Today Is the Day! Come Celebrate Let Go Day with Me!

Let Go Day PosterToday is a very special day. It’s Let Go Day!

Thank you so much for celebrating with me!

Let Go Day marks the 5-year anniversary of the day that I learned I was going to be let go from my architectural job, a job that I worked incredibly hard for, was accelerating in and loved.

On June 17th, 2008 my entire life changed.

At the time, it felt like the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

Everything I had worked so hard for – gone.

The future – completely unknown.

Looking back, however, getting let go was truly a blessing in disguise and one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Here’s a passage from my recent bestselling book, Let Go, that sums up why this is something worth celebrating:

“The best and worst things that happen in life are usually things that happen unplanned. There are miracles and there are misfortunes. Big breaks and big let downs. We remember those single moments in life like scenes from a movie we didn’t expect. But how we react and live life after those moments is what shapes who we become.”

I am a better person and living a better life because of what happened that day, but more so because of the events that happened afterward.

So why the public celebration?

Because it’s an incredibly important message that needs to be shared, and I can’t think of any better way to send a message and make a difference than to celebrate something that is typically associated with fear, depression and anxiety. 

I felt all of those things, but letting go of what I was conditioned to learn growing up helped me discover opportunities I never knew were available to me before.

So how are we going to celebrate? 5 things…

1. Watch This Video:

(or click here to watch the Let Go Celebration video on YouTube)

2. Download a FREE COPY of the Audio Version of Let Go (Today Only!)

For today only, the audio version of my book, Let Go, is available for download. Whether you’ve read Let Go already or not, I’d love for you to have the audiobook, complete with audio from all of the bonus videos and the podcast that my team and I put together talking about the production of the book, for free!

The free audiobook is no longer available for download here on the blog. BUT, I am happy to send you a free copy if you purchase Let Go and send me an email with the subject line LET GO AUDIO to pat at smartpassiveincome dot com. No need to send a receipt or screenshot. I trust you. Just please leave an honest review on Amazon for me! :)

3. A Live Streaming Celebration Broadcast in Pat’s Office (Today at 12:00pm PST) – with Giveaways!

Today (Monday) at noon pacific time, I’ll be hosting a live streaming celebration party right here in my home office!

We’ll be doing Q&A throughout, I have some special guests coming onto the broadcast and we’ll have some fun giveaways for you! There’s no sign up or email required, all you have to do is visit, and you’ll be good to go! 

I hope to see you there!

4. I Want to Hear (and Share) YOUR ‘Let Go’ Stories

In the comment section below, I’d love for you to share a story about a time in your life when you went through a tough, unexpected change and how you made the decision to let go of the past and realized that there was a lot more opportunity for you ahead.

It doesn’t have to be about online business or a job – it can be about anything.

On the live stream, I’m going to select a couple stand out stories and share them on the broadcast with everyone.

5. Help Me Spread the ‘Let Go’ Message!

If you believe in the message behind Let Go, I’d love for you to help me spread the word! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Download Let Go on (you can read it on any device) – If you were thinking of eventually picking it up, today is the day! We’re shooting for maximum exposure on Amazon, which means more downloads and reviews in a shorter time period. 
  2. Leave an honest Review on of Let Go – Whether you purchase the book on, SnippetApp or read the audiobook instead, you are allowed to leave a review on for the book. I would love an honest review from you. I’ve coordinated a massive effort between a few hundred volunteer ambassadors (primarily from my special facebook group) who are all leaving reviews on Let Go Day, and I’d be so happy if you left one today too. Again, the more who do it in a shorter period of time, the more impact it will have on rankings and exposure, and the more people will read the story and hear the message.
  3. Don’t forget! Join me on the Let Go Day live streaming party at Noon pacific time! Just go to and feel free to bring anyone you want – admission is free! Use the hashtag #LetGoDay on Twitter (and now Facebook too!) so I can keep track of who is sharing – I may reach out to one of you for something special. I made it easy for you: all you have to do is click here!
  4. Read and/or listen to (and share) any of the following posts from amazing people who took the time to interview me or write a book review for Let Go Day! I will continue to add to this growing list as these posts go live throughout the day!

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Thank you!

Thank you all for your amazing and wonderful support! Happy Let Go Day, and I can’t wait to read your Let Go stories below.

Don’t forget to find me at at 12:00pm to 2:00pm today, and yes there will be replay of the broadcast in case you miss it, but you’ll have a chance to interact with me if you’re there live.

Come say hi!

Cheers, and all the best!

  • Tom

    Hi Pat,
    congratulations on how you mastered life after were ‘let go’ five years ago. Incredible results business wise and also on the family side. Good to see that your wife gives you all the support you need.
    All the best for the future!

    PS: also letting go something at the moment, but cannot talk about it :)

    • Luke Koh

      Hey pat, My PC is kind of old. Is your audio book in quick book format? I will need some time to get the software to hear your audio book. I just want to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. I am currently looking for ebook authors to help build my website. If anyone is interested, please contact me at Thank you and Happy Let Go Day~!

  • William Shaker

    Hey Pat,

    I want to personally congratulate you on this exciting momentous day! As always, it was an honor to have you as a guest on my Podcast and you’re welcome back anytime you want!


  • Howard

    Thank you Pat for all the great advice. Keep it up.

  • Charles Christopher

    Hi Pat, I’m sure this is a very important day for you, and I wish you all the best with regard to your celebration. It can be upsetting to think about difficult situations and it can be joyful as well when you think about how much positive impact they have had on your life. Thanks for letting us download the audio version for free :).

  • Christine

    Congratulations on all of the successes in the past 5 years. I found your site and podcasts this past winter. After listening to ALL of your podcasts over a few week period, I have a notebook full of great ideas to put into action.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring so many of us!
    All the Best,

  • Ben

    Hey Pat, Just wanted to say what a cool read Let Go was and im looking forwaard to all the stuff you have coming up its all really inspiring. Thanks for being you dude!

  • Marcel Perez

    Happy Let go day everyone !

    When I say everyone I do mean everyone. Letting go of the past is difficult and many times doubt, anger and fear grip us so tight that it seems impossible to brake free. When you have already let go and feel you are finally successful it may be easier to tell others to let go. But for all of us still in the trenches, still struggling to live the lives we want, remember to hang in there and do your best to let go.

    I’m still in the trenches, so I know its harder than it seems. I was let go about a year ago for well paying job, tried to find work for the last 8 months and about 2 months ago started learning everything I can to live the life I want for me, my wife and our two girls.

    Its not easy to let go, but its necessary for you to move forward.

    So with that again , Happy Let Go Day!! may what looks like a tragedy today give you energy for your future.

  • Jan Koch

    Hi Pat,
    my Let Go story is pretty similar to yours.
    I worked hard for my integrated degree program and finished it as one of the best in the course. After I got employed, I started to listen to your podcast in the daily train ride to work. Soon I wanted to start my own online business and founded my first company in April 2012.
    It took me more than a year to let go of my fears, to cut off my hours as employee and start my online business.

    Thank you for encouraging me by sharing your story!

  • Raffael Schulz

    Hey Pat,

    Happy Let Go day! It is amazing how much you have accomplished in just 5 years. And thanks for sharing it. I know a lot of people (including me) that you are a huge inspiration to.

    My Let Go story is not as awesome as yours and you already know part of it, but I had an amazing Let Go moment just last week, that I would like to share: In the last week we hit a financial breaking point because a bunch of investments that are very important need to be paid in the next few weeks and then within one week I received (unexpected) invoices with amounts higher than I ever have before. For about two days I was really scared and thought about getting a full time job again, until things get better. But after talking to my wife and praying, I realized that I just need to find a way to get a bit of cash flow going and maybe get some contract work to cover the financial rough patch. I already have a bunch of opportunities lined up and I can continue to grow my business without having to take a full time job to do so. I let go of my fear and I am so happy that there are people like you who motivate us to keep going.

  • Romeady

    You remind me of my “let go day”. Actually, I was the guy who left. 3 years have past and I don’t regret it. I will celebrate in exactly one week.
    So, happy LG-Day! :)

  • jeffrey

    Hi Pat,

    Congratulations to your success. I wish i could replicate what you have achieved.

    My Let Go day is not big as yours. My Let Go moment is that i realized that I can still make a change for my future. Browsing from your previous post I was able to know that I can still choose the lifestyle I want and how I can achieve it. At the moment I don’t have a blog but I am taking actions now. I will be launching my first niche blog soon. I have joined the NSD2.0. I already have my niche. I am just waiting for it to start so I can follow along and will not be lost.

  • Siddhartha Sinha


    First of all congratulations to lets go day for completing 5 years and I watched the video and loved it.

    View my recent post on

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • robkk

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  • Johnnny Dull

    I am glad you decided to let you 5 years ago (even though I know you were fired)! Imagine how different your life would have been if you weren’t fired? Sometimes worst things in life really are blessings in disguise!!

  • Dave T

    Pat congratulations on reaching your milestone mark of 5 years. Here’s wishing you many more years of success to come.

    My story is very similar as yours as I was just recently let go of a very nice job as well. While it’s only been one month since that shocking day I still have that fear of the unknown and what’s to come. But I have decided to push forward and dedicate at least 6 months to “Let Go” and see if I can be even a little successful online following your steps. I’m hoping my story has a good ending as well and that I’m successful.

    I already purchased your book. What an inspirational read! See you at the broadcast today.

  • Thriftypreneur

    Pat, thanks very much for the free share of your book. I’ve been looking forward to reading it!

    Love your story and the work that you do, congratulations on all you’ve achieved. I’ll see if I can’t help spread the word about your promotion.

    Good luck, Pat!

  • Marcus Ritland

    I don’t have a story, but I just wanted to say thanks for all your inspiration Pat.

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on the milestone!

    For a moment I struggled to think of an appropriate “let go” moment of my own, and then realised that my entire adult life was actually based on one.

    Less than 3 months into my first year of college I realised that I was just going through the motions with no idea of what I actually wanted to do as a career, taking classes I had no interest in just because going to college is “what you do”. I decided that wasn’t for me and dropped out, which was very scary given that everyone I knew was still in college and planning their career accordingly.

    The plan was to try working in different industries, travel a bit as time and funds allowed, find out what I did and didn’t enjoy, and hope I didn’t regret the lack of education!

    I’m now 29, have been successfully self-employed for 5 years, and am about to start studying for a degree in mathematics not because it’s “what you do” or because I need it for a particular job, but because I took the time to figure out what I’m really interested in and will genuinely love to learn more about the subject.

    No regrets.

  • JohnS


    Congratulations on your first five years! So glad I’ll be able to learn more about your story (didn’t have the right viewing hardware when it first came out). I was able to let go in my own way in 2005 after many years of more traditional preparation. You have inspired me to see if I can follow in your online footsteps. When you speak about the fear and exhilaration of letting go I can really feel your excitement and desire to share it with the rest of the world. I’ve been making slow (as you promised) progress and learning thanks to your advice and resources you have recommended.

    Thanks to you Pat Flynn, have a great “Let Go Day”!

  • Alexandre B

    Hey Pat !
    5 years online is a great reason to have a party, so happy Let Go Day :)
    Again, thanks for the interview. It means the world to me.

    Concerning my story, I had to let go too. It wasn’t my job but college.

    I considered that I wasn’t where I needed to be. I launch a blog in order to help french people to choose a great WP theme for their website when I was still a student. Then, the work took me a lot of time and I couldn’t work and study at the same time… I had to make a decision.

    I decided to give it a shot. It looked like to be the good choice. I was 2 years ago.
    I try to be the N°1 ressource in that niche and it works pretty well for now. I’ve a lot of stuff planned for the future. It’ll take some work but I like hustling :)

    Thanks for the inspiration !
    Keep up the great work.

  • Rus Anderson


    Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary! I can’t wait for the broadcast, I have questions so hopefully I’ll get picked to answer them.

    For some reason I keep stalling out on the launch phase, maybe you have some advice?

    Thanks for the free audio book! I’m downloading and will listen ASAP and leave a review on Amazon.

    • Rus Anderson

      My let go moment:

      I wish I had one.

      Like you, I was laid off about 4.5 years ago from a job I thought I would have forever. I didn’t like the job itself as much as the people there. They became great friends and that made daily life great.

      I’m learning a great deal from you about how to go it alone and never have to experience that again.

  • Zak Ali

    Often, Dear Reader… having what you want, is a function of letting go of what you have.

    If you know what I mean…

    Odd, huh… the stuff people cling to?

  • Monja

    Hey Pat,
    Hope you are having a wonderful Let Go Day! Congratulations to all your success, it is AMAZING :-)
    My Let Go Day happened on May, 13th 2010. I had a private lessons agency, earned great money and was under total stress – all the time. I did all by myself, had 4 students every 45 minutes each with another subject.
    I couldn’t stand it anymore and got totally burned off. When my husband came to the hospital he said something like “Let it go, enough is enough”. I badly wanted to quit teaching at that time because I already had a small digital scrapbooking online business but I didn’t think it would ever be possible. After all, I earned a lot of money in my business.
    Actually my husband and my family forced me to quit (more or less ;-)) because they were worried that my health couldn’t stand it very long anymore.
    So here I am, two years later and several websites richer earning an income from each of them – not as much as you and many other marketers but a good full-time income.
    Thank you for all you do, I so look forward to the niche site duell.

  • Cybernetic Media Video Development

    Hi Patt and congrats on reaching the 5 year milestone! Also, many thanks for the information you have shared over the years which has been personally inspiring in many ways. I’m in the process of attempting a bit of a business transition myself and I consider you one of my top mentors.

    I just downloaded the free audio version of Let Go and am looking forward to listening to it soon and will absolutely leave you an honest review.

    All the best and have a great Let Go day!

    Dave Doggett
    Cybernetic Media Video Development

  • http://http// Katie Davis

    Congratulations, Pat! This is a GREAT day to celebrate! When I was in my 20’s I was fired SEVEN times before I realized I should be working for myself! It was such a relief…plus, I hated wearing pantyhose! I started my own brick and mortar business (there was no such thing as online then) and have morphed and adapted and now am working almost all online. LOVING it and growing and learning always. You’re a constant inspiration and source of knowledge. Thanks, and thanks for the presents – who doesn’t love a present! I already downloaded your book and look forward to giving it an awesome review, as I know from experience I’ll love it.

  • Liz

    Pat. The day has arrived. Lets celebrate! Mine was last year and deciding to walk away from my 20+ year career in I.T sales in Jan 2013 to build some type of online business that made a difference in peoples lives and allowed me to live in New Zealand and the U.S. I refer to my Let GO as taking a leap of faith. Thanks for the inspiration and the support you give (love your podcast!).

  • Olawale Daniel

    A big congratulations to you Pat!

    I’m happy to be part of the LET GO family, rejoicing and sharing the moment together in one spirit.

    You have really done us proud and this is a proof that what you’re sharing does work with thousands of positive responses from readers, in which I am one of.

    Thank you Pat, God will continue to work with you in reaching more frontiers in your business and personal life.

    – Olawale

  • Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    Hi Pat. Congratulations! I think the most profound time I “Let Go” and followed my dreams was 6 1/2 years ago. I had completed my undergrad degree in psychology and was off to grad school (I thought). Instead I was unexpectedly diagnosed with an “inoperable” brain tumor at the base of my skull (underneath…supposedly impossible to get to). I had about 1 year to live. I took a risk and flew to Los Angeles to allow a brain surgeon to save my life. For the next three years I lay in bed and worked on my masters degree. I had double vision. I lost the hearing on one side. I could not walk, drive, etc. At each juncture of the program, I could do a little more and a little more. I am now a psychotherapist in private practice, but that is not enough for me. I am beginning an online business that I am passionate about. Oh yes…and I was 51 years old when I took my first class at college. I’m 61 now…it’s never too late.

  • Simon Ash

    Hi Pat,

    Happy ‘Let Go’ Day!

    What a great idea! I agree with you, it is so great to celebrate and see the positives in life’s challenging (and often scary) changes.

    I voluntarily chose (many would say foolishly) to give up a largely rewarding and stable job just as the financial crisis was beginning to bite. Even though I had made this big step, the biggest blockage to starting my own business – the thing I had to overcome – was not the job change, it was me. At first I was a little unsure about going completely on my own and I partnered with various small consultancies to deliver my work. Fortunately, alongside this I also started writing a blog and crystallising some of my own ideas about strategic planning and business development. This helped me develop my confidence – as well as my business plan and USP – and in turn led me to write a book, create a website and launch my own business.

    The business, which is called ‘The Right Questions’ (after the blog that inspired it) is a mixture of traditional service delivery – such as consultancy and coaching – alongside the online side of the business, which is more about providing training materials and decision making tools to a broad market.

    Being a start-up has been a real challenge, but one I have relished and have learnt huge amounts from. Creating your own business is like taking a very practical MBA crash course, but at the end you have something even more satisfying than a qualification, you have a company; something that is hopefully going to make the difference to the lives of the people you interact with. Hopefully it is also become something of a legacy; a personal contribution to making the world a better place.
    As I love equipping people I am already working with other entrepreneurs and start-ups, sharing the lessons I have learned and encouraging people as they fight to become established. It is a long way from bomb disposal, but it can be just as exciting!

    Thanks for all your help and inspiration along the way; it has really helped my journey.

    • Simon Ash

      I just realised my comment about Bomb Disposal does not make that much sense without telling you that my first job was doing just this in the military – some way from online business (its funny how we end up doing what we do!)

  • Robert

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats on your amazing journey and thank you so much for providing the audio version of your book here. Looking also forward to the Kindle version of the book and I’m glad you “Let Go”

    Good luck and all the best.


  • Larry

    Pat – trying to play your audio book file, I’m getting an error message saying the file is corrupt. Am I doing something wrong?

  • dppboss

    thank you for your RAOK!!! Much appreciated. You inspire, educate, and shed light for so many people. I couldn’t be more happy to share your message with my community.

    congrats and here’s too many more years of success for you…and your family!!

  • Matt Henn

    Hi Pat,

    My story is pretty similar to yours in that I am letting go due to the fact that I am being let go at the end of this year in December. So really, I am in the midst of gathering all my courage, discipline, and drive and letting go as we speak. The great part about letting go now is it is something I have always wanted to do. What better time then when you’re employer is part of the catalyst?

    The honesty and passion you show through your podcast, blog, and videos is what makes you the best. Thanks for being a mentor to me whether you realize it or not.

    Happy Let Go Day!

  • Deacon Hayes

    Congrats Pat! In February of this year I was put in a position where I had 24 hours to make one of the toughest decisions of my life. I was contacted by Fox News to fly out to NYC to be a guest on their morning show and I was super excited. I went to my employer to ask for the time off and to make sure they were OK with me being on the show. You see, I worked for a company that was regulated by the SEC and they had really strict compliance policies. Long story short, after investigating why Fox wanted me on their show, my employer determined that my personal finance blog, Well Kept Wallet, was a conflict of interest. They said I had 24 hours to either take the site down or to go out on my own. That month I had made about $2,600 in ad revenue on the site, so I decided to take the leap. It was hard to let go of a career that offered so much security in terms of benefits and consistent pay; However, it has been four months and looking back it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    I wrote about the experience here:

    Thanks for inspiring me to Let Go!


  • Jeff

    Congratulation to you “PAT TO THE FLYNN”
    My time for letting go was when I quit my job to figure out how to make more money
    for invest in my music career…Now I’m helping other musicians do the same
    with smart music income thanks brother.

  • Mike Kawula

    Love It: Happy ‘Let Go’ Day!

    Looking back I wish I was Let Go. That paycheck was like a drug and I was to dependent on it. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I finally said enough and NO MORE!

    Pat, you’re an awesome example of what can be done when one is “Let Go”. You’ve got 2 choices and you choose an awesome path.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of being Self Employed and you hear the words: ‘Let Go’, smile, say thank you and take advantage of your time.

    Looking forward to the call.

  • Ree Klein

    Hi Pat,

    You’ve been a huge inspiration to me…and that is an understatement! I “let go” on Oct. 31, 2012. Actually, I was let go (the company closed)! I knew it was coming and had the inspiration for the prior June. Since I saved a tidy emergency fund, I have been able to dedicate myself to my business and I am loving every minute to it.

    Congratulations on the amazing life you’ve built and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Ree ~ I blog at

  • Dave Graham

    Great stuff Pat!

    My “Let Go” moment was not long after I got married, my wife suddenly suffered kidney failure – I got a call at work from her doctor, quickly left work to be by her side…and never went back. Eighteen months later she’d had a kidney transplant, and was doing well, but her health (and that of our daughter who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair) was now too unpredictable for me to hold down a regular job.
    I hit a point where having a job was not an option anymore, and wouldn’t be for the foreseeable future. The only option was to let go of my preconceived ideas of what life was going to be like, and instead choose my path…create the future rather that wait and see…
    Whilst off work, I’d decided to use my spare time to learn some stuff, and one of those things was to handle money better. One book I read mentioned passive income, which I promptly googled and found your blog.
    Since then I’ce started up a few small online businesses, 8 niche sites – although my newbie-ness meant that the first few didn’t “take” – bad research and inexperience I guess.
    I’m not quite earning a full time income yet, but things are growing each month, and I am working on new ideas all the time.
    Thanks again for the work you do Pat – it really does change lives.

  • Lauren Doyle

    Hi Pat,
    I will share my let go story that I just shared with Ariadna (she was on Creative Live too!). She designed the best logo for me not knowing this story. It is of a person hugging a horse with a star above them. Here is the actual email I shared with her this morning, even though she designed the logo about a month ago:
    True Story
    When I was first here in Kentucky, it was the second year I was here, I fell in love with a horse. I just loved him but there was no way I was ever going to be able to buy him and he was for sale. I was working FT on the farm and then working nights at a Subway (fast food) and then a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, to try and make some extra money and I thought maybe, just maybe I could save enough to pay something for him. One night, very frustrated, I went out to see him. I could call his name and he would come running, even in the dark. He came over and I was hugging his neck and petting him and I said, “I have no idea how I’m going to make this work but I’m going to try” and I looked up and saw 2 shooting stars! No Joke.
    About a year later, he was still there and my Mentor and I had gotten in an argument because he had someone coming to look at him (the horse) to buy and I was very upset b/c Ed (my Mentor) knew he was my favorite and he said to me, “Good. Ride him well for them so they buy him.” Tough love was his motto.
    I was very upset. My Grandmother had called and she knew immediately something was wrong and I choked out that my favorite horse was going to be bought and I love him so much. My Grandmother said, “surely there are others.”‘ But there were not. I had trained and sold a lot of horses, but none were like this horse.
    That night, I went out to him again, called him, he came trotting up, I was upset, but I was rubbing his neck and kissing his nose and hugging him and giving him scratches and I said to him,”I don’t know if this is going to work. I tried, I really tried……” and I look up and I see 2 shooting stars again! Can you believe it?!
    I knew when I saw them, he was going to be my horse, no doubt about it.
    That next day, I rode him for the woman and she didn’t like him. Then my Grandmother called me and said, “You know, I’m not going to live forever. We want to do this for you. We will buy you your horse.”
    I was so excited and so grateful and so shocked…….. I wrote an article about it and it was published in a magazine and shortly afterwards my Grandmother died.
    BUT, he is mine. He is still mine and my kids ride him all the time, he is their favorite and he’s still my favorite too.

    So, you can imagine my shock when I saw the logo you designed? Now, every time I see it I think of that. Isn’t that something?


  • Patrick ONeill

    Wow. What a coincidence. Same first name, same horrible event happened to us both, in the same month, same year! In June of 2008 the company I worked for, and loved, went belly-up.

    One Thursday I was being praised and honored on a conference call, and the very next morning 2 suits appear to tell me the company was bankrupt, and my branch was being shut-down IMMEDIATELY! (evidently there had been an accountant and senior level exec absconding massive amounts of money)

    5 years of hard work and dedication, and I got 2 weeks pay and a slap on the back. I know exactly how you feel buddy. So I got immersed into IM, which I had been exploring, and now own a few niche websites that provide a modest income passively.

    I also write full time online and love it, and now have ridiculous levels of freedom I never would have had if the worst/best thing in my life had not happened in June of 2008.

    Your comrade in spirit, Patrick ONeill.

    (found you through Mike Cowles, love that guy!)

  • Curt R

    Congrats Pat.

    Look forward to listening to your book – I have been commuting between Naples & Orlando for a job (ugh) but have been listening to all your Podcasts, so I am enjoying that.

    I had a “Let Go” day that I did not want and a “Let Go” day I am looking forward to.

    I previously owned a home building company and at one time, with various investments, etc., thought I was set for life – then came the big crash – lost everything I owned. Unfortunately I did not handle that very well, lots of depression and misplaced activity disguised as moving forward.

    I recently started a “job” and I am very grateful as my financial pressures have been eased BUT I dream every day of having created a vibrant and profitable online business and thus letting myself go from the job to my definition of freedom – at 51 it feels hard to start over, but if anything, there is even more drive as every day becomes more precious!

    Thanks for all you provide us!

  • Tanya Clapshaw

    I think life is a series of Letting Go, if you do it right :)

    When I was 37, my husband died and I was alone for some time. The first day I admitted I was lonely and went on a date was a huge Letting Go. It didn’t mean that I didn’t miss my husband, it just meant I had chosen to live. Because of that, I am happily remarried, and had a beautiful baby girl at 40.

    Right now, I have Let Go of the idea of having a career with the company that gives me my paycheck. I had the sudden realization that I really didn’t want that next step up the management ladder, and am working on a future I DO want, earning passive income! I am excited every day, and letting go of that old goal is moving me toward my new one. I keep envisioning the next Letting Go–when I give two weeks notice!

    Congratulations on your five-year anniversary, Pat! It just goes to show that sometimes blessings are disguised as sudden upheaval.

  • http://underconstruction(excited) Don’t want to write my name on the wall

    Wow! all comments are from five lines to fifty lines.

    What I want to say:

    When you said, “Happy let go day”. I smiled for you :)

  • Chris

    Hey Pat!

    Let me tell you a little bit about my story. When I first entered university my health began to deteriorate and I also struggled with depression and anxiety. Getting through university was really tough but I eventually made it through. Once I graduated I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but it didn’t matter so much because the day after my graduation I was diagnosed with kidney disease and had to stay in the hospital for over two weeks. Eventually things began to stabilize but the medications I had to take had horrible side effects. At this point I could only work part-time jobs that paid minimal wage. I was very depressed. My goal was simply to just get through each day.

    I hated going to work and there was nothing I was passionate about. I searched for jobs based on what I thought I would dislike the least. One day I woke up and had this total attitude change. I told myself, “I am going to live an awesome life no matter what.” I don’t know where this attitude change came from but it just hit me out of nowhere. I decided that I wasn’t going to live for anything less than my dreams. So I subletted my apartment and moved back in with my parents so I could focus solely on starting my own online business. Because of the struggles I went through in my past I am able to help and motivate others who are going through similar situations.

    I have fully realized that I am the architect of my own life and that it is up to me to design it according to the way I truly want to live. Pat, you are my primary teacher and mentor on how to build a business and lifestyle that is truly worth living for. You inspire me a tonne! Thanks for all that you do!


  • Daniel Hayes

    It’s a bit long, but here’s our (my and my wife Vanessa’s) “Let Go” story: I was fresh from 27 years in the military and Vanessa was just starting her business after being a “stay at home mom” for a few years, raising our daughter.

    Vanessa’s a Professional Organizer and her business really started to take off, and candidly, I was still having some “transition issues.” Although financially my consultancy was successful in the first year, I still floundered; struggling with what I was really meant to do.

    As we were on final approach into PDX for the World Domination Summit 2012, I leaned over to Vanessa and said, “I’m not sure what we’ll take back from the conference this year, but I know this… I really want to simplify our lives.” With that, “simplifying our lives” has been the lens through which we view things and the framework for our lives. We began to reshape our Life Plan. We wanted to find a community of people to learn from and share with, but we felt sort of “caught in the middle.” One one side we have the vast majority of the Western World which is consumer focused, and on the other we feel some attraction to the minimalist lifestyle. Yet, we feel we fall somewhere in between. Since we couldn’t find a community that felt like is was geared toward us, we decided that we’d start building our own! So that’s how Simple Life Together (our podcast and website) was born and the point where we “Let Go!”

    Now, thanks to our listeners, we have a successful podcast that routinely ranks in “What’s Hot” in 5 categories of iTunes! Our audience has grown and our excitement has grown along with it! We have listeners in 124 countries…all over the world. Best of all, we absolutely love our lives and the show! Together we share our stories of struggle and triumph, how we “Let Go” of our previous lifestyle, trade tips, offer encouragement, and help spread our message to others interested in a simpler life in the modern world.

    We do make some passive income that helps out a bit (affiliate links and a review site), and I’ve followed your blog right from the beginning. But I have to say, your podcast has especially been an inspiration! Not just for the passive income advice, but much from your (not just willingness, but) determination to share with those who will listen.

    Thanks, Pat. It’s so obvious you CARE! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Francis Lau

    In June 2009 I was still working in the corporation. However I already handed in my resignation letter. In the same year of April, I realized that working in a corporation is just not for me, mainly due to the office politics. After a lot of consideration, I decided to let go of my engineering position and become a full time tutor for high school and pre-university students. I had always been tutoring part-time ever since I finish high school. I always love to help the students to be more successful in school, at the same time, encourage them to be more positive in life. Also help them out to figure what they like to do as career, help them to set a goal. Quitting engineering is not easy; I studied 4 years for a major in electrical engineering and a minor in software engineering. I worked as a junior engineer for over 3 years in a small company and a big corporation. None of my family supported me to become a full time tutor but I decided to do so. I did not have my own family yet, so I thought is the time to try new things. There was only one good friend of mine that supported me and gave me the idea of been full time tutor. She is one of my student’s mothers; she knows how good I am as a tutor. She is like a mentor to me. Now it’s been 4 years, I still enjoy tutoring very much, I constantly meet new student and help them out. I learn to appreciate life more than before. I have more time to share with my parents. Now that I got married, I can spend more time with my wife too. If I still work in the corporation, I believe I will be travelling around and not being home for half of the time. On top of that I probably have to work about 55 to 60 hours a week. After let go of the job, I appreciated my own time much more. I have my freedom on controlling my own time. My health got better because there is no more stress from the boss. Now I enjoy my life even more.

  • Alex Attrill

    Hello pat I am a new reader of your blog with a first idea for a blog/website I have been reading your blog and am already a big fan my other favourite blog is location 180 by sean ogle another great inspiration I have spent lots of time reading and am almost ready to take action. Anyway love the blog keep up the good work.

    Alex Attrill

  • Megan Pangan

    I remember signing up to be one of the first people from Pat’s list to be notified of his first book, Let Go. Already a BIG fan of his blog, his teaching style, and his story, I knew I just had to have it. When it finally launched I read and watched the whole book in one sitting right before I went to bed. Every word spoke volumes to me and my own story. I felt like Pat was telling me a story about my life as well. I felt like his journey mirrored mine, just a few years ahead of me. It was as if he was walking the same roads that I’m walking now. Unlearning what you have learned is exactly how I saw my transformation to transcend the social and cultural conventions of my upbringing and become something beyond a degree or one learned skill-set. I am so grateful that their are thought leaders and people like Pat to brave the conventions of their culture and upbringing to reach a true happiness and success through the realization of family first and work second. Pat came into my world and inspired me to create a podcast, something that I’d never thought I’d do. Pat continues to inspire and influence abundance in my life and others in the field of online entrepreneurship.

  • Megan Pangan

    I remember signing up to be one of the first people from Pat’s list to be notified of his first book, Let Go. Already a BIG fan of his blog, his teaching style, and his story, I knew I just had to have it. When it finally launched I read and watched the whole book in one sitting right before I went to bed. Every word spoke volumes to me and my own story. I felt like Pat was telling me a story about my life as well. I felt like his journey mirrored mine, just a few years ahead of me. It was as if he was walking the same roads that I’m walking now. Unlearning what you have learned is exactly how I saw my transformation to transcend the social and cultural conventions of my upbringing and become something beyond a degree or one learned skill-set. I am so grateful that there are thought leaders and people like Pat to brave the conventions of their culture and upbringing to reach a true happiness and success through the realization of family first and work second. Pat came into my world and inspired me to create a podcast, something that I’d never thought I’d do. Pat continues to inspire and influence abundance in my life and others in the field of online entrepreneurship.

  • Josh

    Hi Pat!

    I try to live every day as “Let Go Day.” Life is full of opportunities and if I spend too much time worrying about the past and things I can’t control then I will miss many of the opportunities that are there for the taking.

    Just Let Go!

  • Karen Yu

    Hey Pat ! The Let Go Day live stream will start soon ! Can’t wait !

    Here is my “Let Go” Story :)

    ” Look at this running shoe ! It`s very beautiful. ”

    I still remember the expression of the people who passed by the exposition area of my high school. It is already 14 years ago but I still remember it as it was yesterday.

    The teacher of our art course at high school gave us a homework : build a three dimensional running shoe with cardboard. I spent several hours to design it, buy the materials and choose the colors. Everything went smoothly until the last step. It was the time to glue all the cardboard together and the glue wouldn’t come out. It was an electric glue gun. I was pressing on the button but the glue wouldn’t melt…After trying and trying again, I finally surrender and realized that the electric gun is broken. It is not heating anymore… The cardboard that I chose were very sturdy. Normal paper glue will not be strong enough to glue them together. It was already 11:00 pm. I didn’t know what to do…I was filled with frustration…wanted to scream, but everyone in the house was sleeping. I just wanted to use scotch tapes to tape them all together and go to sleep. But it will not look good at all. I spent so much time, trying to pull all the pieces together, and it is only at the end that I realize it will not work out. Should I just try to fix it quickly and get it done even though I will not be satisfied ? I was tired. For a moment, I just wanted to tape it and hand in as is. But I couldn’t do that. I will not be proud of myself…So I decided to Let Go. I put all the cardboard away and decided to start all over. This time, I was just using normal sturdy papers. I didn’t have any other materials. I used normal glue to put them together. But I added a lot more details. Yes, I was using extra times and had to change my initial plan all over, but at least, it was an artwork that I was proud of. I didn’t sleep that night. I was tired, but seeing the final result, I was smiling.

    This unexpected change taught me something: “No matter how far you’ve reached, if something will not work out, no matter what you do to try to patch things up, it will just never work out. Facing this, it might be better to Let Go and take a different route. It might be harder, take extra time, but at least, you will reach a result that you are satisfied with. And who know, it might lead to an unexpected surprise.”

    And yes, It did lead me to an unexpected reward. The teacher chose my work as the most outstanding one and it was displayed in the exposition area of my high school.

    After 14 years, I will sometimes think back of that experience I had and applied it on anything that I am facing.

  • Dan

    Happy “Let Go Day”, Pat.
    Here’s my personal Let Go story in just a few words:

    In 2005 both my wife and I decided to let go of living our lifes in Germany and started over in North Carolina. Everything was new to us. New jobs, new language, new environment and lots of hoops to jump through. It was a risk worth taking and we don’t regret one bit of it.
    Today we’re living our own personal American Dream and our American born daughter is now 4 years old.

    With the inspiration of your podcast and blog I started my own blog in April 2013, where I share some of my experiences and help other immigrants to hit the ground running.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dan

    Happy “Let Go Day”, Pat.
    Here’s my personal Let Go story in just a few words:

    In 2005 both my wife and I decided to let go of living our lifes in Germany and started over in North Carolina. Everything was new to us. New jobs, new language, new environment and lots of hoops to jump through. It was a risk worth taking and we don’t regret one bit of it.
    Today we’re living our own American Dream and our American born daughter is now 4 years old.

    With the inspiration of your podcast and blog I started my own blog in April 2013, where I share some of my experiences and help other immigrants to hit the ground running.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Vinod Poyilath

    All these years I’ve been taking pride in the fact that I’m a perfectionist! And it did help me all through my career in an engineering firm. But having taken the leap and been working for myself and my online business ventures for a few months now, I’ve come to the realization that perfectionism is not the best way to move forward for an entrepreneur.

    I’ve come to the realization that waiting for the perfect launch, the perfect tool, the perfect camera, the perfect mic, the perfect logo, the perfect site, the perfect post or even the perfect mindset is not going to give you results.

    Now I know that when you are your own boss, you just have to LET GO of perfectionism and focus on getting things done. And it is not easy! Even as I type this, I cannot say that I’m completely over it, but I know I’m on my way.

    I am letting go.

    Thanks for being the inspiration you’ve been over the years. Happy Let Go Day!

  • Kwin

    Congratulations Pat.

    You’ve do so much more than make lemonade from lemons!

  • Benny

    Congrats Pat on the response so far! Should be really cool. Will there be pizza at the event? 😉

  • Manikandan

    Hi Pat,

    For me there is lots of Ups n Downs. Yep, I never expect this much of twists in my life. While studying my dream was to become a Cricketer. But unfortunately I met with an Accident on my schooling exams. And its completely changed my life.

    Then I choose IT as my industry, joined Engg in Comp.Science. While I am studying, I found that my passion was in Internet Marketing. So I decided to start my profession in Internet Marketing as an SEO Analyst.

    After that I am following lots of People in Web, especially Darren Rowse of Problogger and Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey. Then I start to learn myself on Blogging and start my own Movie blog. Its just a Hobby.

    In between time, I got a chance to check out your website. From then, I am a regular fan of SPI blog/Community. Learnt alot from you and your blog.

    Now I am an Internet Marketing Consultant helping Global Companies to spread their Brand across web. Currently planning to start my own PVT ltd firm and interest to do something good.

    My Dream is to become a Billionaire and thereby create more jobs. I am on my way.

    Thanks alot for sharing your Inspirational story with us. Let Go is simply awesome. Once again thanks for giving this opportunity to me to share about me. I hope you can rock and achieve something big in near Future.
    Cheers to all our SPI friends 😉

    Yours Manikandan.


    Hey pat can you send us and email broadcasting when you live?
    The the time difference can have some of us miss it..Just a quick note saying
    Hey I’m now live..

  • Molly Mahoney

    First of all – I just rescheduled a 12:30 voice lesson so I could participate today! So excited! Thank you so much for all you do!

    Here’s my “let go” story.

    While working as a Actor/Singer/Dancer on tour the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” I had a really long talk with my good friend Elizabeth Ward Land, while sitting on the floor of her dressing room. She was playing the Baroness and has a slew of Broadway credits. I had gotten engaged while on tour and was looking forward to starting a family someday with my soon to be husband. But I couldn’t wrap my mind or heart around the idea of making that work while living in our wonderful 400 square foot apartment in NYC.

    While on the road, I had been teaching with a company called “Broadway Connections.” I loved connecting with kids in different cities across the country and seeing their little faces light up as I shared all I had learned while working as a performer for the past 7 years. Liz and I also shared a love for knitting, crocheting and felt making and… I had been lucky enough to have a few crochet patterns published while on tour. Even though I had these other passions, I was always concerned that friends and co-workers would think I was quitting the business or giving up. She helped me to see that there can be so much more to life than just focusing on WORKING all the time, even if it’s something you really love.

    Through talking to Liz that day and then later to my musician husband, I made the super scary decision to shift my focus. I stopped working at being a performer and started working towards being a mom who also happened to sometimes perform, sometimes teach musical theatre and yarn crafting classes. My 10 year goal was to open my own dance/yarn studio. Something with a name like “Kick ‘n Knit” Where kids could dance and sing while their parents played with fiber. : )

    Since then… we’ve relocated to California, I’ve been teaching like a mad woman, performing here and there with my hubs, doing social media management and web programing for my dad’s tree trimming business, and most importantly I have an AMAZING 1.5 year old son.

    Up until about a month or two ago… I was really happy but feeling really unfocused and therefore unfulfilled work wise. Your website/podcast/blog etc has helped me to pull everything together and I’ve never been more excited about a project. I’ll be announcing my new website The Prepared Performer later this week, and I can’t wait to use all you’ve taught me to share my passion with my students and new students who find us through the site.

    I really can’t thank you enough for helping me focus after I made the choice to Let Go 4 years ago. Yahooo!!!

  • Jeff Goins

    Awesome, Pat. You are rocking it!

  • Ani

    I thought about it and wrote a guest post about it a while ago. I guess it has been the most honest story I have revealed so far. Below I am reposting it. I feel extremely happy letting my corporate career go!

    Working for multinational telecommunication company had been my main goal for a while, and one fine day I was actually hired. When I got my dream job my life had completely new twist. Our company was launching in a new country, which meant that everything was completely crazy, extremely stressful and terribly fast. I was facing a big challenge and was entirely absorbed by the job, which kind of eliminated all other aspects of my life.

    Paying high price for the achievement

    I was coming home by the time my son had to go to bed. I had no time for my husband since I continued working from home and often worked on weekends. The mobile phone had become my enemy since it had 50 daily incoming and about 25 outgoing calls. It rang until almost midnight and annoyed me and my family. I had become a zombie, who did not enjoy life because life passed her by. But as all zombies, I was brainwashed and thought that it was temporary and soon things would get better.

    Knowing that it’s time to quit

    The first time I signed my resignation was when my son hugged me late in the evening when I came home, started weeping and asked me to ”tell the boss that you are out”. The resignation brought forward lots of promises, most important of which was ‘‘hiring someone to share my workload”.

    I signed my second resignation almost a year later from the first one and there was not even a job announcement for that ”someone”. By that time the stress and frequent nervous situations made me taking herbal pills, which helped me in the beginning, but not that much thereafter.

    Finding out what you don’t want anymore

    Finally that long-awaited ”someone” was hired and it seemed that I got back to the more or less balanced life. But something had happened inside me meanwhile and the dream job became just a job, the enthusiasm left me and there was no motivation anymore.

    I felt that my expectations were killed and I had nothing to look forward to. My week mornings were tough, just from the thought that I had to go to work. My office hours were boring just because I knew that whether the project is completed well or not did not matter anymore, and I always had the feeling that I should do something else instead.

    My life values and the job were no longer compatible. Maybe it was because deep inside I felt that this job had no value anymore. The corporate job cannibalized everything I wanted to do with my life. It left no time for my personal life and simple life pleasures. And what is more important it killed my dreams.

    My creative and independent nature was waking up and making me feel trapped. I longed for freedom. There was a strong desire to follow my passion and to invest all the time and energy to what I love, as opposed to the prosperity of a breathless brand.

    Can’t tell why exactly, but back then I felt that I had no choice. I thought that it would be irresponsible to give up the income. To me the move would be demonstration of egoism. I felt miserable and depressed knowing that things most probably won’t change. In short, I was merely existing and not living anymore.

    Listening to the inner voice

    But no matter what, my inner voice was talking to me all the time. It told me that ”there is a choice”, that I had to ”follow my dreams”, that ”being egoistic is OK sometimes” and that ”we have only one life to live”. It took me quite a while to trust my inner voice, which told that I should have listened to my son and quit with the first resignation.

    It took a long time to realize what I would like to do with my life, but it took much more to get the courage to make the first step. Finally I signed the third, and final resignation.

    Getting happiness through change

    After two and half years I finally became free. The most important thing the job taught me was appreciating the free time, and the simple things in life. Maybe I would not be happy if I did not have that job, because it somehow led me to where I am now.

    Now I can do what I like most – write. Now I do not have to hurry, I don’t feel guilty switching off my mobile and I don’t stress out (well, maybe I do in very rare occasions?). I notice small, nice things on the streets, I have a smile and music for my mornings, and I know how it feels to have a happy family.

    I now read, learn and grow – both spiritually and emotionally. I feel complete and am in balance with myself. I’m back to the kitchen, back to the gym, back to my blog and back to all those nice things, which are still going to happen… Now I am together with the inspiration, the muse, the creativity and the freedom – making new plans, creating new writings and chasing new dreams.

    Remembering what’s important

    Before setting goals make sure that it’s what you really want. Trust yourself and don’t ignore your inner voice. When things get rough, it will whisper the right answer to you!

  • Jake Bauer

    I’m just starting out on my online journey. I can’t wait for my own “Letting Go” story. Thanks, Pat, for all the inspiration and congratulations on your success!

  • Stephen Hart

    Awesome stuff Pat! Been following you for like 3+ years now and I’m forever motivated by you. When I began following you, my exposure to web and digital media was more of a hobby. In 2005, I’d co-founded an alternative investments firm with a close college friend. Through ups and downs we grew the company to a 7 figure revenue generating firm but I felt that on the personal end, our partnership was a gross failure. We’d never done the sensible structuring of the partnership on the front end and I was constantly in a fight over the direction of the biz and what ea of us saw and wanted for the company. Our vision/values went in clearly opposite directions. In summer 2011, I made the decision I would LET GO. Because of the lack of an agreement, I also let go of hundreds of thousands of income I had built up in this biz and took a much small equity payout which didn’t include future income. I did it for the sake of my marriage, sanity and peace. I walked away in Dec 2011 and through a year of exploration after that I realized my heart and passion was in web/digital/social media marketing. I have been working non-stop in 2013 toward lauching a social media concierge for small biz needing a resource to help manage their social media platforms and web marketing strategies. Too many just don’t have a road map they’re following and don’t have the focus to DIY. They need a concierge to help them through it. If I’d not let go Pat, I’d not be the person I am today. I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and 6 yrs I spent building a biz that’s now thriving without me, but I’ve never been happier. I do know now that I’ll one day re-build something else amazing and I’m excited as I work toward this next great success. I do believe that the grass is greener where you water it and that’s what I’m doing now. Thanks for reading. SH

  • Mary

    I love the way you have turned this anniversary into a celebration. I am so happy for your continued success (which is why I read your updates regularly).

  • Faith Watson

    Dear Pat,
    Thank you for the audio book download. You have plenty of inspiring stories to select from here; no need for me to add one of mine to the mix. Just wanted to say I’m tied up during your celebration today so I can’t join in, but I’m really glad I checked in to read all these fine comments. It helps to build community–and people do feel more hopeful when they have a chance to look back and forward, too! I know you’ll have a great time sharing the wealth and connecting with your followers. Enjoy Let Go Day, what a fun plan and thanks again for the nice promotion.

  • Michelle

    Congratulations Pat!

    Thanks so much for the audio of your book. I’ve already purchased the Kindle version, but will tremendously enjoy listening while I work and I’ll leave a raviing review.

    I’m still in the midst of my own Let Go story and your book, podcast, blog, etc., has become my inspiration. I listen to the podcasts over and over to keep on track and especially when I get the “I can’t do it right now” attitude.

    Happy LET GO day and thanks for all you do to help and inspire others!


  • Jane

    This is just what I needed to start to save and heal my marriage. This morning I had started to pack as things had gotten so bad. When I started to think about “letting go of the past” I sent the following email to my husband

    “can we try to let go of the past and start again on new, even ground? And make it something different and better? And keep reading and learning new techniques? Neither one of us learned from our families of origin how to love and be loved. I would like to try I just do not know how to get over the pain of us and the pain of my past.”

    I think letting go of the pain and starting fresh may be the answer we need. Thank you Pat for doing this today. It was just the push I needed to get over the hurdle that was going to end my marriage.

  • Michal Szafranski

    Pat, you already know how you have helped me, but I’m more than open to share my story with your readers. There will be also some new facts for you.

    I have several “let go” examples from my life.

    First one was in year 2000. I was a happy, young and open employee conducting two jobs at once. I was journalist and IT Manager of the publishing house in Poland. It was good for some time but… every job required more attention. And my son was born. I decided to let go and reduced my workload by half, deciding to become full time journalist and leaving my full time IT job 😉

    But it was no more than two years when I realized traditional journalism is going to nowhere and I really don’t see myself doing the same job in next 5 or 2 years. And then it became harder. I was enjoying my easily earned salary, however I was unhappy and I was missing my IT stuff. It took me almost 6 months to let go. I’ve ended my journalist career and started working in small IT company focused around custom software development. I loved it. I was enjoying project management, business development and all other stuff.

    In 2008 I went snowboarding and one of my jumps went really bad – I was bouncing like a ball off the hill. I happily survived but I have broken two legs at once. I went through complicated surgery and realized I will be “grounded” for several months. Physical pain was nothing compared to my mental state. Not only my legs were crashed. My mind and self-confidence was too. I’ve already written my story and you’ve shared it on your blog in October 2012 Income Report. You know how you’ve helped me. You know how your podcast helped me train to achieve my dream from the early days of me laying with broken legs – the dream of running the marathon.

    It took me three long years to chase my dream. Last I year I did it and this was my biggest “let go” story. The one that helped me to rebuild my self-confidence again.

    What happened since then? Last year I’ve also launched my blog where I help people learn how to manage their personal finances, how to save and buy smart and how to live better life. My IT business development job doesn’t give me the same joy as it used to. I feel I can do better by helping others. And this is my last “let go” story: I’ve already decided I will follow my passion and grow my blog. I’m leaving my job on 26th of July. Was it easy? No! I’m earning very nice money and additionally I’m the only source of money for my family. I’m scared like hell but I’m willing to change my life.

    Will I succeed? I don’t know. Will I try? Yes, definitely! What’s the worst case scenario? If I run out of my savings I will have to get back to 9-to-5 job. I hope I won’t have to :)

    Thanks Pat for being my constant inspiration! You are big part of my two last “let go’s” :) I hope you will be part of many more others, my friend.

    Cheers and congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

  • Zack

    Happy Let Go Day!
    I actually let myself go at my job in August of last year. I had been there for 11 years and thought it was time to just let go and try to make it on my own building websites. It’s been the scariest decision of my life, but the most rewarding. I have not had to report to a boss in almost a year and it feels amazing.

    Thanks for creating this day and I’ll be there for the live celebration!

  • Johnny Rogers

    Hey Pat! Congrats on the 5 year anniversary. I have not completely let go, but I am encourage and very hopeful. It’s people like you and many others that continue to give me hope and inspire me.

    I especially appreciated the podcast you recently did when you had Neil Patel on (SPI 67 – Niche Site Dual 2.0 episode). I discussed it with my wife and she is in the process of creating her own podcast. Thanks for all you do!



    Chicago South SEO

  • Chen

    Just wanted to congratulate you and express my thanks for all that you doing. I learned a lot and am sure that I will continue learning even more.

    Happy let it go day!

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    At 8 months pregnant with my second child, I fell and broke both my legs. Going through labor and delivery, caring for a newborn, toddler, husband and home while I had both legs in casts up to the knee (one pink and one blue) taught me that if I can get through this with my sense of humor in tact….I CAN DO ANYTHING! 18 months later, I started the first online novelty maternity store,, and I haven’t looked back since.

    Reading your story in “Let Go” showed me that the people who look at life with optimism are the ones who make the choices that lead to their own “being in the right place at the right time” opportunities. Most of the time those “right place at the right time” scenarios are really slaps in the face to get out of our own head, “Let Go,” and just do it already! You lost your job, Pat, and I broke both my legs…..slaps in the face if I ever saw them!

    Great job, Pat, and I can’t wait to be fueled by what you do next – NSD 2.0 anyone?

    Here’s to a stratospheric launch today!

  • Sam Nelson

    It was new years Eve 1986. I was 11 years old.
    I had just come back from a day of skateboarding with a friend. I flipped on the television and was startled by a horrific fiery plane crash being covered by the nightly news cast. At that very moment, my mother rushed into my bedroom and flipped off the TV. “You need to come with me,” she said. The next few moments would change my life forever. My father was a musician, and that plane that I saw on television was my father’s plane that had crashed in Texas on its way back from a New Years gig. He and his entire band were killed. Only the pilot and copilot survived.
    His death had an impact on the entire nation. Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and the grief became an almost endless cycle of memorials , tributes, and trauma. Of course it was a different time and information, which was limited, had much more impact… but to me, it was a defining moment. I watched as people around me, family and friends, couldn’t move on. They struggled (and still do after 25+ years) to break free from the loss. At that young age, I knew that the only way I was going to survive, was to make my own way, and let go.
    Over time I have learned that true strength comes from your open heart AFTER its been destroyed. Inspiration comes from those who embrace that idea, and fully understand its power and importance. There is no question you do Pat. Thanks for everything. It’s a privilege to be able to celebrate “let go” day with you.

  • Shannon W.

    The one thing that most of us find the most solace in during our lives is our sense of personal identity. Once formed, one can never be prepared for the pain that comes from losing those things that we consider integral to our own being.

    I used to breathe, eat, and sleep yoga. For nearly one-third of my life I was “that girl” with the lotus flower tattoo, Om stickers, and home made malas. On Saturday mornings at 5:00 am you would find me on a quiet beach in Fort Lauderdale for sunrise meditation and asana practice. And, if you ever rode in my car, you learned real quick that kirtan (yogic devotional music) can indeed be mixed with electronic beats. Throughout this period my biggest dream was to someday take yoga teacher training (YTT) and then teach yoga.

    I remember that summer evening like it was yesterday. My husband and I were frustrated over our family budget and brainstorming ways to bring in some extra cash flow. I suggested teaching yoga and he jumped on the idea. The stars must have been aligned that night because I found and started YTT that very next weekend.

    The program was called an intensive for a reason. For the next two months if it wasn’t yoga-related, it simply didn’t happen. I spent 25 hours per week on yoga teacher training–this on top of my 45 hour per week paying job!. Meanwhile things were crumbling in my personal life. I didn’t let that hold me back, I put every drop I had into realizing my passion.

    That is, until I received some poor instruction and a bad adjustment and popped out my right SI Joint.

    The SI Joint is at the base of your spine, where it meets your pelvis and is integral in distributing your upper body weight across your legs. It was horrifically painful! I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes, I walked at a snail’s pace, bending forward or down just didn’t happen. Needless to say, yoga was out of the question.

    I put my beloved yoga program on hold and focused on healing in order to complete the program the following spring. Unfortunately, even after six months of improvement, yoga proved to be outside of my reach. I sat and cried at my keyboard the night that I had to officially quit yoga teacher training. I cried more when I had to release that part of me that I loved so much to be–the yogini.

    However, there was good that came from the situation. One of the requirements of the YTT program was that we perform four hours of seva–selfless service. Before I quit, I stumbled across a new non-profit looking for someone to develop their social media presence and, since I had done this before, I jumped on it. has since gone live and is doing very well with nearly all of our traffic originating from Facebook and Twitter. I feel great about the impact that I’ve been able to make. What’s more, during my research for this work, I stumbled across a little website called (perhaps you’ve heard of it?!) which has inspired me with some very exciting ideas. I’m working on building a website right now discussing treatments for SI Joint dysfunction and am excited to see where this will take me. Even if I never make a penny, I’m proud to be developing a resource to help others.

    When I left yoga I lost a vital part of who I am. However, by letting go of the desire to return to yoga, I have freed up space in my life to pursue new interests. My new passions have helped me to realize that I have many talents beyond my ability to touch my toes.

  • Haroun Kola

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story and your life as an inspiration to us.

  • Jan Koch

    I had to Let Go of my fears as I started my internet business in March 2013 and told my boss that I’m about to quit my job.
    And it was your book, that encouraged me!
    Thank you so much!

  • Leticia

    When my husband received a new position and I had to leave my job in order to relocate with him, I was forced to let go and find what would really make me happy for life rather than having a job that paid the bills. So grateful for that.

  • Sergey Marchuk

    Exactly 2 months ago, I went on my own and have been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life… I’m pursuing something that I’ve been passionate about for a while and I’ve just seen amazing results by doing what I love to do…

    Not only am I free to make my own schedule but I’m also able to work from wherever I want to; Currently, I’m watching Pat’s #letgoday from a park while streaming internet through my phone. Afterwards; I’m picking my son up from daycare and going to play at his favorite park: Something that I wasn’t able to do before (since I was traveling 3 out of 4 weeks in the month)…

    How cool is that? :)

  • Darlene

    Hi Pat and SPI team, my interview with Pat is live on my site, how do I get it added to the list above?

  • Richard

    Watching the uStream broadcast now. Pretty neat!

  • Will Griffiths

    I was a civil engineer in Australia and I was working on setting up a business on the side when my friend (Pete) and I decided to go on tour with my friends band (Pigeon).

    We were driving from Melbourne to Adelaide and it was the end of We had a few nights in Melbourne and the next stop was Adelaide. Detouring past the 12 apostles we switched drivers and then I took a nap in the passenger seat.

    I woke up when we’d just gone through an T-intersection at 110km/h. I felt the car hitting the grass, I saw a wooden pedestrian bridge through the windshield, we flipped and I heard the splash as the car filled up with black brackish water.

    I ended up hanging from my seatbelt upside down fully submerged holding my breath. I was stuck in my seatbelt for a while and I managed to focus, unbuckle and swim out the smashed passenger window. I opened Pete’s door and a random stranger pulled him out. We both walked away from that crash with minor injuries and a renewed appreciation for life.

    From there we decided: if we’re trying to start a business so we can travel… why not travel and then build a business. :)

    Krakow, Poland checked all the boxes. (Student city, beautiful city, cheap, in Europe and Pete spoke the language.)

  • Kristin

    I was just telling my kids last night that it doesn’t matter so much what hand you are dealt as it does how you react to the hand. Reading on your site today about your “Let Go” day was a great re-enforcement of that philosophy.

    My big let go moment came thirteen years ago when my husband came home and announced he wanted a divorce. Marriage and parenting had always been the most important thing to me and I was completely blind sighted by his decision. An earlier let go moment had occurred just months earlier when my sister was killed in a car accident and her five year old daughter joined our two young children as part of our family.

    I really could not imagine life would ever be good again, but with three young children, I didn’t have time to dwell. I walked away from my very successful professional career and started a new one, with less stress and more enjoyment and am happy to say that thirteen years later I am more successful and much happier than I ever thought I could be. I would have never taken this plunge had it not been for the circumstances at the time. I can relate to your let go moment quite a bit and as a result of mine, don’t feel a fear of the future and what it may hold. I have a firm belief that the power of positive thinking can overcome any circumstance that is presented.

  • Sandy

    I, too, was “let go” to seek other business opportunities in 2008. I was devastated at the time, but it has borne out to be the best thing that ever happened. I am happier in my work than ever and have learned so much about SEO, social networking, and from finding your website, backlink building.

  • Mike

    it says the link file is corrupt!

  • Leah Latini

    I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, I actually sold painted rocks door-to-door as an 8 year old LOL! I finally decided to leave the world of traditional jobs/working for others after my daughter was born in 2008. I wanted to make sure I could create my own schedule and be there for her no matter what.

    It has been tough at times, but I have finally begun to make consistent income through my freelance projects and marketing clients. I will DEFINITELY be participating in the Niche Site Duel 2.0 and will be launching a podcast to go along with the site. I felt like I had won the entrepreneur lottery when I was referred to your site. Thank you for all that you do Pat! 😉

  • Melvin

    About 6 months ago, I left a company I helped get to a million in sales. They were my biggest client, I walked away from my 6 figure income. I had to just unplug and go to california and hang out in the mountains for a few months. =P

    It was so nice, i just left a didn’t tell any of my clients, it was extremely unprofessional but i dont regret it. The clients I liked understood and are still with me after my hiatus. I let go of all my responsibilities, got rid of my phone, and am rebuilding my business the way I should have done it from the beginning. The hardest part was pressing send on the resignation email. After that it was smooth sailing. – Melvin

  • Darlene

    Hi Pat: my stories of letting go

    I’ve had a few times in my life when I’ve come to the place of surrender and just Let Go and once I did that my life took off in such a more positive direction.

    #1 getting a divorce: letting go of a 14 year relationship, and a business that I spent 12 years building was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was painful and took a long time to let go of holding on to what was and looked forward to a new future. I found support from family and friends was key to that experience of moving on. Best advice I got during the roughest bit was “no matter what just keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward”.

    #2 a few years ago I Let Go of a well paying job by choice to get remarried, buy and RV and travel Canada and the US for 6 months with our 2 cats. It was hard to leave that security and move into uncertainty but it was the best decision I’ve made in years. I’m now back to working for myself, teaching what I love (photography) and building a sustainable online business that I never could have imagined before. Fear keeps us stuck way too often and letting go of fear usually leads us in surprisingly great and unexpected directions.

  • Darryl Brashier

    I am still in the process of letting go. I’ve been in electronics, computers, networks and IT generally for 40 years and it’s time to let go. The money is good but there’s no security, no loyalty, no support from corporations, and I cannot trust that I will have a job.

    My choice has been to start learning Internet Marketing and I am struggling to find a niche and a style. I’ve been online forever so I’m not afraid of the technical side. I have to let go, but I need to have wings to fly, too!

  • Philip Randolph

    Enjoy following your blog, podcast and now watching LIVE stream. Your Audio File download for Let Go is not working – would love a copy to listen to.

    • Philip Randolph

      Got it now…thx

  • Matt Sullivan


    Two years ago we were going through a rough patch in our business. I sat my wife and children down and gave them the option for me to go get a job a corporate job or for us to work together as a family. If I were to get a job – I would be gone all day, but our financial woes would be over. We could go out to eat and have vacations. If I were to stay at home – it would mean they would get me spending a ton of time with them, but we would not be able to do a lot of extra things for awhile.

    They chose to work with daddy and today we are way more successful in our business and I am excited to start my online business in the Niche Site Duel 2.0 for another stream of income.

  • Élan

    Happy Let Go Day, Pat! I’m enjoying the live event. My Let Go Day story is a love story. When I graduated college, I had everything planned out for myself. I knew exactly where I was going and what steps I needed to take to achieve success in my desired career path. It all changed when I fell in love with with a man who lived more than 9,000 miles from me. The constant travel and then the immigration issues really shook up my plans! At times, I felt some resentment because my “life plan” was shifting. Now, I realize that “Letting Go” of selfishness and learning how to be a good partner was an even bigger reward than falling in love. We’ve been married two years and although my plans have changed, I couldn’t be happier!

  • Andi

    My biggest “Let Go” experience happened when I had my daughter almost 3 years ago. Prior to having her, I had a thriving private practice as a psychotherapist and I was also a clinical director for another therapy provider. I REALLY wanted to stay home with my daughter after she was born, so while I was pregnant I made arrangements to finish working with my clients and transfer them if needed, and I closed my private practice. I also let the company I was a director for know that I would be leaving. It was scary but also exciting!

    After I had my daughter, I had a number of very difficult experiences that made this one of the most challenging (but ultimately rewarding) times of my life, including a traumatic delivery, having emergency surgery two weeks after having my daughter, and a raging case of postpartum depression that lasted for 6 months.

    Even after recovering from my postpartum depression, I was left with the feeling that I had NO IDEA who I was anymore. A lot of my identity was tied up in myself as a psychotherapist, and I spent so much of my time with clients and attending training and consultations, so when I found myself at home with my little one, it was very disconcerting. I had to completely rebuild my sense of myself, and honestly, I’m still working on that!

    I’ve also begun working on new business ideas that will allow me to be home with my daughter but will also let me to express myself creatively and be of service to the world. It’s definitely a steep learning curve, and I thank YOU, Pat, for helping make the journey a little easier! :-)

  • Darin


    Congrats on your Let Go anniversary. I know that the work you do with your podcast and blog has made a great difference for many people. It is always one of the first resources I recommend to people who set out to create their own path in life…especially with many of the great online tools and training. You’ve got a great story and provide tremendous value for others who need your knowledge at a critical time in their lives. I worked full time for three years after college (which was valuable) but have enjoyed life the most since I have been able to do my thing focusing on intersecting my strengths, passions, and values with something the world needs. Thanks for keeping us innovative with the tools, tips, and stories you share.


  • Jim Krenz

    I was born left-handed. At the age of five, I was learning to ride a bike. When I was almost to the point of having the training wheels taken off, a neighborhood bully passed me on his bike, and he reached out and shoved my handle bars. I lost balance, fell to the ground, and landed on my left arm, breaking the bone.

    My left arm was in a full cast for an extended period. I had to let go of using my left hand. During this time, I taught myself to use my right hand for everything. To this day, I am able to use either hand equally well.

    My lesson from being bullied? Become ambidextrous!

  • Caren

    Hi Pat,
    I think my letting go has come in many forms A.) I ran two businesses, one a cleaning company, and B.) a night/lounge wear line (design & Manufacture) I also just stared teaching a budgeting course for free on facebook to friends and family. As I do this I keep wondering how all would match together (while I feel strongly in my bones) this is what I must do.

    Light bulb moment, putting this all together while letting go of my confusion. Here what is true, #1.) I must run this cleaning company successfully, so as to fill that side of me, (all things must be clean) while employing people :) I love it.

    #2.) I love the feeling I get when designing and on the machine (crazy, I know).

    #3.) teaching, I’ve always been a teacher in so many ways. Rapping everything together, I teach people how to plan and use their money for things the need and want through budgeting. Exp. the best cleaning will cost you less because it’s quality and saves the client time. Once you have time to relax, you’ll want to do this in my lounge wear, and because I’ve shown you how to plan for all this, how could you go wrong.

    I let go and found myself within myself (the things I love to do )

  • Sibo

    Hey Pat, it is great to hear your story and share your great success with you. Congratulations, friend!


  • Jana

    Pat, I downloaded the audiobook and was just listening to it, but around 41:55 the sound just stopped and the rest of it is completely silent. Is this some sort of glitch on my end, or is there something wrong with the file?

  • Catherine Mills

    My “Let Go” moment was more personal than professional but it has affected my business decisions as well. I have always succeeded by being too stubborn to fail. For me, that was a badge of honor. Refuse to fail. But sometimes refusing to accept failure keeps you from succeeding somewhere else, at something bigger and more important.

    By my early 30’s, I was hanging on to several huge failures just because I wouldn’t let go. I was convinced that I could still make these work. A business that was failing. A marriage. Expectations that I had placed on myself about what I should be doing, what I should be happy with, what I should want in life, etc. And to cover all of my unhappiness I was working my life away trying to keep everyone else happy. I was miserable.

    A friend of mine told me that if I make myself happy, the others in my life would adjust and end up happier in the end as well. Did I believe her? Nope. I wasn’t selfish. (Another badge I valued.) I couldn’t look out for my own happiness first….I owed other people what was best for them…especially my kids.

    Over the course of about 6 months, I realized that my deep unhappiness was actually hurting those that I cared about the most. I remember one day in particular. I came home late from work and immediately tensed up as I walked through the front door. My daughter, then about 6, did something…who knows what but it really wasn’t bad. But I yelled at her. I YELLED at my daughter because I was angry/miserable because of other things in my life. That day I realized that instead of making her life better by putting up with the status quo, I was hurting her and my son.

    It wasn’t immediately apparent what I needed to do, but I came to the decision over the next few months that the best thing I could do for my kids was to Let Go. Let Go of what I thought was best for them. Let Go of a 10-year marriage. Let Go of these expectations of what my kids needed…money, stability, college fund, etc. Let Go of the path I was on. I knew it would be a hard break for everyone involved…Kind of like ripping off a bandaid but MUCH bigger and more painful, but it HAD to happen.

    That was in 2009. Since then, I’ve re-evaluated what is important to me. I know now that what is important to me is modeling healthy behaviors/relationships for my kids, spending time with my family, and actually enjoy life. I’ve realized, that while I need to pay bills, I also need to measure my life by how much I live it rather than by the money I make.

    Today, we aren’t rolling in the dough but we are happy. My kids and I have developed a very open and trusting relationship. (And my ex-husband and I have found that we are MUCH better parents separately.)

    Did it hurt my pride to “give up”? To fail? Yes. But LIVING life and enjoying GREAT relationships with those I love feels amazing.

  • Caren

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks you, for being you, I’ve learn alot from you and still am, your blog and your news letter are just fab :)

  • Liora Hess

    Congratulations, Pat! Here’s my review of your book and your video reply to my question.

  • Deanna Shanti

    Hi Pat!
    Thank you for all that you do! My Let Go story started with 16 years of working at the County Welfare Dept and pretty much hating the last 13 years of control and negativity. An opportunity to own my own Metaphysical shop dropped in my lap and I took it and quit my job. My finances had never been so low in all of my life, but my happiness and joy far outweighed the need for money. Last year we sold the business and have moved to Kaua’i where I’m very happily working a little part time job at a home improvement store. I’ve decided I will not ever stay where I’m not happy. It’s just not worth it.
    I’m having trouble downloading the audio book, can I get a little help?
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  • Curtis

    I left a six figure income job, not easy by the way. The job was great, but required all of my time. I took a local job for less money. Why? The answer is easy, family and entrepreneurial pursuits. I haven’t made it yet, but I’m soooo close. The closer I get the more I can taste the freedom. It’s intoxicating. :)

  • Javier Hernandez

    Hi Pat, Thanks for the great Let Go day! y really enjoy the webcast and quality information. Thanks!

  • Bruce

    Ah Pat, I missed the broadcast as the email came out the same day. But I did buy your Let Go book on Kindle and thought it was a fun, enjoyable read. Your blog and your story is inspiring!

    Kind regards,

  • Dustin

    I got fired once, from a job I went to because it promised the non-monotonous structure that I was in at a local university. I could sit and do the same thing for a year, or move on, so I moved on. Then, it came, the day I got let go. They wanted to “move in a different direction.” All I heard, was that they wanted me to sacrifice my families time and at times, my moral values by leading on to features in a software product that were not yet complete. Long story short, this was the beginning to my path to discovering “48 days to the work you love” author Dan Miller, who slowly re-shaped how I thought about work. As I continued on this journey, I secured a job that actually paid LESS than my unemployment check(which expired in a month), but it was in a school district which fit me well, and was relatively stress free, and I had an awesome boss. No micromanagement, no fine tooth combs, but just a sense of trust and friendship that I truly enjoyed.
    Then I did it…
    My wife got a part time job doing something she loves, while also running a full time daycare in our home. We started paying an employee, but quickly discovered, that, if we cut out $200.00 per month in expenses, I could quit my job, we could watch more kids, and even out the income easily.
    The best part- I was my own boss, and I could finally prioritize my family first, behind my job, AND pursue my own passion, roasting coffee. I’m available. Those two words mean a whole lot. It’s as if a weight is lifted when you have the choice to say no, and the choice to be the best father I can be.
    With influences such as Dan Miller, Free Agent Academy, and books like Pat’s Let Go, I’m empowered to take control and make my own choice – the choice to be available. It has meant the world to me and to my family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Melissa

    Thank you, Pat, for your generosity. Looking forward to listening to letting go.

  • Christian

    Great webinar today, I really loved it despite the audio hickups that seem to follow you around the country lol! Hopefully you can do these sort of live shows on a more regular basis! I also just wanted to say that I have read your book several times already and I really, really love it! Especially the part about your train rides, and how your mindset began to change. Its really so very motivational!! Congrats on your let go day! By the way, I also posted a book review over at my site if you are interested in checking it out! I really think its something my readers will love!

  • Tim Morrison

    Congratulations Pat. Thanks for leading the way for the rest of us…

  • Fawne Fellows

    Hi Pat and congratulations!

    Recently, I had to let go of my younger son and his “blame everything on everyone else” diatribe. He’s an adult so it isn’t like I abandoned him on a doorstep…but it was still one of the hardest things I have had to do thus far in my life. It still tears me up just writing about it, but (and this is the shining moment) I feel more relief than sadness.

    He is his own person. I am mine. I hold on to me and the strength it took to tell him good-bye (even though he wasn’t around to hear the words).

    Now I move onward and reach for the life I want with my husband and our travels and our new business ventures. That matters to me. Feeling wonderful matters.

    Again, congrats on the anniversary and looking forward to many more years!

  • Theresa Randall

    Hi Pat, Very grateful for the free audio download. Listening to it right now!

  • Jason

    Congratulations Pat! You are an inspiration to all of we aspiring online entrepreneurs. I look forward to seeing the progression of SPI under you lead.

  • Carlie Hamilton

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks and congrats on 5 years!

    I haven’t actually shared this on the web yet, but I actually got let go two weeks ago. I feel like it was six months too soon, dammit!

    So I feel like I’m stuck. I love working for myself, but I’m not making enough money to get by yet, so I still have to look for a new job, even though my heart isn’t in it!

    I am getting married in three months, and we were planning on buying a house but that has been set back now. I know you were in a similar spot five years ago, so I take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one.

    Well, Pat, here’s to the next five years!

  • Pooja

    Hi Pat,
    I have download audio file, that’s good and very inspiring for me.
    I am on Let go Way.
    Thanks for sharing information.

  • Maggie

    Wow…a big thank you to Pat and all the commenters here for sharing your amazing stories! Pat, if you choose to celebrate “Let Go Day” next year, I hope to have my own story to tell…in fact I’m going to mark it in my calendar for 6/17/2014…”To Do: Post my Let Go story.” After all, a goal is a dream with a deadline, right?

  • Norm

    Gratz on letting Go 5 years!

    It will be nearly 3 years now since I let go of the rat race! Left a 6 figure pay packet to build my own online empire.

    You are an inspiration of what you have done, I am continuely inspired by what you have done with your blog and your business.

    To another 5 years of success


  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Thanks for the video and audio Pat,

    I think “Let Go” is really intense concept within itself.

    Often we attach ourselves to things which become our integral part of life and we start feeling that this is the best what we can do and can be with. But when that things falls apart or detaches itself from us, we either can start worrying through out our life about it or just “let it go”.

    And, I understand Pat that you “Let Go” your past and leveraging your exploring nature, you created a new arena of online income generation platform.
    You have opened the door of possibilities to thousands of people with your true and genuine advices.

    A BIG thank you to you and take care.

  • Francis

    Hey man, thanks a lot for the book. I rarely comment on blogs, but I want to say once again thank you. I really appreciate everything you do because it’s hard to find people in this space who are as honorable as you. Even if I wasn’t into entrepreneurship, the online world, or any related activities, I would still listen and follow your stuff. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who are socially responsible, entrepreneurs, and just plain nice.


  • Navid Moazzez

    Hey Pat
    The broadcast was awesome, and you’re book has inspired me so much to go out there and take the right action.

    I am starting to let go more and more, and I really read your book at the right time, because if it wasn’t for that I would have probably still made up lame excuses, but now instead my site is live and I am getting amazing feedback from the interview we did together earlier this week.

    Once again thanks for including a link back to my site in your post, really appreciate it. Thank you for everything you do, the future is bright :)

    All the best

  • Stephanie G

    Hi Pat, I have downloaded the audio file and listening to it while typing this comment. He!He!

  • Igor@CK

    Looking forward to listening to ebook and thank you so much for sharing it! Was also on the meetup last night, dropped a couple of comments 😉

    As for my Let Go moment in life, there were some, but one of them is also connected to your podcast! You were hosting MjDe Marco on his book Fastlane Millionare, which really opened my eyes in terms of business.

    At the time I was only doing freelance work (services) and was very thin on income. Recession hit hard in my country and customers were more and more late with payments, work was scarce too. His book (and your show) showed me another vision on how to structure and lead my business. I turned 180 degrees, and am now allready enjoying some of the benefits from the new strategy I try to implement every day.

    Keep up the good work and best greetings from Ljubljana!

  • Arwin Adriano

    Wishing you all the best Pat. You are a living proof that there is always hope just like how the saying goes “There will always be a rainbow after the rain” You are an inspiration to all, keep it up and never change your generosity by setting yourself as an example. God bless you.

  • Beth

    Missed the live LetGoDay but after reading the comments, I realize that I also have a Let Go story. Almost 16 years ago, I Let Go of my dream to be a successful big firm attorney to raise my children. Haven’t regretted one minute of it. Now that they’re getting older and are more independent, I’m hoping to harness some of those rusty skills and largely unused and expensive education to create something useful to people online. I’d rather avoid the rat race and pressure that accompanies the practice of law in a traditional sense. Thanks Pat and Congrats on your success.

    • Gerry

      That part right here, “I let go of my dream to be a successful big firm attorney to raise my children. Haven’t regretted one minute of it.”

      That part makes me believe there is hope for the feminist-by-choice-to-be-a-mom woman out there, that not all North American women obsess over “feminism” about being CEO or how she doesn’t let just males be successful. In my eyes, as a father and as a husband, the most powerful, respeectable woman isn’t the one with a wall of accolades and promotions but an empty house and heart; It is the woman who could have had it, but chose to do the most important job in this world: to be a mother and raise children full-time. Cheers to you.

    • Aida

      So sorry I missed this event Pat! Your story inspires me to think outside the box in light of my interests… However, I also wanted to comment on Beth’s post about her choice to be with her kids. I also made the same choice years ago but at times I have often second guessed myself. More recently though I do see that time is going by very quickly and that before I know it my eldest will be going away to college. I am also seeing that they are the most important people in my life. I am thankful I have this short time with them. Thank you Beth for reaffirming what I believe and value as well.

  • Stephen

    Pat – you’ve inspired so many people to follow you. After reading your blog since 2010, I took the decision in fall of 2011 to quit the corporate cage wheel and focus on my aspirations and dreams.

    I have been my own boss for a bit more than a year, and I have never regretted my decision. My piece of advice to everyone who is considering a similar step: Learn as much as you can, while you are still employed. Start your business with a proven business model!

  • Justin

    June 10th 2013 was my personal let go day. That was the day I quite all my other work to focus on Extreme Health Radio full time. I know exactly what you’ve talked about. The fear, the anxiety, the lack of security and then the realization that everything is in your hands and the sky is the limit. Thanks for inspiring me to take the same path you did (albeit slightly different in that I chose to let go) and for all that you do in your community.


  • Miguel

    hey pat, when is the replay coming out? missed the live session but will devour the replay once its out.

    thanks for all you do. you’re awesome!

  • Pamela

    Born and raised in New York, I always wanted to leave. In the Winter of 1988, I left my apartment and went to volunteer at a missionary campground. I was fearful, because I have a teen aged son. Once I decided to make the move, everything fell into place. There I went on to attend bible school, there I met my husband of 23 years, and I broke free of that fear of leaving my hometown. It was the best thing I ever did!

  • Pamela

    Born and raised in New York, I always wanted to leave. In the Winter of 1988, I left my apartment and went to volunteer at a missionary campground, in Richmond Va, I was fearful, because I have a teen aged son. Once I decided to make the move, everything fell into place. There I went on to attend bible school, there I met my husband of 23 years, and I broke free of that fear of leaving my hometown. I am now living in NC and love it. It was the best thing I ever did!

  • Trung Nguyen

    That’s really a interesting story. After then, I was wondering should I Let go like you :)

  • Jeremy

    Ah,… I miss the audiobook download. Let go is not an easy task but I’m trying my best to let go…. Are you planning to visit Asia Pat?

  • GTO

    Thanks for the “Let Go” download, Pat. I listened to it today at work, and was very glad to learn more about you, and the origins of “Let Go Day”. (I esp enjoyed your reflections of the train ride to work, seeing the surfers, and feeding your brain with podcasts – and man, I *LOVED* the part about the MeetUp with Jeremy & friends – so funny! and also so “WOW!” Just hysterical & great, both!) I left my Amazon review as promised! (tho now I wish I wasn’t as “dry”, oh well, I didn’t want to sound like I was gushing I guess.) I also signed into NSD2.0! Not sure what I’m doing… but I’m doing it! Thanks! Cya! GTO

    • GTO

      Sorry, I meant to include a time I’d been “Let Go” or finally learned to “Let Go”. I suppose both situations were present in one particular romantic relationship. I don’t know how I allowed my self-esteem and self-worth to get so low over the years, but when I reconnected with an old friend on Facebook (where else?), I felt like a changed man! Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with baggage, and the relationship became a crazy rollercoaster. Eventually, when she broke up with me (in a “Dear GTO” email), I felt ripped apart. (As I mentioned, I had already been struggling with low self-worth before she even came back into my life, so this sent it over the edge. I was a mess.) It took a couple years for me to start healing. Time helps so much. And to finally see that my issues were less about her, and more about my own weaknesses. A HUGE part of my healing came from taking control of my financial life (via Dave Ramsey) and seeing that my income shouldn’t define “who I am” or “how I feel”. I still struggle, but I’m getting better every day. That, in a nutshell, is my story of being “Let Go” and also my learning to just “Let Go”. Thanks. Sorry for rambling.

  • Mike T

    Loving this, thank you for what you do! Got the audiobook!

  • Larissa Galenes

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much for including my blog post about Let Go Day. I was fortunate to be able to attend, and I had a great time. Even made a connection with another podcaster/blogger in my city…small world!

    Thanks also for all you do for your readers and listeners. You are an inspiration to so many (especially me!) and I am filled with gratitude. Keep being awesome, Pat, the world needs you! : )

    Peace & Veggies,

  • Andy

    Hey pat,

    I was just browsing netflix and thought i’d found a movie about you! Even looks like your Let Go logo.

  • beachmama

    My life-changing let-go moment is when I filed for divorce ten years ago. After tolerating an oppressed, abusive relationship for 26 years, I finally ‘woke up’ to life passing me by.

    My second life-changing let-go moment is when I sold the beautiful home I built, lived in for 21 years and where I raised my son. As painful as it was to sell my home, it was another step forward into a new life with my second husband. We now live on the coast where I’ve dreamed of living for a lifetime.

    Some people get lessons in life much quicker than I do but I’m grateful that I’ve gotten them at all ; )

    Thanks so much for your podcasts and all of the amazing information you provide. You interviewed a family member of ours, Cara Comini on a podcast and that’s how I found you. Also, wanted to make sure that you knew about the ‘Grumpy Old Geeks’ podcast. They gave you HIGH PRAISES which, BTW, they don’t casually dole out!

    I am currently on a very tight budget but have set your book to the top of my ‘wish list’ on Amazon and look forward to reading it on my Kindle.

    All the best to you and your family ~

    • beachmama

      Um . . . just saw that the Kindle edition is only $2.99! Just bought it and can’t wait to dig in!

  • Mike Jeffries

    Hi Pat

    First thanks so much for the Podcast tutorial – recently got mine going and have made the first 3 posts and will have my first well known guest this week.

    My story of letting go – I was a divisional CFO for a Fortune 500 company and in the spring of 1987 I was introduced to a consultant that company had brought in to work with my group. Fortunately I had been gone to see a headhunter and they were in the process of making me an offer. So here I was a button down corporate accountant type going to make the leap to headhunter on a 100% commission basis.

    So before they could let me know that I was going to be replaced I walked in and quit and my boss said “wow that is quite a flyer you are taking” but I knew I couldn’t work for him anymore.

    I knew I had found my calling – after a bit of a struggle to get my sea legs in the last half of 1987 I went on to be one of top 10 recruiters in the country in 1988 and 1989 – I was making 3 times what I was as an accountant. Interesting – my old boss ended up getting the ax in 1989 and he came to me for help in finding a job.

    Since then I have launched 2 other businesses the first I sold in 2002 – I am in my 11th year for my current business.

    I believe the chance of entrepreneurial success is much greater today than when I took a flyer and left the corporate world – there is so much help available that just wasn’t accessible before the internet.

    I won’t say it hasn’t been scary at times or that I have never been down but the highs are much better in your own business.

  • Theresa

    Let Go: From Unemployed to $50k/mo = good stuff, I enjoyed!

  • Grace

    Hi Pat!

    Your story continues to inspire me and many other people. After many months, I decided to create a new website under the market of teaching people online business. I am really struggling to find the right thing to do that will make me stand out among the thousands of others who are doing the same thing. Do you have any tips on how to make a website like this stand out?



  • Tanned

    What an interesting story ! Thank you for it, you’re really good !

  • Matty

    you’re an inspiration Pat. I think it’s been 4 years since I quite my job. Couldn’t imagine ever going back now

  • SBI Clerk Recruitment

    You are really good pat, thanks a lot for your Story. I am your happy reader from 2010.

  • Riley Freeman

    Well done, I know leaving formal employment is not an easy to do. The hardest and most successful part is finding your voice and commercializing it.

  • Virginia (The Heartographer)

    I love how celebratory you are about having been laid off. :) I’m similarly giddy about having been let go from a tech company contract that I wasn’t really enjoying, anyway! Hooray for starting our own better things.

  • Paul Boughton

    I downloaded ‘Let Go’ and listened straightaway. Thank you for your gift. Much appreciated. It started me thing about what I really want. It’s not fame or fortune (ok, maybe that would be nice, especially the fortune).

    For me it comes down to this: Yes or No. Yes, I will do that. No, I won’t do that. That’s the choice I want.

    Simple to say but hard to achieve. We will see.

  • Ajay Prasad

    Great Story shared! Loved it!

  • Terry

    Hi Pat;

    Listened to some of your posts (so far). I can relate so well to your story of job loss as I went thru similar boughts of job-loss over the years. It’s a real growing experience. When I was out the last time – about 3 years ago – I put together my INNERpreneurship e-Book to share what my landscape looked like – working for others – available FREE for download from

    Produced d a video – Show #024 – of my story and epiphany of the INNERpreneurship / ENTREpreneurship road.

    Hope others starting their careers understand why they should NOT bet the family farm on life-long security from working totally for others and start something of their own – like my TDKtalks and your SPI.

    Great posts ! Will continue to listen to the remaineder. Congrats on the e-Book.


  • Rina

    I will take the time to visit the site, probably will come to share stories as well

  • Jeff

    As soon as I’m done reading the book that I’m reading now. I’m going to read your book. I’m sure it’s an easy and informational read. As I find your articles and blogs are.

  • joe

    I think people need to be told that if they “let go” in the sense of becoming self employed, they will have to get their own health insurance, unless they can get on with another family member, of if they choose to risk it and go without it.
    Self employment health insurance, in my view, is the single biggest challenge in being self employed, yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen one MMO blog that encourages people to be self employed mention it.
    Having your own healthy insurance basically means you don’t go to the doctor, unless you are willing to pay cash for treatments, which means again, that most just can’t go ( or unless you want to pay a massive monthly premium).
    If you never go to the doctor then this is not really an issue ( ie if you are young in many cases) but if you are somewhat older and you need treatment, then its very likely you will have to simply suck it up.

  • Blue Racoon

    My” let go” moment would most definitely be the day I deleted my Unity 3d game engine. I have been using it for 5 years and it was pretty much the only thing I had a thorough knowledge of to use proficiently to make games with.

    Unlike other media and jobs, if someone is a game developer, they are in that field by choice. It is a looked down upon field which does not get half the respect most jobs get. It requires commitment and facing the belittlement of others who view your career and hobby “as a kid’s game”, despite the high level math involved, the wonder and responsibility of creating a story others can experience themselves, or the diligence it takes to continue in your project when things get tough.

    Long story short, I HAD to delete the game engine which I had used for 5 years. The decision was by personal conviction and was extremely tough for me given I was ready to start getting serious and make a solid career at that point.

    That was approximately 1-2 months ago and I have decided to use C++ to write my own software. I am starting the learning curve and have to start all over learning a new tool. I hope to be able to use my past experience to my advantage given I know the way a proper game engine works and the steps to producing a game.

    That is my “let go” story. It may not seem as drastic since it isn’t a “real job”, or I wasn’t using for my source of income, but it was my moment and I have shared it.

    Thank you for reading.

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