Niche Site Update: New Content, Record Earnings and What’s Next

niche-site-screenshotA couple of weeks ago, I shared how I declined a five figure offer for the niche site I built from scratch publicly here on the blog, because I felt there was still a lot more room for growth, and possibly an even higher offer in the future.

The lovely thing about this particular niche (the security guard training niche), is that every single state in the US has a different set of rules and procedures for becoming a security guard. In addition, each state will obviously have different training facilities and companies that could benefit from high ranking pages on my site as well.

This made understanding what content to create almost automatic.

Before I hit #1 in Google, I had written about 15  articles that were just about security guard training in general, and then 11 state specific articles with their respective requirements, procedures and links, etc.

After those 26 posts were published, I stopped creating new content since I was super stoked about meeting my goal and I focused completely on monetization and optimizing Adsense ad placement.

Despite not creating any new content, my Adsense earnings were steadily climbing each month, as well as my traffic.

Renewed Energy and Action

I was ready to let the site sit on autopilot since it was earning about $800/month for virtually zero hours of work, but after getting that 5-figure offer and reading all of your wonderful comments about what you would do if you were in my situation, I decided it was crucial that I hold the site, continue to add content, fill it out, and bring it to its maximum potential.

My first obvious step would be to finish writing the requirements for the 39 remaining states that were missing, which was something I was already thinking of doing anyways.

I decided to find a qualified writer on Elance, which I’ve used for several one-off jobs in the past some some good success (including iPhone applications). (Note: As of 2015, Elance has combined with oDesk to create Upwork. The links still work, but the company name has changed.)

Here is the exact project description I put up on Elance, for your reference:

Hi there,

My name is Pat Flynn and I own, the #1 ranked security guard training website in Google.

Even though the site is ranked #1, it is still missing some information that I need someone to do research for.

Here’s the deal:

In the security guard training industry, every state in the United States has a different requirement / prerequisite when it comes to what kind of training and experience one must have before they are able to get hired as a security guard.

For some states, there are no training requirements and the only thing you need is a high-school diploma or GED equivalent. In other states, there are a certain number of hours of training required before one can get hired, and in other states there are other requirements beyond that.

I need a person to do research in all of the missing states (states not yet covered on and figure out what is required before one can become a security guard, and write a brief, but accurate, step by step article on how one can become a security guard in that state.

There are websites out there that do have this information, but many of those websites have inaccurate and/or outdated information, which is why I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind making phone calls to security guard companies in each of the missing states, and asking them directly what needs to be done, or at least use what they say as a starting point (for example if they tell you to go to a certain website in that state for more information) so you can complete the step by step guide.

Currently, I have complete information about the following states:

* Alabama

* Alaska

* Arizona

* California

* Connecticut

* Florida

* Illinois

* Nevada

* New Jersey

* New York

* Texas

I need you to help me get the rest so I can complete this website. I’m looking for someone who is, like I said, not shy about making phone calls and getting accurate and complete information. I’m looking for someone who is a hard worker and writes well (Decent English writing skills required, please).

Here is an example article about the state of Arizona’s security guard training requirements:

If you can help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon.


Within 12 hours, I had several people place bids and offer their service, and I chose one person based on experience, portfolio, and a quick back and forth on the message board.

The total bid was $876.71, which equates to about $22 per article. The price may seem a bit high, but a few things justify the price in my head:

  • It’s an investment.
  • I’d be adding 150% more content on the site.
  • I wouldn’t have to do the research and writing myself. I know how much my time is worth.
  • The articles would be finished much faster than if I wrote them myself.
  • I know it’ll pay me back once these posts get indexed in Google and I begin to receive long-tail search traffic, just like I have been with the existing posts on my site. To reiterate, more than half of the search traffic coming to my site (57%) comes from search terms other than my target keyword.

I view any content posted online, not just on niche sites, as seeds. Every new seed that you plant can become a new opportunity for people to find you, and possibly an opportunity to earn money too.

Within 2 weeks, I received all 39 well written and researched articles, posted them on my site (thanks to a VA) and the site looks a lot more complete.

I’m lovin’ it.

A Record Day of Income

A couple of days after the site was up with all 50 states included, I had my highest earning day of income (from this site, via Adsense) ever: $90.48

Niche Site Earnings from May 23rd

I think it was only a coincidence that I just put up these new articles, and two days later I had a record day of earnings because it should take some time for Google to index these pages and for some of the keywords within these pages to be found by others. But, even so, it was very encouraging to see the site pushing the $100/day mark, and I can only hope that the daily income grows even higher.

If I could get to at least $100/day, that’s $36,500 a year, which definitely trumps the $10,000k offer I had just a few weeks ago.

I’ll keep pushing, for sure.

What’s Next

The site is now complete with training requirements for all 50 of the US states.

So what’s my next move?

Actually, these 50 articles that are on the site now are only for “unarmed” training—and there’s a whole new set of training requirements for each individual state for “armed” security guards, or guards that carry firearms.

I now have another opportunity to fill the site with 50 new articles, for armed training, which is what I’ve already started to do. I hired the same writer from Elance to complete 48 articles (I already had articles for California and New York posted), and they should be finished and posted within 2 weeks.

I’m so excited to see where this takes me. It automatically raises the value of the site, and I envision a boost of residual income in the near future as well.

I’ll definitely keep you posted, as I always do.

Keep planting seeds.

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  • Lauren Peterson


    I’m super stoked and excited at your progress…. $100 per day can really change your lifestyle for the better and really secure your future. The fact that you’re very transparent and honest about your process and what you do also sets you apart from the rest of the “gurus” out here.

    Great job!

    • Chris Alta

      Isn’t that awesome Lauren? The thing is anyone can do what Pat has done, because he literally shows you exactly what he does – I think the tough thing is just finding that niche you can break into and are actually willing to learn about. I believe Pat said his mother in law is a security guard so she knows a few things, but I’m assuming she only knew the requirements for California. So Pat definitely had to dig deep and gain some knowledge on the subject before he could really get the ball rolling.

      When you have the luxury of having the finances to outsource, it makes things 250% easier rather than doing all of the work yourself!

      I wouldn’t consider Pat a guru, just a cool ass guy with a strong desire to help people better their personal lives and financial circumstances, this is why he rocks.

      But you’re right he is very transparent, and he is an ideal model of what internet marketing should start to become. What are you working on Lauren if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Lauren Peterson

        I agree, I wouldn’t consider him a “guru” but I definitely really admire the “non-guru” approach he takes and the interactivity.

        I’m a Full Sail University Master’s Degree student at Full Sail University. I started a small blog on it (SEO FTW!) under a pen name. I graduate in July… however, I’ve been playing with niche sites, eHow and so far my current “home run” is Kindle Publishing. I’ve made close to $500 in Kindle Publishing this month alone off ONE small book that I’ve never actively promoted and/or marketed.

        And you?

      • Olawale Daniel

        Thanks a lot for this awesome addition. This alone worth working on….thanks a lot @Chris

  • Ryan@coveringtherent

    Fantastic work Pat. Really helps adding the further pages, all variations of each training provided will increase your link tail keyword acqusition and overall help your revenue siginificantly.

    I am sure you can look for further areas to look at. Typical FAQ questions, questions about examinations in each area and so forth.

    Furthermore I am sure you will seal private advertising deals for each of the state’s throughout the US which can take your earnings through the roof. I am confident you can make this channel into a 50k a year website.

    Once again fantastic work Pat. Keep working away on this.


    • Pat

      Great feedback, Ryan. I definitely want to take my push with advertising (which hasn’t been much of a push at all) to the next level, and I think once I have all of these articles up, and with the way the directories work, I’ll have a good portfolio of things that would benefit an advertiser on the site. FAQs and questions, and possibly even a forum are all great ideas.

      Much appreciated, dude!

      • Trent Dyrsmid

        Hey Pat,

        I suspect that you won’t have to push to hard to find those advertisers, no? In my brief experience online, once the traffic finds you, so do the advertisers.

        Regardless, I have no doubt that within 6 months, you will have made this one site earn the equivalent a full-time income. Not bad for a site you don’t have to do anything to.

        Did you say you used to be an architect? Or was it a bank robber :)

        Well done, mate!


        • Ryan@coveringtherent

          I think the difficulty Pat will have is getting those advertisers to ‘buy into’ advertising on his site.

          People seem quite happy to spend $1000+ a month on the Adwords network yet once you ask them to advertise on your site for a much lower figure, based on actual relevant traffic they don’t seem to want to know. I’ve had a similar issue with one of my niche sites where I am appearing high for a number of very key terms to the industry. Unfortunately when it comes to private advertising the email route doesn’t seem to work.

          Of course I am yet to try Pat’s method of snail mail which for this type of industry I believe it’ll have better impact. I assume this is the method you will be using Pat? If so I think you may have some decent success with it but like i said people seem less comfortable with advertising on a site but more likely to spend on Google. I do believe it’s down to miseducation and the fact that they go for the potential volume as opposed to the real metric of relevance of visitor.

          Hey ho, we’ll get there one day.

          Nice work,


  • Thomas Strock

    Great job! Are you planning on creating or outsourcing the creation of products to sell on this site like you did for Green Exam Academy? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how many visitors (not just page views) do you get on your niche site on an average day? Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to your $100/day post 😉

    • Pat

      This is a tough one Thomas. I do feel like there are opportunities for products on this site, I’m just still trying to get a feel for what kind of info product would be best.

      Visitors per day (not page views), it ranges between 300 and 600 visitors a day.

      • Wes

        I was going to ask the same question. Thank, Pat!

      • Simon de

        Damn , $90 by day with only 300 to 600 visitors ! incredible rate Pat !

      • Kirk


        Just a product that pops to mind right away. How to start your own security business e-book.

        Love hearing about your success it helps motivate me to keep plugging away.

  • David

    Instead of listing the 50 states on your homepage, is there a cheap way you could put a map of the US on there and let the user click their own state? I think that would look sweet! I think it’s awesome that you’re getting $90/day on this site now.. that definetely gives us readers a lot of hope that passive income streams can be done easily and can make you an amazing amount of money.

  • Chris Alta

    This is sick Pat!

    I’m sure if everyone had the good fortune of having the money to invest they would do the exact same thing and outsource it to elance, I know I would! As you know right now I’m working on a JV Launch but as soon as that’s done and I make some sales i”m going to focus on building my niche site as well. Do you think it helps that your particular niche allows you to broaden your horizon and expand to 50 states? As to where someone say who’s focusing on a Surfing niche (not me) could only focus on certain costs of the united states and certain English speaking places in general?

    The more options you have to expand the more you can broaden your horizons and income!

    Oh another thing, in your elance letter. It may just be me since I’ve been following you for about 5 months now, but you write really GREAT copy! I really hope you hit that $100 per day mark, that would be awesome brotha!

    Newcastle’s on me! haha cheers Pat keep up the great work!

    -Chris Alta

  • Tom

    This was another good article. I checked out your site and have a question. Under your security job heading, how did you add in the option to locate security jobs based on location? What kind of program allowed you to do that? I think this has a lot of possibilities for some bloggers or at least me. :)

    If I could figure out this option I could make my site that much more relevant for my niche and attrach people in every state.


    • Pat

      Hey Tom, I actually wrote about this in Installment #13 of the Niche Site Duel, but basically you can sign up as a publisher on, drop in a one line piece of script on your site in a page, and then you’ve got yourself a job board. Boom!

      • Tom

        Thx Pat! I’ll check it out.

  • Jin

    I like how you’re pushing yourself to the next level!

  • Javier

    patt! congratulations. always very inspiring. I have been following you a few weeks right after you started the duel and it has been impressive to see your niche site become.

    I have just recently (the last couple of months) started implementing what you teach, started a blog looking to turn it into a business and every post from you just makes me want to go a step further. I have made from my blog $1.19, hahaha! but I really have not started monetizing yet. I am working on posting content and just started yesterday working on your backlink strategy. thanks again. keep pushing! keep inspiring, and keep rocking the online entrepreneurial community man!

  • Dan

    Nice work Pat. It seems like the site has transformed from a niche site to the #1 authority site on Security Guard training. Have you thought about seeking out direct advertising from the top Security Guard brands? I would think they would be willing to offer top dollar now. Best of luck!

  • Dustin | Fit Marriage

    Wow, this is so exciting Pat! I think back to when you first got going with this site and were earning very little, yet you were optimistic that it would pay off with some time and patience.

    It’s definitely paying off big now! :-)

  • Laura

    This is such a timely post! My husband and I are working on our first niche site and are in the backling trenches right now (we’re up to page two of Google!). Just this morning we were brainstorming how we can continue to expand our niche site. This article certainly gave me some ideas!

    Question– Are you doing the backlinking strategy with all these new articles, too? Is there a point when it would make sense to just add articles to the site, but not do the backlinking?

  • Caleb

    You continue to impress me with your niche site progress Pat.

    What is next for the site after the “armed” training? Are you planning to build an additional niche site instead?

  • Eric

    Wow, great decision on not taking the offer Pat! You definitely seem to get some sick ROI on everything you do.

    Do you have a nickname? If not, I propose Pat “Midas” Flynn.

    I agree with Ryan, once you get some advertising for your “directory”… sky is the limit!


  • Wes

    Lately I’ve been reading through your blogs, especially the one here about your niche site. I’m pretty new to this whole thing, but this is very inspirational. I’ve only been reading through it now for about 3 weeks and I’ve already learned so much. I think it’s great that you are getting your site to a more complete status. Real progress. Thank you sharing this. Hopefully soon I can share something I have with you.

  • Rey

    Awesome and inspiring Pat! I am building a site in another niche that is growing. In less than a month I am on pos 4-7 with 4 different keywords. thanks to you! I noticed on the security niche site you have jobs up there. How did you do this? This feature would add a great value to our community. Thanks!

    • Anya

      You can easily Google Indeed affiliate program and sign up. Once you are a member you can create a code you copy and paste to the page of your website where you want the job board displayed.

  • David Aase

    Wow Pat!

    That’s amazing, this just gave me a new goal for the summer. Along with working on an ebook – Thanks to you! – I’m working on a plan to set up a similar niche site.

    Thanks so much for all of the motivation! I really like seeing these numbers, it lets people know that it is possible to set up a home based business.

    Take care

  • Angie

    This is great, congrats! As always, thanks so much for sharing your steps to getting to where you’ve gotten! :)

  • Gavin McMaster

    Awesome work Pat! Inspirational, keep planting those seeds.

  • Anya

    Pat, why the missing CPC, CTR, and number of clicks? Are you planning to reveal that information in some other way in the future. Or perhaps reserving it as an exclusive for your students? I am highly interested in finding out those numbers at some point if possible.

    • mike

      it’s against google adsense terms of service to give out CTR. i think CPC also.
      he could have his google adsense account terminated if he gave out those numbers.

      • Anya

        Oh I see, thanks. I think I’ve heard that before, but for some reason was thinking it might just be youtube.

  • Kelly

    This is so cool! Pat, where do you get niche ideas? Do you grab them out of the air (literally), or do they just come to you, or you hear about them? All of the above? Do you find it hard? I love how you put in a lot of hard work and you don’t fudge the details. Thanks for showing us that real success comes from hard work :)

    • Anya

      Check out Pat’s videos section. He has a video titled something like How I Selected My Niche and he goes through the entire process with Market Samurai.

      • Kelly

        Thanks Anya!

  • Gavin McMaster

    Pat, a quick question on SEO for you:

    I take it you haven’t done much SEO / backlinking since getting to number 1. Do you think with the amount of content you now have that you would potentially be number 1 without any of the backlinking? Would be interesting.


  • Darla

    i think the price was CHEAP … not high. You did great job and it was good move. Hope it brings continue income. two thumbs up

  • Brad

    As always, very inspiring Pat. I have been trying to build niche sites for a few months sporadically. The first few have turned out to just be learning experience, but I think I have found a few that will payout better. I find it hard to get the motivation to work on it since I haven’t seen any results, but your updates about the site are great. Keep up the good work, and please continue to keep us in the loop too.


  • Bauchredner

    Nice to see your site developing and getting better and better. But the best thing about your security page is the fact, that you share ALL the informations needed to creat such a site. Thanks for that Pat!

  • Mikael Rieck

    Super cool Pat. $22 really isn’t that bad. I am currently paying people about $40 per article (in Danish) and I get high quality stuff. It is an investment for the years to come.

  • Mase

    You should add DC and Puerto Rico too. But definitely DC!

  • Wes

    Congrats on getting everything on the site!

    The price seems steep to me, but then again, if you were to put a value on the time it would have taken you to do the same research and writing, it probably is a whole lot more than that.

    As I mentioned on your Facebook page, the one thing that I would love to see on your site as a user is a more “interactive” way to pick the state you are interested in. The list format just makes it look cluttered to me, now that you have all 50 states in there. I think that a map where you can click on a state (or the name of the state for the really small ones) would go a long ways. I don’t know enough about WordPress to know how difficult it would be to integrate something like that, or if a plugin already exists for it, but it would definitely “feel” better to me.

    Anyway, great job, and keep us updated on how it does once all 50 states are indexed!

    • Pat

      Yeah that’s a great idea Wes…I think an interactive state thing would be pretty slick. I’m sure I could outsource that to my programmer. Will definitely look into it. Thanks!

      • Leon Aldrich

        Interactive map is a bit of html and css . You could figure out the basics in less time than it takes you to check out Geico (cough).

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is exactly what is called PASSIVE INCOME!

    You’re results, and the practical posts you write to make it easy for others to achieve similar is highly inspiring.

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!


  • Moon Hussain

    This is plain awesomeness Pat! It’s funny you ended the post with “Keep planting seeds.” I tweeted this earlier today before reading your post, “It’s time to KILL it today 😉 Seeds are being planted and that’s always the exciting part.”

    $90 for one day’s earning? That’s ridiculously awesome. Looks like you’ve added another major income source that could easily be upto par with your Leed site. Congratulations!

  • Scott

    Hey Pat, congrats on the increase in income 😉

    That $22 per article does seem a bit high though for what you got (unless I missed something here) I checked out the new pages and they really aren’t articles, but really just a short summary/outline of what is on the state gov site.

    For example, Washington State — there is only around 194 words and it’s really just bullet points? Am I missing something else?

    • Pat

      Part of the cost, I feel, is doing the proper research for each individual state and making sure its 100% accurate. Not all of the states have that many requirements and steps, but I don’t know which ones until you do something like make calls, which I didnt have time to do. Also word count is not important to me, its the cogent that’s in the piece. Hope that makes sense! Cheers!

  • Jody

    Pat, this is great motivation to keep me moving on my first niche site! I have to ask if this is your most successful niche site, or do your other sites perform equally as well (or better)?
    BTW, found you on iTunes after you posted episode 1 of your podcast and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  • Tri

    Hey Pat, how much of your security guard training income (and visitors per day) do you think comes from SPI?

    • Pat

      Hi Tri – I’m sure some traffic comes as a result of SPI, however I try my best not to encourage it. I’ve never linked the site from SPI, and I can sort of tell by the terms people find me from if they are from SPI or not (for example, if they search for “security guard training hq”)

      I’m confident that about 95 to 98% of my search traffic comes naturally from search engines.


  • Tanvir

    Great to see the progress this site has made. Really helps motivate me to keep at it and try to get similar results.

    Since the site has a newsletter, how have you been implementing that? Is it similar to the type of newsletters you send out at SPI? Also do you have any plans to grow traffic even more via things such as PPC marketing?

    • Pat

      The only thing I have on the newsletter right now is a couple of emails that point to the job board, and I believe my “top gear” article, but that’s it for now. As far as traffic, I don’t plan on doing any PPC until I know that money spent for traffic equates to additional income and positive profit.

      • John

        Pat, DON’T send PPC traffic to your pages that have adsense on them – that’s what called “adsense arbitrage” and could get your adsense account banned.

        Meaning – you’re sending PPC traffic to your page about a topic, and on that page is your article with adsense around it – that’s adsense arbitrage.

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for sharing your progress and your stats with us. This level of transparency sets you apart from other niche entrepreneurs.

  • Brad C


    Great work! I am once again inspired to try and identify a niche site of my own and travel a similar path. Love the site and podcasts and use them every week to drive my motivation.


  • Matt

    That’s awesome Pat!
    Quick question for you. Have you ever done a post/podcast on interviewing people? I don’t recall one specifically, and I’ve listened to every single one of your podcasts.

    Your interviews always seem to have this stellar signature SPI quality to them. In fact, the interviews you do have a quality to them that far surpasses many of your idols in my opinion. Do you have any tips that you’re willing to share?

    Is Betsy still ticking along or have you reinvested some of your profits?

    Cheers Pat!


    • Pat

      Hey Matt – never done a post or podcast about interviewing people. I actually didn’t even know what I was doing, as far as the interview process, stood out to people – so that’s a major compliment – thank you!

      I think part of it is just having really cool people on the show, who I’ve gotten to know really well prior to the interview. For example, with Chris Ducker, Glen Allsop, and Chris Guthrie, I’ve chatted with each of them beforehand, and they are my homeboys! (Nicole Dean too, although she’d be a homegirl!). This makes the interviews a lot more casual, fun and just like we’re having a dinner conversation, if that makes sense, which makes for a good show, I believe.


  • Ralph

    Great Stuff!

    I’ve been using your “advice” and bought a few articles from EasyPLR.
    Even though the articles aren’t really unique (there are sold in packs of 100) it is very cheap way to get content.

    I just bought an 4 pack of content (nearly 10.000 words and a lot of screenshots) for 27 dollars….. Since I can’t afford the VA yet, this is a great way to get content and get started.

    For me its a starting point to re-write the content and add my personal touches.
    It also gives me a buffer for blog posts as I tent to give it away for free anyway.
    (taking a leaf ouf of the Pat and Glen book if you wish)

    To others who like me can’t afford the VA yet. This is a great way to get quality content fast.


  • Gerald

    I enjoy the fact that you are able to have success with a website that you created less than a year ago and making a income equal a years salary for some folks. That’s awesome. You are still have a heart of a gladiator on the gridiron. Great job!

  • Jesse @ Essential Oils Reference

    Great work Pat! It amazes me how easy this is and that anyone can do it with a little determination and the right tools (which you have all but explained). There are also so many different niche’s that are yet to be explored. The great thing is that you are providing a value to the Internet and those seeking information, and you are rewarded for that. Please keep up the great explanations and I would love to watch you build another niche and join you step by step!

  • Ioni @

    Hi Pat.What is the AVG CPC for your niche?

    • Pat

      Unfortunately, I can’t reveal that – it’s against the TOS, which is why I blurred it out in the screenshot in the post.

  • sameer

    What is the CTR of the ads. This look quite unrealistic.

    • Pat

      Sameer, as I mentioned to another person above, I cannot reveal that because it’s against Google’s TOS, and I can’t risk getting my account suspended. But, realize that this was my very best day – on average it earns between $30 and $50 per day, and sometimes my CPC varies quite heavily, and on this day it was definitely a higher CPC day for me. I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the location and conversion rates of these ads. Cheers, and all the best to you!

  • Travis

    Pat – Great post. Can you comment on the level of success you’ve had building other niche sites? It would be helpful for me to get a sense of the probability of achieving the success you have had with your security guard training site. Thanks so much for the great information.

    – Travis

    • Pat

      Thanks Travis – all of my other niche sites, using the same strategies (although a few I’ve been experimenting with other strategies, just to see what works and what doesn’t, and some techniques do work better than others, but I’m not quite at a point where I can post and say with confidence how they really work) are on the first page of Google, except for one which I started last month, which is on the second page.

      By far, as far as income and traffic, this particular niche site is doing the best, however I am seeing quite a bit of natural, search engine traffic to my other sites, as well as sales for affiliate products (which I don’t have on this site), and a percentage of adsense income as well.

  • Rob Pene

    Dude, I’m still amazed at the progress you’ve made with the site…I remember very well when you first started AND now its doing really really well for you!!!!! Amazing bro!

  • Manikandan

    Hi Pat,

    Great article. The results show the real power of Mind mapping. If you choose the topic which you love, then everything will be easy for us to make it clear cut and extend it. I love the way that you separate the modules, and keep work on it. All the Best for your Future works. Cheers.

  • Welner

    Congratulations pat! You deserve it!

  • Brigit | Biddy Tarot

    Pat, I’m surprised no-one has asked this yet, but can you PLEASE, please, please share your tips on how to generate up to $100 a day from Google Adsense? I have up to 4,000 daily visits but I am not getting anywhere near $100 per day in Adsense revenue. More like about $5!! I would love to know how to optimise this much better. Your other readers would also no doubt benefit from such an article.

    • Pat

      That’s a good topic, Brigit, although I can tell you up front that the topic of the blog definitely has a lot to do with it, since it’s related to keywords that people pay for, with varying prices per click depending on the subject. So that right there is huge, because for example a niche that gets me $3.00 per click for example (maybe something in the weight loss or travel industry?), then I’d only need 33 or 34 clicks to make $100 a day. If you get 3400 visitors in a day, then you’d only need to convert 1%, which is totally possible. If you’re only getting $1.00 per click, then you’d need to work 3 times as hard to get the same amount, so it’s definitely worth the effort to find a good niche with some good possible payouts. Also, just a lot of testing. Testing fonts, colors, placements, etc. I may expand on this in a post, like you suggested, but just wanted to tell you a few things so you didn’t have to wait :)

      • Brigit | Biddy Tarot

        Thanks Pat for the advice – much appreciated :-)

      • Brigit | Biddy Tarot

        Just had another thought / ‘aha’ moment…. so it’s all about selecting keywords that attract a $3+/higher CPC (which you can view thru the Adwords tool) and targeting those keywords in the content of the page so that then Google will place ads related to those higher CPC keywords. I think I get it now!

        Sorry, this must be so basic for those ‘in the know’, but trust me, this is a wonderful awakening for me!! :-)

        Back to the drawing board…

  • Larry @ The Niche Think Tank

    Awesome stuff Pat!!!!

  • Rob Cubbon

    I’ve found all your posts on this site interesting, Pat, this is a great example of how outsourcing writing (while making sure of the quality) can really pay off.

  • David

    Pat, you’re truely inspiring.

    Looking at your achievements of hard but mostly extremely SMART work makes me feel comfortable that everything is possible in our day and age. I think this is especially important in times of economic downturn. People who don’t know about these kind of opportunites will be easily troubled when their job is not safe anymore. Following people like you gives hope, Pat. I just wish more people were aware of it, especially here in Greece.


  • Remco

    The best part of it is that Pat continued with the site. Most of the other contenders (if not all) have stopped with their work on their niche site.

    In a duel there needs to be a winner…..right?

  • Financial Success for Young Adults

    What a great case study. I’m working on a niche site now and I never thought of generating content with elance. thanks for the tip.

  • Rory Mullen

    Good job Pat. You may not know this but with the information you have provided, you have opened the door for many more IM to figure out what jobs need training and also see if they can garner page one rank for their individual job topic. Just to name a few, chefs, nurses, tuck drivers

    Keep up the good work Pat and also I love seeing you diversify your online work. It is a good method to teach.

  • David Norcott

    This one sentence struck me as really funny and telling: “The lovely thing about this particular niche (the security guard training niche), is that every single state in the US has a different set of rules and procedures for becoming a security guard.”

    I think a lot of people would see that as an obstacle. Like “oh I want to start a security guard website, but then I need to deal with requirements from 50 different states!” I love how you look at that as an opportunity!

    Rock on.

  • Marshall Stevenson

    Great to read Pat. I always get inspired reading your stuff. One other thing that you could look at as well is expanding your reach to the north. It’s quite often that everything online is focused on the US. Don’t get me wrong, the audience is there for sure, but us Canadians also look for this type of training and I’m sure it would help add to your long tail results as well.

  • Paul Warren

    How do you combine the blog with the website?

    • Pat

      Hey Paul – i’m using wordpress as the platform. In wordpress, under settings > reading, you can change the page that is shown on the homepage when people arrive, as well as the page that the blog / updated content part is shown. I just created a Page, named it blog, and set that page as the one that shows the blog posts. Hope this helps!

      • Paul Warren

        Good, thanks Pat.

  • Paul Warren

    To clarify, I am referring to the security guard training HQ site.

  • Hulbert Lee

    Thanks for posting this article Pat. It’s really inspiring to see the work that you have put in and the results you have gotten from it. I especially liked the part where you showed us why hiring writers at Elance, despite the high price, was worth doing so for the long run. Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to your next blog post.

  • Aaron

    Dear Pat

    The soundtrack to my life right now is one of the most CATCHY TUNES in the world called “RAT RACE” by BaHa Men (check it out on YouTube you’ll see)! The lyrics go: Life’s nothing, life’s nothing, life is nothing but a SLAP in the face, life is nothing, it’s a nothing, life is nothing but a FAT RAT RACE!

    Reading your blog and seeing from the very beginning how you set up the security website to how you made it grow in “real-time” has motivated me to no longer “try” but to actually escape the “RAT RACE”!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this awesome stuff – really!

    Cheers – Slainte (good health in Irish).

  • Paul

    Hi Pat, Glad to hear you have crossed the $100 mark for adsense earnings in one day. I currently have 3 websites and am struggling to get traffic. When the Panda website came out I got hammered. I am thinking about adding a blog to my main site to help keep the content fresh

  • Hando@HowToBecome

    I found the Security Guard Training site few months back on Google as this is one of the categories in our website and I was surprised to see that it was one of your sites when I stared reading this blog. Very encouraging and interesting to read about your progress and the detailed earning reports as well. I am not surprised at all that you got offered such a nice figure for it as the site looks good and it already doing very well and it has such a huge potential as security industry is quite big so you can expand the site in many different directions.

  • Rachael Towne

    Thanks Pat. I have struggled with earning any money with Adsense over the last year or so. Most of my Online income (which is only about $400 per month) currently comes from affiliate programs. However, my main blog is only about 3 months old so I feel encouraged by this.

    Other sources of Online income for me are sales of stock images on microstock sites, as well as through my Etsy store. These sales only total about $200 per month.

    Adsense earnings? Almost zero! I have started working on some niche sites for selling calendars, as well as a site about nothing bu HDR photography. I have lots and lots of ideas right now and often feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas in my mind right now! Perhaps these sites will end up being good Adsense sites…

    Anyway, I have the luxury of being a stay at home mom of a toddler, with a part time Online job with a software company answering emails. So, while I don’t have limitless time on my hands, I have more than many people do.

    Thanks for your awesome and inspiring blog and podcast. I’ve listened to every one of them :)

    • mike


      I just wrote a recent post about my slow start with google adsense. I made $1.43 my first month. And $1.31 my 2nd month. In the first year I only made a little over $200 w adsense.

      I’m not making Pat-type money yet but I make a lot more per month now with adsense. Stop over and take a look if you have a minute.

      good luck to you!

      • Rachael Towne

        Thanks Mike,

        I just read your article and did find it helpful and hopeful! I left a comment on your post as well.

  • Norm Peterson

    Great job Pat. It’s interesting to hear how things are going on your niche site.
    At one point you talked about doing direct Display ads – where are you in that process it would be interesting to see why you have or not opted to sell ads directly.


  • tommy

    Wow. I’m quite amazed at the ratio of adsense earnings/visitors there. A good reminder to choose your niche well if you intend to make money through adsense :-)

  • steve

    Hey Pat…great article ! The funny thing about this post is that I sent you a message asking about this very thing. I kind of have two identities and my new site My question was about this exact subject. Optimizing for adsense which has been a challenge for me. My site is on the 1st page of google for my main keywords (took 4 weeks yeah..) but I want to improve the adsense revenue. Thanks for link to the January post I missed that so I will read that and make changes as needed. Again, thanks for all of your help..I would be way behind without your help…

  • Bojan

    Flynndustries now has a resonating sound, when I think of it. Cause you are pushing out quality content on autopilot. Way to go.

  • TheInfoPreneur

    sweet results Pat! Keep on keeping on with the updates.


  • Marco

    Very impressive Pat – congratulations.

  • Vince

    Fantastic results Pat and thanks for sharing your strategy to take this niche web site to the next level. Very happy for you and definitely inspired by your example.
    I also look forward to your next podcast 😉

  • Vic Dorfman

    No reason you couldn’t expand to the requirements for security guards in other countries, eh? :-)

    Good Vibes~

  • Scott Bradford


    I was working with some writers on Elance, and I seem to have bumped into your writer for the Security Training site. Thanks for recommending them, they are helping immensely with my content.

    • Pat

      Sweet Scott – my writer is awesome. I’m scared to announce her name here because then she wouldn’t be able to work for me anymore! LOL! If anyone is interested though, send me an email and I’ll send you her contact info. :) Cheers!

  • Tomalley

    Oh Pat, I tried to join you on this niche site challenge and failed miserably! I ended up stupidly rushing the most important step and picking a terribly competitive keyword “college football.” After realizing I’d have to beat out sites like cnn and espn, I kinda gave up on this one. The good news, I have the template (TOTALLY copied you to a almost flattering/borderline offensive degree) so future niche sites will be a breeze.

    The good news is I’m re-inspired and ready to go for it again. This time with an actual NICHE and not a mainstream superkeyword.

    You can all learn from my mistakes at

    • Pat

      Hey Tom – thanks for your transparency and for sharing your mistakes – that’s exactly how we learn! Keyword research is definitely the most crucial step, but like you said now when you find a good niche you’ll be all ready to go.

      Regarding copying my template, it’s definitely not a problem at all! If I was worried about stuff like that I wouldn’t share any of this information on the blog.

      Good luck with your future keyword research! Thanks again!

  • Jana Quinn

    What an excellent post! It’s rare to find bloggers who have such transparency in their methods; a lot give general information but leave it to you to find the step-by-step. For some reason, people want to give the impression that they are providing tons of free information, but the reality is that they’re not giving away their BEST stuff.

    I like how you showed where you did the grunt work (writing up the first chunk of articles with the requirements) and where you decided it was more efficient to get someone else to write the articles (for the remaining states). Not only does that free up your time (and ring truer to the “passive” component of your lifestyle), but you’re forming a solid relationship with that freelance writer for his/her content and can rely on him/her in the future.

    As always, very inspiring!


  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    good stuff Pat – the run rate ratio of uniques to earnings is very high – a testament to your niche selection skills :) most of my niche sites generating 500 or so uniques peak at $800/mo. it appears that $800 is your new floor and are only going up from there. all the best

  • JJ Jungle

    Thank you so much for showing a definite path towards generating passive income.
    What I have taken so far as action steps for my niche sites is:
    1. Spend MORE time on keyword research
    2. Get website up
    3. Have a Goal of about 26 posts/articles to help with attracting long tail keyword phrases (more or less depending on Niche)
    4. Use your Backlinking Strategy to build traffic over time
    5. Test, Re-asses, and expand if necessary
    6. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat
    Am I missing anything?

  • Deneil Merritt

    Wow, I been gone for awhile. Good to see your niche site is growing. You know you could take that site even higher by not limiting yourself to just the US. You could provide articles on the requirements for people in Canada as well as the UK. Just a thought.

  • Clark

    Hi Pat, can you please tell me which template you used for this site

    Thanks in advance.


  • Rob

    Actually, it’s all about having a great niche or being focussed enough – thank you so much Pat for all your tips! Compared to Europe, you guys in US have the advantage, that even the single US market is big enough for many niches. If you doing business in Europe, you may struggle with many different countries and different languages. 😛 One solution is doing all stuff in English. So do you have any experience in niche sites next to English? Greets from Germany!

  • Eric


    Thank you for your blog, the information and not trying to sell me something.

    Great write up about outsourcing. I think $22 per article is a great price and money well spent. I just outsourced my first two articles/posts last month. I am a terrible writer. I should have outsourced earlier and would have saved myself a lot of time and headaches. I hired the person that I had purchased PLR articles from to write the articles because I was happy with her writing style. I am going to give Elance a try for future content for new sites. But if you don’t mind I would like to try the writer that did the content on your security guard training site. Did you give the writer a deadline to complete the job?

    I actually discovered your blog while looking for a free WordPress theme to set up a local niche directory. Any recommendations on themes? What is the theme you use for the security guard training site?

    Thanks again for the information.

    Best regards,

  • Helen Neely

    Great work Pat. This shows that you don’t really need a ‘product’ to sell online to make money. Providing your users the quality information they’re looking for is vital – which you have demonstrated with your income.

    Nice work.

  • Christopher Erckert

    Hey Pat,

    Just completed reading all your posts and am ready to see how I stack up to your results.

    One question, for those additional posts you are outsourcing on your nich site, are you planning on implementing your backlinking strategy for them as well?

  • Amit

    Pat i joined the challenge, and when i was reviewing the keywords, i got a strange thing. For one of the keyword, the top ten sites in Google have either 1 or 0 pr. But most of them have 20,000+ backlinks for the page.

    So would it be easy to compete them for #1 position. In brief, which is more important backlinks or page rank to get ranked well.

  • Nick

    Hey Pat,
    First i wanted to thank you personally for walking us all through this process of creating a niche from scratch. I have been following your advice fully and I have done a number of things to make sure I will get to where i want to be. For one all the tools that you have listed have been more than helpful in getting my site ranked higher. As of today my website is just a spot shy of being in the top 10. I have been using your backing strategy just as you have said, and it seems like it is working pretty good. I have a question as to if I should link some of the pages directly to my niche website at all? I have been doing it the way you showed us, where we link to a web 2.0 page and then the SEO juices flow down to our primary site. On Market Samurai I am not seeing any back links show up, so I am wondering if I were to do the minimum recommended 50 articles a day, straight to my primary site if it would hurt me more than to help?

    Also I have an article suggestion for you. Since browsing your security guard training website I did notice that you set up an advertising page. My suggestion would be to go into step by step detail how you set it up and how to make a reacquiring payment work. I’m sure there are a good amount of people that do not know exactly how this is done.
    Thanks again, and hope to hear back.

  • Meka

    Several hours later after reading all of your entries on this journey I sure have learned a lot and have found some gems among your content. I now have an idea of what I need to be doing better in order to see good results from my niche websites. Thanks a bunch for providing this information. Well, will visit again tomorrow to take notes and digest more information.

  • Jamie

    Just want to say fantastic work on the niche site, you inspired me to start my own site while I’m on break from university in the UK. Just realised its a lot more effort to get the site up and looking the way you want than I thought until you can load it with quality content, but hopefully I will do well. Thanks a bunch Pat =)

  • Reegon

    Im amazed by all what you have achieved with this niche site. After 2 years of blogging career you inspired me to start my first niche blog. Im reading all your stuff and Im applying every single tip you have written here.

    Keep the great work buddy!

  • mor

    Thanks for sharing all this information.

    can you share the name of the interactive map you are using on the home page?


  • Paul Easton

    Can you tell me the designer you used- i looked around but couldnt find it listed anyway -its professional and has the ads in the right place without being too abrupt

  • Elsa

    Hi Pat,

    This is my first comment. I found out about you a while ago from Yaro Starak’s podcast. I just want to say thanks for putting up SPI blog, because it’s very useful and entertaining. I’ve learned a lot from you. Now I’m actually reading your posts while enjoying a cup of tea. . . lol

  • paul

    hey Pat…..great info great blog and full of brilliant tips and treasures. you are motivating me by the minute. ive just started out on adsense and made my 1st 61 cents in a my 1st day .hopefully more to come….now have 7 sites. what id like to know is if you would disclose your plugins you are using and your theme unless i have missed that info somewhere. ive tried getting a privacy policy but cant find one. any chance of you listing them all for this niche challenge site cheers paul


    Hi pat,
    I really love your information,I hope to do well like you.I have learnt something new from this blog.One can actually get their content written at frelance.Thnks alot pat.

  • Piterson

    Hey Pat,
    I love your blog.I will implement your good advice and strategies.

  • Jason Love

    I some times hire a ghost writer for $15 an article and was worried it was too high. I came to the same conclusion you did with having to think about their time to research and getting quality articles.

    I tried fiverr for articles and I always get garbage I have to spend more time fixing than if I just wrote them myself.

    Spending the extra money is the way to go in order to get quality. I know your site is doing well, which shows your writer was worth the money.
    Jason Love

  • Rachael

    As a blogger and a paid writer, I can attest to the $22 per article being right on. I write for a very popular photography site and am paid $20 per article.

    Once I have researched and written an article, which are usually 800-1200 words, I usually take around 2 hours. So I’m making around $10 per hour. Not a huge sum!

    I write mostly for “free” on my own blog but with the hope of earning more over time.

    • Derek Palizay

      I know you made this comment over a year ago, but do you still do freelance writing?

      • rachel

        yes i still do freelance writing

  • John

    The article reads that you received an offer for $10,000k.

    That’s 10 million dollars!!!


    I think you should fix the typo. Good article though. :)

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  • Glori Mason

    That’s very nice article about Security Guard Training. There is most likely lots a lot of to a security job than you’d truly assume. There square measure several skills required for the task. I have been grateful to solely have the best security at all the events I have attended. I do know it takes lots of labor and dedication to create a secure setting for others.

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