My March 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my 30th monthly income report!

Since October of 2008 I’ve been keeping track and posting my online income publicly here on SPI, and they’ve become the most popular posts on the blog. I do this not only to help me keep track of where my earnings come from and the health of my businesses, but more importantly to share with you what I’ve done that may have an effect on any increase or decrease in earnings, and what I’ve learned along the way so hopefully you can learn what do to (and what NOT to do) too.

I hope you enjoy this month’s income report.

Important Going-Ons in March

A lot of wonderful things happened this past month.

In January, coming off the success of the Niche Site Duel, my competitor Tyrone and I started a training program to teach a group of 20 students to find a niche, build a website, rank in Google and begin to make money. In March, the 10 week training program ended and our students graduated with flying colors!

In only 2 short months we have a number of students who are already ranking in the top 10 in Google for their primary keywords (in only 2 months!) and others who are extremely close. Some of our students have already started to earn money, which is fantastic because we didn’t expect it to happen so fast, as it usually takes a little more time to rank a niche site high enough to start to see an income roll in.

Tyrone and I had such a blast teaching our students and developing a strong friendship with each of them, that we’re deciding to go through the process all over again to guide another group of students! There were over 100 applicants the last time so we know it’s in high demand, and we’re anxious to get started on round 2.

We’re currently updating the sign up page for round 2, but if you want to get an application in to us early, you can sign up on the Niche Site Coaching homepage (note: it says the program is full, but you can still enter your name and email anyways to get information about applying!).

Even though coaching and consulting is not really a form of passive income, because it’s something that makes me feel really good I definitely don’t mind devoting a few hours a week to it.

My Own Niche Sites

On to a topic of something much more passive, my niche sites enjoyed a record month of earnings in March.

My primary form of income for my niche sites is still Adsense, but I’ve made a few tweaks and changes to the placement of the ads themselves that have made a dramatic effect on my earnings (from an average of $8.00 to over $20.00 per day), as outlined in my latest niche site update.

I’ve also been exploring other avenues of income for my niche sites as well. On my security guard training website, I about to launch a campaign to promote a company directory listing on the site, which I’m very excited about.

On another niche site (that I haven’t revealed on SPI, but I’ll tell you that it’s in the wedding industry), I hired a couple of designers to actually create a product to sell on the website, and I sold a couple of those products in March already.

Things are going well and I’m excited to see what happens in the next few months with my niche sites.

WordPress Plugins

I’ve been outsourcing the development of a couple of WordPress plugins for the last few months and I still have nothing public to show for it. I’m really disappointed because I expected these plugins to be readily available to you a long time ago, but we’re still fixing some bugs.

I’m not giving up though, and it’s been a wonderful learning experience.

When talking with my dad about this he brought up a good point – there are software companies out there that spend millions of dollars developing software and when they release them to the public they often still have a ton of bugs in them.

Apparently, it’s very difficult to develop a piece of software that is 100% perfect, especially with all of the other pieces of software that have to work along with it.

It’s hard though because I want these plugins to be 100% perfect. Since they are being launched under the SPI brand, I wouldn’t want anything less.

But, am I being unrealistic?

Should I launch these plugins even though they aren’t perfect, or keep working on them until I think they are perfect, which may or may not ever happen.

So, that’s what’s going on in my head. I just wanted to fill you in because I know a lot of you have been wondering what’s happening.

With that said, let’s get into some numbers…

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,602.60
      • Last Month: $2,013.00
      • Difference:+$589.06
    • Adsense: $629.74
    • Job Board: $9.21
    • $21.75
    • Total: $660.70
      • Last Month: $448.16
      • Difference: +$212.54
  • Other Google Adsense
    • Total: $330.54
      • Last Month: $183.12
      • Difference: +$147.42
  • eHow Earnings:Total: $393.69
    • Articles Written: 139
    • Last Month: $330.19
    • Difference: +$63.50
  • InfoBarrel Earnings:Total: $6.98
    • Articles Written: 3
    • Last Month: $1.15
    • Difference: +$5.83
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $3,578.00
    • Free Apps: $3,350.68
    • Total: $6,928.68
      • Last Month: $5,670.58
      • Difference: +1,258.10
  • Gross Total in March: $29,429.93
    • Last Month: $24.616.63
    • Difference: +$4,813.30

Another fantastic month of earnings!

I have a diverse portfolio of passive income streams so that when one is down, the others will pick up the slack – sort of like a diverse stock market portfolio. But sometimes, as you can see, they all just perform really well – and I definitely can’t complain about that.

Everything was up in March. Some things I can explain – like the niche site earnings, but some things I can’t – like why my eHow earnings and money from Free applications were significantly higher.

No matter what though, I’m very happy and feel truly blessed to be where I am in life. The Internet is a powerful tool and if used in the right way, if you can provide a product, service or information that fulfills a need, desire or want, and you can get that in front of lots and lots of people, nothing can stop you from being successful. And the more people you affect, the more success you will have.

Things I Learned in March

The first thing I learned was how important it is to stay healthy. I’m reminded of this because I spent the 2nd to last week of March taking care of a sick wife, then the last week of March taking care of a sick baby, and now, as I write this post, I am sick.

This was probably the most difficult and time consuming post I’ve ever written, even more so than The Backlinking Strategy That Works (which took about 10 hours to write and film everything) because I’m coughing between every sentence and am getting interrupted by a snotty nose after each paragraph.

I just can’t think, write or do anything while I’m sick.

So, the first lesson is – take care of yourself and those around you too. I’m pretty sure it was my family that got me sick, but often times we make ourselves sick too by forgetting about eating well, sleeping well, exercising and doing even the littlest things like washing our hands.

I didn’t do much active work in the later half of the month because I was taking care of my family (and now myself), but I’m lucky to have those passive income streams working for me so I can continue to earn an income anyways.


Facebook has recently become my number one traffic generator besides Google organic search. People are getting more and more comfortable using Facebook and clicking on the “Like” buttons off of Facebook and I’m seeing significant increases in traffic as a result:

Facebook Traffic Stats

If you are not yet utilizing Facebook, you’re totally missing out. Definitely take advantage of the landing page that you can create on your Facebook Page, but also make sure you place “Like” buttons on your blog posts and articles as well.

You see, whenever a person clicks a “Like” button on a post, it shares that information on that persons activity feed. So, for example, when I go to Corbett’s latest post on and click the “like” button, this shows up on my activity feed in Facebook:

Pat Facebook LikeNow, all of my friends who are hooked up to me and watching my activity feed see this link.

And again, this is another important reason why the headline of your post is uber important.

Like ShareBar PluginOn my blog posts I have the LIKE button in my ShareBar plugin, which you can see on the left hand side of a post if you’re reading this on the blog.

I’m also testing how the button performs within the blog post itself, either at the beginning of the blog post, or at the end (or both!).

To get more information about the Like button and how to create a LIKE button for any specific webpage, you can visit the Facebook Like Button Page.

If anyone has any LIKE button resources they’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment for the rest of the community.

Thank you!

Finally, I just wanted to thank you.

Thank you for being patient with this post – it is out 12 hours late, but again it’s because I’m (cough) sick.

Thank you for being the best community around – even if you don’t actively comment, the fact that you’re reading this means I have your support, and that means a lot to me.

And lastly, thank you for the motivation. I just surpassed 20,000 subscribers, which is a huge milestone for SPI, and I owe it all to you.

Here’s to a profitable (and hopefully healthier!) month of April for everyone.



  • Larry @ The Niche Think Tank

    Pat, I was wondering if you are tracking which Adsense is making mor eomoney, text only, image only or a combo of both.

    • Pat

      Hey Larry – by far text only has been earning a lot more for me, but of course this should be tested on each individual site.

      • Larry @ The Niche Think Tank

        I think on a site like SGTHQ, the text would be better. I have a Gaming Niche Site, where the Image ads do better. They are seductive gaming images with the latest games, of course games addicts are going to click right? I’ve just heard stories on line about how people were doing ONLY text ads and when they went to text and image ads, their income doubled. I have yet to see this on any of my sites.

  • Joel

    Hi Pat,
    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I can’t agree with you more about taking care of yourself. If you aren’t healthy, no amount of income (passive or otherwise) will make a difference.

    Thanks again for sharing…you are an inspiration to all of us!

    • Pat

      Very true Joel…very true. Cheers!

  • Mark Bell

    Seriously Pat – that’s awesome! It’s intriguing to see how your initial income from the GED business is quite small. However, the earnings show the importance of developing yourself as an authority – it’s reflected in those affiliate earnings. Very inspiring – hope you’re better soon!

    • Pat

      Yep – over time my primary income streams have definitely changed, but I’m very happy with where I’m at now and with how things are going despite all of the changes from when I first started. Cheers dude!

  • Chris Alta

    This is dope Pat!

    Your income seems to go down, then you bounce back the next month. Great job again. I just did my March Income Report and it’s definitely not as awesome financially as this but I feel it’s better than yours in a sense that I’ve learned something to help me out in the long run you know?

    haha all love though from one Cali brotha to another!

    Make sure to capture of a video of you speaking brotha, if I had a plane ticket to go I’d definitely be there. I’m still planning on heading out to BlogWorld November 3-5 in San Diego, lucky for you it’s your home town so you won’t have to travel anywhere haha

    Yeah staying healthy is definitely what keeps you going, I started to get sick too but I just took some cough drops and that itchy throat feeling peaced out so I was feeling good enough to keep on working.

    I think the next step to building my arsenal is to get a facebook landing page done so I can get more likes..I’m actually going to be doing a quick photoshoot to get some head shots for my website. Kind of how Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour work week blog site has his pics in the header, I’m going to go with something like that! Brand recognition you know!

    Until next month Pat, Hakuna matata and keep on keeping on brotha, later.

    I’m always in the kitchen
    -Chris Alta

  • Alicia

    Hey Pat,
    I do not think that you are being unrealistic about the plug-ins. Hey you just want your best out there.
    Looks like March was a great month for you.

  • Christina Crowe

    Hey Pat,

    As always, love the income report! And I’ll definitely be in for round 2 of the niche site coaching. :)

    As for the WordPress plugins, don’t beat yourself up over it! It’s fine. We’ll all survive if there’s a little delay; no worries! And I agree with your dad – not everything can be perfect. In fact, it’s rare (if at all possible) that anytihng ever is. As long as you believe the product is as good and valuable as you can make it, I don’t see anything wrong with launching it now. The problem with being a perfectionist is that sometimes you might not ever launch a particular product if you constantly worry over it and make little changes and additions.

    And WOW! Your niche site is really doing well in terms of Adsense earnings. Congrats! You should definitely be proud – I know I would be. And making $629 on one niche site is an amazing feat, indeed. How much traffic are you getting monthly?

    Now get some rest, Pat! You work far too hard as it is. Everyone deserves a break every now and then.

    Thanks for being awesome, and congrats on the new 20k subscriber milestone!


  • Tyler

    Hey Pat, as far as the WordPress plugins go, I can speak from experience as a software developer.

    Software is never perfect.

    That’s part of what makes it fun actually, there’s always room for improvement.

    So how do you know when you should release?

    RERO: release early, release often.

    That doesn’t mean to release something full of bugs, people are ok with minimal versions if they know improvements are coming down the pipeline, but you don’t want to release something that is “broken”. By releasing early and often you’ll be creating a tight feedback loop between the users and the developers and I think you will come out with an even better product than you could have imagined in the first place.

  • Jason Logsdon

    Hey Pat, I say launch those plug-ins when they get close to being done. Just be prepared to have them updated a few times after you’ve launched. I’ve been developing software and websites for the last 15 years and things are never perfect. Plus, you won’t be able to find all the bugs until the plug-ins are being used by real people out in the world.

    Just like anything else (sales pages, e-books, etc), software is rarely perfect the first time, it’s only after users see / use it and you address their issues that it begins to get where you want it to be.

    So get them out there so you can start to get some good feedback about how to improve them even more!

  • Tim @ Faith and Finance

    I’m glad to see you pass the 20k mark! Great job Pat!

    Looking forward to the plugins and appreciate your commitment to always creating something of high quality. I’m sure the plugins will be awesome. Sometimes you just need to hit the ground running with a release of an e-book, blog, podcast, or plugin and adjust as you go. If we waited until everything was absolutely perfect, we’d probably miss a lot of opportunities!

  • Nicky Spur

    Pure value; the example niche website are golden. Thanks a lot for the post mate.

  • Josh

    Congrats on another great month! Hope you start feeling better soon.

  • Trent Dyrsmid

    Congrats Pat, that is a pretty fantastic month! Sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. I’m right with you on the importance of keeping healthy. All the money in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans if you can’t get out and enjoy it.

  • Seleema |

    I hope you get well soon Pat :-( Congrats on your accomplishments! I agree with the others about your plugins, user feedback is what will make your products great. So launch! launch! launch!

  • Jia Jun

    Awesome Pat!! Your earning always shocks and attract me so much.
    I keep improve and work hard to pursue to level of yours.
    *And do take good care of your body, thanks for still finishing up this post even though you’re sick. I believe readers will definitely feel it and appreciate it.
    Indeed, one of the best thing about passive income is that, even when we’re travelling, busy, sick, anything… the money still flow in.
    Compare with old style job, which the money stops the second we stop working.

  • Angie

    Thanks so much for sharing your information. As a newbie to the niche blogging world, it is so helpful to see strategies that have worked for others. Congrats, and feel better soon! :)

  • Billy

    Great Job Pat- true inspiration. I was wondering how many niche sites you have total? Under the “other google adsense”. Thanks Pat & keep up the great work.

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing your income report even when you are not feeling well. That really underlines your commitment to your community over here. Take good care of yourself and your family. Oh, congrats on surpassing 20k mark. Sure there will be more to come.



  • Amy

    You are CRUSHING IT, Pat!!! I am so excited for you!! Congratulations on your awesome month–and I’m sure it will get better and better!

    You should definitely put health as a top priority. It can be crazy with little kids because they catch things so quickly, then BAM the whole family is sick. By the way, I know you like the P90X program, which makes me think you would LOVE Crossfit. We’re in NC, so I don’t know this for sure, but I hear the Crossfit community in San Diego is awesome. I love Crossfit so much that we built a little garage gym and have a group of moms that come over for the intense and fun workouts:)

    Again, great job! Get better soon!

  • Ralph

    Hey Pat,

    I think you are missing a valuable traffic stream from LinkedIn (and also in your sharebar widget).

    I started a new site about running and a lot of traffic / ideas is from LinkedIn. On my site I wrote about how I got started with building traffic. Would love your input.
    ps. also mentioned you in the post :)

  • Laura-Jane the Rawtarian

    Sorry you’re still sick, Pat! Way to come through with the post anyway. :)

  • Jerry

    Congrats on the great month!

    As long as the plugins work, I suggest shipping them already. You’ll learn more in the first week of what needs to be fixed, or even improved upon. The best part – you can use revenue coming in to finance further development =)

  • Pavel

    Great report, you’re an inspiration to all us!

    So your biggest stream of income is and always has been – affiliate products. Is that correct?

  • Joe Edward

    Great month Pat. It is really encouraging to see someone do so well. I like your transparency. This really gives hope to the community.

  • mike

    pat, i work as a software developer, so i know all about releasing software before it is ready, haha. i’m looking forward to the plugin, but no hurries.. make sure they work. if you are in need of a tester, hit me up.

    if anyone is interested, i released my income report, and actually revealed many of my niches, so that people can see exactly where i make my adsense money.

    hope you feel better soon.


  • Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet

    Thanks for posting your earnings – another fantastic month indeed! You continue to be a source of inspiration for me. The comment about tweaking ad placements on niche sites has me thinking I might need to do just that for a few of my lower earners to see if it helps.

  • Maria (WriterGig)

    Those are crazy high earnings, Pat, especially in the affiliate sales category. Congrats on another great month and get well soon!

  • Stacy

    Wow, Pat…another unbelievable income report! You don’t even know how much I look forward to it each month :) Haha! It honestly keeps me going as an Internet Marketer and today’s post couldn’t have come at a better time. I was actually having a real “downer day” about my financial situation and reading your income report re-lit my fuse and forces me to keep going (just like it does every month)!

    And you better believe I’m applying for Round 2 of the Niche Site Coaching course!! I have been waiting for it to open up!!

    Thanks for all of the encouragement that you give us day after day, Pat!

  • Tech Cafe

    Hi Pat,

    Sorry to hear your family was sick. I hope you get better soon.
    Your monthly report rocks as usual. Your Security niche site seem to generate a very decent amount given it’s still young. Well done mate!
    Do you use a plugin to place Adsense blocks or you put them manually?

    Take care

  • Paul

    Hope you feel better soon man, take care.

    P.S. Congrats on another awesome month. It’s fun isn’t it?!

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat,

    If you ever created more info-products you would have even higher income months. It’s amazing because you put so much content in your podcasts and other tutorials. Those can easily be packaged up and sold. Between your Facebook Fans and subscribers you could easily get to $40k months. But I know you worked your face off just to get to this income level. Definitely not easy to do. Thanks for inspiring!

  • Ryan OLoughlin

    Hey Pat,

    Pretty much just started following your blog. Just wanted to say excellent content and congrats on the 20,000 subscriber milestone! That’s like having a full sporting arena paying attention to every update you send out -not an easy feat. Congrats and I look forward to learning more from you!


  • Jason


    A second Samuel on this. I have not purchased an info-product from any site yet. However, if you were to come out with something, I’m pretty sure I’d break out the credit card (depending on the cost). Having said all that, I appreciate the wealth of free content you provide. Congrats on another outstanding month.

  • patrick

    Great information. I’m very glad to see your breakdown of your earnings. It really helps inspire and broaden the thought process of what types of income streams are possible and diversification is definitely paying off.

  • Anton

    Don’t beat yourself up with the plugins. You should definitely cover all the bugs you can find and that’s where a good developer comes in handy but you will never have it perfect. As a good friend of mine well put it, the more users you’ll have for your software the more ways to break it they’ll find. At that point in time customer service is key but I am sure you already know that. The best way to launch it would be to have a series of beta testers first that will find all the bugs you couldn’t, then once those fixed, release it to the public.

  • Jerry


    I’m really glad you mentioned FB. With over 500 million members and growing this is an exponential place to promote ALL of your sites. It’s a broadast to the world and as you can see it really drives traffic. It’s mentioned on the news almost daily and on CNBC at least 5 times a day (regarding their valuation). The average FB user ison there 22 minutes a day and that will only grow once FB’s search tool is launched.
    Congrats on your GREAT March!!!!!!!!!!! We newbies are watching and learning

  • Manikandan

    Hi Pat,

    Happy to see your Income report. It is really a motivational factor for peoples like me to make money online. The thing which I like you most is Transparency. Love it. I am on my way to earn passive income. Take care of your Health. Cheers :)

  • Nathan

    Unfortunately it’s true that it’s impossible to write 100% perfect software (and that includes WordPress plug-ins).

    It’s like asking to be able to play a perfect game of golf where you can hit a hole in one every single time. It would imply perfect knowledge (knowing exactly which club to use and knowing nuances of each and every golf club and ball, how hard the ball needs to be hit, the fluctuations in wind velocity while the ball is in flight, the slope of the greens and how well the green has been cut, etc). And even if you have that nailed down, you need to be able to execute it exactly right every single time.

    You can have high quality software (just as you have very good golf players). It’s a matter of accounting for as many possibilities as you can. Of course every possibility takes time and we don’t have infinite time. It’s worthwhile to maintain a ‘bug register’ to maintain a list of all known issues. In that bug register perform a risk analysis where you write down the likelihood of a bug occurring and the severity of impact. That way you can spend your time focusing on the highest impacting and most common problems that may be encountered.

    An experienced programmer also has a better grasp of potential issues, points of failure, and what can be problematic. An experienced programmer should take less time and deliver something of greater quality then someone of lesser experience.

    Thirdly, and probably most importantly, reducing complexity is the number one thing you can do to get software out to market. Think of it this way: say your wordpress plug-in has 2 simple ‘yes / no’ options. The programmer has to account for every possible combination of those (2 ^ 2): so only has to account for 4 possibilities, and it won’t take much time to test each combination. If your plug-in has 10 options, but each option has 4 possible settings, then there are (10 ^ 4) = 10,000 possible combinations of things he/she would have to account for. You can see that it doesn’t take much complexity, and your time to market is severely set back. So the ‘KISS’ principle applies: Keep It Simple Stupid. In fact in my experience as a software developer (14 years), failure to keep a lid on the scope of a project is probably the number one thing leading to either lengthy delays, or complete failure.

  • David Berger


    Congratulations to a great month.

    About 100% perfect software: It’s awesome that you’re so ambitious, but it does not exist. The problem is that software is built by humans who are imperfect by definition.
    Being abstract instead of something physical you can touch, finding these bugs takes a lot of hard work.

    But I agree with you postponing the product launch. The last thing you want is a piece of unpolished software on the market, especially since your name is associated with high quality.


  • Darrell Halley

    Hey Pat

    I’m always amazed on the amount of money you generate, each month. Particularly how your FB fan page has grown. What I was wondering and I don’t know if you have posted it, but how do you keep track of all of this? What software do you use to keep up with profits and losses?

  • Cristina

    Pat, don’t be too perfectionist about the pieces of software. Actually the best way to test them is launching them to the public and getting reports from users. Nobody expects perfect software in the first stages. Not even Apple products! Congrats on your earnings.

  • Don Marges

    Hi Pat!

    I love the blog and I love the podcast!

    I saw that you were wondering if you should wait to launch your software even though it’s not 100%.

    Coming from the software industry and currently running my own software company I’ll share my take on it.

    As someone who used to be a perfectionist, being in the software industry or launching apps such as you do, you’ll have to put that on the back burner.

    The above comments are right on the money but I will add my take on it so that you might be able to apply it to a future project.

    Start with the very core of the idea or problem you are solving. On the Lifestyle Business Podcast, Dan was talking about how he spent $20k making an app that would automatically arrange boxes on a pallet. Ian suggested that instead of spending the $20k, he should have spent $100 or so and just created a web form that took the dimensions and Dan could outsource the calculations.

    I think this nailed it on the head. If it’s a big enough of a headache that people are willing to pay money to solve this problem, it’s okay that you don’t have 100% of the features you want right on launch day. Just keep the initial idea simple and keep iterating. The updates themselves could serve as a marketing tool for you as you’ve seen with the iPhone App updates you push out.

    That’s my two cents. I just want to add that this is a great blog and I’m definitely going to keep reading and keep up all the great things you are doing!


  • Anne @ double curtain rods

    Hi Pat! Hope your feeling better now… Thanks for sharing your knowledge and inputs. Now, I will make a face book account just like what you said in your post. I’m hoping it will add more traffic in my sites. God Bless You!

  • Alberto

    What are the traffic stats to your niche site that bring so much money?

  • Bojan

    It’s awesome how you earned more money when you got sick. I woke up with soar throat today, so kinda feel for you…

    Take care

  • Jason

    Pat, I agree with comments above about releasing software and letting users find bugs. Your reputation is so firmly established that people will totally forgive the odd glitch.

    I’m sure that your plug-in will provide significant added-value. You could argue that, by delaying release, you are putting your own concerns about your reputation before the greater good of your loyal community! :)

  • Theo

    Pat, if your coughing is uncontrollable and dry and non stop, I know a little remedy that can help. You get a spoon of honey into a glass. sprinkle a thin layer of black pepper, and sprinkle a thin layer of ground ginger powder. Mix it up very evenly in the glass. When you get a coughing attack – put a small amount of this mixture on the end of a tea spoon and swallow. After a couple of minutes you may feel a small amount of warmth in your through. The ginger soothes it, and the pepper stimulates it for the ginger to act. This has helped me and my girlfriend.
    You can put the glass in the fridge and use it again.
    Get Well soon!!

  • Fisayo @ Secrets of Entrepreneurship

    WOW!! I’m always happy to see your income report Pat, it gives me hope of making it big soon with my blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is a great achievement for you and your honesty and genuineness makes it possible because it is really a great thing to be displaying your income and traffic report for 30 months.

    Your income in March is really great and it is so cool to see your affiliate marketing income go up significantly. Your income report always motivates me.

    Not using facebook for my blog was a great mistake I made when I started blogging and now that I have started using it (thanks to you!) I’m beginning to blame myself for not starting to use it earlier.

    I pray you recover quickly from your sickness. You’re too valuable to the work to not to be able to give the value you always give!

    Thanks so much and have a great day,

  • Lonnie @ My Income Lab

    Hey Pat – congratulations on another fantastic month! Man o man, when I read these I realize I really need to kick it to a higher gear!

    Regarding your plug-in, I think people who purchase software understand that there is a risk that it may not work 100% all the time and come to even expect it. So as important it is to work out all the bugs, it is vitally important that you have a support system in place that can field all the questions coming your way once this is released. I think that will make or break your success with the plug-in (and I’m confident you have that all in place!)

    Hope you feel better soon. True story here, when my daughter was born,my wife and I both got really sick (like fevers of 102 sick). But my wife breast-fed our daughter anyway and I think she passed on the virus while feeding and it ended up helping her immune system. In her three years, my daughter has run a fever only 3 times and nothing higher than 102. Being sick sucks!

  • Ravi Gupta

    Very nicely done! I’m always amazed when i see posts like this and how much a person can make in a single month off the internet. Keep up the great work and the fantastic posting.

    -Ravi Gupta

  • Brian Hamlett

    Hey Pat –

    A lot of great stuff here and congratulations on continued growth!

    Just wanted to comment quickly on your question about unrealistic expectations of software development. As an owner of a development firm who’s been in it for over a decade, I’d have to say that… yup… expecting 100% perfection at launch is a bit unrealistic.

    Here’s the main reason: No one is using it yet!

    Right now you’re operating on assumptions that have yet to be proven. You THINK the product is going to be used one way, your customers may try to use it another way. Once they try this… trust me… they’ll find something that doesn’t “work” correctly and thus… a new bug is born! The idea is to build in simplicity of use, get the core functioning consistently, then release it as a beta (this is why we do this… for testing in the public realm but setting the expectation that there MAY be bugs.)

    Let your first customers use it and provide an easy way to solicit and capture feedback. Get your first customers involved to the point where they feel like THEY are helping you build the product… thus making it in some ways “theirs.” This gets you a loyal testing group, who will be quick to provide feedback, and won’t leave you if it has problems because they know you’re working on it!

    Just my thoughts! Good luck!

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    CONGRATULATIONS PAT – excellent numbers which continue to be an inspiration to aspiring online entrepreneurs. thank you for the continuing transparency, and may there be many more months to come. get well soon – you are absolutely right, nothing seems well when the self is not well.

  • Antonio

    Congratulations for your earnings! You are such an inspiration. This month my niche site started to make some money too. Not even close to your “security guard training” though. Just wondering what is your daily traffic that makes you earn so much from adsense.

  • Kenny Voon

    Hey pat,

    Your monthly report really inspire myself and many others to make money online. I have been following your blog lately and am personally feel that you’re the one who is genuinely helping others to make money online. I like the way you write report on your duel niche site and it really makes me feel like to be in the challenge. There is still a long way to g for me.

    I still need to learn from you a lot of things. Hope you all the best in the coming months


  • Alex

    Hey Pat. Congrats on the ever increasing pay checks. I have been following you since April 2010 and I have become a big fan. Keep it up.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Pat,

    Wow, great monthly report. It’s really motivating for me to see how well you are doing. I’m also sharing my monthly statistics as well but am at the beginning of this journey. I think being honest about it is the key.

    Thanks for this and take care of you.


  • Barbra Ignatiev

    Pat ~

    First of all, GET BETTER! :)

    Secondly, my husband is a programmer and he’s always said that it’s not possible to create bug-free software. The best thing to do is get it functioning well enough, get it out there and get feedback to make it better and release updates to it. You are losing out on income not having it out there. And don’t you like $$$ ? I think you do.

    There’s plenty of buggy software out there that people love because altho it bugs-out. As long as it’s still overall useful, people will appreciate it. I can think of two off the bat that I use regularly ~ Photoshop & Illustrator. I’d think most of your customer base could handle some level of “imperfection”.

    Perhaps have some friends test out your plug-in and see what their frustration levels are with it?

    Best of luck! Thanks for all your lovely tips. I am truly a fan. But not in a creepy way. 😉

  • IncomeProducingAsset

    Hey Pat. Once again, congrats on a truly impressive month! Its great to see your progress and success! looking at this month’s breakdown, I’m thinking I need to refocus on affiliate income vs relying on adsense…

  • Nicole Johnson

    Congrats on a great month! I wanted to comment about the plugins. Having been in the software development biz, I recommend you launch no earlier than when YOU can’t find more bugs (and those who are helping you test). Inevitably, you may not think of that exact sequence of events that a user will follow that is indeed a bug, but in my opinion, you should not launch if you are still finding your own bugs, because no doubt there are more you haven’t found and those you can fix in version 1.1 or whatever. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

  • Cara Stein

    Hi Pat. Thanks for another great post.

    I’ve been thinking about your dilemma with your plug-in. I know it’s frustrating to keep delaying the launch, but I would advise you to keep trying for perfection. Like Nicole Johnson said above, there will always be more errors that you can’t anticipate. Releasing something with known errors is asking for trouble.

    You’ve worked really hard to build trust and be known as a provider of awesomeness. If you release buggy software, you will blow that reputation among some percentage of your customers. Is it worth it?

    I can give you the folks I bought my WordPress theme from as an example. They weren’t one of the big guys, but I really liked the look of this theme, so I bought it. It turns out to be incompatible with a lot of plug-ins, including Share and Follow, which I’m really fond of. This company apparently considers that not to be their problem–their solution is “just don’t use that plug-in then.” They have a support forum, but you can’t post to it without submitting a copy of your receipt for human approval. Until you do that, you also can’t see the 2/3 of the forum that’s devoted to people complaining about their software and begging for help fixing it. The company’s responses showed that they were clearly tired of dealing with these problems. They have other themes they’ve built more recently that supposedly work better, but no way I’d buy anything else from them. (I eventually found a solution to my particular problem and got it working with a little hacking. Although I’m convinced this is the problem with 80%+ of their plug-in incompatibilities, when I told them the answer, they were unenthused and didn’t even thank me. Another strike.)

    In short, if you release something that doesn’t work perfectly, you’re not only risking your reputation, but also the passivity factor. Having a ton of people contacting you to complain about your software not working and beg for help fixing it would not be a fun addition to your lifestyle. Better to wait and do it right.

  • Neil

    Amazing how your affiliate earnings are always the highest. Seems like people will always buy MMO junk. No wonder there are so many MMO sites like yours. Keep it up!

  • Kenneth Ashley

    Hey Pat!

    Awesome report! Hopefully ill get there someday. I was talking to Joseph Archibald and said that i view you as my SEO cousin and him as my SEO father. Meaning ya’ll (yes i’m a southerner) have helped me tremendously from the beginning.


    Kenneth Ashley

  • Casey Gentles

    Sorry to hear that you are sick Pat, I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on such a fantastic month you are really an inspiration to us.

    One favor though or anyone for that matter. Do you have a link to the facebook social plugin which is on your right sidebar? Would really appreciate it. Thanks and all the best.

  • Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    You had an awesome month! At 1/10 the amount that you made this month, I also had a record month. :) It’s all relative. Anyway, these posts are popular for a reason. They prove that making a good income working for yourself is entirely possible, especially with different income streams. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Allan Urizar

    Hey Pat

    great work you really are a inspiration for me I’m trying very hard to start my own business online internet business related but in Spanish and I’m learning very much from You so thank you and i hope in a few months (years) to be showing the same numbers that you have, that’s one of my goals. if you don’t mind to plug my site is

    Thanks Pat

    Allan Urizar

  • Steve

    It has been quite a journey…I have been a part of SMI for a while now and have learned so much…I’m using some of the techniques you’ve shared and they are helping me make strides..I appreciate your transparency it helps to know that it can be done…

  • MaxR de Maxadi

    Hi Pat ! It’s always so motivating to read your income report. It really acts like a motivation booster. :-)

    Take care of yourself !

  • Ross

    Hi Pat,

    Just wondering how much money have you invested in ? $3000 USD all up ? Articles + SEO + design .

    • Chris Alta

      I’m pretty sure he did everything himself. Might have had a little help but no where near $3,000 usd

    • Jerry

      Yeah if you check out his series in the navigation bar he explains how he picked his (free) design, wrote the articles himself, and spent money on BB and UAW for backlinks.

  • Himanshu Chanda

    Quite funny. You made 45$ from Amazon Associates and almost 5 times of this being an affiliate and selling a course about earning from Amazon 😉

  • KimP

    Once again, awesome job, Pat! I can’t wait until my online presence and income streams are as diverse as yours.

    Get well soon!

  • George Tee

    Inspired to work towards your results! I’m still moving towards my 5 figures amount and January was my nearest at around 9k.

    Agree with you that taking of health is very important! Get well soon, Pat!

  • Paul

    Great month Pat, so what do you plan on spending all your money on, nice car, big house, great holidays.

  • Lisa Stoops

    Wow what a great month! Such a great example of not putting your eggs in one basket! Yeah, health is super important! I can’t do anything when I don’t feel good either…it really sucks! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Brian

    Great info as always, you’ve got me motivated! Congrats on another awesome month!

  • HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post,

    You gave me a better insight into how I can view my revenue streams, and the distincions between all the different type of revenue streams. This makes it easier to determine first of all what revenue streams I actually have, and what possible new future revenue streams I can build. It also gave me the idea to have a better look at which Traffic Generators currently are the most effective.

    For what health is concerned, in alignment with ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ (see author interview on my Home Business Lifestyle Blog) I aim to build my Business arround
    my Lifestyle, and with that – for a Happy Healthy Lifestyle – I frequently do things like excersising, and I am alway’s on the lookout for healthy foods and things like that, Only once in a while I actualy write a little post about it on my Healthy Lifestyle Blog (BTW on that Blog I also have a link to the New Book Titled ‘The 4-Hour Body’ from the same author.)

    Thanks for sharing your insights, great results and take care.
    All the Best,
    To your Happy Inspiration,

  • Brian

    Let us know when you hit the million mark! Amazing!

  • Brandon Hansen

    i love the income reports. they are very inspiring and something I look forward to each and every month. not many people are this willing to be as transparent as you are in providing this much detail. Thanks for the continued motivation.


  • Chris

    Congrats on a great month!

  • visitor

    799 for a class?

    That is equal to a months rent for a lot of people. Can you give any specifics about income generated from graduates? Doesn’t T. Shrum have a video on youtube about how he lied about some statistics?

  • Terence Pera

    Hi Pat,
    Hope you get well, same with the family, as I am not very active on my sites now you are the main reason that I keep on going with my sites, especially with your monthly reports, it’s very encouraging to follow your posts as it keeps us going out here, so keep the good work going, we will get there somehow but for what you doing it keeps us hanging on. Thanks Pat.
    Cheers from Queensland Australia,
    Terence Pera

  • Luca

    >But, am I being unrealistic?
    Yes, but i can suggest to check Unit Testing, a very useful tool that can be integrated in FireFox for testing is Selenium RC. I’m using it for testing websites (in addition to phpUnit tests of the code).

  • Benny

    I’m running a fever now and it’s no fun. Though I’m at home I don’t feel like getting work done. Must go away soon! Same to you buddy.

  • Ole

    I would say just launch a beta version. It is never perfect…

  • Joshu @ Make money online Blogging


    Great to see the consistancy in your Income reports. It not only inspires people who want to become ProBloggers but also helps carve a new creed of professionals with enough credibility and freedom of work!

    cheers to SPI

  • Rory Mullen

    Pat you are doing an amazing job as you have noticed and reported. I am wondering with all of you success what are your plans on doing community service to help spread your name. I truly think with your name and what you can do with the online community , you can help a lot of organizations that’s in need.

    On a different not, I have been following you closely and have been implementing your concepts and seen some dramatic increases in my income online. I give thanks to you and I wish you luck.

  • Moneyhomeblog

    I just got to know yOUR site through a friend who is an addited to your blog! She tells me you tell it all! Just reading your earnings has motivated me to keep doing what i do to see results. You have inspired many people you might not have otherwise help. Like they say- if we are related through this blog we have met!
    Please save a place for young internet marketers like us, who has no money, not known and live in the backend country.

  • Moneyhomeblog

    Just asking a question. How can i start? With a blog? How can i reach payout monthly from google adsense? And what is the best method of making money with adsense? Infobarrel? My blog?

  • RJ Pepino


    You have shared a lot of valuable content on your blog. Thank you so much. I feel blessed to be apart of this community. Don’t stop what you are doing!

    Stay passionate,

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  • ProjectJourneyman


    As a software dev, I have a slightly different opinion than some of the others above. There is an old rule of thumb that you should leave twice as much time for the testing phase as for the original development. Also remember the iron triangle – Time/budget, quality, and scope. Pick any two. So, having reasonable expectations is important.

    If you are frustrated by bugs and are already stretching on time, consider reducing scope for the first release. If keeping the same scope, at this point, you’ll have to find the balance between the income from the product selling now vs. the increased income and reputation from higher quality later.

    Also consider that users can tolerate quirks if you are responsive and fix them quickly.

  • Peter

    This is really great blog. I’ve been reading it for a while and the quality of your content is amazing. Thanks!

  • shree

    what surprises me is most of your income come from affiliate products [related to IM] and hardly any income come from actual site [leed site and security guard site]…so basically you teach people how to create passive income but don’t follow yourself?

  • Frank

    As someone who owns an apps development company, I have to say that the paid apps earnings number you posted is hard to believe.

    I see that loler games only has a single paid app in the app store with less than 100 user ratings. Yet with the kind of earnings you are reporting over the last year, you would need 300-400 paid downloads per user rating…..a statistical impossibility.

  • Pat

    We have more than 1 paid app in the app store Frank. And, ratings aren’t a good indicator of downloads. I have all of the reports, graphs from AppViz and everything if you wanted to take a look, but I shouldn’t have to do that to prove anything. Why would I make this stuff up?

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  • TeleyBay

    hope this is .it seems so

  • Mobile Themes World

    That’s amazing.and Congrats.

  • Sharelord Review

    Honesty, integrity, thoroughness and excellent quality – this is our trump card to do business the way golf network. I look forward to working with you, your project. Really is a reputable site!

  • The Happy Rock


    I just wanted to chime in on the plugin in thing. I am a software guy and your dad is right, there will almost always be bugs. I want to take that argument a little further and say that you are probably wrong about what perfect means. Your plugin will take on a life of its own once it is in the customers hand.

    By this, I mean that releasing early and letting the customers guide the plugin will create more value for them. This doesn’t mean that it should be totally buggy and crappy, but if you are solving a real problem people are willing to overlook issues.

    It also means that you should have an simple avenue for them to provide feedback. Users will probably find more ways to use your software then you could have dreamed. The will make great suggestions that will make your software much better. Your goal isn’t perfection, but responsive. You want to listen and fix bugs quickly, and add awesome new features in a timely manner. Software is living organism, not a static one time release that has to be perfect.

    Summary = Ship it!

    Just my two cents. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions.

  • Dwight Anthony

    These ways of achieving and surpassing your goals for income surprise me from month to month Pat. great job as usual.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

    Financial Freedom advocate

  • Sharelord Review

    your blog is very helpful for the teachers. with the help of your blog teachers can teach their students friendly.