My June 2010 Monthly Income Report

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for a new monthly income report! Every month, I write out a detailed report showing exactly where my online earnings come from. Although I share all of my income down to the penny, it’s not really about the numbers – it’s more about what I’ve been up to that may have had an impact on my earnings and sharing that with you so you can learn from both my successes, and my failures.

Let’s get to it…

Important Going-Ons in June

Per usual, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately to, as I like to say, “expand my passive income portfolio”.

What I mean by that is I have a number of virtually automatic income streams working for me already, and because they are passive I can use my free time to create new avenues of income. As you’ll see in the income breakdown later in this post, some of the things I do online earn a lot, while other things I do earn only a little. Either way, they are all a part of my diversified passive income portfolio.

iPhone Apps

In May of 2010, the iPhone app company that I co-founded, LOLer Apps (itunes link), released a total of 6 new applications, yielding the highest amount of earnings we’ve ever had in a single month – almost $10k.

In June of 2010, we only managed to get 2 new applications approved. Others that we had planned to go live were rejected by Apple.

One rejected app in particular, named Sparkler – Multicolored Fireworks, we were quite upset about. The app is simple: press a button and it shows a sparkler burning on the screen, rotating between the colors red, white and blue. (A sparkler, for those of you who don’t know, is a type hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting colored flames and sparks.)

We wanted this approved by mid-June so we could push a marketing effort for the 4th of July celebration here in the United States. Well – when we submitted the app to Apple, it was rejected one week later because:

“…we have determined that this application contains minimal user functionality and will not be appropriate for the App Store.”


To us, this was a surprise. Why? Because there are thousands of applications that have the same (if not less) user functionality than ours.

So, we added a little bit more to the application, resubmitted it, and it was rejected once again. At this point, if we resubmitted it wouldn’t make the July 4th deadline, so we just dumped the project.

Now, we have several new applications on deck for July. Let’s hope these 5 or 6 get approved [crosses fingers while knocking on wood and rubbing a rabbit’s foot].

Green Exam Academy

I’ve been working with my website design team from Blazer Six on a new campaign to help drive more sales to my study guides and practice exams on

Based on a suggestion from my totally awesome weekly mastermind group, I’ll be implementing a FREE practice test on the website. The practice test will take people through a small number of exam questions that are similar to the real exam, spit out a score, and then recommend my products as solutions to help improve their scores and be ready for the real thing.

If implemented correctly, I am absolutely positive that this will increase sales. Because potential customers are taking a practice exam on my site, they will be in the perfect mindset to think about improving their knowledge of the material immediately after they get their test results, and probably be more inclined to make a purchase.

Furthermore, because the exam is free and actually useful (it won’t just tell people what they got right or wrong, but also explain in detail why), it should drive more traffic as well. I could easily setup an ad campaign for this or spread the word in forums.

We’ll see how it goes, but I’m really excited to finally have some enthusiasm behind my top-earning site once again. It’s been on auto-pilot for so long that I forgot what it felt like to make improvements and expect results. I should always be improving, testing and optimizing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing so.

Don’t make that same mistake.

The Smart Passive Income Blog

A lot of good stuff happened for SPI in June.

My first webinar was a success. It wasn’t perfect, but I learned a lot about webinars and I definitely plan on doing more in the future. If you missed it, you can catch the free replay here. The transcript is available now as well.

Secondly, I was very fortunate to be featured in several places around the web:

Thirdly, I was really happy about the final series of posts that I wrote for the month of June. My YouTube Tricks for Bloggers 3 part series had a great response, and I plan on creating a small report or eBook that will be free of charge for you later on, much like how eBooks the Smart Way is. Is that something you’d be interested in getting?

Fourthly, I’ve been doing my best to implement some more on-site SEO strategies for this blog, mainly because I’ve been stuck on PR3 for the longest time, and it’s beginning to bother me a little.

Yes – I know. Page rank doesn’t really matter, and I should just focus on my content and what’s important, but it is an indicator that I may not be doing all I can to optimize my blog, which may result in less traffic than possible.

So, with the help of a sweet post about WordPress SEO from my good buddy Glen from, I’ve made a few changes, and hope to see an increase in rankings in the future.

Niche Sites

This is new for me.

Actually, I’ve done “niche sites” before, but they all died because I didn’t have the passion to continue writing about something I wasn’t that interested in.

However, this time it’s a little different. This time, I’m using a supposedly proven system (yes, it sounds very skeptical already) to create niche sites that run more on auto-pilot. After a few pieces of setup, I could possibly earn an income for a long period of time.

I’m not going to get into detail here today, but the truth is that I’m going into this with an open-mind, and to see if this “system” really works. If it does, awesome. If not, then awesome because then I won’t wonder anymore.

Plus, I’m using Market Samurai in combination with finding these niche sites, so supposedly it could be like shooting fish in a barrel, or “easy as pie.”

I guess we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Time for the breakdown.

Income Breakdown

Please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds. Product Sales:

  • Ebook Only: $1018.30
  • Audio Only: $74.90
  • Ebook + Audio Package: $1078.80
  • Total: $2172.00
    • Last Month: $1,741.54
    • Difference: +430.46
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $256.48
      • Last Month: $219.01
      • Difference: +$37.47
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Green Exam Academy: $2,460.13
    • $715.00
    • Amazon Associates: $8.04
    • Aweber: $70.80
    • Internet Business Mastery Academy: $715.35
    • iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $505.74
    • Market Samurai: $1,616.75
    • Total: $6,091.81
      • Last Month: $4,777.86
      • Difference: +1,313.95
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2486.00
    • Free Apps: $1984.90
    • Total: $4,470.90
      • Last Month: $9,598.09
      • Difference: -$5,127.19
  • Gross Total in June: $12,990.71
    • Last Month: $16,336.50
    • Difference: -$3,345.79

Although the month is about 3.5k less than in May, it’s still a stellar month of earnings. It’s great to see the list of income streams growing, and although some go up and some go down, having multiple income streams help to keep myself somewhat balanced.

Important Things I Learned in June

If I drew a chart of my iPhone app earnings, we’d see a huge spike in May (almost $10k) and then a huge drop in June (down to about 4.5k, although this is much higher than our average before May). When you see things like this, a huge spike and then a drop off, you have to ask yourself, “why did this happen?”. Figure it out, and you’ll have the recipe for turning that spike into a plateau, or better yet turning that spike into a mountain.

In my particular case the spike happened because we submitted more apps in a single month than ever before. We then stopped submitting apps, and we dropped and leveled off, albeit at a higher income level. So, the answer to our problem is to continue submitting apps (or submit better apps that earn at least the same amount of downloads). We plan to do so in July, and we hope to bring the iPhone income back to what it was in May, if not more.

You might say – “well building apps isn’t passive”. True, but that’s why we minimize the time we spend on it by feeding the experts our app ideas, and getting several things done at once.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about Market Samurai, my favorite SEO and Keyword tool. Over the last month, I did a number of things that involved the Market Samurai product, which helped to create this new line of income for me on my balance sheet through the form of an affiliate link.

Unlike what you see from other marketers online, I did not heavily push this product or become an aggressive salesman for it. In fact, I did just the opposite, and yet I was still able to earn a decent amount of income from promoting it. For example:

  • I used Market Samurai as a supplement to teaching Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization. The content of the videos, blog post and webinar I did were all about the content. I simply recommended Market Samurai based on my personal experience to help.
  • I told people that there are actually ways to do everything you can do on Market Samurai for absolutely free, and even offered some tools and suggestions about how to do this.
  • I told people straight-up that the link I provided was indeed an affiliate link, and that if they tried the free trial and didn’t end up purchasing it, I would totally understand.
  • I showed people EXACTLY what it does and how to use it.

As one person wrote to me in an email after I literally asked the person why they took my recommendation:

There’s actually a couple of things that sold me:

  1. You said you use this every day.
  2. You recommended it, and I trust you.
  3. You showed us how to use it.
  4. You made it simple and easy to understand.
  5. You made me believe that I needed this product :)
  6. You didn’t push the product, and even showed us how to get the same info without it.

That was enough for me.

If you want a recipe for non-aggressive affiliate marketing on a blog, the type of affiliate marketing that will help you retain your readers and actually build more trust with them, the type of affiliate marketing that doesn’t make you feel like a weasel, then that’s it right there.

Earn trust by being honest and only recommend because the recommendation will help your audience, not because it will help you.

Audience first, you second, and you will see the rewards.

Here’s to a profitable and safe July for all of us. Cheers!

  • Dev | Technshare

    Hey Pat,

    Another Awesome Report man. You’re Affiliate Earnings are really great man.
    Keep up the awesome work man. Thanks for sharing.


    • Pat

      Thanks man! Cheers man!

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Pat, awesome post on your monthly report.

    I am amazed at your monthly reports. I have never seen anything like this. You go into so much detail, and the advice you give us are just fabulous.

    Sorry to hear about your ‘Sparkler – Multicolored Fireworks’ being rejected by Apple. I hope all your future apps get accepted.

    Regarding the YouTube Tricks for Bloggers, I would definitely be interested in the eBook/report. I think it will be really useful, and help a lot of us.

    “If you want a recipe for non-aggressive affiliate marketing on a blog, the type of affiliate marketing that will help you retain your readers and actually build more trust with them, the type of affiliate marketing that doesn’t make you feel like a weasel, then that’s it right there.”

    This is so true. And we have just seen this by your experience. I am also an absolute proponent of non-aggressive affiliate marketing.

    Thanks again for sharing this great post.


    • Pat

      Thanks Nabeel – I wasn’t sure if an eBook or report about YouTube separate from the blog posts would be useful, but I can get into a lot more detail like I did with my eBook on eBooks. Thanks for your input, and for your comment as always. Cheers!

      • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

        He’s right Pat. Non-aggressive promotion really works well. It’s like you are recommending to someone without really trying to sell, and people will just buy it because they trust you and they know that you won’t recommend a non-sense product. I like that idea.

        Keep it up.


  • Mats

    Hey Pat! Great to see how you keep your income above the $10k, I really like your blog posts, and haven’t got throught it all yet. You are inspiring.

    I hope I soon find a way to stop procastinating, that would be lovely. :)

    • Pat

      I sometimes feel like I’m procrastinating too, but the trick is that when you DO work, make sure it’s work that actually counts and get’s you somewhere. Works for me all of the time. Cheers Mats!

      • Bolaji –

        Ha ha – Thanks for your honest comment, Mats… and thanks for the good advice, Pat.

        I agree that time off / goofing off is okay. Not just okay, it’s actually GOOD, because it lets your subconscious sink its teeth into those meatiest of problems you’ve been trying to solve. And the subconscious is a lot smarter than the conscious mind, anyway.

        The trick is to make work time very productive – so you can afford to goof off, guilt-free.

        Thanks again.

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

      I agree with you Mats. Pat is really consistent of making at least $10k a month. I wouldn’t mind if my income goes down from $16k to $12k, as long as it’s above $10k then that’s really amazing.

      Keep up the good work Pat.


    • Mark Mason

      Ooooh — there is an idea for an iPhone app. Two actually. Procrastination Pro — an app that helps you find reasons to put off stuff that you don’t want to do. And also a real app — Procrastination Assassin — helps you kill the urge to procrastinate.

      Just thinking out loud here….

  • Dan

    I love the upgrade idea for the green exam academy. Seems to blend a little of the good results from the MS affiliate success, to actually get in the mindset of using and feeling comfortable with the product. Love it!

    • Pat

      Yep – that’s the idea Dan. Dude – checked out your blog, and it’s getting more and more awesome each time I visit it. Looking forward to the next post!

  • Marion Ryan


    I love your monthly reports, I find them really inspirational and educational and they help me clarify my own thinking.

    Your transparency speaks volumes, it gives you heaps of credibility and I don’t see anyone else doing this so makes you stand out. It means I for one completely trust your recommendations.

    I understand how tempting it is when you have a big list to promote every latest product launch but can’t help but feel irritated when the same offer comes through from ten different marketers and in the case of one recent one, you know full well that the people promoting it with such gusto aren’t using it themselves.

    Keep making money and keep sharing the learning with us!


    • Pat

      Thanks Marion – I truly appreciate your comment. It is tough, because I know I could make more money by promoting more products to my list (which just surpassed 3,500), but I think it will be better to simply provide good content and sparingly recommend products that are only my top recommendations.


  • Howie

    I’ve been following these reports for months now, Pat….The level of transparency you show is definitely awesome, and I hope to carry that over to my own blog soon. Thanks for the work you do man, the help you’ve give me, and your uncanny ability to inspire and motivate a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

    I apologize for slacking on the comments through your YouTube series. While I follow you and comment here, I decided that it’s really time that I get an “outlet”….carving out my own little piece of online real estate.

    Keep a look out for (That’s my logo)

    I think I have alot of lessons learned that I can share with others through that blog. Take care man, and keep up the good work!

    • Pat

      Howie – no need to apologize for the lack of comments! Seriously, you of all people deserve a break from leaving comments so you can work on your blog!

      I like your logo too – very nice. Where did you get it designed? Looking forward to your content dude! I know you’ll crush it!

      • Howie

        Sometimes it takes a hardcore Army guy to understand the full depth of loyalty, but, rest assured, even after my blog is up and running, I’ll be stopping in alot to comment….

        For the logo, I actually tapped into an old connection I had from running a contest on The gentleman who did it actually designed my logo awhile ago, right around the time my mind went off on a tangent and pursued the eBook.!/pages/SoldierNursecom/166632095002?ref=ts

        lol…I still plan on launching a blog, for my wife and I, with, as well. You can find some VERY good talent if you look in the right places. :)

  • Mars Dorian

    great stats, Pat
    Sorry about the apps, Apple seems to be really picky.
    I give you major credit for being so open about your income facts, it takes lots of guts to throw yourself into the open fire.
    2 quick questions:
    1) the earnings from your ehow come from paid articles ?
    2) Are your affiliate earnings all coming from this blog ?

    thanx in advanced, keep rocking !

    • Pat

      1) eHow earnings are from royalties from the articles I wrote over 1.5 years ago. Not paid articles.

      2) I have affiliate earnings from this blog as well as, and I also have a few random affiliate links on other niche sites as well.

      Thanks Mars!

  • Brandon

    Good article Pat (as always). I’m looking forward to hearing more about these Niche sites your working on.

    • Erica Douglass

      Me too. 😉

      By the way, I heard from one of my customers that he just made his first sale with his site. I still need to get mine functional!


    • Pat

      Thanks Brandon. I’m using a product called Profits Instruments to help me figure things out. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on my progress.

  • Jamie Mulroy

    Hi Pat,

    Your reports are amazing, I only dream of making this kind of money from
    My blog. Also what method are you using for the niche websites? I hope it works so I can copy it !

    You the man!

    • Pat

      I’m using a system called Profit Instruments to help me with Niche Sites, but I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress as I go along.

  • rob

    What’s up, Pat?
    Everyone might get mad at me for saying this, but I kinda agree with Apple.
    If all that app could do is sparkle, then it’s was completely useless.
    You might have got a punch of 99 cent sales from people looking for a 4th of July app, but I just can’t see it.

    I understand Lolapp is about fun novelty apps, but I think you will have better luck and strong sales for months with a app that actually solves a problem or a video game.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

      Hey Rob,

      It’s not really my place to defend Pat (since I’m sure he will do it himself), but have you seen the majority of apps in the app store? So many of them are novelty (i.e. “useless”) apps that really offer nothing more than some quick fun. I would argue a sparkler app WOULD have a definitely use, however. I can guarantee you that if thousands of kids got their hands on such an app for their iPhone or iPod Touch, they would definitely turn them on for the 4th of July fireworks or at family BBQs, and such.

      Granted, this would inevitably prompt the “You paid 99 cents for THAT!?” from one of the adult family members, but that’s probably normal.

      I wonder if Apple is becoming more strict about what types of apps they approve, or if this was just a random “bad luck” submission.

      – Eric

      • rob

        So what if a lot of the apps are useless novelty apps, that doesn’t mean everyone should be making them.
        Pat is spending a lot of money having these apps made just to have them rejected or make money for only one month.

        Flooding the app store with crap just seems silly.

        • Pat

          Thanks for your responses and honesty guys. It’s true – there are a lot of novelty apps out there, and in fact, there’s already 4 or 5 sparkler apps that do the same thing, however we thought ours was better because it was the only one with multiple colors, which was requests in the reviews of many of the other sparkler apps. This is why we were so surprised that it was rejected.

          These kind of apps, although rob is right in that they don’t make money for THAT long (just a month or two), they can make a LOT of money. Have you seen the Vuvuzela apps? There are about 10 – 20 of them, and all it does is show a picture of the vuvuzela instrument and play that annoying buzzing sound. Because of the World Cup, they are selling like hotcakes. We planned to do something similar with the Sparkler app and the 4th of July.

          Rob, our niche isn’t the “useful and video game applications”. The “novelty” useless application market on iTunes is huge…HUGE. Mirror apps, fart apps, a lighter, a personal shaver, a button that says “shut up” – these are all TOP apps making thousands a day. Some of our most useless applications are our top money makers, and although it sucks that these useless apps are actually making money, Apple gets a cut too.

          Oh, and Sparkler only cost $200 to make. Not a huge loss.

          Once again, thanks for your opinion, and thanks Eric for your support. It is a “luck” game too because it all depends on the particular reviewer and how they feel that day.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Hey Pat,

    Yes, a short eBook/report on YouTube would be something I’m interested in. :) Congrats once again on another great month. It seems like with your diversified streams of passive income and your continued search for new passive income possibilities, you’ll never really need to worry about a really bad month.

    Keep up the great work, as always.

    – Eric

    • Pat

      Awesome, thanks for your input Eric! Hopefully I can continue to diversify even more in the near future. Cheers!

  • Amanda L Grossman

    Hello Pat!

    Thank you for posting your stats. I was surprised, though, to not find anything from Infobarrel. Have you begun writing for them yet (I am referring to the post you wrote about how they are your next choice after eHow)?


    • Pat

      I’ve written a whopping 1 articles on infobarrel, just to see how the process was in comparison to eHow, and it actually went very smoothly. The article is actually now on the first page of Google for the particular long tail keyword I was targeting, which is cool. Once I have more time, I plan on submitting more articles, for sure.

      • Howie

        Just a heads-up, Pat, for those who are reluctant to use a site that may not look “great”….

        The will be redesigning/refining their site come end of the summer.

        There is great importance to a site “looking good” and being aesthetically pleasing, however, I would encourage people to visit sites like “Craigslist” or Ezine Articles….(Perhaps you could do a post about that?)…..Their site could (will) very well become a Top ranked website WITHOUT any web design, and if people are reluctant to use the site simply because of that, they will loose out on a tremendous amount of revenue potential….

        On another note…..They are doing a VERY successful job at fostering a transparent, motivating, culture there (think: Zappos), AND a leveraging their community to write very high quality/quantity of articles:

        Compare their Bounce % to the most popular sites online:

        The Bounce % is extremely valuable, and the LOWER the # the better. This means that people are staying on the site, and engaging more….

        If one were to plugin and compare (a site that everyone and their brother interacts with for hours a day), on Alexa, you will see that InfoBarrel is slowly approaching their bounce %. So, even though it could ‘look’ better….the owners are ingenious in how they are developing and growing the site.

        To neglect that would be to deny a serious opportunity.

        • Howie

          P.s. Pat, there was a girl, in Junior high school, who I didn’t date because I was a buff macho guy who didn’t want to date anyone “ugly” or that “didn’t look good”….. (I suppose many guys are THAT shallow at that age)

          Fast-forward years ahead, and she’s knock out drop-dead gorgeous. Point-in-case: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I would have thought that Craigslist was designed by a 10 year old, but, in fact, that site alone has made millions….

          (God forbid my wife ever saw this comment…lol)

          With a site redesign (and even without it), Info Barrel will become a top web property.

  • Stephen B. | InventionAddict

    Just curious, have you submitted articles to InfoBarrel? I would imagine it takes time to see the revenue.

    It’s nice to see you continue to do well (you certainly work hard!). You are an inspiration.


    • Pat

      Hey Stephen – I’ve submitted one article, just to see what the process was like. Haven’t had time to go all out with it yet, but I do plan on writing a number of articles soon. It will take time for the articles to marinade and see income though, so the sooner, the better. Cheers!

  • Juan


    I am considering taking the “Niche Profit Classroom” membership but you are skeptical about niche sites.
    Is this the system you reference on this post? What is your opinion on niche sites?
    I am also a little skeptical too.


    • Pat

      Hey Juan – I’ve heard mixed reviews about NPC. I’m using Profit Instruments to guide me with my niche sites, as it takes a little bit of a different angle with the target keywords and such. This is an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes I guess!

  • Richard Scott

    I’m surprised as well that the Sparkler got rejected. That’s crazy! Would have been a cute app for kids. Apple is up to something…

    Congrats on the month. Always good to see you venture into new areas and diversify even more. You inspire us. I’m sure it will lead to more excellent posts. :)

    I’ve started using Market Samurai, and have been implementing changes, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Change the Sparkler into a counting game where you have to count each and every red burst… ha!

    • Pat

      Plus, the app is safer than holding a real sparkler, which burns at 3000 degrees!

      Anyways…I hope MS is working our for you. I still use it everyday and am excited to see how you’ve implemented it. Woot!

  • Dustin Stevens-Baier

    Thanks for the great monthly report. I am seriously considering market samurai and will make sure to use your link when I do, since you brought it to my attention. Yes, an eBook on YouTube would be great. Keep up the great work.

    • Pat

      Thanks Dustin – I really appreciate that. If you want, you can try the free trial out at no-risk, at this link here:

      You can get a feel for how it works and then make a decision based off that. Up to you though!

      Thanks Dustin!

  • Ireti @ Centre for Personal Development


    You’ve done it again. Why will apple reject such a wonderful app. Well keep up the good work.
    I love your ending – “Earn trust by being honest and only recommend because the recommendation will help your audience, not because it will help you.
    Audience first, you second, and you will see the rewards.”

    That alone is a lesson for me. I think when it comes to affiliate marketing, trust is everything. People buy your recommendation when they trust you.
    Thank pat.

    • Pat

      Thanks Ireti for your kind words. I agree – trust is everything. It must happen before sales, comments, or anything that happens on a website. That’s why I’m a little skeptical about my niche sites experiment, because where is the trust and how is it earned?


  • Karen

    Hi Pat,

    I really appreciate how transparent you are with your monthly reports, but I must say, to me, where you write about your failures and what doesn’t work, is more interesting and is something that we can learn from. Only two of your apps got approved? That’s too bad, but I’m sure that it’s a real motivator for next time. Do you think you needed to do some real-work market research beforehand or is a crapshoot to see which apps Apple approves/rejects?

    Great job summing up the stats, as always.


    • Pat

      Hey Karen – as much as I want to minimize my failures, I’m always happy to share them with you all so you can be a step ahead of where I was.

      It’s tough to say if even market research can help (we thought we did this because there were existing Sparkler apps out there, we just made one that we thought was better, but it was still rejected). Apple’s rules are fairly vague, and I think they do this so that they have maximum control over their content. It makes sense, but it can be tough from a developer’s point of view at times.

  • Gary Sonnenberg


    Thanks for the report. This is the first one I’ve seen with such detail.

    I’d be interested in the eBook or report on YouTube Trick for Bloggers as well.

    About the Sparkler…Have you seen a similar app come out? I’m thinking Apple has their own version and didn’t want the competition. (Yours was probably better.)

    • Pat

      Hey Gary, thanks for your comment.

      Apple isn’t actually in the business of making Applications – they are all from 3rd party providers such as my own company. There are a few other sparkler apps out there already, but just because some exist doesn’t mean they should disapprove an application. In fact, our Anti-Theft alarm was one that was released when there were already 25 in the market already. Now, we’re one of the top-ranking ones.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is really great Pat!

    I wish you more success.

    I know I would also get to this stage one day :)

    Concerning your point about affiliate marketing, you are absolutely right. The most important thing is reader priority (just as you said) because without your readers, you will never make a sale.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration,

  • Ian

    Great post Pat. I’m learning alot from you and the articles you write increase my confidence that I can be successful online too. Thanks!

  • Tony Ruiz

    Great stuff Pat! I don’t understand why the app store didn’t accept your app, kinda odd. A buddy of mine has a beer app that simulates that he is drinking beer from his iphone. So you’re telling me that the app store accepted that over a 4th of July app? ummm. Something wrong on their end, I’m sure if it was approved it would have been a hit for the holiday.

    Do you think the iphone app market will improve once its released to other carriers in the up coming year? I’m seeing a huge jump, do you agree?

    Also congrats on the improvement ideas for the LEED site, such a great idea.

  • David Damron

    Just got back from a relaxing weekend in San Diego and needed a push to get focused once more. Thanks to the monthly report I already have a schedule of things to do this weekend.

    I like that you emphasized the diversification and noted that not all months are incredible but learning and still bringing in a killer amount of income is okay during a down month.

    Keep it coming…

    David Damron
    The Minimalist Path

  • Tammy

    Another great month Pat. It still amazes me how consistant you are with your ideas and you income growth and stability.

    Cant wait to see how the greenexam site goes when its all redone, to be able to see not only the different areas your income comes from, but also seeing the changes you make and how they affect your monthly income report is inspiring, keep up the awesum word buddy.


  • Mike

    Hi Pat,

    With the exception of the I Phone Aps most of your income sources appear to have experienced increased earnings.

    I agree with everything you said re: Webinar. Educating people and letting them know what’s available (with encouragement) goes a long way. I think your delivery style will go a long way with webinars and podcasts; looking forward to the next ones.

    Here’s to a great 2nd half of the year! Take Care, Mike

  • Blake Erickson

    Hi Pat!

    You have inspired me to make my own monthly reports. They will be more for myself, and maybe for future employees. I don’t really have the need to post them online publicly nor do I have a site appropriate for that. I just think it would be a good idea for me to slow down once a month and think about all that I have accomplished and what worked and what didn’t.
    It’s nice to see my own numbers, but I think physically writing out in paragraph form how things went will be of much more value to myself.

  • Allan

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for another income summary. You’ve got some good ideas for the Green Exam Academy website. Bad luck with the iPhone app being rejected. But you gave me some ideas – how about a ‘knock on wood’ app, or a ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’ app? Surely rubbing a rabbit’s foot takes some user interaction! Take my ideas – I just want 5% of earnings!

  • Justin Popovic

    Hey Pat. I just recently learned about you and I am already very impressed with everything I have seen on your site. I don’t think I have ever seen someone open their books and show everything you have laid out here. Brilliant!

    I bet the fact that you have created this expectation with your audience keeps you very focused and ensures you stay on top of your stats and figures at all times. As someone who needs to work on my analytical side, this is very inspiring.

    Regarding your final point about your non-aggressive sales approach. Could not agree more. I have converted more prospects into customers using the hands off, “take it or leave it” approach than any other “sales” technique that you can learn. The less you appear to “need” the sale, the more likely it is that people will want to buy. I know I buy from people who do not appear to need my money :)

    New fan… Justin Popovic

  • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

    Awesome report Pat. I really like your monthly report as it inspires me to work even hard to achieve that kind of income someday. What really amazes me is, even though your income went down a bit compare for the month of May, you are still consistent on earning more than $10k a month, I would be very happy if I’m in your situation.

    Awesome job Pat, keep it up!


  • Ryan


    Thanks again for giving us a peek behind the curtain. I’ve read that many apps have been down the last month — not sure why. My app has been a little slower than expected, but hopefully everything picks back up once the iPhone4 is readily available.

  • Sean Shapcott

    Hi Pat. I just discovered you thanks to Justin Popovic. Great stuff. I liked it so much I’m going to start a private company blog network and have all of my staff do this. Really awesome stuff!

  • Sean

    I’ve been using niche sites for passive income for a few years now, with decent success. Everyone I know in the business has been slaughtered by Google’s recent Mayday update. Earnings down 75% on average. I’ve taken about a 40% hit personally, but none of my new sites since the update have had any success at all. I’d be very interested to hear if the system you’re talking about is still viable.

  • Jackie

    You could always try resubmitting the Sparkler app again next May or so — it wouldn’t hurt. I’m curious about your paid vs. free apps, are any of the free apps lite versions of the paid ones, or are they just plain free?

  • Brian O’Neill

    Hi Pat,
    Great post, it is very detailed. I don’t know where you find the time for all the things you have going? do you get to bed at all? Your point on not pushing the sale is a very good one, I know from even walking into a store if the staff are over constantly asking can they help me, I am out of there, and it is the same with a web site. On your apps you said one of them only cost $200 to get done Where? I was pricing to get an app done and I was quoted $2,400. Am I looking in the wrong place? Once again thanks for being so detailed with your report, and long may your success continue.

  • Paul DiBerardino

    Loving hearing about your achievements and your earnings. Truly inspirational. Please let me know about your Niche Sites, I’m very curious.

  • baker

    This is excellent, I am glad to see your earning for this month do so well. I get motiveated to continue to stay conistent in my own blog when I read other successful bloggers like yourself post their earning. Very inspirational.

  • Andrew

    Hey Pat and fellow commenters,

    Not sure if you’ve covered if before, but do you have a process for micro-testing your iPhone App ideas? As per The 4-Hour Workweek and other information marketing materials I’ve come across, they suggest testing your ideas first before putting real money into development.

    Any suggestions would be great.

  • Fred

    Hey! Great website; inspiring and informative. The resources section is quite the collection of useful material.
    I hope it’s not too invasive a question, perhaps it is and you can just ignore it because I don’t want to be interpretted as negative in any way – but what are your expenses running for this stuff? The income is there, and from what I can tell the goal is to have one-time expenses that continue to generate income?

  • Ali @ Adult Iron Man Costume

    Hey Pat,
    Congratulations on your success! I like how you are so open about your results. i guess it was something you had to think long and hard about sharing with other people but in your case I think its fantastic – definitely keeps me coming back as I enjoy reading from people who are successful and can prove it!

  • kevin

    Any update on your “niche sites” ? Also, are these niche sites like what Silver speaks about in his Moonlighting book? Please advise, thanks.

  • Adam Short

    Hey pat, I’ve just recently found your blog and it’s my first time commenting here. Thanks for putting together such a great resource, and congrats on building such a successful online business. I look forward to reading other posts!

  • Daniel

    I found this site by selbstaendig-im-netz, a german site… wow i impressed how much money do you earn. i would be happy when i would make 100 euros in a month…

  • Laura

    Wow, this certainly will help keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing so much on your site. I am just getting started with trying to get more income online and will be sure to keep reading what you’ve posted!

  • Kostenlose Backlinks

    Hey Pat! Awesome stats. Last month you gave me the inspiration to develop my very own iphone app. it will launch in about one month. if its successful, ill let you know! :-)

  • Dean Saliba

    Wow! $16,000+ a mont his fantastic compared to my $100+ a month. 😛

    I would like ot know how you earn from Ehow, I’m assuming you mean the article directory site?

  • Tri Khuc

    Hey Pat, have you started writing for infobarrel yet? The reason I ask is because I didn’t see it listed up there.

  • Kirsty

    Hi! I only just discovered your site and I am loving these income earnings of yours. I love the detail and the +/- reports.

    I publish earnings reports over on my blog as well and I think I’ll take some inspiration from you and spice them up a bit with some more info. I’m a fair way behind you in earnings (July was my best month yet at about $3150) and I focus on different things that you… but seeing other people’s earnings reports really motivates me.


  • Steve

    Hey Pat great article..! my question is in regards to the App income..I see you made
    # Paid Apps: $2486.00
    # Free Apps: $1984.90

    How is it that you made money on “Free” apps ?

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  • Robin

    Simply great :) i decided to publish my online income in my blog too from next month. And your earnings makes me feel amazing.