Niche Site Duel 010: I’m Ranked Number One in Google!

In my last niche site duel update, I was extremely excited to share that I landed on the first page of Google. I’m proud to say that one week later, my site is now sitting at the number one spot in Google for my primary keyword!

Number One Rank in GoogleBased on my keyword research and analysis of the competition, I knew that I would eventually get here, I just didn’t think it would happen this fast.

  • August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
  • August 29th: #184
  • September 6th: #162
  • September 8th: #135
  • September 9th: #119
  • September 13th: #117
  • September 14th: #53
  • September 21st: #38
  • September 29th: #27
  • October 22nd: #16
  • October 27th: #6
  • November 2: #3
  • November 6: #1

Time Spent

It took a total of 73 days (2 months and 12 days) from the launch of my site to when it climbed to #1 in Google.

On average, I would say that I spent about an hour a day on the niche site, for 5 days a week. Most of that time was spent researching and adding content to the site, as well as building backlinks. After calculating that out, including an initial 8 hours to do the keyword research and actually build the site, I would guesstimate that I’ve spent a total of about 60 hours on it.

Not bad!

Although I am now earning residual income from Adsense each day, I still think it’s a bit too early to just “set it and forget it”. I do want to take the income to the next level and I definitely want to stay at #1 (once you get there, it doesn’t mean you’re there forever!), so I will continue my one hour a day / 5 days a week schedule to add content and build backlinks, plus work on my new monetization strategies.

Recap: Selecting the Keyword and Niche

When I first started, Market Samurai was telling me that the strength of competition for the top 10 sites in Google was not incredibly strong, although there were some sites to be worried about. The domain ages of some of those sites worried me and a high ranking New York State site sitting at the top was scary too, but I was confident with my selection because as you can see in the SEO Competition chart below, the number of backlinks going to those sites was fairly low and after analyzing the backlinks for each of those sites I found that they were not that strong either.

SEO CompetitionI selected this niche not only because the competition looked like something I could handle, but also because of the potential traffic that I could receive. Again, Market Samurai told me that if I were to achieve a #1 ranking in Google, I would potentially see at least 167 visitors per day coming from searches for that exact term (this is what SEOT means in the screenshots below).

Tip: Broad match shows more traffic, but it’s a less accurate reading because it’s showing me potential numbers from searches that include the term “security guard training” but may also have another term to go along with it, such as “security guard training in California”. When you’re selecting a niche, it’s always smart to look at the exact match just to make sure you’re still seeing favorable numbers. As you can see, “cop training” drops off heavily when I switch from broad to exact. I explain more about what all this means in a previous installment.

Broad Match

Broad Match Traffic for New NicheExact Match (this shows numbers based on people searching for the exact keyword phrase, nothing more)

Exact Match for New Niche


So now that I’m sitting at the number one spot, do the numbers match up? Did the search engine traffic increase?

Well, I only recently found out about my achievement on Saturday, so I currently only have one full day at #1 recorded in Google Analytics since I’m writing this post on Sunday, but I did see an increase traffic coming from that one keyphrase:

SEO Results

After climbing to the number one spot, I saw a 200% increase in traffic from my #6 position a little over a week ago, and a 100% increase from the day before, where I was actually sitting at #3.

Although my traffic doesn’t match the SEOT numbers from Market Samurai, I have only been at the number one position for one day and it was for a Saturday. My previous experience with websites tells me that generally the weekends see much less traffic, so I’m expecting that once Monday rolls around the numbers will be a lot closer to what my keyword research software tells me.

Even so, seeing 120 visits in a single day for a single keyword is great. It’s even more traffic than I receive for the keyword “passive income” for this blog, which sits at the #2 position.

With “security guard training” selling at a cost-per-click of $2.32, you could even say that I’m “saving” over $250 a day by grabbing organic traffic instead of paying for it from Adwords. Interesting…but thinking about it like that doesn’t make me any money.

However, because I know there are companies willing to pay that much money per click for traffic for this keyphrase, and there’s traffic coming to my site, it gives me all the more confidence in my monetization strategy where I plan to sell advertising space to companies in this niche. I hope to get off of Adsense and into private advertising soon because I’ll definitely see a lot more profits coming my way.


Backlinking Details

A number of people have been asking me for more detail about my backlinking strategy because as I’ve mentioned before, backlinks (links coming from other sites to your own) are one of the most important ingredients for climbing the ranks of Google. I’ve outlined the basic strategy in Niche Site Duel 006: My Backlinking Strategy, but I do want to show you all exactly what I’m doing because what I’m doing is working.

So, get ready for my next post because I’ll be going into massive detail about my process – more than my previous post. Someone actually suggested that I charge for the information I’m about to reveal, but to stay true to the nature of the Niche Site Duel and showing you my entire process, I’d like the information to be totally transparent and free.

And, per the request of several people, I will be walking through my article writing, spinning and submittal process, step by step (with video), to show you how I can turn one primary article into several hundred different links all working to increase the strength of my site.

And before I forget, I just purchased the domain name, so if you ever wanted to share this challenge with anyone, you now have an easy-to-remember link. This will definitely help for the podcast too. It links to the Niche Site Duel Hub, where you can see all of the participants’ niche site reports and strategies in action.

Thanks for all of your support during this process. Cheers!

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  • Rushan

    This is super awesome bro! ranked #1! congratulations!. will be following your steps 😉 ..

    • Vik Tantry

      Hi Pat,

      This is excellent! Great job. A couple of comments about traffic numbers:

      1) I looked into Market Samurai and I’m not convinced that it is a very accurate tool for traffic numbers. I think it substantially overestimates daily traffic for an exact keyword phrase. I think Google Adwords tool (exact phrase search) would be more precise.

      2) I am curious about how Google Instant affects traffic. Some people may click after typing “security guard,” causing a loss in traffic, but others who might be typing long tail phrases like “security guard training ohio” might just click after typing “security guard training.” Would love to see a follow-up post on this sometime.



  • Ivan Walsh

    Congrats Pat.

    This has been a great set of posts and if you charge for the next installment, that would be fine with me!


  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    Congratulations. This is really good news. By climbing to #1 spot in two months plus is a huge result of your hard work. I will be looking forward to your next post which you reveal all the secrets.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  • Kari

    Congratulations! What exciting news. :)

  • Hector Cuevas

    That’s awesome Pat – congrats on the rankings. I see all that hard work paid off – now onto other passive income streams hehe..


  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is really great news Pat,

    I know how happy you must be :), and this goes further to show that your tips work.

    Thanks so much for sharing your results,

  • Carey Suante

    That’s great news Pat!

    BTW, I’ve also started a niche site, inspired by your duel, on transcription. Mine is a long-term thing as the related keywords for transcription are rather competitive – even though there isn’t any authority site on transcription. What do you think about it?

    • ProSportsQuotes


      I think that you need to buy the domain and hosting in order to compete.

  • Brett

    Hey Pat,
    Great job on the niche site! The updates have been exciting to follow. I have been excited to try out a bunch of these strategies and tips to build my own niche site in the coming weeks and months. And 73 days start to #1 result? Not too bad.


  • Sarah

    Awesome! I am excited to read your next few posts. I think we should declare you the winner of the challenge!

  • TrafficColeman

    Finally Pat you made it to the promise land..I think when companies start to advertise on your site..and they work would have paid off…nice stuff Bro..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • Ron

    Congrats Pat, #1 on Google is quite a an achievement. Like I said, I’ve been following your backlinking process and advice thus far and have gotten my niche site to Google’s second page for my keyword phrase in about two months so far. This stuff is priceless, keep it comin!

  • Jason

    Congratulations Pat

    Your mix of working hard AND smart is unbeatable!

    Have you seen a significant increase in Adsense revenue to match your stellar rise up the Google rankings?

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    It was pretty funny – Saturday morning I was having coffee with a fellow SPI reader, and we talking about how you’re dominating “security guard training.” He mentioned to me that you were now ranking #2.

    I hadn’t seen the site ranking that high yet, so we both pulled out our iPhones, Googled it, and saw you were #1. I couldn’t believe my eyes – it’s astonishing how quickly you moved your way up. Ranking #1 is great, but the real fun will be the income that comes from it. :) Congrats man – it’s inspiring to all of us.

  • Adam M

    Hi Pat,

    Way to go!! I am really looking forward to your next update as that is exactly what I was waiting for. If i’m not mistaken you are usign various paid tools similar to what JosephA did on WarriroForum. I can’t wait for it to be broken down like you bring in most of your posts.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Ryan

    Hey Pat- This is totally awesome! Congrats on getting to #1… I’ve been following your progress and am REALLY looking forward to your next post.

  • Stephen @ The InventionAddict blog

    This is inspiring. I need to get back to work on my sites.

  • mark marshall

    What a great experiment. Thank you for sharing your actual steps and successes. Looking forward to reading the next installment on backlink development.

  • KimP

    I did a quick Google search a few days ago and you were indeed at number two and I actually overlooked your site because I was looking down toward the number six position then it dawned on me, his site moved up in the rankings! Now you’re number one!

    Congrats Pat! This is so amazing and inspiring!

    • KimP

      I wonder, if you’re working with private advertisers that don’t have their own affiliate programs, how are you creating the affiliate links to their website? Do they create them or are you creating them yourself?

  • Jason

    Congrats, Pat. The hard work has paid off yet again.

    I wonder how long it would take without spamming article directories and free blogs?

  • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution


    Congratulations! Once again you prove that slow and steady wins the race. :) It’s been really fun watching you climb the ranks. Can’t wait to see your next post where you provide even more detail regarding your back-linking strategy. I am just entering that phase of my own niche site duel submission and although I have my own strategy in mind I will certainly be borrowing from your techniques and adding them to my repertoire.

    Keep inspiring!


  • Jacob Sokol

    Hahaha… dude! This is BONKERS!!

    I was secretly waiting to see your results before i dedicated any more time to this. You delivered!!

    Question: For a community based blog full of personal branding and user engagement, do you think its “worth” putting the time into SEO or would that time be better served looking for people to engage with, say on

    Currently reading Scott Stratten’s Un-Marketing book.

  • Therm

    This is effing ridiculous!! Wow! If you pay attention to everything pat has shared with us since the beginning of the NSD, you have NO excuse not to get off your duff and give it a shot.
    Pat, you do WAY TOO MUCH! Thnks for everything and keep up the great work!

  • Devin Elder

    Nice work! Nothing feels like #1. While I agree that you have no guarantee of keeping #1, given the relatively weak competition you’re facing (and the amount of solid content on the site) I don’t think you have too much to worry about.

    Best of luck with the monetization!

  • Join the Office Revolt

    amazing accomplishment… 60 hours!! That is like working full time for a week to get into the #1 spot. I am sure most of us would love to do that!

    Great work, looking forward to more posts!

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations Pat!

    This is a great accomplishment. It is really good to see exactly how you can build your ranking up to the number one spot. I have not jumped on the niche site race yet. I still have some other projects that I am working on. But when I do I know I will be referencing all of your posts on the subject.

  • mk akan

    well done Pat,
    your journey to number 1 is both a great learning process and an emcouragement.

  • Sean Matthews

    Hi Pat,

    Congratz on making the number 1 spot. I have a couple of niche sites and have yet to get it to number 1. I’m really looking forward to the backlinking post as well. Thanks for being transparent and providing wonderful information.


  • Steve

    Good job and thanks for all the directly useful information. My first niche site (and pretty much first ever site) is up and running, and I’ve emailed you to join in the duel. I’m on page 1 for my phrase, but I don’t think it was super competitive. Anyway, learning lots, keep it up please.

  • V-Man

    Congrats on the achievement, Pat. I’m still following your progress on this project pretty closely, and I’ve even managed to “borrow” one of two of your moves for my own blog. Keep up the good work man.

  • Arthur

    Congratulations Pat! Making it to #1 spot in a matter of two months is great. I’m interested to see your backlinking strategy in detail as well as your monetization come to fruition soon.

    Will there be a time when you do run out of content to update for the site and no longer have well-written articles to backlink to your site? Is it your hopes that at that time, the site will already be on autopilot and require little maintenance?

  • Luke

    PAAAAAATTTT! You rock my face off! I am so pumped to see that backlinking post in more detail. I’m starting a backlinking strategy for a new site that is in a little more competitive niche than I would normally like and I really want to nail the competition.
    Thanks for keeping it free brotha,

  • Daniel Johnston

    That’s awesome! I saw your post about it on FaceBook the other day and it’s amazing your site climbed so fast. Of course, though, since you picked a less competitive niche, the traffic likely won’t be as high, but as you said you’ve only spent about 60 hours on it, so that’s obviously very good for the money I’m sure you’re going to make.

    The back-linking strategy Tyrone outlined in one of his videos I’ve found to be pretty much perfect. I haven’t had much time to implement it yet, but I’ve been trying to rank for a specific keyword for my site and even by only linking to it twice for high PR sites, I went straight from a rank of 199 to 20 in less than a week. It’ll be very interesting to see exactly how you did.

    Congrats again!

    • Daniel Johnston

      I meant “exactly how you did it.

  • Peter

    Pat, this is awsome. Can’t wait to read the next post and glean some more valuable info. I think I’ve pretty much shared your blog here with anyone that will listen to me for the past week. I wanted to post a link about your blog/info on my site but not sure how everything could fit into drupal video tutorials… think i’ve got a way though related to SEO…

    keep up the good work! When all else fails, I find myself coming back to your site to keep my own momentum up.

  • FIRE Finance

    Congratulations! This is simply fantastic. All the efforts put in to present quality and authentic content has eventually paid off.
    Keep it up.
    With best wishes,

  • Brandon

    Well done Pat. Glad to see the 2 and a half months of hard work is paying off for you :)

  • Rose

    Wow, Pat it looks great- I am looking foward to reading your next installment!

  • Margus

    Hey Pat, congrats on the achievement! Only thing I find a bit annoying with Google is that the results are different in every country. In London your site comes up on the 5th page, which I find odd. And I have some experience in the past with new websites that Google kind of pushes it up at first, but then it drops it again for few weeks (months) before it settles on the “stable” spot. But it is a great achievement anyhow I am sure your site will stay on the top there. M.

    • Lyle Robinson

      Hi Pat and congrats from me as well…:) I was going to comment on exactly what Margus just mentioned. I live in Montreal, Canada and if using…I find your site on page 5 as well…I wonder if there is any way around that?

      Thank you for this Dual btw, I’m enjoying the various issues raised and it’s a great case study on many levels. Take care and all the best.


    • Pat

      Hi Margus – it’s true, the results are different based on the location of the search, however there is a tool at that you can use to find your “true” Google ranking, which provides a non i.p. and non location based result. I’ll definitely continue to work on the site to try and keep it up there. Thanks for the support, cheers!

  • Russell

    That’s great! This has been a lot of fun to watch. It’s also been informative. Your blog is great for a lot of reasons, but two stand out for me. First, you are so transparent and willing to share everything you learn. Second, you are a friendly guy and that makes your site fun. This site duel has been great because of your openness (whoever heard of an internet marketer telling the world his niche) and the fun of watching you go from nowhere to number one.

  • Samuel

    Awesome job Pat!
    This shows that you really know what you are doing. I’m sure your readers would Love this too because you preached what you do! Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

  • alex

    Pat is the Truth! My hat goes off to Pat. Pat not only talks the talk he walks the walk… no, make that he runs. See Pat Go! I dont know if people realize that pretty soon Pat will be huge and we will look back and say.. I remember when he taught us how to get money. Support Pat in all his endeavors!

  • sjay

    Congratulations Pat, Nice work and really cool results.

    Small ebook with all the steps and tricks you used to get this awesome results withing a short time period would be really helpful for us.


  • Moon Hussain

    Amazing Pat! I hope I can do half as well….. oh and I was about to tweet you about how you should share details about your backlinking strategy. Looking forward to it!

  • Jay

    Congratulations Pat! How exciting for you! I can’t wait to see a detailed description of your backlink strategy :)

  • Patrick from Make Money Buzz

    Wow! Congrats man!

    I’m only starting to get Adsense money and you are already #1. That is really good! Now get some outsourcers like Tyrone Shum and start building a huge network of these sites! I’ve got 16 so far making money every day and have another 80 something keywords being targeted by outsourcers right now. Lots of money to be made in these littel sites :)

  • Larry Clark

    That’s awesome Pat, I’ve been a little slack on my Niche Site for the Duel, but that’s my own fault. Great choice in Keywords and working it.

  • Wade McMaster

    The combination of hard and smart work is paying off! I hope I can get similar results soon for my site! Congrats Pat!

  • Andre

    Thanks Pat! You’re awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. It’s invaluable.

  • Guganeshan.T

    I’ve been reading your posts since I became your email subscriber. Never seen another blogger reveal so much information to their readers.

    This real-world success you shared with everyone is so invaluable. Thank you for the wealth of information you share Pat.

    You’ve got another permanent reader! :)

  • Caleb Miller

    Thanks Pat! I’m so glad you’ve been doing these case studies. I really think you’ve sparked a lot other IM’ers to do the same and to innovate with their studies and “duels.”

    I think it’s been getting people out of the box and giving us all more ideas on how to market better on the internet! So keep on keeping on!

  • John |

    Awesome news, Pat! Congrats!
    I’ve been following your niche market duel with keen interest, as I’m learning the niche market business model as well (I’m using Niche Profit Classroom). It’s been great watching how you, Tyrone, Mark, and the others are each taking different approaches.
    The amazing range of strategies and opportunities in this one slice of the Internet Marketing pie is inspiring.
    Looking forward to your next post. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and secrets!

    BTW – Great interview with Nicole Dean in your latest podcast. :-)

  • rakibhasan

    Thanks Pat! I’m so glad you’ve been doing these case studies.

  • Josh

    Thank you so much for helping me better understand, in manageable depth, how to rank in any niche. I’ve started my own niche site work after using market samurai to uncover some great market research.

    Not to appear like Olvier, once again asking for more, when you detail your backlinking strategy, could you also show how to leave anchor text in websites like Seems there’s either a ninja way or super-obvious way of doing it and I’m 0 for 0 on both…

  • Peter

    Well done Pat! Congrats! :)

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    Wow! Delivered again! Pat the guru!

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    This is the first time I visit your blog and I really like your concept of building a niche site and sharing ever detail.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  • Cody

    Great news Pat! Congrats.

    btw- I just want to thank you for being one of the few bloggers that do not use a pop-up window. It makes my life so much easier not to have to press the close button. Was this a conscious effort on your part?

  • Andy

    Congrat Pat, finally you got awesome result of your whole effort to make your site take first position at Google. Kindly wait your next posting about backlingking strategy… :)

  • Richard

    Hi Pat,
    Congratulations of taking your site to number one in Google. It’s great that you were able to do it in such a short amount of time.

  • Joe

    Ya you get to see a big bump in traffic when you go form #6 – #1 … I saw the same on my sites

  • Joe

    Ya you get to see a big bump in traffic when you go form #6 – #1 … I saw the same on my sites … But after so many months i am sure your getting lots more than just 100 visits a day… I cant wait for your next blog post

  • Ryan

    The detail and information you provide in each of your articles is incredible. Thanks for keeping us updated on your niche site project and for all the transparency you provide.

    Since following along with everyone’s progress, I’ve been motivated to create my own. I’m definitely loving the learning aspect of doing this all “by hand”. Once I reach a “set it and forget it” point I’ll be working to automate most of these tasks now that I understand what it really takes to do each of them on my own.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Elise

    Excellent and inspiring post! I’m looking forward to the next one featuring your backlink strategy. This just proves that putting in the work and time needed for good SEO is really worth it in the end!

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    Congratulations on nabbing #1! I gotta say Pat, the primary reason why I stick around here is for the fact that you offer so much value. I’m definitely looking forward to reading about your backlink strategy. Although I use a variety of backlink methods and have had success at ranking various sites, I still love to see what other people are doing as well. Doesn’t hurt to change things up here and there. It’s been awesome seeing you as you’ve dove into a niche and pulled this all off from scratch. If this doesn’t prove that hard work can be rewarded, I don’t know what else does.

    Good stuff man!

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    And also, thanks for always looking forward. You made me look forward too.

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    I’ll keep my readers posted on this incredible and so instructive duel.


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  • Fernando

    Hey Pat, I found your WordPress blog with all the links, how did you do them? Do you have any automatized way? Because I can see that you have way more than 400.

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    Hell, you could set up a whole network of niche sites if you wanted to, just by creating one every two months.


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    Very cool and very inspiring to see how successful you were!!

  • Justin

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  • JJ

    Well, here’s a situation I can’t figure out and I hope you can, as I’m new to this stuff.My site was on the first page of google! #7! I was thrilled! After a while I realized I was searching google dot ca. (I live in Canada). When I searched with google dot com, I was on page 4, which I hate to tell ya, but up here, with .ca on google, your site is on page 4 too. How do we get on page 1 for every country? I don’t want want to be #1, just on page 1! I really love your site, you’ve taught me a ton and I thank you!!

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    Hi Pat

    Just gone through this one more time… Finding a niche or TEN! has been a big goal of mine for this year. You’ve got this stuff done great.

    Good job, bud. Just wanted to give you that pat on the back.


  • E46 Tuning

    I have read this some time ago but have just create my own website to try and earn some cash and I am close to the number one spot after about one month. I have followed most of your advice so thanks for the help.

  • Jimmy

    Great job man! Thanks for posting this!

  • Succession Planning

    I wanted to comment on Market Samurai’s accuracy regarding keyword traffic. I’ve recently made it to number 1 for my keyword and have found Market Samuri’s estimates to be right on the money (for exact phrase matches). I would also be surprised if there was a big difference between the numbers it gave and the adwords tool–Market Samuri uses the adwords tool to estimate traffic…

  • Larkrise

    Hey there

    How do you check your ranking – when your site is at no 183? Is there an online strategy?

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  • Mathew

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    That is an awesome accomplishment after only a little over two months. Thanks for the insight here!

  • Meg

    Congrats! This is a really spectacular process to watch. When checking out the. Securityguardtrainnghq site, I found myself asking how you found your information/content. You’ve mentioned your mom is an insider of this industry, did she contribute? From the ebook it looks like you may have done some interviews, but what were your other resources? This is helpful info for me in trying to generate content. Is it ok not to cite these sources that provide employment statistics? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Rose

    Looks like your site is still #1 all this time later, which means that the method definitely works, AND it survived all the panda updates!

  • Mike T. R

    Where do you find your ranking on google? Are there specific websites? If there are a couple I’ve websites I’d love to know.

    I’m also curious how difficult is it to remain #1 in google? I know it’s case by case but is it possible to remain #1 with little of no maintenance?

  • Quinton Hamp

    Hi Pat!!

    I just wanted to poke in and say that I, too, have made it to #1 on Google!

    Your site was my starting point, and the journey has many twists, but it is quite fun to finally be able to come back and say “This Stuff Works!!”

    So keep up the good work. You’re inspiring people to change their lives!


  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    This is strange but I really remember Glen from Viperchill saying that sometimes even being at #1 on Big G hasn’t that many visits as for 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranks. (I could be wrong, don’t quote me on that)

    But anyway, watching that increase in visits is amazing.

    I’m wondering how many visits did you get the next full week.

    Awesome results dude, good job! 😉


  • Clare @ Help Pay Bills

    Hi Pat,

    This is my first visit to your blog although I have been meaning to check it out for some time now. This series is SUPER AWESOME!!! Really, really, amazing detailed information,

    I WISH I had found this when you started as that is right around the time I first became interested in Internet Marketing. I’ve learned so much since then, a lot of time wasting crap and a lot of amazing stuff – and this series is a LOT better than Id say around 80% of what I have paid for!

    Thanks so much, you’re an inspiration, and I will now go and read the rest of this!!

    Cheers! Clare :-)

  • MuSTaPHa

    Good Job pat !!

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  • juel rahman

    I’ll keep my readers posted on this incredible and so instructive duel.

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    much…..i want to know about Facebook promotion (paid) affect Google ranking…..give
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