My February 2011 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeYes – it’s that time of the month again! My monthly report for February 2011 is due!

I love writing these reports because not only is it a great way for me to look back and see what I’ve accomplished over the past month, but it’s also a way for me to see exactly what I could have done better.

Beyond the actual numbers, this report is actually meant to give you an over-the-shoulder look into my online businesses and the lessons I’ve learned within each. Hopefully you can avoid my mistakes and use my success to inspire you to crush it online too.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report.

Important Going-Ons in February

February was all about goal getting.

Not goal setting.

Goal getting.

To help with that, I hired my first full-time virtual assistant, Mike – a web developer & programmer from the Philippines. I found him through Virtual Staff Finder and I couldn’t be happier with the work he’s done for me so far.

I do have some experience with outsourcing already – using sites such as oDesk and elance to hire for one-off projects like redesigning my blog or programming iPhone applications, but this is my first time hiring someone full-time and the experience is much different.

With a one-off project, it’s easy:

  1. Post a job.
  2. Hire a provider.
  3. Done & goodbye.

Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that (back and forth discussion, testing, etc.), but you get the basic idea.

With a full-time VA, I have to make sure he’s continuously got stuff to do, and this is what I’m struggling with at the moment.

It’s totally awesome though, because before I go to bed I can give him tasks to do, and when I wake up they’re finished. The “problem” is that he’s really fast, which is good because what I need done gets done, but not good because I’m definitely not maximizing our potential together.

One thing I may do is give Mike a “default task” – an ongoing job that he performs when his other jobs are completed. Examples of a default task are things like building backlinks, writing articles, or even doing keyword research to find potential niches. Of course, I would need to train him how to do these tasks, but it could definitely be worth it.

WordPress Plugin

I’ve been dropping hints of a WordPress plugin I’ve had in development over the last few months, and in February it was finally finished.

Now I’m at the crucial part of the process where I figure out how it’s going to be delivered.

A few things to consider here from my experience with this project so far:

  1. I found a developer to build this plugin without ever really thinking about how it was going to be delivered. This is similar to when I wrote my first eBook – I didn’t know how it was going to be delivered, I just wrote it knowing that no matter what it had to be finished. Finishing it forced me to really figure it all out.
  2. With the eBook mentioned above, I didn’t really have time to figure out distribution methods because I was in the process of writing it. Unfortunately with this WordPress plugin, I could have spent some time thinking about how it was all going to work while the plugin was being developed, but I didn’t. Now, I feel like time is being wasted.
  3. As far as exactly how to deliver the plugin, I’m looking at other premium plugins for inspiration to see what works the best. I have the option of creating an entirely new website and using a membership type system to give customers access to a download page after logging in. I could also host the plugin here on SPI which could potentially drive more traffic to my blog.

I’m still weighing the pros and cons, but it is nice to finally have a completed plugin.

More details about this coming soon.

Security Guard Training HQ

My security guard training niche site, which was born out of the niche site duel, is doing really well.

Despite Google’s algorithm update, which affected a large number of sites around the web, I’ve been able to maintain my #1 position for my primary keyword, security guard training. In fact, my traffic went up after the change and I’ve been seeing some really good Adsense numbers as a result:

SGT Traffic StatsAdsense continues to be my primary income stream here, although I’ve attempted other methods as well:

If you remember, I’ve integrated a job board from and I actually get paid every time a visitor contacts an employer through my job board. What’s cool is that it’s actually becoming one of the most viewed pages on the site.

In January, I earned $1.38 from the job board. In February, I earned $9.77.

This income doesn’t even compare to the earnings I see from Adsense, however the fact that people are using my job board to find real security guard jobs is very fulfilling. It means that my site is actually useful, which every niche site should be.

I’ve also talked about private advertising as well. I’ve had 4 companies contact me to place a banner on my site, however none of them have followed through. I gave each of them the details and terms for advertising and I must have scared them away or something.

I was asking for $175 per month for a 125 x 125 pixel advertisement that would be placed in the sidebar, which is definitely a reasonable price because the average CPC (cost-per-click) for this keyword in Google Adwords is about $2.83.

$175 / $2.83 = 62 clicks

That’s about 2 clicks per day for a month, and I’m more than positive an advertisement in the sidebar would generate more than 2 clicks per day. However, even after explaining this logic and a few followup emails later – no one agreed.

I’ll keep the advertisement page on the site just in case, but for right now I’m trying something totally brand new for the site: a company directory.

I hired a web programmer (this was before I hired my full-time VA) to create a system on the site that will allow companies to input their company information (name, address, phone number, website, description and a logo) which then puts them onto a site-wide company directory. Their company will be listed on a page that has all of the companies and also on all of the pages and posts about their respective states.

I’ll write a blog post soon that goes into detail about how all of this is setup, but I’ve heard a lot of success stories from people who created similar directories for different niches, which is why I’m giving this a shot.

Even if I were to get only 1 company from every single state (and there are hundreds of companies within each), that’s 50 companies right there. Even at a small price of $10 per month, that’s already $500 in residual income per month.

We’ll see how it goes. I might need to get creative with how I go about finding companies to sign up. Maybe some direct marketing campaigns are in store, which would be very interested to experiment with.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I think it’s time to get into the numbers:

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,013.00
      • Last Month: $2,986.85
      • Difference:-$973.85
    • Adsense: $438.39
    • Job Board: $9.77
    • Total: $448.16
      • Last Month: $450.80
      • Difference: -$2.64
  • Other Google Adsense
    • Total: $183.12
      • Last Month: $139.57
      • Difference: +$43.55
  • eHow Earnings:Total: $330.19
    • Last Month: $371.39
    • Difference: -$41.20
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $3,508.00
    • Free Apps: $2,162.58
    • Total: $5,670.58
      • Last Month: $8,832.95
      • Difference: -$3162.37
  • Gross Total in February: $24,616.63
    • Last Month: $35,607.11
    • Difference: -$10,998.48

A fantastic month once again, although it looks like I took a huge loss when you compare the numbers to January. The reality is, January 2011 includes an $8000.00 payment from the Niche Site Coaching program that I’m co-running, and also January is typically a really good month for iPhone applications (thanks to Christmas).

What I Learned in February

One thing I learned in February is that changes will always happen.

Facebook, for example, went though another Facebook Page redesign. Not the one I wrote about here earlier in the month, but another one that just happened the other day!

Also, Google made recent changes to their algorithm to improve their search results, which had a dramatic effect on several websites and businesses around the world.

Changes will always happen, and we just have to expect it. Expecting it will keep us sane when these changes do occur, and although you can’t always predict what those changes will be, just know that once they happen, that’s the way it is and you have to roll with the punches.

When it comes to our websites, as long as you have high-quality, unique content, you’ll have much less to worry about – no matter what changes occur around it. Just keep that in mind.

Another thing I learned, which deals directly with this blog, is that I don’t have a clear starting point for new visitors.

This is a huge mistake.

I received about 10 emails within the span of 2 weeks from people explaining that they enjoy my content, however they have no idea where to start, what post to read first or even what to do when they get here.

Not good, especially because I always preach about taking visitors through a clear and defined path on your site.

I will be creating a defined starting point and hopefully you’ll see that on the blog sometime within the month of March. I’m current recording a podcast series that goes along with it that will help everyone new to this business understand where to begin. You can listen to Part 1 here, and Part 2 is coming very soon.

Thanks to those of you who emailed me for the kick in the butt.

I needed it.

Thank you all for your undying support, and here’s to taking bold actions and working smart in March.


  • Glen Allsopp

    Another awesome month for you Pat, congrats.

    Good month here as well, but my expenses were way up. Which, is partly your fault 😉

    Good luck for March!

    • Paul

      Truth, his no salesy sales approach is too good at convincing me to buy new products.

  • Dan

    Too cool Pat, I’m enjoying following along with your business. I’m particularly interested to see how having a full time VA will change your business and experience.

    • KimP

      I’m interested in how this will change his business as well, Dan. I’m sure by years end he’ll have to hire an additional VA with all of the new projects coming this year.

      Once again, fantastic job, Pat!

  • Murlu

    Ridiculously sick, Pat, as always.

    How much would you say you reinvest into each project overall? Most people seem to take their earnings and run but being business savvy, I’m sure you’re putting money back in to the projects (great job on the V.A. btw)

  • Dustin | Engaged Marriage

    Another great month, Pat! You make a great point about providing a clear starting point/path for new visitors. We do have something simple along those lines at our Fit Marriage site, but I just realized I don’t have anything like that at my older (and content filled) site at Engaged Marriage. With my new e-book (finally) launching next week, I need to provide that easy path for what will hopefully be lots of new folks stopping by.



  • Moon Hussain

    Nice going Pat. Even though the income is less than last month’s, it’s a dream for many of us to reach at the level you’re at 😉

    Great job as always.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is awesome Pat and this month is another great month. Your income is a little less than that of last month but I’m sure that it will significantly improve next month :)

    It’s really cool to hear about your VA and he must be an awesome guy.

    Your income is always a motivation and inspiration and I hope I can be as successful as you: I’m sure I can with serious hardwork, learning and adapting.

    Keep up the great work and have a great day!

  • Jason Young

    Hey Pat,

    Great Job yet again! It was interesting to see how you came up with that cool directory idea for making money on your niche site. I hit a stumbling block interms of how to montenize one of mine, but I think I try to brainstorm a bit more on it. I should come up with something. If you don’t mind me asking how do you find ideas?


  • Mike Roberts

    I love the term “Goal Getting”. I’m going to use that.

    These monthly updates continue to inspire me and they are probably my favorite post to read each month.


  • Cory Buckles

    It’s a shame to see so much less revenue for you than last month, but when you account for the $8,000 for the coaching gig, it really wasn’t much of a dip at all in terms of your passive income. Great job!

    I’m glad to hear that your VA is working out for you. I really need to get a couple of purpose-built WP themes done for my blog and my niche sites, and I think that outsourcing the work to a freelancer for a one-off project is a much better option than trying to learn it myself at this point. I need to stay focused on creating content and let web design up to someone competent at it. I just have that “hands-on” mentality that keeps me from leveraging other people’s talents like I should.

    Keep up the great work, Pat. You are my biggest inspiration in the internet marketing game.

  • Jonathan Gaurano

    Dear Pat Flynn,

    You discuss and talk a lot about affiliate marketing. I’m lost – I’ve been searching the site and am still uncapable of how to ‘obtain’ affiliate marketers…if that makes any sense?

    Do you just e-mail the website/product owner and ask for a referral code?

    I understand there are probably more steps/it’s more complicated than that – where can I go? read on? to obtain a better explanation?

    Thank you so much,

    – Jonathan Gaurano

    • mike


      there are various sites that you go to and sign up as an affiliate.. you can then search their marketplace for affiliate products that match your own website content. for example: commission junction, share a sale, amazon associates, ebay partner network, clickbank – just to name a view. search google for any or all of those companies.

      for some your website will have to get accepted into the program (ebay for example).. some are accepted automatically (clickbank). and some allow each publisher to manually approve its affiliates (commission junction).

      hope that helps you get started.

      • Pat

        Ahh you beat it to it Mike :)


    • Pat

      Hi Jonathan,

      Actually, there are a few ways to become an affiliate for a product.

      First, you could signup for a place such as This is a site that people use to sell their products that freely allow others to sell their products for them, for a commission, of course. This is where the iPhone application eBook and a few other products in my list of income sources are located, and you don’t need to contact the owner in order to become an affiliate. There are many other places similar to clickbank where you can sign up to become an affiliate, such as & (CJ, short for commission junction, also house the Elance, Odesk and 99designs affiliate programs, but you have to get approved first).

      Secondly, some companies have their own built in affiliate program. If you go to Bluehost’s Site, for example, you’ll see at the very bottom it says “affiliates”. You can sign up here to become an affiliate, and they give you a special link which you can use to promote their hosting service. Many companies will have this option on their site, although they might call it “partners”, or if it’s from Amazon it’s called the associate program.

      Lastly, come companies may not publicize that they have an affiliate program, in which case you’d have to contact them yourself, like you said. Some will be able to give you a special link that gives you a commission every time someone purchases from your link, and some will have to use a referral code. Some companies, however, don’t understand the power of affiliate marketing and will not agree to have you on as a partner.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks Jonathan!

      • Jonathan Gaurano

        Thank you so much! Pat & Mike!!!


        – Jonathan

  • Jeff Pohl

    Dude, great job, I am no where near you but it is fun watching your positive bounces. Keep up the good work because the more you make the more I get inspired.

  • mike

    Yo, congrats on another awesome month.. I’m just about right there with you as far as my adsense earnings go. Only about $24K more to go until I catch up with you in total earnings though… haha.

    i like the idea of adding the company directory to your security guard site. that should be good for attracting even more people to your site. i’m working on my niche site at the moment, trying to follow along with your niche site duel as I go.

    looking forward to what you come up with for the “defined site path” and how it will integrate into your current site.


  • Lonnie – My Income Lab

    Hey Pat – another inspiring month! Congratulations! Any thought of building an iPad app, now that iPad 2 was just released?

  • Steve-Personal Success Factors

    Pat, love your site, and have recently come back to reading it almost daily. I’m especially loving your podcast. Thanks for modeling value and integrity online. Keep up the great work!

  • Joe Smooth

    Talking about people not knowing where to go, when I first arrive, the newest post, the one with the dark background, really blends into the background. My eyes go to the second newest post first, which makes me think the second post is actually the newest post.
    Of course now I know the one with the dark background is the newest post.

    • Erin Austin

      Hi Pat. I had same the reaction to the new post / dark background. But other than that, your site is brilliant! Thanks for all the great info.

  • Bill Zimmerman

    I have a full-time VA from the Phillipines as well, and I am struggling with exactly the same thing…keeping him busy all the time. At first it was easier, but then I realized alot of what I had him doing was just busy work and not effective stuff.

    Unfortunately he isn’t great with his writing, otherwise I would constantly have him write and rewrite articles. He is however very responsive to training and doesn’t repeat mistakes, which are both 2 things I look for in a VA.

  • Ryan @ coveringtherent

    Massive inspiration for me you are Pat. My niche sites have began to take shape and I am earning decent money from them now. Of course not to the level you are. I document mine in a similar monthly income figure report (slightly different in its approach) but the same affects really.

    I am massively impressed with your affiliate potential from this website and the amount of money you are making from the Security site through Adsense. Brilliant work really.

    Keep the great work up and please keep producing the quality content.

    All the best Pat,


  • Leon Aldrich

    Pat, the challenge is, most businesses simply don’t understand this. You could explain until you turn blue, but you would be better off SHOWING them how this all works by using a video illustration. These same business will throw money away on yellowpages. A video showing a walk thru of a Google search and how a person would even land on the page, where their AD could be, backed by analytic stats proving numbers of visitors (keep this to the bare bones so they don’t get lost). Offer a coupon code for a trial run like Aweber does for $1.00 or 1shoppingcart does for $3.95 … Also what do these companies have for a website? Are the corporate disconnected monoliths? One page godaddy made by a friend?

  • Learn With Tim

    Always a monthly inspiration, Pat!

    Expenses for me this month were up as I was investing to start my first niche site. Hopefully investments return well over the next few months.

    I know you’re reporting income, you ever though of doing profit or showing expenses monthly as well?

  • Eppie

    Nicely done, Pat — and a great point about creating a clear path for new visitors to your site. It’s the one thing I’ve been most impressed about with Corbett Barr’s sites — his “New here? Start with these” approach makes it easy for a new reader to find the best material right away and familiarize themselves with the site’s purpose. Looking forward to seeing how you implement that here. I’m about to do the same thing with one of my sites.

    • Pat

      Yes! Actually, Corbett and is where I went to first to for a good model to how to get people going down a clear “start here” path. Cheers!

  • Marie @ KinWorm

    Hi Pat, if you’re reading this I’d love to get some more ideas on how I can earn some money (long-term or short-term) by writing content. I love writing articles and would like to write for other websites as well as my own blog. Do you have any other recommendations besides infobarrel – maybe you might do an article on this in the future. Thank you.

  • Nelson


    Congrats on another great month. That directory idea is killer! I had a similar idea for my niche, but it was going to be all manual. I love the idea about automating the whole thing. I would be interested in potentially buying similar functionality for my site. Is this going to be a WordPress Plug in? If your interested in sharing your work, I wouldn’t mind paying you for what you outsource. Let me know if you are interested. It couldn’t hurt to share the development cost with someone else, right :)

  • Samuel

    This is awesome Pat! Sure, there will always be changes. You just have to stay faithful to the process. I can see that you are really making it big with affiliate marketing, which is good. Keep up the good work! And my regards to your VA :) Have fun.

  • Steve Roy

    Yet another fantastic month. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the course you offered with Tyrone. Will you be sharing more about that?

  • Rob

    Pat, I think this is my first comment on your blog, but I’ve been following for a while now as every post I read fires me up so much to get my ass in gear and really push the passive income experiments I’m working on. I’ve already achieved digital nomadism, but now I need to really focus on the passive income side of things, and I’m sure your content will be a constant source of inspiration :)

  • Patricio

    Great report, as usual Pat.

    I saw the suggestion on Corbett Barr’s site, so I am going to give another one: the site has a section “Just Starting”, which gives an overview of the internet marketing. I believe you have enough material (and your own voice) to prepare something solid about the topic. In addition, the how to guides on the right hand side bar are collections of post for specific purposes (“finding profitable markets”, website building, etc) that you can also put in your blog (or use as inspiration).

    Tim Ferris has also some starting series in his blog: the “most populars posts”, “Tim’s favorites”, and “Lifestyle 101” are great examples of starting guides for readers.

    Cheers and congrats for another awesome month.

  • Steeve

    Hi from France..
    And yeah you have Readers from this small country.

    Awesome blog, awesome Guy!

    All that free content. I’d just like to thank !

  • Chris Alta

    Nice month again Pat!

    I’ve realized that your blog does make you money but it’s really up to just show people your other business ventures and how to make passive income online. As far as the starting point goes the first thing I always notice is your opt in form because the green pulls my eyes that way.

    I personally think your site is fine as is. You can either change it for 10 people and try to satisfy everyone or you can leave it as is (since it works) and let them figure it out by giving them a little kick in the butt and telling them how most blogs function. If not everyone reading this blog is a big boy or girl, I’m sure they can figure it out lol

    I was reading up on your apps, that commercial you posted was funny haha..the boss in the office..dope stuff man.

    I recently took your advice and made (had a friend make) an opt in form for my website. I think it looks pretty nice, definitely grabs the readers attention. As of right now it’s a weekly newsletter..I don’t have enough knowledge right now to put out an eBook. It would be unfair to my readers, and I’d be lying to myself if I put out an eBook teaching people how to do certain things. I’ve only been in the blogosphere for 2 full months now so I would still consider myself a newb!

    However something is attracting more readers to my site because January I had 349 visitors and February I had 1,049 visitors! So I’m psyched about that.

    I just did my income report, still no tangible money but it’s all gravy! I’m having tons of fun keeping up with my blog and interacting with like minded people such as yourself.

    Thanks again for all of the inspiration, I’m getting ancy about this WP Plugin! Can’t wait till you share it with everyone.

    And keep on keeping on brotha, sure you took a big loss this month but money comes and goes, and it’s not the true point of being online anyways, it’s about helping people! You already know this though!

    Talk soon brotha, cheers!

    -Chris Alta

  • Austin

    Hey Pat,

    Great job on the month of February especially since you only had 28 days to make money in February! Keep rocking it! You’re truly an inspiration and you have definitely inspired me.

    Since your 100 word call to action post I have started a new niche site and have already seen a little bit of revenue. I searched through the Google pages today (I wanted actual proof) and as of right now my site is showing up in the 136th spot for my main targeted key word. Better yet, it’s already in the #4 spot for a related keyword! Still a long way to go to reach the first page for my targeted keyword but you have to start somewhere!

    Check it out if you have a few minutes:

    You might recognize the design… I hope you don’t mind! I figured, why mess with a proven formula!

    Take care and keep up the GREAT work!


    • RobM

      Wow, Thanks for sharing this Austin. It is interesting to see what others are doing !

  • Matthew Needham

    Hi Pat, really great result. I’ve also used Virtual Staff finder for my own VA’s. I think Chris has created a really good solution to a problem there.

    Good luck for March!


  • Mark Dacoron

    Great Job Pat.
    Looking to get to 25% of the income you getting to quit my job. I like that you layout everything well and explain where an how you do things. I need to put in work so I can start getting what I want.

    • Jaromir

      I fully agree and I like Your setting goal:-)!

  • semmy

    Nice Income Pat! Get a lot of affiliate income, It’s really cool! with quality content and your visitor trusted your offer you get a lot of commission from the affiliate program! really cool man!!! By the way what kind of plugin do you used? Would you mind to explain it little bit?

    thank you

  • Javier

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve also hired a VA myself. I have a question regarding this.

    As it is obvious, on a freelance working relationship it is hard to verify if the freelancer is actually working the hours that both parties agreed. I’ve actually suffered this in the past for short projects.

    I was thinking in using some kind of employee monitoring software like the one offered at Odesk, that keeps track of the time the worker is doing the work, capturing random screenshots and I think it even counts how the key strokes. Maybe there’s a similar tool to install in the VA’s desktop.

    I don’t feel very comfortable using a tool like this since it’s kind of invasive, but I don’t see how can you make sure that your VA is actually working, at least in the beginning when you still are knowing each other.

    Another approach is to simply to ask for daily reports, but what happens if you hire him for 8 hours and he’s successful to do the tasks in 5 hours? If that’s the case I would definetely like to make use of those 3 remaining hours for other tasks.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Pat, and also from other people since I’m sure many here have gone through this situation.

    Congrats for another great month.

    – Javier

    • Rat Racer

      Hi Javier. I am a freelance programmer or as you would call VA. You already said that you are not VERY comfortable using monitoring programs so don’t use it on someone. Personally, think if you’d like someone to use that kind of program when you work. Its like there’s always someone looking at your shoulders. If you want to maximize those 8 hours, you should plan ahead. That’s the keyword. Plan. Before you hire someone, you should have a set of tasks for him to do for the day. It can be many that it can’t be done in 8 hours for a usual worker but if the worker is fast, then he can finish more and you get 8 solid hours of work.

      If a worker is really fast and you don’t have that many tasks, then just pay for the hours worked. That’s what I do with my clients when they send me a task and I finish it faster than they expected. Sometimes I even tell them its for free if its real easy and did not take even 30 mins to do.

      I find that the best way for me to do more and more for the client and really be loyal is if we have good working relationship. If the client is not a jerk, easy to talk to, can take suggestions etc..then I’d make him a happy client. IF not, then I’d just finish my tasks and not work with him anymore.

      Talk to your VA. You can tell from daily reports how he’s doing on each task. If you’re not comfortable that a worker is fast and not doing anything for the rest of the day, then pay per project and give strict deadlines. And if you found a worker on odesk don’t make deals outside of odesk because you’d be more protected, also its required to use the monitoring program on hourly projects.

      Another thing that im grateful to some of my clients is if I finish early, they let me learn/work on a task that is outside my comfort zone. Like, I’m a programmer and does not do design. So on days I finish early, they give me tasks related to design so i can learn and so next time I’d really be able to help them also on design related tasks. You can try that. Or have your worker do SEO tasks.

      Talk and talk to your worker. You’re the employer now. The manager so to speak so plan ahead and be a good boss.

      Regards on your projects!

      • Javier

        I know what you mean. I’m a freelance coder myself too, and very responsable for the matter, but not everyone is like this out there.

        The one I hired seems to be someone I can trust, so I guess I’ll be asking him for daily reports to check his progress.

  • Jason

    It’s really fun checking out the monthly breakdown of your income. Looks like your doing a lot of work but the results are also great. Keep it up! I just started out myself and am looking forward to the point where I can get my traffic to the point of making a fraction of what you’re doing. Really great work.

  • Harlan Yee

    Hi Pat,

    I also find your income reports inspirational and always amazed at how much money you can make online. I just monetized my main blog and made my first online income in Feb which totally surpassed my expectations of what I’d make even in my first year. A lot of it is due to all the great advice you give here. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your knowledge with us!

  • Derek

    Hi Pat,

    I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the inspiration and the kick in the behind. You have pushed me to get the podcast that I have had rattling around in my brain for a long time now about Celebration Marketing off the ground. I have published 3 episodes in 2 weeks. Thanks for all the great stuff you are doing!

  • David Hooper

    Hey, man. Checking in to see how things are going and it looks like you’re killing it!!

    Something I’d love to see is a line graph and that various income streams you have, tracked month-to-month. Would be interesting to see if there are any trends based on time of year.

    Keep it up!

  • Dave

    My brother turned me onto your site and I’m enjoying it immensely. You write in a very easy to understand format. I’m just getting into your Niche Site Duel and am amazed at what you’ve shared. Thank you!

  • Steve

    Thanks for being so transparent. I too am amazed at the $ you make off of adsense. I’ve heard some negative reports lately. I don’t use it but you’re success has opened my mind to the possibility.

  • Rat Racer

    Congrats on your earnings! And I agree that you let your hired worker learn things that he’s not yet done so you can use him later on those kinds of tasks.


  • Hakem Saeed


    I’ve been reading your blog for a quite long time now and i am trying to get online income with many ways, why can\t I succeesd yet?!


  • Fisayo Sanyaolu @ Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

    Pat, this is a good success story. I guess your hard work then is really paying off now. Thanks for sharing

  • Alberto

    I’m really astonished by the income on you niche site. I’m not monetizing my site yet, but I’ll do it soon. Traffic to that site in the last 3 weeks is almost the same you are reporting here. Also, it is a site about photography, a niche which could be more profitable from an AdSense standpoint than others.
    Do you think that your niche site is so profitable for some reason specific to that niche?

  • M

    Great Job Pat!

    I have a suggestion that I believe will help other readers on this site too. You have an income monthly report, but how about a spending monthly report? Not as in how much you pay for food, but the costs necessary for passive income. I believe a lot of people, myself included, understand that it’s a “use money to make money” idea but do not know the actual values of the costs. Some concrete evidence will definitely shed some light on it. You can easily add them to the end of the monthly report or create an entirely new post altogether.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! Very inspiring though will wait until the start-finish podcasts/articles before starting :)

  • Rob

    Reading The SPI Blog I’m certain there are more ways than one to make it happen.
    You are doing things I’ve been advised against at other sites…from now on I’ll be thinking, ‘Show me the money!’ Thanks

  • Antonio

    Congrats for your earnings. I’m following your “security guard training” model for my niche site (about melanoma cancer). I was almost giving up, I was thinking that I’m not an expert in this field (even if I like medical topics). But today I saw that the site was indexed for the primary keyword and the visits are slowly increasing. I learnt that if you do it right and be constant, the results will come. So I think I’ll continue working on this. Thanks for keeping me motivated with your tips! 😉

  • RobM

    Pat, Another great post. And another amzing month, wow. Are you thinking of running the training program again? You would be crazy not to.

  • Roland

    Hi Pat, Have you thought about investing in software to see what journey your ‘customers’ are actually taking. There is some great stuff out there- including technology that tracks where your customer’s eyes are looking over the screen! Very big brother-ish! Loving the website though… I just find it difficult with getting started with all this stuff!

  • Sarah Russell

    Congrats on another great month! I’m looking forward to seeing more about the new WP plugin and how you built out the company directory for your niche site :)

  • Andre Khrisna

    Hello, Pat!
    I’m Andre Khrisna from Indonesia.
    Nice to comment here.
    I’ve been your silent reader for a long time. This site is reaaaaly great! I’ve always read all of your posts and even save it to Word files so i could re-read it whenever i wanted to. Now i’m doing internet business and i hope i could get earnings as much as what you’ve got 😉
    Still a long way to go…but by reading your Monthly Income Report, i’m inspired by you every month. I really appreciate what you have done.

    Keep up your honesty, Pat!

  • Lyndsy Simon

    I’m interested in more details about the WordPress plugin – not so much what it is, but how much you spent, the details of how you managed to development, and how you decide to market it in the end.

    I’ve commissioned a plugin myself, which should have been fairly simple. After writing a detailed spec, posting it to oDesk, and hiring a developer, i’ve seen set back after setback. It seems that the developer never bothered to read to spec and now says that some of my requirements can’t be met. Joy. I know better, I’m a programmer myself.

    So now I get to deal with shutting down a contract under less-than-ideal circumstances, being out my up-front fee, and having no plugin to show for the whole ordeal.

  • Rob Cornish

    Great stuff Pat! I really enjoy the income reports as they quantify the results from all you efforts.

    One of my favourite books is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber because it talks about the importance of “systems” in scaling a business up. Looks like you’ve taken another important step in that direction by hiring your virtual assistant!

    All the best, Rob.

  • siegfried

    Great post as usual Pat. You are sooo cool 😉

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  • Neil Edwards

    Amazing Pat, very inspirational. I’ve put my first income report up myself, 28p dude, 28p! But it’s a start. I mean, not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m actually already at a total revenue of £1 but I made most of that in March… 😉

    I’m joking, I know it’s stupidly small, but it’s a start, and that’s one of the hardest things right. Just ned to keep going!

  • Dean Saliba

    I only have to reach around another $24,300 odd a month and I’m matching you! 😛

  • kim adair

    Is there a affiliate program for the Green Exam Academy? If so, where is the link? thanks.

  • Brett | Investing Part Time

    Awesome job. Another inspiring month for you. I’ll get there someday!

  • Christopher

    Awesome month. Really February is normally a dead month for sales in general especially affiliate sales. I’m really amazed by the article spinner sales. I was a little shocked when I saw the price.

  • Adam Grant

    Nice month Pat.
    Looks like Google didn’t harm you too much.

  • Juuso Palander

    Hey Pat!

    “Another thing I learned, which deals directly with this blog, is that I don’t have a clear starting point for new visitors.” This caught my attention as we’re currently developing a wordpress plugin that intends to tackle this problem in a simple but clever way :)

    Would you like to test it when we get a testable version ready? (expecting it to happen during March) If so, where can I reach you?

  • Nick

    Another great month. I really want to see how 2011 compares and differs from 2010 for you. I love the annual posts a lot. The monthly posts are great as well.

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    Great post as usual! You are my No. 1 inspiration to make money online. I am taking a different approach than you, as I looked into affiliate marketing and building sites for Adsense, and decided I wanted to do something different, namely targeting offline businesses.

    At any rate, you still inspire me, and I am now hiring my first VA (part time) to do non-technical work for me. I am also hiring a person from the Philippines. Its really bizaar to me to have my own employee, as I never managed anyone before.

    Anyway, I have some thoughts for you: Perhaps you should actively pursue companies for your Security Guard Training website. In other words, look up schools, and send them snail mail, or e-mails or both. I think you should pursue this, along with your directory. I think showing ads is the best way to make money, when the advertiser is paying you directly (no Adsense, no Paypal, no one that can hold up your money), as you can get checks directly from the advertiser. You have the #1 website, so they should be very happy to pay you.

    I found this AWESOME video on how to properly do direct mailer marketing.


    All the best,

  • Javier

    Anyone knows where can I find a native english writer for a low fee or filipino writer with great writing skills? I’ve tried, odesk and elance, but can’t find anyone that meets this criteria.

    My budget is low (I’ve already hired a VA for SEO and coding work), and since English is not my main language I can’t do the writing, so it’s getting difficult to find someone to fill this position. I’m aware that I wont find a great writer on a low budget, but at least someone that can do a decent quality article with no spelling nor grammar errors.

    Any suggestion guys? Thanks!

    • Nicolas

      Just post a job to eLance! It’s marvellous!

  • Tom

    Awesome month! Keep it coming.

  • Joe McCready

    Pat, Once again….You Rock! Great content is rewarded with a community of followers…You deserve that fortune you posted from the fortune cookie!

    Keep it coming!

  • Valerie

    I just recently found this blog, while I have not had time to read much of it what I have read is fantastic. Thanks for the vulnerability and sharing your journey.

    re. Your full time VA, I was listening to a seminar and the lady suggested having two days worth of work always ready for your employee. This covers when Life Happens. I know, easier said than done.

    I’m looking forward to you post re. about companies inputting their own info.

  • Morten

    I’m impressed – this is awesome. I’m especially amazed by the amount of visitors that buys stuff from your affiliates each and every month.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Pat,

    Well I’m a first time visitor to your blog and wanted to read this post in particular. I just created a new product and site and am sharing my journey with others on my blog as well. I just posted my February results as well and I hope one day to have the type of numbers to share that you do.

    Wow, I’m so impressed with what you have done. I have also outsourced a few small projects and hope to one day be able to hire a full time virtual assistant as well. This post has given me some great motivation that I need to keep doing what I’m doing and I know that all will fall into place eventually.

    Will be eager to return and keep up with your posts. Thanks again and I really am glad I visited your blog, especially today.


  • http://JustinGermino Justin Germino

    Seriously impressive earnings and you really show the power of affiliate marketing being a key to making some serious income online. I recently told a friend that both Android and iPhone / iPad application development is something to invest in if you are looking to learn programming languages and start developing. As someone who has been blogging for over two years, I am still struggling to break around $500 in earnings per month so I know how difficult it is.

  • Justin Germino

    My lousy auto-fill from my form messed up my website in my last comment, do you mind changing it to match this comment (you can remove this comment if you want).

  • Daniel

    It’s great to see you doing so well each month Pat! I believe the affiliate income from WP-Wishlist\WishlistMember this month was from my purchase.

    I was setting up a membership website for a course\guide I’ve developed and thought I remembered that you were an affiliate for WP-Wishlist so I went to last month’s income report specifically to use your affiliate link. You put out a lot of helpful info so we like to make sure you get paid for it :)



  • kim

    I’m excited to see what you’ll be implemented for newbies to your site to direct them as to where to go, what to do first, etc. I haven’t listened to the podcasts yet, but I will right now! Thanks for all your help!

  • Michael Pancho

    Always awesome monthly performance, Pat. You are an inspiration. I’m currently running my personal blog and while I’m doing that, I continue to read your articles here. They are very helpful, and to even come close to 1/8 of what you’ve been doing will already be fantastic for me! Keep up the good work Pat!

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  • Anne

    Hi Pat,
    I’m one of your new fans. Every time I read your monthly report, I always got motivated. You’ve been an inspiration to us. I like your techniques and strategies. Those are really helpful. I’m now starting implementing those on my recent blog. Thanks a lot!

  • Phil

    Hi Pat,

    just found your podcasts on Itunes and have found them to be a very good listen while on my commute! I have several ideas for online ventures i would like to develop and your website is just what I need to get motivated and educated.

    Keep up the good work!

    All the best

  • Eric

    Hey Pat. Great numbers. You for about this site and how much you made here, unless that’s the affiliate information. Keep up the good work

  • Rahul Gupta

    Another awesome month for you Pat, congrats.

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  • neil cooper

    Just started reading your site and its inspired me to finally put an idea i have had for a long time into action.

    thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Dwight Anthony

    Pat, you’re an inspiration to many of us online, keep up the good work.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot com

  • Polo Shirts For Men

    I found your blog site on google and check several of the early posts. Continue to keep up the good work. I just added up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking forward to reading through far more from you later on!

  • sherwani

    “Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts. I am looking forward to another great article from you.”

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