My May 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my monthly report for May of 2011!

As many of you know, once a month I publish a report that details exactly where my online revenue comes from, along with the lessons I’ve learned and what I plan to do next.

I write these reports for a number of reasons: to help me keep track of my progress with my online businesses, to hold myself accountable for the goals that I set out to achieve, and most importantly to inspire and show you that it really can be done.

Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your constructive criticism and fervor for the SPI brand and everything I do. It means the world to me.

Important Going-Ons in May

A lot of great things happened with my security guard training niche site, a site that I recently created and revealed publicly here on the blog.

It’s still sitting at #1 in Google, and it grossed over $1,000 in residual income in May. I saw the highest grossing day ever ($90.48 on May 23rd), and although that particular day’s income was somewhat of an anomaly, all signs are telling me that the site may eventually get to a point where $90 to $100 a day could become a normal day’s passive income.

This is why I turned down a five-figure offer for the site (and a counter-offer as well), because there’s still a lot of potential that has yet to be realized.

To help me reach my potential, I finally got around to filling out the site and adding more content to it. When I got to #1 in Google in November of 2010 (73 days after starting), I had about 30 posts published on the site, which included state requirements for only 11 of the 50 U.S. states. A lot of content was missing, and because I was sitting at #1 in Google already it was hard for me to justify spending hours a day doing the research and writing the content to fill out the site.

That’s definitely not the right mindset.

Although getting to #1 in the search engines is a goal, it doesn’t mean I should stop there, especially knowing that over 55% of my search engine traffic comes from keywords other than my target keyword.

I finally took action and hired a writer on Elance to do the research and create the rest of the articles for me.

As of today, the site currently has all 50 states covered for Unarmed Security Guard Training requirements, and I re-hired the same writer to do research and write posts for “Armed” Security Guard Training, which will add another 50 articles to the site and, over time, a substantial number of long tail keywords that I could potentially rank for.

I’m currently running a backlinking campaign that targets the keyword Armed Security Guard Training that points to a secondary page on the site that will include a list of all 50 states requirements. According to Market Samurai, the keyword has comparable search numbers to my primary keyword, however it’s a bit more competitive.

Right now, I’m sitting at #5 for that keyword, and I’m shooting for the top once again.

The “write more, get found more” strategy is already working its magic. Between April 1st and April 30th, the site was found on Google by 1,728 different keywords. Between May 1st and May 31st, after the new articles had been posted for a majority of the month, the site was found with 2,366 different keywords.

And of course, as a result, my traffic is going up, and so is my income.

Once all of the new content is up, I’ll have a site that should be 100% ready for a massive private advertising and paid directory campaign. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Going “Insane”

A lot of you have been asking me how my Insanity workouts have been going, so here’s a quick update.

I’m in my final week of the 60-day at-home fitness program, and it’s been such an awesome experience!

My wife and I together have done every single workout and we’re both feeling great, which definitely helps to keep up with our 17 month old son who runs around like crazy and needs every single ounce of our energy to keep safe and entertained. Every day – 7am to 8pm at night…it’s crazy, but I love it.

Anyways, I personally feel like I’m in the best shape of my life, and I even “tested” my endurance in a 5k “ridiculous obstacle course” race a couple of weeks ago, and after the race, when I’d usually be tired and on the ground, I felt like I could have ran a marathon.

Here’s a picture of me, my wife April, and one of our teammates after crossing the finish line:

Roc Race Photo FinishAfter I finish Insanity, I’ll be publishing a post about the program and the kind of changes I’ve seen, including some before and after pictures. Already I can tell the results will be better than my P90x Results post.

The Smart Passive Income Blog

I feel like I’m a broken record when I say this, but the SPI blog saw record numbers once again, on several different levels:

  • Visitors: 138,742
  • Average Time Spent on Site: 7 minutes 10 seconds!
  • Bounce Rate: 25%
  • New Subscribers: 2,205

(Stats from Clicky)

The time spent on site is what really blows me away. 7 minutes is out of this world and it makes me so happy to know that I can provide content that invites people to spend that much time with me here on my blog. It means a lot, and I’ll always do my best to make sure you get something out of your time spent reading, watching or listening to my content.

My most viewed pages and posts were:

  1. How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (12,335 pageviews)
    • Interesting info:
      • 53% of visits from Google Search
      • 27% of visits from YouTube (from the link shown in the description of this video)
  2. My Income Reports (11,692 pageviews)
  3. The Niche Site Duel Hubpage (11,421 pageviews)
  4. My Income Report – April 2011 (9,454 pageviews)
  5. The Backlinking Strategy That Works (9,234 pageviews)
  6. Passive Income 101 (8,301 pageviews)
  7. I Was Just Offered 5 Figures for my Niche Site (6,766 pageviews)
  8. Resources (6,420 pageviews)

My top 10 search terms were:

  1. smart passive income (7,011)
  2. passive income (4,626)
  3. smartpassiveincome (2,484)
  4. pat flynn (2,206)
  5. passive income ideas (1,010)
  6. niche site duel (781)
  7. facebook landing page (630)
  8. facebook html (470)
  9. passive income blog (378)
  10. smart passive income blog (349)

My top 20 traffic sources were:

Traffic Sources for SPI - May

A couple of interesting things to note about my traffic sources:

First, notice Yahoo (#10) and Bing (#12). Yes – people actually use those search engines, so don’t discount them all together. Where are you in Yahoo and Bing’s search engine?

Secondly, people who visit my blog as a result of a recommendation from another blogger spend a lot more time on my site than any other kind of traffic source, by far.

Thirdly, Facebook (#4) and YouTube (#5) are right up there, and still there are those who are afraid to branch out and utilize those traffic sources. You’re missing out!

I think it’s time for the income breakdown…

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,118.35 (includes affiliate products)
      • Last Month: $3,626.05
      • Difference:-$507.70
    • Adsense: $1073.80
    • Job Board: $0.96
    • $2.96
    • Total: $1077.72
      • Last Month: $777.34
      • Difference: +$300.38
  • Other Google Adsense
    • Total: $260.05
      • Last Month: $244.47
      • Difference: +$15.58
  • InfoBarrel Earnings:Total: $3.55
    • Articles Written: 3
    • Last Month: $3.92
    • Difference: -$3.07
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,481.00
    • Free Apps: $1,030.22
    • Total: $3,511.22
      • Last Month: $3,998.46
      • Difference: -$487.24
  • Gross Total in May: $26,609.13
    • Last Month: $41,634.24
    • Difference: -$15,025.11

Last month’s report included two large chunks of income (over $16k) from a coaching course and a consultation gig, which is why this month’s total is significantly less than the previous, however if you take that into account my online income is still on the rise.

Now, if you’ve been following my income reports for a while, you’ll notice that a part of my income report may be “missing”., a site I had once written articles for back in 2008 and have since been earning a consistent $200 to $300 a month from, has decided they no longer want to pay royalties to those who participated in their Writer’s Compensation Program. They offered to buy the rights to everyone’s articles for a lump sum, and if authors decide not to accept the offer, the articles will get taken down.

This is very interesting stuff that I’m sure we could talk about for days, but I’ll save it for a later post. Just wanted to share why eHow will no longer show up on my income report.

This just shows you how important diversification is in the make money online world, because you never know one income stream that seemed reliable one day, might be gone the next.

Things I Learned in May

My good friend Chris Ducker from, who was our guest on SPI Podcast Session #20, said something in his interview that I believe I had heard before, but I don’t know – maybe it was his British Accent or something – it just really resonated with me this time.

Chris said, “Money can be made. Time however, once you’ve spent your time it’s gone forever.”

It might also be because I get to see exactly how fast my son is growing up. I can actually measure his height and feel how much heavier he is, and it really scares me. Not that I don’t want him to grow up, I just don’t want to miss any part of it, and the more I can become more efficient in my businesses, the more passive my passive income can be, the more I can spend time with him here at home.

I printed out Chris’s quote and have it tacked on the wall next to my computer because it’s perfect. If I get distracted – a quick glance and I’m back where I need to be.

Another thing I learned is how effective “teasers” are. Think about movie trailers – the best ones leave you hanging and wanting more, and that’s what brings in the business later on.

Online, one person quickly comes to mind when it comes to utilizing the “teaser” – Glen Allsop from

If you follow Glen on Twitter, he loves to post teasers, typically to content or products that he has coming out soon, and they always draw me in. Here’s an example of one of his tweets from the other day:

:)Good times.


Thanks for all your support, and here’s to a profitable and efficient June!


  • Dustin | Fit Marriage

    You know I love the Insanity remarks, and I’m really anxious to see how your physical transformation has progressed over the last 60 days.

    The income is awesome as always, but I was totally distracted by that ViperChill tweet at the end. Talk about a teaser, dude!

    • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

      I like the Insanity Remarks as well. Good to see Pat not only doing well online but also taking his health seriously… A thing most of us internet marketers always forget. We sit around the pc all day and get no exercise :(

      Hey Pat, we knew your May report would be a little less than April but I can bet in a few months time it will be up there on a consistent basis. Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration to us all.

      Casey Gentles

      • Pat

        Definitely Casey – I mean, what’s the point if we’re not healthy enough to enjoy life :) Thanks Casey!

    • Pat

      I’m anxious too! You can never really tell how well the results are until you compare before and after pics. Cheers Dustin!

      • Vijay

        Let’s see a brand new Pat 😉 he he
        Awesome numbers and I’m surprised looking your stats. You have more direct traffic than Google! Dude, this is the best thing you gain on this blog. Your blog is free from Google panda like risks.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Haha Pat is sneaky!

      Guess I have to show some results from that Photoshop work soon? 😉

  • Anya

    Absolutely excellent Pat! I was really excited to see over $6,000 in earnings from blue host. I am thinking of getting into the web hosting niche which is highly competitive, and I’m glad to see it’s possible to make a full time living with it! I’m very encouraged by your post and congratulate you on all your earnings! Can’t wait to see you take it to the next level and start earning 6 figures every month someday.

    The news about EHow is incredibly disappointing. Fortunately you aren’t relying on that income. I was considering a long term strategy of writing potentially thousands of articles for Hubpages to sit on, but with the recent changes they’ve stopped allowing certain affiliate links, and have started un-publishing pages they don’t like. It’s so important to have your own website I’ve realized and not completely rely on any website but your own for your online business. I strongly that feel Hubpages or Infobarrel could one day take the same dramatic action and just one day decide to stop the revenue sharing, unpublish articles, or delete my account. It’s best to use my research and writing for my own sites. Ehow just drove the message home.Thanks again for sharing!

    • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

      Hey Ana, I use to use hubpages a lot and one day they just shut down my account and gave me some very stupid reason which makes no sense at all. I have learned my lesson and now all my content must go on my own sites or some sites I have total control over. I wonder how much ehow will be paying though..

  • Jeff rose

    I always love these reports – so exciting and motivational to read!

    I’m curious about the 5k obstacle course race you did? In did the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Chicago last year and signed up for the Warrior Dash this year (think of it as a 5k mud run with obstacles). Your race sounded fun, too; especially with your wife doing it with you.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your new site with Glen – definitley a major tease! :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Jeff – the run was fun, but it definitely wasn’t a true race where you try to get the fastest time possible (it wasn’t for us at least). The obstacles were fun, a a lot of teams dressed up sort of crazy. It’s sort of like Bay to Breakers in SF, except a lot less booze, hehe. There’s this one called Tough Mudder that looks pretty hardcore – swimming through ice and running through fire…I don’t know if that’s something I’d ever do though.

    • mike

      @Jeff – I did the Warrior Dash this past weekend in ohio. We loved it so much, we already signed up for the next one in Ohio in September.

      Tons of awesome costumes, muddy obstacle course, beer, food, and music. It was a good time for sure.

      Next year I think we want to try the Tough Mudder. Look it up if you haven’t heard of that one. It’s like a 10 mile Warrior Dash.

  • Stephen Baker

    Congrats on another great month Pat!

    What interests me the most is your niche site, because I am trying some of my own. Your niche site hub has become my go to source for figuring things out =D

    Also, congrats on insanity and finishing the 5k with plenty of energy left!

    • Pat

      Glad I can provide a template for you and everyone else who takes action. Good luck Stephen! Thanks for the support!

  • Dan @ I Would Coach

    I listened to that podcast interview as well, the quote: “Money can be made. Time however, once you’ve spent your time it’s gone forever” also stuck with me. It made me realize how many people go through life grinding 9-5 and look back and see their life gone! You continue to do a great job providing content to help people realize that there is another way to make a living and make a difference.

    I couldn’t tell you how I found your blog, but I am glad I did, keep up the good work Pat!

    • Pat

      I’m glad you found me too Dan! Hehe…

      I’ve read similar quotes over and over again in other places, but when a good friend tells you on a podcast, it really hits home.

      Congrats on the upcoming marriage Dan!

    • Ian

      A big congratulations to you from me too, Dan! My wife and I are coming up on our one year anniversary the 19th of this month, and I can confidently say getting married was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! That even tops my decision to quit my job and pursue internet marketing full-time, but it’s a very close second 😉

    • Therm

      It still blows my mind that you’re even posting here, Dan. I’m a huge fan.

  • Matt

    Great job as always Pat…and that last bit is quite the tease. I have a question: You have only 3 articles published on InfoBarrel and they are making you about $1 each a month. I’ve have 12 articles published on Infobarrel for about 5 months now and I haven’t made a cent from any of them. Did you do any backlinking to those articles or did you just pick some good keywords? You just seem to strike gold in whatever you try!

    • Pat

      A lot of it has to do with the topics that you pick / keywords that you choose to write articles for. This is definitely something I learned when writing for eHow, because about 100% of the articles that made any kind of significant income came after learning how to do keyword research, so the first 50 or so articles I wrote were pretty much a waste.

  • Gerald

    Congrats Pat on your continued success. I also enjoyed your wedding dance. Everybody put wedding dance in the search box on this site and check out Pat bust a move with his wife. That was awesome!!

    • Pat

      Hah – thanks Gerald. That was fun, and props to my wife, the choreographer (and better dancer).

  • KimP

    Nice job, Pat! Your security site is steadily on the rise in income, very impressive.

    Are you doing anything different to rank for armed secuirity guard training than you did for your main keyword. Also, how long has it taken you to get to get to number five for that keyword in comparison to how long it took to get to number one with your primary keyword?

  • Benny

    I did love that quote Chris dropped as well.

    Amazing bounce rate and time on site!! Congrats Pat.

    That’s awesome you feel in amazing shape after Insanity. What do you plan on doing after the 60 days are over? I know you don’t want to stop working out completely. :)

  • Sarah Russell

    Congrats on the successes this month – glad to hear that things are going well getting the security guard training fleshed out. It’s pretty crazy to see how many keywords you’re getting traffic for already! Keep it up!!! :)

  • Stacie

    That’s great!

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat,

    Was looking at your direct traffic being under 46K. Would be cool to know exactly how much of that is type ins vs browser bookmarks, etc. Do you know if Get Clicky can give you more insight into direct traffic analysis? Also noticed you had those knee bands around your knees in the pic of you running. I wear one for my patella tendinitis when I play pickup basketball? Flares up on me if I don’t wear it. Then I have to put frozen food bags on it.

    • Pat

      Hey Samuel, I’ll have to dive even more into Clicky to figure that out.

      About the knee bands, Insanity is a LOT of jumping and is pretty hard on the knees, so I was advised to wear these to prevent long-term injury. I don’t need them now, but I don’t want to NEED them later, hehe.


  • Amarnath

    Another great month again Pat! Well done.
    I enjoyed watching SPI being critiqued by Derek Halpern, I am sure if you could implement those great tips your site will be near perfect and will go to the next level. Thanks again for being so transparent and sharing your learnings with us. I hope you will continue being the inspiration that you are to all web workers pursuing their dream lifestyle.

  • MD

    Wow this is amazing Pat! I can’t believe that I was reading this blog back in late-2008. Man it’s soo embarrassing to think that we started around the same time. No excuses, I’m definitely going to be up late tonight to work on some cool projects. It’s time for me to catch up.

  • Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    Your income reports are always killer and I look forward them them every month. The income that you make from affiliate marketing alone is great. I haven’t yet found any affiliate programs that resonate with my readers but I’ll keep trying.

  • Yeok Heng

    Your monthly income report becomes my motivation to MOVE!! Keep it up! I learnt a lot here. Not only the techniques but to take action. I will make sure I come to smart passive income everyday to check for updates. :)

  • Stefano Bergamasco

    Hi Pat, great progress on AdSense for SGTHQ!! One question: are you using again the same backlinking strategy you explained in “The Backlinking Strategy that Works” or did you change something? I recognize that it has been really effective, however in principle I quite dislike the idea of massive spinning artcles, submitting to multiple locations (un-related to the topic), etc. etc. I just’d like to better understand and you’re great in sharing your insights and experience. Thanks a lot!! Stefano

  • Zero Passive Income

    Very inspiring results Pat!

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Hi Pat

    Thanks so much for the mention on the post, bud. It was also nice to hear that you printed out that quote, too. I also love it. And, like you, know I’ve heard it somewhere before, but cant for the love of money figure out where… Anyone help?

    Anything I can do to inspire and motivate a friend, so he can continue to support his family is worthwhile.

    Be cool.


    • Remco

      I heard the quote about “time” from Jim Rohn, on one of his cd’s. For the ones who don’t know Jim, he was one of the best business philosophers, and a mentor of Tony Robbins.

      • Chris C. Ducker


        There you go, Pat – mystery solved…!!!


  • Ling-en Hsia

    Thanks for inspiring us more and more on the value of family.
    I’m single now but Im definitely motivated to create passive incomes for the years to come and enjoy as you do with your family.

    Time is definitely more precious than time.

    One private question… When is your wife starting to blog and learn from you? Then you guys can potentially double your income… :p let us know.

    • Ling-en Hsia

      “… more than money”

  • Karsten Sommer

    Thanks for sharing your montly income report – I’v been excited to see how you did last month! Your podcast with Chris was truly inspirering, and have giving me the motivation go try Odesk and Fiverr… It’s a new world for me to disorver, and already I have used 30$ on Fiverr – boosting my traffic and Facebook fangroup, getting 2 great unique articles and a lot of niche articles to spin – truely awsome!

    Thanks Mate :)

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Awesome report Pat!

    It is always great and inspirational to be seeing your income report and seeing your traffic report this month has given me some tips on improving my blog traffic. You’re getting a lot of visitors from Google every month, and that alone is awesome!

    It is really great to see your income for this month and I was also following up with the eHow thread on Facebook – that is really sad!

    This month was a killer for you as 25k isn’t a child’s play – I hope to reach there one day!

    Thanks so much and have a great day!


  • Thomas

    Quite funny that you got nearly 500 visitors from a German blog…

    • Pat

      Yeah – apparently a lot of German bloggers talk about me. It’s pretty awesome! I’ve translated a few of the posts and comments, and everyone is really really kind. Would love to see more comment here on my blog too :)

  • kidgas

    Wow. This is an incredible earnings report. Impressive to see the different sources of income especially from all the affiliates. It looks like that might be the way to go rather than focus on AdSense.

  • Cal

    Great work. If I could only make a fraction of that I would be happy.

  • Cristina


    I saw Glen’s teaser the other day and I am really looking forward to seeing what you two are working on.
    Congrats on your successes again.


  • Tiptopcat

    Thanks for continuing to post your online earnings.

    Always a great motivator of just what is possible. I still have a long way to go but with patience and perserverance, I hope to make it.

    Thanks again.

  • Perry

    Thanks for the update, Pat.

    Your security guard site’s growth has been pretty fantastic. Keep up the great work! Excited to see how your directory works out.

  • Paul Wright

    Nice post pat glad to see you are still crushing it with the income. I think the P90x results link is not working. I was watching an old video of yours where you had a picture of an Audi R8 convertible on you wall and said that it was a goal to own that car. Did you ever buy it?

  • Darren

    Hey Pat, you mention in this report that your site was ranking for some 1700+ keywords last month and this month is over 2000+, what tool did you use to find those keywords. Or is it onsite analytics that are telling you this?


  • Joe

    I guess you are better off selling the rights to your articles to eHow…. By taking down the articles I think ehow will just have the articles rewritten by someone else…

  • Tim Bodman

    Hey Pat,

    Really inspired again by another one of your awesome reports. Can I just say, I’ve recently re-visited your post on THE Backlinking Strategy That Works just to go review some of the strategy and how I can incorporate it into my own business and it still works like gangbusters. Posts like that alone are why I am among the many people who are constantly revisiting your site.

    One point on Yahoo/Bing that you mentioned earlier. I know we are all focussed 99.9% on optimizing for Google but I found out recently that I got some sales on an old Amazon affiliate site that I had let fall by the wayside as it had never really taken off. Suddenly, I get sales from – you guessed it – Yahoo and Bing. Still not ranking anywhere on Google so maybe i’ll try out the backlinking strategy above and get some Google love for it too!

    Cheers and keep up the inspiration,


  • Chee Kui

    A new fan here. Been reading a lot of your posts these few days. I really envy your success and wish I can duplicate it too :) All the best for June!

  • Leon Aldrich

    All in favor of Pat starting his own type website, say, “AYE!”

    Really Pat. Why not start up your own eHow/Wikipedia/yahooanswers type site? You have many capable writers chomping at the bit to write for and with you.

    How about a site called:
    “Pat Flynn’s Age of Transparency and Transcendental Enumeration.”

    Well, maybe not that site title; how about “Blogging Heroes & Sidekicks.” And we all get custom avatars with costumes, capes and boots?

  • Matthew Needham

    Hi Pat, you continue on your upward trail! Well done my friend. I missed the quote from the podcast, but it’s well worth printing out. Never thought I’d be quoting Chris with his London accent!


  • Shajjad

    Niche site earning is increasing day by day. It’s really amazing….
    Its was just a niche site and now it’s a source of passive income :)


  • Tomalley

    Hey Pat, congrats on another month that rivals my annual salary! I am curious, however, with your Security Guard niche site going so well, what is to stop you from doing ten more in different keywords? I understand it takes time to get these sites rolling but there is potential to double or triple your niche adsense income every month.

    ALSO on my mind lately, what is to stop you from creating a site to compete with your own niche sites in an effort to really dominate the first page of google?

  • Harsh

    Awesome stats dude. Its the dream of every blogger to reach the place you are at today. Applauds! :)

  • Rory Mullen

    Great monthly report Pat. I have been studying your report and found a lot of useful information pertaining to keywords that I have been implementing.

    What are your plans for this summer. Mine is to maximize clickbank so I can save enough capital to launch my invention. More to come!!

    So great job and thanks for being so up front with your fans. Chris Alta and Darren are doing amazing jobs along with PLR with Warren Wooden!!!

  • Kim|Smart Young Minds

    Phenomenal Pat! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Truly inspirational.

  • Steve

    Hey Pat..!

    Another great month. It inspires me to keep going so you keep going..! Anyway, between you and Glen I’ve been learning and tweeking and it’s been great. I’m not at the levels that you two are but I’m working to get there..I’m focusing on one site right now but will be putting some of the stuff Glen speaks of to work real soon.

    Please continue to do what you do and we will continue to support and spread the word !


  • Barry | A Leader Quotes Success

    Congrats on another awesome month, Pat! And this month, with the one-on-one consulting taken out, it’s definitely much more “passive” than last month!

    I’m interested to hear more about the impact of the Google ranking on your niche site. Getting on the front page is quite an achievement, and I would think off-hand that there are some diminishing returns there. On the flipside, though, I keep thinking back to one of your podcasts where you discuss the impact of being 1st instead of 5th. If you get a chance, I’d love to hear more about the effort/reward with this one.


  • Argent Candor

    You’re a fantastic inspiration. What method do you use to think of new niche markets? Is it just by looking at things around you, or do you use something more repeatable? The security guard niche is a great find, and a great example too.

  • IncomePirate | Plundering Wall Street for Dividend Treasure!

    Another awesome month of passive income…keep up the good work!

  • Ed Green

    Nice work on the Insanity program Pat.

    As someone commented earlier it is all to easy to just sit at your desk and work away without any exercise. I have been online for many years and gained around 60 pounds that I am now trying to do something about.

    After your P90x post I decided to buy most of the products at beachbody and have been hard at work with the starter program “Power 90”. I have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks and feel great at the moment. My daughter brought a cold home from school and that has stopped me for the last 7 days.

    Anyway, guys, look after yourselves, take a 10 minute break for a quick walk every 30 minutes or so it really will help you not only with your health but work productivity also.

  • Alberto

    Have you noticed how different certain stats are on Clicky than on GA?
    The average time spent on my site in the last 30 days is 6:45 minutes on Clicky, while on GA is less than 3 minutes.
    Did you also notice that?
    How do you explain it?

  • Matthew Needham

    Pat, I just wanted to swing back round and thank you for the link to I installed it last night and I’ve got to say the insights are amazing. Of course too early to make any real conclusions from it, but I’m amazed at the depth of insight.

    I registered for an account and nearly deleted it as it was not immediately obvious where the site ID and API were stored. I’m glad I perceivered.

    Cheers, Matthew

  • Razak Muhaimin

    “write more, get found more”

    I love this basic strategy. Many of us (including me) forgot about this things when it comes to make money with blogging. The more we write, the higher the chances for us to monetize, brand and market our blogs.

    Thanks Pat for sharing this monthly income reports. :)

  • rob

    Pat, I was looking at your earnings for December 2009 & Dec. 2010.
    I noticed that your earnings wasn’t that much higher then the previous months.
    I was wondering will you be doing any promotions this year to take advantage of the holiday season to boost Dec. 2011 sales. (i.e., maybe a niche site that targets consumers.)

  • Ryan

    Great report as usual! Your reports are very motivational and helping me with my business! Thanks!

  • Harry Delgado

    Thanks again for a great update for May. You are my inspiration and I hope to be there soon.

  • Nivin

    Better THAN your P90X Results???? That’s incredible!!!

    The earnings are awesome! The SecurityGuard training site is definitely starting to pick up steam. Its great to see how you start building stuff from scratch and seeing results.

    Nice touch with the teaser at the end.

  • peter

    Are most of your affiliate earnings generated from the smartpassiveincome website or do you use mini sites to generate those incomes?

  • ZPTsotetsi

    Hi Pat, When it cames to smart passive income generation you really are a killer. thanks for motivating us with this super monthly report.

  • Helen Neely

    Pat, your May income may seen very low to you, but more than 90% of us here can only dream of earning that for the whole year. That said, I know you will bounce back given how much influence you already have online.

    Great site BTW.

  • Kibibi Jett

    Pat, I don’t have a practice of commenting on blog post but I am getting there. I have been following your blog for a couple of months and found it very inspirational from day one. Your income reports are truly illustrative of just how easy it is for anyone to make money off of affiliate marketing. I am sure it took time and effort as I can tell by the hundreds of articles you write (or shall I say each month but it is great to see which products are profitable and which are not. That Youst analysis must have been something really good as I can see you have already changed (or may you had already changed) but I think you changed this income report from the previous ones. I really like the link bait you have built into the report by showing the top sites that send you traffic, including other blogs. I hope to have my company on that list for next months site so you will be seeing some links from site soon. Best regards and you are my hero.. I know it sounds corny but you really are inspiration and I wish you and smart passive income much success. I also like how you have a picture of you with your baby on you site (must know a thing or too about the persuasive power of pictures of babies..nicely and tastefully done).


  • Kamil

    What makes me laugh is that your “SecurityGuardTrainingHQ” website generates more income that my daily job gives me every month. I’m just so pathetic :/

  • Shobir

    I am really impressed with your results Pat. Well done. I was reading your blog quite thoroughly and it inspired me to create a niche site. I am at the backlinking stage now and wanted to know if spinning my own articles would still be the right thing to do after the Google algorithm change. Your insights would be invaluable.

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  • Financial Success for Young Adults

    Very motivational! Thanks for sharing

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    ROCK AND ROLL buddy – I too lost a good amount of monthly residuals from ehow’s program cancellation. interested in your thoughts, as well as decision on what you did with those articles in an upcoming post :)

  • Heath


    I am interested in making apps for smartphones. But I am curious what sales/revenue per app looks like over time. I would assume that most revenue occurs quickly and then trails off as most people have downloaded it already (paid apps) or do not use it enough to generate ad revenue (free apps). Is it a good revenue stream? Or are you on the treadmill of making the next version or new apps to make up for the declining revenue from the old ones? Can you address this in one of your next income reports?

    Love the blog. Keep up the great work,
    Heath (Long time reader. First Post)

  • Bo Bang

    Pat, thanks again for sharing your income report. I just want you to know I enjoyed your podcasts, especially the last two. I just wish you do more it more often. :)

  • Lukespook

    I just found your site for the first time today and I have been blown away by the dedication you have put into making everything so transparent. I will definitely be back here to read more in the future.