My September 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my September 2011 monthly report!

Every month I write a detailed report about my online businesses.

I do this not only to help me keep track of my progress, but also to show you what’s working for me, and what’s not.

In my monthly reports I always include an extremely detailed breakdown of the income I’ve earned online and I conclude with some of the more important things I’ve learned during the month.

I do this to motivate and to be transparent. Plus, I personally feel that if a person is publishing information about making money online he or she should show all sides of the equation so that the readers can make honest decisions based on honest information and common sense, not on hype.

As always, I don’t consider myself a “guru” and I use my own experiences, experiments and case studies as my teaching tools, and that’s usually what I write about.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report :)

Important Going-Ons in September

Most of September was dedicated to preparing myself for my first public speaking engagement. As I mentioned in my last post, which includes a video of my half-hour presentation, I really wanted to do well and knock it out of the park.

Public speaking is something I’ve always wanted to get into and I know that if I can master the craft my entire business will benefit because of it.

As a result of all of my preparation I didn’t focus as much as usual on my online businesses, but that was a conscious decision I made.

I took my own advice and made sure to focus on one thing at a time.

My presentation was my number one priority and after going up on stage and doing my thing, I’m happy to say that all of the hard work definitely paid off.

One of the best parts about it was reading all of the tweets that people posted during the presentation:

FINCON TweetsAnd there are literally hundreds of tweets like this. It was such an amazing and humbling experience and I just wanted to once again thank the entire personal finance blogging community for their kindness and support, and also thank you, the SPI reader, for listening to me worry so much about it leading up to it.

Now it’s time to shift gears and prepare for my presentation at Blog World Expo in November, which will be longer and more technical. But – now that I have my first presentation under my belt I probably won’t stress as much.

I say that – but we’ll see what really happens. :)

Interestingly enough, even though I focused less on my actual businesses my overall income continues to grow. The reality of passive income was not only apparent during the one day city-wide blackout that happened in the beginning of the month, but it was also illustrated during the month in whole.

I love the fact that I can take breaks or focus on other things (like public speaking) and my business can still run and function on its own.

Security Guard Training Headquarters

For those of you new to SPI, I recommend you check out The Niche Site Duel to see exactly how I built from scratch.

The little work I did do on some of my income streams included experimenting with the Adsense ads on this niche site. With 400 to 600 uniques a day it’s a perfect platform to run these types of tests on.

Back on March 2nd, I ran an experiment that dealt with where the ads were placed on the site. This resulted in a 139% increase in revenue, which over a long period of time can add up to huge amounts.

I had honed in on the proper placement of the ads, concluding that having a horizontal text link ad across the top and a large rectangle ad block justified to the right within the first paragraph of text in a post were the best for my site.

All sites react differently to how and where the Adsense ads are placed, and the best thing you can do it test, test, test!

This month, my experiment dealt with how the ads look.

I will write a more detailed post about this soon because I know it’s something a lot of you are interested in, but changing the font, font size and font color of one ad block increased my click-through rate (for that one ad) from 2.87% to 5.02%.

This is why even though I had about 5000 less pageviews on the site in September vs. August (even though I still maintain the #1 ranking for security guard training), I was able to increase the income generated from this niche site from $1,498.39 to $1,585.50.

Ad optimization is extremely important, and like I said I’ll write a more detailed post about exactly what I did in the near future.

Other Niche Sites and Ranking Changes

Many of you know that I also have other niche sites which are also bringing in an income each month through Adsense and affiliate earnings.

Please respect that I do keep these other niche sites private. I would love to reveal them but I’ve already learned from revealing the security guard niche site that there are people out there who will go into the exact same niche, create a site that looks very similar, and publish content that is 95% the same as mine.

Not cool – especially because I followed the rules and did the research to create the unique content on my own.


One of my niche sites, which was previously ranking at #3 for its target keyword. It had been at #3 for the past few months, until I saw a sudden drop in rankings a couple of weeks ago. It moved from #3 all the way down to #62.

I had hired a temporary VA from Odesk to run through The Backlinking Strategy that Works to try to get closer to #1, and apparently Google didn’t agree with something.

From my previous experience, when something like this happens the best thing to do is to just keep going (as long as you’re following the plan as you should). I did not tell my VA to stop and all I did was write 4 more articles (over 500 words each) and posted them on the site in 4 consecutive days. By the 5th day, I was back in the top 10 and now the site is sitting at #2 for the keyword, higher than it was before.

Apparently, there needs to be some sort of balance between the content published on the site and the backlinks pointing to it. As we all know, content plays a major role in search engine rankings now and a site that lacks content, or one that hasn’t updated for a while, runs the risk of being “temporary penalized” if all of a sudden new backlinks are appearing out of nowhere.

Of course, this is all speculation based on my own experience, but to me this makes sense.

So, if your niche sites sees a sudden (and significant) drop in rankings, try adding a lot more unique content to your site. If you do that and are patient with it, you might climb back to where you were.

Smart Passive Income

The numbers for SPI just keep blowing my mind.

In September, SPI surpassed 4 million pageviews and 1.75 million visitors since its birth.

The number of subscribers surpassed 30,000 as well. I’m not sure if I’ll reach my goal of 40k by the end of the year, but it should be close. My exposure at Blog World Expo should help with that.

Affiliate earnings keep growing too, and to know that this is happening without any active promotion in a month where all I did was essentially write more blog posts, is amazing.

SPI also flirted with the #1 spot in Google for “passive income”, surpassing Wikipedia every now and then throughout the entire month. This has only recently started happening ever since upgrading the website to the Thesis Theme.

Lastly, I also upgraded to a better CDN (content delivery network). I switched from Amazon CloudFront to, which increased the site’s speed even more.

Page Load TimeThe page load time is now close to 3 seconds.


Okay, let’s get to the numbers…

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,629.25
      • Last Month: $3,423.40
      • Difference:+$205.85
    • Adsense: $1,574.76
    • Job Board: $10.74
    • Total: $1,585.50
      • Last Month: $1,498.39
      • Difference: +$87.11
  • Other Google Adsense (includes other niche sites, YouTube and infobarrel)
    • Total: $421.24
      • Last Month: $393.63
      • Difference: +$27.61
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $1,829.00
    • Free Apps: $720.53
    • Total: $2,549.53
      • Last Month: $2,954.75
      • Difference: -$405.22
  • Gross Total in September: $36,592.27
    • Last Month: $34,034.40
    • Difference: +$2557.87
  • Expenses: $5,479.87
    • Major expenses this month include travel expenses for the Financial Blogger Conference, virtual assistants, hosting account for SPI (dedicated server), the new Content Delivery Network, and recurring payments for tools like Unique Article Wizard and Article Samurai, which I’m now exploring but cannot yet recommend. Attorney and CPA fees are included here as well.
  • Net Total in September: $31,112.40

(Click here to read a typical monthly expense report which breaks down where my time and money is spent)

Another incredible month, and my Bluehost earnings are just through the roof. I’m so thankful!

As I mention in all of my reports, I’ll be the first to admit that significant percentage of my income comes directly from this blog, mostly from the products that I offer as an affiliate (about 15-20% of the income listed under “affiliate income” does not come from this blog). To be honest, it was never my primary intention to make money from this site. My primary intention was and will always be to help other people understand how businesses and blogs work on the internet, and for them to be better at it after reading, watching or listening to my material, which all comes from the wins and fails of my own real-life case studies and experiences without pushing or promising anything.

I know that I’ve created a wonderful resource here on SPI with a ton of free information about all kinds of things related to online business and blogging, and the fact that people are kind enough to offer me something in return – whether it’s by going through an affiliate link, encouraging me to create a product of my own to sell, asking me for mentorship or advice, or even just thanking me for helping them earn more money online or get more traffic to their website, I am extremely grateful for and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Things I Learned in September

In September, I was reminded about the importance of relationships. Online, there needs to be some level of trust between you and your readers before you can expect any type of transaction to happen – from clicking on a link to clicking on a buy now button.

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the articles I wrote in September were about the importance of building relationships:

Content, design, SEO – those things are all important – but they should each be guided by the relationship you want to have with your readers.

Another thing I learned was just how much people appreciate transparency.

I hear it all the time here on the blog and via email, but a lot of people came up to me in person last week, shook my hand and just thanked me for being honest – which is weird because I ask myself: does that mean everyone else is being dishonest?

I guess in the industry I’m in, people don’t necessarily “lie” (although some do, straight up), but most tend to “bend the truth”, and that scares me. Although I’m happy that being honest helps me stand out of the crowd, I wish everyone were transparent so that we could all feel safer about the decisions we make online.

Transparency is trending and you even see big brands using it as a marketing tool. Domino’s Pizza, for example, has recently been producing commercials and YouTube videos that reveal customer testimonials about their pizza, including the bad ones, and then explaining that they have to do better.

I like it.

To finish up, I’m currently working on my first paid product for the SPI community and transparency will play a huge role in my approach and how it’s marketed. It’s not for everyone, but its in high demand and it’s going to be awesome. :)

Thanks for all of your support, and here’s to a happy, healthy and profitable October.


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • Jerry

    Congrats on another awesome month Pat! I’ve also observed that Google likes to see a reason for heavy backlinking, which you seem to have solved with the new articles. Looking forward to your upcoming offering =)

    • Pat

      Thanks Jerry! All the best to you!

  • Julz

    Congrats Pat! It won’t be long to you are averaging $40k per month!!! :)

  • Steve Roy

    As always, you are an inspiration to those of us looking to create full-time income from our online businesses. And kudos to you for your first speaking gig. I wanted it and you did a great job!

  • Tony @ Investorz’ Blog

    Congrats on another awesome month Pat! I think you’re right. BUilding connections is more important than content.

    • Pat

      They go together – it’s content that can get people to really become a part of your brand. Without it, of course, there would be no relationship – but the content should be written for your audience – that’s the main point :)

  • Jesse Poteet

    These income reports never fail to get me excited and motivated all over again. Thanks for the inspiration, Pat. Hopefully some day I can post an income report of my own!

  • Rob Cornish

    Excellent stuff Pat!

    The figures in the global economy seem to be crumbling by the day but you are trending upwards :-)

    Fancy a job at the Fed or in the US Treasury?

    • Pat

      Haha – no thanks 😛

  • Sean Davis

    Congrats on another great month. I swear, these income reports are so damn motivating.

  • Leon Aldrich

    Pat? I wonder with all the fantastic ways to comment & share content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, SPI Chant Groups and others, if you have seen a drop on direct comments here on your site?

    (Currently writing an article titled, “Online Heroes: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.”).

    • Pat

      Interesting question, Leon. Maybe, maybe not. Comments are important to me but I don’t look at the increase or decrease of them as any kind of indicator of anything, since posts vary in topic and engagement-ability, hehe.

  • Adem

    Great income. I had a massive hit last month on one of my sites. #1 down to #60 and I will have to try adding more content to see what that does. The funny thing is I’ve pretty much exhausted my content writing on the topic so I’ll have to rack my brain a bit more.

    • Quinton Hamp

      Here’s My Brain-Racking Tool:

      • stevewyman

        Hi Quinton

        Thats a lot thats a fantastic resource. one i plan to exploit. a great way to generate seed keywords for research.


  • Anke

    Congratulations, Pat, that’s incredible! You are doing so well and I am so happy that it actually comes from providing so much free info! Nobody needs to spend a cent here and they can still get all that great info. I think it is a fantastic approach.

    The income must be much more than you can spend, I am actually wondering what you do on the personal finance side? Do you have good advice what to do with the surplus?

  • LifeAndMyFinances

    Wow! Another month where you CRUSHED it. I really enjoy checking out your income reports Pat. It lets me know what’s really possible. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  • Andrius

    You continue to inspire!

    Regarding niche sites, I’ve been having a similar issue with a sudden rank drop in Google (I went from mid-30s on a two-month old site in a very competitive niche to around 1000). I did keep working your strategy and added a bit of content and things returned to their previous state. I also found that the adding of some fresh content made a difference (even though I have quite a few pages already), so I’m going to try to add a page a week to keep google happy.

    I’ve been thinking about outsourcing the grunt work of SEO, do you have any tips for optimal rates to pay a VA for this?

  • Scott

    Great report Pat, thanks for keeping transparent. $12k from BlueHost is epic, would love to hear more about how you make that happen.

  • Elsa Kendall

    Pat, I haven’t checked in on you in some time, but obviously you are rockin’! So happy for you. You are a wonderful example of someone following their passion AND serving others through this. Can we ask for better work in this life? Very inspiring and motivating for sure. Thank you!

  • Ted

    Hi Pat
    Again your Sept. earnings reflect “By helping other people you help yourself”
    Best Wishes

  • Jesus Ramirez

    Good job this month Pat!

    Your posts are truly inspirational!
    Thanks for providing them to us.

    Great job at the Financial Blogger Conference by the way.

  • Dave

    Hi Pat, another great month and thank for sharing. Your affiliate income is simply amazing and the 12.6K you made from bluehost alone is simply out of this world!

    Keep up the great work. You are a true inspiration for us little bloggers :)

  • Kent F

    Hi Pat – and a huge congrats once again. I would daresay you’re the No. 1 income earner for Bluehost, and you probably don’t rank for it on Google – wild! Others are slaving away on really boring work to rank for bluehost, and you blow them away.

    Which leads to a puzzling question – why do niche work at all? The security guard site behind the scenes look is cool and all, and it has given you wicked traffic – but it obvously does not pay 1/10 of the bluehost income.

    It’s all a mystery really.

    • Pat

      Great question Kent. I have a few answers:

      1) Diversification. Diversifying my income streams, much like how one should diversify their stock portfolio, is a great way to make sure that in case one part of the business dies, I have other things that are still generating an income.

      2) Niche sites are a lot easier to setup than a blog and a lot easier to maintain as well. I’ve worked a TON of hours on SPI, and creating something like I have here, although I believe it’s possible for anyone, is a lot harder than setting up a niche site, which is more achievable. Plus, results happen faster and it’s a great way for newbies to learn the ropes of how things work online.

      3) Niche sites are fun. :)

      • Mark Mason

        I am guessing that #4 has something to do with staying credible. A lot of the content on Pat’s blog is about general niche internet marketing. In order to be credible, you’ve got to do some (right?).

        • Pat

          4) Walking the walk? Hehe.

          Thanks Mark!

      • Rod

        Excellent point (& post).

        Pat, You mention how one sites rankings dipped from 3 to 62.
        Is it possibly this (or your other niche sites) were being impacted by the Google Panda algorithm changes?

        In September, I had 2 niche sites dip in traffic by 30%, mainly due to specific pages dropping 50 or 60 places in the SERPs. I’d put this down to Panda rather than a lack of new content though (since both get 3 to 5 new posts a week).

        … so as you say – diversification in your sites is critical especially when external factors can kill off your perfectly decent sites.

        • Brent Wehmeyer

          I would tend to agree with Rod here as well. I had a site drop far down the list, only to rebound to a higher spot than before, just like yours did, Pat. It’s a fairly low traffic, but high payoff per lead niche, that I was only at #3 before and now #1! I attributed it to Panda changes as well, as I didn’t do much on my part to affect it.

  • Steve Wells @ Pick Up Lines

    Well done, Pat!

    You never stop to amaze me.

    I have the feeling that unique content is way more important than backlinks – I’ve several sites on Google page 1 for pretty competitive keywords with a lot of unique content but really few backlinks. By the way, most of the time you only get inlinks from sites that don’t have a high PR (assuming that quality is more important than quantity).

    On the other hand, I see a lot of old sites without any fresh content that manage to stay on top without any new inlinks! What’s your opinion on that?

    P.S. Really inspiring speech at the FBC! To “tell your story” is one of the greatest tips I’ve heard in the “business world”.
    P.P.S. Every 6 seconds somebody creates a new blog? What’s your source actually? 😉

    • Pat

      The unique content vs. backlinking debate will be even more popular now, but yeah both are necessary, of course, and having unique content could create the other, so in a sense I’m leaning toward more what you said – unique content is more important. Hard to say though.

      And yeah, a lot of sites are up there that have crappy content, so backlinkis are definitely worth something, and another thing to think about it – Google isn’t perfect either. Just my opinion though.

      Thanks for the kind words about FINCON presentation, and regarding the figures for blogs, you can look them up on Google, a ton of sites talk about it. Actually, most say 1 to 2 seconds, but those are from articles a long time ago and it’s hard to find a reliable resource, but I think the point came across. It’s a CROWDED space :)

      • stevewyman


        you will not see a Google Dance based on quality of content. Panda stomps on you e’s not there to play Nice at all. Think of Panda as an elliminator. Rather than a Kung Fu master he’s more like the terminator.

        If you believe you have content issues. Then either rewrite the existing content one page at a time (your using wordpress i guess so thats quite a normal action). Or remove and redirect the old URL and add a new better article.

        Most likely whats being described is Google dancing. With backlinks changing.

        The other possibility is simple a google bot dance together with a competitor othree getting Pandaed.

        On eof my sites main KW went from 9 to 780 three weeks ago. Back to 7. Then last week its number 4, number 4,5,6 are now nowhere to be found!, theye were all very low quality but aged high PR and loads of backlinks andi was struggling to get past.

        Thanks Lord Panda (think darth vader :-)

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    these numbers are getting more and more ridiculous by the month. excellent inspiration to aspiring e-preneurs.

    since you’ve been emphasizing relationships a lot, how do you (aside from the automated tool you wrote about) / what in your opinion is the best way you have found to manage all the relationships in your life (work, family, friends, peers, etc) and do you feel you have given each adequate attention? many of us struggle on this front, especially as we continue to grow personally and professionally.

  • Sunil

    these numbers are getting more and more ridiculous by the month. excellent inspiration to aspiring e-preneurs.

    since you’ve been emphasizing relationships a lot, how do you (aside from the automated tool you wrote about) / what in your opinion is the best way you have found to manage all the relationships in your life (work, family, friends, peers, etc) and do you feel you have given each adequate attention? many of us struggle on this front, especially as we continue to grow personally and professionally.

  • Benny

    Always great to see the numbers Pat!

    I hope the Legalzoom aff is from me cause in Sept, I looked through your posts about forming an LLC. It was a goal of mine this year, way before my app was released. I read through your posts to learn more about it and if I should. So informative. A few weeks after my app released, I called my parent’s CPA, told him about my app and I think he nearly fell out of his seat. LOL. He suggested I should. Your posts help me go through the process of forming one. Pretty exciting stuff. Now have to learn how to operate it properly. Going to meet w/ the CPA this month and get my questions answered. Your posts were really helpful!

    It’s great to see Joseph’s guide still selling via you. Earlier in the year, I had so many questions about back linking and he was generous enough to give me answers. A great guy.

    Congrats on a great month!

  • Andrew Richardson

    Another great report Pat! I was very interested to learn about the relationship between backlinks and recently posted articles, that will be good to keep in mind!

    I also really connect with the idea that “transparency is trending” it seems like more and more this is true and it excites me a lot!

  • Arthur Cundy

    Great to see upward progress. You are one of my heroes.

  • Dennis

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! What a month, I dont know if this inspires me or brings me down haha

    good job Pat.. amazing job actually, hope to get one day to at least 10% of what you achieve today


  • UltimateSmartMoney

    What a great and encouraging report! Thanks for sharing how you are doing financially. I can’t believe you are making all that money just from blogging.

  • Randy Wilburn

    Hey Pat,

    This is the first time that I’ve actually read your income report and I’m definitely inspired. Now, I must get back to creating my own passive income that hopefully will lead to a report like this one not too far in the future…Keep up the good work and transparency.

    From your IBM Brother

  • Louie Sison

    I’m always thrilled every time I read your report Pat! Thanks for motivating me again.

    Louie Sison

  • Justin | Mazzastick

    Wow Pat. You are hustling here my friend. Many many small bloggers like me are inspired by what you have been able to create online and now offline as well with your speaking gig. :)

  • Ken @ Ereader Reviews

    Congrats on your another successful month. Thanks for all the inspiration. Looking forward to your first paid product here.

    I have a great question, let’s say you make $10 a day, how would you re-invest in your business? (I assume many of us are making a few bucks a day online).

    When you hit $100 a day, how would you scale up to make more?

    • Pat

      Hey Ken,

      Well, where to reinvest your money depends on what kind of business you’re in, and each business is different – but the same rule applies: find out what’s making you that money, and do more of that. The 80/20 rule.

  • David #inoosa

    Great work Pat. You deserve every penny.

    • David #inoosa

      and I have no idea how to put a picture up there :-()

      • Andy Ritchie mate :) that’s how

  • Cal

    As Per Rob Cornish’s comment about the poor global economy.

    Pat, what are your thoughts on the global economy and your (or anybodies) business online? It appears that your income that is made online is unaffected by the poor economy.

    Or, perhaps if the economy was flourishing then maybe your money made online would be 3 or 4 times the amount it is now…?

    Do you think or fear that as the global economy worsens that your online business could deflate as well?

    Obviously, your numbers don’t show this.

    If people don’t have jobs or money to spend in physical shops then that would also mean that they don’t have money to spend online in virtual shops.

    I don’t mean to be the buzz kill here. It’s just something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Congrats on another successful month!


    • Pat

      I don’t really think about things like that too often. I’m sure it plays a role, and it is interesting that the economy is not doing so well but I am – but a lot of other people are doing well too because they are using this opportunity to take action and do things for themselves. A lot of businesses are still being created today.

      If the economy worsens, so be it – that’s something I directly cannot control, but I will just keep doing what I’m doing because I’m just trying to be as helpful as I can. Plus, a lot of what i teach can be done for free so having money might not be an issue for some.

  • Chris Trynkiewicz from

    Hello, Pat!

    I’m happy to see you succeed once again! :)
    Do you have an idea, why the BlueHost earnings went so well this month?
    About the Domino’s Pizza – I think it’s just marketing BS. It’s not like they don’t have enough happy customers – they would be out of business if it was so. And it’s not like they’re going to change their recipies based on some people whining.

    Props for the Steve Jobs mention, I agree.

    Best wishes,

  • Ilana

    Pat – you really are an inspiration. And not because you earn lots of money online – but the way you earn it. Even if you only earned a fraction of the amount that you do, you provide true value to the community. I too make my income online through niche sites (whilst being a stay at home mom of 2 kids!) and I read your content nodding my head, especially your backlinking strategy – although I have a few different strategies which I implement.

    There are so many people earning a huge amount of money online through scamming people and it really saddens me that it continues to happen. There should be some sort of regulation in place for people like this, as it exists in other professions! People like me are scarred and immediately wary of products with ridiculous claims and promises, which is an awful way to be.

    Your honesty and integrity is a breath of fresh air in this space.

  • SavingMentor

    The level of transparency you have is indeed refreshing and it definitely serves to hook people onto your blog because you know the information can be trusted and represents 100% of the story.

    Sometimes I struggle with being 100% transparent because I do try to look out for the best interest of my readers first and foremost but at the same time I don’t disclose every affiliate link or every sponsored post (even though they are clearly marked as guest posts).

    Lots to think about…

  • Sarah Russell

    Pat – Great stuff! I’m definitely interested to hear more about your Adsense appearance testing. I’ve always worried about building sites exclusively around that monetization model, given how volatile Google can be, but your experiences seem to be showing that it’s stable enough to invest time on.

    I’m also curious about the niche site that saw the dip after adding backlinks. Have you seen a similar effect on your other niche sites? Do you plan to adjust your promotional strategy to compensate?

    Thanks, as always, for the great update!

  • Quinton Hamp

    I want to give a +1 on the adding content to stop rank slippage.

    I started a blog 1 year ago when I found your Niche Site Duel. Didn’t really work much on it until 4 months ago when I got it built up to about 30 posts and ranked at #12

    Over the past 60 days it has slid back down to about #26 and was rapidly trending down despite adding one or two backlinks daily.

    This week, I added about 2,000 words of great content. It’s back to #12. The “new content bonus” by Google is no joke. I think regular updates are going to a major part of my style.

    Also, it was awesome to hear how the Security Guard HQ site is converting. I’ve only been making about 1.5 cents per unique visitor. Sure, each niche is different , but at even half of your conversion rate….

    Let’s just say my hobby could finally be paying for its hosting and keyword tools 😉 You’ve sparked some ideas, my friend.

    Anyhow, great post as always, I always love being blown away (and inspired!) by your numbers. Don’t think I’d have the cajones to be as transparent as you are.

    Ride on!

  • Phanindra

    Those are really great magic numbers Pat and I sincerely admire you for letting us know your experience,which most of us wouldn’t even gain with some money making /niche/affiliate buy programs.And nice to hear that your tour went on well :)
    Congratulations Pat :)

  • Md

    I love it. We started at the same time and you made more in September than I will by far all year. Good job!

  • Nathan

    Continually amazed. Great work Pat!

  • Tung Tran

    Hi Pat, I always wait for your monthly report 😀 It not only inspires but also teaches me something new about doing online business. Btw, congrats on your success at Blog World Expo

  • Howie

    Any respect for you regarding your “genuiness” and “transparency” went out the window when you colluded, with just about the entire industry (no less than 10+ bloggers) to perpetuate and reinforce the brand of an admitted fraud, in Tyrone Shum. Yes, I’ve openly admitted to no longer reading your blog, however, I do keep tabs on your monthly income reports for the only purpose of, here, many months later, still awaiting the time when you’ll tell your audience that what he did was wrong. Still. Nothing.

    When the entire industry can collude to interview, feature, blog about, and reinforce a brand like that, something is SERIOUSLY wrong. And, when this very thing impacts the ‘image’ of IM, and whether or not people purchase products, I have a vested interest in saying something about it. No, I’m not going to kiss your tail like everyone else is doing here. Wrong is wrong.

    Don’t think you’re being singled out here, because many many other bloggers have received emails and comments from me. Instead, I’ve been made to look like a black sheep over something that MOST business people, with any semblance of integrity and moral courage would stand up for. I once considered you a friend, however, another friend doesn’t allow another friend to be ripped apart….even with a death threat….over an issue that most people would have a serious problem with, outside of an influential brand that has conditioned an absolutely horrible norm in this industry.

    Had I led my Soldiers in a manner in which you have chosen to address this issue, they would have mutinied me a long long time ago. Congratulations on your earnings. I’d give up $30,000 a month in a heartbeat if it meant compromising such a semblance of a value system that you did, and still insist on refusing to addressing it.

    • Pat

      Hey friend, it’s been a long time. I hope all is well with you.

      I’ve mentioned several times before that I feel what Tyrone did (inflating his earnings) was absolutely wrong. Totally wrong. Do you want me to say it again? IT WAS WRONG.

      I supported you Howie. You just don’t want to believe it. Remember those emails I sent you, the ones that you didn’t respond to? They said that I defended you. Specific emails that people sent to me bashing YOU, and I defended you. And what do you do in return? You ignore me, and then talk smack about me on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Facebook wall. I did stand up for you, but you ripped yourself apart. You threatened me saying “look up my name in Google” and other things like that. It makes no sense Howie. I think you’re targeting the wrong people here with your energy. There are people out there who are making money doing really really bad things, scamming people off their hopes and dreams and not even caring one bit because it’s all about the money for them.

      Not for me. I appreciate honesty and transparency, which is what I try to display on this blog. Tyrone confessed – he became transparent – and that’s what I supported him for.

      If you want to talk more about this with me, please email me.

      • Howie

        First time I’ve heard you say it wrong publicly.

        You said it to me, but, what good does that do when you have millions of people ready to follow you anywhere?

        I saw you privately relinguish the partnership–subtly sweeping it under the carpet for months. You “supported” me, but I tend to disagree–or you would have actually said something publicly. You didn’t.

        After several months of a small minority of user’s legit concerns go ignored and unanswered by you, and other bloggers, Gary V was my way to at least get some attention to a very pressing issue. Disagree with the method, noone EVER listens unless 1) It’s in their financial best interest to do so or 2) You make waves. I made waves.

        There was nothing “transparent” about your handling of the issue, and, for a guy who I’m convinced monitors his Facebook like any social media guru would do, there I was left to flounder on my own–validating that I couldn’t even go to HIM to display any semblance of a spine. And, you still appear to think that it’s so far fetched–so much so that my viewpoint shouldn’t even be entertained–that I feel it’s wrong that, at best, tons of bloggers in this industry chose to put financial gain over any sort of screening.

        Good luck on your future endeavors. If you honestly think that a majority of legit business people actually agree with establishing and reinforcing an online brand over calculated lies and deceit of earning over $10,000+ a month, then why can’t I take a stand over an issue like this? Yourself, along with many many other bloggers in this industry, opened your doors to him, and chose to place financial gain over the right thing.

        P.s. Me “ignorning” you probably had something to do with the unpredictability of my internet access while training for Iraq. I do recall, however, an email that I wrote over 2 hours, which detailed a complex plan for how you could better empower him….by providing him with tools, so that he could build his business, from the ground up…like the thousands of other people, in hard economic times, that are trying their hardest to earn $1 a day online….that email, for some reason, was ignored. I encourage you to go back and read it.

        Best to you.

      • Howie

        You got the last word. Once again, your response is skewed to make me look very bad, when many of those things are simply not true or just painted in the wrong context for your readers.

        I just wrote a long response, but it was not authorized here, for some reason. (Could be the internet in Kuwait). I do not have the time to re-write it.

        Best to you.

        P.s. My training for Iraq, and very limited internet access, probably had something to do with my ‘ignoring’ you. On the same token, I recall an email I had drafted, over 2 hours, citing specific steps you could take to empower Tyrone to build an online business from the ground up like many innocent people who are trying to earn their first $1 online in a down economy (rather than reinforcing and establishing a brand through months of calculated lies and deception)….interestingly enough, went ignored by you. Empowering and encouraging seemed secondary to making money, unfortunately, and all of it was priveately swept under the carpet (not just by you, by many other bloggers) once I shone light on it.

        This was the first time you mentioned that it was wrong, publicly on your blog. Thanks.

        • Howie

          About a 1/2 hour later or so, it looks like my comments now posted.

          Check your email.

          No need to respond. (I know your’e inundated with email already)

          It was refreshing to hear you finally (publicly) say that it was wrong what he did. I think many could actually get the impression that you, and various other top-tier bloggers who partnered with him, actually condoned the practice of orchestrating a massive brand around lies and deception regarding a $10,000/month empire.

  • Cal

    I’m sad for Pat as you get caught up in mindless ‘blog politics’ and simply skip over my comment(s) (as well as others) as your income online grows and the economy and the global economy weakens.

    I’ve been a vey supportive reader and follower of your teachings, Pat but you continue to disregard anything I say.

    You disregard your own advise.

    It’s called a double standard.

    I have not had made the money online that I have without you. I thank you gratuitously though out my blog.

    Yet, you continually and openly disregard anything I have to say each and every month.

    Thus hindering SPI even more!

    I find it amazingly counterproductive and extremely hypocritical. You my friend have big balls to be as transparent as you are and not answer a thing!


    San Diego.


    Good for you, I guess; in that regard.

    I’m not hatin’.

    I’m just sayin’.

    You rock it all around.

    I hope you can carry this momentum and raise your wife and family without having to build houses again.

    All the best.


    • Pat

      Cal – I just got home from date night with my wife and saw Howie’s comment and wanted to respond. I’ve been responding to emails since then, so please forgive me for not putting your comment at first priority. I hope you understand. I get about 100 emails a day from people and there’s only so much of me to go around. I hope you understand.

      How many answers do you see above? A lot – so again I can’t get to everyone, and I’m sorry you feel ignored. I will send you an email now to make sure you understand.

  • Khurram

    Incredible Income report!!!
    Your niche site is doing great.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Pat,

    I’m quite confused how BlueHost works. Does the referral carryover by months? I’m sorry if I’m being a bit to nosy. I was just always curious because your BlueHost profits increase everything. I’m just asking if there is some sort of rollover that BlueHost gives you?

    Thank you so much.


    • Pat

      Nope, the referrals don’t carry over. I’m totally surprised that the income keeps growing too, but nope – no rollover. All new signups.

      • Jonathan Gaurano

        Wowza. Your brand carries a lot of weight!! This is all I have to say. I might transfer to Bluehost… I use dreamhost, but not that happy.

  • Jacques Bezuidenhout

    Hi Pat
    You talk about your VA you use from ODesk. What do you think is a fair price to pay for a VA do assist with backlinks?

    • Pat

      Whatever price they are willing to work for. The nice thing about Odesk is that they set their own prices and I can choose from there, so it’s not like I’d ever be short changing my VA. Plus, I usually go for higher than the lowest bid because I want quality work done. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • Alberto

    Thanks for another awesome report.
    I’m really interested in your Adsense experiments. Are you planning to write a post describing them more in detail?
    You CTR is tremendously good compared to mine while visits are similar and I really would like to reach an income similar to yours.

    • Pat

      Yes, I will write a more detailed report soon about the changes I made. They are simple changes really – but they worked for me. Again, it might not work for everyone, and the best thing to do is test. Cheers!

      • SteveWyman

        Pat Im a bit confused. Maybe to many long hours and coffee.

        The ad changed increased the income by less than 1.2%?$85 out of $1500
        Or am i missing something.


        • Pat

          I had a lot less pageviews in September than I did in August. I was still able to maintain nearly the same amount of income because of the increase in CTR of the ad, even though I had less pageviews. If I had the same, it would be a lot more. Hope that makes sense.

        • SWyman

          It does thanks Pat.

  • Mick

    It just phenomenal how you manage to squeeze 1500$ out of 500 visitors a day – well chosen niche.

  • Tuukka

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland. That’s crazy amount of dollars there, again! My goal is to get 10% of that someday. Recently started my own blog about passive income (in Finnish) and hoping it helps me on my way :) Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  • david@cheap-fencing

    Your achievement really motivate me to keep trying and work hard on my blogging, if I were to make 1% of your income, my life will be much better off.

  • James

    Pat, have you thought about what you’ll do when the Bluehost sales die down/they change their affiliate programme? It seems you rely heavily (approx 33%) on them for those fantastic numbers? Just asking (not trying to tempt fate) cause I was in the same boat once and I cried when they changed the TOS!

    • Pat

      The thing is, I don’t rely on anyone for an income. Bluehost is a major % of my income right now, which is great, but that’s a bonus, not a requirement, and if (er, probably when) this income stream dies out I have all of the others to keep me going, plus any new ones I create from now until then.

      Hopefully they realize I’m giving them a lot of business, enough that they’d do what they can to keep the business relationship alive and kickin’.


      • Jeremy

        If Bluehost dies out, then Pat can simply replace them with another hosting service (yes there are others! LOL).

        The asset Pat has is his traffic and the fact that they are looking for hosting services, and trust Pat’s recommendations. The assets is not being a member of Bluehost’s affiliate program.

        Honestly, Bluehost needs Pat more than Pat needs them.

        He could replace that Bluehost link with a Godaddy or Hostgator or 1and1 (but please don’t….not 1and1) in five minutes. Pat’s income would stay the same, but Bluehost would lost a lot of money.

  • Lucy

    Pat – I think you’re ok

  • Lyman

    Hey Pat I really like how your security site is turning out. It has inspired me to do more with adsense. I started a project a few weeks ago and it’s growing pretty fast! I’ve been using more Youtube to drive most of the traffic right now until it gets on the first page. the site is

    My videos have over 100,000 views in only a weeks time so I think it’s not to shabby and it’s def an odd niche lol.

    Anyways great job! keep up the great work.

  • Sandy – yesiamcheap

    I have to tell everyone that I followed the niche site duel, went back to my blog, checked out the one making me the most money on Adsense and thought about whether it could stand alone as a niche site. I went ahead and put something together in September and it already earned me $30.29. I haven’t even had time to go through the backlinking strategy at all. I know that when I go it I’ll be #1 for my search terms. Thanks!

    I had to thank Pat in person for giving away this FREE and valuable advice.

  • Emily

    I didn’t know changing the look of an adblock could increase conversions so much! Thanks for the tip! :)

  • Eugene | Reduce Thighs HQ

    Your monthly reports are very informative and inspirational. Thanks for doing what you are doing…

  • SteveWyman

    Hi Pat,

    It feels to me as if your having to defned your income a lot this month. To be transparent I too have issues with the business model I wont lie.

    An Mr “im a fraud” shunn (he doesnot like it when i miss speel his name lol) well he is a fraud so hey thats enough said about that man. I never believe a word he said so luckily did not loose any money.

    HOWEVER – I 100% percent am no hater and it fantsastic what you blog is achieving the inspiration to otehrs to try and some great content.

    Ive been known to make the odd comment on your blog to try to help people new to some aspects of this game.

    On thing i read above that im unsre ive read correctly. You say you have other sites you dont want to disclose. Thats very sensible indeed for a variety of reasons. But my question is are you disclosing their income in your number above? is so from adsense you heading towards $2000 a month now? a usefull some of money if so.

    I will also admit to a certain “blimey” type of thought when i see nearly $17,000 dollars in one month from two affiliate offerings! maybe i should change my business plans :-) just meant to be light hearted :-)

    regards and may October bring you even more success.

  • Nigeria open University

    I have a very active blog, but am not making any good money from it. Is there anything i can change?
    Beside your figure glue me to my computer.
    Kudos to you!

  • Dave Starr

    What is it about this “exposure” issue? Even though I was born and raised in the USA, I have, I guess lived outside the country too long. My own fellow Americans seem like total strangers at times.

    Ever notice how few of those demanding disclosure discloses nothing at all about themselves?

    You know what? I make money online. Some of it thanks to things you have taught me to do, pat. And I appreciate it.

    But to put up with these incessant demand for “disclosure”? You have a much thicker skin than I do, my friend. I wouldn’t do this publicly insulting dance for dufus’s for any amount of money.

    I regret that so much times and article space are taken up every month dealing with negative thinkers who have nothing more to do in life than insult and intrude on other’s lives simply because they can.

    You know what? Those of you who make a hobby out of “demanding disclosure” ought to consider the money you could make if you focused your time and attention on something useful.

    Certainly works for me …

  • Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    Even your income reports have a ton of information to help us with our online businesses! I know I spent 20 minutes telling you this at the conference, but I appreciate all of the information that you willingly give out for free!

    You are really in the business of helping people achieve their goals and you deserve every dime that you get!

    Thank you once again! Oh, I’ll be on the lookout for the reopening of your niche site coaching classes.

  • Kevin

    hey Pat,

    You mention here that you’re experimenting with Article Samurai. I’d love to hear your review of that at some point. I switched over from UAW to Article Samurai about 2 months ago. Not sure if it’s any better yet.

    Congrats on a great month. Kevin

  • Kian | Awesome Life Coach

    Hi Pat,

    Long-term reader of your blog but this is my first comment, just to let you know you’re doing a wonderful thing for everyone with your blog and these monthly income reports are inspirational. Because of your generosity whenever I buy an internet marketing related product I check to see if you are an affiliate of the product on your resources page then I buy through your link. It’s nice to know that I contributed to your ‘thesis’ income stream this month!

  • Chris Martinez

    Still Killing it Pat! Thanks for the report!

  • Iago Fraga

    It’s just incredible your constant progress. I would really be interested in a higher level report like anual or from the beginning. Not so detailed but just talking about main choices or even more, those experiments that failed or not but gave you the important information to grow later. Congrats Pat!

  • Omar

    Hey there,
    2 Questions:
    a) Looks like your iPhone App revs have been slipping very steadily. Do you feel that you are done with that side of your business and that you have made adequate profits to have justified the effort and investment?
    b) Is SGT HQ your only Ad Sense based niche site? How do you make money off your other niche sites?


  • Mats

    Great report again Pat! And loved your video in the last post. Its smart to keep your niche sites in the background, but its bad that you cant share tactics on them, but people go after what works, and copy it exactly.

  • john smith

    hi pat congratz once again. For me i have never seen an honest blogger kike you. Your monthly income truly motivate me and i hope i could ever reach to that close or even more. Its honor to visit your blog. Thanks!

  • Tammy Polen Manocchio

    Nice numbers as always!
    I love your sentiments on transparency. I think the problem today is that so many people have lost their trust and faith in their fellow man. I hope we can all work towards a more compassionate future.
    PS: I can’t wait to see what your new product is going to be! I am sure it will be awesome :)

  • Kim

    As Always Your Numbers are Amazing! Great Job. I’m in the process of preparing to Hike the Grand Canyon later this fall, and in my long training hikes on the weekends I’m relistening to all your podcasts on my ipod. It’s great to listen to all the “old” podcasts, and reexamine what I missed the first time around, techniques I never applied (for whatever reason – mostly because I got distracted by something else), and even get brand new ideas of how to apply the concepts you talk about. I just wish I could hike and type on my laptop at the same time!

  • Chris R. Keller From

    Looking forward to see what your product is Pat.

    If you are looking to improve your public speaking you should look into the Dale Carnegie course. I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you have ever made.

  • wedding table plans

    congrats Pat with another awesome month

  • Anshul

    Awesome work Pat but I have to be honest here as I shamelessly copied some of the ad placement and ad blending tricks from your security guard site although I have no idea what you changed to increase your CTR, my revenues definitely went up well over 200% percent by making those tweaks on a couple of my sites so thanks Pat!:)

    • Anshul

      Just to clarify that my niche sites have nothing to do with Security Guards etc (not even close)!

  • Steve the Plumber

    Very inspirational information. I have been hearing from a lot of people that adding content regularly is vitally important to keep and improve rankings so I am adding a blog to my site to do just that.

  • tamim adam

    Hello boss! Just inspiring. And I want to know how can i earn like you.

  • Rory

    Another great month Pat, congratulations! As always seeing how well you do inspires me to keep going!

  • Robert

    Another solid month Pat! Nice job. I wish I could have made it to Chicago to see your presentation!

  • Laurent

    Don’t trust Pat Flynn ! I have send to him two emails in septembre another in octobre asking him some advice for my blog, i have website called website link deleted by Pat and the cash-flow comes only from Google Adsense, i was asking him how to monetize this website or starting a new blog. I never recevied a response !

    • Pat

      Laurent – I get 100s of emails a day. Your emails are in Queue, and Im’ still answering emails from September. Excuse me for being a one man team trying to help people one at a time.

      Plus, it’s not my responsibility to answer emails, but I do it anyways. There are bloggers out there who never respond to anyone, and I make the time for everyone.

      So please, be patient. If you’re going to go on here and tell people not to trust me, that’s fine – but please think about what it’s like on my end. It’s not all about you.

      • Tricia

        Pat we appreciate all that you do! No one needs to bother you through email. You have great interactive website PLUS your facebook page you answer a ton of questions there. If folks did their research and read your blog posts they would learn!

      • Justin Cooke

        Great reply, Spencer…understand how frustrating it is being beaten up over something that you DO put effort/energy in and is SO time consuming! Don’t worry…just think about all those people you’ve influenced positively with your personal touch and emails…makes it worth it!

      • SWyman


        Yes a very proffesional response to a very unproffesional posting.

        Amazing how folks Demand free help! And anyway the web is full of info. Thats what Google search is there for :-)

        Qudos Pat

      • Philip Geneman

        Laurent pat is right!
        Just because you have not got a response from pat yet does not mean he will not respond! It took him weeks to respond to my emails but I know how busy he is getting (only getting more emails) ! You must understand when people are busy they do not have time to email everyone! plus even if he did not respond to me at all that would be cool because I know he provides FREE info that has helped me a lot just by reading his articles. He goes above what he needs to do. Just be lucky you have someone like pat providing real information on this stuff. many people will not provide free customer service on top of free information for you! keep doing what you do pat you are helping so many people even if you do not reasoned to my emails and I trust you man! LOL

    • Linda

      Hi Laurent, I understand your frustration but that was a very unprofessional way to handle it. To post a negative post on someone’s blog is like “sticking your tongue out” at them :( I have sent many emails to Pat and have gotten an answer back to each of them.I might not get an answer within a week but he has answered each one.Pat is probably the most helpful and understanding blogger that I have dealt with. Please keep in mind that with actions like the one you just demonstrated you probably won’t get any help from anyone.

    • Earl

      I trust Pat Flynn because he is transparent and DOES take the time to reply. Just because you didn’t get a personalized response in 24 hours from a trusted blogger with tons of followers isn’t a reason to flame him on his turf. Go ask Trump something and see how long it takes to get a response seeing as your blog is about real estate.

      Go find blogs in your sector and model after the successful ones. Or model after interesting blogs. Your information isn’t really exciting nor groundbreaking in your industry. If you want to get ahead you have to stand out. Teach people about little known real estate tricks that will help them make more money and people will pay attention.

      I’ve moved over 250k in real estate related investments just by being relevant and interesting in my talks and joint ventures and it’s actually a weakness of mine (Real Estate niche). Just be respectful of others and people will want to help you. Posting stuff like “don’t trust so and so” will just alienate you and make people not want to work with you. Although I’m a fan, I don’t even consider myself an avid reader of Pat’s yet I’ll defend him because I do trust him. Learn from his example.

    • Ian

      I’ve sent Pat messages/wall posts in the past on about three or four occasions and he has ALWAYS gotten back to me and I’ve always been surprised considering how many messages and Facebook wall posts he gets a day. It’s very sad that you would treat one of the very few transparent and most trustworthy IMers in this industry like a con artist just because he didn’t give YOU the personalized attention you wanted as quickly as you’d hoped.

      Great job handling this Pat. Please rest assured we all appreciate what you do very, very much and it is not taken for granted.

    • Joey

      as a fellow marketer, I too get 100s of emails a day. I know first hand how crazy it can get. But I have to say that I was totally surprised when Pat replied. Not because it was unexpected, but because I know how crazy it can get.

      As Pat says, it’s not his responsibility or obligation. Like I always say …”You just can’t please everyone”

      Pat’s an A+ cat in my book.

  • Yong Custodio

    That’s a pity for a man asking for a favor then turned out telling something not to trust from the person his asking from.

  • Douglas Andrews (@JobCoachHQ)

    Pat! I can’t even imagine the number of emails you get in a day/week/month. I appreciate ALL of the FREE valuable information that you share with us. Keep up the great work! THANK YOU!
    If Laurent wants specific advice, I think there would probably be a 1 on 1 fee for that.

  • Tammy Polen Manocchio

    There is so much quality free content on this site, he could probably help himself it he just took the time to look. We know not to listen to one disgruntled individual. Thanks Pat for all you do.

  • azmat

    @Laurent I think you’re being a bit too dramatic. I don’t see how someone not responding to emails leads you not to trust them. It makes more sense that the person is really busy no? I have contacted Pat a few times and he responds …eventually :-)

    In the future you can also ask others on this site to provide help for you as well. Asking someone who has an extremely popular blog to promptly respond to your request is a bit unrealistic and you won’t get the help you initially needed. Good luck.

  • Chris

    Laurent – are you stupid? Pat provides free advice and a wealth of information on this site and doesn’t ask for a penny in return. I have listened to hours of podcasts, read a tone of info and checked out quality links and reccomendations that have saved me hours of time. He could be charging every one of us just to access his stuff and he could easily charge way more to actually respond to someone like you asking for what amounts to free consulting services. I’ll give you a free tip about how to make money online – change your attitude FAST !!

    • Jason

      I was getting ready to type a response, but Chris sums it up nicely.

    • Adam

      Well said Chris. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

      Pat, its amazing to me that you can maintain a community of this size all on your own. Your story continues to inspire and the content you provide helps to keep me focused (I just listened to podcast #18 with MJ DeMarco…it rocked). Keep up the great work!

  • http:/ Beefy

    This is exceptional.

    There is no-one out there putting as much time and effort in to helping people change their lives than Pat Flynn and he does it for FREE!!!! I recently offered to pay him back somehow and he turned it down! I don’t get spammed by him, I don’t receive loads of sales emails from him asking me to empty my pockets.

    If Pat offered consultancy advice at $300 per hour, would you be willing to pay it Laurent? I certainly would (just an hour mind, I’m not rich…YET!) because the content he has put out there is beyond measure.

    • Nick

      So true. Pat is amazing. I almost feel he is one of a kind. Although there are probably others who are as helpful as him. But I mean he responds to almost everything! I tried to talk to Sterling and Jay about their product and they got back to me like 3 months later. I bet they are great guys and they obviously have a lot to offer. But no one compares to Pat Flynn on customer service.

  • LaTisha

    Another great month! Thanks for sharing once again. Here’s to renewed motivation for the month of October!

  • ebele

    Pat, I admire and am proud of the journey you’ve made from the time you started this blog ’til now.

    That’s all I wanted to say.

  • Melody Helmbrecht


    My mother and I were discussing my being an IMer. While I am not yet making much online, my hopes are to eventually generate enough money so that both my husband and I can be stay at home parents.

    Mom of course asked me how we would then take care of our insurance needs – specifically medical insurance.

    I have no ideas reguarding this.

    I’m fairly new to your blog and you and it gives me much encouragement that it is possible.

    Thank you,

    • Jordan

      You would just pay for it yourself with your income. Go to an insurance broker. When you’re self employed, insurance is just another bill you have to pay, such as: rent/mortgage, automobile, groceries, cable, internet, etc.

    • Joaquin Peterson

      You need a minimum of two people who are employees of your company (you and your husband) to obtain a small group health insurance plan. Of course you have to pay for it, but the nice thing is that unlike individual plans, you can’t be rejected for any pre-existing conditions.

  • Leon Aldrich

    There are several bloggers I follow religiously. I take everything in with a grain of salt, although in Pat’s case, I am sodium free. (Still use real sugar in my coffee).

    When I first delved into this MMO world, I bought a twitter product based on a well known blogger’s review and after devouring most of their blog’s content. The product was sub par and DID NOT live up to the hype. I went back and reviewed all the posts regarding this product. I broke out my calculator, crunching all the facts & figures that lead to my buying decision. The information did not add up. I was not happy.

    Because the product was being updated, I did not return it. I did not publicly berate the blogger online. I did email them expressing my disappointment. I shared this discontent with several other bloggers, but without mentioning the blogger who was “less than truthful.”

    This blogger was how I found Smart Passive Income. Initially I measured all of Pat’s content through corrupted rose-colored glasses. Other MMOers practically spammed my inbox with “Buy This Now – Limited Quantities Available.” I asked Pat, “Hey? When are you going to sell me something via email?” His response was something to the effect of, “Check out my resource page.”

    Pat has proven himself numerous times. That he allowed Howie’s rant to stay posted (well…enough said).

    That Tyrone Shum made a public announcement and chaos reigned. Anyone and everyone who had linked themselves with Tyrone went under my microscope, even Pat Flynn.

    I did not stop following Tyrone Shum’s blog. Instead I raised the standard by which I measured all MMO bloggers. At least when it came down to purchasing products based on their recommendations. When I need to buy a product, I first check affiliate links on Smart Passive Income (my way of saying Thank You).

    Should we vilify Tyrone? Perhaps a public crucifixion is in order? He made a mistake. He confessed. He knows he has a lot of work to do, in order to get back in the good graces of the Global MMO Community. But it was his mistake.

    Because Pat didn’t severe his relationship with Tyrone, should we lynch Pat as well? A good ole’ fashion neck tie. Are you kidding me?

    I still don’t see how you are holding Pat accountable for Tyrone’s past deeds? But you were ok with a short term notoriety method to gain instant traffic to your blog, which just happens to be an MMO-type blog. It figures.

    There are times when Pat doesn’t respond to my (comments, social media and email). I have never taken it personal. As an adult with an average IQ, I understood right off that Pat puts his family first. Based on his subscriber numbers and his social media reach, I knew he is constantly busy with 1000’s of people vying for his attention (common sense 101). I also don’t set unreasonable expectations on someone else’s (life 101) and then cry “FOUL” when I don’t receive pampered treatment. (Although if I’m ever in San Diego I expect Pat to pay for a day spa).

    • Howie

      Pat and I said our peace through private email. Disagree with the approach, but I’ve shot many bloggers emails/comments-just like Pat. For people who swear by transparency, my major problem is that he was granted access to, not just one, but many, top-tier personalities and brands with little to no consequences or repercusions—all while, long after he “apologized”, continuing to do the very thing that he apologized for (others have mentioned how sales copy remained the same, and it did). Perhaps it was an accident–you would think that resolution of sales copy would be priority on a list of a person who just confessed to networking, orchestrating, and perpetuating a $10,000/month deception for many months.

      “But you were ok with a short term notoriety method to gain instant traffic to your blog, which just happens to be an MMO-type blog. It figures.”

      Being that my last blog post was in April, due in part with the overall frustration with this industry, you are sadly mistaken when you insinuate with “it figures” that it was all about gaining traffic. Yes, I just so happened to have a MMO blog. Had I wanted to REALLY capitalize off of the traffic, there were many many other things that I would have/could have done—-that I didn’t do. Namely, I would have updated the blog with new content, or tried to actually sell something in a front page post. And, trust me, for the serious backlash I took for taking a stand when the industry (no less than 10 bloggers) willfully opened their brands, with absolutely NO screening, to someone who used their platforms to perpetuate a lie—well, isn’t worth any surge in traffic I did/may have gotten.

      The only explanation was that I really, genuinely, felt it was wrong for Pat, and many others, to open up their brands so willingly. Everyone seems to love transparency, and accountability–at least until it comes to issues such as these.

      “Because Pat didn’t severe his relationship with Tyrone, should we lynch Pat as well?”

      Nope, I’m not some cape crusader attempting to police the streets of Gotham from all the evil ones. I do have a serious issue, though, when all those bloggers, themselves, capitalized off Tyrone’s “brand” and story, just like he networked and capitalized off of theirs. His $10,000/month deception appears everywhere–in blog posts, podcasts, and even eBooks. From Pat, all the way down, there was ZERO screening. Yes, as a person in IM/MMO niche, I do have a serious problem with this and the ‘image’ that is conveyed.

      Outside of a small amount of money I’ve raised for my readers, I’ve earned nothing from my blog–nothing. I don’t care. I’ve had many many opportunities to REALLY capitalize, but I didn’t take them.

      In all of this, I had simply wanted Pat–someone/anyone–to say what he did was wrong. With that, again, we said our peace and it’s behind us.

      Best to you.

      • Howie

        Btw, in the spirit of transparency, I do appreciate the fact that Pat allowed my “rants” to stay. He certainly didn’t have to. This very post speaks of transparency, however, some commenters here appear to be happy when transparency is had with the GOOD things, however, its shunned when something like this surfaces. Transparency works both ways, IMHO.

        He also didn’t have to spend his time responding to my emails, especially when he’s inundated with many others daily. Even months later, it did at least show me that he cared and wanted to resolve things. I think he knows that I held him to a very high standard simply because I DO respect him immensely.

        • Chris

          Caveat Emptor !! Even the best judgement of someone you trust can be flawed for totally reasonable cause. Complete due diligence is almost impossible – we all need to be aware of that fact and each choose to accept the associated risk or not balanced against the general overall benefits available. Everyone needs to maintain a certain degree of personal responsibility for the decisions and choices they make and recommendations they follow.

        • Shaun

          I remember when all of this first took place and can honestly say I do like the transparency of everything. Even though I completely feel that what was done, was done, and this new “discussion” was quite juvenile to go on another rant months later in another one of pats posts.

        • Howie

          Understood, Shaun.

          While you feel my incessant rants were junvenile, I believe they were necessary.

          Yes, it may annoy some, however, up until this post, I had never heard Pat or any of the other bloggers involved publicly decry what he did. Many seem to be all about “accountability” in blogging, under shadiness like this creeps in, everyone relinquishes partnerships (interestingly enough, subtly validating my point in the first place), and refuses to even say it was wrong.

          Let’s face it, of the hundred or so comments one of Pat’s posts typically receives, we are in the serious minority when it comes to the difference between those who read and those who actually comment. For every one person that comments, I’d guess that several thousand people are actually reading a blog post.

          My point is….

          There are many impressionable people out there. To the casual onlooker, the impression could be had that, by all these bloggers partnering/networking etc with him, that this kind of behavior was actually accepted and tolerated. I’ve been doing IM for a long time, and this is the impression it gave me.

          Call it “juvenile”, but those same months that went by were also months where many people chose silence over standing up for something important.

          Once again, Pat and I have said our peace. If even in a comment, it was good to finally hear him say, publicly, that it was wrong. And, for those who think I’m a heartless individual who wants nothing better than to crucify Tyrone, Pat can attest to the fact that I spent countless hours crafting an email displaying, step-by-step, what could be better done to help empower Tyrone to succeed, by building a business from the ground-up, like many struggling individuals are doing in a down economy.

          I took no response from him as being ignored. I admit, this upset me. Apparently, he had forwarded it on. With this, there was a little miscommunication. I am glad that that email was able to make it to him. Trust me, had I wanted to “just capitalize” off of this situation, I wouldn’t have ever spent those hours crafting that email. For obvious reasons, the email will never be posted here, however, I assure you, I’m not just some cold-hearted individual trying to crucify others despite my own faults

  • Beelissa

    Laurent, I have to say you are wrong about Pat. I sent him an email once asking about some of the plugins he uses on his WordPress and he did answer back. It did take him a while, and I was amazed he kept track of my email for that long.

    Here’s the thing: Pat gives out lots of information for free. He is very helpful to a lot of people, but since you are not paying him a salary or a consulting fee, he is under no obligation to answer you or me or any of the rest of us when we drop a note in his in-box with a question. I think he answers as many as he can, and I’m sure if he sees a common question he uses it as a topic for a blog post so many people get to read the answer and benefit from it. He tries to be as helpful as he can be, but he’s just one person with the same number of hours in his day as you, and he has lots of other things he has to do as well.

    If you want help right away, you might better hire a professional consulting firm. But if you want honest, genuine answers from a nice guy, stick around here awhile and read all of the excellent posts (and listen to the podcasts) while you’re waiting for Pat to respond to your email.

  • Blackmore Websites

    Great to see your monthly breakdown yet again Pat. Like that you included the net position too. You are definitely an inspiration!

    Oh yeh I installed Rapportive. It rocks! Thx for the heads up 😉

  • Laurent

    Thanks Pat ! You’re great i just wanted to test the impact of a bad comment on a blog and your answer was quick and clear;) i’m still a big fan and i hope to hear something from you soon.

    • Chris

      I don’t know about anyone else – but I don’t buy your spin Laurent. You don’t go around slagging someone’s integrity in public on THEIR blog especially, just to “test” some vague little notion of your own. My first thought on reading your most recent comment is “who the he!! do you think you are ?” …and somehow you still think you deserve Pat’s personal time and advice? LOL – some frickin’ nerve dude !

      Maybe try a contrite “mea culpa” apology for your nasty and direct libel rather than this “I’m still a big fan and I just wanted to attack you personally on your own blog because I’m a rocket scientist psychology blog hero testing a mysterious theory for my own jollies” approach……

      • Kate

        Agreed, Chris! When a discussion online starts going south, the instigator’s first backpedaling attempt often involves the “it was a social experiment!!!!!!!!!!” thing. That’s what this looks like.

  • Hemal

    Woww, I envy the bluehost earnings haha! I’ve been trying to get passive income from that or other hosting companies, but only get few trickles of sales a month. Great job!

  • Nick Purcell

    Another great month Pat! Great Job man! Your presentation was amazing by the way. Very inspiring and helpful. I can’t believe you reached 1.75 million visitors. That is an unbelievable number. 2 million soon, I would think.

  • Jack

    Hey Pat: As a relatively new reader/listener of your content since mid-summer, I must say THANKS! The podcasts are great, the income reports are SO INSPIRING, and the other free content, and real “community” here are amazing. It’s really quite extraordinary the amount of money that your ‘world’ has generated! Bravo. I am indebted for your podcast I heard this summer that sent me to investigate article writing at InfoBarrel (wrote 43 articles there to date and 13 at HubPages). Now I’ve started my first niche site, and also landed a freelance writing job creating blog posts for an iPhone app company. And I still have a FT job, and PT side-job, but my entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by my online “experiments”. Thank you for all the great content and very inspiring numbers! You were right with the idea that article writing is a good place to start AND LEARN!

  • Tony

    Thanks again Pat for sharing such personal information with us. You are an inspiration. Great job on your speaking engagement, major kudos to you.

    Good luck and God bless you, your family and your business.

  • Andrew

    Hey Pat, quick question. Do your bluehost earnings also include recurring income each month or annually from each referred customer?

    • Pat

      Nope. Quit surprisingly, these are for all new signups each month, I believe.

  • Sarah Harris

    This is great information. Thank you for being so detailed in your report it is really nice to see someone that is not afraid to detail everything out and not just put up clickbank screenshots. Great information, and kudos.

  • Dee

    Hi Pat
    It is nice to to see someone tell it how it is, I applaud your honesty.
    Coincidentally, I was in the middle of a post, one of my rambles about what I hate about IMer’s when I received your email.
    Things do tend to get in the way somtimes, but you should always treat your subscribers properly, they are the reason you are successful.

  • Glenn


    It is clear that your success comes down to your willingness to be transparent,

    You deserve all the success that comes your way,

    In my own blog I am attempting to replicate you, fingers crossed!

  • Irish Pring

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve been you’re avid reader for a quite awhile and you’re story is so amazing… How I wish that I could monetize my blog the way that you do… Anyway, keep up the good job!

    I am looking forward for more valuable posts…


    Irish Pring

  • Jed

    Pat why don’t you tell people why your alexa shows like 45k on a site that should have like 300k alexa at best. You clearly get a lot of traffic from when you link here in your smart passive income blog. There is no way a normal person could make $1400 in adsense off a keyword that only gets 9900 exact searches a month, and in Alexa it shows pretty much all your traffic comes from that keyword alone.

    Are you really 100% confident in the products you back? I wish this blog was run by someone with REAL success online.

    I caution users to use their due diligence when purchasing any products off this site.

    • Jimmy

      Jed, duck :-) incoming.

      The sickoffants wont like you calling him out. :-0

      I dont agree with th e9900 not being able to make $1400 it sure could but only in inusrane or medical.

      whats happening here is very clear, people ar efollowin gpeople. and so they see all the great THIS WORKS IM RICH stuff and dont look at a 1 year+ old technique in his most popular post. Nor the FACT that the blog sfowatre no longer is effective.

      As to teh hosting Yer they are the best NOT. and where sthe recomendation to find coupons before youbuy hosting!! Bluehost is way to expensive for the average user.

      Market samuri is full of bugs and requires constant patching.

      And how many actual blogs has pat built less than 5 based on his open income statements

      people dont even read them. With out the affiliate income Pat would be no different to anybody esle. a few thousand a month at best. peanuts.

      Ofocurse if he’s building loads of adsense sites and not disclosing them here well fair enough.

      I totaly support the due dillegence comment.

      Now good luck to pat where all here to mae money but it would be good if people thought and analysied thet data also.

      If you want to se real adsense income headover to adsenseflippers (40K+ infilpps this year alone) or bichepursuits ($15k a month on asesne alone!)

      Helmet on arse tucked in. ready to recieve incomeing

      • Justin

        Hey Jimmy,

        Justin with AF here. While we appreciate the mention and are big fans of Spencer with NP as well…SPI has been a huge source of inspiration to us. I don’t know Pat personally but check in here and just love some of the amazingly killer content he delivers. His email list is one of the few I actually read and look forward to. Maybe some of the tools he uses are outdated but I think people come BACK to his site to buy as a thank you to him. A rare marketer indeed that can build that kind of community.

        It’s not unreasonable to me that Pat might have other income streams…we disclose AF income but don’t do the same with our outsourcing company. With the great stuff he puts out, I couldn’t care less. I think the fact that Pat has haters just shows how well he’s doing!

        Lastly…our income was great last month but will be much lower this month. I don’t think comparing income reports is a very good measure as to whether the content is useful and actionable…the stuff I really care about…

        • Pat

          Hey Justin, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your nice comments too. I’m very familiar with your site and I love what you guys are doing. Good stuff! Cheers!

      • Pat

        Your comment is appreciated Jimmy, you don’t need a helmet. You’re all definitely entitled to your opinion.

        Like I mentioned in my response to Jed, most of my traffic (for sgthq) comes from 4500+ long tail keywords, not my primary keyword. I’ve written about this several times before in my niche site report posts.

        If I didn’t have my affiliate income, that’s fine. I wasn’t even ever expecting to make money off this site when I first started it. If this site was for making money, I’d be pushing products to my list like everyone else is out there, but I don’t. Even without the affiliate income, I’d be making way more than I was in the 9 to 5 job I had.

        And lastly, regarding due diligence, I would hope (AND I BEG) that people use due diligence when people think about buying something off this site. Email me, ask me questions, do whatever you can to make sure your purchase is something that you feel is right for what you’re trying to do. If there’s an ounce of doubt don’t make a purchase, I’m not here to force anyone to purchase anything. I just show what I do, what works for me, and that’s it.

        Good luck to you too, and I wish you all the best.

      • Chris

        Hey Jimmy

        This link may help your online pursuits – It would be good if you analysed the data you find there before you write something. 😉

    • Quinton Hamp

      Poor Pat, first he shows us what his Niche is. Then he gets flamed by you for all of us visiting it.

      You are a cruel person, Jed.

    • Pat

      Jed, this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever linked to Security Guard Training HQ on my blog, ever. Why now? Because now that I’ve revealed my site a bunch of people are creating sites of their own in the same niche and stealing my content. I figured now that I’ve been at #1 in Google and getting loads of traffic for over a year now, it’s about time I can link to it to give it some more strength. Why don’t you do your due diligence and read about exactly how this site was built first and see if I actually linked to it before.

      The site has had an Alexa ranking close to 45k for a long time now, way before I ever linked to it from here. Also, I’ve written a lot about how a majority of the traffic doesn’t even come from my primary keyword. Most of it comes from the other 4500+ long tail keywords that I’m getting traffic from. Guess you didn’t read those posts either.

      YES, I am 100% confident in the products I recommend because I use them and they work for me. I have the opportunity to make loads more money and promote a lot more products, but I don’t because I’ve never used them and I only promote things I’ve used and things that have worked for me.

      If you want to talk more about this, please feel free to email me and maybe we can even chat over skype if you wish.

      • Jed


        Fair enough, I didn’t read your previous posts regarding the security website. Props to you then for your success.

        Well said if you truly believe in your products, then what can I say…

        Do you have any thoughts of expanding the site to include perhaps more Webmasters? different points of views? Different techniques?

        Clearly there is huge demand for ppl especially from the west looking for jobs, I think you could make a lot more if you brought on a ton of pro webmasters and turned the site into a membership site. A community. Either way you got a sick site, go with it to the moon dude and think outside the box. You could make 5 mill a year from this site alone one day.

        Think big Pat!

    • Joaquin Peterson


      If you’re relying on Alexa to estimate his traffic, both overall and for particular keyphrases, then you have a LOT to learn.

  • Phil Jensen


    Let me share with you how I found your site. Before I left for work last week I searched passive income in iTunes on my iPhone and found your podcast. I listened podcast #24 and podcast #23.

    I actually finished up podcast #23 today on the way home from work today and promised myself to remember to check out your site (great podcasts by the way).

    I have to say that I love the site and what you’re doing. The content is amazing and you’ve really made a serious effort to maintain full transparency with respect to your earnings and strategies (something I’m having trouble fully disclosing).

    I’m most impressed however with the income you’ve been able to generate…..very impressive. It’s nice to see someone not only talking about making money online but actually doing it in a big way.

    Time to check out some more of your posts…….



  • Sander

    Hey Pat, greetings from Denmark!

    It’s wonderful to see how much you earn every month, and i love the fact that you’re telling us about it all. You don’t hide your sites, stats, earnings etc., and i think, that i will do a danish version of the niche duel, and see how many danes who are interested.

    Happy days,

  • Jon

    As always, you’re an inspiration to all who want to make money through passive income, I’ll never be at the same level as you but I’m going to try!.


  • Bryan @ SimpleIMSolutions

    I swear everytime I swing by here to read your income reports, your earnings just keep getting larger and larger. Very inspiring to see your income climbing like that man!

    As far as your niche sites, are you working on building more since they success of the security guard training site? I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I plan to build more micro niche sites or a few authority ones. Either way, it’s good to see that has been making a steady income, too. $1,500 average per month on a niche site is stellar!


  • samrat kafle @ Blogging Talks

    Hi pat, really your income reports are very clear and informative.You are really inspiration to me.

  • Financial Freedom

    great work as ever Pat. Really loved the breakdown and how you’re building an awesome passive business that grows by leaps and bounds.

    Had a question for you, how do you track all your affiliate sales? Are you sent a report via email or do you login to each account and tally a report for the month?

    Dwight Anthony

    • Pat

      Hey Dwight – I actually do long into each account separately, but I have tools (speed dial 2 and 1password) on Chrome to make this super fast and easy – almost one click to open them all up.

      • Financial Freedom

        Nice! I knew there had to be a way to check these stats quickly.

        I don’t use Chrome so much, i’m going to check if there’s plugins like this for FireFox and post back at a later time.

        Thanks for the resources.

        Dwight Anthony

  • Michael

    Hi Pat – it is just truly amazing how well you are doing online with your websites. I can only imagine making that type of money online right now. I am starting to build up my niche empire now but it is slow going as you know. It takes time to build up my pages and getting them to start to rank in Google. However once they get going I am sure they will be a great success.

    Thanks for postings these income statements to keep us motivated.

  • Geschäftsidee

    wow…relly impressive!!!

  • Günter

    Hi Pat,
    that’s really a lot of money. Congratulations!
    Every now and then I try to read your blog. Unfortunately my english is not so good. But I do my best to learn! Thank you for your Informations and your Tips!
    Greetings from Germany

  • Matt

    Inspirational reading, thanks a lot! I think your site proves quality content is what will keep bringing people back.

  • zamahsari

    Reading your monthly income is just like seeing the sky that has never been reached. It seems impossible for me to reach that but this post and other posts show us how you get there.. I will try to do my best and see what happens next..

  • jeremy

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting out your blog and website. It has helped a lot in getting me further into this process.

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    I really looking forward to read you next update, thanks for an amazing website. You are really inspiring me. :)

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    very interesting overview to read your income – thanks for sharring. This is really inspiring.

  • Michael Adelaide

    I believe this is the transparency many potential bloggers want to see. With so many “gurus” exaggerating their earnings it’s great to see a blogger giving it to the public straight!

    Awesome work Pat keep it up!

  • parsa
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