Niche Site Duel 2.3.0 (UPDATE): We’re LIVE! Landing Pages and Pre-Launch Goals

Niche Site Duel 2.0 LogoAnd we’re LIVE!

Back in June, I revealed a high-search volume / low-competition keyword that I discovered during keyword research that looked very promising to build a site for: food trucks for sale. After some digging, I soon realized that not only were there no major players tackling this niche, but there were no major sites helping food truck owners in general too – nothing reliable to help someone get started with their own food truck, and nothing spectacular to help those who already owned and operated one.

That’s when I decided to think beyond food trucks for sale and instead develop an entire resource dedicated to helping food truck business owners.

Before pressing forward, however, I had to validate my idea.

But how?

Well, I did mention the idea here on the blog and the response from the SPI audience was overwhelmingly positive, but that doesn’t really count as true validation since you’re not really a part of that target audience. The best thing to do would be to ask real food truck owners and operators for their opinion, so that’s exactly what I did.

Conveniently, every Monday and Thursday, 6 to 10 food trucks park and serve food at a school in my neighborhood here in San Diego. On Monday June 24th, the same day I announced the food truck niche idea here on SPI, I showed up 30 minutes before serving time (5:00pm) to make friends and spend some time talking to those who were working on the trucks.

Yes, I was a little nervous, but I knew that’s exactly what I had to do. Thankfully, everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly and everyone was actually very excited to talk about what they do!

A great sign.

The very first question I asked everyone I met was: “If I wanted to start a food truck business of my own, where would I go to find out how to get started?”

This question was extremely important because it would tell me, right away, if there was already a known resource out there serving this niche that I may have missed.

No one gave me the same answer, and no one gave me a specific company, organization or website address, besides Google. Answers ranged from “Google” to “You should job shadow or volunteer on a food truck for a day” to “You’d think there would be a place with all of that information on it, but if there is, I haven’t heard of it yet.”

Most of these people just figured it out on their own, or followed someone else’s footsteps.

Another great sign.

Eventually, I’d get to a point in the short conversations I had where I would ask a more direct followup question, such as: “If there was a website that talked about marketing strategies and had tips specifically for people in your line of work, would you read it?”

They all said yes. 

Mind you, this is a small sampling of food trucks – all from the same city – but their answers were good enough for me to keep pushing forward, and to do so with great motivation.

And today, I’m excited to announce that I finally have something live on the web!


So What Just Went Live?

Last month, I published a detailed post explaining how I plan to launch this new website.

Most websites and blogs start their sites publishing content for an audience of zero. Over (a long) time, an audience will eventually start to grow, but just think about how much of that early content, which so much time and effort is put into, goes unread, or eventually get buried in the archives of a blog never to see the light of day again.

All of the sites I’ve built in the past have started off the same way – publishing for an audience of zero. This time, I’m taking a pre-launch, “coming soon” approach and will do my best to build buzz before the launch of the main site, primarily by building a list with a landing page and driving traffic to it.

A pre-launch phase doesn’t make sense for all niches, but for this particular niche it seems like a perfect opportunity. I can start building buzz now, build relationships with important people and create content – and by the time the main site launches (which is scheduled for September 16th), I’ll already have an audience who can benefit from the content, share it and help spread the word of the new site.

The landing page for my food truck site is now live and my goal is to collect 1000 email addresses from food truck owners and soon-to-be-owners before launch.

In a couple of upcoming podcast sessions and posts, I’ll be sharing details about how I’m going to try and make that happen. It’s going to be a combination of all different kinds of strategies and I’ll make sure to be as detailed as I can, and it’s going to start with optimizing conversions BEFORE we talk about traffic building.


Because if you get 10k visitors to your site but your opt-in rate is 0%, you’re losing – so we’ll be digging deep into best practices for email list conversions next.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous NSD2.0 posts, I’m keeping the brand name and URL of the site hidden for now so that I can keep the numbers as real as possible. If I mention the site now, it’ll be hard to tell if those who sign up to the email list are people actually interested in food truck ownership, or simply those in the SPI audience interested in this case study.

Currently, I have 2 emails on my list – my developer’s, and my own – so I’m totally starting from scratch here and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Once the main site goes live I’ll be more than happy to share the URL with you, as well as all the details about how the site was built, brand inspiration and all that good stuff. Then, we’ll be hardcore in traffic-building, community-building and content-creation mode, all the while thinking about monetization as well.

The NSD2.0 posts will definitely come much more frequently at that point, especially because you’ll have something to reference.

My New Favorite Piece of Software!

The main goal of a landing page is to quickly get people excited about something so that they’ll perform one action, which is typically to sign up to an email list.

A good landing page or squeeze page:

  • Has no options for the user other than to perform the desired action. There are no additional links, navigation items or calls to actions other than signing up to the email list.
  • Is responsive in design so that it can easily be read from any device.
  • Has a large, clear, and magnetic headline that captures people’s attention, with a few, precise copy points below.
  • Is designed to make it incredibly easy to read and/or watch (if there is a video included) and then perform the desired action.

There are many different ways to create a landing page. I’ve setup landing pages manually before using a New Page in WordPress and then hacking my theme so I could create a template that has no sidebars and no navigation. Then, I’d drop in a script for an email form that was designed in my email service provider – and it worked – but they weren’t the prettiest pages in the world and were definitely not optimized for conversions simply due to my lack of HTML and CSS knowledge.

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with LeadPages (from the same company that developed LeadPlayer), which makes it incredibly easy to choose from a growing library of well-designed, responsive landing pages and have them setup and integrated with an email service provider or webinar service in minutes. I love the software so much, I’ve been working with Clay and the LeadBrite team as an advisor, and that in itself has been an awesome experience.

Clay will be the next guest on the SPI podcast and we’re going to talk all about best practices for lead generation. The session has already been recorded and I can say with confidence that it’s going to be in the running for one of the top podcast sessions to date.

What’s really cool about Clay and his company is that they keep track of the performance of all of the landing page templates in their system, and his data reveals exactly what’s working and what’s not – everything down to the color of the button that you should use and the wording in the headlines – it’s AWESOME. Clay will share all of this and more on the upcoming SPI podcast (#78), and there are a lot of giveaways too – including some of the best converting landing page templates that are in HTML format so you don’t need LeadPages in order to use them.

Beyond that…

I’m Hosting a Free List Building LIVE Event

I also invited Clay to help me host a free live event for you next week to visually demonstrate more best practices for lead generation, and I’ll show you exactly how I put my landing page together with LeadPages too.

The purpose of the event is to help you (and me!) discover even more ways to help us better optimization our email conversions and rapidly grow our list.

Whether you’re interested in landing page software or not (this isn’t a pitchfest for LeadPages, although it is an incredible helpful landing page tool so of course we’re going to talk about it!) this is definitely going to be an event  that you don’t want to miss. As most of you know, I only do webinars and events like this once in a blue moon, so you know it’s going to rock!

Clay was also nice enough to create a LeadPages template edition of my ‘Let Go’ custom book landing page (which is on If you attend the webinar live, you’ll get access to this template so you can use it yourself and he’s giving away other goodies for free too.

We’ll be doing the live event two days in a row – each day will contain the same material so you only need to attend one. This is so that we could give more people an opportunity to watch live, depending on location and timing. And yes, there will be a section for Q&A each day as well.

I hope to see you there!
Editor’s Note: These events have passed—thanks to all who attended!

A Special Note from Pat: “Can You Do All of This Too?”

In the next formal NSD2.0 update, I’ll be going over the elements of the main site that will be included on the main Food Truck site, as well as ideas for content generation. Then, I’ll update you on the progress of the landing page and traffic building.

Before I finish up today’s update, I wanted to end with something that I know is on a lot of people’s minds about NSD2.0. I’ve addressed a similar concern before, and it’s worth addressing again. The concern is best voiced by Jon who left a comment on my latest income report. Jon said:

By the sound of it, you are going “large” with this. It’s going to be a multimedia extravaganza and big launch. All well and good, but it’s losing the “common touch”. Many of us out here want to see something we can replicate in the cracks in our schedules – we don’t have a team or the wealth of experience. NSD 1.0 could be implemented easily by the solopreneneur and we could identify with it. I fear NSD 2 is going to lose that identity and move away from the sentiment “I could do that”. You know it’s going to give us all ready made excuses to not try!!!

I understand the pressure you’re under to do a good job on it, and I will still be intrigued to see what’s possible.

Just a thought…


First of all, let me just say, this is why I love this blog – the community is amazing and isn’t afraid to voice concerns for the betterment of the entire community. Thank you Jon, for your concerns and your honesty!

Here is my response:

I love the fact that it’s being perceived that I’m going “large” with this, because thats exactly how I want the site to feel to its target audience, even before the site goes live. I hope this shows everyone what a pre-launch page can do for a brand’s image.

Should I “go small”? No way!

Larger doesn’t mean things that you can’t do yourself, and I don’t believe that any of what I’m doing is out of reach for anyone in the SPI audience. I’m not dedicating hours each day to this project, and I am creating this in the cracks of my own schedule too.

The purpose of NSD2.0 is to show that all of this isn’t as scary as it might seem, and that yes, you can do it too. I could more easily just create a site on my own, never talk about how it was put together and then all of a sudden start talking about the money that the site earns. This is a “This is WHAT I did, now you can do it too” approach, which doesn’t work for me and I know it doesn’t work for you either.

Instead of “This is WHAT I did,” it’s:

“This is HOW I did it.”

In other words, “These are the exact steps I’m taking and you can learn from the things that do and do not work along the way. You may have previously thought you couldn’t do these things, but this is how you can, and here are your options.”

Everything I’ve done so far with NSD2.0, and everything I plan to do will be things that you’ll be able to do too. The old NSD1.0 way doesn’t work quite as well anymore, and the example I’m trying to set here is that if you want a long term business – a real business that grows a large audience, you’re going to have to “go large” to properly serve that audience, stand out of the crowd and build a site that lasts – a site that actually matters.

Yes, I’m taking a completely different approach than before, but I would hope that a solopreneur would rather strive for something like this. This is the example I’m trying to set. Yes, it’s more work upfront – but that means more potential for bigger rewards down the road.

Like I mentioned before, I’m trying to redefine how people think about “niche sites”. The food truck business owner is my niche, and this site is how I plan to serve them. The site just happens to be treated like a real business and I feel that deserves to be perceived as a big deal.

Yes, this “harder” (and smarter) approach will give you more excuses to not try, but here’s something to think about:

When something in life causes you to create excuse after excuse after excuse to NOT to do something, that’s probably something worth doing – something that could potentially change your life.

To sum this all up, I’m taking it up a few levels, and I hope you will too. 

The next update is coming soon, and get ready for a killer podcast with Clay Collins in a couple of days.

Thanks everyone! You’re awesome. :)

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Great start for NSD2.0 Pat. And this Niche site site will overtake even authority sites, I believe :-) I am sure, with the depth you go into the research as far as any subject is concerned, I am sure you may end up building not just a “Niche site’. but a new whole online empire for food trucks.

    And, Pat we will follow you throughout your journey and may be collect some useful pieces from your research for our own strategies.

    • Sylvia

      Well said Naveen! “…a whole online empire…” We certainly will be following Pat’s journey and picking up loads of useful tips for our own journeys. Thanks again Pat for all you do and share.

      • Naveen Kulkarni

        Absolutely !!

  • GAK Tech

    I would really be interested in seeing how you get optins for a brand new blog and launch with a bang.

    Should be a fun ride, let’s GO :)

    • John Gibb

      I’m sure Pay will do a great job, he has his own methods, and some of these are new to him as well… what counts is to track , test, tweak and adjust… and never give up, is it?

      I’m as excited as you are as niche blogging is my game…

      Do you have any sites yourself?

  • Sylvia

    Go large and build a site that matters. That’s exactly what I have been working towards. And your validation of that strategy makes all the extra time, energy and hard work worth it.

    Can’t wait to see how you go about doing this. It’ll be great, no doubt.

  • Ross

    Did I miss something… where is the new landing page?

    • Ewen

      He is setting now, not public yet.

  • Kingsley Agu

    This is cool…. Finally you updated at last… Let me hasten up with my own preparations; I don’t want you surpassing me anytime soon.

  • Chris

    Hey Pat, thanks for the update. I have a 1 page landing page to sell a physical product and was planning to create a whole niche site (resources and blog) around it. I wasn’t sure whether to go down that path though, or setup a completely new site under my own personal brand and be an authority for that subject, serving my niche from that site? I would then just host the products that I co-create with my audience on the site I have already created with the 1 product so far, and serve helpful content to my niche from my personally branded site. Appreciate your feedback.

    • John Gibb

      hi Chris

      Before Pat answers, allow my 2 cents…

      You could get your own name domain name, and use that as your brand, I’d not buy a different website, if the one I already have is niche relevant, and memorable…

      Hope it helps…

  • Riza

    I am in awe. Not only with how brilliant you had been for coming up with the idea of doing a personal survey with food truck owners, but with your determination, hard work, and PATIENCE. I mean, not everyone would be that patient to go through all that just to make sure a niche like that is possible.

    Keep it up! We would like to hear more of this in the coming days and months. :) Your post by the way, has been shared and “Kingged” on the IM social networking site, because of its inspiring content.

  • John Gibb

    Great great news Pat

    You’re a model of inspiration for us all… helping us see how we can take our little sites or even a niche site empire (I own 300+ aged domains/niche blogs) next level…

    Let’s up our game plan and skills!

    Cannot wait to hear your podcast with Clay Collins… I know he’s a top marketer although he’s not in the spotlight/everywhere as you are… :)


  • Gisela

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  • Brian

    I like the fact that you are putting more into this pre-launch. It is all stuff that I have learned through your podcast so I do not see where the surprise is for some readers.

    Anyway good luck with your research.

    Inspiring to see a you putting in the work. I think too many people want an easier way to make money online. They might be better of checking out black hat methods. Thank you Pat for adding value and showing everyone how to do the same.

  • Craig

    Hi Pat,

    This is really interesting and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out as I’m at exactly the same stage in building my first online niche site!

    I hear from a lot of online marketers that you need to be really passionate about the particular niche that you base your online business/website on, otherwise it will fail. Recently Corbert Barr discussed this in one of his podcasts. I’d be really interested to know where you stand on this?

  • Goran @ Niche Cove

    Hey Pat!

    I glad you posted another update. I’m really excited to see how NSD2.0 works out.

    I have a potential keyword I could use, I just have to go see how you check the competition and monetization options, as I felt a bit behind with your posts about NSD. Hope I can catch up soon and implement your techniques.


  • kirit koladiya

    “When something in life causes you to create excuse after excuse after excuse to NOT to do something, that’s probably something worth doing – something that could potentially change your life.”–Amazing…Inspiring

  • Thomas Bock

    Moin Moin Pat,

    I failed to participate in NSD2 – I am glad you are on track with it. I look forward to read even more and I am very curious how the project will grow.

    Thank you,

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  • Mark McKnight

    Hi Pat,

    After reading you post my main concern is that if you publish your URL you will get 1000 signups to your list really quickly but more likely from people on here being inquisitive to see how you are going to follow up with your new food truck niche subscribers.

    Also LeadPages is great by the way. I think their squeeze page designs are some of the highest converting of all time.

    • John Gibb

      hey Mark

      that’s also what I believe to be the case… Pat’s too genius as a marketing mind… so we reverse engineer everything he does in order to be able to achieve similar success with our niche sites…

      I see you’re starting a blog on IM yourself? Hope it works out well for you, although the niche is super competitive… what would be your unique advantage if you could share, and what do you plan to reveal or experiment next with? :)

    • Sylvia

      Pat already explained in this post and previous posts that he’s not releasing the url to the pre launch landing page here for that very reason. If we all start joining that list it skews the numbers. He’s way ahead of you with that issue.

  • Ken

    Just curious, how is the NSD 2.0 Mastermind Group doing? I’d love to see an update on the approach each of them are taking.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Lucian

    Pretty interesting idea to build buzz before launch for a niche website. Personally, I would’ve never thought about doing it for your niche, but now that I think about it it makes sense. Not sure how good it is in your particular case where the niche is public and by September 16th you will probably have 20 competing websites launched already and with content on, but I guess we’ll see soon :)

    • John Gibb


      What amazes me about Pat is that he’s never afraid to try new things and experiment with what most people would say “It doesn’t work”, or “Never has done such…”

      I have a similar approach to online businesses, and that’s why I’m still in the niche site/SEO industry, after a decade in the game…

      What about you? I see you have an interesting “blogging” site… sharing some nice stuff … how does it work for you?

  • John

    Great post!

  • Chris Hufnagel

    Great post! It is often forgotten how important the pre-launch phase is. Being able to collet email addresses and further validate your idea will not only make the launch more successful, but increase your excitement about the launch in knowing that lot’s of people are excited for it!


  • Leonardo

    I’m in! Anybody from Italy :)

  • Sean Heck

    Thanks pat! glad we got to see another update on this! and I agree with your reasons for not going small! its not that the site is something is out of reach for those of us just learning. i think its more about people being afraid to go all in on this and use the site being “big” as an excuse to allow themselves to fail.

  • Greg

    Hello Pat! Looking forward to following this process.

    I was curious if you’ve ever used the tool Premise from Copyblogger? I know you’ve used Thesis in the past so I was curious if you had any experience with that tool as well.

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  • Dan @ LWT USA


    Random question: I just read an article about SEO and the h1, h2, etc. tags and it advised to always follow the order starting from h1 and never skip one. Looking at the source code of your article I noticed that you skip .
    So my question is, how important is this tip or is this just old information that used to be important in SEO in the past.

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Dan @ LWT USA

      Actually, this question goes to everyone in the SPI community, not just Pat.
      If you have an answer for me, I appreciate every tip. I’m not looking forward to change the headings of my entire blog, so I’m curious about your opinions.

    • John Gibb

      hi Dan

      Until Pat answers… here’s my take, you should do your own testings and experiments, regardless of I, Pat or others say or think… Google says one thing, but SERPs show different things

      I have sites where I use H1 and H2 tags, and others where I don’t or simply forget… yet, I still rank… some of my partners never used H tags, yet they ranked, so I don’t believe this to be a key factor…

      • Dan @ LWT USA

        Thanks John. Yeah, I never paid a lot of attention to the H tags, so some of my articles have them based on the size I thought would look good and others don’t have any.
        I’ll definitely play around with it and see if it makes a difference, although this could be a little difficult to measure.

  • Ray @ Make Your Hair Grow Faster

    Looking forward to this! And, on a related note, I’m now starving, and will soon be hunting down our local Cajun food truck…

  • egdcltd

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  • Steve

    The last podcast was awesome…! So I expect the next two will be what I need as I’m actually at the point where I’m also considering a launch too. I will be patient and wait for the seminar (I’m all signed up) and for the next weeks of SPI…..!

  • Steve

    Don’t know why I forgot my question..? But here it is, will you be sharing how your site information architecture will be developed..? As this is a new brand and a new industry for you how will you take content and use it on the site ?

  • Richard

    Hi Pat,

    I really love the food truck idea and the fact that you are going after it to be an amazing resource for off-line entrepreneurs! Sort of like what you do with this site, but for a different set of start ups!

    One question, and I don’t recall if you have addressed it before…but, how are you handling localized search results? When I do Google searches for food truck terms I get a lot of results for my region (Tampa Bay), but few general results. I’d love to hear if you think this will be an issue and how you will tackle it.



    • Jon Watkins


      The whole “keyword” local search is a nuance that I don’t feel gets addressed. For example I repeated Pat’s search “Food trucks for sale” and my Browser defaults it’s locale to the UK. This scored 91 UK vs the 12,100 for a USA locale! Clearly it’s wouldn’t have got past first base here if I’d have followed the mantra “exact match local” searches and so I can inadvertently miss out on some great business opportunities.

      There’s no reason why I can’t target e.g. a US market (for some things), so for us non US guys I’ve almost got to add another step in my keyword research which checks the keywords in other locales.

      Just another thought…


  • Jared

    The question I thought you were going to answer and got excited about when you said “I wanted to end with something that I know is on a lot of people’s minds about NSD2.0” is actually what strategy differences between NSD 1.0 & 2.0 will you take to address SEO changes like the Panda updates, etc?

  • Matt

    “Thanks everyone! You’re awesome. :)”

    No Pat – Your Awesome!

  • Brandi

    Will you please keep your landing page up moved to a subdomain after launch so we can see what you used :)

  • jacob | iHeartBudgets

    Man, I LOVE this approach. Seriously. So much better than armchair site building, and “hoping” you make it big. You are asking the REAL people what they would do, what they think, and you are confirming that there is a REAL need here. I just started putting together my research for my keyword(s), but interviewing my potential audience would be something almost NONE of my competition is doing. Brilliant. Now I have to go to my family, friends, neighbors, strangers to see if what I’m thinking of is something that people really want.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Victor Björklund

    Exciting to follow the progress!

  • Carlos

    Hey Pat, thanks for taking your time as always to explain everything! I believe that we must start to think and feel that we must give 100% to each and every project… if not, then why bother? We all want big money earned, but almost no one is willing to go through all of the process, and people always want to cut corners… Sometimes the corners teach us, and we learn more this way. Lets not cut corners, but keep it believable and doable.. keep it up, and Lets take it up a notch!

  • No Waste

    This is my first exposure to SPI, and I’m blown away.

    Way to go man, that’s some grade A choice Internet Savvy you got there!

  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Awesome! Can’t wait to follow up and read more. Such a smart idea to go towards the food truck niche…they’re so popular right now, but you’re right, under-served!

  • Zane Claes

    Good stuff, Pat. In case you don’t already know: there are some Food Truck groups / organizations / etc. here in San Francisco. For example, “Off the Grid” is a SF staple. There’s also food truck maps, twitter accounts, etc. to track your favorite trucks here. I’m sure you’re already looking at how to work with these services, though :)

  • Philip Kleudgen

    Hey Pat,
    thanks for sharing all this advice with us. I never read from another marketer that he surveyed his niche offline before starting! I’m really looking forward how the site actually works out :-)

    P.s.:I will have to post my next update to not be left behind you!

    • Serge Marchuk (@MrMarchuk)

      It doesn’t specifically have to be *offline* surveys 😉 It depends on your target.

      For example, for my business (un-related to NSD 2.0 site I’m doing), I wrote a few posts that asked for input from potential future customers. I got quite a bit of feedback and that was the reason I decided to pursue the idea and create a company around it: the feedback not only verified that it was a good idea to launch the company, but also gave me a few pointers regarding to exactly what people were looking for. Now not only do I have a website/company, but it’s also much more tailored to my customers than it would have been pre-survey. 😉

      • Philip Kleudgen

        Hey Serge,

        I agree that it is always a good idea to talk to other people before you start a business. Some market research never hurts, but it’s hard to survey a non exisitng audience before your site goes live! You would have to depend on Forums, Q& A sites and so on.

        Pat used his location as advantage and talked to real people offline – I liked the idea. Sometimes we just miss the obvious things when we’re doing stuff online!

        • John Gibb


          Pat is a good example of using what you already have, taking advantage of every opportunity (most of them are hidden under our own nose anyway)

          And in regard to missing the obvious things… I want to leave you guys with a super interesting article

          The story of Obvious Adams…

          Enjoy it!

  • Dems

    Thanks Pat for the inspiration, It takes a lot of courage to tackle a problem out there and provide solution. I am following your example and thinking of ways of going bigger with my blog without breaking the bank!

    • John Gibb


      Pat is teaching us, that anyone needs to have the GUTS to out-rank themselves and fight their fears and most intimate assumptions…

      That’s why I keep reading his stuff, and most importantly, implement it.

      The speed of implementation is what makes all the difference, isn’t it?

  • Robert Marsh

    Hey Pat,
    You do not cease to amaze me with so much damn good and helpful content here lol

    And may I add it is extremely generous of you to be developing a Website in front of us with a niche that is untapped.

    There are not many people who have the balls to do that 😉 Plainly said there are so many people trying to find and steal ideas from others on the Web. Most of us in your position would not leak any of this.

    But you come out and show your cards to all your readers.

    By the way , if anyone did try to compete with you in this niche I would bet the farm you would have the upper hand. No question they would be fools to try

    But again thanks for sharing these incredible tips and this makes me want to keep coming back for more !


    • John Gibb


      I don’t doubt many people will try to build similar sites in the food trucking business, no wonder… but I’d rather build something BIG and for long-term in an arid niche, where competition is very low or nonexistent, like in Pat’s case…

      What about you?

      What motives you to move forward and try what Pat is teaching us?

  • Dani


    Great post, I am waiting for the next Podcast with Clay Collins. It will be great! I also signed up for the Webinar this Friday 30th.

    I`ve got one question about your Podcasts.

    About a week ago I was downloading your Podcasts to my computer and then onto my phone so that I can listen to them while I am out. (I dont have an unlimited internet on my phone so it saves me data fees if I use my computer`s internet connection)

    A thought that popped up back then was that you dont have a direct download button/link that will allow me to save the podcast to my computer with one click.

    I had to look up your page source, find your .mp3 file link, copy that into a new tab, and then right-click and save as. :)

    Is the download link something you intentionally left out?



    Exciting stuff i joined the NSD 2.0 and am itching to get the ball rolling on some stff.Thanks for all you do for the Bloggers sphere Pat

  • Pavi

    Pat, following the theme of “in the cracks” it would be GREAT to see along the way how much “official time” you’ve spent on each stage of the process… not the thoughts you have while doing other chores, but the “sit down” time you devote to the stages, just as an approximate idea. Some measures may not be relevant (e.g. ” I spent 4 hours a day for 6 days doing Keyword research”) but “2 hours spent creating landing page” or “8 hours spent on researching competitors” may give the audience a guide and dispell myths on how long some activities may take (or get those of us being lazy to realise we need to devote more time to get the results!). Of course 1 Pat Flynn hour = 2.5 regular person hours, but it all helps! Best, Pavi

  • Christoph Engelhardt

    Hi Pat,

    I think it might be helpful if you keep track of time & expenses that you put into the NSD 2.0.
    That way you could answer to Jon: “Hey. I spend less than 100 hours over 4 weeks and just $500 to make this work. You can do this!”

    Just a thought…

    PS: I also send you an email with an offer to help.

  • Manu

    Pat great post and I’m definitely in agreement about going big. Though I am working in a completely different niche, I have been in the process of helping a friend research how to start a food truck business. He’s been running into similar issues with lack of resources or organized information about this industry. So this will be very helpful for him too. Something else that might be of relevance to your research was an ad I saw in a business magazine to get insurance for food trucks. It was one of the big insurance companies so this might be something to look into. Hope this helps. Keep up the great work.

  • Tina

    Great update Pat. I like your go big approach. I didn’t get in on the first dual. So this second one is all I know and for my it’s exciting has be thinking about things that I didn’t think were possible. I have 3 niches I hope to accomplish. With your lead I know it will all be possible. Can’t wait till August 30th!!

  • Sharon

    Hey Pat, just wanted to let you know I am completely on board with your new approach to “go large”. After you let us know your plan of how to tackle the “food truck” niche, I though ‘I can do that too’. That fits my plan for my niche as well.

    So excited to follow along with you!!!

  • Henry

    Hey Pat

    Fascinating and inspiring post! We (the SPI community) are so blessed to have you show us like this – no, really Thank You Pat! I didn’t plan it this way but weirdly I’m thrilled to say that my Niche Site also went live today!! Its taken me a while too but that’s ok and I’m ‘stoked’ as you say over there across the Pond! This is my first ever attempt at a niche site and so I’m just following your lead, and as you say in the post knowing that I CAN DO IT is so encouraging and learning the ‘how’ from you Pat is just awesome. Really enjoying the ride and looking forward to sharing on the nsd site. Cheers Pat!

    (United Kingdom)

  • james

    I’ve spent the last few days procrastinating on work for my site because I think who am I to start this and make recommendations to people, then I read this and your last paragraph gives me the slap in the face I needed!! Great work Pat, keep it coming.

  • Fran

    Hi Pat!

    Great news! Now I am really curious to see what is your lead conversion rate and how many you get a month. Looking forward to the next post!

  • Pramod

    Best of Luck Pat with Niche Site Duel ! Thanks for sharing these details with us .


  • Angelica Tse

    I hope to participate in your program, not as a spectator only.

  • Ryan Cote

    Pat, I like your strategy about creating an opt-in page to build interest and an email database before you officially go live. I’m interested to see what strategies you use to drive traffic to this squeeze page.

  • Carlo Krouzian

    Thanks Pat,

    This step by step dual is awesome. It practically holds our hand and shows is what to do. You’re style of being transparent is also very helpful and encouraging too. You give away so much free content that it positions you to be the go to guy for internet marketing and also wants to give you my business through your affiliate links.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jon Watkins


    Wow! I’m totally ‘stoked” as you would say, to be mentioned in dispatches in the blog post. It’s great to spark some debate and to add “going large” as a new term, lol!

    First off, I love that your attempts to validate your idea, reminds me of a cross between Dane Maxwell (The Foundation) doing his pain interviews and a bit of Lean Startup thrown in. Top work.

    To qualify my “go large” comment a bit, I was combining your posts with some podcast comments you made about possibly doing a Food truck podcast and coinciding the launch with a TV program launch. That was in my head with the “multimedia extravaganza” comment. It all gave me the sense that the barriers to entry were being raised and that you were moving away from “passive” income to more “proactive” income. As you say this is going to be a more sustainable business.

    I guess it all depends on your definition of “passive” income. I think what you are doing now is an evolution of your initial concept. Evolving beyond the multiple passive niche sites that require minimal input. This is what initialled attracted me to your brand (though I too, have evolved now). Is it moving away from your core theme?

    I’m not complaining here, merely, dutifully pointing out that I perceive the ship have changed course slightly. If this is intended, all well and good, but it could be you have been very task focused and too far down in “the muck and the bullets” to step back and notice.

    Just a few more thoughts….

    Jon (from across the pond)

    • Pat Flynn

      I don’t think there will be a TV component to it – a podcast, most likely because it makes sense for this niche, but the TV thing I don’t recall mentioning – maybe I did.

      To clarify, any type of income, passive or active, takes some kind of work. The minimal work to get results I did before (NSD1.0) doesn’t work anymore and doesn’t secure a long term business. I still plan to get to a point, however, where I put in the work and then let it run on it’s own. This is similar to I worked on that site for a year and a half, almost daily, before monetizing it, and now for the past 4.5 years it’s been providing a solid income for me each and every month, with very very minimal work – sometimes 1-2 hours of upkeep per month.

      I feel like I’m going back to THAT now, if that makes sense.

      Thanks again for your thoughts Jon, and for continuing the important conversation! I’m glad you didn’t feel like I was “calling you out” here, because that definitely was not the case. Your thoughts are completely valid, and like I said I’m happy you’re here!

      • Jon Watkins


        You can “call me out” anytime you like!

        I can’t remember the exact TV comment either, but I got the impression it was something on your broadcast TV rather than something you were going to create. I didn’t know if you’d planned to ride on the wave that was creating.

        I take your points about the need for a different strategy this time around. After all, we are seeking your guidance and benefitting from your closer feel for what is now required to achieve results.

        I look forward to the site unfolding.

        Jon ( your young -alright old- Padawan)

        • Nick

          I believe Pat said on the podcast he planned to coincide the launch of his new website with the start date of a new cable TV program about food trucks.

  • Alvin Chadwick

    Great article, thanks for sharing!

  • Mike

    I think its great that you’re going large because this is what it takes to build a successful online business and if you want to sustain your site and reap large benefits that you’re going to need to put in the effort. Great work Pat!

  • muddaser

    A couple of things i want to say,
    1) How do you say for a normal blog lets say for example; like a person who wants to share what games out there are awesome in his view. how would he be able to create a buzz first and then launch.

    2) And 2nd i would like to say is i, as an audience, is expecting a step by step guide for creating a buzz for the starters (by starters i mean the people who are not financially able to support expensive campaigns).



    Great stuff. I really think you’re onto something here. I like the idea of building buzz before just launching the site for zero readers. If I had run across your idea on this a couple months earlier, I probably would have tried to implement this approach. It sounds like it will be a real winner for you!

    I’ll be really interested to hear the results over time on this idea. Good luck!

  • Affiliate

    Pat have you ever tried sites like squidoo to promote pages or heard of anyone doing it? I am trying to sell a clickbank product on my page and so far it is not working at all. I put the link below. Thanks for your help and good luck!

    • ajb240

      I believe Pat used squidoo as part of his backlinking strategies in NSD1.0. According to him, those strategies are not as effective now as they used to be but probably still have some place in the greater pantheon for building traffic.

    • Brian

      You might be able to get some help from Pat’s podcast with Nicole Dean. It is about “making money by making the Internet better”. A lot of people just throw stuff together to attempt to make money and then question why it isn’t working. Sometimes they will even make their name their keyword for anchor text and comment spam in peoples websites. I have even see them toss a link to their site in the comment itself too as if the link in their name wasn’t enough.

      Anyway here is the link to SPI 009

    • Siege

      Try going to
      She has some material that should help you with marketing on squidoo.

  • Brent Hale

    Genius! My girlfriend got me hooked on the Food Network and I’ve noticed that food trucks are a pretty big deal.

    Here where I live (in Reno, NV) all of the food trucks get together downtown on Friday night and it draws some pretty big crowds.

    I’ve even urged my girlfriend to consider starting a food truck and so I’m pretty interested to see the content this site will have to offer.

    In any case, I have no doubt that you’re going to kill it in this niche.

    Best of Luck!

  • Arwin Adriano

    Hi Pat,

    I hope today is September 16 as I am very excited to see your project outcome. Looking forward to hear more updates with your niche duel project.

    Good luck and keep it up.



  • Will Lee

    Hi Pat,

    One topic I would find massively helpful for you to address is one of optimizing site content grouping or layout. Specifically, is it is better for SEO and ranking purposes to put most content on a single large page, or to break it down and organize pages by content category? For example, in the Security Guard niche, you put a lot of different topics (and keywords) on the homepage, put the state requirements on other somewhat “hidden” pages (not accessible directly through the main menu), then added many posts over time. You have gotten significant traffic this way. Would you be getting much less or more traffic if you broke this up (organized this differently) into topic categories accessible from the main menu?

    In short, I recognize there are two sides to the equation, making the site well organized and intuitive for the visitor vs. optimizing to maximize SE rankings, so how do you balance this? I have not seen this addressed anywhere on the net, and we could all benefit from a discussion of how to think about this issue.

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

  • Harlan

    Pat, I’ve been VERY upset with the niche you chose for NSD 2.0. I can’t stay silent anymore! It’s been bothering me ever since you announced it! Before you think this is a negative comment, I’d also say that I think your topic is a blessing in disguise! Let me explain.

    I’ve been building online assets in the food truck niche for the last 1.5 years. I can tell you first-hand that you discovered an excellent topic. Your entry into this niche definitely throws a wrench into things because now I have to compete with you! I was going to stay out of NSD 2.0 but you’ve pretty much forced me to step up my efforts in this niche. This is a good thing though! I know this niche has a lot to offer.

    Like you, I also did some promotion which coincided with the premiere of Season 4 of The Great Food Truck Race last weekend. And out of all the niches I’ve tried, this is the one where I’ve been able to get the most email subscribers out of all of them!

    Your NSD 2.0 posts have been interesting for me to read because it brings back memories of similar research I did when I got into the food truck niche. I still read everything I can about food trucks. My friends even wonder if I “secretly” own a food truck because I talk about it so much!

    Good luck and I look forward to your next update!

  • Stefan

    I am a huge user and fan of Lead Pages as well. The one complaint I have is that almost all the Calls to Actions for the templates are subscriber/sign up based. That is great but would like to see more options there. For example a Call to action that involves clicking on a button or a link. They have a few but not many.

  • Charlie

    Thanks for the update Pat, looking forward to the next one already

  • Dionne

    Patt I love how you never rest on your laurels and keep grinding everday. You are leading a great example for your readers.

  • Errol Mury

    Hey Pat! What are your insights on Google Keyword Tool that will be removed in September? I tried the new Keyword Plan and I didn’t like it. What I usually do is I always use the categories in Google Keyword Tool but its not available in the Google Keyword Plan. Is this the end?!

  • Angelica tse

    I think we can still use the other as keywords keywrds tiil tool dominator

  • Paul F.

    Thanks for sharing all you informative information. I just discovered your site a few days ago and after digging deeper into it I came across your the ironic thing is that a friend and myself are in the process of drawing out plans to open a food truck in 2014 here in the Baltimore,MD area. Cant wait to see the site.

  • James Petzke

    Awesome Pat, thanks for the update. My site is live as well now, grinding away at it.

    I’m a huge fan of LeadPages. I’m not doing an email list on my particular site for NSD 2 yet, but when I do I’ll definitely be using them for product sales pages and email list building.

  • Eric Michael

    I agree with you, Pat. There are not many truly “passive” income approaches. You might be able to make a decent paycheck here and there by building a blog or business and then letting it coast, but if you want to make a decent income, it takes some work.

    My book “Passive Income for Life”, for instance, outlines a very effective method that is a proven plan for building a profitable Amazon business at a very low cost. But, it still takes some work. There is upkeep for almost any “passive” business, but the best thing about passive incomes sources is that whether you decide to really crank on a passive income source during a particular time period, or not, it will still earn you money while you vacation or sleep.

    It’s been nice to have my Amazon income kicking without doing anything besides shipping sold items, while I build other income sources like my books and blog. It’s all about time management.

  • Ben Meyers

    Looking foward to seeing this beast when it comes out :)

  • Michael

    As someone who has built several brick and mortar businesses, I think it’s very naive thinking to believe you can research a topic and through that research you now have the expertise to coach others that will actually invest real money, put their lives on the line and actually do the business. If you want to really learn how a business works and become a resource for others, there’s only one way… do the business yourself. Learn what really matters to do the business successfully, then through that experience, you will truly have authority and wisdom to share that has real value. Am I wrong about this?

  • Fortunatas

    Thanks for sharing great stuff, Pat! Best of luck in the project.

  • Vence en mi

    Awesome, taking niche sites to the next level. Sweet!


    Nice to know your experience bro. I also read your previous experience with Tyrone. Lots of cool new stuffs and techniques I learned from this.

  • probate will

    ohhh…nice work you guys are doing…excellent progress graph…keeping growing…our all best wishes with you.

  • Alexander Combs

    I fully agree with the idea that if you’re starting something that makes you a little nervous or uncomfortable, you’re probably going to do something that will enrich yourself or your business, or at least learn more about yourself in the process.

    The same could be said of excuses, but some excuses are legitimate. For example “I don’t have time to do this project” is not a valid excuse, but “I estimate this project will require 20 hours per week to succeed, and I can only invest 10” is a reason to not begin the project.

    I think Pat nailed why some of his audience is dissatisfied or disappointed with his particular niche site approach, but I think their reasons are valid. Could a beginner build a site like Pat is attempting and be successful within a reasonable amount of time? I honestly don’t think they can.

    There is so much to learn and so many different aspects of “going big” that have to align, a beginner simply can’t become an instant expert in all of these, even with all of the great info Pat and others provide. Think about how many beginners fail at the very first step: finding a good niche. Add all of the other steps into the mix: lead generation, quality video content, quality written content, quality audio content, payment model, promotion, retention, delegation, etc. Failing any of these could fatally wound the project, even if you succeed in all the others. For beginners, it’s an experiment with way too many variables.

    Of course, for people experienced in the industry and experienced with these skills, it makes sense to “go big” because it’s the best use of your advantages.

    Personally, I was looking forward to an updated model of a process that takes less steps, even if it provided less maximum possible return, since I can internalize a few steps done well and use that as a foundation to build on in the future.

    But, as always, it’s Pat’s choice and in this case, I don’t think I’m the audience, unfortunately.

  • Bonescal

    I agree with a lot of the posts here, if I did this full time it would be different, but I work 8-10 hrs a day so I have limited time. i’D like to see the ways to do this cheaply even outsourcing some things, it makes more sense for me to spend $100 or $200 to get a lot done instead of those items taking me weeks or longer, so id like to see based on the steps, what Pat has done, paid for or could of paid for and from who and what was the benefit so far for doing that task.


  • Kang Jum

    It’s a simple tips written but difficult for my practice.

  • Atanas

    We could do a landing page too and start our plan with a pre-launch squize page, to collect emails and then start the original and main site… BUT the most important question for me/us is How you will drive the traffic (And from where) to your landing page…. Adwords campaigns, fb campaigns or ? I haven’t see replies to my comments from you Pat, but I trully believe that my question is the most important that many of us are asking in their minds….

    • MiaGal

      My thought is that people with “trip” across the landing page through keyword searches…and that the landing page probably has a great intriguing promotional pitch to it that drives curiosity that you can’t help but leave your email address. And if someone is gathering email addresses for you, you can send out a teaser link to the landing page in a “save the date” kind of way.

      But I’d love an answer to your question as well.

  • Chadrack

    I think the idea of a pre-launch and the optin page is really a great one. If my niche site is on the level you have in mind I would definitely have done that also. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Errol Mury

    Google has totally disabled their Keyword Tool and replaced it with the Keyword Planner which I find it tedious to use.

    And since the change, it might have effected many Keyword Softwares out there. I am using Traffic Travis and it is not showing the search count any longer.

    This is not looking good. Do you have a guide to do keyword research using the new Google Keyword Planner, Pat?

  • Rushin @ TheProfitJam

    Hey just started my website and its now in the pre-launch phase hoping to get 5k to 10k subscribers in the pre launch phase and hoping to meet you one day. Thanks for all your great help.

    And by the way you are now officially a ONLINE PASSIVE INCOME GURU said by ophiele of FLIPPA.

  • ashish

    Hi Pat,
    One ssmall query. How will food van owners find your landing page? Since you will have no content there and hence might not be ranked on google.

  • John

    Hi Pat

    I am so glad iv found your podcast i was about to give up on internet marketing, its about time someone is actually open about how things work .

    Thank you

  • Nuria from

    Many thanks Pat and Clay for this podcast, I love it!!
    I just finished writing a free e-book to get more subscribers.

    Title: “Get your Spanish right this time”

    Subtitle: “The 10 mistakes you should avoid if you really want to succed in your Spanish”

    I first thought of another title, but I wasn’t quite sure about it:
    “Why some people will never learn Spanish”

    What do you think?

    Thanks again

  • John-Paul

    Thanks Pat for another great post.

    Your approach to the site launch brings a whole new perspective to my understanding of internet marketing. It’s not just enough to do keyword research to find the ‘lucky’ keyword with high search volume and low competition.

    People who use these keywords in search want information that can satisfy their needs. Getting into the field to interact with real-life food truck owners in a bid to understand their information needs was a masterstroke. It just proves again that success in this business is about people and their needs; not keywords.

    By the way Pat, your podcasts are awesome! It’s turned my car into a mobile university. I look forward to traffic jams nowadays so I can get all the time I need to finish an episode. I feel like I’m on crack; the things I learn every time I listen to your podcasts are amazing!

    I should go now. I see you’ve released a new episode. Where are my da** headphones??

  • Adam

    I am excited to see how things progress. I am still in the learning phase of all of this and have been experimenting with a few things on my own. Hopefully I’ll figure it all out. Your posts have been really helpful in getting me started and in the right direction.

  • Marco Williams

    A “go to” website for food truck owners, & people wishing to start out & maybe buy a food truck. That sound a lot like

    • Doug

      No doubt that this site is on Pat’s radar. The main thing that I see is that the site you mention is largely a “news” site, whereas I believe Pat is setting up a “resource” site. Don’t forget that there were already a lot of “making money online” websites when Pat started SPI.

  • Sri

    i found good training resource to start food truck business

  • Kyle

    Pat, always encouraging to read your posts! I’ve been in the affiliate marketing and Internet marketing space for 11 years now and I still love reading your posts. You help motivate me when I’m feeling lazy, plus you share amazing tips and tricks which have helped me as well over the years. :-) Keep it up! Love your work!

  • Gift Ideas

    I’m excited to follow the progress of this website launch and see how things have changed since the last niche site duel. Thanks for all the helpful information.

  • John Hudson

    Hi Pat. Thanks for another amazing post, you can always explain things clear and inspire your readers.
    Regarding this project and also NSD 1.0 . In a previous post you have said that when you pick a niche or a topic you have to have at least 50 ideas/post to write about. Do you also have those 50 posts for this niche ? Do you have any know-how about this niche ? Do you write the content or you find a guru in niche that writes for you ?

  • Afrokeys

    Great info on this page. But how do you get traffic without content? Are you offering a free resource for the opt in, like discussed in the podcast?

  • Iain

    I appreciate the fact that addressed that concern Pat.

    I think it was on many people’s heads but they weren’t sure how to approach it.

    I’m curious how it will turn using your approach.

  • Jawbone Up Tips

    Hi Pat,

    I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see the new page for NSD2.0.
    I really hope you can share everything with us as usual. Longing for that!


  • Solavei

    It sounds like a lot of hard works and things to do. But just like what they say …if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough :)

  • Tutorial magento

    I’m very excited to see things updated, I think you will make this site even better than your SecurityGuard website.
    Looking forward to seeing your update on this project!

  • Kemal

    Hey Pat,

    I was wondering, do you still use Market Samurai for keyword research? I remember a while back you mentioned they had problems when Google updated its algorithms.


  • Lyla

    Hey Pat,

    This is so awesome! I really hope that more people are inspired to start their own businesses and share their cooking styles with the community. Food made with love and intention is so much for nutritional for us!

    My friend and I were a mission to open a smoothie cart. There was just so much information that it was overwhelming. From city food regulations, city limit laws, the two million dollar insurance that they require. If your site has quick access to all of these things, I can see far more opening up. I spent hours upon hours researching these topics before I realized that opening a Smoothie Cart wasn’t my mission in life :) I’m glad your Food Truck site wasn’t open then, I may be slinging smoothies right now instead of getting my education in your school of life.

    Endless Thanks,


  • Rina

    love reading about your progress in the planning and making niche site
    continue to update so we can learn a lot from you

  • Honk the Honkey!