Niche Site Duel 2.0.1: How to Conduct Keyword Research and SEO Analysis (Free and Paid Methods)

Niche Site Duel 2.0 LogoSince the official launch of Niche Site Duel 2.0, I’ve been doing quite a bit of keyword research, spending an hour or two each day hunting for those keywords that may potentially be a good niche to built a resource for.

It’s been a while since I’ve last tackled keyword research like this, and a number of things are coming back to me that I’ve experienced in the past:

  1. Keyword research can be addictive. It’s almost like fishing – you never know what you’re going to get – and the idea that the next seed keyword that you plug into your keyword research tool could be the one that leads to your next website and a potential income stream can be very exhilarating. I go through daily life now with open eyes and ears wondering how that random thing I just noticed would look when I run it through my keyword research tools. 
  2. Keyword research IS frustrating. I’ve scrutinized thousands of keywords over the past few days – filtered through them and ran SEO and earnings analysis on the more promising ones, and the excitement of keyword research can only last so long – we all get to a point where we just wish we had our keyword figured out already. It’s tough not to think of those hours spent analyzing keywords that end up not working for us as a waste of time, but you have to remember that each keyword you move on from puts you one step closer to the one that you’ll eventually use.

I’ve discovered a handful of potentials – and one keyword I’ve found is really close (although it’s a little bit more competitive than I want it to be), but I’m still conducting research and have yet to finalize my decision – so if you’re frustrated at this point, which I know a lot of you are, don’t worry – I’m right there with you.

The truth is: this is not easy.

Most things that are worth doing are not easy though – so just keep that in mind. 😉

If you’re having trouble or have yet to get started, I recorded a video for you that may prove to be helpful. In it, you get an over the shoulder look at how I conduct keyword research and SEO analysis, and I use both free and paid tools to demonstrate.

Below the video is a list of links and tools mentioned in the video.

Conveniently (and I say that sarcastically), after publishing this video a couple of hours ago, SEOMoz, which I talk about in the video, just changed their website to Not a huge deal, but still – the timing couldn’t have been better, lol.

(or click here to watch on YouTube)

Competing Against E-Commerce Sites (like Amazon)

One thing I do want to mention is that often times when conducting keyword research, you may find a keyword that meets the search criteria, and then when analyzing the SEO competition you’ll notice that a lot of the sites in the Top 10 positions in Google are e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy and any other big brand websites.

The data may suggest that those keywords aren’t very competitive, since a lot of those e-commerce site show low page authority and a relatively low number of page and juice links – but you have to be careful here.

Spencer from recently published an incredibly good article about this, and the title itself will suggest what’s going on here when you come across these types of keywords: When SEO Rules Don’t Apply: eCommerce Sites and Other Anomalies

In a nutshell, Spencer avoids building websites for keywords when most of the pages in the Top 10 in Google are e-commerce sites. The reason is because Google highly favors these sites – almost unfairly (similar to Wikipedia) – because the usual rules of quality page links and high page authority, and even PageRank and MozRank don’t apply. The domain authority is weighed much more heavily than normal in these cases.

Personally, I still feel some product niche sites could outrank ecommerce sites – there are examples of this out there – but it’s definitely an uphill battle so you may want to avoid keywords like this.

On the flip side, remember that if you were to create a valuable resource that people talk about and are happy to link to, you may not even need to worry about Google rankings and how they treat these other sites, you’d be able to get traffic anyway. Depends on the topic, of course, and the “viral potential” that you’re able to provide.

Again, this stuff is not easy, and it’s not as clear cut and “if this then that” as we all want it to be, but just keep going and realize this this is all about experimentation, trial and error.

Wishing you all the best with your keyword research, and I’ll see you in the next NSD2.0 installment!

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    I was just wondering what you think will be the main difference with this niche site duel to the previous, in terms of ranking?


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    Great post, and GREAT tips! The “over the shoulder” examples help a lot!

    Glad to see you mention e-commerce sites as well. I made note of that when I found the two niches/keywords that I am going for– I evaluated any e-commerce results in the top 10.

    All the best,

  • Jan Koch

    It’s good to see, that you admit the challenging character of keyword research.
    To find the “best” keyword is a really long process, though it’s definitely a key aspect that is the foundation for possible success.

    Great video!

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    This is going to be great. I’ve been really struggling to figure this out for a while and so I’m really excited to see how Pat finds his keyword. Thanks Pat!

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    Thanks for the post, Pat! I’m excited about NSD2.0 and have been checking your site every day waiting for more news. Now time for me to get back to work.

  • Dennis Duty | Castleforge Media

    My first profitable website I found by creating a list of my 7 passions, hopes, fears, etc. And then combining that with keyword research.

    I actually came up with a lot of valid keyword suggestions back then. It will be interesting to recheck them and see if any are still relevant years later. I’m still at a loss for the keyword I’ll be pursuing.

    • Sam Matla

      I also did this, and unfortunately lost my list! Funnily enough, I changed niche a couple of months into my blog anyway.

    • Karol

      Thanks for the tip. I did not know where to start but that is a good advice.

  • Shalu Sharma

    Great list Pat. I am very tempted to buy the Long Tail Pro as I have heard good things about it. One question to you, how does it compare with Google’s free keyword tool? Is it worth inventing?

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    Great thanks Pat! I am at the frustrated stage and looking forward to checking this post out fully tonight to help move the process along.

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    Ranking high for certain keywords can boom your traffic and readership. So great info regarding the keyword research techniques Pat.

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    Hey Pat thanks for the useful post, all in good time too as I’ve been feeling frustrated with keyword selection. I think I’ve finally come down to two possible ones, so just a matter of making a decision with using one and putting one on the back-burner for later. Anyway looking forward to the next post, thanks a lot Pat.

  • SJ

    Very timely video Pat! I’m in the process of doing extensive keyword research for my long-tail articles. Already have LTP — so looking to put this tool into overdrive. Watching it now…

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    I’ve had my frustrating moments when it comes to keyword research. Sometimes it can be ridiculously frustrating. Especially, when you find something you think will be ‘money’ and it ends up being way more competitive then you though it would.

    I love how you breakdown the video with time markers that tell us exactly what we can find at certain points. You always go the extra mile.

  • Mike

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who finds keyword research frustrating at times! I do believe that it’s the most important part of the process though, so it’s worth putting in the extra effort. It’s so tempting to just “give up” after a while and go with a keyword that you know doesn’t pass all of the tests. If you do that you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

  • Andy

    Keyword research can be “addicting”



  • Meggie

    Sometimes I see keyword research as a black hole. I’ll put a lot of work into it, but never feel like I’ve gotten the “perfect” keyword. In truth, sometimes I just have to pull the trigger and try it out, or I might never get anywhere.

  • Eric Scism

    Keyword research is the most difficult part of SEO for me. You have to know where you’re going to put the work into before you hit go. It’s painful but rewarding when you find the keywords that work. keep up the hard work Pat!

  • Andy

    nice video Pat but whats up with LeadPlayer? I wanted to scroll back to hear one of your points again but can’t. Really annoying that i have to now go to youtube and look for where i was up to. Not sure the “benefits” of Lead player outweigh the frustration.

    • Pat Flynn

      Andy, there’s a scroll thing at the bottom of the video – simply hover your mouse over it and move back and forth as you wish. Let me know if it’s not working for you.

      • Andy

        Holy cow Pat Flynn! Thanks for the reply. After trying again the scroll bar appeared as you said, thanks very much. Probably a common bug known as “me not paying attention” :)

        P.s. You sir have changed my life! Had a 6 week break after leaving my job and discovered your site. Starting making my own passive income as a result of NSD 1. Thank you from a fellow SoCal fan!

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    Dude I am so looking forward to following NSD2.0! Thanks for everything you do Pat, you are to reason I am pursuing the internet business lifestyle!

  • Nick Kizirnis

    Hi Pat,
    Frustrating and addictive, but I wish I could do this part all the time, there’s always something interesting that turns up. I just shot down a bunch of my ideas now that I read this post and Spencer’s … Unless I can figure out a compelling angle and offering I don’t think I’m upfront trying to beat Amazon … Although Spencer figured out a great angle, which inspiring! Woo! Back to Long Tail Pro ….

  • Takeshi Young

    The link for Moz should be moz.COM rather than moz.ORG.

  • Benji Walklet

    Thank god for Spencer’s recent post on this. I had chosen a KW that was exactly what you’re describing in regards to ecommerce sites. I’ve written about the screw-up over on my site.

  • Venchito Tampon

    Hey Pat!

    Thanks for sharing this video!
    Knowing what works and what does not when doing your keyword research will help you identify the niche that is interesting and profitable. I’m looking forward for your next videos – link building strategies. :)

  • Sam Matla

    Awesome Pat,

    I ended up buying Long Tail Pro, and I’ve been doing some keyword research with it. This video cleared a few things up though!

    NSD1.0 got me back into blogging last October, so I hope this one can prove just as valuable! I’m sure it will :)


  • Charles Christopher

    You are so right regarding ecommerce sites. When you are up against big brands, you will probably need twice or three times the SEO effort to beat them, even if the pages ranking have very few links and low authority. I’d also like to add that the same issue exists when you are competing against Consumer Search, Cnet, Dog Food Advisor, Investopedia, etc.

    I’ve built niche sites in niches where pages from sites like these were ranking on the first page and it was very difficult to even move one spot up above one of these kinds of sites.

  • Casandra

    I think the addiction and frustration go hand in hand. I get hooked because I’m so freaking frustrated and just want to find a good keyword already! When I find something decent, I can’t bear to write about it. When I find something I’m excited about, it’s way too competitive.

    Does anyone else find this sort of keyword research extremely frustrating? If there was one thing I could outsource, it would be this!

  • Michael

    I was doing some SPI inspired keyword research last night and I found what I think is a great one.

    In my competitive research I found a new site that’s identical to your SGHQ.

    I am wondering if it is yours? Shoot me an email if it’s a concern, I didn’t want to ruin your surprise in case you are working on it!

  • Bryan Knowlton

    Daaaang!!! Now that is an awesome video! Loved your intro as well. I really liked being able to see you conduct your research. Gave me some really good insights. Thanks again for all you do.


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    The link for Moz should be moz.COM rather than moz.ORG.

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    Thanks Pat great stuff, been hanging out for your next post, its been too quiet haha, here’s to the duel :)


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    Does anyone else find this sort of keyword research extremely frustrating? If there was one thing I could outsource, it would be this!

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    Great insights you shared here Pat.

  • Amanda L Grossman

    Tell me about the frustration!

    I am using the free trial of Long Tail Pro, and unfortunately I am blocked out of using the Google title Competition and the Domain Availability for 24-48 hours according to their support. Not their fault, and the tool is great, but how frustrating! I will need to continue using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

    Also, I made the rookie mistake that Pat did in his first niche duel (broad instead of exact). D’oh!

    • Rob

      I have been using broad searches forever in Google keyword tool and didn’t know about it…About 6 months ago I created a new site based on massive search volumes and low competition. I thought I wer’ in!

      Then I watched Pat’s video, realised I was using broad instead of exact and went back over my findings. The search volumes were less than a fraction of what I originally thought… Now that’s frustrating!

      Still, lesson learned and I can now do it properly. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

      • Amanda L Grossman

        I am sorry to hear that Rob! Yeah, when I went from Broad to Exact and checked a few keywords I thought were “the ones”, the local searches came in at around 46. Yuck!

  • Jason

    Thank you for the video Pat!
    I’ve been using Long Tail Pro for a few days and found a subset of keywords with high avg CPC ($25-30+), high advertising competition (90+), and a KC rating in the upper 20’s (most are 28). That is a big outlier compared to most of my searches I don’t know what to make of it. As those numbers the sign of a really good keyword or a red flag?

    • Michael Chibuzor

      Yes long tail pro truly works but I haven’t used it myself. I prefer to use the Google Keywords tool because it’s more reliable in the long run, since the data is from search direct.

      Thank you so much Pat for this post. BTW: I’ve niche sites that are performing well in search engine and making sales as well. I’m happy for that and have learnt a lot from you also.

      For anyone who wants to recover from Penguin 2.0 update, visit:

      • Chris Conway

        Michael, this is just my personal opinion entirely and others may think differently, but I think it’s plain rude to “hijack” someone’s comment to Pat’s post and then “work” it rather obviously and then use it rather blatantly to talk about yourself and then (“oh by the way…”) pitch a link to your website. I did check out your website just because I was curious to see a bit more about you but you already had an uphill battle to gain my confidence and you didn’t make it. I’m pretty cynical I admit. BTW – if you put all your eggs in any basket you’re taking a risk and that goes for email lists too.

        Dude – it’s so obvious, no what I mean? At least have the courtesy to use your own comment rather than pretend you are engaging.

        As for your response to Jason above – If you haven’t even used Long Tail Pro then you really don’t know if it “truly works” (but you’re right, it does) and you don’t know if it’s less “reliable in the long run” either. Truth is you can open the Google Keywords Tool from within LTP and actually see the data you are getting in LTP and match it to the “search direct” data in Google Keywords Tool – which is kind of cool.

        • Derek @

          Agree… not cool!

        • Steve Wyman

          +1 and thumbs up Chris

          He clearly has not used the LTPRO

        • Michael Chibuzor

          Thank you Chris for sharing your personal opinion. I actually didn’t mean to be rude. I haven’t tried LTP from Spencer, but I know it works because I’m an ardent reader of his blog and his niche site challenge.

          Oh that’s cool, since Google keywords Tool can be opened from within LTP, that makes it a lot better.

          Once again, I appreciate your explanation and I believe it’s going to help me better in my future comments, not just in this blog but elsewhere. God bless you!

      • Mark G

        I’m with Chris on this one. What the heck are you doing dude? If you are going to reply to a comment AT LEAST let the comment have some actual value rather than JUST promoting yourself.

      • Terry Jones

        And the info supplied by Michael is incorrect!!! Just self promoting an inaccurate article of his own. Rude is far short from the truth.

        If he used LTPRO he’d know that the data is pulled from teh google adwords tool directly!! you have to log in to Google tool (inside LTPRO) for it to work..

    • Chris Conway

      Hey Jason – I’m on a learning curve with this myself and I’ve found quite a few keywords that have similar attributes as what you have described but which lack search volume. What you have there looks great but what are the local and global search numbers (especially local).

      • Jason

        Chris, thank you for taking the time to respond.

        I narrowed down to exact searches with a minimum of 3k local searches per month. Most of the keyword phrases in this group have 4-6k local exact searches (the one I think I’ll be choosing has 5,400). Broadly, it is a business-related term.

        • Chris

          Wow – looks like you hit a good one. The more I read on Pat and Spencer’s blogs as well as a few others that crop up when I dig around, the more I see that there are so many grey areas and subtleties to explore that offer reasons for both opportunity and for caution. I think it’s important to dig around in the KC data but those fundamentals look pretty sweet. Good luck with it :-)

        • Arvin


          I think I’m not paying attention and it seems that you hit a good keyword:)

    • Arvin

      Hi Jason,

      I’m a keyword researcher, an SPI fan and I’m also joining NSD 2.0 and this will be my first serious niche site. I already have a keyword, it’s a bit competitive but I’m going for it.

      Just want to make a quick comment and hopefully help you decide on your keyword.

      The values you mentioned above are good signs (High CPC, Good Number of Advertisers, and Low Competition), however it’s difficult to make a full judgement without knowing all the other values such as search volume, and the niche itself. I’m not saying that you should reveal your niche here, I completely respect your privacy and the SPI community.

      So, I’ll leave you with my formula in figuring out if a niche is indeed worth the time and effort. I took it from the first NSD 1.0, kind of made a formula out of security guard training keyword…

      Global Broad Match x 42% x 3% x CPC = estimated Monthly Adsense Revenue if you become the authority in that niche.

      Let’s substitute with with the values from the keyword “security guard training”:

      40,500 x 42% x 3% x $2.96 = ~$1,510 / month

      I know Pat is making more than that, but that’s the best formula I have:)

      Note: This only applies to Estimating Adsense revenue

      • Jason


        That is very helpful! If you don’t mind me asking, where do the 42% and 3% in your formula come from?

        • Arvin

          42% is the click through rate of the #1 spot in SERP based from AOL’s leaked CTR data, but it varies from keyword to keyword, some says it’s from 30-40%, I don’t know why but I like 42% better.

          3% is the average click thru rate of Adsense ads.

  • The Financial Blogger

    It’s true that keyword research gets addictive. Instead of finding one keyword to build my niche site, I’ve found 2 completely different keywords where I will now build two different niche sites! I ended-up registering 6 domains over the weekend for my two sites…

    I hope that one of them will work out!

    Thx for the video as well, pretty helpful!

  • Aloe Vera Headquarters

    Absolutely excellent as always Pat! Will be following along very closely with the Niche Site Duel 2.0! Very exciting!!

  • Philipp

    Great video!
    There is one small glitch: when you analyze in Open Site Explorer you leave the /index.php and it shows only 51 links. Later on in Long Tail Pro we see much more links on the domain without the /index.php. So when sites do not remove the /index.php (or .html or whatever) it’s probably worth analyzing backlinks for both variations.

  • Rater-X

    Great video Pat! Finding myself addicted to keyword research also! As a manual Website Rater, I wanted to add my 2 cents about competing against eCommerce sites. It really all comes down to the exact keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for. For example, if a user searches for [mountain bike] then the most likely intent is that the user wants to BUY the product. In this case, search engines would want well-known, trustworthy ecommerce sites at the top of the search results. However, if the query is [mountain bike reviews] then the user is most likely looking for INFORMATION, and that’s when a niche site can sometimes easily “beat out” a big-brand ecommerce site, because a niche site can (and should) focus more on delivering information, since it’s not actually selling the product. The key is to add a relevant keyword like “information” “comparison” “reviews” etc. because then you can deliver exactly what the user is looking for, and the search engines will want to list your content higher.

    Looking forward to your next installment! :)

  • Krish Murali Eswar

    Dear Pat, Thanks for the video and the post. Educational, as usual. Btw, on an aside note, did you know that stripes don’t compress well on a video? In low bandwidth connections, your shirt seriously distract viewers. A simple, plain shirt would be the best choice for videos.

  • Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great tips Pat. For this niche site I am following your exact method for picking a niche. In fact I’ve already picked my niche using Long Tail Pro ( which I did purchase through your affiliate link when you were offering 50% off on it, thanks ; ) and I’m ready to move onto the next step. Can’t wait to get this thing rocking!

  • Gigi

    Hi Pat, you were checking page authority for

    Nobody links to that website this way (/index.php), as you can clearly see:

    – One linking root domain (doesn’t make sense)
    – First link is 302 redirect to (without the index.php)

    When looking at page authority make sure you check the correct page i.e. exactly , not with /index.php at the end and not without www. at the beginning and so on.

    When checking for the correct page you get PA of ~55 and ~100 linking domains.

    And another important point about SeoMoz.

    Their metrics can be VERY easily fooled with spam links (even the most obvious spam links like p*rn or via*ra links).

    You will see websites with domain authority of 70/100 with nothing but a slew via*ra links. I have seen tons of them.

    So take their metrics with a huge grain of salt. Google’s algorithms can much more readily detect obvious spam and discount the links from it. SeoMoz is not that sophisticated.

    They do have a metric called ‘MozTrust’ but even that one can be easily fooled.

    So no magic pill here. SeoMoz are all the hype these days but sadly I assure you that the numbers their tool is spitting cannot be trusted without a thorough human inspection of the actual links.

    • Nate

      Wow good comment. Glad I scrolled down.

  • Navjot Singh

    Hi Pat,

    I totally agree with you that some product niche sites could outrank ecommerce sites. Here is an example of my website …. just search for “Coccyx Cushion Review” or “Best Coccyx Cushion” over Google, & you will found on TOP of So.. what is your final impression now for this …. please share your views with me.


    • Dyrk

      Hi Navjot,

      Very interesting point, I guess you could always try to compete with the e-commerce sites. Do you find it worthwhile going with these keywords? I noticed that the traffic is much lower than with the keyword “Coccyx Cushion”.

      I was going for an eCommerce keyword as well before I read Spencer’s post, (the one that Pat also mentioned) but choose to change keywords.

      Keep up the good work Pat, and good luck to everyone in NSD2.0!

    • Arvin

      Hi Navjot,

      As mentioned by Rater-X, keywords wit review, best, comparison, and all other buying related modifiers have an “informational content”. People are looking for information, rather than the exact product so you can definitely beat e-commerce sites with these keywords.

  • Kristian Segerberg

    Hi Pat, Last time you did your KW research you used Market Samurai. Why did you change to Long Tail Pro?


    • PJ

      To get commissions

  • Mr. Ryan Cote

    Great tips Pat. Indeed Trends is a new one for me…good stuff. And I’ve been using Long Tail Pro too for a few months now. It’s currently my go to keyword research tool.

  • Lawrence Kiragu

    Thought I was the only one going through the pain but very exciting though tiring and time consuming. Am using Jaaxy of WA to check competition through its QSR quoted search result pages analysis

  • Jae Burnham

    Incredibly great article and especially the video. It is interesting the differences between you and Spencer when using Long Tail Pro yet you both seem to be very effective. I have yet to be that effective, but hopefully with this case study I’ll learn where I have gone wrong.

  • Chris Conway

    Just thought I’d throw in a little “trick” I used to help me keep track of favourites in LTP. I am searching from Canada – so I use two local searches – for USA locals and for Canada locals. I also play around a bit with search volume – mostly from curiosity.

    Once you move a result into favourite it shows the campaign name it came from. So I add add the variable criteria into the campaign name so that it shows up later when I am looking at favourites and I can see what search criteria I used.

    e.g. – instead of just naming a search “Wedding Rings” I name it “Wedding Rings (US 2800/mth)” Later when I’m looking at various favourites I can see that the result was based on a US local search with a minimum search volume of 2800 local. It just helps me to keep track of the apples and the oranges.

    BTW – if you are searching from a country other than the USA and you want to see Google search results without the local redirect (which I think is basically USA results but I’m not sure on that) enter The “ncr” = No Country Redirect.

    • sagbeec

      nice catch :)

  • Nirmala

    Great post it is :)

    Yeah, i too use Google keyword too to select long tail keyword with low competition and hate keyword stuffing.

    I learned a lot of new stuffs here and thanks for the video.

    Just am sharing this post on my network so that the people would get benefits from here :)

  • Rahul Tilloo

    Awesome Video Pat,

    Hey Pat!

    What you are doing is really commendable. Most of the people out there would create an information product like this and sell it to their subscribers but You are doing a great job. I definitely learned something new and what I can tell from above comments is that many other people have also got more interested in keyword research now. Haha! Thanks to you.

    And Yah! about the striking the gold thing. If any newbie is watching this videos and following NSD 2.0 he is already striking the gold. All thanks to The Pat Flynn.

  • Sachin

    Hello Pat,

    Great video. Actually I am doing most of those things since last 8 to 10 months and getting best results for small, less competitive niche. Best thing is that you put all things together so any one can learn easily.
    But this time (for NSD 2.0) I took a moderately competitive niche. lets see how things will go in future…it will be lot of learning by going together….thanks for all of this!!! Love you bro 😉

  • Mark Q.

    Hi Pat, I bought a licence for LTP that´s a great tool. The money given is back now in saved time in keyword reasearch. I tried to do without it, but it took a very long time against LTP. Thanks for the tips you gave here.

  • Tom

    The link to the MozRank Checker is broken. Correct link is:

  • Bas

    Hi Pat,

    I an older keyword research video where you are using Market Samurai, you said you have to go for a Phrase-to-broad for at least 15 or 30 or something.
    But when you use Exact match type, that’s doesn’t care, am I right?

    Since I am looking for exact matches?

    Good luck, I hope to join the duel with an English site as well. Have a great ebook with a lot of data which didn’t worked out on Kindle, so I want to get the Kindle of Amazon and make a niche website with this information because it’s very good information, but still have to find a related keyword. It’s hard since I am kinda stuck with the niche of the book haha. Well things will work out some how.

    • Derek @


      That’s right. If the phrase to broad ratio is really low, that could indicate that people are really searching for something else that just happens to contain your keywords for some strange reason. The example was “cop training” where most people were really searching for blah blah cop training (can’t remember the guys name).

  • Noel

    Howdy, I’m a newbie at this and have been using Market Samurai. I have been going through keywords and have got one that has me confused. Good SEOT & SEOV but when I check out the SEO competition the competing sites are like http://www.relatedtopic/article post about my long tail keyword. My question: ‘Is this a good thing or a bad thing? If I have a good site with my keyword in the title with excellent content I should go to the top easily enough. But why isn’t there more competition, it’s certainly not because i’m a SEO/keyword guru. Is there a formula that someone could reply with so i make sure i am checking off all the criteria.

  • Aassif Billah

    Wish I would have found this list a while ago. We do lots of keyword research and agree with your reviews. I think we’ll give SEO Research Labs a try with their keyword research reports.

  • Gillian Gaston

    Fantastic tutorial, Pat. There are so many obstacles to good keyword research and you have shown how to deal with them very clearly.

    I noticed that the link to Moz Rank checker is broken.

    Looking forward to the next episode.


  • Karnal Singh

    Keyword research is not that easy.Your post was very helpful and video too.I have been blogging since around 2 years but not of much success.Now i am trying to start a new niche blog – your post will help me a lot in this direction….

  • Robert Goodwin

    Can I skip the grandma test?

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    Hi Pat,

    very nice video. I’m also using Long Tile Pro, it’s great and powerful tool. I can recommend it to anybody who have website and want to make it more optimized for SEO.

    Best Regards

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    This was a really great post. The video has helped me a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to make it. Your explainations of Google Adwords Keyword Tool was especially helpful. Thanks, Chuck

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    I see that Pat is promoting Long Tail Pro here. I went over a lot of the older NSD1.0 posts where he uses Market Samurai and have gotten pretty accustomed to working with it.

    Is there any reason to favor Long Tail Pro over Market Samurai? I’m about to pull the trigger to get Market Samurai today and was looking for any last minute input.


    • Arvin

      Hi Derek,

      I hope I’m not too late, here’s why you should consider Long Tail Pro instead of Market Samurai..

      > Long Tail Pro is fast
      > you can check exact match domains when generating your keywords
      > seomoz api integration

      One thing that I like about Market Samurai though is their SEO competition module.

  • Mark G

    Hi Pat, and others! I’ve come across something. My keywords has 5400 searches per month and KC value of 0, £0.52 CPC. Ebay is there but doesn’t have any Juicy page links, no page links and Page authority =1. The keywords/product I’m looking at is tiny, basically a niche within a niche within a niche etc. Average cost of the product is probably £1,50. The thing is, for my site to make money I’ll have to be an affiliate of both Ebay and Amazon and link products to those sites and earn commission. Am I making sense? My question is, what if those listings on those sites expire? Do I constantly have to search for new listings and post them on my site? Am I making my own life difficult or am I on the right track? ….. Little confused. Can anyone help?

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    I enjoyed your video above. I have got to have that long tail pro tool, but I dont have the funds right. Do you think you can hook me up with a copy of the tool?

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    Will you be giving us a tutorial on how you structure your website with your keywords ie your categories, subcategories and posts to create a relevant resource in the eyes of google.

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    I plan to use your strategies to get myself independent once and for all!

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    Loved the video you created in this post. Really convinced me that its well worth signing up for SEOMoz to get the best out of Long Tale Pro. I’ve spent the last few days trying to research competitors the free way… so messy. You have just shown me that its $99 well spent.

    On a side note, is there anybody taking part of NSD2.0 living in Melbourne, Australia??



    • Arvin

      Hey Tim,

      You don’t need to sign up for a premium seomoz pro accout to get Long Tail Pro Working.. You just need to signup for a free API key:)

      or am I in the wrong boat?

    • Arvin

      Disregard my comment, I forgot that I’m also planning to subcribe to seomoz pro in the future..

      • Tim Morrison

        Where do you go to get the free API key?

  • Mike

    Once you think you have found the keyword you are going to use and you are checking domain availability, is it better to:

    a. Get the .com even if you have to add “guide” to the end or “best” to the beginning because the exact match URL for that keyword is taken


    b. Get the exact match .net URL?

    Just wondering….


    • Arvin

      Hi Mike,

      It’s better to have a brandable domain rather than prioritizing exact match and search volume. If you want to be an authority in a niche your domain should sound trustworthy.

    • Chris

      Hey Mike – for what it’s worth, I think I would go for the exact because I think it’s probably almost as good as the exact and if you don’t take it someone else will. But my response is based on theory and reading rather than solid experience, so take it with a grain of salt.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the replies. I think that Chris is probably right, but Arvin’s point is well taken!

  • PhuongLe

    The amazon results are quite difficult to beat, I now conduct a keyword in the forex niche and it takes so much time to pass the amazon links. I choose the strategy long tail first, then driving to the 3 words keyword later.

  • Thor

    That was a fantastic post and video, I learned a lot. Why do you only look at the local monthly search?


    • Arvin

      Hi Thor,

      You can’t rank for all the broad match keywords at once, so sticking with local exact monthly searches is more realistic and practical.

      • Thor

        Hi Arvin,

        I agree about the “exact” part, but why just look at “local” searches? Why Pat does not look at “exact monthly global” searches as well?

        • Arvin

          Hi Thor,

          I agree that “global exact monthly searches” is a valuable data as I always look at it when doing keyword research. It’s a good indication if there’s a demand in other countries which you can rank by translating content to other languages and doing some SEO.

          However, “local exact monthly searches” is the best data you can look at when picking your keyword or niche for these two reasons:

          1. You can only optimize/rank for one keyword at a time
          2. Algorithm varies depending on your geographic location so you can only rank for one country at a time

          IMHO we can gauge the actual potential traffic and ROI more accurately when using “local exact monthly searches” if we rank #1 for the keyword.

    • Dror

      Thor, the reason you are looking on local monthly searches is because you want to see that the keyword is being searched by people in the USA since you are going to try and rank in Google US.

      If you would look on the global searches you won’t get the right and true picture as global searches represent a higher number but from people from other countries so even if you would rank for the keyword in Google US it won’t mean you will get that traffic.

      Focusing on the local monthly searches (local usually means united states) gives you a better understanding on the real search volumes in Google US and how much traffic you would get by ranking for that keyword.

      • Thor

        Thanks Dror, it makes sense, excellent answer.

    • Felix | Niche Site Assistatn

      Hi Thor,

      For me, the reason why we choose Local Search Volume is that, when you visit the INSIGHTS of the keywords, you will see the countries where the keyword is mostly searched. And each country have its own search results.

      That’s why knowing this will give you the idea how much search volume that a keyword on a certain country. I will be doing my own keyword research about this to see how it is done.

      Thanks Pat for your guide. It really helps me a lot.

      – Felix Albutra

      • Thor

        Thanks Felix for the answer.

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    It is advisable to think long term and build a huge authority sites but rank fast low competition for the first three keywords with good searches.

    That’s my take and I will follow this niche 2.0 duel closely.

    • Dave H

      Hi Pat and Everyone,

      A further questions which is related to Stephanie’s comment, if I have identified several keywords within a particular topic but which would be considered different Niche’s that might fit together under one brand for the topic, would it be better to: (1) create different niche sites that remain seperate (2) create different niche sites and combine at a later date into one big authoritative site or (3) start the authoritative site from the start that will have different sections covering the niche’s as time goes on?

      To try and illustrate this, consider the topic being something related to sports cars/automotive and the niches being related to different car brands e.g. Ford, Chevrolet etc. within the topic. Would you set out with and do a separate site for each automotive brand or would you start by creating one site and add sections for each brand? If you do separate sites, would you combine at a later stage?

      • Arvin

        You got a good strategy right there Steph and Dave. Months ago, I also bumped to this kind of idea, particularly in the training niche. I feel like it’s a brilliant idea to work on separate training websites, and combining it all in one huge authority site. I started one but I never get to finish it because of several reasons. Story short, I lose interest and focus.

        In my opinion the best choice is option number two. It’s better to start with one niche, finish it in 6 weeks or so, then move forward on your other projects, and combine it all later. This way you can maximize your time, and at least you have one shiny niche site after that time frame.

  • Victor Björklund

    Thanks for a great video!

    Just wondering, if a wikipedia page is first or second rank. Is that a good or bad thing?

    • Phuong Le

      I see that Wiki is often not a sales page and it seems easy to beat, you can also develope the wiki page and leave your link at the external resource.

    • Arvin

      I completely agree with Phoung Le

  • Andy

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    You are setting local searches to 3000 min. However if CPC were high say $7 for example then would there could be some trade off with local searches and go below that 3k mark? If so would you have any suggestions for the min local searches? Obvioulsy in an ideal world you would want both!

  • Jen Francis

    Hi Pat, I live in the UK I wonder if the population density should influence your keyword search? I’m finding that 3000 local monthly searches is massively high and a lot of keywords are not very niche-y, should I lower my thresholds? How is this going to affect my monetizing strategies once the site is up and running? Or should I try to find a more globally relevant niche? Also I’m not entirely sure what your specific reason was to use local searches or why your threshold is 3000-100,000? What did you base this on exactly as I have seen other keyword research videos that say it should be 1,000-10,000 local searches. if I know why you have chosen that bracket then I can assess if it will work well for what I am doing :) Thanks, SEO student in training.

  • Jen Francis

    Also I wondered what everyone’s opinion is of ranking for searches that ‘time out’. So for example, if I enter into google in quotations “mobile homes for sale”, it says there are 4,250,000 results, but then if you keep clicking on page 10, page 14, page 18 etc the results will eventually “time out” to in this example’s case, Page 18 of about 177 results (0.22 seconds) with the message “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 130 already displayed”. It has been argued that this is your true competition to rank above, what is your/the comminity’s opinion on this?? Thanks!

  • Mark Stephenson

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    Too spammy? what do you think about domains?

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    To those based outside the US concerned about local search volumes, just choose to target the US – it’s a massive market after all.

    It’s pretty easy to do this: Choose a .com, .org, .net etc rather than a local TLD. (E.g. and make sure that your site’s servers are based in the US. (I think BlueHost’s are based in Utah.)

    Then give Google further signals that you’re “based” in the US. For example, you could get links from other US sites where possible, use US spelling and phrases, buy a PO Box address in the US and use this on your contact page (with appropriate meta tags), and include US maps on your site. You can even tell Google which country you want to target in Google Webmaster Tools.

    By the way, I’ve found that the Australian market is relatively untapped so you could target Australia with .au domains etc and an Aus-based hosting.

    • Ron

      Thanks, Pat, great post. And thanks, Tom – you answered my questions on publishing in a different country (I’m in the UK).

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    Very detailed Video. In fact, I wanted to watch this video in a very silent atmosphere so that I can digest and grasp most of the points and my morning suited the best :-)

    As you said, keyword research IS addictive, because we can think of anything and everything as a potential niche. Thanks to Spencer’s software which does great job in collecting valuable information and helps us to decide quickly.

    There are few questions, I have here. Let’s say I picked up a niche which passes in most of the tests in Long Tail Pro and HAS potential to earn some decent income, how about content building for this site. It may not be necessary that we might have LOTS of knowledge in that particular niche. Outsourcing content creation is surely an option, but how to pick a good writer from various available sources ? And what is the average price we should be targeting to pay?

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    Seomoz does not have options for a free account at this time, looks like they are in beta invite ONLY mode.


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    Question are their certain typesof niches you avoid like medical. I had an idea to do something about couping with a recent surgery I had, and i remeber looking for information and there wasnt much. I still have to run the keywords through the tools but a quick google search didn’t turn up much. is this a good place to start or maybe no since i’m not a doctor or expert on it, I just know the type of information I would have love to see in one place.

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    Do i have to have these words in my domain? or is it possible to go on no 1 in google without these words with a niche site? or just create a domain with “-” signs?
    please help here:)
    thank you

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    Great post Pat. Thank you!

    Starting to get my head around all the tools and strategies to find ‘THE’ keyword for US market. I’m located in Ireland and when using Google keyword tool, by default searches are done on Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to change it.

    Would anyone be able to help?
    Thanks a million,

    • Arvin

      Hi JojoIE,

      You should be able to select your preferred location here:

  • Bob

    Hi Pat, thanks for the all the great info you’re always providing. I’m following along with the duel, but not officially signed up. I was finding the keyword search hard. It was comforting to hear you say it is hard. So I stuck at it, and I think I’ve got something. Thanks for the extra push.

  • Inyoung


    I have been a regular reader of the blog for almost a year now but I finally decided to buy a Internet Marketers product after waiting many months. After watching this video about the Niche Duel 2.0, I finally made the leap and bought my Long Tail Pro from Spencer through your affiliate link. Going to give back for all the great stuff you are putting out. I recently bought Market Samurai and I realized that if I used your link I would have saved on the discount.

    For the future, can you show us in more deep detail how to read the SEO Competitor numbers from Long Tail Pro and know what is considered too hard?

  • Sanju

    Hi Pat,
    This is a very nice post, very informative. I am new to blogging and your post taught me a lot. Thanks

  • Lourdes Welhaven


    I’m confused on one point…once we have a keyword…or keyword phrase what is your position on acquiring an Exact Match Domain. I see differing opinions on that in light of recent and anticipated Google changes.

  • Akil

    OK I think I found a keyword, not the one from the last question. This one has a pretty good average KC number (21) in long tail pro, it passed my other criteria and its a topic i actually love. So questions: should I be scared that it seams to easy to be true? is it ok if the niche site is very closely related to your core business, so close some of my existing blog post would do well on my niche site too (don’t worry I don’t plan to duplicate content, but they are that close)? and do you plan on doing a post or video about picking a domain name, i don’t want it to seem to spammy or fake; but want it to be clear its an educational site.

    Last question, I found a second keyword with good numbers and closely related to the first, is it ok to write content and optimize the site with both keywords in mind? essential trying to rank for two keywords not just the one?

    By the way i love Long Tail Pro, I brought the platinum after playing with the trial a bit it made every thing so much easier and I used the affiliate link, thanks :)

    • Nate

      I’m surprised noone has replied to this.

      I’m certainly not an expert, but may I can offer some advice based on my experiences, and on having read and listened to practically everything Pat’s written or podcasted. If it’s not valuable to you, no wories:)

      First, and this is personal opinion, if you’ve found a word with decent CPC, a KC of 21, and local exact matches over 3500/month, that’s a GOLD NUGGET bro. The fact that you’re passionate about and it dovetails with your existing business, also not a problem. I’m jealous. I’ll have what this guy’s having.

      Okay – exact match domains. I don’t care what anybody says, they’re potent. I’ve begun a few niche sites and with at least one the exact match wasn’t available so I bought a closely related url, and with zero seo I’m already ranking #1 for the search term matching the url. When I search the top ten in Longtail Pro and see existing niche sites for a keyword, they’re almost always exact match or 80 or 90% match.

      The exact match is *most valuable* when you have a primary keyword that all by itself will get you over 3500/month if you rank on the first page of google. If that’s the case try to get [exactmatch].com, org, or net. All are equal in google’s eyes. If none of those are available, try adding “hq” at the end, or “smart” at the beginning. (I’m not a big fan of those domains Hover or Bluehosts spits out like “my[exactmatch].com” unless it makes sense to your niche. That’s how not to seem spammy.

      With respect to ranking for closely related keyword in a single site, I think that’s a good idea, and I’ve seen several bits of evidence that it’s a better idea than two separate sites, all other things being equal. First, after the updates, the search engines are now running algorithms to compare the rate of exact match anchor text backlinks to your site to the naturally occurring norms. As such most SEO experts recommend a max of 20% exact match anchor text anyway. So you’re going to be doing SEO with a few different closely related (“semantic match”) keywords no matter what. Second, it follows that as the search engines get better and better, they’re trying to differentiate authority sites from content farms. Solution – build an authority site. And what does an authority site have that a cold-blooded niche site doesn’t? Lots of content on related – but not exact match – terms.

      Sorry to be long winded and hope this helps. Again I’m no expert, but have gone through this a few times.

  • Mike Schmidt


    Very informative as always. I did have a question in which I was hoping someone would have some words of wisdom. How important is it to look at advertiser competition. I am looking at a couple of different keywords.

    KW #1 – Avg CPC: 5.6, local searches: 3,600, advertiser comp: 86.
    KW #2 – Avg CPC: 5.09, local searches: 12,100, advertiser comp: 28.

    Even though KW #2 has more local searches than KW #1, the advertiser Comp is a lot less. Everything else being equal, should I put more weight on the number of searches or the advertiser competition.
    Thank you very much for any help or direction you can give.

    • Arvin

      Hi Mike,

      Advertiser Competition as mentioned in Pat’s video is the number of advertisers bidding for your keyword. If it’s high (86) it’s a good sign that you’ll make money from Adsense. If it’s low, (28), there are only a few advertisers in your niche and you’ll find it a little harder to monetize with Adsense.

    • Nate

      Hey Mike you can actually do some crude math with this. Heck you’ve probably resolved your dilemma by the time I’m commenting on this, but I came up with a little formula that seemed to clarify things…

      Basically you’re trying to approximate (potential earnings)/(hassle or difficulty ranking). I used the export feature in Longtail Pro to dump my keyword data into a spreadsheet.

      Then I created a formula multiplying Cost Per Click by Monthly Local Exact Match, then divided the product by the Average KC. I created a new column for this ratio, and sorted the whole list by it in descending order.

      Why did I not include advertiser comp in the formula? I think CPC is a more complete metric. Just as stock price reflects (heh heh, or “purports to reflect” – whole other can’o’worms;) the perceived future value of a company, CPC is a composite of what advertisers are willing to pay to advertise in your space. Advertiser comp is useful as a secondary metric, because it lets you know there are a lot of options, and can be a sign you’re on the right track.

      My instinct is that keyword 2 is the better one, but I’d want to see the average Keyword Competitiveness, and you’ll want to peer in great detail into the top ten, as we both know blah blah.

      Anyway, hopefully this helps. I’m a novice to this too so take it with a grain of salt – just something that worked for me…

  • Nithin Upendran

    Thanks dude the video was fantastic and it can be used as an absolute guide for clearing all the doubts about finding the exact keyword.Thanks dude great video and great piece of information.

  • Nik

    Thanks, Pat, this is exactly what I needed. I’m glad I didn’t decide on my keyword yet, because some of this information changes my view on them. I find this keyword research stuff is a lot more fun than I thought it would be!

  • Julie

    Hi Pat,

    I am also wondering about the “local” search. I am in Canada so the local search volume is much less than in the states, so when I select Canada as my local search criteria, I am finding it so hard to find a keyword to build a site around that fits your criteria of at least 3000 local monthly searches.

    Is it as easy as Tom says, above, to tap into the US market? By just using a domain with .com, .org. or .net? I use Blue host already so if that helps, thats good.

    Thanks for all your info!


    • Chris

      Hi Julie

      I’m also in Canada. I have been doing searches based on both Canada and the US. I plan to build a site that will target the US and I don’t see any reason why that is not possible. How will Google know where you live and why would Google care?

      Also, I think there are opportunities to target the Canadian market as well through content and structure or by possibly duplicating with custom editing and using the .ca domain and a separate site.

      I would also say don’t write off the Canadian market entirely. There are definitely some keywords that get higher search volume in Canada than in the US and quite often the KC is lower.

      Best of luck :)

    • LMorgan

      Hi Julie (And Pat too!),

      I’m having a similar problem based in the UK. The UK population is a 1/5th of the US population so I’m wondering if I should aim for a minimum of 600 keyword monthly searches?! I realise that makes it a much smaller potential earner but hey, I live on a small island and I’d prefer to design a site aimed at a population/culture I’m familiar with!

      That said, Julie/Tom you might be right about just tapping into a broader global market (I’m already using Bluehost for other sites too and finding a dot com shouldn’t be too difficult!)

      Any thoughts would be welcomed!


  • JojoIE

    Thanks Arvin for your reply. Indeed I can change the location to United States but I can’t change where the keyword search is done. By default search is on And I want to change it to but it does not appear to be possible.Any ideas to resolve this?

    • Arvin

      You mean viewing search results in US?

      Here are a few ways you to do it:
      1: You can perform your search by visiting
      > NCR means “no country redirect”, it will force google to display search results in the US (I guess someone already mentioned it, so credit goes to him) but you wont be able to see ads served in the US using this method.

      2. Visit (anonymous browsing), click begin browsing, type any keyword you want and voila!. You’re viewing search results as if you’re in US. What I like about this strategy is it will also serve relevant ads in the US, you can easily check if there are good number of advertisers for your keyword.

      3. Change your ip address to US by using HMA VPN or any other similar software. The first two options takes no time to implement.

      • JojoIE

        Thanks Arvin for your time. Your reply was very helpful and I can now view my search results in the US. Jojo

        • Arvin

          Your welcome :)

    • zacky

      To view at the bottom of the you’ll find the option to click on .com and search using that instead of the local search.

      • JojoIE

        Thanks Zacky. Just noticed that now. Jojo

  • Steve M

    Pat and/or SPI community,

    Your advice is sought in an interesting dilemma…

    Suppose I find, as I have, SEVERAL keywords related to a niche that I wish to pursue that match the minimum requirements you prescribed but I cannot find ONE specific one that I wish to make my “niche keyword” because it narrows down the niche too much, what gives? Should I focus on getting one keyword phrase then simply create content around the rest? Problem I foresee is that I would be minimizing the potential for a broader search that would cover the other keywords. Anything broader is super-competitive. Please advice?

    Many thanks!

    • Arvin

      Hi Steve,

      In my opinion building an broader niche site instead of going for just one narrow keyword is the way to go. One strategy that I would recommend though is creating content and optimizing for less competitive keywords first, then work your way up. For example if you’ve already identified all your keywords check it’s AVG KC, then work your way from the least competitive to the highest competition keyword.

      • Steve M


        Thanks for your response and input! I’m in agreement that a broader keyword would be ideal rather than pigeonholing myself to a niche site that’s too narrow. The challenge that I’m encountering is that although I have identified several keywords that appear under-optimized (Avg KC sub-35, some even below 25!) the broader keyword is dominated by the ‘big boys’ and I cannot seem to find a broader keyword that’s not too difficult to compete with.

        To elaborate further, say I’m finding low KC in “how to tie a tie” and “how to button a shirt” but then “dressing tips” and similar variations are way to competitive; high KC and also dominated by some very authoritative sites, what would you recommend one does to overcome this hurdle? I wouldn’t want to focus on one of the low KC keywords only and ‘block’ myself out of the broader topic. I’m certain others have wondered the same so your help is much appreciated.

        Thanks SPI !!

        Steve M

  • Sibo

    A very detailed video, Pat. Thank you for all your efforts to make this video.

    Even thought I have been using LTP for over a month and found a several key words, by following through your demonstration, Pat, I still learned something new. I prefer to work more effectively, so I use LTP instead of using the free methods. I will personally suggest everyone to use LTP right now.

    See you in NSD2.0 competition, peers!



  • Maggie

    I have a question similar to Steve M’s: Does my keyword have a better chance at ranking if I use it in the root domain rather than a sub folder? For example, if my keyword was “how to dye wool yarn” would I have a better chance at ranking than, or does it make a difference? Oy, this question has been vexing me the past couple of weeks!

    • Arvin

      Hi Maggie,

      In my opinion EMD has still some influence over rankings (you can rank faster) but not as much as it was before and one disadvantage that I see is you are going to limit the scope of your content to that very specific keyword. Unless I’m getting 1000+ exact local monthly searches and my estimated ROI is pretty acceptable with “how to dye wool yarn” I’d prefer a brand-able domain like “” over an exact match domain (

      • Maggie

        Thanks for your input, Arvin! I, like Steve M, have several related keywords I’d like to target, and in the long run I’d rather have them under one umbrella site, than 5 separate sites. Hmmm…many things to consider before I lay out the foundation for my site.

        Also, thanks Pat, for providing this space for us to interact and learn!

  • Nicole

    Hey Pat!

    Was wondering if you could maybe do a backlinking strategy 2.0 (2013) :) I’m reading a ton of conflicting ideas and a lot of the blogs I follow aren’t really posting any valuable backlinking strategies.

    Thanks :)

  • Lyle Fredette

    Hi Pat, Hi Everyone!

    I downloaded trials for both Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai, and to be honest I’m having a very hard time choosing between the 2. While I was testing them, I came across some rather large discrepancies in the backlink data between the 2 tools. I know that Long Tail Pro get’s it’s backlink data from and Market Samurai uses data from When I look into the data provided by each source I’m getting the sense that the Majestic data is more accurate. I was wondering if you, or anyone else could shed some light on this. I would definitely help me choose between the 2 products.

    In my review/comparison of these 2 tools I created a sub-section that gives an example. I don’t know if it’s bad form or not to place a link to my blog here, but if it is I’ll remove it asap! Here’s the post:


    • Arvin

      Hi Lyle,

      Seomoz link database is pretty small compared to Majestic SEO, or shall we say more accurate but it’s not the backlink count that I care about when we’re speaking of seomoz data. It’s all about judging your competition. Market Samurai will give you the backlink count but Long Tail Pro will give you the overall competitiveness of your keyword. So 1 vote for Long Tail Pro.

      By the way, I love your comparison table:)

      • Lyle Fredette

        Thanks for your insite Alvin. When you say that Long Tail Pro gives you the overall competitiveness of a keyword are you referring to that KC metric in particular? I’m currently only using the non-platinum version.

        • Arvin

          You’re welcome Lyle! Yes I was referring to AVG KC but I forgot that it’s only available for the platinum version. Anyhow, LTP has also a competition module where you can check your competitor’s page backlinks, juice page links, domain & page authority, PR, etc.

    • Pat Flynn

      This link is absolutely relevant Lyle, thank you for posting it. It is useful so please keep it up. This is a great discussion going on here, and like in the past the comment section will provide even further insight into what we’re all discussing. Thanks also to Arvin, and everyone else to has added value to this discussion.

      • Lyle Fredette

        Thanks for the reply Pat, that means a lot.

        Arvin, I just realized that I spelled your name as Alvin in my l my last reply. I’m very sorry about that. I also wanted to say that I agree with you 100% when you say that “it’s all about judging your competition.” I just want to be sure I’m using the best metrics to do that.

        As an extension to my question about the merit of the Moz backlink metric, it dawned on me that Moz Page and Domain Authority are both heavily weighted by backlinks in some way. Does the smaller dataset (narrower view) of backlinks somehow diminish the validity of other metrics that rely on those counts?

        • Arvin

          No problem Lyle, it happens all the time :) Me too, I’m sorry I forgot that Long Tail Pro doesn’t have the AVG KC metric.

          In my opinion yes, it diminishes the validity of the data but the most important metric for me as far as Long Tail Pro and seomoz (now moz) is concerned is the “juice page links”. I don’t pay much attention to page authority and domain authority.

          Here’s Spencer’s explanation about juice page links:

        • Lyle Fredette

          Hi Arvin. Thanks for passing on Spencer’s post. That was a good read. I like how he drives home the concept of needing relevancy and authority to rank, rather than PageRank. As for authority, that’s definitely a very complex subject and Juice Links seem to make that a whole lot easier to measure. Again though, those juice links are based on backlinks.

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  • Nikolas

    Thanks for great tips. I especially loved the ‘panning for gold’ bit. Keep up the great work.

  • Chris

    Well a few days ago I thought I had lucked out and found an awesome keyword. The keyword is a commonly used generic slogan in a professional field I am interested in. High search volume, relatively low KC etc. All good! I even went a got the domain name.

    Then I discovered that the keyword was a version of a brand. Quite apart from the branding complications that Pat has previously addressed, it also became immediately apparent that the search volume is most likely due to people searching for the brand website. Sure enough – by doing an unfiltered LTP search on the specific keyword I found many searches for the brand’s product types.

    Nixed!! Just thought I’d mention it in case it helps anyone not to do the same.

  • Tony

    Hi Pat,
    can you also put an audio mp3 of the videos online? I enjoy your content by listening to it during my way to the office and I am totally curious about your videos, i nearly need to schedule it to find the time. Although I will not get the complete content I can watch either the complete videos or just the parts that are most valuable to me later.
    i really appreciate it!

  • Joshua Schneider

    Wow, thank you for all this information. SEO can be such a complicated topic, and I find your article gave me a much better understanding as well as tangible steps to take.

  • Eric Clark

    Pat, I have a question about how you setup your business entity(s). Do you use Flynndustries, LLC to house all of your niche sites, your blog, your apps, etc? Or do you create legal entities for each niche site, etc?

    I’m thinking through how I (we) should setup our passive income endeavors and curious about your approach.


    • Tony Tovar

      Hey Eric,

      if you’re open to hearing what I do. I actually have one legal entity and then create DBA’s for each product or individual site.

      The reason I get the DBA is because I like the idea of not changing my legal entity at all with the banks etc and I can take money from clients or customers by with a legal dba that resonates with them but still gets tracked by the legal entity LLC.

      Hope that helps.

  • Dylan

    Pat/SPI Folks,

    You mentioned in the video that Page Authority in the 20’s is good, do you have a specific way of using this to judge if a KW is worth going after or not? Obviously lower competition is better, but what’s your turning point. For example, aiming to make sure 8/10 are under 35 or all under 30? I have basically the same question for the MozRank.

    I’m new to KW research and I’ve been doing it for a week straight now, mostly using free tools and using Spencer’s guidelines ( to quickly narrow results. I have been using the free SEO Book toolbar to show links and PR on my google searches so it’s pretty quick. So far I the only results that passed my initial round of analysis all had sites Page Authority in the 45+ (often 60+) range despite having many sights with low PR and links (according to SEO Book). Does anyone have recommendations on how to improve this process? Is the key to this just banging my head against the wall until I eventually make the wall to crumble or go insane?

    As a note, I got the free trial of Market Samurai, but despite how many nice features it has I despise using it because my results take 1-5 minutes to load each time. Seriously, I timed it many times. Is this normal?

    Finally, thanks Pat for the awesome video! I don’t have money to spend on anything right now so the tutorial with free software was great!

    • Lyle Fredette

      Hi Dylan,

      First off, I have to agree with you when it comes to Market Samurai – it is very slow and cumbersome to work with. It does give some nice metrics, and I’m still trying to figure out which metrics I feel confident enough to use from the 2 main tools.

      Regarding your main question, I think the unfortunate answer is yes, keep banging your head against the wall, keep reading what other people are doing and keep experimenting. There is no hard and fast answer to what works in keyword research and SEO. Just today I came across an excellent post that sums this idea up pretty nicely:

      Keep at it, and good luck!

  • sam

    Can anyone recommend what to use since seo moz is no longer? Open site explorer is gone. today is June 6 2013.Thnx

    • Tony Tovar

      Hey Sam,

      SEO MOz is not gone. It is not called MOZ. Open Site Explorer is still functional.

  • Tony Tovar

    Hey Pat,

    This post is full of great resources.

    You’re right, with all the tools available and the overload of possible criteria one might have, I find it difficult to even imagine trying to make a decision based on all the different metrics out there.

    After doing some keyword research myself, I’ve decided on a niche and am ready to move on it even if it bombs :)

    Thanks for the awesome post!


  • Johnnny Dull

    Not sure if I misunderstood something, but what is the address for Pats new niche site? Or has he not picked one yet? Also what is the address for the Niche site 2 hub?

  • Alberto

    Hey Pat, I had a look to the first seconds of the video and I have one tip for you. I think you should use a longer focal lenght on your camera, since your eyes are too far apart and this is not flattering.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Mspark


    I have been reading your post regarding this new challenge and I have to say I am impressed for the information you are providing. I am currently taking a course about niche sites and I am on the part about finding keywords. Your video is right on track with what I am learning and on top of it I think your video has a more in depth information.
    Thank you for the share I am always surprised when I actually get someone who gives quality information for free. Any one on the fence and not sure if you are providing reliable information needs to know that you are.

  • MegaIndex

    Obviously Keywords is the master of eCommerce business success. I am in trouble to use the free adwords is it provide me great result or should i use any other paid keywords research tools….

  • MegaIndex

    In most of the cases i use google adwords tools and in some cases market samurai…..I also use word tracker..But which one is best or else other there is one best???

  • David

    When looking for a keyword and building a niche site regarding the 50 post test do you not need to find a keyword and niche your interested in? Lets say I find an excellent keyword related to knitting and it all looks green on MS I have no interest in knitting and could therefore not write fifty posts on it. Do you have to find keywords your interested in? I did find a good keyword but its something I know nothing about and am not interested in. Thanks for your help

    • Nate

      Think that’s what the 50-post test is about. But that’s Pat’s personal metric. You may have no problem creating content on something you don’t particularly care about. Spencer, the designer of Longtail Pro, has many sites and doesn’t care deeply about all of them. Another option is you could hire someone to research and write content for you. If you’re sure it’s a good niche it might pay off, and you could take a tax writeoff. Excuse me if I’m being presumptuous to offer advice. I’m also just learning this stuff.

  • Jennifer

    Once we submit our application via email for the Mastermind Learning Group, will we receive any type of email confirmation that it was received?

  • Mike [email protected]

    Keyword research at its heart is Market search.. It is insight into what people are interested in , and in what related values in terms of numbers… It is a better actual language people use when they are thinking about specific topics and will help you speak to your members With in your web site…

  • Warren

    Just want to vent some frustration. I’m been looking for a good keyword for weeks now and nothing is stellar just mediocre.
    I’m just out of ideas. There are some good ones with 500 searches/month but nothing over 2500/month.
    It seems to me we are late to jump on this keyword search band wagon. It’s becoming doubtful that a business can be created going this route.

    I’m wondering how the rest of you are doing.

    • Nate

      I’m no expert – in the same boat as everybody, but saw your comment and wanted to ask, have you used longtail pro? I agree with everybody that most of the low hanging fruit is taken. I’m not affiliated in any with LTP – in fact I was a bit miffed that I just sprung for Market Samurai and now had to purchase LTP – but I think it’s the key. You just leave it running and continue to dump new seeds into it, with the parameters set the Pat recommends in the video. Eventually you’ll tease out a few. Excuse me if I’m offering advice out of turn – as I said I’m not expert like Pat, just another dude trying to learn:)

  • Nik

    I’ve a few ideas where several of the top ranking sites are youtube videos. These have absolutely nothing going for them other than the 100 domain authority/PR 4. How important is the domain authority in this case? Is it tough to compete against youtube videos?

  • Gillian

    Arrrgghhh!!! I am finding this sooo frustrating. I feel like I’m all over the place and don’t really know if/when I’m finding anything of quality. Even when (if!) the parameters are met I don’t know what’s coming to know if it’s ‘right’. Struggling. Really struggling.

  • Maggie

    I hear you, Warren and Gillian. In the end, I just have to go for it. Even if the metrics aren’t perfect, at least I’ll learn a ton along the way. That’s also the reason why I’m going to choose a niche that truly interests me. Succeed or fail, I might as well have fun on the journey, no?

    • Arvin

      Me too, I’m going for a keyword has 1,290 local exact match per month and an AVG KC of 53, very competitive but I’m sticking with my passion. I know it will take more than 6 months to get to the #1 spot but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the whole process :)

      • Anastasia

        Ha, this makes my favourite KW with AVG KC of 27 and a local search of 1000 look pretty good:-) Even the domain is available – but we shouldn’t now buy 100% matching domains anymore, should we?

        in example “rich on ebay” ebay would have the first position with some sort of an ebay how to article about getting rich on ebay – is this a serious competition? the site is big, has loads of juicy links, etc. (same applies to wikipedia and similar sites being on number one – what to do? does it rule the site out?

  • Warren Lynn

    Hello All, I am running into the same issues that everyone is noticing while doing their keyword research. I appears that all of the good niches are taken. Well I have decided to take a niche that has little competition but with a lot fewer exact local searches to allow me to be seen. If you aren’t on the radar of the people in the niche it doesn’t mater how good your site is. Face it we a competing with the likes of Amazon when you are working with a large KC. I think it may be easier to have four kinda good niches doing a little business than one great niche site doing nothing. I will try and see what happens. If anyone is interested in a small group online meeting to go over their issues I may be able to setup a gotomeeting to allow people to talk about this stuff. Let me know and if their is enough interest I will get it set up in a week or so.

    • Warren Lynn

      Hello All,
      I just noticed one thing that may be of interest. After running the same keyword information through the Google keyword tool I found I get totally different stats than with longtailpro. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but the results make me think my choice was not as good as I thought. Please confirm my observations and let me know if I am doing something wrong. With Google I get 2400 monthly searches and with longtailpro I get 140. Please try with your keyword. I have already chosen my keyword and keeping it until we start the duel. I also noticed that the plural form of the keyword get better results on longtailpro, but worse results on Google keyword tool.??

      • warren lynn

        Hello All,
        Ignore my last reply. My mistake! I forgot to use “Exact” instead of the default “Broad” match type. After correcting my mistake the results are the same. Sorry for the confusion.
        I am having a lot fun with this. I have been working with websites for several years, but ignored the keyword search until now.
        Also after looking at other keywords I found a very interesting thing that I had also been ignoring. That is people search for word combinations that make no sense to me. I put in some of the words and Longtailpro gave me a good ranking keyword grouping that many people searched for, but it makes no sense to me so I bought the URL.

  • Nate

    Thought of a great one. It’s really hot right now: it’s “best keywords to make me rich.” My wife said not to make the down payment on the new boat yet but I say “honey, let’s live on the edge for once.” ;);)

  • Mike

    I see a lot of pinterest sites as I am searching for my keyword. I’m not sure they are even sites. Does anyone know if they are hard to beat?

    Great video, thanks for the new information.

  • Hector Avellaneda

    Awesome video Pat. I am always amazed at just how great your content always is. I think I can really dig this new LongTailPro keyword research tool. Right now I am using Market Samuri but I can definitely how much faster I can cover some ground using LTP.

    Enjoying the NSD2.0 journey bud. Keep the awesome info coming.

  • Nicole

    Wondering if anyone in the SPI community could help me out.

    I found a keyword that I believe is good – I started building and writing content for the site…I launched the site and really tried not to do anything spammy. During the first week my site was ranked 13-15 on google on LTP then about two days ago is was bumped to 500+. I do understand there is the “google dance” but is this normal for it to completely fall off the radar? I didn’t do anything to the site…but I did check my backlinks and there is a site that is backlinking to my site…could this be whats causing this? Any help would be awesome!


  • chris

    Im really struggling with my top 10 results….

    I keep finding MASSIVE domain authorities with poor page authorities
    these are to be avoided yes?????

    what about
    you tube

    if someone can please let me know asap tyvm

  • Martyn

    (I also posted this on your facebook page before thinking about posting it here, sorry for duplication)
    Hi Pat, just doing my research for NSD 2.0. I think I’ve found a great key phrase in a niche I love (12k global searches, avg top 10 PR=1.3 with top 4=0)…BUT! is it a bad sign when an exact match .com url for my key phrase exists but is not ranking anywhere??
    Cheers, Martyn

  • Benjamin Beck

    Hey Pat,

    Great video and advice here on doing keyword research.

    The tools SEMRush & SEOMoz are definitely essential tools for keyword research and competitive analysis.

    I wanted to check and see if you’ve heard of ? I don’t have an affiliation with them, but it is great at looking at backlink profiles!

    With the free version you can see how your backlink profile has grown/dropped over time. It also seems to find more links then SEOMoz for my clients.

    Hope this helps and if you have questions I’d be glad to explain more!



  • LMorgan

    Hey Pat,

    What do you think?

    Should we revise down our keyword monthly search figure if we’re working out of a country with a significantly smaller population?!



    • Anastasia

      I am not Pat but that’s what I did:-) and anyway I looked for something that can be promoted globaly (even then I still couldn’t find a 3000 a month keyword with low competition in an area I am interested in) :-)

  • sid

    Hi Pat,
    you are doing stunning job here but you must go very clear at time of web site design post. because most of newbie like me stuck with it so you focus to create awesome post of website design following point should consider in up coming post
    theme ?(Are you still using SimpleFolio theme for your NSD 1.0 project) make video or informative post on it ?
    duplicate content issue in your blog?
    canonicalization & duplicate content?
    website + blog setup combine like you did in nsd 1.0 I know but i want more expert view solution

    i hope you can work on it

  • Rob

    I’m hoping someone can answer a question. Apologies if I have missed this somewhere.

    Why are we looking at local monthly searches and not global monthly searches in the Google keyword tool? If I am creating a site where geographical location is not relevant, I assumed that global would be justified?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Anastasia

      I think it’s because last time Pat’s offer and niche were US focused. But you are right – if your products later will be easy to get world-wide (e.g. digital) there is no reason to look only for local traffic. And anyway local trafic in australia is a fraction from the US traffic so based on this noone ever would offer anything Australian specific:-)

  • MiaGal

    Is anyone else having a log-in problem with Long Tail Pro?

    Now that I’ve used it once, when I go back to the icon, it is asking me for my License Key. It is no longer showing me the button to bypass it (trial basis).

    Just posting it here in case someone can answer it quickly. I did send an email to Spencer this morning about another issue, but have not gotten a response yet. (That issue was resolved by downloading a file that could read .air files.)


  • Rina

    I usually wear when google adword tool and have never tried using a paid tool
    maybe next time I’ll use a paid tool for more accurate results than keyword research

  • Warren Lynn

    Hello All,
    Hope everyone has selected the domain name for their niche site by now. I have been going through the searches so much I found five domains I really like. They are in different niches, but I hope to use the same web tools to create tests to determine the best performing niche. I have been waiting for Pat to start with the next step to make sure I don’t go in the wrong direction. One area of the searches that surprised me was the number of misspelled words that get decent search traffic to us. I am not sure that would work though because of Google’s spelling redirection feature.
    Have fun.
    Warren Lynn

    • Sana Khan

      video example, Big G constantly updating their algorithm, so what use to
      be works in 2010 definitely Nasdasdrk anymore in 2015, but this one
      still valid
      blog comments

  • Operion Skyz

    Thanks for sharing the post. It straight forward and simple to understand.

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  • Nick Eubanks

    Hey Pat – I’m loving the niche site dual series, I think it’s a great concept and a smart way to get your readers actually testing out your materials and ideas; dogfooding at its best.

    I have had similar frustrating experiences in the past with keyword research, especially when it comes to trying to help other people get started – it can seem overwhelming. So back in January I set out to create a resource that I would be able to point back to (for at least the near-term future) on How to Do Keyword Research for SEO.

    I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and the post has even been baked into the internal research process at some well respected SEO agencies. I think it’s something your readers might find useful.

    Keep up the great stuff and thanks for putting in so much of your time.


  • Matt McVicker

    Keyword Research is so addicting!! Thanks for yet another great value added video Pat!!

  • Paula Daniel

    Great article. How would you view a keyword ranking potential if 4 out of the 10 top Google spots are pinterest boards?
    Some are from companies (magazine) others from individuals (one with blog from 2006)
    Appreciate your time & expertise

    • Anam

      This is sad because I used a landing page since day 1 to better engage my audience and encourage new visitors to like my page and become a fan.

      dr david caminer

      • smartpass

        What are you doing?” with a look of wide-eyed surprise on his face, as though he couldn’t believe any answer he might give. Two years ago, that question might’ve been phrased more cynically and self-deprecatingly; Murray might have dropped the match altogether. This time, he was just being honest
        mobile optin

    • dell

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  • JC Cavanaugh


    Thanks a lot! The one nugget you offered I hope everyone got that I truly felt was most valuable was mid way through this video.

    You mentioned that within the google keyword tool the column for ” competition ” you are looking for HIGH and no LOW competition.

    I had ALWAYS thought it was the opposite so this really helped me out a lot. I figured it was SEO based like many do.

    Thanks a lot for everything you do!

  • Dhiraj Das

    Nice video, we were not so specific about keyword search, this video gives a nice idea about what we can to with Google keyword tool

  • Ree Klein

    I just finished the video…had to stop a bunch of times bc I was madly taking notes! Thank you, Pat, for the awesome information. I’m downloading the trial version of both Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro to see which one I want to use. Of course I’ll purchase through your link because YOU DESERVE THE INCOME!!!!

    • Pat Flynn

      Nice! I like both pieces of software for different reasons. LTP is definitely much easier to use out of the box, and I love the KC (keyword competitiveness) score that the software gives each keyword – it makes it much easier to compare and contrast.

      MS, however, has a lot more features which advanced users will find very helpful, but they aren’t completely necessary. Plus, those guys have been around this industry since the beginning and are quick to make changes when necessary. Let me know which one appeals to you most Ree, I’d be interested!

      • Ree Klein

        Hi Pat,

        I’m coming back to report on my selection. I ended up going with Market Samurai. In large part because I had so much trouble with the trial version of LTP (which could have been user error!).

        About a week after I started using the paid version of MS, it stopped working properly, including not giving the SEOV data. I submitted a ticket and was very pleased with the support. Here’s the text of my final email to Alex from their support team.
        Yeah! This one worked like a charm…whew! Alex, I have to tell you that you have created a raving fan for your company. While I was alarmed that the product “failed” during an important time for me, I cannot express enough joy for how my ticket was handled. Here’s what I mean:

        – My ticket was quickly responded to with a professional voice.
        – I was made to feel like a valued customer.
        – It was obvious that there was some scrambling on your end to find a solution quickly.
        – After the first attempt failed, you remained positive and rallied the troops to find the fix.

        You answered my tough question about how frequently this would happen in a way that made perfect sense and you DIDN’T SUGAR COAT reality. For that I’m grateful!

        So here’s what I know…while there will be hiccups with the system due to Google changing their algorithms, I CAN COUNT ON YOU to respond quickly and professionally and treat me like a valued customer.

        There are other products out there that compete with yours, but you can bet that I’ll be sticking with Market Samurai.

        Please forward this email to your manager because I want him/her to know how awesome you and the team are!


  • ed walker

    First thank you Pat for this brilliant video and the vast amount of great info you are sharing with us on the net.
    I hope someone can help me here:

    I’m really new to all of this, I discovered Pats podcasts by accident about two weeks ago and am really excited by the passive income subject.

    First time I watched this video I was thinking wow this looks really fantastic but I’m a bit lost. So I watched it again and took some notes.

    When the video had finished I looked back at my notes and realised they weren’t going to be good enough to get me through the process.

    So I went back to the beginning and played the video, pausing rewinding and gradually built up a kind of flowchart that I felt would really help walk me through the process that Pat describes and jog my memory as I went through.

    The flowchart was very messy and not clear enough to use so I googled flowchart software and came across “Lucid chart” (no I’m not an affiliate lol) and spent a lot of time today producing a lovely pdf doc.

    Ok so now armed with my beautiful idiot sheet, several hours in the making, I head on over to google adwords…………

    Oh dear, google have made some big changes since Pat produced the film and the first part of the process is a lot different.

    I would be so grateful if anyone could help me with the first part of the process where you use a seed keyword to find related keywords along with Monthly search and CPC data, either using the new Google tool or another free tool.

    I should mention that I am going the free/manual root at the moment until I start to produce some money to invest back into paid tools.

    Btw if anyone else is new to this and would like a copy of my pdf you are more than welcome to it. Please be aware it’s my interpretation of the excellent info presented by Pat and may not be 100% accurate.

    What’s the best way to share a file like this?

    Thanks so much for reading this.


  • Adam

    gday pat awesome video love your work! Im sure youre aware that keyword tool is now keyword planner, just wondering if you will be doing a new video for it any time soon? cheers

  • FireYourJob

    Will there be an update to this since Google moved to Keyword Planner back in July?

    Also, Pat, why have you not enabled a bulletin board? That would seem to be a great resource for your community.

  • Kieran Daly

    Hi Pat – the video is out of date now due to the change in Google Ad Words. the original KW tool was easier I think to use and the new one will take some explanation again.

    Pity you never actually found a good keyword but I think you showed that it does take effort and once you get either the free or paid tools up and running you will be able to do the research much faster – which is what it does need as you need to plough through a lot of date to find.

    and yes it is fun once you learn the steps / processes to do it.

  • Joseph Quansah

    Powerful write up. The discussion is great and I would apply this to my blog site. Great to read this piece of information.

  • Hasasn Saeed

    Hi Pat,

    Hope you are doing good.
    Very Nice Article.Keeping in view that MS does not provide KPIs like Page authority,Domain authority and MoZ rank,what is your opinion that one should use either MS or LTP.


  • guptaabhijit318

    Thanks for the information. Keep on update more news in the blog. I like to share about social media services especially for YouTube. For more information, please visit our site.

  • Md Tajuddin Sadique

    Thanks Pat. I used these tips to write my most recent post and I already have 10x more unique views then my last posts. Your site and podcast inspire me every time. You are the most helpful man on the web! Thank you. feel free to come on my blog:

  • earthabbey

    Pat, adwords looks nothing like this anymore and I’m quite lost trying to follow along, do you have an updated post on using adwords for research?

  • M Aamir

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