My October 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my October 2011 monthly report!

Each month I share the income I’ve generated online – down to the penny.

I do this for several reasons:

  1. To help me keep track of my progress and focus on improving the numbers each and every month.
  2. To help you understand the kinds of ways one can generate an income online.
  3. To share what has and what has not been working for me. And most importantly…
  4. To be transparent and real about what I do.

As you’ll see, this report isn’t just about the numbers – it’s about education and learning from my past experiences.

Remember, success online does not happen fast, and it doesn’t happen to everyone. I’m here to help and give you the best chance to succeed.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report. I apologize for its lateness – I just got back from Blog World Expo in Los Angeles and am still in recovery mode. Staying up late most of the nights to work on my presentation and network has really taken a toll on my body – but it was all totally worth it.

I’ll be posting more information about my Blog World Expo experience very soon, and I’ll be sure to include my presentation for those of you who were unable to attend. Thanks for your patience!

Important Going-Ons in October

October was very much about stepping out of my comfort zone, something that I always try to do because I know it will take my business to the next level and separate me from the pack.

Bold actions, which lead to amazing results, often come with getting uncomfortable.

When I started blogging, shooting videos and recording podcasts – those were all things that I was definitely not comfortable with at first, and this past month it was speaking in public.

At the beginning of the month I attended and spoke at the Financial Blogger Conference, which was my first public speaking experience. I had such an amazing time and I’m definitely looking forward to more conferences and speaking engagements in the future now.

I also began to shoot more videos, and did them in a style that also required me to come out of my shell a little too.

So far, the response has been nothing but positive, which is great! Here are the links to the videos:

The rest of the month was dedicated mostly to preparing for my Blog World Expo presentation on November 4th, a presentation that was 3 times as long as my first one, and at the largest blogging and new media event in the world. I cannot wait to tell you what happened and what I learned.

Security Guard Training Niche Site

For those of you new to SPI, I recommend you check out The Niche Site Duel to see exactly how I built from scratch.

I wrote a post mid-month about how a niche site with a target keyword (security guard training) with only 9900 exact searches per month generates $1,500 per month on Adsense. Well – I should change that number to $1,968.33 because the earnings in October were just that.

As the site grows and I continue to add a few articles here and there, I continue to be found by more long tail keywords in Google and as a result the income keeps climbing higher and higher.

Additionally, the minor changes I made to the Adsense blocks (as shown on video in Traffic Isn’t Everything – Everything You Need to Know About Conversions and Click-Through Rates) are definitely paying off.

The sad thing is that I want to put more time into growing this site even more and expanding the income streams outside of Adsense, but it’s time I just didn’t have in October. To make more time, I’m thinking about possibly hiring someone to take charge with this site and take it to the next level. I’ve talked about private advertising and putting a directory on the site before – it would be cool if I could find someone to manage that for me in exchange for a percentage of the income.

Just an idea. 😉

Like I mentioned in my last monthly income report, I’m seeing new sites pop up in the exact same niche, and unfortunately a few of those sites are copying my original content. I’ve contacted my attorney about this and there are a number of things I could do from here. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully give you some options that you could do in case the same things happens to you.

Also not cool is this… a number of people are attempting to log into my WordPress Dashboard. I know this because I’m using a plugin called Limit Login Attempts, which shows me the IP address of those who attempt to login to my site, and I can limit the number of attempts and actually lock them out.

20 people have attempted to login. This is a little scary, and another reason why I don’t reveal all of my niches here on SPI.

Limit Login Attempts PluginThe plugin lists the IP addresses of those who attempt to login and I really thought about listing those IPs here, but that’s not how I roll. Luckily, none of the attempted logins are from people who have commented here on SPI.

…and this is why you should really think twice about what your passwords should be.

A New Old Niche Site?

I’m really thinking about my next “experiment” to reveal on SPI, something similar to the niche site duel where I take you step by step through a particular process to potentially make more money.

After talking to Justin and Joe from and learning that they have a database of niche sites up for sale that are already making money, I thought it might be interesting to buy an existing site and see if I could increase its earnings and take it to the next level.

Would this be something you’d be interested in following? Let me know. :)

iPhone Applications

My partner and I have been making extremely slow progress on some new apps, but it’s progress nonetheless.

We had some hiccups with our current developer but today we received a promising beta version of an app we’ve been working on and we’re really close to getting to a point where we can finally launch it.

If there are any take aways from this, it’s that software development, especially software development that relies on outsourced work, can be a very long and tedious process.

Our current apps saw a little bit more exposure in October, which is why you’ll see a slight increase in earnings compared to last month in the income report below.

Smart Passive Income

In October, SPI saw record numbers once again – both in traffic, subscribers and income.

Not much new information to report here, so I’ll just do a quick recap of the articles that I wrote in case you missed anyt:

The new podcast episodes, especially, has been getting a LOT of great feedback. One person at Blog World Expo, actually, came up to me and said my latest podcast episode on Social Proof just “blew his mind”, which is a pretty awesome compliment.

If you have yet to listen to a podcast episode of mine, this one is the one to listen to. You can get it on iTunes here and download it to your mp3 player so you can listen to it on the go.

I think it’s time for some numbers…

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,874.65
      • Last Month: $3,629.25
      • Difference:+$245.40
    • Adsense: $1,968.33
    • Job Board: $14.81
    • $0.28
    • Total: $1,983.42
      • Last Month: $1,585.50
      • Difference: +$397.92
  • Other Google Adsense (includes other niche sites, YouTube and infobarrel)
    • Total: $346.20
      • Last Month: $421.24
      • Difference: -$75.04
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2069.00
    • Free Apps: $842.12
    • Total: $2,911.12
      • Last Month: $2,549.53
      • Difference: +$361.59
  • Gross Total in October: $38,612.90
    • Last Month: $36,592.27
    • Difference: +$2,020.62
  • Expenses: $4,614.34
    • Major expenses this month include virtual assistants, hosting account for SPI (dedicated server), recurring payments for various tools, Attorney and CPA fees, new business formation, and additional equipment and tools for my business.
  • Net Total in October: $33,998.56

(Click here to read a typical monthly expense report which breaks down where my time and money is spent)

Most parts of the business have seen an increase in income compared to last month, which is awesome!

As I mention in all of my reports, I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my income comes directly from this blog, mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

I’m very fortunate to have a community that is willing to support me by making purchases through my affiliate links – a responsibility that I will never take lightly and always take seriously – and as such I never promote just for the potential income that can come from an offer.

That said, over $9,000 this month were earned outside of the SPI blog and whether I make $9,000 or $90,000 – I’d still be the same person, live the same lifestyle and be just as happy.

I am extremely grateful for everything, and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Things I Learned in October

Planting Seeds and Bearing Fruit

In case you didn’t notice, my earnings from Bluehost, the domain and hosting company that I use and recommend as an affiliate, makes up about half of my affiliate earnings from SPI – earning $14,700 this past month alone – and it’s not a recurring commission.

This just blows my mind, especially considering I don’t really do much to aggressively promote the service. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I even mentioned Bluehost in any posts that I wrote this past month.

I don’t say this to show off, but I say this because I know I have properly planted the seeds to make this happen.

What is a “seed”?

A seed is any form of content that gets posted on the web that could potentially grow into a sale, or “bear fruit”. A post, a video, a podcast – once they are published they are always available on the for people to find. The more seeds you plant, the more opportunity you create for yourself.

It’s almost like modeling nature. In nature, for example, do most plants produce just one seed, or many?

Many, of course, because it’s all about opportunity.

To help illustrate this point, below you’ll see an easy diagram of how people can eventually get to an affiliate link for something I recommend, like Bluehost.

Affiliate Reach on SPI - BluehostAgain, these are non-aggressive approaches that create a highway or avenue of opportunity to click on a link ad potentially make a sale.

For more details about my Bluehost links specifically – where they are located and how they convert – please click here.

The most important thing to do is just plant those seeds and let them grow.

Time for some Vitamin C and some much needed rest. Thanks for your support, and all the best to you! My Blog World Expo recap is up next.


  • Md

    Another classic income report. It’s killing me how you make more in one month than most bloggers (myself included) will make in a year.

    It’s time for me to catch up to you.

    I started to work on my first niche site and I’ve already got 8 posts launched. I’m not going to stop until this niche site makes me some decent money.

    Do you see your expenses going up in the near future? Do you plan on investing more money and time into your projects?

    • Pat

      Thanks MD – and congrats again on your site reaching 3 years of age, and good luck with everything! Cheers!

      • Gregory Ciotti

        Those BlueHost affiliate sales alone are amazing.

        I think BlueHost needs to send you a gift basket or something, ha!

        Must be those video techniques I talked about ;).

        But seriously though, I realize now that most of those sales are probably done out of pure respect for the honest info you put out there.

        I saw someone comment on Reddit saying that they signed up under your BlueHost account simply because they liked your blog: they new about BlueHost beforehand, they just signedup under you as a thanks.

        Goes to show how being genuine can be rewarding.

  • Daniel Pedersen

    WOw thanks again for sharing, and congrats on the success this month. Impressive numbers you earn from Bluehost, and today i signed up from a affilaite here on the blog.

    Best Regards
    Daniel Pedersen

    • Pat

      Awesome Daniel! Thanks so much for the support, and if you have any questions about anything during the process of setting up your site please let me know. Cheers, and all the best!

  • Hard Boiled Greg

    Congratulations on your increasing growth, especially when so many are experiencing the opposite due to Google’s Panda updates. Just goes to prove the importance of diversifying traffic streams and not relying on a third party for the health of your businesses.

    Speaking of which, does it make you “nervous” at all to have such a large portion of your income come from a single channel as in the Blue Host example?

    Thanks again for your continued inspiration.

    Take care,


    • Pat

      Not nervous, but more thankful and fortunate. Like I said in the post, even without Bluehost I’d still have a significant amount of income, and even if ALL of my affiliate earnings went away I’d still be living the same lifestyle and be just as happy. :)

  • Jeremiah


    It’s cool to see you posting here even though you’re busy as hell. I’m sure I’m not the only one dying to hear about BWELA but you need your rest bro, don’t rush it for our sake.

    Your security guard site still blows me away. I can’t believe how well you’ve done with adsense, especially because I’ve been working on my own site for months now and can’t seem to get a significant amount of traffic. I’m still busting my butt, and hopefully I’ll see similar results to your site.

    It sucks to hear there are some clowns out there trying to log in to your site. I hope you find some ways to deter those guys from being jerks anymore. I’ve been learning a bit about “ethical hacking” recently and it’s a fun subject. Not EXACTLY what you’re going through, but just knowing how many people with poor character are out there blows my mind.

    Thanks for the update Pat. I hope all is well and hope you’re spending lots of time with the family. Have a good one.


    • Pat

      Can you explain “Ethical Hacking” a little? That sounds pretty interesting actually.

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m definitely chillin’ at home with the family now, although I’m not sure if you can count me sleeping as time with them, hehehe.

      • Wes

        I think what he means by “ethical hacking” are hackers whose purpose is to uncover security flaws and then report them to the webmaster instead of exposing them :)

        • Jeremiah

          That’s exactly it. You’ve gotta learn how those guys work in order to be able to prevent what they do.

          It’s actually a really cool industry, and I think it’s growing.

          Even outside of business, learning where your “holes” in security are can teach you a lot. Not to mention open your eyes to a lot of stuff you’d never expect possible. Maybe even make you paranoid a bit haha.

  • Lyman

    Congrats Pat!!! I’m hoping my numbers will be close to that for this month!! When you going to do another Pod Cast? You should also do another niche site duel maybe with more people and like weekly video updates with tips on what each person is doing, or have it where you target the same niche but use different strategies to rank them and monetizing methods. could be fun.

    • Pat

      I will be doing a podcast soon, if my sore throat goes away. I want to do a recap of Blog World and also do my presentation podcast style for the listeners. I think the message is really important. I’ll be doing a slideshow too for YouTube.

      Thanks for the food for thought! Cheers!

  • Lester Davids

    Pat, you keep making more on the Security Guard Training Site, this is so inspiring!

    • Pat

      Thanks Lester!

      • Alex Diego

        Yep, It still blows my mind when I read about the revenue you are bringing in.

  • Andrew Richardson

    Nice Pat! I’m at work now so I’ll have to check it out later but I’m excited to hear about all the stuff you’ve been working on this month. I am especially interested to see how your niche sites are holding up as I am about to start launching a few myself.

  • Phil Schafer

    Hey Pat,
    Loving your report buddy. It sounds like you are really putting yourself out there and you are being blessed exponentially. I am very sad there are people out there trying to get to your dashboard. I am interested in hearing how you plan on combating this, as I’ve struggled with severe destruction from saboteurs in some of my own projects. Thanks for all you do Pat. Keep up the awesome content, but more importantly, keep your wife and kiddo your top priority.


  • Cristina Ansbjerg

    Your figures are amazing once again. Congrats!
    I am still shocked to hear that so many people are trying to log into your WordPress dashboard.
    I didn’t know about that plugin, Limit Login Attempts, but I’m going to check it out.

  • Adam

    Awesome job, as usual Pat. You’re definitely a motivating force!

  • Manikandan

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats for the Inspiring income…Hard work never fails. Keep Rocking…Just now had started to build Small Niche Sites. Thanks for your valuable guidance. Expecting more online experiments from you. The thing is Once we get some real money, then we start to believe ourselves and we ourselves keep motivating is the key. You proved it already. And BTW we are following you :) Keep safe from those Hackers. Have a Long live Pat. Take care n Cheers :)

  • Sarah Russell

    Pat – Congrats on another great month and what I’m sure was an excellent presentation at Blog World! Sorry to hear that you have to deal with lame-o’s trying to scrape your sites and hack into your sites, but I guess that’s just an unfortunate part of doing business online.

    And yes – I’d definitely be interested in seeing an experiment where you revamp an Adsense site, as that’s something I’m working on right now as well. I’m sure whatever insight you could offer would be very valuable :0

    Thanks for sharing!

  • AlexK a/k/a AK47

    Since reading this blog, I signed up for hosting under your affiliate link, so I guess I’m part of the $14k. I will likely be buying a few more products in the future, and thanks to this blog, I will make sure I clean out cookies and come here first to make sure the affiliate link gets captured.

    I’m using that as my way of giving back to the blog that’s given so much to me. I just hope one of my niche sites (yet to be picked) turns out to be half as valuable as some of yours.

    Just gotta get that state business registration filled out and filed!

  • Wesley

    Congrats for another record month, Pat! What do you think should be the max. number of ad blocks on a site?

  • alan buzz

    Sucks, i had my wordpress hacked once, it really sucks, site need to stay on top of their security…

  • Marcin

    About the problem with people attempting to log into your WordPress Dashboard, there’s a simple solution:
    using a FTP Client one can go to /wp-admin/ directory of wordpress, then create a file named “.htaccess” (without quotes, “htaccess” is the extension) and use it to allow only certain IP Addresses to log there. The file content should look like:

    order deny,allow
    allow from # This is your static IP
    allow from #another IP, etc
    deny from all

    This way all the people beside those with IP addresses listed above will see 404 error site trying to access your dashboard 😉

    • Lyman

      That’s a great tip :)

  • Joseph

    I just started following your blog and it blows me away how well you can really do with blogging. I started a few niche sites myself because of this site, and tons and tons of other research. I think one thing that makes you really stand out is that you make people ACT.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Ridiculous. Congrats buddy :)

  • Johnny

    Cool. and I will try “Limit Login attempt”, once got one of my blogs hacked..And it wasnt even a big blog. I can also recommend the plugin “Firewall 2”.

  • Steve-Personal Success Factors

    Pat, after reading this post, you can bet I’m going to be changing the passwords on a lot of my sites!
    I’ve learned so much from you. I believe that your income reports reflect directly the value that you’ve provided: a great lesson for the rest of us. Keep on bringing it! (After your nap, that is :)

  • Brad

    I’m always blown away by your income reports, Pat.

    I would be interested in seeing what you can do with some of the adsenseflipper’s sites. I have been reading all their info since you suggested them a few weeks ago. I am tempted to purchase a site from them, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    Keep up the great work!

  • pete

    pat, i always notice your bluehost affiliate money is through the roof – do you get ongoing affiliate earnings from bluehost or is it one time payments?

    as always, ridiculously impressed by what you’ve accomplished and shared. Keep it up.


    • pete

      sorry pat, nevermind, just reread parts of the post and saw you answered the question…

  • Marcus

    Pat, I love the Income Reports. They offer a great mix of education and inspiration. I also wanted to tell you that I would be very interested in learning about purchasing an existing niche site and expanding it.

    Thanks for all you do. I can’t wait to hear about your BWELA experience.

  • Thomas Strock

    Hey Pat,

    I like your idea about increasing revenue from existing niche sites that you would buy. However, as a suggestion I would recommend you don’t buy a site from the list of ones that the guys from AdSenseFlippers have for sale. I don’t have anything against them and I’m sure their sites are great, however I think it would be interesting to see the process of you finding a site to buy and getting it at a good price (I think typically the AdSenseFlipper sites sell for around 24 months income). Finding great sites for a great price is half the battle that I would love to see you do. Just a suggestion…either way I’m sure it will be interesting though! Two more things I would love to see you do are:

    – Some sort of InfoBarrel challenge to see how much you can earn or how many you can write in a certain time like you did before with eHow. I also would love to know what your keyword research and backlinking strategy is for InfoBarrel articles.

    – An iPhone app case study. Maybe take us through the process you go through step-by-step from idea generation to sketching a simple layout to submitting to a developer, etc. In order to prevent people from developing the app faster you can wait to publish everything until it is already available.

    Those would be my ideas for you. Would love to see you do either or both of them if you ever have time :)

    • Dave Starr

      The idea of another step by step challenge is great … but I can tell by some many of the questions/comments on this subject that agreat manyof you haven’t read the complete, 100% step by step story of how Pat built the Security Guard training site from the ground up. It’s all laid out in great detail … thank you, Pat … including the answers to about 80% of the questions that get asked about how to plan, analyse, build, backlink, etc.

      Suggested starting place place:

  • Eden

    Amazing stats there Pat. Outrageous! Thank god for Market Samurai :) I like the idea of purchasing an existing niche site and growing it.

  • Jon Cooper


    On the subject of doing the old new niche site, I’ve got two words: DO IT.

    I’d love to see the results!

  • Sandy – yesiamcheap

    Pat, I wrote a little bit about niche sites and your duel and was challenged to a duel as well! MD up there is one of the competitors and there are now 6 of us. I’m pretty sure that I am going to kick his butt, but it’s nice to see him try.

    Keep on rocking. You inspire people every day.

  • Mike

    Way to go Pat! Rockn n Rollin :) a couple of thoughts…

    What has always stuck out to me as impressive is the number of different income sources on your monthly income reports. What a great way to stabilize your income. Even if Blue Host or any other affiliate went away tomorrow, you’d still have a very good income.

    Your Adsense earnings for your SGT site is very impressive. Almost $2,000 per month from 1 niche site is remarkable. I bet you can duplicate that with one of Justin’s sites.

    I’ve always thought the beauty of a niche site is #1 it produces income and #2 it’s an asset that can be sold for 8 to 10 (approx) times monthly earnings. I really like the idea of building up a network of niche sites while keeping some and selling some as well.

    So, I think your idea regarding buying one and taking it to the next level is a great concept. Congratulations on another great month.

    Take Care,


  • KimP

    Congrats on another stellar month, Pat!

    Your niche site just puts so many of us to shame! Lol, but no, you’re doing great things with your site and I’d be interested in seeing you turn an old site into gold. Buying flipped sites is something I’m interested in so seeing your journey would be helpful.

    As far as your niche site, ever thought about adding content for the qualifications to become one in Canada or even other parts of the world? Small content boost?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jay

    I would love to see you buying an existing site and improve the income of it :)

    DO IT

    • Justin


      We’d LOVE to see this too! Aside from the fact he’d be buying the site(s) from us…more importantly, I’d like to see his process for revamping our mini sites and turning them into authority sites.

      We don’t have any experience in that area ourselves. If we could successfully turn our $50/month sites into $400/month sites that would be EXTREMELY valuable to us and to our readers as well.

  • Jon


    Dealing with copied content is really easy and you can do it yourself rather than waste money on lawyers. Simply send a cease and desist to all the contacts and the legal team at the host. Takes five minutes and it’s usually down in 72 hours. If not, just file a DCMA takedown…

  • Justin


    We’ve been following your approach to affiliate sales very closely. Your strategy involves building massive value AROUND how you use the tools and explaining how best to make them work…and then passively offering them to your readers. Brilliant, really.

    We’re so impressed we’ve copied the general model and have found some early success. We don’t have near the readers you have but are quickly building an engaged audience…really excited.

    Thanks for the model/example you’ve put here, Pat…really helpful!

  • dave

    I would definitely be interested in seeing you increase the numbers on an existing site. I would also be interested in manage the security guard site, send me an email if you’d like to discuss.


  • Brian Kwong

    When you were talking about planting sends and watch them grow.
    What I realize is, in the past, I often plant a seed, water it a little bit and when there is no fruit coming out right away, I go plant a new seed elsewhere.

    This cycle of starting something new without consistent nurturing and watering leads to no fruit bearing at all.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for re-focusing me on watering and nurturing my current project =)


  • Sye Rodriguez

    Thank you Anna. This is another eye opening post from you. I am so happy that you have been able to accomplish what you have online and it gives me great hope about what I can accomplish. It’s very generous of you to share your income online and what it is from. Thank you again for all of you help.

  • Colby

    Thanks for sharing the limit login attempts plugin. I hadn’t really thought too much about that, but then again a lot of times you don’t until you get hacked. I would love to see a New Old Niche Site experiment.

    Again great job at your Blog World Presentation and another great income report!

  • Ralph | Social Media Explained

    I was actually thinking of buying a domain from Adsenseflippers myself but didn’t want to spend the money (saving for a wedding..)

    Would be cool to see what you can do with it.


  • Nick

    Another great month! Congratulations Pat! I hope you see an increase in email subscribers, due to the Blog World Expo, so you can reach your goal of 40k by the end of the year. But still, over 32k is a crazy amount. And that’s only subscribers, I don’t even subscribe because I come to the website like daily to check out a post or two and reread. Well congrats again. Any chance we can see your presentation from Blog World Expo?

    • Justin

      Hey Nick,

      I would consider subscribing, even if you’re a regular reader. Pat’s emails offer additional information and insights that he doesn’t put out in blog posts. Additionally, he’s not all “salesy” in his emails….some of the few MMO emails I actually enjoy reading!

      • Nick

        You know what, I am subscribed! I forgot haha. I realized after I wrote this, but thanks for the information.

  • Jenny

    Wow, your income report has inspired me to keep going with my niche marketing ventures. I’m loving your podcasts and have learnt so much already, thanks for the great content!

  • M

    Congrats Pat!

    For your affiliates, since you are having a stable income just off of that, is it a bunch of new people going through your affiliate that creates the stable income or is it because the businesses award you for each month the users stick with their product/service?

    Hope that made sense

  • Miggy

    Another great month Pat! You’re just killing it man. I’d be interested to see another niche site experiment from you. In fact, I’m already developing 5 niche sites based on your template and with some additional insights from Spencer of If you start another niche site experiment, I’ll definitely follow your progress!

  • Phil Jensen

    Another amazing month, nice hustle.

    I think I’ll be tracking my login attempts now with that plugin….wow that’s scary.



  • Dan

    +1 for buying an Adsense Flippers site!!! Another inspiring month Pat, sweet tip on the limiting logins, gonna go do that.

  • MaxR

    Hi Pat. Congratulations for this awesome income !
    This is really motivating to see such results.

    For your new niche site idea this would be fantatic to see how you manage to bring a new site to a new stream of income. I’d definitely like you to go for this new challenge !

  • Chris R. Keller From

    Amazing blue host results.

    That is really sad that some people are trying to copy your sites and log into your account.

  • Robert

    Congrats on another great month. Thanks for sharing so much and I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  • Therm

    Pat, I used to read your monthly income reports and think “wow, I can’t wait to get to that point”. However, I’ve now come to realize that you’re “don’t do it for the money” mentality really makes a difference. I’m not talking “do it for the love, but still, in the back of your mind, think about how you will monetize down the road”. I mean I’ve literally adopted the “don’t do it for the money…at all” mentality and it’s paying off. I’m getting my blog off the ground (after many failed attempts) and I enjoy just writing. If money ever comes from it, nice. If not…still nice. I’ve still got my 9-5 and my side business. Having those incomes help me to stop trying to add another income and just do it because I really love doing it. Congrats on your numbers, man!

  • Marv

    Hi Pat,

    Those log-in attempts are people trying to get into your site? That is downright scary. That’s like people trying to get inside the vault. I will definitely be more careful with my content and affiliate business. I guess success creates a target on people’s backs.

    Great job with the increasing income. I hope you stay humble and don’t turn into – as Beavis says – a “bunghole,” a mistake I did the past two years when my small business took off (it eventually died due to personal blunders).

    Also, it will be interesting to watch your progress from start-up entrepreneur to manager/leader as you begin to hire people for delegation of various functional and peripheral tasks. I read this blog which has all kinds of articles for start-up entrepreneurs building their ventures.

    Hopefully, you avoid all the land mines.


    • Justin

      Hey Marv,

      I TOTALLY second the fact it will be interesting to watch Pat’s transition from start-up, one-man-band with a few VA’s to running people that RUN his projects for him. It’s a considerably different animal, turning from a task-based manager to a project-delegating manager…the transition will be interesting to watch. I’d really like to see Pat post about that, actually.

  • Dan @ I Would Coach

    Another awesome month – nice work Pat. Looking forward to your Blog World presentation – definitely would be interested in your next niche program!

  • Brad

    Your income reports always inspire me, Pat. I would be interested in seeing what you could do with one of the adsenseflipper sites. I have been tempted to buy one myself, just haven’t done it yet.

  • Jack

    Very inspiring numbers Pat.

    I’m personally working hard to reach similar earnings. I’m still far from it but seeing guys like you. Makes me believe this is possible.

  • Eddie Gear

    Congratulations Pat. Another great month with a good increase in revenue. What is your secret behind affiliate sales? I noticed that your referrals on Market Samurai is awesome.

  • Neil

    Wow, Pat, another fantastic month, great job!!!!!

    Yes, please, I’d love to see you take on an existing Adsense site, revamp it and increase the earnings from it. That would be very educational for sure.

  • Dave Starr

    As always, a great performance, Pat. I continue to use your overall business often as an example to those who ask me, “How can I”?

    Once again, a great example of providing value and revenue following. It’s so eay to miss the point. Thanks as always for the great guidance and role model you provide.

  • Hector Avellaneda

    I definitely noticed the blue host income, Pat! :) and you know, before I read it, I was also thinking that you should hire someone to take you security guard training site to the next level.
    Its really awesome to see someone like you be so successful Pat and I definitely believe that your ability to keep growing and keep making yourself uncomfortable has is largely reflected in you income!
    You inspire me!

  • Michelle

    Yet another inspiring post! Anytime I’m looking for inspiration as I launch my own passive income sources, I know just where to come. Also, it is scary about the login attempts and definitely made me realize I need to better secure my WordPress-built sites. Just installed that plugin on several sites–thanks for the recommendation, Pat!

  • Sokopedian

    This is very inspiring… Pat, how do you keep this great focus and achieve all this. Maybe you should write a post about “clear focus”. Someone like me, I have a focus problem.

  • Corey

    Hello Pat,

    Long time follower / listener and first time poster.

    First off I read your income reports (plus more) every month; this gives me inspiration.

    Anyways the whole “20 people have attempted to login…” I am actually not surprised once so ever. To me you are one of the top income bloggers I have seen and have top class when it comes to interacting with your audience. You my friend…are a blogging celebrity.

    Do not take the 20 people trying to log into your wp-admin as a threat, think of it more as flattery. Keep up the good work and I will continue to follow you in your success.

  • EKG

    WOW, it’s a big income for a newbie like me.

  • Glenn

    Hey Pat,

    Congratulations on another brilliant month for SPI – YAY!!!!

    I normally go straight in for the “main event” – you know the earnings part, however this time I resisted it and read the post as it should be.

    It was like Christmas with the opening of the smaller gifts and then onto the big prezzie – and wow, what a prezzie that was! – Real, genuine inspiration for me and I’m sure many, many other readers.

    The links to other material that may have been missed are timely and very useful, its always good to catch up on stuff that may have been missed previously.

    Thanks as ever for your honesty and openness :)

    I wish you well for the remainder of November and beyond.

  • phil

    Great post again…. clearly those of us who are interested in making it big online should read pats blog whenever it comes, also the sites he recommends.. will always pick up something.

  • Ronny

    Great report as always. And I would very much like to see how you would do with building on a flipped site. I have thought of this myself, and it would be interresting to follow that project.


  • Brett

    Another good post, shame about all those niche thieves. For this reason it’s good to choose a technical niche with high barriers to entry.

  • Dave

    Hi Pat, your income numbers just keep on rising and that is amazing. It blows my mind how much money you make from Bluehost alone. That means that so many people are getting into online marketing thanks to you and the fact that it isn’t recurring payments means that more and more are joining every month.

    That is truly amazing.

    I am all for your next SPI experiment of buying an AdSense site and tweaking it so it would earn more. It has been a long time without an experiment for your readers to follow and this sounds very interesting.

    Hope you go for it.


  • Khurram

    Wow, Great Earnings…. You are killing it with Blue host.

  • Fabrizio

    Hey Pat I use the Limited Login Plugin too and receive about half a dozen login attempts each month. The IP’s can be blocked in you c-panel IP manager, I’m sure you already knew that, anyway awesome report, you’ve really had a busy month, I listen to your podcasts religiously, keep up the great work.

  • Blake G.

    Thanks for sharing the plugin that limits login attempts. I guess just by putting out your website on a format such as this that receives so much traffic you are bound to get some bad apples going after you site. That seems like a great plugin so you can know if someone is up to something fishy with your site. Keep up the good work.

  • Tipjar

    “””After talking to Justin and Joe from and learning that they have a database of niche sites up for sale that are already making money, I thought it might be interesting to buy an existing site and see if I could increase its earnings and take it to the next level.

    Would this be something you’d be interested in following? Let me know. “”””

    Yes please!

  • Allen

    Pat, I can’t tell you how much I love this information. I think I started following you about two years ago when you were making about 8k/month and you launched your first podcast. I love to see that you’re just moving further ahead.
    The question above that you asked, would anyone have any interest in the purchase of an existing niche site and try to improve. I’d love to see it – primarlily because I’d like to see how you would go about improving a site that’s maybe plateaued. I’m sure there’s many people out there that feel like their sites have gone stale and this might be a great perspective on how to breathe some more life into a niche.
    Congratulations once again on your continued success. Awesome to see and great for motivation.

  • Steve Wyman

    Hi Pat

    I’m a fan let’s not be confused. I do however get frustrated with the lack of analysis being done by reader but i guess there attention stand is to short to read analysis and come to a conclusion.

    What’s fascinating is the fairly static nature of your Adsense business. It’s a GREAT business 2 website generating $5k that’s awesome.. Do you have others? no names but i assume you have site that don’t work as well?

    You see i don’t understand why you dont have 10-20-30-50 sites all making $1k+ each?

    As to the buying and existing site Justin doesn’t need the money :-) (Jo might want it ) and whilst they are great guys at wwww.adsenseflippers.con and I’d urge people to check out their site.

    I dont think your experiment would show very much after all you’d buy a domain that’s already been proven to make money and growing that growth should not be very hard. What would be much more interesting it to buy a “failed” site and make it successful or buy one of those $15 sites from flippa that supposedly could make $1000 a month.

    I another words with your funding and experience a real challenge where the probability of failure is high would be more valuable.

    Lastly love the video you did last month on looking at income over serps. it was class.

    Have a great month and record income.

    • TomL

      I have to disagree with this comment.

      Buying a site and trying to make it grow will be a tricky venture as many marketers throw up their sites before these start losing rankings.

      It’s not a hard thing for a person with a nice high pr private blog network to rank their site, sell it… and remove their links. Gasp… that never happens right… lol.

      If Pat does decide to follow through on it, he will have to deal with that unless he buys the site off of one of his friends.


  • Stacey

    I would LOVE to participate in an “experiment” I tried to build a site from scratch and it failed (but I learned A LOT!!!!!) Maybe I could do better on something that has a proper foundation 😉

    This site is soooooooooooo AMAZING…please keep me posted!

    ~Follow me on Twitter @StaceyCFlowers

  • Matt Fox

    Dealing with copied content is fairly easy. After you’ve talked with the attorney and they write a letter for you to send, keep them to reuse them. I’ve had it happen on a couple sites. Fortunately, my bride is an attorney and writes them up and I CC her on the email to the offender. I’ve always received a quick, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” type of response.

    For anyone looking at a couple of solid resources, is great and loaded with content.
    I’ve also used to track when people copy and paste info. It creates a special link at the end of the copied material no matter how much they copy and paste. The only drawback is scrapers usually get it from feeds and not copy/paste. But, it’s something to see how many people copy things from your site each week.

  • Kevin Thomas

    Pat this blog has not only pushed me to start my blog a couple of months ago. But it keeps me going though a lot of tough times. I have seen your post on backlinking but I think it would be awesome if you talked about it more in a podcast

  • Samuel

    Congratulations on the new income record. We love your blog!


  • InACents

    Thanks for the information on the Limit Login Attempts plug-in. I have now added it, and will see how it works.

    I would be interesting in seeing an article on more traffic reporting, particularly on how you tell where traffic is coming from to particular posts.

  • Jan

    new to the game of SEO and websites,so your site is very inspirational!
    I bookmarked it and will come back from time to time!
    Cheers from the netherlands

  • TomL

    I’m interested what kind of advice you will receive from this attorney.

    If the content is duplicated then the case is easy but if its not then I have a hard time seeing what you can do about it.

    The micro niche model was created way before you ever touched it and I see a guy in the top 10 which has a site similar to your but on an 8 year old domain. He could easily counter-sue and say that you stole his idea… lol.

    Either way… will be interesting to watch


  • James Dibben

    After Taxes Total: $1,857.50

    Lol, good work Pat!

  • deb from ps bohemian

    Pat, thanks for sharing your numbers.

    That $1,9xx for adsense is awesome to see because I have this ladder of money goals I’m working towards and $2,000 is actually the first rung on that ladder. Seeing it happen all just from adsense inspires me to keep working on my new projects!

    Just this week I finally committed to a niche and bought a .com – through your BlueHost affiliate link – why use your link? Because it was through reading your posts and listening to the podcasts & especially the 4 minute blog post that I decided to give them a try 😉 And then I had questions and contacted their customer support three times prior to signing up and was above pleased with the quality of customer service!

    Thanks again Pat – you are creating a lot of positive energy in this world!

  • Steve

    Funny you should talk about BlueHost….I was wondering about that because you really have not been promoting it. I use the service for my two sites and they have been great for me. As far as stepping outside your comfort zone it’s positive growth as a person and a business man.. BRAVO…!

  • vientre plano en una semana

    I liked your article very much, I like your writing.

  • Lyman

    Pat I think this is the last blog post I am subscribing to updates because every time I subscribe my email get’s blown up lol! I guess this is a good thing huh? Look forward to your new posts. Cheers!

  • Kass

    Pat, this is an excellent post, as always. Thank you for the charge of energy you offer in your inspirational details!
    Two questions:
    1. How many hours do you put in everyday to get all of this done?
    2. How many days a week do you work like this?

    Maybe you could take us through “a day in the life” type of process one day?
    I wish you much continued success and look forward to reading more!

  • PremiumHQ

    Your Monthly Reports are always inspiring.

  • Janet

    Hi Pat.
    The advice someone gave you about adding your IP address to the .htaccess file might not be the best way to go because you probably have a dynamic IP address, so it will change every now and then, and it would be a pain to always have to look it up and update your .htaccess file. A second reason not to do it is when you travel, you will have to find out the IP address of the wi-fi you’re using and update the .htaccess file again.

    I think this is a better way:
    1. Make a new user in your dashboard with a crazy random name, like Gbdfr8s, and a strong password. Make this account an administrator and use it when you update your site and it will make your login very difficult to hack.
    2. After you create the new user you will have to go back to the dashboard and change the Display name to Pat.
    You can make several of these logins for yourself and your assistants.
    3. You can delete the original admin account and any with “Pat” as the username as an extra safety measure.
    Using a login name as “strong” as a password should keep you pretty safe.

  • Asheville Portrait Photographer

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for your transparent income reports. It is very inspiring and motivating. Thank you for sharing so much here for others to follow. I used a couple of your affiliate links recently.

    I just wanted to comment on your password problems. Being a computer nerd with a degree in networking technology I highly recommend researching “complex passwords” which simply means having a strong password that will stand up to a brute force attack, password guessing, etc.. ( probably what is happening to you ).

    The best method is having at least 15 characters that include at least 1 of each of the following: capital letter, lower-case letter, number, and special character. Example: Pa55iveIncome#1

    Of course avoiding words that are in a dictionary and instead using random characters is best. I didn’t mean to turn all nerd on ya. Just my 2¢

    Keep up the awesome work on SPI. This place rocks!

    • larry

      Well done on the success wish i was up their with you keep up the hard work, i also took your advise with your video tutorials. They are very helpful.
      Thank you

  • Onenewvoice

    Thanks so much for the report. It is crazy to see you earned that much from Bluehost. I am not sure if I went through your site or not to sign myself up but either way, nicely done. I can’t wait to make those numbers.

  • Mike @ Blogging Business Tips


    You’re inspiration to many and I like how you’re transparent on your online business too. Maybe you can do post on how you handle it all, with your son and wife? Managing personal life is a challenge sometimes. Thanks.

  • Sheen Edward

    That’s was awesome! I wish I could get the same income but I think I had a lot of work to do.

  • John Colley

    Hey Pat
    Just dropping by to check out your latest content. I have just downloaded ProBlogger and am reading it – I hope the affiliate link worked because Amazon took me to Amazon UK. I downloaded it because I want to improve my blogging – I think too much is emphasised on making money.
    Can you please do a little post showing how you get your video page to post small icons. I want to make some small screen casts videos on business strategy and would like to achieve the same effect.
    Best regards

  • Scott Dudley

    Thanks for the advice on the “Limit Login Attempts” plugin. I can’t imagine anything worse than someone else logging into my site and trashing it. I have installed it on my own blog :)


  • ANdy

    I’m following this blog since last year.Really appreciate your effort.

  • Catalogues For Bad Credit

    Hi Pat

    1. Do you have any other Niche Adsense Site (and is it included in this report)?

    2. Is your highest earning Adsense site?

    Thank you for your response.

    • Pat

      1. Yes I do.
      2. Yes, definitely.

  • Bruce

    I ended up here after reading your “I am” email today. (Great topic btw, & so very true)

    It constantly amazes me how you make such an income & never seem to push a thing. I stumbled around your blog a bit and saw just how much comes form your “Resources” page – I think I know what my next project will be!

  • eliminar barriga

    I like how you talk to your reports without any complications, you’re not like me ….

    • abdomne plano

      Yes, I agree with you, I love this article …

  • Tara @ Startup Freelancer

    Pat, my favorite post of your each month. I just published my first report after four months of starting down my path. Mahalo from Hawaii for the continued inspiration!

  • Christina Ward

    Holy Shizey!!!!!!!!!! I’m studying every word, every month. And loving the podcast!

  • Tram Tran

    congrats once again for your success Pat, keep rocking!! I just promoted you in my latest blog post, simply because of your true awesomeness=)

  • Firman

    Holy moly, 14,700.00 only from bluehost ?! how often did you put bluehost aff link?

    Btw i love you reports !

  • MyOffersAndDeals

    Hi, I landed on your page while doing some research on Static Html pages and winding up learning how to create a Facebook Landing Page using HTML / iFrame from your YouTube video. I have really enjoyed my visit here today. I signed up for your free eBook and can not wait to start getting your newsletters. Thanks You for sharing such a wealth of information (For Free) on how to create passive income online.


  • Fabs

    thanks so much for sharing your report! I am big fan of your podcasts. They make my commute to work totally worth the time I spend driving.

    In one of your podcasts you had recommended to make free apps instead of paid apps, if I remember correctly.

    But I see that you made a lot more money this month from paid aps, have things changed?
    Thanks again, I always recommend your site!

  • Jenny

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats with the Security guard site. I have a question for you please.

    When is the best time to add Adsense in a site? I know traffic is vital for Adsense but what would you recommend, after 3 months OR when I see 100 visitors a day?
    PS: When did you added Adsense to the security site; instantly or after receiving smart number of visitors?


  • Ryan

    Pat – you are an inspiration. I am working on my own passive income concept. I have been trying to find a good and affordable web designer/programmer for my start-up. Any recommendations?

  • Rahul

    Well actually lot of people jumped in security niche. I was looking into many websites in top ten pages. Still you are on top.

  • Sheyi

    Yes, a lot of people joined the security guard niche, i also saw lot of domains/sites there but your ranks No1. They might even have done more works than you but the quality of content matters!


  • Salah Messaoud

    Wow These numbers just amazed me, I never though that you can generate that kind of income.Anyway congrats and I wish for you the best, Thanks for the inspiration !!

  • Interview Questions

    Hey Pat,
    Quick question. What sort of legal action can you take against people who copy content? What if they took content from you, but changed it around enough to not be considered plagiarism? I feel like this is a big beat to tackle. If you have time, let me know. Thanks for everything, and great month!

  • Toby@WikiWarrior

    Great work Pat, those numbers are awesome. Really inspiring to see you go from strength to strength and keep adding feathers to your bow like the public speaking. Just shows what a great business model the hosting companies have re: BlueHost.

    Keep up the good work,
    Best wishes, Toby

  • Evan

    Thanks for posting this. This inspires me continually.

    You get things a lot….

  • Sheyi

    Pat, I’m starting a challenge on my blog (link from my name) today on how to make $5k in next 5 months. I’ll like if you can come over and write a guest post for us so that you give us a short article on how this can be possible as a newbie that has little experience on making money online.

  • Evelyn

    I just wrote a comment that I think got lost, so here goes, again.

    My question was on the hypothetical situation if you were to sell your security guard site because, having read, studied and applied the techniques you used in the backlinnking strategy post, I understand that so much more is in this package than a mere website.

    How would you value the web 2.0 properties?
    What about the article rights as Pete?

    The norm, as I understand it, is usually X amount of months of income multiplied by X number of months to equal a price for a website, so if you could illustrate the difference that the resources of the backlinking strategy would have on this type of equation, that would be great! Thanks!

    • Sheyi Shobayo

      Evelyn, pending the time Pat comes on board, as for me, i think such site should worth x32 (months) of its current earning. This is because a normal site on flippa goes for nothing less than x8 (that is an adsense site) so considering this site to be:
      1. An authority site
      2. A target niche site
      3. It has subscribers (which is the best as you cant just say how much you can earn from them)
      4. Continues to grow monthly
      So if you put those parameters (dnt mind my english… lol$) I guess you should be able to come up with a good sum. If I own that site and i want to sell it, then i might list it for at least $45k.


      • Evelyn

        Thanks for your kind reply, Sheyi!

        Much appreciated!

        • Sheyi Shobayo

          You very welcome Evelyn.
          I hope you now have an idea of how much your site is worth? Also take into consideration, it is good to use a private seller for sites worth more than $20k against using flippa. They will only copy your idea and you will soon find lot of competitors.


  • Johnny Baptiste

    Very good information. The monthly report I love your posts thanks

  • Evelyn

    That’s really important to know Sheyi, thanks!
    By the way, anybody have any idea why direct private ad sales are not mentioned in the earnings? I appologize if I simply overlooked it, but they are usually on there and found it odd not to find any earnings from that source last month.

    • Sheyi Shobayo

      You welcome and i will be glad to see you flipping some real big sites for big cash! I’m on the verge to creating an authority site and writing 10 articles per day as well and hope to launch the site with the first 100 articles written over a month.

      Ad sales, i guess he must have incorporated it in some earnings which you should check out.

  • Colin

    Great to see just how your earnings break down Pat, and certainly provides some inspiration for me. I do have one site which I have managed to get to position 1 on Google but its for a keyword that has only around 100 exact views per month. is this too low and should i be targeting different keywords?

  • Financial Advice Sydney

    We spent same amount on Adwords yet the conversion rates are poor. You are amazing, Pat. How could we start to leverage affiliates using our site if we are in financial services and could reward client bookings?

  • Natalia

    WOW!!! Pat, your earnings encouriage to work harder! It’s a great proof that it’s possible to earn money online. Thanks for motivation! :-)

  • samrat kafle @ Blogging Talks

    hey pat your income reports are always inspiring…best of luck pat

  • Hung Nguyen

    Great report, very inspiring Pat! I just got started in Affiliate marketing this August bumping around different things and so far I’ve only made 100 bucks. But it looks very promising since i’ve quite figured out the way and just focus on that! Once I’ve reached a point where I can quit my day job, I will start traveling more :-)

  • Hamza

    Like you said, a big chunk of that definitely came from this blog, but I believe it is well deserved. I admire your honesty.

  • Sydney Financial Planner

    True, Hamza. Fascinating

  • Christie White

    “I’m really thinking about my next “experiment” to reveal on SPI, something similar to the niche site duel where I take you step by step through a particular process to potentially make more money.”

    Hey Pat, how about a webinar duel? We could all learn together. Or maybe this would make a good podcast interview – there must be someone out there making the web a better place using webinars :-)

  • Peonies Wedding

    Pat, thanks for sharing. Great job!

  • Jay Sallas

    Hey Pat,

    First off thanks for sharing this – Each time I feel a little discouraged I come on here and find that urge to continue. I’ve learned a lot from you and your tutorial videos, articles and Podcast, which are super helpful. I also appreciate how you kept everything super simple and easy to understand.
    Thanks again buddy!

  • Jimmy


    Is your iPhone Apps income the total or your share after Apple’s take and your partners cut?

  • Joaquin

    Great blog and kudos on your success. Just thought I’d chime in on the password issue. In addition to obviously deleting the default admin account and setting a good pw, I usually password protect the wp-admin folder so hackers/snoops can’t access it in the first place. It’s one extra login but if you save the info on your browser it’s not a big hassle.

  • RvdZ

    Another great month and enjoying your income reports, but also loving all the interesting comments from everyone

  • Shobir

    I cannot believe the success you are having! Really awe inspiring

  • Shawn

    Pat i have been busting my hump in the construction field since i was a kid , and i am sure i always will (i to could not work for someone else). But i am going to take your gracious guidance , my winter down time , and my can do attitude and use all my past experience combined w/ my new knowledge to blow a niche site out of the water. I’m starting at zero and this is my notice of commencement, thank you for the boot in the behind.

  • Stacy Gilliland Flores

    Thanks for the info about the attempted log in attempts to your WordPress dashboard. Wow! I was hacked on facebook once and it was a nightmare. I was able to implement some security features to keep that from happening again, but it never even crossed my mind that someone might attempt to do it via WordPress and my blog. I love finding great tips from bloggers like you that provide such valuable content. Thanks again.

  • Dan

    Hi Pat ,
    im following you since 2009 now and its so motivating to watch and track your progress. I wish ya the best for the upcoming projects and the year 2012.

    Have a good one.


  • JamesW

    Amazing stats and earnings.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Pat,

    You’re a huge inspiration. I have been considering creating a niche site, and I’m eager to follow your new “experiment”.

  • Nick Kemp

    Hey Pat,

    Just like everyone else commenting I really appreciate you sharing your earings and where you are making your money. I don’t think I have seen any other marketer do that before to the same degree.

    You have certainly given plently of people an opportunity to learn where and how you make your money. No doubt lots of good karama will be coming you way in 2012.

    Many thanks

  • Sam

    I stumbled on to this site, and absolutely love what you are doing! Keep it up. I am so encouraged by your success and have been motivated to take more initiative on my blog

  • Peter Clark

    It looks like affiliate marketing is the way to go. Thanks for all your help.

  • Nader

    Awesome to make such a decent amount of money online! What I’d be interested in is how many visitors / visits you get on a monthly basis, even though I think you wrote that the amount of visits is not everything. Maybe that is something you can share?

  • Colin Gray

    Awesome info Pat, thanks for sharing.

    I’d be curious to know your traffic numbers on the adsense sites, if that’s not too much to share. I’m always interested to know what volume of traffic you require to hit these types of adsense earnings.

    Any info on that would be much appreciated.


    • Dave Starr

      Colin, hello. Pat or someone else with a broader knowledge than I may chime in here too, but I wanted to give you my perspective on this question as an AdSense publisher of some year’s standing.

      The traffic a site gets is a somewhat academic question unless you are comparing it with a site that offers very similar information … that is a site that will get a very similar audience from Google Search.

      The Security Guard site attracts mainly people looking for a job. As such, they are highly motivated buyers … even desperate in some cases, so any decently targeted AdWords ads on that site are going to get a very high click through rate.

      Suppose, instead, that the site was something like a vacuum cleaner product comparison site, and got the same numbers traffic-wise.

      It likely would not get half the AdSense earnings, because people searching for a replacement vacuum cleaner have nowhere near the motivation to “purchase” as does a fellow or gal who needs a job.

      Direct comparisons via traffic counts has little to do with earnings. In my own “stable” of sites, my two top earners, which last month varied by only a few dollars each, had a 15 to 1 ratio in traffic.

      In other words, the smaller traffic site earned the same as the higher traffic site with about 1/15th the visitors.

      They are int he same generic niche, if you will, retirement living. But the high traffic site is centered n something totally optional … where one might live in retirement, while the other (with 1/15th the traffic) focuses on how one might get enough money to even be able to retire.

      Subject matter, and the motivation of the visitor means much more than the number of visitors .. or so this retired guy opines, anyway.

  • Sadek

    congrats once again for your success Pat, keep rocking!! I just promoted you in my latest blog post,

  • Paula @ Cool Shoelaces

    Pat, keep up the great work! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Seo München

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my website =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!

  • Brian Jenkins

    Pat, I’ve been reading your income reports starting from the very first one lately. First, you’re very transparent and also kind for disclosing this info. Second, it’s astounding that people who read this would not only copy your stuff verbatim in order to cash in instead of coming up with their own idea, but also that people are trying to log into your site! Crazy! Anyway, as a newbie I’d love to see more details on how you make money and have built such a large following. But you know what they say — a few bad apples spoil the whole damn bunch :-)

    Anyway, check me out on if you get a chance.