My April 2010 Monthly Income Report

dollar-signEach month, I write a detailed income report, highlighting exactly where my online income comes from – down to the penny. I do this not only to help me keep track of how my businesses are progressing each month, but also to help you understand the kinds of things you could do (or shouldn’t do!) to achieve similar results.

I support a family with the passive income streams I generate online, which allows me to spend more time with them. This is motivation behind everything I do. Whatever your motivation is, whatever your goals are for the future, I’m here to give you all the information I can to help you get there.

As always, thank you for your undying support, and I hope you enjoy this month’s report.

Important Going-Ons in April

April is always one of the fastest months of the year for me, mainly because everyone and their mom has a birthday in April for some reason. Each weekend is usually filled with good times and good friends, and as they say: time flies when you’re having fun.

This April was no exception, especially now that our son Keoni is 4 months old and starting to be more interactive, and honestly really really fun to be around. Don’t get me wrong, he was fun to hang out with before, but now there’s a little more to him than just pooping, peeing and crying. Being a dad is awesome.

Although the month flew by, I was still able to get a lot of good work done, especially in the iPhone app realm.

iPhone Apps

In my income reports from February and March, I mentioned how we were in the middle of developing outsourcing some new iPhone apps. Well, in April, a number of them finally made their way into the App Store.

If you read my post entitled 5 Things You Must Know About Creating Your Own iPhone Apps, you would know that if you want to have a successful iPhone app, one that can hopefully make you some money, you’re going to have to do more than just submit it to Apple. If you don’t do any marketing, it’s just going to get lost in the sea of 180,000+ apps, and all of your time and money will have been wasted.

Well – thanks to the number of awesome tips in How to Make iPhone Apps Without Programming Experience, we were able to see a lot of success with the apps that went live. Here’s the run down:

Traffic Light Changer

This is a “gag” app that is supposed to look like you can change traffic lights from red to green. These kind of apps are “hit or miss” in the app store, but you see a lot of them in the top rankings all of the time (i.e. A Hands Heater, Fingerprint Scanners, iBeer, etc.).

At first, it wasn’t seeing much momentum and we figured it was just a flop. But, after an advertising campaign and some tips from that eBook, it finally entered the top 100 list in it’s category and just took off:


And here’s a graph of how many times it was downloaded:

traffic-light-changer-statsThat’s 61,974 downloads in just 15 days. That’s a LOT of reach! Do note, however, that this is a FREE application, and free apps get downloaded a lot more than paid ones, generally.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: if it’s a free app, how do we make money from it?

The answer: advertising.

And how has that been working out so far? Here’s a screenshot from the 15 days in April that the app was live:

earnings-1Success? I think so, especially when I think about how long it took me to earn that much from blogging or even writing for eHow. Plus, the app only cost $500 to develop.


Even though there are a slew of negative reviews and ratings, that is expected for an app like this. Plus, there are a lot of hilarious and fantastic reviews too from people who “faked” their friends and just had a blast with the app, which was the whole point.

Other Apps

I won’t go into the same amount of detail with the other apps that went live in April – I’ll save those for a later blog post specifically about iPhone apps. But I do want to give you a list of the apps in case you were interested. I’m quite proud of how much work we’ve done in the past couple of months, and it seems to be paying off. Remember, each one of these is a potential stream of passive income!


anti-theft-alarm-rankingBalance Test: How Balanced Are You?


Shake Nation 100 & Shake Nation 1000 (not currently ranked, and the funny part is that these were the most expensive of the bunch to develop, and are the most “complicated” too)

In addition to what we released in April, we currently have 4 more apps completed, submitted and waiting to be approved – hopefully within the next week or so. That’s a total of 9 new apps in two months.

Hey – if you’re going to do anything, you might as well go big, right?

Green Exam Academy

Honestly, I did not put one hour of work into this website in April, because as you can probably tell I was primarily focused on iPhone apps. But that’s the beauty of setting up a passive income business – you can have it work on auto-pilot for you, so you can have time to do other things, such as diversify your passive income portfolio and work on other streams of income.

Even though all I did was answer a few comments and emails from customers, you’ll see that my earnings actually went up just a tad bit from March. I’m just glad to see the earnings are staying fairly consistent. And don’t worry, I’m always watching it to make sure I’m up to date with any changes in the industry, and I’m constantly testing.

Smart Passive Income

I’m proud to announce that I hit the 6000 RSS subscriber mark! The reason this is a huge milestone for me is because it was my 2010 goal to reach 6000 subscribers – and it happened in mid-April. Thank you all for making that happen, really. I hope I can continue to provide you with awesome content so you will continue to stay with me as we crush it online together.

In other exciting news, I finally bought some hardcore, professional podcasting equipment! Yep – that’s right folks, the SPI Podcast is on it’s way! I know I’ve teased you a lot about it since last year, and I even have a space reserved for it in my navigation menu at the top of the blog, but I finally got off my butt and bought some nice equipment, including:

A Heil PR-40 Microphone, a Heil Mic Arm, a mixer, and some mic cables. I’d like to thank Cliff Ravenscraft from for all of his help with setting me up with this awesome equipment. I’ll definitely take some pics for you once it’s all setup in my office.

As far as when the first episode will be, it’s hard to say. I’ll be going over a podcasting course to help me make sure I setup everything correctly, especially in regards to the iTunes feed, so it may take a little while still. It’s coming through, I promise!

Lastly, I’d like to mention that I’m going to do my best to not edit any episodes. I really want to master speaking on the mic and thinking fast on my feet, so forcing myself not to edit will help me get there. It’s my own little Toastmaster experiment. And hopefully, a couple years from now when I listen back to my first few episodes, we’ll all be able to notice how much I’ve grown as a speaker and host. We’ll see…

Ok, it’s time for the monthly breakdown!

Income Breakdown

Please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds. Product Sales:

  • Ebook Only: $1,222.95
  • Audio Only: $179.70
  • Ebook + Audio Package: $1,483.35
  • Total: $2,886.00
    • Last Month: $2,080.20
    • Difference: +$805.80
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $183.04
      • Last Month: $189.05
      • Difference: -$6.01
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Green Exam Academy: $2,626.35
    • $650.00
    • Amazon Associates: $11.19
    • Aweber: $14.70
    • Internet Business Mastery Academy: $1,785.75
    • iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $168.90
    • Total: $5,256.89
      • Last Month: $5,241.83
      • Difference: +$15.06
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Total: $3,135.16
      • Last Month: $1,914.30
      • Difference: +$1,220.86
  • Gross Total in April: $11,461.09
    • Last Month: $9,425.38
    • Difference: +$2,035.71

Definitely a stellar month, one of the best in a while, and I don’t forsee the numbers going down anytime soon, especially with all of the new income streams being created.

Things I Learned in April


April was tax month, and this was the first tax season that I had to pay taxes for a full year of income generated entirely online. While grossing over $200k in 2009, you can imagine the look on my face when it came time to see how much I owed. Luckily, with the help of a great CPA (one of the best investments you could ever make for your business, especially if you work from home, is a good CPA) it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. And yes, I do pay quarterly estimates.

I won’t go over the specific details, but basically we opened up an IRA to shelter some of the money so I would be paying less money to the government, and more money to myself and my family’s future. We maxed that out at $28k.

Also, I learned that having a good bookkeeper on board really pays off when it’s time to do your taxes. Each month, I send a bookkeeper (one who I found on Elance actually who I’ve been happy to work with for over a year now!), my reports from E-Junkie, Paypal, and my Banks, and any other reports that have business transactions on them. She plugs them into QuickBooks, and by the time tax time rolls around, all I have to do is click a few buttons and I get some quality Profit and Loss statements, which I double check, of course.

Simpler is Often Better

When looking at our iPhone app business as a whole, and the types of apps that we have produced, the less complicated, simple applications are the ones that we’re seeing success with. Plus, they’re much cheaper and faster to produce.

When you think about Online Business in general, the basic rule of “Simpler is Better” almost always applies:

  • When taking people through a checkout process, once it get’s complicated – their out.
  • If the design of a blog is too complicated, or it’s too hard to navigate, people are more likely to bounce (this is why Flash sites aren’t the norm).
  • If you’re selling a product and it’s not easy to use (or at least you don’t present it as being easy to use), good luck making a sale. (Why do you think a huge chunk of an infomercial is all about how simple the product is to use?)

Remember, keep is simple…

And finally…

I just wanted to thank you once again for your support. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today having so much fun writing these reports and chatting with you on the blog if it wasn’t for you.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the blog, help me reach my *NEW 2010 goal of 10,000 subscribers by clicking here.

Here’s to a healthy, safe and profitable May! Cheers!

  • Vinay

    great report Pat! always like reading these. congrats on the success of your iphone apps too!

    • Pat

      Thanks Vinay! I appreciate it!

  • Sebastian

    hey Pat, i really like to read your Report and congrats on the great success of your passive income stream. I’m always happy if i see a new post from you in my Feed Reader. Nice Work!

    • Pat

      That’s awesome Sebastian! I’m glad to be a part of your reading material! Cheers!

  • Howie

    These reports never get old, Pat….love it, man….

    • Chris C. Ducker

      I agree, Howie…

      Always good to read. And they were the inspiration of my own Monthly ‘Virtual CEO’ Reports at the VBL blog, too!


      • Pat

        Thanks Howie and Chris. I saw your Virtual CEO reports at VBL – good stuff! I’m sure your readers will enjoy reading them as much as you’ll love writing them.


  • Marcin

    Awesome report! I really like reading these reports because they are super inspiring! If you stop working today, what do you think – how much of this income would stay on the same level?

    • Pat

      Honestly, I think it would stay pretty much the same for at least a year or two. it’s hard to say though, because everything changes so fast – markets, technology, people’s interests, etc.

      Great question!

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Another great month, Pat.

    Good job, buddy.

    And really good to see that the iPhone App work paid off – I have a feeling that you guys are gonna become leaders in this space in the next few months. Keep it up!


    • Pat

      Let’s hope so! It would be awesome to have some more top apps out there. We have one planned that has the possibility of going big. I’ll definitely let you all know how it goes. We’ll see! Thanks again for the great guest post Chris. Cheers!

  • Tyler WebCPA

    Fantastic, not only did you have a great month you also managed to give it up for both your CPA and your bookkeeper; some of the usually unsung soldiers in entrepreneurialism.

    • Pat

      I gotta give it up to the CPA and Bookkeeper – I’d be lost without them =)

  • Music Resources

    It’s interesting to see the simpler apps are the ones that are taking off well, I haven’t looked into your posts on making IPhone Apps yet but will do now.
    I hope the others are just as successful.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the best wishes. It’s a tough market, but we’re hoping to see even more success in the future. Thanks again!

  • Alicia

    Good to see that you did well in April. Looks like your hard work on the iPhone applications paid off.

    • Pat

      Definitely – it’s always nice to see hard work pay off. In most cases, hard work always pays off, it’s just staying the course and following through that puts it all together. Thanks Alicia!

  • Deneil Merritt

    As always your reports is great motivation. Keep working hard to keep us going.

    • Pat

      Will do Deneil! Thanks dude!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Hi Pat,

    I am very happy you are growing, glad to see a large increase in your earnings (you did not report your traffic?).
    I also hope to get here someday 😉

    Thanks a lot,
    BTW: I am yet to get a reply about the guest post, titled “5 great tips for blogging success”.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Pat

      Hi Onibalusi,

      Thanks for the comment. I didn’t report my traffic, because I didn’t want to post to be SUPER long, and decided to save it for a later post. I might just do a traffic post every 3 months or so, we’ll see.

      Also, regarding your GP, i’ll get back to you on that soon. Thanks!

  • Michael-John Wolfe

    Unbelievable! I thought of a traffic light app YESTERDAY sitting in traffic! Like always, I’m one step behind. Best of luck with all of your apps Pat! I also spent an hour driving and brainstorming apps — I came up with iLie (a lie detector app), iFakeID (an app that lets you make your own gag fake ID from any state), iCoffeeWarmer (a gag stove that warms your coffee) — I come home, open up the iTunes app store and of course ALL THREE ideas are taken! UGH! Frustrating!

    • Pat

      Hey Michael-John,

      Isn’t it funny how that happens? It happens to me all the time, but the thing is that it doesn’t matter that someone came up with the idea already, if you marketing it correctly, you can do even better. Our Anti-Theft alarm application definitely wasn’t the first. In fact, it was probably the 20th…seriously. But, we put a unique twist to it and are seeing quite a lot of success. Why not make a lie detector app, or a fake id app? Take existing ideas, and make them better!

  • http:/// Mike

    Great month Pat. I heard your Podcast with Chris Ducker yesterday (the replay) One of the things that stood out was when Chris asked you why you were pursuing the IPhone Aps. I believe you said the main reason was to diversify your income sources, so it wasn’t too dependent on any one area. Well, this breakdown illustrates that theory.

    As business people we have to find the balance between focus and diversification of income sources. This may be a really good idea for a future post. Congratulations on another good month though. It looks like the effort in the I Phone aps has paid off. Of course, the challenge is to keep the other sources moving along in tandem.

    Take Care,


    • Pat

      Thanks Mike, and great points. There definitely is a difference between 100% focus, and diversification, but I think there needs to be some kind of balance. It’s similar to the discussion of quantity vs. quality. Great idea for a post, I’ll see if I can fit it in somewhere.

      All the best, Mike!

  • Richard @ WpSplitTester

    Wow, looks like things are really going well for you which is great. Amazing results from the traffic light changer app. I think I’ve been trying to make things too complicated. All the ideas I’ve had recently for apps have been really complex and would not only take ages to build but would also cost a lot in development costs. Think I’ve got to think of simpler little apps, and then start churning them out.

    • Pat

      Yeah man – we had that the same problem at first, and are really trying to keep things simple now for the exact same reasons you mentioned. Good luck with everything!

  • Meredith

    Thanks for the update Pat – I’m currently searching for a good CPA for my business (after a huge surprise delivered by my old tax advisor this month)… any suggestions for finding a good one?

    • Pat

      Well, I found mine based on a referral/suggestion from a friend, combined with a Google search after I was given the recommendation. With an online search alone, you never really know exactly who you will get, even on their own websites because those things are built just to get your attention and draw you in as a client. Recommendations from others are probably the best way to go.

  • Jamie Pixon

    Pat – huge transparency with these posts. I think it’s wonderful.

    And I think that you know that there’s no harm in sharing your strategies and numbers like this, because, after all, unless people actually get off their asses and “DO” it themselves, then it’ll have no negative impact on your business. And even if they do, the Web is just too big for all of us – more then enough to go around.

    Just solid blogging, really.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jaime, I appreciate your kind words.

      I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with just being totally and brutally honest. And to me, I don’t really believe in competitors, just people or businesses that should be instead working together for the same goal.


  • Ron

    Congrats on the stellar month Pat, can’t wait for the podcasts as well!

    • Pat

      Thanks Ron, I can’t wait either!

  • Wesley Craig Green

    I always find your monthly updates to be some of the more inspirational posts out there in the o’blogsphere, Pat. Your approach to this whole blogging / Internet marketing / multiple income streams has inspired me to take the same approach.

    Much kudos to you for succeeding like you have, Pat, and I look forward to your future podcasts. Cheers!

    Wesley Craig Green

    • Pat

      Awesome Wesley – glad I can serve as some inspiration for you! Wishing you all the best. Cheers!

  • Richard Scott

    Hi Pat. Awesome month. I’m really curious to know what you spent to get your other apps made. Do you have a total of what the 9 apps are versus what you have made on them so far? The one I’m getting developed is costing me $5,000. It makes me wonder how long it will take to get my money back. Thanks again, nice to see your readers are growing so quickly. You’re on a roll. :)

    • Pat

      Hey Richard! Well, only 5 of the 9 have been approved by Apple so far. I can quickly estimate that in total, they cost about $3500 (again, they are fairly simple), and to date, a little over $1k has been made. However, that’s only about 15 days worth, and there’s a whole lot of time to make up the costs and begin to earn pure profit from them.

      How long it takes to get your money back totally depends on the app, how well it’s marketed and even a little bit of luck too. Our Baby Maker app took about 6 months to get our money back, which cost about $4k to develop. But, now, we’re seeing it bring in half that much each month.

      Definitely a crazy market, but the rewards far outweigh the risks in my opinion. Good luck with everything!

  • Jean Sarauer

    Really looking forward to your podcasts and love that you’re planning to let things be a little rough to start and keep it real. Your transparency is going to keep bringing new readers your way.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jean! Plus, it will save me a lot of time from editing and spending money on a production team. I just want to keep it real!

  • Chetz Yusof

    Yahoo! Nice earnings… It always an inspiration to watch this… working on to receive passive income like you do…

    Thanks Pat!

    Chetz Yusof

    • Pat

      Keep working hard Chetz! All the best to you!

  • Ms. Freeman@Baby Steps of an Internet Entrepreneur

    looks like revenues are remaining steady. Now I understand the value in creating free Apps. Good job! :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Ms. Freeman!

  • Drezz

    Another good month! Good to see the apps are starting to pick up. I’ve been talking with a close friend about developing some of our own apps, so seeing how good its been working for your group gives us the motivation to continue.

    Setting goals is a good thing too – congrats on the milestone. I have a couple of my own: finish my e-book and build a list, start building the framework for a course based on an idea I’ve been kicking around. I’m hoping to be ready by summer.

    Oh – I’m looking forward to the podcasts. Good call.

    • Pat

      Awesome Drezz! It seems like you have a lot of really awesome things coming up for you and your biz.

      Hopefully we can continue to provide you with some more info regarding the apps to help you get off the ground. Good luck!

  • Vincent

    It is always inspiring to look at your income updates. It is really a great month and keep it rolling and I will be looking forward to your next update.


    • Pat

      Thanks Vincent, it’s always good seeing you here in the comments section. Cheers dude!

  • Jackie

    Looking forward to your podcast :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Jackie! It should be fun!

  • Marvin

    I recently developed an iPhone app called Light Me A Candle, I am getting steady downloads but want to know how to reach more people. What specific techniques did you use to market your app?

    • Pat

      Well, mainly marketing it with paid advertisements, from Also, we switch categories from a popular one to a less popular one, which helped us get on the top 100 list much quicker.

  • Kunal

    Hey Pat,


    I’ve been doing some research on iphone apps, just because I’m intrigued, and I read a interesting article by Pinch Media – these guys basically are like the Google Analytics for Mobile applications, I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

    Anyways, they did a study where they tested a few parameters: (1) paid vs free apps, (2) the average shelf life of an app (3) the effects of being in the Top 100 on Itunes

    Study was pretty interesting – showing how the average life of an app is around 0.5-1 months.

    Now, I know you are doing much better in the marketing area vs the average Iphone App guy, who relies on iTunes to push their App 😉 But what I’m interested (and it would be very awesome if you could do a Post or an update with your monthly income reports), where you can show how the Traffic Changer App does in terms of download once the honeymoon advertising is over (ie the first month).

    Also, because I’m sure you are going to start looking to maintain a business for long term growth, are you going to start maintaining a marketing budget to continually advertise your existing apps? Or will you use SEO, and traditional organic methods of advertising.

    I think I read somewhere (maybe even the Pinch Media report I talked about earlier), but to be in the Top 100 on Itunes you need X,XXX downloads? Would it be possible to discuss a very basic, and overview approach you took to get the initially push that download to get accepted into Top 100. (I say “basic and overview” as I’m sure this is a pretty personal question where you want to keep trade secrets – which I completely understand).

    • Pat

      It’s tough to check the averages, because you don’t ever want to consider yourself just average. I mean, those numbers probably take into account the thousands and thousands of applications that don’t see any sort of marketing or promotion after they are approved, and/or are just not good apps. If you look around, there are a LOT of really, really bad apps which I’m sure have an effect on those numbers.

      As far as shelf life, it’s the same thing – a lot of the apps go hidden because nothing is done to promote them. Especially from people who are going for more quantity vs. quality in their business model. We have a number of apps that have been out for over a year now, still bringing us in a good amount of money. In fact, before this recent rush of apps, we had 4 in the store for about a year now that have been consistently giving us a couple thousand a month. That’s not “awesome” compared to some of those apps that made or are making thousands a day, but it’s not bad either.

      As far as the top 100, the number of downloads depends on which category you’re in. Even though a lot of our apps are entertainment apps, we’ve learned to stay away from that category because it’s just too volatile, things move too quickly, and it has the largest number of apps to compete with. An app that doesn’t rank on the top 100 in Entertainment has the possibility of ranking in the top 100 for another category, if that makes sense. A lot of it also has to do with how long you stay on the “new releases” page, which gets updated everytime new apps are approved, which is often several times a day. In the entertainment category, you can only expect to be up there for a couple of hours, where as in the weather category, you can get that new release exposure for several days.

      I love marketing and research…hehe!

      • Kunal

        Interesting take, Pat.

        I get that same thing. As I’m sure you know, my passion is stock market investing – and if I listened to every uncle and aunt or cabbie about how volatile the markets are … well … you know how that goes.

        But what I have learned to do is say, “yes, you are right…” because its easier and less time consuming to try to convince someone who is dead-set in their way.

        However, once in a while you need a healthy dose of listening to what people with opposite mindframes (than yourself) have, because it keeps you neutral and unbiased.

        Long story short: Be better than average, but see read how the average is doing, and find ways to maintain on the right hand side of the bell curve.

        Hustle it buddy, you are doing well!

  • Hans

    Hi Pat,

    I ran across your blog a couple of months ago, and I really enjoy your posts. I think it’s very cool that you put up your earnings reports. For people like me who are just starting out, it helps connect the great info you pass on with the real world. It’s also great to see the monthly ebb and flow. I’m not surprised to see that you’re doing well. You’re posts consistently contain useful, real world information. Contrats! ..and keep up the good work!


    • Pat

      Thanks Hans, I appreciate it!

  • Cortney Wanca

    My wife and I follow your blog and have been inspired by your story. Together we run a blog and have had significant interest in it over the last year+. My wife is the subject matter expert and I focus on the marketing and technical aspects. We started off much like you with just Adsense and would get excited about making a few dollars per month (enough to pay for hosting costs). We then turned to digital delivery of products through Ejunkie and that has made a huge difference.

    I just love that you are willing to share your monthly income reports! To me, this is what keeps it real and makes it seem attainable. I first learned about you from the IBM podcast and have enjoyed following you recently here.

    Your openness and great information is one of the reasons I chose to subscribe to Aweber through your affiliate link. It is very cool to look at your affiliate income for April and see how our Aweber subscription has contributed a little back to you after learning directly from some of your experiences.

    We used Feedburner email subscriptions for quite some time, but it became too cumbersome to send out thousands of emails using a bulk mailer due to limits from my hosting company. I noticed you use Feedburner Email, Feedburner RSS, and Aweber. Do you have distinct strategies for each? Why use Feedburner Email and Aweber both and how does your goal of 10,000 tie in?

    I look forward to learning more from you and supporting you through affiliates when possible!


    • Pat

      I use both, because each of them serves a different purpose. I use Feedburner to allow people to subscribe to the blog content (and the blog content ONLY) via email, which I’ve had a lot of requests for, since I didn’t have that ability in the beginning.

      I use Aweber as a way to give people an opportunity to subscribe to my newsletter, and those are the people who I want to broadcast to. I don’t want to hit those who only want the blog content with emails and broadcast which may seem annoying to them. It’s more of a way to give people more of a choice about how they want to absorb my content. I’m sure there are people who are signed up for both, and that’s ok with me.

      Hope that helps!

  • Chris Guthrie

    Congrats on your results Pat. I always enjoy reading your income results posts. Mine will be going up Wednesday and as per usual Amazon was my biggest earner (close to $5k).

    It’s crazy how different our business models are actually but I think sometime I’ll get around to paying for an iPhone app that I’ve had in mind for a while just to see how it goes.

    Side note: Does AdMob only pay on clicks or impressions or both?

    • Pat

      Man, I love how you crush it with your Amazon affiliate stuff. The most I can get from Amazon is $60 a month and that’s with some “heavy” promotion for books and such, which I don’t like to do very often.

      Admob pays and charges for clicks only, not impressions.

  • CareySuante

    WoW! Another great monthly report. Congrats Pat!

    It’s amazing how you focus on different niches with great success on all fronts! I think the lesson here, at least for me, is to have multiple income streams if you want to succeed online. Cos nothing stays the same, ever, online.

    Really, really looking forward to your podcasts!

    • Pat

      It’s true, nothing ever stays the same for too long, which is why I think diversification is important. However, one shouldn’t spread themselves too thin or else some of the businesses may be impacted and perform less than stellar.


  • Diggy

    Hey Pat!
    Congrats on the great results!
    Keep it up and stay well!

    • Pat

      Thanks Diggy!

  • ChristopherR2D2

    Hey Pat — thanks for this!

    Do your eHow earnings consist of assignments, revenue share, or a bit of both?

    • Pat

      Entirely on revenue share, no assignments =)

  • Pallavi Patel

    Wow.. Pat..
    Big Congo!!! for great earnings this month.
    I love this so much b’coz it force me to question myself about my monthly income. Every month I read this post and I charge my self..

    • Pat

      Thanks Pallavi! I appreciate it!

  • Wilson Usman

    That’s really good Pat. Congrats on making more income streams and showing us how we can do the same I think we all appreciate it immensely. I know I do. Keep them numbers going up.

    • Pat

      That’s the plan! Thanks Wilson!

  • Stefan | StartupJourney

    Thanks Pat for being so open! I really look forward to your podcast! I’ve been following BlogcastFM for a few months now and it is really cool if you wanna listen to it while riding the train to work or just driving to the supermarket. Definitely going to add value to your blog!!

    • Pat

      I used to listen to podcasts while I travel all of the time too. I love it! Hopefully I can be a great addition to someone’s playlist someday soon =)


  • James Tayo

    Good job, Pat. The best thing about it is that you sound like you enjoy what you do. and that is what it’s all about. If you have fun doing it, you will have the drive to keep on doing what works..

    • Pat

      I definitely enjoy what I do, James! And that IS what it’s all about. I’ve tried other things, other niches that I knew would make me money, but I just didn’t enjoy it, so I stopped.

  • Julius

    I always learn something from your reports that’s why I’m eager to read them every month. I think most of us see hiring a CPA as an extra cost, but this really saves us from facing problems in the long run.

    • Pat

      I always try to put more than just numbers in the posts for that very reason. Thanks Julius!

  • Greg Ellison

    11,000 + is a very nice monthly income. You are doing a great job. Keep up the great job Pat. Thanks Greg Ellison

  • Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire

    Thank you for being so open and honest about where your income comes from. This is a great thing for up-and-coming bloggers to be able to see and learn from. It is easy to see how critical it is to have multiple streams of income in order to be able to make it full-time online.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Marvin

    I liked your blog design. Did you mention Vision Master Designs did it? I tried to contact them but nobody seems to respond. Can you refer me to someone?

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  • Jonathan Butterworth

    I will have to say I was very surprised by the numbers for April. Congrats! I am also very interested in iPhone apps now that you I see you are having success with them and that one of them only cost $500 to develop. I always stayed away from them thinking they would cost a lot more than that. I am going to have to check out that ebook you suggested.

  • Sebastian

    Dear Pat, reading your income statements and your blog in general is always inspirational. I learned so much from your blog and look forward to read even more!

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  • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

    Sorry man I can’t help you reach 10,000 by subscribing – I’m already subscribed. Come comment over on my site and drive some more traffic :)

  • Elisabeth

    Aye caramba, I’m impressed, didn’t know that iPhone apps could be a that profitable business.

  • Jerry

    Hey Pat,

    Noticed you were using Google Adsense for mobile. I’m currently looking into advertising solutions for my apps. Have you tried any of the others (Admob, Mobclix), and if so, any thoughts on which one to pick?

  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this online. It just proves that your methods work and that one can really make money online.

  • Bristolboy

    Congratulations! Any plans to launch apps on Android? Android phones are currently outselling iPhones so if this continues there will soon be more Android phones than iPhones. Also another benefit is there are at the present stage less apps on Android (although increasing rapidly) so at the present stage less competition. Every day Android are adding over 100,000 new users with only about 50,000 apps yet iPhone is adding the same number of people per day but with 200,000 apps in the market. I know where I am targeting my app development! I am also looking at other app stores (less subscribers than iPhone but less competition).

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