My August 2010 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeEach month, I like to write a detailed report about where my online income comes from, as well as report on the things that I’ve been up to that may have had an impact on my earnings. I do this for two primary reasons: to help myself keep track of how my businesses and brands are progressing, and more importantly to help you learn what to do (and what not to do) during your online business or blogging adventures.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report.

Let’s get right to it…

Important Going-Ons in August

iPhone Apps

As you know, I make a good chunk of change from iPhone apps that my business partner and I have developed. Actually, we don’t develop them, we just come up with the ideas and outsource them. It’s been a wild ride, but we’re consistently seeing a few thousand dollars each month from our endeavors.

When iPhone 4 came out (and the new operating system to go along with it), we noticed that a lot of our free applications, which generated an income via advertisements, were no longer showing the advertisements on the new OS.

Not good.

An update was required in order to change the code and get our ads working properly again. In August a few of our applications were fixed by our developer and upgraded in iTunes, and things are working smoothly again for those apps. This should account for the bump in the free app earnings you see in the breakdown below.

As far as new apps, we’re holding off while we get all of our old ones fixed. It’s a slow process, since our developer seems to be doing the same for a lot of his other clients too, but luckily we’re not the ones doing the work.

The Smart Passive Income Blog

Every month, I’m more and more amazed at how rapidly this blog is growing. I’m now approaching 10,000 RSS Subscribers (which was my revamped goal for 2010, from a previous goal of 6000 which I met a few months ago), and my email list is growing at 40-60 subscribers a day.

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a number of different websites this month, both through interviews and just from pure kindness from the blog owner:

My branding plan to “be everywhere” is going very well.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of traffic coming in not only from the blogs mentioned above, but from other blogs where people have just said my name or mentioned my blog in the comment section. The same thing on various forums too. This is totally awesome, because like I’ve mentioned before, a recommendation from someone else is much more powerful than a recommendation that you can give for yourself.

The short lesson here is that if you go over-the-top to help people out, they will help you back. Not everyone will, obviously, but it only takes one person to make a huge difference and start a chain reaction that can take your blog or business upwards. Online karma does exist, so help out as much people as you can, and you will see the rewards eventually.

I’ve also been getting a lot of great feedback about The Smart Passive Income Podcast. It has already helped the SPI brand, as I thoroughly discuss (with graphs and charts) on Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?.

A new session will be published on Wednesday, so look out for that.

Niche Site Duel with Tyrone Shum

As many of you know, Tyrone Shum challenged me to a Niche Site Duel in the beginning of August.

You can get updated links to all of the blogs participating in this battle on the Niche Site Duel Hub, but just to give you an update, we’re all at the point where our sites are up and have a bit of content published. Now, it’s just a matter of building backlinks and climbing the ranks of Google.

I have a post planned for Friday of this week where I will share my link building strategies (or should I say, experiments), and my overall content and authority site strategy. It’s going to take a while, but I think I could really do well in the niche that I selected.

More on this to come, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. It’s never too late to join us if you’re interested in participating too.

Okay, I think it’s time for the breakdown!

Income Breakdown

Please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3601.30
      • Last Month: $2637.40
      • Difference: +$963.90
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $293.06
      • Last Month: $246.95
      • Difference: +$46.11
  • Google Adsense
    • InfoBarrel (only 1 article): $1.78
    • Other Adsense: $48.41
    • Total: $50.19
      • Last Month: $51.12
      • Difference: -$0.93
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Green Exam Academy: $1,834.98
    • Market Samurai: $3,539.68
    • Instant Article Factory: $3,100.00
    • Automatic Article Submitter: $186.78
    • $1625.00
    • iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $201.60
    • Internet Business Mastery Academy: $1038.45
    • Niche Sites: $87.50
    • InfoBarrel Success: $97.00
    • Aweber: $177.48
    • Amazon Associates: $25.83
    • Total: $11,914.30
      • Last Month: $5,654.00
      • Difference: +6,260.30
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,651.00
    • Free Apps: $2,173.42
    • Total: $4,824.42
      • Last Month: $4,388.67
      • Difference: +$435.75
  • Gross Total in August: $20,683.09
    • Last Month: $12,978.14
    • Difference: +$7707.95

A great month!

The last time I broke $20,000.00 was in June of 2009, but a majority of that income was from my product sales. This time, however, most is coming from my affiliate sales coming as a result of this blog.

The thing I hope you notice is that I don’t really actively sell or promote anything on this blog, yet I’m still able to earn from it. It’s all done in a non-aggressive manner, so don’t think you have to choke people to death to get them to pay you.

Here’s my secret (although it’s not really a secret at all):

I recommend products that I’m using and trust. That’s it! I go above and beyond to show how I use the products (see my market samurai webinar replay), and if people are interested in it, more than likely they will use my affiliate link to purchase that product too. I don’t force it on people, and simply offer it as a recommendation. It’s a win-win for everyone!

See 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing and the One I Profit From for more info.

What I Learned in August

August was a tough month for me. You might not think it was based on my earnings, but in the middle of the month, something drastic happened that really really sucked.

Here’s the story:

I was recording the intro to one of my podcast sessions when I noticed clicking noises coming from the back of my iMac whenever it was processing. It was really loud – so loud that it could get picked up on my microphone, which wasn’t good. So, I took it into the Genius Bar at my local Apple store.

They ran a diagnostics check and saw that the hard drive was about to fail. It was over 3 years old and it was about time to get that thing replaced anyways, so I said lets do it. The guy asked if I had backup, and I said yes. All of my files were backed up in a Time Capsule, so it would be really easy to setup the new drive and just use time machine to pick up right where I left off.

Two days later, I get the iMac back with a brand new hard drive (yay!). I go home, excited to get my old files back on there and get to work, and the backup wasn’t working. My computer couldn’t read the files, and I tried several different methods to try and get it to work (setup assistant, from a boot disc, migration assistant) and none of them worked. I could open the backup file on the Time Capsule, and I saw my encrypted files there, but it just wasn’t working like it should.

I took it back to Apple the next day, and they said they should be able to get the files out for me. Actually, the guy said he was confident because he could see the data on the disc.

Three hours later, I get a call, and the “genius” tells me that I’m going to have to send it to some place in Kansas or something to get the data out, because it’s totally corrupted. I asked if my old drive was still available, because I could easily recover the data from there…and of course, it was destroyed at the warehouse not an hour before I asked.

I got pretty upset and asked if there was anything Apple could do to compensate me because the product I purchased from that very same store didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Of course he says no, and he even tells me I should have gotten a backup for my backup…

Really? So should I get a backup for the backup for my backup too?

Okay – so I call a company Apple recommended called DriveSavers, and they told me over the phone that they were confident they would be able to retrieve the data. (Hmm, where have I heard this before). I send the Time Capsule in, get a call 4 days later, and they said they’d be able to get the data out!!! Oh, but it would cost me about $4000. That’s not a typo – four-thousand dollars. At least they were right when they said they could get the data back, but WOW…

So I had a lot of thinking to do. Was it worth $4000 to get my data back. Luckily, I had all of my family photos backed up on another external we have for pictures only, but there were a lot of business files, photoshop files, recorded interviews and documents that I wasn’t sure if I could live without. Plus all of the applications I had installed – it was going to be a nightmare to get it all back.

Well, I decided to just start from scratch and save the $4000. Luckily, nothing I had on there was absolutely necessary to keep my businesses running, and I was able (thanks to gmail’s archive) to get many of the applications I had purchased over 2 years ago back.

Now, I’m running an online backup service that runs in the background of my computer, so it’s on the cloud and I can access it from anywhere. Plus, I’m on my way to get another external hard drive that is NOT a time capsule. I’ve also upgraded my dropbox account to hold a number of important files too.

Sorry for the long story, but it’s one of those things that you think could never happen, but it did – so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get multiple backups for your computer and your websites, especially if it’s for your online businesses.

A lesson learned the hard way for me, but hopefully you can learn from my mistake and not let the same thing happen to you. Thanks to all of you who supported me and gave me words of encouragement on Facebook and on Twitter when that was all going down.

At least, despite one and a half weeks of not having a work related computer available, I was still able to have record earnings for the year 2010 in August.

As always, thanks for your support, and for those of you in the U.S. – I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day Holiday!


  • Hector Cuevas

    Pat.. Congrats on breaking 20K last month!!

    I recently had to restart my entire computer, too. Luckily I had everything saved on an External Western Digital Drive.. (they’re the best, in my opinion)

    oh.. and it’s great to be part of your Monthly Report :)

    Talk soon

    • Pat

      Yea, Western Digital is good. I use a mini drive of theirs to hold music for my DJ-ing setup, and it works perfectly.

      Thanks again for the opportunity to share a bit with your audience. Cheers!

      • Hector Cuevas

        DJ-ing? really.. that’s cool man

        I always wanted to get turntables.. for now I’ll stick to messing around with Virtual DJ (it’s not the real thing but it’s fun as hell)

        • Vik Tantry

          Pat – congrats on an amazing month. Sorry about the hard drive, but you really are an inspiration. I’ve been following your blog for several months and really like everything I’ve seen.

          I’ll also be around blogworld next month and would love to catch up! I’ll send you an e-mail =)


  • Moon Hussain


    Wow! That really, really sucks (what happened with your hard drive). I’ve had something similar happen…. after the ‘OMG THIS REALLY REALLY SUCKS< DAMNIT!!!', you realize that maybe you didn't need all of the stuff that was stored on the ol' thing anyway.

    Congrats on your record earnings. You're killing it…kicking ass and taking numbers, as they say! Hope your weekend is going well. Seaport was really crowded today :)

    • Pat

      Sunday right before school starts up again – I’m sure it was super crowded. parking down there is tough too – I hope you managed ok.

      About the data loss, it’s in the past and I’m ready to look ahead and get things done again. Cheers!

  • Stephan – PassivelyEarned

    Hi Pat.

    Those are some nice numbers you have there. I especially like your non-aggressive stance towards affiliate marketing. I’m not too fond of product pushing myself. It’s good to see such an approach can pay off as well. Motivates me to stay true to myself.

    About your mac. Was it the Time Capsule hard drive that failed you, or was the Time Machine backup service failing? I rely on Time Machine as well so I’m curious about it’s reliability.


    • Pat

      Hey Stephen – although I know I could make more money by pushing products, I just feel a lot better about myself if I keep it the way I’m doing it now. Plus, I make more friends this way too :)

      The problem was with the time capsule, not with time machine. Even still, I’d get some type of online backup going, like Carbonite, which is what I’m going with now.

      • rob

        Thats why I stopped going to
        He’s too damn pushy with his afiliate programs.
        He doesn’t have any shameabout it either.

        • Pat

          Different strokes for different folks, I guess 😛

      • Howie


        IMHO…and, this is just my ‘opinion’, but, in the best interest of your online presence and ‘brand’, I would highly recommend that you stay clear from going down the path that other bloggers have. Some of the methods other bloggers are using to make money are quickly becoming outdated as online users are becoming more and more online savvy. There was a time where people could just ‘trick’ others to click an ad or buy something from an affiliate link, but, the best approach now is to continue doing exactly what you have been doing.

        In response to rob:

        John Chow did release a decent video about his business model, however, it was laced with subtleties that annoyed the heck out of me. It’s clear that he doesn’t even use many of the products/courses that he himself recommends both on his website, as well as, associated with his backend sales funnel. He can certainly do whatever he deems in the best interest of his business model, but, there comes a time when a personal brand can be affected if you openly admit to pushing products that you don’t even use yourself. (there was a subtle part of his video where someone had asked him if “Blog Mastermind”, I believe it was, really worked…and he kind of nonchalantly brushed it off…)

        Does this approach REALLY have a negative impact? I don’t visit his blog anymore. Rob apparently doesn’t either. You be the judge.

  • My home business tools

    Congratulation that you have made it another step ahead this month we are also looking forward to making such figures please adcvise if there are any expenses and how much they are.

  • Dev –


    Really Great post.
    Congratulations on breaking the 20k ! You’re doing kick-ass work Pat.

    and the hard disk part really sucks !!

  • Jody

    Pat, nice work! It really speaks to the power of the internet and true smart passive income when one of your biggest income generating tools (Mac) is down for 25% of the month…. yet you still managed to increase your income by nearly 50% from the previous month. Starbucks couldn’t do the same if they weren’t selling coffee, Dishnetwork wouldn’t survive without selling satellite dishes. But, with the internet, it’s possible to keep earning while temporarily challenged. That’s good stuff!

  • Howie

    It’s great to see you continually diversify income channels, Pat….that’s a great ‘take-away’ lesson that your income reports always reinforce to me, in the event that one avenue crumbles or shuts down unexpectedly. I think it is absolutely necessary to diversify channels, especially online.

  • James Tayo

    Great job, Pat. and thanks for sharing the backup story.. It’s one of those things you always have in the back of your mind “I’ve got to back up all this stuff” but never get to doing it. but in your case, you actually did back it up but still lost your data. it’s a shame really. I wouldn’t normally expect that from Apple.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Wow! This is really great Pat and you are really killing it with your income!

    You really made it great with affiliate earnings this time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your income with us,

  • jeff

    Never ceasing to amaze me… Good post on a very important holiday!

  • Karl Hadwen

    Congratulations on breaking $20k last month, very inspiring. The affiliate earnings are killers it seems! I myself use the majority of the software you recommended and I can vouch and say it’s totally awesome and time saving.

    Sorry to hear about the backup issue, stuff like that sucks. $4000 to receive your data is just totally ridiculous. Glad you’ve got everything working again, I actually thought you was a little quieter on Twitter than normal! Glad you’re back online.

    Also, what’s your primary back up (cloud service)? I know you mentioned DropBox but surely you’re using something else as well?

    Another great post Pat. I’m forever looking forward to your next post, and of course the niche challenge that’s going on!

    Best Regards

    • Pat

      Hey Karl – I’m using carbonite right now, but I might switch because I do a lot of videos, and they don’t automatically backup videos for some reason. Thanks for the kind words!

      • Daniel works really awesome. I’ve been using it for over 2 years. Really fast and it can backup your whole computer if you want it to. Unlimited backup for $4.95 per month. I got one for my pc and one for my laptop. :)

  • Allan

    A great month in earnings Pat, well done. It’s good to see how you’re diversifying your income sources across different areas.

    Shame about the computer problems. I use online backups at my work so I’ve got peace of mind knowing our database and files are backed up every night. It is important to check that your backup is working and your system can be restored from the backup, so we check this once or twice a year to make sure.

    Thanks for the link to my site. I’m loving the niche site challenge!

  • Chris Elliott

    Great job this month!

    You are adding a lot of great value to the affiliate products you promote and it makes it easy for people to decide if people want to purchase them or not. Most people are still using a hard sell online while you have mastered the soft sell on products that you recommend.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    Your income has really inspire people like me to keep on working and i really like the fact that you are recommending something which you think is useful to your readers. This business model suit me best as there is no hard-selling involved. Thanks for sharing your income report.

  • Erik

    Hi Pat, congratulations with a great month! Again, your complete open and honest review of your monthly income and learnings is great and truly inspirational. I kicked off my niche project 2 weeks ago and hope that this will be my first steps to eventually “moving online”… looking forward to you next posting on the niche duel!

  • Stephen B. | InventionAddict

    WOW. More than half of the 20K is from affilliates.

    I’m a chart and stats geek so how about a pie chart :) for the break down or maybe even a Pareto chart?


  • Adam

    so,are we really supposed to take backups for backups for backups?

  • Srinivas Rao

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for sharing this. The breakdown of income is really eye opening. I’m working on creating some of my own products as part of my personal plan for the next month. One of the things I wanted ask you about is your affiliate strategy. I have a few questions

    1) Do you promote affiliate stuff in your newsletter? How do you incorporate it for the most effective conversion rates? We’ve just been adding a mention of affiliate products that our intervieewees on BlogcastFM have created and I think we’ll probably start incorporating more of the stuff we use on a regular basis into our newsletter as well.

    2) How do you passively promote your affiliate products here on the site for effective conversion? Thanks in advance.

    • Pat

      Hi Srinivas!

      To answer your questions:

      1) No. I’m very strict about what goes onto my newsletter, and right now it’s just pure content. The content might have links to posts on my blog that have affiliate links, but I don’t put affiliate links directly into the newsletters. I may be different than most, and maybe I’m not making as much money as I could, but I want people to be happy to be on the newsletter and not worry about an offer every 3 or 4 emails. When I do come out with my own product, eventually, I know that people will read that email and most likely click through to see what it’s about.

      2) Through webinars or blog posts that explain how I do a certain process, which then talk about certain tools that I use (which are optional and not necessary, since many of the things I talk about can be done for free without the tool, i.e. Market Samurai). Also, my resources page is a huge money maker too.

      • Owen McGab Enaohwo

        Okay Pat, please correct me if I am wrong with your affiliate marketing process.

        1) You have on your blog sidebar your top affiliate earners
        2) You have your Resource page very visible on top right corner of blog which links to the page with all the affiliate links
        3) You have blog posts where you go over details of the product and have the affiliate links posted
        4) Finally you have webinars where you teach how to use the product or have the guest demonstrate their product. You only include a call to action affiliate link.

        If I missed something please let me know so I can adjust my plans accordingly

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Pat, much congratulations for really CRUSHING it this month. I’m not sure if this is said enough, but aside from having a great amount of passive income earnings, you also do an excellent job diversifying those earnings. Really, any one of your passive income sources could dry up tomorrow, and you’d be fine.

    The only way you’re going down is if the internet is destroyed, but I don’t see that happening in our lifetimes. 😉

    • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution

      I agree with Eric. Awesome diversification! Truly a model to be followed. Also nice to see how your affiliate income has steadily grown to what it is today. You certainly deserve all your success. Your quality content and transparent approach speak volumes.

  • Christina (@CashCampfire)

    Wow, congratulations on earning 20k! It’s amazing that most of your earnings are coming from affiliate networks.

    Also, I’m sorry that you lost most of your data when your computer crashed. I would be devastated if that happened to me, and right now I can’t even afford to waste an extra $4,000. I’m glad you were able to work it out though.

    My computer crashing has always been an ongoing fear for me. A few times, I’ve gotten the dreaded blue screen (because of some wi-fi conflicting issue), and sometimes my computer randomly crashes if it gets too hot (despite the fact that I’m using a cooling pad). I currently backup my data on an external flash drive, though I don’t want to make the mistake of using only one backup source. Can you share what online backup programs you use?

    • Pat

      Hey Christina,

      I use Carbonite right now, but I might switch to something different because they don’t backup videos automatically, and I do a lot of videos. I’ll keep you all updated and get into more detail about that later. Cheers!

      • Christina (@CashCampfire)

        Hey Pat,

        I checked it out. It’s awesome! The only bummer is that it’s not a free service. But I suppose that’s to be expected. At least you’re allowed a 15 day free trial. :)

        Thanks for the resource!

  • Sudhakar

    Pat, crossing 20K is just fantastic. Your different incomes streams model is great. congrats!!!

  • Tim

    Superb month ($$$!) and very informative report; thank you, as always Pat.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Mac wows. I read this post by Merlin Mann on backing up and it scared me enough to know that I can’t trust my hard drive one bit! He describes a lengthly, but almost full-proof backup methodology. Makes good reading.

    • Tim

      hmm, my fat fingers: replace “wows” with “woes” and I’ll go hide in shame…

  • Rob Pene

    Again bravo :)

    Sorry about your computer bro, but I’m glad everythings working out.

    Quick Question…about your iPhone apps…did you know anything about coding or how to draw up your iPhone draft before you actually got started on it? How long did it take you to create your first one?

    • Pat

      I know absolutely nothing about coding, and still don’t. Again, it’s all outsourced to developers who know what they’re doing 😛

      An iPhone draft is just simply some drawings of how I wanted things to work, so no expert knowledge is necessary. How it works is all done by the devs.

      The first app took maybe a month or so.


    • Tim

      Hey Rob,

      I’ve just got my first developer-built app into the App Store and would happily offer any advice on the process. I followed the tips laid out by Pat here: and leant heavily on the hugely useful ebook he points out in tip 5.

      If you’d like to chat about anyting involved in the process, hit up the contact form on my site.



  • Sunil @ The Extra Money Blog

    most amazed by the overlooked fact that not once did you bad mouth the circumstances or the parties involved in the mess – but then again i haven’t read your updates on FB and Twitter (yet) 😉

  • Shawn Kummer

    Hey Pat –

    My blood really started boiling as I read your post on Apple and Time machine :( Your move to the cloud is a smart one. A cool device I have been using to help with my ever expanding storage needs is pogo plug gives you unlimited storage very cheaply. All my files are backed up in 4 locations. Locally on my powerbook, carbonite(Cloud), dropbox, timemachine, and finally my pogo plug which is at my office. Enjoy the blog and look forward to meeting you at Blog World in Oct.



  • Juan | Acne No More Info


    Always test your backups :)


  • Pawel

    Hi Pat,

    What ads network do you use in your iPhone apps?

    • Pat

      We’re running Admobs, iAds, Quattro and Google Adsense all through Adwhirl, so we can get the highest fill rate.

  • Aja

    Hey Pat,

    I know sooo many people have said this to you before, but thank you for being so honest and transparent about the way you earn a living online. You’re helping so many people, and are a true blessing to the Internet. :)


  • David Rachford

    Congrats on a great month! And thanks for sharing the earnings report.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious, but didn’t you finish up P90-X this month too? Dying to hear the results on that!

  • Dustin Stevens-Baier

    Another good monthly breakdown. Keep up the good work. I have been wanting an online back-up program I will have to look into carbonite. Do you manually backup your blog? My wife just had a recent database crash and luckily HostGator was able to repair the database. I am just getting tired of manually backing everything up.

  • Iroko

    This earning of yours only makes be want to do more, thanks for posting them, am truly encouraged that one can live the internet lifestyle, you are wonderful.
    What do you do with your list if you are not really pushing your affiliate links?

  • Landon

    Keep on rockin, Pat.
    I hope to someday attain even 1/10th of your success!

  • Shajjad

    This is(your income) really awesome. I surprised that your most of earning is coming from affiliate market but personaly i have no plan with affiliate market…,,
    After reading you post i just thinking to Change my future plan…..


    Very good to see your progress Pat. I would recommend against keeping important files on your computer, because things like this happens all the time. Also an important thing that you should always do is to test your backups every once in a while. This also (especially) include backups of your websites.

  • Michael

    Hi Pat

    This is an awesome income report. Congrats. on a record breaking month. You have inspired me to pay more attention to my affiliate marketing campaign.

    Thanks for sharing


  • MaxR de Maxadi

    Just discovered your blog thanks to Yaro Starak’s latest post. Awesome. I’ll spend hours reading your posts as they are sooo instructive.

    Great job on your income for August and thanks for being so transparent about it. It helps keeping up with affiliate marketing knowing it works so well for some. :-)

  • Wade McMaster

    The joys of computer hard drives and backups! I lost over 200Gb of Client (graphic design) files when a ‘backup’ didn’t work after a crash, a few thousand dollars later we have some of it back, not all, just some. It all panned out ok after a few months tho :)

  • DB Baker

    Hi Pat,

    This is really great that you are sharing your income streams with everyone and in such details. But I wanted to ask if you can also share your monthly expenses?

  • Devin Elder

    Congrats on a killer month!

    Losing data is one of those things that makes my stomach drop… right now I’m using Jungledisk and mapping a drive to my desktop. That way, all of my website and business data is located in one folder on my desktop.

    All that data actually lives in a datacenter (and is replicated 3 times in that datacenter), that way I always have a current folder with everything a need. If my computer explodes, I can just re-map that drive on a new computer and I’m good to go.

    My data backup goal is to be able to throw my computer in a lake at any point and be able to get back to work as soon as I have a new computer booted up.

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Congratulations on reaching 20k, again!!! You’re monthly reports are always an inspiration. If you can, anybody can too.

  • Ian

    Pat congrats on the Kick A$$ month. Brutal to hear about your back up wows. I had a similar issue about a year ago when my MacBook HD died. I was using Carbonite online backup at the time, not sure which service you’ve gone with but they performed well for me… But I’ve also added in an external HD and Time Machine as a secondary backup as well.



  • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution

    I’ve had more drives fail on me then I care to mention.

    The good thing about hard drives these days is that they are really cheap. The bad things about hard drives these days is that they are really cheap.

  • Steve

    Hey Pat..

    Great job on the income this month..I’m blown away by the jump from July to August. On another note the challenges you faced and how you got through them is of greater value to me. I like yourself a couple of years back face the no “Job” problem and I’m feverishly working to change my situation..Showing me that you too have challenges makes my fight stronger to succeed. You could have just shown us the “MONEY” lol..But you showed what “real life” can do even in what seems to be a good time for you.. Thanks for everything..!

  • Vincent

    Hi Pat,

    What is the online back up service that you use?


  • J. Massey

    Hey Pat…

    Thanks for persevering. I’m getting started on this internet business idea because a friend of mine shared with me your site. Anyway, I know you were joking about having a backup for your backup, but I actually do. Technically I have 3 external hard drives and I’ve been recently considering if I should add an online component to that. Maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but I just don’t want to ever experience what you mentioned in this post.

    Thanks for your transparency. I’m eager to duplicate it.

    J. Massey

  • Wordpress Hosting l Jake

    Congrats on hitting 20k again, Pat – I love it. I’m glad that an A-list blogger like yourself is hitting the numbers you deserve (I think you have 50k in you, though). : )

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Awesome month, Pat. Love that income growth – bet you do, too…!

    Keep it up, buddy.

    Looking forward to sitting down with you in Vegas next month, too!


  • Ireti @ Centre for Personal Development Blog

    Great month Pat. You’re a very brave man. Love your cool style of selling affiliate products. I think its one of the very best method you can find around because people don’t apprecaite you forcing them to buy stuffs. One other good point about you is that you demonstrate how interested people can make good use of the affiliate programs. You did well in affiliate earnings this month compared to last month. Thumps up.

    As for the backup stuff, i must commend you for making a smart choice of starting all over again and saving $4000 for yourself. That was a fantastic move. I use backups to for my datas but believe me its not as comprehensive as yours. I will review my back up policy and go for the best. It’s always good to have a plan B and even a C in every situation. Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing much more success in September


  • Brad Smith

    I had something similar happen to me last Spring – total hard drive failure. Even though I had a backup of all of my critical business data it took me two weeks and many hours to reinstall all of the applications and get the computer back to where it was.

    I vowed never again to waste that time – I bought twin raid drives for my main computer so it won’t fail, then bought a network backup drive and use both in addition to my online backup through Mozy.


  • Paul

    wow these kinds of posts always motivate me to want to hustle and get back into the make money online game. Thanks for posting your results. Can’t wait to see the dollar results from your niche site!

  • Lenore Greiner

    Ah, the agony and the ecstasy, Pat! Making more money than in a long time and a “Holy ($*&%_#(!” as well. What a wild ride.

    Wow, been there. And that’s why I switched to Apple products. Yet no one is immune because it’s the nature of computers. Time to also go backup online and email myself a bunch of stuff.

  • Andy

    Hi Pat, how do you get the money from iPhone free apps ?

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat,

    I had the same issue with a corrupted hard drive. Didn’t back anything up and HP told me it was $4k to recover the data. I had thousands of dollars worth of apps on it. Lesson learned. I backed up everything on a 1 terabyte external and I use Jungle Disk cloud hosting which does scheduled behind the scenes backups of data files. No problems since.

  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    Wow – I can’t even imagine cracking $20k, let alone a few thousand per month. I like how you broke everything down, showing that even the smallest things can add up nicely in the long run. Definitely an inspiring post. I’m still in the quest to quit my day job, and my only goal is to earn a steady $3k per month. If you can hit numbers like these in a month, then I don’t have a doubt I’ll eventually meet my income goals, too :)

  • Justin

    I just had a similar thing happen- I accidentily saved over an important document and I didn’t have a backup. Right when I was about to lose all hope of recovering it, I discovered a program called ShadowExplorer that unlocks Vista’s automatic saving feature that is otherwise invisible to many users.

  • Steve

    Just found your site through the Cliff Ravenscraft interview. Amazed at your earnings, motivated me to keep going and not give up!

  • Pierre @ Internet Business Generation

    Wow, congrats Pat on breaking through to $20K! Thats amazing! By the way, our first video podcast is now available in iTunes, would like some feedback from you… –>

  • Office Revolt

    I must say that while DriveSavers is expensive… they can be worth every penny. my hard drive died about 5 years ago and nobody could get the info off of it. Being a dummy, I had all the pictures of my kids on there and only on there. They whacked me for $2500 at the time, but again… worth every penny because I got all the files back. Costly lesson, but now I keep 2 external drives as backups and a backup to the backup!! Nice post Pat

  • Deneil Merritt

    Back at that $20k mark. How does it feel? I would go nuts if something happen to my laptop. It’s my life, my business, oh man I am going to stop thinking about it. Congrats on getting back to the $20k mark.

  • Ryan Tomlinson

    Excellent Month! Gonna double up next month?

  • Melvin

    As usual impressive Pat. Im wondering though how the heck does Green Academy still makes a lot of money? :) I mean you’re not doing anything with it now right? Are you still doing some promotions with it or what? Just curious

  • Mike Juhl

    I just had two iMacs fail in the last two months. One HD died and one would no longer boot up after running the Repair Permissions option in Disk Utility. The first iMac is no big deal as all the keeper files are on an external drive or on-line. The second was our family PC with all or out photos, videos etc..! Fortunately, I was able to restore the OS by booting from the Leopard disc and doing a restore from a Time Machine backup. I think I too need an online backup solution too so I can backup my backup. Glad you were able to keep operations going.

  • CVHung

    Hi Pat,
    I code apps for Iphone/Ipad, too
    I am very impressed about your income

  • Tony Marciante


    While the dollars certainly impress, the much more impressive factor is that you are showing real dollars, real income, up/down, where, why and bringing a much needed dose of reality and genuineness to the IM world. Especially for those of us conceiving our first product, site or process…it really makes it real to know your story and hear your ups and downs…keep it up my friend!

  • Maria (WriterGig)

    Congrats on your excellent month, Pat, and sorry for the painful computer hard drive experience! Glad you’re back on track now.

  • Munna

    Congrats. i see the greatest part of your earnings come from affiliate marketing. That’s why affiliate marketing is considered to be most flexible and easy way to make quick money.

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  • Ali

    Hi Pat

    I know it’s been said before but thank you so much for sharing your income details so openly – it’s a massive source of inspiration for me.

    I just wanted to ask – how many ehow articles do you have up to get that $200?

    Thanks for all the info – keep up the good work. Oh, and congratulations on breaking $20k!


  • Ravi

    Congratulation, very impressive.

  • Jérôme

    I’ve just discovered you’re blog, and it’s atonishing how English speaking blogs can perform compare to French ones. I was not used to read international blogs like yours, but now I will do it so as to learn faster and innovative techniques to boost my website.
    Congrate for your good figures for this month 😉

  • Funny News

    I’m surprised about the earnings from Niche sites. $83.00 in a month seems low. The strategy I’ve been forming involved building several niche sites. How many do you have?

  • Andy

    Just discovered your site and some very interesting stuff here. Your “passive” approach does involve some work, but it is clearly working for you. Look forward to following you.

  • Josh

    You make $20K a month with the primary method being your computer and all you have is a local backup? Duh on getting the online bakup service. I have Backblaze on my mac along with my Time Capsule and so far so good.

  • Matt

    Hey Pat, congrats on the great month!

    A question, about how much percentage wise do you end up having to pay in taxes each month/year (whichever is easier)? It seems like you are set up with an LLC, are you taxed as a sole prop with flow-through income to your personal tax return or as a S/C-corp? Hopefully you’re stashing away a lot of this cash into an IRA or self-employed 401k. :)

    Congrats again!

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  • Maria

    Congratulation for the greatest part of your earnings come from affiliate marketing. It is a good reason affiliate marketing is considered to be most flexible and easy way to make quick money. Smart reporting. Keep it up.

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  • Leonard “Leo” Jackson

    Wow. So what avenue did you end up going down for backing up your files? I’m gonna be honest and hardly remember to do backups?

  • hoda