My July 2012 Monthly Income Report

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Welcome to my July 2012 monthly income report!

Each month I share an extremely detailed report about what I’ve been up to, the income I’ve earned online and the lessons I’ve learned during the past month.

I do this for several reasons:

  1. To keep me headed in the right direction, hold me accountable and continue to try and outdo myself.
  2. I want to be honest and transparent. If anyone talks about making money online, I think that’s really the only way it should be. Wins, losses, successes and failures – the whole deal.
  3. I know it inspires a lot of people to take action.

If you’re just starting out online, please understand that making money via the Internet is definitely not an overnight thing.

Time, hard work, dedication, a lot of failures, constant learning and a passion to help other people are all things that I’ve found to be part of the recipe for success. That, and stepping out of your comfort zone every once and a while.

Important Going-Ons in July

July started off with a bang!

Since working as director of web and social media for the independent film, Crooked Arrows, the producers asked me to help with another project titled Lucky Stiff, a broadway musical adapted movie which stars several Tony Award-Winning actors, including Jason Alexander, who we all know as George from the sitcom, Seinfield. 

I was invited to come to the set to be an extra, which I did for Crooked Arrows too (in a crowd scene), but this time I got some serious screen time.

And by serious, I mean just a few of seconds, but I played an important role – a bellhop who tries to take a bag from one of the leading characters, and she refuses and tells me off.

I’m pretty sure this role won’t land me a spot on Dancing With the Stars (unfortunately), but the experience was amazing and now I can truly check that one off the bucket list.

Here’s a picture of me preparing for a take:

An Actor Prepares :P

And here’s one of me and Jason Alexander in between takes:


And to think, just 4 years ago I was still employed at an architecture firm in Southern California.

So many amazing things can happen in such a short period of time. Remember that.

I’m truly blessed that I had this opportunity, so a big thank you to the producers (who actually found me through my podcast on iTunes) who reached out to me.

Security Guard Training HQ

The earnings from my primary niche site,, are back on the rise.

(See the Niche Site Duel posts for details about how the niche was selected and the site was built.)

The issue is, I’m still relying almost 100% on Adsense and I’ve been wanting to diversify and expand beyond pay-per-click advertising for a long time.

In July, I’ve finally started making progress on building a system that could possibly do that.

In Taking Action and Building the Ultimate Resource – Phase One, I wrote about how my Virtual Assistant had been busy collecting data about security guard training facilities around the U.S. – a list of companies that didn’t exist yet.

So far, she’s collected over 2000 different companies, and I have a developer who is currently building a “search-by-zip” function on the site. He’s already made great progress so far, as you can see on this test site below:

Beta Map for SGT

This is just the search and database function, but the idea here is not just to show people the companies that can train them, but to collect their information and sell those leads to that specific company too. For each listing, the user will be able to enter their details (name, email, phone number, etc.) and then I should be able to (or rather, a Virtual Assistant should be able to) forward that information to those specific companies.

I’ll probably give away a limited number of the leads to start building relationships with those companies, but if they’re smart they would know how much a lead is worth to them, and would be able to pay me for the leads that I collect.

I’ll keep you posted as things happen.

I’m also in the middle of a site redesign too, one which will include a store, the new company search function, a more prominent job board, plus a few more things.

Also, one thing I’ve recently noticed is that most of the existing security guard websites have very poor designs. I don’t think it would be too hard for me to offer website design services specifically for the security guard industry. Then, my niche site could really become the ultimate resource – not just for customers or end users, but for businesses too.

Spam Woes

Last year, I was getting up to 500+ spam comments per day. Luckily, the Wordress plugin, Akismet, was taking care of pretty much all of them.

Unfortunately, Akismet was also counting several legitimate comments as spam, including my own! I couldn’t even comment without having to fish through the spam and approve my own comments.

Extremely annoying!

I contacted Akismet about it, and they basically told me, “tough luck”.

Why there isn’t a way to whitelist certain commenters, I don’t know, but I’d had enough.

So, I switched to a plugin called Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin, also known as G.A.S.P.

GASP adds a little checkbox to the comment section that people have to click on to prove they’re human, and for months, it worked like a charm.

I had zero spam comments coming in, since all of that spam was coming from bots.

Recently, however, human spammers have become a problem. Even with GASP in place, up to 20 or 30 spam comments were coming in each day from actual people.

As a result, every day I had to go into my comment section in WordPress and delete them. Blacklisting the I.P addresses from the spammers didn’t stop new spammers from arriving.

I was okay with deleting the spam each night, it would only take a couple of minutes, but in June and July several people complained. Not because they saw spam on my site, but because they were subscribed to the comment and were getting emails with spam comments in them.

I wouldn’t be happy either, and I don’t blame them for complaining.

The spam issue was becoming such a nuisance, I spent a good half a day trying to figure out what to do.

I found a solution that seems to be working so far. Spam comments have significantly decreased, although still not 100%.

I’m using a combination of Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress, and Akismet.

Yes – I’m back to using Akismet. My comments still don’t go through right away, but if I answer comments on the backend of WordPress, I can quickly hit an approve button and they’ll go through – not a big deal.

So what’s the purpose of the CAPTCHA plugin?

It works with Akismet in a way that if Akismet detects spam, it then asks the commenter to fill out a simple CAPTCHA, which apparently the human spammers don’t have time for, or maybe don’t understand how to use. If the comment is not detected as spam, then it just gets published.

This is the best solution I’ve found so far – the spam has drastically decreased and legitimate comments are still getting through, but apparently most people who leave a legitimate comment will still have to fill out a CAPTCHA because Akismet detects them as spam, and that’s really annoying to me.

If you know a better solution, I’d be more than happy to explore that as an option.

Publishing a Kindle Book

In July, I posted How to be EVEN MORE Everywhere, which went over my plan for publishing a book. I’d like to eventually do both a traditionally published book and an electronic book on the Amazon Kindle platform, but I’ve decided to start with Amazon because it’ll be faster and because I can help more people along the way.

I also started a Private Facebook Group and am inviting anyone who is interested in book publishing into it. It currently has over 2100 members and the community has been extremely active and has shared a ton of great advice. There’s a good mix of aspiring authors and those who can call themselves authors already, so if you’re interested just click here and click the “ask to join” button, and I’ll approve you.

The title of my book is Be Everywhere and it’s based off of my “How to Be Everywhere” presentation at Blog World Expo in 2011, which was very well received and something I’ve become an authority on since then.

The subtitle – now that’s a different story.

I have about 5 different versions of the subtitle and am creating ads on Facebook where the name of the ad is the title of the book, and the description of the ad is the subtitle. This is a strategy straight out of The 4-Hour Work Week and will help me determine, without guessing, which subtitle works the best, based on which one has the highest click-through rate.

Those clicks actually go to a specific tab on my Facebook Page where I’m also collecting email addresses to announce the launch of the book, so the experiment is doing double duty, which is awesome.

Thanks to Rick Mulready for his help with this!

I’ll be sharing the results of this experiment when I announce the final title and start promoting.

Now all I need is a book!

I’ve started writing and have made it a part of my nightly ritual. It’s a struggle, but I’m having a blast and cannot wait to share the final product with you!

In the meantime…let’s get to some numbers!

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later and may change because of potential refunds or corrections.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $2,918.27
      • Last Month: $3,300.92
      • Difference: -$382.65
    • Adsense: $1,910.06 (an increase of $383.74)
    • Job Board: $29.26
    • Total: $1,939.32
      • Last Month: $1,609.22
      • Difference: +$330.10
  • Purchased Website #1 (not revealed):
    • Adsense: $95.57
      • Last Month: $117.87
      • Difference: -$22.30
  • Other Google Adsense (includes other mini niche sites & videos):
    • Total: $122.34
      • Last Month: $131.06
      • Difference: -$8.72
  • New Amazon Product Niche Site (not revealed):
    • Total: $154.82
      • Last Month: $210.11
      • Difference: -$55.29
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $3,589.59
    • Free Apps: $439.06
    • Total: $4,028.65
      • Last Month: $4,488.08
      • Difference: -$459.43
  • Client Payment: $6,000
  • Gross Total in July: $53,791.06
    • Last Month: $48,818.51
    • Difference: +$4,976.55
  • Expenses: ~$3,598.09
    • Major expenses this month include virtual assistants (one full-time, one part-time), hosting account for SPI (dedicated server), hosting for other websites (bluehost), recurring payments for various tools, CPA (Certified Public Accountant), attorney fees, website security tool
  • Net Total in July: $50,192.97

Another amazing month of earnings! The Bluehost earnings are through the roof, and I spoke to my affiliate manager and apparently the summer months are always the highest converting. No complaints here!

As I always mention, I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my total online income comes as a result of The Smart Passive Income Blog – mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used or am extremely familiar with and have helped me in one way, shape or form. Because of that, I have no shame in earning this much from the blog as I know that I’m helping people, I’m just fortunate that I’m doing so in a way that pays me back too.

The support from the SPI community is amazing. Some people even go out of their way to make sure they click on my referral links, which means the world to me.

With this comes a great responsibility to the community that I know I have and will never take for granted – and as such I never promote just for the potential income that can come from an offer, even though those opportunities are definitely there.

I’m incredibly grateful for everything and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

Things I Learned in July

I’ve been doing a lot of housework as we get things prepared in the Flynn household for the arrival of our daughter next month. As I was painting my son’s room, I was listening to Zig Ziglar’s podcast, Inspiring Words of Encouragement.

In one particular episode, Zig was talking about taking your nothing time and turning it into something time. He called it, specifically: Automobile University. That means using the time you spend in your car (which can also be at the gym, on a walk, or in a waiting room, etc.) learning something useful that will make you better.

On the way to work, he would listen to something on a cassette tape (that’s how old these recordings for the podcast are) that would make him a better worker when he arrived. On his way home, he’s listen to something that would make him a better husband at home.

It was cool to know that I was attending my own version of automobile university at that very moment, and it inspired me to stock up on podcasts and other forms of audio that I could listen to while in my nothing time.

There’s no reason NOT to do this!

Since hearing about AU, I’ve been making sure that I always have something in queue to learn about when I’m in my nothing time.

Here are some podcasts that I’ve been listening to:

In addition to podcasts, thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man, I learned about an amazing productivity / learning tool called Sound Gecko.

With Sound Gecko, you can take any article or blog post on the web, mp3-ize it and then listen to it later on any device that you want. You can email the article to yourself where it will be translated into an mp3 and there waiting for you on your device, or you can use the chrome extension to accomplish the same thing.

It’s amazing, and it’s free!

On my way to pick up some food the other day, I listened to 2 blog posts on the way there, and then 2 posts on the way back, and I have more than 10 posts in queue for me to listen to later.

Thanks again, Cliff, for the amazing resource, and I hope all of you will be attending AU if you aren’t enrolled already.

And the best part: no tuition.

Thanks for your support as the SPI community closes in on 50,000 subscribers!


  • Shuck

    Great work as always. (Jealous you met Jason Alexander)

    • PhuongLe

      Me too :) I love reading your monthly income reports, they’re very inspiring. Have you ever considered including your expenses as well? I’d be interested to see initial startup expenses, as well as ongoing expenses to get a better idea of what the total profit is. Keep up the good work, I love your blog!

  • Adam

    Wow, great month, Pat — and really awesome to see your “extra” role — is that what the $6K payment is for, or is that a consultant fee for something else? Hope you’re doing well, buddy — your wife must be getting close to due date?

    • Pat

      I got paid nothing to be an extra, hehe. The $6k was the first payment of a series of payments for my involvement in the movie as Director of Web and Social Media. Thanks Adam, and yes – were due next month! So excited!

      • Adam

        Awesome! I hear you on the excitement. My wife and I are expecting kiddo #4 in December. We find out tomorrow what the sex is! Currently, we have three girls, so I’m rooting for a boy, but it’s outside my control at this point! :-)

  • Shalu Sharma

    Again amazing figures many of us can dream off. I am amazed at the level of spams you were getting, 500 plus spam comments per day is a lot to speak off. Market samurai has always been your top affiliate earner, it tops the list all the time. Congratulations.

    • Andrew McGivern

      I believe Livefyre comment system will help to eliminate spam as well. Anybody have any experience with Spam while using Livefyre?

  • Meggie

    Great job once again Pat. Sound Gecko sounds interesting, I already listen to a lot of podcasts so it might be a more comfortable way to absorb information from blogs I subscribe to while doing other things.

    • Christelle

      Sound Gecko is amazing indeed, I just tried it and the voice is almost human.
      I turned my car into a university too a few months ago so it’s great to find a new source of content!

  • Brandon

    Nice Pat. Every month you continue to encourage me to keep moving forward with my blog. One thing I’ve noticed, and by far more has been more beneficial for me than the money, is how blogging helps me stay motivated in my real estate investing business. They don’t talk much about that, but I think it’s one of the most important benefits of blogging. Thanks again Sir!

  • Daniel Aipa

    Pat. I’ve been absorbing as much information from your site and your podcasts. My brain is going on overload, but it’s awesome stuff. My blog has been more of something I did for fun and haven’t thought about monetizing it really until I came across your stuff by chance looking at iTunes podcasts. Great job in July and congrats on having a daughter joining your family soon.


  • Connie Williams

    Pat, I’ve heard the more people you help, the more money you’ll make. Like Zig Ziglar said, “Help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get what you want.” The fact that you helped nearly 400 people start their own blog/podcast with the help of BlueHost is commendable. Pat you are remarkable and the $25,000 (BlueHost affiliate income) is only a drop in the bucket compared to the millions you’ll soon be making. I admire you brother!
    Connie Williams

  • Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    That’s a really great tip you got from Cliff! Just downloaded Sound Gecko for my iPod – really cool!


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    Great report Pat. I didn’t realize you were an architect (should have read your ‘about me’ page). I am working for an architecture firm in Southern California and doing IM on the side. Hopefully in a few years I will have decent income reports to post as well! Keep it up!

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    Nice work as always, and just so you know, as a (reasonably) human non-spammer, I don’t mind filling in a captcha to comment if necessary – it’s a very small price to pay for being able to keep the comments readable, and I’ve had worthwhile chats with people in your comments..can’t say that about too many other blogs!

  • MaxR

    Congratulations for your results. Inspiring as always !

    I find it amazing you’ve got the time to cast in a movie ! Do you ever sleep ?

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    The bellhop look suits you. Nice to know you always have something to fall back on. 😉

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    Also, wow, you read my mind with Sound Gecko! I’ve had looking for something with that functionality in my things to do for a week now and you saved me the trouble, thanks!

  • Patrick

    Great job, Pat.

    Glad to see that your security website bounced back even with the change in color. I wasn’t sure having such a drastic color change would work but i’m excited to see that it’s still performing well.

    Congrats on the new addition (baby) which is on his/her way out in a month, and thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

  • Chaseki

    Make lots $$$$$$$, Checkout my site @ …..JUST KIDDING Pat! haha Yeah, spam is super annoying and I will never figure out why or how these folks actually believe they can get somewhere with their ANTI Internet marketing ways. Anyways, great July and thanks much for sharing.

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  • Pavel

    Thanks for the post, Pat!

    I remember the first time I read your report (about a year and a half ago) – I was blown away and motivated by your iOS apps sales. After reading your reports and your blog, I decided to get into the iOS apps business.

    Fast forward to now, and it looks like I was finally been able to top your app sales with my own for July! Although since you have a partner, your actually sales are probably 2X that, but who’s counting? :)

    The major difference is that our free vs paid sales are the inverse of yours. About 70% of profit comes from free games for us.

    Good luck!

  • David Tong

    Hi Pat, a couple of questions…

    1) For your Bluehost, is it right to assume that you’re on a different tier in commission already and you’re also earning on recurring commission rather than one-time new sales?

    2) How about the other affiliate programs, which are recurring?

    3) Will you be able to share how you picked a site to purchase in the future?

    4) Will you abandon the blog when you start mingling with the levels of Cruise, Climber etc.? Hehehehe

    Keep it up Pat, it’s fun following you’re reports the past 2+ years.

    • Paul

      I would also like to know a bit more about the Bluehost commissions, which sound almost too good to be true.

      For $24,000 each month at $65 a pop thats around 370 NEW Bluehost accounts EVERY month.

      I would have assumed that the majority of people that hit this blog would already have a hosting account?

      Is there a recurring component to these amazing affiliate earnings figures?

    • Pat

      Hey David (and Paul),

      Thanks for the questions! To answer:

      1) Yes, because of my volume I’ve been put on a higher tier, but I can’t disclose how much exactly, but it is higher than the normal $65. Again, they don’t do this for everyone but because of the volume I’m producing they made an exception here, as I’m sure many other companies do to make sure they keep their top performing affiliates on board.

      2) All of the other affiliate programs are regular tiered commissions, and the only recurring programs are Aweber, E-Junkie’s affiliate program, and well, Beachbody – to an extent.

      3) Yes, I will, definitely.

      4) No way – never. This blog got my start and I will see it through to the end.

      Cheers, and thanks!

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    If, like me, anyone out there is one of the other 4 people in the world who don’t own/use an MP3 player (iPad, etc), don’t forget the “old way”. It’s really easy to just burn podcasts you want to listen to later onto CD’s and listen to them in the car. Or, technophobe that I am, I just discovered my pretty much plain-Jane cell phone easily stores and replays MP3’s … no need for any separate device. What away to usefully while away time waiting in doctor’s offices, stuck in traffic, on a bus, train, etc.

    big thanks to Zig also. Have a great month and all the best with the new baby too. Your son’s at a great age to bring a sister into the home, the two of them will be more than twice the fun than either one alone. Godspeed.

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    Congrats Pat!

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    I’m back on track and working on my Niche Site Empire. You are always inspiring and motivating!


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    I am going try GASP to see how it goes.


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    This is always interesting and inspiring to read! I’ve just wrapped up my first month on my blog and will be doing monthly traffic and income reports from here on out. It’s great to share this stuff as it makes you really transparent.

    The only thing I’m unsure of is if I should incorporate my email marketing results as well since its not influenced by my blog. That’s something I’ll have to decide at one point.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    I still use Akismet on my tech site. Can you tell me how do you redirect your affiliate links from your domain. Is it 301 redirect?

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    Wow that is absolutely incredible. Congratulations on your amazing success and for taking things to a whole new level getting screen time in a movie!!


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    Always love to see that man!

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    • PhuongLe

      yes, on 8/2 the pagerank was updated

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    I like the tip about listening to podcasts in your down time. I’ve been doing this, but I download inspirational speeches and talks about wealth, success and I notice a difference in my focus, desire, etc. It really helps!

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  • Tony Meijer

    Hello Pat,
    I’m a coder who work for a web-company and they kind of had the same problem with human spamers and we kind of figured out a solution.

    We used captcha’s as well, but only if the comment contained a link since spammers need to add them to the post. Thus comments without links, that where almost certain to be from a legitime user would get through, but those with links would get a capcha.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am copying your model of posting an income report. I will be posting my second month of operation this week and I will mention you as my inspiration.

    This business is one of the greatest natural highs that I have ever encounter. The pleasure of hitting the “publish” button and then seeing the statistics jump is priceless.

    For the second month I lost $120. But all this is an investment and the pleasure that I have building this enterprise is amazing.

    Once again, thank you for the inspiration.

  • Andi the Minion

    Another incredible month Pat, excellent news and thanks for sharing. I use you as my mentor and role model, it is so great to read your successes and lessons. One day I shall be like you.

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    I can see why your INCOME REPORTS section of your website is one of the most visited! Impressive stuff really, and for most months your monthly earnings far exceed a lot of peoples’ yearly salaries! Your bluehost commissions are through the roof and have landed right beside that Martian spacecraft that just landed .. lol

    Keep up the good work, and I’m a big time follower of your blog!

  • Jamie Alexander

    Nice job, Pat.

    I have the same problem as you. I keep on having my comments blocked by askimet when I leave comments on certain blogs. I send in a form and say tell me sorry, it gets better for a few comments then rejects them again lol.

    I use Commentluv Pro on my website. It has an inbuilt spam filter which is pretty good. I’ve only had about 15 spam comments from over 7000 visits.

    If you use it for the spam filter you can still turn the link back features off. Might be a solution.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jaime, and for a second there when I saw your name I thought Jason Alexander came to leave a comment, lol! 😛

  • Brandon Breshears

    Great month Pat! So exciting, I can’t wait to make more myself. I’m at over 50 bucks in adsense now, but my traffic is really picking up now, getting over 80 uniques per day so I’m going to start focusing on moneitzation more. Thanks for the info and the inspiration, can’t wait for your amazon book.

    • Pat

      Thanks great Brandon! Way to go and keep up the good work!

  • Michael Taylor

    Pat, regarding your security guard training lead generation strategy, once the person enters their contact information what prevents them from contacting the training center ahead of you selling the information to the training center? Thoughts?


    • Pat

      Convenience. I don’t plan on putting the company’s website address or phone number on my site. This is similar to what 1-800-DENTIST does and I’m sort of just following their model.

  • Jared @ Trickle Cheddar

    Killing it again, good sir. Thanks for the heads up on those podcasts. I think I’ll start checking out “Internet Business Mastery” while on the bike at the gym. Rock on.

  • Dinesh Verma

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  • Stephen Miracle

    Regarding the lead generation system, I have an idea from my own experience with web designer directories.

    There is 1 directory in particular that sends me leads via email pretty consistently. If you are not signed up for a geographical area and someone asks to send you a referral, you will get an email with a description of what they are looking for in a website. What you will not get is any contact information.

    If you pay $150 then you receive all of the information for all leads sent to you (You also get several other bonuses too).

    Now, I kinda like the system and don’t like it also. 1, it is expensive and narrowed by geography. I am listed for my county but still get leads for other areas but unable to see them even though I’ve spent a good amount of money on my area. It also bothers me that somebody requests to get a lead from me and I cannot respond therefore making me look unresponsive.

    The way you might want to do it is for the lead to be emailed to the sec. guard training company and they get to decide if that particular lead is worth paying for. If it is then they can send you a certain amount for that particular lead and get all of the contact info.. or they can do a monthly payment and can receive unlimited amount of leads.

    Just an idea.. hope it helps :) Feel free to email me if it doesn’t make sense

    • Pat

      Hey Stephen, thanks for the comment. In the last part, you mention just send the lead to the company and then if it goes through, they pay me? How can I track that, or how can I be sure that they are being honest?

      • Miracle

        There might be a better way but I’d say there would be a link that they could click in the email that would direct to paypal. Once they pay the amount set, they will be forwarded (or emailed) to a page with the contact info.

        • Miracle

          You’ll have to create a unique automation system but it should work.

  • Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Love the idea of automobile university. Unfortunately that is currently my read Game of Thrones University (since I ride the bus), maybe I can do some more writing on my way to and from work.

  • Jean-Luc

    Hi Pat
    Did u try commentluv + growmap spambot?
    It works fine for me, no spam

  • Tomoko

    Great job, Pat! And thanks for posting some of your favorite podcasts and resources. Funny enough, my Automobile University is the entire library of SBI podcasts. I recently finished them and started over again because I find the so entertaining (and pick up a few things I may have missed or want to reinforce.)

    Congrats on another great month and best of luck to you and all the SPI friends here on your forum! (BTW, no where close to your income sheet, but I made another commission on my site today! Yay!) Cheers everyone!

  • Survivor Mike

    Nice work Pat. Closing in on consistently breaking $100 each month here but still a long ways off.

    Definitely inspired though.

    • Tomoko

      That’s great Mike! Keep at it. It’s hard sometimes when you feel like you have such a long way to go. Believe me, I know. I get like that too. ~$100 month is awesome. Good luck to you!

  • Adhonys – Floating Lights Pool

    Congrats for your success. All this in only 4 years, is amazing. I am working right know in and building construction company as architect, and i am following your steps to increase my earnings online.

  • Ricardo Caicedo

    Congratulations, Pat!

    Your monthly reports definitely motivate me in respect to making money online. I want to try and get 1% of your results. Hopefully I can do so in 2012!

  • Hector Avellaneda

    Wow, simply amazing Pat! It’s so awesome to see how through relentless hard work and through some initial risk taking on your end, you were able to go from an unemployed architect to a freakin’ Passive Income super machine! haha.. I love it man and you are definitely a great inspiration. Very nice gig with the extra on the tv screen. Pretty soon we’re going to see you taking lead roles in movies man! How cool would it be to come out with a Smart Passive Income movie detailing your journey to stardom? I would definitely pay to see it!

  • Jack

    Pat, your content is amazing. Really enjoying it. I just started blogging about my journey to online income and it feels a million miles from where you are now. Reading your site and your income reports really inspires me to continue working towards my goal though.

    I hope you and your family continue to be blessed. It’s nice to see someone who works hard and gets what they deserve in life. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Edward @

    Pat, you simply crazy and amazing. You opened my eyes here.
    If by affiliate marketing, your making the most passive income out of, then the key of this income is the traffic, which you had mentioned above – 50,000 readers.

    What would be your suggestion to start out, and build this kind of audience?

  • Abhik

    Those are some interesting figures, Pat.
    And, congratulations for role in Lucky Stiff.

  • David Veldt

    Hey Pat,

    Congrats on the great month!

    May I ask which plugin you use the block the IP address of spammer? I currently use Register IP but all that does is log their IP. I don’t imagine adding them to a black list will do much since I haven’t had many repeat offenders, but at least its something. Thanks!

  • Andy

    I like how you mention that the FB ads to find out which subtitle works best is straight out of 4-Hour Work Week. I remember him just casually mentioning how he used ads to see what worked best for the book titles, and I thought it was a genius idea.

    Hopefully I’ll be doing the same thing some day. I have a book idea floating around in my head, now I just have to break free from my day job so that I can write it.

    Thanks for all the great info Pat!

  • Catherina Chia

    Hi Pat,
    I like your transparency of income. Awesome job done.
    Truly inspiring :)

  • Tom

    WOW!!! I think you just changed my life with SoundGecko. Thanks Pat (and Cliff).

  • Alexandre B

    Hi Pat,
    SoundGecko is awwwesome ! I’m going to listen the best posts from !

    Congrats for your numbers. Btw I purchased a bluehost hosting few days ago through your link 😉

    All the best Pat

  • momag

    Yeah this is a great post i like the security guard idea.

    • Ben troy

      i am also hearing from new layout for the security site, very excited with the idea to make it ultimate resource .

  • Pat

    Thanks for the support everyone! I appreciate it, and I’m glad many of you are finding the lessons and tools mentioned in this report valuable. Cheers!

  • Jonathan C

    Thank you for sharing such details information regarding your success so that others can learn from you.


    that was a good figure and according to your report, i think affiliate is the power of your earning. thanks for sharing

  • Pinner Pamela

    You mentioned ….
    In Taking Action and Building the Ultimate Resource – Phase One, I wrote about how my Virtual Assistant had been busy collecting data about security guard training facilities around the U.S. – a list of companies that didn’t exist yet.

    Can you explain how he/she goes about collecting this info, what sources to use etc. etc. Thanks.

  • Rhonda Holt

    Hi Pat in order to stop spammers I check off in the comment area in WordPress that I will approve all comments. This way I can easily scroll to see spammers and check those boxes and click to delete them all at once.

    Your site SmartPassive Income has inspired me to blog what I learned over the years blogging in real estate. Thanks!

  • Jaana Kulmala

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you so much for having this blog and being such a great inspiration by publishing your figures.

    I see that you are promoting and using Market Samurai.

    I recently tried it and to my disappointment a found out that it kinda breaks the Google rules by not paying for its pay API usage. I wrote a blog post about it:

    Now, I am just a newbie on passive income, but I see you have been using this tool for a long time. Do you think that risk is real, or am I just freaking out?

  • Glenn

    Great job as always, Pat. I’ve been attending AU for quite some time now, and the SPI Podcast is definitely part of the curriculum. :) Thanks also for the SoundGecko tip. I tried it yesterday with their iPhone app and it worked great. This app will save me a ton of time! Thanks!

  • http://[email protected] Anup Kayastha

    Hi Pat,

    I’m your first time reader but magically I think I’ll become one of your daily reader because I got lots of motivation to make money from my site.

    50K in a month is just awesome!

    • PhuongLe

      yes, that is a huge list of potential customers

  • Ron Carter

    Hi Pat
    I agree with your take on the wasted time spent while driving. I drive an three hours commuting each day. About nine months ago I started listening to podcast, and that’s how I found you. I listen to most of the ones you’ve listed above plus others. It’s amazing how many are of such low quality that they are unlistenable. I think yours are a cut above most because most of your podcasts are actionable.

  • Peteni Kuzwayo

    Lovely post as usual Pat.

    It is really encouraging to see that there are honest and transparent online marketers out there.
    You really run a great business. You are a great inspiration to many of us.

    Keep up the great work mate!

  • Karin Hoegh

    Pat, you are such an inspiration to many people and I love that you can share these numbers without being met by jealousy and envy. Being from the homeland of the Law of Jante I know how rare that is. But your intension is to inpire and so you are perceived. That is great!

  • Marcel

    Wow, it’s a big motivation to me to read your Monthly Income Report.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Get Custom iPhone App Templates

    I know it wasn’t mentioned here but i highly recommend the TechZing podcast. And congrats on surpassing last month!

  • David Siteman Garland

    Pat –

    I don’t often pop in for blog comments, but just wanted to thank you again for you (sickeningly awesome) honesty. Keep rocking and rollin my man. You are a sexy beast.

  • Michael Serom

    Kamusta Pat! 😉
    Your work is always such an inspiration for the rest of us that are still trying to make something work 😛
    Are you planning on revealing any of the super secret sites anytime soon? I am sure we’ll love to! but on the other hand, a few months back I remember seeing another security website with very similar design and domain name, and i definitely know how it feels to have your ideas “stolen”.

    Michael S

  • Jessica Kihara

    How exciting to be in a movie, even if it’s for just a few seconds. That’s a pretty big deal to us normal people 😉

    I’m so curious about your secret sites, too! Even if you never end up revealing what they are, I’m so grateful for you sharing as much as you have with us so far. Your success is inspiring and I like being able to see which sites/business models are working well and why.

  • simon


    Awesome! I’ve been watching you for a while and you have blown the lid off!!

    For your iPhone apps you have a partner – does that mean the apps actually made around $8k this month and you get 50% and he gets 50%?


  • Michael Taylor


    I have one more quick question on your lead-gen strategy for your security guard training site. I’m struggling to figure out how you will actually complete the transaction of selling the contact information to the training center. You commented maybe your VA would forward the info to the company. Not sure if you meant this literally or not. Are you considering some type of “hands-off” approach such as the info being automatically emailed as soon as the potential client enters their contact information? Of course, the email would include a PayPal button. The client contact info would be provided after the training center completes the PayPal transaction. This seems like it would be a scalable transaction model. Thoughts?


  • ankara masöz

    Pat, although I am from a non-english speaking country, you are a real inspiration to many people, I believe. I am one of them – I thank you very much for sharing these numbers. It shows that Internet lifestyle is no dream and can be achieved! It makes a great difference to distinguish the ‘real’ and the ‘BS’. I wish you further success, have a good weekend.

  • Steve “GWiz”

    Zig Zigler! wow that takes me back some Pat! I used to listen to his southern drawl over 20 years ago (on cassette tape) whilst in the car. Reading through this months report and what you’ve been up to I genuinely don’t know how you find the time to cram all this in!


  • andrew

    I am seriously going to have to read your blogs more often. I just tend to wait for you podcast but I see I am missing too much by not reading you blog. Thanks Pat.

  • Theodore.N

    Hmmmmm this is awesome Pat. I’ve really gone speechless after reading this wonderful income report. Please keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing because you’re really doing it well. This has also inspired me to continue pushing.

    Thanks for sharing such an honest report.

  • george

    That is some fantastic amount of money. You are a true inspiration.

  • G

    for spam comments you may want to try a company called

    they have developed playthrough. a novel way to keep real commenters engaged.

  • [email protected]

    Wow, go you. I’ve been on adsense for about 6 months and I average pennies a day, not kidding. I know I should probably focus more on some certain keywords then a whole variety of them. Still though, congrats on all the adsense revenue.

  • Tommi Honkala

    One thing on my mind: You’re doing something right, wow.

    The question is, is it even possible to reach anywhere near those numbers when I’m publishing websites/blogs in a language that only has 6 million people speaking natively in the world? No matter how popular niche?

    Thanks for itemizing your income!

  • Nina

    WOW! I can’t believe you’re earning as big as this!
    I was watching your income reports and it’s so unbelievable!
    Congrats! You’re a lucky-hardworking guy!

  • lynn

    Hey Pat, What platform are you using to map out the data you are collecting for the security guard training facilities? I’ve been researching different mapping tools, but finding that some do certain things I want but lack in other areas. Thanks!!

  • Squeezer @Personal Finance Success

    I have seem some sites using a mathmatical CAPTCHA, such as 1+1 = ? or 63 – ? = 58, etc. Have you throught about trying a plugin that does that?

  • Dustin

    Hi Pat, congrats on another solid month! I’ve seen a few other sites start to disclose monthly income and it’s great to see what’s working and what isn’t, and it adds legitimacy. I’m just getting started and I’ll be taking the same approach. Thanks for being so helpful!

  • Teresa Schultz

    Congrats on another fine month’s earnings. I see your earnings have not gone below $50 000 since first going over $60 000 in January, other than in June. Well done! Also, congrats on the new baby coming. Love how each month’s earnings report always contains different useful and/or interesting info.

  • Marcus O.

    Great blog Pat, you always post top notch content! For your spam issue you mentioned on your security site, have you thought about switching to the facebook comments plugin? Generally users on facebook are real, and you’ll get real comments, also because the incentive to leave a url is also gone…just an idea…kepp up the great work!

  • Anhängerkupplung

    Hi Pat,

    thank you for sharing zour monthly income report with us. It is and will be a huge inspiration and motivation that I will get back on track and succeed one day with my online businesses.

    I wish you a lot of more success in the future!

  • Matt

    Hi Pat, I’m a long time reader and follower (especially your famous backlink strategy). I just wanted to say congrats on all your recent success. Sometimes you just have to take a step back from your life and really appreciate the oddness of making a movie with George from Seinfeld. Good luck to you!

  • Bill

    From the earnings it looks like the majority of income comes from selling people on the dream of working from home. Blue host, The Best Spinner, and Market Samurai are all affiliates who people would sign up to once they have seen the success here and then try to duplicate it.

    • Pat

      I don’t sell anything here Bill. I share my own experience from my other businesses and provide information about what works, and what doesn’t. If people are going to attempt to earn an income online, I want to be the one who shows them the reality behind it – that this IS possible, but at the same time it’s not easy and to not expect anything to happen overnight. If people are kind enough to go through my affiliate links, then great – I appreciate that very much, if not, that’s okay too. As long as people aren’t promised anything, which I don’t. Take away the affiliate income and I’m still earning a generous $10,000 a month. I’m just extremely fortunate and even more grateful that people choose to pay me back by going through my affiliate links – sometimes emailing me to make sure they have the right link to make sure I get credit for it, and I choose to share that income as well. I do my best to make sure that people have the best chance to succeed, and to reiterate, understand that a lot of work goes into this – you can’t just buy a website, put content on it and then expect to see results.

      If you’d like to discuss this more, or even get on a Skype call with me, let me know.

      • Mark Mason

        Hey Bill —

        I think you are right on the money about 2 things here. Pat does make most of his money from the SPI blog (a fact he discloses in the income reports) and there are MANY people making money selling crap to people wrapped in false hope. It’s disgusting, really.

        Pat is different both on purpose and by design.

        Pat’s approach (which he discusses at length on this blog) is to actually make money online transparently, and then tell people about how he did it in the full light of day. Pat uses a few products to to get the job done, which he often references via affiliate links.

        I cannot think of a time when Pat has promoted a product that he does not actually use (or has used) to make money. I also cannot think of a time when Pat has used an affiliate link without an undue amount of disclosure.

        This is all very important to Pat (and to me, actually) and is why you got a 200+ word answer from Pat and an offer to talk on the phone. Pat really cares about transparency, integrity, and people. He really cares what you think (and I think that is really cool).

        Speaking for Pat, I can also say you are right on a third point — Pat would like nothing more than to see people duplicate (and exceed) his success. That is the whole point of the SPI blog.

        I hope that helps.

        By the way — if you are uncomfortable calling Pat and would like to hear more about my thoughts on the right way to run an internet markting blog, give me a call — 214-444-8655. I can also tell you more about Pat (who I have known since summer of 2008 or so).

        Best regards,

        • Gillian G

          Well said Bill. There are some twisted minds out there who hate to see others succeed. Pat is an inspiration and deserves every bit of his success. Gillian

      • Paul

        Saying “I don’t sell anything here Bill” when 75% of your net income comes from products bought via this blog is making a pretty fine distinction IMO.

        You proved to yourself that you could make money from So what did you do next? Make 10 or 20 more websites like
        No – you started this blog.

        The reality is you are making 75% of your income by describing in this blog how you make the other 25%.

        The interesting thing about your business model is that you really only need 2 sites – an example site that makes some money to legitimize your main affiliate marketing site.

        Without the affiliate links this blog wouldn’t exist. I think that is what Bill is getting at.

        • Pat

          Paul, I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for that. I love being challenged about what I do here because I’m very conscious and passionate about what I do and why I do it. And no, it’s not about money, as much as you may think otherwise. You may never agree with me, but I know I’m here to help people, and many people who have taken the time to get to know me understand that helping others is truly what I love to do. I just happen to be fortunate enough to make money while being able to do that, which is truly a blessing I didn’t know was going to occur when I started the blog.

          When I first started this blog, there was no income coming from it and I continued to pump out content to help and inspire people to start their own online businesses. was a life changing experience for me, something I never knew was possible until it happened, which is why I chose NOT to create another 10 or 20 GreenExamAcademy.coms – I didn’t need any more money. I was making more from that one site in a month than I was at 8 months in the architecture industry. So, I immediately started this blog to selflessly share and give back for all of the awesome, life-changing things that happened to me after I got laid off, to share really what was possible and everything I learned and wish I had done better. At first, it wasn’t making any money, and that was okay. That wasn’t the plan. So, I kept writing, kept sharing what I learned and what I wish I had done better, and then over time THIS blog eventually started to make money, and now, like you said (and you’re absolutely right), it’s earning even more than my other businesses. I don’t have any shame in that at all because I know it’s happening for the right reasons. The money here is a byproduct of helping people out as much as I could. How do I know? People email me telling me they want to go through my affiliate links because I’ve helped them out. People who have seen success because of the information I’ve provided them. They want to pay me back for all that I’ve done for them. This is how I know I’m doing things right.

          If the affiliate links didn’t exist, you’re wrong, this blog would absolutely still exist because like I said, it’s not about the money. So why include affiliate links at all? Well, because I’m not an idiot. If there’s an opportunity to earn a commission at no extra cost to the end user for a product that I’m already using myself and know will help people, then of course I’m going to offer an affiliate link, and I am open and honest when I put those links on my blog. That’s what I do on, that’s what I do here and that’s what I tell people to do in whatever business they’re in.

          You also failed to mention that I did recently create a 3rd business, live here on the blog, from scratch, in the security guard training industry that is now earning $2000 per month with hardly any upkeep, and it continues to grow (see I didn’t need to share all of that free information, but I did it because I wanted to show people exactly how it was done. I don’t think I need to do this 10 or 20 more times to prove my point. I’d rather spend my time helping people in their own businesses by publishing content here on the blog and on the podcast.

          You might be thinking (and I know a lot of other people think this too), “Not everyone can do what you do. Your success cannot be duplicated.”

          My answer to that is: that’s pure BS. I truly believe everyone has the ability to become successful online. The information to do it is there, you don’t even need to pay for it, and if they had the support structure in place to make it happen, it can happen. I’m just a regular guy and it happened to me, and I’m in no way more special than you or anyone else out there.

          The issue is that not everyone thinks they can do it, and they are surrounded by people who continue to pull them down. People who say, for example, “not everyone can do it, and that success cannot be duplicated”. It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.” It’s all about the mindset and if you think like that then it’s definitely not going to happen to you. Napoleon Hill studied the minds of successful and incredibly wealthy people for 20 years and what are the two most important things he learned from them:

          1) Definiteness of Purpose and truly understanding what you want and knowing that if you truly believe that, you can achieve it, and
          2) The Mastermind concept, in other words, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will help you and support you along the way.

          My purpose is to help people. I get great joy in hearing of other people’s success. THAT is what I’m selfish about, I want more success stories and I want them to happen because of me.

          If I wasn’t doing what I do, then I’d have to give back the crisp dollar bills that people sent me representing the first dollar they’ve made online. I’d have to shred the hand-written thank you notes from people talking about how much my blog has affected the growth of their business and their lives. I’d have to delete all of the emails of success stories from people who have successfully quit their jobs because of what I’ve taught them, or have earned enough money to at least start thinking about starting a new course in life. I can name specific names if you want, but I don’t think I need to do that. I collect that kind of stuff and that’s what fuels me even more. I know why I’m here and it’s not for people who think I’m doing this for the wrong reasons. I’m here for my community and those who will take action and take the information I share and do something with it – whether they go through my affiliate links or not, I don’t care.

          Again, thank you Paul for being honest about how you felt and letting me be open and honest about what I do.

  • Octavian

    Hi Pat,

    First of all congratulations for such monthly achievements. However i have a few questions for you especially related to your backlink strategy which i will implement from today .

    regarding your backlinks strategy :

    1. Do you use UAW to link ONLY to your web 2.0 and blogs or you also use it to link to your main site ? (please let me know how many submissions per day you recommend for both web2.0`s and main site in case you use UAW to link directly to it)

    2. You recommend to randomize anchor text on web 2.0 and blogs. To have a clear view i saw your goarticles article the ezine articles and also the blogspot created for your security guard training blog and the anchors on all of them was “security guard training” and naked URL Any thoughts on this ?

    3. After creating your web 2.0 and other tier 1 links all you do is building backlinks via UAW and bookmarking to those tier 1 links till you`re rank on first page or am I missing something here ?

    Question related to affiliate earnings

    For example you promote bluehost as an affiliate and make good money. My question is are those sales generated by your youtube vids on bluehost or by people rading about bluehost on this site ? I plan to use videos to promote products as well so i was wondering how it goes for you

    And last if possible i would like to get in touch with you over Skype. Let me know your id or how can i get in touch :)

    Anticipated thanks for your answers and congratulations for such an amazing site!


  • Gillian G

    Pat – you are inspirational. You have provided me with many great ideas and resources over the last year.

    You deserve your great success and good luck with the new addition to the family.


  • marie @ best gold

    Thanks for a great post. The part about spam comments was particularly helpful since this is an ongoing problem.

  • Niels

    Hey Dude,

    long time since I visited your site.
    Mindblowing numbers, good work!


  • Dave Lucas

    Wow! Pat! This must be your “fulltime job”, eh??? That is an impressive chunk of change!
    How long have you been doing this and what is your biggest “growth secret”???

    I’ve published a post about the practice of blogging about one’s “blog income” and I invite you and your readers to stop by and offer a little pushback. You may not agree with what I say but …

  • Adil

    wow. It is something really amazing and unique what I am viewing here on this page. You are showing your personal income. Great, Hats off to you, because no one takes such a big step. Moreover men are famous for not showing there income. :).

    However Nice efforts and nice results for you. Hoping that you will give me a job. :) Best of luck for the August.

  • Rodrigo @ Epic Web Studio

    Holy! just the affiliate sales from Bluehost are amazing! Congratulations Pat! see, I told you that you were going to be with $50,000+ stable by this time!

  • Mike Wanner

    Pat, I admire all the content you share and how open you are in letting folks know your income. A buddy forwarded me the blue host income portion.

    I know one of the biggest affiliates on the planet (rhymes with him) and he does over a million a quarter in gross affiliate sales.

    He’s really negative on your blog because based on your traffic stats, we are wondering if you do any paid advertising, email offers to your list, JV shares/offers, to get to the $50K/mo in gross sales.

    I guess with the traffic numbers that’s like one in 9 are buying through your blue host to get to that number and keeping them on month to month or yearly.

    I know honesty in this space is key. Do you get 100% of the blue host from this blog, smartpassiveincome, or does it come from other blogs you own where you also earn adsense.

    My buddy, Noah, does $100K/mo. only through affliate sales on Go Daddy and SEO host as well as Media Temple. But he does a ton lof SEO.

    My wife and I do stationery, , mainly through amazon — close to six figures but it’s truly passive income. No work at ALL.

    But we really are seeing the value in what you are offering, considering I used to pay a guy $997/mo. for almost the same content you are providing for free, and he had 725 people who paid that each month.

    Thanks again for the answer.


    • Pat

      Nope – no paid traffic whatsoever. The only paid traffic I’ve ever done was for about 100 or so Facebook Fans back in 2009 when i first started my Facebook Page.

      100% of the Bluehost earnings come from this blog. Here’s an older post that goes into detail about where exactly my Bluehost earnings are coming from:

      Also, do note that I’m earning a higher than normal commission because of the volume I’m pushing. I cannot disclose that amount for obvious reasons, but anyone could probably figure it out.

      I’m not understanding what the negativity is all about, lol. I have nothing to hide and I’m happy to share anything and everything I have going on. If you and your “him” want just email me and I can send you reports, but I shouldn’t have to do that.

      Between 08-01 and 08-15, I had 91 signups, converting at 7.07% (that’s 1,288 clicks) from the first half of the month. Non recurring, all new customers, without any paid advertisements, emails or pushy sales tactics. Again, see the link above to see how it’s done.

  • Abhinav sharma

    This is really great that you are featured in Forbes list of 10 Leaders Who Aren’t Afraid to be Transparent.Congratulations. I always follow your blog. I came to know so many things from smartpassiveincome. Great work. Keep it up.

  • Mike

    His name is Jim. Used to work with him. Now he still pings me for stuff like this. Eternally it feels. Maybe he’s reading. Thanks Pat. We had a heated discussion about content and creating value. He disagrees. And is leaving money on the table.

    But his income goes up every year. Last year he did close to eight figures. Most folks reading this blog probably are after lifestyle income, which you do a good job.

    Maybe Jim needs convincing. He could triple his affiliate sales by just talking with his customers.

    Thanks Pat.

    • Johnno

      So “8 figure a year” Jim must pay bucketloads for his traffic and is unhappy that “6 figure a year” Pat apparently doesn’t pay for his?

      Sounds like Jim has too much time on his hands.
      I’d be taking lots of holidays.

  • Mike


    Yeah, pretty much. But we are all taking Pat at his word. And he seems like a straight up guy. But it looks like he deleted the posts I made already.

    The thing is the 8-figure guy is real. Not me. And yes, he makes Pat’s income look like a joke.

    Everyone needs to know this: affiliate income is shakey. Pat knows this yet never reveals it. You don’t get checks consistently and sometimes you have to scratch and beg for what you earned. If they don’t manage the affiliate program well then your screwed.

    Let’s say Pat loses 50% of his bluehost because 8-figure guy decides to scrape his traffic and steal it. Which is total feasible and ALL affiliates do this. Maybe Pat does maybe he doesn’t.

    But he’s a bellow average affiliate if that income goes away. So his posts/content sharing shouldn’t stray into any other subject other than HOW he gets the blue host conversions.

    Jim, eight figure guy ($13,021,072) is what he grosses roughly (he’s not reading this, already checked so I can dump some numbers) spends thousands a month on Facebook, uses a program called “”, and does direct media buys with very high converting sites.

    I won’t bug Pat’s readers here because he’s done a stellar job of building a nice community of wannabe entrepreneurs.

    But if you want to build a non-affiliate businesses the internet s not so much your friend considering the largest e-commerce company, Amazon, is also the largest affiliate on the planet.

    • Pat

      Hey Mike, I didn’t delete any of your posts.

      The only thing Jim and I apparently have in common is that we have 3 letters in our name.

      We have completely different business models. He makes 8-figures by putting money into a machine and getting even more back, and good for him. I’m super stoked to see people totally crushing it like that. But that’s not what I do, or want to do. Maybe his way is easier, and takes less time, but I’d much rather make 6 figures and know that I’m changing people’s lives and get thank you emails and messages every single day from people than make 8, or even 10 figures like Jim does. It’s not about the money for me.

      About affiliate marketing being “shaky”, maybe that’s true in the type of affiliate marketing that you are Jim are involved in, but I’ve been paid out 100% of the time and never had had any issues. I always get checks and electronics transactions that are deserved and they’re always on time. Never had to scratch and beg for anything.

      So I’m a below average affiliate – then why are you here and wasting your time on me?

  • Mike

    I’ll keep coming back but to add value not do Jimbo’s bidding. I guess my hole point in the last comment was taking out the numbeers of your hosting and maybe another medium consistent earner it less than $25K per month. Don’t get me wrong. That’s still good.

    Thanks Pat for chatting.

  • Eric

    I couldn’t agree more with Automobile University and a lot of Zigs points (its been awhile but I like his take on the 7 spokes of life I think its called??). I got turned onto SPI a month or so and I really love the open, honest content and I love the “non-avoidance of failure” tactic with Pat’s approach to his business.

    I worked 6 years as an Event Marketing Manager and just finishing up my last gig this coming Tuesday which has me traveling 2.5 hours in my car every few days. Just started with SPI podcasts and the drives fly by now. Really looking forward to jumping back into my internet marketing work full time and leaving Event Marketing behind for good.

    My classroom in my car with SPI university has given me so much energy and ideas to chew on through the rest of the day that I actually look forward to long drives now. Really inspiring stuff and I am seeing how providing so much free content comes back to you as I am looking to make my first purchase of Market Samurai and I am sure to use his affiliate as it is a minor pay back for all the great content and inspiration I have received. (Oh and for your records you got me into the site with E-Book on e-books… great read).

    Thanks Pat!


  • Michael

    Hey Pat. Love to see your reports. It gives me motivation and inspiration. Thanks a lot.

  • Kevin McNally


    Some great tips on your blog, when I worked full time in a job I would spend all my free time doing something productive to help my online business and anyone can do this.

    I used to write articles during my breaks / lunch and you can also listen to audio programs on your way to work etc…. Over a week this can often add up to almost part time job hours alone and will help your mindset.

  • Kushal Azza

    Wow !! $53k+ Really awesome !! Its really very motivation Pat.. You have inspired me to do online business..

    Loving this site..

  • miike

    Inspiring as always Pat. Keep the transparency open attitude going.

    As inspiring to me is that you stick to your core principles and show respect for the audience, share knowledge and show that making a profit is possible without manipulation or deceit. You are making the online marketing world look good man, keep it up!

  • Monty Campbell

    Wonderful Income Report? Is there an August Report?

  • Muhammad Hafidz

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    I was watching your income reports and it’s so unbelievable!
    Congrats! You’re a lucky-hardworking guy!

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