My February and March 2013 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to a special edition of my monthly income report!

Each month I like to write a detailed report that goes over what I’ve done and lessons learned from the previous month, and I always list where my income comes from and exactly how much I’ve earned.

Last month, however, I was unable to post my February earnings report due to an attack on my site and a migration to a new server that took way longer than planned. It was the first monthly income report that I have ever missed since the birth of The Smart Passive Income Blog in October of 2008.

That’s why I’m going to share my earnings and lessons learned from both February and March to make up for it.

For those of you new to SPI, you might be wondering why I care to post my income reports in the first place. Here’s why:

Companies in the stock market share their earnings too, which gives people an idea of how the company is performing. Based on that, people can make a decision whether or not to invest (or continue investing) in that company.

Although my readers, listeners and viewers are not investing money into my company, you are investing time – time to consume my content as well as any time you use to execute the strategies and methods I share. It’s my responsibility as a person in this particular niche to be totally upfront, honest and transparent with you, and to give you a snapshot each month of how I’m performing.

The earnings, although I know that’s the first thing a lot of people look at, are just a part of the whole picture. What I’ve done and the lessons learned along the way are much more valuable in my eyes, and I hope they are to you too.

I hope you enjoy this month’s report, and make sure to catch the blooper reel for my new book, ‘Let Go’, which is embedded mid-way through this post for you below.

What Went Down in February and March

What went down? Well, at the end of February, my sites went down – nearly all of them. Only, which is hosted through a different server, stayed up during the whole ordeal.,, and a number of smaller niche sites, all of which I hosted on the same dedicated server, were inaccessible for a period of about a week due to a denial of service (DOS) attack.

Imagine a revolving door that serves as the entrance to a hotel. Guests come into the building a few people at a time, no problem. A DOS attack is like putting 100 people in the revolving door at the same time, which clogs the entryway and blocks everyone else that’s trying to come in. That’s what happened to, and because I hosted those other sites on the same server, access to all of them was denied.

The timing was, of course, impeccable. I was in the middle of traveling to San Francisco and shooting videos for my new book, and this thing that I couldn’t control was definitely taking up a lot of brain-space.

Once everything was back up and running, I published this detailed post talking about exactly what happened and why it took so long to get back up and running.

Here is a summary of lessons I learned:

  • Expect stuff like this to happen. If you expect everything to always be perfect, you’re setting yourself up for disaster, because when anything goes wrong you’ll flip out and delay any sort of action that will help you get back to where you should be. Yes, my experience was unfortunate, but it could have been a lot worse if I freaked out, got upset and just started to complain. When you expect the unexpected, you can have plans and systems in place to get things taken care of much faster when things do happen, and you’ll view these setbacks as just part of the process. 
  • “Being everywhere” is vital. My sites were down, but I wasn’t totally cut off from my audience. This is huge because brand diversification matters not just for expanding your audience and giving them different kinds of mediums to consume your content, but multiple points of contact are important because if one particular segment of your brand fails, you have the other platforms to keep it going. YouTube, my podcast, social media and my email list were all ways that I was able to continue communicating with my audience, and also keep it growing too.
  • At a certain point, some of your websites may deserve their own server. I did have a dedicated server, but within that dedicated server I was hosting multiple sites, including SPI. It was a huge mistake not to move SPI onto it’s own server to separate it from the other sites. Yes, you can save a lot of money by putting several websites onto one hosting account – however you do have to keep in mind that if your server goes down, all of the websites on that website go down with it. If you’re hosting multiple websites, there comes a point when moving a website onto its own server just makes complete sense., the hosting company that I was with who dropped the ball when it took them longer than expected to even diagnose the issue, let alone fix it, did eventually send me a formal apology and will be refunding my hosting fees for the period of downtime.

I am currently with, and so far I’m extremely impressed. The customer service is beyond excellent and they offer a mitigation service which will quickly respond to DOS attacks in the future, if they were to happen again.

The downtime did set me back a couple of podcast episodes, a few posts, traffic and about $12,000.00 in estimated earnings, but it was a good lesson for me and I was glad to be able to share what happened to all of you.

Two More Excellent Speaking Experiences

In both February and March, I was excited to travel for a couple speaking engagements, which has sort of been ‘my thang’ lately. I’m just so in love with public speaking and the challenges that come along with it – I already can’t wait to do more of it this year. My speaking schedule for the rest of the year (so far) is at the bottom of this section.

February: The Platform Conference

In February, I traveled to Nashville for the first time to speak at Michael Hyatt’s first ever Platform Conference. I arrived a day early for a speaker and staff dinner (which was a fantastic idea – every conference organizer should do this to set the tone for the rest of the event) where I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Hyatt himself, his amazing family and team members, as well as others like Ken Davis, Jon Saddington, Stu McLaren and Jeff Goins.

Like at New Media Expo this past January, I was given the last presentation of the entire 2 day event. Unlike NMX, however, the event was much more intimate. There were only 150 attendees and only 1 presentation going on at a time that everyone in attendance would watch. 

The presentations were great and I made a lot of fantastic connections with people I’ve never met before, but here are some key things I remember specifically from the Platform Conference:

  • Everyone has an amazing story. Whether it was at the table I was sitting at or out in the kitchen during breaks, everyone I met and spoke to had an amazing story to share. Sometimes, however, it wasn’t always apparent. When I’d ask people what they do, I often got a job position or a website url and a small explanation of what they did – a surface level answer. It wasn’t until I asked them how they ended up there or what do they want to do in the future that people’s faces lit up and real, interesting stories were told. And guess what? It is those stories that they told me that I remember, that help me to connect the faces to the businesses that were described. We all have a story, we just have to go deep enough to find it, and be bold enough to share it.
  • My timing was WAY off. The one thing that I was disappointed about during my talk was that I totally didn’t time my presentation correctly. During the middle of my slide deck, one of Michael’s team members held up a sign that said I had only 10 minutes left! I had to skip over 20 slides in order to get to my conclusion which tied everything together. I still got the emotional response I wanted from the conclusion and several people complimented me after the event, but I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. I had prepared for my presentation like mad, like I normally, do, however because I don’t script the whole thing anymore (yeah, I used to do that), sometimes I get a little excited and talk about specific things a bit too much and my timing gets screwed up. I still have a lot of work to do to master this craft of public speaking, but I’m learning.
  • Michael Hyatt’s Team = Golden. One of the things that impressed me the most about Michael Hyatt, besides always having amazing content and being one of the nicest and most genuine people I know, is the fact that he has created the most amazing team I’ve ever had the experience of seeing in action. From his tech and web development guy to his “director of experiences”, he has the right people in place in his business to help him run it smoothly. They helped to run the conference and they help Michael focus on what he should be focusing on, which is delivering content. He’s definitely inspiring me to think differently about what I do vs. who really should be doing those things.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Platform Conference 2013

 From left to right: Cliff Ravenscraft, Pat Flynn, Ken Davis, Carrie Wilkerson, Andrew Buckman, Michael Hyatt, Stu McLaren & Jeff Goins.

Platform Conference 2013 - Pat Flynn

At the start of my presentation, I played the trumpet for 30 seconds. It was a good way to wake up the audience after lunch, and it also tied into the core message of the presentation. I hope to get a recording for you soon.

March: CreativeLIVE!

Near the end of March, I had the honor of being a guest presenter for Derek Halpern’s live 2-Day broadcasted event for CreativeLIVE , which took place in Seattle, Washington.

The whole experience was amazing!

I joined Derek, Kevin Rodgers and Melanie & Devin Duncan to help present to a live studio audience, as well as hundreds of people watching live on the Internet, about mastering online sales.

I was scheduled to speak twice: 45 minutes on March 21st, and then another 45 minutes on March 22nd. I flew up the day before to hang out and get to know Seattle a little bit, and yes – the city is as awesome as everyone says it is! I was lucky because it hardly rained and the sun did peek through the clouds a few times. It was gorgeous.

The live studio audience experience was different than anything I had ever done before. Typically, when I’ve been speaking, it’s in front of a crowd of up to 400 people. This time, it was in front of a crowd of six. What’s nice is that in this kind of intimate setting a presenter can more easily interact and get to know each of the people in the audience. I actually became good friends with all of them by the end of the event!

On the other hand, it’s a little more difficult to ‘read’ the audience’s reaction because there are only 6 of them. In larger crowds, many times the reaction to specific points that you make or jokes that you throw in will be more powerful, simply because everyone feeds off of everyone else’s reaction. Or, you can find and tune in to those people in the crowd who are totally into what you’re saying, nodding their head up and down after each sentence, to give yourself a confidence boost during your presentation. It’s a lot harder to do those kinds of things in this kind of setting, but it was definitely a fun challenge!

My first presentation was a refined and more updated version of my ‘Be Everywhere‘ presentation that I made in 2011, and it centered around driving traffic through the use of various mediums (video and audio in addition to your website) and also getting over the fear of putting yourself onto those types of platforms.

My second presentation was a refined and more updated version of my ‘Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way‘ presentation from 2012 where I talk about ‘The Soft Pitch Pipeline’ and how to sell other people’s products in a way that helps you establish an even deeper relationship with your audience and have them keep coming back for more – something I’ve become known for since most people know (after reading reports like this one) that a majority of my income, nowadays, is earned from affiliate marketing.

Here is a picture of me speaking live – a screenshot from the live stream on the CreativeLIVE website:

Creative Live - Pat Flynn

The presentations went very well and I can’t wait to get back on stage again.

Speaking of, here is a list of where else I’m headed this year:

  • April 7-9 at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego
  • April 18-20 at Internet Prophets LIVE! in Chicago
  • July 5-7 at World Domination Summit (not speaking – just attending)
  • July 12 – I’m co-hosting a paid business breakthrough session with a special guest here in San Diego. Details will be posted on April 12th here on the blog.
  • October 17-20  at The Financial Bloggers Conference (My first keynote presentation!)

That’s it for now, but the list may change one way or another as the year progresses.

If You’ll Be in the Chicago Area Between April 18-20…

Between April 18-20 is an event called Internet Prophets LIVE! that takes place at the W Hotel in downtown Chicago. It’s hosted by Steve Olsher, author of the book Internet Prophets which I happen to be featured in. I’ll be speaking at this event on Saturday the 20th.

Steve emailed me the other day and said that I could give away 30 free tickets to anyone who wants to come. The price of the event is $997.00, so this is definitely a great deal.

You’ll have to take care of your own travel and lodging, but you’d get to go to the event and you’ll be invited to a dinner meetup on Friday the 19th with myself and Jason Van Orden from Internet Business Mastery. This particular meetup is only for those of you who end up reserving your seat at IPL through this special deal.

If you’re interested, send an email to: pat (at) smartpassiveincome (dot) com, with the subject line: INTERNET PROPHETS LIVE, and the first 30 people to reply will get a special link from me to sign up for the event, as well as a link to sign up to the dinner meetup on Friday. I will answer emails in the order received and if you don’t hear from me within 24 hours assume the spots have already been filled. Please only shoot me an email if you’re going to come.

Update: The 30 tickets have already been given away – I apologize! Read the section below for something else…

There will be another meetup with Jason and me for people in general who are interesting in hanging out, whether you are attending IPL or not, but I’ll be sharing that info separately on Facebook and Twitter, so look out for that info soon. We’re still finalizing the details on that one.

I can’t wait to meet you all!

My First Keynote Presentation in October!

In March, I finalized plans to present my very first keynote presentation! I’ll be doing the opening keynote at one of my favorite events of all time, the Financial Blogger Conference (FINCON) in St. Louis on October 17th.

My very first experience with public speaking was at FINCON in 2011. It was my very first presentation ever and I was slotted to go last. Talk about pressure! It was so much fun and I’ve been addicted to public speaking ever since. :)

I wasn’t able to make the conference last year because it was a few weeks before my daughter was due and I was worried that she would be born a few weeks early.

What happened next?

She was born as the event was going on!

Good thing I didn’t go!

I did miss the conference though and all of the amazing people in the personal finance blogging industry, so I’m really excited to be coming back and presenting once again this year, and instead of going last, this time I get to go first!

I’m already mind-mapping my presentation, it’s going to be awesome, and I’ll be sure to have a high-quality recording for those of you who won’t be in attendance!

Let Go is Now Available!

The biggest thing that happened recently is the launch of my new book, ‘Let Go’. If you haven’t picked it up already, you should! I’m getting so many wonderful emails and messages about the book – it’s really making all of it worth the effort”

To get Let Go, download the Snippet App for iPhone or iPad (Android and Kindle version coming soon!), then download ‘Let Go’ and enjoy!

I knew it was a little risky to produce something on a 100% brand new platform like SnippetApp, but the rewards far outweigh the risks. On a few people’s devices, for no apparent reason, the videos don’t load, but there are updates pending Apple’s approval right now that will hopefully fix all of the minor bugs.

For the thousands of you who already bought the book, thank you so much! And if you sent me a message about it or tweeted using the official hashtag #LetGoBook, you make it all worth it. Thank you! People are diggin’ seeing the tweets for #LetGoBook right inside the book!

A bonus chapter and video discoverable is on it’s way to you soon, so look out for that in the near future!

To celebrate a successful launch, I’m happy to share a 3-minute blooper reel from all the filming we did for the discoverables inside the book. My wife and I watched this video at least 50 times already and we laugh each and every time! Caleb, the videographer for Let Go, said that this was his favorite video that he put together, so I hope you enjoy it too!

(Click here to watch this video on YouTube and/or leave a comment!)

Lots of stuff happened in February and March, but I’m sure you’re interested in the numbers too, so let’s get to it:

Income Breakdown (February)

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later and may change because of potential refunds or corrections.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,592.10
      • Previous Month: $2,680.94
      • Difference:+$911.46
    • Adsense: $2,581.43
    • Job Board: $52.55
    • Affiliate Earnings: $167.92
    • Total: $2,801.90
      • Previous Month: $3,707.17
      • Difference: -$905.27
    • Total: $409.59
      • Previous Month: $329.67
      • Difference: +$79.92
  • 2 Other Mini Experimental Sites and YouTube (adsense):
    • Total: $398.01
      • Previous Month: $545.98
      • Difference: -$147.97
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,035.10
    • Free Apps: $512.05
    • Total: $2,547.15
      • Previous Month: $3,038.28
      • Difference: -$491.13
  • Gross Total in February: $57,407.35
    • Previous Month: $61,777.54
    • Difference: -$4,370.19
  • February Expenses (Below is what was paid last month. It does not include pro-rated yearly fees. Most are related to the Smart Passive Income Blog and new projects under development):
    • Web Developer Virtual Assistant: $700.00
    • Researcher / Admin Virtual Assistant: $400.00
    • Dropbox: $9.99
    • (podcast file hosting): $15.00
    • Transcriptions and Podcast VA: $526.50
    • Aweber: $421.00
    • Domain Renewals and Payments: $208.06
    • E-Junkie Shopping Cart Fee: $5.00
    • Paypal Website Payments Pro: $30.00
    • Certified Public Accountant / Bookkeeping: $260.00
    • Image purchases and Slide preparation: $1,223.96
    • Skype $2.99
    • Travel Expenses for myself and videographer: $1,015.12
    • Affiliate Payments for $306.42
    • Total Expenses for February:  $4,727.04
  • Net Total in February: $52,680.31
  • Net Total Previous Month: $56,238.89

Income Breakdown (March)

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,456.12
      • Previous Month: $3,592.10
      • Difference:-$135.98
    • Adsense: $2,655.14
    • Job Board: $55.19
    • Affiliate Earnings: $126.24
    • Total: $2,836.57
      • Previous Month: $2,801.90
      • Difference: -$34.67
    • Total: $489.51
      • Previous Month: $409.59
      • Difference: +$79.92
  • 2 Other Mini Experimental Sites and YouTube (adsense):
    • Total: $420.10
      • Previous Month: $398.01
      • Difference: +$22.09
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $2,216.52
    • Free Apps: $498.57
    • Total: $2,715.09
      • Previous Month: $2,547.15
      • Difference: +$167.94
  • Gross Total in March: $54,747.28
    • Previous Month: $57,407.35
    • Difference: -$2,660.07
  • March Expenses (Below is what was paid last month. It does not include pro-rated yearly fees. Most are related to the Smart Passive Income Blog and new projects under development):
    • Web Developer Virtual Assistant: $700.00
    • Researcher / Admin Virtual Assistant: $400.00
    • Server and Hosting Fees: $680.00
    • Dropbox: $9.99
    • (podcast file hosting): $15.00
    • Transcriptions and Podcast VA: $266.50
    • Aweber: $453.00
    • Domain Renewals and Payments: $223.09
    • E-Junkie Shopping Cart Fee: $5.00
    • Paypal Website Payments Pro: $30.00
    • Certified Public Accountant / Bookkeeping: $260.00
    • Skype $2.99
    • Team Payments for Let Go: $5,129.20
    • Legal Fees: $520.00
    • Affiliate Payments for $228.97
    • Total Expenses for March:  $8,923.74
  • Net Total in March: $45,823.54
  • Net Total Previous Month: $52,680.31

An awesome two months despite the downtime! Earnings are right around where they have been the past several months, which is a sign that the businesses are growing since I had a week off at the tail end of February and the beginning of March. My Bluehost earnings are still going incredibly strong. If you’d like detailed information about where my Bluehost links are located and where those conversions are coming from, you can read this post here. The volume is much higher than when I wrote that post, but the percentages are roughly the same.

A Quick Note on my Affiliate Earnings:

I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my total online income comes as a result of The Smart Passive Income Blog – mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used or am extremely familiar with and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

When I first started this blog back in 2008, I never intended to make any money from it. If you go back to my earlier income reports you’ll see that all of my income was coming from outside of this blog through other businesses. Over time, however, the SPI community has grown and as a byproduct of being helpful and giving everything away for free, I started earning from this site too. Because I believe in total honesty and transparency, I decided to include the income from SPI on these reports as well. It wouldn’t feel right hiding this from you.

My non-SPI related income has hovered around the $10,000/month mark for the past year, which is much more than I ever made working my 9 to 5 job in architecture, but I’m truly blessed that I have the support from an amazing community here at SPI who is willing to pay me back for all of the information I publish and the help that I try to provide for free. Some people go out of their way to make sure I get credit for an affiliate link, often emailing me to make sure I got it, which means the world to me. Thank you so much!

With this type of community comes great responsibility and I will never take it for granted. I will never promote something just for the potential income that can come from an affiliate offer, even though those opportunities are definitely there.

I’m incredibly grateful for everything and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

A Quick and Final Thought

Thanks to inspiration from my wife, a lot of our friends and a few SPI fans out there (i.e. Michal from Poland), I’ve recently made the decision to run my very first half marathon later this year (August). My goal is to run all 13.1 miles at a pace under 9:00 per mile, which would mean I would finish in less than 2 hours.

After announcing this goal on Facebook about a month ago, I got several recommendations for membership sites and training programs to help me train for this event. I ended up joining and hooking up with a trainer there who is helping me through the training process, and the experience has been awesome so far!

I’ve obviously used membership sites and online training programs before, but only in the online business, blogging and Internet marketing niches. This membership site for runners, which includes a personalized training program that tells me exactly what my workout is each day, a library of extremely helpful articles and videos and also a community of other runners who are all there to support each other, is just so helpful and it all keeps me working toward my goal, even when I have an off day and I don’t feel like running.

I think bloggers and business owners in niches outside of the MMO (make money online) space can truly benefit from putting together some sort of training program or membership site for their audience. Not only does it become an incredible revenue stream (potentially recurring each month), but it’s a brilliant way to serve information to your audience, hold them accountable and keep them going while building a community at the same time. You might potentially be doing your audience and customers a dis-service by not having something like this available. Selling Ebooks and software is cool, but if your audience can benefit from a membership site and community you should definitely give it some thought.

I’ve given it some thought too.

Well, I’ve written enough for today! Thanks again for your support, and I wish you all the best!


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  • Mark Mason

    Pat; I don’t script anything, but I do use a TED timer for my iphone/ipad. I note the slide timing for each slide (usually linear but not always) and check that against the time during the presentation.

    Make sense?


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    Question for you about hosting. I use as my hosting service. Is that okay? I am wondering why you used before, and now are using
    Mahalo for being so awesome,

    • Shannon

      He has said that he recommends Bluehost for smaller/newer sites but eventually you have to upgrade to a better host when you get more traffic. I get around 300k pageviews/month (not as much as Pat but too much for a low-end hosting plan) and just recently had to move hosting companies. You’ll be fine on Hostgator for now but if/when your site gets slower from the traffic, you’ll know it’s time to upgrade.

  • KimP

    Wow, two more great months, and it doesn’t even seem as if your sites were down in regards to earnings. I wonder how that downtime affected your traffic.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Joe Peck

    Hey Pat!

    Thanks again for publishing this information. It is very inspiring! I love the detail and I see how you can grow an online income and diversify yourself. I wanted to tell you that I ran my first half marathon last summer and did it in one hour and forty minutes! I’d never run a marathon before and beat my goal of two hours so I know you can do it! The longest distance I ran during training was 10 miles so just get consistent at running 8-10 miles (once or twice a week) and run shorter runs 2-3 times a week. That will give you the endurance to run a half. Also, something that significantly improved my time was the Newton Running Shoes (I’m not an affiliate, they just rock!). I literally dropped one minute off my time just by putting them on. Check out and see why they are different.

    Good luck!

  • Oluwaseun Babajide

    Well done Pat. This is motivation right here. Proud of you son.

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    I (virtually) attended the Derek Halpern’s CreativeLIVE event and I have to say I got a lot out of it including YOUR talk of course (I didn’t see any technical issues this time… must have been a bit odd for you as well lol)

    Anyway, congratulations on the new income report, you’re definitely a great inspiration man! 😉


    PS. It’s crazy to see you make that kind of money in just one month… As an IT Pro with a “great” salary (according to my previous employers) it would take me about 18 months and I would have to be working on highly technical stuff for 11 hours a day for at least six days a week with no granted (but paid) vacations (that’s a regular IT Pro job in Mexico) SMH…

  • Pat

    Do you still get income from infobarrell?

  • Zack

    Congrats on another 2 successful months. Your transparency with all of us in regard to how you make money is incredible. Glad to see you shake off the attack like a pro!

  • Nida Sea

    Very inspiring to read and your free keyword webinar is awesome! It’s helped me quite a bit and I’ve only begun implementing its use about a week ago. I’m learning a lot on SPI, thanks for putting up this site, Pat!

  • Rich

    Good stuff Pat – and without the downtime you have to figure the numbers would be 15% – 20% higher. I’ll be very interested to see your number for April assuming your site stays up the whole month. Thanks for sharing as always!

  • Charles Chris

    Splendid numbers here. Your Bluehost’s earnings are even more amazing. Are you planning to create a membership site? Your statement, “I’ve given it some thought too”, hints at a future membership site. However, it’s totally okay if you don’t want to spill the beans.

  • Tal Gur

    Brilliant Pat. The is really cool!

  • Sandy

    I’ll be happy to welcome you back to FINCON. You advice on a niche nite site when we met now has my site which took 1 week t put together is consistently making me $150 a month for the past year with zero effort on my behalf.

  • Iain

    Glad to hear that you are on track despite the site going down for a week.

    I can’t wait to check out your book. Everything that I have seen is so positive.

    I recently had to change servers as well, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as what you had to deal with.

    I wish you well, hope April proves to be profitable.

  • mhb-cash

    thank you for this, which of the host are you using now?

  • Chris Huntley

    Hey Pat,
    Once you finish your half marathon with your wife, we’ll have to schedule to do one together. I ran one in 2011 in 2 hr, 20 min. Was very difficult.

  • Chris (The Home Builder Contractor)

    I understand what it is like to be making the same amount of money and have an issue take place that drastically drops the earnings only to have other say, “You are still doing great.” While it is a true statement, a drop from 3000 to 1000 is just as disappointing as a drop from 30000 to 10000.

    Thanks for the motivation.

  • Dita

    Great stuff Pat! These posts are always motivating/inspiring! 😀

  • Donnie Plunkett

    Pat, do you seriously make $31K a month (roughly 50% of your income) on BlueHost? Seems like that is where you should focus most of your time.

  • Tony Miller

    looking forward to reading your book! Great income reports as always. Can’t wait to see next month with the sales of your book :)

  • Ron

    Hi Pat, I bought the book on Snippet but can’t hear audio when I play the videos on my iPhone 4S. Any tips are appreciated!

  • Jacob

    Hey Pat,

    Couldn’t help notice how busy you have been lately with new speaking gigs and other opportunities. Do you find that you might one day have to hire a personal assistant or more VA’s to help with the SPI Blog, the podcasts, your other sites, and the speaking gigs. Just curious to know how you will embrace this growth that is starting to happen as more opportunities open up for you.

    I’m glad everything is back on track for you. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and experiences with us all.

  • Rahul Jain

    What a income. I am looking forward to reading your book! Great income reports as always. Can’t wait to see next month income report. Thanks for sharing.

  • Servando Silva

    I just keep dropping my jaw every month with your Blue Host earnings. It’s incredible what a recurrent commission can build over time. Wonderful.

  • serge

    Some good screenshots to be had off that blooper reel 😉

  • Doomsday Prepping

    Definitely good stuff Pat. Getting the book next and can’t wait.

    Congrats on the book!

  • Big D

    Incredible results as normal! Thanks for the inspiration and quality content. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago, Too.

  • Steve

    Even with the down time you still rocked it. Being everywhere is certainly a key ingredient. Your BlueHost earnings always blow me away.

  • Israel García

    Wow not bad, not so long ago that I follow but the quality of your content makes me stick hours reading your blog, I believe that power and you are just one of them.

    Greetings from Spain.

  • sapna

    Amazing X 3, thanks for sharing this, this time and again proves that money via blogging is possible.


  • CreateNewResults

    Hi, Pat
    As always if humans don’t try they will not achieve failure or success in life and you are setting a way and behaviour and new way of thinking.
    so thank you for keeping the good work and not give up ..
    Results are coming to you every month ..
    I have and am getting so much inspiration from you ..and the way you react to all kind of situations ..
    thank u & good luck …

  • Meecho

    When I meet people, I like to ask them “What have you been thinking about lately?” I feel it has a softer angle of interrogation than the usual “What do you do?” and leaves the person free to answer however they interpret the question.

    I learned the question from the late Aaron Swartz’s post The Smalltalk Question.

  • Matt Kostanecki

    Hi Pat

    It was a blast to spend time with you at creativeLive!

    Folks, Pat is as kind and genuine in person as you would imagine he would be from reading the SPI blog!

    You’ll have to come to Toronto sometime soon and try a Caesar :)


  • Xihlamariso

    Hey Pat, your income reports are always so inspirational, and when I feel like quitting, they make me want to keep going!

    Amazing earnings as always, they just blow me away!

  • Anubhav

    Fantastic, motivating, and inspiring.

  • Ian McConnell

    Pat, you are just awesome.

    I love your work, it’s so inspiring.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • Reeja

    really wonderful

  • Hasan

    Awesome man. Pat rocksssssss!!! Nice post.

  • Viv

    Hi Pat,

    Forget about the marathon stuff and go start some free weight powerlifting. It’ll pump up your neurons and you’ll make more money. Follow the simple program at It doesn’t take time just 3 boring exercises 3 times a week and you are good to go.
    Let me know!

  • Simon Ash

    Hi Pat, thanks for another great post and great to see you have had such a successful start to the year despite the challenges.

    All the best with the half marathon; it is great to have a training goal to focus on. I am preparing for my first full marathon (the London Marathon this month) so my goal now feels very close!

  • Andrew Minalto

    Congrats Pat on yet another 2 highly successful months!

    I have just recently started blogging but hope to reach your income from blogging alone in 2-3 years time!

    You have been a great inspiration for me on my personal blogging journey so keep up the good work! :-)

  • Michael

    Great numbers, Pat.
    You have truly shown the power of Passive Income.

  • Karon Thackston

    I always learn something from your updates, Pat. And congrats on the decision to run the half marathon. Good luck!

  • Bill Westbrook

    Congrats! I find this kind of posts really motivating.

  • Michael Simpson

    Hey – So ticked off that Let Go is not available on Kindle or Android….ARG!!!! But I will get over it and look forward to reading/experiencing it. Any idea when it will be available cross platform?

    Also your expenses list travel expenses for your videographer but I don’t see his/her production fees and no post production expense? Was it done pro-bono or what?

    Anyway thank you for all that you do to help all of us out there.

  • Mark Eichenlaub

    Great job Pat! Keep on inspiring!

  • Implantes Dentales

    Your monthly income report is very great! It really is a great motivator!

  • Kyle

    First time on your site. Very impressive and inspiring. Keep it up.

  • Leonard

    Just wondering Pat. Each time you have a speaking engagement, do you end up paying your own travel & lodging expenses?

  • Dave

    Always inspiring – I’ve made real progress recently thanks to your advice, and that of people you’ve recommended, so thank you!

  • Rayzel Lam

    OH MY GOODNESS PAT. The outtake video was funnier to me than most because I have a 3.5 year old son and watching you guys was like watching me and my husband and my son. I do a lot of videos on youtube and while not nearly as professional as yours, I try to get my son involved on some of them and it’s just hilarious how they all of a sudden start totally not cooperating and doing the silliest stuff (start talking in baby talk etc. when they know how to speak perfectly well) when all you want is for them to sit still and be themselves lol. You were totally cracking me up because I saw both myself and my husband reacting the same way. Thanks for a great laugh today. Kids and families are so similar sometimes. LOVED it.

  • Jennifer @

    I celebrate your success! I started posting on my own blog to share my journey with online marketing. Like you I am posting my monthly income reports. I am proud to report that I earned $100/day for January, February and March.

    I got your book and have read it already. Very good job.

  • Melissa

    Three cheers to your success.
    It is so encouraging to see that more and more people are considering online business actually as a permanent thing. Reading success stories like this has been always inspiring for me.

    Great work!!! Hope future holds more rewarding things for you.

  • Eric Foster

    Hi Pat,

    I won’t praise you like all the people here because personally I think you’re a fraud!
    A long time ago you were a blogger writing quality actionable articles but these days all I see are podcasts talking about how succesful people are filled with boring content and not much else. I could not even finish listening to a large number of your latest podcasts. One of your best visited podcasts was about a guy who made SAAS products, he was the biggest scam of them all yet people loved it! That and the fact you want to bring him back only proves my point.

    These days you don’t even blog anymore and focus more on speaking in front of people all the time. He people, I’m in here and here soon if you want to hear me speak! …..

    Yet still people still praise you into heaven with each post with not a single bad remark from anyone which I find very curious. Maybe you just let a VA filter them all? Don’t you understand that people just write that stuff to get a nice link back to their own blog?

    To be honest you remind me of those tv preachers saying “PRAISE THE LORD” while all lambs follow you without any doubts at all. Right before you say: my best monitized page is my resources page, check it out and I’d be so happy if you use one of my affiliate links no pressure. (hint hint hint).
    They all do and I’m sure you make plenty of money doing so.

    I will not be visiting anymore, it’s making me depressed each time people praise you because I’ve seen through you for what you really are.
    Good day.

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Eric, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I totally appreciate your honesty. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion here in the comment section.

      I will agree with you that I’ve been speaking quite a bit lately, but I’ve been able to reach and teach people who I would have never reached before as a result. An extension of my ‘Be Everywhere’ marketing strategy. I’m always happy to share where I’m speaking because I want to meet those who read my blog and listen to my podcast – and guess what, most of the people that come out to meet me mention how much they love the podcast – even some of the more recent episodes, which I’m sorry haven’t been up to par for you.

      As far as what I’ve been publishing lately, I’m publishing the same amount of blog posts as I am podcasts, however I did have a little hitch when my server was attacked and my site went down for a week, but that experience turned into one of my more recent popular blog posts.

      Regarding Dane in Session #46, which you reference in your podcast, yes that was THE most popular podcast session to date with over 150,000 downloads. As much as you think he may be a fraud, and I know exactly where you’re coming from with his particular style of speaking, copywriting and teaching, he did successfully train a group of new students who now have brand new software based businesses in niches from security to wedding photography who now have paying clients! Not really a scam if what he’s teaching works.

      And no, I don’t have a VA run through my comments for me. If you’ve known me long enough you would know that I appreciate and do respond to constructive criticism. I only delete those which are disrespectful, and your comment, although some may view it as negative, I appreciate and am happy to respond to here.

      Regarding how I earn from affiliate links here on the blog, would you rather I lie and not mention that I make money from people clicking on my links? Would you rather I be totally aggressive and exaggerate the truth and make money by talking the talk and not walking the walk? Yes – people click on my affiliate links but because they appreciate the fact that I’m being honest and helpful by leading my example. My most recent successful series is my free podcasting tutorial, which I get emails about every single day from people who have recently started their podcasts and are now successfully setup in iTunes. These people are amazing. They read my content and they take action and have something to be proud of in the end. I appreciate my readers and listeners so much for that, and if they choose to use my affiliate links while they take action, then I am incredibly appreciative of that. If not, then that’s all good – that’s their choice.

      Again, Eric, it would be very easy to delete your comment or just wait for fans to respond for me, but I wanted to address your comments and just let you know that I am thankful for you and your honesty. I wish you saw it differently because I know I do what I do for the right reasons, and my earnings are a byproduct of serving my audience, but I’m not going to beg you to change your mind. If you do never come back, I wish you all the best!

      • OccasionalReader


        Although some of Eric’s points are trivial and moot, the biggest criticism he makes is that you don’t really provide any insight. I read,,, etc., and all of these sites provide more actionable posts than SPI. What’s different about SPI? It’s the same rehashed, conceptional ideas everyone discusses in marketing.
        The bottom line is – you did something great 4-5 years ago when you started this site. You were unique and new, and you became successful quickly because Google had very few quality filters back then. The crappy suggestions you make on link building, such as article spinning and article directory submissions, only offer short term results till Penguin hits. Fortunately for you, you garnered enough “friends” in the business to link back to you and really strengthen your link profile and expand your influence, and that is the only way you’ve been able to maintain this site. Otherwise, had you started in 2012 or 2013, you’d be a nobody. Just another guy blogging and sharing his opinion online.
        But you know what? If the readers of this blog are such newbies that they think SPI is a shrine to online marketers, I have no problem letting them continue to do. Lessens the competition when these people fall flat on their face.
        P.S. You really do seem like a nice guy, so don’t get me wrong. This is not meant to be a personal attack. You are successful, so more power to you.

        • Pat Flynn

          Thanks, “Occasional Reader” (why hide?), I appreciate the honest feedback. Your comment seems to be very SEO-centric, but that’s not what my site is about. I don’t believe Google had anything to do with my success. I never did any link building to this site at all besides the occasional guest post here and there – the success of this site came not from link building, but from relationship building, with my audience and other people in the industry.

          I don’t view your comment as a personal attack at all. I don’t appreciate, however, your generalization and lack of belief in the abilities of my audience. I receive countless emails from people who are making progress and succeeding as a result of the motivation and information I’ve provided them. The hundreds of people who have sent me hand-written thank you notes telling me how much I’ve helped them start their businesses, begin to earn money online, quit their jobs, start a new life, etc. is proof that although a lot of my audience is just starting out, they are determined, smart and many will stop at nothing to succeed.

          Maybe you should consider focusing, in addition to SEO (which you are probably an expert on more than me, obviously) on relationship building too. It’s awesome. You even said it yourself how much it’s helping me out.

          Cheers, and thanks again for your honest feedback!

  • Jan Koch

    Hi Pat,
    I totally don’t agree with Eric, I think that’s it’s totally ok what you’re doing.
    I appreciate your honesty, because there are only very few blogger, who are that honest and even show their earnings in public.
    To me your are an example, how to build a successful online business and your blog is inspiring me, to try the same.
    I just quit my job today and on June 1st I’ll be fulltime building my online business. Your blog is a huge help for me, just living for my purpose and escaping the boring and even sometimes annoying 9-to-5.

    I hope, that I’ll have like 10% of your success, that would totally be enough :-)

    Keep on going Pat!

  • Richard Neckar

    Hey Pat,

    Just a little of defense for you on Eric’s comments. You do provide real quality information for free and it is good. Yes sometimes the topics are not what I am looking for but that’s the case with every site out there. The tutorials are what I have really benefited from and the case stories and podcasts are often a real motivator. I have commented a few times on here but mostly I just read and enjoy the material. People must realize that your site is a business. It just has a different business model where you rely on people using your affiliate links because they value your opinion on the affiliates and the services you mention. You don’t make anyone buy anything and there is definitely no hard sales pitch or squeeze pages to entice them to buy, so Eric, sorry but people use the links because they want to.

    And as far as getting links back by posting praise, well that happens too. But what I’d give to get even a few of those posters on my sites. All I get is spam bots :)

    Keep up the good work Pat, and Eric if you don’t want to keep being a visitor to Pat’s site well that’s up to you. It’s a free site and no one is making you pay to stay. It’s hard to gripe about free.

    Also as a side note the information and tutorials are real and the application of the tutorials have saved me many hours of research and frustration and trial and error that I would rather not go through when you have someone, like Pat, who has explained things easily on topics you may be implementing. Pat has done that for me without knowing it for many things and web projects that I have worked on. This includes a new podcast site that I just completed using the tips and tutorials he has made.


  • Tracy Stonard

    Pat, you are one of the few people that I’ve consistently followed for over two years via your blog, podcasts, and videos. Not only are your results inspirational for those of us looking to make serious money online, but I love your style of communication through whichever medium you use.

    Looking forward to hearing you in San Diego next week!

  • Amar

    Thanks for sharing this with us.. You are a great inspiration for those people who wants to earn working online and for internet marketers. Keep us updating with such inspirations, and good luck. I hope you will get no more DOS attack in future … :)

  • I.M. Strategus

    Really nice figures. Looks like most of it comes from bluehost.
    What’s your commission per sale on there? I use hostgator on my blog for now, was wondering if bluehost got better payout rates.

  • Nikki

    That’s awesome that you were able to maintain your income despite February being a short month – on TOP of the messy DOS attack. I’m happy you’re back with the income reports. I checked the SPI app everyday in March – waiting to see how you’d done after the sites’ down time. As always, you have come out on top.

    Great job!

    And congrats on all of your speaking engagements and on the release of Let Go. :)

  • Niku

    Definitely good stuff Pat. Getting the book next and can’t wait.

    Congrats on the book!

  • Louie Sison

    You are indeed blessed, Pat. Continue to inspire us. Certainly, your smart working, transparancy and unfailing help has paid you.

    All the best to you,
    Louie Sison

  • Louie Sison

    Truly, your hard work, honesty and your unfailing help has paid you more than you’ve expected. Continue to inspire us and more awesome blog posts in the future!

    All the best to you,
    Louie Sison

  • Norman

    Re “As I start to Grow as a Blogger…”
    Thanks for the “accountability” request, Pat.

    Good timing, too, as I was just reading the Niche Challenge series and thinking “I wish he’d put some time into updating this info”.

    Problem is that it’s mostly pre-penguin stuff and while you’ve added a note or two here and there to update, it’s all very confusing and scattered.

    To make things worse, there’s now a lot of conflicting advice out there regarding many of the strategies you used back then.

    Would be nice to see a substantive post going point-by-point on how’d you’d rank, monetize… for a Niche site TODAY.

    • Pat Flynn

      That information is coming Norman – another niche site duel type experiment will start up very soon. Thanks!

      • Norman


        I’ll just hit refresh…

        Seriously. Thank you!

      • Ranj B

        Pat, can you share any quick advice here about what type of SEO you would perform if you were to make a niche site today? And also, how are you managing to maintain your keyword rankings for such a competitive niche (the security guard training site)?

  • Trung Nguyen @ Starting a Blog

    I am very impressed with your income every month, an average of more than $40,000, an unimaginable number. In my country, earning $1,000 every month is a awesome thing. I’m trying to follow your path, Pat, to improve my life. Thank you actuator force for a lazy guy like me, Pat.

    Trung Nguyen

  • Moe

    Wow! Even with 25% of the month down, you still almost grossed 50G. Not bad

  • Vicki

    Hi Pat-

    I think it is awesome how you share your earnings and are so transparent. Even more how you share the way you do business and help so many people get started and become successful.

    Great to hear that you will be posting another site experiment/experience! Look forward to that.

    Last, all the best with your race training and Congrats! for making the decision to do that. Remember the value of sports nutrition/all-natural nutrition supplements because running is hard on the body and nutrition supports, energizes and helps a lot in muscle recovery.

    Take care,


  • Rene

    Thanks for all the insight and suggestions and for sharing your website woes. Most people would just try to sweep all of the problems under the rug. By sharing it, you allow everyone else to learn from your hiccups. Thanks again. Buying Let Go today…

  • Jennifer

    Reading the comments by Eric and occasional reader, they are saying that you are not providing the same quality level that you provided in years past. Granted “quality” is in the eye of the beholder but it is obvious that you website content has changed over the past year and it is up to each of us to determine if it is for the better or for the worse for ourselves based on where we are in life and what we want to accomplish.

    I think it would be good for you to do another niche site dual challenge but instead focus on getting people to start blogging and/or podcasting. People read you website because we get encouraged by other people’s success and we try to mirror that in our own lives. It would be great to do a blog challenge for people to share their start with their own website.

    A challenge will allow you to reach out to what resonated so strongly with your listeners in the past. Perhaps it will convert those who flame the changes and bring them back in to the fold of people that like to read your content.


    • Richard Neckar

      Hey Jennifer,

      I think that is a great idea and I have just the site to participate in it. I know this may sound like spam but hopefully not. I am launching my new podcast site officially April 27th to correspond with the end of the NFL draft weekend and my site deals with Fantasy Sports. (not a get rich online market :) ) Right now I do not have any plans to even monetize the site (I want to wait until I have a dedicated audience built up and they think I provide value for them)

      It is a Fantasy Sports Podcast and I literally setup of the podcast almost step for step using Pat’s Podcast tutorials on YouTube. I really would not have been able to setup the Blubrry Powerpress plugin with such ease if it had not been for the videos. Got the Itunes feed approved yesterday!

      Anyway you will probably recognize many of the plugins that Pat has recommended including the OptinSkin which is great by the way. I am still going to setup the LeadPlayer plugin also but have not done that yet.

      I didn’t go for the high end microphone he recommended :) but I think the quality of the podcasts are better than most I have heard in my niche podcasting market.

      So I’m up for a challenge or even a case study if Pat would like to take me up to participate in something like that. Even just a site evaluation or review would be nice, to give me some other pointers which could be shared with everyone. The site is if anyone else wants to give a few pointers also.


  • Joey Augustin

    Thank you so much for being completely transparent about your story. I’ve just recently been introduced to you and your work. The thing I’ve taken away the most is how you initially put out some amazing content in your commitment to studying for LEED certification. It sounds as if you were creating amazing content without any kind of monetization in mind. Just a will to learn and help some other colleagues in the process. It’s really all about sharing. You really are one of the few people in this space that has given me hope that it’s not completely littered with sleezy marketers selling junk, but honest people who are passing on knowledge. Thanks for everything!

  • Lewis LaLanne

    I love the part of this post where you talk about how when strangers you meet at conferences like the ones you spoke at are prompted with the right questions, they’ll give you great insights into what they do.

    Most people won’t give thought like you did into asking a question beyond, “What do you do?”

    So in my opinion, it’s a good idea to have a great answer ready that illuminates and then inspires your perfect prospect for what it is that you do. This could be the person standing in front of you or someone else they know.

    The answer to this question is often thought of as an “Elevator Pitch”.

    Your enemy when crafting your elevator pitch is boring people or confusing them.

    “I’m an accountant” is boring.

    And if you try to get all fancy pants on people and say, “I institute financial parameters, analytics and analysis for businesses” then you end up confusing people and the this leads you to start pre-framing what you’re about to say with, “Well, it’s kinda tough to explain.”

    The perspective that gets you off on the right foot is to interpret the question of, “What do you do?” as “How do you help people?”

    Just this one re-frame will massively transform how compelling your answer is to this question.

    An Elevator Pitch Should Have Nothing To Do With Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing Or How You Do It

    You want your elevator pitch to be about your perfect prospect.

    So a simple way to get to it is, “The problem I solve is X .”

    You want to avoid dumping the whole process of what you do onto another person. No one cares how you do what you do. Before they know what you do is of interest to them, they don’t want to hear about the labor pains. They just want to see the baby i.e. the problem that you solve.

    One thing to keep in mind is that your personal mission is different than your “how do you help people” statement. Your personal mission is why you’re in the game you’re in.

    Your marketing message is the gate. People don’t need to hear about the stealth transformation process you use beyond the gate until they’ve actually walked through. And they only walk through after you’ve first captured their interest.

    Now here’s the first framework for how to build the most welcoming gate possible…

    “You know how some people have X problem? (Pause and wait for them to answer) Well I offer a solution for this problem.”

    One example of this is, “You know how most coaches and consultants are really great at what they do but they suck at getting clients? Well, what I do is teach coaches and consultants a system that allows them to make a six figure income in their business with as little or many clients as they want without compromising their values.”

    Notice how it wouldn’t even be hard for a complete outsider to understand the problem you solve.

    I believe a major key to business success is finding ways to make it easy for the right people to take an interest in you as fast as possible.

    I honor you Pat for thinking deeper into the process of connecting with others and I trust this thoughtfulness has helped you scale up your success and the value you bring to the market in the major way that you have.

  • Abhishek

    Once again an amazing month for you and good to see you are moving up the ladder. I am yet to learn a lot from you and hoping to get income like you.

  • Zahid Hasan

    Awesome! Your story is a sort of inspiration for me.

  • Red Denal

    These really amazed me, Pat Flynn. Thanks for sharing this regularly. This is really inspiring and sort of motivation to earn more online.

  • Julie K

    Awesome post, as usual. I can’t wait to hear the trumpet recording!

  • Socialheroz

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    If you only endorse products and services which you personally use (or have used), it seems somewhat deceitful or hypocritical to promote a particular web host company on a blog which is largely about earning income from websites when you seem to have decided against using that web host company yourself.

    Is there a specific reason why you can’t use BlueHost for your own websites?

    • Pat Flynn

      David, I do use Bluehost for a lot of my sites still, but many of my sites have outgrown Bluehost since they only offer shared hosting services. They do not offer dedicated hosting at this time. See link below:

      I absolutely use and love Bluehost as a starting point for websites which is why I’m happy to and am confident in recommending them. I used to also recommend, the server I upgraded to for SPI but have taken down that recommendation because of what happened. I have only been with StormOnDemand for a few months and so I am not comfortable recommending them or putting an affiliate link in for them just yet.

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