My October 2010 Monthly Income Report

passive incomeIt’s the first of the month again so you know what that means – it’s time for another income report!

Every month I write a detailed post about the money I’ve generated online – how much I’ve made, where it comes from and what I’ve been doing to earn more. I do this not only to help me keep track of how things are going with my online businesses, but also so you can learn from both my wins and my failures. I’ve been keeping this up for the past 2 years and these reports seem to generate the most interest and inspiration for people, which is why I continue to do them. Before I go on, I would just like to thank you once again for all of your support. This blog would not be how it is today without you, and I promise no matter how big this blog grows that I will never forget that.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report.

Important Going-Ons in October

Another reason I love to write these reports is because I get to see everything that I’ve accomplished during the past month – and lots of fantastic things happened in October.

As most of you know, I was fortunate enough to attend Blog World Expo where I met a lot of wonderful like-minded people, and a lot of my idols and heroes too. It was inspirational to say the least, which is why I think I had the energy to do everything I did after I got back home.

Passive Income Strategies Webinar with Cliff Ravenscraft

Me and Cliff Ravenscraft of PodcastAnswerMan (who you may remember from the extremely inspirational Session #5 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast) hooked up at the beginning of the month to plan a special webinar for his podcasting audience about strategies for building passive income streams. Both Cliff and I earn a decent income passively from our online businesses and we wanted to put together a high-quality, high-value webinar to share what we know and how others could do the same thing.

The webinar, which was held just last week, was amazing! I know we over-delivered with our content and gave the audience a fantastic plan to start to monetizing their podcasts.

As a result, we were both able to take away $1000 each from that webinar. Not bad for a 2 hour session, although I must admit that I spent a good amount of time preparing slides for the presentation beforehand.

The coolest part is that since Cliff recorded this webinar as it was happening, we’ll be creating a digital product that people can later purchase. This is exactly the strategy for creating passive income products that I outlined in Session #4 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast – 5 Powerful Ways to Create Passive Income Products – record a webinar or teach a private group of people and then repackage that material into a downloadable course or product that you can sell.

If you don’t think you can do it on your own, find someone that compliments your talents or skills and do one together.

The Niche Site Duel

Two awesome things happened in October with my new security guard training niche site that I built for the niche site duel vs. Tyrone Shum:

  1. I’ve started to earn money from it; and
  2. It climbed to the first page of Google for my primary keyword.

Tyrone and I haven’t discussed an “end goal” for this challenge yet, but regardless of what the actual goal is I knew that no matter what I would have to at least start to monetize the site, and it would definitely help if I made it to the first page of Google – and in two months I’ve accomplished both.

I hope this shows you that it can be done. It wasn’t insanely difficult, but at the same time it wasn’t a walk in the park either. It takes a lot of work to begin to see results and if you’re doing mostly everything yourself like I am, it can take quite a bit of time too.

It’s not over yet though, as my ultimate goal is to rank in the #1 spot for my primary keyword. If you want to follow along from start to finish check out the niche site duel hub.

In the month of October, my niche site has earned a total of $62.65 (that’s $81.41 since starting), all from Adsense ads on the site. To be honest, this is more than I was making with GreenExamAcademy when I first introduced Adsense on that site, so it’s very encouraging to see. If I quit working on it now, I’m pretty sure I could consistently earn between $50 and $100 a month from now on, however I have an aggressive monetization strategy laid out that I’m hoping to implement in the upcoming months that has the potential to earn thousands more. We’ll see how it goes, and of course, I’ll keep you posted.

As far as traffic, I’m now seeing an average of about 140 visitors a day, with a 33% increase since landing on the first page of Google (currently ranked at #7 per market samurai).

My Secret Project

If you’ve read The No Fail Approach to Product Creation, then you’ll know that I’m currently working on a brand new project. Specifically, it’s a premium WordPress plugin that I’m getting developed at this very moment that I desperately need, and I know many of you need as well.

How do I know?

Because many of you have told me. (Hint hint)

Since it’s for me, I won’t feel so bad if it doesn’t sell one copy because at least I’ll get to use it on my own. However, the people I’ve spoken to about it are already diggin’ it and I can’t wait to share it with you when it comes out. Again, I’m sorry to leave you hanging right now.

iPhone Apps

I know I haven’t talked much about my iPhone app business lately, but it’s still going strong. We have about 28 published applications in iTunes – some paid and some free – but we haven’t really talked much about adding more to our repertoire. Now that Verizon will carry the iPhone soon, apparently, I think that’s going to change and hopefully we’ll have some new ones out for when the new, app-hungry customers arrive.

In October, we’ve done a few updates to some of our existing apps which should hopefully increase the ad revenue on our free apps in November. I guess we’ll have to wait until the next income report to see what happens.

Okay – let’s get to the numbers!

Income Breakdown

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3201.85
      • Last Month: $2712.15
      • Difference: +489.70
  • eHow Earnings:
    • Total: $287.03
      • Last Month: $224.58
      • Difference: +$62.45
  • Google Adsense
    • InfoBarrel: $0.90
    • Security Guard Training Niche Site: $62.65
    • Other Adsense: $47.48
    • Total: $111.03
      • Last Month: $92.56
      • Difference: +$18.47
  • Affiliate Earnings:
    • Green Exam Academy: $1,725.15
    • Market Samurai: $1,951.20
    • Instant Article Factory: $172.00
    • The Best Spinner: $221.00
    • $2145.00
    • iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $745.65
    • Pop-Up Domination: $65.60
    • Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: $88.74
    • Internet Business Mastery Academy: $1309.95
    • Niche Sites (not including the niche site duel site – see Adsense): $76.54
    • Aweber: $69.30
    • Amazon Associates: $35.74
    • LegalZoom: $25.35
    • Total: $8,631.22
      • Last Month: $9,969.46
      • Difference: -$1,340.24
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,491.00
    • Free Apps: $2,183.75
    • Total: $4,674.75
      • Last Month: $4,300.77
      • Difference: +373.98
  • Passive Income for Podcasters Webinar:

    • Total: $1,000.00
  • Gross Total in October: $17,905.88
    • Last Month: $17,229.53
    • Difference: +676.35

Another fantastic month! It’s hard to believe that compared to last month, the income is virtually the same, even though the income from things such as my affiliate earnings are significantly less. The reason is because everything else saw a plus (+) last month, so it covered the losses. This is why diversifying your passive income portfolio is important.

You should definitely keep your focus on one or two projects at a time (or else you’ll spread yourself thin and never actually complete anything), but the nice thing about passive income is that once you have a business setup for you on auto-pilot, you can use that extra time you have to create new passive income streams and add to your portfolio.

What I Learned in October

I learned everything I needed to know about outsourcing. For a while, I’ve been interested in hiring a virtual assistant to help me as my online businesses are expanding and as I find jobs within them that need to be done, but I don’t necessarily want to do myself. My buddy Tyrone Shum and I held a webinar where I asked him a ton of questions about the hiring process, payments, how to make sure they get the work done properly – all that stuff – and it was perfect. So, a huge thank you goes out to Tyrone for taking the time to walk through that process with me, and I can happily say that I am working with 1 virtual assistant at the moment who is helping me with some new niche sites.

The replay of the outsourcing webinar and the Q&A session is available to everyone for free at Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Everything you Need to Know.

Another thing I learned remembered came to me when listening to one of Cliff Ravenscraft’s many podcasts – Business Tech Weekly.

On it, Cliff was talking about Dave Ramsey and something he said at one of his seminars, which really struck a chord with me. To sum it up for you, Dave was talking about how so many people feel like they don’t have an extra $200, $100 or even $50 a month to put into some kind of savings account or emergency fund. How so many people feel like they are living paycheck to paycheck without the ability to spare any change to save for anything at all. Then, he said, what if your son or daughter were extremely sick and needed $5000 to pay for a surgery or else they would die, do you think you’d be able to scrape up $5000 then? Of course you would, because you would do anything to get that money to save your son or daughter.

This reminded me of an exercise that my high school band director did with me:

Director: “Put your hands up as high as you can.”

Class: (everyone raises their hands, reaching toward the ceiling)

Director: “Now put your hands even higher.”

Class: (everyone raises their hands even higher than before, as high as they possibly can, and some people even standing up to do so.)

Director: “You see, you can always do more than you originally think.”

Participating in this exercise changed my life because I think about it almost every day. I know that I can always do more. Like what Dave was talking about, if you really need to make it happen, if you really want it that bad, you’ll find a way to get it done.

You can always raise your hands a little further, in all aspects of life.

Thanks for your time, and I wish you a safe and profitable November. Cheers!

  • Dan

    This is ridiculously cool Pat. Really looking forward to your plugin product.

    • Pat

      Thanks Dan! I’ll keep you posted. Let’s do an interview for SPI together soon :)

      • Vik Tantry

        Great job as always Pat! I’m especially interested in your plugin product and also in exactly how you’re planning to monetize your security guard site more effectively. Looking forward to the next post!

  • Mats

    Thanks again for a wonderful montly report, You are a real inspiration. I aim at almost half the money you make a month $10.000 per month is my goal, and I am at about $250 now passive :) Any good ways I can spend that money to get more?

    Good luck in november too!

    • Pat

      Nice Mats – you’ve got to start somewhere, and it wasn’t too long ago I was making just the same as you, and with some hard work and a little bit of luck, here I am now. You can get there! I think the best thing to spend the money on would be education for online business, although much of the information is already available for free online at multiple sources.

  • Dan


    • Pat

      Thanks Dan!

  • Samuel

    This is awesome Pat!! keep up the good work.. great earnings report man!! Thanks a lot for sharing. Have fun..

    • Pat

      Thanks Samuel – I appreciate it. Cheers!

  • David Miles

    Looking good Pat your Security Guard Training Niche Site got $62.65… very nice !

    • Pat

      Thanks David! I was quite surprised that I was able to earn that much already. Hopefully the upward trend will continue. Thanks again!

  • Pierre @ IBG

    Always motivational Pat, nice one, and your “what I’ve learned” tips through out the report have some real gems. I’ve also found that its very important to diversify your passive income streams. The real key is to maintain a consistent level of income, with ups and downs balancing each other out, this will bring stability and confidence to take risks with new ideas – it looks like you have achieved this now.

    Internet Business Generation

    • Pat

      Thanks Pierre – I think trying to keep it consistent is the toughest part, because there are huge ups and downs. Luckily, mostly ups for me so far, and I’ll try to keep that trend going that way :)

      Cheers! All the best!

  • Vishal Sanjay @ Dumb Little Blogger

    Hey there Pat its really inspiring to see your income rise each and every month, right now I have an income of about $600 online, but that isn’t passive as I still have to spend 4 to 6 hours a day on earning that.

    • Leon Aldrich

      @Vishal I visited your site (cute domain name). I could not close the footer ad covering my “reading” space. If you want to reach a U.S. market, you might consider allowing us the ability to close the footer ad.

    • Pat

      Hi Vishal, you’ve got to start somewhere, and you can always work to make things more passive later on. The fact that you’re making $600 a month online is great because a lot of people can’t even say that.

  • Josh Roa

    Hey Pat, thanks for the pep talk at the end, in addition to sharing your progress with your multiple streams. I’ve had so many moments this month where I should’ve reached a little higher knowing full well that I really can.

    Your blogs are fast becoming a staple in my motivation diet so I’ll be moving them onto my action diet from this point forward. Great work once again and thank you for sharing bro!

    – Josh

    • Pat

      Hey Josh, I’m glad I could be a part of your online nutrition plan 😛

      Glad you’re enjoying the content. All the best!

  • Evan @ Toronto Dating Coach

    Always inspirational Pat,

    I notice you don’t have Adsense on this website, is that a conscious decision?

    I’ve been thinking about implementing it myself, but feel it might be best for the “FEEDER” sites that link back to my main site.

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Pat

      Hey Evan, I don’t have adsense on this site because it’s at a point where I make money money by keeping people on the site, instead of using advertisements like Adsense to take people away from it. I use adsense as a primary means of earning an income from a site until I can implement more profitable strategies. Hope this helps!

  • TrafficColeman

    This month seems more in dept then others..It just shows that your income stream and grow as long as you work hard..more awesome stats Pat.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      Thanks for the support Coleman. Cheers!

  • matt gordon

    i am very happy for your financial success. keep living the dream.

    • Pat

      I’m doing my best. Cheers Matt!

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Awesome month, Pat. Your income is so diversified, that you’re really able to withstand any obstacles that you come across (do you even come across obstacles? You’re crushing everything in your path).

    The best part about this post for me was your “what I learned” for the month – the “put your hands higher” analogy is more powerful than it may seem.

    Thanks, as always, for all the great content.

    • Pat

      No major obstacles so far, but I think I’m doing fairly well when it comes to diversification. I’m still trying to add more items though, just in case.

      Thanks for your support Eric, and keep crushing it with the P90X site, you’re doing really well so far!

  • Brett

    Hey Pat,
    It’s great to see that you had another great month. It’s always inspirational to see your success and how transparent you are with the numbers. I hope the WP plugin ends up well too. It’s only going up from here!

    • Pat

      Hey Brett – I hope the plugin does well too, although if it does what I want it to do after the developer is finished with it, it should be well received. We’ll see! Thanks Brett!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Awesome and really informative report,

    I love your report and advice for this month and it keeps inspiring me to work harder to make my online career a success.

    Your niche site is really taking off and the next 2-3 monts I’m sure you will be making over $500 per month.

    Thanks so much for the awesome report,

    • Pat

      Thanks for the support Onibalusi! I would love to see the site get to $500 a month soon, that would be awesome.


  • Shae

    The income report is fantastic Pat, but my absolute favorite part of your post was the “reach higher” analogy at the end. I’m going to use that with others…it’s powerful.

    • Pat

      I always go back to that analogy because I was able to participate in it myself. I’m glad to share it with everyone here and pass it along, and I hope that some of the readers here will pass it along too. Thanks!

  • Adam

    thanks a lot for the report,pat.I just wanted to ask you how do you promote Bluehost hosting to your readers?You seem to be getting great income through that alone.Do they buy it through the ad you have placed on the sidebar?

    • Pat

      There’s the ad in the sidebar, links on my resources page, as well as links on individual blog posts.

      Thanks Adam!

  • ebele

    Your monthly reports are always an inspiration, Pat, particularly because it’s not one-dimensional. I get to see the director’s cut, so-to-speak! (the challenges, the triumphs and the lessons).

    I really like that bit at the end (hand raising). Such a simple tale, but true (and powerful).

    All the best this month. Keep on.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the support Ebele, I really appreciate it. It’s definitely not just about the numbers, but what’s behind them. Cheers!

  • Kelly @ Quality PLR Zone

    To repeat what several folks have already said – seeing your earnings is inspiring and enlightening. Thanks for showing it.

    • Pat

      Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the kind words. Cheers!

  • Remco

    great post! And yes, I guess I need to put my hands higher !!!

    • Pat


  • Jennifer

    Thank you for sharing these numbers. It is great to see how you have really diversified your income streams so that they can compensate for when earns a little less.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jennifer – it’s just like investing in the stock market, although I’d like to think I have a bit more control over my earnings :)

  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    Congrats on another great month! I have never asked this, but always wondered out of your killer income month after month, do you have any big advertising expenses that come out of your gross earnings?

    • Pat

      Nope – to be honest, I don’t spend any money on advertising at all.

  • Samuel

    Hey Pat,

    What I like most is your discipline. It seems you are able to really laser focus your daily tasks to allow growth in your business. Very hard to do with all the bright shiny objects out there on the web. Like you said, If you are hungry you will make it happen. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pam J

    I have a question about your iPhone apps. On average, does an iPhone app monetize better as a free app with ads or a paid app without ads?

    And thanks again for the income report. It keeps me hopeful!

    • Pat

      Hey Pam – both paid apps and free apps do fairly well for monetization, but of course it depends on the application itself. We have both paid apps and free apps that are pulling in some good money for us. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Peter

    Hey Pat,
    just stumbled upon your site from Awesome post, I’m thoroughly impressed by your transparency – it’s definitely renewed my ambition and given me a new perspective on my drupal video tutorials…

    keep up the good work,

    • Pat

      Hey Peter – thanks for stopping by! If I ever need some drupal help, I’ll know exactly who to go to. Cheers!

  • Christina

    Hi Pat,

    Great post as always. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and am really fascinated with your niche site duel. You said you followed JosephA from the 40 Day Challenge on the Warrior Forum so I am curious: Are you concerned with getting your adsense account shut down if too many clicks come from your blog readers?

    • Pat

      It’s definitely something to think about, but that’s something I’m not concerned about at the moment.

  • wilson

    That number just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Love to see these reports because they really do helps us see the strategies that you’re using to make money and what works and doesn’t. Thanks Pat!

    • Pat

      Thanks Wilson! You rock!

  • Keith

    Wow, this is all incredible information, thank you for sharing. I am going to dig back further and see the previous months. Question for you if you do not mind. How do you monetize the “Free iPhone apps”?

    Free Apps: $2,183.75

    • Pat

      There are several different advertisement platforms for mobile applications, such ad admobs, iads, quattro and more. They work sort of like Adsense for websites. Cheers!

  • [email protected]

    You have done it again! Another great month. Your affiliate earnings from Market Samurai and IBMA are inspiring. It’s awesome what happens when great products meet great marketing!!

    • Pat

      Absolutely. If the products are great, they almost sell themselves. Thanks Steve!

  • Devin Elder

    Congrats on another great month Pat! Dave Ramsey completely changed my life, and that’s a great example you use – so incredibly true. I used that principle to pay off an obscene amount of debt, and now I’m using it to pursue a really large IM income goal. Perspective is everything.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Pat

      Well done Devin, that’s amazing! Same to you – keep up the great work!

  • John M

    Consistently great results. Keep up the good work.

    • Pat

      Thanks John, I appreciate it!

  • Michael Ziarko

    Is it the 1st of the month already? Time flies doesn’t it. Nice work – always look forward to these posts Pat. Thanks.

    • Pat

      Yep – time definitely flies (especially when you have a kid!). Thanks for the support Michael!

  • Steven

    Pat, I am currently digesting all of your podcasts. I don’t get where you find the time to set-up all these awesome income streams but it is incredibly inspiring. The sky is the limit….

    • Pat

      Hey Steven, they definitely all weren’t set up at the same time – I use the time I earn to build new passive income streams, as you can tell. Thanks Steven! Cheers!

  • Tipjar

    Hey Pat, this income here:

    # Market Samurai: $1,951.20
    # Instant Article Factory: $172.00
    # The Best Spinner: $221.00
    # $2145.00
    # iPhone Apps w/o Experience eBook: $745.65
    # Pop-Up Domination: $65.60
    # Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: $88.74
    # Internet Business Mastery Academy: $1309.95
    # Niche Sites (not including the niche site duel site – see Adsense): $76.54
    # Aweber: $69.30
    # Amazon Associates: $35.74
    # LegalZoom: $25.35
    # Total: $8,631.22

    Is that mainly just from this blog? j/w…

    • Pat

      Yes, primarily through blog posts and my resources page. Cheers!

      • Tipjar

        Very cool – great blog! Cheers!

  • stacey

    Hey Pat,

    Congrats on another great month :)

    So you hired a Virtual Assistant…. did you end up using O-desk like Tyrone coached in the Webinar? Curious what you have the new VA doing with your niche sites – I may need to follow in your foot steps!



    • Pat

      Hey Stacey, I did actually, and it’s working out great so far. I like the fact that I can see what my VA is up to directly on her screen, thanks to odesk. RIght now, I just have her building backlinks after I create the sites myself.

      • stacey

        That’s cool – did you hire her part time to start? I’m thinking of doing the same. Just curious if you have her building you back links on high quality sites in your niche? For example, other Security related sites? Or where are you focusing your back link strategy?

        Thanks again for the inspiration!


  • Trever Clark

    Hey Pat – I only recently discovered your blog, but I’m already finding it hugely inspirational. I’m also aiming for a similar monthly income to yours. I’ve been working at it for the past 4 months or so, and I’m at about $300 a month of fairly passive income.
    I wanted to comment on the idea of hiring a VA – I think that it’s a great idea as soon as possible. I can’t afford a dedicated VA yet, but I’m putting some of the passive affiliate income that I’m bringing in toward a part-timer. I hired a guy in India to build back links and do some SEO for me, and so far so good. A lot of people seem to think that you have to already be successful to be able to afford a VA. But even if you only have $50 a month to spare, it makes a huge difference to be able to outsource some of the more “boring” tasks.

    • stacey

      Hey Trever,

      Do you find that back link strategy works well for you?

      I heard of someone else hiring someone from India to do backlinks and said the backlinks were pretty much worthless b/c they were coming from not really big sites in the niche – just wonder if this has been your experience? Or are you getting a lot of quality traffic from this strategy?


    • Pat

      Thanks for the support Trever, and congrats on the $300/month of passive income – you’ve got to start somewhere, so just keep going and you’ll keep adding zeros on the end there :)


  • Edwin

    Where do you place your Adsense ads?

    • Pat

      I have adsense ads running on my niche sites, as well as on YouTube.

  • Christina (@CashCampfire)

    Awesome, Pat. Can’t wait until you’re new product launches! Your niche site is also doing surprisingly well, considering that you only created it 2 months ago. Congratulations!

    And that’s great that you were able to hire your first virtual assistant. How is that going for you?

    My eHow earnings have been increasing as well. I earned almost $270 last month from 113 articles, and it keeps increasing month after month without me having to do anything. It’s pretty awesome – passive income.

    I also noticed that your Green Exam Academy is still going strong. Do you have to do anything with it now, or is it just sitting there and still earning?

    Overall, it looks like you had a great month! Keep it up. :)


    • Pat

      Thanks Christina! I can’t wait either, but I definitely don’t want to rush things because I want to make sure it’s a quality product. The VA stuff is going well too!

      My eHow earnings have been steadily rising just like yours, it’s amazing! It’s too bad they closed their program because there was so much more potential there. I only wish I had the time to do similar things with InfoBarrel. I’m just too focused on other things right now to really give it a huge go. I have made money from it though :)

      With GEA, it’s just sitting there right now, but I will probably have to update some stuff with it soon. Thanks for the support, as always! Cheers!

      • Christina (@CashCampfire)

        Cool. Thanks for the reply.

        I wish I would have written more for eHow as well. It’s a shame they closed down their writing platform. I’ve been trying my luck with Suite101, but, like you, I’m finding that time is pretty scarce.

        I’m probably going to end up writing for them every now and then whenever I get the inspiration, but most likely not as often as I used to for eHow.


  • mk akan

    that is really something…..i will get there soon….well done

  • Bo

    Congrats on another great month. You really know how to build trust with your brand. Please continue with project niche site at least until it reaches $500/month. You are helping a lot of us with that. I’m tired of people selling us on how to make money by teaching how to make money. True, they have good information, but its hard to trust when they dont diversify like yourself. Stay on the grind. Cheers.

  • Dwight

    Another fine month for you Pat. Was wondering how you make so much passive income with E-How, do you have like a ton of articles on there and keep writing new ones? Did you do a post on this? I think i may have missed it.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

    • Pat

      Hey Dwight, I wrote 150 articles back in December of 2008, and I never wrote any more. They continually generate $220-$300 a month for me. I have not written any more, and actually they’ve closed down their program so you can’t write any more if you wanted to anyways. I’ve been exploring other platforms, such as, but just have been using my time for other projects. Hope this helps!

  • Allison

    Lately I have been doing more research and tweeting than concentrating on making money. As always you have inspired me to get back into what I came here for, to make money. THX.

  • Arthur

    Thanks for the inspiration! Your blog has so much information, that I’ve been reading for weeks now and still haven’t digested all of it.

    I’ve been selling physical items on my website for 5 years now, but would love to move to having all electronic products so that I’m not tied down to one location. You have a good blueprint with your Niche Duel and I’ll be keeping a close eye

  • Dustin

    Hey Pat – Thanks for putting so much of yourself out there for everyone to see. Its inspirational and a great trust builder as others have said.

    You’ve inspired me to get off my lazy affiliate ass and raise my hand higher 😉

    I do pretty well for myself – but after spending about 2 hours on your blog here I realized that there is so much more I want to tackle. thanks again.

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    another inspiring and motivating post. congratulations, and looking forward to more lessons learned

  • Peter

    Pat, new reader, very interesting information that you share in your monthly report. An incredible way to build re-pore and credibility. How did you ever come to decide to publish this data?

    Also, regarding your iPhone apps, on the free versions what ad platform do you utilize to deliver the ads? Admobs or someone else? Very interested in your comments on this subject. Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Peter – firstly, I decided to post it because almost no one else was. Everyone is so scared to post these kinds of numbers, and honestly I don’t know why. It was almost a no brainer for me, because it was when others did this it really inspired me.

      For the mobile ad platform, we primarily use admobs, iads and Google Adsense. Cheers!

  • Solomon

    Hey Pat thanks again for being so super transparent. You’re definitely a testament to the fact that you can have integrity and be a good guy and still get ahead. I was wondering also is it almost time for another annual income report showing your income from the year? I look forward to seeing how much change there is from last years income versus this years. Cheers to your continued success!

    • Pat

      Yep – it’s almost time for another annual report, but I’m sort of putting it on hold for now for all of the other great content I have planned. Cheers!

  • Alicia

    Great earnings Pat! You are so inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  • Jon


    Very impressive, just happened to stumble across your site, spent the last two days reading all your posts, like others, I thank you for your transparency in disclosing your monthly earnings, you’re showing everyone that it can be done with a little time and effort, and that’s quite inspirational!.

  • Andy

    Really enjoy reading these posts. I started my own “niche” site to try and replicate your passive income strategy leveraging content and skills learned from my main blog. So far (2 weeks in) no revenue and no google ranking yet, but I am patient. Will keep checking in here for tips.

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  • The Last Honest Guy – Relationship Advice

    Wow Pat, this is great! Also, I don’t know how you do it to reply to almost every comment but it’s great that you do….

  • Lynn C.

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the monthly report. I’ve been reading your monthly report for the past few months, one thing I really don’t quite get it is your affiliate earnings. Are they all recurring commission or new commission? It seems that you are able to maintain a steady stream income from them. For e.g. Market Samurai, do they offer recurring commission? I’m new to it but love their product? Just curious, how did you do so well in this product? Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Lynn – good question. Only one program I recommend at the moment has a recurring commission, and that is the Internet Business Mastery Academy. Market Samurai is a one time commission, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have nearly the same amount of people each money purchase through my affiliate link (thank you to all of you who have!).

      It’s a great product, and what helps is that I show people exactly how to use it and how it can help save a ton of time. People keep coming back to this webinar replay that I did a few months back:

      Hope this helps a little! Cheers!

      • Lynn C.

        Thanks Pat. So that’s how you did it, interesting! It will sure inspire a lot of copycats. :-) Thanks again for the link.

  • Stuart

    Pat, I think it’s amazing that you have the courage and the generosity to post how much you earn for each month onto your site. Well done to you! Truly inspirational place you got here :-)

    • Pat

      Thanks Stuart, I appreciate that.

      I don’t understand why so many people say things like that (i.e. “I have the courage…”) because I don’t see what the big deal is about posting my income report, or why it’s something that other people are so afraid to do. If you could enlighten me as far as why this is the case, I’d like to know. I’m obviously glad people think this way because it makes my reports that much more popular, but I still sometimes have a hard time understanding exactly why.


  • Dierdre

    Hi Pat,
    I love the way you don’t hit people over the head with attempts to monetize. It’s done subtly and respectfully, and I really appreciate that. Can you clarify for me about how you ensure you conform to the FTC rules of disclosure though? I can’t find any disclosures on your site, and my understanding is that is has to be very clear if you are monetizing through recommendations. Thanks for you all you do!

  • Kim Adair

    I am so glad I stumbled onto this blog, it is addictive!(In a good way) I was wondering if you make your own Iphone app’s, if so, how can one learn how to make them? Thanks.

  • Peter

    Well done! Your income reports are very inspiring! :)

  • Anoop

    Hi Pat,
    Nice round of income..Your work ethic and planning is helping you to succeed Wish you all the best… I am still struggling with a day job. All I have is 1 email data base of 16k..I think I can try for affiliate (amazon or CJ ), But I am not to shoot out these email with a good product. Please share your ideas !

  • Steve

    Hey Pat…Keep them coming…! They provide inspiration. I hope one day you will have a class on it app stuff as I would be interested in learning more.

  • Kim Adair

    I forgot to mention this in my last post, my company wants me to take a 30% pay cut, if you had to start all over again, what product would you promote in order to make a decent income within 30 days? I will be taking some cash out of my 401k to start my online income journey. Any and all tips would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Master Scott

    Thanks for all of the information on this blog, it’s amazing. I have implemented many of your suggestions with positive results! Your success without selling many different products is amazing, keep up the GREAT work!

  • Colin

    Great Blog and very inspirational …..not many are prepared to state just what they earn and where they actually earn it from!

  • Bryan

    Hey Pat,

    That’s a lot of earnings from affiliate marketing. Hmm, I’m just curious with the amount of sites you have including those niches sites, how to you manage all of them? Do you outsource? Because it seems to me that it really does involve a lot of work.

    I’m interested to start a niche site in future, but I got to learn how you do it here.


  • Dean Saliba

    Again everytime I think I’m doing great I end up on your blog and your income puts mine firmly to shame. :)

  • Efrat

    Hi Pat!
    Entering my details, I just realized this is going to be the first ever back link to my new niche sire :-) Which is empty at the moment… Soon to be fixed. Was just surprised to find it was indexed by Google already. Can’t think where it could find a link to it… and wasn’t there that sandbox concept???

    Anyway, I enjoy reading here, and listening to your podcasts. Content is clear and organized.

    Liked the anecdote you gave about raising one’s hands. It reminded me of a quote from an Israeli cult movie. Its a comedy. A former youth swimming champion, currently a high ranked army officer is giving an advice how to win a swimming contest: You start the fastest you can, and then slowly, slowly you increase the pace.
    (I sounds better in Hebrew :-) )

    Regarding the analogy to saving money – Dr. John Demartini advises on saving even a small amount a month (5$, 50%, what ever the person is feeling comfortable with, and adding to that amount 10%) . Than increasing it by 1-10% each quarter, which will lead to doubling the amount every 2 years.

  • Fernando

    Keep up the good work Patt!

  • Aaron

    As a newbie, slowly emerging from info overload and analysis-paralysis, I find your blog quite refreshing. Your revenue reports offer a level of transparency that I have yet to see even from some of the top info marketing gurus. Your detailed accounting of your time and activities will help many to plan their businesses more affectively and to conquer more of their goals. Nicely done. Keep up the good work!

  • Robinsh

    Hey pat I am very 2 thankful to the webmasters like you who gives their income report out believe me or not it creates a great energy in the beginners to do something innovative or productive that meets the commons and personal search of living.

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  • Andrew Rae

    Talk about a really inspirational blog post.

    Congratulations, you deserve it all.

    – A good karma spreader

  • Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    I’ve been following the niche site challenge and you inspired me to create my own niche site. Now it’s about building backlinks and getting picked up by Google. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep the good news coming.

  • Javier

    Great and really honest content make this site unique! hope you keep doing great. I live in Buenos Aires and i have my own info product, my plan is to grow the business and put it on auto pilot. Let me know if you have plans to visit Argentina. Thanks!

  • Ann Marie @ CHEESESLAVE

    Pat –

    I am a new fan. I just love these income posts. Very smart of you to post them.

    My income is up to about $6K/monthly from my online business. It’s not passive yet though. I’m working on outsourcing and automating. So far I have one virtual assistant plus a sales manager and a graphic designer.

    Interestingly – I am seeing the same trends in terms of income. Most of our bloggers’ income comes from online classes and affiliate sales. Advertising is one stream but not the main one.

    We are a niche network of blogs (“beyond organic” food) so we don’t have the same kinds of affiliate opportunities — however, we make money as affiliates for each other’s paid content (mostly online classes).

    I really appreciate everything you are sharing on your blog and your podcast. It is so inspiring. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Glenn Bolman

    I came across your webpage while browsing for some thing distinct on Google and yahoo about topics related to movies, but I got the chance to read this blog post and I found it really interesting certainly.

  • Joe Sumpter

    Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your success Pat. I found your Podcasts on iTunes the other day and have already learned some great tips for my blog. Keep up the hard work!

  • Cassie


    I found your site through a friend’s blog and it’s awsome! Quick question: how much does it cost upfront to develop an iPhone app? Not sure if you’ve written a post on the subject or not so I apologize if this question is redundant.

  • Jeff

    Hey Pat, I have no idea how I came across your blog but it’s now one of the few I have bookmarked. I find these income reports really fascinating and I don’t know of anyone else doing this sort of thing. This is pretty inspiring since I’m working on building my Internet business as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress.