Niche Site Duel: I’ve Been Challenged—and I Accept

My recent minor success with niche sites (as shown in my latest monthly report) caught the attention of fellow blogger, Tyrone Shum. The other day, he sent me this message on my Facebook page:

niche site duel initial contactI’m always up for a little friendly competition, so I accepted Tyrone’s challenge.

Both Tyrone and I are going to document and report our progress on building a profitable niche site from scratch. We’re going to give you front row seats in our little competition, revealing exactly how we select a potentially profitable niche (which we’ll reveal to you), how we build a website around that market, how we send traffic to that site, and finally how we begin to earn an income form it.

The Rule

Yes…rule – singular.

There is only one rule in our little challenge, and that is: we will not use paid advertising to generate traffic. All traffic to our sites will be from natural search engine traffic, or referrals.

That’s it. Everything else is wide open, so you’ll see a wide array of strategies and tactics being used throughout this challenge.

A Tale of Two Strategies

Tyrone and I chatted the other day to knock out the details of our little competition, and what’s neat is that we found out that we’re both approaching niche sites in a totally different way. This is great because you’ll get an insider look at two completely different strategies, so we can all see how they perform against each other.

We’ll get into more detail about our strategies as we go along, but in short, Tyrone will be focusing on generating leads to an email list in his niche of choice. He’ll be using that email list to engage with his traffic and eventually offer some kind of related product as an affiliate.

What I like about Tyrone’s strategy is that he’s sort of building a mini authority site, a site that helps him build relationships with people so he can hit them up with an offer later. What I really like about this strategy is that since his prospects are on an email list, he can continue to tap into that list as it grows. There is potential for major, major growth with this kind of site, but it may take a lot of time to build a list and get to a point where he can begin to earn money from it.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

My strategy, which I’ve been seeing a bit of success with thus far, boils down to this:

  1. Find a niche and build a site.
  2. Get traffic.
  3. Traffic clicks on affiliate links or ads strategically placed on the site.
  4. Make money.

This type of mini-site does not spend time building a relationship with it’s traffic. In fact, the whole point of getting people on the site is to get them off as quickly as possible, either through ads or an affiliate link.

What’s nice about this strategy is that it doesn’t take much time to setup, and theoretically it doesn’t take quite as much time to earn money from it as well – if done correctly. In addition, the process can easily be copied over and over again in other niches.


If you know Tyrone or ever visited his blog, you know that he’s really into using videos  – he uses them in almost every single post. I’m sure he’ll be using videos as a primary strategy in his niche sites as well.

I like to write, so I’ll be using the power of my keyboard to drive traffic and sales, although I may throw in some videos of my own as well for search engine optimization purposes.

Getting Things Done

We agreed that outsourcing would be allowed.

Tyrone is a master outsourcer with many resources readily available, so he’ll walk you through how working with full time VAs is like to get things done.

I, on the other hand, do not have any full time VAs, and I only hire VAs on a task by task, or project by project basis. For the sake of this challenge and so you can get the most out of it, I will be doing my best to do as much of the work as possible on my own, since we know a lot of you may not have the money or resources available to hire a VA just yet.

If I do utilize outsourcing for anything, it will be in the most economical way possible.

The Goal

We decided to create this challenge and make it public so you will hopefully learn something – both from what we find that works and what doesn’t. Also, we want to use this publicity as a way to hold ourselves accountable for making this work, because if it does, we’ll both see another addition to our passive income portfolio.

This way, everybody wins.

As far as a “finish line”, we haven’t come up with a certain dollar amount, but we might come up with one later.

Of course, we have a number of progress goals along the way before we actually get to anything involving an income, and we’ll make sure to let you know when these things happen, and how they happen:

  • finding a potentially profitable niche
  • building a site
  • getting traffic


We’ll do our best to report as much information to you as possible.

We’ll at least do one progress report a month, although I might report more often, since my particular strategy moves pretty fast in the beginning.

We’re going to track our traffic and numbers using Google Analytics, and we’ll try our best to show you some of the graphs and charts coming directly from our statistics.

Do You Want to Participate?

After Tyrone challenged me on Facebook, a number of my followers asked me if it was okay if they joined in on the fun too.

My answer is – of course!

I only ask you that if you do participate in this challenge with us that you do your best to document your progress like we do, with as much detail as possible, so we can all share our information with each other. If you have a blog, that would be the perfect spot. If not, then maybe using a site like would work, and you could make a little money on the side too.

If you’re interested, just leave a comment below about it.

The Next Step

The first thing I have to do is find a profitable niche to go after. In the next post, I’ll walk you through the process of how I choose one.

I hope you’re as stoked as I am about this!

And Tyrone, if you’re reading this…BRING IT!


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  • Hector Cuevas

    Pat… This sounds awesome bro..

    I’m stoked, as soon as I’m done with some things on my personal blog, I’m grtting started with this challenge..

    I’m sure this is something my readers would love to meant more about.. It’s always good to show exactly how the tips and strategies we talk a out translate into real life..

    I’ll try my best to document everything on my blog..

    Talk soon

    • Pat

      Awesome Hector – please let me know where you’re publishing about this challenge. I’d love to follow your progress too. You didn’t link to your blog in your comment.

      Cheers, and glad to see you jump on board! Woot!

      • Hector Cuevas

        Hey Pat..

        I’ll be publishing what I do and my progress at

        Glad to be onboard..

      • Olawale Daniel

        This information worths a goldmine to me Pat. But, I noticed something here, there’s no button that I can use to share this post to stumble upon and others. Please do add :)

        • Pat

          Directly underneath the post, you’ll see a button for stumbleupon, next to the related posts area.

          Cheers, and thanks for the support Olawale!

    • Jason Love

      Did you end up following along with the Niche Site Duel?
      Do you have a direct link? I followed the link you gave, but couldn’t find any of your progress related to this.

      I am working on my 3 rd week & I am finishing the site while adding content.

      You can check out my progress at:

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hi Pat,

    This is a GREAT idea! Everybody wins through this. You, Tyrone and us the readers!.

    I will be watching the competition form the front seats, and I hope I will learn a lot from this competition!


    • Pat

      Awesome, thanks Nabeel – please keep us accountable during this challenge :)

  • James Tayo

    Looks like this is going to be a great one to watch. Would like to join you guys but I don’t think I am that experienced enough in the affiliate model, i prefer the product development model…. but you never know, I might just join in at some point.
    Rock on. let’s see you guys crush it.

    • Pat

      Hey – a niche site with a product would be a great case study to follow too! It would add to the challenge and be really helpful for everyone – up to you though. Cheers James!

  • Adrijus

    Wow, nice idea. Looking forward to see the results! Good luck guys.

    • Pat

      Thanks Adrian!

    • Steven

      Me too

    • Steven

      Me too..

  • Howie

    I’ve got my popcorn and swedish fish, Pat…lol….it’s posts like this that make your blog so inspirational, engaging, and motivating. I’m looking forward to watching everything unfold.

    P.s. My heart smiled when I saw Info Barrel up there. lol.

    P.s.s. If any one of your readers sign up there, I highly encourage them to seek out a thread, on the IB forum, entitled “An Info Barrel Graph Worth Sharing (Bounce Rate %)”….I may have mentioned this here before, but I’ve been documenting a few emerging trends as they relate to Info Barrel. They may be of interest to your audience. :)

    • Pat

      Mmm, swedish fish. LOL.

      Thanks Howie. How’s your blog coming along?

      • Howie

        Not too bad, Pat. I have a million and one thoughts and ideas just ready to burst out…it’s just a matter of finding the time to get them all written up and ‘out there’. There are a few things I’m ironing out, and, hopefully with time and posting, I’ll fall into a consistent tone and voice to my blog posts (right now, I’ve been using alot of big words, and borderline rambling…lol)….I admit, It’s new territory for me, but, I’m really looking forward to doing it.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Wow, this is great Pat,

    I am always afraid when talking about niche sites and I just can’t get my way around it. I will be happy to see how yu do yours so that I can implement it in mine.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Pat

      We know there may be some drawbacks to announcing our niche sites and the markets we get into, but we figure for this first challenge, we might as well go all out and be totally transparent. If doing so leads to some negativity in our results, we’ll know for next time and have a reason to not announce our niche sites the next time around.

  • Michael

    This is great! I’m grabbing a front row seat on this one. Affiliate marketing/niche sites is what I’m working towards, so I’m going to learn a stack from this.

    Sensational idea.



    • Pat

      Well, we’re next experts in this arena, so I think everyone, including us, will have a lot to learn! Thanks Michael!

  • wilson

    That’s excellent, I am loving niche sites ever since I tried niche profit classroom I learned the power for it. I would recommend anyone who want to learn it to use adam’s course.

    • Pat

      I’ve heard mixed reviews about NPC – why do you like it so much, Wilson?

      • Amy Young

        Oh my god. i love NPC too! I love the money word matrix and the 21 day traffic blueprint. I like keyword research that is explained to me in a very simple way. I can even do it on my own without the tool if I’m just brainstorming. For example a keyword with greater than 1000 searches and less than 10000 competing pages is a money word! That’s it. His tool inputs all of the data for massive lists when you need them.
        His 21 day traffic blueprint is a little technical, but it’s a very streamlined system with easy steps. It’s like having a traffic checklist and I love checklists!

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    It looks like we will be in for some awesome learning curves. Can’t wait to see the results. Will be looking for your next post regarding your choice of your niche.

    Talk to you soon.


    • Pat

      Thanks Lye! I honestly haven’t done any research on my next topic, so it will be cool to share how it’s done with everyone, at least the ways that I do it. Hope it turns out to be helpful!

  • Ricardo

    This is awesome Pat! I look forward to both results! Good luck. May the best man win! lol

    • Pat

      Thanks Ricardo!

  • SmallDogTrainingEtc

    How exciting! Best of luck to both of you. Wish I could participate with the big dogs (that’s you!) on this one, but I’m still a pup in this arena. 

    Let the games begin! :-)

    • Pat

      Hey – we’re not experts! So join in on the fun and we can all learn something from each other!

  • Patrick | Lalala Music

    May the games begin :)

    • Pat

      (insert rocky theme music here)

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Cool idea, Pat. I will definitely be following along and participating, as I have a few niche sites running and have some more in the works. It’ll be fun to see the approach both of you take, to see if there’s anything I’m not doing but should be doing.

    Looking forward to it man.

    – Eric

    • Pat

      Ditto Eric – I’m sure there is something we can all learn from each other. At the end of all this, maybe we’ll have a formula to build the perfect niche site and earn the most profit :)

  • Stacey

    Can I join in with one I just started in the past week or so? Or does it have to be brand new?

    • Pat

      Well – as long as you can walk us through your niche selection process, and everything you’ve done up to this point, I’d say thats cool. We’ll be starting from scratch (I haven’t done any market research yet), so you’ll already be a week ahead of us. What’s your basic strategy?

  • Srinivas Rao

    Hey Pat,

    This works beautifully in terms of timing. I just enrolled in Corbett’s affiliate marketing for beginners course and having somebody else buidling their minisite who I can possibly model sounds great. I’m curious as to how much I haven’t considered outsourcing and what I could outsourcing in terms of the site process. My site is already built and now I’m in the generating traffic phase, so I’m curious as to what your tactics are to build traffic and im going to add tyrone to my RSS reader right now.

    • Pat

      I have a few ideas in mind for traffic generation, but honestly my primary tactic will be article marketing – for SEO purposes. I’ll most likely be targeting really small niches with relatively low competition, so that should be enough to give me an edge over existing sites. We’ll see though!

  • Karen

    Yayyyy!!!! I’m so excited that you’re doing this! I’ll be following this on your site and Tyrone’s! I have a niche site up, and I’m at the stage of trying to build traffic, so I’m looking forward to learning a lot, and hopefully, participating in the challenge too!!

    • Pat

      You’re already ahead of the game. Hopefully I can catch up to you and get to the traffic building phase relatively quickly. Thanks for following us Karen!

  • Jackie

    Looking forward to seeing how the challenge unfolds!

    • Pat

      Me too! Hopefully we can all learn something from each other. I’m sure Tyrone has a few tricks up his sleeve that he’s willing to share. We’ll see!

  • TrafficColeman

    Yo Pat..I might just join this turtle race, because I just found an niche I was just about to jump into..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      Slow and steady wins the race – right? Cool to see you interested in joining in. Yay!

  • Tiffany

    Looking forward to seeing the competition. I am already doing a case study every month on building one of my niche sites so I want to finish that up before I start another one, but I will definitely be following along with you guys.

    • Pat

      Awesome Tiffany – do you have a link to your exact case study? Are you revealing your niche or keeping it a secret? Either way is cool, I’m just curious.

  • Sarbjit Singh

    This is going to be interesting. Cant wait!!

    • Pat

      I hope it will be fun for everyone. Thanks Sarbjit!

  • Moon Hussain

    Pat, sounds like a really fun challenge. I’ll definitely be following along to see what strategies you both implement 😉

    • Pat

      Coolness Moon – thanks for your support! Cheers!

  • Richard Scott

    Awesome! I’m so happy you accepted the challenge. This will be great for all of us to watch and learn. I love it. The question is: How will you find the time? lol

    • Pat

      I have plenty of time RIchard! I was actually hoping to find something like this to fill some of it in, because everything right now I have going is in the development or auto-pilot phase, besides this blog.

      • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

        Must be nice. 😉

  • Joe

    Much respect ot you and Tyrone for doing this. I’m always appreciative for the information you provide Pat. But, even more than that, I respect the confidence you two show by doing this. It’s nothing to you guys to give us a peek under the hood. Your openness speaks volumes.

    • Pat

      To be honest, we’re not experts, but we know the strategies we use have worked and are successful for others, so there is no reason why they can’t work for us either. I hope everyone learns something from our little battle!

  • Omar

    I will definitely be following…….. Good luck to both of you!

    • Pat

      Thanks Omar!

  • Peter

    Wow! This sounds really fun! I can’t wait to see how you do all the process :)

    • Pat

      I can’t wait to share it all with you guys either. I mean – why hide anything, right?

  • Feraz

    Sounds exciting. I will build a niche site as well. Looking forward for more

    • Pat

      Awesome Feraz – it’s amazing how many people do niche sites. Although I’m relatively new to the game of creating niche sites, I’m definitely really excited about doing these more and more.

  • Brian

    I love the topic and challenge Pat – Good luck! Can’t wait to read the progress you guys experience.

    • Pat

      Thanks Brian – if this goes well, we may have more challenges down the road. I love friendly competition – it brings out the best I think.

  • Rob Pene

    Dude, this is going to be a fun challenge to keep up with!

    Battle of the Titans straight up!

    • Pat

      We’ll see what happens! Thanks for the support Rob!

  • Josh

    Awesome Idea guys! I’ve done a few niche sites in the past and haven’t really made much. I think the most I made was $20.00 which sucked because I spent over $300.00 to produce the site.

    I’ve been online for over 6 years and have never cleared over $300.00 a month. Sometimes I feel like it’s just not meant to be, but something inside of me keeps me going. I’m looking forward to seeing this journey as maybe it can provide some insight into what I’m doing wrong or not doing enough of since I don’t have a teacher or coach to guide me through making money online. I’,m truly looking forward to this Pat as I want to learn. As you guys do I’ll be right there following along.

    Love the Blog and again thanks for all the hard work and time you put into it. The community you’ve built here is a really great place. Have you every thought of having your own forum?

    As they say…Let The Games Begin!!!!!!!


  • Shae

    Hey Pat, this is an awesome idea! I’m really looking forward to learning from both of your approaches. As always, you’re going above and beyond with providing value to your readers. Thanks :-)

  • Office Revolt

    Great stuff Pat! I actually just started (well, am in the starting position still) a blog specifically geared to this exact process. I work full time right now, and it is my goal to leave the office life behind asap… and my blog is going to track my journey from Office to Home. I probably wont get started fast enough to keep up with your competition to start with… but watch out in a few months :)

    Good luck with the competition, I think its a great one. I may have a different challenge for you in a few months.. but I will keep the concept under wraps for now.

  • Jillian

    I love experiments! It’ll be interesting to see how this challenge goes. I’d join up, but I’m in the middle of a 1000-article challenge from now until November, lol.

  • Juan

    I’ll definitely follow your footsteps guys.


  • Thu Nguyen

    I’m keeping this on my list as it’ll be great to reference to when I do start my niche site building. Just like Jillian, I’ll be at work with the 1000 articles from Thanks for letting us know. I’ll be sure to keep up with the blog and read on your progress!

  • Stacey

    HI Pat,

    I’m in! Will be building along with you guys….!


  • Schmidty – Man Vs. Style

    Looks like an awsome challenge Pat, and really excited about seeing this done from Scratch as a way to teach everyone that it is possible with other Niches.

    Good luck.



  • Pam

    I’m just getting into niche sites as well so it’ll be great to learn. You are my inspiration for all things “passive income”. I just launched 2 niche sites and have been on hold on promoting them due to a cross country move but I can’t wait to jump back in and see if I can duplicate your success.

  • Jun Wei

    Hi Pat,

    you have a grammatical error bolded.

    “we will not used paid advertising to generate traffic”


  • Kerwin


    I found about this challenge through Tyrone’s site and it sounds like fun. I follow you on twitter, but have not checked out your stuff before here. I have now and it is cool.

    I’m going to do a niche site as well and hope to learn from the two of you guys.
    I have some niche stuff from NPC so will see if one of them will work here. One that is close to my heart, clutter :-(.

    As I told Tyrone, it would be great if you don’t use your current list to promote the niche as that would put you both in the same category as us “normal” folks :-).

    One thing about the challenge is the results may be a tad skewed since the readers will be visiting the sites so we can check it all out, but that will be a wash I think.

    I’m giving Tyrone one up on you as it was easier to listen to his audio or watch his video :-).

    Tyrone – 1
    Pat – 0

    This is going to be good! As you said Bring it!

    • Kerwin

      Slight correction, I remember your site now as I did read your ebook about doing ebooks. Good ebook. I check out so many sites it is hard to keep track and its been a while.

  • mtn jim fisher

    Cool Pat! this is quite timely as I’ve recently started a similar project on my blog !

    The biggest differences being: I’m a relative newbie and still working a full time j.o.b.!

    Right now, my money is on Tyrone, but I hope you surprise us!

    Thanks, hope to learn from you guys and use it in my own Project GIMNOA.

    Mtn Jim

  • Fred | Solar Energy Facts

    I can not wait to follow along on this challenge…I am sure it will be getting a lot of viewership as it builds into some success as well!

    Great idea guys!

  • Frank M

    would like to go along with this challenge but don’t even know where to start. I’ve started a site with tutorials for audio programs that started out of a youtube page. I’ll be following along learning. Thanks!

  • E. Alana James

    thanks Pat and Tyrone, you are challenge gives me just the push I need, to both learn from both of you, and model the fact that there is no age or gender limits to this kind of business. I look forward to reading your blogs, implementing my own strategy, and reporting out as we go.
    Pat, do you have any projected ideas as to how fast or how far you want yours to grow?
    Thanks again, Alana

  • Ian Paul Marshall

    This is so awesome! You know what Pat, I’m not even sure how I found your site but in the short time that I’ve been here you have taught me and have inspired me tons. Thanks so very much. Best of luck with the challenge.

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    This is really exciting! I will definitely follow closely. All the best to both of you.

  • Caleb Galaraga

    I just bought Corbet Barr’s course on affiliate marketing and excited to learn from you two first hand how you build your niche sites! I’ve already bought the domain for mine, now building it too!

  • Darla

    Pat very exciting.. I need to do more because I am now taking on some LIVE affiliates where i receive stipend for those using their services. It is harder to do LIVE than with online affiliates. I look forwards to watching your progression through the “build out”. Smart not using paid advertising. I did send tweetout but that maybe unfair advantage. LOL

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  • John

    Just checking the odds in Vegas!!!!

  • Tim l From A Genius

    Pat – I’m totally stoke you’re doing this.

    Recently, I engaged a great friend (my best-man and currently competitor) to do the same, so that I can stay on my game.

    I’m going to take a different approach than both of you and try my best to also track the results to provide some variety.

    And Robert, if you’re reading this… BRING IT!

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  • Gayle McLaughlin

    Pat–this is a very interesting and engaging idea. Have you ever hear of Ed Dale and the 30 day challenge. Each year he teaches newbies and professional marketers different tricks of the trade. I am participating this year and he is using Market Samurai also. Your video was very good about Market Samurai! If you are interested, the site is His training is free. Just thought you might like to know.

  • Lauren

    Pat – Great idea! I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and you’ve got a great attitude towards all of the opportunities to make money online. Niche sites are particularly interesting to me… I think I might just join up! I look forward to reading today’s posts and other updates for inspiration. Thanks!

  • Dwight Anthony

    Pat, this is a great concept and i’ve seen similar but usually between big gurus. I appreciate the fact that you guys are affiliates that the common guy can appreciate. In fact, i know you both will do well as you hone your skills even further.

    I’ve been dueling on theses little challenges with myself lately to outdo my best but following you two is just alot more entertaining. Not to mention, that i may learn some things as a plus. Let the duel begin!

    Dwight Anthony

  • Todd

    This is great, I can’t wait to follow this competition, I know I’m going to learn so much from two masters like yourselves. I’m going to do my best to tag along over at my blog Since I’m just a beginner, this really has the potential to help me grow tremendously.

  • Alan Mater

    Hey Pat,

    What a great idea! Not only will you both create another passive income stream, but we’ll all be able to learn from both of you. I look forward to following you and Tyrone’s progress and learning a thing or two in the process. I’d like to get into niche marketing at some point, so seeing both approaches and the results will help me out a lot.

    Good luck! I’ll be rooting for ya! :)

  • Nathalie

    This is really interesting. I can’t wait to read more about this challange and how it turns out.

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  • Kris | Bijverdienen

    I’m a bit late with catching up my rss feeds, but this sounds like a really interesting project to follow. I’ve been looking into niche sites also, but find it hard to really achieve something. Many resources are available on the net, but most of them I can’t use for my region (both language as affiliate services are harder to find so i’m focussing on adsense). I hope to pick up a few ideas to expand my knowledge about niche sites.

    Good luck :)

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  • John

    Thank you, nice education classes. I am new to niche marketing, so I’ll be following to learn

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  • Wordpress Hosting l Jake

    I’m rooting for you, Pat. Rock it.

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  • SteveWyman

    Hi Pat

    I came to your Blog via Brooke Ferguson’s blog.

    This is a great idea although im a little late to the party im not to late so will be very intresting to follow along.

    The best of luck to all contestants :-)

  • Larry Clark

    Pat, like I said on the facebook page I want in and I am getting ready to start. been a little lag since my daughter was born 3 weeks ago, but I will start my posting today, this afternoon on my progress.
    So count me in ASAP please. I will email you with the first post link.

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  • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution

    Hey Pat. Great challenge. I’m in. Please add my site my brotha.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Hey Pat – I’m in! Very excited to be a part of the challenge. Here’s my first update:

  • Websidual Income Blogging

    Okay Pat, I starting my niche blog. I’m going to share it here if anyone wants to follow.

    Looking forward to the challenge.

  • Alex

    Pat, kind of late to the party – but this is a fantastic idea, a brilliant concept – and I love how you are making yourself accountable through the process.
    I may just climb on board too :)

    I will be documenting the progress at my own site

    Thanks for the idea

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  • Juha Liikala

    And Alex thought he was late from this party.. Well, I’m jumping in! 😀 I’ll be reporting my progress through:

    Looking forward to the challenge!


  • Kevin Epps

    I am choosing to participate in this challenge because of your post that you reached number six on Google. I have been struggling with trying to develop a profitable passive income for years. Since the only thing (that I know now) it will cost me is time, there is no harm in engaging in the experience from people that are active in the business. So lets see what you have to offer. If this works I will be your biggest promoter.

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  • Jaime Tagle

    Hey Matt, I decided to go ahead and enter the challenge! The only difference is that Im focusing on the Latin American market. I already chose a niche, started the blog 4 days ago, wrote 10 blog posts and yesterday I discovered my Niche Site is in the first page of Google for my main keyword!

    I will keep working on this, Thanks for the inspiration, your blog is really great and helful!

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  • John

    Thanks for documenting the steps! Very interesting.

    Just curious – what is the challenge? I mean, is it whoever makes a certain amount of income from their site first — something like that?

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  • Will Blears

    Really interested in knowing whether there will be another competition similar to this, or if you know of any other competitions like this. I would very much like to challenge myself and others to this type of competition.


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  • linda

    Thanks for documenting this process! I feel like there’s a guide for me all along the way. I’ve decided to jump into the game – albeit much later than when you started…to see what I can achieve online. Thanks for all your great information and for being so open to sharing.

  • James Hanson


    Thats so much for documenting the niche Duel

    Ive been reading through the posts and those also on Throne’s site. Ive learnt more than on a paid course i did earlier this year!


  • Jean-Luc

    Thank you for this niche site duel
    I’m going to follow your steps, step by step
    a French Blogger ^^

  • Ann

    Hi Pat,
    I am a newbie!!! This is my first time starting a blog, so I am taking baby steps. I do like the niche site idea and I will give it a try. Thanks a million and you are doing a wonderful job educating and keep your readers informed.

  • reeha@gift ideas

    new reader and firstly found some worthy knowledge according to my niche. its some thing special for me and also written according to how i loves to read. thanks for sharing.

  • Wazza R Tibbotts & Type 2 Diabetes Control

    Just discovered your blog and the challenge, and I think it’s fascinating. I’ve always loved the idea of niche blogs, but always doubted whether they truly ever made any money (I always believed it was just the gurus selling their snake oil) But you’re proof that this really does work. Can’t wait to start creating my own niche site now.

  • http://noneyet Ricardo Fuentes

    Hey, I’m in. A bit late in the game so what’s new? wish me luck! I’m so excited.
    I am also very overwhelmed, so I will need to learn to be patient and look at the picture.

  • sudha

    For the design I chose Adam Short’s excellent Niche Profit Press WordPress theme. Unfortunately its only available if your a member of his site. I choose this because of its easy customization, built in plugins, and it offers a choice for 1 column and 2 column design. Having a 1 and 2 column design will allow me to test two distinct styles and see which one works better.

  • devine power

    Hi Pat I am so thrilled to let you know that I have been following this blog like crazy!
    it is written in such a simple way that it make me comeback and start reading it all togather .
    Although I have not joined a duel officially but I am following it very closely.

  • Anabolic Steroids

    It is not easy to create niche site. Because it require lot of work to start. First get the unique content relevant to your website, then promote it and rank it. After this you will be able to get perfect link

  • Mike B.

    I know this is an older post but I’m excited about following along with the niche site process. This is going to be my first strategy in building an internet marketing business and I’m sure I’ll be finding tons of useful info. I especially like that you guys aren’t using any paid traffic; like you said, most newbies won’t have the scratch to invest.

  • Alex

    Pat, I’ve just started reading your niche site duel series, I think their brilliant! I’m researching into setting up my own niche site and create a passive income from it!! I think the information you’ve provided is brilliant and is really helping me out! If anyone wants a niche site challenge as well let me know as I am really up for it!

  • Ian Robinson


    Thanks heaps for your podcasts and blog posts. You are a constant inspiration mate. Also, congratulations on the Jan 2012 income report!

    I’m creating my own website about becoming location independent. One of the paths to location independence will be niche sites. I’ll be tracking my path from idea inception to testing ad placements with video tutorials and screen shots. It would be an honor to have it featured on your site.

    As always, I’m a huge fan of yours and I hope you continue to find massive success!

  • Lenia

    Hi Pat, new to this world, I have just discovered this list of articles here in your site!
    Never late than never!
    I want to read all of them to learn and find out how you did things and how I could do things to make a passive income. that is a great competition and I hope that many people discovered a lot of interesting strategies in this industry!

  • Micha? Kalinowski

    This duel inspired me to build my own niche site.
    The site is less than 2 weeks old and already 4th in google search in my country.
    I didn’t even start do the seo thing yet and made 1.86euro in adsense profit today.

    Thank you

  • Daniel

    I am currently documenting how to build a site and earn money from it. It’s not in the same format as yours as I am not competing with anyone (and it’s not really a niche site) but this is certainly interesting so I will be following and building my own separate niche site too!

  • Luís Serrano

    Hello Pat, i will begin my new journey on niche websites, hope your tips will make a good job 😉

  • Tamila

    I am so inspired by your challenge. I would like to build a niche site. I am going to follow your steps and see where they take me. Thanks so much. You are truly an inspiration.

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    I wish I could have found your niche duel when you guys were starting it out but I am going to read and check out everything you guys did.

    I’m sure I will benefit incredible from this so thanks in advance.


  • John C

    Thank you Pat for offering your guide for developing niche sites.
    Some 3-4 years ago I started much the same as you describe. So far it has enjoyed a welcomed passive income.
    Thank you,
    John C

  • Kathy Bampfield

    This is awesome. You and Tyrone are a new discovery for me so being able to read how you both “start to finish” a niche site is great. Hopefully you will have special spot just for updates on this challenge.


  • Mohammed

    Just found your site, and though this is a bit old – the information is gold!

  • Karsten Sawade

    Hi Pat,

    the URL behind the link “Tyrone’s strategy” is not available anymore. Just wanted to let you know.


  • gopinath

    hi pat, i starting my journy of niche website with this post… hope your posts will help me in creating a successful niche website…

  • Kim

    Hi Pat,

    Do you think this entire strategy would still work if one started today in 2012?

  • Arthur Paul

    Hi Pat,
    my site’s been up for a while . . slow start though. But I’m going to work through your posts above to see if what I’ve done so far actually produces. ‘have to admit . . more often my strategy is READY . . . FIRE . . . AIM ! But hey – sometimes even THAT works! LOL In any case, I’m among many apparently who are grateful you guys are putting this valuable stuff out there to benefit us all!

  •!home_page/mainPage Luis

    Hi Pat & Guys,
    I have recently launched my first website and i am looking for some traffic. i found the challenge a nice journey, that you guys are leading and I am thankfull for the kind invitation.

  • Jon Nosuger

    Thanks for this Pat! Just started my first site and excited about this!

    • Jason Love

      Hello Jon,
      It being 2 months and a week after you posted this comment, how far along are you?

  • felipe


  • Jim

    Thanks for the great information! I’ll be going through your competition links to learn as much as I can.

  • Niall

    hey this is great going to get started readings these from here on. Found the podcasts and the site a little while back and I have been doing some good reading/following.

    I have one niche site up but determined to get more, the first one is a very low volume niche so I want to get something bigger for my next project!

  • Tommy

    I would love to look into starting a niche site too and somewhat join the competition on the side. However, I have a lot of worries, questions and not sure how to keep track via my blog.

    I guess I will just have to keep on reading your process and learn from it!

  • Jason Love

    I think I will participate as well if that is okay. I know this duel took place several years ago now, but I hope to use the information to get a profitable niche up myself and get one step closer to financial freedom while making all my income online.

    I even posted my first article at:

  • Daniel

    The article is very good and I learned many useful and interesting Nea who until now did not know. I follow your site often and loving much. Always there are many useful things for beginners.

  • Rahul

    Hey Pat, it’s an honor for me to start with this challenge. Traffic on my website is not so much satisfactory. I worked 5 to 6 hours daily but its not giving me best results. I have read your back linking strategy post..that was awesome and i started posting my posts on some of these sites,…
    Thanks you so much for including me in this challenge….

  • prasadreddy

    did you wrote the same content for every article or new ?

  • intheforest

    What does VA stand for? Veteran? Thanks

    • Emerson

      Virtual assistant

  • MuSTaPHa

    Hey pat, i glad to participate
    but look if my blog consist the rules to participate

  • sbastian roses

    it’s realy amazing,but why i found this blog for now..? thank pat,maybe i’m to late but i dont want to looser my mind,,,following your artikel,i found great trafic from my blog and my younger blog and

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  • Dhruba

    I am really impressed but I don’t know how to start with my topics and post I used to study the PDF files by downloading them and and used to think what I can write from them but i felt difficult sometime and I am ready for the challenge but if you can you just give a look to my newly created blog and give me a reply


  • juel rahman

    Thanks for your podcasts and blog posts. You are a constant
    inspiration mate. Also, congratulations on the Jan 2012 income report!

  • helio

    Já estou testando algumas estratégias como esse mini site:

  • Roy

    Hmmm, Tyrone Shum’s site seems to have been hacked.

  • Danielle

    The link to Tyrone’s blog is going to a site that might not be all that appropriate for you’re general audience.

  • Dhruba

    Hey Pat…I am back with my niche blog “Animation Sky” and now I will be grateful to you if you would give me a feedback by visiting my blog…Is it good enough for a starter blogger like me…

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  • Ethan Pariseau

    I completely understand that this post is a few years old and that some of the strategies used in this iteration of Niche Site Duel may not work as well as they once did but I am still going to read through the whole series and get as much as I can from it! Thanks for the opportunity to see what you did Pat!

    • Laz

      Still awesome, trust me! I regularly come back here to improve and polish some strategies.

  • WendyK

    I accept the challenge too. I will document my progress on my very humble blog: which apparently cannot even be found if searched with Bing however Google will find it. Interesting! I have much to learn.

  • Frida Kabo

    Yes, bring it! 😉 Just a few years behind…Thank’s for sharing!


    Great information,thanks admin:)

  • Edward Nathan Lazzari

    Very late to the party, but giving this a go!

  • mk

    I an now going to start for

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