My January 2012 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeLet’s start off the New Year with a bang…

Welcome to my January 2012 Monthly Income Report!

Each month I share an extremely detailed report about what I’ve been up to, the income I’ve earned online and the lessons I’ve learned during the past 31 Days.


For several reasons:

  1. To keep me headed in the right direction. Sure, I could keep this all to myself but sharing this information publicly helps to hold me accountable and continue to try and outdo myself.
  2. I want to be honest and transparent. If anyone talks about making money online, I think that’s really the only way it should be. Wins, losses, successes and failures – the whole deal.
  3. I know it inspires a lot of people to take action.

Before I get into this month’s report I just wanted to mention one quick thing: if you’re just starting out online, please understand that making money via the Internet is definitely not an overnight thing.

Time, hard work, dedication, a lot of failures, constant learning and a passion to help other people are all things that I’ve found to be part of the recipe for success.

And lastly – it takes belief. If you don’t believe you can succeed, then there’s absolutely no chance that you will.

“My inner world creates my outer world.” – T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Let’s get to it…

Important Going-Ons in January

The start of the New Year was rough – mostly because I was sick.

Being sick = no energy = no work, which is unfortunate because after writing my 2012 Goal Post, I really wanted to take massive action.

But, on the bright side, I was reaping the benefits of passive income and I knew after a week off from work that this could be a record breaking month.

One of the key indicators came from my iPhone app business.

iPhone Applications

Right after Christmas my partner and I released a new update to one of our most successful iPhone applications, Baby Maker.

Before the update it was averaging about $50 per day and entering in and out of the top 200 apps in the photo/video category in the app store.

Over the past 31 days it has averaged $156 per day and has been bouncing around the 100 to 120 mark in the same category.

Baby Maker - Before and After update & Christmas

There are a few reasons why our earnings jumped by 212%:

  • The update itself. There are websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages with thousands of followers that post when old apps are updated. Beyond that, the update definitely helped because one of the prior updates to iOS crashed some parts of the app.
  • It was right after Christmas, which is one of the many times during the year when there’s a boom in the number of iPhone and iPod Touch users who are all looking for apps to fill their brand new devices. The other boom times of the year are Father’s Day and whenever a new version of the iPhone comes out.
  • Our other apps, both paid and free, which also saw more downloads as a result of the season pushed sales for BabyMaker, not only because there were more people on our brand, but because within 90% of our applications we have a more apps page that showcases some of our more popular (and profitable) applications.

The timing of the update was absolutely planned, but unfortunately we got the update out on December 27th when it would have been more beneficial to have released it on Christmas Day.

It was a decision that was made to ensure some bugs would be fixed when the update went live.

Unfortunately, some users are still experiencing errors and crashes, and a new update should be out in the next week or so.

Such is the life of a software developer.

Overall, we’re extremely with how things went.

Out of the 31 days in January, 12 of them generated Adsense earnings above $100 for this niche site, which led to another record month of earnings!

(You can read more about and exactly how it got started, from the idea to implementation to climbing to #1 in Google for free on the Niche Site Duel Hub.)

Additional Adsense testing is still proving to be useful, so the mantra “you can never test too much” totally holds true here, especially when you think about how one little tweak can improve a metric a fraction of a percentage, but over tens of thousands of impressions, can make a huge difference over time in earnings.

It adds up.

The job board on the site is also alive and kickin’ – which makes sense since it’s a job oriented site and people are back in work-mode after the holidays. Even though the job board (from doesn’t make a significant amount of money, the fact that several people are using it to actually find jobs and start their careers is an amazing feeling.

And from a niche site, no less!

I also just started a private advertising experiment to help diversify the income stream coming from the site. I’ll be reporting my results from the experiment every so often during the next few months, but I can tell you that 2 days after adding the software I selected to automate the advertising process I already have one company that is paying a recurring monthly fee to advertise on the site, and two more are already lined up – they’re just finishing the graphics for their banner ads.


Create a Clickable Map

Mid-month I decided to find a web developer to design a tool that would help people create a clickable map of the U.S., similar to the one I have on the homepage of

Four days later, Create a Clickable Map was born and already over a hundred people have created maps for their own websites, for free.

Why free?

Well, it’s funny because a few people emailed me asking what the “real purpose” of the web app was, or what my true intentions were behind it.

A few people thought I was eventually going to start charging for it and one person even suggested that I was going to somehow put secret links into the map which, when embedded on people’s sites would send link juice to some of my own niche sites and help them rank higher in Google.

LOL – really?

Can’t a person do something nice for his community without there being some ill-intention behind it?

If anything, it’s free because it’s for karma, and as I’ve mentioned before, the more I give away, the more the Universe seems to pay me back in return.

Plus, it makes it so much easier to answer the emails I get from people asking me how to create a map like the one I have on my niche site 😉

A New Web App

I had SO much fun with the map app that I immediately re-hired the same developer from ODesk to create another application for me, one that I believe is much more universal and could potentially go much bigger than the SPI audience.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be a little rude here and not tell you exactly what it is until it’s completed, although if you’re a fan on my Facebook Page you may have seen me post about it a couple of days ago.

The general consensus from those who commented is that it will extremely useful and save a lot of people time and money, but only if it’s designed correctly.

Challenge accepted!

The Smart Passive Income PODCAST

I’ll be writing a more detailed post about this soon, but in January the SPI Podcast just surpassed 1,000,000 downloads!

SPI Podcast Stats (

Thank you all for your wonderful support!

To celebrate, I bought myself this mic flag from the kind folks at

SPI Mic Flag


And look out for a new episode coming later next week.

I have a few other businesses and potential income streams in the works, but nothing noteworthy to report about them this month – so let’s get to the numbers.

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later and may change because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,749.52
      • Last Month: $4,134.97
      • Difference: -$1,385.45
    • Adsense: $2,801.06
    • Job Board: $19.01
    • Private Advertising: $56.25
    • Total: $2,876.32
      • Last Month: $1,580.71
      • Difference: +$1,295.61
  • Other Google Adsense (includes other niche sites):
    • Total: $175.31
      • Last Month: $225.56
      • Difference: -$50.25
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $5,697.00
    • Free Apps: $535.60
    • Total: $6,232.60
      • Last Month: $4,254.48
      • Difference: +$1,978.12
  • Payment from Client / Consultation (1 client):
    • Total: $12,500
  • Gross Total in January: $62,572.22
    • Last Month: $38.485.59
    • Difference: +$24,086.63
  • Expenses: ~$5,182.13
    • Major expenses this month include virtual assistants (one full-time, one part-time), hosting account for SPI (dedicated server), recurring payments for various tools, attorney and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) fees.
  • Net Total in January: $57,390.09

(Click here to read a typical monthly expense report which breaks down how my time and money is spent)!

This shatters my previous record, however the numbers are skewed a bit because I did include a $12,500 check from a client that was a scheduled payment for my services, which aren’t entirely passive – but not entirely active either. I decided to include it here because I’ve included one-time payments from clients before in my reports, and this one in particular, which I talked about in SPI Podcast Session #31, is from a relationship that came about because of my podcast, which I’m quite proud of.

The affiliate earnings (most of which come from SPI, but some come from specialized niche sites as well), are through the roof, but what I like the most is that my non-SPI earnings total over $13,000 (not including the client check), which is up from about $10k last month.

One of my goals in 2012 is to increase the non-SPI related income that I’m generating, so this is a great start.

As I always make sure to mention in each of my income reports, I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my income comes as a result of blogging here on The Smart Passive Income Blog – mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used or am extremely familiar with and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

I’m so fortunate to have the support of an amazing community here who sometimes makes purchases through my affiliate links (some people going way out of their way to make sure they do that). With this comes a responsibility to the community that I know I have and will never take for granted – and as such I never promote just for the potential income that can come from an offer, even though those opportunities are definitely there.

I’m incredibly grateful for everything, and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Side note: if you’re interested in learning exactly where my Bluehost affiliate earnings come from and convert, check out this article here:

An Insider Look: My Affiliate Links and Exactly Where They Convert

Things I Learned in January

Over the past few months I’ve been putting together the content for an upcoming product and I noticed that after I took time off and finally got well again, it was really difficult for me to get back into hardcore product creation mode.

It takes a lot of energy and focus to create something amazing, but it doesn’t take much to distract and pull focus away from where it should be in order to make that happen.

I think that’s one of the many challenges that come along with being an online entrepreneur – especially with all of the bright and shiny lights out there, all within an arm’s reach.

I started to “put things off for later” and made up excuses that other things were more important or urgent.

One thing, fortunately, got me back on track: remembering exactly why I was creating the product in the first place.

I took so much time off that when it was time to get back into it, I was only thinking about how behind I was, like I needed to “catch up”. So instead of doing what I needed to do, I did stuff that seemed more fulfilling to me at the time – stuff that was important too, but stuff that just became an excuse to put things off for later.

Sometimes it’s good to step back and think about the big picture and remember the WHY behind what we do.

Never forget your purpose – your end goal.

If you find yourself working without one, then why are you working at all?

Thanks again for your incredible and undying support. I feel so fortunate to be where I’m at today and to see numbers like I did in this record-breaking report. I owe the SPI community everything and will continue to give back as much as humanly possible.

Cheers, and all the best to you!

  • Sune

    Wow, amazing month! Congrats Pat!

    • Pat

      Thank you Sune!

  • Andy Hart

    Hey Pat,

    I see you make a niche chunk of change from your Market Samurai aff link, they are having major issues at the moment and it looks as though things are about to change over there.

    What are your thoughts?

    If you plan on changing software what are you considering?


    • Andy Hart

      whoops, it seems you have a blog post dedicated to this (should have checked that 1st :( )

      • Pat

        Hehe – it’s all good Andy! All answers to your questions are in that post – thought it was only right of me to share what happened and my thoughts since I am an affiliate for the product. I appreciate the heads up though!

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    • Pat

      They did for Christmas already :)

    • Paul W

      They do send a thank you basket… in the form of a check for almost 20k…

      Terrific month Pat! Very inspiring, thank you for all your transparency and hard work that you share.

  • Mark

    Congratulations Pat on a great month!

    Indeed it’s a great start when it comes to increasing the non-SPI related income that you’re generating. To keep up the momentum, here’s some advice.

    We all know that affiliate marketing can be very powerful and a great help to a business. Because of this it might be a good idea for you to start an affiliate program for If you’re not yet an expert at starting and growing affiliate programs perhaps you can hire a professional affiliate manager and learn from him.

    In addition to possibly increasing net income you get, you can share with us here on this blog all the secrets to how to build a great affiliate program like you did with SEO advertising methods.when you wrote “THE Backlinking Strategy That Works” post. I think if you do this we’ll all be winners. 😉

    • Pat

      Hey Mark – there is an internal invite only affiliate program for already. Thing is, there aren’t that many other publishers online who have an audience to promote my eBook to, and the ones that do are already signed up :)

      It’s an affiliate program through, just FYI, which is automatically setup when you sell something through them.


  • Glen Allsopp

    It’s a hard life 😉

    Heh, congrats man. I know you’ve worked for it!

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    • Pat

      Thanks Glen, and you’ve definitely helped me along the way – thank you!

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      Still from from it though – hehe. Uncle Sam wants me to keep that nametag there a little longer.

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      Oh yeah – lol. You’re totally right, my mistake. I’ve changed it to CFP (certified financial planner). LOL! Thanks!

      • Mark

        I thought CPA meant Certified Public Accountant. In other words your accounting business expense.

        • Pat

          Mark, you’re right. LOL – I keep getting confused by the different acronyms. It IS CPA – certified public accountant.

          Brain fart 😛


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    • Pat

      I would not disagree with that Ramy. Private advertisement experiment post #2 coming soon, I promise!

  • Andrew

    Congratulations Pat! It’s always inspiring to see your income reports. You definitely deserve every penny. You’re one of the few people I go out of my way to support and I actually get excited to see you improve from month-to-month. Im looking forward to eventually being SPI worthy sometime soon!

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    P.S. I didn’t insert my real name as we haven’t “come out” on our blog yet. It’s a tough thing to do when you have so much personal information out there on the web. But, I can assure you that I’m not a spammer! :)

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    I’m one of “them”. Three hours commuting to work each day and two young kids. I’d be on cloud nine if I can earn $1000 monthly from my blog two years from it’s birth.

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    I am always amazed by your income reports. Thank you so much for sharing. You deserve every penny you make from the SPI blog. You’ve inspired me to get the ball rolling with some niche sites and I hope that I’ll have even a quarter of the success that you’ve had with SGTHQ. I was curious, how much of an impact do you think sharing SGTHQ on your site has had on the earnings? It seems to really outpreform your other niche sites (per our report). For example, in one post you linked to a UAW article you had posted about SGTHQ and that article has a few thousand views while the other article you have posted on there only had a few hundred. I’m just curious if you think that your SPI audience has an impact on the success of SGTHQ. In contrast, I know sharing the niche site started a number of copycat sites so it could have negatively effected the site too. Regardless, the numbers are always impressive. Keep sharing and teaching.

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    It’s hard for me to see you gain so much money.

    $57.000.00 …..

    I know you worked hard, but I worked hard too, and had win nothing in 7 month of hard work.

    But congratulation. That’s the game.

    I hope I could win at least 1000 euros by the end of the year !

    • Pat

      Hey Justin – when I first started, nothing came from my being on the internet for over a year and half (when I built It’s all about working hard, like you said, but also working hard on the right things and giving it time.

      • julien

        Thank you for your answer. I don’t want to give up !

        Again congratulations.

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    • Mark Mason

      Hey Aleshia. I totally understand your frustration. (I know Pat does too). Nothing wrong with putting family first. I congratulate you for that. Just make sure your expectations are aligned with your reality, take consistent actions (even if they are small), and dream big. Small actions will add up over time…


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    Email me if you ever want any of your apps reviewed on my site. I’m always looking for new apps to review.

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    • Pat

      Hey Neil! If you go to and click on “publishers at the bottom”, they allow you, for free, to embed a job board which uses their database onto your site. it’s pretty cool!

    • Dave Starr has been very useful to me as well. The earnings are inconsequential, but the job board draws thousands of visitors per month to a site that is ‘semi’ job oriented. Can’t beat the price, and every once in a while I like to think that someone in need of a job will find one.

  • Scott

    Wow, 1/3 of your income is coming from Bluehost — are the referrals still mainly coming from the homepage and resource section like you outlined in this post last summer?

    • Pat

      Yes, almost exactly the same numbers as far as ratio, just more quantity.

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    Also thank you for the map tool. I used it last night. A map has been on my list for months.

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    Holy smokes Pat! Congrats!

    Funny thing with your income reports after following you for over a year is that at first, those income reports were motivators for a guy like myself. Privately wishing and hoping to make even a fraction of what you’re making (still do actually) during the first 4-6 months of reading them.

    Then a year later, I find myself eagerly awaiting your report like a stat sheet for fantasy sports, rooting for record month after record month for a guy I’ve never met hehe.

    You’re truly a rarity in the IM field because you’re making a serious amount of income from a business model that almost nobody in the IM field uses – honesty.

    I’ve subscribed to tons of other folks you’ve interviewed in your podcast and while they do inspire and give your readers tremendous value, many of them don’t go beyond their blog posts and start spamming your mailboxes with offers after offers and it’s disappointing somewhat because SPI readers never get any blatant pitches from you.

    Your business model makes us, the readers – out of reciprocity, come back to your site and use your affiliate links for purchases and we feel like we’re part of your monthly reports because we were your customers in the first place!

    Anyway, keep up the good job Pat, stay safe and have a great 2012!


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    Very very few people out there have an Adsense site making $3K a month.

    • Mark Mason

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    AMAZING month, man…you absolutely killed it! What a great way to start off the year, eh? What I love about your income report is the diversification. Much of your income comes from the SPI blog, but that’s a direct result of your traffic…something that won’t be declining anytime soon due to your great content and regular updates.

    I have to tell you that you’ve had a major impact on our business and we owe you more than you know. Your open approach is an idea we’ve borrowed that has changed the way we do business overall and we gobble up all of your content that describes your strategies, especially as it comes to reach and providing value.

    We’ve viewed you for months as are target as “THE guy to beat” when it comes to monthly income. As a friendly competition or goal (as viewed on our end) this has provided us the opportunity to increase our income by an incredible amount with our business. We continue to fall short of your monthly revenue targets, but the fact that we’re even in the ballpark some months is a direct result of the impact you’ve had on our way of thinking and applying strategies we’ve learned from you. (Open income reports, “be everywhere” strategy, FREE value, etc.)

    Thank you so much, man…

    • Pat

      Thanks Justin, I appreciate the kind words and I’m extremely happy that what I teach has been able to help you and Joe in your business! I have noticed it taking off and I love seeing similar tactics that I use being put to good use, and in a good way that can change people’s lives.

      I do hope you surpass me eventually, and go way above and beyond and then I’ll make sure to try and catch up to you at that point :)

      Thanks again (and thanks for your attention to responding to the comment below about podcasting mics. Your mics sounds great on your show, so the Blue Yeti definitely sounds like a winner).

  • Greg Vance

    Excellent Pat! Your monthly report and journey is truly inspirational each month! You niche site (Security Guard) is really developing very well. Great Adsense revenue. Keep up the great work in February! Greg

  • KC @ PsychoMoney

    I noticed you are now a youtube partner, so you are now making money from youtube as well right?

  • Jason

    Good stuff Pat. Based on your Bluehost earnings, it looks like start an online business is right up there with weight loss as the top New Year’s resolution.

  • Bryan @

    Every single time I read your reports, it absolutely amazes me. I would be ecstatic to hit that amount for the entire YEAR, let alone just one month!

    I know you hustle your tail off and work hard for what you do. No one out there deserves it more than you do, that’s for sure! You’re one of the GOOD guys out there who I have followed for a couple years now, inspiring me to continue on my path towards earning a full-time living online.

    I am always surprised by your humbleness, and that is a quality that you can’t seem to find these days. Congrats on such a breakthrough month and I am really looking forward to what you will do with the entire year ahead of us.

    Keep it rockin’ man!


  • TAnsey

    Congratulations Pat. I am proud of you and your dedication to your work!

  • Kent @ Niche Marketing Tips

    Pat, in the past, I was reading just your numbers. Recently, I am trying to do reverse engineering why you are rocking.. I am happy to see your growth these 3 years. A lot of times, people just love to come back and buy through your aff links although most of your followers promote the same products like UAW, Best Spinner, M.S, bluehost etc.

    I am revisiting your past income reports and read/understand your learned lessons. At least they have saved my time.

    Again, thank you for all your inspiration. SPI is what I admire as a IM brand.

    :) By the way, I am happy that at least I “beat” you one number finally. For those who are following, take one idea with laser-beam focus.

    • Pat

      Yeah a lot of times people email me or let me know on FB and Twitter that they just make sure to go through my affiliate link. It’s incredibly awesome how generous people are in making sure that happens, and like I said in the report I’m extremely fortunate to have a community like one here on SPI.

      If you have any questions so I can speed up your reverse engineering process and help you out, please let me know.


      • Kent @ Niche Marketing Tips

        Pat, thanks for your offer. I will ping you and get your help in your bonus webinar. Awesome to see you help others succeed and contribute back!

  • Carlos

    Amazing!!! Congrats Pat!!!
    Funny story, after I read about the niche site duel challenge I kept thinking of what niche was still out there ripe for the picking. I told my fiance about your site, and she gave me her elevator pitch. Today we got the ball rolling, and are basically putting the pieces together looking for a mid-month launch. She has great contacts, we feel it is an untapped market, and we couldn’t have done it without seeing you succeed first. Thanks for all you do.

  • David Hill

    Congrats Pat! I am so happy to have come across your blog, the podcast and your unique insight into what you earn. It is my goal to be as influential and positive as you are online, I know God will continue to bless you!

    You Rock!


  • Gordon Kuckluck

    Hey Pat,

    congrats to THIS record month! :)

    One question here:
    You’ve got a picture of your mic above. What mic do you recommend for a podcast?

    I’m thinking about doing a podcast for my blog but I do not want to use my headset because you can hear my breath to much in it… :(

    Any recommendations for a great podcast microphone?

    Thanks and keep on the good work you are doing!


    • Pat

      Hey Gordon! Thanks!

      I use a Heil PR40, which is a professional podcasting mic. It’s a bit pricey and you need a mixer (it doesn’t plug directly into a computer audio input jack), but it definitely makes me sound a lot better on the podcast than I do in real life, lol.

      There are some good decent USB mics that do an okay job of clearing background noise and breath (by the way, a pop filter or foam cover for a mic can get rid of that breathing sound easy), but unfortunately I don’t know a specific brand.

      Hope this helps!

      • Gordon Kuckluck

        Jep, thanks a lot for your fast respond! :)

    • Justin

      Hey Gordon,

      We started a podcast a few months ago and didn’t want to get TOO crazy on expenses before we figured out whether it was something we wanted to continue with.

      We ended up purchasing a “Blue Yeti” based on the recommendations of other podcasters and have found it met our needs fantastically. I think we purchased ours for just under $100 or so brand new. Take a look on Amazon and see if you think it would meet your needs.

  • Tung Tran

    Hey Pat, congrats on your new earning record 😀 I always wait for your monthly reports because they are amazing and inspire me a lots. I also noticed that your adsense earning made by SecurityGuardTrainingHQ has skyrocketed. Congrats again hehe! You are truly a big brand in IM!

  • Clint Wilde

    INCREDIBLE Pat! Is there any limits on what you can do? You have really done something amazing here..

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all the great content.

    Take care in Sunny San Diego!

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat,

    I think what you have accomplished is amazing. You might have surpassed Chow Baby as I like to call him ( John Chow ) in monthly earnings. I know for a fact Google considers your blog an authority for passive income so your pages will get high rankings and searches. Was wondering if you ever drove paid traffic to your pages that have your affiliate links on them? Or is all from organic search?

    • Pat

      Never paid for traffic to SPI – all natural search. Thing is, search traffic is just a tiny portion of my overall traffic.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Pat,

    It’s amazing to see the results you have achieved and the progress you have made over the past few years. I am happy to have found your blog in Sally Neill’s Blog Hopping Queen report as I am in the beginning stages of building my online business and love to see successful marketers who are so open and willing to help others out. I plan on visiting your site regularly.

    Do you attribute a large portion of your traffic to your blog hopping efforts as outlined by the blog hopping queen?

    Talk soon,

    ~Jeremy Ruggles

  • Fashion For Us

    Pat, you are my inspiration in online business, every month I see your monthly income and asked when it could be like that. And I would like to ask how you can get a great affiliate sales from bluehost? Thank you

  • Vedran

    Didn’t know people like you exist until I stumbled upon this blog.
    Transparency and honesty is much appreciated, thnx!

  • Trevor

    Absolutly insperational, shows what hard work and your personal accountability can achive.

  • Shaun

    Excellent post, I am keen to learn more about the private advertising you get going on the Security Guard website, particularly the software you are using. It looks very interesting and may just suit one of my websites.

    Also the clickable map is great just wish you had a UK one (that would be extremely useful for me)! May have to bite the bullet and get one made.

  • Jerome

    Well done Pat! its truly inspiring

  • Jorge

    Hi Pat, with all the news about Facebook going public, the cash they will have to do what they want, etc, how do think this will impact your income, or say it on a different manner, do you think facebook will become the internet and the internet will become facebook?

  • Steve Wyman

    Hi Pat

    Believable :-) Your everywhere :-)

    Shame about the health issues. A number of people i know were sick post christmas myself included. Its really messed up the 2012 objectives. Will have to work to catch up :-)

    And your paying back. Good thinks follow.

  • Pat Sweet

    Hey Pat,

    As with everyone else, I’m totally moved by what you’ve been able to accomplish. I’m curious to know more about your non-SGTHQ niche sites. How many of these sites do you have? Are you investing any real energy into them over the month?

    Thanks so much for all you do,

  • Dean Saliba

    It is great to see you kicking 2012 by smashing the amount of your earnt in December, I keep reading your blog Pat because it always offers me the incentive to keep going with my online dealings. :)

  • http://www/ Wayne

    Very inspiratonal and transparent post-

    And the bottom line is you are helping people along the way which is what IM should be all about-help and be helped. Congrats on you hard work and success and helping others succeed along the way. This is the same value structure that I empoly not only in my SBI website but in the game of life as well.

    I am not quite to your level of success though and only earned close to $500.00 US all of 2011, but my 171 page content nich informational goal setting website only went online June 2009 (2.5 years ago). But it was the first time that I have earned passive income-any income at all with a home business, and my earnings between advertising and earnings as a paid author more than offset the cost of my $299.00 yearly webhosting-etools support fee, so that in itself is a powerful motivator that I actually earned money-not lost money….

    Already for 2012, I have already been paid $125.00 for one advertiser for running a one year ad on my site and fully expect several others to follow as part of additional monetization plan for my site. I fully expect to double if not triple my earnings for 2012, with my first published book to be released Spring 2012 and my first ebook that is in the works for one of my most frequently visited pages.

    The sky is the limit if you have faith and belief in yourself and in your God given abilities. If you can believe it you can achieve it still holds true today; conversely, if you don’t believe you WILLl, more likley than not-you WON’T…

    The one thing that you have already touched upon is that you really must diserfy your monetization model, something I am already doing on my SBU website, just as you would not put all of your investment dollars into one investment vehicle (stocks, bonds, CDs, precious metals, etc), so too should one not rely on one particular monetization methodology for their site-DIVERSIFY BABY….

    Remember: Your Ability is only limited by your inability to take Action…



  • Busy Executive

    Pat, this is simply the most amazing and inspiring report I’ve ever seen. You are clearly an expert in what you do. I just got started and followed your 4-min video and insights on getting my blog up and running. Invaluable! Quick question…I wonder. Do you think you would have achieve this level of success by now had you never been laid off? I think adversity brings out the best in us.

    • Pat

      I guarantee that if I wasn’t laid off I would not get to this level, or even have started at all. It was the best thing that happened to me when I look back at it :)

  • Elias

    Outrageous Pat! I love your Karma Philosophy of giving away. You are sure blessed out of pure caring and charity to the rest of us.

    Great work and thank you for all of your contribution and motivation!

  • MoneyforCollegePro


    Another amazing and ionspirational month. Crazy thing is that your income will only continue to increase and the pieces you have put into play will only pay bigger dividends in the future.

  • Estevan Montoya

    Good Night! Truly inspiring. You made more in one month than I make in TWO years! I am extremely encouraged by what you do, how you do it, and the fact that you share it with us.


  • Sean

    The fact that you are open, honest and sharing proves how great SPI is and how anyone can truly design their life.

    Thank you!
    40 Days to $40K

  • James

    Wow Pat! That’s phenomenal! I’ve been listening to you and reading your posts for a while. I remember when you were hovering at the 10k mark. Way to go.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to see a six figure report soon. You deserve it. – James

  • kimanzi constable

    You have so much Pat because you give so much! Thanks for the great material you produce and thank you for being real.

  • Kayla

    @ PAT FLYNN : Congrats you are “Working Like no one else “!!!!
    Pat, thanks for replying to my email, I just received it today:)

  • Elias

    Pat: I just checked the clickable map and let me tell you that it’s a great tool; really creative. I can’t wait to apply it on one of my sites. What if I want include more than one link to any state?


  • Ray

    Congrats Pat. You continue to amaze me each month!

  • Jermaine Holmes

    WOW!!! That’s a lot of money to be made in one month. Gee whiz, words are just escaping me right now. Simply amazing. I guess I should really step up promoting my site. But still, WOW!!! And congrats.

  • David

    Cool, once you get to making that every day you will be just like Mitt Romney :)

  • Nathan

    Jawdropping. You deserve it buddy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Samuel

    What a milestone, Pat. Congratulations!!!

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Your earnings are out of this world Pat, good for you. Your podcasts are always filled with great stuff and i’m an avid listener. Thanks for continuing to inspire us all.

  • David

    Hello Pat,

    Amazing! ~50k$ just through passive-income!!!

    However, just one hint, could you sort the different incomes from largest to smallest, it’s useful to see from where comes the greatest part of the passive income.

    Good luck on the coming months!

    I’m fighting with my Hosting Server Provider to finally bring up the website:
    Invest like a Real Investor!

    Best Regards,

  • Dennis Benedictos

    Congrats for such a successful first month for 2012! Got to admit, as much as I feel happy for you, I often feel frustrated that I have not progressed as much as I could.
    Focus can be so hard to maintain but this year I do have a sense of urgency that I feel many of my goals I have set out to do has to happen this year.

    Please keep sharing your monthly income as it is a great learning tool and motivator for many.
    Thanks so much for providing such great content that I feel your information is far better than the one I have recently purchased for… cost me $97 per month for 6–8 months! I got bored listening to this author on the 4th week… but anyway, I’ll save my whinging for some other time. Haha. :-) More power to you Pat!

  • Peter

    Great! Congrats on the new record. Love your site – its my go-to place when I have questions. Just started out on the long long road of trying to make money online.


  • Amit

    That is great Pat ..Awesome earnings 58k :)

  • Trung Nguyen

    I will do something to earn my big money like you, Pat.

  • Dan R

    Extremely motivational, thanks for all the transparency!

  • Michael Chibuzor

    I’m yet to see any blogger as transparent and hardworking as you. In case you don’t know already, your income reports is my motivating factor. I’m starting to earn significant income from my blog.

    Please don’t stop with this. Continue and the law of karma will definitely reward you more and more.

    Please how do I use the map on my blog?

  • Taline

    Another great month! :)

  • Jon Mahler

    wow inspiring blog. Truly great to see affiliate income revenue proofs.

  • KB

    So inspiring Pat. Thanks so much for sharing so much of your wisdom with us! I’ve read “millionaire mind” in the past and decided to pick it up again after reading your quote. Peace & blessings! xo

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    I felt like reading a profit statement of an IT company rather than monthly report a blog :-)

    Those were staggering figures.
    Keep going :-)

  • Tom

    Awesome stuff Pat! It’s great reading reading your monthly income reports.

  • Sheyi

    Pat, this is another great breakthrough and reading this post energizes me to work more and believe in the beauty of IM.



  • Thomas

    Great inspiration! Though I know I cant look to make anywhere near this without time, patience, and hardwork it gives something to work towards. I really like how you have income coming from various income streams.

  • Smarty

    Pat this is awesome monthly income. I just finished my monthly report and I’m nowhere near to your one.

  • John Bakken

    SO inspiring Pat!

    Your income reports really gives me a kick in the but every time i read them, you can’t not be inspired to keep on working hard with your own online business, when reading them!

    – Thank you once again! :)

  • Jamie Northrup

    I always look forward to your monthly reports Pat, one of my goals for this year is to try and get a great niche site like yours.

  • Kent Brown (KBrown)

    All I can say is wow.. and thanks for showing me that it is really there … on the internet money!!
    Your amazing just dont let it go to your head… just messing around!

    AM a follower thanks and see you around


  • craig zarkos

    Fantastic. I sure wish there were more transparent NON – blogging about blogging reports out there. But I suppose that successful niche sites aren’t going to broadcast their earnings, as they’d get copied. I know there are tons of successful blogs that monetize like you do Pat, I’d just find it inspiring to hear more from those that are not blogging about how to make money blogging. REALL would love to hear more in the podcast. I’m a little bit on overload right now after discovering your blog, and your coalition of other bloggers ( Gideon,Corbett,Cliff) I probably just need to stop ” researching ” and take action eh?
    congrats dude.

  • craig zarkos

    I did listen Pat, going to re listen actually. I think those stories are SO important to share. It’s what got me into this quest in the first place, watching a guy build a podcast into a thriving biz, and changing lives while at it. and his newer marketing oriented site:
    I think he’d make an amazing guest on your podcast as a case study. HUGE audience too.
    check him out!

  • Henning Hoffmann

    Interesting to see that your paid iPhone apps make so much more than the free ones. Wasn’t it a lot different a while ago?

  • Rich

    Hi Pat – it’s crazy how much Bluehost business you do. I’m curious if you actually host any of your sites on Bluehost anymore? I used to use Bluehost but was very underwhelmed by their server speed – and especially the fact that they throttle resources from sites that get traffic spikes – even moderate spikes (300 visits a day). Might be something to look at as you’re steering a lot of newbies in their direction, and I think there are much better hosts for the money.

    • Pat

      Hey Rich, thanks for the comment. Yes, I do host my sites on Bluehost – several of my niche sites are on Bluehost, plus some client projects as well. I have never had any issues with them and have always had a good experience, which is why I recommend them. I’m sure there are other great hosts out there, some that could probably pay a larger commission too, but I only recommend what I know and use and can provide answers to questions for if needed.

      • Sachin

        Btw, did you ever consider opening up your own hosting site ^_^ ? Since you earn that much, I guess you’ve enough resources to start a hosting site, and instead of letting the users go to bluehost, you can earn money by directly getting those users onto your own hosting site ? Not a bad idea, right?

  • Mike @ Home Business Ideas


    Your monthly income reports are always inspiring. It is good to see your progress! It could not happen to a better person. Unlike many internet marketer, you truly help many! Keep up the great work.

    I wish some day to make reasonable income so I can quit my job, work from home and spend more time with kids.

  • PsTak

    there certainly is a distinction between a person with a compulsion to succeed for the sake of monetary gains, and you pat with the desire for enduring achievements that will enrich your life and the lives of others.

    • PsTak

      btw, my statement is referenced from tom butler-bowden author of “50 success classics”

  • Lenia

    Hi Pat,
    In my last business experience (9-5 job) my annually salary was exactly as what you earned in one month. I am surprised. I am wondering if I can ever have an income from this industry. But when I check out your reports I say to my self that if I work hard I can make it.
    Thank you for being so transparent and honest with us.

  • technofreaky

    Really impressive and inspiring for every blogger out there.

  • Hammad Baig

    Congrats Pat. You continue to amaze me each month!

  • Brock @ BrockStarLife

    Congrats on the new record. Always an inspiring read. At what point will you say “okay, I’m going to sit back, enjoy this 50k/month machine and chill on the beach…”?

  • Cash37

    Out of that 50k, over 2/3 of it was generated through affiliate commissions from this blog. What does that tell you?

    • Pat

      It tells me I’m very fortunate to have an amazing community here on SPI who is kind enough to go through my affiliate links and pay me back even when I don’t ask them to.

  • PPC Ian

    Your income report is truly amazing and inspirational. Thanks for being so transparent. I’m definitely not new to the game and am doing quite well with my niche websites. That said, I am not at your level by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you for the insight and inspiration to push myself to my limits!
    All the best,

  • kurt

    wow, pat, very impressive and very inspirational. i’ve been working on my blog daily and trying to expand readership.

    i’m looking forward to my ebook-which i’ve already received.

    looking forward to learning more,

  • Darren

    As always brilliant, job well done…. Looking forward to seeing next months….

  • Jesse

    Pat, it looks like you’re going to have to change your tagline about not being a millionaire, because shortly after a year of this income you’ll be there! Congrats on the hard work and I always love getting inspired by your posts. I’m still curious on after all your expenses where the rest goes.. investing, paying down your house (or is it paid for already), shiny new cars, ect. I’ve noticed those who work hard for money have a very different attitude when it comes to spending it!

    • Pat

      Nah – I’m still far from there – taxes take a toll, hehe.

      As far as what I do with the income – I don’t really talk about that part of it much, but a lot of it is invested in the future, let’s say. No crazy purchases or shiny cars or anything like that – not important to me. (Although I do want an Audi R8 eventually, when I’m older :P)

  • Don Martin

    Hi Pat
    I follow a number of blogs similar to yours with great interest but I have to say that this one keeps getting my thumbs up as a source of inspiration. What I really like is the disclosure of earnings list which should make it clear to everybody that multiple income streams is essential.

    I am specially impressed with your affiliate earnings for Bluehost since marketing hosting packages is perhaps the most competitive market of all. Perhaps you will grace us with a post on this subject someday :)

  • sai krishna

    yeah .. i have deep experience with StumbleUpon .. we need to take care on tags when submitting posts to stumble upon ..

  • James

    truly inspiring! thx a lot for the insight and your openness!

  • J

    You are an inspiration Pat. Thanks sincerely for your light!


  • peter

    Hi Pat,

    Congratulations! I noticed that your Security Guard Training site generated almost $3K and your other niche sites generated only $175 via Google Adsense. Is the huge difference due to your putting more time in the security guard site with better contents or is it simply because of better keyword selections?

    • Pat

      Hi Peter, great question! I think it’s both – the niche is better, the CPC is much higher, and I just spent a lot more time on sgthq, and am still improving on it publicly here on the blog.

  • Lindsay B

    Amazing, Pat. Congratulations on your success! :)

  • Randy

    Pat those are some great numbers! You should be really proud! Congrats.

  • Steve

    Pat, those numbers are crazy !!!!

    I’m happy that you shared the success and challenges because to be honest it would be easy for you to do like so many other..Say or show a number and then make it seem like it was super easy. From the very beginning it seemed like your way has been the right way and I thank you for the transparency you share with the SPI community..

  • Alan’s Internet Marketing

    Quality stuff and amazing monthly income to hit 2012 running with. Just surfed on over after downloading your podcast over at Clickbank. Lovin’ the transparency of your blog. Thanks for sharing and that tip on “Why” you’re creating the product is going to save me a whole lotta procrastination time!

  • jonel

    Hey pat, I’m just wondering if you’re also monetizing your YouTube videos with adsense thru Youtube Partner Program?

  • Mj

    Amazing Amazing …wow ..if i can even earn 1% of you .it will be a big success for me ,,wow you have made it a great way to earn money ..congrats mate !

  • Ben the Business Idea Guy

    Hey Pat, I always look forward to reading your monthly income reports. They inspire to continue building my passive income online. Thanks for sharing!

  • Usep Rizal

    Hi Pat,,

    Nice to see your blog. I’m an Indonesian, 35 years old with three kids. It’s Mr. Google who brings me here.. :) Nowadays, I am still running my business with the offline way. But it’s only about three months ago, I decided to try something new for me : online business..(I hope you’re not laughing at me for this :) ) I desperate to find the place or someone that I can learn from about this in Indonesia, but almost every single good internet marketing ‘guru’ in Indonesia sell their knowledge too expensive.. It doesn’t make any sense for me when I have to pay IDR 200.000 (about $ 24) just for every 10 pages of their ebook about online business tips !
    So, I turned around and look for abroad.. It’s about affiliate marketing that really make me interested, I hope you don’t mind if I want to start learn deeper about that from you here..
    I convinced that you are different from the others, because you said it’s NOT easy.. I really love that statement
    Meanwhile, I have started an affilate marketing blog with many cheap products, just for practice.. :)
    I hope someday I can call you my ‘Guru’.. :) And I’m sorry if my English is not too good..

    Cheers from Central Borneo, Indonesia..

  • Lindsey Grande

    Thank you so much for sharing the report! It’s very inspiring to see your success. I just started out and am following a lot of your advice. Thanks again!

  • Nick

    Another great month (Surprise, Surprise!). My Cousin and I started talking about trying to start an iPhone application business. So maybe soon we’ll be competing with LOLer Apps.

  • Chris Warburton

    They are some great numbers Pat! Something to aspire too. My partner and I are currently building and iPhone app in the travel niche through elance on your recommendation. So far so good :-)

  • Victoralexon

    Well done, Pat!

    It feels like it was yesterday that I left a comment congratulating you on getting to 10k subscribers, or was it at 12k?

    Who knows…

    Take care,


  • Gabe

    Hey, Pat. I have really been enjoying your podcasts. Thanks for all the information and support you put out there. It has got me thinking about a lot of different passive income strategies. Let’s hope I can get focused on just a few and build something valuable.

    Thanks again!


  • Geoff

    That’s a pretty good income. Having goals is always worthwhile, and of course keeping track of what you are doing and how it can be improved is all part of the ongoing analysis.

  • Michael

    Wow fantastic work Pat!

    I’d love to take only a fraction of that and I’d be really happy!

    Thanks for sharing in detail.

  • Gary Huynh

    Pat, I keep seeing Bluehost as your highest affiliate earnings program but I never see you promote it so I was going to ask you…then I see the post to your explanation. It’s like you’re reading my mind! Haha.

    I also want to quote you here: “Sometimes it’s good to step back and think about the big picture and remember the WHY behind what we do.”

    That is the single driving force behind my actions. Sticking to this concept is the main reason for my productivity over the years. No matter how hard things get, always remember your “why”.

    Thank you for your blog!

  • Sara

    I found your site after I started listening to the podcast. I’ve been searching around for the past few days, and you’ve got a lot of great tips. It’s awesome that you are willing to share so much.

  • david

    wow, you sell market samurai knowing how bad it is, especially for the past two months its been failing tremendously but you are okay to make $5k plus. i guess you have to be morally bankrupt to do good in this business. most of the sites i find on making money online have the credibility of a used car salesman. oh well, money is the endgame, everything else is just noise….

    • Pat

      Hi David – thanks for your comment and I appreciate your honesty, however I’m pretty sure you haven’t come across this post I wrote about Market Samuari:

      Also, I still recommend it because it still performs exactly the way it needs to perform for what I do and what I teach others to do here on the blog. It’s still working for me, and I think you should read this post I linked to above before jumping to conclusions. Money is not the endgame for me – results are.

      • Jason

        I think Market Samurai is still worth it’s price. It’s obviously lost some functionality, but I still use it a lot for SERP competition…it definitely makes research more convenient.

  • Aubrey

    Thanks for sharing! well done!

  • Cheri

    you rock Pat! I saw your preso at the Blog World and have been a fan since. It is incredible to watch your monthly earnings! I love that you are including the extra consulting fees you gain, b/c they would not have happened with all your prior work on the passive income blog. Thank you! Rock on…I mean…hip-hop on. :)

  • Nike

    Recursive affiliate marketing seems to be the best method for making a passive online income – least amount of work, you get paid every month, etc. The hard part is finding that type of product for your niche (that isn’t making money online).

  • would be entrepreneur

    Congrats Pat. Impressive earnings!

    Looking at some stats on your security guard training website:
    1. It appears that 29% of its traffic come from the SPI blog…. it is on par with its organic traffic on Google 29% too.
    3. ANother 3% come from the greenacademy website.

    Basically, you generate more traffic to the securityguard website from the SPI blog than from google searches…
    This may explain why the security guard training website outperforms your other niche websites and also explains the rather surprising adsense revenues.
    In other words, if it wasn’t from the SPI blog, the security guard website would be making a lot less money than it does.

    • Pat

      Actually, I never linked to the site until a year later, after it was already making over $2k a month, so I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you there. Additionally, stats tell me 12% comes from referral traffic, and only have of that comes from SPI – so…I don’t know where you’re getting your numbers from, but you’re totally off. 70% of my traffic comes from Google Searches…so again, you’re way off here. I have two different analytic tools setup that align with what I just said. Additionally – money is made through Adsense clicks…it’s not directly proportional to the amount of traffic so I’m sure the traffic coming from SPI is less “convertible” to Adsense clicks because that’s not why people are visiting the site.

  • Would be Entrepreneur

    I just re-read my post and understand the tone your response. I do not for a second doubt the sincerety of your assertions nor I wish to cast a shadow on your very impressive earnings.

    I think you are genuine and have helped ‘000s of people get a feel for what internet entrepreneurship is about, and for this your following is greatful. I am proud to say it includes me.

    I believe you when you say that 70% of your traffic come from google searches but here’s the thing.
    There are 2 types of “organic” traffic originating from search engines.
    1. people type in a keyword to search for info on a given topic. Getting traffic from this type of searches is real organic traffic.
    2. people type in a keyword in the hope of finding a particular website.

    So 70% of the SGTHQ website traffic may indeed, come from google searches, however there will be some of that traffic originating from people wanting to find your website. So there is the genuine possibility that whilst 70% of the traffic come gogle searches, it may well be split into:
    1. 40% searching for security guard traning – real organic traffic.
    2. 30% from people looking for your website using google search. Word of mouth + SPI blog. This is the number I was referring to and comes from a pool of analytics website including Alexa. SO here the scenario is as follows:
    a. people visit the SPI blog and rad all about the SGHQ. b as there are few or no direct weblink to the SGTHQ website … c. they go onto google to search for the said website.

    Additionally, you point out that adsense clicks are not proportional to traffic. This might reveal that some of the traffic is not representative of of the overall population visiting the SGTHQ website. This is not however, enough info to determine who’s clicking on the adverts – that said if I wanted to study that niche website I’d click on the ads to help me find out about competition, affiliate programs and link between website and adverts.

    I know you probably get lots of people wanting to pick a fight over the honesty of your income report. I am not one of them. Just interested in the IB and loving sharing opinions or ideas.

    I apologize if my original comment came across as something different from what it was meant to be.

    • Pat

      No hard feelings whatsoever here, and I apologize myself if my response to your original comment sounded “sternly defensive”. I appreciate the honesty and insight.

      I have other niches too – not revealed here that, like you said, would probably be bigger earners if I did mention them here, but even then they aren’t the same in terms of search volume and CPC – and when you said the site would not be where it’s at if I didn’t talk about it here on the blog – that’s definitely for sure, but in my opinion more so in the sense that if it wasn’t public I wouldn’t have put all the effort into it and made it as robust (and more authoritative) as I did.

      I’m currently targeting new niche sites with larger search volumes, and I may reveal those later in the future of SPI after they’ve got some legs – just to show that it can be done this way as well.

      Cheers, and again I apologize for sounding harsh, if I did. I appreciate the honest feedback and all the best to you!


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    You’re an awesome marketter, businessman in internet sector man!!!!!!!
    I’m your huge fan!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks, and keep it up, this blog helps a lot of people!