Niche Site Earnings and Directory Listing Update

A lot of you have been requesting an update on my security guard training niche site, so here it is!

If you aren’t familiar with this particular site of mine, I recommend you read up on the niche site duel – where I and several other bloggers and internet marketers share and reveal everything from idea generation to monetization (and we reveal our niches and domain names too!).

Earnings Update

passive incomeCurrently, the site is still ranking #1 for my target keyword and primarily making money from Google Adsense, and thanks to some great advice from Spencer over at (who has his last day of work at his 9-to-5 job today…congrats Spencer!), I made a couple of little tweaks that dramatically increased my income from an average of $8.00 per day, to a whopping $19.09 per day since the changes I made on March 2nd.

That’s a 139% increase in earnings, and over the course of an entire year that’s an extra $4,047.85! This just shows you that even little changes can make a huge difference over the long haul.

Here’s a graph showing you my earnings since the change:

Ad Placement Change

To date, the site has earned a total of $908.80 in Adsense ads alone in about 5 months time. Although this is a small portion of income compared to some of my other online businesses, I definitely think this is a success – one that will earn a lot more in the future, especially with some of the things I have planed for the site, which I’ll talk more about later in this post.

So what were those little tweaks?

The first thing I did was remove the 300 x 250 rectangle ad that was at the top of my sidebar, and put move it to within the body of any post or page, floating on the right hand side so text wraps around on the left.



Ad Placement Tweak

This move got rid of the stock image of the security guard (which in my opinion wasn’t really adding much to the site) and it makes the sidebar look a little more professional too. Because the ads are now centered on the page and closer to where the main text is located, it increased the click-through rate dramatically.

Note: I’m using a wordpress plugin called Advertisement Management to easily place ads in specific areas of my site. It’s free in the WordPress plugin directory.

Another small tweak I did was add a horizontal Link Ad unit above the image banner at the top. Before adding this unit, there were no ads shown above the fold (above the fold = what you see without having to scroll down the page) for certain screen resolutions. What’s nice about this ad unit is that it is fairly unobtrusive and is always displayed no matter what the screen resolution is. Link Ad Unit PlacementIt’s all about testing and optimization, and not just in regards to advertisements. If something seems like it works pretty well (and even if it’s not working at all), you may be able to do better, and the only way to know is to test.

Take action, and see what happens. Experiment!

Lastly, know that every website is different and different tests (like ad placements) will yield different results. There are general things you can do to potentially increase your income like I did, but the only way to really know if it’ll work for you is to try.

A Company Directory

My next experiment with this site is to utilize a company directory. I’ve seen a number of different websites successfully create an infrastructure that allows companies to sign up for a small monthly fee to be listed into a directory and enjoy the exposure as well as the SEO benefits it can give them from a top, relevant site.

The math is pretty crazy here. There are hundreds and hundreds of security guard companies in each individual state. If I were to get only 1 company from each state to signup for $10/month (for example), that’s $500.00/month in residual income. Two companies from each state = $1000/month, and so on.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. Luckily, a programmer has already built the infrastructure on my site so it’s completely automated.

This stuff isn’t live on the site yet (so these are a bit rough), but this is how it’ll work:

1. Sign Up Form

Add CompanyThis is the page companies will use to sign up. There are fields for the following:

  • Your Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Company Logo
  • The State the Company Resides
  • Company Description

They also have the ability to choose a regular listing or a premium listing at at a higher price.

A premium listing give them the opportunity to have their company highlighted on the directory and always show near the top.

This is all connected to paypal so after they fill out this information, they’ll be taken to a checkout screen to pay. After payment, their company will be live on the site.

2. The Main Directory

After companies sign up, their information will be placed onto an overall company directory, as shown below:

The Company Directory3. Within Each Individual State Post

Additionally, their company will be listed at the bottom of every post that has a tag that matches the state their business is located. So for example, if the company is in California, all posts that deal will California will list the companies at the bottom in a California-only directory:

Individual State Listing4. A Company Page on the Site

In addition to the main company directory, and the directories within each individual state’s post, the company will also get their own dedicated page on the site. Whenever someone clicks on the company name within the directories, they will be taken to a page that looks like the one you see below:

Company Profile PageA logo and description of the company will be included as well – those were just features I added after the example companies were put in as a test.

Also, you can see a Google map of where the company is located and a link for directions too.


As you can see, this is all pretty slick. Especially because the developer also created a wordpress plugin just for the purposes of easily managing the directory. On the backend, I have the ability to add a company manually, delete companies, change the pricing for both the regular and premium listing, and include a free 30 or 60 day trial. And like I said, the best part is that it’s all automated – I just have to feed companies into it.

So How Do I Do That?

This is the big question, obviously. I can have a cool functioning, totally automated directory, but it’ll all be useless unless I get companies to sign up.

I have a number of options to try to get companies on board:

  • Email each individual company
  • Speak to the owner of each company over the phone (aka. cold call)
  • Send direct-mail to these companies
  • I could utilize a pURL (personalized URL) in each of the above 3 methods. (Say for example, I send a postcard to a company. It’ll have some intriguing copy on it and a link that includes the company name, and when they go to that link their name will automatically be inserted onto that landing page. This is all automated using a pURL service/system)
  • I could utilize a free-trial period in each of the above methods as well.
  • I could hire people to help me gather leads for me.

My intuition leads me to believe that a basic email won’t do any good. Many of these companies probably get asked by SEO companies if they need help with their search engine rankings quite often (I know I do!). Although I’d have an upper-hand because I have a very relevant site that could give them legitimate exposure, I’m afraid I could easily be seen as just another SEO company with an email that will be quickly ignored.

Am I right, or should I send out an email anyways, because it can’t hurt to try? (remember…experiment!)

I’m very intrigued by the direct-mail response method. I’m researching the costs right now and it would definitely be a fun experiment, that’s for sure. The copy on those postcards would be immensely important.

So this is where I stop to ask you: what do you think is the best approach here?

I’ve been involved with this particular project for about a month now and I’m getting tunnel vision. I would love some fresh eyes and some fresh first impressions to generate some potential ideas and opinions. If you’ve got anything to say (and I welcome constructive criticism!) or have some experience with something like this under your belt already, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m super stoked to see what happens.


Thanks everyone, and have a safe, happy and healthy weekend. Cheers!

My prayers go out to everyone who has in one way or another, directly or indirectly been effected by the earthquake in Japan.

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  • Paul

    AWESOME post Pat! Sometimes it’s those little tweaks (like ad placement or size) that can make all of the difference.

    Question for you…I know you are working on a few other Adsense type sites as well, are they doing as well as your Security Guard site?

    • Ryan

      Nice to see an update on the niche site duel. I’ve been one of those who was anxiously waiting to see how your site was doing. I feed off of the info you dish out about your niche site, as it got me to start my own.

      But I am also wondering how your other Adsense based sites are performing? Is doing the best revenue-wise?

      • Pat

        Hey Ryan – yep. The next closest site is making about 35-40% of this one, although some of them have successfully sold products as an affiliate, which helps. Cheers!

    • Pat

      Thanks Paul! The other niche sites I have aren’t even close when it comes to adsense. The next best one I would say is making about 35-40% of the security one. That said, a couple of them are making a few product/affiliate sales every few days, which is pretty cool. Getting there!

  • Dustin | Engaged Marriage

    Wow, it’s so cool to see how these seemingly small tweaks can have a dramatic impact on conversions. Thanks as always for sharing, Pat!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Hi Pat,

    Firstly, I must commend your efforts in writing your blog posts. Your writing and work reflects your genuineness and passion to help other people succeed online – this post is a perfect example of that.

    It is really great to see how the little changes you made to your niche site resulted in a significant income. Congrats :)

    It will be awesome to see how everything goes once your directory is live.

    Thanks so much and have a great day,

    • Bojan

      Hi Oni, always great to see your devotion in leaving blog comments on my favorite blogs, somehow I can never miss your site on my part of the web :)

  • Colin

    That’s awesome Pat, I’m definitely going to try that adsense placement on my site to see if I can increase some conversions. (I’ve seen a lot of that single line of ads in the header above everything, and I’ve clicked on those quite a lot, so I’ll try both).

    Btw, why haven’t you used adsense on this site? I know you make good money with other things, and I’m sure you don’t want to clutter your site up with ads, but I’m sure you could get quite a bit from the amount of traffic you get here.

    • Pat

      Hi Colin,

      I once had adsense on this site, but I took them down. For one, they give off the message that all I want to do is make money from this blog, which is not the case at all. Secondly, they add clutter and make the site look less professional. Lastly, the ads that were generating were for things I didn’t want my reads to get sucked into (get rich quick schemes, etc.). Hope that makes sense!

  • Kamcreationz

    Yeap it pays to keep testing. a slight increase in CTR can have a drastic change in the total earnings of the site.

    Lets say if the CRT for you ads goes from 2% to 3% it would result in 50% increase in revenue.

    Just a suggestion why dont you outsource the cold calling part and then contact only the hot leads via email,fax or even direct mail.

    And do update us on how it goes.

    • Bojan

      Therefore I think that good design plays a great role… Highly anticipating Pat’s guide to photoshop… That can have high impact on CTR…

      • Kamcreationz

        From my experience minimalist designs ( which in majority of cases are not sooo good looking ) have much higher CTR then sites using lots of graphics.

        Ever saw a jewelry exhibition where they make the models face black n make them wear black clothes so that all the attention is directed towards the diamond jewelery.

        If you wana make you CTR go up , you have to reduce the distractions

  • akil

    Hi Pat,

    I think the changes you have made is for the better and in the right direction. I cant say I have alot of niche site experience but its all about testing to see what works and what doesnt. So it doesnt hurt to send a few direct mail to see who bites.
    Keep up the awesome job and thanks for the tips.

  • Christina Crowe

    Hey Pat,

    What a GREAT idea! I love your plans for the company directory – especially the integration with Google Maps. Having a company directory also sounds pretty lucrative (keep it up!).

    As for how you’re going to attract companies to the directory, I love the postcard and free trial idea. If it were me, I’d do a combination of direct mail, postcards, a 30-day trial, and maybe some virtual assistants to help gather leads.

    But like you mentioned, I don’t think email would be very effective (many companies probably won’t even read them, and some may even mark them as SPAM). I also don’t like the idea of cold calling (it’s too intrusive in my opinion).

    Whatever you end up doing though, I think this will be a HUGE success, especially with how useful this security guard training site is, and how much work (and money) you’re putting into the site to make it look professional.

    You’re doing great work, Pat! Keep it up! And congratulations for your insane niche site earnings increase. This site has good potential, and I expect many great things to result from it. :)


    • Bojan

      I certainly agree on free trial idea, or give a couple of directory submits in exchange for backlink to make site even deeper established in the niche…

      I also believe over time as web grows, this site can have even further potential.

  • Gabe

    Sounds like a good plan Pat.
    Now, about that plugin…how can I get my hands on it???

  • Gavin McMaster

    Hi Pat,

    I think the postcard idea definately sounds like the way to go, otherwise maybe hire someone to make some calls. You want this to be passive, right? No point being on the phone all day.

    You’re right about the emails, I don’t think you’ll have much luck.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  • BMW E46 Tuning

    Hi Pat, Glad to see you niche site is coming along nicely, I just checked out your site this morning because I have not bee getting much revenue from Adsense on my 6 week old niche site. I really like the link ads at the top as they look like a navigation bar, so I added some to my site. I am still not getting much traffic to my site but it is growing at a steady rate.

  • Nilendu

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for sharing this really useful information. Just wanted to understand how you put the ads within the text. I downloaded the advertisement manager but cannot maneuver it. Will the plugin work with all themes?


    • Pat

      Hi Nilendu – to put the ads within the text, put in this syntax:

      < div style="float: right;">AD SCRIPT GOES HERE< /div>

      (take out the spaces between < & d and < & /) Regarding the plugin, it’s specially tailored for my site right now, but it could turn into a plugin others can use too. I’ll have to speak to the programmer about that.

      • Sarah Russell

        Keep us posted on whether you decide to release some version of this plugin/directory script to the public. That’d definitely be useful for some sites I’m working on! :)

        • Ben


        • Austin

          Another vote for releasing the script and plugin! Would it be too much to assume that this is the “first WordPress plugin” that you’ve been working on that you’ve mentioned before?

      • Trever Clark | Axis of Awesome Blog

        I’d love to get my hands on a copy of that plugin…

        • Geek Face

          I would be super interested in getting hold of this directory plugin. There are a few premium ones out there right now that really aren’t that great, this could be the solution for a lot of people.

  • Seth Frank

    Thanks for the update Pat. Keep at it. Also I shot you a message about your archives section. Keep pwning the niches sites man. Living inspiration

  • rich polanco

    Thanks for the update.

    Based on your stats, which seems to be performing better, the horizontal menu or the rectangle block? I’ve had success with the horizontal because it blends in well.

  • Perfect Dad

    Pat: Love the site!

    My suggestion for marketing to the companies is definitely a postcard or cold calling rather than spam, but rather than asking them to spend the money on posting within the directory, why not make it like you’re trying to help them. Tell them that you’re creating a complete list of all security-guard training companies as a resource to your readers. You can even pre-populate the database from the telephone book (probably a fairly easy yellow-pages scraper script to get the details) and then just send out the postcard saying “Hey, we’ve created this database of security companies and you’re one of them. If you care, please feel free to double-check the information because we want to have accurate content so that our readers can find you.”

    When they’re on the site to double check the info you can have your at least two tiers of service, the free basic directory with just name, address and phone number, or the premium $10 service of linking with the map, exposure on relevant pages, link directly to their website, etc.

    Marketing theory also suggests that you should have multiple levels of service, a very high-end one that few will take, the one you want them to take, and a couple of low ones that drive them into upgrading.


    Free Directory: Name, Address and phone number on a “directory” page
    Basic Directory $10: Enhanced information including website, map and logo (you need this money because you’ll send out a monthly email to them asking if the information is still accurate, maybe send them some stats)
    Basic Directory + Targeted Exposure $20: Basic + text links included in lists alongside or below relevant posts.
    Ultimate Exposure $50: Like targeted exposure, but with logo links, a slogan, and in a list above the other.

  • Perfect Dad

    Oh, by the way to further comment on what Christina mentioned about cold-calling being too intrusive: It’s not. These are business customers, not individuals you’re calling at home at dinner time. They are used to talking with vendors and salespeople — also, they sell their own services so they understand that you need to make contact.

    The only problem with cold calling is that it takes a bit of time. You would have to hire someone to make the calls. I recommend a well-designed mail ad with a follow-up call saying “Hey, just reminding you to check your record”, then another follow-up to those who haven’t visited the site to check their records. A call like “We noticed that you haven’t come by, are you still in business? Did you want us to delete the record for you — we can’t really have records that aren’t up date or we risk losing integrity with our readers?”

    • Pat

      Dang, you’re good dude :) I like. Definitely have a lot to think about now. Thanks!

      • Clare @ Help Pay Bills

        Hey Pat – and Perfect Dad – this is brilliant advice (I know Im SUPER late coming to this, LOL, but still finding this whole series VERY relevant now) … and for all the comments so far there’s been hardly any addressing your question what do WE think you should do to get companies to sign up and take this further?

        Really that’s a shame! – you shared all this, give something back people!! :-)

        I have 2 things to add:

        1. Email is free and just takes up your time, or you pay someone to do it. I have organised world tours DJing, by blind emailing people. I have got myself lots of TV sound gigs, by blind emailing people. I have had music placed with M&C Saatchi, and on compilations from my label – from blind email. And more.

        Of course some of it goes to spam, and of course people are busy, and of course it’s gonna be different in every single niche, BUT – don’t write it off! Obviously, having a direct contact works WAYYY better for everything I did above and for what you are trying to do here – people react to people.

        BUT, I do think, if you write a really awesome personal email showing integrity, professionalism, and really sell your site and directory and offer a free trial with a code maybe that is only in the email, I’d say give it a shot – although, damn, there must be a shit ton of security companies out there…! Definitely one to try to outsource!

        2. Here in the UK we have a number of industry manuals. The White Book for example has a LOAD of contacts in it to do with the TV and Film and creative industries. It costs about £100 to buy and to get listed in it costs a fair bit too. You can pay for different types of listings, and a basic listing is free. You can also pay to access their online directory – I think – I haven’t tried, but most of them offer this for a lesser fee. ALl the libraries stock these manuals and I used to photocopy huge chunks of them when I was starting out as I could never justify that amount of money for one book!

        You could create a PRINT copy book like this and charge people to get in it and use your database for the online version for the contacts for people. No need to charge loads for it necessarily… up to you :-)

        That said, if you are already creating a FREE database online, maybe it’s a mute point- but just a thought. I think the success of the industry manuals I am thinking of in the UK are mostly because they are in notoriously difficult industries to make contacts in – the music industry, film, video games, etc. Not impossible – just hard and if you can pay some money to save you the time to try to seek out these companies individually, and have it ALL in a convenient book, then bingo – some people can afford to do that and choose to do that.

        And isn’t that what lots of products are? Just nicely packaged time saving things, that you could do yourself but you are exchanging the money for the product for the time it saves you – just like Market Samurai for the keyword research!

        You’d definitely be able to make *SOME sales selling a physical book and a downloadable security company database, that you wouldn’t otherwise have made – just depends if it’s worth the effort to get it together and then make it into a real product – compared to the AMOUNT that you would sell and the price you could charge for it.

        Best wishes, Clare :-)

    • Amy

      Wow–Great Advice!!!

    • Sharon

      I love your thinking.
      It gave me a lot of ideas how to work in my fiend.
      Great Advice

  • Lonnie – My Income Lab

    Hey Pat – great update. the adsense blocks definitely fit better now. as for attracting companies to sign up for your directory, direct mail can get costly. for one thing, unless you are going to manually gather addresses you have to pay for a mailing list. then you have to pay for printing and postage. plus that doesn’t guarantee a response! could be thousands of dollars down the drain. I know this from experience, I used to work at a printing company and we did mailings all the time.

    I would suggest hiring someone to generate leads and pay them on commission only. That could be the best approach if you want to limit your out-of-pocket expenses, but i’m sure the challenge lies in finding the right people for the job. And then you have to manage them too!

    Good luck, no matter what you do, I’m sure you will find success. You have the midas touch!


  • Jeremy

    I would use a tool like keywordspy or others to find companies that are already spending money online (PPC) to drive traffic to their site.

    Then, I would contact them and tell them that you are getting X visitors to your state specific page a day, and that they could, for only $Y, have a listing there. Compare that to what they are spending per click and show them the value proposition of buying an ad from you. DON”T MENTION THE LINK VALUE, THOUGH–you don’t want someone narcing on you to Google for selling links!

    Cold calling companies that don’t know or use the internet will drive you crazy…we need you sane for this blog 😉

  • Carmine

    Congrats Pat!

    Those are some great adsense earnings for one niche site.

    I’m just starting to see some success with adsense as well as amazon sales from a niche site that i started about a month ago. Hope to keep growing my online income to the point where I don’t have to work my normal day job and get things running slightly more on auto pilot. It’s exciting!

    Thanks for all the great tips you’ve given me Pat!
    Look forward to hearing about all your future endeavors =)

  • Wes

    Great job tweaking your ads, Pat. Nothing can replace taking action and testing!

  • will

    Hey Pat,

    Putting myself in the shoes of a company getting pitched on inclusion in the directory – I’d want to see a ‘critical mass’ of other companies already listed. I would be especially likely to sign up if I saw my competitors on the site. Have you considered offering a few high-profile companies in this area free lifetime listings, or simply adding profiles for the highest profile companies in the space to get the site seeded?

    Also, if you had any more info about the directory plugin maker I would really appreciate it. I would love to implement a similar feature on my niche site.


    • Perfect Dad

      That’s why you pre-seed the list from the yellow pages. Everyone will already be there, so the choice is: Do I pay a little to put myself in a better light than the competition or do I do nothing and disappear.

      Loss is a far better motivator than gain, and more information comparing the company’s position relative to others will drive them up the upgrade chain. Pat can do all this without even making a sales-pitch — just by making sure the company knows where it ranks against others.

      Of course, I am assuming that the site and directory does provide value to the companies. If not then Pat won’t get paid for long.

  • Ryan Erisman

    Thanks for sharing Pat. As you know from the back and forth we had last week, I’m doing similar in a different niche. For what its worth (.02) email has never worked for me. Started using direct mail about 3 months ago and it has exceeded my expectations. Nothing as complex as purls though…just good ‘ol fashioned sales letters.

  • jonknep

    Hi Pat,

    Gooo you! These are killer results for this niche site. It became a solid earner quick! Now to the advertising. You left out print (and web for that matter) advertising and PPC. Have you considered either of these?

    It would certainly benefit you to hire someone to gather lead information vs. buying it in bulk from a lead service (although this is another option). From my [little] experience lead lists are often filled with duplicate and/or some dated content, not to mention the sales people push HARD and for a LONG time.

    Using a VA to handle the task could also provide more personalized details. Along with the usual name, address, etc. you can have your VA gather info including exact contact person, is there a physical address & mailing address, advertising, etc. which could be used to personalize messages and/or uncover additional insight into your target market.

    As far as email is concerned since you’ll be getting email addresses you may want to fire out some quality emails. That along with the site stats will surely make you stand out. Who knows it may lead to some sales but it will also get the process going of having prospects recognize your brand for if you do send direct mail or contact via phone later on.

    As far as direct mail is concerned you can get print stuff for next to nothing. Vistaprint emails me out the yin-yang with “just pay shipping deals”, so just sign up for their list or I can forward you my emails : ). Again keeping with the them of test, test, test try ordering 2 small batches to test different copy/images or just do something like large post card vs tri-fold brochure.

    I could keep rambling on forever because I love offline advertising haha. Whatever you do be sure to update us!


  • Survival Schools

    I was once enticed to buy a banner add on a directory website that I discovered had listed my company for free, along with my competitors.

    One strategy is to create a free “basic” listing for every company you can find. Something as simple as name, state and URL. If the company’s webmaster is any good he might notice traffic coming from your site, go there to check it out and see that he can pay for a premium listing.

    One of the things that’s holding my experimental niche site back is the lack of time to research & verify the companies I’m listing on it. I suppose I should hire a VA, but if you can get the owners to enter their own info any pay you to do it that’s even better!

  • Siegfried

    very nice outcome, congratulations!

  • Juuso Palander

    A great post once again! Thanks a lot Pat :)

    My advice would be a direct-mail which includes a visual presentation how their company would show up on the site.

    The mail would showcase all the services that you offer, with their respective company information on it.

    Here is a rough example about the visual content you could add to the mail:

    Company: A California-based security training company
    -Address: Their address
    -Google Maps: pointing to their location
    -Website: their URL and chosen anchor text
    -Example of a post that has the California tag on it, and how their info is shown at the bottom of it
    -Plus the other ways you can help them

    The point is to show the potential, not to talk about it! I’d also add some traffic statistics and the fact that the site is ranking first for the “security guard training” phrase.

    I hope you got something out of it!

  • Camille

    Hi Pat,
    I would recommend that you use a postcard with a twist something like this then it should have a message that will send them to the site for a free trial.

    What do you think? be different!

  • Tom

    I think that its great that you are playing with the layout and the entire directory idea is awesome. The best way about getting them on-board in my opinion is to either cold call, direct mail or send some college kids to earn extra experience in sales.

    As to the ad placement though… this looks like something that Google will smack as soon as they see it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but placing ads directly by an image is a huge no-no.

    Let’s see how this pans out, great results with the rankings but more interesting is how you are expanding on the site. Getting the number one spot is not that hard, have tons of sites sitting on top, but making one into an authority site is a different challenge.

  • mike

    the directory plugin looks pimp. as mentioned by others, if it becomes available to the public, please make us aware. i’d be willing to pay for it.


    by the way, the site looks great. it’s crazy the affects a few tweaks to your adsense can make.

  • Jesper

    Hi Pat
    Thanks for mentioning the adsense plugin.

    Regarding the directory listing. I have no experience with this, but maybe you should give away the first couple of listings. Maybe write in the postcards that the 20 first signups

  • Jesper

    Are free.
    I submitted to early;)

  • RJ Weiss

    Pat – A directory is a way I’ve looked at making more money off my site. How much did you pay and where did you find a developer that could do this for you?

  • Fab

    Hi Pat,

    Amazing post with great advices. I am going to tweak my adsense placements for sure ;).
    Is the directory you are about to put in place based on an existing wordpress plugin or is it a 100% custom piece of code ?

    Also will the companies have the ability to log in your website and change some info ? Could be a nice plus if they wanted to update some of their services for example.

  • Nick

    Congratulations again.(We had talked on Twitter) I hope to put a niche site up soon. But I really have to get more traffic and focus more on my blog. Plus I have limited time and since my blog is basically my hub to my Online Presence, the real focus should be there.

    • Carmine

      I’m the other way around, I seem to put all my focus on my niche sites and have nearly no online presence. It makes it really hard to network and meet other people doing the same thing as me so I’m thinking I should maybe start up a blog to help with just that, but then i’m afraid I won’t be able to focus as much on niche creation and the sorts.

  • Christopher

    Great Adsense earnings especially for a niche site. I’d still start contacting by e-mail since it is quick and free. If you don’t get a reply consider a quick call by Skype 1-2 days later asking if they got the e-mail :-)

  • Adrian

    Like many others, very interested in the directory script. Any chance of it being made public?

  • Ed


    You took your time to experiment with this
    security guard training website. It demonstrates
    the fact that making passive income online is
    possible with a solid business plan and model.


  • Amy

    Hi Pat,

    I think the postcard idea is a great one. Perhaps a Google search with “Security Guard Training” in the search field and your website circled in red with a bubble to the side with a quick pitch. Also, are there any trade publications for people who own these schools? Or websites?? Perhaps you could pay for advertising for those magazines or sites.

    On another note, I have a terrific passive income idea for you:) I would LOVE and PAY to be a member of niche site forum. I am working on my niche site and run into questions all the time. But I have also learned a ton about it, so I have a lot of info to offer, too. It would be awesome to have a place where all of us could meet to share ideas and lessons learned.

    Just a thought. Good luck with your Security Guard Training site!


  • Bojan

    I think future is in micropayments such as this. You already seen that selling adspace for hefty amount of money didn’t appeal to the advertisers, but maybe if you made incentive like: “Your competitors are already advertising with us, why don’t you try us out?”

    Or something similar… I believe it would be huge determining factor, because there needs to be some social proof for the website… Like if others are advertising there, maybe I shouldn’t miss out on that too…

    Just my 2 cents…

  • Mark Dacoron

    I keep coming back to your site everyday and I love the new info that you consistently put out there on the web. I get brain farts and don’t know what to write about. I guess when you get to a point where you are, there are many people that help you out by asking you questions which helps to make these blog posts.

    • Pat

      Hey Mark – thanks so much! Really though, my content simply comes from all of the experiments I do, opportunities I take and just reporting exactly what happens and what I plan to do. The content really just writes itself, so my best advice is if you’re having trouble figuring out what to write about, make something happen that gives you something write about.

      :) Cheers!

  • Adam

    Pat, do a lot of other IMers or aspiring IMers visit your security guard site? If plenty of them do, it is better to hide the ads from them as that could lead to a low ctr and could cause adsense smart pricing. just a suggestion.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. You are our hero.

  • Tim

    I think you’ve taken the niche site to the next level. This is awesome! I’ll be testing out the wordpress plugin as well – thanks!

  • Spencer @

    Pat – Wow! Those are some great results for your site. I’m glad that you were able to implement my recommendations and quickly see some results with your Adsense earnings! Feel free to pop me an email if you want to discuss other ideas to test out for increasing CTR. I think $20/day from Adsense on this site is pretty good, but it could potentially be even better :)

    Also, I like your tenacity in finding ways to monetize this site! Your best bet on building the directory is hands down if you can get the decision maker on the phone and talk to them personally. However, that can often be a difficult task. Perhaps, you can send an email or postcard initially (I would expect pretty low results by themselves) – but follow up with a call. This will make the phone call a bit less “cold” since you can reference the postcard or email that you have sent them previously.

    Best of luck!

  • Mike


    Great idea with the directory. My advice would be to build your own list of security companies to contact. Then, do an email campaign whereby you feature a benefit or 2 of having their company listed. (local marketing Google)

    You should have an initial response, especially after the third email. This is because after the third email, most people will have taken a look at the info. This is when I’d start following up with a phone call and even consider a webinar. Make a list (PDF) describing the benefits…of course mentioning the sites ranking.

    This type of campaign should work best vs. A single call or letter, from my experience. Look forward to seeing how it goes.

    Take care, Mike

  • Eunus Hosen

    Hey Pat, awesome post. I really enjoy all the post about the niche site. It inspires me a lot. Thank you so much :)

  • Stuart Williams

    Hi Pat, l can only just echo what others have already said about the great posts you always write, and the help and inspiration it gives others. Many thanks for that.

    With regard to marketing your directory, although not passive, are there industry exhibitions/seminars/trade associations you (or someone hired) could attend, sponsor or advertise at?

    Thanks Pat & please consider releasing that plugin! – Stuart

  • George

    Hi Pat,

    it’s been a while i’m following your blog. If i may ask something, do you thing that securitity companies will want to get exposure through a site that supports security guard training? Thanks, keep the good work.

  • Benny

    NIce going on the niche site. It’s definitely been great to see it turn out well for you and to see the tweaks to optimize it more.

  • Steve Price

    Hi Pat, Your niche site experiment has been so motivating for me. I’ve been developing a site now for a little over a year and am now ranking highly (position 3-10 on Google) for some pretty competitive keywords – and yet the traffic is still low at 500 / month or so – but growing. I’ve made some product sales and as a ratio of visitors to purchase it’s quite good – though nowhere near enough.

    So when I read about your niche site duel I set up a related site to play with which uses Adsense to get some income and also funnels traffic to the main site. I’ve used this site to put into practise a lot of the tweaks and techniques that you’ve been blogging about. And they work! my traffic on that site is up and rising and I’m starting to rank well for the keywords. I think – but didn’t have the tracking in place – it may have contributed to a sale at the primary site.

    So keep it up Pat. I’m learning a lot from you and it’s working for me too.

    Well done!

  • Shaun

    Nice, good to see the site’s doing well Pat. I read before you were trying to charge people the same price as adsense for people want to do private advertising for their company. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to undercut the price adsense are quoting by say a third? Surely that’ll pull in customers and increase the earnings for your site? I understand that the advertiser would get a much discounted rate, but some extra earnings for the site is better then none. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Pat

      Hey Shaun – I don’t think I ever said I would match it. I definitely wanted to show they were saving money by going with me instead. Still even when I did that, people weren’t interested. I don’t think I did a good job of educating them in my proposals. Something to work on in the future. Thanks Shaun!

  • Shaun

    Ok, my bad if you didn’t say that.

    I was thinking, as you’ve already got Aweber, it may be a good idea to get a security guard company’s mailing list going. Maybe update these companies with any advertising offers and generally anything else that’ll rope them in. That way if you don’t convince them first time around, at least you’ve still got contact with them to automatically give them another offer they more be interested in. It’ll also allow you to build a relationship with them and get things moving.

    Anyway, like I said good luck.

  • David Oziel

    What about offering a free listing, and then offering a pay per click option. Let them bid for the positioning. Make it so that they have to link to the site to get the free listing. That could increase your SEO also.

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat! This ir really awesome! That’s why they say every little thing count in business. I can see that your business is really kicking! Thanks so much for sharing. Rock on!

  • Abe

    Interesting. I am working on something very similar for a different niche, and I was thinking about going about it all differently. I was going to build out a view-based format where I would create the listing for the Company and customers who have experienced the service / company / school actually go in and rate it themselves. This obviously would not be as relevant because your keyword targets those interested in obtaining the training, whereas my keyword is more general. Mine obviously does not work to monetize the site but hopefully over time (assuming a consistent top ranking for all relevant keyword) it would become the go-to resource for the topic. At which point I perhaps could charge the companies. I don’t know, the project is in its infancy and it sounded better in my head. Haha!

  • mark

    Hey Pat,

    Have you considered advertising in an industry magazines? I am not sure if there is one for your niche. I have a niche job board and tested some offline marketing by advertised in industry magazines, and sending out postcards. I got good results from advertising in industry specific magazines for my niche.
    You could even post an advertisement for your site in news papers, around the country. I am sure that would get expensive, but testing one of two cities couldn’t hurt. I also attended a few trade shows in my niche and handed out cards to my website. Not sure how well that worked, but it was a good networking experience.

  • Rivka Kawano


    Awesome work! And I will be excited to hear how the directory goes for you. Though I am definitely a newbie to this whole internet marketing thing, perhaps you should consider doing at least some cold calling. It could reveal some unexpected and useful information about the niche to get some “in the field” data. I have found that occasionally you learn things from people through talking to them that you would not any other way. You may even consider just cold calling 50+ people, and asking them what form of contact works best for them, who the decision makers are, etc. so that you can really target whatever campaign you do use. Even though it may take more time in the short run, you may spark ideas or build relationships for the long run that would be really valuable.

  • Ryan

    Wow! Amazing work Pat! The earnings on your one niche site are incredible! For me, it is inspiring to see someone actually making a lot of money with this stuff.


  • david

    Can you reveal your other niche sites to us? so that we can kind of ‘learn/model” you?

  • Rob

    Hey Pat,
    Since this is all a contest (duel) anyhow, it would be neat to see a few different approaches and what actually worked best. For instance, so many direct mailings, so many emails, and so many cold calls. It may push the rest of us (with our own testing of course) in the right direction.

  • Rob

    Hey Pat.
    My suggestions for reaching out to Security companies from my experience in building an online directory:
    1. Consider attending an industry conference. You’ll get to speak to many people in the field and will make a ton of connections. Also, you’ll get the conference directory – the names and addresses of everyone who signed up to attend. If the conference is being held in a fun city, bring the family and spend some time exploring then write the whole thing off as a business expense! (might as well have fun)
    2. Once you have that list, consider offering free basic listings to everyone who attended and up-selling on premium listings. Or seed the directory with the information you obtained, and then ask companies to claim their listing (with the premium option).
    3. Offer metrics on listing views and the occasional newsletter on how to improve a listing to get better results.

    What we discovered in our business is that getting the initial sign ups are the hardest part. Once your service becomes a line-item on a yearly budget, it’s harder not to renew than it is to renew.

  • Adam Grant

    Hey Pat,

    Nice to see your niche site is increasing in revenue.
    I would image the cold calling technique would work best with these guys.
    Think of the target market, offer them a month free and automatic billing following.

    The amount of spam emails and direct mail these guy get must be enormous.
    Are you going to adapt the plug-in to go on sale?



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  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    great idea. i always thought a directory and a discussion forum are two turn key solutions one can plug into most niche websites. since the idea is to tap into a specific group of people, why not build a discussion community where everyone can participate and exchange thoughts….or a directory in this case, where users can gain access to various training programs and sites they are most interested in

  • Harlan Yee

    I too am interested in the company directory plugin. I was thinking of adding something similar to my site in the niche site duel (after I get more traffic) as my niche also has potential with local companies in every state and even world wide. Hope you tell us more about it in the future!

    • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

      I absolutely second that. Let’s hear more about the directory plugin! Sounds like a great tool

  • Sean Usher

    Looks like you could sell the company directory plugin over and over again Pat.

    Here in the uk, we have had an influx of Nepalese who have served in the British army. They have “ex army personnel” associations.

    You may have something similar in the states…

    Good luck anyway with your endeavors, you are an inspiration for sharing so much


  • Ashley Scott Meyers


    I’ve been reading through your niche site duel posts – very interesting stuff and I’m learning a lot.

    I do have one additional suggestion for you as far as marketing your directory. Have you thought of doing fax blasts? I’ve done a lot of fax marketing and it works very well. It’s much cheaper than regular mail and since not a lot of companies do it, it’s much more effective than email. It’s sort of a best of both worlds.

    If you can find a database of fax numbers for the companies you want to market to there are lots of fax blast services where you just upload your database and your letter and schedule the blast. I use – which I think is like 4.9 cents per minute (you can usually get more than 1 page our per minute). They allow you to upload a MS Word mail merge document so you can even customize the fax with a company name and address. I’m not in any way associated with, just a happy customer. But there are lots of companies like this, too just do a Google search.

    Anyway, good luck marketing your directory. I look forward to hearing your results.

  • Shane

    As a bonus, make sure on the individual company pages that you code the business address, phone, etc in hcard format to be picked up as rich snippets, which can help them get listed in the local listings of google, bing, etc.

    You’re rolling on a great idea!

  • Pavel

    Great article as usual, Pat.

    You’re an inspiration to those of us just starting out!

    I have some ideas for you regarding the Security Companies directory (brilliant by the way!) just in case you didn’t think of those already:

    1. Place an add in an magazine in the Security industry. Tim Ferris in his 4-Hour Work Week has some great advice on how to get Ad space in print on the cheap. Let me know if you need a link – I’ll get it for you.
    2. See if you can get to businesses that deal with security companies a lot – Gun Ranges come to mine, as well as companies selling specialized equipment. If you get these business aboard, perhaps their clients will come along.

    Just some of ideas that came to my mind. Good luck!

  • Alex

    I’m always impressed by how much detailed thought goes into your niche campaigns. You really do put forth a lot of effort into optimizing. This is really what sets you apart and makes you successful. The majority of online marketers do the minimum and may possibly make loads of money, but they are leaving money all over the table by not optimizing. Thank you for showing us good values!

  • Cole H


    I love this post! My niche is in Real Estate and I am going to try to implement a variation of this idea for my own website too. After reading the post and reading all of the comments it sounds like a REALLY good idea with unlimited potential.

    I am putting some ideas for my personal directory on paper now and I thought of something I want to include that I wanted to share with you. It may be helpful…or a dud(lol).

    Ok, PerfectDad gave some great advice! He pretty much said to put as many companies on the directory as possible with the very basic information. That way when you contact them, through your preferred method, you can let them know that you have set them up for FREE and to please verify info for accuracy. If your email/postcard/letter is crafted well this then I could see this having a very high success rate.

    ***The idea I had was to setup the company profiles with a “reviews” section right next to their name. Just like Amazon does for products or Kayak does for hotels. Visitors who contact or use those companies can quickly select a rating and add some text and give a feedback about the companies. You could possibly find that some reviews already exist for companies in your security guard field and you can scrape that data.

    The final idea I had about this feedback section was the idea to allow companies to earn points within your website community for their rating. You could have them writing unique content for your website, responding to questions in the comments section/forum, and anything else you can think of. This would be similar to how websites like work with Realtors.

    I just thought of the “reviews” idea so it still needs some tweaking. But I figured I would tell you about it.


  • Kirk


    Love your site it is one of the top ones I follow. I have helped out in some direct mail campaigns in the past and would suggest that you work it up so that it does not look like a mass marketing. Get your list of companies and organize it by State then when you send it to Company A in New York list around 5 of their competitors (well known ones that are in that same area). You can do this easily now days with software and utilizing your VA. This way when they see your piece of email they see info on their competitors and you tap into their fear of being left behind and loosing advantage.

    Same as online marketing track everything and see what works then put more money in that area. Also, unusually shapes and packages in direct mail usually get opened while anything that looks normal usually gets tossed so think unique.

    On the Niche sites, I would love for you to do some more on content creation for your niche sites. I struggle with keeping the content comming out with out loosing some of the quality of the content.

  • Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    I don’t know if anyone has asked yet, but will the PlugIn that the developer coded be available for purchase? It sounds like something that could be tweaked for quite a lot of uses. I know that I receive inquiries from LOTS of companies and if I could sell them on a directory link that is also automated, my life would be perfect.

  • Danny

    Thanks for this great post and for referring us to the NicheAdsenseChallenge site. I made similar tweaks to a niche site I manage and have seen similar spikes in CTR and Revenue. I hope it continues.

  • Farris

    Which plugin are you using for your Directory objective? I have a site that could also take advantage of this setup, but I haven’t found anything that has worked like this.


  • Swamykant

    I use the same WordPress plugin for advertising. It is awesome. For blogs, placing the ads belows the post-title will increase the CTR.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Josh

    Hi Pat,

    I’m curious….what makes a good adsense niche site? Do you just have to have good traffic and good content? I know money can be made with adsense and congratz on what you brought in, but is that the norm for the amount of traffic your getting from your keyword or not?

    Curious because I want to start building clickbank niche sites as well as a few which are just adsense.

    Thanks and once again awesome update


    • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

      to succeed in adsense you need to focus on keywords with plenty demand and not so much supply (using keyword tools like wordtracker, etc). once you narrow in on a keyword, build and market a site around it. if your site is on page 1 (top half), it will get its share of traffic and thus clicks (revenues).

      i have several niche websites, all of which have adsense, but all of them also have an ebook for sale listed with clickbank. your comment on building CB niche sites thus attracted my attention.

  • Magnus from

    Very inspiring Pat!

  • Alex

    Pat mate, this is EXACTLY why you are the success that you are I feel.
    Too many of us take action simply because we are told to, but then we never split test, compare or any of … well what you are doing.
    I had a site that made $40 in adsense and then I changed the colour scheme and link type and the next month I made $400!!!! thats 1000% and as you so rightly pointed out, without testing I never would have found this.

    There is only so much you can do traffic wise, it comes to a point where you have to start testing.
    Its incredible how many marketers do all the work and then simply ‘put their head in the sand’ and hope it just gets better.

    Awesome Pat
    btw- sent you an email re: my latest post, would love your input :)

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat! Was wondering if you plan on monetizing with Amazon affiliates in your Security Guard Training site. I noticed you had blog posts on Security Guard Gear, Uniforms, and was wondering if you were thinking of using Amazon affiliates to get sales on these things.

    • Pat

      Hey Samuel those links in that gear post are indeed Amazon affiliate links. :)

  • Kent Chow

    Hi Pat, I’m interested in knowing the click rate difference in different adsense session or size type on the niche site if you don’t mind. I assume the one at the top of each blog post wins over the one at the bottom of side bar. Just curious 😉

  • Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet

    this has reminded me that I always need to be tweaking my sites to make them better! Thanks for the update and congrats on your success!

  • SiewYik

    Congrats! The small change is really amazing! I guess a bit of experiment in every few months will really improve your site drastically. That reminds me a lot of user experience learning, although the content in the site does matter a lot, the layout and other small stuff are as important, too! A small change in the layout can alter the result so much.

  • Fab

    WordPress Geo Places theme might be worth investigating for such a directory. It seems like it has everything needed. It’s not free though.

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  • jans

    I am soooo happy to stumble upon your website. I have been trying to do the same, i have a small local directory of preschools have 4000 unique visitors a month but not monetizing hehehe even my directory is free for the schools (well it did start as a goodwill site that’s why) so anyway, I hope to learn more from you and convert my site of soooo many years to a source of passive income.

  • Matt Bailey


    I’m a little confused with market samurai market research that you did. For example, When I type in security guard training hq as a keyword, it gives back a highest traffic of 2 per day and everything else low. Judging this, it would be scrapped without hesitation. but you chose it and have done very well with it.

    This MS is confusing

    • Pat

      Hey Matt – my target keyword is “security guard training”, not “security guard training hq”. I added hq on the end of my domain because the exact match was already taken. My target keyword on my site and all of the backlinking I’ve done off-site was for security guard training.

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  • Scott

    Hey Pat,
    When you wrote; “Luckily, a programmer has already built the infrastructure on my site so it’s completely automated.”, were you referring to a WordPress plugin or did you hire someone?
    Love your site!

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  • Tech Cafe

    Fantastic post Pat. Thanks so much for sharing in such easy to understand format!
    I can’t wait to test these tweaks on my Adsense sites.

  • Yenny

    Hi Pat, thank you for the update. I have a question, how do you maintain the website? I created a website for the keyword “bacterial vaginosis remedy”. It’s been top 3 in google page for few months (unfortunately only 1-2 sales in total), but if I don’t build backlinks, it gets buried in the SERP. Considering the result after at #2 position in SERP, I’m not sure I want to continue the backlinking campaign anymore.

  • Colin

    Hi Pat, you mention that you are considering cold calling businesses regarding advertising in your directory. I am in a similar position in that I have a niche website in the home improvement market but I am overwhelmed and daunted about cold calling so many businesses. Maybe its just a frame of mind or attitude thing, but how do you feel on this?

  • JP


    Your link to Advertisement Manager actually goes to a different plugin.

    I think this is where you meant it to go:


  • gadget freak

    Hi Pat! (Laughing a bit, in danish your name means boob)

    When will the next update come? – I’ve just read all of them, and it’s impressive i must say!

    Just a question: Doesn’t this site get some traffic from security guard training terms, when you have 15 post concentrating around the subject?

    Good luck! – John Bakken

  • Sean

    Hi Pat

    I would set it up in a slightly different way, I would use the sites to generate leads for the companies in different parts of the country, so if someone wanted training in California they complete a form on your site and an email is sent to all the relevant training providers in California.

    The beauty of this is that you do not need to contact the companies cold to ask if they are interested in your service, just set it up so all the companies you wish to deal with get the enquiries when they come in, the email is branded with your site details so they know where it comes from.

    The email also includes a line such as if you would like to continue to receive these enquiries please contact Pat.

    Then you can do a deal with one company in each area, they pay for each lead/ enquiry and you will earn more than $10 a month from each state.

    In the UK I do this for financial services, marquee hire and Golf pros, it works like a dream as you are selling them leads and not offering advertising like all the other SEO companies.

    Thanks for a great blog and if I can ever be of service let me know.


  • dan

    Get a list of all the security companies with an onlien presence, ie. websites, and link to them from the directory, albeit temporarily. They, or their webmasters will see the link at some point and investigate it.

    They will also see that the link is temporary, and in due time your directory will probably display permanent paid directory listing more prominently than the temp ones, therefore, for a smal fee they can get more exposure.



    P.S. Nice blog, remember to stay passive though, don’t hunt and seek business, let it come to do as passively as possible

  • Ivete

    I just found this series of articles and clicked through to your niche site to look for the directory, but I don’t see it. Were you able to launch that part of the site? I’m super curious!

    Thank you so much for posting all this great content, I’ve learned so much from your posts.

  • sudha

    Great information. I found you blog on the warrior forum and so far you have offered nothing more than valuble content. Thanks bro! Im just starting out with niche sites. I picked an exact domain and within two hours of setting up my site it indexed and ranked 7 on the first page and then jumped to 4th and now back to 7th. Thats with only one 500 word article and no backlinks. Just a couple bookmarks and maby two relavent nofollow blog comments. Very strange but cool none the less. Cant wait for a post on a backlink strategy that works and is white hat. Peace man!

  • Wim

    Dear Pat,

    The company directory looks great, could you maybe add this as a plug in for wordpress? I think people are willing to pay for it since webmasters can make some with it.


  • Patrick

    Hi Pat,
    Funny hum? my name is Patrick as well. It’s been a long time since you guys had this duel am so grateful for being able to get to all the information I have been reading for the past week now am I have learnt more than I did in the past one year about how to actually get started online. I finally med the conscious decision to start an online business. My 1st task is to start one that will allow me to quite my job so I will have time to develop and build on it. So hearing that that Spencer have achieved it am so so trilled for him. So actually this have happened a long time ago but I don’t care so am popping champagne on his behalf.

    How can I contact you one on one I have a personal request.

  • Lenia

    Even if you wrote this article a long time ago, you idea about the company directory is really good. I visited the site today and I cannot find all the placement of a company within each individual state post, neither a company page on the site. Maybe I am coming too late and things have changed et evolved since then.
    Anyway that is a great idea.
    I have a question if you can help me: where did you find the developer for these functionalities?


  • Colin

    What a great read, thank you for sharing all of your insights! Aloha :)

  • George

    You mention the advertising WordPress Plugin that doesn’t exist. Where can i get it?

  • Simon

    Hi Pat,

    is there any possibility to get this wordpress plugin? I want to set up a industries directory. There are many plugins that don’t fit exacty me requirements.

    best regards

  • Cheap Polo

    Yes, thank for the details a million! Have to discover anybody organizing Tea Party. I wants to participate in organizing.

  • custom made linen suit

    “This site is wonderful! There are so many useful things here. Well done. I just bookmarked it. Keep up the good work and kudos to the webmaster. “

  • Matthew De Feo

    I just wanted to say thank you yet again Pat. Your information is always so valuable and it truly means a lot. Keep up the good work!

  • salwar kameez indian style

    “Thank you, I have just also been looking for information approximately this specific subject for ages as well as yours would be the greatest I have came upon till now. However, precisely what concerning the bottom line? Are you currently sure concerning the supply?”

  • Andrew

    Very very useful and awesome article!!! Thanks for this. I have experience with ad placement in the body as opposed to the sidebar and experienced good results too.

  • bollywood saree

    I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can Get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

  • sixto

    Hi Pat.
    I have followed with enthusiasm the whole grieving process with Tyrone in your blogs.
    I simultaneado reading both learning processes to achieve a more complete.
    But today I have a problem.
    Upon entering the Tyrone blog:
    not leave the information appearing on the processes in the past few days and get a landing page video marketing business of Tyrone.
    As much as I try trying to locate information on your blog can not.
    Pat, can you tell me what happened and how I can access the information back to Tyrone?
    thank you very much

  • glass_pool

    I’m definitely coming again to see these articles and blogs.

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  • Dustin


    I realize it’s been some time since this post but I had a directory related question.

    I want to start an online directory for local businesses that is hyper niche. It’s an area that my other business puts me in the position of a service provider for this potential directory.

    With all the yelps and google+, do niche directories stand a chance, where the audience would be local searches in those areas?

  • juel rahman

    Very inspiring Pat! and I hopeful from your activity.

  • CesarZ

    Hello Pat, first of all congrats on your recent success with the Security HQ site. Question are you still ranking #1 for your main keyword? Also for those that are having trouble with keywords, may I suggest you take a look over at


  • michael lazarus

    I think the only way to go is a personalized phone call fom a VA in the USA that will pay $10/$25 per signup. You wont lose money, and you will have a better aquisition rate. This will definitely be my approach on a similar project. I cant WAIT until you give us a way to pay you back for all of this awesome content.


      Excellent Idea for getting signups.

      I’m actually about to start a Directory in the home decor niche using my domain name

  • RUBY

    I only can say you are amazing, I wish I see this post and challenge when I started! Thank you so much!
    Madebymt –

  • Giuseppe

    Hi pat,
    i’m new here and thanks to you i found the motivation to start also with an own online business. I went trough your whole niche challenge and it helped me alot, it’s great how you explain everything.
    Right now i’m creating my own first niche, hoping that’s going to work out.
    I’m not sure if you’re going to read this, however thank you.

    best regards,

  • Mission Eco Trek

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