My April 2011 Monthly Expense Report

Expense ReportOn Monday, I published my highest grossing monthly income report ever. Although I did gross $41.634.24 in April, it obviously came with some expenses, which I’d like to share with you today.

As my business grows, so does the amount of money I invest each month. I don’t spend just to spend though – these are expenses that I incur as I continue to expand, grow and experiment with new passive income streams online. I actually save most of what is left over.

Before I get into the numbers, I’d like to mention two things:

First, I’d like to break my expense report into two categories: money invested and time invested. Both are important “expenses” to realize in ones business, especially online. If you’re making 40k a month, but you work 20 hours a day 7 days a week – then that’s not very good (well, that’s subjective – but you get the point).

Secondly, when I first started doing business online, my monetary expenses were virtually nothing. I have a lot more expenses now that I have several businesses running, multiple hosting packages, a virtual assistant / programmer, etc – but don’t think that all of the things I list below are absolutely necessary to begin your online ventures.

All I started out with was a domain and hosting package from Bluehost, a free theme and some knowledge and time to create content.

Okay – let’s get into the numbers:

April Monetary Expenses

For the purposes of this expense report, annual fees and costs are prorated (for example, if a service costs $120 a year, I will input $10.00)

  • Total Expenses in April: $3,452.33
  • Total Profit in April ($41,634.24 – $3,452.33): $38,181.91

*Note that these figures do not include taxes, which I pay quarterly.

Every month’s monetary expenses are different, and actually looking at the numbers this is a relatively large amount, since I had some extra payments for research and writing in April which I usually don’t have.

Now, let’s move onto my time expenses.

April Time Expenses – 2 hours. Yes, that’s a total of 2 hours for the entire month, which was primarily spent answering customer emails.

eHow and InfoBarrel Articles – 0 hours. I haven’t spent an ounce of energy on eHow since December of 2008, and it still generates between $200-400 a month. This is probably the most passive form of income I generate, however unfortunately I cannot invest any more time with eHow because the Writer’s Compensation Program is closed. This is why I recommend trying InfoBarrel instead for article revenue sharing. I have not contributed much to InfoBarrel since I’m focusing on larger projects with a higher potential ROI, however I am seeing trickles of income from the 3 articles I have on there. Niche Site – 2 hours. After hitting #1 in Google (as explained in detail here), I pretty much just stopped building content on this site and moved on to new niches. This is why there are only 11 of the 50 states available on the site currently (every state has different security guard training requirements), and why I hired someone in April to finish off the 39 remaining states for me. Time spent in April was for testing Adsense placement and finding hired help and getting this person up to speed on exactly what I wanted to see.

iPhone Applications – 1 hour. We got a finished application from our developer and submitted it to Apple for review. Done.

Consulting – 10 Hours. Consulting is obviously not a passive form of income, but it’s something that I do enjoy and at a rate of $500 an hour it’s definitely worth my time and effort. Plus, for the client I’m working with I 100% support what this company is trying to accomplish, which makes it even easier. The 10 hours were spent doing things like designing a website layout in Photoshop, designing a Facebook profile image and landing page, and delegating a lot of the actual “build” tasks to my programmer.

Coaching – 10 Hours. Round two of our Niche Site Coaching course has just begun, and most of April was spent preparing for it – going over lesson plans, shooting new videos, editing action guides and getting to know our new students. Similar to consulting, it’s definitely not a passive form of income, however it’s probably one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had online thus far.


The Smart Passive Income Blog – 40 hours. THIS is where most of my time is spent in anything I am involved with online. I wrote 14 posts in April (including 2 podcast episode), and I average around 3 hours per post. Some took a lot less time, while others took up to 7 or 8 hours, such as my pillar article, The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images For Your Blog. This is something I highly enjoy though (as you can see, I enjoy pretty much everything I do online…but shouldn’t that always be the case?), so it doesn’t even feel like work to me. I don’t delegate a certain amount of time for blogging each month, I just know I post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and whatever I write, I write (or record), and I always try to make it useful and easy to consume. This blog is here for you, and it just so happens that the more I give away, the more I get back in return. I love it!


Responding to Emails and Comments – 20 hours. I try to limit myself to spending no more than an hour a day responding to emails and comments on the blog. I sometimes “chunk it up”, meaning I won’t respond for 3 of days, and then I’ll spend 3 hours one day to catch up, which seems to be a little more productive for me, however as SPI gets more and more popular, so does my inbox, and to be honest it’s getting a lot harder to stick to the 1 hour rule. Email is a major time-suck, and I’m currently working to try and manage my time better here. 20+ hours for emails just seems really high to me, especially when you look at how long I spend doing other things (and the fact that I could use that 20 hours elsewhere!), however I know it’s important for me and the SPI brand to connect with people via email when possible. It has the greatest impact and leaves a long lasting impression, I believe, when I respond directly to emails. I think of it as an investment of my time. That said, if you’ve sent me an email and there’s a delay in my response, now you know why. :)

Mastermind Groups – 8 hours. Spending time with a number of like-minded folks collaborating, sharing ideas and giving each other constructive criticism has been the best use of my time, ever. I’m currently in 2 mastermind groups that meet once a week for 1 hour on Mondays. Totally worth it.

Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) 5 hours. I typically average 10 casual minutes a day on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I’ll get into long conversations with people that takes up more time, and other days I won’t touch social media at all. It is important, however, to stay connected with fans and followers through social media, and at least check in every once and a while. I’m not hugely active on these platforms, but I am active and do respond when I need to.

Total Time in April: 98 Hours

Time is Invested

It may seem like I work quite a bit of hours – especially for someone who speaks of earning a “passive income” – and it’s true. I do. I work about as much as someone who works a part time job, although it’s tough for me to explain sometimes because the money I earn is not a result of the number of hours I work within a given period of time – it’s directly related to how smart I’ve worked in the past, or how well I have previously invested my time. And the work I’m doing presently is so that I can earn a passive income later.

Work hard now, reap benefits later. You’ve heard this before.

That’s why I don’t like the whole “hourly rate” thing for what I do, because it’s not like that.

As you can see, I have a number of large income streams coming from sources that only require 1 to 2 hours a month. Looking at those separately, they are indeed a very passive form of income. It’s when you include the work that I do here for the blog (which I consider to be “on the side”, although over time is has become the primary income source when you look at my entire online presence in whole), that it seems like I do work a lot. That said, part time for $38k is amazing and I can be here at home with my son while he grows up. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Like money, time can be invested now so one can see returns later. However, unlike money, once a minute goes by, you’ll never see it again. You can always make more money – you can go broke and come back a millionaire if life puts you on that path, however with time once it’s gone it’s gone. Therefore, I feel that time should be used very wisely in your online business, and in anything you do in life.

Just some words of wisdom before I take off for the day.

Cheers, and I wish you all the best!

  • Matt Sauls

    Awesome Pat. I know exactly what you mean by time has a value. I’m currently spending almost 60 hours per month commuting! A complete and utter waste of time. This is why I’m motivated to make things change!! Thanks for all of your openness.

  • Kristi Hines

    Thanks for posting this. So many people just post their income, which can be misleading as others might interpret that as not having to invest anything to make a profit.

    • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

      I totally agree with you Kristi. But as Pat says, the amount of income he made for a given month is not directly related to the work hours that he put in for that month..

      Well I am around the pc almost all day but I get very little work done which is a shame :( But reading post like this Pat gives us the encouragement and motivation we need to start working SMARTER so that later on we can reap the benefits while only working a few hours per day.

      Thanks for keeping us informed Pat and continue to keep up the good work.


  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    I’ve also been thinking of including my expenses in my income report and now that you’ve done it I’ll definitely include it in my next income report.

    It’s great to see which tools you’re investing in and knowing and analyzing how much time you spend online is really cool. I wish I can do that sooner (I spend as much as 12 hours online some days – I always enjoy it though, I only do so whenever I want to).

    Thanks so much and have a great day!

  • Lance

    Why do pay for Articlez and theBestSpinner and Article Wizard?

    • Pat

      ArticleZ to create the content, TheBestSpinner to spin it, and UAW to distribute.

      • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

        Hey Pat, I am not yet using TBS, but you listed it as an expense. So what I am asking is if there’s a monthly fee you pay to use it?

        I know other spinners that you have to pay a monthly fee to access the members synonyms database so is this the same scenario? If not, what would the monthly fee be for?

        • Pat

          There’s a yearly fee for TBS of $77, which is why I prorated it down to a smaller monthy fee.

      • Bruce

        Have you seen any decline in the effectiveness of the (UAW) strategy since the Panda “thing”? I keep reading how Panda killed article marketing, and how links from these articles are of less value than they were.

  • Anthony David

    I like the investment you made in finishing off all the states in the security guard site. I guess that will be finished soon and be an amazing earner for you for the foreseeable future.

  • Moon Hussain

    You said it Pat: “That said, part time for $38k is amazing and I can be here at home with my son while he grows up.”

    You’re killing it and I don’t think the expenses are that high, esp. when the pay-off is grand. Without those investments, you wouldn’t be as organized (Basecamp/VAs) and without those backlinking tools, creating your own backlinks and ranking your niche sites would take a lot more time.

  • Eric

    Pat, that’s still a heck of a ROI in both time and money. I’d be interested what those #’s looked like when you first started out?

    For myself being new to this, it’s a lot of time researching the “how-to’s”, even as your site has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!

    By the way, great thought to show the expenses as some people wouldn’t realize those aren’t fixed, but rather variable, every month. All-in-all, you’ve got to spend some money to make some! Even though I like to minimize the fixed costs :) which I mention in my own blog too.


  • Bojan

    We learned a lot from your income reports, but I believe I learned way much more from your expenses reports. That’s some sick ROI! Great share!

  • Daniel

    Hi Pat, thanks for posting this. I’m a new reader of your blog and am loving it. I have started using something very similar to the backlink strategy from your niche site duel. I’m very optimistic about it.

  • Zach Crawley

    Pat, have you ever read the 4 hour workweek? I feel like some of the things you do could be outsourced.

  • Nate @ Strayblogger

    You made $390/hour in April… that’s pretty awesome.

    I know you only want to promote things you use and I totally get that… but when I look at the difference between your affiliate earnings from Bluehost and then Aweber… I think you could add a couple thousand by doing some tutorials on list building/newsletters and promote icontact (I have nothing to do with them)

    iContact is cheaper for beginners, and I think it’s easier to use. But, I do use Aweber for most of my sites as well. iContact’s payouts from CJ are huge right now, and Aweber’s are small, as I’m sure you know.

    (again, I promise I have nothing to do with iContact… I just think this is a relevant tip for you…)

  • Ally

    Last year I was hired by ArticleZ to write articles. They paid me $3 to write a 400 word article and $0.50 to write a 100 word blurb. The owner was a jerk and they only paid once a month. What really made me mad was how they teach their writers to write articles. They told us to take an article off ezine articles, spin it and submit it to the client. I don’t write for them anymore but I would never buy an article from them.

    • Pat

      Wow, thanks for this info Ally. That puts a different perspective on this service for me. The quality of the articles have been pretty good for me, but I might look elsewhere now because that’s not cool. Sorry about your bad experience.

      • Michal

        Base on this article, I registered to ArticleZ, but they did not persuade me to buy anything from them.
        I have a very good experience with, they are fast (700 words article usually delivered within 1 or 2 days). LEVEL 4 is OK in quality (never tried lower) For 400-word article you would pay 8,8 $.

        (I hope I can share this – I am not affiliated with textbroker in any way, just spent there like 200$ for articles)

        • Chris Green

          Hey Pat. I have used these guys a lot, I would fully recommend…

        • mike

          i like to use amazon mturk. it’s hit or miss with quality, but you can get articles for really cheap.

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  • Michal

    Hello Pat,
    can you please tell me, what is the average salary in US for part time job? 38k $ per month sounds like a huge number compared to the salaries in my country – would like to know, whether it’s above-average in US as well.

    • mike

      i would say that a lot of people in the US do not make $38K per year.

      • Barry

        Since you mentioned it…

        The median working-age American makes $29k a year. Since it’s a median, half of working-age Americans make more, and half make less. The median family makes about $50k/year. I touched on this in a recent post called 5 Essential Facts About the US Everyone Should Know:

        • Elisa Molina

          Great info Barry!

  • Eunus Hosen

    wow! You spend only 10 minutes per day for facebook and twitter. I spend about an hour per day for facebook and twitter. I must have to decrease this.

    • Pat

      Yeah – 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there, throughout the entire day. I try not to get too deep into what’s going on in other people’s live on FB and Twitter, although sometimes I do catch myself 3 or 4 links or videos deep, if that makes sense. I forgot where I heard this from, but I remember someone saying that they always ask themselves, “why am I doing what I’m doing right now”, and that usually does the trick. Cheers!

  • Bingo Babe

    Those margins are pretty insane.

  • Stefan

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve read your income reports and just wondered yesterday how much expenses you would have.
    You might be reading my mind – so thanks for clearing things up.

    How do you measure your time? I always find it difficult to estimate time spent on something. Do you have a tool? Or do you have a daily routine to write it down?

  • Cynthia

    This is great. Usually it’s just the income that is discussed, but this is valuable to see the breakdown of money expense as well as time expense.

  • Rivka

    Thank you so much for posting this! Every time I get all excited about one of your income reports (honestly, it really helps me keep going and see the light at the end of the tunnel) my husband’s reaction is “Oh, he is probably spending most of that on expenses anyway.” So this finally allowed me to show him that it really is profitable, and that you are not spending a million hours either. Thanks again!

  • Remco

    That is a nice report, and together with your income report gives a complete picture.

    It would be interesting to see what happens if you for just 1 month just decide not to work (invest time) at all. I suspect that then you really see your passive income!

    great work!

  • Tony

    Good timing on this post Pat. I was just thinking about how much you Net vs. Gross after reading your April report. Also, just one small correction on the math:

    “For the purposes of this expense report, annual fees and costs are prorated (for example, if a service costs $120 a year, I will input $12.00)”

    The amount per month given this example is $10 assuming there are still 12 months in the year.. 😉

  • Paul Elliot

    This is super Pat. This kind of information gives people who strive for the same success as yours an idea of how to structure or target their own efforts in terms of hours and dollars invested. With that thought in mind, and your audience, how would you say time and dollars were invested when you just started out, for the first 6 months?

  • Paul

    Good effort on the income. It is nice to see how much can be earned with hard work. You are a very dedicated individual.

  • Anya

    Pat these are my favorite types of posts from you! I enjoy a lot of the others, but just love it when you present facts like this that aren’t found anywhere else. It made me so excited when I saw the title!

  • Sarah Russell

    Interesting stuff, Pat! As soon as you figure out the secret to managing the time needed to respond to emails and comments, please let me know… :)

  • Lukas

    Hi Pat!

    I think that You are first person who published his expense (monetary and time) report. Great job!

    You wrote that you spend 8 hours on Mastermind Groups. Can you share with us how and where did you found it? What were you talking about on those meetings?

  • Zero Passive Income

    Wow, from an accounting point of view, you’ve got a great operating margin.

  • Bern

    I think it’s hard for some of the newer marketers to imagine achieving such income to expenses ratios because when you start out in this business you invest a lot of time and sometimes money before you see any significant returns.

    Once you start earning and re-investing it’s a bit like a snowball effect and the ratio between income and expenses gets bigger and bigger.

    The problem for many is getting to the earning stage – finding something that’s repeatable and building on it.

  • tipjar

    Hey pat, where’s a good place to find a reliable programmer? I’m looking to get an seo tool developed

  • Chezfat

    Hey Pat, I was wondering if you’ve considered link building to your Security Guard Jobs page directly to get it ranking number 1 in G. It’s got roughly 5k-10k searches a month.

    I would think that direct search traffic for SGJ would convert into revenue much more efficiently then people searching for SG training who then navigate over to that page.

    I know your site is earning quite nicely now but your income report showed that one page (the job board) is earning just a trickle. Nice month by the way and I love seeing the counterside of your income – the investments.

    • Pat

      Good stuff, I think this is a great idea, and actually I own the domain so I was thinking about doing something with that keyword. Probably best to Leverage what I already have on sgt than try something separate and new. I think the competition is a lot stiffer with sgj, but yeah I definitely have some opportunity here, just gotta get on it. Thanks for the Kick start!

      • Chezfat

        Very cool Pat, having the original site setup and humming along in the SERPs already should make ranking that page much easier… having said that owning 2 sites on page 1 of the SERPs is even better. I look forward to seeing how you develop this and the other domain – I’m sure it will be worth your time.

  • Dakota

    Wow, you have a good margin! Thank you for reminding us that we can’t just sit back and expect to make money, we also have to put money into it. Thanks for the reminder, kudos to you. :)

  • Tim Racette

    Awesome Pat, You’ll be at 50k/mo net by the end of 2011 I’m sure of it. As an aside, I wanted to know which “related posts” plug-in you are using and how do you get the custom “please send me your free eBook…” check box in the comments box.


  • Matt

    – Pat
    Just curious if you have ever considered outsourcing backlinks, or maybe you have in the past? I am curious if this is wise investment as I do not always have the time to write, spin, post, create, write spin……well you get the idea. Any thoughts?

  • Barry

    Thanks for sharing this, Pat! 1100% return in a month is not too shabby. Where do I sign up for Pat Flynn stock? :)

  • Ric S.

    Your site says you’re not a millionaire. How long have you been making this kind of income and why aren’t you a millionaire yet??

  • Jaime Rowe

    You have come so far since October 2008! From an accounting standpoint, you are rockin’ it! You are a great motivator for people just starting out 😉 Thank you for being so inspirational!

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    great to finally see the expense side of the equation as it gets a full picture of the financials

  • check routing number

    Nice work Pat! My monthly income report is about $2.50… but, I’m just getting started :)

  • Tim @ Learn With Tim

    And this is why IM is so profitable! The margins are awesome! =) Congrats on a great month!

  • StatSpotting

    Terrific Numbers, these !

  • Steve Lee

    Pat I’ve been a fan since I first found your site and I work hard every day to try and replicate your system and I’ve had success (in drips right now…lol) and I believe quality of your efforts sets you apart. This expense report is another reason why I feel you are one of the best..BRAVO

  • Paul @ Muse Design Guide

    Congrats on your many ventures, good to see you’re tackling many different revenue sources on a daily basis. I’m shocked to see how much information you have on this site alone! Think I’m going to have to spend a weekend or two going through it all. Top quality, keep up the good work (hope the consulting work keeps coming in…)


  • Benny B

    Pat you never stop to amaze me! Your hard work is really paying off and I must admit how inspired I am! Keep it up man!

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Pat, your posts are always inspiring and interesting. I think that’s what attributes to the success of your blog.

    All the best and keep up the great work

  • Trent Dyrsmid

    Hey Pat,

    Getting to see how you spend your time, given your current business model was really interesting.

    As you pointed out, email is very time consuming for you, and, as your blog’s popularity increases, this is only going to get worse. As I’m also blogging (and soon to launch a membership site to teach about niche sites), I’m going to be faced with the same challenge at some point down the road.

    I would love to hear how you are planning to tackle this challenge.


  • Gabriel Murillo

    What a wonderful and real report, thanks for sharing this information!

  • Corey

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! I’ve been getting disgusted at how much income you make every month. It’s nice to see that you have expenses and spend at least that much time getting your income. :) Yes, i’m jealous.

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  • classycareergirl

    Congrats! Looking forward to reading more of your website and listening to the podcasts!

  • Rory Mullen

    This is amazing information Patt. I have been following you and now I am making a dent amount of money. I am so afraid to throw money into my websites because of the chance of losing the hard earned money.

    Thanks again patt!!!

  • Louie Sison

    Impressive job for April. Keep us inspired always, pat! Thanks

  • Daniel von

    Damn, it is amazing to make so many money in a month. Congrats.

  • Brad Christy

    Pat –

    Another fantastic month – hearty congratulations! You are everything and more and I really appreciate your podcasts – keep it up.

    Exceptional philosophy – paying it forward – will always reward you! Can not say enough about how much of an inspiration you are along with all the other greats like Chris Farrell, Yaro Starak and Jay and Sterling.

    Your webinar on Market Sarmurai was faboluous! As a result I clicked through and purchased – thru your affiliate link. Unlike many today, I strongly believe in rewarding those who work hardest. You have definately earned my respect and appreciation.

    I gladly clicked your affiliate link and will be the better for it. You-Are-The-Man!

    Thanks and Cheers !


  • Daniel

    Good stuff, Pat! Thanks for sharing!

  • V3King

    Amazing !! Inspirational Reports………….

  • Tim

    Thanks again Pat – I keep coming back to this page when considering reasonable expenses as I grow my business. I think this is an excellent occasional addition to the income reports!

  • Wayne

    Pat, you’ve obviously greatly exceeded your income potential that would be available from being an architect (probably 4+ fold right now), but do you ever feel that what you are doing now does not give you the same fulfillment that you might enjoy from your previous career? It must be something that you were passionate about at one time.

  • Greg

    Pat, thank you for producing one of the best IM sites I have seen online. Ive enjoyed reading the finaincial reports and found them very helpful. Im working on systems to hire a VA and this is all new to me, but I can see your relevant expenses which allows me to formuate a rough budget. Could you please tell me if there is an agreement for employing VA’s and if so is it written in Phillipines Law or can I get away with using one a contractors agreement from say Australia?
    thanks again Pat

  • Carrington

    Amen brother Pat! I have spent more than 100 hours this month in flying/driving to events. Luckily, my stereo is bringing me a lot of great information from you and the other selfless podcasters out there. Your podcast more than others has inspired me to take a bit more control over my time (which is funny because it’s what I preach at my events!)

  • Adam

    I have to admit I was impressed when you responded to my email so quickly and gave me some advice. It’s definitely made me like you and your blog more, so I 100% agree it’s good for branding and PR.

    I also think when people, bloggers or companies become successful a lot of people will want to bring them down, and responding to your emails and connecting with followers definitely keeps your image/brand very high.

  • Tansey Louis

    Pat, this article is a huge help for me. I especially read it because I wanted to understand how you do all that you do. I am a beginning blogger, stay at home mother with 2 toddlers and I know that if you can do it, so can I. This post helped to give me a realistic idea of what I also am capable of doing.. And at what cost!
    Thanks again!

  • Kelly Fitzsimmons

    Hi Pat,

    Do you use Tribepro?


  • Diane

    Hi Pat,
    I came across your blog today and have read several of your articles. I’m very impressed with what I’ve read. I am just beginning my venture in blogging. I am also interested in starting an online income. If you have any suggestions at where to begin, which opportunity is the best, least expensive, and simple for the beginner, I’d be very interested in your input. I’ve researched so many of them and read reviews on so many that look good, but turn out to be scams.

  • Evelyn

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your reports.

  • Viet Nguyen

    Hi Pats,

    You inspired many people. So I would be very curious to know who had inspired you?

    Thank you,

  • Viet Nguyen

    oops, your name is Pat. I’m sorry.

  • Fredrick Edwin

    Hi Pat,

    Today while searching for “Passive Income”, I happened to come onto your site and after reading about your income and expense, I feel a little struggle in the beginning for anyone can get them to the height where you are today.

    All the best and keep us posted with new online income services.

  • Keith

    Hey Pat,

    Just come across your site and just wanted to thank you for sharing this information – it’s very inspirational.

    All the best for the future.

  • Yassin Hives

    Well, sometimes the inspiration to write posts just go, maybe because you have more expertise ! when you find yourself unmotivated to do something then i think it gotta be taken to the next level

  • sixto

    Hola Pat.
    Llevo 4 años aprendiendo marketing online con la idea de poner un negocio de ingresos pasivos y hasta que te he encontrado no me había quedado claro como hacerlo.
    Hay mucha basura sobre posicionamiento,Seo,etc. en Internet., sobre todo en el idioma español, y hasta ahora no me atrevía a tomar acción.
    Me he suscrito a tu boletín pero tengo el gran hándicap de que no se inglés.
    Con el traductor de Google me defiendo para entender mas o menos lo que escribes en tus post, pero tengo muchas dificultades con los vídeos al no comprender lo que dices y tratar de averiguarlo solamente interpretando las imágenes.
    ¿Es posible que al menos subtitules en español tus vídeos?.
    Si esto no fuera posible, ¿podrías explicar lo que haces además de en el vídeo en el texto del post para que lo pueda leer con el traductor de Google?
    Te estaríamos muy agradecidos todos tus seguidores de la comunidad hispana que ignoro cuantos son, pero que si recibieran la información como te solicito sin duda que aumentarían.

  • Mommihaq!

    Awesome post! Thanks for taking the time to evaluate your time for work as well as your earnings/resource costs. This post is a real eye opener. And it took a person with definite passion for what he does to break this down. I really appreciate it.

  • Ellis Thomas

    Nice reporting Pat. Simply awesome. Its been quite amazing to be the part of the expense reporting all along the way ahead. Well this reminds me of my expense reporting when I was in my previous company making reports more generically. I preferably use Replicon’s expense reporting software that manage the expenses in a much precised and preferable manner which helps get the end result with more perfection. Then I was using Replicon’s expense reporting software ( ). Expense reports made out of this particular software helps get the most out of the same with accuracy that speaks up the way ahead. By the way do you do this reporting manually or you use certain tools for the same as such?

  • Sahith

    Super Post, I would like to earn as you are doing now on my blog called You are my inspiration..:)

  • Nathan Earles

    I want to do exactly what you’re doing and earn the amazing income you seem to be earning, but I just can’t seem to start. I’m taking on all of this learning and information, but I’m just so scared of starting. my current income is so low that I’m scared of risking big money losses in getting a business started online. If there’s any help you can give I would appreciate it so much.

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  • lauren

    Amazing insight; so helpful. Thank you for the candor and scaffolding. Crossing my fingers that you can tell how you found a good bookkeeper–e.g. a local accountant? eLance? VA? 50 per month seems reasonable as heck.

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