My November 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my November 2011 monthly report!

Each month I publish a highly detailed report sharing not only what I’ve been up to during past month, but also the income I’ve earned as a result of my online businesses, down to the penny.

I do this for a number of reasons:

  1. To help me keep track of my progress and focus on improving the numbers each and every month.
  2. To help you understand the kinds of ways one can generate an income online.
  3. To share what has and what has not been working for me. And most importantly…
  4. To be transparent and real about what I do.

If you’re just starting out online, please understand that making money via the Internet is definitely not an overnight thing, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull it off.

A lot of people attempt it and a lot of people fail – but I absolutely know that it’s possible. I struggle through trial and error every single day – but as long as you have a goal and constantly work towards it (and fall down towards it too), you’ll give yourself a chance.

I’ve got a lot to talk about today, so let’s get right to it.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report!

Important Going-Ons in November

At the beginning of the month I attended Blog World Expo 2011 in Los Angeles. I attended BWE last year too, but this time it was a little (okay – a lot) more significant because I was given the amazing opportunity to speak at the event.

I’ve already written about my experience and even shared a re-recording of my presentation with you so I won’t go into too much detail about the event in this report, but I’ll make 3 points about my BWE speaking experience below:

  1. Always over-prepare, especially if you’re doing anything live. I was up until 4am practicing for 3 days straight until the day of my presentation, and although some may think that was a bit overkill, it paid off because my slides broke down and I was still able to remember everything.
  2. Stuff happens. No matter how much you prepare for something, no matter how much you plan or practice – something is always bound to go wrong, and that’s okay. Expect it, and roll with it. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and much like how I turned getting laid off into an opportunity to explore online business, I turned the fact that my slides were messed up into an opportunity to show people it didn’t matter, and I really knew what I was talking about.
  3. Poke fun at yourself sometimes. Nobody is perfect, and the moment you claim to be perfect that’s the moment your audience will begin to disengage. As I learned in Stand and Deliver, one of the best things you can do during a presentation (or if you’re writing or recording for any type of audience too) is let your guard down and make fun of yourself. Hence, the Animated GIF of Pat’s  Doubletake.

Beyond the presentation, it was awesome to meet everyone in person who I’ve spoken to online for the past couple of years. There’s truly nothing comparable to physically meeting someone and shaking a person’s hand or giving them a hug.

Thank you to everyone who came to the presentation and/or the SPI community meetup afterwards! Of course, I have to include at least one picture – so here’s one of Corbett Barr from Think Traffic, myself, Chris Ducker from Virtual Business Lifestyle, and David Risley from, who I know many of you follow online too:

At the SPI MeetupMore Videos!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been publishing a lot of videos lately, and I don’t plan to slow down.


Because of Gideon Shalwick.

I always knew of Gideon since I started doing business online, but I never dove into his online video marketing material. It wasn’t until I sat in on his presentation at Blog World Expo that I was blown away – and I left the room after his presentation totally jazzed about doing more videos.

Although I’ve posted several videos in the past and have had some good success with them, I learned that I was barely even scratching the surface with YouTube.

If you haven’t done so already, definitely visit Gideon’s site. Not only his material excellent, but he’s a totally genuine and down to earth kind of guy, and a killer presenter too.

In November, I published a total of 3 videos:

I plan to shoot a lot more, so please make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube Channel, because not all of them will be posted on the blog.

More Podcast Downloads – Thanks to a Plugin!

For the longest time, iTunes only showed the latest 10 sessions of the SPI podcast.

It was incredibly annoying, especially because every day I would get an email from listeners who wanted a way to get all of the episodes without having to go into each individual post on my blog and download each one separately.

The reason this happens is because iTunes reads the feed coming from my blog. The default setting in WordPress is to show only the latest 10 posts in the RSS feed, which is why only 10 episodes were showing up in iTunes.

The solution sounds simple, right? Just increase the number of latest posts in the settings in WordPress.

Unfortunately, when you do that, two things can happen:

  1. You stall the RSS feed because it goes over the 512kb limit (which excludes multimedia); or
  2. Your feed continues to work but shows an incredibly long list of posts, which (especially if you show full posts in your feed), can be a lot for your blog’s subscribers.

What I really needed was a way to show only 10 posts in a regular blog RSS feed, and something like 100 posts for the podcast feed.

Unfortunately, there was no such solution.

There was a plugin that changed the number of posts that show per category in the archive, but that didn’t do any good for that category’s feed and for iTunes.

Sick of looking for a solution that probably didn’t exist, I went ahead and created one.

I contacted the talented guys from Blazer Six, who designed my site at Green Exam Academy, and part of this blog, and asked them to create a quick but nifty little plugin that would allow me to control the number of latest posts in the feed per category.

Within a couple of hours the plugin was finished, I adjusted the number of latest posts for the podcast category to 100 and BAM – all of my episodes showed up in iTunes.

So what happened as a result? Let’s see:

  • August: 69,484 downloads
  • September: 68,912 downloads
  • October: 75,915 downloads
  • November: 99,640 downloads

It’s simple: more exposure = more downloads! :)

I’m super stoked to share this plugin with my fellow podcasters who are dealing with this same issue. The plugin was uploaded today and can be found here!

Later this week I’ll create an official launch post with some basic instructions on how best to use it.

New Niche Sites!

For the past couple of months I’ve been creating some new niche sites and I’m already starting to see some movement in Google and some extra money coming in.

Of course, these are brand new sites so the earnings are no where near what happened as a result of the Niche Site Duel, not yet at least, but the results still excite me.

It may seem weird that an extra $25.00 a month still excites me, but it absolutely does. I think what excites me the most is the fact that the strategies that I’m using are still working after all of the latest algorithm changes in Google, and these are new sites in non-make money online niches.

I apologize for not being able to reveal these particular sites to you, and actually I feel weird and uneasy not doing so because I always love to reveal everything here on SPI, but I learned my lesson after sharing the security guard training niche site and seeing a number of new security guard training niche sites pop up, many using my own original work for the majority of their content.

That said, I may do another public niche site project in the future because even though I can almost guarantee there will be copycats, the lessons learned during the process will be valuable to the SPI community.

Plus, I know it can be fun and entertaining to follow along.

One last thing – if you’re familiar with my post, The Backlinking Strategy That Works, you may remember I recommended a product called Blog Blueprint in it. I’ve since taken down that recommendation because it was not performing well anymore, and I’ve replaced it with a tool that I’ve been using as of late that is much much better. I’ve been testing out BuildMyRank (free trial) for a few months now (after seeing Joseph Archibald, Spencer from Niche Pursuits and Justin and Joe from Adsense Flippers use it) and I’m seeing some really good results!

Okay, I’m pretty deep into this post already, I think it’s time for some numbers.

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,045.14
      • Last Month: $3,874.65
      • Difference: -$1829.51
    • Adsense: $2,146.80
    • Job Board: $19.48
    • $3.87
    • Total: $2,170.15
      • Last Month: $1,983.42
      • Difference: +$186.73
  • Other Google Adsense (includes other niche sites):
    • Total: $288.66
      • Last Month: $346.20
      • Difference: -$42.46
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2107.00
    • Free Apps: $746.12
    • Total: $2,853.12
      • Last Month: $2,911.12
      • Difference: -$58.00
  • Payment from Client / Consultation (1 client):
    • Total: $7,500.00
  • Gross Total in November: $44,473.31
    • Last Month: $38.612.90
    • Difference: +$5,860.41
  • Expenses: $4,125.22
    • Major expenses this month include virtual assistants, hosting account for SPI (dedicated server), recurring payments for various tools, Attorney and CPA fees, hotel and travel for Blog World Expo, 
  • Net Total in November: $40,348.09

(Click here to read a typical monthly expense report which breaks down where my time and money is spent)

The additional $7500.00 from the client I’ve been working is not a usual payment so it does skew the results a little bit, but it is money earned as a result of my business (actually, to be exact, as a result of being found by this client on iTunes via the podcast, which I’ll talk more about in a post later this month).

Take that payment away and actually my earnings are slightly less than last month, but even so I still pinch myself when I add up all of the numbers each month – I still can’t believe it sometimes.

As I mention in all of my reports, I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my income comes directly from this blog, mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

I’m very fortunate to have a community that is willing to support me by making purchases through my affiliate links – a responsibility that I will never take lightly and always take seriously – and as such I never promote just for the potential income that can come from an offer.

That said, over $8,000 this month were earned outside of the SPI blog and whether I make $8,000 or $80,000 – I’d still be the same person, live the same lifestyle and be just as happy.

I am extremely grateful for everything, and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Things I Learned in November

November was a good reminder, once again, that diversity is extremely important. My earnings from my original business at almost dipped below 2k for the first time ever, which is due to a number of variables including the fact that the industry is slowing down a little bit, and November and December are historically the slowest month’s for sales on the website – professionals aren’t studying during the Holidays, hehe.

Another thing I experienced in November was the idea that the environment you work in has a major impact on your work flow and productivity. Coincidentally, Gideon Shalwick just posted a video about this very subject and I just so happened to not be feeling the energy in my existing office anymore. I gutted my entire office and rearranged the setup, and for the past week I’ve been a productivity mad-man!

Going along with productivity, I’m sure the parents who read SPI can agree with me on this (and especially the parents that work from home) – it’s tough to get long periods of productive work in while at home with kids. Over the 2 years of my sons life I’ve adapted to the fact that during the day I won’t have more than a 1 hour stretch of uninterrupted work, and that’s stretching it. That’s why most of my work is done in the late night when our son goes to sleep, and why I’ve learned to really be productive while working – cutting out any distractions and getting right to what needs to be done.

That said, I still feel like every once and a while long periods of uninterrupted work during the day would be beneficial for my businesses, which is why my wife and I struck a deal with each other.

Every Wednesday I get the entire day to myself to work. No matter what I need to get done, whether it’s work on new sites, existing projects, interviews or whatever, I get the entire day to myself. In exchange, my wife gets all of Friday to herself to do whatever she wants and I’m responsible for watching our son.

It’s a win-win because we both get our alone time, and we both get to spend an entire day with our son during the week too. Of course, we’ll always have our Thursday date nights, which is just as important in my opinion, but after trying this out for the past couple of weeks it has worked out great for the both of us, and it will definitely allow me to finish the SPI product that should be launched in January.

I’m not saying this is the solution for all couples out there, and it may not even be possible for some, but I think the most important lesson here is that communication is key and couples should definitely talk to each other about what would work best. That’s obvious, of course, but it’s not always acted upon.

And lastly, November was the month of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I just wanted say thank you one more time to all of those who read, watch or listen to Smart Passive Income. This site would not be anything if it wasn’t for you and your support – whether you click through my affiliate links, share my articles on social media, leave comments or are just simply a silent reader – I appreciate you.

Here’s to a wonderful and safe end of the year! Cheers, and let’s get ready for 2012!

  • KimP

    Awesome job once again, Pat! You still earned $40,000 even after expenses, wow!

    Amazing your niche site passed the $2,000 a month mark, way to go!

    Question, are you using BMR the exact same way as Blog Blueprint, pointing directly to the niche site? If so, what is your article publish rate?

    • Pat

      Thanks Kim! And yes, I’m using BMR to point directly to the niche site, and to any secondary pages that I’m targeting a secondary keyword for as well. I’m posting about 10-20 articles per week per niche site.

      • KimP

        Thanks, Pat! Keep up the good work!

      • Josh Kohlbach

        Hey Pat, do you think the higher frequency of posting matters in the rankings?

        10-20 per week is pretty high, just wondering if that’s one factor that helps you shoot up the SERPs so quick.

        • Tung Tran

          Hi Josh, I have been using BMR for months too and I’m very satisfied with this blog network. 10-20 BMR posts is not so high but you need to find a dedicated writer to compete the job at cheap price (about 1$ per post is OK). Along with BMR posts, it’s better if you can build 40-50 links from other service such as AuthorityLinknetwork, ArticleRanks,.. But always remember link diversity. Try to vary your anchor text too. Hope this help!

      • Blog Tyrant

        I can’t believe you are making $14k selling Blue Host!

        Hats off.

      • Olawale Daniel

        Hi Pat, this month is the greatest of months for me as well as a blogger learning new techniques from your darling blog, SPI.

        Concerning the sharing of your Niche site project; one thing I can say about people is that, they don’t tend to be greateful for what they’re getting from someone who’s trying hard to make them become a better person. And that’s why some, out of them still try to do such a thing by stealing your work so as to cause confusion in search engine for the niche by populating the thing with low-quality information.

        Distraction is one of the greatest enemies to me as well. I find it difficult to be active when there’s any distraction within my reach. Thanks for sharing this tips. And expecting something great next month from you and I’m also hoping to be at my best this new month. :)

  • Stephanie

    Wow, that’s really impressive. I hope you do another public niche site. I’ve been working on a few myself and would like someone to follow along with. :)

    Good job in November, Pat!

    • Pat

      I really want to Stephanie – they are so fun to do! Was thinking about doing a couple – maybe a new one from scratch again, and even buying an existing one and improving it. What do you think?

      • Kenneth

        I know you asked Stephanie, but if it’s ok, I would like to offer my opinion. I thought the niche site duel was really cool and I would like to see you create or buy and improve another one.

        Take care.


        • Pat

          Thanks for your opinion Kenneth, I appreciate it!

      • Stephanie

        I think just to change it up from your niche site duel, it might be worth buying an existing site that isn’t ranking well or making money (or very little money) and improving on it. In some ways, it’s similar to what Chris Guthrie did but every site is different and I’d love to see your method of improving a site. :)

        • Pat

          Thanks Stephanie – I’m actually in the middle of selecting from a pool of existing niche sites so this may be the next thing I do. Probably starting in 2012 though :)

        • Daniel Johnston

          Yeah, Pat, it would be really awesome for you to buy a failing site and show people how to make it succeed! Since a lot of people aren’t going to get into new niches, it might be even much more beneficial for people than the Niche Site Duel!

        • Sajid @ Digital Cameras

          Yes, Pat, Stephanie’s idea is good. That would really help to those people who have websites, but aren’t ranking well etc. I am in for it!

      • Sarah Russell

        Jumping in here as well, but I’d prefer to see you revamp an existing site. I know a lot of people are either getting in to site flipping or have under-performing sites bumming around on their hosting accounts, so showing how you’d approach turning these sites around could be really beneficial.

        Of course, whatever you do, I’ll be watching, so take that recommendation with a grain of salt! :)

      • andrawis

        yes Pat , site from scratch would be GREAT
        i started to make a niche site and i found a good keyword but i am afraid from the competition :(
        its too easy (5 websites have 0 backlinks and 0 pr) but there is an page from wikipedia ranking number 3 have more than 70k backlink
        the weirdest thing is the number one website have only 60 bl
        so it would be great if you made another website so we can follow along

      • Andre Garde

        I’m actually tracking the progress of one of your other niche sites. Really curious to see how that turns out, although from the spot it’s at in Google I think I already know, haha. You are really a content machine and the site looks great. You’re also very adept at those keywords. Something I need to get better at.

        And November, wow. Those numbers give us all something to shoot for.

  • Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    Damn! you got a new record here! xD congratulations Pat, I only hope someday I can get those numbers too, I will keep working a lot to achieve it 😀

    • Pat

      Thanks Rodrigo, I appreciate that! By the way, great timing on your “More is Less” article. I’m really looking to calorie count again in 2012 to run some self-experiments, and I’ve also heard that not eating as much can actually be worse than eating more – it just depends on what you eat. Good stuff, thanks!

      • Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

        Thanks Pat, I’m glad you liked it, today I’m starting to exercise and also dieting so I’m going to be posting about my progress and more tips about it 😀

  • Jesse Poteet

    Holy cow, Pat. Each month I’m more and more amazed at your success. Simply incredible and very motivating!

    • Pat

      Thanks Jesse!

  • Ryan England

    You’re killing it. Bluehost and Market Samurai; I’ll be looking into those affiliate programs today.

    It’s also crazy how quickly your niche site grew. I remember when you just decided on that niche, and now it’s making over 2k/m.

    Very motivating. Thanks. ~Ryan

    • Pat

      I remember that too – it’s pretty crazy. Btw, how is your speedreading stuff coming along?

      • Ryan England

        Actually a college in AZ of 13,000 students just picked up the software on a yearly lease to install on all of their computers. That’s my new target market.

        And thanks again for that super in depth analysis of my site. It definitely helped. ~Ryan

        • Pat

          My pleasure Ryan, and congrats on the good news! That’s awesome!

  • Stacey

    Over $44K…wow, Pat. I just picked my jaw up off the floor. Here’s to your continued success. And thanks for always being honest with these so we can get some true motivation from someone who is really in the game.

    • Pat

      Thanks Stacey – like I said in the post most of it comes from this blog, which is pretty incredible because I really never intended it to be like that, but I am working on more non-IM niche sites and authority sites so I can up the non-SPI income, which I think would translate better for the audience of this blog. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you!

  • Ramy Khuffash

    Great stuff Pat. It’s great to hear that you are making money from new niche sites!

    • Pat

      I plan to do more Ramy – I think the more I can do outside of the IM niche the better for everyone. Cheers, and all the best to you!

  • Amy

    Woo Hoo!!!! Awesome job, Pat!! Did you post pictures somewhere of your new office setup? I’d love to see what is working for you!

    • Pat

      Yeah I’ll post something on Twitter or FB later this week. There’s still some remnants of boxes and such, and I need to put up a few more shelves but I’m really excited to be working in the new setup. Cheers!

  • KrisRRR

    Great work – I like to read Your monthly report. This reading is very motivating and encourages me to continue my work :-)

    Best regards from POLAND

    • Pat

      Thanks for reading SPI Kris! By the way, did you know that I’m 1/8th Polish?

  • KrisRRR

    What? Are you kidding me?
    This is one of the most surprising news for me – the world is very small!! :-)


    PS I read your blog for over a year… it’s a long time :-)

    • Pat

      Well, I’m 1/2 filipino, 1/4th Irish, 1/8th Russian and 1/8th Polish, to be exact, hehehehe.

      • KrisRRR

        Haha, nice coctail of countries :-)

      • Marv

        Wow, I didn’t know you’re one half-Filipino Pat. Cool.

      • Slava

        1/8th Russian? Wow – that’s probably one I the reasons I love reading your blog so much. :)

        Cheers from chilly Russia!

      • Justin Mazza

        Kamusta Ka Pat,
        Ang asawa ko ay Filipina.

  • Nick

    Wow. Over $2,000 from Security HQ… I remember when you were reporting that you were starting it. Great Job Pat. Congratulations. Another inspiring month! If I had $7,500 to spend. You would have had two clients, if you had accepted me! Haha. Well anyways, congrats to another great month!

    • Pat

      Well, I don’t really do consultations, and this was a special case working with a Hollywood company who needed some help. I know I could charge for consultations but there’s a ton of free information our there that I’d probably just repeat, so I’m happy to offer advice for free here and there when I can via email or Facebook, and of course, to the masses via my blog posts, podcasts and videos.

  • Glenn

    Nice work once again Pat!

    Thanks so much for the update and the continued inspiration :)

    All the best for the remainder of the year and beyond,

  • jeremy

    Do you think the security guard hq revenue level is repeatable on another niche site? Thanks for the work you’re doing it really is inspirational!

  • Kent @ Internet Marketing Tips

    I totally agree with you about diversity. Your SecurityGuardTrainingHQ you started a year ago just outbeat GreenExamAcademy (Your first passive income project).

    I guess people are just in vacation mode and don’t have desire to buy Green Exam training and studying these 2 months. Sure that it will come back up in Jan 2012.

    Regarding to income diversity, I had a 4-digit success in Nov and love to expand my Adsense empire to that level in the near future. Chris Guthrie’s Amazon Niche Profit Course is just awesome!

    • jeremy

      How long did it take you to achieve that level?

  • Jackie

    Congrats on another outstanding month :)

    As a side note, I made my first video last night that had my voice on it. Baby steps, right? I just need to get a few captions added and then it’ll be posted. I’m already excited to do another one.

    Can I ask why you prefer screen flow? I tried Camtasia but am still exploring alternatives.

    • Pat

      Well done on the video Jackie! Baby steps indeed!

      As far as Camtasia vs. Screenflow – they are pretty much the same thing. Actually, so much the same it’s almost unbelievable. There’s no particular reason why I chose screenflow, I think it was because when I got it I was able to shoot the entire screen and then crop to a size that I specify while editing, which I couldn’t do in Camtasia (you’d crop before recording), but I think Camtasia switched it.

      Oh, and I think Camtasia has the 15 minute limit on videos, and as a partner I needed something more for the longer videos, and screenflow didn’t have this issue.

      • Jackie

        Great, thanks for the additional info :)

  • Donnie Schexnayder

    Pat, thanks so much for having the WP plugin created, AND for giving it away for free. I ran into the same problem after I released episode 11 of my podcast…it was so cool to find a pre-built solution for it!

    • Pat

      You’re welcome! Of course, I didn’t create it myself, I had BlazerSix do it, but I needed SOMETHING because it was such a pain, and I wouldn’t want other podcasters to go through the same annoyances that I had. Cheers!

  • Lucien Ramas

    WOW! Very impressive! I appreciate your transparency. Not everyone has the courage to do that. Now I don’t whether to feel encouraged (Hey – I can do that, too!) or discouraged (I’ve been plugging away and am no where near that successful). Well, I guess I’ll choose to be encouraged since that will serve me better.

  • Cory Buckles

    Great month, Pat!

    Really glad to see you doing so well, and inspiring all of us aspiring internet marketers. I’m also glad to see that you’re dropping Blog Blueprint from your suggestions. I’ve still got your comment on my blog from after my bad experience with them. :)

  • Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Frequent reader, infrequent commenter. You’re one of the few online business teachers who doesn’t seem shady. You just tell it like it is in an honest way, and that’s awesome. I love your style and it’s good to see you succeed. Thanks for all your content.

  • http:/// Carlo

    Hey, just wanted to say congrats on another good month. May 2012 bring more of your dreams to pass with you and your family!

  • Ralph

    Holy Sh*t Pat!

    You are nearly making more money in a month that I make in a year!
    Or make more money that I could spend on 2 masters at Uni in 2 years!

    Kudos to you mate, really awesome job and keep it up.
    Just on a side note, do you have any experience / feedback when it comes to building Forums?


    ps. last podcast with Lewis was awesome!

  • Branodn

    awesome stuff Pat!

    I’ve been reading your blog for over 4 months now, but this is the first comment I’ve ever written. I guess I needed to build up to it lol.

    just wanted to stop by say good job with everything you’re doing and your income reports are a real eye opener that it’s really possible to be successful online, so keep ’em coming! It’s really motivating.

    and whoa! didn’t know you had some filipino in you haha. I’m 1/3 flip, 1/3 chinese, 1/3 spanish.

  • Christopher Knopick

    Wow Pat,
    I’m constantly floored by your success (well deserved) in this business. The amounts you can generate when $1 is a good month for me…I know it’s the content that I need to increase in number as well as quality. I’ve created a Google+ page as well as putting the finishing touches on my Facebook landing page. I guess the next task will be to write a giveaway to help increase the list, maybe an ebook. I hear there’s this great ebook, “eBooks the Smart Way!”, the will help show me the way…now where was that? 😉

  • Spencer Haws

    Hey Pat – great month! I am blown away by the amount of downloads you are getting from iTunes. It would be interesting to know how many NEW visitors you get through iTunes; not sure if that’s possible to measure. Any thoughts on that? I may have to give in to doing some podcasts with those kind of possible numbers…wow! Love to see that you are building some more niche sites!!

    Also, great to see you throwing in some marriage advice there at the end! :) I can totally relate….

  • Rich

    I remember you discussing in a post a few weeks back about how much you make on Blue Host and yet you hardly talk about them. That number is awesome. Great month man.

  • Kestrel

    Inspiring stuff once again Pat!

    I’ve really gotta get my niche sites into the #1 position after seeing your results for :)

  • Alan Valdez – Negocios por internet

    Incredible Pat!
    It’s amazing how your getting more income each month. I like the “diversity” income philosophy. I’m trying to do just that on my business.

    Thanks for this :-) Saludos desde México.

  • Toni Scott

    Hey Pat, “Sidecar Girl” here! Great post as always. I’ve found it’s essential to come back and check in with you regularly. I’m implementing your backlink strategy, so it’s good to see the updates, new tools you recommend, and tools you no longer recommend. I was really interested in, so I went there straightaway. Too bad they they won’t accept my site because it has the name of a drug in the title. It’s not about the drug at all, but how to make the meals on a particular diet that happens to have the name of the drug in it! Sucks! I also ran into this on Squidoo. Wondering if I should get creative with my site name or just barge forward. Your thoughts?

    • Toni Scott

      Silly me! My site wasn’t rejected–I just hadn’t filled out the form correctly. The folks at BuildMyRank responded quickly and got me straightened out. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

  • Nathan

    Hey Pat,

    Outstanding work as always. I love the way you are able to add so much value while not coming across as overly salesy if that is a word. Your free eBook on how to write an eBook has been a huge help to me and your video on the magic button was also well timed as I just happened to be releasing my own product for the first time.

    I signed up to e-Junkie also through your link and recommendation. So I finally feel like I am giving something back to you, although very small. Thanks so much and continued success!


  • Justice Wordlaw IV

    The information that you offered is really great. Something I wanted to know is do you still do all of the backlinking strategy/seo for your niche sites? I looked over the information from that blog posts and did some of the work but that’s a lot of work for just one niche site. Have you outsourced this part of your business out or are you still doing the strategies yourself because I’m trying to create and build a systemized approach to this but it seems a bit difficult. Any suggestions on this?

  • Thomas

    Yet again a rather impresse monthly income! Good luck in 2012!

  • Jon Cooper

    Props Pat for getting back to so many commentors today!

    Question: Can you do an entire review of BMR? And can you use practical examples of each & every detail of how you use it? I’m also hearing good things but I wanted to see if any trustworthy guys like you could take us step by step on how you’re getting the results you’re getting.

    Also, this might sound weird to you, but I’m a high school senior. The reason I’m saying this is because I just applied to UC Berkeley a week ago, and I just made the connection that you’re an alumni (you are one, right?). Anything you can tell me about your experience there? :)

    • Pat

      Hey Jon – in early 2012 I was planning on doing an updated version of my backlinking post which will include a detailed video about BMR.

      About Cal – dude, GO BEARS! I’m a big Cal supporter and alumnist and I could talk for days about how great it is and why I loved it. Anything specific you’d like to ask?

      • Jon Cooper

        Yeah – what kind of job/intern opportunities are there in the Berkeley area? I know you’re right across the bay from San Francisco, and also Silicon Valley is very close by, but are they close enough to get involved with any of the companies & start ups from those areas? I’m hoping to do something SEO or computer science related when I’m not in school or studying.

  • Mike

    Wow Pat,

    Each month I am wowed! I was looking at the niche site posts a few weeks ago and I checked everyone who participated, yours is amazing success rate. I may join next time in 2012 if you start again as I am lazy and could use inspiration that comes with group project!


  • Seleema

    Great job as usual Pat! You are such an ispiration! I’m always so proud of you and your accomplishments. 2011 has been a record year for you and I wish you even more success in 2012. God bless!

    – Seleema

  • Devesh

    Hi Pat,

    Another great income report and you’ve got a new record, buddy.. congratulations !!

    Keep up the rocking work 😉 !

  • James Hussey

    Congrats, Pat – few deserve the success more than you, love to read about your endeavors and blessings. And it sorta gives me something to shoot for – but now I can see why I don’t sell many Market Samurai or UAW subscriptions…I think you take them all! :)

    WTG, and thanks for the transparency.

  • Angie

    As always, impressive work!! Thanks again for sharing. What I’m super-excited about, though, is your new plugin! I haven’t had the privilege of being able to pay someone to design my site, so I’ve put it all together myself, scouting out plugins for virtually everything on my blog. I hate when I’m looking for a plugin to do something specific and can’t find one. I checked your new one out, it looks awesome – I will definitely keep it in mind for some future site enhancements I’m working on. And I love the quote at the top of SPI – “The harder I work, the luckier I become.” Right on. :)

  • Jason

    Very good! Had to laugh at the $3.87 from Amazon!

  • Srinivas

    Thanks so much for that podcast plugin Pat. You’re the man. Gonna go ahead and get installed ASAP.

  • Dave Tong

    Your Bluehost income is insane Pat, keep it up :)

  • Sonny

    Amazing Pat! Focus and goals are provide unbelievable results for you.

  • Alex B.

    Congrats Pat, on yet another wonderful month — enjoy Disney Land and happy early Birthday!! :-)

    Best wishes,

  • Lee McKenna

    WoW nice month Pat, very nice. Your blog has inspired me to start my own blog. I’ve come to realise that although you can succeed without a blog its much better to have one and blogging everyday will over time bring in a lot of traffic to build your list.

    Again well done for your record months income.

    Lee McKenna

    • Lee McKenna

      By the way is your Blue Host income residual? Or do you get a one time fee per sale?

      Just wondering. If its residual thats very nice Pat.


  • Jeff Rose


    Freaking amazing dude! Love to continue to watch you have record months.

    Quick question on BMR….Would you suggest using that on an existing site that you are trying to increase keywords from the 2nd page of G to the top 10?

  • Kerwin

    I’m always impressed when i read your stuff. Your earrings report is so impressive. Congratulations.

    It was great to meet you at BlogWorld. And yes, Gideon is the video whiz and videos s the way to go.


  • Sandy @

    I’m not ready to do videos yet. Just stepping out onto the Facebook ledge really. One day, when I’m not an anonymous blogger, perhaps I’ll do videos.

    I get the feeling that private clients is an untapped revenue stream that will be growing for you in the future. I’m surprised that you’re not consulting already.

    Thanks for sharing another inspirational month.

  • Rob

    You’ve been a huge motivation to help me take my site to the next level recently Pat.. Once finals are over next week, I’m going to absolutely kill it thanks..

    PS: Your podcasts are awesome. The quality of information you share is incredibly helpful and insightful. It’s no wonder why you’re so successful.

  • Kanwal Sarai @ Simply Investing

    Wow Pat! Another inspiring post! Keep up the good work.

    I agree “always over-prepare” when giving a presentation. This is one of the tenets of Toastmasters.

    Sounds like you had a great time at BWE. Hopefully I can make it next year :)

  • Robert

    Congrats on another great month Pat! I’m going to be checking out that new backlink program you recommended!

  • Gustavo Garcia

    I hate you. (just kidding… kinda)

    Congrats Pat. This is great. Your podcasts are a real motivator and I really enjoy your content.

    I have not been able to look through all your content yet, but have you ever created a report outlining how many hours you spend on each part of your business? I think it would be interesting to see where you “make the most money”, but from a passive perspective.

  • Tansey

    Hi Pat. I recently started following you and you are great. The content is very applicable to our businesses. Thank you for the helpful content in your ebook -“ebooks the smart way”.
    One more thing…… move over a little bit, because with your help, I will also be giving valuable content to my readers. And getting earnings like yours. :)

  • Amani Channel

    Congrats Pat. You’re an inspiration for guys like my partner Chip Dizard and me. I interviewed Gideon not too long ago for our video production tutorial community. He’s a great guy with many insights. Here’s our interview…

    Would you be up for one? Would love to chat via Skype!

  • Tim

    I loved the advice regarding your productivity and marital advice. I got out of the home office today and worked on the other side of the house. It was amazing how productive I was!

    I had often wondered if other “work from home” ers have the same issue I was having with uninterrupted time (2 kids: 21 months and 6 months). It’s always fun around the house, but often times hard to stay focused and on task.

    Thanks for the encouragement and tips! Quite motivating.

  • David Bilbrey

    Very inspiring. It is hard to imagine making that much money. But I can imagine it partly thanks to you sharing how you have done it. You were my introduction to internet marketing and I have started my first two sites thanks to your inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Belsien Thomas

    Pat, these income posts are inspiring and I think we (your community) can easily see that your success is due to your genuine nature and openness with the community. I can say that Pat is every bit as down to earth and genuine in person as he writes on his blog, not at all pretentious, Pat is 100% the real deal and people like him are rare in the Internet Marketing (or business in general) which is why supporting him is automatic when he shares so much.

    I can say this because I met him in person at BWE in LA. I came to Blog World for the 1st time to see him and Chris Ducker’s session. I got allot of inspiration from both their presentations and little did I expect to be hanging out with the both of these guys at the after party. Never thought I’d get that much face time with guru’s like Pat, and he never once made me feel like I wasn’t welcome around him and the other successful entrepreneurship like Corbette, Chris, and David. (I’ve got a pic with them that proves it!)

    Anyways, much continued success to you. I’ve spent so much time reading online and listening that now I need to take action and put the strategies that Pat details here in ACTION. I hope to be able to share a story of success with you and reach your heights one day.

    P.S. If you’re ever in LA let me know, I owe you a few drinks!

    Belsien Thomas

  • Jarod Online

    Hey pay,

    I have a question, and it’s really off topic, but how do you work hard and keep your energy level consistent energized? I’m having a problem with this. I seem to only be able to work through thing for like a week, and then switch over to something else because of me losing that energy I had from before.

    I hope you understand.

    Please e-mail at [email protected] if you can,
    Jarod Billingslea

    P.S. I’m a bit worried about hitting the notify box, because it might spam my e-mail. Most blogs are famous for that, to my e-mail.

  • iDesigners


    Well, it would be great to get recommended by you – any ways?



  • Lynn

    Thanks Pat. Your monthly income report has always been great inspiration for me. The earning for each item may seem little but when add up together, it can become a massive earning.

    My grandparents used to teach us every penny counts and tried very hard to earn every penny if possible. For our generation, we used to look down on this technique. But seeing your every monthly report, I understand now! :-)

    Thank you once again and hope you enjoy your holidays with your family. And not forget, a very “Happy Birthday” to you and your son. May all your birthday wishes all come true!

  • Dave Brett

    Thank you for always being open about this, its real inspiration of whats possible if you put the work in on the web, great fan on the podcast and your blog, keep up the great work.

  • Shubhojyoti

    Congrats Pat. I am a new reader of your blog. Though I don’t plan on doing any niche site myself, its heartwarming to read about your success. There are so many unique ways to earn money these days and it is nice of you to share your success with everyone especially in this tough economy. I will stay subscribed and hooked to your blog :)

  • Nicole Dean

    So very proud of you, my friend! I always love it when hard work and ethics are rewarded – and when good things happen to good people.

    Hugs and high fives,

  • Mas Efbio

    Very encouraging Pat! I’ve been following you since your Niche Site Duel, and your monthly earning reports are always enlighting. Waiting for the BMR in-depth review…

  • Phanindra

    Amazing Results Pat. Great to see that your niche site crossed 2000 mark.
    These results always excite me to do my work with more interest :)

  • Trung Nguyen

    Amazing Pat!!! I wish I can do like you, it’s my big dream. Thanks for the share.

  • Irfan

    Now this is something i see a great income online. You’ve become an idol for many but from now you’re an inspiration for me to never give-up it will make you rich today or some other day!

  • Lisa Angelettie

    I love these income reports Pat. They are truly inspirational. Since I help clients with creating content, I was wondering what your thoughts were on written word vs. video vs. podcasting. What do you think is your most powerful tool? Based on following you, my guess is that you’re going to say the podcast?

  • Owais

    Congratulations Pat, I have been silently following your blog and Facebook fanpage for a long time. Now-a-days I am planning to implement strategies you mention for creating passive income. Hats Off to your mind blowing success :)

  • Tim

    Truly an inspiration. Thanks for being so open and honest Pat. Good Karma comes back around.

  • Sean

    Man, Pat you really are killing it with Bluehost and Market Samurai. Those two seem to be very consistent for you, month after month. What sort of niche sites are you using to do so well with those two, and is that information something you make public? Simply awesome numbers man. Really impressive.

  • Yong Custodio

    Hi Pat,
    I’ve been following your blog since I started blogging. I blog more about online outsourcing to the Philippines, my country. Reading the comment thread, I was surprised that you’re 1/2 Filipino! That explains your charity works I guess.
    BTW, your monthly income post is very very inspiring!

    Regards from Philippines,
    Yong Custodio

    • Pat

      Thanks Yong! Salamat! and malagayan pasko!

  • Rajesh

    You guys always stand as inspiration for us.. looking forward to hear more from you and wish you good success with your journey.. Cheers…

  • Roy

    Hi Pat,

    You are a star and a light. If I tell you what makes me happy on your report, you will be surprise.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Ryan

    Wow Pat, it’s been great following your journey as you have improved income virtually every month since I’ve been following you…My hats off to you! Thanks for being real and for giving others hope and confidence to make money online!

  • CFA

    Pat you are simply an inspiration to millions like me out there. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  • Sean Breslin

    Blogging has been good to you Pat…. Deservedly so! It is getting easier for beginners and less experienced people…. Now! Blogging like, all Internet activities has gone through some changes recently!

  • Shibli

    WOW Pat… congrats. The income figures are really inspiring. But you know what, the bluehost affiliate income seems too good to be true. I mean, how come!!! I would request you to write a complete post only about making money from bluehost affiliate which I am pretty sure so many people here would love to see.


  • Ben Long

    Pat, always inspiring to see how well you crushed it! I saw the copycat site on the security guard results….geez hard to believe people are THAT spineless. wow.

  • Tram Tran

    Pat, this is amazing;) being honest and thankful is the key( and working hard too). You rock! Btw, if you ever need help in anything, I ll be the first ( I’m sure many in the SPI community who you helped through your blog will beat this), but you know what I mean. Keep rocking Pat!

  • Joey

    Hey Pat, I feel ya on the productivity thing. I too have a 2 year old boy and I can’t get anything done in the day.

    Most of my work is done at night as well, lol. In fact I’m reading and posting this comment at 3:30 am… I’m here in Florida btw.

    Anyway, congrats on your success brotha. Peace and I love ya for free 😉

  • sharon akinoluwa

    Hi Pat, indeed you’re doing a great work, keep it up. I’m encouraged! To also see you’re a committed father and family man makes your success truly fascinating. Thanks for the insight shared.

  • Santosh

    Congrasts Pat !! Truly an inspiration.

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Pat, This is such a remarkable milestone. When I read your email in outlook with a header as ‘Record Month’, I expected it to be around 30K,.

    But 40K, really blows my mind.

    I think, with your intelligence and networking, you would have succeeded in any entrepreneurship business even if you didn’t start SPI :-)

  • Cassie | womenswaytowealth

    Congrats Pat, what an inspiration you are. I hope some of your knowledge, generosity and spirit of sharing rubs off on all of us!

    Thanks for your awesome blog

  • Paul Thewlis

    Hi Pat, this is an amazing result – I’m continually motivated and impressed by what you manage to achieve.

    Can I just ask – Build My Rank or Unique Article Wizard – if I had $50-$60 per month to invest in just one, which would you choose? I realise they’re both slightly different products, but which gave you most value?

    Anyone else who’d like to offer an opinion is more than welcome!

    • Joey

      great question. I’d like to add to this question. Which one would you use for your anchor layers and the indirect layers, either or both of them?

  • Brendan Vraibel

    Congrats on your impressive month, Pat. I know from following you how excited you were for the Blog Expo so I’m glad that you were able to turn a negative situation into a positive.

    By the way, I saw that contraption that you bought at the mall on Shark Tank. I was impressed and was wondering when it was going to pop up mainstream. That thing is awesome!

  • Anthony

    Hey Pat,
    How much traffic does Security Guard Training HQ get? You have some serious adsence happening there! Very nice site too.

    PS Shirt is in the mail:)

    • Fran

      I would also be interested in how much traffic this site has. Google Page Rank für Security Guard Training HQ is just 2. How come?

  • Robert

    Great job Pat. Please keep us updated on how you are dealing with those copycat niche sites. I had a DMCA request refused by Google as the content had been slightly changed by the content thief. Would be interesting to hear what your lawyer has suggested you.

  • Milehimama

    I think having the support of your partner and working things out is absolutely critical. We do the same thing here- Tues. and Thurs. nights are “mine” for working, Mon and Wed. nights are “his” (he takes a martial arts class). We have 9 children whom I homeschool so I *HAVE* to leave the house to work at my office (aka, Denny’s, free wi-fi and endless coffee). It’s awesome because I know when I can schedule meetings, calls, Twitter parties, etc.

  • Joe, vet in Tampa

    Nice job Pat, true what you say about diversity of income. Recently have begun building a network of adsense sites to increase the diversity, in addition to product, affiliate, amazon affiliate, master resale rights, and Cpa methods.

    • alanbuzz

      your a beast Mr. Flynn! you inspire me.

  • Mike Thomas

    I always enjoy reading these posts about your income. It’s a great motivator for people trying to make money in the online world. It proves that it can be done.

    I’m actually quite surprised that after you created your niche duel site that you didn’t create a lot more adsense sites. You mentioned that you do a few every month, but why not create more?

    • sai krishna

      yes mike i am also mostly like to read roundups on smartpassiveincome blog.PAT is really explain very much in this series :)

  • Rose

    Good point about diversity – especially in this economic climate. You never know when a niche will simply stop earning just because something has happened to the customers. A good example is people who used to promote mortgage loans circa 2006 – their market just went away after the credit crash.

  • Angela B. Pan

    Hi Pat,
    Great blog post. I really enjoyed reading how your month went and your gif.
    Thanks for posting Gideon’s video. I got a lot of value from that as well.

  • Kathy Baker

    Congratulatins Pat! This is truly so amazing. After all you’ve learned on your journey, I would so love to see your streamlined plan to get to where you are now. Any chance of that Pat?

  • Rahul

    Now you can write post like JOHN Chow. How i make $40,000 per month from blogging. Great achievement. I will be bigger than this one day.

  • James Dibben

    It would be easier to hate you if you were not so damn nice!

    I am trying to hone my nice person hating skills so I will let you know.

    Seriously, great work again. Your son should be able to attend Harvard now. 😉

    • Patrick Blogging

      Think that his son can learn more from his dad about business then when going to Harvard 😉

      • sai krishna

        really pat is a good blogger also good as a father :)

  • Kyle G.

    Pat: Great niche site! What’s your bounce rate on security guard training?

  • Philip Brockett

    Hey Pat you are an inspiration! I am so happy for your continued success and hope that some of it rubs off on me! Working those late hours into the night doesn’t sound too passive though. Keep on hustling.

    • Pat

      The late night hours are done blogging, and working on new projects. That is definitely not passive, but my money-making vehicles are.

      • alanbuzz

        Like you always say work hard now, so later it can be more passive..

      • Pavel

        I am always laughing when people like you Pat write about “passive income.” These very successful people like you Pat are definitely working very hard and it’s not passive income at all 😀 Anyway I love your site and I am very happy that you share your success, it’s just awesome.

        • Pat

          Hi Pavel – I work hard, but I don’t trade my time for money. Most of the work I do is for new upcoming projects. I don’t mean to say this to show off, but I was at Disneyland for the past 3 days with my family and when I got back I saw an extra $3000 in my accounts from all of my businesses combined. That seems pretty passive to me.

        • Mr X.

          Hi Pat,

          I hope you had/are having a great time with the family at Disneyland! While you were gone, I have been slaving away at a commission only job, working a lot of hours, for a large corporation. I have no future for advancement, unless I work harder, and put in more hours. All they want me to do is work 60-80 hours a week until I die, and then I will be able to retire!

          While you were at Disneyland, I worked a lot of hours, but made no money, as I had no sales that closed over the last 3 days. But the work I did, will lead towards future earnings… So I am just trading hours for dollars.

          As you state, you are working harder now, so you don’t have to work as hard later.

          So, I too agree, your income is passive!

          Mr X.

  • LC

    Congrats on this month. The diversity of your activities and projects really works well for you and a smart approach in this current economic climate!

  • Restored Relationships

    Has anyone used the following to increase traffic to your site? I need to know if it is a good deal?

  • Phil Schafer

    Hey Pat, love your stuff. Is there a list of all the plugins you use for SPI? I think this might be helpful as I am always searching through your site as you have made a tremendous amount of wordpress plugin recommendations over the past year. Thank you for all you do!

  • Warren

    One thing I always knew, but that I’ve had reinforced by YOU is the diversify aspect, and the be everywhere aspect. (Something you are managing more and more lately I notice) I think too many of us stay too close within our comfort zone and forget to branch out into areas we aren’t at ease with. (Creating video’s comes to mind for myself)

    Congrats on an awesome month Pat, and keep up the great work! Appreciate it!

  • Jared

    Awesome you are seriously and inspiration to all of us. I know I have found countless hours of stuff to try that I have found on your blog. You are gonna have to take the comment down saying that you are not a millionaire pretty soon you have to be getting pretty close! That is amazing!

  • Chris R. Keller From

    I agree, there is lots of ways to tap the potential of youtube. Like you I am trying to find a way to capture it.

    If I find out any secrets I will let you and everyone here know.

  • Jenny |

    Pat, freakin’ awesome! I can only hope I achieve that success some day and more!

    Agreed that I would like to see what you would do with an existing website and how to make it profitable….or even one that most people would think, “there’s no way to make money from that sucker”.

    • Nirav

      Hey Jenny,
      Good ?! I’m interested in Pat’s answer as well.

      Pat, what do you say?

  • Peter Clark

    Whoa! That’s totally amazing. I’m in awe and will take you up on your challenge. thanks for all your work and transparency Pat. Much obliged, and thoroughly impressed.

  • Stephanie |

    Hey Pat! First of all, I want to say that I came across your podcast on iTunes and that is how I made my way here, to your blog. I currently work a 9 to 5 .. wait.. an 8 to 9 (that’s more truthful) job that I’m more than frustrated with and simply being treated horribly at. I’ve been purchasing domains and blogging since I was 14 (I’m 24 now!) and you are truly inspiring me to take what I know and use it in a different way than I ever thought I could. I’m realizing that I’ve always had the ability to do what you’re doing.. I just never had the right direction. I’m able to listen to my iPhone all day at work- so I listen to your podcasts and you help to motivate me to get the hell out of there! So, thank you so much.


  • Dan Mattson

    Pat – thanks for the new plug-in “Posts Per Category”! I installed it and now have all 11 of my podcast showing in iTunes. Sweet – and it totally makes sense that you’d get more downloads. Keep up the great work!

  • Sheyi Shobayo

    Thanks for this breakdown and it keeps my spirit high once again. I believe in IM and it’s a great source of making money. I’m trying to diversify but what I will tell people is to face a particular project and get it down before putting up other projects.

    Thanks man.

    You are my mentor!

    Sheyi Shobayo
    The Billion Dollar Boy!

  • Mike

    “No, I’m not a millionaire” Getting there pretty quickly though 😉

  • sai krishna

    you are worked well in this month are also looking nice in this pic your face is also looks very fresh.hope you will do more soon :)

  • Kurt


    I really appreciate you sharing these details about your business. I probably learn more from this post than reading a couple of books on how to run a business.

    I listened to your presentation at BlogWorld. I really enjoyed it and started following you on Twitter.

    Keep up the good work!
    It definitely inspires me and many other readers!

  • Briddick

    Dude, you’re such a rockstar. It’s inspiring to see such numbers.

  • Tansey

    Pat, do you have a post or write up describing of how you generate income from greenexamacademy and the security guard website? I am creating a niche site right now and would like to include some passive income methods. thank you.

  • Cathy

    Hi Pat, regarding Build My Rank, do you backlink to your sites directly or backlink to your anchor layer? Thanks.

    • Joaquin

      I recently signed up for BMR and was about to ask the same question.

    • Pat

      Thanks Cathy (and Joaquin!) – I actually point these directly to the niche site. They are high quality links but I do it with much less frequency than, say, a submission to Unique Article Wizard would do.

    • Dave

      Hi Cathy, I am using BMR for quite some time now (build almost 1000 links with it and seen great results). I would recommend you point those links directly to your money site as these links are high quality links and you can even use your BMR posts as one of the 1st tier sits and link to them.

      I usually do that for posts that get PR4 and higher.

  • shanoo

    Many Congrats Pat on this month.

  • KC @ PsychoMoney

    Your monthly income is amazing. I dont think there is a more lucrative business model out there, your expenses are a small fraction of what you are making.

  • Jamie Hudson

    Pat you’re a freaking legend. I love your breakdowns, read them every time. I’m still amazed at your security guard site that it’s netting over 2 thousand.

    My 60 micro niche Adsense sites are pretty screwed still, have been for well over a month. I definitely believe that going the authority site route is the only way. I would love to see a long post or video on how you built the site, your exact strategy.

    Also an exact break down of the backlinks you’re building and any other site promotion tactics. I have a 200 page mattress site, similar size to your security guard site and I’ve been building the same sort of link profile as you have. Yet it’s gone from 500 UV’s daily to 20 since panda 2.5.2.

    I also think it’s strange your strategy is still working lol.

    P.S. Build my rank kicks ass.

  • Jamey Kramar

    Has anyone reading this (including you Pat) heard of or tried ActuallyRank for building links? It’s by THE LAZY MARKETER.

  • Jennifer

    I love your website. I have so much to learn, but you are a great teacher and you show me what is possible. Thank you for all you do.

  • Steven

    Excellent post, a real inspiration to people like myself who are just making a start in the online world. You must be getting some great traffic to the Security Guard site to make the Adsense numbers you are getting.

  • Mategyero

    I love this Blog, and he monthly report is a challenge. Great job Pat.

  • Ed

    My favorite part of this whole post is this: “whether I make $8,000 or $80,000 – I’d still be the same person, live the same lifestyle and be just as happy”.

  • Didier | GorillaShakes

    Congrats on your performance for November. I think you’re now close to being a millionaire 😉

  • David DuBose

    Pat. Wow!! Amazing…

  • LaTisha @YoungAdultFinances

    Great job this month! I enjoyed the GIF too, that was very funny. Reading about your success is both motivating and exciting to see because it all came about with hard work. Here’s to 2012!

  • Alllan

    Hey Pat,

    I’m sad to hear about how people tried to mess with your security training site, by copying it and such.

    For me, I found the whole dual-niche thing a great learning experience. You basically taught me how to use market samurai.

    You made mistakes. I learned from them.

    Your made a site that inspired me.

    You gave me the perfect example of hows it done. You showed me how it was possible to earn money a decent income off adsense, I was very sceptical of adsense before this.

    To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do, if it weren’t for you sharing all those golden nuggets with your security guard training site.

    I’m truly grateful for that and I’m finally starting to earn a bit of money myself. All thanks to the stuff you shared.

    So Pat, keep going.


  • kabiru

    crossing the $40,000 earning is really a great achievement by you. Congrats

  • Joe Magnotti |

    Thanks for the shout out again Pat and glad you like BMR.

  • Mr X.


    Nice work my friend. Love the show and all that you do. Thank you so much! I too (like most here. LOL) am working on ways to kick off my new career by making money online. In fact, thanks to your help, I have recently started documenting my journey to quit the 9 to 5. Check it out I started a podcast too. Just decited to go for it! Been working hard, and hope to one day get to 1/2 of the success that you have found!

    Keep it up, we all appreciate your efforts.

    Mr X

  • Jass Huston

    Excellent post, a real inspiration to people like myself who are just making a start in the online world.

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    Quick note: I don’t think that you should include your earnings from clients in your income reports as that is a different type of income — although it results from your blog it is most likely not passive and not scaleable. And most of us are trying to move away from that type of work (tied to time – not scaleable) and focus more on passive income (scaleable).

    I really have no idea how to spell scaleable hehe

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    I’m just curious on how you promote the affiliate product. Do you have separate website for each of the affiliate products or do you just use this site to promote the affiliate products?

    • Dave

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    It is great to see how you and your wife work out time together and alone, so neither of you gets big resentments! – good job!

    Also importation to see you comment that “diversity is extremely important
    I have diversified my businesses a lot and found that it is realy lifesaver , and sanity saver. However most people just do not get this concept and seem to look at me like I am not really doing anything, when in fact my partner and I are doing a million things! Great post thanks a lot for sharing it

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    Thanks as always for the post, Pat. It’s highly motivating.

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    What I find odd is that you can make 40k/month but somehow not afford a babysitter to have uninterrupted time to work on your site? Amazing you made it this far without having one?

    • Pat

      We choose not to have a babysitter because my wife is home all day, and so am I, and we’re selfish and want him all to ourself :)

      The whole reason for passive income, for me, it to spend more time with my son at home.

      • James Hussey

        ITA, with not having a babysitter I mean.

        We have 7 kids in the home, from a 17 y/o down to a nearly 2 y/o, my wife and I stay at home and I’m the only breadwinner.

        Wouldn’t want a babysitter for my kids – defeats the joys of having them to begin with (in our case we also homeschool).

        Fist bump for making that decision, Pat. Your son won’t forget you for it.

        • Pat

          [fist bump] :)

      • Judith @JudithZen

        I’m totally with you there Pat! To be able to stay at home with my daughter (now 3) is more important to me than anything else in the world!

        Like you, I know that I DO have a choice and that I CAN have the best of both worlds so there’s no need to choose or make any sacrifice. That’s how I got the inspiration and the motivation to write my book “Empowering Single Parents—A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom”, which I have just launched.

        One thing led to another, now I find myself blogging and being an advocate for stay-at-home parents taking the plunge to become entrepreneurs, working smarter, leveraging the power of information technology, strategizing for multiple income streams and preferably putting them on autopilot ultimately. That’s definitely the way to go—the new paradigm, for some of us who have that entrepreneurial streak.

        And you are a great inspiration Pat for anyone wanting to get on that same path to financial freedom!

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    Kind regards

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    I plan on doing some videos and podcasts in 2012, I just have to get over my little fear of having my voice and appearance being recorded first. :)

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    thanks again for all your excellent information!


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    I have just bought the WishList Membership site software. I used your affiliate Link to say thank you very much for your continued amazing content which I much appreciate. Will let you know how my membership site goes. Please let me know (if you have time) what you think of my site.
    best regards

    • Pat

      Hi John – just wanted to come by and say thanks for the affiliate love – I did see it come in yesterday. Thank you!

      And please keep me updated on your progress! Cheers!

      • John Colley

        I think all the SPI community appreciate your connection and the way you follow up and respond. I am having a lot of fun writing and sharing my experience – but there never seem to be enough hours in the day.
        I woke up this morning at 5.00am with a idea for an eBook on my Six Minute Strategist methodology – well at 6.00am I had to get up and scope it all out on my iPad which I had done by 7.30am. Fortunately I don’t need a lot of sleep. Do you have the same experiences? Now at my desk and about to record three short YouTube Videos for my Blog.
        I could blame you for a lot of this :) – as I learned many of my techniques from your blog podcast and videos!
        Hope you are having a great day!

        • Pat

          It’s my pleasure, John. I enjoy interacting with the community very much, and it’s the least I can do for all they/you do for me.

          Sounds like you have a case of the entrepreneur’s bug, which is a disease I just can’t seem to get rid of either.

          I, like you, don’t need too much sleep either. Cheers, and all the best!

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