Niche Site Duel 2.0: Let’s Do This! Expectations and How to Participate

Niche Site Duel 2.0 LogoToday is the day.

Niche Site Duel 2.0 officially begins!

What is it?

How does it work?

What can we expect?

How can someone participate?

Great questions! Let’s get right into it…

What is a Niche Site Duel?

In late 2010, I was challenged by a friend to create a niche website from scratch to see if I could get it ranked in Google and start to earn an income from it. He started one too, and that’s when the Niche Site Duel was born.

Although I had built successful blogs before, I was not familiar with keyword research and I only knew very little about search engine optimization, which I soon realized would be the core to the niche site strategy.

Since it was something new to me, I thought it would be awesome to document the entire process from start to finish – so that’s what I did. From keyword research and selecting a niche all the way to building the website and monetizing it, I documented each and every step along the way, including all of the mistakes I made and things I wish I had done differently.

Using various strategies that I picked up from other experts and blogs, and putting in at least one hour of work a day on the case study, I was able to take my brand new site and climb to #1 in Google in 73 days. Since then, the site has generated over $50,000.00 in net profit.

The niche site duel has become one of the premier, free examples on the Internet about how to build a website from scratch and has already helped thousands of people start their own websites. Many of those people are now earning a side income, and a number of people have taken their websites full-time, which is awesome!

A lot has changed since 2010, as we all know, which is why I’m really excited about Niche Site Duel 2.0 (NSD2.0)…because we’re going to do it all over again.

How Does it Work?

Starting today, I’ll begin searching for a potential niche to serve. I’ll be using the criteria outlined in this post here to make my selection, which is based on a number of things including Google search volume, SEO competition, the Grandma test, earning potential, content potential, and “beastly resource” potential.

After finding this niche, I’ll then create a website to serve that space and begin publishing content on it. I’ll be using selective techniques that we’ve learned from the half dozen or so NSD2.0 research posts that were recently published to increase it’s ‘find-ability’ – its search engine rankings as well as awareness in the niche itself. Then, we’ll see what we can do to earn an income.

I will document the entire process right from the start, publishing detailed updates whenever I reach any key milestones or anything important happens that you need to know – good or bad.

My goal with NSD2.0 is to not only create a successful, long-term niche website that serves a particular audience, ranks high in Google and starts to earn an income, but the case study is also here to share as much as information as possible throughout the entire process so that you have something to use as a starting point and a guide for your own online journey. Whether you decide to follow along and participate in NSD2.0, wait until the case study reaches a point where you’re confident this is something you can (or want) do on your own, or even if you already have an established online business and are just looking for updated tips and strategies in the context of a site that’s actually using those techniques, this is definitely going to be fun and exciting – especially because who knows exactly what’s going to happen!

What Can We Expect?

Before we get into how you can participate in NSD2.0, I want to first talk about what we can expect from this case study.

I want you to remember that I’m not an expert at this stuff – that’s why I’m doing it. I never claimed to be awesome at SEO or even building websites. I am good at doing and learning as I go, and I happen to be good at sharing what I learn along the way too. This means that you’re not only going to get an over-the-shoulder look at what I do and what seems to be working, but you’re going to get an over-the-shoulder look at what is not.

I love to lead by example instead of just preach things I don’t even do. It’s called show and tell, not just tell :)

I will make some mistakes. I could even completely fall flat on my face. This is all part of the process. I don’t try to fail, but when I do I welcome it because that’s how I learn.

All this to say – expect it all. I don’t plan on hiding anything during this process.

As far as timing is concerned, building a successful website takes time. Patience and time.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Higher quality and care have higher priority than speed and quantity. That said, I’m not going to waste time either. You’ll get a good idea of the pace once things start moving, although depending on what stage we’re at, the frequency of updates will differ.

For example, we’re starting with the keyword research phase. In my experience coaching over 50 students in the past, keyword research can take some people several weeks before they land on a keyword that meets the criteria. This makes sense because it’s the most important phase, so it might take me a couple of weeks to find one that works, or I might get lucky and find one on the first day.

We’ll see, but the updates will come as things happen.

How Can You Participate?

For those of you looking to join the Niche Site Duel with me, I’m really excited because this time around, we’re taking things to the next level.

During the first Niche Site Duel, I simply asked people who were following along to send me an email with a link to a report on their own blogs about the niche site that they started. This worked okay for a while and there were about 100 people building niche sites of their own, but it was hard to gather any useful information from the group of participants as a whole, and as useful as all of their reports were, it was a lot of content to read, people didn’t always update and when they did, some forgot to send me their links. It was just a mess.

This time, we’re systematizing how people participate.

Before anything (and this is important), if you choose to participate, you also need to consciously commit to what you’re about to do. This isn’t something that you can just say you’re going to join and then you’ll magically find a keyword and a website will appear out of nowhere. This stuff takes work. It takes time and most importantly, commitment.

As much as I’ll be here as a guide doing this along side you, this isn’t going to be easy. You’re going to meet roadblocks and encounter several hurdles along the way, but if you’re committed to learning, figuring things out and making this work – then you’re ahead of most people already. Plus there’s the power of the group working in your favor – you’re not going to be the only one going through all of those roadblocks.

Commit now, or forever hold your peace. 

Okay. If you’re committed and you’re doing this, this is how it’s going to work:

If you’re interested in joining me in for Niche Site Duel 2.0, you need to sign up to the Niche Site Duel email list below. This isn’t a list that’s being built to market stuff to you, this is simply here so that I can directly contact each of you who are participating, and send you important participant updates as they come along. You don’t need your keyword or target niche yet . If you want to get started, sign up below, but I recommend that you keep reading first just so you know what’s up.

Think of signing up below as a pledge to committing to this process:

Enter Your Name and Email Below and Click

After you sign up, you will get a detailed email from me about how you can participate and then you can begin the keyword research process.

In a couple of weeks, you’ll get another email from me with a special link to a site that is being developed right now where we’re going to house the niche site duel and list all of the participants. More information on that coming soon, but it’s going to be awesome! We’ll be able to keep track of a bunch of things and almost create a leaderboard type of thing with it – really “gamifying” the process to make it fun, interesting and it’ll help keep people motivated and hold them accountable.

The immediate followup email will also include information about how to apply to be one of the 5 people who I will choose to work with directly throughout this entire process in a Mastermind Learning Group (MLG). I call it this because we’ll meet at least a couple of times per month (probably more – we’ll see) via GoToMeeting or a Google Hangout, and not only will I be there to coach and guide, but I’m in this with you too. We’re all going to learn at the same time, help each other out and hold each other accountable.

What’s really cool about this group is that we’re going to use the MLG niche sites as detailed case studies for NSD2.0 too, ones that we can track and highlight over time and watch the progression on and learn from. Instead of learning from just my example, we’ll have 5 others examples to learn from as well.

Now, there is worry about the fact that these MLG members will be sharing too much information – enough where it could potentially either work too much in their favor, or too much against them and skew the results either way.

Unlike myself who will assume that risk (and I’ll talk more about that in the last section of this post), I’m going to keep the 5 MLG members and their target keywords and URLs hidden throughout the entire process until they get to a point where it makes sense to share that information if they choose to do so. We’ll address each of the members using interesting little pen names so we can remember and keep track of their progress, and we’ll share all of their keyword data (searches, CPC, SEO competition numbers, etc.) eventual rankings, traffic numbers and the general category that they’re in  (health, fitness, education, etc.), but the exact keywords and website urls will remain hidden at first. I think this works in everyone’s favor, especially since this case study seems to be on everyone’s eyes right now.

So that’s how the MLG works. In the email you get after signing up to participate, if you want to be a part of the MLG, there will be an application process – a set of 5 questions that I’d like for you to answer.

You can simply reply to the email when you’re ready.

The first question is: what is your target keyword is and why did you choose it?

So, this means that before you can apply for the MLG, you must first find your target keyword. This will help me form a group that covers a wide range of niches, and of course it makes sure that the people who do apply are the ones who are more likely to follow through.

The other 4 questions will help me learn more about you.

“But Pat, you’re making us do all of this keyword research and you want us to send you our target keywords, and that doesn’t guarantee we’ll be selected? You’ll have hundreds of potential keywords to choose from for your own stuff, or to sell! You snake!”

If you’re worried about me taking your keywords and either building my own sites from them or selling that list off, then don’t send me your target keyword! I’m not the kind of person to do something like that, and just think of what doing that would do to my entire brand and what it stands for. The trust I’ve earned from you means much more than any list of keywords or amount of money.

And don’t forget, you can easily participate from the sidelines without sending me anything!

Now – when I conduct keyword research myself the next couple of weeks, there is definitely a chance that I may select a niche that someone else has selected. This can happen very easily. When I did this before, I think I saw 3 or 4 websites in the firefighter niche go up all using HQ in their domain names. I’m not going to look at anyone’s application until I find my own target keyword, and I’ll probably go for something a little ambitious anyway.

I’ll announce my niche (once I find it!) and then look over the applications – if by chance I happen to select the exact same keyword as someone else, then well take it from there. I hope to find several different potential keywords on my own so I may have a bag to choose from – we’ll see.

Remember, I haven’t even started yet. So that’s how all of this is going to work. If you’re interested in joining the duel:

  1. Enter your name and email in the opt-in box on this page.
  2. You’ll get an email with all the details about how you can participate.
  3. Start your keyword research and find one that meets your specific criteria. Here is mine.
  4. In about 2 weeks you’ll get an email from me with info on how to put yourself onto the NSD2.0 leaderboard.
  5. If you’re interested in the Mastermind Learning Group, once you find your keyword (even before the leaderboard stuff is ready) reply to the questions in the initial email that was sent to you.

There will be no deadline to sign up for the NSD2.0 leaderboard. That will be ongoing, at least for a while. The leaderboard will be for sites created in and around the NSD2.0 timeframe – we don’t want people to enter data for websites that have been up for a long time already. There will be a way to login and add data later too in case you join after you discover a keyword but have yet to select a URL. I know this all sounds kind of new, kooky and strange right now, but the “Duel Master” system is still being crafted as we speak and it’ll all make sense once it’s ready for you. :)

There is, however, a deadline to apply for MLG, which is June 9th, 11:59:59 PM PST – any answers to the application questions submitted on June 9th (12:00:00 am PST) and forward will not be considered for the MLG. This gives everyone, including myself, plenty of time to discover a niche site opportunity while keeping things moving forward. I will select and email the 5 MLG participants by end of day Monday, June 10th. I’ll announce the participants (using their fun pen names) and their niche site keyword data (not the actual keyword) later that week, so we can all begin to remember what niches they’re in and start to keep track of things.


Enter Your Name and Email Below and Click

Okay, one last thought…

Concerns from Niche Site Duel 1.0

One of the major concerns coming from NSD1.0 is that because I revealed the niche and the exact URL, that obviously led to a lot of external things that wouldn’t have happened to the site if I didn’t reveal it. Many said that the strategies wouldn’t have worked under normal circumstances because people don’t normally have a platform this big to share the progress of a new website on.

That is a fair comment, but there are a few things to consider.

Hundreds of people who did not have a platform did see results from following the experiment and the same strategies. Many have created new income streams for themselves – some large, some small. Some people even had enough success and momentum to quit their jobs and go full time with their new sites, which is awesome.

I never linked to the site from SPI before I got to #1 in Google, and most other people didn’t either. A quick PR5 link coming from SPI would have helped immensely, but I wanted things to be as natural as possible. That’s definitely hard to come by considering how public the case study was. A lot of people did cover the initial Niche Site Duel and linked to the niche site, but mostly after I got to #1 in Google, since that was finally something worth writing about.

The thing is, it’s so helpful to see exactly how I chose the keyword and niche, how I decided to write the content and structure the site and then finally monetize it.

It’s like with Texas Hold’em poker on television – it only blew up and got interesting once all of us could finally see the exact cards each player holds, even before they were played or flipped over. I feel like if I hid the keyword and url from you, it would take away from the realness and excitement of this case study.

Having the 5 unrevealed MLG case studies to go along with my revealed site will definitely help. I can also ask you to please not link to my site and instead link to the niche site duel hub, but I know people will still link to it.

I could hide the keyword and URL until some movement has been made in Google – but then again everything that happens before SEO and monetization would be weird. Blurred out keyword research and content creation videos would be tough to make, and not very useful.

Then there’s the idea of doing two sites at the same time: one all out there, and one hidden until I get to a top spot in Google – but I’m not sure that would solve the issue either. I’d split my attention between the two and the overall effectiveness of each the sites would go down. I shouldn’t do two when I just published a podcast episode specifically for NSD participants about doing one niche site at a time. 😉

This is why I love the SPI community – you all have such great ideas and much of what I’ve already done on SPI comes directly from suggestions from you, so while we start NSD2.0 and our keyword research together, I think this would be a good opportunity for us to discuss different ways to keep this experiment interesting, but also pure at the same time. I’m not even sure it’s possible, but we can work toward that I think and do our best.

Anyway, I hope you’re as excited as I am about this. I’m off to rest and get well (I’m still sick as I write this post…) and then get ready for some hardcore keyword research in the next few days.

I’m in. Are you?

Enter Your Name and Email Below and Click

Sign up in the box above if you’re ready to get started!

Cheers, and all the best!

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  • Theodore Nwangene

    Hi Pat,
    So sorry to hear that you’re ill, I’m also sick so, I’m wishing us a quick recovery. I’m so interested in this one and I’ve purchased LTP via your link. Lets see how this one goes.

    Thanks a lot for being very open :).

  • wirelessremotecontrol

    Cant wait to be part of this.

  • Rich

    Hey pat,

    I signed up for 2.0 but I just started a site this week, already bought the domain and found the keyword. Can I still use this site?

    • Floris

      I’m in the same situation. However, I’ll keep the domain I bought and will start from scratch with Pat’s timing. The things I learn from the NSD, I will use to improve the site I was planning to build with the domain I already bought.

  • Phuong Le

    So interested in the project, wish i could take part in your NSD.

  • Floris

    Just signed up. I’m going to follow your timing step by step. I’ve some niche sites started, but NSD gives the opportunity to start one from scratch. Really looking forward to it! Thanks a lot.

  • John

    Hi Pat

    What a great idea. However dont know whether I will be at a disadvantage being based in the UK, with a smaller market than you guys in the US, but going to have a go.

  • Anthony

    Hello Pat,

    But it would be better to teach you how to build a niche site, and say what tools it takes.

  • Justin

    Pat- Great post, thank you. I’m in. I’m most interested to see how NSD2.0 unfolds compared to NSD1.0, given the pending update. We all know these sites need to be real, relevant, and authoritative. Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Good luck – let’s go!


  • Lisa

    I’m in, let the games begin!
    Super exciting stuff :)

  • Will Blears

    Can’t wait for this Pat, looks great and I am motivated now more than ever before!

    Look out for my MLG application 😉

  • BuddyT

    I’m in, Pat. A little about me first…I’m 56 this year, I have a job but at my age it always seems to be tenuous. I work at a living history museum ( and the economy has not been kind to our line of work. Survived cancer in my 20s and hepatitis as a child. Recently divorced and looking at bankruptcy from credit card debt from the marriage and mounting medical bills from my recent hip replacements. But life must continue.
    I made a little Adsense money before Penguin and Panda crushed that. I’m a prime candidate for your private training group.
    I recently bought Long Tail Pro and have been following you and Spencer and am determined to replace my current meager income and far more! I see no other choice. It’s “gun to my head” time.

  • Tom

    Hi Pat,

    i attend. but i dont receive a confirmation link.

    • Kelda

      Tom, same here. I got a page that said it was confirmed but no 2nd email from Pat. Checked immediately and then a few minutes later.

      • Mitchell Rasmussen

        I had the same issue with not recieving the confirmation email, but it showed up eventually, probably an hour or so later. Took a bit longer than I was hoping :)


      • Leigh

        Same here. It did arrive about 10 minutes later; I’d bet there are just a ton of people signing up and there’s a small delay due to the volume.

  • Dan

    Already started my blog a little over a month ago but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this new duel to apply to mine. Looking forward to reading all about it. :)

    • Will

      I started mine a month ago too. I joined the email list anyway though.

  • Chris

    I am definitely IN! Love the leaderboard idea and everything else that will allow us all to keep track of our progress and hold us accountable. Great ideas and looking forward to participating! Thanks Pat!

  • Rob Orr

    outstanding post Pat – I’m totally in. Some in my community have been very slowly working through our own niche site challenge based on the first NSD and a bunch of stuff I’ve been learning from Spencer at Niche Pursuits, along with Jon Cooper’s Link Building course. I’m eager to see how you do what you do and learn – especially how you’re going to use LTP. I will definitely be submitting my application for the MLG – would love to be a part of that.

    Looking forward to this Pat!

  • Carl

    1. Is it expected to have Adsense as a monetization method or its open to other methods like amazon, click bank, lead gen, private products etc?
    2. If the domain has been registered about a month ago but no content and no traffic is on it can you still use that domain or it needs to be totally fresh and registered after a certain date?

    • Lior

      1. Monetization is always best when you tailor it to your niche. Some are profitable with Adsense, some with information products, etc. I don’t think Pat will mind which you use, he does several.

  • Private Blogging

    Hoping it may not be enough if we have not done niche blog apaun to duel this time, thank you guys.

  • Georgiaberry/Sunshine for Dinner

    Pat, will you be starting a facebook group for participants in the NSD2.0? Not the mastermind group, but everyone else? I do hope you will consider it – the kindle group is SOOOOO wonderful. Everyone helping everyone else, meeting such awesome people. The people who have emerged as leaders and teachers there in that group have given a lot of their time, but I think they have benefited even more from the group interaction than anyone else. The feedback. The feedback is key.

    Please start a fb group for this! Instead of a mastermind group – it is a mega-mind group! Many minds working on the same project, each with their own approach, ideas, solutions, problems…

    Thanks for your consideration. Love your podcast!

    • Lior

      Is that Kindle group you mentioned open to anyone? Please let me know.

  • Shelley

    Great! I’m in there like swimwear! I kinda started my keyword research earlier this week. Just waiting to discover something (a hobby, cause, group, etc) I can serve well.

  • Pat

    Hi Pat. Can only individuals participate in the mastermind or can two people? I’d like to build one with a good friend of mine and still apply for the mastermind.
    If you’d prefer to only have single person ventures in the mastermind- then I’ll apply by myself.
    Please let me know- we have a cool idea and work well as a team- so if you like our application- the team dynamic will probably add a lot to the mastermind without ruining the core intent of the Duel. We aren’t internet marketing professionals- so there will be a lot of learning as we go. No shame in the hustle.

  • Steven @ OTC

    Very looking forward to it. I read your NSD 1.0 series, and build a niche site for 2 months, now it’s in 3rd page. The best rank is 18th for the target keyword, but it’s never near the 1st page. Then I did some deeper research with LTP Pt, and found it’s not an easy k/w but not impossible to rank. So I hope I can learn some new stuff from 2.0 and revive my site.

    Thanks for your work Pat. I’ve been following your for 3 months. Wish NSD 2.0 a big success.

  • Peter

    I’m in. I’m sure its a different platform to everyone else and I will rock your socks off.

  • Ronny

    I’m in! Let’s make it to the top of that leaderbord! :)

  • Liz

    Hi Pat,

    I’m in, and excited to tackle an idea I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Excited to be able to prioritize this. Thanks for being awesome!


  • James Petzke

    I’m definitely in. Really looking forward to this!
    Also, I liked one of the other commenter’s ideas about having a private FB group for all of us participants, just like your Kindle group. I think that would be really helpful for everyone!

  • Renee

    Pat, this is great! I just launch a site and hoping to apply what I learn here on it.

  • Jamie Huff

    Will it be ok do NSD 2.0 if you have already started a website? I would love to be able to take part in this grand experiment, but I am not ready to start a second niche site..

  • Rusty

    I’m in. I’m can’t wait to see where it’s all going.

  • The Financial Blogger

    I Just signed in! starting keyword research tomorrow morning!

    this is going to be a fun adventure. Thx for hosting such great project!

  • Josh

    I’m totally in! And looking forward to this ‘community’ approach to NSD 2.0.

  • Joshua Young

    Extremely excited about participating in this case study with you. The leader board also sounds like a great idea.

  • Ibrahim

    I am In Pat, ready with my keyword as well.

  • Lynn Currie

    Hi Pat,

    I’m in! I signed up this a.m. I had actually decided to start this process this week anyway, so I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to follow along and join in with a current and active Duel!

    I’ve been researching niches and haven’t quite landed on a final, but I feel I’m dangerously close. Most of the work I’ve done has been with the free tools. Now I’m going to use your link and sign up for the 10 day trial of Long Tail Pro and work through that process. If that tool proves to give me more clarity, better information, and a more streamlined process, it will be a no-brainer purchase and expense against this project.

    Again Pat, thanks for doing this. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Chuck

    Hi Pat,
    I’m in and really excited about getting started. I have been “on the sidelines” for a while now and it is the right time to “jump in” with both feet. Thanks so much for providing the opportunity to learn.


  • Madame Zee

    I’m in like Flynn…so to speak, ha!

  • Michal

    Hi Pat,

    I was waiting for it :) Thank you for being so generous and honest. Appreciate it! And I hope I will be able to benefit out of it.


  • cinx

    Hi guys ….newbie, but I think this will be the best way for be to start.
    You talk about a niche & keywords ….any suggestions on where you can go to get ideas on niches. Do understand the keyword thing either yet – any reading I can do to learn how to do keyword??? .
    Thanks – I’m in!!

    • Leigh

      I have found that choosing a niche based on my interests and experiences works best. You can have an awesome keyword, but if your heart isn’t in writing the content, you’re going to stall out eventually. I would suggest you search for info on keyword research and niche selection. Good luck!

    • Lyle Fredette

      Hi Cindy, I’ve struggled with that a lot too. I’m finding that the method laid out by Pat in one of his Niche Site Duel 1.0 posts – “Finding a Profitable Niche: My Process Revealed” has really helped me get started. Here are the first 3 steps paraphrased:

      1) Write down 7 of your passions, 7 problems and 7 fears.
      2) Select your top 10 from that list of 21.
      3) Do keyword research for each of those markets.

  • Les

    Hi Pat,

    Didn’t receive email for this post had to search google for Duel Site 2.0 in
    order to find it. Checked other folders no email. Anyway I’m glad to see
    Niche Site Duel 2.0 getting started. :)

    • Pat Flynn

      Hi Les – try signing up again. I turned off the double-opt-in thingy because too many people weren’t getting the confirmation email for whatever reason. I contacted Aweber to see what was up, and this was the best solution. Let me know if you get the immediate followup email after you sign up.

      • Les

        Hi Pat,

        I tried signing up again and received a message saying I’m already

        • Pat Flynn

          What email are you using? Not the same one you’re leaving comments with – I can’t find it. Send me an email with it so I can delete it and you can subscribe again.

          pat at smartpassiveincome dot com

      • Dave Gill

        I’m having the same problem Pat. No confirmation email, and when I tried to sign up again it’s telling me I’m already subscribed.

        • Pat Flynn

          Deleted you from the list – try again. Sorry Dave!

  • Jason Love

    I am starting a master mind with another participant. We are looking for two more to join in a bi-monthly skype chat on what is working, what isn’t, and advice.
    We plan on recording the sessions and posting them as podcasts.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.
    You can contact me through twitter at @lovejasonlove

    • Jason Love

      This has to do specifically with Niche Side Duel and we will all being following along with what Pat is doing.

  • Scott Eklund

    Great post Pat, the mastermind learning group that you’re creating for NSD 2.0 is going to be extremely helpful for me and everyone else. I can’t wait to get started, I’m all in!

  • Brandi

    Are you going to give any additional competition criteria? Ideally, how what is too hard to go after with more set numbers.

  • latusha

    i’m totally in. i’m so pumped. when i found out about the first niche site duel it was already over. i’m excited to try something new and see how i’m able to rank a site to number 1.

  • Tom Payani

    Can’t wait Pat!

  • Leah Latini

    Thank you Pat!

  • Shaun

    Hey Pat just a heads up for you. I went and subscribed but never got the conformation email. But I did get the follow up email saying thanks for confirming and with all the additional information. I wanted to make sure I was subscribed so I tried again and got the warning that I was already subd.


    • Pat Flynn

      You’re good Shaun. I turned off the confirmation email thing – some people weren’t getting the confirmation email and not getting onto the list, so I just disabled it. If you got all the info, you’re on the list!

  • Rodolfo Oliveira

    Let’s get it on! I have nothing ready yet and I am going to do everything from scrap just like you Pat! I hope I can do this with a low budget though!

  • Tim

    Signed up yesterday, hopefully this will be a great learning experience. I’m a little worried about the new Google update that is coming soon. Hope it doesn’t derail our efforts in this duel. I will also sign up for the MLG, even if I don’t get selected I will still cheer on those that did. Good Luck Everyone!

  • Bryan Knowlton

    Can’t wait to get started!!! Thanks Pat!


  • Wayne

    This is an awesome idea, Pat! I have been following you for over a year now, and I love your attitude and ethics. I’m ready to give this a try because what I have been doing in the past has all dried up due to the changes in Google. Looking forward to the challenge.


  • Chris

    Its such an interesting project, I watch you guys from far germany :-)

  • Perry Ning

    Hi Pat,

    Just sign up. I am in!!

  • Lior

    Pat or anyone else,

    This thought just occurred to me. What if people made niche sites in other languages?? I assume it would be much easier to rank with less competition and as the SEO community is mainly english-based?

    You can hire an english writer or even another language you’re familiar with. Any thoughts?

    • Walshy

      Thats exactly what i was thinking dude! Im planing to try this project in spanish in see if it works, ill post my results in the comments area of each article.

      • Amanda L Grossman

        This is one of the things written on my whiteboard right now! I thought of it about three months ago…perhaps it’s time I move on that.

    • David


      I think ‘less competition’ is very relative. It may be that the number of people/websites competing for the same keyword is less, in relation to the same keyword in English, but I am not so sure that this means automatically a smaller challenge.

      In these cases I tend to remember what my economics professor at university told us. He asked us: “If you were to open up a small place that sells ice cream at the beach: Would you build that right next to your competitor that’s already set up on that beach, or would you set up store further down the beach?”. Most people tended to say: “On the other side of the beach” because they feared the competition. His answer to that was: “Right next to the competition”, to draw away also customers from the existing ice cream place.

      It took me about 10+ years to really understand the ‘Why’ behind that, i.e. until the time I started a ‘business’ myself, which is online marketing (mostly niche sites). When you set out for something like that, no matter the industry and no matter what you sell, your primary goal better be to offer something more awesome/better/more exciting/… than your competitors. So, setting up your store right next to the competition, of course, makes total sense because if you’re indeed offering something better it will be only a matter of time until people that used to go to the store next door will come over to you as well.

      I see lots of paralells between the story of my professor and the niche site business. If you’re not primarily in for the money but because you want to create something awesome and with real value to your clients, then you don’t need to worry about the competition. You will rather need to worry about how you can handle all your clients and orders, since tremendous sales are a welcome ‘by-product’ of awesome products and/or services.

      Good success with your endeavors.

      Best regards from Greece,

    • Karol

      Shhh! Shut up Lior! :)
      Actually I am from Costa Rica and I want to do the Niche Site Duel for a Spanish site. I think I can choose a more searched keyword with a lot less competition. It is going to be a interesting experiment indeed.

  • Steve

    Yes….I’m in ! Actually, I just recently decided to do a site for something I’m doing now and your timing for this couldn’t be better. I look forward to adding my 1/2 penny to the community.

    • JC

      Hey Steve, I’m in the same boat. Already have a subject. I already have “a brand name”. The hard part is going to be tying keywords to that brand name!

      But I’m excited for this second go round. Hopefully the keywords don’t tie me up!

  • T.

    Thanks for the great info in this post, Pat, and for what’s sure to be a really exciting NSD 2.0! Just subscribed to the list and I’m ready to dive in and start my niche research! Becoming part of the focus group would probably be kind of like winning the lottery, but who knows! Anything can happen, you definitely know that! 😀

  • John Shea

    This is awesome Pat, my niche site is actually well under way and your Podcast / Security Guard training site has encouraged me to get going. I’m excited to be involved with NSD 2.0

  • Blog kiem tien

    I am so interested in the NSD 2.0, i would like to join but my niche site isnot in English.

  • Rus

    I’m so in! This is the first time I’m kinda sorry I’m on vacation. I won’t be able to get serious about it for almost a week!

  • Mr. Ryan Cote

    Super excited Pat. I have my own niche site that I’m currently developing into an authority site and I’ll definitely be following along.

  • Jason

    Hey Pat, I’ve been researching the original Niche Site Duel for a couple of months now and have been procrastinating on starting one. The timing is perfect and I’m all in. Let’s do this!

  • Jon Peterson

    AWESOME!!! I am so excited for this – I have one concern and I would almost be surprised if there aren’t others out there with the same concern. Is the selection of the 5 MLG participants going to be completely random – is it completely based on commitment – if so I win. In other words is a NOOB got just as much a chance as a seasoned pro-blogger. I’m on the NOOB side of things, but not completely green. I just want to know that I got a chance man.

  • Sothy

    That’s awesome Pat! I discovered your site about two years past the original niche site duel, but it still had some useful information. I look forward to seeing how NSD 2.0 goes and how you apply your strategies this time around. Keep up the great work!

  • Tim

    Just notice penguin 2.0 was rolled out yesterday. O_O

    • Pat Flynn

      Yep! The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We’ll be playing on new grounds. Imagine if it rolled out as we were doing SEO.

      • Tim

        I thought the same thing too. LOL Lets hope for all the changes to be completed and for the algorithm to settle down so we can get down and dirty with the new SEO!

      • Phuong Le

        The new sites should be affected as building backlinks in a short period of time, i think starting a new niche site now faces lots of chalenge

  • Adam

    Perhaps you will cover this in future postings, but are you going to follow the “backlinking strategy that works”, or are you going to try to develop some new techniques to build links?

    • Pat Flynn

      New, updated strategies for today Adam :)

      • Phuong Le

        Hi, please change my name on the comment below, i just made a mistake to leave URL instead of name, thanks.

    • http://nichesite

      Sure, there are some important changes recently by the penguin updates, so it is a much to turn into white hat link building strategy and the time to rank top 1 should be longer.

  • Navjot Singh

    Hi pat,

    I am very excited to take part in Niche Site Duel 2.0. I am pretty confident that i will be selected for Mastermind Learning Group. Let’s wait & watch …. for Winner List ! :-)

  • David

    I am so looking forward to that, Pat.

    Since people have brought up ‘Penguin’ above in the comments: I think there’s nothing *at all* one has to worry about *if* the intentions are to create a great, valuable and helpful niche site rather than something that is supposed to simply create money (see my comment also further above, as answer to Lior). Google tries to make the internet a better place in terms of valuable content, so why should I be worried about that then? I am rather happy about it!

    Panda, Penguin and whatnot: I like animals, so bring it on, Google! 😉

    Best regards from Greece,

  • Josh Garrod


    I’m already working on 2 niche sites, completing the content for one and backlinking for the other, and after listening to your podcast I feel I should concentrate on just them. However, I know this will be a valuable experience (it was last time) and I am working on this stuff full time so I can handle it! Really looking forward to it!

    I’m really interested to see which way you go with the SEO!

  • john

    this is what i have been looking for!

  • Richard

    Count me in. I love this idea. And even if not selected I will be participating in the program. Though I did send in the answered questions per the email and hope to be selected.


  • Barbara

    Like many others I’m really interested in seeing how this one goes, particularly in comparison to the SEO techniques you shared in NSD 1.0. All the very best to all those competing.

  • Macy

    Aloha Pat,
    I can’t tell you how excited I am to get started! I’ve been looking for a community that I could join…and I think I’ve found my place with the one you’re creating.
    I’m definately ALL IN!

  • Sal Coombes

    I’m in Pat! Also interested to know how many Aussies we have participating? Sal (Sydney, Australia)

    • Murray

      One here! (Brisbane). I’m sooo looking forward to this. I know the idea is to start without a niche already, but I’ve just setup a site and was about to start SEO, the timing is perfect!

    • Akila

      Count me too (Toowoomba). Found the main keyword and bought the domain. The keyword which I’m targeting has little bit high competitiveness (40) but I hope I can beat others.

  • Vickram


    One doubt.
    I already have a site with only couple of posts. Can I choose a keyword related to that niche and participate in the NSD2.0 or do I need a new website fresh ?

    Very detailed post. I have missed NSD 1.0 and thankful to you for NSD 2.0. I will start doing things in a systematic manner. MLG or not, I will be putting my best foot forward and my hard work to make this a real DUEL :-).

    Cheers for all SPI readers who are taking part and to those who cheers others and hold them accountable.


  • Derek Chamberlain


    Looking forward to how I can use this info to setup my own niche site! You are awesome to be sharing this with us!

  • Thomas

    Im going to set this one out and just follow along and see how things go. I already have enough projects on the table need to focus but best of luck to the people that do it. Get rocking!!

  • Ron

    Wow, this looks great and I so want to learn how to do this. The only thing holding me back is me so… time to try it. Now if only I’d get out of my way.

    Thanks for doing this, Pat.

  • denise


    I love your site. You’re friendly, sincere, transparent and give a out a lot of very useful information that has helped me tremendously. thank you so much…

  • kirit koladiya

    Hi, Pat
    Thanks for starting NSD2.0 . I am following and making my first website.
    Any Indians Here? ( I M from Ahmadabad,Gujarat) Let us make local mastermind group .

    • samir shah

      Hello Kirti,

      Bring it On …. Dont worry you dont need indians only the team , SPI community is just amazing… Just get the ball rolling…. Well i am Indian :)
      can contact me on samcool80 @ yahoo. com

  • Matt Sullivan

    Hello Fellow Niche Site Friends,

    I have started a Google Plus Mastermind community to help us stay connected and motivated to put into action all the great content Pat feeds to us. I would love to connect with you guys.

    I am completely committed, but it is nice to walk along side others who have the same vision.

    God Bless,

    Matt Sullivan

    • Pat

      Hi Matt, what’s the name of the community?

      • Matt Sullivan


        The community is NSD2.0 Mastermind – here is the link:

        I look forward to seeing you inside. We are planning a Google Hangout – next week to connect and get to know each other.


        Matt Sullivan

        • Georgiaberry/Sunshine for Dinner

          Yay! I was just scrolling through these comments to see if Pat had replied to me about starting a fb group for this – and here you are with a google+group. That’s awesome for me because I want to get comfortable using google+ anyway. I am off to join and ask questions :)


    • Jason Spencer

      Hey Matt, great idea! Just joined up, looking forward to working through this with a group.

      Let’s put some wings on these sites and fly.

      • Matt Sullivan


        Thanks for joining the group – I am looking forward to getting to know you.

  • Seth Sullivan

    Hey Pat! Seth here, oh and i am twelve not ten.
    That’s okay, some people mistake me. I just want to say that you rock at what you do and just keep moving forward!

  • Adam

    Yes! it’s here! Been looking at some keywords but don’t know which one I wanna choose yet. I have to remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  • Ray Hodge

    Whomp! I already started mine! Hate to miss out on this, but I’m a month in already–not that I’ve made a ton of progress yet. That said, I’ll be following along at the very least; for every question I answer, I run into ten more. Good luck to all the participants!

  • Rob Scalfaro

    I believe things happen for a reason and I also believe that “the harder I work, the luckier I get”. I began reading everything I can get my hands on relating to Passive Income Streams and Niche Sites earlier this year, and now NSD 2.0 happens. This is going to be great. Thanks Pat!

    • Matt Sullivan


      You are so right, bro! Great things happen when you are not waiting, but beginning to plow. Plow on, my friend.

      God Bless,

      Matt Sullivan

  • Ken Tan

    Can’t wait to follow along on this one, Pat!

  • Tahir Raza

    A great guide for newbies,I was thinking of this last month and read it today…Thanks alot for the post!!

  • http://[email protected] John Faux

    Pat..PLEASE comment on the first comments regarding a site in a language other than English. The site may be targeted for USA or in the country where I currently live, Mexico for example.


  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Such an exciting post Pat,
    I never did any niche sites earlier. But this time I got interested as I am taking this as an experiment (not any serious expectations of earning income). It’s okay , if I don’t earn anything at all in terms of money but want to challenge myself whether I can consistently follow your advise :-)

    Please count me in and I already finished my keyword research and created the site around it. Exact matches for the keywords were 4400 global and 1900 local searches per month of course low competition :-). Published my first post. Here is the plan for my “Selected keyword”
    1. Created exact match domain name for the keyword (I could get this since the keyword was pretty long)
    2. Outsource content creation for 20 posts for quality articles on this keyword ( I already got 5 done)
    3. Publish 1 post a day
    4. Moneterization strategy – yet to decide (I do have adsense and amazon accounts). Need to see which fits best here.
    5. Track , Track , Track

    What I am missing here is a plan for link building :-( Let me check Google Analyitcs whether site is picked up by any keywords or not by its own.

    Okay, I have a question Pat. Since we are selecting keywords which have exact search matches around let’s say 2000 searches per month – That means our site can get maximum visits of 2000 hits per months (in real case less than that). Isn’t it very low? Could you please explain this further?

    • Moe

      Think of it more as a minimum. 2000 minimum searches for the key-word you are targeting. This means that the topic is popular enough that there would be many thousands of more related long-tail-key searches that you could also rank for.

      If you ranked #1 for a keyword you might only get 30-40% of the exact match key word traffic, however you would probably automatically pick up many times the traffic in the form of close variations, Latent semantic, and long-tail-key words.

      • Naveen Kulkarni

        Thanks Moe,
        That’s the same even I was guessing. Power of long tail keywords.

        Believe me, if succeed in this niche site building, I will share my adsense earning screenshots. If I fail, I will publish an article on my blog ” The back linking strategy that didn’t work” .Lol

      • Georgiaberry/Sunshine for Dinner

        Thanks for that comment, Moe – it helps me understand a bit more about what we are doing with the keyword research. I feel a bit more hopeful about it now…

  • Scott

    Pat, I see you use Zemanta on your Security Guard Site. Is this still a relevant strategy.

  • Eric Clark

    I’m in! Pat, thanks for putting NSD2.0 together and sharing your story so well. It’s helped me to make the decision to take some leaps… NSD2.0 is one of them that will hopefully set me on a new path. Thanks!

  • Erik

    What is your opinion or other’s opinions on paying a site like for SEO after completing a website. Do they do a good job, is it worth it if you aren’t willing to put in the SEO work?


  • Jeremy Looi

    I’m IN! Let’s roll baby!

  • David A.

    Just sent for the MGL. Finally something I can put into solid form and be accountable for it.

  • Blake Michelutti


    I managed to delete all my emails meaning I cannot reply to the niche duel email to apply for participation in the duel! :O

    Please send me an email with the niche duel email so I can reply to that one, or send me the email address please.

    PS. Don’t mind me, I am only just freaking out if you don’t send another email before the deadline, and I will have to wait until NSD 3.0 xD

    PSS. You rock!

    • Patricia Lim

      I think you make interesting tips blog niche blog is optimized as a micro blog free from the impact of Google Penguin 2.0

      • Phuong Le

        I donot think the link building strategy can be free from Penguin update with grey hat seo, It is really a medium term business at least 3 months for a quite competitivekey word.

  • sibo

    This is good news. I am on my trip to china and will not be back to canada until the beginning of june, but it sounds like I still got time to join. Good luck with your research, everyone!

  • Iain

    Super excited for this.

    I can’t way to see how it all turns out. This time I get to follow along. Last time you did this Pat I wasn’t reading your blog.

    Looking forward to future posts.

  • Arwin Adriano

    Cool Pat, looking forward to see you NSD 2.0 outcome this coming days. Good luck to everyone. I’ll be in touch with your updates and hopefully try to implement all your advice with my very own blog.

  • Rahul Tilloo

    Hi Pat,

    I am into this and I will follow the steps which you will share with us. I have the confidence that along with you, the people who will follow your guidelines will also achieve their realistic goals.

  • Derrick Barber

    I’m so in. I usually have a difficult time focusing, when reading longer articles… but I hung on every word of the last two. Thanks for doing this!

  • Daniel

    Hi Pat,

    I’m in. I have already started the process of finding the keyword. Is the exact searches – 3000 just to confirm again.

    Thanks again.

  • Ferb

    Hi Pat, l’m in this, I couldn’t work hard but will definitely gonna try out.

  • serge

    couldn’t edit my original comment so figured I’d post here:

    I just changed my application for MLG up a bit to go for something more competitive but more rewarding 😉

    Cheers, Pat!

  • oren

    hi pat of the whole group competing and supporting , this is more important to me then revealing my keyword or url , I’m more into recurring process and learning with your help and the group experiance
    love the idea, was just wondering if was just wondering if you think those chosen 5 could also be from different time zones given the hangout meetings and staff, for me I’m on utc +2 which sometimes makes it hard to interact online with people given time differences

  • Sebastian Thalhammer

    Hey Pat!

    Man this is going to be really awesome. I know for sure, that even if the most of us won’t be the lucky winners for direct coaching, we are all going to learn a HUGE amount of priceless knowledge.

    I definitely wish you all the best for your niche site project already. You deserve it.

    P.S. I am sending my winner keywords to you soon 😉

  • Romuald

    Hey Pat,

    I’m in. Just joined the duel from France :-) Going to find a list of KW and get reader. Excited to start the challenge.


  • Perry Ning

    Hi Pat and Everybody!

    Following your instruction and example, I got registered. To my amazement, Google indexed it in less than 5 days. I documented the process to share with other starters like me in this blog:



    • Phuong Le

      Hi @Perry Ning Have you just started a niche site about heat exchange?
      Are you in the NSD 2.0?

      • Perry Ning

        Hi Phuong Le,

        Yes, I registered the site a week ago and will follow Pat in building this niche.

        How are you doing? I’ll check out your blog.

        Thanks, Perry

  • Mark

    Hi Pat,

    Any guess about how many hours a week I should plan on spending to “keep up” with NSD2.0?

    Thanks – you’re doing amazing stuff.

    • Derek @

      I am also interested in this. I have a full-time job and a family, so I would like to start small and build my way up to something bigger vs. taking on more than I can chew with the first go-around.

  • Mike

    Is this competition still open? I would like to participate in it as well!

  • Jet Banks

    So excited to tug along with everybody in this duel! I’ll be that remora fish clinging to all you big sharks out there and enjoy the ride 😉

    • eUKhost

      Yes that’s the true speaking my friend because it is the best way.

  • Jet Banks

    BTW, get well soon Pat & fam :)

  • Ruben

    I’m excited to do this at the same time than Pat and you guys, let’s do it!

  • Buddy

    Hi Pat,

    I have been following your blog for about three months now. It is very inspiring stuff. I have been telling my wife for the past few weeks that I am going to start a blog but have yet to do anything. I read this post and decided that now is an excellent time to start. I am a beginner to key word research and SEO. My only exposure is the reading I have been doing since discovering your site. I am excited to get started.


  • Matt

    After following your blog and podcast for a while I have decided to take part in Niche Site Duel 2.0!

    I have signed up and have started the research needed to find a great niche. I have also decided to post updates about my journey along the way on my Business Success blog that I started recently after following your information.

    Looking forward to the journey!

  • Robert Harper


    I have been a follower of your blog for a year now. I can’t wait to be involved in this. I do have a question for you. Are you ever worried about loosing your Adsense account because someone decides to go click crazy on your public niche site?

  • Randy A Brown

    I’ve been using Long Tail Pro. So far it rocks. Now I’ve got a keyword. Let the games begin!

  • Moe

    I’,m curious, what will be the factors that determine ranking or placement on the leader-board? A competitive leader-board will definitely be a great form of motivation and competitiveness. Everyone one will want to try and make the top 10 spots.

    Will there be some sort of reward system for the top leaders. Perhaps each month there could be some for of incentive for the top 5-10 spots in a few different categories.
    for example:

    Most organic traffic received
    Most net income earned
    Most improvements in traffic, rankings, or income for the month.

    At the end of each month similar to your income reports you could feature the top leaders, describing their methods and results.

    These are just some things i have been thinking about the past few days.

  • Jonathan VanHorn

    Pat, you should really build a list with this niche site duel. As you know, a good list is a huge asset for any niche site. It would also do a lot to show your readers how to utilize that list once it has grown to the right size in a market “other” than internet marketing!

  • Igor@CK

    This will definitely be interesting and I am looking forward to learning something more about current SEO/niche practices. Keep it up Pat!

  • Todd Lee

    What a wonderful opportunity i have been waiting this for a long time

  • CleverMe

    I predict that your new niche website will be about firefighters! 😉

  • http://[email protected] Mark

    I’m in again (of course). ????

  • Simon from TransportReview

    My advice would be to choose a niche that you yourself are genuinely interested in. If you enjoy writing content for your site, you’re more likely to write good and insightful articles and are more likely to persist!

  • Hector Avellaneda

    This is going to be awesome, Pat, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was already in the process of building a niche site to promote my eBooks which released last November. I am working on the audio version as we speak but again this is going to definitely help me go through your process to drive traffic to the site. I’ve already chosen my domain name so its going to be interesting to see of I need to choose a different domain name or if I can have success with the one that I’ve already selected.

    Either way I am definitely in and and cant wait to get this started.

  • Perry Ning

    Hi All,
    I left a comment here yesterday and got 27 clicks!! Thanks to those who clicked my link. You made my day. 27!? That is nearly all the outside traffic I got! I just made another page using Indeed for job search – it supposed to pay too:
    Please check it out and leave any guidance and comment.
    Thanks, Perry

  • Greg Chow

    Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I’m with you all the way Pat!

  • yskan

    Im looking forward to follow this topic and your progress in the NSD2.0

    Good luck all!

  • Kathy Morelli,LPC

    Hi Pat – This is a really exciting opportunity! I already have some business websites, that I’ve never done SEO for. I’ve been quite intimidated, not being a techie type. I’d love to work thru this process, tuning up my existing sites, if that’s ok…?? I already am happy, as I’ve used the Google tool for the first time. You just walked a newbie thru it! thanks! It was very helpful to do so! I’m going to watch the Long Tail videos next. Many thanks, Kathy

  • David Summers

    I would like to test the SEO strategy in use against mine. I’ve excelled at penguin 2.0 and i would like to see some other approaches.

    I’m surely going to watch this. by the way awesome lean start-up

  • Carrie Rocha

    I found my niche this morning and am SO EXCITED. I have blogged full-time for 3+ years on a single site, but have often wanted to expand into a family of niche sites. This duel is just what I need to make that desire happen.

    I’m also glad that this is happening over the summer since Q4 is my busiest time of the year on my other blog. This is a great time for me to get something new launched.

  • brent

    Hey Pat,

    Quick question- you said that you only want to use sites built on or around the launch of NSD2.0. So for those of us who are hoping to re-vamp or rank our current niche sites, should we only participate from the sidelines? I’ve already got a niche site that I’d love to make better and boost, but maybe I should look for something new for this project.

    Any advice?

  • Azy

    Awesome news! I’m in! doing my KW research..

  • Nate

    Hey Pat. I’m excited. When is the schedule for everything going to be available? Just wondering… On the edge of my seat!

  • John Lynch

    This is really exciting! Thanks for doing this Pat. I only heard about your site a month ago, but have been voraciously reading and listening to your incredibly valuable content. It feels like the missing pieces of the puzzle for me. I was already been doing research for my first niche site when you announced NSD2.0 so this is the best timing for me!

  • Tony Tovar

    Gearing Up TO Follow Along. Got my link building strategy in place and moving on to the keyword selection. I think I’ve found my niche. Will report back soon.


    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Hey Tony,

      I’m just a follower of Pat Flynn and big time fan for about 3-4 months now. I’m excited to start on this journey of Niche Site Duel 2.0. I have a bit of experience with White Hat SEO (by experience I mean lots of research, but beginning to implement).

      I have site set and didn’t know if you’d be interested in keeping each other accountable for each other’s sites success. Note: I won’t reveal my site, nor would I ask you to do the same. I’m merely want an accountability partner for Niche Site Duel 2.0. Interested? (If not, any one else looking to stay accountable?)

  • Jeff

    Hi Pat:

    I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the keyword process. I know its not suppose to be easy but I have yet to find any words that meets the strict criteria stated. My biggest problem is finding a keyword with low competition per LongTailPro KC (less than 30 per tutorial video). What is the minimum CPC that you typically require? If you could answer a few questions in your next post I would appreciate it.

    • Phuong Le

      Hi Jeff, Based on my own Keyword niche site process, i always choose the Long tail keys with at least 3 words and start ranking these Lower competition, I made a list about 50 3 words keywords and start writing seo copy.

    • Lynn Currie

      Hi Jeff,

      This post of Pat’s might help:

      I found it yesterday and it helped a ton. Be sure to watch the video at the end. It’s long, but worth it.

  • Veronica

    REALLY looking forward to following along in this Pat. Working on my link building strategy now but nearly there.

  • Jeremy – Louisville, KY

    Let’s rock this NSD! I have my keyword ready and it wants position #1 on Google :) The Leaderboard idea sounds very cool!

  • Perry Ning

    Hello Everybody,

    I spent some time editing the Indeed job search box to get it look good. If anybody would like to use it, its here: Just copy the HTML code, change the publisher and the search phrase.

    Thanks, Perry Ning

  • beth

    I’m in! I have a keyword chosen and am looking at domain names. Stats: 5,400 exact searches and CPC > $2.00 The competition looks pretty thin, so I think there’s room to rank with some killer content.

    This should be fun!

  • Bryce

    So stoked to be a part of this Pat! Working hard to try and lock down one of those top 5 spots :)

  • Rybarske Potreby

    I love it, i will tag along

  • Tommy Buttler

    It looks promising, wish would be fast tho, but i understand your point, thank you

  • Georgios

    I’m here too. Found my niche! Let’s get going!! :)

  • Cbse Results

    I am ready to be the part of the Niche Site duel and I am also working on the niche as well.

  • robert kiyosaki

    is it better to narrow to only 5-10 keywords per page or is it sometimes okay to use hundreds?

  • Joseph Ho

    Hi Pat,

    I am really excited about NSD2.0 ! and i am in !

  • Cameron Robinson


    I am exciting about the Niche Site Duel. I am going to follow along with you step by step in the process. I need a favor of you. Do you think you can help me out by hooking me up with the long tail keyword tool?

  • Terrence Kommal@ Road Accident Fund

    Hi Guys!

    I have already started on this but a bit of a twist.

    I have chose a niche that has some medium competition but ther opportunity to dislodge some smaller sites.

    The differentiation is that the niche is about also making money and establishing authority offline and generating income by selling leads and referrals.

    Not sure who else is considering this as yet.


  • adeel qamar

    really nice post regarding niche building sites. following you for next upcoming updates……..

  • Joy

    First off, thanks Pat for all your help.

    Although a challenging task, I am committed to making this work.

    I will begin my keyword research now.

    Thanks again :)

  • Chadrack

    Sorry that I made a comment asking how to be part of this before I read this post. I’ve signed up and looking forward to really enjoying this!

  • Slammer

    Yo Patty Boy!

    I never did see any info on who won the duel for NSD 1.0? With the amazing quality of the duel posts at your end I nearly forgot that this was a duel : therefore a winner needs to be crowned.

    How did the other guys site go? Tyrone?

    Does anybody elsewhere know?


    • Moe

      It’s pretty obvious that Pat’s SGT site won. Or else Tyrone would probably be marketing his victory.

  • jeffrey

    Hi Pat,

    I don’t have any niche site at the moment but planning to have one. I am new to this kind of business or hobby so i read your NSD 1.0 also followed some other niche/blog case studies of Spencer Haws, Zac Johnson and Steve Scott.

    I will be following NSD 2.0 and create my own niche site. I will commit myself on this challenge.

  • Perry Ning

    Hi Pat and Everybody,

    I just submitted my application for the MLG. It is also posted here if anybody would like to check it out:

    Thanks, Perry

    • Jeffrey

      Great read. Count me in as well.

  • Craig Goodwin

    Hi All,

    Just sent in my MLG details from here in Wales, UK. Would love to give the whole NDS2.0 a global spin – traffic levels in the UK are often less, findings from previous niche build, so it may be time to aim higher with this one.



  • Gregory Ortiz

    I’m looking forward to the challenge. Picked out my niche and am ready to start following along! Let’s do this Pat!

  • Omar Lodhi

    Excited and ready to go along the challenge.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Hi Pat. I’m so glad to join the NSD 2.0. I was introduced to you by a great friend of mine Libardo Lambrano. I have been listening to your podcasts ever since. I think you are a great guy and produce great quality content. I’m very excited to join this project and learn some awesome stuff.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Hi Pat. I’m so glad to join the NSD 2.0. I was introduced to you by a great friend of mine Libardo Lambrano. I have been listening to your podcast ever since. I think you are a great guy and produce great quality content. I’m very excited to join this project and learn some awesome stuff.

  • Perry Ning

    Hi Pat and Everybody,

    I am happy to report that my keyword Heat Exchanger Animation ranked 1.0 on Google in 20 days after I started the website. Here are the details: Hope this may give you some keyword idea.

    Thanks, Perry

    • Warren Lynn

      Hello Perry,
      That’s a nice animation. I was looking at the keywords for your site and noticed usable stats and available exact keyword URLs for “” and “” Have fun!
      -Warren Lynn

      • Perry Ning

        Hello Warren and Everyone,

        Thanks for your interest in my site and Heat Exchangers. I think niches related to industrial equipment may be a little less competitive than other well known niches. If you or anyone is working on such a site, please let me know. I will certainly visit your site.

        Wish you all the best, Perry Ning

  • Waranyu Suradech

    Thanks Pat. I’m in too. I’m so lucky to find your blog.

  • Jason

    Hi Pat, I noticed some of your comments are generic and I’ve been reading a lot of SEO lately regarding spammers and how they get free back links from high ranking sites like yours. Just a suggestion, but you may want to clean some of it up and give the leeches the good ole WordPress decline comment or trash button.

  • Jessica

    Pat… What’s happening? Did you pick the 5 and post them? I am waiting to find out? Also is the leader board live?

    • Pat Flynn

      I sent an email out, and mentioned in my latest niche site duel post that I’m currently in the middle of reading submissions, and the leaderboard is near completion. Ones it’s ready to go I’ll send an email out.

  • Stephanie

    I am so addicted to keyword research. I now use it as a self reward for getting all my work done for the day. Many people sit back at the end of the day with a glass of wine….me, I research keywords.

  • Blanche O. Nixon

    In SPI Podcast Session #66 , Spencer Haws from and creator of Long Tail Pro shared that for his multiple niche site business, his search volume criteria was a minimum of 2,000. That’s less than 67 searches per day, and you have to understand that even if your site is sitting at the top position in Google, not all 100% of the people who search for a specific term are going to click the #1 result. Yes, there are long tail keywords which come into play, but I’d rather start at something much higher, so a minimum of 3,000, or about 100 searches per day, seems reasonable. Again, this is a minimum, and I’m hoping for something much larger. This will simply be a part of the filtering process.

  • D.R.

    Hi Pat,

    First of all, thank you for all the super-useful information that you have been posting, in particular, about the niche sites. I’ve learned about SEO and IM like I never could have.

    I’ve been holding back this comment for a while now (I wanted to send it to you in a mail but it turns out that I can’t mail you). So I’m really sorry if this is too late (you’ve moved on to NSD 2.0.2). But I hope you’ll answer this and that this comment will possibly inspire a post. :)

    I’ve been wanting to get into Niche sites but I just have one problem. Like you, with my niche sites, I want to help people out, proving them valuable information that they could use.

    Now, when you create niche sites, I’m guessing that you create them keeping the American audience in mind (even if you take a global topic). Like your site SecurityGuardTrainingHQ – it provides info about becoming a security guard in the American states but not in (say) the British states.

    Now, I want to create a niche site keeping in mind the audience from my country. Should I go for a keyword with a high Global Search Volume? Let’s just assume that I do. Now, when someone from the U.S. ends up at my site and doesn’t find the info that he/she is looking for, they’d certainly go away. How does that affect the site (in terms of the earnings and the SEO)?

    Lastly, to keep that from happening, how should I do my keyword research (keeping an audience from my country in mind)?

    Thanks again and wishing you the best of luck in your efforts…

    – D.R.

  • Greg Mason

    I hope there is a 3.0 version, i’ll surely join. Right now I need to gather some more experience first.
    Good Luck Pat!

  • John

    I’m excited about this process!

    I just picked my keyword and wanted to pass on something I
    thought of during the process. One of the issues I was having
    concerned the 50 post rule, I just couldn’t think of that many
    for the potential keywords I researched. Then it hit me: look
    at the content for the competing sites. Duh. They had a treasure
    trove of potential topics to write on. Hope this helps someone
    else out there struggling with this issue.


    • Alexander Combs

      On top of that, some great content ideas can be gleaned from checking out what’s ranking high for related search terms.

  • Portable Vaporizer

    Good luck man! Its a shame you arent open to more grey hat/black hat tactics.. would help you make a lot more money and save a lot of time at the expense of almost nothing.

    • Vladimir Bestic

      And then get penalized in long term?

      • Portable Vaporizer

        If you’re smart about the way you operate you won’t get penalized long term!

  • Rina

    now you open the Niche Site Duel 2.0, I wanted to go but this time I am very much afraid that the work site is made ??later neglected. if it terjaid I would be very embarrassed later
    now I just come to listen and hopefully the more that participate in this NSD 2.0

  • Pet Marketing

    Very informative and interesting post.It is really a big help. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Steve

    I really enjoyed the first niche dual you had, I learned a lot from it. I am excited for more content!! Thanks!!

  • Quarku

    An interesting challenge, I will come back to the result.

  • Jeffrey

    Hi Pat,

    Can I still participate?

    I have a great niche idea to participate. Anyway, can’t wait for it…

  • Tom

    Might be worth putting years in your dates as June 9th 2014 is coming around fast – lots of people may think this is valid for this year.

    • Shawn


      • Sattvic Foods

        With Pat’s permission, for those of us who are so new into this space. I wonder if we can start our own Mastermind group. Anyone interested?

        • ross

          did you guys ever start a master mind group?

        • Nick Henry

          I’m interested in a master mind group as well. Anyone?

    • Sattvic Foods

      Tom, interested in joining a Mastermind group? I can’t find one on the internet to join 😉

  • guest

    Niche Site Duel 2.0 seemed good to the development of cara mengobati keputihan gatal hopefully in the future could have a positive impact.