My September 2012 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my September 2012 Monthly Income Report!

Each month I write a detailed report about my online businesses.

I do this not only to help me keep track of my progress, but also to show you what’s working for me, and what’s not.

In my reports I always include a detailed breakdown of the income I’ve earned online and I conclude with some of the more important things I’ve learned during the month.

I personally feel that if a person is publishing information about making money online he or she should show all sides of the equation so that the readers can make honest decisions based on honest information and common sense, not on hype and exaggeration.

If you’re just starting out online, please understand that making money via the Internet is definitely not an overnight thing, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull it off.

I struggle through trial and error every single day – but as long as you have a goal and constantly work towards it you’re giving yourself a chance.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report. :)

Important Going-Ons in September

The most significant thing that happened in September, as many of you know, was that my wife gave birth to our new baby daughter!

The delivery was perfect and everyone got to go home a day later – healthy but tired – and I took a couple of weeks off from writing and other projects to focus just on family, which was real nice. Our 2-year old son is actually handling the new addition very well! He’s extremely protective of her! Go Keoni!

I forgot what it was like to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time – but hey – that’s part of the fun!

I love being a dad, and it’s even better now with 2 children. I never knew I could love so much.

Here’s a picture of our daughter at 5 days old. Check out how much personality she has already!

Our Precious Daughter

Thanks for letting me share my joy with you. I could write for days about how excited I am, but let’s get into some business related stuff in this report…

Fox-News Spot

At the beginning of the month, a local Fox news correspondent emailed me and asked me if I wanted to do an interview for a small spot on the evening news!

At first, I said I wasn’t able to do it because I told myself I wouldn’t leave the house since it was within a month from the due date of our daughter (and our son was born a month early), but they offered to come over instead – so I said yes!

They filmed me in my home office answering questions for about a half an hour, plus some background roll of me doing normal home-office type stuff, so it was really interesting to see what parts they actually used in the 2 minute spot. They got a few facts wrong (like saying I was fired instead of laid off), but they put some really good stuff in there too. Here’s the video below:

(Or click here to watch on YouTube)

SPI on Mobile!

I have big news for SPI fans!

If you’re on any mobile device or tablet and visit, you’ll see a brand spankin’ new web application that makes it a whole lot easier to consume SPI content! It doesn’t matter if you’re on an android phone, iPhone, iPad or whatever – if you land on the homepage or go through this link, you’ll see the new web app.

SPI Mobile Web Application

This is provided by a service at where you can easily customize your own web application (in minutes!) AND create a comparable non-web version iPhone app, Android app and Windows Mobile app. I already had a customized iPhone application built for the blog over a year ago, but I built one for Android in about 5 minutes using this same service and it’s currently under review in Google Play and should be approved shortly for all of you android users.

Since putting this into place, the web application alone has been called up over 6000 times!

Conduit offers packages at various prices, and there’s a basic plan for FREE which gives you 500 visits to your mobile site and 25 app installs, in case you wanted to test it out.

Special thanks to Bill Campbell from Apocalypse Straw Solutions who introduced me to this option for my blog!

Create a Clickable Map

Earlier this year I created to help people create a clickable U.S. map on their website, similar to the one on the homepage of

Surprisingly, CACM has been seen over 14,000 times and hundreds of people have created a clickable map for their own website, for free, which is awesome! But, having said that, after hundreds of uses and much feedback, there were a few apparent features that were missing:

  1. Washington D.C. was not on the map.
  2. It wasn’t possible to come back and edit a map later. If people wanted to update even one single link, they would have to start over from scratch. I wanted this feature in initially but it would have cost me a few extra thousand dollars to implement.
  3. The map couldn’t be read on all devices, since it was a flash map.

For a free resource, it did what it needed to do and most people were completely happy with it, but after hearing a number of complaints and seeing just how many people used the tool, I decided to kick it up a notch this past month.

I hired a developer from Elance (a different one) who started from scratch to create a tool similar to what you see now, but it will include each of the missing items listed above.

Both the web app and the map that people generate and publish on their websites will be HTML5 so it can be read on any device and browser. Additionally (for a tiny one-time fee), people can choose to save their map so they can come back later if they want. You can still generate a map for free though – no problem!

I’m not expecting to make a ton of money from this, but it will still be a small addition to my passive income portfolio and it’s definitely something that will help people. I’m already exploring adding new regions to the service so who knows – it could turn into something much bigger than expected!

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later and may change because of potential refunds or corrections.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,687.63
      • Last Month: $3,037.76
      • Difference:+$649.87
    • Adsense: $1,937.08
    • Job Board: $24.92
    • Total: $1,962.00
      • Last Month: $2,156.17
      • Difference: -$194.17
  • Other Mini-Sites in Portfolio:
    • Total: $395.68
      • Last Month: $303.51
      • Difference: +$92.17
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,028.00
    • Free Apps: $350.28
    • Total: $2,378.28
      • Last Month: $3,394.47
      • Difference: -$1,016.19
  • Gross Total in September: $55,799.51
    • Last Month: $50,611.38
    • Difference: +5,188.13
  • September Expenses (Below is what was paid last month. It does not include pro-rated yearly fees):
    • Web Developer Virtual Assistant: $700.00
    • Researcher / Admin Virtual Assistant: $400.00
    • Elance (for $1,200.00
    • Servint Dedicated Server: $187.00
    • Bluehost Renewal: $118.87
    • Dropbox: $9.99
    • Amazon Web Services: $2.81
    • (podcast file hosting): $15.00
    • Aweber: $333.00
    • Basecamp Project Management Software: $49.00
    • E-Junkie Shopping Cart Fee: $5.00
    • Paypal Website Payments Pro: $30.00
    • Certified Public Accountant / Bookkeeping: $260.00
    • Skype $2.99
    • Legal Fees: $250.00
    • Domain Registration / Renewals (GoDaddy): $164.12
    • Affiliate Payment for $197.36
    • Transcription Services: $57.00
    • Site Optimization / Improvement: $33.75
    • FB Advertising (for Title Testing for Book): $197.88
    • Conduit Mobile Solution (Diamond Plan): $1,299.00
      • Total Expenses for September:  $5,512.77
  • Net Total in September: $50,286.74

Why do I include income from Smart Passive Income in my reports?

I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my total online income comes as a result of The Smart Passive Income Blog – mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used or am extremely familiar with and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

When I first started this blog back in 2008, I never intended to make any money from it. If you go back to my earlier income reports you’ll see that all of my income was coming from outside of this blog through other businesses. Over time, however, the SPI community has grown and as a byproduct of being helpful and giving everything away for free, I started earning from this site too. Because I believe in total honesty and transparency, I decided to include the income from SPI on these reports as well. It wouldn’t feel right hiding this from you.

My non-SPI related income has hovered around the $10,000/month mark for the past year, which is much more than I ever made working my 9 to 5 job in architecture, but I’m truly blessed that I have the support from an amazing community here at SPI who is willing to pay me back for all of the information I publish and the help that I try to provide for free. Some people go out of their way to make sure I get credit for an affiliate link, often emailing me to make sure I got it, which means the world to me. Thank you so much!

With this type of community comes great responsibility and I will never take it for granted. I will never promote something just for the potential income that can come from an affiliate offer, even though those opportunities are definitely there.

I’m incredibly grateful for everything and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Things I Learned in September

In my iPhone app business, my partner and I thought we were going to see a significant increase in earnings due to the mid-September release of the new iPhone 5. In the past, every new phone has given us a significant boost in earnings.

As you can tell, our iPhone app income did just the opposite of what we had expected – it dropped quite significantly.


Even though there were record sales of new iPhones, Apple decided to drastically change the look in the iPhone version of the App Store with the new operating system.

Before & After - App Store iPhone

Before, it was super easy to scroll down through a category and you could get through the top 100 apps, easy. Then later, it was the top 200.

With the new operating system, you have to scroll sideways to view the apps – and it’s super slow! Only the top 25 or so apps really get seen before people have had enough and look for something else.

As a results of this change, it seems that most independent developers, ones with apps that were in the middle of the charts, like ours, have seen a decrease in income. Those on the top, however, are probably making more bank than ever.

Exposure is the name of the game in the app store, and it’s now even harder to get noticed. As I mentioned in some of my past podcast episodes and articles about iPhone apps, if you’re going to get into the business, think niche and build that audience even before you have an app to serve them, if possible.

Secondly, it seems like it’s getting tougher and tougher to please Google these days. One day they say they love one thing, and then the next  they take it back and penalize you for it.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Google just came out with another search algorithm update, this time targeting low-quality exact-match domain websites.  Check out this blog post by the lovely Kim Roach for more information and the reaction of others.

In a nutshell, websites that are considered low-quality by Google’s standards and have a domain name that matches its target keyword 100% are being penalized. Some people saw a 90%+ drop off in traffic in a single day when they “flipped the switch”.

As with most Google updates, it’s done for the right reasons, however they are a lot of complaints from people who have higher-quality sites that have gotten hit by this update too, which isn’t good. I own a few exact match domains and the ones that I haven’t touched for a long time, which were started as example sites for classes and other experiments, did get hit by this update and have completely dropped off the search radar – but rightly so. It’s when the change effects the lives of those who were doing things right that leaves me feeling uneasy.

The biggest lesson here is that quality is always going to be the most important aspect of a site, which includes everything from cleanliness of code, uniqueness of content to loading time and of course, user-experience. But even then, when you get all of that right you are still at the mercy of the big G, so just be careful and look for other ways to generate traffic, and make sure to give those who are visiting your site now an easy way to subscribe and follow you no matter what happens with Google.

If you’re going to start a site, I’d still aim for an exact match domain, but no matter what just make it an extremely useful resource!

And lastly, after spending more than half of the month just hanging out with family and not really thinking too much about work, I must say that it’s nice to just step away from business for a while. When you mentally check-out of work you can check-in to other things that matter to you in your life and truly enjoy them, and when you get back to your work you come back with a pair of fresh eyes and excitement that may have disappeared for a while.

Thank you all for your support, and all the best to you!


  • Sarah

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    Andi the Minion

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    I can’t help but notice that nearly half your passive income is produced via your BlueHost affiliate link. Is most of the traffic (customers) you are sending to BlueHost going through the link that you have placed on your YouTube page, just below the video?

    • Pat Flynn

      You’re absolutely right Steve – it’s pretty crazy. As far as where people are clicking through my affiliate link, it happens in several places on my site (my resource page, the video on my getting started page, my niche site posts, etc). Here’s a detailed insider look at exactly where my Bluehost links convert:

      • Stuart McLeod

        Pat is the case that with the $25,050.00 you got in Sept, if you referred know one else this month you would still collect $25,050.00 next month? Or do you need to find fresh referrals every month to sustain this?

        • Pat Flynn

          The income from Bluehost is not a recurring monthly payment. I would need fresh referrals each month to sustain this.

  • David Janner

    Hey Pat, love reading your income reports as always.

    Just a point regarding niche vs wide audience iPhone apps. While some have done well with niche products such as Benny Hsu or Andreas K., the guys who have killed it have created apps that interest wide demographics – like free the apps, trey smith and chad mureta.

    • Pat Flynn

      True, but that was in the old environment – and at least for free the apps, after they sold their company their apps haven’t been performing nearly as well. When you start niche you’re way ahead of the game and you can make a significant living tapping into one particular audience in the app market and becoming THE app company that serves them.

      • David Janner

        They are both viable methods – tapping into a narrow niche can produce a nice income, reaching a wide audience (if successful) has more potential on the upside. However when you reach out to a wide audience you still aim to market to a particular (if more general) niche. For example Chad’s Fingerprint security type apps targets a certain niche / demographic of people who like prank apps.

        I didn’t know that about free the apps, interesting.

        App SEO is certainly more challenging now, since you really need to rank right up in the top 4 results or so. The implication though is that users will probably start to use more long tail search phrases, so it actually opens up potential opportunities – but I guess only time will tell 😉

        What is good though is that now the subcategories are visible both on via the features and charts tabs.

        On the iPad though it’s a whole different story – more results visible on search and categories load 100 at a time, actually easier to scroll through than before…

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    Why did you decided to use Conduit vs. simply modifying your theme to be responsive like many others have (Think Traffic for example)?

    Keep up the great work and inspiring so many people!

    Congrats on the new little one!!!

    • Pat Flynn

      Good question Brent. THe conduit solution took 5 minutes. My current theme does not make it easy to modify to be responsive, and it could take months to create something that works. I know Corbett’s site took a while to design.

      I am working on a new design, however, and will see how I can incorporate a responsive design into it, if possible. It’ll be on the new Thesis 2 platform so we’ll see how it goes. Cheers, and thanks Brent!

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    Am implementing your advice on being everywhere.


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      It’s hard to tell exactly what income comes from that page or not for some of the resources, but I would suspect that between $15,000 and $20,000 is earned from the resource page alone. About $10k of that is from Bluehost listed on that page.

      • Amanda L Grossman

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    • Pat Flynn

      I use it, but very carefully. Low-quality articles make Panda angry and if you spin to a high enough quality and be conscious about where you post those articles you are okay.

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      Nope – unaffected for the keyword passive income.

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    The article on Buzz Blogger was good reading. Has this update not been getting the same level of attention as Penguin and Panda or has it and I’ve just been missing all of the hype.

    You’re completely right though about quality content being the best long term play. As a lot of us have learned the hard way it’s just so risky having your income so directly tied to the whims of Google updates. Personally, I think having a service that can be directly offered to businesses is the way to go, but it usually does require some additional interaction as opposed to simply having search traffic fall into your lap.

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    You’re last podcast about keeping balance was great by the way. I really needed that. Since my blog is only a few months old, I’m sort of in that crazy obsessive stage where It’s all I want to talk about and think about. It was really helpful to hear that you struggled with this as well.

    I’m totally guilty of being present while my thoughts are elsewhere. After listening to your podcast, I realized I needed to set some boundaries for myself. It’s not easy but I’m working on it :-)

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    Hopefully Google will adjust the algorithm again once they realise they’ve been a bit over zealous rolling this one out. Wouldn’t be surprised if your security guard site takes a small hit too Pat even though, like my sites, you’re providing a great resource.

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    Another truly amazing month Pat, just astounding. And congratulations on your baby girl! She’s beautiful.

    Lots of people are focusing in your bluehost earnings — which are indeed mind boggling — but check it out…you made 9k from LeadPlayer! That’s incredible!

    By the way I just want to thank you for completely changing the way I look at marketing and selling and even direct marketing. You make phenomenal money with very little pitching — you do it by building relationships and giving, which is the polar opposite of what most marketers seem to do online. I’m not sure why a lot of other “big name” affiliates don’t do things the way you do it, but I can tell you that I now unsubscribe left and right to various guru lists because they just don’t seem to “get it” like you do.

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    Question for ya: I’m building a mobile app for a new software product and wonder if you have an app development group that you’d recommend? The app will be for uploading mobile photos to a website. Gotta work on both iPhone and Android. Thanks!

  • Sam

    Congrats on your new addition and appearance on TV, shame they got the facts wrong!

    Will be interesting to see how your clickable map develops.

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    Congrats on the Fox piece, very nice, did you see a significant rise in hits after that was aired I wonder?

    Just wanted to add, although I am a Suspense Author and not an Internet marketer, your tips are greatly appreciated and your monthly reports are an inspiration. I now know how to make extra money from my website as well as my books!

  • Steve

    Hey Pat…above all I want to congratulate you on the new addition to your family. Tell Mommy that we congratulate her too…(I have four daughters and that first daughter does something to a daddy’s heart). Anyway, thank you for breaking down of expenses…I’ve been a SPI community member for a while and it’s always a blast seeing how you get it done. The big Number is great to look at but what you pay out is just as important.

  • Sharon

    Great to see this. BTW, I don’t think you told us your daughter’s name. I do have a questions about, Servint Dedicated Server: $187.00. Is this a monthly fee? And can you tell us why did you have dedicated server rather than hosting on a provider like Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. thanks.

    • Pat Flynn

      My daughter’s name is Kailani, which is Hawaiian for the sea and the sky :)

      $187.00 for a dedicated server is for a monthly fee, yes. I started this blog on Bluehost but because of the traffic and demand, it outgrow what Bluehost could provide while still maintaining a fast and pleasant experience for the reader.

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    This report is very impressive. Your business is an inspiration to me.
    I discover your blog today. I am french and i will follow you now.
    Congratulation for your baby. This is the greatest success.


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    I am excited about your new addition to your family. My wife is jealous because you have a boy AND girl, we have two girls, but are crazy in love with them!

    I am always excited to see your income report. It is such an inspiration to me. Now my wife has caught on to online income and she has a blog too.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration!

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    Wow Pat! Congrats on the new baby…she is really cute!
    Also loved the video, except when they said you got fired. Congrats on that too!
    I always come and check out your monthly report to get some inspiration :)

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    My earning of BlueHost were some close of you Pat. BTW, a great report!

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    Hi Pat, this is my first time commenting. I’m the new kid on the block and everything I’ve read so far is awesome.

    I have a relationship blog, and I was wondering what kind of affiliates to look for, and where? It seems that I’m limited to what I can offer my readers because of my niche. Or maybe with more research I will find what I’m looking for?

    I insist on keeping a quality blog, with quality material for my readers. That said, I need quality affiliates. If you have any information you can offer me, it would be appreciated :)

    Thanks, Tony

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    Once again, an inspiring make money online post. This is definitely the make money online revolution(right now) and you are one of the few out in front carving the way for many others. I think it is only a matter of time before you hit another spike and double or tipple your income again.

    Exiting times!

  • John

    Hey Pat,

    How much of your expenses are related to your non SPI site and how does that reflect on your true profit for your non SPI activities. To be honest, I find your information provided on non SPI sites and business activities more revealing.

    It is also interesting that you make far more revenue from telling people how to make money on the internet than actually making money on the internet. Which explains why a lot of people want to do that instead of actually running internet business (This is not a reflection on you or why you do it).

    One last thing Pat. Have you seen the GIGAOM study that says the vast majority of app developers make less than 500 dollars per month. That puts you in the top 10 percent of app developers making money on paid apps.

    • John

      Nothing huh?

      • Pat Flynn

        Sorry, baby in the house so I don’t have quite as much time to go through each and every comment. Thanks for the bump.

        Well, I have a number of non-SPI sites, and many of the tools I use for SPI I also use on the other sites, such as Aweber, storage servers, etc. But, a lot of expenses are outside of SPI too – such as development costs & all of the shopping cart related items, since I don’t sell anything here.

        As far as income/expenses from my existing projects outside of SPI it’s basically just upkeep expenses, like domain/hosting payments and shopping cart items, so the profit margins are huge. A lot of the non-SPI stuff I spend money on now are for future projects that don’t currently earn an income, but I hope to do so in the near future.

        Haven’t seen the GIGAOM study myself yet, but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised by those numbers, but that’s similar to any sort of business that people create.

        • John

          Thanks for the reply. Understand the baby and all. Very informative.

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    It’s very nice to see a full disclosure including income and expenses, too often you see or read about gross income only. I appreciate your transparency but I may argue that is hardly “passive” income

    None the less September is a good month!

  • Charlie Forness

    It will be interesting to see if your security guard site sees a drop off in rankings and income with the latest google update hitting some EMD’s (though you may be a PMD with tagging the HQ on the end, but your primary keyword is in the URL). I got nailed on a few EMD’s but not on others, and my understanding is that even some Authority EMD’s got nailed. I’m looking forward to some commentary in your October update.

  • MM

    Pat, do you protect content, for example from people who copy the content and create copy/cat similar websites with same content?

    • Ben troy

      You can send a copyright report to google so that the illegal website will be removed from the search result page . Or use copyscape to quickly find out the copier .

  • Prerna@The Mom Writes

    Hi Pat, Just had to stop by and say THANK YOU for the Android apps.. Heading over to see if it’s available in the India Google Play Store..

    Also, love the pics of your little girl.. She is adorable! And congrats on the Fox News spot!

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  • Nay

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    Hey Pat. Just watched the San Diego news video clip with you. I’ve been listing to your podcast for a while now. I just want to let you know that was really cool. I’m here in SD too btw. Hopefully I can do some of the same things you are. Also, I have a question if you have a second about the site you bought.

  • Ben

    Love the income reports! It’s great how you can still have this kind of income with not working as much due to the recent addition to the family!

  • Chris Heffer

    Hi Pat,

    Your openness and transparency inspired me to set up a website I hope you could let me know your thoughts.

    I don’t know if there is a reason why you don’t do it or if it would make it more complicated but I would be interested to know how much you get from each affiliate and the volume you need to generate to get the total you publish.


    Instead of:

    Company ABC: $1000

    Do this instead:

    Company ABC: $10 dollars per referral x 100 this month.

    Not sure if you need to keep the commercial terms you negotiate a secret but it would be useful information if you could provide it.



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    I get so inspired and impressed by this article. Thank you.

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    Great job Pat. I’ve been following your blog for some years and it’s incredible to see how well you’ve built SPI along with the niche sites and other avenues you’ve taken to increase your income.
    Your affiliate earnings for BlueHost is incredible. I wanted to ask if the sales for BlueHost are all coming from your ads on the right side-bar of SPI? Is that where most of your traffic is clicking on and buying BlueHost services, thus enabling you to receive commissions?

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    Do you still recommend doing iphone apps given the new changes in Apple? I am considering doing an iphone app but it seems like it is getting more difficult for the little guy to get their apps noticed.

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    Ive been following your blog in several of month and just realize this categories (income report) in your blog. Very inspiring. At first Im just searching for a fb Welcome Page fb guide until I keep looking every inch of your blog. Very inspiring + great. Great effort. Plus, I didn’t know that an IM could generate until US 55k per month. I’ll keep following you.

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    I’m loving how you are so straight forward with your results.

    I really appreciate seeing things like this and your transparency is huge :) I’ve been trying to be transparent, but I see that there are ways to make things even more open to the public.

    Huge kudos to you Pat!

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    Congratulations for the new kid Pat,
    and your monthly income report is also super awesome.
    , I also wish to make such income Someday….

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    Looks like another great month for you in both the personal and professional sides of your life, congratulations. What I like the most about SPI is that although you are successful financially, more importantly you accomplish more than just making money each month by providing real value and helping thousands of people accomplish their goals. I look to you as a guide on how to help real people with my site more than I do as a guide on how to make money online.

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    Hi Pat

    This is my first comment on your blog, I really like your blog specially because of your monthly income report… You know it will not even help professional IMers to work smarter but also encourage new webmasters to start working online.


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    damn good man, its a kind of motivational thing for me

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    CONGRATS, Pat! Your baby is beautiful! I so love coming to Passive Income and learning. One day, I hope I’m bringing in the type of residual income you are. I have so much to learn and not enough time to do it. Your website is the best resource for me, and I thank you for continually sharing with us. :-)

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    Hi Pat, thank you very much for the encouragement.

    I am really grateful to you for sharing with us such an insightful and invaluable piece of information that’s particularly encouraging for myself as somebody who, believe or not, has painfully and embarrassingly struggled to start making money online since 2005.

    After having gone through my 7 year long hurting drama and agony of trying to figure out how I can make money online, I must tell you that you now have made me feel much more confident and motivated to persist on my journey to my online success.

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my first ever personal blog that I’ve setup recently and leave your comments there.

    In advance many thanks.

    Bruno Babic

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    Hi Pat,

    A friend just pointed me to your website. I’m not sure if I get your passive income numbers. From what I see, your monthly sales from internet-based sites is $7,000 (Green + security guard + other + iphone = $7,000), and expenses at $5,500 to leave a gross margin of $1,500, or $20k/year annualised.

    As an accountant, I can’t seem to understand how the affiliate revenue from your followers’ service/product purchases is repeatable by others – i.e. kind of like a pyramid. I respect your transparency and honesty so this isn’t me having a go at you, I just want to ask if you point out to your followers the pyramid-nature you created and, in no uncertain terms, rule.


    Mike Delippo

  • Eric Flanigan

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for pulling the curtain back in regards to the income side of things…very enlightening indeed.

    I am a new blogger just coming on the scene…and oh so green…but I’m learning a great deal (that is, just how much I DON’T know!)…man, I’ve got a LONG ways to go…better now than never eh?

    I’m going to bookmark this on Pat…I know a leader when I see one (though you are at such a stage that it is overwhelming to me right now)…I’ll try not to pound my fists…LOL

    Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member…those are the best times!


  • tj

    Hello – first of all – congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I am curious, especually considering the blog is in a large part about passive income, and because of the great income made from referring to bluehost – why you haven’t negoitiated a residual or passive income with them? I would look forward to seeing stacked reocurring commissions in the next few months instead of a one time monthly commission.

  • Mark
  • Sumbo

    Congrats Pat on the birth of your child. This is my first comment on your blog but I have bookmarked your blog over few months now. You are one the super affiliate online. I envy you not I want your money but to be able grow in my own business like you did. Bravo.

  • Jack Tran

    Hi PAT,

    I have been thinking about doing so for a few weeks now actually, but I’m not rushing into it. It’s something you need to set a lot of time aside for, and I don’t want to over-extend myself.



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    thanks again :)

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    I’m hot on your heels, Pat. Made my first few cents through AdSense!

    Really, though, I have a full time job with a great company so I’m really more excited about getting the kick in the tush I needed to put down the video games and just CREATE something without caring about the dollar signs. I’m loving the creative process!

    You are totally correct when you say that your income is only determined by the value you bring to other people. I’ve “known” that my whole career but could never really articulate it, and you put words to it perfectly.

    Amazing stuff.

  • http://[email protected] Gen

    I have a question about your affiliate links. Are those affiliate links directly through the product’s website or are you going through a third party vender like clickbank?

    If I am trying to sale my product through affiliates, should I use clickbank or promote myself. Can I do clickbank temporally and once I build a name take off of click bank or do both? Thanks

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    Do you have any apps in google play or are you just focusing on iphone apps ?

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