Erica Douglass

    Pat, this is awesome. You are doing better than 99.99% of folks who want to “make money online.” Congratulations!


  • Pat

    To everyone: thank you so much for your kind words. They always inspire me to do more, bigger and better things. Cheers!

  • Arthur Cundy

    Thanks for posting this. This the EXACT situation I am in right now. Coming from working at the best job I’ve ever had; I was saw that I wasn’t doing what I was passionate about. And I was too tired afterwards to spend with my family. It’s good to read about your success. Look out for my version of this post next year!

  • #1 Olympic Fan

    Hi Pat! Just wanted to say congratulations, and thanks for all the good advice. I’ve been on EHow for three months now and I finally got my first payout! Also, I’m trying to follow in your footsteps with my first blogging experiment, so we’ll see how that goes!

    Keep up the good work, man!

  • Jaan Kanellis

    “When deciding to go into internet business, I was fortunate enough to have the support of my family and friends. For many people, however, this kind of decision is met with immediate backlash from others, which will often lead that person to some kind of self-doubt.”

    This is the most important part of the whole post.

  • Shawn

    Very inspirational. Congratulations.

  • Vincent

    Hi Pat,

    You have been a source of inspiration for me and seeing great results from your balance sheet and monthly income report just spur me to work harder. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next update.


  • Will Atkinson

    Congratulations, Pat! I’ve been following SPI for about a year now, and am thrilled for you. Love this part of your post:

    “I’m not a genius, nor do I consider myself an expert in anything. I got a 1240 on my SATs, and I still write “would of” instead of “would have” no matter how many times I try to correct myself. I forget where my sunglasses are, when they are on top of my head. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I am not special! With the internet, we’re all on level playing fields, so it’s really the people who take action, those who learn and do, who will meet success in the future.”

    Taking action is the most important part, and I know I can’t possibly be the only person you’ve inspired by generously sharing your knowledge and experiences. Thanks from all of us, and here’s to your continued success!

  • John Bardos – JetSetCitizen

    Very impressive results after only one year. WOW!

    Another metric that I would be very interested in is Hours Worked.

    How many hours in total does it take to build a business like you have? (Initially and ongoing) You have obviously put in a phenomenal effort to build a quality business.

    • Pat

      Hey John! Thanks!

      Actually, at the end of the post, under “time”, I talk about how many hours were put in, and how many hours I work now on my businesses. All the best to you!

      • John Bardos – JetSetCitizen

        It really only takes 15 minutes per day?

        Maybe you are not counting blog posts, social media, planning, stats checking, etc. ??

        • Pat

          My study guide exam business is all automated, I only spend 15 minutes a day on that, including checking stats.

          This blog, of course, I spend way more time on, but it does hardly anything for my income, so I don’t count it. What I do here is just extra, “volunteer” stuff I guess you could say.

  • Mike B.

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for posting this. As others have said, it’s very inspiring! One quick question… How do you manage your business accounting (I’m sure you have an easy way!), specifically in regards to making sure Uncle Sam get’s paid, and not in a big lump at the end of the year?


    Mike B.

    • Pat

      Sup Mike!

      Well, I have a combination of a bookkeeper, who puts my earnings into QuickBooks every month, and I also have a CPA that handles all the necessary tax stuff so I can make sure I pay what I’m supposed to.

      When you own a business, it’s proper to pay quarterly, so like you said, you don’t have to pay a lump sum at the end of the year. My CPA figures out, based on the previous year, what my quarterly payments should be. We make up for any differences in the final payment at the end of the year.

      I’m not a CPA, tax expert or lawyer, so my best advice would be to find one for yourself to figure things out for you for your own specific businesses and situations :)


    • Kevin Larsen

      I’m not Pat, but I’m working hard on my own Internet business. (I’m also not an accountant either, so you must decide for yourself)

      I have a sole proprietorship so I can use a free software on the Internet to keep track of my expenses. The website is called Outright, and it’s at You should check that out. Your comment is 1 year old, but I thought I’d put this advice out there in case someone else reads this.

  • Diggy –

    Hey Pat!

    Wow, it’s so inspiring to read your story. Thanks for sharing it :)
    Amazing how you got to where you are, it’s really something to be proud of.

    Love reading your blog :)

  • Jen

    Great to hear your story Pat! :)

  • Roseli A. Bakar

    Very impressive Pat !

    I love to read people success stories just like yours. Well done.

  • Arshad

    And what’s more?you have got lot of time to spend with Mr.Gizmo and are living the dream Pat.

  • Robyn

    Amazing Pat! Way to go!

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  • Web Career Girl

    This really is a fabulous post – I have been reading for a little while but I didn’t realise you’d been through all that. I also love what you say at the end about giving back. That’s really important to me too.

  • Dayne |

    It’s amazing what can happen when are backs are pushed against a wall. Very impressive! Great post!


  • Studenomics

    Don’t know what else to add besides: congrats and thanks!

    P.S: Your content is amazing but don’t start charging us because I would definitely pay for it.

  • Caleb

    Awesome job Pat! Keep it up and keep us updated with your next ventures and what you learn from them in the process.

  • Will Reinhardt

    A truly impressive status update! I had heard about how well people have done with eBooks, but I’ve never seen actual numbers. I’ve truly underestimated their potential.

    Well done!

  • Jason Clegg

    Awesome breakdown and a great inspiration for many! Also very glad to see you point out one of my favorite ideas — “success lies on the far side of failure” — just as your seemingly unfortunate layoff shows. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. :-)

    Jason Clegg

  • Garret

    Hello Pat.

    I just discovered your blog and it is very impressive. I love this article. It will help empower others just starting out. What impresses me the most is that you plan on giving back. That is soooo important online and offline. Karma works in strange ways.

    I look forward to more of your stories and thoughts.

    Well done!

    Garret Belisle

    • Pat

      Hey Garret, thanks for stopping by! Actually, “online karma” is something I really do truly believe in. I wrote a post a while back called: The Number One Way to Increase Traffic – Be Nice.

      It’s worked for me in all of my businesses. Work hard and honest, and good things will happen. They just do.

      Cheers mate!

  • Shane

    First, for the truly astonishing success you’ve had in just one year.
    Secondly, for writing this inspiring post.

    I’m looking forward to what you will have in store for your readers for many years to come (I hope)!


  • Rob Schmidt

    A great read, and like so many have said a great inspiration to those of us seeking a different road to go down. Let this be the right fork for all of us. Best regards.

  • Dave

    As someone who is putting together his first product/service, I have to say reading experiences like this helps motivate me to keep taking all the actions required to create something from nothing.

    I can only hope to be as successful as you.

    PS – I like your tone – not hyped at all. Very matter of fact, and thus comes across as sincere. I’d hope to handle such success the same way. :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Dave! I wish you all the best of luck with your online business!

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  • SEO Luke

    I don’t know…a little skeptical for now. 2 ebooks got 70K.

    • Pat

      Luke, for a $30 eBook, that’s only 2,333 customers to add up to 70k, and over the course of 365 days. That isn’t that very many people!

      Just think, how many people are there in the entire world? 6 BILLION? Just selling something to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that can be very profitable. Am i wrong?

  • Walter

    Success is a choice. We a re all capable if and only if we took that challenge of plunging into the unknown. Not all are capable because they focus on outside measurement, whence the truth is that their capacities are immeasurable.

    I salute your effort and I will climb my way to up to meet you. :-)

    • Pat

      Awesome Walter, I couldn’t of said it better myself. See you there :)

  • Les

    Hi Pat, thank you for your inspiring story. Which hotel did you stay in Hawaii? I work in Waikiki and you may have noticed that toursim has slown down a bit, my income is down 40%. Also right now my hotel is thinking shuting down for renovations for 3 years. This situation got me looking for ways to supplement my income till tourism comes back or to replace my income should my hotel close down. With all the people teaching only about how to make money online selling How To Make Money Online programs, your story is a breath of fresh air. It is hope that me, a beginner with no experience, can make it online without selling How To Make Money Online programs.
    Thank you so much for sharing,

    • Pat

      Hey Les, we stayed at the princess kaiulani. Beautiful, beautiful Hotel in Waikiki, right by the beach and the international marketplace.

      Anyways, I’m glad I could show you that you don’t have to teach about making money online, in order to make money online. :)

      Best of luck to you!

      • Les

        Hi Pat, maybe I saw you. I work at the PK belldesk and maybe even carried your bags. I have been ther for almost 33 years. What a small world.

        You inspire me and I hope an old guy like me has a chance to make it online. Thank you again.

  • Financial Samurai

    Wow, Pat $180,000 in income after expenses is HUGE! Getting laid off was a blessing in disguise, congrats!

    Glad to see a fellow Cal Bear do so well. Go Bears!

    Financial Samurai

    • Pat

      It was a blessing, for sure! Go Bears!!!!!

  • Ms. Freeman

    WOW! This is a really impressive pay off to a decision to take the road less traveled. I find that one of the biggest thing that holds a lot of people back, myself included is “Not knowing they are right” as you said.

    Sometime being laid off is the catalyst needed to ignite a dream and to push forward to realize it. Most of us working stiffs are a paycheck away from homelessness so we better be able to make the most beneficial choice when faced with the fork in the road literally or proverbially.

    I’m not sure how I happened upon your blog, but I am glad I found my way. Got you in my reader ?

    • Pat

      Thanks Ms. Freeman, I’m glad to have you on my blog! Hope to hear from you again soon!

  • Steve Gill

    Hi Pat,

    Just found your blog and I’m really impressed. I’ve been working years at trying to achieve what you have done in just 12 months. I’m hoping to learn lots from you. You’re my new hero!


    • Pat

      Hehe, I appreciate that. Hopefully I can continue to provide you with some great info. Cheers!

  • ebta

    very inspiring…
    this is my first time visit this blog, but read your story really wake up my spirit.. ( from indonesian.. )

    • Pat

      Hi Ebta, thanks for stopping by the blog. Please keep in touch! All the best to you!

  • Shawn Venne

    What a great story Pat. I just heard of your blog through Yaro Starak. I imagine that decision you made a year ago must have been a difficult one (or maybe it wasn’t). I am just new to the world of making income online. I look forward to hearing more about your success.


    • Pat

      Hi Shawn,

      The decision was kind of difficult, but I almost had no choice. Everyone looking for architecture jobs were having such a hard time finding one, so I just chose the path less taken to see what would happen.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you all the best. Hope to hear from you again soon!

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    The internet is there for everyone to leverage. Prime example of someone getting up and following through with a plan. All it takes is an idea and some creativity to make it happen.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Very inspirational story. I’m writing an ebook, and I have a lot to learn from your story. I’ll keep subscribing to your site.

    It’s interesting that you got laid off and then started your business. I have the problem knowing when to quit my job. Should I wait until I have enough cash? Or should I just quit when I feel ready?

  • Steve Atwal

    Nice! I like hearing about success stories like this. I also heard about your success story through Yaro Starak. Will be reading more of your blog posts.

    All the best.

  • Jim Osgood

    This is so inspirational to the many of us who are just starting websites. Although my site is nothing like yours, and is a World Cup Soccer site and fan forum, I would like to make enough money so it operates and I break even. You seem to have laid out a lot of money, but the returns you are getting are fantastic, I got here from Yaro’s site, and I have to thank him and you for sharing this, keep it going!

  • newbieguideto

    great story.
    i’m looking forward to joining you soon in the land of full time interntet business owner.
    i too realise that despite being in a comfortable full time job…i am losing my true self..spending my days complaining and bitching about work and bosses and the company. definitely i do not want myself to continue being the negative bitch.

    thus..i am so looking forward to sending in my resignation letter by end of this month.
    all the best to all of us e-biz owners.


  • yustana

    i always enjoy the real story of those who succeeded to get a life in internet. kewl beans dude!

  • Susan

    These stories are always great to hear!

  • Ilyas Shareef

    Thanks Pat. You have given me another chance to think about setting up my own online business.

  • Steve-Success Factors

    Awesome, Inspiring, Motivating! It’s interesting how, when your came to the fork in the road, you put all your eggs in this basket. It certainly paid off. I appreciate you giving back at this site, and showing all of us that it is possible.

  • kiki

    I like your blog. Thx

  • James Little

    Great post Pat, really seems to sum up your acheivements this year, and is great motivation.

    Just looking at the breakdown of those figures: the ebook income dwarfs the income of the other persuits (lets say eHow articles and iPhone apps). Do you think if from now on you ignored all other methods and focused solely on ebooks, your productivity (financially speaking) would improve? I’m thinking along the lines of the 80-20 principle here. Obviously, earnings from advertising would remain because it’s more passive.

    I’d be interested in seeing a comparison of time spent on your different projects.

  • Jocelyn – Portland Web Design

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog today. I actually found it through a utube video that was shared on facebook. What I enjoy most it the language with which you blog – your blogs are useful and interesting.

  • ctwebs

    I have thought about distributing content using ebooks. However, I have been concerned about how to protect the content. It seems like an ebook could easily be copied and redistributed. How do you protect yourself from this happening?

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  • Dustin | Engaged Marriage

    Excellent summary, Pat. You are killing it, man…keep up the hard work and thanks for sharing!

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  • joel

    ..i also got here from Yaro’s site EJ. Very inspirational, both of you. Am also looking forward to repeating the same and will definitely be checking you guys out. I run a humour blog and would like to run a passive humour website for my countrymen, a first-they’re the ones who will be contributing while i concentrate on my outlet, blogging. Any ideas and suggestions highly appreciated

  • Tom Benton

    Pat, just came across your blog for the first time and I really like it. Great posts.

    • Pat

      Thanks Tom! I appreciate that! Please let me know if you ever need anything. Cheers!

  • make passive income online

    I love to watch American Super Idol. I love even more to hear success stories.
    Thanks Pat, you are my inspiration.

  • Azad Shaikh

    I am following you closely. Will let you know when i made some remarkable money online. Now i know i am in right path.

    Azad Shaikh

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  • Fidel

    This is a great post. It sure gives us all hope and assurance that it can be done and we don’t need to have it all planned out before we start. We just need to START.

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Awesome stuff, Pat!

    Just goes to show you what you can put together if you concentrate and focus on something properly.

    I will actually be launching a new Info Product next year and will give your ‘Test’ procedure a try…

    Excellent blog, you have here.


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  • Bruce

    Hi Pat,

    Please don’t take this the wrong way because I am happy that you are successful.

    I must say that I am skeptical but not about how much money you are making. :)

    Many years ago before the Internet ever got going, I was looking for ideas on to start and then to make income from a business. I was young, broke and desperate. I was looking through the classified ads in the newspaper and came across an ad under “Business Opportunites” that said I could work from home and earn a decent income.

    Well I answered the ad by sending in a self addressed stamped envelope requesting more information and then, a week later, received a well written letter that encouraged me to send the writer $20.00 for which I would receive a “book” that would contain all the instructions I would need on how to start my own business from home.

    Needless to say, I sent out the $20.00 and then in about 10 days received a package with a “small book” that contained all the “instructions” on how to make money from home. The basic premise was to “rinse and repeat” what had just happend with me.

    In other words, all I had to do was create a classifed ad and then wait for people to send me $20.00 so that I could send them the same book or a variation of it, that would tell essentially show them how to “rinse and repeat” as well. I chose not to follow this course of action.

    So what am I saying? I can’t help but get the feeling that 95% of all this Google advertising is all about doing the same “rinse and repeat” cycle, but it now gets done by using technology in an EXTREMELY sophisticated way.

    Now we have umpteen thousands of “work at home” folks all racing around doing Google advertising trying to sell “each each other” a new e-book that instructs them about how to create a website that sells another ebook that will show them how to make money online.

    Well the system works very well as shown by your income statements.

    My question to you is how much money would you make by writing an e-book about architecture and then trying to sell that online?

    Just curious…..

    • Pat

      Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for your comment. Let me first say that I totally understand your skepticism, and I appreciate the time you put into writing your comment.

      The classified ads example, which is a marketing scheme / system that I’ve read about before, is a type of multi-level/pyramid marketing scheme that in my opinion is a totally dishonest way of doing business. There’s no product or service example the system of selling itself to others, and I’m sorry you became another $20.00 in someone else’s pocket for getting that “instructional book”.

      You’re right in the fact that many things that are done online these days are similar, if not exact digital carbon copies of what you mentioned. But what I do, and the type of businesses that I promote doing online are NOT even close to those kinds of things. My guess is that you haven’t looked at many of my other posts her on this blog.

      Any “systems” or “instructions” that I talk about take weeks or months of HARD WORK and dedication, and are not easy. Only after setting up a business in the proper way can we then be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and at the same time we will be providing helpful and useful content to others.

      Most of the money I’ve made online was done by providing a group of people (people wanting to pass the LEED exam – mainly architects and others in the design/build industry), with something that they needed that they were willing to exchange an amount of money for, and do so willingly.

      If I come across as one who has a “system” that you can rinse and repeat and earns tons of money from, I’m sorry, because that’s not my purpose here. Please, show me where I talk about a system like this. My purpose here is to show you that it is indeed possible to earn a decent income online while putting in some hard work and providing something that people need. I talk about how I do this same thing, and people who come to this blog can take my advice for what it’s worth to them. I hope that makes sense.

      To answer your question ,”How much money would you make by writing an e-book about architecture and then trying to sell that online?”, my answer is this: exactly however much you want to make. It’s up to you and how much research and work you’re willing to put into providing something that people would be willing to pay you for.

      Would love to hear your response. If you’d like to talk more via email, or even chat by phone, contact me in the contact area above. Thanks Bruce, and I wish you all the best.

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  • Bruce

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for your response. Again I’m not trying to be negative, but you have to admit, in a sense, that many “work-at-home” people are buying “classified” online advertising to promote their e-books. Many of these “opportunities” are scams.

    (That being said, I myself am looking at what you are doing as a possible option to make some extra money as well, but I would only want to do it in the most ethical way possible.)

    To be honest, I can see that you are not operating a “system”. You are merely selling information and I commend you on this. I know that those who sell information are the ones who will make a lot of money in the future. I wish my 25 year old would do something like this to get himself out of his JOB, (Just Over Broke.)

    Again, selling books on how to pass exams is one thing but selling information that appeals our greedy natures is something completely different. Information for helping people pass exams is valuable to people who need it.

    I suppose that one needs to be careful not to sell information that includes books instructing other people that they can make a lot of money by simple replicating a “system” themselves, even if the creation of that said system may take many months of hard work to develop. ie, create a website, research articles, create links, figure out keywords and key phrases, organising advertising, etc, etc. You have to agree with me that we now have hundreds of thousands of bloggers, facebookers and tweeters all trying to make a buck by sitting in front of their computers day in an day out. What percentage of them are legit? What type of economy are they creating? They don’t create anything exept for information which they then sell. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

    Anyway, I shall be watching your activities and reading your blog in the future. Who knows, it could pay off.

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  • Erin

    All of this in only one year? Then there’s hope for me as well. How long did it take to start generating a livable income? My goal is about $1500 a month.

    • Pat

      It took about 5 to 6 month of “prep” work, as far as setting up a site, and delivering free content for a while. But after that, I launched my eBook, and was immediately able to live off of it. $1500 a month is totally doable! You can do it!

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  • MoneyEnergy

    Congrats! It’s great to see others’ progress and benchmarks. My goal is $3000/mo right now. That will go very far for me. I know that $1500 is probably doable, but making my plans now to get to the next level. Any input is appreciated! (DM or @ me on Twitter too, anyone!)

  • Mike Key – Entrepreneurial Ninja

    Hey man can I borrow $10 bucks for gas?

    Just kidding of course, but what an awesome story man. It’s great to see other people’
    s actual progress and it’s so awesome you detail the work that went into it. Other bloggers (not all just a few) act like all you have to do is sit down at your computer and money just starts coming out of the floppy drive once you have a blog.

    Keep it up man, this is somewhere I plan to be at the end of 2010 myself.

  • Marc

    Hey Pat – it is just amazing to see what a person can achieve in just one year. You’re really a lucky man!

  • Canaguy

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I faced the same lay-off crisis in LA in 2008 although I was asked to stay until the end of 2009 to help wind up the business.

    Leaving my career has opened my eyes to lots of things, certainly to the reality that following the standard paths are not the only possibility. I now face exactly the same forks you have already faced.

    Your openness to share your information is really valuable to me. These changes are big and I am resistant to just going to the next corporation and risk a repeat – I am really impressed by your story. This site provides a lot to think about and the data underneath so that the hype evaporates.


  • Ezekiel Matthers

    Nice, thanks for sharing this info. Looks great on my iPhone, but on the Blackberry Pearl’s browser your site comes out a little flaky.

  • David Rachford

    Pretty dang inspirational. I’m impressed. Massive action, massive results.

  • namita

    hey PAT 1st of all thanks a lot for such awesome post!You have been a source of inspiration for me and seeing great results from your balance sheet and monthly income report just spur me to work harder. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next update.

    namita from Sports Blog

  • Independent Music Advice

    Great story, as people have said before very inspirational. What I like about you is you break down where you’re main income sources are for all to see and also show EXPENSES so it’s clear it’s not all profit / you have to invest money to make money.
    For some of the people leaving comments about their income aims though, my advice is to aiaa ccececertain level of comfort rather then a set price, and also under aim & (Hopefully) over achieve. Aiming for finantial goals can only cause demotivation if it doesn’t happen, which could also lead to quiting prematurly if results aren’t as fast as you hoped. Just focus on creating quality content and marketing to / building a relationship with your audience and the rest will follow (If you have the right monetizing methods of course).

  • Timovone

    I ‘m glad i stumble across your blog. Its is inspiring. congrats and bless.

  • marie-jeanne juilland

    Pat: Just listened to the Virtual Summit. Thanks to you and Sam for your candidness, authenticity and solid information. And thanks for actually answering questions. I’ve posted to other blogs/sites and never heard back. Glad to have found you two amongst the many “weeds.”

    2 Questions:

    1) for busy moms who want/need to work part time (no more than 20 hours a week – preferably less) do you think it’s realistic to create an online business as successful as yours. Assuming all else is the same (good niche, max SEO, etc., etc.), should we expect it to take twice a long to get where you are? Now that you’re a Dad, you understand that there’s no “4-hour workweek for Moms” :)

    2) You talked about outsourcing your SEO and that having focused on that earlier might have been beneficial. Where/who would you suggest folks go for this service if they are just starting up and on a tight budget? Or would you recommend we do it ourselves perhaps from some of the free internet marketing offerings?

    My apologies if perhaps you’ve blogged about this before, but I’ve missed it. ‘Gotta run now to get the kids from school …

    Many thanks for all you give!


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  • Maggie Nunev

    Nice Post! I was searching for free classified advertising and classified related articles when I came across your website post on Bing. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the share. I’ve bookmarked this post for future reference :-) Nice post – Best Wishes

  • JW | IncomeProducingAsset


    Your site has been the gold standard for what I’m looking to accomplish with my blog. I give you a lot of credit for “making it happen” and sharing your experience and successes. My whole approach boils down to buying, creating, and growing income producing assets with a focus on multiple streams of income. It’s clear that you are one of the few who is actually doing it. I’d love some feedback from you on my site as it’s still in the infancy stage. Thanks Pat!

  • sandeep

    hi this is sandeep
    i am working as seach engine optimization last one year
    so i want to my salary calculator
    thanks and regards


  • Mano

    Hi Pat!

    Congratulations and BIG thanks. Your ‘Awesome’ story is very much interesting and inspiring. Keep it up.

  • Mike Evans

    Really interesting article. I came here from

    Its an incredible and inspiring story. Its nice to hear that nice guys can sometimes win!!

    My question would be simply this. How much did you have to rely on others around you for lving costs, emotional support and how long were the working hours?

    I ask only as im in the situation that im forced to spend most of my wages at work on living costs, working to live and admit freely that the idea of dropping this and risking it all (as you had to) is one scary prospect.

    Fear is the mindkiller as they say.

    What advice if any would you have for newbies like me who stare at the crossroads, afraid of failing and dropping into debt and excited at the chance of breaking free from the 9-5 grind.

    Also, your kids is super cute as its the puppy. You lucky thing! Keep up the fine work (as im now a RSS addict so more please!).

    Pease. Love. Happiness.

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  • Suzanna Burgan

    i hope shania twain takes simon cowell’s spot on american idol…she was awesome this season!

  • Martin @ veebimajutus

    WOW! This is really inspiring. One of the best blogposts I’ve ever read.
    It’s a great example of that all the stuff is stuck in our heads. We just need to do the right things and results will come, if we work hard enough.
    Wish you the best! Martin

  • joeyma

    Pat, Congratulations!

    Indeed, in this summer, I start working on some projects similar to yours, making some contents relating to public exams held in Hong Kong (video in youtube and text).

    I am inspired by your story. But wonder if your business model works or not in Hong Kong. I’ll tell you my story…….

  • Nick

    This is an amazing story. Your annual earnings are unbelievable and inspiring. It makes me want to make an eBook very badly. And I might. But I first need to make a series of posts which will then turn into my eBook.

    • Jeremiah

      Great story, and awesome blog. It just goes to show that there is a way to make a full time living from home… just not overnight (although your story seems pretty close). While I realize this success is rare, I also understand the most people who fail are the ones who are not passionate about their blog or business and treat it like a fad. Anyone can get excited about something at first, but if you do something you are passionate about, it shows through in your work and endeavors. The money becomes a benefit rather than the purpose… that is what true success is. Great job achieving this goal Pat and thanks for all your great content and help!

  • Rey

    Pat! I stumbled upon your story today! wow the beauty of automated marketing. I will pass your story to my network as a symbol of what is possible online! Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing more about your success!

  • Maiko

    Pat- this is a very interesting article. I do have one question. What are the minimum legal implications to take into consideration when creating a blog as I’m new to this area. Thanks!

  • Phill

    hey there. Very interesting article and another proof to me how well it can work if you put your mind on something. I’m in a similar position to where you were before. I quit studying voluntarily because studying = student + dying. I love learning, like learning from your blog to make my blog better. But not if someone else decides what I should learn ;x So thanks a lot for your view back, but keep looking forward 😉

  • life lessons

    i really love reading your blog, I must say this is one of the most inspiring posts I’ve ever read. I quit my job a year ago, decided to put up a business with the money i’ve managed to save while working, and a year has already passed I’m still struggling to make a decent income online. Hopefully I can get to where you are now. I’ll keep on reading this blog, thank you

  • kim @ cash back

    I stumbled across your blog when I googled “passive income” while brainstorming ways to create some ongoing passive income for our family. Let me just say “Way to go”. Your success in one year is great. I’m going to read, read, read, your blog posts and start implementing your suggestions. And I hope that in one year from today, I will have added $200K online income to our family!

  • Funny News

    Pat you have such great information on your blog and podcast (Found you through the podcast). This gives me an idea of how much money I would make through affiliate programs that sort of sales vs marketing and selling my own product. I’m realizing that eventually I need to market a product out of my own creation if I want a real salary. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do anything that other people would want to. Lol.

  • Travis Jackiewicz

    ; )!!!

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  • Buzz

    This is definitely an inspirational post to come back to from time to time and read. I like the breakdown too of how much money is made on each and how instead of a general post like many do about how they make their money but don’t actually give any type of evidence.

  • Frugal Francis

    Hi Pat, your website/blog is awesome, and very inspiring to say the least! I hope to hear more about your success as I follow your blog.


  • Nikki


    WOW! I needed to read your story. It has given me the encourgement I need to continue with my online business. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ramos

    Hi Pat,

    Truly inspirational and really focussed.
    I have to take stock and stop procastinating and take action. I have read a lot and downloaded many ebooks but always confused where to start.
    What in your opinion is benificial, a web site or a blog post?
    Your message is factual and natural. It is for this reason I will follow you as much as I can.
    Good Luck

    PS.Do you have step-by-step videos on setting up a squeeze page and building a web site and a blog.
    Ramos from Melbourne Australia

  • Tony Marciante


    We’ve chatted, you know I’m a fan.
    for those reading…

    As a brick and mortar biz owner, I understand the difficulty of making crucial daily decisions for my restaurant, and seeing the results (or lack thereof) of my investments.

    Point being…if more took their online business seriously, and delivered value (like Pat), and really took it to heart to choose their actions and investments of time and effort better, I think we’d have a better internet and more success stories.

    Pat def brings the reality into the fold…in a world of questions like ” would an EXTRA 29k a month help you out??”” type marketers, he explains it all in a way that IS understandable and believable…and real so that we all can benefit from his generous nature. Sorry, don’t want to be fanboy here at all …but I (as many probably do) subscribe to a lot of marketers, and so much of it is just info vomit. It either is out of the realm of sounding possible, or just seems like the same info regurgitated…it looses any impact.

    Anyways Pat , and all those who might read this…believe in your VISION, it can take you places, and just keep rockin it….

    Chef Tony

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  • dynn

    Hi Pat,
    Your blog totally inspired me to make money online.Your blog is very informative which motivate others too.I just come to your blog today refer by other blog.I should follow your blog after this.

  • Catering Sydney

    Thanks for sharing your experience and your secrets to a successful career. I myself wanted to become rich and to give my family most specially my kids the best things that they deserve. Hopefully I’ll set my mind the way you do and consider your advices.

  • Tummy tuck

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I want to follow your ways and hopefully get to experience real success… Thanks!

  • Steve Reed

    Thanks Pat, a great inspirational post. I’m at a bit of a crossroads myself, having just had 60% of my income slashed by the Google Panda 2.2 update. Although it is a challenge, it is a choice of give up and go to work, or look forward and see it as a chance to investigate pastures new. I know which one I’m going to be doing!!

  • Teresa

    Thanks, Pat! I adore your transparency, honesty and sincere willingness to help others get where you are. Thanks for your kindness. It’s a rare gem.

    My husband has had two heart attacks, so here I am turning the big 5-0 next year learning all this internet business stuff to make an income of my own just in case I find myself on my own. Your site is one that I’ve read every word and am now putting it all in practice across a couple of blogs. I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration and information.

    By the way – you are special! There aren’t too many people willing to share their money making secrets.

    (I read your entries where you and your wife worked out to get into shape. It inspired my to do the same, only I use the Turbo Jam DVD from Beach Body.)

    Thanks again Pat.

  • Fiona Calleja

    Hi Pat,

    Your blog is awesome. I love it and I love your great story. I have already downloaded your ebook and have subscribed to your blog too.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    All the best,
    Fiona Calleja

  • Dilanka Wettewa

    It’s always great to see people who actually WALK the WALK when it comes to making real dollars on the internet. You have just inspired thousands of people to take control of their lives and forever altered their lives. Take note of that pat.

  • Rufus

    I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a year and have made 1/10th of what you made! I don’t know whether to be inspired or completely discouraged by this!

  • Navneet

    Hello Pat,
    Your earnings were awesome and hope it continues.Actually a new visitor from Viperchill.You inspired me a lot from your one post and this income report.
    Thanks a lot


  • Mary-Jane Belle

    Great, great story!! Your totally right about how being laid off sucks, getting fired does too. I recently found myself in that position, but i refuse to panic or rush back into another position that I know I won’t be happy in. Thanks for keeping me believing. I’ll see you at the top…..

  • Cesar Ramirez

    Thank you so much for such an inspiring story! I know exactly what it feels like to be out of a job and that decision of the fork in the road. You rock my friend!

  • Sarah Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing this great story. In such a tough economic times its good to hear about someone finding success. Times are tough, but I know I can achieve the financial freedom I’m seeking. Thanks for providing support to my claim of hard work and perseverance paying off for those who truly go after what they want.

  • Tim

    It can be tough going at the beginning to build up a blog and subscribers. I have just read some of your articles and its given me morale boost to carry on…..

  • Winston

    I’m a little skeptical here. I know lots of great authors who write ebooks, and they make less than $100 a month from it. Ebooks sell regularly, but not in the thousands of dollars per month range. This just sounds too good to be true. How do we know all these numbers and earnings claims are real and true? Do we just take it on faith? On the internet, anyone can say anything.

    • Pat

      Hey Winston – it’s good to be skeptical, there’s a lot of false claims out there, and to be honest there’s really no way to really know if anyone is telling the truth online, unfortunately. Even with screenshots of earnings, those can be doctored on photoshop as well.

      That said, I can tell you that although there are, like you said, lots of great authors who are not making much with eBooks, there are a lot of people who are making a killing too. Don’t sell the possibly of really making money with eBooks short. If you find the right market who is willing to pay for information, like I did with, then you can do really well for yourself.

      If you’d like to discuss this more with me, feel free to email me and we can discuss. This has changed my life, and it’s changing the lives of others too.

      If you have any additional questions, let me know. Thanks, and all the best.


        I am a small business journalist.
        Can it work for a Nigerian?
        I wouldnt mind paying to get this done.
        Guide me and let’s publish the results.

  • Dale@Make Passive Income Now


    Thanks for sharing this info about your earnings and how you got started. I like your writing style and open way of communicating. I will definitely be checking back here regularly.

    I wish you continued success my friend.

    • Dale @ Make Passive Income Now

      Another thing

      I notice that most of your earnings came from selling your own product. A fellow internet marketer told me that product selling was the way to go but I kinda blew her off. Looks like I owe her an apology :)

      I notice that all your other earnings were “relatively” low but I appreciate that you have diversified sources of income online.

      Do you feel that selling products like e-books is better than focusing on things like adsense and affiliate programs?

  • Jen

    Are you kidding me! My goodness gracious!!

  • http:// Mary-Jane Belle

    Hey pat,
    I stumbled upon this post about 6 months ago and just wanted to check back in on it. Its always good to read about the success stories, keeps one motivated to achieve their dream. Thanks again for sharing your story!!

    I’ll see you at the top!!……..MJB

  • Vikram

    very inspiration bro…Awesome Online Earnig

  • Michael Cairns

    Hi Pat,
    Your story is truly inspirational. People think that making money online is easy, but we all know that you have to put a lot of effort in and nothing comes easy. Anyway your advice and inspirational story makes it all seem believeable. When starting out it is very easy to give up if something is not working, but a read of your blog and your encouragement should help many people to overcome this. Thanks for everything.

  • Sinea

    Pat. PAT! Yikes! your story is so encouraging. I possibly am facing layoff in June. It is a scary proposition but I hesitate to run out and get a new job. Right now I really want to LEARN this…clean up any mistakes…and really launch out to earn an income at this. Well, time will tell but I am certainly bracing myself to study hard and write, write, write.

  • Brandi


    I am a business owner and I am often over worked and tired with less than 100k a year. (due to limited capital and state regs) I am truly blessed with the gift of knowing almost everything to know about a certain niche. (Child care & Curriculum) So I am going to put my knowledge to work! I am just starting to listen to your pod casts via iTunes and must admit they are pretty addicting. I love the information you provide. It isn’t clouded with a bunch of off topic information and gets to the point. You gave me more information on one pod casts than 5 that I purchased on iTunes. My gross goal is 250,000 with in the first year. I look forward to sharing my success on your pod cast one day. : ) But for now I was hoping you would share your secret to presenting information in such a way that attracts people to your pod casts?

  • Shalu Sharma

    I think getting laid off was the best thing that happened to you. You are a success story and an inspiration to many. Hats off to you.

  • joe

    I do feel so inspired after visiting your blog and come across your success story and it real makes me so confident to go on and start my online business on psychology some days to come as a young cyberpreneur.
    what tools do i need to start making money from day 1 of blogging?
    Looking forward to hear from you pat,
    All the best,keep it up!!!!

  • Chris

    Hey Pat, what a great blog you have here my friend. You have provided inspiration for many people and I look forward to learning from your experiences.


  • Honey

    Hey Pat, nice blog no doubt, But did you spent $6000 on your iPhone app ? Oh really ? This can be done for free ! And, i am not kidding.

  • Killara

    What an inspiring story, Pat!

  • Kris

    I came across your blog after listening to your interview with Internet Business Mastery! Thanks for the tips you gave on selecting a niche. Definitely using your advice to narrow down my focus. Looking forward to all your blog updates!

  • Wanda Anglin

    Thanks, Pat, for the email your service sent to me about making the most of guest blogs. That info was great and it also led me to this post. I was recently laid off and I have the same assessment as you did in this post…it is just a fork in the road. I started an internet marketing business to help businesses and for some reason I am mostly attracting startups as clients. Because of that my research caused me to stumble upon you as I want to help my clients get going as fast as they can. i really learned alot from your Niche Site Duel with Tyrone Shum! In fact, I am beginning to study the ins and outs of passive income. So thanks for posts like this that not only give us information, but also encourage us that we can do it!

  • Jadah {Simple Green Smoothies}

    Inspired by your blog and your story, we finally made our first free ebook! We are two moms raising our own kids on plant-based green smoothies with no dairy or added sugars. Click the link for your free download and your slurp your veggies with us!

  • jeffrey

    Hi Pat,

    Simply awesome story. I don’t if god play a trick. I actually stumble to your site while google and what a life story. It really inspire me to work hard and see where I will be in a year.

    Thanks. I will bookmark your site and come back for more inspiring stories of this.

  • Matt

    Wow Pat. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts and read most of your recent blog posts but this was a fun one to read while comparing it to your current November 2012 income report. You’ve come a long way and your story is truly inspiring.

  • bagus

    guide me friend..i blind on blogging

  • Christine

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    I’m just starting to listen to the podcasts. Episode 8! Love them and have recommended them to others. You may have told us somewhere but I’m not there yet. What equipment do you use in your (home?) studio and for the interviews?

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