My July 2010 Monthly Income Report

Dollar SignWoohoo! It’s time for another monthly income report. I love writing these posts, not because I get to publish all of the details about my online income, but because I get to share exactly what I’ve been doing to earn that income – what I’ve learned, what I did well, what I didn’t do well, and where I’m headed. My goal here is not to boast about what I do – if you know anything about me you know that’s not what I’m about. This is about inspiration and education.

I’m here for you.

Let’s get right to it…

Important Going-Ons in July

July was a fantastic month, on many levels.

Before I get into my businesses, I just wanted to mention how much more energy and focus I’ve had lately. I’m now on day 62 of 90 in my P90X extreme home fitness journey, and since starting I’ve lost 15 lbs., 6% bodyfat, and have never, ever felt better. I can go through an entire day with no naps and no coffee, which is huge for me because back when I had a 9 to 5 job, I drank coffee at least twice a day and took a nap in my car during lunch.

For those of you interested in my physical changes (I’ve had requests for these pictures, which is a little weird to be honest…lol), here’s a picture that compares how I looked on day 0 and on day 60.

P90X 60 Day Results

I’ve heard that the best results come between day 60 and day 90, so I’m pretty stoked to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

If you have yet to read my post entitled What P90X Can Teach Us About Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, I definitely recommend you check it out. Everything I mentioned in that post is absolutely true.

Ok – enough of that.

On to business!

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

In July, I launched the Smart Passive Income Podcast…finally! I had been talking about doing the show for almost 2 years now, and to see it finally come to life is pretty amazing. It’s a whole new type of media that I’m really falling in love with, and I now understand why people like Dave Ramsey and Leo Laporte use podcasting as one of their primary mediums to broadcast to their audience.

Although I only have two shows published so far (4 more are already pre-recorded and ready to go), I was fortunate enough to get picked up on iTunes and featured in their New and Noteworthy Section for the Business Category, right next to Steve Jobs and my good friend Maren Kate:

Pat featured on iTunesIf you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or through this non-iTunes RSS feed.

Thanks to those of you who have left reviews for me in iTunes. I appreciate it, even if a few of them are a bit harsh only two episodes in. I appreciate your honesty.

Lastly, I purchased the domain:, which forwards to my opt-in page for my eBook guide and newsletter. It makes it a lot easier to say and memorize, which is perfect for the show.

My LEED Study Guide blog at has been seeing steady sales, both of my own products and affiliate products. In an attempt to increase sales and conversions, I had mentioned how I was going to insert a free mini-assessment quiz on the site to hopefully take people through some sample questions, and then hit them with an offer at the end.

I spent a majority of the month working with a plugin developer to reconfigure an existing WordPress quiz plugin so it worked the way I wanted it to, and so it was stylized appropriately for my site.  The plugin is complete and I’m about ready to launch the campaign, so hopefully I’ll be able to grab some data for you by next month. August is the last month of Summer before professionals get back into their usual routine (kids back to school, people back from vacation, etc.), so sales in August are suspect to drop a little.

In addition to that, I’m exploring other options for shopping carts. I currently use an E-Junkie & Paypal Payment Pro Combo (as outlined in my guide, eBooks the $mart Way) to automate the sales and distribution of my material, but I’m currently communicating with 1ShoppingCart to see how that goes. They have some more options that I could use, such as an “after sale” upsell offer method.

This means that instead of selling upsells (i.e. selling the audio version of my guide to those who only purchase the eBook version) before they pay, the shopping cart promotes the upsells after the purchase has been made. That way, if the customer doesn’t want the upsell, they’ve at least already made the initial purchase.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll never know if it works better unless I give it a shot.

The Smart Passive Income Blog

SPI has continued to grow each and every month, thanks to you. I surpassed 8000 RSS subscribers (although Feedburner has been wacky the past month, so it may show significantly less for now). My goal for 2010 was to reach 6000, so to see it at 8000 in July is pretty amazing. I’m hoping for 10k by the end of the year.

Around mid-July, I had noticed how slow the blog was loading. People were actually emailing and tweeting me about how slow it was, which is not good. A slow loading site not only annoys your current readers, but it can also drastically increase your bounce rate, as new visitors are usually impatient and will not wait 13 seconds for a site to load.

Well, thanks to everyone and their suggestions on Twitter, I implemented WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache, and integrated it with Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront. I honestly don’t even know exactly how it works, but my understanding is that now that I’ve done this, everything you see on my site – the pictures, my CSS, background, header, etc. now comes from Amazon’s servers, which means it’s lightning fast to load.

Many people have told me how much faster the site is now, so that’s a relief. I’ll write a blog post about how to set that up later in August.

That being said, I plan to make it even faster. I think SPI has grown to a point where it makes sense for me to stop using shared hosting, and now move on to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong, Bluehost has been perfect for me. All of my websites – niche sites,, etc. are all hosted on Bluehost, and I’d recommend them to anyone. However, this blog is becoming fairly popular, and I want it to be able to handle large loads of traffic in the future. Plus, a fish can only grow so big in a fishbowl. I need that lake or ocean to grow bigger, and I think now is the time.

So, what is the next step?

After shared hosting, it’s using a VPS host, which stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s the “middle” ground between shared hosting and a totally dedicated server, so the prices aren’t that bad. I’ll be looking to pay maybe $29 to $49 a month, compared to at least $100 a month for a dedicated server.

Again, I’ll let you know how that goes once it happens, and hopefully you’ll be able to tell because the site will be even faster. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be a smooth transition.

Niche Sites

As I stated in last month’s report, I’ve been starting to get involved with niche sites, and I’m actually seeing some good results. For many internet marketers, niche sites provide a majority of their income, either through pay-per-click ads or from an affiliate commission. Either way, the main goal is to find a niche based on keywords that people are searching for, build a site around it, and rank on the first page of Google.

I’ve gotten three niche sites up so far, and two of them are on the first page on Google. I have earned an affiliate commission on both of those ranked sites already, and overall, I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of how this works, because it was a business model that I was totally uneducated about not too long ago.

Here’s exactly what I’ve been doing:

  1. I use Market Samurai to find golden keywords that are highly searched for and have relatively low competition. You can grab your free trial of Market Samurai here.
  2. I then build a quick WordPress blog around that site. See my video about how to create a WordPress blog (and publish your first post) in less than 4 minutes if you’re wondering how this is done.
  3. Then, it’s all about creating content. I write about 5 blog posts, schedule them out for 5 days, and make sure the last one I write is the best – the one that REALLY promotes the product I’m pushing, along with affiliate links, obviously. I also like to include some relative YouTube videos on some of those posts (with the same Keywords in the title), just to give it a little more Google SEO juice.
  4. Then, I submit my site to a large number of Blog and RSS Feed Directories. This builds quick backlinks from relatively high ranking sites. The authority may not be as high because they are links from directories and not links from sites totally relevant to the niche I’m targeting, but it does help me to get picked up by Google within a day, usually.
  5. Then, I build more authoritative backlinks by finding relevant blogs and forums to post to, making sure to leave my site inwith the keyword as the anchor text in the signature. I don’t spam, and I do my best to leave a thoughtful, relevant comment or response to a thread.
  6. Then, I write articles. Article writing has been the strategy that has been giving me the best results for climbing Google, by far. I use a tool called Instant Article Factory to quickly write articles. I can literally spit out a well-written article in less than 5 minutes using IAF – the software is crazy amazing, and I want to give credit to Jonathan Ledger for creating the tool, because it has saved me a ton of time. I encourage you to watch the video about how it works now. Actually, I’ll talk more about Instant Article Factory at the end of this post, because I have something special to announce.
  7. I submit the articles to a number of article directories, obviously using they keywords as anchor text links back to my site, and then – I just wait.
  8. If the keyword research was done properly, I can see in Market Samurai’s rank checker that each day I climb the rankings and eventually rank on the first page of Google. I’m 2 of 3 so far, and the other one is not far behind.

I know you’re wondering what niches I’m in and exactly what sites I’ve created, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to disclose that information, at least not yet. I know that sounds sketchy, and without proof you might think I’m making this whole thing up, but I think you understand where I’m coming from.

I can tell you that I am promoting products from Clickbank, and I can show you this screenshot of my daily earnings:

Clickbank Earnings from Niche Sites and Products

*Please note that not ALL of the income you see in the report above are from the niche sites I’ve created. About 75% ($285) are from the niche sites – including the August sales you see.

I did this all myself at first, but for the last site I hired a Virtual Assistant from to do it all for me, and it’s the one that has actually earned me the most so far. I can get a lot more done with my VA helping out, that’s for sure.

Although the earnings are still not spectacular, it’s nice to explore the niche site option and know it really can be done. Now with my VA in hand, all I have to do if find more of those golden keywords, and then rinse and repeat.

I think it’s time for July’s income breakdown:

Income Breakdown

Please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2637.40
      • Last Month: $2172.00
      • Difference: +$465.40
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $246.95
      • Last Month: $256.48
      • Difference: -$9.53
  • Google Adsense
    • Other Adsense: $49.18
    • InfoBarrel (I’ve only written 1 article due to focus on other projects): $1.94
    • Total: $51.12
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Green Exam Academy: $2,251.50
    • Market Samurai: $1,392.96
    • $650.00
    • iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $469.33
    • Internet Business Mastery Academy: $450.00
    • Niche Sites: $168.52
    • Subscribers Magnet: $146.40
    • InfoBarrel Success: $97.00
    • Aweber: $26.40
    • Amazon Associates: $1.89
    • Total: $5,654.00
      • Last Month: $6,091.81
      • Difference: -$437.81
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $3343.00
    • Free Apps: $1045.67
    • Total: $4,388.67
      • Last Month: $4,470.90
      • Difference: -$82.23
  • Gross Total in July: $12,978.14
    • Last Month: $12,990.71
    • Difference: -$12.57

It’s actually quite amazing that after all of that, I’m only $12 off from last month. Another consistent month of earnings, although I know I can do better.

One thing – we actually had a little hiccup with the free iPhone apps. We found that with the new release of the iPhone 4 and the OS4 operating system, the ads on our free apps were not being shown properly, so our ad income went down drastically. We’re fixing the issue right now, and will hopefully get the free app income back to normal next month.

What I Learned in July

I’m only going to mention one important thing, because I’ve already spilled a lot of info into this post.

The most important thing I learned is that article marketing works. When I asked Mark Mason, niche site extraordinaire (who was actually featured on the second session of the Smart Passive Income Blog) what was working for him lately, he said the same exact thing: article marketing.

When building authority sites like this blog, article marketing isn’t really that important. In fact, I would say that SEO in general isn’t that important (at least not as important as everyone makes it out to be), because a majority of my traffic comes from referrals from sites other than Google, which drives higher quality traffic than Google does, at least in my case. That’s why I don’t even pay attention to SEO on this particular blog, yet I’m still able to have an Alexa ranking in the 18,000 to 19,000 range.

With niche sites, however, SEO is everything because you want to rank on the first page of Google, and article marketing is the best way to get there. Not many of the big guys say that, because they don’t need to do article marketing themselves, but it’s an old school method that does work.

Above, I talked about how I used an awesome tool called Instant Article Factory to help me write quality articles in less than 5 minutes, and that I had a special announcement about it.

Instant Article FactoryWell, I contacted Jonathan Ledger (the creator of the software) myself and told him that Instant Article Factory would be perfect for my readers who are doing niche sites. I also told him that many of my readers were just starting out and may not have the resources to pay for it.

He totally understood, and was nice enough to give me 3 free lifetime copies for my readers!

To enter to win a free copy, all you have to do is look at the video here (Instant Article Factory Sales Page), and tell me what you think about the software and how you would use it in a comment on this post.

Please note that these are affiliate links and I do earn a commission if you do purchase through them. If you have any questions about the product, please let me know before making a purchase! Thanks!

Jon also offered to give the SPI readers special pricing until Friday (a deep 40% off), so the contest must end by Friday too. You must go through my affiliate link though – because this special price is just for SPI readers only.

The video explains everything, and all I can say is that it works exactly as advertised.

And on a side note, the sales page is probably the best sales page I’ve ever seen. Why? No hype, and it shows everyone exactly what they’re getting. This is the type of sales page I want to create when I have my own products.

Check out the video, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem leaving a comment about it.

Here are the rules:

  • Enter your comment about IAF before the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday August 5th.
  • Good, thoughtful comments get the most consideration. I only want to give this away to those who will really use it and really want it.
  • Early entries get special consideration.
  • On Friday, August 6th at noon (not Saturday) I will pick three (3)  winners and contact them via email.
  • The three winners will get free lifetime copies and will be announced via email and on Friday’s post.

Note:  If you have already purchased a copy, don’t worry.  I’ll be sure you get your money back for your initial purchase if you are chosen as a winner.

I get to choose the 3 winners at my own discretion, and my decision is final.

Check out the video and good luck!

The Contest Has Ended

Congratulations to:

  • Stacey
  • Eric
  • J Griffin

I have already contacted each of the winners via email.

Again, thank you all for your entries, and I feel really bad I can’t choose everyone.

If you didn’t win, but you still want a copy, Jonathan was nice enough to also offer a special “Pat Flynn Discount” (a deep 40% off) just for the SPI community. The offer expires at midnight tonight (Friday, August 6th), so you have until 11:59pm PST to grab the discount.

Thanks for reading July’s income report, and here’s to a healthy and profitable August. Cheers!

  • Profit Addiction

    Pat, I love reading your monthly reports. Very informational, and more importantly, inspirational!

    Thank you!

    • Pat

      Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

      • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

        Hey Pat, thanks for sharing this. I really like your monthly reports. You’re really doing a good job maintaining a steady income of at least above $10k/month.

        Regarding IAF, I’m currently researching the product and it seems that it’s a good one, especially with your recommendations, I’m about to purchase it in a bit, as I’m also into article marketing. If it can save me tons of time, then I’ll give it a try.



    • Profit Addiction

      And for my entry for the software:

      I would be able to spend more time helping others (private coaching, helping manage campaigns, etc.) if I did not have to spend it writing content!

      • Pat

        Thanks for the entry. Short, concise and exactly what you’d do with your free time. Cheers!


    Very interesting post. I’m too doing an experiment with niche websites and I’m ranking nicely with article marketing. The only thing that I did wrong was creating a static website for one of my sites, a blog is certainly better in the eyes of google.

    • Pat

      Hey Oscar – glad to hear you’re doing well with Article Marketing as well. A blog is definitely a better way to go! Good luck!

      • wilsonusman

        Dude must say Congrats!!! My girl is doing Jillian Michaels now I feel like crap and I feel like I must start doing p90x.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hi Pat,

    Awesome Month and thanks, like always, for sharing your report! And looks like you are really getting toned up!! Your results in your body are amazing!

    “Then, I build more authoritative backlinks by finding relevant blogs and forums to post to, making sure to leave my site inwith the keyword as the anchor text in the signature. I don’t spam, and I do my best to leave a thoughtful, relevant comment or response to a thread.”

    Pat I had a question:

    How do you do that in blog comments? Could you please explain?


    • Pat

      Hey Nabeel, thanks for the kind words.

      In regards to the commenting on blogs, I actually just make sure I put the website link into the “website” text field. I don’t insert the website name or any keywords anywhere else. The method about the signature was only for the forums – sorry for the confusion.

      • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

        Thanks for replying Pat.

        Yeah that clears it up now!


        • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

          My entry for Instant Article Factory:

          It will help me finally get started with article marketing, since I greatly struggle with article marketing.

          I would like to use the power of article marketing to help me in my internet marketing business.

          I would create article with IAF and publish them to ezinearticles, to get backlinks and traffic.


  • Stephen @ The Blogging Academy

    Hi Pat, great post and thanks for going into so much detail about the way you make your money. During the past few weeks I have been taking stock of where I am and what I am doing with regards to my business. I have read a lot of your posts with interest and taken a few ideas from you.

    I look forward to making a few changes and adopting some new tactics during the coming months.

    • Pat

      Hey Stephen, I’m glad I’m able to help inspire you with some ideas. It’s always good to step back and access where we’re at in our businesses. I should do that again myself actually, thanks for the reminder.

      If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Cheers!

  • Ian

    Hey Pat! Glad to see you’re coming over to the wonderful world of niche affiliate sites. I have about a dozen right now in various stages and they really are a quick, easy way to understand the full process of internet marketing from start to finish.

    IAF is something I’ve seen but haven’t yet implemented yet. My strategy has involved using Scrapebox (a tool I recommend you check out) to find high PR, do-follow blogs to make comments on. I also use it to find high PR forum profiles to post my links to as well. Like you, I NEVER spam (even though Scrapebox is used that way by some).

    I’m definitely interested in creating articles in 5 minutes for,, Squidoo lens etc because that would save me a ton of time.

    P.S. I’m going to email you shortly because I’ve been meaning to connect directly with you for a while and I have a few things I’d love to get your opinion on.

    By the way, in session 2 of your podcast you say not to compare yourself to anyone else and that is very sage advise. You can only be yourself and if you are trying to be somebody else then of course you won’t be as happy or as successful. I’ve learnt that the hard way!

    Have a great day dude!


    • Pat

      Hey Ian – I got your email, I’ll respond to it as soon as I can.

      As far as niche sites go, I’m excited to see where it takes me. It’s interesting because a lot of people start out and learn about internet marketing with niche sites, like you said, but here I am adding it onto a number of different things I already do online. I hope I can use that to my advantage, and maybe add my own little experiences and knowledge to people’s systems and courses that I’ve been following.

      Thanks Ian, I appreciate your comment and support for SPI, as always. Cheers bud!

  • Johannes

    “I know you’re wondering what niches I’m in and exactly what sites I’ve created, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to disclose that information, at least not yet.”
    I wouldn`t do that at all. Except you want to ruin your niche sites…
    Because if you reveal them you have only to wait 2-4 weeks and 5-10 new niche sites are active in your niche… so I would really think about it.

    I wpuld really love to paricipate in this contest, but believe that i do not need this tool as much as other readers might need it, because my native language isn`t english. And maybe this could cause problems. But good luck to everyone else….

    • Pat

      Hi Johannes, I guess it’s in my nature to just reveal EVERYTHING on this blog, but maybe you’re right, it wouldn’t be smart to actually reveal my niches, especially because I did do a lot of working finding them. Thanks for calling me out on that.

      As far as IAF goes, it might actually help you even more than others because it does help you write well-written articles, without having to know perfect grammar – it’s just plug and play basically. If you’re still interested, let me konw what you think of the software and how you’d use it. Cheers!

      • Josh

        Hi Pat,

        I would love to hear how you do your niche sites. I really dont care about the niche as much as to see how you do your research and use clickbank. Maybe you could do a tutorial, but use a dummy niche so you can still teach us and protect your niches at the same time. I have a few niche sites as well, but for me its the process and how you use clickbank with your niches sites. For instance, do you choose a niche then a product or choose a product then a niche. I’m sure most people wouldn’t care if you mentioned the niche or not. I know I don’t because to each there own.

        Cant wait to learn more.


  • Rob Pene

    Dude, that’s an awesome physical transformation!!!! I’m sure the overall benefits are just as rewarding!

    Nice work bro!

    I’m not all too familiar with article marketing, nor do I think I’ll have the time to sit down and jam through articles, especially with projects already in my tragectory…HOWEVER, dude, with IAF, time won’t be an issue anymore. With IAF, I’ll be able to work on my passion project that can easily turn into a profitable initiative while directly benefiting the particular demographic I’d like to serve. In this demographic, I see the problem…and the solution IS education! These articles, will provide me with content so that I can create the site that’ll serve the educational needs of the people (my niche is more like an entire people group or culture).

    This changes the landscape to my approach for my business now. I seriously have to rethink certain projects because one of my biggest hurdles (article writing) has now just become my newest spark plug. The “down-the-road” project will now be a part of my “do-it-now” initiatives because I’ll have 5-10 minutes to crank out what’s already in my heart to share with IAF.

    Here’s to “changing the world” being seriously within reach!

    Pat, homie, #udaman!


    • Pat

      Thanks Rob – I definitely FEEL better, which I like having more than the physical transformation, but they both go hand in hand which is nice.

      Thanks for your entry. It’s amazing to me how easy, but hard article marketing is for people, including myself (until I got IAF). It’s easy to sit down and take the time to write articles, especially about subjects you know about, but it’s hard to find that time and actually do it! I appreciate your honesty, and good luck in the contest.

      Thanks for the support dude. #udaman right back at cha!

  • Jonas Sandström

    Wow, that was some fun reading :) I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve seen results with your niche sites.

    I gotta tell you, at first I didn’t even feel entitled enough to write about why I think I should get one of the free copy’s. Then I realized that I’m a man of action now which means I will get my shit together and make a living online (only doing youtube promotions so far but getting into niche sites now). Funny how that works.

    All in all I think that product looks veery good. It’s just not the fact that you can pump out so many great articles that fascinates me though. It’s also the opportunity to learn. When starting internet marketing you always get told to hire VA’s early and to only do things you absolutely want to do. The thing is, I’m fascinated by everything in the business from keyword research to sales copywriting, optimisation, SEO and traffic generation. That being said I’m not good at all of them.

    The way I see that instant article factory could help me is not only by kick starting my article marketing but also a chance to learn good ways to write engaging content on the web. This would improve one of the skill sets I know I want to have. I’ve always considered myself bad at writing and thus I want to change that.

    You can learn things by watching others do it (in theory) and you can learn by doing (by action). I see IAF like a way to both watch what others are doing right and doing it myself at the same time.

    To summarize: I would use IAF as a way of learning a new skill set as well as being able to kick start my article marketing and phase away (or diverse) from youtube marketing. I’m freakin’ stoked!

    Finally I have a few questions about your niche sites that I’d be thrilled if you could comment on:

    * Do you have any posts coming up on how to manage VA’s?
    * I didn’t really grasp how you are doing the promotion on the niche sites. Is the first page a landing page/pre-sell and then you have blog posts also (for relevant content/SEO purposes) or is it just all blog posts with one post containing affiliate links?
    * Are you doing a separate keyword research for the articles you’re submitting?
    * Do you look for VA’s who are specifically used to creating niche sites?

    Thank you so much for everything Pat!

    • Pat

      Hi Jonas – I was also pretty amazed that I have been able to make a few sales so quickly too. I hope it’s not just a shot in the dark, but I’m going to keep at it and not change the way I’m doing things.

      I like your take on the software, using it as a learning tool, because to me just doing things has been the greatest teacher of all for me.

      As far as your questions:
      1. I don’t have any posts about managing VAs quite yet, but I’ll think about writing one!
      2. The promotion of the products on the niche sites are only through the blog posts, and on the sidebar of the WP blogs. about 3 out of 5 of the blog posts have affiliate links, and they are scattered throughout each of those articles.
      3. Keyword research isn’t necessary for the articles alone, because they are the same keywords that match the niche and name of the site.
      4. I look for VAs who can do work such as: creating backlinks, submitting to directories, submitting articles, etc. It’s cheaper that way.

      Hope that helps! Cheers!

  • James Dyson

    Hey Pat. Great post as always, well done on the success of the podcast so far – it’s definately well deserved after having a listen myself.

    You touched on looking at alternatives to ejunkie for your Leed site, one other option you might want to look at is Nanacast. They offer a lot of automation and features when it comes to doing upsells/downsells. You can also do one-click upsells if you switch to a merchant account down the line. They’ve also got a wordpress plugin so you can create secure wordpress membership sites protected by their system – which is another great way to deliver your content.

    I’ll check out Instant Article factory on your recommendation, not seen that one before as I outsource most of my articles (by the way I second your recommendation for odesk as a good place to find talent). I think with affiliate niche sites, the key is to get them up fast, and get some content on them so they get indexed fast. Then you can just gradually build backlinks to get the SEO benefit.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your progress in that area in the future.


    • Pat

      Thanks James, I appreciate the kind words, especially about the podcast, because I have put a lot of time and effort into getting that up and running. Thank you!

      I’ll definitely take a look at nanacast. I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds like it could do what I’m looking for. The wordpress plugin sounds similar to WP-Wishlist, although it’s cool that it integrates with the shopping cart. Very very handy, and something I’m definitely interested in. Thanks again for that resource.

      I definitely agree with you on how quickly one should get the niche sites up and running. And, the more you do, the faster the process will be, and you can have tens or hundreds of them out there :)


  • Tony Ruiz

    Hey Pat,

    First of all I’m digging the P90x results. I’ll be the first to tell you I was never a P90x fan during the release/craze. However, now that my college wrestling career is over I’m looking for a new workout to stay in shape and really considering trying out the P90x system.

    Second of all I’m hitting myself on the head right now because here you are using IAF for your niche sites and about 6 months back when I was working at my internship I was spending several hours writing articles for our article marketing campaigns. We used article marketing to drive traffic to our niche and sub-niche e-commerce sites and they were extremely effective, so I understand the power of article marketing as one of the leading fundamentals of driving traffic – of course with strategic SEO. The key is being consistent with the articles which is difficult with niche sites because its easy to lose interest, but with IAF you can pop ’em out like nothing! gamechanger!

    My thoughts on IAF demo video is I can’t believe how simple it is to use. It’s basically plug and play. I seriously would use it for the niche e-commerce sites I’m planning to roll out. And I’m highly considering testing niche sites out of my own since I know I can knock those out faster versus finding an effective drop-shipper for an e-commerce site. Makes sense to do niche sites first. However I would IAF for both. oh, August 5th is a great deadline – considering Aug. 5th is my birthday 😉

    Cheers and once again an insightful monthly report!

    • Pat

      Hey Tony, I was just like you when P90X came out and was all the rage. I thought it was just brilliant marketing, not something that actually worked. But, after seeing a number of friends go through it and see massive results, I decided to try it out myself, and I’m really glad I did. The workouts are great, and it’s nice because I can do them at home and save lots of time.

      Thanks for the entry. IAF sounds perfect for what you plan to do, very cool.

      Happy Early Birthday, by the way. Cheers Tony!

      Coming to SD anytime soon?

      • Tony Ruiz

        Thanks my man! Definitely going to get started with some P90x in the near future. 119 comments and counting, post of the year? ha ha. The power of a contest.

        I’ll keep you posted when I go to SD – sometime soon. I have a beach house with my name on it!

  • James Tayo

    Great stuff as usual, Pat. Been a while since I read a blog post twice over just to make sure I got the full info.

    As per revealing your niche sites, please don’t bother. You have revealed enough info as it is, and from that anybody needing to know more is practically lazy.

    • Pat

      Hey James – that might be my fault, it was definitely a super long post!

      And thanks for your last note – I feel like I just want to give away all of what I do sometimes. I guess some things I need to keep to myself…thanks dude. Cheers bud!

  • Howie

    Dude, Pat,

    First, I’ve gotta say, you look MUCH more happier in the 2nd P90X photo….lol…Seriously, though, it’s amazing how these reports have become so much more about just money: really, they are a completely original, holistic, insight into what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. You have no idea (well, maybe you do), just how inspiring these reports are.

    P.s. After all my months of hounding you about Info Barrel, it’s nice to see them finally make a debut on your site. Part of being an entrepreneur means paying attention to trends, and, just wait and see, it’ll be among a Top worldwide property shortly. If you ever get bored, Pat, stop over on the Info Barrel forum sometime….

    Two particularly threads you might find interesting (if you haven’t seen them already) are:

    1) “SEO finally made easy, comprehensible” (Apparently, when you create something ‘remarkable’, people WILL talk about it….
    2) “An Info Barrel Graph Worth Sharing (Bounce Rate %)” (You’ve GOTTA see that, Pat….)

    • Howie

      errr…by “site”, I meant, “Income Report”….You already established that they are the “Next Best Revenue Share Site to Write For….” a few weeks ago…. (I encourage everyone to read that post by Pat…it was REALLY good….) :)

    • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

      I can second Howie’s recommendation of viewing those threads – they are definitely interesting and speak to the quality of Howie’s product and the growth of Info Barrel (and no, I have no affiliation with Howie or the product). 😉

    • Pat

      Howie – actually, I never knew how inspiring these posts would be, and it’s hard for me to gauge since I’m the author, but a lot of people tell me that, so I make sure to put useful information into them.

      Yes, IB finally made the list, but again I’ve only had time to write one article so far. Nice returns from it though, actually – I was quite surprised.

      Thanks for the info about the threads, and again it’s good to see your blog linked on your name. It’s looking good, and I’m still waiting for content bro! Hehe!

      • Howie

        I’m exercising a degree of patience with my blog, while I construct some really solid pillar content, and orchestrate quite a avenues for traffic to flood the blog. Right now, leading up to launch, I’m using the success of my book, tactically, in order to align some college paper editors who are willing to write a column/article about me, my blog, and leveraging social media in general. Some colleges have a specific emphasis and interest in communications, and their professors get excited when the words “social media” get tossed around….

        So, I want to get the most bang for my buck with the pillar content I do have. All my ducks have to be in a row, akin to the Tet Offensive. 😉 :) I’ve learned from a few masters, now, it’s time to execute 😉

  • Joe Filipowicz

    Pat, thanks for another insightful article. Only problem with your posts is you keep giving me new ideas! I need my own VA to act on them all… Only problem is a VA isn’t going to be able to do P90x for me! I’ve thought about starting that program. I’ve been pretty hardcore about running for the past year or so and was looking for a way to now work on my strength training. I didn’t believe the hype, but of course you’ve changed my outlook yet again.

    As for IAF, wow! As a guy with a full time job, a three year old son, and a committment to keeping himself healthy, it is a struggle finding the time to work on my online passive income. Therefore, I need tools to help me make sure my time spent is laser focused. IAF looks to be one of those tools. After alot of dabbling, I have started out on niche sites as my first REAL foray into online income. This tool looks like it would provide a killer ROI in time saved alone. I’d be generating those backlinks like nothing else….

    Thanks again Pat for all your hard work!

    • Pat

      Doh – sorry about that Joe, hehe. I hope that’s a good problem to have though.


      Thanks for the entry Joe. I think the software is perfect for those of us who have other, more important obligations. Good luck, and thanks again for your support! Cheers!

  • Dhvanesh

    Hi Pat,

    I really impressed with your quick success in niche sites. I have been thinking to enter in niche sites since long but I’m not as good as you in writing content. We all know the importance of fresh and unique content to get success in article marketing and here is an impressive software which may help us to get things done easily. I know You recommend things in which you trust and believe and as your loyal reader since long I trust in your recommendation. So now let me check out Instant Article Factory video. Hope, it will help me to enter in niche sites.

    And congrats for another consistent month of earning…. :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Dhvanesh, not only for your support, but for believe in me and the quality products that I recommend to my audience. I wouldn’t recommend anything unless I thought it would help. My primary motivation is not the affiliate income that comes from these recommendations, that’s just a nice bonus that comes along with it.

      I hope you like the software, let me know what you think once you watch the video. Cheers!

      • Dhvanesh

        Hi Pat,

        I watched the video of that article software and I think it would be a great one at least for beginners. I liked their pre-formated templates like “top 3 tips”, “pros and cons”, “How To in.. 7 steps”, etc… I tried couple of online article spinning tools but this one is the perfect solution which can also save your lots of time. From video I can say that it’s worth to spend money on ‘Instant Article Factory’.

  • Howie

    “To enter to win a free copy, all you have to do is look at the video here (Instant Article Factory Sales Page), and tell me what you think about the software and how you would use it in a comment on this post.”

    Pat, I’m sure by now many people here know just how big of a fan I am of Web 2.0 Revenue sharing content aggregation sites (like Info Barrel…lol). Right now, people are calling me crazy (well, it’s beginning to look like the tide is changing), for investing SO MUCH time and effort on a PR4 site. I truly believe I’m encountering trends that even Top SEO specialists aren’t picking up on.

    If you awarded this to me, Pat, I’m not entirely sure that I would start hammering out my own niche sites, however, I would bombard Web 2.0 sites with quality articles developed with this software. Right now, I have over 250+ articles on Info Barrel, and am a leading contributor….

    If Jonathan/You awarded me this, not only would I use this software ALOT, but, I would also utilize my own articles, (many of which, even as a PR4 site, already have thousands of views), to promote his product. I will talk positively about it in my “author’s bio” box, for the Info Barrel articles I create using this software. Using Market Samurai, as I have been doing, I will rank the articles extremely high, and gain incredible visibility to his product.

    That’s what I’d do with it…. :)

    • Howie

      Looking over my response here, Pat, I’m not so sure that I best gave an actual opinion about the software.

      *Here are my thoughts: I actually watched this video a few days ago (your last post, I believe), and decided to revisit it again today. This software is absolutely SICK in that it could have a wide array of applications, dependent upon what one hopes to actually do with their articles. Fast forward to around 9:30 in the video, and, while I like their pre-made templates, I’m salivating over the fact that they offer great functionality to actually even develop your own templates. I would have a field day with that.

      On a deeper level, I believe that this software could actually make an entrepreneur THAT much more efficient (and effective) in a world where every new product and service is constantly vying for our attention. With so many articles written already, I can tell you that this software would GREATLY reduce the work output and time spent writing articles, while actually still safeguarding quality and originality. This is definitely another ‘tool’ in the Entrepreneur’s toolbox, and, when/if used in conjunction with Market Samurai, could have absolutely incredible results.

      Out of curiosity, Pat, have you ever heard of/would you ever consider getting that software called Dragon Natural Speaking (I believe that’s what it’s called)? (Essentially, it is suppose to allow you to actually talk to write, rather than type). That could certainly aid in efficiency….even still, it’s hard to envision any other piece of software comparing to the around 3 minutes that it took Jonathan to spit out a quality 300 word article. At that rate, dependent on what word length one is shooting for in their articles, one could really look at realistically spitting out 10-20 quality articles per hour. That’s what I would do with this software…..

      • Pat

        Hey Howie, thanks for your formal entry. I LOVE the fact that you can create your own templates too. Salivating is definitely the right word for that. Thanks Howie!

        Regarding Dragon Natural Speaking, I think I speak differently than I write, and although I have a podcast and give away content on it, I think I’m better at writing for the blog, and speaking for the podcast, if that makes sense. I don’t think I could speak for the blog, because it’s a whole different ballgame to me. What do you think?

        • Steph

          I use Dragon Naturally Speaking quite a bit – it took a little getting used to at first, but after the learning curve was over, it would take about 3-5 minutes to write an article. However, you still have to overcome writer’s block and all that still, which can be a problem writing multiple articles for website promotion.

          You may be able to use it for your blog posts, Pat. However, it would take some time to get used to.

    • Pat

      Nice Howie, thanks for sharing how you would use IAF. Combined with Market Samurai, and your experience with web 2.0, it could mean massive results. Massive.

      Thanks for the entry!

  • Adrijus

    Big congrats on PX90 result man! Hope you will be fitness fan for long time and keep working out in the future..

    • Pat

      Dude, I hope so too. It’s become a habit of mine to work out every day now, and I have you to partially thank for that. When you told me to take pictures to see the actual results, it really made me see myself in a whole new light, and I wanted to change how I looked, and stay healthy forever. I owe you. Thanks again!

      • Adrijus

        So great to hear that man! Maybe one day you will come work out in one of my gyms which I will own around the world 😉

        Looking forward to results from next 30 days. Keep it up buddy!!!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really great post Pat,

    You are always killing it with your income :)

    Glad you are now on VPS, I am also noticing some changes in the site speed.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Pat

      Hi Onibalusi, I’m not quite on VPS yet, but I’m headed there very soon. Glad to know the W3 Total Cache plugin is making load time a lot faster already. Thanks for your support. Cheers!

  • Dawn

    Another awesome post Pat… once again, not sleeping because I’m up thinking about what to work on next 😉

    I’ve really wanted to get into niche sites for a while now, but have been feeling a little lost about how to get started. Being here on your blog has given me all the information I need to move forward and I’m going to pick up some of the tools tomorrow (during the time I’m supposed to be working).

    The opportunity to get a copy of Instant Article Factory would be almost serendipitous timing… no exaggeration. I had already planned to move forward with research for my first niche site first thing tomorrow after listening to your podcast with Mark Mason. I just watched the video for IAF, and I honestly can’t wait to get started! If I were selected, I would be creating articles non-stop for the next month! The software will definitely get an awesome workout if it ends up in my hands :)

    Thank you so much for reaching out to people like Jonathan Ledger so that those of us just starting out have an opportunity to use the same tools as the pros!

    Great progress with the P90X by the way – that is a tough program!

    • Dawn

      Couldn’t wait… went ahead and purchased. Fingers are still crossed 😉

    • Pat

      Hi Dawn – I saw that you went ahead and purchased IAF already. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. If you do happen to win, like I said I’ll make sure you get your money back for your purchase.

      Good luck with your Niche Sites. Keep at it, because at the very beginning it can be tough, especially because results don’t happen right away, but in time you’ll see your site climb the rankings, and hopefully end up on the first page of Google.

      I’m glad to help, and glad that there are nice people like Jonathan who understand and are willing to help those just starting out. Cheers!

  • Shaun

    Hi Pat, good to see those niche sites are taking off already. I’ve recently started working on niche sites myself, you’ve seen good growth so far. Instant Article Factory looks very good, if I won a copy I’d use it to write more articles so could build more backlinks to my site quicker (Doing it manually is very time consuming). Glad to see things are still going well and well done with getting in shape. From a guy who’s on your facebook, mailing list, RSS and Twitter (Not that that’s meant to influence your decision 😉

    • Pat

      Thanks for the entry Shaun! Thanks for being a fan in all of the ways possible. Cheers man!

  • DeEtte

    Congrats on the PX90 results! Years ago I lost over 80 pounds solely through changing my attitude and finding a fitness program that I LOVED.

    After stumbling across your blog a few months ago, I became fascinated in affiliate marketing. Prior to that, I admit, I really had a snobby attitude about it. But you have proved to me that its a great way to make money and I am hoping over time to make it my full-time job. My 10 year old daughter came to me recently about wanting to do something to make money for her college account. So we are creating an affiliate blog together :)

    I am a work full-time single mom, so carving out time to write articles both for and to promote my blogs is a constant struggle. After reviewing the Instant Article Factory Video, I can see how it will save me an enormous amount of time. It looks so easy to do I am sure my daughter will have it down in 1 day. I can’t wait to show her. It reminds me of MAD LIBS for article writing…lol

    • Pat

      Wow, 80 lbs. – congrats DeEtte! That’s really, really amazing!

      I think it’s very cool that your 10 year old is already planning for the future. If I was smart like she is back then, I would definitely be further ahead in life and in savings, that’s for sure. Very cool – I hope I can teach my some the same values about saving and money. Good luck with the blog!

      I LOVE your analogy for MAD LIBS, because I loved mad libs as a kid. IAF is totally like a suped-up mad libs for article writing.

      Thanks for the entry, and good luck!

  • Marcin

    Another awesome report Pat, really useful and motivating post!

    “Then, I submit my site to a large number of Blog and RSS Feed Directories” – do you use any specific software or do you just have a list of directories and submit to all of them?

    And when it comes to article marketing – where do you submit your articles? Only Ezinearticles?

    Hehe sorry for many questions, these are the last ones: how much traffic (more or less) do you have on your niche sites? What is the conversion? I would love to read a whole article about it, because $285 after first month is pretty impressive in my opinion.

    • Pat

      Thanks Marcin. Actually, some of the $285 came in the first three days of August, so the numbers are a bit messed up, but the point is that I did find success relatively quickly with these niche sites.

      I am not using software to submit articles at the moment, I’m having a VA do that for me, but I am totally thinking about using something like Automatic Article Submitter, which has been highly reviewed by Mark Mason (see: That along with IAF would probably be a deadly combo, and I’d save money in the long run not wasting the VAs time with submitting articles. Right now, I’m submitting to about 10 different article sites. Again, Mark has a great list of the top sites that you can submit to on his blog:

      I hope that helps! Cheers!

  • David Damron

    IAF Contest:

    What I think about IAF—
    It appears EXTREMELY simple. This is an important thing for those trying to enter new areas of passive income because many of us just give up if we are putting in endless hours on a new revenue stream and see little if any positive results. Through IAF, I may be able to create the content quickly, which is usually the most time consuming, and move on to the background of developing such a passive site.

    How would I use IAF?-
    I would use IAF to focus more. Sure, the reduction of article building time will be great, but keeping me focused while developing top articles in a short period of time will drastically change my approach. I have written many articles that are 400 words or less and somehow they take more than 30 minutes. IAF looks as if it will take me to a new productivity level while not sacrificing quality.

    Fingers crossed I win a copy….

    Have a great one Pat. Loved the Monthly Report as always.

    David Damron

    • Pat

      Awesome David, thanks for your entry.

      I think the fact that it is so simple is what makes it so attractive to me, and to many others. Plus, what it can do for you is simple too, cut down hours of writing time and help you build quality backlinks fast. It can’t get any better than that. Woot!

      Good luck. Cheers!

  • Megumi

    Thanxs for all the great info as alwasys 😉

    I would love to work with the article marketing software as my English is not 100% perfect so my articles have difficulty approving. So inspired by the bloggosphere but things in my Spanish niche market are quite different. That would be a nice support while working on inspiring my Spanish friends to improve their diet with Raw Living Foods.

    So inspired after reading this, I go back right to work again 😉

    Am sure August will be a great month for you, people might take your podcast to the beach ;-))

    • Pat

      Hi Megumi, I think IAF is great for people who don’t primarily speak English, because it kind of makes sure the article is well written for you. Thanks, and I hope to be at the beach with those listening to my podcast too.


  • Applebees Coupons

    Pat, the Instant Article Factory software looks awesome. I have never used any type of spinning or article creation software but it looks like I need this so I can crank out articles much faster than normal. Thanks and enter me in the contest.

    • Pat

      Hey Applebees – thanks for your entry! The software is totally rockin’, and it will help you get things done a lot faster, that’s for sure. Good luck!

  • Bristolboy

    These are some excellent numbers for earnings. More importantly for yourself well done on improving your fitness!

    • Pat

      Thanks a ton! I appreciate it!

  • Gail

    I’m subscribed to your blog through RSS and don’t usually make it back to the site to comment, but that is an awesome post, and very inspiring results for the monthly income report. Way to go!
    As for the software, as a freelance writer, I probably wouldn’t use the article output directly in my main articles, especially where they make first person references, as the articles I provide are usually written third person, but I would certainly use it to create a skeleton to build on.
    I could then use the articles, and spin them, and use them to drive traffic to the main articles from article directories like ezinearticles,com. And I might also use it for generating blog posts.
    I think one of the most powerful features is the ability to create your own templates, which would make it possible to increase my freelance output by 300% or even 400% with a small amount of time input upfront.
    I could see me using this software on a regular basis, even daily. Thanks for arranging the discount. Sadly, I’m in that awful ‘month end’ position of waiting for my money to hit my account, so can’t take advantage of it before Friday. Any chance of you blagging an extension on that for a week? If we all say please very nicely?

    • Gail

      Since I posted this I’ve been thinking: the IAF software could be used for so much more than articles.
      With the right user templates it could be used to generate sales letters, autoresponders, and, thanks to the plain text output at the bottom of the file, it could even be used to spin tweets for Twitter promoting the articles, which can then be uploaded to a schedule service like socialoomph. All I would need to do is add the *** code at the end of each tweet, save the file as a .txt file and upload.(Big time save for anyone needing to upload promotional tweets, and if spin text is included and the file saved, a completely different set of tweets could be used to promote the same articles in the next cycle, so twitter followers don’t get bored. And if you use a site like, you can even export the spinning text as well.)
      Of course it needn’t just be twitter. It could come in handy for any SM site with status updates.
      It could also be set up to format product reviews and descriptions, ensuring that they are consistent without being repetitive. Excuse me while I sit quietly in the corner until my head explodes.

    • Pat

      Hi Gail, thanks for stopping by to make a comment. I know a lot of people just read from the RSS feeds, so it means a lot to have people come on by to leave a comment.

      I think you’re absolutely right – the custom template maker is ingenious, and something I can see being used by many people for articles AND blog posts like you said.

      I don’t know if I could get an extension on the discount, but I’ll try my best. It’s not under my control, but it won’t hurt to ask I guess. I’ll let you know. Cheers!

  • Megumi


    do you have another post on “Blog and RSS Feed Directories”? I thought so but could not find it. That would be so helpful.

    Thank you!

    • Pat

      I don’t have a post about Blog and RSS feed directories just yet, but I’ll think about writing one up very soon. It’s the first step I take after writing content for my niche sites, so I know it’s fairly important for getting into the Search Engines right away. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Bryan

    Hi Pat,

    Great stuff on this post (as always with your monthly reports).

    For my entry:
    I have never thought spun articles were of any value, mainly because I am a big believer that to make money the “right” way on the web, you need to provide VALUE, and my perception of spun content is that it is more of a artificial way of writing articles. What this software shows me is that it’s really just a different iteration of the same thing, but you have many more possibilities to get that same information out on the web. PLUS, I really like that it leads you through the writing. I think most newbies but also people like me (someone who studies a lot, but doesn’t actually take action) use the writer’s block excuse. this software takes that out of the equation in my opinion. No more excuses means action is imminent.

    I see myself using this product to get my “first win” so to speak. I am going to use a software (similar to market samurai) to research keywords for a few Hubpages and just get the information out there. I can also see it branching into submitting articles to, which I know is a good passive income source for a lot of people as well.

    Either way, with the discount, I think the price is pretty reasonable, and while I hope to win the contest, I can see this investment being a good decision for my future business.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!

    • Pat

      Bryan, you make some GREAT points about the software that no one else mentioned – the fact that it leads you through the articles so you know exactly what you’re about to publish is very important to me, because like you I’m a big believer in making money the “right way”, by providing value.

      Thanks for your entry Bryan, and good luck! Cheers!

  • Ron

    Hey Pat, learned a lot from this report. Thanks.

    In reference to IAF, after checking out the video I realize how powerful the software really is not only for article marketing but even for crafting quick articles to put on my niche sites, content revenue-sharing sites, and even for some freelance work once it’s original. I do a lot of writing online (A LOT), and being somewhat of a wordy guy…this software actually helps to keep the web copy straightforward and direct.

    I’ve gotten a niche site onto pages 2 and 3 of Google for two keywords, and something like IAF would definitely come in handy when trying to send out articles and create backlinks to feed the Google Monster. Page 1 is always the goal!!


    • Pat

      Hey Ron, I think you make a great point about using the templates to actually write articles for your our actual niche sites, and not just for article directories. With the custom template option, this could help people spit out hundreds of niche sites in a relatively short period of time. Good stuff, and another great point about not getting too wordy. I’ve been guilty of that as well.

      Thanks for the entry Ron! Cheers!

  • Tony

    Congratulations on your transformation Pat. Amazing how different you look in the photo’s.
    Im currently doing a Tabata fitness course which is stripping fat like no ones business. Glad you are seeing great results with your system.

    • Pat

      Hey Tony – awesome dude. I don’t know anything about Tabata fitness. What is is exactly?

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Pat, as always, this is my favorite post of the month. You know by now how inspiring it is for others to read. I’ve been meaning to try P90X myself, so I’m hoping I can just get my lazy ass up and actually get to it one of these days.

    Anyway, my entry for IAF:

    This software does seem incredibly powerful. While I’ve dabbled in niche sites quite a bit, I’ve done very little article marketing. I’ve seen this product before (in addition to other article-generating products) but I’ve always felt like they were “too good to be true.” Your review has certainly changed that for me, and it’s very likely I will purchase this even if I don’t win (hopefully that doesn’t discourage you from picking this entry as a winner). Here are a couple ways I plan to use the software:

    1) I’m currently trying to do a massive challenge (with myself) on Info Barrel – write 3 articles per day for a year (which turns out to be a crazy amount of articles – approximately 1,100). I’m on track with it so far, but it’s very early. I think this software could go a long with with helping me in that challenge.

    2) I’m constantly creating ideas for niche sites, but acting on few of them. I enjoy the actual creation of a website, but I hate off-site SEO work. I think this software would help A LOT with SEO, as you’ve pointed out. This is probably the missing link I need to actually go through with a lot of my plans.

    I think there are a lot more possibilities – such as showing your VA how to use the software and having him/her work with it. Not only are you freeing up YOUR time, but you are allowing your VA to be more productive (which equals less cost for you, of course).

    I’m excited to try out this software, and I’m already dreaming up some great case studies I could put together and post on my blog.

    Thanks Pat.

    • Howie

      Ingenious application of that software, Eric! You have alot of people rooting for you in your goal, man….external to our own actions, passions, and desires, though….no matter how hard you and I work….one of the reasons why I’ve been so excited about Info Barrel is because the power of the collective is becoming a serious driving force behind making it a top worldwide property online. It is going to happen, and it’s assumption of near exponential growth is making the site, in itself, a formidable tool to be used in conjunction with Market Samurai and Jonathan’s “Instant Article Factory”….

      Things are looking up, and I’m rooting for you in your challenge, man! Keep up the good work!

      P.s. Eric/Pat, have you seen the statistics they posted on their last blog post, recently? If people aren’t using that site NOW, they are missing a HUGE opportunity….

    • Pat

      Hi Eric – first of all, anyone that says they would get IAF anyways if I didn’t pick them would not discourage me from picking them. As I’m sure you know, I’m not in this for the affiliate income, and an extra commission isn’t worth lying to my readers and the SPI community. I really wish I had 100 lifetime copies to give away.

      Thanks for your entry, and I agree with Howie below – these are great uses of the software that everyone should pay attention to, especially with InfoBarrel. I’d probably end up making my own templates that are a bit longer just for IB, but I can see how it can drastically increase your submissions in a very short period of time. Now you got ideas going in my head!

      Thanks for your support Eric, and I wish you all the best with your challenge. I’m really excited for you!

      • Howie

        Just wait until Info Barrel has a premium Adsense account, Pat…

        Writer’s earnings ARE going to explode then. Just watch…. 😉

      • Howie

        Also, Pat, this is something I was going to mention about this software….people may fall into a naturally tendency to produce a mass quantity of 300 word articles. On Info Barrel, I would guesstimate that 60-70% of my articles are at least 800 words, and quite a few are in excess of 1,000-1,200. A few days ago, I wrote a 2,100+ word article.

        All kinds of debate could be had regarding the optimal length of an article (actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a future SPI post about that). It all depends on what people are trying to do….I do find that, as far as strictly views are concerned, my 1,000+ word articles appear to be trafficked quite a bit. Generally speaking, 1,000+ word articles, in theory, should produce alot of quality….that Google will ultimately look highly upon, thus facilitating an even greater “time on site”, that contributes to the collective search engine authority of the site. There are many ways to interpret the bounce rate %, but, in Info Barrel’s case, I would HIGHLY recommend that they read the thread I had begun on the Info Barrel forum… you see how it compares to eHow, Squidoo, and HubPages’ Bounce rate %?….

        Longer articles, I truly believe, while some can be crappy, Google generally looks at them more highly as providing quality content. Because of the length, people tend to spend more time consuming an article, leading to a lower bounce rate %, that Google favors. In this case, we also have to look at the TYPE of site….for some sites, a low bounce rate % may actually NOT be a good thing, but, for Info Barrel, I believe it is.

        • Pat

          Hi Howie, in my opinion, the length really doesn’t matter, as long as the message comes across correctly, and there is value in the words that are chosen. What’s better for Google and all of that stuff shouldn’t really matter, because it’s the content and the message that should be the primary motivator for writing the article, not word length, etc. Just my 2 cents. Anyone else?

        • Howie

          The topic of article length can be debated relentlessly (and has been), Pat. Rather than subject your readers to an endless rant (as I’ve been known to do…lol), I’d be interested to see what your reader’s opinions are on the subject, as well.

  • Stacey

    Hey Pat,

    Congrats on the P90X results! That’s really impressive. And I agree with Howie — you look much happier in the 2nd shot!

    First, a question. For each niche site, do you only create 5 blog posts? Then you just leave it and forget it?

    I just watched the video for IAF and wow, I’m impressed. I’m currently managing 15 of my own sites (6 of which are really active) and I am so overwhelmed with the article writing part of the business. I write from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed and it just takes me too long!

    I sat there watching the video with my mouth wide open. I cannot believe how simple the software makes it to create articles and especially to make different versions of the same article. It is so powerful and would save me an incredible amount of time. I could do the keyword research and then use those keywords throughout a variety of spun articles. I’m really amazed that a software program can not only create unique articles but can spin them in a way where they still read well.

    Currently, my son is in daycare two days a week. I would love to be able to only work those two days so I can spend the rest of my time with him. Because it is taking me so long to write articles for all of my sites, build backlinks, etc., I end up having to work for many hours on the days he is home. *insert mommy guilt* This software would enable me to dedicate that time back to my son where it should be spent.

    He turns one on Saturday and I know that things have to change soon. I don’t want to give up my businesses or do them in a lackluster way but I will if I have to so I can spend the time with him that he deserves. The IAF software could let me have the best of both worlds.

    Thanks, Pat.

    • Rob Pene

      Hey Stacy,

      I totally feel your vibe of wanting to spend time with your family more. We have a little one and I tried to balance building my business with watching her, but it just doesn’t pan out the way I envisioned it in my head.

      Good luck with your article writing and this tool will certainly cut down on writing time and allot more time for your baby dude :)

    • Pat

      Hi Stacey! Thanks for the nice words about my transformation, and yeah, not that you and Howie pointed it out, I do look a lot happier. Maybe it’s because I feel a lot better now, and have so much more energy.

      Regarding your first question, I do just write 5 blog posts, and then leave it to be and work on the SEO. So far, it has worked pretty well.

      The fact that you have 15 sites is impressive, and I can definitely see how IAF will help you with article writing and getting more done in less time. It’s funny, because when I was watching the video for the first time too, my mouth was wide open for the same reasons – it’s so simple. And, I had wished I had thought of creating the software myself, hehe.

      No worries about the Mommy guilt, because I know how you feel, and really you have to do what you have to do sometimes. Being a parent myself now, I totally understand, and I sometimes feel guilty too if my wife and son are playing downstairs, and I’m upstairs on Twitter or something.

      Thanks for the entry Stacey, and good luck!

  • Bruce

    Hey Pat,

    Your P90X results are amazing…congrats on sticking with it and “Keep Pressing Play”. I just completed 70 days on P90, and just switched to P90X. My results are also amazing.

    My thoughts on IAF:
    Using the same thought process that we’re using to get results in P90X can also be applied to getting the results we want in article marketing…”Keep Pressing Create Article”, and we will surely start getting the results we’re striving for.

    You turned me on to some new blogs in your 7/21 post. One of the blogs discussed how the book “Accidental Genius” by Mark Levy could help improve writing skills using freewriting techniques. I’m reading the book now, and it has some great techniques for coming up with breakthrough ideas and ways to stimulate creativity.

    How I’ll use IAF:
    I would love to get a free copy of IAF to begin generating unique articles for my business. My plan is to use what I’m learning from freewriting and integrate the results with IAF to come up with totally awesome content. I have already purchased several new domains and am using Market Samurai to research keywords and competition.

    Your blog is by far the best place for stimulating my thinking about how to grow my business. Thanks for your dedication! ~ Bruce

    • Pat

      Hey Bruce, I’d love to see pictures if you wouldn’t mind sharing them, they are always so inspiring. I fish the message boards everyday for more inspiration. Congrats on your progress too!

      I really like your “keep pressing create article” mindset about IAF, because I can totally relate it to P90X, like you said. Thanks for your entry, and good luck.

      I’m glad I could help you and others stimulate your thinking process about online business and blogging. it makes me so happy to hear that. Cheers Bruce!

  • Totman

    Holy crap Pat!
    I’m sold on P90X now! :)

    And I guess article marketing too 😉

    Thanks for everything!

    • Pat

      No problem Totman! Cheers!

  • wilsonusman

    I totally agree with you my friend…I’ve been doing it with a few websites I put together, some CPA and other with clickbank products and I must say that it works GREAT I’m so excited to keep digging into other types of niches…I really hope people start doing this, I get so many people telling me they can’t make any money online and I ask them what they’ve been doing…

    …WOOOOOW is it shocking. So many people are trying to do all these automatic products and shit that doesn’t take any effort. No wonder they don’t make any money…Pat I think it’s a good time to come up with the perfect product that helps these people out or at least direct them to products like NPC 3.0 or affilorama. I don’t think there’s better people that teach like Adam or Mark.

    • Pat

      Wilson – thanks for the comment bro!

      Yes, it’s totally shocking that people are trying to make money for doing nothing basically, or not providing value. I’d love to create a product that could help people, but I’m enjoying sharing the information like I am, for free, so the most people can have access to it. Maybe in the near future. Thanks Wilson, for your support. Cheers!

  • Mike Piper

    Well done with the implementation of W3 Total Cache + Amazon’s CDN. It’s definitely sped up your site!

    On my own site, it shaved 1.5-2 seconds off total page load time, which is unbelievable to me given that it’s only costing roughly $4 per month.

    I’ll be eager to see your thoughts as you move to a VPS, as I’m considering the same. Any tips on choosing the host or handling the transition would be much appreciated. :)

    • Pat

      Hey Mike – congrats on speeding up your site too. 1 or 2 seconds really make a difference, and I think I’ve shaved 4 or 5 actually.

      Regarding the VPS, I’m still researching my options, but I think I’ve found one that I’m ready to go with. I’ll write a blog post about it soon. Cheers!

  • Cara

    Excellent report Pat! I watched the Instant Article Factory video and was very impressed by it. It sounds absolutely perfect for the niche site business that I am starting. I have spent this summer figuring out how to create side-income streams so that I can transition away from my day job and be more independent. Your site has been a great help to that! I have settled on creating niche sites combined with affiliate marketing to get my start, and then once I get some income I am going to focus on my passion – a blog and product teaching people how to cook delicious, healthy meals without ever using a recipe.

    About the niche sites and the instant article factory though! I think that IAF will really help me get started in niche sites. Though I am good at writing articles and can write them pretty quickly, my day job takes up so much of my time that any time-saving device is worth its weight in gold to me. The other benefit that I think I will get from IAF is that it will keep me from writing articles that are too long or not direct enough. I am kind of a word-smith, so I tend to get a little long and rambly in my articles, which means I have to edit them a lot, which takes up even more time!

    I am just getting started in niche articles, and I know that Instant Article Factory would really help me along the way. I would also love to be a case study for you and for them! I could write some content after I have gotten started that you could use in your affiliate marketing for IAF to show exactly how it worked for me. I would even be willing to show some of the exact articles and one niche sites that I create.

    Thanks for the great writing!

    • Pat

      Hi Cara, congrats on the decision to start working for yourself, and starting with something on the side is a perfect way to do it.

      I really want you to succeed, because let me tell you, I’d be all over your cooking blog. I’m all about eating healthy now, so eating out really isn’t an option.

      Like you, I consider myself fairly good at writing articles and can too write them quickly, but IAF has saved me even more time, and it would save you time too, I’m sure. One other person mentioned how the template style of IAF would stop them from writing too much, or being too wordy. Very, very good point, and I’m glad you brought that up again.

      Thanks for your entry, and I wish you the best of luck. Cheers!

  • Richard Scott

    Awesome long post. Incredible stuff. Congrats on income and the before and after shot. Impressive. I always find it funny that the before photos are always dark and people never smile. Then the after shot is well lit and everyone is happy. lol But, with the results you had, I would be happy too.

    I watched the video and am very interested. I’ve always frowned upon products like this. I have always thought them to be a copout and just rehashing other people’s content. But I never knew that something like this existed that can help you write an article, versus just stealing content. It was all an eye opening experience. I definitely could see me using this on a couple of my niche sites and especially for submitting to directories. Something I have yet to do, but want to.

    I have multiple niche sites. One of them is extremely large (over 70,000 pages) and could benefit from a tool like this to give it that extra push. It does well with affiliates, but I feel it could double if not triple the income with some new material on the site.

    I took your advice on the Market Samurai (and bought it) and have been extremely happy with it. Thank you. I use it all the time. Just yesterday I found that by changing the title of my post from “14kt vs 10kt gold”, which gave me 1,480,000 results in Google, to “14k versus 10k”, it pulled up 50,600,000 results. That’s a BIG difference for just a few minor changes. It really does work.

    I’m a firm believer in the products that you promote. There are very few people that I would purchase from. Most are depressing. But you always seem to latch onto the products that are worth every penny. That’s why I love coming here and love following you. Awesome stuff. Awesome content. I would love to own a copy of this. It would help me immensely! :)

    Congrats again Pat. Nice month!

    • Pat

      LOL Richard, that’s so funny, because when I see those infomercials, I think – oh, they just made them sad looking in the before photos and happy in the after on purpose. Well, I didn’t do that on purpose, it just came out like that, and so now I’ll have to think twice about all of the before and after I didn’t totally believe, hehe.

      Yeah, IAF is awesome, and it’s definitely now about stealing content, which is what I’m against too. In fact, just the other day someone pointed out that many of my articles are being ripped on another blog. It doesn’t matter that much to be, because I doubt they are going to be getting anything out of it, because that business model is totally dead, in my opinion. IAF though – man, it’s been so helpful to me lately. Thanks for trusting my recommendation on Market Samurai as well, and I’m so happy that you’re able to get some great use out of it already. It truly is an amazing piece of software.

      Thanks for believing in me and what I do, and what I recommend. Also, I’m glad I’m not depressing, lol. Cheers dude!

  • Moon Hussain

    Pat, how do you have 45 comments already?? Looks like a lot of things are happening here at SPI. Oh and those pics show for themselves. Impressive progress!

    • Pat

      Thanks Moon! Enjoying the great SD weather lately? it’s finally to where it should be now. Yay!

  • Stephen @ The Blogging Academy

    Hi Pat,

    I have just purchased Instant Article Factory through your link. I haven’t taken it for a full test run just yet, but by having a three minute play with it I can tell it is something special. I have used article spinners in the past and never really taken to them. This puts a fresh spin (ahem) on spinners and offers something different.

    I like the way sentences have already been written, and they can be amended too, as having prompts like makes article writing much, much easier.

    All I need now is a some software to speed up the article submission process. From what I can tell, IAF doesn’t do this, do you know if it ever will? If it did, it seems like it would be almost perfect.

    • Pat

      Stephen, thanks for trusting my recommendation. Like you, when I first used the product, within the first few minutes I knew it would help me immensely.

      By the way, I like your pun, lol.

      IAF doesn’t speed up the submission process, but Automatic Article Submitter does, as recommended by Mark Mason ( I’m about to get it myself, and use my VAs for other things instead.

      Cheers, and thanks again!

  • Dawn Martinello | Monday Morning VA

    Before I get to my official entry, I have to congratulate you on your total transformation using P90X. Working from home – especially when you’re sitting at a desk – can have such a detrimental effect on your health and well-being – so a big kudos to you!

    And congrats on all your success with your new niche sites and your podcast. You’re doing great things here and the fact that you’re surpassing your goals so quickly is amazing.

    Here’s my take on the IAC.

    I took a few notes as I was watching the video and at first, I was a little worried about the quality of content that would be created if I were using a template. Since this was something you were using, I knew there had to be something that just needed to click, so I kept watching.

    The fact that you can actually create your own template is absolutely amazing. There are a lot of people who either wouldn’t want (or need) a template based article, but being able to create a massive template that is 100% unique is in my opinion one of the strongest assets to this product.

    The second most-loved piece of this product is the ability to create brand new articles based on your original input. Thankfully, no one but my son could see the fist-pumping dance I did when I saw that muscle flexed in IAC.

    And the third love of this product is the little things – like having the word count of each article, and knowing that each template is made available for only a certain number of uses.

    My plan for use of this product is super simple.

    1. I’ll be using the create-your-own template to create articles that are 100% my voice for my current website/blog. Since I’m often asked for guest articles on other sites, I’ll then use the saved version to create a new article which can then be re-purposed on those sites. This will provide relatively new content for readers of both blogs.

    2. With new products on the horizon, I also think that this would be a super way of getting a good start on a sales page for your products.

    3. As a VA, I think this is also going to be a super tool that will be an effective service to my clients. Creating unique content for them using IAC will save me time, save the client money, AND make everyone look like super stars.

    4. I’ve wanted to get my feet wet with niche sites, but as an entrepreneur, author, and mom to a very active 3 year old, the time was just never there. IAC is going to be the ticket – I think – to finding enough time to try this out.

    Thanks Pat (even if you don’t choose my entry) for bringing this product to the forefront and for offering us such a hefty discount on it as well!

    • Pat

      Dawn, thanks for the great response and your kind words about my P90X experience. I think it was working from home that was getting me out of shape in the first place, so now that I can workout from home, it helps me to stay in shape. Home all day! Hehe. I do get out sometimes though, even if it’s just for a walk ever now and then, which really helps.

      ANYWAYS, thanks for your entry, and I knew you’d find the thing about IAF that I really think is the best part about it too – the ability to create your own templates. That opens up the possibilities bigtime.

      I wish I could have been there to see your fist-pump. Hehe!

      Great plan, and thanks for your entry. Good luck! Cheers!

  • Dean Saliba

    Again you have put my effort of almost $300 firmly in the shade.

    You earn so much from affiliate marketing. I wish I could be as successful as you when I dip my toe into it. :)

    • Pat

      Dean – I’m nobody special, and honestly anyone with enough willpower and determination can do it. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true. I never went to business school or anything like that, it’s all about taking action.

  • Gary

    HI Pat, I have only been following your posts for a few months now. I must say your results are inspiring.

    I have been toying with the idea of niche marketing for a while. I have been using Market Samurai for over a year for research and need a kick-start in putting together some niche sites…IAF may just be that kick-start.

    I have already begun to play with affiliate marketing and would like to add article marketing to my repertoire.

    Thanks for the post…

    • Pat

      Hey Gary – thanks for your comment, and you know I had been toying around with starting niche sites for a LONG time now, and I’m really glad I’m starting to get into it now. Luckily, there are tools out there like IAF that make these things a lot easier to do. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!

  • Quint

    I really look forward to your monthly income reports. They inspire me to keep moving forward with my efforts to build passive income on-line. Thank you for being so willing to be transparent with this kind of information.

    After watching the video, I must say that I can see how a tool like this could be very powerful. Finding the time to bang out hundreds of articles by hand is almost impossible. I just left my 9-5 job to work as an independent web developer, but I have never been comfortable with just one income stream. Life changes too quickly to depend on a single source.

    Using a tool like IAF, I would be able to launch a couple of niche sites that I have been considering, as well as continue my efforts at building a profitable presence on Infobarrel. I think I would work at developing my own templates, though, because I want my articles to have a genuine sound to them. I want to provide as much originality as possible, even when using a tool that helps generate the final product.

    Looking forward to the August Report…

    • Pat

      Quint, thanks for being a loyal fan and looking forward to these posts. They are my favorite to write, but again not because of the numbers, but because I can share what I’ve learned and hopefully at least one person will take away something from it.

      Congrats on leaving your 9 to 5 to do independent work, that’s awesome, and a step a lot of people would be afraid to take. But, you can only become so successful working a 9 to 5, and the sky is the limit when you work for yourself. Awesome.

      Thanks for your entry, and good luck! Cheers!

  • Colin

    Hey Pat, I’ve been following you on my RSS since December, and I’ve got to say this has been some of the most helpful blogs out there with your honesty and broad range of topics for passive income. Especially since I’ve always been opposed to the rat race and really want to find a way to live, travel, and enjoy life without being tied down to a location and a 9-5.

    I decided in December to try to make money online, but got caught up in the spam of internet marketing and have since had to go back to a “real” job in order to pay off the debt and take it a little slower with my online business. I am only 24, so I know I have time to figure it out. But don’t we all wish we could’ve “figured it all out” when we were young. lol.

    So since I’ve been trying to really figure out niche sites, I really got excited when I saw your facebook update yesterday, and literally my heart started racing when you explained your plan of attack in this post, since it was so well outlined and simplified. Because I’ve been losing motivation and excitement being bogged down in extraneous tools and techniques and other BS.

    So to raise my hand as a candidate for the IAF, I would love to start spitting out some articles that I have lost all interest in writing, since I’ve been burned by outsourcers and am wary of spending more money one the Online Marketing Space, but have spent tons of hours doing the keyword research in Google, because I love the technical aspect so much more.

    To end, thank you for the great information, it is priceless, I would love the IAF tool, and I would use it (maybe even too much).

    • Pat

      Hi Colin, thanks for your comment.

      I know what you mean about “the spam of internet marketing”, because there is a lot of stuff out there, and they often make our eyes wide open, but leave our wallets thin and empty. You are young, yes, so I admire you for wanting to get out of the rat race so early. If only I had started back then, or even before, would I be so much more ahead than I am now. But, it’s hard to look back and say that, so we must work with what we have, and where we’re at now.

      Thanks for your entry, and good luck! Cheers Colin!

  • Ally

    IAF is amazing!! I just watched the video and I want to buy it right now (but I can’t because I’m broke). I’m following The Challenge with Ed Dale and just started my first micro-niche blog last week. I’m nervous about it because it takes me forever to write an article and article marketing will be the main promotion technique for my site. If I had Instant Article Factory, it would save me so much time. I’m also starting college (web design) in a couple weeks so I’m not going to have much time for anything, let alone writing articles. If I don’t win a copy IAF, I’ll probably use my student loan money to purchase it. I’m already planning on using my student loan money to buy MS. I look at these things as an investment. They will help grow my income so I can pay off the student loans I’m acquiring. I would use IAF a lot as I grow my IM business. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great tool!

    PS. Your Monthly Income reports are inspiring. I’d be happy if I could make $10 a month from my niche site.

    • Pat

      Hi Ally, thanks for your entry!

      I love when I hear about people who are going through Challenges like Ed’s, because they are really motivating and can really teach people a lot about how money flows on the internet. Don’t be nervous, because all of the information about how to succeed if out there, you just have to work to put it all together, which I’m sure you can do.

      Good luck with everything, and I wish you all the best. Cheers!

  • Pam

    Pat — you really inspire me. I am also working on getting into niche sites. I have 2 up and running and not doing as well as you yet but I’ll get there. I decided to just get them launched before I knew everything I need to know and will make them better as I learn more.

    • Pat

      Hey Pam – you will get there. Just keep at it, keep learning, and keep taking action. Good luck! Cheers!

  • Edgar | Website Maintenance Services

    Hi Pat,

    Great content as always, it definitely motivates me to see your monthly reports, and gives me energy to go and continue building my business.

    As far as IAF, since English is my second language it is hard for me to come up with quality content for articles, this tool will help me get started and actually teach me how to proper write articles that are keyword worthy. I’m just starting in IM and am in the learning phase so if I don’t get the membership from you, I’ll probably end up buying IAF with your discount.

    Keep giving us great quality information.


    • Pat

      Hi Edgar, thanks for sharing, and I do think IAF would be really helpful to those whose primarly language is not English. Good stuff, and thanks for your entry. I wish you all the best. Cheers!

  • LordSwarovski

    Great JOB with P90X!!! Keep up the good work!!! I am amazed! You motivated me to continiue working out with mine program!

    Best of luck mate… I have certain progress in cash making section…

    • Pat

      Thanks! I appreciate it! Good luck with your program too!

  • Preeti @ Heart and Mind

    your monthly report is always good to read and be inspired by. I am glad you are getting healthy and richer! Article factory sounds like a great product , thanks for sharing these copies with readers here.

    Very inspiring and impressive!

    • Pat

      Thanks Preeti! I do what I can to help – it makes me happy. Cheers!

  • Peter

    The article writing software looks pretty cool, and I know I could use it in a couple of things that I’m trying. First, I want to get some more authoritative backlinks to my ebook salespage. I’ve done some article marketing for the ebook, which has worked to a degree, but it is so much work to write these articles that I haven’t done as much as I could. Second, I want to use article marketing some more to promote certain posts and topics on my site to help get them to rank better on the search engines. The better they rank, the better they do via search traffic and adsense earnings!
    Last, I want to start trying to do some niche stores as you were talking about. Sounds like this could help in doing that as well!

    Question, where do you submit your articles to for article marketing?

    • Pat

      Thanks for the entry Peter!

      As far as where I submit the articles, I submit them to the main ones – Ezinearticles, goarticles, buzzle, articledashboard, etc. but my VA can submit them to several others, like maybe 50 to 60, that are not as powerful, but together get the job done. I plan on replacing the VA with an automatic article submitter in the near future though.


  • Ryan

    Thanks for sharing your monthly report. As always, it is very motivating! Your niche marketing technique looks very promising, and I’d like to give that a shot as well.

    Also, amazing job on your fitness! Keep it up, and work even harder!!!

    • Pat

      Thanks Ryan! I appreciate that. In our next workout, I’m going to work even harder!

  • Susan

    WOW Pat, awesome results on the P90x! It takes a lot of discipline and motivation to keep going, and I totally find that inspiring! I totally enjoy reading these income reports and actually look forward to them every month, as they are inspiring to me as well! I am leaving my 9-5 to work full time on my own projects! Your blog has truly helped me know that it is very much possible to earn an income online and I am totally ready to embark on this journey.

    I just finished watching the Instant Article Factory video and I am totally amazed on how fast it can be to create an article! As he was creating an article, I felt my jaw drop in amazement. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I am definitely going to get this and use it for the niche sites that I already have. I can see this saving some time for me! I’m going to check out market samurai too as well.

    You’ve definitely got a fan over here! Great job on the 2nd episode on the SPI podcast too! Have a great week! :)

    • Pat

      Thanks for all of the kind words Susan! I too was quite impressed with IAF when I first saw it, which is why I purchased it right then and there. I don’t usually do that, so I knew it was a good thing, and it is.

      Thanks again for your support, and for listening to the podcast! Cheers!

  • Evan @ Toronto Dating Coach

    You’re monthly income reports are always inspirational.
    Good luck with the P90X dude, you’re getting ripped!

    • Pat

      Thanks Evan, I appreciate it dude!

  • Dustin | Engaged Marriage


    Awesome results with your P90X program, man…Bring It!

    You may have noticed that a fellow marriage blogger and I just announced our own “fitness for busy couples” site/podcast/product that is currently under development. It’s a cool intersection between two of my favorite topics, and I think we’ll be able to help a lot of people in the process…and build a unique niche in a crowded field.

    I watched the IAF video, and I have to say that I’m very impressed! This tool would be perfect for me as I continue to grow backlinks and traffic to Engaged Marriage, but especially for our new venture at Fit Marriage. Plus, based on your great experience here, I definitely want to put my Market Samurai to work and try my hand at some niche product sites.

    Thanks for your consideration for the contest, and most of all for the Awesome Work you continue to do, man!


    • Pat

      Thanks Dustin! Bringin’ it!

      I did check out your post about Fit Marriage, and it sounds like it’s going to be awesome! I’m really glad to see you taking things to a whole new level, and I’m sure you’ll help a ton of people with it. I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’ll definitely take a listen to the podcast, so please let me know when it goes live.

      Thanks for your entry, and I wish you all the best! Cheers dude!

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    I’m just going to throw up another comment and ask – Pat, do you have time to do anything else on these days when your posts go live? Seriously, you must spend a LONG time replying to all of these comments, and many of your replies are fairly long themselves.

    I think it’s really admirable that you’re able to keep up with the comments and dedicate a lot of time to replying to them. This truly is the model for how to run a successful and interactive blog that people really respect.

    P.S. I think Howie might spend just as long with the comments here. 😉

    • Pat

      Hey Eric, as I mentioned in an earlier post (or it may have even been a guest post somewhere), I don’t think work on a blog stops when a blog post is published. I make sure to allocate an extra 1 hour per post to follow up on comments, unless I have another deadline coming up or something. Usually I do 15 minutes here and there until it totals 1 hour, and if it’s a super post like this one, I may spend a little more time responding. I think it’s really important for the SPI community, and to keep the discussions going. If I were to comment on another blog, and especially if I asked questions, I would want a response in return also, so I want to do the same.

      I type pretty fast, and just off the top of my head, so it doesn’t take much time to respond as you might think.

      Thanks again for noticing Eric. You rock. Cheers!

  • Allison

    Oh my gosh…this service is genius! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Most of my websites (aside from a couple of landing pages) are niche sites. I have been using article marketing for about six months and get quickly discouraged. I always feel like I am using my best content (and a lot of energy) coming up with article directory articles, when I could be contributing quality content to my own sites. This program – especially with its spinning feature – could save some serious time and brainpower!

    • Pat

      My pleasure Allison. It’s a tough thing, to figure out which content should go on your site, and onto articles for article directories, but actually, now that you mention it, I haven’t really had that debate in my head with my niche sites because of IAF.

      Thanks for your entry Allison, and all the best to you!

  • Earl Flormata

    Hi Pat, yet another wicked post. You’ve got it all covered. Health, Wealth and Happiness in your blog. Health ala P90X, Wealth ala your projects and Happiness being any family updates you post. Keep up the great work.

    In regards to your contest – I figured I’d try my hand at making a quick video entry to stand out of the crowd :)

    I got a little creative (hope you don’t mind) and thought I’d give this a shot:

    What do you think?

    • Pat

      Thanks for the video submission, I left you a comment on YouTube, and it definitely makes you stand out – thank you!

      Good luck!

      • Earl Flormata

        *crossing fingers* (hoping to win)
        Thanks for leaving a YouTube comment – that was nice of you :)

  • Andrew

    Hi Pat, thanks for another great quality post.

    I will probably end up buying Instant Article Factory because of the convenience and time saving ability on which it offers. I can see the usefulness but can also see how the software will ruin a lot of people. If I have learned anything from this blog, it is about the need to produce content that is the highest quality possible. An example is this blog itself, mentioned in this post is that you hardly do any SEO for this website. Because of the quality of content your readers keep coming back and backlinks build naturally. Although Instant Article Factory is good in some situations, it is not (in my eyes) suitable for producing content of your own website- you need to connect with users and produce content unique in information and also structure that is in depth and over 1000 words. Although I would not use this software for my own website, I can see myself using it on a daily basis for article submission as writing unique content at the moment for article marketing takes up a huge chunk of my time. Thanks again for the post.

    • Pat

      Andrew – I see your point, and I agree with you. IAF is NOT for primary blogs or websites where people are trying to build a community, because like you said, that content has to be the highest quality possible. Although, IAF can create quality articles, especially with the custom template feature available, so you can get articles that are above 1000 words, but post length isn’t the issue, it’s what’s written in the post. Thanks for pointing that out and making sure people understand that.

      For niche sites though, it’s perfect!

      Thanks for the entry, and all the best to you!

  • Dan

    Thanks for your transparency Pat. That and your genuine tone are why I enjoy the site more than others. Considering that you have several income sources that together have created a stable income, I’m wondering which income stream you would start with if you were just starting now. If you were starting out, where would you focus?

    Cheers from San Diego,

    • Pat

      Thanks Dan, I appreciate your loyalty!

      If I were starting out now, I would definitely go with building an authority site, like I did with, building a community around it and then making my own products. That was actually the first thing I did do, and it really taught me a lot about online business, and just business and customer relations in general.

      The thing is, it takes time to build that authority, but it can be the most lucrative too.

      Great question – thanks Dan!

  • Juan

    Hi Pat,

    IAF is what I need. I went through the “Profits Instruments” course from Ritoban Chakrabarti and the only part that slows me down is the content creation which is needed for the PI creation and promotion.
    The selection with the PI Score formula is easy as well as the PI creation with WordPress.
    I know that promotion for your PI can be done without article marketing but I think results are much better with content related strategies.
    Patt, I know you did not recomment PI but I got it anyway.
    What I like from you is that you don’t recommend stuff you haven’t tested yourself.
    I hope I’ll get lucky.

    Best regards,

    • Pat

      Hi Juan – it’s funny you mention PI, because that’s the course I’m going through as well, and what I used as the basis for my own niche sites. I’ve been using IAF with PI to get to where I’m at, and it’s working, so I definitely recommend getting your hands on it to help!

      • Earl Flormata

        hey guys, uh… what’s PI?

  • Christopher Nelson

    Hi Pat,

    You’ve helped me a lot through your blog, podcast, and email responses. Again, thank you for all you’ve done to help everyone out.

    For someone like me, Instant Article Factory is like a dream. I’m sure it is for many other people as well, but all I know is what I could use it for:

    1. My new blog: I’d love to start a personal blog. IAF would help me to quickly create the content I’d need to flesh out new ideas and articles for this.

    2. My design business: I write articles every week for Design, Development, SEO, special deals and new content. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new stuff, especially when content-writing for clients isn’t a small part of my day already. I’ve already started doing the forum searches per your advice, and it’s helped TREMENDOUSLY. I think IAF would bring me to the next level there.

    3. I’m a coauthor on my sister’s new global issues blog, Reason Treason. We mostly talk about human rights issues. She lives across the country and so we thought that this would keep us in touch a lot more. We’re really close and have similar views, so we thought this would be a great idea. Neither of us (especially myself) has a lot of time to actually sit down and do the research required to fill a global issues blog with any kind of regularity with everything else that’s going on. We really think we could do some good. IAF would be an incredible tool that would help me to do this.

    4. Content writing for clients. I stopped advertising this service when I simply didn’t have the time to do it for them when I was designing and developing their websites. IAF would not only help me to bring this service back, but also to add to it and bring a whole new dimension to it for my clients. I’d love to be able to offer this again.

    Instant Article Factory already excites me enough when it comes to things I can think of using it for. It’s those things that I could use it for that I *can’t* think of right now that really makes me want to buy it right this minute. Unfortunately things are a bit tight right now for another subscription, so I thought I’d give your contest a shot.

    Thanks for the chance Pat, and thanks again for all your help, suggestions, and tutorials. They’ve changed a lot of our lives.


    • Pat

      Chris – thanks for your support in all of the ways possible. Thanks for your entry, and good luck to you!

  • Stephen

    Pat, I absolutely love your website. Keep doing what you do!

    As far as Instant Article Factory goes…I have to admit, I’m a little leary of it. And that’s because if you pay very close attention to the video on that website, you’ll notice that some of the articles created by this software contain awkward grammar. For example, the last sentence in the sample articles reads, “Allow me to share three great ways to put a stop to that from transpiring.”

    Now, some people might think, “Who cares? If the software otherwise works, it works.” And I can appreciate that. But the perfectionist and “brand protector” in me doesn’t like it. And as a potential buyer, if I read sales copy or articles that have questionable grammar…I simply won’t buy. Again, that’s probably just me.

    And I know I’m just being nit-picky. But in my professional world (the legal profession), “words mean things”. And I’m always leary of people and businesses that aren’t precise with words. How you write things, says a lot about your brand.

    This might be an easy fix with the software. I don’t know. And in any regard, like I said, I love your blog Pat. It’s nice to know a “real guy” can succeed like you have!

    • Earl Flormata

      Why not just generate the articles and then quickly fix grammatical errors?

  • Vik Tantry

    Hi Pat,

    This is a great post. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and really appreciate your transparency and honesty when it comes to the usually shady internet marketing world. I think it’s outstanding that you’ve taken something that gets most people down (unemployment) and turned it into a great opportunity.

    I have recently been getting into building websites myself. As someone with a background in finance, I am quite passionate about financial literacy, and created a whole bunch of free videos on YouTube to teach people about how the economy works. I have already gotten a decent number of views but think that long-tail searches in the financial education space to get the knowledge out to many more people. You can check out a full listing of my videos at

    What I’d like to do is use the Instant Article Factory to generate a number of unique articles on educational topics for personal finance that will help me drive traffic and rank higher for long-tail keywords that I have targeted. I am generating some revenue from Kanjoh but right now it is mainly a side project and the copy of Instant Article Factory would really go a long way. Thank you so much for your consideration, and great job on your blog as always.


    • Vik Tantry

      Just realized I didn’t really mention my thoughts on the software. I watched the video and I like the flexibility, ease of use, and most importantly, ability to create original content that is still reasonably high quality. As others mentioned above, I’d probably reword some of the grammatically incorrect sentences, but it’s a minor fix and overall I think this is a very valuable offer. Thanks again for doing this.


    Hey Pat,

    Just got your email on “Instant Article Factory” Looks like an amazing piece of software. I think this would be a fantastic addition to my writing arsenal. Writing is one of my least prolific abilities so anything that will help guide me through the process is more than welcome. The other bonus with this software is you can use it on a Mac. My main usage would probably be for generating articles on Unique Article Wizard, I have had great success using UAW as part of my link development mix.

    By the way now that you are Mr. fancy pants successful internet marketing guru man and all, possibly you could bless us bottom feeders with a disc golf appearance. Just kidding I don’t think you are a fancy pants man =).

  • John

    I’m researching a niche site, and I’ll definitely need to create a site with some backlinks. I think IAF and writing articles might be the best way to accomplish this for this niche. Thanks for the timely introduction to IAF.

  • Ron

    Hey Pat,

    Congrates on another successful month in your endeavors and “High-Fives” for your success thus far with P90X. A very awesome 2 months for you indeed.
    I have seen a lot of Article Marketing software, from those with AJAX, word spinners, keyword density counters for seo or even auto directory submission. But have yet seen one like instant article factory, especially with as many built in templates as this product. And to be able to edit those as well. I’m thinking……maybe I should……

  • Ian Tomlinson

    Hi Pat,
    I love reading your reports and I have subscribed to your podcast too – Ill be listening to them once I finish my holidays on my commute to work and back. Instant article factory would be cool to use for my blog so I could produce good content in the limited time I have to wirte, work and be a Dad (I know you must be in the same boat!). Well done on the weight loss, your’e lookin good!

  • Curtis B.

    Pat ~

    Congrats on your weight loss! A tough feat for any busy person let alone a father.

    I also love how you convinced us your After Photo is much “better” by using subliminal techniques – the before is dark and scary looking.. and the after is nice and well lit and heck… you’re even smiling in that one! Don’t think some of us didn’t catch on to your tricks :)

    The IAF software seems to be perfect timing for me! I just finished my second “pillar post” last week and published it on my brand new authority blog that I have been working on for some time. You, without knowing, have really helped me out big time.

    I finally got the nerve and said “I’m done.. I’m done tweaking my CSS. I’ve got a few posts I’m proud of. I’m ready to see if she floats!” So I think it was late last week I finally let Google and other search engines crawl my site.

    So now it’s learning how to get backlinks so I can start getting some traffic. Coincidentally Last night I was reading all about article writing – specifically on and was wondering how I could fit some of this article writing into my busy schedule. I think IAF would be perfect for me to get a head start writing articles so I can help some people on my site.

    The software really seems to make it easier to get what you want to say .. to come out easier – for those of us who have all this stuff in our heads but just can’t seem to put it into the a cohesive and useful structure.

    Thanks for letting us know about this,
    Keep it up!
    Curtis B.

  • Jim

    Hi Pat,

    I’m really interested in the Instant Article Factory software, and certainly think I could use it to streamline my nascent blog writing skills, but I do have some serious concerns about how this sort of software could easily be abused if it falls into the “wrong hands” (sounds ominous, doesn’t it?). First, my concerns, then my positive take on it.

    The internet is becoming increasingly hard to navigate, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of articles already in circulation because of a “get rich quick” mentality. Have you noticed how your Google searches these days are increasingly cluttered with links that turn out to be irrelevant to your *real* needs and interests? If I were looking for some substantial, life-changing information about how to lose weight, for example, I would *not* want the top 10 Google hits to take me to sites that were nothing more than five-minute articles cranked out by someone who knows little or nothing about the medical, nutritional and psychological complexities of weight loss. Rather, I’d be wanting those sites that were based on solid, research-based information to rise to the top of my search page.

    If you were not attuned to the serious possibilities of Instant Article Factory, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only use for the software is to mass-produce articles that will flood the search engine listings and make a heap of money for a bunch of people who know little about the topics they’re writing about, but a lot about milking the weaknesses in Google’s search algorithms. But this is where I see the positive side of Instant Article Factory.

    In the hands of people who have a deep understanding of one or two topics and a passion for communicating about those topics, the software promises to help us structure our articles/blog posts more thoughtfully, and in ways that are easier to read because we are forced to think through the structure of our writing rather than just jot our thoughts down randomly.

    The video makes it clear that the software is almost infinitely customisable — excuse the spelling; I’m Australian :) — which is what got me excited about it. I can see ways of using it that would stimulate my thinking about my fledgling blog (, and that would actually *improve the quality* of my posts, rather than just allowing me to churn things out more quickly. I think it would even spur me on to get some more posts up there, because the more mundane aspects of writing (formatting, editing, structure) would be taken care of, leaving me more time for creating better, more thoughtful content.

    So the bottom line is this, Pat: even if I’m not lucky enough to win a copy of the software, I strongly urge you to seek out three people who have demonstrated to you that they have the integrity to use it wisely, and in ways that add value to people’s lives — even if they don’t end up making a fortune as a result. I realise I’ve probably cruelled my chances of winning a copy by daring to express my concerns. But I hope what I say might resonate with at least a couple of others who read and enjoy your reports, and that my rant hasn’t been totally in vain! Thanks, Jim

  • Mommy Reporter

    You have provided yet another inspiring post! And now I not only have to get my online biz into shape, but my butt as well!! LOL

    As for the Article Factory, I would use that program to crank out my reviews quickly on my blog. I would also use it to write special reports, ebooks, and how-to articles for my blogs too. Oh, I just had another idea, I would also use it to create informational products to sell or offer as freebies.

    Thanks for sharing such useful and helpful info!!

  • Christine

    Hi Pat,

    I love your information! Several of you ideas have helped with my site and blog. I would love to get the “Instant Article Factory” especially for my “blank out” moments when I cannot think of a single post topic for my blog.

    Keep up the great work! What a great encouragement you are to all of us!

  • Shane

    I Just finished the video on IAF. Are you kidding me? This is Mad Libs for content generation. This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been blogging for a little less than a year and have always created my own content. As I sat and watched this video, I was amazed, not so much that it could spit out endless variations on given template, but that the templates created the writing framework for you. This is ingenious.

    I’ve read several comments by others who are doing article marketing on a high level. There is no doubt that this is article generation on steroids and you can crank out articles like McDonald’s cranks out McDoubles.

    What intrigued me about this tool was it’s great fit for quick blog post generation. Like many others I work full time and have family obligations. Sometimes, sitting down to write a blog post isn’t easy. IAF acts like a muse letting you focus on the content and not worrying so much about the mechanics.

    Thanks so much for sharing this tool with us.

  • Keisha


    You’ve thoroughly convinced me that P90X is worth the investment! Your transformation is impressive. I’ve been considering purchasing the program for months, but knew that time would be an issue for me. I think I still might start with their 10 minute trainer program and then ease into P90X (Is it even possible to ease into P90X? LOL)

    Pat, Instant Article Factory is amazing! Where has this been? I could feel the overwhelm lifting off my shoulders as I watched the video. Since article/content marketing is my main form of promotion I’ve purchased expensive article template packs, numerous information products on writing faster, tried pulling together a swipe file of titles/openings/transition phrases/closes and so on, all to make the process easier. After seeing the video, all these feeble attempts to writer faster dull in comparison to the power of Instant Article Factory.

    I don’ t want to outsource article marketing because I feel that writing is a strong point for me. But as a married mom working full-time, while trying to build my online business, time is a huge issue for me.

    Instant Article Factory would allow me to create “quality” articles, not some mangled jibberish, to distribute for traffic and SEO. Then I’ll have more energy to write the pillar content that will build my online presence.

    Plus the fact that I can plug in those expensive article templates I’ve already purchased is a huge bonus! Not to mention that I don’t have to waste time manually creating syntax strings. I could go on and on.

    Instant Article Factory would transform my business. I gotta have it!
    And it would be so nice to win it from you Pat! :-)


  • Radicalify

    Here’s my review of Instant Article Factory, which you suggested in your post. Hope it helps:

    I’ve seen a lot of article spinners but Shane above me nailed it. This is Mad Libs for articles and it really is a fantastic idea. I’m a little sad that I didn’t think of it myself. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve written in my time but it’s in the thousands. This will absolutely help someone new. I went ahead and purchased it simply because I thought it would be fun to make another 10-15 articles a day.

    What I’ve been doing with the articles is modifying the wordy nature of the articles and adding a bit of flair and attention to detail. It really does speed things along. I’d say my average article ends up reading very well in less than 10 minutes. If I cared less about quality, I could crank out article-directory-acceptable articles in 3-5 minutes.

    I’ve never been into spinning articles, so I don’t really use that feature but I could see how it would come in handy for a lot of folks. It’s effective and the ability to keep the variations in curly brackets (as accepted by some directories) is pretty cool.

    If nothing else, it acts as a nice repository for headlines and article types that I can use on a blog, too. So even though I’ve been in the Internet marketing game for a long while now and am wise enough not to spend money on too many things, I’ve made a purchase that I’m quite happy with.

    Thanks for introducing it to me Pat. It’s fun to play with :-)

  • Dustin Stevens-Baier

    Another great post Pat! I have actually been thinking about trying a diet/workout plan it seems like you recommend P90X? I will definitely have to check out instant article factory since I am having trouble getting some of my sites on the first page and writing articles seems like it takes so much time. Thanks again! Congrats on the month

  • Ingrid

    Thanks for sharing sooo much info Pat! And well done with the P90 X stuff! Love the Pics!

    If I had the Article Factory in my toolbox I could re-purpose some of my class notes and content that I already have earmarked for my newsletter, allowing me to send more time doing my number one job i.e. being a mommy to my 20 month old! (The pay is rubbish but the rewards are awesome :) )

    Thanks again and we LOVE the podcast!

  • Jenny Hones

    You always seem to be ahead of the curve Pat! I don’t know how you do it, but the energy you have is so positive and addictive because we can “feel” your passion. Can you spare me some please?

    Congratulations on transforming your body and health. When you have kids and family, it’s really important to be healthy for them too.

    Re: Instant Article Factory. Didn’t know such a thing existed, then wondered how I would use it. I am interested in sharing what others have taught me about design and culture and consider myself a messenger, not a teacher. I am also in the process of trying to start an online business.

    Since writing is not one of my strengths, it will really help me expand my articles with much less effort and will obviously save enormous time. This is a win win situation, whereby I can get my point across in a shorter amount of time without stressing, which means there is more time to share many more articles. Thanks for introducing this amazing product and it will be a thrilled to win!

  • Paul

    Hi Pat,
    Congratulations on your continued success. I’ll be honest though, I got pretty envious when I saw how quickly you had success with your niche sites.

    I’ve been working on my own for over 10 months and have only made around $40. :(
    I’ve been considering giving up for a while now. But today I saw your newsletter about article marketing & thought there may be some hope that I can still succeed. Please consider me for the free copy of Instant Article Factory. I haven’t done any article marketing so maybe that is the key to some better results.

    • Howie

      I hate to step on Pat’s toes here, Paul…but, someone once told me “It takes the same amount of effort to succeed online, as it does to fail”. Let me explain: many people work endless hours shooting arrows into the air, hoping that one will hit the target. This is exactly why tools like Market Samurai are so incredibly important. Where one person could write 100 articles and not make a penny, Market Samurai would help you to identify weakness in your competition. The BEST part about it, however, is that it will show you if it is really even in your best interest to TRY to compete. We’d all love to think that we could be the victor in every circumstance, but, online, that just isn’t possible….especially when you may have some hardcore competition, with perfected SEO that you, as one person (outside of having alot of money), just can’t flat-out compete. In those situations, Market Samurai would help you to effectively pick your battles and engage the ‘enemy’ where there is a higher likelihood of you “winning”.

      I didn’t mean for that to be a blatant plug for Market Samurai, but, well, sometimes it’s not even worth engaging an ‘enemy’.

      • Earl Flormata

        “Losing an illusion makes you wiser than
        finding a truth.” Ludwig Börne

      • Paul

        Thanks for the kick in the butt Howie.

        • Howie

          Did you end up purchasing Market Samurai, Paul?

          If so…what do you think?

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Another great month, Pat.

    Looking good, my man…

    I must say, I am personally looking into setting up some niche sites in the next couple of months. I will be getting my team to look at IAF, too.

    Stay cool.


  • Edge of David

    I make a living with niche sites, and backlinking is SOO boring. Its best to hire someone from elance to do it if you can afford it.

    SEO is important to blogs like yours. At first at least. Over time as you become more popular, people, as I’m sure you know start to search for passive income and pat flynn. So SEO and the big G become less and less important as your site grows. But SEO is a good way for new readers to find you, and seo is critical with niche sites as you said.

    I’m going to sign up for IAF, because your link has such a sweet discount. At $44 a year its such a low risk cost, even if it does not work out.

  • Kim

    I would use IAF for speeding up the time to write posts and unique articles for marketing. The benefit that I would get from it is TIME. Being a single mom, working out of the home, and building niche websites . Currently I have 2 and want to continue building more to have more time and freedom to spend with my family and building and growing my business.

  • Thu Nguyen

    Wow Pat, you look really great after 60 days! I’m thinking of getting my husband and self on the program as well. I haven’t been keeping up with your monthly reports but I found them below the post so I have some catching up to do.

    Video Review

    Instant Article Factory is great for those whose focus is churning out short but precise articles one after another. If you’re just getting into article marketing the templates themselves are something to not be missed. From how tos, reasons, avoidance and more, the ideas are endless when you have a certain keyword in mind and you want to optimize it.

    Overall, it’s pretty much like a madlabs fill-in. You know the pads we use to fill in missing words to come out with silly sentence in grade school, well it’s just like that just that the outcome is different. In fact, the quality is much more geared towards reasonable well written content.

    The best part is once you are done, saving the template will allow you to create more articles just from randomizing the word choices. Jon states that it’s great for submitting it to different sites online. This way you won’t get penalize. I thought that was the real kicker. The templates themselves were already mind-blowing but in saving it and generating more without filling in the words from before you can get the same quality results.

    I will absolutely love a copy of this software since I’m just getting into writing articles for directories as well as guest posting. This would help me so much with time constraints and give me more ideas on generating articles for niche sites which seems to be all the craze in the blogosphere as of late. The ultimate reason – I’m just lazy and anything that helps me get work done in less time is worth a try.

    Thanks for the amazing report Pat, talk to you soon.

  • Alan DeMille

    Hello Pat, I read this post earlier today, but just read the newsletter about Instant Article Factory. Your posts are already up to 164 from 139 earlier. After watching the video, I see some good use for the IAF and would like to try it.
    Congratulations on another super month.

    Thanks for all you share with us.

  • Sandra Hails

    Instant Article Factory is definitely very useful and powerful. I use an article software, however, it does not have a spin format. The obvious benefit for me to win the Instant Article Factory is to produce more and quicker content that maintains its quality and unique content. The benefit for me to win starts with content. Not only is CONTENT king but time is also a valuable resource. Thank you Pat for offering great information. Look forward to all those that have wonderful things to say about IAF.

  • Shannon Peron

    Hi Pat. I am so excited to have come to your website. If there is such a thing as an “Uber Newbie” here I am. I have recently been introduced to what blogging is really about by a family member. I always thought a blog was just someone putting their random thoughts or daily activities out into cyberspace with one post after another. Who has that much to say? Turns out I do. I have so much info and advice to give to people entering my field that I want to “Shout it from the mountain top” but I’ll settle for the internet. Never thought that there would be a a way to possibly make money at it. Even without the income aspect I am so looking forward to my new venture. Thanks to people such as yourself who are willing to impart their knowledge, I feel confident I can utilize the lessons you’ve learned along the way and not re-invent the wheel. Not being a professional writer, I am sure there will be plenty of days of writer’s block and a product like Instant Article Factory will definitely help to free my mind to focus on all the other aspects of producing a successful blog. Then, of course, I’ll have more time to read your articles. (I know that was shameless!!)

    Joking aside, your articles are very informative. They make me feel as if I can actually do this. I can, at least, feel confident going in knowing that I have great resources. Thanks a bunch.

  • Ginny

    Wow, Pat! IAF sounds like such a perfect tool. I am just starting out and could use it in the chapters I am writing in my new e-book which, by the way, you have inspired me to begin. Progress is good, but a tool like this could really make a big difference.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Jackie

    I had no idea there was even such a thing as article software. I thought the ability to “spin” for synonyms was the coolest part (well, unless you count my mental wanderings where I thought it looked fun because it vaguely reminded me of filling out mad libs as a kid…)

    Anyway, I think I would use it to have my son produce content for some “quick” sites that I have in mind.

  • Deanna

    Hey Pat,
    I’m always blown away by your income reports. It is kind a vicious cycle you’ve got me on. Every month I click the link in the email and get all hyped up to try some of the things you are successful at, and I have done some, have a bluehost account, with sites that mimic my interests and have done some for family. I try to monetize them whenever I can, which sometimes pays off, sometimes not so much. By week three or so, my job, my two rambunctiously perfect girls, and the darn laundry take over, and my passive income ambitions are covered up by dirty socks, so to speak.

    Fortunately your facebook posts keep me on track! I intend to follow your plan like the bible, (after I finish a photography site for my sister) to get a few target niches sites off my list. As you’ll see by me site and email address, lately I have been pouring all of my evening time into a site that has a very small target audience. And although it would totally rock to make some money from it, to progress some projects on THAT to-do list, that one isn’t about money.

    Of course I watched the IAF video – seems pretty hard to believe! My target is pretty narrow, but I think that may be a great way to post concentrated articles on several aspects of my topic, do you think it would work like that? – it seems to.
    And his sales page is so convincing I almost bought two copies! BUT, my husband, the realist, was skeptical that I would make the cash back soon enough to pay the cable bill…he’s probably right. And, we both don’t want to see our girls without their Spongebob fix!
    How random is this comment anyway?
    Anyhow, I’d like to enter your lifetime IAF giveaway. I can see how it could immediately get more traffic to the site that I am passionate about, and just might be part of the pieces that finally get me to a place where I can be home with these girls! So, consider me entered, fingers crossed! Have a great night!

  • Splork

    Oh Pat, I hate to see you go down the niche sewer. Why not play to your strengths and expand on your architecture/green exam business? It’s a waste of time spewing forth spammy content only to get slapped back by Big G.

  • Kathryn Jackson

    Hi from New Zealand, ANOTHER awesome article Pat…thanks for sharing Instant Article Factory…you’ve become my ‘business fairy’ (sorry but it’s true!) by constantly sharing ideas and hints to help me with my business. I’ve recommended your site to heaps of my contacts, and I know that they are also benefitting! So in the space of just two months (since I joined up!) I’ve written an eBook on coaching for managers using your fantastic tips (and now both my web designer AND my graphic designer have your eBook) and now I’m going to sign up for IAF. As a writer that sometimes struggles to find ‘creativity’ when the deadline for submitting to newspapers looms this is an awesome tool. It shall become my marketing tool for the eBook of coaching questions too…thanks so much and enjoy your passive income lifestyle – you TOTALLY deserve it!

  • Kurtis

    Thanks for all of the information in this post. It is allot to process, but it provides allot of ideas and inspiration to readers like myself. The Instant Article Factory seems to be a useful product as long as it is used as a tool for creating valuable content and not simply a random fill in the blank package. A previous comment compared it to madlibs. I love madlibs but I am not sure if my old madlibs books would make valuable content to my readers. Then again……

  • Marcus Baker

    Hi Pat,

    I have been following you for a short time and want to say that I appreciate not only the awesome value you provide but also for being “real”. Your month end reports are not over inflated hype which I have often found to be the case on the Internet.

    I have tried my hand at article marketing and found it very challenging. I have sometimes spent hours writing one article. When I have used spinning tools, often the articles end up making little sense. Outsourcing didn’t work for me either as I ended up with a lot of inferior articles which I didn’t want to put my name to. I have to say that I had pretty much decided to give up with articles until I heard about IAF from you.

    I believe the key to success online is keeping things simple and effective and that is exactly what I believe the benefits of using this awesome tool are, and I haven’t even touched on how much time it will save anybody who uses it.

    If I was to be one of the winners I would take action immediately and use the tool to help me support my marketing wherever I could. In particular to support my blog and also the micro niche blogs I want to start too. It would mean not giving up a strategy that I can see works for so many people and which I have just not been able to master yet.

    I’d like to thank you for your generous offer to give this to three people. I am a firm believer in the law of reciprocity because I know that when we give first, we get so much back in return. So apart form using the tool to further my own interests Pat I would definitely offer to use the tool, then write a post about it on my blog offering the tool to my readers but via your affiliate link. This is the one way I can think of right now that I could use to thank you and to give back to you too.

    Thanks Pat!


  • Karen at

    Hi Pat,

    Catching up on my reading tonight and good thing! Thanks again for sharing your Monthly Report, it is always very inspiring to see how you are growing SPI and that you are continuing to hone your skills. “So much to learn!”. That’s one of the many things I like about reading your blog—you boil it all down, saving me time and money.

    I watched the video at IAF and WOW, this looks like an amazing tool. We are growing our niche blog at, so I’ll be taking your tip to focus on Article writing to my desk first thing in the morning and crank out a couple of articles…it would be a lot faster to create more quality articles with the help of a free lifetime copy of Instant Article factory??? Count me in for the ask,I’d love to win a copy through SPI.

    Also kudos on the fitness program, now you can keep up with the little one?!

    All the best, [email protected]

  • Tigue Burgess

    Thanks for posting your monthly reports online and being so open. It gives me a real insight into what is working for others.

    As for my entry for the software:
    I would love to have this kind of quickness for writing articles as well as blog posts because there seems to always be a lack of time to produce the content I need to produce. I have a wife and 2 kids to think of when utilizing my time, the reason I wanted to get in to internet marketing is so I could better provide for my family, both monetarily and time wise.
    Time with my family is what’s important to me so this software would allow me to produce the content I need to be successful in a time conscious manner.

    Thanks for the chance to win… and keep up the good info!

    P.S. I found your blog when I happened to come across one of your videos on you tube about creating a facebook page, not really knowing that I had already heard of you, I finally put it together while listening to your podcast… I had heard Stirling and Jay talk about you on their podcast. Small world!

  • Perfect Business Tools

    Doing business smartly requires perfect business tools to help you minimize time-consuming tasks so that you can spend time wisely focusing on building strategy for your overall business success – this is where I think IAF would fit in perfectly!

    In my short and concise opinion, I am 100% confident in leaving my article writing tasks to IAF because it has been created by someone who knows what it takes to be successful in this industry. There is no reason not to trust.

  • Jenns

    Nice stuff!

  • Kiley

    DAMN, Pat! You look great, bro! With every success story I read regarding P90X I get more and more excited about starting. P90X is truly an investment, not just a product.

  • Gert

    Hi Pat!

    I’m glad to hear that you can constantly make very nice income. I’m following your blog and your great tips already for a year or so. I made a e-book because of your free killer e-book, it was so inspiring.

    Just watched Article Factory video. Thanks for that! Amazing!!! I need that soft too!(I hope I can get it from You, but if not, I’ll buy it). Why I need it? Well, English is not my mother language and Its hard to pull out a good content for my blog in English. That piece of software could give me a lot of help and more quality for my blog articles.
    Love your blog and your advices! You can make it so clear and simple!


  • Mark

    Hey Pat. Love the website. I actually came across your name via your first podcast(loved it by the way) about a week ago. I was just searching for anything having to do with making money online on Itunes and I thought your podcast looked very interesting. Then, I of course, found my way here. Your story is very inspiring to me because, like you, I got laid off as well due to a number of factors. Since that time I have not been able to get a job that sticks. Right now, I do lawncare with my father in law which I do actually really like but its only seasonal and I will soon be out of a job again. My wife does have a good job and I am actively looking so this isn’t a sob story. Im just looking at all of these events as a reason to get going on something that I think I might truly love and at the same time make money doing it. I am seriously considering niche marketing. Ive done a lot of reading on the topic and this Instant Article Factory software sounds like something that could help kickstart everything. I would love for you to consider me.

    Anyways, I am a bit of a procrastinator. I like to soak in as much info as I can before I get started and that often doesn’t end up in me taking any action. Your website has really motivated me to get started. I love how much of an open book you are about your successes and failures. Its easy to see that you are being real with everyone and thus, trustworthy. Thanks for the amazing info you’ve already provided on your site. It really does help and inspire. I look forward to more.


  • Teri

    Hey Pat:
    I sent you a personal email via your contact me form b/c this link was not available. I don’t have a copy of what I said; hopefully you’ll find it. The bottom line is that I’d use the Article Factory software to drive traffic to my 3 very different websites for my brick-and-mortar businesses, and help more people by providing them with valuable content.

    The honest truth is that I hate writing; I think my writing sucks and b/c of that, I don’t do it. The drawback is that I don’t spread the word about the good stuff I learn; don’t drive traffic to my site and don’t get as many clients as I could.

    This software looks fun, like Ad-Libs. I’m sure you will have to google the term, but basically it’s fill-in-the-blanks fun! I’d definitely use this software a LOT, and would also post stuff in newsletters (which I don’t do for the same reason)!

    Thanks for the great content you provide, and for introducing tools that save time!


  • Scott VanHoogstraat

    I would LOVE a copy of the Article Factory… I watched the video and would use it to write incredible articles for my blog…thanks so much again, SVH

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  • Emily

    Oh, my goodness. I have to say that your contest could not have come at a better time for me.

    For the last couple of months, I have been writing articles, spinning them, and submitting them. I use a couple of membership sites (writing articles site and an article spinning/submission site) and a virtual assitent to get this all done. I have been working hard to increase my site traffic and have been very successful through the article marketing and social media. I have over 20 pages on top 10 of Google SERPS (for keywords that I have chosen) and my traffic has doubled. I have gone from 40 to over 600 backlinks. Next is to monetize that traffic.

    However, I have spent way too much money on getting the traffic, and my clients’ contracts have been over for a few weeks now, and the new clients are taking forever to get started. So, I am strapped for cash and am doing everything to try to get more money coming in so that I can keep up with the article marketing and using my virtual assistants.

    I had to stop paying the writing service for articles and am now writing them myself to save money. My virtual assistants take excessively long writing articles and their time is better spent helping me with other tasks that help to bring in traffic and build backlinks. I don’t want to loose my virtual assistants, although they are slow writers, they are great at everything else and have helped me so much. It is very hard to find people that have a great attention to detail and they have that.

    In addition, I have been working so much to also get a new product launch out and I am just feeling horrible because I want to spend more time with my two kids who have been terribly bored this summer thanks to me. If I can get this software, I will have more time to get my product launch out, make more money from that to be able to spend more time with my kids and not worry about doing time-consuming consulting work. Heck, hopefully with the income from the product launch I can finally take my 10 year old to Lego Land in California (he has been begging to go) before he is too old and loses interest in it.

    This article software can be used by my virtual assistants as well. It would save so much time for us to focus on automated product launches. I was also wanting to create some niche sites as well. I have been for a year now, but have been busy with school the last year (got my Master’s in Internet Marketing) and improving the rankings and traffic of my current site. It really is time for me to start some niche sites too, and this software can really help my virtual assistants help me get a few up quickly.

    I really do love consulting and helping people, but I really need to have more passive income to have more time for my kids. Not to mention my husband got the P90X from a friend at work and has wanted to do it with me but I don’t have the time. Hope he is not trying to tell me something, his parents gave us a treadmill too ;p. After seeing your results, I am going to talk to him again about starting it.

    Thank you so much for your offer. I really hope that you can find it in your heart to choose me.

    I also want to add that I really love your blog. It really has been great seeing your successes and learning from you.

  • Carey Podcast Transcriptionist

    Hi Pat!

    What stunning results from P90X!

    As always your monthly report is insightful and inspiring.

    With regards IAF, I’ve never used anything like it…but would very much like to try this one. Coming out with great contents is something I’ve really struggled with, unlike people like you!

    And, if you are using it, IAF can’t be bad! In fact, I need it badly!

  • Shawna

    Hi, Pat! Long-time lurker here. Love reading your income reports each month. I spend my days as a content mill writer, which I hope to be able to stop doing someday and just make $$$ off my own websites. I actually hate being a part of mucking up the web with the tripe I get paid to write for the content mill, which is why I’d love a shot at the IAF!

    I already have a bunch of domain names, but they don’t get the attention they deserve due to all the time spent writing crappy content for the “man.” Writing stuff I actually want to write for my own sites is the ultimate goal for me – and to make a living from it, of course. I would love to use IAF to make some articles I can submit to directories for backlinks to the sites I have been slowly building. I think that would really give the sites a boost, and help me break free from the reigns of literary prostitution! heh

    Many thanks for offering up such an awesome opportunity! And thanks for the inspiring monthly income reports!

  • Daniel

    Another great month! As others have mentioned, you’re monthly report is so enlightening an encouraging. Thank you!

    Now as for IAF. This comes at a the perfect time for me. I have two niche sites that I’m in the process of building back links for. It’s kind of a struggle because I’m new at this and it’s hard to tell what’s working and what’s not. I’ll use IAF to add article marketing to my SEO tactics and hopefully give these sites the shot in the arm they need.

    Thanks again!

    • Daniel

      You know what? I checked out instant article factory and decided to just buy it (at the speical Pat Flynn price). I just wrote my first article and even modified the template quite a bit – and it still only took me about 10 minutes. This includes time spent going back to the video to refresh my memory about some of the fields. I can tell already that this is a great service, and I’m definitely going to get my moneys worth.

      Pat, one thing I’d like to see is a post about deciding which article sites to submit to. There are so many that it’s kind of dizzying.

      Thanks a lot for the heads up on this product!

  • Tri Khuc

    Hey Pat, with Admob, did you have to submit your Iphone app to the market first before you get the script to put into your Iphone app? I’m in the midst of building my first Android app right now and it seems like they need your application’s market address first before it is able to generate an ad script. Is that so with the Iphone apps?

    Also, how many Iphone apps do you have on the market to be able to generate that much revenue per month?

  • Kyle

    Hey Pat, digging the results so far from your P90X experience. I checked out IAF and thought it seemed like a useful product and had the potential to save a lot of time. I have been in the process of starting a blog but have been putting it off for quite some time, the reason (at least my justification) is I would like to have several (20+) articles that I have prewritten and can use for the first few months. I literally have pages and pages of ideas for quality content, but alas, have not started on the actual articles yet. I see IAF as a chance to give myself the kick in the rear I need to get started pumping out articles and get my site up and running. Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work!

  • Sammy | Best Home Business

    Hey Pat, its great that you have included your body weight results in your monthly financial report. Its really great. Ultimately if we earn a decent income and we don’t have a fitter body and great health, doesn’t make much sense.

    Very impressive results with your fitness program, I must say. Keep it up.

    • linus

      Hey Pat

      looking at your pictures, I’m out of shape but I do remember how strong and full of energy I felt when excercising… from 1st of september I ll start again, with a diet too 😀

      About Instant Article Factory… UAO ! That is genius, you can also add some templates yourself outher than the multiple ones included !! I believe once you have it, you can start building your business as IM content writer from scratch :-)

  • Swapna

    Dear Pat,

    You are the source of my inspiration. I am in awe of you! I am still at the beginning of the path, but I am making concrete and workable plans now.

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity with IAF. It is indeed amazing how a little correct automation can simplify the writing of an article. The speed and quality of the outcome is superb. I have two e-books ready to market on my own. With the Article Factory I am sure that I can do a great job. This is especially good when you need to propel your product/ site and suffer from writer’s block.

    Thank you for the wonderful tips and products you always send our way – your blog readers and followers.

    Warmest regards,

  • Adrian Chira

    Hi Pat,

    thanks for the awesome news and insights you shared with your post. I am impressed on your success on P90X. I have also a question for you: Do you use IAF also for your emails? I always thought that your messages are so easy to read and go directly to the point. Also most of them made me click through (like the on form this morning that made me come to your post and leave this comment).
    I am thinking to give IAF a try. While I blog in 2 languages, it will help me improve my blogging at least on one. My strategy is to create at least one article from scratch (for each blog I have) every week and for the rest to use the template. Unfortunately for me the frequency of posting has decreased dramatically so this tool would help me get back on track. Also I think that the randomizing functionality of the IAF is one that I could benefit most. I have 2 blogs that in most cases will get similar content. One is related with inbound marketing for small business and deals with how to promote your blog, site in order to increase your traffic and exposure, while the other is a personal branding site. In both cases I write about blogging, optimizing content and social media. While I do not want to post the slightly changed content on both blogs I think that getting this possibility to randomize one article and get another one in couple of minutes is the one that will save me the most time.

  • Mark

    Hi Pat,

    You’ve got a lot of great stuff in this months report. I’m particularly stoked about the new podcast. I’ve been waiting for it and episode 2 especially did not disappoint. I enjoyed the interview with Mark Mason because I’m in a similar situation so I walked away with some good tips.

    I went through Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge a couple months ago and am currently working on developing niche sites based on that model (which HEAVILY relies on article marketing). The problem is, I work a demanding job and come home to a wife and 3 kids (ages 3,2 and 3months). After an hour with the kids, one with the wife and a couple chores, i’ve got from about 10pm to 1am to get down to business. I’d use IAF to better leverage my time to focus on videos, commenting on blogs and forums, writing high quality content for my sites, setting up auto-responders, creating my own products etc.

    For anyone wondering where to submit these articles, right now I’m manually submitting articles to Ezine Articles, Hubpages, Infobarrel, Scribd, Squidoo, and Blogger mini blogs. Any tips on other good places to submit?

  • Kevin

    Just when I start to lose a little steam, I come to SPI and get completely pumped again. Pat, I can’t tell you how much your website motivates me!

    I’ve clicked about every affiliate link that I can just so I can tell you thanks again for what you are doing for me and my family.

    Now I’m pumped about article marketing… dangit! :-)

  • Ian @ InMyHomeOffice

    Hey Pat

    Great blog post and great results with P90X. Before IM I was an Electrician and never suffered with weight problems… now it is very hard to get my bum off the seat and tend to sit there for many, many hours every day… the result… weight gain, not good !!

    That Instant Article Factory looks like a great bit of software which I’ve just bought through your link. JL always produces quality products so at that price it’s a steal.

    I’ve been paying for articles to be written but by the time I complete the instructions, wait for the article and then tweak it when I get it back… it would be quicker, easier and cheaper to use Instant Article Factory. Thanks for the tip and the discount :)

    Pat, which plugin do you use to get the subscribe to my popular newsletter function in the comments… a very good idea.


    Ian McConnell

  • Carl Kwan

    Hey Pat,

    Hope Keoni and the wife are doing well. 2 months ago I quit my cushy job teaching English to lawyers here in Korea to focus on building my business and spending more time with my family. And that’s what I’d do with IAF, spend time with my 23 month old son Ethan and my wife Dong Eun without having to think about writing articles and producing content to earn money to take care of my family.

    My business partner and I have been getting into article marketing and have spent so much time getting the content ready. We’ve both got young kids and are doing this whole Internet business thing in our spare moments to get out of the rat race and live life as its supposed to be lived… Doing what we want with those that we love most.

    Anyway, cool that you’re doing this and thanks always for being cool and sharing so much of you and your time.

    All the best, dude.


  • Dev –

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome Post. You’re looking great after 60 days. Great :).

    Wow.. 200 commentss..

    My plan of using IAF –

    The IAF software looks awesome. One of the great feature of IAF i like is “Write once, reload the article, and with a few tweaks you’ve got another piece of unique content in seconds.”

    I’m currently working on some niche sites with high competition. I’ve already started working on article marketing, but it’s really hard for me to write so many articles.
    so i think IAF software will going to help me a lot.
    I’m basically going to use IAF for article marketing and for some niche blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post, as always. You rock :).

  • Mikel

    There’s only one thing I can say, wow!!!!

    I just purchased IAF through your link, and it’s just amazing. I’m glad to receive this kind of recommendations, among all the “rubbish” being thrown at IMers nowadays, being made aware of a gem like this is refreshing, so to speak.

    Regarding their claims, I can confirm they stand true. First, Jonathan promises in the video they’d add more templates. Well, they seem to have done so, already, I’ve found more templates available now than those shown in the demo video.

    Second, and the most important fact to me, I’m still a “9-to-5-er” trying to build my way up in IM to make a significant change in my life. I like niche research and keyword research, and I love promotion and marketing activities in general. But honestly, creating content, specially articles, is a pain to me. This piece of software has definitely made my day, I’ve created two articles in 15 minutes, while it took me almost 4 hours yesterday to just finish one manually.

    Thanks a lot for pointing us to this service, Pat!!

  • Michael

    Hey Pat,

    Wow, congrats on the weight loss, dude! A few years ago, I lost 20kgs (not sure what that is in US currency ha!) through eating low-fat, low-GI foods and a structured work-out. I would run 2 days a week, lift weights 2 days a week, and pretend I was a rock star 2 days a week. By that I mean I would put on my fav. rock music, typically Guns-N-Roses, jump up and down and throw myself around the house like a mad man for 2 solid hours.

    Loving these monthly reports. I, too, echo the sentiments of others here in that they are very inspirational .

    All the best with the niche marketing sites.

    You rock!

  • Bill Sterling

    Pat, the Instant Article Factory was an awesome video. What a great writer’s tool. I am going to do some more research on it and am considering getting it. Thanks for making it available. Bill Sterling

  • Steph

    Hi Pat!

    I’ll leave my formal entry down here, because I am late to the party (what happens when you are all work and no play :)

    I would love to win IAF, just watched the video and it looks like a fabulous tool for any article marketer.

    With several niche sites of my own, it would be awesome to cut back on the time it takes to promote them. I write for others as well, so my own work (which hopefully will earn money longterm) tends to get neglected.

    Plus, having a time saving tool that overcomes writer’s block would definitely be helpful. That tends to be my biggest problem in writing – after you’ve already written 10 articles for other people, writing your own is especially difficult.

    And with four children (3 not yet in school), getting everything done in under 2 hours a day can be challenging.

    This software looks like it would definitely help overcome writer’s block. Also, the built in spinning function looks awesome! Just writing one article for all the directories would be a huge time saver. I also like that you can add your own templates – it makes everything more original.

    Anyhow, congratulations on losing the weight! I’ve heard so much about P90X – it seems everyone is using it right now! I’m down to my last few pounds post baby (born in February, just a little bit after your little one). But I like the gym since they have free childcare :)

  • Jena Casbon

    You continue to be an inspirational for both how things CAN be done and how WE can do them.

    As far as the Instant Article Factory goes, here’s how I would use it. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who teaches fellow PT, OT and SLP therapists how to go into buisness for themselves treating private patients. These patients have autism, stroke, brain injuries, hearing impairments etc. If I am able to help more therapists learn to reach out to more patients, I am helping patients and families have access to the services they need.

    Article marketing is something that I have done- but I haven’t generated nearly the amount of articles I need to to help both therapists AND patients. This service would help everyone that I serve AND everyone that THEY will serve!

  • Allan

    Hi Pat,
    I’m loving the podcasts (especially the different voiceovers at the start!). Congratulations on another good month.

    Thanks for the link to IAF. Things I like about it:

    – The range of templates available – a good way to overcome writer’s block.
    – Being able to edit all fields, including the pre-written text.
    – Having the ability to spin text in the pre-written template text.
    – Having a thesaurus option where it will suggest additional words suitable for spinning.
    – The ability to nest my spun words withing sentences.
    – Being able to create my own templates and share them with others.
    – Having access to templates others have created.
    – Being able to produce documents that have the spun text with them so I can submit them to article directories that take care of the spinning for me.
    – It’s so quick and easy to create new articles.

    How I’d use it:

    I probably won’t use it on my main blog. I prefer to write longer, more in-depth articles on that site.

    I can see a use for IAF for creating content for a couple of niche sites I’ve set up in music-related areas. I know enough about the topics to be able to create the content. IAF would enable me to produce a wide range of articles in a short space of time that I could use on those sites as well as distributing to various article directories to provide backlinks with suitable anchor text. I don’t need long articles on those niche sites – just shorter articles that provide some relevant information that leads the reader on to suitable affiliate products.

    IAF appears to be a simple way to write spun articles that actually make sense, in a short space of time. I’ve seen some other spinners that are a lot more manual in nature, and take ages to complete. IAF does it’s job well in a short space of time. I can see myself using this with Dragan Naturally Speaking to easily produce a bunch or articles every week that I can distribute without worrying about any duplicate content issues. It can only get better as the community of users grows.

  • Derek Farren

    Thanks Pat!
    One question, does IAF support other languages?

  • Adam “The Successful Geek” Teece

    Awesome job with P90X. I have been looking at that a bit since I just turned 27 today and I want to keep in great shape, especially since I am starting to get speaking gigs.

    I love your podcast and I am sorry to say I haven’t been keeping up with your blog as much lately, but only because I have been focused on producing content instead of consuming so much.

    Now as far as IAF goes, I’d love to win it and I will be purchasing it through your link. I am doing The Challenge like many people and I bought Market Samurai last year but I’ve really been struggling to make any money online. This year’s Challenge is helping a lot more and the Free Writing training he gave was an amazing breakthrough for me. With IAF I will double my output in the alloted 10 minutes of Free Writing.

    Money is still really tight and financially last year was my worst year ever. Overall though it was my best year ever because it laid the groundwork for this year and I fully expect to hit my goal of millionaire status by age 30. Especially with people like you to give tips, tricks and shortcuts as well as motivation.

  • alicia

    Hello Pat,

    Thanks again for sharing your earnings. Your transparency is very refreshing.
    I must confess I have not done ANY article marketing…yet. To be honest, I was kind of afraid of it. The concept alone seems so daunting and time consuming.
    With IAF, this would allow me to continue to focus on content creation on my site. I really want to do more videos but am learning and tweaking how to create quality, timely videos.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Joan Vernikos

    I just bought the IAF without a second thought. I know it will be valuable. I write lots of articles, agonize for days, tweak and re-tweak and have been terrified of starting a Newsletter and blog because I know I’ll be working 24 hours. I have loads of material but the process I have been going through is scary. IAF has the potential of liberating me from my perfectionist hangups. I cannot wait to dig in. Thank you for the revelation.

    All your recoms are outstanding. I only wish I could keep up with you.I am a senior, a huge group you are perhaps neglecting, and I find that you are getting hyper and I find you are leaving me behind. Perhaps one thing you could do for us less technology savvy folks is have someone take your existing SPI advice and slow it/ dumb it down in a stepwise fashion so that the likes of me and the other several million over-60s market could join your clan and continue to benefit.
    You have saved me a lot of time as it is. I no longer need to surf the web, I only look for your advice. It helps that you are a born teacher.
    Love those photos but most of all is the ‘after’ smile.

    Best of luck and thanks,

    Joan Vernikos

  • Harry

    Love the newsletter and making time to tune into the podcast. The IAF software looks interesting as a Mad Libs style writer/spinner. It’s not that revolutionary, but I’m in for winning a lifetime copy.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about working with your VA.

  • Gillian | Internet Marketing Coach

    Hi Pat

    I just attached the video of IAF for the second time and have to admit it liked it even more this time. I’m just in the process of taking on an outsource worker in the Philippines and think this would be an ideal way for them to write content for me.

    Even better, once they’re really up to speed with the software they will be able to create their own templates and make it even more valuable.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. I really enjoy reading it!


  • TrafficColeman

    Yo Pat

    I see you finally got a chance to drop July monthly statements, by the way i love your last podcast interview you did with BlogCast…Hopefully I can get an interview from them soon myself..but I just stopped by to say keep the great content coming and I wish you the best.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • Scott Costello

    Holy Crap I’m late to the party!

    Here is my entry

    I’ve tried to a handful of niche sites before and they usually end up dying out because it’s so painful to write articles over and over again about the same topic. Between working a 9to5 job, starting a real estate investing business and learning about internet marketing there just isn’t enough time in the day to write the number of articles needed to support my niche sites.

    My reasons are nothing out of the ordinary so if you pick me I’ll be your best friend :)

  • Financial Samurai

    Love the before and after shot PAtt!

    Keep up the good work on making big bucks.

    Go Bears!

  • sammy

    You are doing greate

  • Anna Haller

    First of all, I am new to your blog and I have to say I am very impressed by 1.) the way you deliver your content, very personable 2.) your willingness to help and to go into detail exactly how to make a passive income and 3.) the overall value that you give on your blog which is an awesome resource for a person like me.

    I have been struggling in the online world for the past 6 months and still have not made any money. I want to do it the right way and I know that it takes time but it’s just taking me longer I guess. I am really going to have to take a weekend to study your strategies and techniques because you definitely have a lot of good advice to give and I know that it works because you have proof.

    I’ve watched the video on Instant Article Factory and this is just what I need as I am starting to market to offline businesses to offer writing articles for them. This will definitely assist me in being effective with my time and will allow me to bring on more clients. I am also a bit tight on money right now so this would help me out in this area as well. I know this is exactly what I need to be able to do this with ease and I thank you for your consideration in picking me (even though I’m kind of late).

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me (a struggling internet marketer) but not for long. Take care!


  • Mike Ziarko Musing

    Pat, this is fantastic. The 10 minute video on IAF willing save me a lot of headaches. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Michele

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been following you for quite a while now and I am always impressed with your monthly income. I’m hoping that with the release of my first ebook, next week, I can duplicate at least a portion of your success.
    As a content writer, myself, I have always known that article marketing was a lucrative way to bring in traffic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Greg

    Pat – thank you for your time & I know how much time needs to be spend working on a site like yours. You are earning the money even if it its “passive”. I look forward to learning more and earning more. Cheers.

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve been following your blog since you started posting about eHow. I have a day job, and had never tried any attempt at online business, but your eHow articles were interesting, and ultimately convinced me that writing eHow articles was a viable way to make a little bit of money on the web.

    I took the recommendation from your blog posts and bought Maria’s eHow eBook. I was skeptical at first and thought that it would be pretty much impossible for a regular guy to make money on the internet, but I followed your advice and sure enough it payed off. I was having fun writing eHow articles and I was turning them out at a good clip.

    I even wrote an eBook about some of the tricks that I had been learning about optimizing eHow articles. I was working on the final design and layout when eHow decided to begin only accepting submissions through the Demand Media process. I decided not to continue writing for Demand Media, because I’d rather keep the rights to my own work.

    I still have 228 articles on eHow (user: ccard123) and they continue to bring in money each month; however I am ready to branch out and try to find a new online project.

    I’ve always been slightly skeptical about niche site marketing, but with your recommendation, I’m ready to jump in. Your eHow recommendations panned out for me just as your blog described, and I’m confident that since you are now putting your recommendation behind article marketing, it has a good chance of working for me too.

    I’d definitely like to try Instant Article Factory as my next internet venture. I’m not just interested in making a quick buck and I’ve proven that I have the stamina to engage in a sustained content creation project; however, I am excited at the possibility of receiving new tools that will allow me to dip my toes into niche market article marketing.

    Some of my better performing eHow articles drive a trickle of traffic to a Clickbank product, that I’ve found to be useful, and I’d like to try to use article marketing to build on the traffic and increase the revenue that I earn from affiliate commissions.

    If I win one of the subscriptions to Instant Article Factory, I’ll be happy to share my progress with you and the rest of the Smart Passive Income community!

    In any case, thanks again for all of the great information!

  • Lily Chambers

    Hey, Pat. Great job on the weight loss – keep it up! (or going down, as the case may be :)). IAF looks like an awesome product for my purposes! I am the Publisher/Editor of The Virtual Evolution (a free subscription ezine by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs) and could really use something like IAF to help me continue to produce useful, effective articles for my readers. I often have ideas I would like to share but time to write the articles is definitely at a premium so many of the potential articles have to wait. IAF would let me produce these valuable articles on a more regular, consistent basis to help ‘spread the word.’ Thanks for the heads-up about this program! (and I hope I win a copy :D)

  • Ryan


    Your monthly income reports are very inspiring and appreciated. They are proof some good ideas followed up with a smart strategy can produce great results. Thank you for helping us reach our dreams with the great content and learning from this site.

    The IAF looks amazing! I started a hyperlocal running website and would like to get more articles on the blog to keep up with the growing traffic but I just don’t have the time to do so. Something like IAF would easily help me to double my content in the same amount of time, which is a no brainer to me!

    As always thanks for sharing what is working for you and the tips and tricks that you use.

  • Gayle McLaughlin

    Pat–I have subscribed to your RSS feed for about a year. I first heard about your blog and business on [Thank you for your information and recommendations. You really provide insight and value in all you do. I have a bachelors in English and I can usually write articles pretty easily. But this IAF software really sounds promising at first glance. I know in Ehow articles it paid to spin off new articles. This process could be made a lot easier by this software. I am considering buying this software, but I have to explore it a little more. I am participating in the 30 day challenge with Ed Dale (have you heard of this?) and I am learning a lot. This software could be very helpful in completing the challenge. Thanks again!

  • Billy Hart

    Hi Pat,
    I would love to win the Article Factory! I have been blogging since 2005 but got serious this year with a new blog. I am now trying to make some passive income.

    It is hard to write well consistently. I have been struggling to get guest writers for my blog and I cannot pay anyone at this point.

    I think this tool would be a great help in the goal to leave the rat race!


  • Brian Wooden


    Thanks for the great tips and advice! I am sure you have inspired a new wave of ‘Net entrprenuers. Seeing your monthly income reports always gives me a little extra push to focus my efforts and go for it!

    As for Instant Article Factory, all I can say is Wow! The biggest problem I have always had is writing engaging content on my sites. I think IAF would be a GREAT tool to help me learn more about what makes a great article to keep my audience’s attention!

    Finding little gems like this on the Internet is one of the main reasons I frequent your site!

    As always thanks a million!

  • Tim Brill

    Cool tool! I’m in the process of launching some niche sites as well using a drop shipper. I’ve been learning a lot about SEM and have come to appreciate the power of articles to drive traffic. I have yet to write one, but with the assistance of Instant Article Factory maybe it would prompt me to take the next steps. Great site! You are an inspiration. Just heard you on another podcast – Virtual Business Lifestyle. Looking forward to checking yours out next.

    My Very Best!

  • Dave

    Hello Pat,

    Been following your blog for a few months and it has truly inspired me. I’ve been getting my tools together and learning everything I can on niece sites. I’ve launched my first one and it is up and running, going way too slow (mostly because of my lack of understanding of key issues), but it is up and I am making changes daily.

    From someone who struggles with writing and engaging readers, I’m hoping the IAF will be able to help me write a better article. I see now that it is imparative that I not only write great posts but I can see where article marketing is a must. I can see where IAF will help me with that also.

    Congrats Pat on the P90x & most importantly your new addition to your family. From 1 dad to another.

  • Alan

    As usual, I don’t know how you find these great new tools. I’m in the process of creating a new blog and IAF will allow me to build my pillar articles up faster and more effectively.

    Plus, my partner Karen at said that we need to get our name in TWICE to win your give away of Instant Article Factory. She says it will save her hours of time writing articles. She needs the extra time to focus on writing pillar content about fine art marketing for our readers. Please help Karen….we need IAF! :)

  • Bob Knight

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and really impressed by your transparency. It’s great that you’ve opened up a voice of Internet Marketers beyond guru’s and shown that there’s a hungry market out there for it.

    Great to hear about the podcast. I just downloaded both episodes and look forward to checking them out on my flight tonight.

    IAF looks like a great piece of software as well. Although it also opens up ideas about how one can spin the template portions as well to get exponentially more of the the product!

  • Willie Pritchett

    Pat, I cannot tell you how happy I was to receive the email from you this morning about the Instant Article Factory. At this point, my mouth is still open from disbelief. Having just literally (and I do mean literally), created 7 niche websites and two websites to discuss technology and healthcare (respectively), I was wondering “how am I going to be able to run my businesses as well as write content everyone would enjoy?”

    Seems as if IAF is going to be the answer to that equation! After reviewing the first few minutes of the video, I thought that the program would be not too useful if everyone would have the same content, but the next minute took care of that. The software is really intuitive and in-depth. While spinning is a key feature, being able to have overused templates rewritten from scratch by the developer is AWESOME!

    From the post, I have used virtual assistants for the past seven months and like most people who dont start a blog with a mailing list often ask, “why didnt I do this much sooner?” In this fast pace world, trying to do it all yourself just doesnt cut it. And finding a quality VA fro the Philippines has become very easy with Odesk. They have been invaluable to me and my ability to get things done.

    Thanks again for the post. As always, these monthly income posts give me inspiration to keep going! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

  • jared

    Would love to hear how the 1ShoppingCart thing is going. I’ve considered them as well (hope to hear more from you on that).

    I have about 8 niche sites and they make OK money right now. Would love to hear more about how you promote clickbank products as I haven’t had that much luck selling anything from clickbank. But then my keywords and niche’s are probably completely different.

    I watched the IAF video and it looks just like another article spinner to me. I’ve tried several and honestly it takes more time to learn, then re-write the crappy articles they put out then it is to just write a 3-400 word article myself. Just my 2cents.

    • Pat

      Hey Jared, I’ll definitely let you know about 1ShoppingCart.

      About IAF, at first I thought it was just “another article spinner” too, and while it is, it’s so much more because you can customize your own templates (or edit the existing ones so they don’t come out crappy), which I’ve found to be the most powerful feature, and something you can’t do with any other pieces of software out there. The templates they provide for you are well done, but I’ve made a few that are even better and tuned just for my niche sites.

      Just my 2 cents back :)

      Cheers Jared!

  • Kristi

    That is probably the most comprehensive monthly summary I’ve every seen, especially including personal goals as well. Congrats on getting fitter – I hear P90X does some amazing things. I have only seen the yoga video thusfar, but it really does kick your a** when you try to do it, so I can only imagine the results if you were fully involved in the entire program.

    Market Samurai is definitely a great program for keyword research – I had a guest post on my site last month about it, and I ended up buying it after messing with the free trial. You can’t get alot of the information they supply without buying even more expensive tools or going to multiple sites for research which eats up a lot of time, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

  • Jillian

    Hey Pat!

    Those numbers are looking good. I’ll be especially interested to see your niche sites grow, since that’s something I’m moving into doing soon too. Congratulations on the success so far – and on your Bowflex — I mean P90x body! So awesome to see motivated people achieving results.

    Throwing my name in for the IAF contest:

    I’d find quite a few uses for IAF if I could get my hands on it. First and foremost, writing articles faster would free me up to do other things – like learn and experiment with different facets of the business I’d like to build.

    I hope to attract some freelance writing clients in the coming months, so being able to write their articles quickly with IAF and then tweak as needed would let me offer incredible turnaround times. Being able to provide an awesome service FAST would be a big bonus as someone just starting out.

    Last but not least, using IAF on a regular basis would help me hone my writing in general. Not everything I write is going to be appropriate for IAF, but using the tips and techniques in the program would help me make all my writing faster and more effective.

    Good luck to all the contest entrants!

  • Ryan England

    Your entire section on niche sites is exactly what I have been doing for all my sites. Great to see that someone who I know is doing the right thing, is doing what I’ve been doing. Thanks. ~Ryan

  • Elias

    Good day Pat. It is always a pleasure to read what is going on with your enterprises. You are inspirational 110%. I have been following your blog since it started and actually passed my LEED exam thanks to your material. I am almost ready to launch an internet site where I will be writing a lot of articles about spiritual, mental and physical health and IAF fits right there for me. I have been going through a very bad year. I lost my job back in March due to a rare mental health condition my wife is suffering, and we had to change our address to a different city as well. I am dedicated to take care of her and our 3 kids full time for now, but I have been planning to build this site for a long time and I hope you can help me out with the software. I do plan to be in SD this October to take my eit exam and hopefully we can meet in person for lunch of coffee.
    Congratulations with your P90X project. I will try to follow that example as well.

    Thanks a lot Pat for your inspiration and contributions.


  • Joey

    Great post, Pat, and thanks for turning me on to IAF. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say that I would use IAF to start building up my online marketing chops and generate some (hopefully) rapid income. I love Internet marketing and I’m dedicated to making my living online, but I’m frankly overwhelmed by all the possibilities and I’m experiencing “analysis paralysis”. Article marketing looks like a good place to jump in and just start doing something, however small. IAF would definitely reduce the barrier to entry. Thanks again for the post!

  • J Griffin

    First off, congrats on the P90X results and for being brave enough to post those pictures online. P90X is a really solid program and I hope you continue to see some killer progress over the next month.

    Secondly… As some have said before, thank you so much for being transparent and sharing information as freely as you do. SPI, Glen’s ViperChill and a few smaller sites have become my go-to resources for learning the ins and outs of building an online business. The amount of knowledge you share here is truly astounding and, as someone who has only recently begun the journey of creating an income online, is so incredibly helpful. There is so much garbage out there and so few real opportunities that it’s impossible for newbie like myself to sort through it all and find the real value. Thanks for volunteering to be a “filter” for those of us who are trying to learn.

    Okay… Enough buttering-up. Here’s what I’ll do with Instant Article Factory:

    I started playing with niche sites and article marketing about a month ago and I completely agree with your statement, “article marketing works.” And with properly chosen keywords, it can work amazingly well. In just a few weeks one of my sites moved from page 10 of Google’s results to number 18! And I’ve only submitted 3 articles to a handful of the major article sites. I haven’t made a commission from that particular site yet but moving up in the rankings is really encouraging. So, to keep moving up in the rankings, I need to write and submit a whole lot of articles and, writing all of those articles is going to take a lot of time. Any tool that can accelerate the process of writing good quality articles is welcome and it looks like IAF would fit the bill nicely.

    I’ve played with a few other article writing/spinning programs and what I like about IAF is how much control it gives you over the process from the initial template to the final spin. One of the spinners I tried was one of the “no extra effort” style programs and it replaced words in your article with random synonyms. Yeah, it didn’t take any effort, but the articles were absolute crap; they were barely readable and I’d never want to put my name on them. With IAF it looks like you have complete control the quality of the final article.

    The ability to create your own templates is huge! Think of it… Set up a few templates geared specifically to your chosen niche and then fire off great, targeted articles whenever you need. Sweet!

    Also, the template system would be a huge help to me personally since it walks you through the main points of an article and keeps your writing focused. After a couple of paragraphs my ADD kicks in and I start getting off-topic. (If this comment seems to jump around, now you know why… sorry) Then I have go to spend more time going back and re-writing or my wife (god bless her) puts on her “editor” hat, slashes a few paragraphs and gets me back on track.

    The ultimate goal in all of this is simple; My wife and I are planning to start our family next year and I want to replace her teaching income (about $4000/month after taxes) so that she can be a stay-at-home mom and not have to stress about money. Will niche sites and article marketing get us there? I have no idea. But I’m certain that they will play a vital role in whatever shape our online business ventures take.

  • Jim A

    I’ve had a hard time getting started with regular creating blog posts. IAF seems like it would be an EXTREMELY HELPFUL to build the habit of regularly posting.

    Thanks for the posts.

  • Ned

    I’m just wondering how effective could be the Instant Article Factory if I create my own templates using other language (Spanish). My niche blog will be oriented to Spanish speaking people, but I’m not sure if I can benefit 100% from this nice tool.

    Thanks for share your work and for keep a high credibility blog.

  • Ola

    Hi Pat,
    Congratulations on the weight loss. You look incredible. I’ve passed up on P90X before but I might seriously reconsider it. It’s different when you actually see someone doing it and having success, you know? Much like internet marketing and online business.

    I’ve just been introduced to internet marketing by a college friend and I love it and the potential. I watched the IAF video and couldn’t close my mouth – I was so blown away. It’s exactly what I’m after.

    Just before reading this post, I was quite discouraged because I’ve not written the number of articles I set out to this week because I commute to and from my full-time job (20 hours a week!) and I’ve got a little girl who I’ve just got to spend time with. I’m really struggling to find enough time to write articles for my sites. IAF would help me schedule what little time I have and be more productive with it. My goal’s to be a stay home mom and have another baby without losing the income. I hope that this will go a long way to getting me there.

    You know what? I’d love to win the contest, but even I don’t, I’d find a way to get it anyway. I’d just to wait to till payday when the discount will have expired. Without you, I would never have heard about it. Thank so much!!

    Btw, I love love the podcast – now on my ipod. Keep churning them out Pat. I’ll be listening!

  • Andre

    Hi Pat!

    Yet another inspiring moment…. Even though I am fairly new to this affiliate/blogging world I have learned so much from you in the past few months. Thanks man!

    As far as (IAF) it’s a wonderful idea and I do plan to purchase the product. I really plan to use it for more structuring purposes rather than saving time typing content ( I have another SECRET for that…!) Just kidding I will love to share my secret with you so you can discuss it to our extended family out here who really would appreciate the tip! Knowing you as the creative guy you are, you probably already know what I use…. Anyway, I really think (IAF) will serve as a great source for new bloggers as my self. I will definitely share this with other friends who I know really need this product like last week.

    Thanks PAT!

  • Paul

    Okay… Once again, Pat, I find myself being surprised at just how much I learn each time I visit your blog. This time, though, I found myself learning from the people that have posted their comments. It seems that your blog attracts some quality people with great tools and experience.

    I’ve always believed that “Poor people should take rich people out to lunch more often” so that they can learn how to be rich, whether that financially, or personally, or whatever. This blog is VERY rich.

    Admittedly, this is my first post here, but I probably visit your blog 3-4 times a week, both for content as well as looking at how you set up your blog. I’ve just recently moved from a static site to a WordPress platform because I’m working hard on creating quality content, building a community, and creating trust.

    I watched the Article Factory video and I’m a little ticked off. I’ve spent way too much time doing articles the hard way and I wish I would have known about this sooner.

    Here’s my shameless attempt to win one of the three give-aways. For a while now I’ve been totally sold out to creating some passive income. I’ve been reading, studying, learning, and “sorta” trying to get into niche web sites. But I realize that I am probably stuck in analysis paralysis.

    I need something to help me actually DO something instead of just talking about doing something. Having this tool to streamline the writing would be a great boost. I’d use it to kick me in the butt.

    That’s all I got.

    Either way, thanks again for the great stuff!

  • Barbara

    Hi Pat,

    As always, I learn so much from your monthly income reports. You’re into so much! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I’m been loving the podcasts as well – how creative to keep changing the theme song.

    I really resonated with the interview with Mark Mason because I’ve been trying to be consistent with article marketing with my weekly email and I love that he shared the resource for the article submitter. Thanks for that. I’ve been avoiding the whole process because it would take an entire day once a month. Yikes! I’ve got a backlog of great articles because it takes so long….

    I’m really intrigued by the IAF program. At first I was worried that it would just churn out canned articles, but the spinning is really unique. I’ve never heard of that. I think one of the incredible values you’ve brought to this community is innovating new ways to do more effectively. I so love living in this time (can’t imagine living a century ago with no air conditioning or ice cream!!) I would love to be considered for one of the IAF’s.

    BTW: You didn’t really NEED to lose weight, but OMG! You look fabulous – and even younger, if that’s possible. If it gets better from here you’ll have to beat the ladies off with a stick.


  • P.J.

    While I’m a huge fan of writing from scratch and take pride in every word, I do see the value of a tool like this. I’d probably use it to quickly create a foundation and then tweak the article(s) from there. It looks like a terrific time saver, especially if you want to submit articles to multiple directories. Thanks for the info. Food for thought. . .

    • Earl Flormata

      Hi P.J. most folks use article software to direct links towards their main “handwritten article from scratch”. So I agree with your quality control issues. I write most of my stuff from scratch as well, and only use article software to SEO the good one.

  • Kaz

    Hi Pat,

    Loving your P90X results – awesome job! I’ve been in training for a half marathon for a few months now, but with the cold weather here in rainy Melbourne, Australia, my training has kinda faded out a little – seeing your results inspires me to get back into it!

    I’m really pleased you offered this incentive prize to watch the IAF video – not necessarily so I can win it – but just because it was the thing that prompted me to watch the video and wow! I’m really impressed with it, it looks great. I’ve been on a whirlwind learning curve this year on internet marketing and the thing that always seems to slow me down or make me lose interest in a project is just the sheer amount of content you have to keep coming up with.
    I’ve recently purchased Automatic Article Submitter and I think that coupling IAF with AAS will be an awesome way to write content fast and get it submitted out there fast. As much as I’d love to outsource all of it and provide a VA with these tools to do it for me – I’m just not there….yet! Watch this space though!

    All the best, I love reading your blog and also loving the new podcast. Well done and keep it up!


  • Kyoti

    First of all, i love your site because it’s real and not full of useless hype. Your site has been so informative and encouraging for me. A “real person” who has done well and actually given out stats and real info that is useful, informative and encouraging. I would love a copy of the article submission software because I have a domestic violence website, half devoted to celebrity mayhem and half devoted to my personal story. The article submission software would be so useful to me. I also have another “lighter blog” about crafts that got hacked and i’m trying to get it up and running again. But even if I don’t win your contest I want you to know you are an inspiration for me, just cuz. Thanks

  • Steve

    Hi Pat,

    Long time no comment. I’ve still been following, just not commenting. I just wrapped up p90x myself. I love the results, now we’ll see if I can keep the results on my own. Did you purposely take your before picture scruffy, with no light and no smile so your after pictures look better? That’s what they do on all of those weight loss ads.

    This software looks amazing. I’ve sacrificed my blogging (the pitfall of a 9 to 5 job) to try to create niche websites, online stores, ebooks and helping local companies improve website seo and conversions. I always come up with great ideas and do all the research and learn everything I need to earn money. My main problem is creating the articles to rank high in the search engines.

    The software is perfect for what I want to do with helping small business owners dominate the local seo scene. It will allow me to breeze through the backlink building and free up my time to create facebook pages, google place pages and optimizing on page seo for these companies. Not to mention the time to spread the word to local small businesses. I’m really excited about tapping the local seo scene, since it has so little attention paid to it. Also, most of these small business owners know nothing about the internet, which makes me seem even more like an “expert”.

    Thanks for the inspiring monthly update again.

  • Kapil Apshankar

    Pat – Really appreciate your insights into income breakdown!

    IAG looks like an interesting piece of software. I’m still skeptical – not sure if it it flexible enough to blend individual style, slant and voice – but it’s definitely worth a shot.

    I am going to try it out and see for myself – and form my own impressions that I’ll be happy so share.

    One good thing that I did notice from the video though – it does offer a pretty wide array of template options. That’s one sure shot way of getting past the writer’s block. Do you happen an insight into how often the templates change – and what’s the baseline of number of uses before they’re rewritten?

    I’d sure love to get one of free giveaway copies of IAG – and I am hoping you pick me :)

  • Nate

    Hey Pat, instant article factory is an AWESOME resource. I am student at the University of Tennesse Knoxville, I will be a senior this year, and I have recently started on my quest to become a full-time online marketer. I have signed up for differnt courses all over the internet, but honestly your blog is as good as a majority of the paid sites.

    I have recently launched three niche websites. I am using article marketing to get ranked with google as my only source of traffic right now. As you know article marketing requires a ton of content generation. Currently I am spending around an hour writing each article, and to be honest its getting pretty old. IAF is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, and as a college student trying to get started on a budget is would be a HUGE blessing to win the software.

    Please take me into consideration. If given the chance, I will use instant article factory to pump out tons of article everyday. This will give me just what I need to get my three niche sites ranked with google, and get traffic flowing to my website!!!

  • David Turnbull

    Hey Pat,

    In terms of switching to a VPS I was a long-time customer of a few years back and I’ve recently signed up with them again (after going a few years without needing a lot of server grunt) and they’re just as brilliant as ever. The pricing starts at $49 per month but you get a ton of bang for you buck, an active support forum and a great all-around service.

    I know I sound like a Servint salesperson, but it’s hard not to be an evangelist for the company. They simply do great work. :-)

  • Sergi

    Mmm, time to get a P90X.

  • Kerry Ellington

    Wow!!! Congrats on your success on P90X and your income!! I’d LOVE to get a copy of the Article Factory. It would make my life SO much easier especially with 3 kids, lol. Plus I need to help since I’m not so tech savvy.

  • Florian

    Yes mate! That’s what I’ve exptected from you, Pat! Always online and always prepared with good ideas and products of course.

    I love to see you growing. I want to reach the same level! I’ve just set up my new product-driven company. Maybe you want to take a look at and give a little feedback. It’s only in german at the moment, but hey (!) maybe we sell to other countries as well in the future :-)
    At vielTee (which means: aLotOfTea in english) users can mix their own teabox :-)

    By the way: hope to win the P90X :-)


  • John Ballentine

    I have run across IAF via Mark Mason. Thanks for linking and offering this up. You are a father of a young one and I have four little ones of my own. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for giving me hope that one day I, too, can quit selling my time to someone else.

    I have been dabbling with the Internet stuff lately, but my struggle has always been content. This looks like it could help me solve that problem.

    I would probably knock the cobwebs off one my my blogs and start there with posting, probably in a niche of young dads, working to do the right thing. Not sure, but that is my passion area.

    Thanks again Pat!

  • Jim Hopkinson

    Pat, this post was one the most informative yet. Nice work on the P90X and thanks for pointing out Instant Article Marketing. I have a site that will be going live shortly and I need to crank out a ton of content, and this should really help.

  • Ann

    I took a look at the article writing software, but after seeing how poorly the template in the video is written I can’t bring myself to buy it (I know that I can rewrite the templates, but having to do that out of the box cuts down the value of the software considerably). It’s a shame, because it’s a great idea.

    • Pat

      Some of the templates aren’t perfect, but you can edit the templates that are already there as well. Nothing is 100% automatic, but this is probably as close as you’re going to get, and it has cut down my time writing articles BIGTIME. Plus, once you spend that initial time to create your own templates (I have about 3 I use for blog posts on my niche sites and articles as well), it’s pretty much rinse and repeat. Thanks for your opinion, and I think if you put some work into it (like you have to do with passive income generation), you’d be happy with the results.

  • Mike


    Congrats on another great month. That’s consistency! You’ve had some great results on P90x.. Day 60 – 90 is the best time for the program and you’ll really feel awesome once you get there…The mental triumph is as good, IMO. Take Care, Mike

  • Karen

    Hi Pat,

    I have some questions for you –

    You said you promote products from Clickbank on your niche sites. How do you choose which product within your niche to promote and how do you promote it if you’re not really familiar with it? Also, how do you know if it’s a good product or not? Are you concerned with sending people to a product that could be a scam? Or does Clickbank screen them?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions! This niche site stuff seems like it could be a lot of fun!!

    • Pat

      Hi Karen,

      To answer your questions, the initial choice is made based on search volume and stats in clickbank, i.e. gravity, commission, popularity, etc.

      Once I find a candidate product, I then do the research on it. I wouldn’t feel right just promoting a product that I’m not familiar with, and so I go onto different forums and watch videos on youtube about people’s actual experiences with it. What’s nice is I can use some of that info on my niche blog copy as well.

      Clickbank doesn’t screen the products up front – I’ve put some products on clickbank before and they just make sure the sales page is setup correctly and the hoplink is working, but based on that initial research, usually those are reliable products, or else they wouldn’t be so popular or have such good numbers. But yeah, that follow up research usually does reveal that the products are decent and do what is advertised.

      I hope that answers your questions!

      • Karen

        Yes it does! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Matt B.

    Hi Pat,

    You have an amazing blog and it is great to see so much information packed into one place. I especially love your monthly reports and have often thought myself about doing something similar.

    When reading this report you spoke about submitting your blogs to RSS directories? Do you do this manually or use software? If software would you mine letting us know what it is? Or if it is manually, how did you find your list of reliable yet simple to submit RSS directories?

    Thanks for the help and keep up the great work

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  • Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Late to the party again but always good to make an entrance:) Super work, not least on the body makeover. This is good because it’s very disappointing when you get to know someone through their avatar and then when you meet them in person they don’t look the same! Working on a computer is terrible for health and fitness so we bloggers need to make a special effort to keep our body and minds healthy and happy was well as out bank accounts:) Nice work all round, you’re really on a roll.

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  • Ambuj

    I love reading your monthly report,very inspiring for a new blogger like me.My blog is only 1 month old, i am getting only 20 unique visitors daily .I post average one article daily so,what do u think where do i stand ? Is there any scope for me to earn online?

    • Funny News

      20 unique visits daily is actually very good for a beginner. I post 5 blog posts daily for my blog, work on marketing and posting and research for at least 5 hours a day. I’ve had it for about a month too and I get 10 uniques on a GOOD day, usually around 4 or 5. keep going with it, more posts means more visitors in the future.

  • Fred | Solar Energy Facts

    Pat Pat Pat! Wow, my wife and I can not BELIEVE what you do from the comfort from your own home…not to mention we have both started a blog to help become a better man/woman….at some point we are also going to start the P90X as well….Thanks for the pics….and your right, it is a little odd that someone would request them! haha

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  • Kerwin

    I read your report and is like, “I’m not trying at all.”
    Thanks for the wake up call.

  • Christlove

    Geile Sache , wie viel Arbeit … Respekr.

    LG aus Hamburg

  • Dianne

    Thanks for sharing! Curiosity question: how many hours a week do you currently work in order to accomplish all of the tasks that you describe in your report? Do you outsource most of the work, (except the marketing/article writing).

  • Kieran

    Wow, you sure know how to get a conversation going Pat. Nice work – haven’t visited your blog in a while, but it’s a delight to see how well you’re doing.

    When I first discovered you earlier this year on an interview with Yaro, I was very impressed with what you’d accomplished at such a young age. And so fast as well. And now, your report shows how much you’ve diversified your efforts and thus spread your risk across multiple business channels.

    Its an inspiration and a path I am heading down at the moment. Currently developing a range of costume sites in preparation for the Halloween traffic rush. Wish me luck..

    Catch you back here again soon, Kieran

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  • J.D. Meier

    Way to share and inspire!

    I especially like the fact you used the time you got back from passive income to go whip your body into shape. Now that’s making things happen with skill.

    • Pat

      Passive income has given me a lot of opportunities to do things I wouldn’t normally have the time to do. Thanks J.D.!

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  • Hakem Saaeed

    Hey pat,

    Great, for the vps I would recommend, webdesignerdepot and yoast are already using it 😀 and me :p

    and they have cdn solutions too, I believe that you can ask their support to install the yoast hosting template on your vps.

    good luck.

  • Sunil @ The Extra Money Blog

    Dianne makes a great point above by asking how many hours you put in. Truth is, there is no such thing as 100% passive income. You still have to work, but making money online provides the flexibility to chose what kind of work you want to do and how much time you want to spend doing it. I think a discussion of your time spent would help Pat . . . particularly, time spent establishing the streams of income (which take the most time and effort), time managing the streams (moderate effort) and the reconciliation/accounting/tax matters (which may take just as much time as managing the multiple streams of passive income as I call it)

    As someone who gave up a very comfortable corporate career making a very good six figure income, the internet has given me a lot of freedom and flexibility – but i would never tell anyone that it is all 100% passive.

    Hope that puts some perspective into what Pat is talking about here . . .

  • Nick

    Just finished reading your income reports from October 2008 to this one. And wow. Very inspiring. I wish my blog was in the same niche as yours so I could ask you for an interview or something. My blog is about making money online, but more towards sites that you can join to help you do that. I eventually want to set up what you have going on but not quite there yet. I have to make some more income from those sites and grow my blog before I can start doing what you’re doing. But anyways, I love your monthly reports.

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  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Instant Article Factory, but still have yet to take the plunge. Does anyone know if these types of articles are friendly at EzineArticles? If not, it’s not crucial, because I know I could easily submit them to a variety of other directories out there. Definitely considering signing up for it, though, but just a little leary, since all of the article generators I’ve got in the past ended up taking more time than if I would’ve just cranked out the article myself. I’ll keep my eyes on this though and consider giving it a shot down the road, as I need to focus on some other things and free up some time from writing articles.

    • Lily Chambers

      Not sure about ezinearticles accepting the Article Factory products, but you can certainly submit any entrepreneur-related articles to me at :)

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  • peter

    Hi Pat,

    I watched your youtube video “how to create a WordPress blog (and publish your first post) in less than 4 minutes” and I have a question. Why is it necessary to sign up for a domain and web hosting? Doesn’t webpress offer free accounts?

    By the way, thanks for your great website. Great contents!

  • Sarah

    I am so glad I found your site! Your posts are amazing!! I am actually finding information I can use rather than getting the run around. Thank you! :) Do you recommend WP robot?? I have been trying to decide if I should add it to my blogs or not. :)

    Sarah :)

  • Herbalife Diet

    The reports are clean and allow for lots of editing. Good stuff. Thanks

  • Flex Seal

    It inspires the readers who has that great desire to lead a better and happier life. Thanks for sharing this information and hope to read more from you. Great information…

  • reeha@gift ideas

    Nice to see that your sale is increasing every month. through sales your last month is very good. keep on taking as it is or more with hard working.

  • Greg

    I have heard about this Instant Article Factory, but I still have not jumped into article marketing quite yet. I guess I just don’t know what to do yet. Thanks for the information and I am glad this is working well for you.

  • zik

    you did the great job bro. every month get sales…. that not very easy to maintain the sales…

  • MORROWJamie24

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  • Stefan from Project Life Mastery

    Great physical transformation Pat. I recently created a blog where I’ll be sharing pictures, videos, measurements, weight, etc… of my physical transformation to compete in the WBFF Fitness Modelling competition on June 23rd in Vancouver – will be awesome!

  • Towhid Zaman

    hmm…….. nice body building Pat… 😛 … Seems like I should start the course immediately…… & just started reading all your old income report which I missed.They all are so cool that I can’t even stop reading them.

  • MORROWJamie24

    I suggest not to keep off until you produce big sum of cash to buy goods! You can just take the cash ranking loans or just mortgage consolidations and encounter fine

  • Mark Nix

    First of all I’m new to your site and have really enjoyed the content! I downloaded all your podcast and have been going through them and they have helped me a lot. I have been amazed at the free advise which many are selling for high dollars! Thanks so much for what you are doing. I am a newbie and have been overwhelmed at times with all the info out there. I just received some good guidance today from one of your podcast about staying focused on your business. The Instant Article Factory would be a great help for my new site! Writing is difficult for me though I speak three times a week as a pastor. So enter me in the drawing please!

  • Abyooda

    Hey Pat, just read how much you earned on july “2012” and that really gives me an insite on how much raise in your income you gained it’s about 40 grands raise, aren’t you a millionair yet?

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