My New Book ‘Let Go’ Is Now Available!

Let Go by Pat FlynnThe big day is finally here!

My new multi-media book, Let Go, is finally available on the brand new Snippet application in the Apple App Store!

Since this is on brand new technology, here’s a quick step by step process to help you get Let Go onto your iPad or iPhone:

(Android and Kindle are coming later – but to get the full multi-media experience, please download for iOS.)

Step 1: Download the Snippet Application on your iPad or iPhone. It’s free!

Step 2: Find my book, Let Go, and click to open up the description. You may also see a picture of me at the top of the marketplace since I am one of the first featured authors on this brand new platform! How cool is that!?

Step 3: Click “Buy Now” to download my Snippet onto your device. The price is currently $2.99.

Step 4: After downloading, Let Go will be in your Snippet library. Read it, watch it, get social with it – enjoy!

Please note that if the videos in the snippet don’t load right away, there’s a not-so-obvious loading bar beneath the video icons in the book which will more prominently displayed in the next version of the app.

To be honest, I don’t even know if I can call this a book because it’s so much more than that. With the audio, video and social media capabilities of the Snippet platform, Let Go actually became a real production that required me to hire a videographer and a producer to help bring everything together.

I know a lot of you know my story, but never have I shared it like this before. The snippet includes an interview with my amazing wife April, another with my dad, and also several on-location video pieces where important moments of my story happened.

I’m sure many of you have questions about why I decided to publish on the Snippet platform, how it all came together, what the “writing” process was like, how I found my videographer and producer and what exactly their roles were, plus several other questions. In my next podcast session (#60 – coming Wednesday), I talk all about the behind the scenes stuff that went along with Let Go (including marketing tactics), and I also bring on my team, Matt Gartland (editor and producer) and Caleb Wojcik (videographer) to chat a little about the project too.

Two quick things for today:

  1. If you pick up my Snippet (here’s that link one more time), thank you! I’d love to hear what you think about the book here in the comment section below when you have the time. I’d love and appreciate any kind of feedback you have for me, both positive and negative!
  2. Note that the official Twitter Hashtag for the Snippet is #letgobook – this is important because you’ll be able to see the conversations on Twitter that include #letgobook right inside the Snippet itself, right in the middle of the text! (as seen in the second screenshot below)

Let Go on Snippet Homepage


Hashtag Conversation - Let Go


Let Go - Video Discoverable

At the end of Let Go, you’ll see some information about joining my book club which will give you access to a couple of bonus extended-length video interviews. And for those of you wondering about a blooper reel, you’ll definitely see one in my upcoming monthly income report!

And last but not least, thank you so much for your support – this has been an amazing journey and I hope my snippet inspires you in some way.

Please help spread the word and share this post around today! Click here to share a tweet right now!


  • Rufus

    Congratulations! Pat!:)

  • Caleb Wojcik

    I have struggled with just calling this “a book” when explaining it to people too.

    Can’t wait to hear what people think. :)

  • Glen Allsopp

    Just RT’d for you.

    Glad I finally picked up an iPad (mini) a few weeks ago after putting it off for a year or three. Will come back with a review!

  • Rob

    Ugh, had everything ready to purchase only to find out they don’t support Android yet.

    • Pat Flynn

      Not yet, but it’s in the works as mentioned in the post!

      • Vinod Poyilath

        Hope they get it out soon…. Hmmm… the wait continues..for us android users:(

  • Shey Harms

    I just downloaded it Pat! I can’t wait to read it when my day job is done! I love seeing people use new technology and it sounds like the Snippet App is way cool. Congrats on your launch. Big day for you, I’m sure.

  • Brandon Turner

    Awesome Pat! I really believe this book transforms the industry in two ways:

    1.) The platform is awesome (congrats Snippet on making something awesome!)
    2.) Your story is so motivating and encouraging. You inspire people, and I know this book is going to be one more great outpost for you!

    Congrats on the launch! I’ll be sharing this with everyone.

    Also – any idea how other authors can get onto Snippet?! I’m thinking a book on flipping houses would be awesome on this thing! Imagine the videos and multimedia as people walk through the “book”!

    • Ben @ Snippet

      Thanks Brandon! We’re so excited about Snippet, and especially about amazing content creators like Pat utilizing this incredible new technology to connect with their audience.

      There is a lot more information at — click the Request an Invite button at the top of the Writers page to find out how to be a writer.

      If you love Pat’s Snippet, would love if you’d the app a great rating on the App Store ( — that is really a huge rating for Pat as well cause we are all sharing in this success. Thanks!

  • Susan

    Awesome Pat! Congratulations! Looking forward to checking it out. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

  • Bharath

    Congrats Pat. Just retweeted this for you. Will be looking forward for some reviews. All the best with sales and hope this book helps you to boost your monthly income.

  • Ryan

    Super excited to check out the book, Pat! Congrats on the launch and helping pioneer a new platform!

  • Alberto

    So where can android guys like me have it????

    • Pat Flynn

      I mention in the post that the Android App for Snippet is coming in the future – unsure of exactly when, but it’s in the works!

      • Alberto

        Ok Pat.

        would be great if you could alert us by email when it’s ready!

  • Billy Murphy

    Congrats Pat! Looking forward to checking this out.

  • JJ

    Any way to read this on my laptop?
    Reading on my iPhone hurts my eyes ^^

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi JJ! Snippet is only available for iPhones/iPads at the moment, but you can adjust the font size and brightness for easier reading, by accessing the settings “gear” icon on the Let Go Snippet. Thanks!

      • JJ

        Thanks Emily! Good tip.
        In my case, it is not the size of the screen or letters, but the screen itself (glare/glossy/reflecting) that gives me headaches pretty rapidly.
        So I guess I’ll have to wait until a laptop solution is available.

  • Tsitalia


    I have just downloaded it!

  • Joerg

    Pat congratulations to the book.
    I just flew over the first 30-50 pages, they read very interesting.
    What a pitty, that I can only read them on my iPhone 5.0 because my iPad 1 does not support iOS 6.0, which is requested for snippet.

    Best wishes for your book and your family

  • Mindy

    Looking forward to checking this out!

    But one question – do you have to be connected to the internet to enjoy your “book” once it’s downloaded?


    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Mindy!

      Once you have downloaded the Let Go Snippet, you can enjoy it offline or in Airplane Mode, whenever you want! You won’t be able to access the Snippet store or any social discoverables while offline, but you can still enjoy the photo, video and audio discoverables that have already loaded on the Snippet. Thanks for your question!

      • Mindy

        Thanks for your response, Emily!

  • Addy

    We’ve all been waiting for this new baby of yours and it’s finally here! Congrats Pat :)

  • Siegfried

    excellent news! I am gonna give your book a go!
    best regards!

  • David

    Bought it right away, no questions asked :) Can’t wait to see what this snippet app and the snippet boosk are all about.

    Congartulations, Pat: you are now an author and soon hopefully an “accomplished author” 😉

    Best regards from Greece,

  • Onder

    Just downloaded it on my iPhone.
    Looking forward to reading it :)
    It’s very odd but it seems the iPhone app doesn’t allow viewing of the videos.
    May be a bug in the software but i’ll give it another try a little later on.
    Congrats Pat!

    • Kathleen

      I have had problems with the video on my iPhone as well. I was able to see a couple of them, but not all. Probably a bug in the software, but loving the book, Pat!!

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Onder!
      There is a small loading bar that will appear under the video discoverable icon. When you view a video discoverable for the first time, make sure you are connected to the internet; it may take a few seconds to for the content to load, but the video should pop up once the download is complete. Once the videos have downloaded, you shouldn’t have any more problems enjoying the video discoverables, even when you are in airplane mode!

  • Jason Gracia


    I couldn’t be happier for you, my man. You’ve done so much for me already, that I’m more than happy to grab a copy, spread the word, and support this book with all I’ve got.


  • Brent Mair

    Purchased and joined book club. Number 27!

  • Finn Clausen

    I use an iPad, but I can not get the videos to load? Any sugestions

    • Jonathan Winterkorn

      I had the same problem. The videos must buffer in the back ground. I had to skip the 2nd video and read on. When I got a couple of chapter further in the book the video was available.

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Finn!
      The first time you access a video discoverable on Snippet, it may take a minute for the video to load (depending on your internet connection). There is a small loading bar underneath the video icon, which will show the progress. Once the video downloads, you should be able to access the video discoverable right away, without waiting for it to load again in the future. We appreciate your patience as we work out the details of the Snippet App. We will make the loading bar more prominent in upcoming versions to avoid confusion. Thank you!

  • Jonathan Winterkorn

    For those who have not read this book yet, it is incredible. I have been a long time SPI fan and was familiar with Pat’s story. This snippet was great, not only was the story inspiring but the use of videos and the ability to see Pat’s Father and Wife (and kids) really helped make the personal connection. Great Job Pat!

    • Joseph Feliciano (@OXVO)

      But, I feel like I know Pat’s story already and don’t really need to see a rehash of it. Not really interested in his family either. Sure it’s an inspiring story but not after the 100th time. Is that pretty much what it is ? Out of curiosity.

  • Azad Shaikh

    Congrats Pat. I am going to read this. Thanks!

  • Sebastian Czypionka

    Congrats Pat! I am at # 7 right now reading through your new book (shall I say snippet?)! It’s awesome… You can feel and read the progress of your writing skills! *thumbsup*!

    One thing: I have seen the first video on page #1 but can’t load the other ones. The small bar below the video-button is not moving. Do you have a clue? Or is it because of all the people now wanting to download it? Who is hosting the videos?

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Sebastian! We’re glad you are enjoying the Let Go Snippet so far! The videos should load, but it may take a minute or so, depending on your internet connection. Sometimes it looks like the video has not loaded, when the download is actually complete. You might try tapping the icon again to see if that is the case. We are working on fixing these little hiccups in an upcoming update for the app. Thanks for your patience!

  • Nischal Dhakal

    Pat, you inspire me. I am planning to try CPA. What would you suggest me if I would want to go from scratch?

    Thank you.

  • Darlene Cary

    Congrats, Pat, the day is finally here! Do you realize you are a visionary?

    Can’t wait to explore the whole multi-media experience myself.

  • Sue Faunt

    Can’t wait to check it out when it’s ready for the Android!! I’m listening to your podcasts now, I’m on #3 and they are spectacular. Thanks for all the inspiration Pat!

  • Steve Briggs

    Pat, just started reading Let Go, great story! Love it!

  • Ram Shengale

    Hey Pat, is it available for Android?

  • rob Mills

    Hey Pat Great work. I just downloaded the Snippet app and will soon be reading your book. I’ve been following you since the very early days! Are you one of the people behind the Snippet App itself? I would love to know. Thanks. Rob.

  • Kevin Hanot

    3$ how can i resist….
    Hope it will be as good as your past work !


  • Mike Cowles

    Hey Pat,

    SO excited about “Let Go”! I just picked up my copy and will be glad to share feedback soon. =]


  • Michael

    That’s cool, Pat! Congratulations.
    “Let Go” is indeed more than a book.
    Great Read.

  • Michael

    Well done, Pat.

  • Matt Ogborne

    Howdy Pat,

    Would love to read/watch/listen, however the slight challenge is I have an iPad 1 (so no iOS 6 which is needed for the iPad app) and an android phone :/

    Open for suggestions!


  • Kimanzi Constable

    Congrats Pat! Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Glenn

    Just finished reading your snippet, LET GO, and totally enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the interviews with your dad and your wife. Great job, Pat! I look forward to hearing your podcast about what was involved in creating it; looks like something I may want to do in the future. Also just joined the book club; looking forward to that as well. God bless!

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hey Glenn! Glad to hear you loved the Let Go Snippet! You can learn a little more about why Pat chose Snippet and what went into creating ‘Let Go’ in his interview with Cathy Presland on the The Big Book Project –
      You can also learn more about becoming a Snippet writer yourself by visiting

      • Glenn

        Sounds great Emily; thanks!

  • Adileen

    This is so amazing! Your book and snippet is mind blowing. I’m getting through the chapters but had to take a moment to take in the excitement and say awesome book Pat! And THANK YOU for continuing to help empower people like myself.

  • Darnell Jackson

    Congrats on the new book Pat,

    I haven’t heard about this platform yet most authors are going the Amazon route.

    The rich media features on snippet sound very interesting I look forward to checking this out the “book”.

    Is there are reason why you haven’t chose to publish on Amazon yet?

  • Sergio Parada

    I just finished ‘Let Go’ and again thanks for the inspiration you provide. You gave an awesome in depth look at how you got where you are today and all the people that motivated you.

    When I look back I will proudly say that you were one of those people that provided the boost to get my passive income lifestyle up and running. Thanks again for giving me the strength to be my own boss and to make my own path.


  • Mike

    Pat – Nice work! I know you put a lot of effort into this, and it must feel great to have it released.

    One question for you.

    It appears that Snippet only has about 5 actual snippets available to purchase at the moment. Do you think this is going to hurt the platform? I see that they are charging content creators $99 to join. Don’t you think it would be effective for them to get more content available before charging so much?

    I realize the price is there to keep the amateurs away and the content very good, however, my concern is that people will delete the app if one of the 5 books available doesn’t suit their interest.

    • Ben @ Snippet

      Mike — Glad that you enjoyed Pat’s Snippet! We quickly identified Pat as someone we wanted to launch our platform with—and are so glad we did. There is a reason that his fan base is absolutely rabid. 😉

      We will be releasing new Snippets on a regular basis — we have a queue of Snippets to release in the upcoming weeks, and just today alone we received 60+ new writer requests! Stay tuned for upcoming Snippets from some voices this community should be familiar with.

      And yes, you are right—our goal is to have Snippet be a trusted place for the best short form content, so as we kick off we do need a way to naturally encourage that ecosystem.

  • Nicola

    Well done Pat and Snippet and move over Kindle! So much more powerful and engaging than just a book (and I love books!) i am off to find out how I can do one as I am just writing my 3rd book and looking for a publisher for my follow up to “The Money Gym”. Btw some of the vids never did seem to load but I am sure they will fix that soon. Cheers, Nicola

  • Dennis Brown

    Congratulations Pat…very cool. I’ll grab it this week and post some feedback once I get through it. :)

  • Ryan Cruz

    Awesome Pat! I can’t wait for this Book “Let Go”. Is this only available in Ios Apps? Any Desktop versions?

  • Jo Casey

    Hi Pat
    I’m purchaser no 27 of Let Go-which is probably about as near to being in on the ground floor as I’m gonna get! First impressions are great-I love the layouts & use if video-really cool combination of multimedia. It creates a genuinely rich experience as a reader. Colour me impressed -you & your team have obviously put a lot if work in & it shows. Say Hi to Caleb (videographer extraordinaire) -I’m a member of Fizzle so already know how much he rocks! Seriously, I love the book -are you going to be sharing some tips on creating multimedia products like it on the SPI blog? (Hint, hint?) :-)

    • Caleb Wojcik

      Awww Jo. You make a man blush. 😉

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Natalie Sisson

        Caleb you’re everywhere – writing pro, web designer guru and videographer. Is there anything you can’t do?

      • Tal Gur

        Same here Caleb. Well done!

  • Dan

    Hey Pat, so… I’m in the middle of way too much at the moment with work and study that I haven’t yet managed to jump feet first in to my online career. But, your podcasts and all your SPI content have kept me optimistic, positive and excited to get there. Well until now, I owed you some form of repayment so I purchased ‘Let Go’ and it’s great! Snippet seems like it’ll be a great platform and I’m sure you’ll be a superb ambassador. (I will say I seemed to have an issue with loading Momo’s Restaurant though).

    On a separate note, I saved a quote a couple weeks ago from an HBR blog by Mark Bonchek.
    “…it’s hard enough to find a purpose in life if you’re an individual, let alone an entire company. And being authentic is a bit like being cool — sometimes the harder you try, the less you are.”
    I’m not saying you’re not cool Pat 😉 but you never come across like you’re trying to and I’m sure most SPI fans will agree on this and your authenticity as a key to your admirable success. :)

    Anyway.. thanks as always Pat !

  • Crystal

    Just finished the book! It has inspired me to get in gear and start creating my own SPI! Thanks Pat for a wonderful blog and for the podcast that I listen almost daily (since I am trying to catch up on all of them) and now for your awesome book!

  • Tristan

    Hi Pat,
    I’ve been pretty excited about your book coming out. I must say I’m a bit dissapointed with the way you’ve chosen to distribute it.
    I can understand the platform is new and exciting but the fact I have to go download yet another app just to get your book is a pain (I know – first world problems). If I could just pay via paypal or whatever and download it direct I would have done it by now – maybe go the traditional route of providing a purchaser only link to videos etc for the extra content.
    The fact that you need a “how-to” on how to get the book is a bit off putting and I now I can’t really be bothered.
    I usually purchase things like books and essay on the desktop during the day, then stick them in dropbox ready to read on the iphone or ipad later on my favourite PDF reader.
    I can’t help but wonder how many other “spur-of-the-moment” sales you may have lost by chosing this distribution method.
    Before anyone gets upset, I’m sure the book is awesome and probably well worth the effort to get it. I’m just being completely honest and think I owe it to Pat to provide constructive feedback.

    • Darlene

      I have to agree with Tristan here.. about the distribution.

      I was looking forward to your book coming out for two reasons:
      1) I figured it would be an awesome read.
      2) I wanted to support you with purchase & review.

      Today, when I went to check it out.. I passed because it was too much hassle. I’d just like to download it to my Kindle and sit back to enjoy..

      Offering up feedback from one of your fans.

      ~ darlene

  • Joe

    Big blow for me on this one – I went to download the app only to discover that it needs IOS 6. Unfortunately with Apples decision to abandon owners of the original iPad I was unable to download as we’re stuck on IOS 5.1. But looks really good Pat congratulations and keep up the good work……looks like it might be time to buy that new iPad!!!!!

  • Peyton

    Lovely book Pat! I really enjoyed it and the whole layout. You’ve come a long way since 2005.

  • Susan

    I bought the book today and couldn’t read it fast enough (I’ll go back later for all the video content). The book is informative and motivational for me as an aspiring blogger. I learned lots about online business and resources to ramp up my learning. I also joined your book club and can’t wait to see what is in store there. Thanks!

  • mo tai khoan

    I am so happy that the book revealed, cannot wait longer to make purchase

  • Patrick

    Love the new book, read over half of it, and I think the choice to go with Snippet over Kindle was a smart choice. The videos are of such high quality and are nice and short so they really add a ton to the feel of the thing.

    I am only halfway through or so but it is fantastic so far, very inspiring. If you were a not a genuine guy then this would not work. None of it would work. But you pull it off really well.

    Fantastic stuff man! Happy to see it finally “out there!”

  • Zack

    After avoiding the iPhone for so long, this might be what pushes me over the edge to get one. How long must I wait for the Android or Kindle?!

  • Gordon Kuckluck

    Hi Pat,

    thank you for this ebook and the insights in your “journey” – it’s awesome and very inspirational!

    I myself got problems with playing the videos in the Snippet App but I’m looking forward to get those videos play perhaps with the next Snippet App update or so.



    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Gordon!

      Glad you loved the “Let Go” Snippet! Thanks for your patience as we work on improving the user experience for the video discoverables on Snippet in our next update! Right now, the videos should load if you tap the icon and wait a minute or so, depending on your internet connection. Or, the video may have already loaded, but it has just not been reflected on the loading-progress bar. If so, tap the icon, and it should begin playing the video. Once the videos have downloaded, you shouldn’t have any more difficulty accessing them–even when your mobile device is in airplane mode. Thank you!

  • Pinakin Patel

    I am eager to download this ebook for my self. I am big fan of SmartPassiveIncome.

  • IPL 6 Opening Ceremony Live Streaming

    Your tips to make money online is the best. I have followed most of them.

  • Michal Szafranski

    Hi Pat,

    It was late at night yesterday when I started reading “Let go”. I promised to myself I will just read the first chapter. And I broke my promise. I couldn’t play videos at the middle of the night because my wife was sleeping very close. I read whole book and went to sleep.

    Today, just minutes ago, I watched all the videos during my breakfast :-) And when I saw your dad and you shaking hands and I’ve heard how proud your dad is of you, I couldn’t stop my tears – for many reasons… I’m happy to see how steady you are progressing and evolving, and how great family man you are. You already know how much you mean to me :-) There is nothing I can add here.

    Although I know your story well (thanks to your blog and podcasts) “Let go” puts a new light on your history. It’s great you share so much in such open and honest way.

    All the best Pat! Hope to see you soon :)

    PS: I think thee might be something wrong with download counter in Snippet app. It is stable on 26 downloads.

    PPS: I don’t know how can I give you 5-stars and write a review in Snippet. How can I do it?

    • Ben @ Snippet

      Michal – Our rating capability will be coming. We’ll be sure to update the Pat tribe to when you can blitz him with your 5-star ratings. And we get download counts from Apple every morning.

  • Richard Ng

    Luckily I am an iOS user and sure to get it soon 😉

    I just downloaded the Snippetapp and noticed that the listed amount for Let Go is $3.98 and not $2.99, I will still get later, just like to highlight here!

  • Pooya

    Hi Pat,
    I just found out that I can’t download Snippet app because it requires me to upgrade from 5.1 to IOS 6.
    wish you the best,

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    I’ m on a macbook and iphone- but I hate reading longer texts on the iPhone… so, I would really love to read your book… maybe it will be available in the future somewhere else than the snippet app??
    Cheers, Chris

  • Tipjar

    I’m on Android. Let us all know when it’s available on there…then REALLY watch the sales pour in.

  • Mark Monciardini

    Awesome Pat!

    Can’t wait to get this book and start diving in. I’m sure you put a lot of hardwork into it and I know people will love it.

    I will be downloading for ipad.

    P.S. Thanks for using my product to create the book cover!


    • Ben @ Snippet

      Whoa, is this Mark from Designs by Mark? I learned how to Photoshop from your site in the late 90’s and now…well, I created this cover for Pat.
      So, I learned a lot. ; )

      Hope you enjoy the Snippet experience. Pat did a phenomenal job utilizing the format.

  • Malte

    Hey Pat,
    i bought your book yesterday and read it in just a few hours. It is really amazing. Thanks. Unfortunately, i can only see the first video. the grey lines under the other videos don’t get filled. I live in Germany and use the new iPad with WLAN and a correct internet connection.

    Any suggestions?

  • versache

    What ever happened to posting your earning reports in a reasonable timeframe, seems like you want people to check in daily?

  • Mary Lynne

    I have read some chapters, watched a couple videos and flipped through the whole thing to see what Snippet is all about. Of course I’m loving the content, but I’m not finding the social media integration that was mentioned. I did sign up for the book club, but is there some direct social media integration that I am missing? Just trying to fully understand what’s possible with the Snippet platform.

    By the way, hi to Pat’s dad! Sounds like you read all his blog comments, and that is awesome. If my dad were still alive he’d do the same with me.

    • Emily @ Snippet

      Hi Mary Lynne!

      The social discoverable on the Let Go Snippet is located under the first paragraph in chapter 12. Tap the icon to see a live feed of what people are saying about the book by tweeting with #letgobook. You can join the conversation by tweeting straight from the “Join the Conversation” option at the bottom of the discoverable.

      Snippet authors can add any number of social discoverables in their Snippet, so the number of social conversations embedded in a Snippet will vary from book to book, or should I say, from Snippet to Snippet. Thanks for your question!

  • Brent

    Totally dug your Snippet! I love the platform too! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Jason

    Ah man! I really would like to get this, but I don’t have an Iphone or an Ipad! Any possibility for some alternate version in the future?

  • http:/ Nick Kizirnis

    Hi Pat,
    I’m really enjoying the book, and the Snippet platform is pretty cool too.. A couple of things are clunky with the interface, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of me getting to and enjoying the content.

    Thanks for sharing your story, while I’ve heard you talk about it before I love the way you paced the book and the addition of videos was a great touch.

  • Julie Kaye

    Love the book, love your stuff. Great new app! Having a tough time getting some of the videos to play. Some you just click and they go, and some don’t.

  • Pieter

    Loving your book so far. But i’m having trouble viewing videos. They won’t load.

  • Ben Klein

    Hi Pat,

    Looking forward to when/if I can download this on the android platform?
    I’d buy this as a gift for someone even though I haven’t read it yet if I could.
    Thanks for all your content Pat

  • Christian

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for this wonderful snippet book! Unfortunately I can’t open the videos or other Multimedia items. I click on the camera symbol but nothing starts to load. The progress bar doesn’t move either.
    I am from Germany with a German setting iPhone. Do you think that it might not work in a German iOS?
    Thanks for your feedback!


  • Will


    Congratulations on the publication of your book through Apple! I am sure it really was a multi-media production! Kudos!

    I don’t have an Apple (I have android) so I will have to wait for that release. However, again, congratulations!

  • Mike Nelson

    Congratulations on the book, Pat! Haven’t gotten around to read it but I can’t wait to. Stay awesome.

  • Romuald

    Congratulations Pat ! It always a pleasure to read from you.

  • Savijhero


    Congrats I really want this book, but I got Android, Im hurting here! but congrats I cant wait for the Android version.


  • Shekhar

    Nice one. Going to buy this soon, and it will be great to know more about your story. And snippet is really cool

  • Angel

    hey congratulations for the book. I liked the cover page, it’s a nice piece of creativity.

  • Craig Mottram

    Hi Pat

    I purchased your book on Tuesday and loved it. I know some of your story from reading your blog, so this book gave me even more info about how you got where you are today, and it was a very inspiring read.

    I’m currently having trouble viewing the videos at the moment (The app crashes about 10 seconds after pressing the icon) but i’m sure that will be sorted soon and looking forward to seeing them.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Mike Bayer

    Hi Pat,

    Love your content but was sad that Snippet requires iOS 6 on my iPad to enable me to download it. I have been trying very hard not to upgrade as you lose a lot of great features from iOS 5. I will have to wait till is come out in a different medium I’m afraid.


  • Steve

    Just finished your book on Snippet. Very well done and inspirational. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the audio to work on your videos so I think that I missed out on some great content. I enjoy your podcast though and I find your style most refreshinng.
    I am probably about your dad’s age or older and I can see that he is very proud of you even if I couldn’t hear him.

    May The Lord bless and continue to prosper you and your family spiritually and materially.

  • steve


    I bought your book through iPhone and when i switch to iPad, it asked me to purchase it again. Is there any way where i can sync it?

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    Please Pat don’t forget about us, the ipad ugly little brother. :-)

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    I have read this on Kindle version. It is useful and inspired.
    I would like to ask if I could write an e-book about your story and your work and way you organized the website – in Thai.

    I am aiming for 50-80 pages long. The contents would be that I am the narrator describe story time line according to Let Go and reviewing your site and your some of advise on SPI, i.e. how you build niche site Security Guard and etc.

    The reason that I have to inform you because the cover and title will have you on it. I probably ask you to write short greeting on the opening page, if you could.

    Please kindly advice.

    Thank you

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