Niche Site Duel 008: My Monetization Strategy

Monetization Strategy

When I started my security guard training site for this niche site duel, a lot of people had asked me how I planned to monetize it. In this post, I will answer that question for you.

Because the niche I chose is an education & career driven niche, I plan to follow a similar progression of monetization that I used when I setup my LEED Exam website.

Google Adsense

There are a lot of mixed reviews about adsense.

I like it because it’s quick and easy. Insert some code onto your website, advertisements are automatically generated and you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad. Nice.

I don’t like it because you’re working so hard to bring traffic to your site, only to redirect it elsewhere. In some cases, you’re helping your competitors more than you’re helping yourself.

Let’s say, for example, I’m getting 100 visitors a day and 5% are clicking on my Adsense ads. At a generous $2.00 per click, I’m making $10.00 per every 100 visitors (this click-through-rate [CTR] and cost-per-click [CPC] are quite high, but I’m just using these figures to prove a point). I’ve made some money, but who knows how much more my competitors have made from my “leads”.

Now, let’s say I have an eBook or course that sells for $20. Even if I convert only 1% of my traffic, at 100 visitors a day I’m still making twice as much as with the ads (which again I provided a very generous CTR and CPC for). Furthermore, each customer could be worth more than $20 if I were to later come out with more products or had some type of backend offer or affiliate promotions within my eBook or course.

This is why I’ve taken Adsense out of my LEED Exam website. I have my own products and I don’t want to feed leads to my competitors, which will automatically show up in the Adsense ads.

I am, however, using Adsense temporarily on my security guard training site. The reason is because I don’t feel I’m qualified enough to create my own product for this niche just yet (the last thing I want to do is force out a crappy product), but I am learning more and more about it each day and believe that I will have the ability to create some kind of product in the future. As to exactly what that product will be, I honestly don’t know, but when my site starts to get more traffic and I begin to communicate with some of the visitors, I should be able to deduce what people want and what they would pay for.

Additionally, seeing what kinds of ads show up in Adsense would give me an idea of what kinds of things people are paying for too.

So far, my niche site has earned about $50.00. It’s definitely a great start, and I’m currently running ad-type and placement tests to optimize my results. Again, this is temporary while I climb the ranks of Google, get more traffic and eventually look into other monetization methods that I will outline below.

Private Advertising

Private advertising, or directly selling ad space on your site to another company, is the next logical step for monetization in these kinds of niches.

When I was ranking high in Google for my LEED exam site, several companies contacted me personally to advertise on my site. They know that traffic is coming through (probably by doing a Google search), and they want to be there to funnel some of it onto their own sites. I also contacted some sites on my own who were happy to advertise on my site as well.

I won’t go into detail about how private advertising works (I’ve written about this in detail before), but if you have the traffic, companies will pay you big time to get in front of it, especially if you can show that they will be saving money going through you instead of going through other advertising avenues (i.e. Adwords).

I’m quite excited about the opportunity for private advertising I have with my niche site because every state has different security guard training requirements. If I have one page per state (which I’m working towards), and only one security guard training company buys advertising for each state, that’s 50 paid advertisements. At a low $25 per month, that’s a total of $1,250. I could eventually create an entire directory of training facilities on the site which could yield me an extremely large amount of money every month.

And, it’s happening already! Check out this email I received the other day:

Private Advertising InquiryI’m currently working out a deal with this company.


Affiliate Marketing

There are several products I could promote as an affiliate for this particular niche.

Of course, there are things I could promote from, such as training manuals and gear. This would work well on a particular page that’s just dedicated to these types of products.

There are other types of products I could promote that would definitely yield a much higher commission. There are several online security guard training courses offered by companies who don’t say they have an affiliate program, but it’s definitely worth asking. One of my top affiliate products on my LEED site, for example, is from a company that does not publicly display that they have an affiliate program.

All I did was ask.

Lead Generation

Additionally, there is an opportunity for lead generation to education websites (like online universities and learning institutes), because a lot of people in this niche are taking education classes to beef up their resume, advance their career and earn a higher paycheck.

The income potential with this kind of lead generation is huge. I could be earning an average of $20-45 per lead – not people who actually enroll into the online universities, just people who fill out a simple form and click send.

Plus, I don’t have to stop with security guard training. I could do lead generation for police officer training and other things that a security officer might want to do in the future.

My Own Products

It would make sense for me to create my own online course, but this isn’t as easy at it would seem. Security guard training companies, including those online, must pass a certain criteria that is particular to each state. I’d have to go through a long process to show that the material that I present in an online training course would properly meet the requirements, again, as required by each state.

As you can see, this might get complicated. I could possibly focus on just one or two of the most popular states (i.e. California and New York), but again I’d have to do more research to even see if a person like me is qualified to teach others in this field. I may have to get someone else on board as a partner in order to legally do this.

We’ll see where it takes me – like I said, I do want to create a product of my own, but I don’t want to force one out there and have it be useless, and I still have time for my site and its visitors to help me figure out what else I could do.

For now, I will continue to concentrate on increasing my ranking in the search engines, getting more traffic, optimizing my Adsense advertisements, finding affiliate offers and researching lead generation.

Quick Rankings Update

Finally, I just wanted to give you a quick update of my search engine rankings:

  • August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
  • August 29th: #184
  • September 6th: #162
  • September 8th: #135
  • September 9th: #119
  • September 13th: #117
  • September 14th: #53
  • September 21st: #38
  • September 29th: #27
  • October 22nd: #16

Google Ranking UpdateI think I can I think I can I think I can!

Thanks for your support everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

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  • Azzam

    Awesome detailed posting. #16 in 2 months, nice!
    A simple yet strategic plan which I guess can be duplicated in any niche.

    I understand that you have targeted US states for this particular niche, but I guess from an advertiser perspective this would not work for you international i.e. over here in the UK, unless the advertiser was promoting something like ebook, dvd training, etc.

    • Pat

      Thanks Azzam. Obviously this outline isn’t the only way to make money from a niche site, but I think it’s pretty diverse so that if one method seems to fail, the others will be there to pick it up. It worked for my other site, so there’s no reason why it can’t work for this one. I’m on my way!

      I could possibly expand into the UK market – I know they have specific security guard training requirements too, however I’d obviously have to do some further research.


  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    I am happy for you as your hard work seems to pay off a bit. It’s great to know you are working a deal with a company with private advertising. By climbing up the ranks of Google has put your site in the radar of those companies and i think more will come soon. Next month probably will see you getting into page 1 by your progress?

    Thanks for sharing your monetizing strategy. Have a nice day.


  • Chris

    Wow Pat, it’s amazing that your ranking has climbed so high. Is this all a result of the strategy you outlined in your earlier post:

  • Wade McMaster

    I think this is a smart strategy, keep something up until you have the option to further monetize, I’m working on something similar on my site and plan on releasing an ebook, and sell private advertising etc, it all takes time and research! Which I must say again, thanks for info, a rather large chuck of what I learn, I’ve learned either here or at a website you recommended. Cheers Pat!

  • teNriA

    Really awesome post Pat. What made you pick security guard training as a niche? Also What are your views on having several separate niche sites compared to say having a single eBook publishing site where multiple niches can be listed. Also Pat, how do you come up with pricing for eBooks? I have noticed that most information entrepreneurs over-charge (typically $37) for poor quality books, whereas good quality eBook stores like “,, and charge only $6 to $15 for much better quality books.

  • Murlu

    Hey Pat,

    I think at this point the best bet would to continue forward with the private advertising. Eventually drop out the Adsense so you could then offer exclusivity on the ads and maybe even work out a deal where you still gain a small lead commission.

    The product for the site would probably be difficult to put together but you’re a crafty one so I’m sure you could either do it yourself or find a ghost writer. On that note, you could always contact a host of security guards and maybe make some kind of CD bundle – transcribe it – then create a video/powerpoint for people.

    Keep it up!

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Pat, I love this strategy. You’ve set yourself up for a potentially huge moneymaking opportunity. I think my favorite part of your site’s potential is the private advertising – the thought that you could get a small amount of monthly revenue from a company in EACH state is very exciting, especially once you add it all together. And it sounds like you already have one in the works.

    AdSense is nice while your site is still building up its search engine authority, but like you said, it’s more of a temporary fix.

    Here’s an idea, that kind of combines private advertising with CPA offers that you mentioned – you could set up your own forms for each site, i.e. “Fill out this form for more information” and SELL these leads to security training businesses. Obviously, you would probably want to set up the form after you’ve worked out a “per lead” arrangement with a private business. You can use CPA offers for other things like police training like you said, but why not get paid for security training leads as well? If you can get $20+ per lead from a private business (and perhaps a bonus if the lead converts for them), you could wind up making far more than a private advertisement, and more than a CPA network would offer.

    Keep it up man, I’m excited for you. This is motivation to help me get my ass in gear for my site in the niche site duel.

    – Eric

  • Omar

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome post! You know what would also be an awesome post… If you would talk about your daily routine as far as posting articles to directories, forum posting(if any), etc. How many backlinks per day is a good number to aim for?

    Just a thought? Your just good when it comes to explaining things!

    Have a good one,

  • Join the Office Revolt

    Wow… #16! 1st page here you come! Nice work Pat!

    Quick question, how many pages of content are there on the site? How many articles have you written and spun for this? I know the “process”, but how many do you suggest doing.

    For instance, how many backlinks, pages, articles, etc do you think is enough before you stop and allow the “passive income” to roll in?


  • Kelly @ Quality PLR Zone

    I’m really enjoying watching you do this, Pat. It’s so helpful to see someone doing something that really works, rather than someone who’s just trying to sell their method.

  • Christina (@CashCampfire)

    Wow, Pat. I’m really getting excited for you.

    I’ve been seriously considering joining the Niche Site Duel. I already have a topic in mind that I’m very passionate about and have some experience doing.

    I’m almost done with the eBook that I’m making for my main blog, so once I’m done with that, I’ll think about joining in! It should be fun. :)


  • Al

    So I just visited your site, and the first thing I did was play the video. At the end, the video emphasis to click the start here button, but I don’t see one. Anyways, I like the your posts

  • Sarah

    Hi Pat!
    Thanks for the great post! I think I really understand how everything comes together now. I am curious on how much time and money you have spent so far with the security guard website. Thanks!

  • Moon Hussain

    Hey Pat,

    Congrats! Seems like you’re climbing your way up. But i do have a question or two for you–you’ve earned $50 so far with this site and it’s only at #16 (page 2) of Google. So where is the traffic coming from? Unless page 1 results suck and people are going to page 2, apparently I’m missing something.

    Unless it’s from the source of backlinks you’re creating (maybe article directory submissions?)

    Thanks and g’luck!

    • Pat

      Good question, Moon.

      The traffic is primarily coming from (as mentioned in Niche Site Duel 007), my ezine articles and other article directories. Also, a lot of traffic is coming in through Google for longer tail keywords that I haven’t even targeted. There’s a lot of content on the site already, which is why I think this is possible. Only a trickle of people are coming in organically through my primary keyword.

      • Azad @ Internet Geeks

        Your on site optimization is really good. Soon you will seen more organic traffic for sure.
        Suggestion: Also promote your niche site on social media, believe me google love site which are popular and discussed on social media.

        When I say social media I mean: facebook, twitter, digg, delicious and friendsfeed only other are only good for backlinks.

      • Romico

        Hi Pat

        How many articles did you distribute each week? I too was really impressed that the site is not even 1st at goggle and still you earned $50. Also for the long tail keywords, are you going to focus on it in future?

        Thank & Keep it up

    • Jeremy

      The secret of niche marketing is that you can get a LOT of traffic from longtail keywords without ever ranking for your “top” keywords.

      A niche site with a lot of content will literally be found for hundreds of thousands of keywords, most of which will be used only once. We are talking about 5, 6, 7, and 8 word long phrases.

      While he might not rank for “security guard”, Pat might rank for “how does a security guard get a licensed gun permit in NJ?”. That’s the type of query that makes up something like 1/4 of all google searches.

      Most people don’t type in single word searches. They type in descriptive/interrogative searches as if they are asking Google for an answer.

      This longtail phenomenon is why putting up a LOT of content is a good idea. You will rank for all kinds of searches, terms you never put in your titles or metatags, and all those 1 and 2 visitor searches will add up to a large amount of traffic.

  • Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution


    Things are really coming along nicely. You make it look so easy but it’s certainly not. A testament to all your hard work. Keep crushing it!


  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Awesome update Pat,

    This is a great post about monetizing a website (in general) and your niche site is really kicking.

    Creating products for niche sites is often difficult, have you considered using plr products? Or is there a criteria for creating educational products in the security guard niche?

  • Michael

    I’m just curious. Did you design your own website or you had it made?


  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    You’re absolutely right about google adsense in fact you’re working for
    your competitors more than yourself.
    one more thing I’m very interested in, is to know that how did you design your
    website ?

    thank you

  • JL

    Hi Pat, great post!
    Please, could you give more details on how to charge per lead?
    Does it depend on the final cost of the course you advertise?

    I’m working on a web page charing 10€ – 20€ per lead. The “leads” advertise courses of around 200€ – 500€. But I’m not sure whether I could be charging more or not. How do you set your prices? A brief explanation on this would help a lot of people I think. Thanks and keep posting amazing stuff!

  • Jason

    Good evening Pat
    Greatly impressed by your challenge and the progress you’ve made. In fact I’m setting up my own niche site (UK based) and I’m copying as closely as possible your strategy step by step. I’m now up to your post 3 “How to Setup a Niche Site: Before You Add Content”.

    Because I’m totally new to this I decided to use the basic TwentyTen theme as its a “safe” choice. Are there any drawbacks to using such a well known theme? The other question I had was about social media, are you planning to use Facebook and/or Twitter? Just had the thought that you could get quite a number of fans and followers that are interested in security guard training.


  • Tri Khuc

    Did you make a new ezine and squidoo account to write articles for them or did you just use your personal account?

  • Daniel

    Hey, Pat

    Just a quick comment on your footnote. I would say “I know I can, I know I can”, since knowing is way better thank just thinking, it makes it believable. 😉

    As Morpheus would say: “Don’t think you are, KNOW you are” 😉

    Keep up the good work, man!!


  • Travis

    That is so cool that a private company has already contacted you about advertising. Good job on moving up the ranks so quickly, too. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing all this. I just started a niche site and I’m doing everything I’ve learned from you and Tyrone. You guys are awesome for sharing all this info.


  • Jason the Haunted Blog

    I agree with the adsense part to some aspect if your selling a product. For my site I’m writing about events that happen within my area dealing with the paranormal using adsense and infolinks. Adsense is ok to some respects but for those beginning it can be discouraging when the payout is at 100 dollars. I think for those starting out looking for advertisers to hand you cash to put an add on my site would be my challenge because I have no experience with doing so. I think looking at other click based systems that offer more money and a smaller payout thresh hold can encourage use part time bloggers. I got much to learn.

  • Alan

    Hi Pat,

    Really enjoyed the post and the different ways to monetize a site. I am thinking of ways to monetize the site I am working on and this definitely will help with some decisions.

    I am still going back and forth about having adsense on before switching over to a private advertising/ebook strategy. My thought is, does that hurt your long term strategy if you are looking to build an authority site? In other words does it water down the preception of the site? If you are looking to educate and create a community long term, (ie forums, etc) does change your thinking?

    Also Pat not sure if you have a site that you have utilized ebay on, but that is also a strategy I am looking to use because I can offer products related to the niche. What are your thoughts on using Ebay? Do you have a site using ebay and if so is it working?

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  • Paul Wolfe


    Really informative post for people who are looking to create a website and then monetize it. I particularly liked the strategy of using Adwords to get started and tehn ramping up to higher paid advertizing and/or own product creation.

    Just off to check out your advertizing post now that you cross link.


  • Paul Wolfe


    I meant to ask – how many hours a day approximately do you spend on this website?


  • MK Safi

    Creating a bunch of niche sites and hoping to generate income from them is definitely not a way to make a passive income, especially if you’re planning to sell your own product.

    Selling your own product requires order fulfillment, after sale support, and worrying about delivering real value and not simply scamming people — no, just having a refund policy doesn’t solve the value problem. You’re still wasting people’s time if you’re providing a crappy product.

    On the other hand, AdSense and affiliate products on your SEO’d content isn’t as bad and can more easily be automated and made into a passive income.

    • Pat

      Although I disagree, I hear what you’re saying.

      My site at sells it’s own product, fulfills orders automatically (through e-junkie digital product delivery) and only requires less than two hours of work PER MONTH. Nothing will be totally hands free, even adsense, which if done properly requires constant testing and optimization.

      I’d say 2 hours a month for a few thousand dollars is pretty passive. But I definitely agree with you that the product must provide real value. The less value it provides, the less passive it ends up being because of the support that would be required after a sale.

    • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

      “Creating a bunch of niche sites and hoping to generate income from them is definitely not a way to make a passive income…”

      For many people, this may be true, but there are LOTS of people who make lots of passive income through a bunch of niche sites.

    • Aaron

      MK Safi,

      I agree with your comment. There is a blogpost about niche sites I read on Yaro Starak’s blog:

      He states that niche sites can make $2 – $3 per day per niche site. This seems like an utter waste of time for a dribble of cash flow. Instead, it would be wiser to launch a publishing site that publishes books on a wide range of popular topics, also covering nice topics within chapters of a main topic. E.g. Stretching and Strength building for rock climbers could be covered in one chapter of a book titled “Elite Extreme Sports” etc. Niche sites have a bad reputation, most are sleazy and offer overpriced info-products and lousy quality. Building a single branded ebook publishing site, and offering ebooks at a realistic price (e.g. $12 instead of $37.95) is much better than several unrelated niche sites, and will result in a lot more overall revenue…i.e. millions instead of lousy trickling cash flow.

    • MK Safi

      I think what you’re doing with the Niche Site Duel is great. You’re providing valuable practical information on how to start a niche site. I’m personally grateful for some of the awesome information you’ve shared (thanks for that, by the way!).

      Now…I still insist that it’s impractical to aim for automating income by creating several niche websites on which to sell your own product.

      By selling your own product, you would always have to offer post-sale support. If you didn’t have any post-sale emails from customers, you’d need to worry. Customers’ silence often means that you’ve confused them by offering them fluff that’s hard to weed through.

      On the other hand, if customers saw that you provided real value, and that you showed expertise and insight into the niche/industry, they’d assume that you’re an expert. In which case, they’d come back with requests for advice and tips specific to their situations. Some of them will come back with legitimate questions and concerns. There is no single info product that is so comprehensive and so easy to navigate and understand that no one feels compelled to ask questions after reading it.

      Then how would you create an automated system that takes care of customer emails? You’d probably have to hire an assistant…And many people will tell you that dealing with human resources is the most difficult part of any business. There is no automation with that.

      I agree with Aaron that focusing on a single niche that you’re passionate about and dedicating yourself to it is a more reasonable endeavor.

      • Franck

        Any passive income business requires an initial investment. That’s where Pat is right now. Be it passive or not is not the question right now.

        IMHO, here are the important things:

        * 30-40 US$/lead for CPA is a great metric: 20 forms filled/month = 600-800 US$
        * Same applies with private ads
        This sums up 2.000 US$ alone, and can be 100% passive once set-up

        I also share Pat’s view regarding having a product in passive mode
        1. Build a FAQ page
        2. Run a Knowledge base
        3. Send FAQ page URL in first commercial email sent to your client
        4. And have a VA, if needed

        Passive income means benefits without personal involvement. This is all about Revenues – Costs.

        No one claims that ROI should be 90% in a passive income business

  • Alberto

    Congratulations PAT, that advertising deal with the training school is exciting!
    One thing I always ask myself reading of your and others’ writers success stories is: what changes if I want to apply the same techniques to a non-English speaking audience. Do you have some advice or some evidence about?

    • Franck

      I see no reasons why it should be different in a non english language, except that the number of available affiliate products should decrease a LOT (10 products in english for 1 in spanish, for example). One more reason to develop your own product and dominate the niche you’ve chosen

  • David

    Hey Pat,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Your niche site duel has been an interesting series. I also have purchased Market Samurai, awesome! Judging by their stats and your competitors, you in all actuality should be number 1 or at least in the top 5. Why do you think it hasn’t come yet? Your on page and off page SEO looks better than your competition and you’re kicking … on your link building, even scoring a nice pr 6 link with your keywords in the link ( question, there seems to be a lot of links from that page, do you think its diluted the strength of that link?) . Also, how much would you say the keyword is worth on a daily or monthly basis if you were to say get in the number 5, 4 or 3 position respectively? Seems intereting to know since garnering that #1 spot sometimes is more luck even with doing all the right things.


  • Aaron

    I think most people on here think SMALL and are following the typical low quality “CLICKBANK” eBook info-preneur mentality. Most info sites are crap! Period! You compare the garbage re-hashed info from a typical niche info site with a high quality eBook bought from a top publisher like Random House and sold on Amazon Kindle Store, or–there is no comparison! Top publishers sell high quality eBooks for realistic prices (e.g. $12). Niche sites and their over-priced $37.95 eBooks are such CONS I don’t know why the government’s trading standards department doesn’t close them all down. And don’t get me started on ONE PAGE sales letters!

    Instead of Niche sites, if you set up an eBook publishing site, you can make millions of dollars instead of crappy trickles of cash flow from niche sites.

    THINK BIG PEOPLE! As Donald Trump says, if you are going to think at all, you might as well think BIG!

    Rant over! Have a nice day!

  • Aaron

    Ps. Most inforeneurs and internet marketers THINK they are the greatest / most intelligent people to walk the earth. They OVER-charge for their info typically $37.95 for 40 page rubbish eBooks. Maybe it is an foreign thing I don’t know? But here in the United Kingdom, people are so clued into the con-tricks & sleazy sales pitches that that type of selling and pricing just does not work here. If you try and sell a 40 page fat loss book in the UK for $37.95, when there are MUCH better, higher quality eBooks for £6 or £9 on professional sites like Amazon Kindle Store, people will just laugh at you. Most info sites are created by people who are NOT experts but just passing themselves off as experts in order to charge high prices, people are not stupid, they will see through it. This is possibly why professional eBook sites make millions and niche infopreneurs make thousands. If you are happy with that then good luck, but I plan to focus on millions not thousands.

  • Samuel

    Awesome post Pat! i love the way you break the post down lol.. this is a real go getter startegy 😀 thanks a lot for sharing. have fun.

  • jose prochmann

    Why did you pick the guard training niche. it would seem to me that this would be so small.

    • Pat

      Small isn’t necessarily bad. Why? Because there’s less competition, and you can become the top player for that niche relatively easily. Check out my process from the start here:

      I go over my niche selection criteria and process. You can’t base something on how it “seems” – you’ve got to look at the hard numbers.

  • Adam

    Way to go Pat! #16, not much longer to Page #1.

  • Solomon

    Congratulations Pat !

    You are now on page 1
    Bravo !

  • Nate Ezell

    Thanks Pat! It is great to see how you are currently and planning to monetize your niche site.

    I am very interested in reading your post about private advertising right after this. I’m researching this for my new adventure. I’m just getting started with Internet business, and I’m hoping to launch my first blog on Nov 1

  • Alicia

    Congrats Pat!

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  • joe

    Pat I am having trouble e-mailing you. For some reason I can not get past the captcha.

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  • Fernando

    Are you going to go serious and strong about affiliates on this niche site?

    • Pat

      I’m going to try! :)

  • Amy

    Hi Pat!

    My husband and I am so inspired (encouraged) by your blog!! My husband is a Spec. Ops officer in the Army and I am a stay-at-home mom with two great kids. Our time commitment to the Army will expire in 2012 and we are pursuing online marketing on the side to generate extra income (hopefully!). We both decided to follow in your footsteps with the niche duel this week. We purchased Market Samurai and have started the process.

    When I began researching one topic of interest, I found that the top 10 sites on Google were from suite 101, cbs news, babycenter, about, etc. Do you think these sites can be beat by a site dedicated to the topic?? I see a lot of red, but you mentioned something about this in one of your videos that made me reconsider. If you have a second, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

    Thanks, Pat!

    • Pat

      Hi Amy – I’ve seen fairly new websites beat these authority sites plenty of times, so I definitely think it can be done. There’s a little bit more work involed (mainly building backlinks and creating content to show the search engines your site is more relevant than those sites), but they has less authority than say a regular site, especially with one that has the keyword in the domain. You can nab an exact match domain for your niche site, you’ll have a much much better chance of getting listed amongst those sites. If you can’t find an exact match, then something close should work too. Good luck!

  • Andy

    Ahh, montetization… my favorite topic 😉

    I noticed that you have an email opt-in on your site as well. The copy is fairly low-key, as it is placed low on the page, and the offer is merely for a newsletter. I would think an email list would be a more powerful tool to send offers to your users over time, versus just visiting your site one time and leaving. Do you have any plans to monetize your newsletter? Do you intend on making this a higher priority by providing an opt-in offer?

    Also, have you thought of selling products and ads for topics related to specific skill-sets of security guards – e.g. use of handguns or taser.

    Another point is that security guards will need training even after they get their license and job. What products can you provide to serve this group? The products related to specific skills sets would be beneficial.

    Also, I like how you have the jobsearch component on your site. In addition to providing value to the users, does that help in improving the rank of your site? Does this bring in any revenue?


    • Pat

      Hey Andy! Thanks for all the comments on the blog recently – it’s much appreciated!

      The newsletter I just threw up there, and I honestly didn’t spend much time on the copy or introducing an offer yet, because I just wanted to pick the “low hanging fruit” and see what would happen, and so far, I’m getting some subscribers each day which is cool. I’m definitely going to up the ante in a couple of months though and move around some things so the opt-in box is more prominent.

      I have a few product links on the site in some of the blog posts already, but they are mainly products for actual items that security guards use, not products for skill sets – but that’s a great idea. Most guards, however, have to go through training in order to use many of these kinds of tools.

      Also, for those who have become security guards already, there are definitely some things I can promote to them, such as Armed security guard training information, and also information about how to advance their career as well.

      Not sure about the rank improvement on the site regarding the job search area yet – I just put that in (from – it’s pretty slick and easy to install), but I’m hoping for rankings for terms related to security jobs too over there. I’ll keep ya posted.

      Thanks for the thoughts and ideas Andy! Cheers!

  • Ian Cadena

    Its consistently great to learn guidelines such as you part targeted blog posting. As I only began posting remarks targeted blog and dealing with trouble as in lots of rejections. I think the suggestion would be useful for me. i’ll let you know if its function for me too.

  • David

    Pat why do you continue to moderate and not post my comments. They are not rude or impolite, I don’t even leave any links. What’s the deal?

    • Pat

      I’m not moderating your comments – they are probably getting automatically placed into my spam filter which is why I don’t even see them. It doesn’t matter if you leave links or not, it might be because someone has once reported the email address you used as posting a spammy comment once. You can read more about this issue here:

      I’ll try to fish them out, but it can be difficult to find them because I literally get hundreds of real spammy comments a day. I apologize for the inconvenience – it’s not me doing the moderating.

  • David

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks alot, I do enjoy reading your blog, interesting point about spammy comments as I have never left any links. Anyway, I am a user of Market Samurai, thanks for the tip, and re-engineering your security guard site that’s at #1, I noticed you had some real good high level PR links. Mostly in the forms of commenting. An oldie but a goodie technique. However, many if not most come up as No-Follow, yet MS seemed to count them as links in your rankings. What’s your take on that? Is the whole no-follow/do-follow link thing exaggerated. I know you really didn’t go over that in your backlinking strategy, but it would be interesting to know what your opinion on the whole no/do follow linking is.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your future posts.

    Best regards from Ukraine,


    • Pat

      And David – please realize that I get over 100 comments a day, as well as over 150 emails, so I cannot respond to each and every one of them like I used to.

      Regarding your comment, I think you’re right – the whole no follow & do follow thing is blown way out of proportion, and honestly I think both kinds of backlinks are important to have. My commenting strategy was an after thought / experiment to the primary backlinking strategy that I talked about before and later in Niche Site Duel post 012, which alone will work to achieve the same rankings, as I’ve already done on another niche site of mine without going through commenting. Plus, I’m not sure if comments weigh as much as they used to – I think I heard that Google doesn’t count them as much as they used to. Not sure. Best regards!

  • Dave

    Hi Pat,

    This series of articles is awesome. I started my own Niche Site and it’s climbing the ranks quickly. My question is, did you use any kind of plugin for adsense?



  • Kim

    I heard a lot of talk about using Google Adsense and people making lots of money by building high traffic. But that was an interesting statement about using Google Adsense and making money for your competitors. It is something I never considered.

    Although, if you have a site and no product, it can be good for that.

  • Manni Cella

    Hi, Pat.

    I have a question about monetisation.

    I run a blog/website, recently I have had lots of
    people contacting me asking to publish
    a blog post about their company (with links in).

    They ask how much I charge for this, I have used
    guest posts in the past but didn’t charge for them,

    Is it a good idea to charge for blog posts?

    I’m not sure if paid blog posts is the way to go.

    I’d much rather sell banner ads but they don’t seem
    interested in this option.

    I ask them directly if they want to pay for ads
    (e.g 125×125 banner), should I mention this
    option in another way?

    Manni. C.

  • Angela

    Hi Pat, I love your website. You give a very honest view of making money online. I have booked-marked your site and will visit again to learn something new. The niche site info was very informative. Thanks and good luck.

  • Hannah

    Hi Pat!

    You are awesome! :)

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this, and still can’t find the info: How do you put adsense along the top or the bottom of your wordpress header, so that it looks like another menu bar?

    I want to do it like you did at securityguardtraining hq, only above my menu, not beneath it. (But I’m sure the process is similar). You can see my site here:

    Or can you direct me to a video or adsense reference source?

    Thanks a million!!

    • Jason

      Hi Hannah this worked for me to insert adsense ad between header and all posts/pages (please note the line that starts div id = “headerText”- determines the positioning of your advert- i.e. is it centered and the gap between the header and the advert).

      Insert in header file (at bottom between and

      <div id="headerText" style="width: 100%; float: left; height: 10px;"


      • Hannah

        Hi Jason,

        Thanks for the reply!

        I figured it out :)


  • Jason

    Sorry Hannah for some reason above post got cut short. Please ignore it.

  • Lenia

    Hey pat,
    Thanks for the explanation once again. As a newbie I have a question. Could somebody explain to me what is a lead generation and how you can get money from that? Thanks a lot for any answer that could help me out with that.

    have a good day !

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    Well I restrained myself from using Adsense until I was genuinely interested in learning about it and not messing it up from the beginning and risk myself to get banned.

    But after reading all of this, I think I’m going to give it a try.

    I’ve been told you need about four or five posts with great content to be approved for the first time so I may just do that even though I already have them approved me before.

    I think I don’t need to re-apply, not sure on that though, thanks anyway!


  • Kate

    Hi Pat,

    I have the same question as Lenia about Lead Generation. What is it and how is money made that way?


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  • Eric

    Hey Pat,

    I have listened to many of your pod cast and I didn’t find out about Nichel Site Duel until later.

    I just want to let you know I am learning a lot from reading your post and I want to give you a big thank you!

    The most useful thing I find is how thorough you went through each monetization option – and describe how each would actually work. That really boost up my learning in this area.


    Keep up the good work.


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  • Danielle

    I love this idea! I’m trying to do the same thing in my area of educational interest with
    I definitely understand what you’ve been saying about it not happening overnight but hopefully hard work will pay off.

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