Niche Site Duel 2.1.1: Branding, Domain Names and the NSD Leaderboard!

Niche Site Duel 2.0 LogoIn our last Niche Site Duel 2.0 post, I revealed that the niche that I’ll be building a website for is the food truck niche. Specifically, it will be a resource for people who are interested in starting a food truck business and those who already have one.

There’s a nice continuation between the two because when you start a food truck, you’re going to then need to know how to run it, market it, and all that good stuff.

The reaction from you has been very positive, which I’m extremely excited about.

Now that I’ve decided on my niche, it’s time to start talking about domain names and branding, but before I do that, I wanted to address a concern that many of you have brought up to me, both via comments and via email. It’s not about the niche I selected, but rather the Niche Site Duel in general.

Since we’re just starting out, now is a better time than ever to talk about this.

I’ve been hearing from people is that the site that I’m going to build isn’t exactly a niche site – it’s more of an authority site or blog.

To be honest, I don’t really care about the definitions. I’ve selected a niche and I’m building a website for it. Therefore, I’m calling it a niche site, and it’ll be the best one I can create to serve that niche.

A “niche site”, traditionally, is thought of as a smaller site that targets a specific keyword and has enough information on it to be somewhat helpful for people looking up that keyword in Google. Well…I hope to redefine what a niche site really is, because we don’t need any more sites that are just somewhat helpful, we want the best. When we conduct searches in Google, we want the best information – and that’s what Google is finally starting to work towards ranking at the top. Although they are far from perfect at it, that’s the direction they are headed. So, instead of trying to create a minimal site with just enough information to get by and game the algorithm to be found, how about we use the trend to our advantage instead?

Niche site, authority site or blog – if it’s online and serving a specific market, the definition doesn’t matter.

All this to conclude with: this is going to take some work, and I hope you’re up to the challenge.

“Write about what people want. Search engines will eventually catch up.” -Neil Patel

Target Keywords and What’s Up with Exact Match and Partial Match Domains

As a reminder, the keyword I found during keyword research was food trucks for sale, which has a local monthly exact match search volume of 12,100 and a keyword competitiveness score of 30. (click here for the SEO Competition matrix)

I am not, however, building a website that is specifically for food trucks for sale.

Upon further research, which includes actually speaking to food truck owners in person, I discovered that there’s a lot of room for a website beyond just the buying and selling of food trucks. What seems to be missing is a central resource or hub to help food truck owners start and grow their business.

Food trucks for sale could definitely be a part of that resource.

When it comes to branding, it’s smart to take keywords into consideration. In the past, the best practice would be to make sure the keyword is somewhere in the domain name (i.e. & and if you could get an exact match domain (EMD) – that’s even better. Recently, however, Google has been cracking down on poor quality sites that were previously ranking high just because their domain URL matched a search term 100%.

Even more recently, Google has been cracking down on partial-match domains (PMDs), and when I say recently I mean like 3 days ago. (see June 25th article on

Based on these recent updates, it’s easy to see that poor quality sites are having less and less opportunities for a quick advantage. There are still ways to game the system and get sites that maybe shouldn’t be ranking high to the top of the search engines, but Google’s working on cracking down and are highly focused on rewarding quality websites.

What defines a quality website?

Well, there are a lot of factors involved of course, but to me it’s really easy:

A quality website is one that people would be upset about if it were to disappear. 

Let’s build that.

Brandability and Selecting a Domain Name

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid using EMDs or PMDs when creating your brand or selecting your domain name – it just reinforces the idea that no matter what, you need to build a high quality site with great content and a healthy backlinking profile, or else.

What I like about this is that we can focus less on keyword density and how exact (or close to exact) our domain is to our target keyword, and we can focus more on brandability.

What is brandability when it comes to choosing a name for a business and a domain?

It’s less about what search engines want, and more about what humans want.

Below are seven characteristics of a great brand name. You don’t need to meet all of the criteria, but these are some good rules to try and follow.

1. Easy to Remember

A memorable name goes a long way. It’s not like a phone number that you can just forget about the moment you store it on your phone, so you have to think about how easy or difficult it might be before you make a final decision. The characteristics below will help with that.

2. Not too Long

The longer the name, the harder it is to remember and the more likely someone is to misspell (or mis-type) it too. Keep it as short as possible, which is definitely much more difficult to do nowadays.

3. Easy to Spell

Some words are just not meant for spelling. For example “environment”.  That word took me forever to learn how to spell correctly. Also, you might want to avoid the whole “their/they’re/there” fiasco as well. Here’s a list of the 100 Most Often Misspelled Words in English.

4. Descriptive

A great brand name will tell someone what a business is about right in the name, or at least hint at what it’s about so it becomes memorable. For example: Internet Business Mastery – great, descriptive domain name with the keywords in there as well (and again, that’s okay!). Problogger – also a great (and short!) descriptive brand name. Elance is another great brand name. Although it may seem non-descriptive at first glance, it’s short, easy to remember and actually has to do with the fact that you can hire freelancers over the web for projects.

5. No Numbers or Hyphens

Is it two, to, too, or 2? Three or 3? Hyphens – not good either. Again, this isn’t about what the search engines want, it’s about what’s not confusing for people. Imagine you’re on national television talking about your website. If you have to explain how to spell your domain when you mention it – millions of people aren’t going to hear that part. There are exceptions, such as, but generally you’ll want to stay away from something you’d have to explain each time.

6. It Has Rhythm

Rhythm in a domain name means it rolls off the tongue nicely. It’s almost pleasurable to say. This one is a little more difficult to figure out, but you’ll hear it once you land on the right one.

My favorite brand name is Paypal. Two short Pa words that sound great together. It’s awesome.

When you’re exploring a brand with multiple words, if you can’t get two short ones like Paypal, listen to the syllables. A one syllable word (short) followed by multiple syllable words (long) typically sound very good. For example: Smart Passive Income (short long long). Smarter passive income (long long long) just doesn’t sound as good, am I right?

The reverse works well too: long long short. For example: Podcast Answer Man, or ViperChill.

If it sounds good, it’s more likely to be remembered and shared.

7. A .com, if possible. 

There are a number of domain extensions now, and ones other than .com are definitely gaining popularity (i.e., but .com still rules the bunch, so if possible, grab a .com domain.

8. Can You Imagine it as THE Ultimate Resource for your Niche?

And the last test: just imagine yourself with your brand and its name a year from now..maybe 5 years from now. Can you imagine people talking about it? Can you visualize people saying the brand name when bringing it up in conversation? Just think about that.

Next Steps

Once you come up with a brand name that seems to work, you’re going to want to conduct some research first before you move on with it.

Does a brand name like it already exist? Conduct a Google Search (use “quotations” around your brand name so you can find exact matches in Google, with spaces between each word and without) to see if another brand exists already.

Is there a trademark that I should worry about? You don’t want to use trademarks that are not your own in your domain name. Trust me – I’ve gone down that path before and the lawyer fees were not worth it. Some brands allow it and will not send you a cease and desist letter, but if it’s their trademark, they can change their mind tomorrow if they wanted to. If you’re in the U.S. you can conduct an online search for trademarks at The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

There are going to be times when you may not be sure when or when not to use a particular brand name. In that case, it’s always best to contact a professional (i.e. your Attorney) who might be able to help you out to get you the right answer. I cannot give you the right answers myself.

The Forums at has actually been a reputable source of good information for legal matters around domain names, but again it’s best to use your own legal counsel.

Is that domain that I want available? 

Most domain name checks are done at the place where you’ll want to get your domain and hosting account. GoDaddy is one, for example, however I recommend going through to get both a domain and hosting account all in one shot. I still use Bluehost for some of my niche sites, and they are currently running a $3.95/month sale (and your get your first domain for free).

So Pat, What’s Your Brand and Domain Name?!

Well…I found a domain name that’s perfect for the food truck business niche, but upon further research I recently discovered that another site was already using that brand name. Interestingly enough, it’s a website on a freely hosted blogging platform, and because I want to do this right and lead by example, I asked my lawyer, Richard, for some advice before diving into it.

He shared that Trademarks work on a “first in time” basis, which basically means that the person who uses it first “in commerce” owns the mark. A website would count as “in commerce.”

He also followed up saying that it’s not so much that there’s the name in the domain name, but that the website is using that brand name in the logo and as an identifier for the site.

If my site took off, the owner could, if they wanted to, file for a trademark and then sue me – which is a little scary.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that the domain name in question consists of fairly generic words, and even if someone were to trademark the phrase (if they could) it might be hard to uphold in court.

So, all this to say that I’m still exploring the brand and domain name. I’m still in love with the one in question, but I’m open for others as well.

I just wanted to keep you up to date and share why I haven’t selected the domain for the case study yet. It’ll happen very soon.

Furthermore, let me just say that I understand what may happen after I reveal the URL.

I realize that I’m in a unique position as someone building a business and website live in front of a large audience. I realize that because of this, there is a very high possibility that people may link to the site or start to talk about it, which  would give me an unfair advantage over someone who doesn’t have a platform and an audience like I do.

I thought long and hard about the idea of not sharing the domain name with you. I thought about buying two domains – a “faux-website”, one that I would add content to over time and share with you but was actually blocked from the search engines, and then I’d post the exact same content on the real website and then reveal that URL once it started to make some movement – but that got too complicated and I would double my workload which would take away energy and time I would need to make any one site succeed. I thought about never revealing the website ever to you, but if I was in your position I’d hate that, even though I would understand why it would need to happen. Plus, I’ll be using my real name and you’d probably eventually find me anyway I would think.

So, like in Niche Site Duel 1.0, I’m going to reveal my URL again – once I arrive at one. Hehe!

I urge you, if you are following this case study, to please not link directly to my niche site URL for any reason. I will not link directly to it here either.

Asking you to do that will help some, but not 100% I’m sure. That said, I believe my results will be not because of this case study, but because of the work I did to create something hopefully worthwhile for the target niche to start talking about and linking to on their own. I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve, so even if you feel my results in the end aren’t actually true to what would normally happen, focus on the strategies and how they are implemented instead. Focus on the ideology behind the marketing and reaching out process, and then you’ll be able to better understand what works and what doesn’t for your own business. This isn’t about my results, it’s about your journey.

If You’re Ready to Build Your Website

If you’re ready to purchase your domain, here’s a quick video I created below that will help walk you through that process. It’s not very hard at all but if you have any questions, please let me know. I do earn a commission if you go through my affiliate link (at no additional cost to you!) and please let me know if you do so I can thank you personally!

One note: you do have the option to privately register the domain. You’ll see this option as you go through the process. What that means is that the information you use to register the domain with Bluehost (or any other company you use) will be hidden from plain site. Any person in the world can look up who registered a domain, and unless your domain is privately registered, they’ll see your name, address, email and phone number as well.

Bluehost and other companies will offer other add-ons like security features and things like that during the checkout process. For now, that stuff isn’t needed – you can always upgrade later. Plus, WordPress can be secured using various plugins that do what we need to do for now.

A few of you might be wondering if it’s smart to also nab the other domain extensions that are available. So for example, if you pick up the .com, should you get the .net, .co, .biz and others?

The answer is: it’s really up to you. I will personally get the other extensions because this is such a public case study, but for you – you may want to pick them up now, or you may want to pick them up later. You may never want or need to pick them up at all. Again, it’s up to you. If you use Bluehost, you can purchase additional domains for $10.00 per domain though your cPanel Admin section after you’re all setup. You don’t need to purchase separate hosting accounts for each domain.

After You Get Your Domain – Join the Leaderboard!

I’m so excited to announce that the NSD2.0 Leaderboard is now ready for deployment. Like, right now!

Yep! My developer, Bryan (who is amazing!) spent the last 3 weeks completing an all out hub for everything Niche Site Duel, which you can find at – remember that.

If you’re participating in NSD2.0, you’re going to visit there quite a bit. It’ll be used to keep track of everyone’s progress, but it’s also a place for discussion since there’s a categorized forum there as well, and most important it’s a place for motivation and accountability. I expect big things from those who put themselves on the leaderboard.

You’ll need to register to join. It’s free! Just go to and follow the instructions, and you’re golden.

Mind you, this was all built from scratch, so if there are bugs – don’t trip out. We’ll get it all worked out.

Mastermind Learning Group (MLG) – The Chosen 5

This weekend, I will be emailing each person who applied for the Mastermind Learning Group. In fact, I’ve already replied to over 150 applicants, and I have around 400 left. Only 5 out of 600+ applicant were selected for the MLG, so if you get a polite no from me, please don’t feel bad. A lot went into my decision and I seriously wish I could take more.

If you applied and haven’t heard back from me yet – I’ll get to you very soon!

There will be more case studies down the road though, I promise, and more opportunities to work closely with me again.

Sign up for for My First Course!

And last, but not least, my first product actually comes out this Monday, July 1st! It’s going to be a part of the next sale and will be packaged alongside some other top products for bloggers and business owners. It’s seriously a ton of value at a steeply discounted price, so I encourage you to go to and watch the trailer (I’m in it – I’m a partner with Only72) and sign up to get notified on Monday about the sale.

This is something I’m super proud of and know will help a lot of people, and thank you so much for all of the encouragement! Without you, the SPI readers, I’d have nothing.

I appreciate you. :)


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    I have been making niche sites (the kind he mentioned at the start of this post) since 2004, and only recently I have realized this was totally the wrong way to go. Wrapping your mind around the fact that you need to build a niche site that best fulfills a gap in a niche, and makes the internet better as a whole is the very best starting point for your new venture.

    Regarding domain names – I completely agree with Pat. While having keywords in your domain name can still be helpful for SEO, I believe a wiser decision is to choose a domain name that is designed for people to like & remember, as opposed to choosing a domain you think will help you rank well in search engines.

    I am pumped up for NSD 2.0. Hopefully I can add some helpful comments during the process. While in the past I have managed to repeatedly do things the wrong way in the make money online/niche website industry, I have learned so much from my past failures that I believe will help me succeed this time around. Hopefully you guys don’t mind me sharing my two cents on these posts… I just have this feeling that I’m supposed to be here not just for me, but to add to the conversation & hopefully helps others succeed by supporting what Pat says, and sharing what I have learned from my previous failures.

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    I don’t know why people want to argue is this a niche or authority site when they should take action by building the niche site. Who cares about it unless your site really help people what they are looking for?

  • Noel

    Had a chuckle to myself when you say not to use numbers and then later refer to your new venture and just goes to show rules are made to be broken. My domain would include a number it is Not to reveal too much but I’ll be blogging about an condition that for those involved know its a 365 day of the year situation that hopefully my readers will connect with.

    As for the competition thing I will join NSD not to be top of the table but to give my family a better quality of life, they will be the ones who decide I’m top.
    See you all on the forum

    • Pat Flynn

      Haha – right? :)

  • Brooke

    Great information! I’m excited about the leader board. A lot of hard work has gone into it. Thank you for that! I’m sure I’ll find it extremely helpful as I progress in the duel.

    I also appreciate the domain naming information, particularly the suggestion to check for trademark issues. It’s isn’t something I had thought of and may have saved my butt! :)
    Thank you again!

    • Iain

      I’m excited as well for the leaderboards.

      The community is a lot of fun as well. A lot of people are learning a lot there which is awesome.

      I’m sure there are going to be a lot of success stories that come out of this.

  • Perry Ning

    Like Pat’s thinking about domain names. When I choose instead of, I had similar thought but not sure. Now seeing Pat said that, I have more confidence about my choice.

    Thanks, Perry Ning

  • Sylvia

    Google is killing me with the EMD/PMD. My one month old site isn’t ranking AT ALL. And it is excellent quality with epic posts (see Franchises I added today…EPIC).

    My previous sites would make page 1 within 3 wks. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I would put up a WordPress site and like clockwork…3 wks page 1. Then last fall they disappeared. Now I know why.

    But what’s the problem with my new site??

    I’ve gotten almost 200 uniques (not counting the peeks from here), made an ebook sale, and have some regular readers that have returned dozens of times. They are using the content as intended. Quality info!

    So what’s up with Google not liking me?? I am I expecting too much too soon?

    • Sylvia

      Oh, and I am learning SO MUCH from Pat. Talk about quality!! And so transparent with his info. I am trying to follow suit on my site. Thank you Pat!

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Sylvia,
      Are you monitoring your site’s index status in Google Webmaster Tools?
      I recommend you to submit a sitemap. You can also use wordpress plugin xml-sitemaps and install it It automatically regenerates sitemap every time you publish a new post. Check for crawl errors in webmaster tools and clear them. If crawlers are not able to scan your site then your site won’t be indexed.

      Check in google How many results you are seeing? This number should be ideally total of your pages+posts+tags.

      Do let me know how it is going?

      • Naveen Kulkarni

        Assuming that your site is the same mentioned in your signature, I tried below in Google — Returned 42 results — No results

        That means, one version of your site has been already indexed by Google. Have you set the preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tool already?

        • Sylvia

          Thank you so much Naveen for taking the time to look at my site and stats.
          It was already set up with sitemap.
          I have not gone to Webmaster Tool yet. Will do that asap.
          I did see in my site monitor account the first week that it got crawled. But no more crawls after that. My previous sites got crawled like weekly.
          Thank you again!

    • Phuong Le

      What you need to do now is finding bad backlinks poiting to your site to see if there is any dirty competitors plays tricks on yr site, if it is right, use the webmaster tool to prevent index those bad link. Then add much more fresh unique contents, about 4 new articles each week.

  • Juan

    Hi Pat,

    I have a quick follow up question about the trademark issue. What if the domain is registered, but parked free (not listed as “for sale”). Is it still considered as “in commerce”?

  • Juan

    if you reveal the new url you will have everybody going to your new website ,all your readers will go, won’t that mislead you.

  • Norm

    Good domain name selection criteria, however in my experience it is very hard to stick to it because of so many domain squatters and people already purchase the names.

    • Rob Schultz

      Norm, I think that’s part of the “sport” of creating an online brand. It’s amazing how much creativity and challenge finding a domain name for an online business can be.

  • arif mardiyanto

    Hi Pat,

    i have question too.. in your opinion, which one is the best for you.. buying pagerank domain (brand-less) or new domain that truly focus on branding?

    since i think buy pagerank domain is better seen from SEO .. whats your suggestion . thank you


  • Steven

    As for my strategy on choosing the domain name is having main keywords in it. It can be org, net, with “-“, etc — but if you have you main kws in the domain name this will definitely be good for rakning.

  • Stephanie

    Your developer should really check his work on the iPad mini. A few layout issues going on there. Nice design though!

  • Tyson

    I always learn from your online business! success always for you pat

  • Tyson

    I always enjoy your posts, pat .. Your blog has provided a lot of inspiration related to online business.

  • Martin

    Hi Pat,

    I tried to submit in the NSD 2.0 but since I’m from east europe my target word (and domain) are both on cyrillic. Because of that it says my target word is not valid and cannot submit. :)

  • Derek @


    I especially agree with your rules #2 and #3. Short and easy to spell seem like two of the most important for success in the short term.

    I try to focus for something is that less than 8-9 characters long.

  • dom


    All the three extensions ( dot com, dot net, dot org) of foodtrucksforsale have already been registered. Have you registered any?

    Most of us have very little knowledge about trademarks for domains and does not have access to domain lawyers, but still in developing and flipping websites. Can you write a post about minimum things to look for regarding trademarks , before buying domains.

  • ray

    pretty excited about following along with this project! quick, semi-related question for Pat and others–when it comes to SEO, which do you think has the advantage (wordpress)–pages or posts?

  • Ron

    Speaking of Branding. Here is a fun map of the most popular brands by state.

  • http:.// Ian

    I think SEOs take too much stock into what Google cares about. There is abolsultely no way that Google can defeat web spam. Period. Create great, useful, and relevant content, and it won’t matter. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same result twice in Google anyways. It’s part luck, part crapshoot, part hard work to build the site’s profile.

    Google is going to continue to alter the algorithim, but again, it will never be a fool-proof system. It’s utterly impossible for Big G to create algorithims that allow for both corporate and “small-timers” to rank in an equitable space.

    Look at what Panda did to all of these 1 page niche sites with EMDs. Destroyed them. But within the past 6 months has anybody who owns these types of sites may have seen an increase in their traffic and Adsense. Sure, it’s bound to disappear eventually, and creating more of an authority niche site should be everyone’s goal, but I just think it’s absolutely impossible to penalize certain ranking factos when it hurts so many legitimate businesses.

    I have seen many legit and quality sites outranked by EMDs to this day.

    • Jerry

      Ian, SEO always been some kind of rat race. Google make a step, SEO make a step and again…. Just try to play Google’s rules… well.. with some smart modifications :)… and everything will be fine. I have also seen many legit and quality sites being outranked but there always is a reason why it happened.
      If this game would be easy then every lazy guy with computer and internet could become a millioner in months.

  • Arwin Adriano

    Looks like everything is in place now. Excited to see future updates with this case study.

  • John Shea

    Awesome Pat, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with this niche. I’m going to go ahead and get registered on Really excited about this!

  • Carlos Coto

    Hi Pat, great info post! Thanks for the branding info, as it will help us to determine our domain.

  • Mike

    Great article. I couldn’t wait and already got my domain name. It it an exact match for the keywords I want to target except for one catch. The domain name I wanted had the word “for” in it. That would have cost me thousands, but I did find a match with the number “4”. Do you think this is good or bad?

    Great article! More!

  • Ankit Bansal

    Lovely article. Choosing a niche and believing in it is very important because you will ultimately work around it. I love the way you write as well.

  • Vic @ DocShare Doctor

    What I respect most about what you do Pat, is how you can take a topic that’s interesting, but not amazingly compelling, and turn it into money like you did with Security Guard Training.

    It takes a lot of focus and love to research something you’re not really passionate about. At least for me. Like making a website on Security guard training or Survival Knives…I don’t know if I could do that.

    Also, I realize you’ll be outsourcing your content and everything, but of course YOU still need to do the research to make sure you sort of know what the deal is in the niche. I guess you know where you’ll be eating dinner for the next…YEAR haha! 😉

    Good luck!

  • Best 7 Seater Suv

    Good luck with your niche site duel 2, Pat.
    I’m watching your progress.

  • Fabrizio

    Hey Pat it’s fantastic to see the leader board finally in motion, looking forward to getting on board and joining the community moving forward with things. Thanks again.

  • Rajendra

    Well, nice information, recently I have just entered in blogging world, your blog has provided me such a amazing information that I m very much thank full to you .

  • Steve

    Newsflash people…..niche sites aren’t determined by size. A 1,000 page site on German Shepherd training would be a niche site.

  • Gary Sanchez

    So I’m a bit confused by the recent Google change. Are EMDs and PMDs now preferred or not? Don’t the recommended tools such as Long Tail Pro place a higher value on EMD/PMD sites?

  • Tim Cos

    Pat, great, just great! I started a niche site a couple of days ago and I try to follow your ideas.

    Good luck with your new niche site.

    Another little question: Have you thought about making your websites available in other languages? Is this something that would gives a boost to your visitors or not?

  • Jennifer


    Will you sell a copy of your wordpress theme for your securityguardtrainning website. I like the design and would like to purchase it.


  • Surendra Thapa

    Hey Pat,
    You’ve been my inspiration for all this and I’m pretty happy to say that I’ve just started a new niche site. I’m currently working on content and hope to monetize in a few months time. I’d been following you since your security guard training website but never attempted my hands at online business. Now, I’m doing it. Thanks.

  • John

    Awesome Pat, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with this niche. I’m going to go ahead and get registered on Really excited about this!

  • Clayton

    I have a question about this

    As a reminder, the keyword I found during keyword research was food trucks for sale, which has a local monthly exact match search volume of 12,100 and a keyword competitiveness score of 30. (click here for the SEO Competition matrix)

    Is there the same thing in Market samurai. I’m trying to figure it out. i’ve had the trial for about 3 days now and I’m not sure if the exact same figure exists. That means it probably does and I just can’t find it. Thanks for all this good info

  • Rina

    Most of the domain name that I choose and get have a hyphen. For domains without hyphens already taken. I hope I choose a domain name that is still able to be remembered by my visitors

    • Anam

      I hope I choose a domain name that is still able to be remembered by my visitors
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      • why

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        has a local monthly exact match search volume of 12,100 and a keyword
        competitiveness score of 3
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  • Keven Keven

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