My July 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeWelcome to my July 2011 monthly income report!

Each month I write a detailed report about my online businesses – what I’ve been up to, what’s working, what’s not, and how much and where my income is coming from.

I create these reports for several reasons. First, they are here to help me keep track of how I’m progressing – sort of like an online journal that I can go back to in the future.

Secondly, I want to be transparent about everything I do online. I talk a lot about online business strategies that I use and this is where I summarize whether those things work or not. I share so you can learn from my wins, as well as from my losses too.

Lastly, I share the numbers in this post only because I know you’re interested and they inspire. I don’t do this to showoff or pretend like I’m better than anybody else, because I’m not. I just take action and execute, and these are my results.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report!

Important Going-Ons in July

Is it August already?


Even though July flew by like nobody’s business, I was still able to complete a lot of tasks that have been on my plate for quite a while.

July was all about getting things done and putting things into motion. I’ll have the month of August to see how everything goes.

The Smart Passive Income iPhone Application

The SPI iPhone App The SPI iPhone Application is a free app that I launched mid-month on iTunes that anyone with an iPhone can download to more easily consume my blog content and my podcast, among other thing. An android version is in the works.


The app has a lot of special features (you can read more about it here), but the primary purpose is to give me another way to connect with my existing audience. It probably won’t be so hot as far as reaching out to new audiences on iTunes (my podcast does this for me), but I am already getting a ton of great feedback about it and how it’s making me stand out of the crowd even more, which is pretty cool.

As I mentioned in my announcement post, I want to give other bloggers and podcasters the opportunity to create an app just like this one for their own brand using the code I already have. I would like to publish the apps under my own Apple Developer’s license, which would save everyone $99/year and the extreme hassel of setting up a new developer’s account, but Apple is pretty strict on “cookie cutter” applications from a single developer – apps that are basically the same except for one or two things.

Other developers with similar services are running into issues and I would like to work this out before I offer this to others.

So if you’re on the waiting list for one of these, I’m still working on it. :)

Over 2000 people have downloaded the app already, which is awesome.

Derek Halpern’s Advice

I finally got around to implementing the advice from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers for increasing conversion rates and optimizing the SPI blog. If you haven’t seen the video critique, I highly recommended watching it if you want to see where I went wrong and what I was instructed to do.

I added custom subscriber boxes to my About Page, my Income Reports Page and my Video Page. I’ll be able to keep track of how these convert and will definitely report back to you next month with the results. It was silly of me not to include opt-in boxes there in the first place.

In half a day, I’ve already added 21 subscribers from the About Page alone.

I also began to create some resource pages, special landing pages on the blog that talk about a particular topic or category, and it includes links to several related posts on SPI.

They’re like “best of” pages for a particular topic. Check ’em out below:

You can see these in the sidebar of the blog on the right hand side along with a few other pillar posts that I’ve published.

They are a great way to organize the 400+ posts I have published on SPI and better deliver that content to you.

If you click on them now, you’ll see that the sidebars and navigation menu is missing. This is what a true landing page / squeeze page should look like, however for this blog and the content that is included on these pages, I’m thinking about re-including the sidebar and navigation so they match the rest of the site.

I would love to hear your thoughts about that.

Green Exam Academy

Sales are slowing down a bit on this site, but it is totally expected.

The summer months are terrible for exam prep material. This has been the trend for the last 3 years.

Work usually dies down industry-wide during these months and sales should begin to increase come September.

There are some changes coming up in the exam, since they update it every 2 years. I’ll have to make sure I keep up to date on that because I may have to invest a month or so to create some new material.

I’ll gladly trade a month of work (maybe 1 or 2 hours a day), for 2 years of passive income.

Security Guard Training Headquarters

On the flip side, things are looking up for this experimental niche site (at, which continues to grow both in terms of traffic and income each month. I’m approaching $1200/month of residual income and an average of 550 unique visitors a day.

Check out the Niche Site Duel to see exactly how this site was built from scratch.

More and more of the articles that were published on the site in May are getting picked up by Google, and I’m seeing a TON of long-tail traffic coming in.

The site saw visitors from 4,790 different keywords in July, compared to 3,358 different keywords in June.

I’m also now ranking #1 for Armed Security Guard Training, which I did a successful backlinking campaign for during July as well.

I’m now targeting guard card, which is a California requirement for security guard training and is a very competitive eyword. Before working on it I was off the radar, but now I’m ranking #34.

It’ll take some time, but I’m on my way.

Furthermore, I just gave my VA the green light to switch the theme of the site to a brand new one that was custom designed to look more professional, be more user-friendly, and potentially increase my adense earnings. If it’s not live already, it will be live soon.

And if it looks funny, that means my VA is still working on it 😉

I’m confident that once the switch is made later today that it will look more professional and definitely be more user-friendly, however as far as my adsense earnings, what will happen is really an unknown until it’s live for a few days.

The earnings could take a hit, or it could skyrocket. It might not even change at all since I’m keeping the general placement of the ads on the page the same.

Another thing to think about is the fact that some websites experience a drop in search engine rankings when a new design is introduced.

It could happen, although I know the site has some of the best content about security guard training on the web, so hopefully Google continues to recognize that.

We’ll see what happen, and I’ll do a more detailed report later in the month for you with some results and numbers.

iPhone Applications

We’re currently working on an update on our most profitable applications to better secure their rankings and positions in the App Store so they can continue to provide us with a generous passive income.

In August, we’re planning to work on 3 or 4 new applications at the same time, which will hopefully be ready before the holidays when app sales are always at their highest.

Happy Holidays, for sure!


I’ve been working with a high-end client over the past couple of months (who found me through my podcast on iTunes) and although the work is definitely not passive, it is some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done in a long time. I cannot reveal who I am working with just yet, but the web and social media work I’ve been doing for them has been seeing massive results. Next month, you’ll see a decent sized portion of my income coming from this active work.

Okay, let’s get to the numbers…

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,979.90 (includes affiliate products)
      • Last Month: $3,325.25
      • Difference:-$346.25
    • Adsense: $1162.71
    • Job Board: $8.58
    • Total: $1171.29
      • Last Month: $1093.68
      • Difference: +$77.61
  • Other Google Adsense
    • Total: $410.43
      • Last Month: $215.26
      • Difference: +$195.17
  • InfoBarrel Earnings:Total: $4.83
    • Articles Written: 3
    • Last Month: $2.21
    • Difference: +$2.62
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,680.00
    • Free Apps: $781.67
    • Total: $3,461.67
      • Last Month: $4,557.56
      • Difference: -$1,095.89
  • Gross Total in July: $32,851.84
    • Last Month: $30,393.49
    • Difference: +$2,458.35
  • Expenses: $4,267.23
  • Net Total in July: $28,584.61

(Click here to read a typical monthly expense report)

Another awesome month of earnings!

I’ll be the first to admit that a good chunk of my income comes directly from this blog, mostly from the products that I offer as an affiliate (about 20% of the income listed under “affiliate income” does not come from this blog). To be honest, it was never my primary intention to make money from this site. My primary intention was and will always be to help other people understand how businesses and blogs work on the internet, and for them to be better at it after reading, watching or listening to my material, which all comes from the wins and fails of my own real-life case studies and experiences.

I know that I’ve created a wonderful resource here on SPI with a ton of (free) information about all kinds of things related to online business and blogging, and the fact that people are kind enough to offer me something in return – whether it’s by going through an affiliate link, encouraging me to create a product of my own to sell, asking me for mentorship or advice, or even just thanking me for helping them earn more money online or get a load of traffic to their website, I am extremely grateful for and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.


Things I Learned in July

Right away, I’ll say this: it feels REALLY good to get stuff done.

That burst of energy you get when you complete something you’ve been working long and hard for – it’s amazing, and it should be acquired often.

Be careful though, because I’m not asking you to put more activities and projects onto your plate. That could actually hurt you by dividing your time and focus and you’ll end up not completing anything at all, leaving yourself with a bunch of half-finished projects.

A half-finished project might as well be no project at all.

What I recommend doing is breaking your existing goals down into smaller, more achievable goals – goals that you will reach often, knowing that with each achievement you’re getting closer and closer to your final destination.

For example, with the security guard training niche site, before I even started it I had an initial goal of earning $1000 a month from it. To get there and keep me motivated, I broke that goal into a ton of smaller, achievable goals – from building the website, publishing 10 posts in the beginning, building X amount of backlinks per day, getting within the top 100 in Google, then the top 50, top 10, then 3, then #1. Then, it was $200/month, $500/month, and finally $1000, which I met 2 months ago.

I’ve revamped the goals for the site, which I’ll share in detail in a later post, but each of those little goals gave me a boost of energy to get to the next.

If you’re not breaking down your bigger goals into smaller ones for anything you want to achieve – it doesn’t even have to be online business or blogging related – then you’re seriously decreasing your chances of ever reaching those goals.

This is why the folder system I talk about in my productivity podcast session (SPI Podcast Session #12) works so well for me.

I’m Inspired

I’ve learned that there are some amazing people doing some amazing things online.

I’m finishing up splicing together a number of interviews I did over the past couple of weeks with several people who own successful online businesses in industries completely unrelated to making money online or blogging.

These will be featured in two separate podcast episodes in the next couple of weeks. I’ve seriously listened to a few of them more than once because they are just so inspiring.

One person turned his chef experience into an online business, another person does stuff online related to a popular video game, another person used his passion for running and exercise to start a couple of online businesses – it’s crazy. And there are stories from people who have left high-paying corporate jobs, on their own will, to do business online and earn a passive income too.

I can’t wait to share these wonderful people with you, so look out for them in the next week or so.

Good luck with all of your projects – break them down so you can achieve something today – and you’ll be well on your way.

Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to July’s report!


  • Nischal Shetty

    Those numbers are massive not passive! All the best, double it before the end of the year 😉

    • Zero Passive Income

      “massive not passive” Love that line!

      • Eric

        Haha, same here! I didn’t catch it the first time around!
        That’d be a good site name… is available..
        Any takers? :)


      • Christopher Knopick

        Would that be “Massively Passive” or “Passively Massive”? Great month Pat.

  • David Tong

    Pat, you have NO IDEA how many lives you’re changing and how much we appreciate your efforts by simply posting honest, transparent facts and allowing newbies to have an attainable goal to aim for with your monthly reports and content.

    I’m just one of thousands who got started with IM with a positive and realistic because of your SPI site and podcast. Hope you make more $$$ and continue to live a meaningful and generous life :)

    Kudos and gazillion thanks to you :)


  • Cal

    Get ready for the parade!

    You, my friend are amazing. Keep up incredible work.

    I hear what you are saying about half finished projects. It is very possible to spread yourself out too much and perhaps bite off more then you can chew. However, I think if you stay focused on one or two specific projects and continually work on the others (half finished projects) in the background then it is doable.

    Of course this would vary person to person and they’re workflow, etc.


  • Manspaugh

    Now that I’ve claimed “first” in the comments, I had to go back and read the report. Pat, it’s just amazing! how you’ve gotten your main niche site to almost $1200/month. Is the reason for this the amount of keywords you’re ranking for now? And I’m curious, how many keywords are at the #1 position in Google?
    Wow! $1200/month. That’s one heck of a niche site.

    • Manspaugh

      Well, I guess my “first” comment was taken off. That’s okay.

      • Pat

        Yeah – sorry. I deleted it. There’s no benefit to the rest of the community by adding a “first” comment. Thanks for understanding.

        • Olawale Daniel@Technology Blog

          Hi Pat, this is great achievement. Thanks for keeping us updated about you and reminding us to move higher and not to stay on the same spot.

          BTW: Pls check my contact message… :)

  • Nate @ Strayblogger


    You said that it feels great to get things done- it definitely does. What’s funny is that even though everyone knows how good it feels to get a big project done, our mind for whatever reason tries to get us to procrastinate the next time around.

    Luckily, being able to just sit down and do work without wasting time gets easier with every hour of solid work put in.

    Congrats on another great month.

  • TrafficColeman

    Pat as the times go on your income starts to grow and this blog starts to take on a life of its on. I bet three years ago you have no idea that the magnitude of blogging will give you the opportunity to not only make a living..but also touch lives.

    Keep doing your thing bro..we need more like you in the crazy world of ours.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Rob Cubbon

    Great to read this report again and see how your businesses are progressing. Breaking down big goals into small achievable mini-goals is a great way to keep motivated. It’s always good to at least be moving in the right direction. Thanks!

  • Jason

    Fantastic month and congratulations, especially in the healthy jump in your affiliate earnings section.

    And it’s nice to see your security guard site maintaining a very steady, predictable income. There’s probably nothing more reassuring than income that is so steady and consistent like that. I doubt the redesign will impact your ranking much, but if it does, surely it will be temporary becase as you said, the content will be recognized as authoritative by Google. From what I’ve been learning recently, if anything, the panda update will favor sites like yours. For those of us trying to create niche sites, the success of secuityguardtraininghq is a real inspiration.

    And yes, can’t wait to hear your upcoming interviews–really looking forward to them. Cheers! Jason

  • Scott Carlson

    Expenses: $4,267.23

    What is all that for?

    • Pat

      Various things. See the link to my typical monthly expense report underneath that number. (I just added it, I could have sworn it was there when I published! Hehe.)

      Hosting, VAs, educational items, paypal fees, equipment, ghostwriter, etc.

      • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

        your LEVERAGE RATIO is one that any corporation would die for. the joy of working online :) congratulations to another great month and thanks for the inspiration you provide to the community Pat . . .

  • Eric

    Wow, great goin’ Pat!
    Continue the great work!


  • Dan

    Wow… balla as is per the usual. Always a shot of motivation over here at month end.

  • Jason

    I forgot to ask–noticed you’re still at 3 articles for infobarrel. Do you consider doing articles not worth the time? Clearly not for the money, as you don’t need an extra $1 per month per article. But are the backlinking benefits now something you consider negligible?

  • Ralph

    As usual,

    Inspiring and motivating.
    I’m getting some results from my blog posts (increase traffic and actual sale conversions).
    Also my Adsense is picking up which is great.

    So many ideas, so little time!

  • Eppie

    Another excellent month, Pat. I think it would be very enlightening to indicate which programs are recurring earnings (like UAW) and which are one-off commissions, or better still to share a break-down of new commissions vs. recurring subscriptions on those programs that are continuity-based.

    • Ralph

      Speaking of Adsense, its on your theme !

      Thanks Eppie! :)

      • Eppie

        Great to hear, Ralph! Nice running into a happy customer over here on Pat’s site. Give me a shout if you ever need anything or feel like chatting about traffic strategies.

        • Ralph

          Thanks! I will!

  • Ricardo Nuñez

    Awesome Pat, great news as always. I was wondering the other day about the green exam updates. I’m not really interested in that exam, but in how much work you had to put to make the update. A month of work for that much passive income, it really worth it. Congrats!

  • Jered


    How is your holding after the Panda update? I read an earlier post about it, I was curious how it was doing this summer. To the obvious, you are making bank with it even after the update. Could you do a detailed post on your experience with Panda/Farmer?

  • Kent F

    Thanks for sharing again Pat – awesome stuff – and you’re doing it on 8/1. Still blows me away that over 100 folks found your blog and signed up under you with Blue Host, after the same number did that last month too. Staggering considering you rarely even mention them. Wow! Show me someone else making that kind of “passive” income with no direct pitch. You have the magic touch my man.

  • Wes

    Hey Pat, the security guard training website looks great! As you mentioned, I hope it doesn’t take too much of a hit on Google. My site took a hit on Google after it was redesigned, but it recovered within two weeks. Best!

  • Gopal

    Pat – I am always impressed with your exceptional execution on so many different tracks. Ideas are dime a dozen. But, I have seen very few people who execute their ideas as well as you do. Very impressive monthly report. Congratulations and good luck !

  • Josh Kohlbach

    Love reading these Pat, gives me a good dose of inspiration each month. Especially now that you’re adding expenses and also the “mini blog post” on the end with things you’ve learned. Love it, keep it up!

  • Sarah Russell

    Pat – Congrats, as always, on another great month :)

    The “best of” posts are an interesting concept. The narrow layout is a little visually jarring after navigating there from your main site with sidebars intact, but of course that doesn’t matter if they’re working for you :) I’d be hear how they work for you, especially in conjunction with the “Start here” page.

    Take care!

  • Robert

    Nice job with your income! I really do like the app! It is more convenient for me to read!

  • James Sowers

    Long time subscriber and lurker here….

    Just a bit of advice from a humble fan:

    I think the “Best of” sections should be integrated as a dropdown menu for either “Resources” or “Archives along the top of the page. Where they are at right now is just too secluded to make them as useful and obvious as they should be to a new visitor.

    Also, I figure this is worth a shot, I’ve recently discovered a wonderful website called, where social media experts, SEO professionals, web designers, etc. can donate their time for free to help charities and non-profit organizations. I’m currently volunteering my time and expertise to benefit the Social Venture Network at I strongly encourage anyone looking to help out to either join, add SVN on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.

    I apologize, Pat. I’m in no way benefitting from this plug, nor do I intend to take away from your awesome post. In fact, I really would be honored if you would tweet or mention the cause in some way, but that’s just wishful thinking. Congratulations on all your success and keep up the good work.

    – James

  • Brent Wehmeyer


    Awesome work! I’m so happy for you that each month gets better and better, your income reports are a constant reminder that if we keep working at it, it can happen for all of us too! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and have to say the work you’ve done with your Security Guard niche site is even more inspiring than your income reports. I have experience as a custom tile shower contractor, so as I learned from you about building niche sites, I have slowly implemented them, as I’ve had time, into my website teaching DIYer’s how to build their own tile showers. I can’t wait to hear the podcast with the various people from non-internet-marketing niches!

    Thanks for all of your teaching and training, and inspiration too!

  • KimP

    Nice job, Pat!

    I like the landing/squeeze page feel of the mini resource pages. I wouldn’t add the sidebars, but I do think top level navigation would be helpful (and perhaps a link to the other mini pages?).

    Nice job on reaching #34 for ‘guard key’, but can you tell us how long it’s taken you to get to that point?

  • Lemuel


    Congratulations on your earnings.
    This is a proof that hard work has a good reward.
    Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge.

  • John Corcoran


    Just kidding. ; )

    Pat, I used to check out these reports just for the raw numbers. However, I think your analysis is really valuable – both for yourself, and your readers. We should all take a few hours each month to evaluate how we’re doing on our journey and reorient our goals. I suppose it’s even more valuable when you’re in charge of your own company as you are.

    I also enjoyed seeing how you implemented Derek’s ideas – that video was really eye-opening, so it’s interesting to see his ideas after being put in place.

    • David Tong

      So true John,

      After a couple of months, I don’t even bother looking at the numbers but go straight to the insights and ‘lessons’ instead. The money part is pretty much a given at this point.


  • kim adair

    Nice income report, I hope to be there myself! I was wondering if you have a affiliate program, for the products you created, if so, how can we join them?

  • Jason


    Great stuff as always. Congrats on another awesome month.

    I’m extremely excited to hear the new podcasts. These are the types of stories I enjoy hearing most.

  • Richard Blane

    Happy days, how’s the family – enjoy!
    Richard (Liverpool UK)

  • Dave Starr

    Great report as always, Pat. I’ve been sending people here from my Live in the Philippines oriented site, as I get many inquires about starting a a business, but so few that involve the online aspects.

    Your success stories planned for the near future will be inspiring as well. So many folks fail to realize just how much they know and how much they could make off their knowledge … they think online income is only about online income, and it’s really so much more than that.

  • Dana Duncan

    Another outstanding month, congrats Pat! The honesty and transparency in your posts never ceases to amaze.

    I like your choice to add specific landing pages for popular topics. This is a great way to organize some of your top older posts so new visitors can easily find them. I’ve taken a similar approach with a few sites in the past and my results have always positive (both feedback from users AND rankings for keywords used on the landing pages). I’ll be interested to hear how your results with these landing pages go. One thing I noticed is the look and feel of these landing pages, without the sidebar content like the rest of your site, seems a little too different than the rest of SPI. It makes the transition to these pages a bit rough and at first glance it almost looks like you’re landing on another site. Other than that, they really look great.

    Also, I like how you were able to seamlessly incorporate your affiliate disclaimer into the post. I’ve been using Bluehost for awhile as both a customer an affiliate, and when I saw their email with new guidelines my first thought was to ask what your thoughts were. The way you added it to this post answers my question, and I think it flows nicely with the article.

  • Daniel Ascher

    Congratulations pat!
    Again a great month for you and your projects. I just hope somewhen i can eve come NEAR your earnings x)

    One note: why can’t i comment from your iphone app? :(

    • Pat

      Thanks Daniel.

      Regarding the comments from the app, the app uses RSS feed and doesn’t connect to the wordpress blog like a regular website does. I asked and it would have cost an extra 3-5k just to implement that, and that’s a little too much for just being able to leave comments.

      • John Corcoran

        Hey Pat: When you designed your app, did you check out AppMakr? ( It’s a website that will allow you to essentially design an app yourself using RSS feeds, itunes feeds, youtube accounts, twitter, etc. The cool thing is they used to charge $400 but decided to make it free because $400 wasn’t cutting it.

        I read through the comments on your post from a few weeks ago when you first unveiled your app, and I didn’t see AppMakr mentioned.

        I started to use AppMakr to create an app for my blog and it’s pretty amazing. (With my 10-month-old son I haven’t found the time to finish off the app & submit it though it’s fully functional on my iphone). Designing an app is not totally easy, and is definitely time consuming, but as a result you could design an get an app in itunes for basically about $100 in registration fees – much cheaper than ever before.

        • Pat

          I did check it out, and although it’s a good service, I wanted something unique and unlike anything else. The app I have now could not be created with appmakr, and I’m very glad I went down that route.

  • Sudheer Ranga

    This is a huge money. i am reading this first time on internet

  • karlo

    hi pat,

    the adsense earnings from your niche site are awesome! can you share which ad blocks actually perform the best for your site?

    • Pat

      Well, I just switched themes so I’ll have to get back to you for accurate readings in a few weeks. Previously, it was the ad bloc within the article, floating on the top right with the text wrapping around the left.

  • Archangel

    I read the part with “…another person does stuff online related to a popular video game…”. I just cross my fingers and truly hope you didn’t do an interview with Markco from justmytwocopper(dot)org

    • Pat

      Nope, you don’t have to worry about that :)

  • Reed

    Huh, never realized you made most of your money by promoting MMO tools and MMO opportunities. Congrats.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats on another great month!

    I saw the changes on your about page and the new landing pages and I’m glad to see it is converting very well. After implementing Derek’s advice for my blog I’m also currently getting around 5 opt ins per 50 views of my about page.

    BTW Pat I noticed someone has used my name to post a previous and irritating comment on this blog – this can be really frustrating as this is the first comment I’m posting on this blog. Kindly look into this.


  • David Wilde

    Hi Pat,

    I have been tracking your exponential net income growth since the beginning, and I really would like to congrat you. It’s impressive, though not totally passive once you need to create content every week to affect and attract others chaising this kind of information and life style, in any case a good biz approach.

    Few questions, don’t know if you wanna answer them at all:

    – I would like to know how much time you invest on all your businesses activities weekly? I’m asking this because I imagine writting content demands a lof of time, and I assume you wanna actually free up time to spend it with what really matters which are healthness, family, friends and the amazing world to discover.

    – What are your ideas of investment for the excedent net income you generate monthly after you paid all your life costs? Have you ever thought on Business Angel activities, Venture Capital opps or Private Equity funds? I suppose you wanna really have a 99.9% passive income in the future, not just from blogging, affiliate and niche marketing.

    Best Regards,
    David Wilde

  • Sudarshan

    Congrats on your income :) And for adsense may I know how much your average CTR is (just give a rough value) because mine is too low… I get around 2500 visitors for a website but my CTR is as low as 2.5%… Its a very good niche for adsense…Any tips on that ?

  • Brett

    Wow a good report. Some of that income is (hopefully) from the Woo Themes I bought. I was inspired by your blog so I bought some professional looking site designs in order to help me raise my game.

    This month I want to focus on writing some absolutely top notch posts. It is so important to pick a niche you enjoy writing about.

  • Tung Tran

    $1200 per month with just about 500 UV per day is very good, Pat. I’m going to make a niche site next week then I will request to join your challenge.

  • Michael Janssen

    woow pat, this is just amazing…
    I really love to follow your blog and you give so much to all of us..
    Your income reports is my fuel, love it..

    Best Regards,
    Michael Janssen

  • Rose

    That’s a seriously good income report. Just goes to show what happens when you become an authority in your niche (which is internet marketing)

  • Joan Kessler

    Congrats on a great month, Pat.

    One quick question on the re-design of your niche site… in the right footer, there’s a link to — is this a mistake or is this some sort of SEO strategy? Or do you also own


  • Austin

    Are you running Thesis on your Security Guard Training HQ site as well?

  • Chris

    I would like to see what sorts of things you buy with your money..:)

    a good way to get me fired up is with toys, travel, and food.

    Thank you for posting this, it inspires me to grow my business.

  • Jackie

    I love this line: “A half-finished project might as well be no project at all.” So true. And as always, your incone report reads like a list of great ideas to implement.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jackie! It’s funny how sometimes random lines of a post can become quotables like that, hehe. Cheers and I hope all is well! Will you be in Chicago for the Financial Blogger’s Conference?

      • Jackie

        No, sadly I have a conflict. I’ll be at Blogworld LA though. Will you be there?

  • RemcoD

    To be honest, it was never my primary intention to make money from this site.

    I doubt anyone here has a problem with you making money from SPI. You offer great content and the products you recommand are well worth it. Who says we wuld have found them without your help?

    I’m certain we’re all jealous of your income but none of us denies you deserve it :-)

    • Pat

      Thanks Remco, I appreciate your kind words. :)

  • Momekh

    You say ‘other Google Adsense’? What’s that for? I presume it is not the Security website…

    But all in all, you are giving away inspiration by the truck loads. Too cool! :) Thanks.

    • Pat

      “Other Google Adsense” includes YouTube partnership earnings from my vids, as well as other smaller niche sites I have not made public. Thanks Momekh!

  • John

    Whenever i feel like giving or tired from no results,

    i would just come here to take a look around your website
    and i get more motivation

    Thank you for that !
    Pat :)

  • Therm

    Pat, I wrote a really long thank you comment earlier this morning. I’m not sure what happened to it. I’ll try to post one more time. In case it doesn’t work, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve applied a lot of your teachings to my 9-5. It has made work even better than before. Thanks man!

  • Therm

    I just realized that its now been a full year that I’ve been reading your blog. Your JUL 2010 income report was the first one posted after I first heard if you.
    Also, I want to let you know something. My dream was to earn a passive income and hopefully quit my job back then. But in my case, I LOVE my job. So its a little difficult to motivate myself to leave. So Pat, over time I’ve come to apply a lot of your guidance to my 9-5. Things you teach about getting projects done and breaking down goals, I apply it. I’m 100 times more efficient at work than ive been before. SPECIFICALLY, podcast 12 helped a lot. And because my wife is pregnant again (number 3) I was recently approved to work from home, so your “Day In The Life of Pat” post was extremely helpful (i have a son the same age as Keoni and a 4 yr old daughter). I pretty much set up the same schedule at home with my family. Even your commitment to filling the internet with only good things, that’s the way I treat my job. My main goal at work is to over deliver services and products that make the environment better. Pat, you’re doing big things out here, I wanted to let you know that (not like you didn’t know already). Also wanted you to know that you have an attentive 9-5 audience out here (i hope there’s others like me) who’s taking other aspects of your blog and applying them. Thanks for all you do!

  • Alex

    Excellent work. Very inspiring stuff. I feel like I’m not really getting anywhere with my major goals, so I will have to look into your folder strategy for increased efficiency. Little goals seem easier to achieve. The small things we overlook.

  • steve

    I really like the new look of the Security Guard Training site, i’ll be interested to know how it effects earnings. Are you still pushing the business directory with this site?

  • Ezhil

    Hi Pat,

    your income looks encouraging…Can you provide the details on how many hours you work per day for these earnings…

  • Wahyu

    Hello Pat,
    I’m from Indonesia.
    I look at your income, this is an amazing thing for me. This will be my motivation. I hope to get advice from you on how to cultivate your affiliate business as successful?

  • Jenni

    Hey Pat, have you consider about writing an ebook for affiliate marketing guide?

  • Darryl Burma


    Is Market Samurai an invite only program or how does this work?

    • Pat

      To become an affiliate, you have to purchase the product first. I sort of like this rule though, because it makes sure that everyone who is promoting it is familiar with the product.

  • Franck

    Great numbers as always Pat. Why don’t you start offline trainings? You could grow your revenues 10%+ in 30 days, just preparing the right 1 day training sesson.

    Training is a very passive activity. It’s a one time investment that you can deliver on a monthly basis “as-is”, impacting less than 5% of your available monthly time.

    Record your sesion, & voila, a brand new infoproduct prepared for your audience. Done in less than 30 days.

    Time has come for you to teach Pat!

  • Cortney Wanca

    I’ve been and follower and fan of yours since I first heard about your success of! For me, it always feels good to make purchases through your affiliate links. I go out of my way to make sure you I use your links whenever possible because you provide so much value to me and others.

    I spent $500 tonight on a Woo Theme and Wishlist Member plugin. You can be sure I’ll be looking at August’s income report because I love to see that my purchases are a way give back to you!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Pat

      Cortney! Wow, you are awesome, thank you so much for going out of your way to purchase through my affiliate links. That means a lot to me :)

      Please, if there’s anything I can do to support you with your purchases, please let me know. Cheers, and all the best to you!

  • YB

    Im not sure if you mind answering this. I’ve looked at the security guard website before and I’m quite unsure of how do you get so high in adsense revenue.

    1) Other than the small window of adsense in the homepage, there is this row on top which says “Ads by Google Security Guard ……” Is that adsense as well?

    2) When I clicked on the tab “Security Guard Jobs”, I can see a list there. Either people post a job or search for a job there. The employer will have to pay 35 bucks per month. Is this reflected as the revenue for adsense in the report?

    3) If a person actually applies a job from the advertisement you provided, do you earn a commission as well? Is this considered adsense revenue too?

    Anyway, great income again! Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Pat

      1) Yes, that top row of ads it adsense as well.

      2) This is not adsense, and honestly I’ve never had any employers do this so I’ve never seen any commissions from it.

      3) This is not adsense either, although I do earn about 7 to 8 dollars a month from it when people seek employers through this job board, which is pretty cool.

      It’s only the top row of ads, and the ads in the beginning of the posts/pages that are making the bulk of my adsense income. I’m not allowed to reveal click through rates or cost per clicks exactly, but the cost per click varies between $1 and $3 per click. The site averages about 500 to 700 visitors a day. It doesn’t take a very high CTR to get to the $40/day average for a $1200 month.

      • Opencart Themes

        That’s shows that exact researching and choosing well paid phrases before building site, is one of main reason to earning good cash.

      • YB

        Thanks Pat! I really appreciate your replies.

        Another question =D How do you check the number of visitors per day? I’m currently using the free wordpress blog and from the site stats, the total views are exceeding 1000 these few days. The total views referred by search engines are averaging 300+ these few days as well. Does this mean my visitors per day are 300+? Or is there another way to check it?

  • Matt

    Did you ever think that 5 years ago you would be making this much money and still have time to do the things you love?
    I’m not sure that the theme on your security guard site will bring more people to the site, but I bet it will decrease your bounce rate. It looks much more professional and trustworthy. Great job to you and your developer!
    Kudos, again.


    • Eugene

      I’m with you Matt, I think the site looks more professional now. And yes, a design itself will not garner any traffic, but people might be more apt to stick around longer.

  • Dakota Sutcliffe

    This is a good month as usual, and I am still impressed with all you have done to get there. I am glad to be checking your website regularly and this is the first one I have seen you post after looking at your website daily. I feel like it was a neat convention speaker thing I attended. :)

    To answer your question about the landing pages you created, heres my thoughts: These are great, though I would still include the navigation bar (at least) so whoever lands on that page can also navigate to the rest of your site easily. The last thing you want is someone to land on the page and not know about your Resource page or Monthly Income Reports page, which would be 2 major kickers to make someone want to subscribe after they have left the page.

    I woud say the side bar isn’t all that necessary because it would distract from the actual “landing” part. Though, I don’t think that is (or would be) a big issue if you put them back. I keep in mind the content should go from left to right and if there is something on the right to distrct, it “may” cause problems.

    Anyways, my two cents. I hope everything continues to grow for you and I can’t wait to see the next report!


  • Mats

    Nice report again Pat! Love your results, especially the niche site about security guards, you make me belive its possible.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • Tom Coffee @ Personal Passive Income

    Very nice… I’ve been watching your iPhone Application sales move updwards…

    How many apps do you have now? The website only three or four (though there could be different versions of each) but I thought you mentioned once that you had a lot more than that…

    I’m going to be venturing into the app development world soon… Are you allowed to publicly share profits from various apps, or does Apple keep it pretty closed? I haven’t seen a lot of developers go out of their way to share their numbers…


  • Tim

    Great job Pat! Your monthly income reports help to inspire us all. Now imagine if you could have that massive passive income Tax-Free! It’s possible.


  • David

    I see on the front page of your security guard training website you anchor text linked the words “get hired” and “getting a job” to Is that part of a PPC or CPC advertising? I don’t see it anywhere else on the security guard training website.

    I ask because I was thinking of monetizing my site with anchor text info-link ads or Kontera ads as they pay per click. Please let me know real quick! Thanks so much!!!

    • Pat

      You’re talking about the text links underneath the blue header area?

      That’s Google Adsense. (Horizontal ads 728×15)

  • Caesar


    Nice report for the month. You seems to earn a huge amount from affiliate marketing. Do you happen to have a blog post about AE in particular?


  • Javier

    Hey Pat, any update on how adsense is performing after the theme switch? Did it change?

    • Pat

      I will write up a one-week summary post next week for everyone with the results.

      • Javier

        Cool, thanks Pat

  • Ceejay

    Great earning for this month. I have the goal of making atleast $1000 monthly from adsense, and i hope to achieve this before the end of September. Your blog inspire me.

  • HotNEWS

    This report has made me to think of how good it will be to build a brand business online.

  • Dave DuBose

    Wow! Congrats on another great month Pat. You have inspired me in so many ways. I never paid much attention to adsense, but have since looked into it thanks to you.

  • kim

    Great job Pat! I’m wondering if you could post for us some history of how many pageviews your SPI was getting when you made $xxxx income from it. It would be good for us to see that when you were only at 10,000 page views a month, you were only making $xxxxx/month from SPI. When you were at 100,000 page views a month, you were making $xxxxx/month. Maybe starting at the beginning and letting us see every six months! That would be a great tool to see where our own sites are on the continuum of earnings based on traffic.

  • Don James, The Agile Marketer


    There’s just no doubt that the daily work ethic is readily apparent here. The building of a business takes time and you’ve clearly shown the path the success. Kudos to you!

    I’m most impressed by your affiliate sales – especially the diversity!

  • Teresa Schultz

    You’re inspired? (title of your last section of writing) – wow, I’m inspired. You sound so helpful and honest too. I also try and help others who want to work from home or try earn money online by adding articles to my sites that can hopefully assist people doing so, but my own earnings reports are not yet anywhere near as good as an inspiring example as yours. My passive income online earnings for July 2011 were just $271 – but at least they seem to be generally slowly increasing each month. Well done on your earnings for July, and thanks for writing such a helpful report.

  • JC

    You continue to produce interesting an helpful posts. This is the one blog that inspired my to try and build my own passive income stream online. It is tough but people like you sure make these a bit easier. I really appreciate the open and honest reporting on your income and projects.

  • Stock

    hi pat! thanks again for this inspiring post.. been following you a long time and I am not seeing great improvement on my online earnings… oh well, keep on trying is what i always say.

  • Heather

    I think this amount is fake just a hype …also can u provide some proof of earnigns like check etc.

    • Pat

      Well, I tried to email you but the email address you used was fake.

    • Alex

      This has to be a joke. I’ve seen pat post illustrations on traffic, and all the great comments on his numerous pages serve as proof as well. Are check copies going to give people what they need to succeed? The help they need to succeed is in almost every single post I’ve read on this site for the last 3-4 years. Even if it were all fake, this is some pretty good Damn content. Sorry Pat, I understand if you want to delete this comment. I’m a little heated.

      • Therm

        Seriously, I agree with you.
        “Heather” feels that a copy of a check will help her succeed? Or what? What’s the purpose? If he/she doesn’t believe, who cares.

  • Teresa Schultz

    Good comments from Alex and Therm. It saddens me when I see people are looking for quick and easy ways to make money overnight, because that hardly ever happens. I also see that some people look for work from home ideas or make money online ideas that “work.”


    The ideas and methods to work from home or make money online hardly ever “work” themselves.

    It’s the people who apply a ton of time and effort into ideas that work, and not the idea or method or program itself.

    I’m not making much at all yet, from my passive income online adventures, but I sometimes tell people to start doing the same right now (putting in the effort) so that in years to come when people ask howcome I’m making so much, they don’t have to take ages to get to the same point.

    Also, if they don’t believe my earnings, I’ll tell them it took a long time, and link to any of the articles I wrote a good few years before then, where my earnings were less, and where I told people to start putting in the effort now, if they hope to have similar success a few years later.

    Looking at a check certainly doesn’t make anybody money. Working hard does.

  • Jaimie Dee – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    Thanks so much for posting! It was really inspiring when you were talking about the goals. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and I feel like I’m not getting anything done!!

  • Jerry Tellier

    I came across your site for the first time from Matt Wofe’s top 7 bloggers report and am I the lucky one.

    What a breath of fresh air your site is, in this wild and crazy ride in IM.

    I really appreciate your transparency, from what I’ve seen so far.

    So much work to do yet so much info here to go over!

    Thanks again Pat,


  • David

    Can you please list your other niche websites (besides the security guard training and greenexamacademy)? I would like to see the layout and how its optimized for SEO.

    By the way I signed up for BlueHost and purchased your thesis theme through your affiliate links!!

  • Dean Saliba

    Fantastic as always Pat. I think the new App will definitely help get traffic for your blog, I’m assuming it is a free app to use. :)

  • Matt D. | LLC or Inc

    Nice month. Quick question, how hard is it to get ranked on the 1st page of Google for a keyword that has low competition, but millions of searches per month? Thanks.

    Matt D.

  • John

    Pat why do you not put the Smart Passive Income
    earnings up ????

    • Chris

      John, try scrolling up.

      • http://none John

        Can someone please give me directions on this page
        to where the earnings of the Smart Passive Income Blog
        are located please

        Or just reply with the earnings this site makes in reply
        would be a lot easier please and thank you again !!

  • Teresa Schultz

    I’m keen to see Pat’s answer to Matt D’s question. I would guess that it is pretty easy to get ranked on 1st page of Google for a low competition keyword that has a high search volume, but that finding some of those to target is where the trouble comes in. It doesn’t seem there are many available, unless they are related to a new hot trend or headline news which may not provide long term SEO benefits. Would love to see some tips from Pat on finding the keywords that have low competition but high search volume, and that will help a site’s SEO long into the future.

  • Lukas

    Hi Pat!
    I have a quick question and few html/seo advices :)
    Have you ever think about creating HTML5 app instead of native? It should cost less, allow users to comment your posts etc.
    I already have your SPI app and to be honest i dont see anything special that can not be done using HTML5.

    I think that you can improve loading speed of your page by replacing all image backgrounds of content boxes with pure html/css code with small img accents.

    Dont know if you ever heard about – if no i suggest you to take a quick look on it and implement it.

  • Rohan

    Your income from Bluehost is consistent everytime, can you share some more insights on it? I mean is it from normal affiliate sales of hosting or is it from reselling Bluehost hosting services?

  • Adam

    I seriously love your blog so much. It’s not really just SEO lessons but actually seeing sites you’ve made and how you’ve monetised them. Thanks Pat.

  • PaulDA4CS

    Hi guys, i’m new here. I am very inspired by this blog and your earmings Pat. I get pretty good traffic on my website (about 400-500 uniques a day) but my earnings dont seem to match the kind of traffic I receive. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light and give me some pointers.


  • Therm

    Paul, go here

    Or check out the resources page. REALLY good stuff.

  • Brian Roberts

    Do you ever have any freak out moments that you make more money off of your blog telling people how to make money on the internet than you do actually making money off of the internet using the techniques you teach?

    The source of your income that does not come from this blog is roughly 33% of your income you have listed. That of course leaves 77% of your income being derived from this blog telling people how to make passive income on the internet. I have read on another part of your blog that you do not recommend picking “internet marketing” as a niche. You seem to have the most success doing exactly that type of niche.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I think you are more transparent than any of the other internet marketers I see selling others on making money on the internet. I do appreciate that about you, but I wonder if you think about it at all.

    • Blake G.

      He does address this and ask that you keep in mind he is still making 7 – 10k a month from his other businesses. Its a good idea to actually make money online before you start teaching others how to do it.

      Blake G

  • Ehsaan

    another great month pat, ive been following your reports for the past few months and its amazing how your iphone apps revenue is going, can you share more details on the Apps – like cost to pruduce, revenues, success??

  • Steve=True

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats on a wonderful month. Can’t wait to download your app.

    Bought Market Samurai and BlueHost on your recommendation and they are working great. Thanks again!



  • Amrit

    Hey Pat, new to your website and new to IM in general, but just wanted to let you know that you and Glen Alsopp are my biggest inspirations for succeeding online. Whilst I’ve dabbled with IM in the past, I always stopped whenever I’d overread forums and sites and become overwhelmed with information, especially when you see the number of ways there are out there to create backlinks for example. So I’m focusing this time on not becoming discouraged.

    Hope to see numbers like the above on my own paychecks in the future :)

  • Oscar Semi

    Hi Pat,

    I am focusing on Adsense income. I hope you can answer the below question as help me learn more knowledge:
    How many sites that you are running for Adsense and what their topic?

    Thank you very much!

  • Gaddafi

    it was amazing!

  • Matt

    Lukas – I think that html 5 will be the future of apps going forward. Native apps I think have peaked at this point.

  • Blake G.

    I am curious when you say you are targeting guard card do you mean you are using it in your articles you are getting submitted? Thanks for the great site and your constant imput!

    Blake G

  • PCO Licenence

    Hi Pat,
    Just wanted to say that you’re an inspiration and although I’m not making a huge amount of passive income I am earning a little and that’s a great place to start from.

    Thanks for sharing your income reports.

  • Bharti

    Thank you for the great information :)