Niche Site Duel 2.1.0: My Niche Revealed and What’s Next

Niche Site Duel 2.0 LogoIt’s been a long and treacherous road to find that target niche to build a website for, but I’m happy to share that I’ve finally landed on one, and now we’re ready to move forward!

In my last NSD2.0 post, I published an article about a potential keyword and niche that I was thinking about getting into, although I wasn’t 100% committed to it yet.

The keyword: best minivan.

After conducting a few weeks of keyword research, I had a handful of potential keywords that met the requirements and criteria I created, but best minivan was the most interesting and appealing of them all.

I had recently purchased a minivan of my own and remember just how little information there was out there for someone like me – a person with an expanding family and no real interest in horsepower or other engine related features. I just wanted to know what van was right for my family.

Although the search criteria is little rough and the SEO competition (according to the numbers) looks pretty fierce, I think the market could use a top-ranking minivan specialist site or hub, as opposed to what is currently occupying the top 10 in Google, which are simply articles from various auto industry blogs and magazines.

I shared my thoughts and opened it up to you to see what the general reaction would be. Of course, many of you said, “Go for it!” and a lot of you were very supportive of the more challenging keyword. Others, however, expressed some concerns, including:

  • The search volume is extremely low (3,600 exact searches per month) and not worth the fight for the top spots in Google based on the keyword competitiveness. I knew this going into the keyword and was okay with it because of the long-tail keyword potential, and also the fact that if the site were to become the TOP place on the Internet to get any and all information about minivans, Google Search volume would be a small piece of the overall incoming traffic pie. Potential links from other sites, including some of these other top auto magazines, as well as mom blogs and similar sites could provide massive amounts of traffic. The keyword was essentially a way to break into that market, not how to take it over.
  • The content would have to be updated constantly due to new minivan models coming out each year. This is true, and initially I thought of this as an advantage, because more content means more opportunity to be found via Google and more opportunity to make a connection with an audience. The concern is valid though – do I want to feel forced to keep updating the site each year?
  • Some of you voiced concern that the minivan niche would be boring. I can definitely see where those people are coming from because generally speaking, minivans aren’t that exciting. But, I actually geek out about my minivan, and I think people are likely to trust and follow people who geek out about the things they are interested in. That would definitely help me and the site stand out of the crowd.
  • Monetization strategies weren’t exactly clear. I saw a lot of ad and sponsorship potential, but at the same time if I could make it obvious that by spending $200 could save a person $2000 at the dealer, people would do that in a heartbeat, and with a large purchase like a minivan, that’s a scenario that is not out of the question.
  • If I built a site that helped people purchase a minivan, even if I were to give them the best information possible and created a deep connection with them along the way, after they make their purchase they’d have no reason to come back and stick around. 

That last one definitely got me thinking, and it’s the main reason why I decided not to tackle the keyword best minivan for NSD2.0, although the others did play a role in my decision too.

I know some of you are going to be disappointed because it would have been a really interesting experiment to see how I could tackle this niche and what kind of traffic I could get or how much money I could earn from it, especially considering it’s a keyword with relatively low search volume and high SEO competition.

I did have a lot of things planned, including a quiz tool so that potential buyers could answer questions about themselves and their family and it would spit out a few of the best options for that buyer. I also had some really interesting infographics in mind (Neil Patel style), and even a YouTube component with some high quality videos with actual drivers of those vans, and the dealers who would sell them too.

Sticking Around

You can make a lot of money by providing information that people use once and then never need again. My first business was exactly like this, and I did make a lot of money from it  – over $425k. Looking back, however, I wish I had taken a different approach. Let me explain…

My first business can be found at It’s a website that mainly serves professionals in the building and design industry who are looking to pass the LEED exam. It did very well and it still earns a few thousand dollars per month from study guides and practice exams. All of the products are digital and automatically delivered, so all I need to do is spend an hour or two each month to keep it running smoothly.

The thing is, once people read the material on the site and/or purchase a guide and then pass the exam, there’s no need to come back. In fact, the last thing that people want to do after passing the exam is see anything related to it.

I remember helping one particular person through the entire exam experience, from start to finish. He purchased my material and had sent me an email asking me for some additional help because due to circumstances at work, he really needed to pass this exam the first time or else he might be let go. I knew what that was like, so I decided to help.

We chatted on the phone every few days when he needed help or guidance, and then a couple of weeks before the exam we did a half hour call each day. I didn’t charge him for this.

Then exam day rolled around, he took the test, and he passed! He called me incredibly excited after he found out his score and he said he would do everything he could to share my website with his colleages at work and anyone else who was interested in passing the LEED exam. I even got a thank you note in the mail the next week from him, which was really really cool.

Since then, I haven’t heard from him. We obviously connected professionally on a level much deeper than most people would online, and even after all that, the relationship didn’t really carry over after the exam. There was no reason for it to. I didn’t give him or anyone else the a reason or an opportunity to work with me further or benefit from any information I had to share.

There are over 12,000 paid transactions made on, and a lot more traffic that had passed by. Imagine if each of them had a reason to stick around after passing the test.

I’m obviously very happy with the success of my business – don’t get me wrong – but If I had known better I would have created a business that extended the relationship I had with these test takers after they took the test. There are ways to do that, such as creating a hub for professionals who have passed that exam and are implementing those design streategies on into their building plans, and it would be relatively easy to keep them around and there are a lot of product opportunities there as well. Other websites have already sprung up to serve that part of the market.

Not everyone would stick around, but many people would if they had a good experience and had the opportunity to.

The easiest customer to sell to is a previous one.

If I were to go into the minivan niche, and work really hard to create amazing content and build relationships with my audience, the same exact thing would happen after they purchase a minivan – they wouldn’t care about the content anymore and have no reason to come back. And in this niche, it’s less likely that I could create something to keep them around after purchase. Vehicle maintenance? That’s not something you think about after you purchase a minivan!

A minivan owners membership club? Probably not.

If you selected a niche and it’s not an on-going opportunity with your audience (meaning after a certain point they are done with your site), don’t worry – because like I said, has been an amazing, profitable life-changing business for me – but for the purpose of NSD2.0, I’d like to explore a niche that could also keep the audience around for much longer, even after potentially purchasing products and benefiting from the content I produce.

It’s much more challenging but it could also be a lot more rewarding.

So Pat, What Niche Are You Going to Get Into?! Come on!

So now the part that I’m sure you’re all waiting for: the big reveal of the niche that I’ll be tackling for NSD2.0.

There’s no going back now. Well, that’s not true, you can always go back and pivot when you need to. That’s the beauty of all this – but for me and NSD2.0, this is where I’m headed.

The keyword I found is: food trucks for sale.

The local exact match search volume is 12,100 and the keyword competitiveness is only 30.

For comparison, best minivan is 3,600 local exact match search with a keyword competitiveness of 39.

Here’s a chart of the competitor analysis tab for food trucks for sale in Long Tail Pro:

Niche Site Reveal - SEO Comp

My seed keyword was food trucks, which I found after doing a keyword day.

What is a keyword day?

After getting mixed reviews for best minivan, I decided to spend an entire day writing down everything I did, from the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to bed. I wrote down everything I did and everything that caught my attention, and one of the things I did that day was visit the food trucks that come around my neighborhood twice a week.

So, food trucks was on the list (amongest a few hundred other things), which led me to finding food trucks for sale in Long Tail Pro.

After discovering this keyword and getting really excited, when the food trucks rolled around again a few days later, I decided to investigate.

Pat at Food TruckI got there early before the dinner rush so I could have time to chat with people working on each of the trucks. I went up to each truck and started with:

“Hi there! Do you mind if I ask you a quick question about your food truck?”

They all said, “Sure!”

Then, I asked, “Where did you get your food truck?”

All of them had different answers.

A few said they didn’t know because they just worked on the truck, while others said they bought it from someone else who had a different truck and they just re-branded it. A couple of truck owners mentioned a few other places around here to purchase a truck.

One said they purchased their truck in Los Angeles, but then had to gut it out and re-do it because (and this was good information), each county has different health regulations and codes for food trucks.

I asked a few followup questions to keep the conversation going and dig deeper, and this is where it got interesting.

“If I wanted to start a food truck of my own, how would I do that and where would I start?”

All of them hesitated, and I got a lot of mixed answers ranging from “you should work for another truck first to get the experience” to “just do a Google search”.

Then I asked, “If I get started, is there any place online where I could learn how to get better at it. A central place for getting started and marketing tips, learning all the ins and outs and things like that?”

All of them answered “No.”

Then I asked, “If there was a website that had some really good tips for marketing your food truck, hooking up with helpful services, information on food truck gatherings and things like that, do you think it would be useful to you?”

All of them answered with something to the tune of “Definitely!”

Then I followed up with, “If you read about the success stories of other food trucks and maybe listen to interviews with their owners and how they do things, would that be something you might be interested in.”

Again, all of them answered with a definite “Yes!”

I know this was a small sample of food trucks, but after my conversations there and some research online, there doesn’t seem to be any hub for food truck owners to get better at the food truck business.

Also, I found this keyword, food trucks for sale, which are all being searched for by people who want to get into the food truck business. There’s also related keywords like how to start a food truck (1,300 searches), food truck business (1,000 searches), used food trucks for sale (2,400 searches), purchase a food truck (2,400 searches) and a slew of other related terms with similar search volume.

To me, there’s an opportunity here.

Google Trends also seems to be showing an upward trend in searches for food trucks, and although most of the people on these graphs are probably looking to find food trucks to buy from, where there are buyers, there will be also besellers.

Google Trends for Niche

Additionally, I remember seeing a show on Food Network called The Great Food Truck Race, which is a reality type show about food trucks competing for business. They actually tally up the sales and send the lowest earning trucks home each week, and then the survivors move to the next location or challenge. They wouldn’t make a show about food trucks if they didn’t think it was popular, and the show’s popularity means there’s even more opportunity down the road.

There’s a lot of opportunity, it seems, to serve this particular market, and it’s not a one-time “once you get the info and use it, you’re done” type of thing like with the minivans.

Instead of targeting food trucks for sale, I’m using that keyword as a sign that information and products for food truck owners could be a great niche to get into. Plus, a website like this could build a long term relationship with food truck owners, instead of what would have happened with the minivans.

Food trucks for sale could be an entry page on a bigger site, and after a person buys a food truck what are they going to have to do? A lot more stuff to help get their new food truck off the ground, which is what the site could be about.

There’s also a lot of potential for monetization as well. Obviously, people who purchase food trucks have some money to spend, but I think they are willing to spend even more if it means it’s going to help them create a successful food truck business.

If I could create THE #1 online resource for food truck owners, imagine how many other companies and brands would want to be a part of that – from sellers of food trucks and all of the equipment inside, to food and drink suppliers and companies who are hosting events and the companies who paint the artwork on the food trucks to website designers…the list goes on and on!

This is obviously a big undertaking, so like best minivan, I definitely think tackling this keyword would be a fun and interesting challenge for everyone to follow along. This isn’t going to be a 5 page mini-site though, this is an all out brand that must provide value to this particular target audience.

That should always be the goal.

I’m going for it, and I hope you’re ready to come along. :)

Mastermind Learning Group and Leaderboard Update

The leaderboard is complete, it’s just undergoing some final tests right now, but the timing is perfect because once I reveal my url and brand strategy in my next NSD2.0 post, all participants will have access to sign up to the leaderboard.

Also, when you sign up to the leaderboard you’ll get access to a special forum where all participants can communicate and learn from each other.

This is going to be huge!

I decided not to do a Facebook Group like I did for my Kindle book case study simply because I learned that as awesome as a Facebook Group is to build a community and keep people connect, it’s a terrible place for keeping track of previous conversations.

There are going to be a lot of questions asked and experiences shared, and I wanted that to all be easily accessible.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Regarding the Mastermind Learning Groups:

I’m 80% through all of the NSD2.0 Mastermind Learning Group applications (there were 600+ to go through). If you applied to the MLG, you will hear from me by Saturday, June 29th whether you are accepted into the group of 5 or not. I haven’t emailed anybody yet.

Again, I wish I could take everyone, but that would be impossible! I hope you don’t take offense if I have to say no this time around. You know I’ll always love you. :)

In the comment section below, let me know what you think of my decision to tackle the food truck owner (or soon to be owner) niche.

In my next post, I’ll cover my thought process for selecting a URL and overall brand strategy. I’m not specifically targeting food trucks for sale initially, but I’d like to target that space which includes that keyword and more.

We’re on the move!

If you’re ahead of me and would like to purchase a domain and hosting account to get your site started, click here for my affiliate link for Bluehost domain and hosting, which is my top recommended host for niche sites when you’re just starting out. I do earn a commission from your purchase through my link at no additional cost to you. Currently, there’s a sale for $3.95/month, so it’s a pretty awesome deal.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!


  • Phanindra

    Thanks Pat, for a great post. I’m also taking part in NSD2.0 and will be documenting everything on my blog shortly. Apart from that very eagerly waiting for your ledger-board which I think is a great channel to showcase and learn lots of things. Your niche and keyword are also interesting :) Need to see how will it run well in NSD2.0.


    • Iain

      I’m also taking part in the duel.

      Good to see you again Phanindra.

      I agree with you. It’s going to be interesting to see how Pat tackles this particular topic. I’m super excited to see how it turns out.

      I hope everyone learns a ton. There’s so much small business owners could learn from the Niche Site Duel it’s crazy.

      It all boils down to whether they apply it or not.

  • Rubel

    Hi Pat,

    I am so excited to create my very first niche site. I am a full time student from UK and I’m looking forward to create my first source of passive income.

    Thanks for all the information that you provide!


  • Mark Mason

    Dude — I am in as well, and I will be revealing my niche this week too. Very excited about this. Hint: I have 50 pounds to lose, so I am going with a more personal niche.

    You rock. Can’t wait to see what happens here!


    • Mark Mason

      OK — I did a quick check of my own on this niche “food trucks” — lots of derivative keywords with volume and good AdWords CPC numbers. So you can stamp this one a “Mark Mason Approved” LOL.

      BUT — I think the real key here is not all of these numbers. The real key is that you have a clear path to ADD REAL VALUE to the lives of a very well defined (and evergreen) niche of people — current and potential food truck owners. I think this is the real test, and is more important than the numbers.

      Great choice Pat.


      • Sachin Bille

        Damn Mason ….you said it before I get chance to comment. Superlike the comment bro.

        • Mark Mason

          Thanks — Pat seems to have a knack for adding value.

        • benboyer

          Mark and Sachin , Yeah you guys said it! You know he’ll make it high value for his food truck tribe. I’m really excited and interested not only to see what I can accomplish in the duel but also Pat’s food truck and everyone else’s also , Hope you guys are crushin it too! This ( NSD2.0 ) is an awesome & amazing opportunity to be able to be a part of! Thanks Pat! Best wishes to everyone!

      • Mark Mason

        Wow man. This looks like a real winner to me. I just emailed you a list of 2500 long tails for food truck. I thought these three were particularly interesting:

        how to start a mobile food truck business in florida
        how to start a mobile food truck business in california
        how to start a mobile food truck business in texas

        Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • Monja

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for the update! I like the idea of having a keyword day 😉 Need to try that out. I really like the idea of food trucks, will be an interesting keyword to go for, especially to build the ultimate resource for.
    I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of great content ideas.

  • Jake Bauer

    Hey Pat, Congratulations on finally picking a keyword and good luck with your site. Food trucks seem to be all the rage right now, and you could also be a resource for people wanting to franchise their truck business or buy into a franchise. I think you’re getting into this trend at just the right time, and if you can become THE resource, you might have found another “life changing business.” Good luck, and thanks for the inspiration.

  • John Shea

    Hey Pat,

    I think you are on to something with the food truck niche. I tend to see these everywhere, typically concerts and even the one that visits my work place every day. Make an awesome resource and it will without a doubt do well just as your other niche sites have done. I’m still pumped to see what you decide to do for your SEO strategies with all that is currently changing with Google’s latest updates.

  • Alexei

    Here is what I like about this. Not many people who operate/sell food trucks are accomplished writers. There are occupations where being good with words is just not required, so professionals in those fields generally don’t compete with online marketers.

  • Logo Design

    Pat Great and looking forward to rest of part. I am loving it.

  • Brandon Turner | BiggerPockets

    Pat – I love it. Great choice! Much more interesting, I think, than the minivan.That said, if I had kids, I’d probably like the minvan thing more but right now – I just like to eat.

    (and fyi – up above, you wrote “food trick” somewhere in the post, above the Long Tail photo!)

    Definitely looking forward to this, Pat.

  • Daniel

    Hi Pat, congratulations on picking your niche. I strongly agree with you that minivans would have been extremely tough to monetize.
    As far as the food trucks are concerned, I feel there is lots of potential, not only in terms of the truck itself, but also the accessories required to operate a food truck.
    I wish you good luck and will follow your next steps closely.

  • Sachin Bille

    Great keyword Pat,
    I wasn’t happy with ‘minivan’ but this time you have a winning keyword. You need to work hard but good thing is that there is lot of things you can do with this; apart from information about food trucks that are available for sale you can take interview of food truck owners (about their problems and how they solve it) or chefs on food trucks. You can make recipe list that can be made available on trucks.

    I am also on the way to open up my keyword on my blog (you already knew it ). This post stimulated me to thing few more things about my niche. The way are approaching the niche in NSD 2.0 is really make sense, I learnt something that I can apply for my niche as I am also building a product oriented site.

    Best luck Pat !!!
    Love ya 😉

  • S.J. Scott

    Hey Pat,

    That’s a very interesting niche idea — something I’m sure many people wouldn’t think of. Like the minivan idea, I’d be interested to see how you went about monetizing it. One thought that occurred to me for long-tail keywords is to have a “profile” of different food trucks that cater to universities, in addition to certain towns. For instance, at Rutgers here in Jersey, there are the “grease trucks” which is a pretty popular stopping point for students. Just did a quick KW check and the KW gets 2,900 broad with 590 exact. Could do this for a bunch of “branded” food trucks and get some serious traffic.

  • Janice


    Great discussion. I think the Food Truck idea is a winner. I’m not totally sold on my primary keyword idea yet, this post made me think about whether I can keep an audience coming back for more. The idea of a Keyword Day is also a winner, since I’m not set on a keyword yet I think I’ll try doing a keyword day.

    Great post Pat, stimulates lots of thought that will help us make out sites better.


  • Naveen Kulkarni

    That’s interesting twist in the story Pat,
    This time your keyword looks pretty good especially that additional tip from google trends proves that people are getting more and more interested in searching foor your keyword !!

    Similar swapping happened with me when I started my first niche site 1 month ago. Then after adding considerable amount of content, Inrealized that the keyword was too tough to break into and at the same time, i got another great keyword. Now with the new keyword I built another niche site. So currently i have 2 niche sites :-)

    Interesting to see about your content strategy this time.

    All the very best Pat.

  • Marjorie

    I would likely be part of your niche Pat! I am a mom to one child. Hubby and I are talking about having another, and although I currently have an SUV, the minivan just has so many great features that makes it attractive to a growing family. As a new fan of your SPI content, I know that whatever you create will be quality content. So I look forward to seeing what you can do, and how you will monetize. Best of luck!

  • Hannelore

    I like your food truck niche much better than the best minivan one. You seemed pretty stoked about your own minivan, so it seemed like the niche could really work for you, but the food truck one is just so much cooler. Because, you know — food is great! And food trucks are exciting! (Unlike minivans . . . which I’ve owned two of and really loved, but, you know — people-haulers are just not as exciting as food . . . ) The reasoning behind your decision made perfect sense to me. It will be fun to see how you build your site.

  • Brian Diener

    I like the decision to focus on food trucks. One other potential monetization strategy could be to have your own marketplace where people can list their trucks for sale. I’m going to do my own keyword day today. Can’t wait to follow the rest of the build out.

  • Avo

    It sounds more niche than best minivan, which already makes it a way better strategy IMHO.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Duane

    I really like that keyword idea, tons of possibilities for content. Way to go! Still researching my own keywords but I’m getting close to a decision, very exciting! Thanks for all the info, looking forward to your next post. Cheers!

  • Jon

    I like the sounds of the food truck niche, you’re ability to create evergreen content is much better!

    The only issue I foresee is there isn’t one problem everyone that comes has and therefore you can help solve. There will be many unique problems everyone that comes faces.

    Promoting the site online will have some interesting opportunities (biz op sites, chamber of commerce sites etc)

    Looking forward to following along


  • Sonny


    Definitely think you got a winner this time. I own a restaurant and for the first year or so I was open I paid a $10 a month subscription to a restaurant website. It provided food cost spreadsheets, profit/loss spreadsheets and a bunch of others to help you organize your business. On top of that it had marketing ideas and how to implement them, stories from mother owners, recent news and regulation updates.

    Here’s a money maker to attach to this niche…eBay affiliate sales for new/used kitchen equipment…or the trucks themselves.

    Also, you could hook-up with vinyl wrap businesses and provide leads for them for people who need their food truck wrapped.

    If people are looking to buy a food truck they’ll also need a food vendor/distributor…I bet SYSCO or US Foods would pay for paid placement for banner space.

    Aw man…how about an app that shows food truck locations and alerts you when their nearby. (Might be something like this already, but we don’t have food trucks in the country/farm areas, so I never looked into it.)

    That’s all I got bro….for now.

  • Stephanie

    I’m still floundering with my niche. I have started blogging for a niche though (just a few posts, nothing to brag about) so I may just take that and run with it.

    Hope this gets on a faster pace. I’m anxious. But I know you’re trying to do it right so no pressure… really. 😉

  • Steve

    Hey Pat,

    Cant wait to see the first pages on youre site.

    Do you have a EMD?

  • Roger

    Wow! This is an incredible upgrade to best minivan 😉

    I am thrilled you swerved away from that keyword, this sounds like it could become your largest niche site income overall. There are just so many ways to monetize, but more importantly help people.

    I think you should also consider adding some sort of “Food Truck Certification” as you have incredible experience with your security guard training. Especially if this is different for each state, sounds like traffic to me!

    Congrats Pat!


  • Rus Anderson

    Hi Pat,

    While I think your Food Truck niche is cool (I actually thought about buying one myself) and will definitely be a part of that community, I think you could have done well with the Minivan site.

    I have some thoughts on this, maybe I’ll attempt a direct email to discuss 😉

    So excited for the next installment!

    Thanks again and again for creating this resource!

  • Mike

    Hey Pat,

    I think this could be an awesome opportunity for you too. I actually liked the best minivan keyword because I used to be a car salesman and I know that who buy vans will typically keep buying vans for the next 15 to 20 years, since they usually have multiple children in the family. At the dealership, they teach us that the average person makes a car purchase once every 3 years. That is why I still think that best minivan is a good opportunity.

    However, you seem to have found gold with the food trucks idea. You will definitely have huge room to grow plus I’m pretty sure that food truck owners will still need to buy new food trucks from time to time.

    I think something you could eventually work your way into is interviewing food truck owners like you did for the SEO research before starting NSD 2.0. This would give them more exposure and they could potentially put your logo on there truck in the “as seen on” style.

    • benboyer

      Thats a nice idea putting the videos of individual truck interviews on the site and then helping them spread the word about a website they are featured on

  • Chad

    I was slightly disappointed that you were not going with the mini-van niche, however this new direction has a potential for a much broader learning perspective for us “common folk”. 😉

    There have been several keywords like this…[‘keyword’ for sale, ‘keyword’ purchase, etc.]. I know at least I for one have wondered how to make this into a niche site without having an online merchant store or something.

    Looking forward to seeing how you develop this! Thanks again Pat for all you do!

  • Sergio Felix

    You know what’s funny about food trucks Pat? You don’t get to see those things in Mexico and there’s one parked just outside of my apartments and it’s been there for about a month now LOL

    I’ll send you a pic on twitter, it’s called the “Burro Bus” or something haha


  • Bryan

    This is AWESOME, I can’t wait to start following along.

    Thanks for sharing all of this great info with us Pat.

  • Richard

    Great choice for a niche. It really combines the best aspects of a niche site that can be passive after being built up, with the opportunity to solve real world pains in business. I can’t help but thinking it will be an awesome success.

    The KW I have selected isn’t business directed, but hobby directed. A little lower traffic numbers, but easier KC. I’m eager to get it built out and ranking! :)

  • Get The Grad Job

    Hi Pat,

    I think it’s a great decision to go for a site that will get a recurring audience. The site I’m planning with get a recurring audience for a year or two but then I think It will have to target the next wave.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do next with your site idea.

  • Chris Guthrie

    You should fly up to Portland to speak with some of the food truck owners there (later on when you’re looking for more success stories etc)

    They have an absolute ton of food trucks

  • Jon

    That’s a great niche Pat and definitely trending big time. Like you, I watch Food Network a ton. I love the food competitions.

    It seems your monetization strategy will lean toward selling ads and even more focused on selling products (marketing info products geared toward food truck business owners), which I think is good. How else will you monetize? I suppose your monetization will be a work in progress as you test to find out what works best.

    Many aspiring restaurateurs now can go the food truck route because it requires far less capital and is much easier to manage (your research may prove me wrong).

    I look forward to watching the competition. However, due to the huge number of readers, I have a hunch we’ll see a big influx of food truck websites. Good luck!

  • Maia

    Very happy you changed your niche. This will definitely be more exciting to follow. :)

    Sorry to all the minivan lovers out there!

  • Jadah Sellner

    I think this is perfect Pat! You are going to help so many people with this. My friend’s brother has a food truck: and over a year ago, I told my friend she should study his process from beginning start-up stages to opening up shop, how he started his Food Truck business and then make a how to start a food truck business ebook. And then share ways of how they can market and grow their business through social media. She ended up focusing on her own social media (she has over 600,000 followers on Instagram) instead of writing that book. I think there are tons of opportunity to dominate in this field. Good luck!

  • Ray

    Oh, man, super jealous of your keyword! I predict this is going to be a good one for you, it’s a hot topic over the past few months. Interested to see where this leads for you! I just started my second niche site, and I’m really hoping for better results this go around.

  • Internet Marketing Coach


    Great post and thanks for sharing the information. I really need to bite the bullet and get involved in the Affiliate space. Time to step up to the plate :)

  • Missy

    I live in an area with lots of food trucks as I am near UIC in Chicago and would be happy to provide information (and photos) for your site.

    As I also cover them briefly on my local city site – Explore Hyde Park

    Great niche indeed – Congrats!!!

  • Chad Johnson

    Talk about insightful. Just writing down a days worth of activities. I am so looking forward to the process on this one. Whether I am picked for the MLG or not I am all in on this one.

  • Chris the Home Contractor

    Food trucks is an interesting niche. I’ve been hearing a lot about them lately.

    I do not see the potential in marketing trucks for sale as much as items such as:

    Laws & Restrictions
    Wireless Telecom Services
    Food Items

    Maybe all of that was in there somewhere but I only read 80% of it and then decided to chime in and get back to something else.

  • Peggy Baron

    Food trucks are HOT right now. I love it, Pat!

    I got a lot out of following your thought processes and your decisions in this post. Thank you. Now I’ve got to go eat some lunch because you’ve made me hungry. :)


  • Eric D. Greene

    Best of luck with this new venture Pat! And thanks for all your helpful information. – Eric

  • Maria

    Fantastic post, Pat. Can’t wait to watch your experience unfold online.

    I had thought I had my niche for NSD2.0, but after reading this I’m now going to go back and “test” it against your info here. With being new to this, I didn’t even think about most of the stuff you mentioned!!!

    Thanks again!

  • Michal

    Hi Pat,

    I feel so small after reading your post 😉 My research seems so weak now… I would love to find such a great keyword/phrase. You are constantly motivating me. Sometimes I hate it 😉 Another sleepless night ahead of me…

    Cheers and all the best!

  • Anthony

    I agree with everyone else so far. I think it is a great idea and as I read your description of it I found myself thinking, “man Pat’s done it again!” I think Sonny is definitely on to something with the apps that show what food trucks are close. I know that Kickstarter has a similar function in that it shows what projects people have posted that are close to your current location. I am sure that there are a whole host of other apps that you could come up with to compliment your website.

    As always thanks for the great content and I look forward to participating with everyone else in the Niche Site Dual!!

    The problem is going to be not checking the leaderboard 800 times each day, but I bet I’m not the only one that is going to have that problem.

  • Cindy

    That is a great niche. I love eating at my local food truck. When your site looks good, I will pass the information on. Staying in business always means you need to upgraded or buy new equipment.

    This is going to be fun.
    Thank you for letting me tag along.

  • James Petzke

    Epic post Pat, this really changed the way I’m approaching my site. Instead of just building a site that makes money from ad clicks and never retains readers, I’m going to do something much more in depth.

  • Nathan Sloan

    Hey Pat,

    Definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    I think the keyword has a lot of potential.

    All the best,

  • Canadianbudgetbinder

    Great topic because food is a big deal to many people all over the world. I think you will do awesome. I look forward to watching this unfold and build into your next win! Cheers

  • Loretta

    Anything fresh and foodie related is totally interesting to me because my husband has a much neglected food blog to work on this year…

    I was so excited to see what you chose and now I’m double excited, food trucks fascinate me. I will cross the street and walk half a mile out of my way just to check out the menu on a food truck. They aren’t super common in my local area, but there are neighboring areas where they pop up all the time.

    Lots of good stuff happening here and summertime is the perfect time to start a food truck resource.

    • Mark Conger

      Loretta – I’d love to take a look at that blog. Care to share the URL?

  • Mark Conger

    I love the rationale behind your keyword – specifically, that it can be an entry point into the main content. I’m doing something similar with a website locally and need to see how best to monetize it.

    Also, the food truck industry is not exactly nationwide. I watched the same Food Network show you mentioned and had never heard of such a thing. It was new to me. Sure, there are snow cone trucks and hot dog trucks that cater to high school sports games, but it’s not even close to the same thing as the food truck industry you’re targeting.

    That said, have you researched where the food truck business does and does not exist in the U.S.? Just curious.

  • Diggy

    Hey Pat,
    awesome post as always. You really went into detail about doing the research which is the key element to building a successful site.

    Simple 3 page sites can make some money but authority sites are the way to go.

    Good luck with your niche site.
    BTW, are you going to be doing it yourself or are you going to outsource a lot of the work?


  • Rusty

    Great choice! I just love your thought process around linking it to all the other businesses that cater to food trucks, like the graphics guys. I’m learning more with every post even if it’s with my mindset.

    Now get moving! I’m like Nik Wallenda here waiting for every post.

    PS – The Master Mind group too. : ) #fingerscrossed


  • Purveyor of Parasols

    I’m so intrigued by this particular niche too! I actually had seriously considered starting a food truck in Austin before deciding to go into the Parasols business. As I researched, there was indeed, very little online to make the process easier!!
    Good luck, can’t wait to see how it unfolds.


  • Lena @ WhatMommyDoes

    You had me going with Best Minivan there for a minute…I am actively searching for a minivan to purchase sometime this year, and I’m amazed at the lack of information out there. I’m also amazed at the lack of color options…maybe I’ll start a Where to Buy a Red Minivan site! LOL I need a color other than light blue/grey/white/black so I can find it in the preschool parking lot! :)

    I like where you’re going with the food truck keyword. I honestly was just throwing around the idea of researching the food truck business (specifically, snow cones) because it seems like such a fun, profitable business to be in and one that I could start and not have to actually run myself.

  • Steve

    Heya Pat-

    You said “There are going to be a lot of questions asked and experiences shared, and I wanted that to all be easily accessible.” … (after sharing you won’t have a Facebook group) … how do you plan to optimize those questions/experiences for easy access & knowledge transfer amongst NSD 2.0 members? What tool help will help you accomplish that?

    Thanks mate!

  • Jason Lange

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like a fun and interesting niche. Looking forward to it!

  • Tom Dewaele


    Great new adventure. Looking forward how you are going to tackle this. I am particularly interested in how you manage to get hold on content? Are you going to write this yourself or do you plan on using VA’s?


  • Benji Walklet

    Great topic, Pat. Definitely a lot of potential to write fun content on the regular.

    Only thing that will be determined down the road is if food trucks are a trend that is here to stay, or merely a fad. I certainly love food trucks…we have Off The Grid and Street Food Park here in San Francisco, but every once in awhile I wonder if the appeal will merely wear off.

    Probably not by much though, and definitely not during the period you are building out the site.

    Seriously…sounds like a ton of fun though with great potential. Also, with access to street trucks you can spread word of your site while grabbing some grub. Killing two birds with one stone and not having to rely 100% on search engine traffic up-front :)

  • Michelle

    Thanks for this Pat. I’m learning a lot. I read your last Niche Site Duel and I’m really looking forward to what you get up to this time.

  • Travis Robbins

    MMMMMMM………….Foot trucks. Can’t wait to watch you crush this.

    • Trevor

      Now that’s an idea, mobile foot massage trucks :)

  • Trevor

    Interesting choice and i’m looking forward to seeing how NSD 2.0 Progresses. I have decided on my keyword too and will be getting started soon :)

  • Organize DIY

    Love this post. I totally can follow your train of thought and got really excited for you by the end of the post. Extremely well written! I, like others who have commented, don’t have access to food trucks in our area (down south in Ga), but have seen the popularity grow via the Food Network (they’ve been including a challenge on Food Network Star too). Ironically, about 30 years ago, my uncle was one of the first in his beach town to construct a “rolling mobile food truck” to sell food to construction sites located too far out from eating establishments. You may add a note to your brainstorm list – a search tool for vendors to get information and trends about different types of trucks for different types of clientele by geographic region. Maybe even add in types of food by region. My uncle’s #1 food for years was hard boiled eggs – Ha who knew! Awesome topic! Very excited to watch it unfold.

  • Scott M78

    Great niche, however i could see myself rapidly loosing interest, apart from being a customer of a food truck Pat, what is your experience or passion for them?

  • Erock

    Pat, another great post. Thanks for all of the info.
    By showing us the thought process behind choosing a niche you are providing HUGE value to your readers.

  • Nate

    Hey Pat, sounds like a good niche to get into. It’s crazy how much research/contemplation you conduct. I wish you the best!

  • Slammer

    Pat, this will be your biggest winner yet.

    There is going to be sensational content and the time on site will be epic. IMO this leads to a enormous benefits. Even as someone not interested in food trucks, I’m sure your high quality content would get me reading through it as well and think about starting my own food truck 😉

    Get into it.

  • Vito

    Hey Pat,

    I had a food truck in NY and sold it last fall and can provide a lot insight into what you are setting out to do with the niche site. Pls let me know.

  • Mike Kawula

    Great choice & logic behind it. So many opportunities with Food Trucks.

    Good Luck and See you at the Start Line!

  • Robert Harper

    Great choice Pat. I think you are going to help a bunch of folks on their own little roaming startup. I do wonder how often people will be coming back.

  • Rob Mills

    I love it! Such an “outside the box” niche. Fantastic! Great ideas for monitization as well. Could even set up a membership site….i’m in the UK and a similar niche is “catering trailers” Looks like to could be a good one too. Great work Pat!

  • Chavelt


    It is great…I like your work and motivation to help others. I wish we had more great guys like you.

    Keep it up my friend!!!!!

  • Alex B.

    Congratulations on picking your niche, Pat! I’m very excited to see where you go with this my friend!

    I too, have my niche picked out and I’m SUPER excited to follow along with you!


  • Curt

    hey Pat

    This sounds like a very interesting project and look forward to being part of this niche site project.

    I learned a quick lesson with your selection – several months ago I was asking my former biz partner how his Dad was doing – he said “he left the real estate business and he and his wife are traveling all over Florida with their food truck”… he told me how big these food events were getting – lol…I had never thought “hey, maybe this would be a great niche site idea :)

    I am certainly not saying that I would have built a site, but I think the lesson is that we should all have our eyes and ears open looking for new trends and seeing if we can get in front of the growth!

  • Alexander Combs

    It sounds like you’re starting with a niche-site keyword, but giving yourself enough flexibility to grow into an authority site if the idea pans out. That’s definitely a clever idea.

    Since it’s more difficult these days to build top ranking niche sites without any sort of social media buy-in or links from related sites, that was a GREAT pick and a great approach to growing the site. Even if I thought of it myself, I wouldn’t have recognized the potential for income from it outside of Adsense, but it sounds like you did.

  • Yogesh

    Thanks Pat,
    This time I really enjoyed your post. you have explained details and deeply with showing some live example. Additionally, We should think practically to selecting about Niche Product.I love It.

  • The Virtual Sensei

    OK. I see you have picked your niche. One thing I didn’t see mentioned was the promotion strategy and if it involves link building so I’ll be looking forward to that since that’s the part that often gets everyone in trouble. Although with no competition out there from what you heard from people, you might not need much to become a go to source based on how helpful you tend to be.

    But I am happy to see that it’s a broader niche idea with more than 50 posts probably.

    You might remember my last comment in regard to my 1000 posts in a 1000 days. I know you commented on it. If you forgot since like the rest of us, you are getting older:), here’s the link to it:

    I’ve started it and will keep you up to date. Here’s the link to the blog posts written so far.

    I’m anxious to see the difference in revenue between a site like and the newest site you are developing since I know that while search volume can indicate expected revenue, it really depends on the what you uncover can be achieved monetarily by helping those in this one.

    My feeling is that revenue is often directly related to the number of people you help and I’m not sure that when you compare the two sites, that in numbers, the potential is there to surpass

    But one thing you have going for you I think is that I don’t see many people delving into the food truck niche with you like might happen in the make money online niche…lol.

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Just visited your blog and left a comment. 1000 blog posts in 1000 days. Seems a challenging task. But I am sure it would be fun and exciting !!

      • The Virtual Sensei

        It will definitely be a journey! Thanks Naveen, I saw your comment as well.

  • Schafmail

    You could partner up with one of these marketplaces or start building your own. Interesting niche! Cheers!

  • Natural Horsemanship

    Hey Pat – That’s some serious research you had going on there! As Becker from Source Wave says, that’s where the gold lies.

    I know the site will be new but it’s useful that it’s going to be an authority/hub site as that’s where long-term SEO is going, which will help a lot of us.

    Looking forward to following along.

  • CD Lauritsen

    Hey Pat,
    It wouldn’t hurt to take a little trip to Austin and hit as many food trucks you can for insight and information. Austin is the center of the food truck universe. In fact, there are apps that are designed specifically for the food truck scene in Austin. They give you types, maps, reviews, etc. My wife and I will actually go on dates at food trucks, as there are many that are very gourmet and respected as legitimate restaurants.

    Hope this helps!

  • Shaun

    Personally not a niche I would have selected as I don’t feel I have sufficient knowledge in the area nor do I wish to learn about it, but outside that it seems like it could be a successful niche with a lot of potential. I am excited to see what you do with it.

    • Darlene with BlogBoldly

      I’m with Shaun.. but it will be exciting to see how this plays out with a niche that at first look, isn’t necessarily enticing. :)

      I’m especially interested in seeing you get creative with monetization.

      I think it’ll be real encouraging.. especially for newbies.

      ~ darlene :)

  • Brady

    PAT! You nailed it. As soon as I read your keyword I knew how big of an opportunity this was. Then you mentioned the type if site that can be a guide to food truck entrepreneurs and that sealed the deal. You picked an amazing keyword with soooo much potential! I won’t jump ahead of the gun, but this could end up being a very very big deal. I am so glad you chose not to do minivans. This is right up your ally and the beautiful thing is, people looking for this info, they need a guy like you that can provide a comprehensive site full of great strategies and useful info! So excited for you. So much to learn in NSD2.0, excited to be along for the ride! Thanks for this post!

  • Alexandre B

    Hi Pat,
    I can’t wait to read your next posts, it’s going to be an epic adventure !
    All the best

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Hey Pat,

    Thank you for checking out this comment. I think checking out the food truck owner niche is a great idea! Although the best mini van may have been a fun challenge, I do believe that that “food truck for sale” has more to offer and for less competition (smart approach).

    I can’t wait to join the leader board and see what you have in store for us!


  • Josh Brancek

    Wow, Pat, really looking forward to the ways you dominate this niche!!!

  • Cindy Molchany

    Will Farrell in Zoolander comes to mind: This niche is “so hot right now”!
    Truly awesome find!
    And I love “keyword day”.

  • Steve wyman

    That’s great love the pivot.

    Also NOT using the keyword as the domain names is spot on. I can see this being another huge success


  • Linda Barnby

    Fantastic choice, Pat! Food trucks are big here in Florida and growing. Food truck events are a social activity. I agree with you – there is a great deal of monetization potential here! Can’t wait to see your process going forward! I’ll be with you all the way!

  • Vinny O’Hare

    A great niche for sure. Many things you can do with it. I cringed when I saw the minivan keyword as no one searches for that. I am in that niche and SUV replaced minivan 5-10 years ago. Good luck, I will be watching.

  • Zack

    Dude! This is brilliant! Food trucks are all the rage right now. You’re jumping in head first to a niche ready to burst out! Can’t wait to see your progress.

  • http:/ chris janota

    You picked my niche! You picked my EXACT keyword I selected 2 weeks ago! I cant believe this.

    Well thats the way it goes. If you want my domain I guess you can have it. LMK


    • Brooks Conkle

      Don’t be discouraged. I know what you’re thinking. “Defeat! Pat will Dominate me!”
      Ha, this may be true, but there’s always room for multiple sites in a niche.
      Try to take an angle of something that he’s not.
      Maybe you can you guys will find that you promote each other.
      Look for the light 😉

      • http:/ chris Janota

        Thanks Brooks,
        I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen what Pat selected. I’m not considering going forward with my selection. The whole point in this is to select a niche without competition and I don’t see another angle to use “food trucks for sale”. Plus it would contaminate the results of the case study. Pat, if your reading I purchased the domain (PR4) on auction to link to my – idea from your Alex Becker interview. If you want me to link to you or transfer the domain to you I will, but I wont unless you approve since you may not want to contaminate your case study.

        I was set to draft some content today about food truck manufacturers and interviewed some food truck drivers over the weekend. I even ordered business cards.

    • MiaGal

      Chris, this simply validates your great idea! Go for it too. There is enough room on the web for both of you.

      • http:/ chris Janota

        Thanks Mia,
        Yes it is reassuring that Pat obviously approves of my research.

    • Faith Watson

      If you’re pumped up about your idea, and your site’s potential, why not make the most of this stroke of luck? You’ll be able to share a lot of ideas coming directly from Pat’s path, and sidestep those that don’t work when he finds out they don’t faster than all the rest of us mere mortals would be able too. 😉 Maybe you could try to beat him in his own niche, but even if you don’t quite make that goal, being right under his site would be a really nice place to be, right? I’m a huge foodie and I watch a lot of shows on related topics–something I’d start looking into if I had that niche would be food costs (food trucks have different needs/qtys and margins than standing restaurants), classic food truck recipes (which are THE most successful trucks in the nation? You can find that out, and find what they serve, and feature them and get their recipes too–awesome search returns I would think), and finally, food truck owners need help shopping for the apps and creating/managing the websites that fans can use to locate them. Partnerships in that last area would be ripe for affiliates, I’m guessing. I’ve never done this before but I think it’s a great niche!

    • Lior Ohayon

      A couple things to note Chris,

      First of all, exact match domains are more harmful than helpful at this point in Google. Any domain can rank.

      Second, you overestimate the competition. If you really did come up with it first, and if you already bought your domain and are clearly planning out the site, then go ahead and do it. You have every right to and the odds are you will be ranking for totally different terms and articles than Pat will. As he explained, there is just so much to cover in this topic.

      Take an angle and all the best to you.

  • Ross

    I Don’t like it. Are people already searching for food truck marketing ideas? F trucks for sale I can understand but beside that. Feels like you will need to educate owners about your site to get your desired result. Alot easier to market a site when people are hungry for info on google or already asking in forums. Do food truck owners even own computers? Better off doing research in forums and seeing what typical questions there are. Also amazon if books are selling well in the niche, or if there is a dummies guide in the niche then there is interest/money in the niche.
    Longevity is not as good as you think. Pick a keyword inside a hobbie, employment and sports area as they have better potential. I think its better to focus on fixing a problem people have than picking a keyword. Maybe I am wrong. Will be fun Pat to watch. Prove me wrong. Cheers for a great post.

    • MiaGal

      “Running A Food Truck” for Dummies is available for purchase online.

      Good idea to search the “for Dummies” aisle.

  • BOB

    Sounds interesting. Your keyword makes me hungry.
    Are you concerned at all that there may be a lot of location specific pages in the top 10?
    Good Luck!
    Josh B

  • James

    Well Pat, I agree with you, the food truck thing is good, and by the time you’re done, you could add an iphone and android map which registered food truck owners could install on their phone which would provide localisation on your site.
    So customers everywhere in the US can track their favorite food truck, so they know when it’s coming or where it’s at on a saturday afternoon for instance.

    Good luck, so much to do, but yes first focus on the food truck owners and wanna be owners.

  • Steve

    I think your method, research and kw selection was pure Geneis.

    I’ll be watching you build this out. Good Luck

  • Sarah

    Hi Pat
    I think you’ve hit on a brilliant idea. I have actually been investigating the same keyword theme in the UK for my Inspired Camping site, as we are seeing an emerging trend over here to use vintage caravans and campervans to start up food trailer businesses.

    You may be interested in reading one of my articles about it.

    I am in awe of the skills and vision you obviously have to see so much more in it than I did. Looking forward to reading how it develops.

    • Steve

      Very nice site Sarah, looks like a lot of love and time has been ploughed in.

  • Pauldz

    Pat, just keep in mind that food trucks has a trendiness to it. Meaning after a couple of years, the interest may die down as people get involved in another food fad. For example, cupcakes are so over now. The market is totally oversaturated.

  • Steve Eason


    That’s an AWESOME keyword and subject matter. We lived in the Portland, Or area and there are TONS of food trucks up there. Unfortunately, we discovered food trucks a few months before we moved away to North Carolina. There are hardly any food trucks here because the government is not supportive of them here.

    I’m also a big fan of the Great American Food Truck race and personally would love to create a site doing the exact same thing. But there ain’t no way I’m competing against you brother.

    Anyway, I love the keyword, I’m excited to see how it turns out and there is a TON of potential with that topic.

    Btw, if you ever go up to Portland, you MUST try my favorite food truck in the area. 808 Grinds – here is their FB page – The BEST Hawaiian fried chicken EVER.

  • Dennis

    This is a great niche to target. Congrats on some fine research and an excellent post. Really looking forward to watching this play out. One thing you might want to produce some content on is overcoming anti-food truck bias in some political jurisdictions. A great source for research on this is the Institute for Justice, which has had major success in helping food truck operators in this regard:

  • John Johnson

    I am at a loss for words. But love it. Can’t wait to see how this develops. The lesson I’ve learned already is that almost any subject/area can be a niche as long as one can identify the “legs”, one is willing to put in the research efforts and one can generate some passion for the niche subject/area.
    Thanks so much Pat.

  • MiaGal

    Fantastic idea! So many revenue stream opportunities with this one.

    So many chefs are shifting to food trucks to reduce overhead costs. They know how to cook, but probably need a lot of help about the ownership and maintenance of an actual truck.


  • http:/ chris janota

    I am completely shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes when you picked my EXACT name. I even started interviewing Food truck Drivers on Saturday and had my business cards printed. This tells me 2 things. You approve of my keyword research obviously. That’s reassuring. It also tells me the pool for opportunities is getting smaller. Needless to say im not going forward with food trucks for sale since the whole point in selecting a niche is to pick a keyword without much competition. Anyway, the ftfs volume is great and there is definetly money in the niche. Monetizing with the ebay Partner Network is the right way to go on this I think.

  • Catherine Mills

    I was all for Best Minivan, however…WOW.

    First, thank you for exploring the idea of people sticking around. I hadn’t really used that as a factor myself although one of my next sites (the original site I planned) is intended to do that. However, actually making it a conscious decision is important. And thank you for the explanation of Keyword Day. I’m sure I will be using that for future research!

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head above. You can create more than an informational site with the Food Truck niche, you can create an empire…everything food trucks.

    On a more selfish note, I’m excited about this choice because it will give us so many more learning opportunities than a true niche site exercise. A project of this size might not be what most NSD2.0 participants are striving for this time around but your example will help us understand how to build it should we choose to in the future.

  • Jackie

    You are right on with the food trucks! I recently moved to a new area and there are three trucks so far and the city has room for 10 they said in a recent newspaper article. I absolutely love the idea of starting my own food truck here in my local area and ANY advice from you would be extremely helpful to me in my start-up endeavor. I think there is great potential for this and a lot of fun to be had and decent money to be earned. You are a household name for my husband and I. We feel connected with you. He listens to you all the time and thinks a lot of you. You are an inspiration to both of us. Thanks for being a trusted source. I love your clean show and that you cherish your family.
    I hope you will contact me soon.
    Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  • John Chang

    Hi Pat – I agree that the food truck trend is BIG, and we’re just seeing the beginning of the upswing.

    Like you I’ve thought about building a “one site to rule them all” as well as other info products to develop over time like my Kindle ebook for field inspection work –

    Bottom-line: people are looking for work, and the new economy is based on folks willing to create their own opportunities, rather than wait for some government bailout that isn’t coming.

  • Luke

    Man, Pat!
    First I gotta say: awesome niche. I already love it. And your argument that people building a food truck business need further information makes total sense. Your site has the chance to get them “in the door” of the Pat Flynn Food Truck Empire at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey – which leaves lots of room for further business for you down the road. Very smart…
    I’m a big fan of the “Shark Tank” TV show and I remember that one team once pitched their food truck business (I guess they were selling fresh Maine lobster somewhere on the west coast). And I remember thinking “How cool are these guys?” Don’t remember if they got funded, but they were already doing fine anyway…

    • Ben Donahower

      Barbara Corcoran funded them and they did a follow up on them. They are doing great!

  • Andrea @ GoDiaperFree

    Great keyword Pat! Here in Asheville, NC, there’s a food truck rage going on. I think this is gonna be a good one for you. :)

  • Jeremy Hamburgh

    Quite frankly, I am jealous. As a huge food nerd who is having a food truck wedding, I wish I had thought of it. If you do choose to pursue it, I have some post ideas to share with you about the challenges of starting one. Also, one of my best friends just started a food truck business in Chicago, and I am sure he can feed you plenty of sticky areas to discuss.

    • Faith Watson

      Chicago has been notoriously devoid of food trucks since they don’t let you prep the food ON them… I heard that was changing, and I think this will be an amazing market! Good luck to your friend!

  • Fabrizio

    Hi Pat great post as usual and lots of points taken. Interesting niche choice too and I too can’t wait to see your first few pages. I’m taking part in the duel from the UK as well, and cataloging my progress on my blog, one thing taking part has done for me as I’m sure it has for everyone else too, is its allowed me to make a ton of new connections that was not possible before, thanks Pat, look forward to your next post.

  • Serge

    I think this is a great idea Pat :)

    I myself went for a keyword that’s pretty competitive and yet is just a small portion of what the “brand” that I will be building is :)

    Actually, in preparation for the website, I’m drawing up my LLC Paperwork right now… Sure, it’s a hefty investment (LLC Licence fees, etc.), but I’m THAT confident that it will be good that I’m going to go for it anyways :)

  • http://www.Onlineboutiquesource.con Akil

    I love the food truck idea, working in Manhattan for 9 years I can tell you how big the food truck industry is and it had grown and become more metropolitan in the last few years so I can see a lot of content on sprucing your truck up, keeping up with the times, even revamping you menu.

    I’m also excited because you niche is in the same vain as my in terms of helping people getting and growing a particular business so I’m excited to see the kind of content you offer.

    Good luck, see you in the next post

  • Tao

    Nice niche choice Pat. I love the way you can see all the potential in the niche rather than just concentrating on selling food trucks.

    Good luck!

  • Rich

    Great choice, Pat. My son and daughter-in-law were researching this very topic a month ago and couldn’t find a lot of information. They decided to just go out and talk to food truck owners. They’re still in the research phase but have found that it takes quite a bit of money to get in to the business. Good luck to you.

  • Ross

    Curiosity got the better of me, after my previous comment above. I did a amazon search. Looks like they are hot sellers!

    • Ross

      Also interesting on that above amazon link for food truck books. Is that in the “service industry category” which is pretty big, covers a lot of different things. Out of the top ten sellers, there are TWO food truck books in it. Interesting. Maybe I have to edit my earlier comment.

    • Lior Ohayon

      Hi Ross,

      Not sure why you considered these hot sellers. The best one on that list is selling around 1-2 copies a day, based on my experience with the bestsellers list.

      • Ross

        Good point Lior, I saw one with 42 reviews and know that only a very small proportion of people would leave feedback. My guess 7% ?
        I was surprised that people would even purchase a “how to book” on the subject, but there is a few authors on the subject and even the “dummies” brand has got into it, so must be money in the subject..

  • Ben Donahower

    Awesome! I really think you are going to hit this one out of the park… I was thinking exactly what you demonstrated with the Google Trends data. This isn’t just a good phrase to target today; it’s a resource that looks to be grow quickly at least in the near and medium term.

    My question – how did you get to this point?

    I know you’ve mentioned your method, but I’m curious how you got to the topic of food trucks and their purchase… Did it just come up randomly in Long Tail Pro and/or Google’s recommended keywords? Or did you go from vans to trucks to food trucks?

    When I’m doing keyword research, I usually come up with a great product, but (big BUT) it takes me forever! I’d love to understand your creative process a little better in hopes that there is a nugget of wisdom or two to reduce the time that it takes to do quality research.

  • Sal Coombes

    Pat, do you agree you’re sticking close to home? I mean, food trucks are a niche yes, but essentially you’ll be able to take everything you teach here on SPI and just repurpose it to be online marketing tips for food trucks. You’re providing marketing expertise, not food truck expertise. I still sense it’s about ‘how to make money online…for food truck operators’. I’m sure there are passive models they could apply to areas of their business. Not saying this is a bad approach… it’s SMART! Love your choice and have made me think about how I could provide marketing expertise to my niche audience, rather than expertise on the niche keyword if that makes sense.

  • Dwight Anthony

    Pat, great niche idea. I like that you took the research to a whole other level. I really do believe this will actually bring you another source of passive income and wealth building.

    will keep monitoring this.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog . com

  • stuart

    Hi Pat, I enjoyed the 1st duel a few years back and that was an interesting choice with security guard training . SEO has changed since then so I am looking forward to seeing your methods. I do enjoy the way you write and your thought patterns. Its going to be interesting to see how its monatised as well. This is going to be great seo training for those starting out and people looking for new methods.


  • Faith Watson

    I am really happy to have just been made aware that my selected niche, and my site plans-which will be my first foray into an internet business like this–is one that meets Pat’s more recent criteria about being a place for people to come back to. I hadn’t “meant” to do that, but I did naturally, and wow that will make a huge difference for me in the long run, I think! A real boost to my confidence, which needs it right about now, a few months into decided to do all this and feeling a bit lost. Yay! Let’s do it!

  • Paul

    It’s quite emmotional..the most interesting and notable thing mentioned in the article is “dedicating to daily activities observation” and then speaking with people who have more knowledge than you in that domain. Great work! Now i really hope you will not change the niche again.

  • Lior

    Just a comment about there being no hub like that. I remember a couple years ago I was feeling entrepreneurial and looked into opening a hot dog stand. The government (in Canada) had some good info about all the regulations etc, but I DID also find some tips online.

    They were mostly under “restaurateur” blogs about branding and marketing- there are tons of these. Maybe your specific searches will pay off, but there definitely are websites out there offering tips.

  • greg Keever

    Hi pat I just read your new food truck niche idea, thats sounds really good, I am new to all this niche site stuff, and I was thinking of a niche idea. what do you think about a pool maintenance I have a pool now and and owned a pool when we lived in san diego, if you can give me any feed back that would be great, thank you Greg Keever

  • Leah Latini

    I think it’s a great niche!!! I know that the food truck business has been increasing like crazy over the past few years. I have also noticed that other areas of the country don’t have as many food trucks as we do here in SoCal, but are seeing the trend catch on steadily. I think there is a lot of room for growth, and many of the possible foodtruckpreneurs are in the 25-35 demographic. This age demo will definitely utilize a site like this. Excited to see how it turns out!!!

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Congrat’s Pat! I think a universal entrepreneurial trait is the hunt or start of a project! That is when we feel the most energy and excitement, so I’m sure you are having fun with the food truck thing! Can’t wait to go the next step with you!

  • Mary Catherine

    Hey Pat!!

    AWESOME NICHE SITE!! I follow the Food Network and LOVE the Food Trucks – it is a HUGE trend in NY, Seattle, Portland and CA cities. LOVE this – I LOVE food trucks!!

    I am excited – I am still working on the niche site I will select.. but can’t wait to move forward and share. I think shifting to another way to be a community then face book is great – I can’t find past posts and it is SO important to find past postings..

    THANK YOU for thinking of us – Pat – you are the best – I so appreciate all you do!

  • Casandra

    What a fun keyword! I imagine there is a lot of content that could be produced around food truck regulations — likely different for each area. It’s a big issue here in Toronto.

  • Jim

    im a noob regarding internet marketing. But all i know is that you always find a way to keep interesting. You can’t imagine how many emails i receive each day. I have thousands of them unread. But you always make me click your notifications about new posts and i never regret it. I wish you to always have such inspiration.
    ??? ?? ????? ????? is my third blog now, and its about how to make money in Greek, the other to are already ranking #1 and it’s all because of you. Sure i write this comment to get a backlink from your site but i mean every word i say. I am happy for your success and its a real pleasure to read your new projects :) I am looking forward to see more seo details about how you are going to promote this new site.
    Best regards!

  • Kristen

    Sounds like a great niche. It seems like food trucks are becoming more varied, and more popular, so I really think it’s a growth area. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for you.

    Also, I absolutely love the ‘keyword day’ idea. I’m going to try that out for the next few days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Save Money Guru

    There’s no doubt that food trucks are making a comeback. They’ve been quite the rage in larger cities for a few years now. Last year one of the contestants on Masterchef’s goal was to buy and run a food truck. It’s very different then back in the day when they were called “roach coaches” but that may be another keyword you could use in one of your postings. I think it’s a great niche and I’m intrigued with how you came up with it. Keyword day – great idea.
    Thanks for sharing Pat!

  • Peter Bui

    Now that is something I would have never guessed and is definitely growing in trends here in Australia now too.

    Hope it works out well and looking forward to jumping on the leader board and getting involved too.

  • Fibromyalgia Diet Diva

    Hey Pat! Your blog is really quite impressive and i think youve chosen quite an awsome niche for NSD 2.0, i recently started a niche site inspired by your NSD 1.0 success my niche being fibromyalgia diet w/ the keyword “fibromyalgia diet” still having trouble ranking but i really feel confident that i can rank number 1 some day and im sure following your food truck niche site will inspire me further! Thank you Pat Flynn

    Best Regards, Fibromyalgia Diet Diva

  • Lyvonne

    Great niche! Love the way you chose it. Very smart.

    You could also add some info on the site about franchising. I don’t know if that is going on in the food truck world but it is a topic you could cover if you are looking for post ideas.

    This is going to be a great “duel”! Thanks Pat.

  • Nate

    Nice work Pat! I definitely agree about the need for the site being better able to attract return customers. In my business, we work extremely hard for our customers, but really only get to sell to them once one of the places we know is a growth area for us is return customer sales. It’s HUGE potential for us. Anyway, good thoughts on the site. Looking forward to the next steps here.

  • Scott Milford

    Pat, I love the food truck idea. It actually sounds really interesting and could be exciting. I like it better than the mini van idea.

    Have you seen this book on Amazon?

    Also, have you checked to see if there are any food truck related industry magazines?


  • Jonathan McClintock

    Pat – you have been a true inspiration since the day I found your podcast through Michael Hyatt’s podcast. The Food Truck idea sounds like a fun challenge! Looking forward to seeing what happens in my chosen site and yours over the next several months in the Niche Site Duel 2.0. Thanks for making the internet a better place!

  • pat

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to see how it goes and learn along the way. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nick Kizirnis

    Hey Pat, great choice! We’ve been trying to get food trucks here for some time now, so I’m kicking myself for this one … although it never ever crossed my mind. I’ve got a keyword in mind that I’m pretty motivated about but still keeping my eyes open just in case. I’m ready to rock!

  • Latush

    Pat that is such a great niche. I would have never though of it. Please have a directory where ppl can find food trucks in their area and possibly order online and go pick it up. Keep up the good work. Ur my mentor (in my mind) lol.

  • Evan Thomas

    Hey Pat,

    Sounds really interesting and some great commercial intent there. Maybe someone mentioned this already but there was an episode of Planet Money (NPR) a while back about food trucks in New York vying for the best pitches each day.

    It touched on regulations, tactics etc. Check it out.

    Good luck!


  • Theodore Nwangene

    Thats very interesting indeed Pat,
    I’m so happy that you’ve finally selected your K.W, kudos for that because, i know its never an easy one.

    I also like the K.W based on your research. Lets see how it goes.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the MLG update.


  • Kyle M.

    Hey Pat,
    Pretty cool niche choice! I (currently) work in the food industry and am interested to see the content you build around the trending food truck phenomenon. We even have a food truck in NYC that beat Bobby Flay in a “Throw Down”. So they can make some pretty yummy stuff on 4 wheels. Here’s a link to the truck that beat him,

  • Kathi Tevlin

    Great idea Pat! I love and live with a chef so I know you’re on the right track. However, contrary to what you might think, chefs are often very strapped for cash. And if they’re not, the startup for running a food truck can be challenging to say the least. If you want to make a lot of chefs happy – and loyal fans – incorporate creative solutions for financing a truck, getting into the nitty gritty of efficiency once the truck has been bought, and mentor a focused approach. Chefs are creative types just like designers and other artists. Often they buy way more truck than they can afford and don’t look at the food margins. Maybe California isn’t that way with its huge population, but if you want to be the #1 site across the country you’ll need to connect with the average chef. I look forward to seeing how you approach this :)

  • Adam

    Hey Pat, I was looking up food trucks after reading your article. Didn’t know the industry was that big. Here in Phoenix there are taco trucks all over the place, so I looked up some taco truck sites and found one that mentioned being Leed certified for all their locations.

    I thought it was an interesting connection to your previous work. Here’s the link:

    Something about the standards you have to comply with when you own a truck for your site that you already know all about!

  • VictorK

    Your choice to ‘brand’ the site is A+ and the only way to go.
    I know there will be tons for all to learn from your plan and implementations.
    Thanks Pat!

  • Dillon

    Very interesting niche Pat! There are so many options for your keyword and what you can offer to the niche. Creating a membership site for food truck ‘treps, Craigslist for food trucks and more! I am really looking forward to your next post and how you plan on tackling this niche.

    I have created a small niche site to generate traffic which I plan on then directing to my app which will be released by the end of this month. Learning a lot from you and the niche comp series. Thinking long term! :)

  • Danf87

    That niche is golden! Ebay has food trucks selling for almost 100,000! If you gained enough authority you could easily turn your site into an automated car sales man through the ebay affiliate program or you could partner with food truck dealers around the US and use ebay as your platform to sell their food truck and make a serious commission per truck sale. Looks like the hard time researching paid off with this potentially lucrative niche.

  • Rob Orr

    I like this idea much better than the minivan idea – I think you’ll be able to do something awesome with this. I’m getting started on my site too, so looking forward to seeing what you do!

  • Carl

    Thanks for this information Pat. It’s definitely helpful for me as I start building niche sites, too. I love how you did the Keyword day. That’s just an awesome way to discover a niche!

  • Krista

    I love your keyword. My husband actually was underemployed after losing his job and we were trying to figure out a new business. He loves to cook, so we actually considered starting a food truck. We had the hardest time finding good info about what to look for. In fact, it made us so nervous, that we abandoned the idea. So I think you can really do well in this niche.

  • Matt Sullivan


    I love that you touched on being the hub. That is essential to creating a long lasting environment. I come back to your site all the time because you continue bringing your best to every post. This is my hub for connecting with like minded folks who are as passionate as I am about creating a passive income online.

    I have found great friends via the community you have created – simply clicking on their website in the comments section and then commenting on their website. It is a giving feed.

    God Bless,

    Matt Sullivan

  • Nedly Viziou

    The niche is totally unrelated to internet marketing or any of your previous niche sites. I like the challenge because it’d help me prove that money can be made from markets other than “money making, blogging or business related.” Thank you Pat.

  • casey

    That’s a pretty cool idea for a niche site. I did a quick search and noticed that I see mostly local results including this Niche site about food trucks in Seattle

  • Javier

    Pat, I’d like to point something I read in Spencer’s blog. He says that we should be careful in going for a keyword that has many ecommerce sites in the top 10 results, which I see it’s the case in your competition analysis.

    Since this keyword seems to be ecommerce oriented, it will be hard to rank an informatinal site since google would prevail ecommerce results over informational sites, despite the competition been low.

    If on the other side you’re planning to include truck listings, then it might be a good one.

  • arif mardiyanto

    Hi, pat

    i currently interested to create nice site.. but i still wondering how we can improve the traffic .. i only have 2 niche site.. is it adequate? or you have more than 10 or even 50 niche site?


  • ceejay joe

    This is one of the best keyword research i have read!! thanks Pat.

  • Jason – Ms. Chocolatier

    Hey Pat I can tell you one thing is that myself and my mom own a chocolate business here in San Antonio and we are looking to go mobile in the near future. San Antonio has been the up and coming with the mobile trend so we are looking to capitalize on that. It will be interesting to find out what your input is. I do have experience with this sort of topic so if you need some insight send me a message. I’m still in the research mode and havent clearly landed what I’m looking for yet. Anyway I wasn’t trying to advertise or anything but I’m excited to see what your niche sight would look like or what you plan to place as your content. I do have a few ideas for it.

  • Feuza

    LOVE it so much better than minivan and more exciting! cant wait to follow the journey!

  • Vickie

    What an awesome niche with so many possibilities! I appreciate how you shared your process of just writing down everything you did in a day to arrive at your idea. So many possibilities all around us!

    I also greatly appreciate the snapshot from Longtail Pro. As a rookie, I’m still getting used to knowing what I’m supposed to look for so this was helpful.

    My partner and I are ready to go right along side with you and all the other SPI duelers. Can’t wait!

  • Doug

    Kind of like

  • Will

    Food trucks should be a great niche, and I think you’ll do a fantastic, thorough job with it. By the way, love, Love, LOVE “keyword day!” What an awesome idea.

  • Mike

    This is such a cool idea. The whole leader board thing is awesome. I think I have a good keyword, but I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Can’t wait for the next post.

    • Iain

      Hey Mike,

      I’m excited for the leaderboard as well. It will be cool to see how everyone is doing with their niche site.

      Also, the forums are going to be a great place for people to learn and connect with other SPI fans.

      You mentioned you had no idea what you were doing. Is there anyway I can help you Mike?

      You can tweet me @ipjrobson

  • Heidi Bender

    Food trucks are like niches on wheels with their menus limited by the size of the truck.

  • Michelle

    Great niche idea! I will be following along and shadowing your every move. I have an ecommerce business where I sell baby bedding and as you can imagine I’m in keyword competition hell. My competitors dominate the first page of google so will be following along VERY closely in hopes to climb the ranks or at least learn something new. :)

    My husband suggested I listen to your podcast a week ago and so far I’ve gotten thru about 30 of them. Keep up the great work! Love the sharing of information.


  • scott

    I’m interested to see if your keyword will be your domain name. If you want to be the resource for all things food truck a broader domain name may be more valuable (perhaps harder to rank though) .

  • Okto

    Thanks for mailing me about this post Pat! It’s worth reading very much

  • Elissa P

    Hello Mr. Pat
    Who is able to follow along and build their site. Is it only the 5 people
    in the MLC or can all your sub. Thank you.

  • Dan Horner

    The potential for a reoccurring relationship through a niche site has really got my mental wheels turning. The keyword I’ve selected actually fits this model. This was by sheer luck but now I’m more encouraged than ever!

    Note: I just re-listened to SPI Podcast 068 The Most Powerful (and Toughest) Productivity Tip to Implement. I was beginning to weaken and think I could work 3 niches simultaneously during NSD 2.0, but now I’m renewed in my resolve to tackle one niche at a time. Thanks for such great advice and encouragement.

    I can’t wait until the next post and the announcement for the Group of 5.

  • terri

    I just found out about Food Truck Invasion (on facebook). They travel and hit my town the 3rd Wednesday every month. Definitely a hot niche! The parking was out of control busy. I’m on the Treasure Coast in S. FL.

  • Julie@ Article Writing Services

    I also started a niche site about 2 years back but got too busy to work on it plus I realized it needed more time than I had anticipated. I just did a survey on the site and realized that it is still a viable idea as not much information is available about the topic and people would love to have solutions for the problem. This gave me motivation to start working on it again and I have more time to spend on it. I have done my keyword research and have been looking at monetization methods.

    My request to you would be to also include tools or methods that someone who is working on their own site can use for free, for people who are just getting started for the first time and don’t have a lot of money to spend on SEO tools. Though I am planning to use SEO tools as soon as I can afford it, as I know it makes work much easier, so I also won’t mind if you mention which specific paid tools you used.

    Your duel will act as my rough guide on how to develop a nich site, so you can be sure that I will be following your nich site duel to the end.

  • John Verbrugge

    Hey Pat,

    You know I thought the Minivan thing would be really challenging to do, and I’d love to see you get through a challenge. But I gotta say, the food truck idea has me a lot more excited than the minivan did. Sorry, dude. Food trucks rock, and minivans, well, you know…

    Looking forward to it.

  • Eleanor

    A powerful message I learned from a mentor was this – “If you only have one product, you don’t have a business – you have a promotion.”

  • Jeff Pennypacker

    Pat, So excited about your food truck venture. Food trucks have fought long and hard in my town and just in the past 2 years have been able to get licenses to start up. Now there is a parking lot downtown where all the food trucks park for lunch. I was coaching one of the food truck owners to keep his business going. Would love to help you connect with more food truck owners and how they are being successful in Asheville.

  • erik

    I am so happy that you selected this niche. It feels like I am watching a master tackle an extremely tough project which will make easier ones seem like a piece of cake.

  • Mike Savacool

    dude I wish I had thought of this! Although a great niche does not ensure success, I’ll be watching closely because I know you’re going to make it happen.

  • Christina

    Hi Pat,

    Love this idea! Food trucks are definitely growing in popularity and it will be really interesting to see where it leads. :)

  • Kevin


    Fantastic post and full of value! I absolutely loved how you went through BOTH potential niche sites and your thought processes for each–THANKS!

    Also a great example of idea extraction!

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!


  • Michelle Hall

    A couple girls & I put on a Hike-For-Hope to raise money & awareness for Fragile X Syndrome which both of my boys have & we were looking for food trucks & had a hard time finding them in our area. I would of gone here to look for sure!

  • Marable

    Wow Pat, that sounds like a TON of research for one person to do. You will undoubtedly need a team to gather everything.

  • Brad Hussey

    This sounds awesome! Here in Canada—Alberta and British Columbia, specifically—there are a couple iPhone apps called YYC Food Trucks for Calgary, and YVR Food Trucks for Vancouver. I’m sure there are probably a few other locations, as food trucks are very popular in Canada as well, however, the app is great because you can see in real time where specific food trucks are located, and you get notifications if a particular food truck is in your neighbourhood.

    Something to keep in mind!

    Good luck!

  • Warren Lynn

    Great job Pat! That is a fantastic niche. Unlike minivans which are the same from year to year until the model changes the food trucks appear to be unique from owner to owner and the location they are in. Developing an app to show the food truck locations may be a good addition. After going back through the history of your niche I noticed that most of the high ranking exact match keyword URLs had been taken for a while by people working in the mobile concessions business. It will be interesting to learn how you dealt with that issue. I really appreciate you allowing us to be part of this wonderful project. I hope to learn a lot and have fun with the rest of the group.

  • Dan

    Hey Pat, I love the food truck idea. Here is CT I don’t see as many food trucks as you probably do in SD. But it looks like a great niche to get involved in. I am ready with my keyword and cant wait to get started!

  • Ron

    Great idea, Pat.
    Man I learn so much from you.


  • Chadrack

    Hi Pat,

    From all indication this is definitely a killer! Search volume is high, competition low and really great opportunity to explore different angles of the niche. I can see you building something great from this. It will be my pleasure to see how this play out.

  • Deborah Watson-Novacek

    Hi Pat!

    My husband and I are doing this challenge, and after reading your post my husband is “jealous as hell” of your chosen niche. He loves those foodtrucks! He also thought you might be interested in this article from Chow magazine:

  • Tim

    Hey Pat,

    I like your keyword day technique. I must admit that finding my niche keywords plagued me for a quite a few weeks. I found myself waking up at 5am rolling keyword possibilities over in my mind, only to run to Long Tail Pro to find that the competition was through the roof.

    I got there in the end though, and I can now sleep a little longer. Next roll on the dreamless mornings about content creation and back linking!!

    • Tim

      PS – whats the anti spam plugin that your using for your comments on the SPI website?

  • Andrea Maida

    Pat, I love it!! I too am a lover of food trucks. They are one of my favorite memories of a trip to Vancouver. I used a wonderful iPhone app for the Vancouver food truck schedules and locations and it was super fun and helpful. And so many aspects for advertising and content available to you. Awesome – can’t wait to see how it goes :) Bonne Chance!

  • Jeff Lafferty

    Interesting choice, I’m enjoying watching how this is playing out. Thanks Pat.


  • Cynthia

    I think that’s a great idea. Since you announced and I sent in my pitch email, I bought three more domains – a big problem of mine – I love to start sites hate to finish them. I also had a hard time pinning down the proper keywords. I have the concepts but I think that lack of a good keyword is hurting me across the board.

    No matter what, I’m on board and excited to see where this goes.

  • Kaxil Naik

    Dats was out-of-the-box niche for me.. Pretty interesting .. I would be really keen to see your website once you roll it out. Waiting for it. Cheers.. And All d Best Pat

  • James Woods

    Very inspiring stuff as usual, Pat. I really love your insight on what you would have improved on your first business if you could do it over again. The idea of creating a long-term relationship with your previous customers seems almost obvious. But it’s not something most of us think about when we are starting our first online business and struggling to just get off the ground. I am definitely going to start thinking about how to incorporate this strategy into my own business model.

    Your original niche site duel was extremely helpful for me personally so I’m really excited to follow along on your new project. Your plan for creating a large branded site this time around will be great to observe and already sounds way more innovative than nsd1.

    Looking forward to it!


  • Jason Ramynke

    That is a great keyword and a wise change in strategy. I think you will find that you will be able to branch off of the main keyword and have lots of success with the follow up articles in this Niche too. It could become a nice size authority site with lots of traffic for some time.

    I also think that one of the major advantages that web-marketers have is the ability to adapt rapidly to the current trends and reality TV can drive searches like crazy as indicated in the trend analysis!

  • Passive Income Dad


    Stoked for your new NSD keyword! It was a real bummer with your first NSD keyword. Hoping this goes much better. Thanks for all you do!

  • Victor Björklund

    Sweet choice for keyword!

  • Anthony

    Very good Pat, awesome research there. Patty is on his way again!

  • Franklin

    Good luck with that niche – sounds promising.
    Thansk for the detailed analysis you provided in this post, but also inthe other one where the minivan idea was discussed at length. I understnd that getting people back to the site after the initial contact (looking for information) is difficult for the minvan site as it is mostly non business people visiting, whereas for the food truck idea there is much more commercial intent. Lots of opportunities with stuff food truck operators need.
    Again – good decision and good luck.


  • eric

    Congrat Mr. Pat, can’t hardly wait to see your niche site!

  • Josh

    This is going to be awesome!

  • Matthew Allen

    Great niche Pat – way better than the minivan idea, in my opinion. I actually looked into building a “hot dog cart” site – only because I stumbled into a product for it on Clickbank. I got really excited about the niche, but ultimately decided against it after further research. Building a site in any type of food niche is a great idea because much of the content has potential to be evergreen content and people will always have to eat!

  • jj

    Bad choice..sorry to say think your mini van niche was better
    Now you are just doing it for the money
    Case closed
    Good luck anyway


  • Zac Higgins

    Ok, I gotta be honest Pat, I like this wayyy better than the mini vans idea! The possibilities are endless with this market, and I can’t wait to see what creative awesomeness you will bring to this site! If I were a food truck owner, I would be overjoyed that you are going to be bringing support to my industry! Congrats on deciding, and good luck on building.

  • Roy Emmerich

    Interesting idea Pat.

    If you ever consider reaching out internationally then I would recommend coming to Germany. I have been living here for 5 years and am convinced they are the world leaders in food trucks! Being an engineer I have an eye for design and am often impressed with the layout of the trucks here. Such clever designs, space saving gadgets, hooks, clips, flaps. Incredible! And always of the very highest quality (what else would one expect from the Germans?). The wares being sold are not limited to gastronomy.

    In the city where I live there is a year round circuit of celebrations and market days which keep hoards of these trucks going. Try searching for Imbisswagen or Verkaufswagen to get an impression of what I mean.

  • Lewis

    Looking forward to following along with this.

    I set up a niche authority site just before this got started, and after initial setup and even some pretty quick first page rankings, I still feel a little lost at sea.

    It will be interesting to take what you’re doing and learning from your site and applying it to mine – let’s grow together!

  • Matteo

    Wow, I’m so excited Pat. Can’t wait for this new adventure.

    I think NSD2.0 will be a great resource for all IMers.

  • Chris

    Simply put – a cracking niche and a great strategy for the niche

  • Derek | – Money Saving, Making Money, and Investment Ideas

    At first I thought, that is the craziest idea for a site I’ve ever heard.

    Then after reading your whole explanation, I can tell that you will really be onto something here.

    Who knows, you could even run an exchange forum/service similar to ebay and take a cut of the trade value (almost like a classified ad section).

  • Mike

    I don’t know how it works in the US, but in the UK any business that supplies food to the public have to have their staff pass a basic food hygiene course, if this also applies over there then that is a side subject you could help out with on your site

  • Chris B

    WOW Pat this is an absolute goldmine you’ve struck here! When I saw your picture on Facebook looking at those roadie vans I wondered what you had discovered!
    Really glad you ditched best mini van as your niche, cus that would have been really boring indeed!

    I have written off the first ever niche that I started nearly 2 months ago as I did not ask myself the right questions about the niche like you have done here.
    The truth was that I really wasn’t interested in it at all! The niche i chose was “engagement rings for women”… So that was my first fail.

    So i regrouped and chose another niche that I’m more interested in and discovered a keyphrase on mice (the computer kind) and this time I did better, but the search volume was only 1000 exact local matches a month for the main keyword….so semi fail! It’s actually ranking on page 1 though!

    Finally after semi falling flat on my face this time, I did more research and have found a term that gets at least 6000 exact local matches a month and the competition is definitely weak. Plus there are loads of long tail keywords that I can create excellent content about :)

    My site went live on the 18th June and I’ve had over 100 unique visitors already! 😀
    I’m trying to add at least 1 new article a day and not going to do any backlinking for at least a month or so.

    I feel it’s all too easy to manipulate backinking by buying an seo package and then getting penalized some time after!
    Anyway I’m really happy with my chosen niche and best of all I’m interested in it 😀 , which is definitely a key factor to doing well 😀

    Really do think the niche you have discovered is very lucrative in deed. I just researched it on Spyfu and Semrush and there are loads of long tail keywords as I’m sure you know.

    Are you not concerned that someone will steal your niche idea and beat you too it with competitiveness??!!

    I’m certainly not going to copy your niche as that is not my style at all and only believe in being original.

    That’s why I don’t want to share my site publicly as worried someone would simply copy the idea.

    Maybe when my site is in a more dominating position I will share. I’d certainly share my site with you though Pat, but know that not everyone is as kind as you :)

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment here, but really do think it’s awesome what your doing and hope you kick butt with niche 2.0 on the food wagon front 😀 … Correction…. I know you will kick butt and succeed at it 😀

    Keep being AWESOME PAT 😀


    Chris B 😀

  • Paul Boughton

    This is fascinating. Can’t wait for the next post.

    • Paul Boughton

      And specifically … the idea of writing down everything that happens to you as inspiration for niche research. I would have never thought of that. Genius!

  • Jordan Potter

    I love the niche selection Pat!

    Here’s Why: You can attack the niche from two different perspectives.

    1. The perspective of the business owner. Which I think you gravitate to naturally because thats what your good at and passionate about.

    But also,

    2. From the perspective of the CONSUMER. If I put myself in the shoes of a consumer, what are some of the things im looking for?

    – Where are the food trucks?
    – Whats their schedule?
    – What does each food truck offer?
    – Price of the food?

    An idea is to create a feedback loop for the food truck owners. Maybe creating some kind of mobile app that consumers would use to track and rate food trucks.

    Anyway, I think this is definitely a really cool niche and like you said in order to do it right you will need to make it into a brand. Im excited to follow along with the process as well!


    • OK

      This information is already out there in local food truck websites. Google any major or minor food truck market in the US (i.e., Miami Food Trucks, Milwaukee Food Trucks, etc), and you will be specific websites and Facebook pages for them. There are also several iPhone apps that track truck locations and rates them. :)

  • Noel

    Your thought process is way beyond me, when I was searching for a keyword I would never have thought of doing a keyword day and writing down what I was doing. As this is my first time I think I’ll stick to topics that I know a good deal about. If I was to slightly criticize you, I think you should state that for first timer’s this would be a pretty tough strategy to pick a keyword that you know nothing about and build a website. There will be enough to learn without also having to study the subject your keyword is about. Pat Flynn can do it because he has years of experience and is an Internet marketing master but for newbies it would be tough.
    Really excited now we are ready to go, I will be following your every move, currently listening to your audiobook on my daily commute and reached the part about why you wouldn’t ask a cute girl out when you were in school-“What’s the worst that can happen-really?” Struck a chord with me as fear has held me back so many times.

    • Nate

      That “every word could be a keyword” affliction hit me something fierce, not least because every thing I googled seemed to have a niche site built around it. Some of my favorites-

      Can Chickens Fly
      Should I Contest My Summons
      When Is It Appropriate To Tip

      I can’t escape it!
      Feel like I should check out Pat’s audiobook. Four Hour Workweek is getting threadbare and I need renewed motivation.

  • Craig Goodwin

    Nice, something again I would have never considered being in the UK and we are not lucky enough to have Food Trucks, well not many anyway.

    I keep pigeon holing myself into UK search terms, should I be aiming to support a UK market where I have less competition and more knowledge, or broaden my goals and go for a global site that has more traffic potential. – This was part of my MLG application that I would like to explore further.

  • David Batencourt

    Pat, sounds like a great niche and one that would be used alot here in Hawaii. Food trucks are everywhere. I wish you luck and will continue to follow.

  • Judy

    Pat – I love your explanation, including the element you describe but don’t label – after talking with those food-truck owners, I think that you had a good time. You felt that – hey! you could deal with these people, talk with them and others like them and have a good time. Because if you are going to create THE hub on a long-term basis, growing it, finding out what their needs are and trying to meet them, you are going to be talking to a lot of these people – a lot. I think this is an internal check every person needs to do within themselves, but I sure seems to suit you, and I look forward to following your progress and learning a ton in the process!

  • shauna

    A woman in my time just purchased a food truck off of ebay. Had to drive to Iowa to pick it up, but it seems there is a bit of buying and selling of them via ebay and they have an affiliate program!

  • Shawn Manaher

    Awesome experiment and step by step you are giving us! Really cool.

    @ the Sticking Around piece above…

    While that sounds all well and good, I am not sure that sounds very passive in my mind. Some products, like your testing site, have a specific purpose and life cycle. Letting it live and die is ok. Isn’t it?

    On the flip side, offering a referral commission on the course might allow you to leverage their time and good will for you helping them pass the exam.

  • Rob

    Pat – I love the food truck idea! I had an idea that could lead to further motivation on the buyer side of the business, rather than referring your foodtruck owners to suppliers etc.

    If you could create a brand and be the hub of everything food truck and featured maps of big cities; you could update the map with food truck locations for buyers to visit them. The food truck vendors could pay you for your advertising/marketing services. A lot of potential for big city local SEO – especially for something as hot as food trucks right now.

    Food for thought my friend!

  • Jason Spencer

    Pat, this is beyond funny to me. I got home last night from a meeting where I was brainstorming and discussing a business concept here locally with some potential partners. My action assignment coming out of the meeting? Look into food trucks for sale, and get my arms around the food truck industry.

    So I get home from that discussion & meeting, and there’s your post. I was truly laughing out loud.

    Perfect niche! Love the idea. Looking forward to using the resources to put together to launch this local business concept.

    • sylvia

      So you’re just going to copy everything Pat is doing? Literally? Or you plan to build a food truck business using what Pat includes in his new website?

      • Jason Spencer

        No there was a typo above… I meant to say “Looking forward to using the resources YOU put together to launch this local business concept”.

        I’m starting a food truck business, not a niche site around food trucks. I need the website Pat is about to create! :)

        Already have plenty of other niche sites of my own… no need to copy.

  • Arties Lionel Trains

    The recurring theme is one to consider. I’m still learning about niche marketing. I created the Lionel Train site with that in mind. I’m sure there will be newbie traffic around Xmas looking for advice but most of the traffic will be folks who are more into the hobby on a regular basis and want to keep coming back. I’ll be watching your progress very closely, please share every little detail you can.

  • Javin Paul

    Look like a great idea Pat, I really like the way you approached your keyword research, and though I am not participating in NSD 2.0, I am learning lot and getting motivation, who knows, I will just jump on the race :)

    • sylvia

      Agree! I launched a new site 3 wks ago BEFORE I discovered Pat. After reading about the niche site duel and Pat’s new niche, I came up with my own new niche. Low competition and very high local exact match search. Very excited to follow along and use Pat’s strategies.

      My previous websites have always reached 1st page in Google within 3 weeks of go-live (swear to god), but I always shut them down before they made any money. Just lost interest or required too much work.

      My current site is not ranking in Google at all yet. Very high competition key words. But I have had 130 unique visits in 3 wks. Not sure if that’s anything to write home about.

      Can’t wait to see Pat’s results with the food truck niche!

  • Liz Brazier

    Oh you are onto something here. NYC is full of food trucks. As is most of the country. I like it. And I can see you developing an app that lets me know what food trucks are in my vicinity…Cheers to your success!

  • Enoch Sears (@BusinessofArch)

    Pat, great keyword/niche. Food trucks are all the rage now and I think it is great that you’re doing something that will be more than just ‘making money’ – you’ll be helping other small entrepreneurs out there make a mark in their local food scenes!

    What a great example of taking it to the next level and doing something that will make a difference in the world.

  • http://Noneyet Randy

    An interesting idea; you certainly have an open mind and are constantly looking for ways to expand. This further emphasizes that virtually any subject has the potential for a moneymaking site.

    Not sure I understand why your keyword is “food trucks for sale” when actually it sounds like your niche is going to be more like an authority site about the food truck business. So it sounds to me like your keyword is only related to your niche, not what your niche actually is?? So your keyword research actually combines potential related keywords that zero in on an attractive niche? Please expand on this some more…this is the sort of thng that keeps hampering me in my keyword research.

    Looking forward to following this along….

  • carlos salas

    Hi Pat,

    awesome niche selection, a few years ago I was looking for resources online to start a food truck biz and I’m baffled that to this day there are still none. The only resource I found was this,

    hope you find it useful. I look forward to seeing how you roll this site out, surely a great learning experience.

    Keep u the great work :)

  • Nate

    Well Done. I’m similarly excited for my NSD2.0 domain idea. Think it’s a little more competitive than yours (36), but has great exact match numbers.

    It’s actually been a positive that NSD2.0 is unfolding at a reasonable pace, because it’s given me time to “practice” some SEO tactics from Spencer Haws and Point Blank SEO I’m hoping to deploy during 2.0. I’m in the aggravating, nail-biting phase of web-directory submissions right now. Issue? Nobody actually spells out which directories you should submit to! Anyway, I hope to have a good working list by the time we hit the pavement with NSD2.0.

    Thanks for another great post!

  • Luis

    Looks nice to me. I did the keyword analysis myself, and found 3 niches (and with 2-3 very interesting keywords each -more than 10k local/month for each of the keywords- ).

    I’m just eager to start, but I have a problem. The exact match domain names for all my keywords are taken. Is the EMD still a “must” factor, or can I live without it and go for a more generic site url?

    Thanks in advance for all that you do, and for all the nice people commenting. Totally enriching. :)

  • Mark G

    Hi Pat!

    Great post as ever! I’m not one that ever reads entire blog posts let alone comments on blog posts. BUT your posts are different and it stands out above the rest. Yours actually contains great content and you don’t aggressively push your products. (and great little stories too)

    I think I’ve found my niche and I got the missus all excited about it too. The niche actually involves something she is very passionate about so we are going to tackle it together! The domain for the exact keywords I found is available.

    I really like your idea on the food trucking industry. I hope it works out well for you.

    Can’t wait for the niche site portal thingy you are working on!

  • alice

    Great topic Food based, would eventually like to do a food type blog so I am a little jealous , only in America is this topic relevant at the moment , hope all goes well Pat

  • adeel qamar

    So finally we will be able to see your new niche training. I always feel good for those people who are successful as well as helping other by different means.

  • Matt Keck

    You should hook up with the guy in this article for a win-win. I can intro if you like.

    Go Pat!

  • Shane Hopkins

    At risk of being taken as a smart a$$, I would like to ask you if you possess any symptoms of OCD? The reason I ask is as I profile different Bloggers to write about at I see a pattern of OC habits. In seems, authors with more apparent OC traits, the more successful they are. This keyword research project for NSD is not something most people could do to this extent. 98% of would be Bloggers would not be able to execute such thorough due diligence before giving up or jumping in with much less research. I am not saying it is bad or wrong, I am just curious about why some people are successful and some are not. I also understand the fact that you being very thorough in your research not only increases your chances of success, but lends itself as a great source of ongoing, and valuable content. It is part of my job (and yours) to help people identify the things needed to be successful in this business, and being able to execute tasks with OCD-like precision may be a huge factor. Since you have started this round of Niche hunting, I have built over a dozen niche sites with much less invested in research. My success rate may not be nearly as good as your Food Trucks for Sale site, but I may get close based on swift research and good intuition. Had you proposed the Food truck idea upfront with nothing to back it, I would have voted it as a winner, with no doubt based on 1 google search. I look forward to your next post on NSD and hope to be writing a lot more about your successes. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.
    PS – you can read the latest Moneymakerspy article about Pat Flynn here:

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Shane, I don’t really consider myself OCD, but I do know of a lot of entrepreneurs who are. I think it’s really the quality of just making sure ducks are aligned all of the time, whether that’s something like OCD or just because someone knows that’s what it takes to keep moving forward and keep getting results.

  • Peter

    I think that’s a brilliant idea. I’ve been noticing variety of food trucks lately and I even know of someone at church who was trying to get started on this business but quit because he’s first truck was costing him too much with mechanical problems. Only if he had this site already established, I’m sure it would have helped. I’m very excited for you Pat.

    Me on the other hand, I’m thinking about building my niche site on “adjustable dumbbells”. If anyone has experience in these, please let me know.

  • Thomas Kennedy

    I have a general question about keywords…I love long tail pro and all that it has to offer. I am still very green with this whole process and I find myself thinking of a possible keyword but have to wait until I get home to do the research. Is there a mobile app of any kind that is the equivalent of long tail pro? Even just Google keyword tool would work but so far I haven’t seen anything.

    Any help would be great.

  • Chris Lyans

    I’ve been noticing shoe trucks, womens apparel, and fruit vans as well.

  • Wally Day

    Nice. I like your approach – especially the part about doing a “keyword day”. I often get ideas that seem to come out of the blue (and quite often soon forget them), but I have never tried to devote myself to, and focus on keywords ideas for a certain period of time. Every little idea helps.

    I assume your goal is to create and authority site rather than just an Adsense-type site for this?

  • Aaron Hiltz

    Pat this sounds awesome and I am very excited to keep up to date on this duel. Time to do some serious keyword research myself!

  • george

    Awesome, that’s what i can say. You just keep inspiring me with this sort of post. I am in it and yet to come up with a keyword, i was waiting to see what you’d come up with. Anyways, i like the thought process that led to your choosing this niche. I hope to get a keyword that meet such criteria. Thanks Pat!

  • Phuong Le

    Interesting and brand new niche Idea, this should be a big authority niche site for local business, come on, Pat.

  • John-Paul the smallstarter

    On the surface, it seems very naïve that Pat revealed the [exact] keyword he’ll be using for his new site. But that’s the trick. The more Pat gives away, the more he gets.

    I’ve tried for years to get my head around this paradox. Pat’s made Me realise how true this natural principle is. You can copy his tactics and ideas but I doubt you’ll ever beat him at his game. The originality that comes from giving cannot be replicated.

    The more he gives, the more he recieves. It’s just amazing.

    Thanks Pat.

    • Perry Ning

      Totally agree with John. I would never come up with such a keyword. The more I read the post the more I realize how a genius Pat is. We may never catch up with him, but we’ll certainly learn something from him.

      Thanks, Perry Ning

  • Kevin Toomey

    I love the keyword you chose!

    I just had an idea of a potential article for the new site. Have you heard of Chris Hodgson? He’s on this year’s Food Network Star and was on last year’s The Great Food Truck Race. You should see if you could interview him about his experience with food trucks and what got him into the food business in the first place.

    Good luck with the new site, I’ll be following along!

  • Teresa

    Hi Pat,
    Check out from my home town – they have some stats that may be of interest:) And, that’s just a local site.
    Duel On!

  • Carlos Coto

    Hi Pat,

    Wow, I really loved the way you got your keyword Idea… Great spontaneous and effective way… and I still have to rethink my keyword for the third time around! Maybe I´ll try out your method. Make my unconscious speak to me… cause mine has been silent!


  • Tarin

    I really like the idea of a Keyword Day, that’s going to be really helpful. Thanks so much!

    • Phuong Le

      So do I, I am also amazed by this easy way of seed keyword research, everything is jus around us.

  • Jochen

    Great description of your thought process. I’ve been willing to get started for a year or so with a blog but procastinated always for “good” reasons. Now I’m following your Nichesiteduel and will do my very best to use the information shared to start out with my own first niche site.

    For this weekend I scheduled my own keywordday.
    Thanks for the inspiration Pat!

  • Juan

    Before you start Pat i would consider doing a little more research , like how many trucks do city municipalities allow in their cities. The city governments have to keep the trucks at a minimum because they are competition to the fast food restaurants which are very powerful. I have a friend that wanted to go into that business and was told by the city that they were not giving anymore permits for food trucks because there were to many already.

  • Mark

    Hi Pat,

    Love the food truck idea and it will be fascinating to see how this grows. I have a similar website in the UK devoted to selling horse boxes that I’ve just launched and your post has already expanded my thinking on the breadth and depth of that site. To use an old phrase, the ‘stickiness’ of the site comes down to the content and quality of the writing and you’ve just inspired me (a la Noah Kagan) to review my strategy and approach to ensure it’s as comprehensive as possible.

    Now all you have to do is learn to pronounce ‘neesh’ properly :-)

  • Sibo

    This new keyword, food truck for sale, sounds to be a great one. I can’t wait to follow through the process of how you are going to build the site, Pat. I am confident that I will learn a whole lot from it.

    Spencer showed me how to build up a Niche site from the scratch and you are going to show me how to build a evergreen authority site. This is fantastic! Good Luck and I will be actively posting on the new forum.



  • Anthony

    Pat, as an Automotive Enthusiast, if you want return traffic, just add a forum. Automotive forums can be very popular, especially if you have forums for popular models since most Minivan talk is not centralized, it might be a child forum on some sites but no specialized forum just for owners.

    Don’t make the mistake that many owners are also enthusiast that had to buy something sensible for hauling children, maybe motorcycles or water craft.

    Many also buy aftermarket wheels and tires as well. Its a small market for those things but people love to share their modifications.

  • Crystal

    Great post Pat! I LOVE your podcast, blog, etc. You name it – -you are the real deal and I appreciate your integrity and honesty everyday. I listened to a few others on the same subject and nothing sparked my interest. I heard you on Entrepreneur on Fire and now I’m addicted to your podcast. It’s all I listen to in the car until I’ve heard it ALL. You’re quite an inspiration… I started my own little niche site because of you! Thank you!

  • Dusty

    Pat, you’re a keyword genius.

  • Vinod Poyilath

    You’ve nailed it. Great keyword! The possibilities for monetizing the site just seem endless, so does the long list of long tails associated with this keyword.

    Awesome find. And with all the tv shows surrounding the niche being aired world-wide, the trend’s going global.

  • Manthiramurthy

    Awesome keyword idea.
    I guess you can rank much easier this time.
    BTW I have been working on my niche and launched my site about ten days ago. But my site’s serp ranking varies from page to page and disappears and reappears. Can you help me solve this?

  • Arwin Adriano

    I am excited to see your next update. Was reading about your concern about the mini van niche and I do agree about the scenario you are thinking especially with your experience about the Green Exam Academy which could probably make mini van fate if you pursue. And as I go through what’s inside my mind is that you should come up with a consumer type of niche from where I was right and you have pick the food truck niche as it is related to something that people consume.

    • Phuong Le

      I think your site is a victim of Google sandbox, to escape the Sandbox, a new site needs to have trusted authority links and a critical mass of trustworthy, unique, and original content.

      Enhancing useability and spider friendliness helps too.
      Avoid using Black or Grey hat methods.

  • Stephen

    Hi Pat,

    Great idea with food trucks!

    One suggestion: You may wish to duplicate the site in Spanish, or otherwise ensure it includes resources for Spanish speaking participants. I live in Portland, Oregon, the “Food Truck Capital of the World”. And in some of the outlying metro areas, 90%+ of the food trucks are owned by native Spanish speakers. This large group of food truck owners would be a “niche within a niche”. And one that is probably being severely underserved.

    The Latino market is generally underserved on the Internet anyway, so if you could find a way to connect with that group of food truck owners, a lot of other opportunities could probably flow from that.


  • Chris

    Pat, your final keyword looks really promising in terms of content possibilities as well as the ways to monetize. Keep it that way! I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  • Brian

    This looks like promising competition
    Though their “how to start a food truck” advice is not online, it does look like it’s a service offered.

    They also have a nice interface for users to find trucks and even book them for events. I am looking forward to see how you differentiate.


  • Raees

    Hey Pat,

    I am taken back by your dedication, do keep up your work. I’ve lately been working on Niche Money Flow prediction System to validate the Competitive Commerciality of Niches, believe me your keyword “food trucks for sale” is one of the best with good of amount of money flow with relatively low seekers. Go Ahead… I am excited to see your success

  • shagyan

    This is unique Keyword, lot to come . will be watching close to what it happens to all the process.

  • masöz

    great post Patt, thank you very much, I like following you on this duel!

  • Tom

    An interesting for sure niche which will, like the mini-vans, present a valuable case study on its advantages and challenges.

    Very interesting to read between the lines on just how much work and time you have to spend to get really good keywords and ones to feel amped up and motivated to tackle.

    I have one with kind of low traffic and another with higher traffic volume. I like both of them and will do them both! Although I will start with the smaller traffic less competitive one first … just to get the gears oiled.

  • Ben

    Your keyword looks promising Pat.

    I thought it would be interesting to see how many people are going to try and hijack your keyword.
    Doing a whois check on all extension variables eg( etc, look to have all been snapped up within the last 24 hours judging by their lack of whois existance yet (except for .com which was registered last year).

  • Mr. SSC

    I was not at all aware with the term “keyword day”. Thank you for make me aware with it. I was using the longtail pro. It is a great tool.

  • Chris McNall

    One of the cities (Norfolk, VA) by me just authorized food trucks to start selling in their city. It is a business that I see growing at this time. Besides, who doesn’t like food out of a truck!

  • Jeffrey

    I didn’t know keyword day exist. Now, that motivates me to look for a killer keyword to go along.

    How much is the long tail pro?

    • Phuong Le

      I see on the website LongTailPro, there is 2 prices for a one time payment of 97 and Long tail Plantinum, you should also try a 10 day trial to learn more, This tool make the keyword research much faster and boost offpage seo by analysing the competitors.

    • Steve

      You sure don’t look like a “Jeffrey” from the avatar 😉

  • Steve

    Another useful post Pat! I had a walk out today for 20 mins and was amazed at the keywords I came with up just walking down the street and observing things…ladders, taxis, tree surgeon, traffic management..was out in the fresh air and got me thinking of loads of seed keywords I would have never had though of sat in front of the PC.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Brestrogen

    Hi Pat,

    Is it competitive the keyword you are targeting. I see some powerhouse sites in the top ten of google.

    Can you share how you going to east the competition?

    Will be monitoring your site in interest.

    • Phuong Le

      The Authority website which currently stands at rank 1 with the main keyword but they may just have that single page while a niche site can outrank with much many pages around the target keyword. You can use competiotion analysic software to know their profile such as pagerank, link juice and how many backlink pointing to exactly keyword.

  • Jim


    Thinking of ways you could monetize this site (apologies to those that have already mentioned):

    1. eBook guide on how to set up in the food truck business
    2. Classified “trucks for sale” section

    All the best!

  • darren

    nice choice! It has a good tailwind. The market size is good. The target customer is ready to make a very large investment. There is limited information already available. Much better than minivan from every angle that I can see.

  • Tony


    This sounds like a great idea. I am a big fan of the food trucks we have here in South Florida, but am a bit frustrated at finding out where they are. Some have Facebook accounts and other Twitter accounts, but they do not update them regularly (who can figure that out?). There are even a couple of sites that attempt to consolidate the info, but again are not updated with any regularity.

    My question is, do you think that this a very local thing? Due to the trucks operating in limited geographical areas and laws and regulations being mostly municipal matters, does this limit the scope of the site or could gather local sites into a larger confederation?

    Good luck and thanks for all of your good work.

    • KO

      What about the Miami Food Trucks site?

  • Jack

    Love the idea Pat. Love the way you came up with it! I was working on a website last year that would have included food trucks uploading photos of what they sell. Eyes are a gateway to the stomach and you might want to think about adding a section where they can list there websites, twitter accounts and photos. Godspeed.

  • ric

    Always motivating. Thank you for sharing all the info on all the posts.

  • lara ega

    Great Article, thanks Pat!

  • Dustin

    I actually bought a domain related to your keyword (although not exactly the same keyword). I’m hoping that it will be a good one to do!

    • Dustin

      My parents and my extended family actually own many successful food trucks, so I thought it would be a good knowledge base.

  • Nathan

    Thanks for sharing Pat. I will definitely follow along. I currently own a virtual winery and thought of sharing all that I know on how to set one up and sell wine for those who are interested in this space. I will follow your strategies and see if they will work for this project. Thanks again.

  • Kim

    This process is such a big help! Thank you. I agree with everyone else about the “Keyword Day”. It sounds like you are going to keep the site general (not localized). I was reading about the concern some readers had regarding local ordinances. I was wondering what your plans were to address the local issue? If any. My first thought is to supply a link to individual State Health Departments. This would give interested parties a quick way to find out if their plan is even obtainable.
    As far as sustainability goes, I love the idea of offering ongoing marketing and promotional ideas. Have you thought about including a membership component? How about affiliates? My thought would be dealerships and food chain supply companies.
    It would also be interesting to research the consumers of mobile food vans as well. Hmmm- your getting me thinking.
    Thanks again,

  • Kim

    I think the food truck niche site will be much easier than doing one on mini-vans. And you can use some of your experience from setting up the Security Guard site to help you give out info about different state/country regulations, just like the security guard training in different in different areas. I think a forum on a site like that would be great for the food truck owners to talk shop and discuss business tactics for running their food trucks. A forum would also be a great place for newbies to get answers to questions. And those questions asked in the forums would give you a better insight into what the readers of the website want info about. Sort of like a FAQ page. Good Luck. Can’t wait to read up on your progress.

  • raja

    I think not every keyword work for all countries, for example here in India some of the keyword like yours won’t have any competitors. Maybe the reason could be the number of Internet users.

  • Silvia

    I’m very curious in your plan to tackle this niche! All the luck to you Pat.

  • Wil Morales (@Apps_Delight)

    Pat that sounds like an awesome idea. I think this niche site may blow away the security one you did before.

    • Kyle @ Whales and Business

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

  • Kyle @ Whales and Business

    You sold me! I LOVE it! You will do great at this!

    Traveling from MN to LA on Monday so I am going to employ the “keyword of the day” strategy. Should be fun!


  • Tim Moon

    You could also do food truck tours and food tasting (like Migrationology) for video content. Hop on up to Portland, Oregon (where I’m from!) and enjoy the countries best food truck culture. Imagine this – a food truck culture documentary. I’m pretty sure Adam from Man vs. Debt could rally his team to help you. That could also be a good opportunity to leverage Kickstarter. I think this is a great niche, Pat. You’re going to crush it, like a boss!

  • Jeffrey @ Find A Gold Ira Company

    Hi Pat,

    Are you looking to outdone your security site? How tough is the niche BTW? How long it takes for you to rank the keywords?

    • Phuong Le

      I think to rank one for this keyword for at least 3 month, we can use premium security plugin or service from bluehost.

  • Bo

    Great idea Pat. My partner has been running a food truck in Ontario Canada going into his fourth summer. He loves it, but now it’s getting pretty trendy and everyone who has a few dollars and thinks they can cook believes it is an easy choice. Check out Eat St. – they have a TV show and a website (but website could definitely use some help from a food truck owner perspective).
    Best wishes with your endeavor – know you will slam it.

  • Marsha

    I’m curious to watch this. Did you also look at supply and demand? Demand decreases for searches for food truck locations, while everyone else is still jumping on the let me build on of the, too. You take on issues like being popular in the city and downtown. Regional differences (I loved foodtrucks in Oregon…you will not see me eating at one in Louisiana). When you take all that in…I’m curious about your market research, whether you have a lot of short-term monetization strategies vs. long term and expensive?

  • tanned@Tour du monde

    Really good idea ! I’m very curious about it. Good luck !

  • Pierre

    Hi Pat,

    Excellent project, the food trucks are way better than the minivans (for obvious reasons 😉 ).


    I think it’s a great idea to drop Best Mini van’s niche and get going with the Food truck niche. This niche will have a lot of potential and help those people who are daily working hard to earn money from their business.

    Helping a business prosper is a great deal and it will help build a massive brand and have the potential to get a lot of advertising opportunities and hustlers iterations in the website.

    Thanks for the share Pat. Learned a lot today from your blog and can’t get off the seat from continuous reading.

  • Derrick Barber

    Hey Pat,

    I think the food truck idea is a great one. It seems like something you might be able to build a real great community around… which is actually making me somewhat doubt my own keyphrase lol. I will probably stick with the one I picked because I like it so much, but that community factor could be trouble. Kind Regards,


  • Jeff

    I love the comments about the food truck. Your so right about its popularity. I’m think about starting a new business venture with my wife and it reminds me of the popularity of food trucks. Your information is appreciated!

  • danish agha

    Hi Pat,

    niche duels is briliant idea to improve our seo technique. beside that we can sharing with others bloggers and seo technique. research keyword and others

    thanks to inspire

  • Travis

    Great info Pat. I hope my site drums up some interest as well. I remember reading about your first niche duel of course with the panda updates and the new algorithms it will be interesting to see how you do this time. I was surprised to see such low competition for the niche you chose. Food trucks who what a thunked it.

  • Tim Cos

    Great! I also started a niche site a few days ago. One question: you said the title competition is 30 for your niche keyword. What is the highest competition score you would go for?

  • Jay

    Hi Pat
    I have been following you for about 4yrs. Come a long way! I am based in Cape Town, South Africa where we have very slow and expensive connectivity so I can’t participate in video links or online discussions!
    I am rebuilding my website on WordPress so I can work it myself. An idea popped into my head, how about franchising your new niche site?
    You could have “food trucks in Boston” or Chicago or anywhere in the States. I am so excited to try it with my own site. There will be hurdles I’m sure, but there are also, so many advantages! Exposure for a start, and passive income too, if structured correctly. Would love your feedback.

  • Catherine Mills

    Pat, I seriously JUST had a conversation that I had to share. I was chatting with our HR Manager in my 9-5 and he said that when he and his wife retire they want to start a FOOD TRUCK. No Joke. I told him a bit about what you are planning to do as far as a resource for the industry goes and he sounded very excited. I promised him the URL as soon as you have it up and running. In retrospect, I hope it was okay to promise that to him. I don’t think that would be unnatural traffic….?

    • Pat Flynn

      Yeah totally cool Catherine! No worries, and thank you for that! :)

  • KO

    I’ve run a successful food truck website in a big city one of the 10 biggest cities in the U.S. for a couple years now, so I have some knowledge in this area. I can tell you that most food truck owners are technologically-challenged. They will not participate in forums. I would be incredibly shocked if they did. Some have marketing staff, but I’d say most trucks are run by old-school restaurant folk who have little time in the day aside from trying to keep their businesses afloat. And when you said, “If there was a website that had some really good tips for marketing your food truck, hooking up with helpful services, information on food truck gatherings and things like that, do you think it would be useful to you?” and they said they weren’t aware of sites like that? It’s because, as I said, many are not sitting around doing google searches on marketing. They are too busy prepping for hours and hours for the next day of serving food. Local food truck websites exist in every major and minor food truck market in the country. And here are national marketing/news websites: and I know I sound negative, but I’m just trying to share some of my observations. You can probably make a kick-ass site and market it better than the other sites. And as far as a “food trucks for sale” site, I wish I had thought of that first!

    • KO

      one more quick thing — local mobile vending laws and regulations vary wildly from one town to another, plus they change from one town council meeting to the next. In my experience, most people looking to start trucks are desperate for information on those local rules, which are really hard to know unless you do a lot of research, town by town.

      • Matan Perry

        well it’s working, and in his research he saw 12000 exact searches a month, so he’s aiming to those 12000. other thing, he’s aiming for people who doesn’t have a food truck yet and want to open it. hope you’re still out there after 2 years lol

  • John

    Hi Pat,

    Excellent project, the food trucks are way better than the minivans (for obvious reasons)

  • Jay

    Pat, nice going with the detailed explanations of why you rejected “best minivans” and expect to go with “food trucks for sale” and/or some variation thereof instead. Wishing you the utmost success and hope you keep us, your readership, up to date on the progress of the site, specifically in terms of how it is treated by the search engines, especially what is now the biggest (“g”), yet some day will no longer be.

  • Gaege Root


    I only just stumbled upon all your fantastic content earlier today and am really enjoying some of the ideas you’ve put forth.

    It was especially inspiring to read through the case study of FoodTruckr up to where it is now. So much so that I’m going to attempt something similar, if not for any other reason than to gain practical experience in marketing and content creation techniques.

    I’d like to ask for some clarification on the specific contents of this post. Adwords is now allowing keyword analysis via a tool called keyword planner. It looks very similar to their original keyword tool, however I am getting what I instinctively felt was limited suggestions. To verify, I attempted to recreate your exact process and used “food trucks”. What I get back is exactly ZERO “ideas returned for my query”.

    Am I missing something? Perhaps using the tool incorrectly? Missed settings? I can’t help but think that if you came up with all those great keywords related to food trucks from adwords and I can’t recreate it, that I’m missing out on other potentially great niches in the course of my search.

    Thanks for taking your time to provide such valuable information!