My Insanity Results

Insanity ResultsFor the last 60 days I’ve been going through what many people would call HELL – and I would not disagree with them.

That said, it was worth every single drop of sweat because now I can easily say that thanks to Insanity, I’m in the best shape of my life.

We did it!

60 days ago, I had written a post announcing that I was “going insane“, primarily because I was losing the great shape and high energy I once had after previously finishing P90X, a 90-day at home fitness program from the same company.

When I finished P90X nine months ago, I wrote a post sharing my results that inspired a lot of people to change their lives and give P90x a shot too. I even convinced one of my idols, Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey, to finish his first 90 days too, as you can see here.

After my first round, I started over, and after 4 weeks I gave up.

A few weeks later, disappointed, I started over again – only to give up just 2 weeks after that.

I couldn’t believe it.

And not only was I letting myself down, I felt like I was letting all of you down too – everyone who followed me on my 90-day life changing journey that was slowly changing back to the way it used to be: minimal exercise (if any), making poor food decisions, and putting things off until tomorrow.

Thinking Positively

After a few months, I wanted to try again.

But, instead of thinking about why I had failed over and over again, I began to think about why I was so successful the first time through. (I’m pasting what I wrote in my “I’m Going Insane” post for you below, because these are extremely vital):

  1. It was my first time going through the program, so it was always new and exciting to me.
  2. I had clear goals that I was working towards, like specific body fat and weight loss, as well as numbers that I wanted to reach for particular exercises (e.g. 20 pull-ups).
  3. I was writing down everything and tracking my progress every single day, which is recommended in the program.
  4. I had a lot of people holding me accountable, since I mentioned it on the blog and to a number of my friends. I did not want to fail those who were watching me.

That’s when I got Insanity and started to take things seriously.

What Insanity is Like

The program is called Insanity for a reason.

All of the workouts are very cardio-based, which is the main difference between Insanity and P90X.

With P90x – some days you do a cardio workout, other days you might do weights, stretching, yoga, etc. With Insanity – all of the workouts are heavy on the cardio, and it’s a lot more intense in my opinion. After the warmups, I’m dripping sweat.

If you want more info on how these two products compare, feel free to ask me in the comments of this post.

Why I Like Insanity

I like Insanity a lot for a number of reasons:

First, the workouts feel relatively short. In the first 30-days, they range from 35 to 45 minutes per day, and in the last 60 days, a DVD never goes over an hour. Plus, because you’re moving so fast and hardly have any time to think, it goes by even quicker.

Secondly, you don’t need any equipment beyond what you would need to run around the block. No pull up bars, no weights – nothing. It’s all you and gravity – that’s it!

Thirdly, you can rest, and you don’t feel bad doing so. During the videos, you’re actually encouraged to rest if you feel the need to (and your form is going bad), and trust me – in the beginning, I took a lot of breaks. Plus, the people behind the instructor also take a lot of breaks too, which is very encouraging because it makes them seem like normal people who get tired, just like me.

And lastly, it gave me great results…

Insanity Results - Front and Side

Insanity Results - Back

The Fit Test

With P90X, you take a fit test on day 1 and another on day 90 to see how much you’ve progressed. With Insanity, you take one every 2 weeks.

Here are the results of my bi-weekly fit test, which comprises of doing the following 8 exercises as many times as possible, for 60 seconds (with a 1 minute break in between each):

1. Switch Kicks

A front kick, alternating legs, above the waistline.

  • Day 01: 119
  • Day 15: 142
  • Day 36: 145
  • Day 50: 162
  • Day 63: 166

2. Power Jacks

A jumping jack, except when your arms come down you include a squat.

  • Day 01: 48
  • Day 15: 65
  • Day 36: 72
  • Day 50: 77
  • Day 63: 84

3. Power Knees

Start with your hands together over your head, and simultaneously bring your hands down while bringing one of your knees up to touch. Repeat as many times as you can.

  • Day 01: 100
  • Day 15: 126
  • Day 36: 128
  • Day 50: 150
  • Day 63: 156

4. Power Jumps

I hate these! Jump in the air, bring your knees towards your chest and slap your hands to your knees. When you land, squat and repeat.

  • Day 01: 30
  • Day 15: 55
  • Day 36: 100
  • Day 50: 110
  • Day 63: 105

5. Globe Jumps

Jump to the right reaching for the sky, then squat and touch the ground. Do the same backwards, to the left, and then forward to complete one rotation. One rotation counts for 1 rep.

  • Day 01: 6
  • Day 15: 11
  • Day 36: 13
  • Day 50: 14
  • Day 63: 13

6. Suicide Jumps

From a standing position, put your hands on the floor in front of your feet, jump your feet back so you’re in a pushup position. Then, reverse. Bring your feet in, and jump from the bottom and reach for the sky.

  • Day 01: 12
  • Day 15: 20
  • Day 36: 22
  • Day 50: 23
  • Day 63: 30

7. Push-Up Jacks

These, I love. In a push-up position, you simultaneously speak your feet wide while you go down for a push-up, and then reverse. It’s like you’re doing jumping jacks with your feet every time you do a push-up.

  • Day 01: 25
  • Day 15: 30
  • Day 36: 35
  • Day 50: 45
  • Day 63: 45

8. Low Plank Obliques

In a push-up position (except with your elbows resting on the ground and hand clasped) you take one of your legs and lift it to the side and forward towards the shoulder on the same side. Repeat with other leg.

  • Day 01: 51
  • Day 15: 70
  • Day 36: 90
  • Day 50: 102
  • Day 63: 121

Although I dreaded fit-test day, I always felt so great afterwards. Keeping track of your progress like this in anything is a great way to stay motivated.

My weight is virtually the same as it was before, which was my goal: to lose fat and gain muscle – but maintain the same weight.

As far as body fat percentage, I know I lost a lot, but I have yet to get a true reading because my at-home BF scale is very unreliable. I’m hoping to get a professional to measure for me in the next few days (at the local gym).

My Biggest Motivations

Our Shoes - and Gizmo!

Besides trying to prove to myself that my first round of P90X was not a fluke, and wanting to get back into the shape I was in before, I had two major things that really kept me going throughout this entire 60-day journey, which I did want to quit several times.

First, there’s all of you, the fans of SPI. Some of you even emailed me and sent me tweets to check on my progress, which is just awesome.

Thank you for holding me accountable. I did not want to let you down!

Secondly, and most importantly, there’s my wife. My wife, April, participated in the 60 days of Insanity with me, the entire time, and she rocked it!

April even performed better than I did on several parts of the fit test. She was my biggest motivator and always picked me up when I was too lazy to workout, and she always encouraged me to keep going when all I wanted to do was stop.

She’s the most amazing wife and mother. I’m so blessed.


Diet is hugely important, and many say that it’s actually more important than any exercising that you do – and I agree. Generally speaking, if a person wants to lose weight, he or she must be smart about what they eat. If you want to bulk up – then you’ve got to also be smart about what you eat – but in a different way.

I’ve learned so much about diet since starting P90X, and both programs come with a nutritional guide that will definitely educate you if you need it.

I forgot where I learned this analogy from, but it helps me to remember to eat well, especially when I’m working out a lot. The analogy is that your body is like a car. If you have a high-performance vehicle (sports car, muscle car, etc.) and you want to take good care of it, you’re going to need to give it good, clean, and powerful fuel. Feed it crappy fuel, and the car isn’t going to perform like it should, or even perform at all.

I’ve been following the Slow Carb Diet outlined by Tim Ferriss in his latest book, The 4-Hour Body, which I won’t talk about in detail here in this post – but it works, and there is one thing about the diet I’d like to mention.

The coolest part about this particular diet is that one day a week (just one!), you can eat whatever you want. Like, seriously – anything you want.

Saturday was my “cheat day”, and during the 60 days, I ate/drank pizza, In-N-Out burgers, taco bell, lots of buffalo wings, chocolate shakes, flaming hot cheeto puffs, beer, donuts, frappe mochas, and a lot of other things you wouldn’t normally eat when on a diet.

It sounds like the dumbest thing in the world, but the science behind it in Tim’s book is great.

Insanity + 4 Hour Body = win

What’s Next?

Last time, I gave up on P90X the 2nd and 3rd time around because I was bored with it.

Insanity is faster-paced and I think I could go another round or two with it without getting bored, but luckily there’s a new program out there that I have already purchased.

It’s called Insanity Asylum, and it’s the next step for those who graduated Insanity and want more. It’s only a 30-day program, but it’s supposed to be the toughest at-home fitness program ever – and if you look up “Insanity Asylum” on YouTube, you’ll see why.

I was actually recently challenged by a good friend of mine, Tony DiLorenzo from, to a little competition. Tony is in week 4 of Insanity right now, but once he’s finished, we’re both going to do Asylum at the same time and at the end of the 30 days, we’re going hold a little fitness and strength competition at a local park or rec center.

We’re going to see if anyone else in the San Diego area would like to join us, and it might turn into this fun little social meetup / competition thing. I’m really pumped about it!

So Tony, if you’re reading this – it’s on buddy!

If You’re Interested…

I’m now signed up as a BeachBody coach, which means that I can help you if you’re interested in getting started with Insanity or P90X, or any other type of BeachBody product. I could have done that anyways, but really what this means is that now I earn a 25% commission from affiliate sales for these products, instead of 5-6% from’s affiliate program.


I just wanted to be honest about the links in this post, so feel free to go through my affiliate links for Insanity if you’re interested. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t, but of course I’d be forever thankful if you did.

If you do purchase through my link, let me know if you need some motivation to get started or someone to hold you accountable during your program, and I’ll do my best to make sure you get where you want to be.

Insanity Results

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  • Paul Cunningham

    Mate, well done. Looks pretty tough!

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    This is INSANE! :)

    I really love it when you come out and become more transparent just as this post does – it makes it easy to connect with you more.

    There is a HUGE developments within those 60 days and this exercise proves further the importance of consistency in whatever we do. It’s really great to see that your wife also motivated you greatly and in this and I’d like to believe that had a huge impact in the results you achieved.

    Thanks so much and have a great day!

    • ifeta johnson

      WOW onibussa ! Any more request for transparency and I would be convinced that you are gay !

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          With you, Anya.

          Ifeta, there is so much success to go around be happy for other peoples successes, no matter how small they may appear. 600 hits for Oni, simply needs a well done Oni. Take the hits and enjoy.

          The simple fact Pat feels improvement in his health and body is enough for anyone to congratulate. Encouragement and support by Oni or anyone doesnt need to be heading down the gay comment path. Be happy for others success and you will get your fair share.

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  • Haru

    wohoo..and now u look incredible-so tough and of course, seems so so jealous with u..

    i dont know whether i can have a body like friends keep talking and pushing me to go the gim. lol

  • Akil

    Nice results pat keep up the good work but honestly I think you look ok before. I think you just need to get toned up and I can see the picture that you are definitely getting tone up. Don’t become one of those stick figure people seriously. I think tims books are good to a certain point because he is already stick thin and there is a line between stick thin unhealthy and healthy. You dont need to be stick thin to be healthy some weight on the body is needed to maintain balance but being toned is also a plus. Wish you much more success.

  • Tom Ewer

    I think I’ll pass!! Great work though Pat.

  • Sheldon

    I’ve been going to the gym with my 15 year old son for a few months… just weight training. I’m 49. Insanity, or your site, states “for beginners only”. What do you think? Please don’t throw in the legal “consult a physician first…” it’s understood.

  • Tom Ewer

    P.S. a question I’m sure has been answered many times before – how do I change my avatar?

    • Dror

      Hi Tom, Just open an account at and attach an image to your email address. That’s it. Every time you will comment with that email address the picture you attached will be shown as you gravatar.

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    hey Pat, I love the way you integrate personal/body development topics and ideas into your make money online blog and our mindset :)

    Keep up the great work my friend.

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    Wow Pat This was great to wake up to and read. Your results are awesome! So inspiring. Congratulations on your success.

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    Hey Pat….it’s been a while. So glad to see how much you’ve blown up since I started following you in 2008. I did Insanity to lose weight before my wedding last year…very intense! I didn’t finish, but I lost some weight. And yeah, Power Jumps should be deemed illegal!

  • Steven

    Progress looking good Pat – just in time for summer too. I’ve also been trying to work out more lately, but I just moved back into my parents place and now I’m eating like a pig again. :/

  • Joe

    Great job Pat!! I just completed my first marathon, so I have the cardio dialed in. Time to work on the strength. I’ve got P90X on my 2011 goals list, so now I have someone to work through. Good to hear you’re a coach now. Once I get through my August family vacation, it’s crunch time. You’ll be hearing from me. :)

  • James Eustice

    Nice results! I’m training for a Muay Thai instructor test in September and was looking for a supplemental workout on my off days. (And I hate running) Looks like insanity is the way to go. Another great post. Thanks Pat!

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  • Graham Lutz

    Pat – I was reading through this whole post thinking “well if he isn’t doing the slow-carb, its all worthless!”

    Great to see you figure out that body composition is not about calories in / calories out!

    I’ve been working the 4-hour body with my wife and we’re down 22 lbs. and 18 lbs. respectively in 3 weeks! It’s freaking crazy.

    • Pat

      Dude! Well done Graham! That totally rocks! What are you enjoying on your cheat day? Hehe.

    • BrianH

      I case you guys haven’t run across it yet. there is a forum for discussing 4-Hour Body at

      There are some really helpful people on there if you have any questions or need any support.

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    Great job! Ready for a weird coincidence? I attended an event for the I Have a Dream Foundation, and Insanity-creator Shaun Thompson was there.

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    I will be looking into this program Pat,
    I am currently 6′ and 240 and want to tone up and gain more muscle in my back and shoulders.

    • Pat

      It actually did a lot for my back and shoulders, a lot more than I thought it was going to do for me. A nice surprise!

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    HOLY SHIT! I’m so impressed and inspired by your progress. Your profile shot especially, its like a different person! Thanks for posting this, you rock dude!

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    Hi Pat, This is interesting and wonderful..You’ve really changed in appearance…

    Thanks for not letting us down.

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    Hi Pat,

    the pictures look great. Physical exercise and a good diet are so important to keep your mind active and productive.
    I’m glad you are posting this kind of information because many people consider you a role model in business. I hope they do it too when it’s about workout.


    • Pat

      Thanks for the kind words Cristina, that’s exactly why I’m happy to share this information. Cheers!

  • Tom

    Great job for starting and finishing. So many people quit, sort of like New Years resolutions, I’m gonna quit smoking, and so on.

    I’ll pass on the Insanity since I’ve been working out for the past 20 years or so. A couple of my work counterparts use Insanity though.

  • Jen-Run in My Shoes

    Awesome job finishing the 60 day Insanity program. Just finished my 2nd week and I’m dead haha!! I’m so loving the hard work because I know it will pay off. I’m already feeling stronger and healthier! Can’t wait for more HELL :) You are an inspiration to so many! Keep it up. Great motivating post!!!

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    Wow, this sounds like something I need to do. I’m a marathon runner but I’m pretty good sized and know I have plenty of body fat (5’11” 200 lbs). I’ve gained 15 lbs since running Chicago last year (fresh out of college, best shape of my life), and want to be better than where I’m at.

  • Dustin | Fit Marriage

    Fantastic results, my friend! I’m really excited to follow the Asylum challenge between you and Tony. And I’m looking forward to the fall when all three of us can throw down in a P90X:MC2 challenge!

    Keep it up, Pat.

    • Pat

      Thanks Dustin, and thanks for the inspiration. Now if only I could grab a bat and get on the field like you in your profile picture, I can REALLY test the results of this workout, hehe.

  • Jeff Ochoa

    Awesome job man!!!! Those Max work outs are no joke. Now you have to try Asylum. Yep, it does get even harder.

    • Pat

      Asylum is already in my house, waiting to be opened. I’m scared, but excited :) Thanks Jeff!

  • Matt Campbell

    That is awesome Pat – I’ve been experiment with the slow-carb diet too and when I stick to it the results seem impressive.

  • Jordan

    The bad news: I left my wallet at home today.

    The good news: I have my credit card number memorized.

    I ordered through your link Pat, now I just need to stick with it!

    • Pat

      Jordan – you rock dude! And it’s been a pleasure speaking with you on my Facebook page today!

  • Benny

    Great job Pat! The back picture is great. You back blew up in size. That’s awesome. Congrats! Asylum looks really insane!

  • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    That super amazing Pat, CONGRATULATION. Right now I am working out at the gym to get in shape and I am doing great as well. Lost Over 18 Pounds in the last 6 weeks and I am feeling great. Your results inspire me to give Insanity a shot though.. Maybe next month.

    You did great man.. Now keep up the healthy habits and don’t go back to where you are coming from 😛

    • Pat

      Thanks Casey- I think my wife and I both have the motivation to keep the results we’ve worked so hard for the past 60 days. Definitely don’t want to start the cycle over again! Cheers!

  • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    Hey Pat, since you are a beachbody coach now, do you have any information on there shakeology product?

    • Pat

      Yeah actually, I am a little bit through my first batch (chocolate), and it’s easily the best tasting supplement I’ve tasted so far, and based on what I know it’s exactly what the body needs. To be honest, I haven’t been using it long enough to say, based on experience, what the results are like, but there’s a commercial out there for it that talks about what you’d have to eat in order to get the equivalent nutrition as in one 8oz glass of the stuff, and the list was ridiculous. You can read more about it through my link HERE..

      • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

        Thanks Pat will check it out now.

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    Can a VA workout for you? Ha ha!

  • MD

    Good job. You said it best when you stressed the importance of diet. That’s what it’s all about. I got my little brother to go on the slow carb diet for a few weeks. The other day at the gym some girl asked him what college he goes to. He’s only 14 lol!

    My only problem is that instead of a cheat day, I have a cheat snack during the week.


  • Stacey

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been waiting to see these results – thanks for posting!

    I notice some knee bands in the pictures and I’ve heard Insanity can be crazy tough on your joints — did you or your wife find that to be the case? (I’ve also looked up Insanity on You Tube and noticed some people had to stop mid-program due to knee problems)

    Also, I always wonder how sustainable these workout systems are. Did you feel like you couldn’t sustain things after P90X and your body went back to what it was like before? And what are your thoughts on sustaining this killer Insanity physique for the medium to long term ? Will you just have to keep working out 6 days a week at the same level or could you adapt a more moderate approach?

    Thanks for your thoughts on this and congrats on your results so far!


    • Pat

      Hi Stacey! I started wearing the knee bands about half way through, based on a recommendation from a number of different people. My knees weren’t hurting at all, but it was recommended to put them on before each workout to prevent long-term injury, because the workouts definitely put a pounding on the knees.

      As far as sustaining, I think as long as I eat correctly I could keep the same physique, although as I said in the post I plan on moving onto other programs and progressing even further! Cheers, and thank you!

  • Make Money Online with Vic

    Looking GOOD, Pat!!

    Solid health and fitness make everything better. Rock on, brother!

  • Dallas Carter

    Great results sir :) Had a conversation with our mutual friend Tony D. last night. I lost over 180 pounds with p90x and Insanity. I was able to turn that into a fulltime passive income as a coach. Looking forward to seeing you ROCK the coaching biz too brother.


    • Pat

      Great to see you here, Coach Carter! I’m so happy that you’ve been able to change your life in more ways than one with Beachbody and their programs – super inspiring! Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll chat soon!

  • Dallas Carter

    BTW, ive been a fan of yours for a long time! Glad to see you are into Insanity!

  • Joe

    Awesome job! It’s really great to see someone inspiring people in wealth and health! Keep up the great work!

  • Gerald

    Great job Pat, have been a beachbody fan since I started back in April with px90. Didn’t have a problem losing my small gut that was forming. I have gone thru 2 bags of Shakeology and love the way I feel after I drink it! I want to add more lean body mass and with P90x you gotta eat a ton to gain muscle mass. I’m sure with Insanity it’s even worse! I would probably be a skeleton after it. P.S. How did your wife like P90x? My wife promised she would do it with me but after the first workout she couldn’t handle the intensity of the weight excercises. Thanxs.

    • Pat

      My wife loved it. She tried P90X but it was a little too much weight work for the kinds of results she wanted. Insanity was perfect!

  • rban3

    crazy results! nice man! I tried insanity once with my friends and I was already pouring sweat during the warm-ups. (But I was already doing p90x at that time) so I didn’t go thru with the program. Seeing your results, I’m willing to give it another try…maybe…hehehe

  • Luci

    Awesome before and after pix, Pat.

    I’m curious, however, why you didn’t implement Tim Ferris’ kettle ball recommendation along with the slow carb diet. From what I’ve seen, you would have had similar results without that truly insane workout!

  • ifeta johnson

    Why would Pat stop me when I am infact saying what he should be saying !!! I am making his work easier !

    As far as your “I make 5000$ monthly” crap is considered , you SAY you have been hired for a writing gig from where your cash comes apparently , and your webpage gives tips on other random things like affiliates lol ! And you want me to take your scam seriously and let me evaluate my website???

    FYI : If your hormonal self read my comment on the last post then I have clearly mentioned that I will start a site soon !!

    So before you think yourself as a hotshot in this community let me tell you that you just come over like a desperate hungry troll after every post is published here and announce how much you love it !! Nothing new !

    • Pat

      Ifeta – as I mentioned earlier, please email me because I’d like to discuss with you in private. The email you put in with your comment bounced back.


    • Benny

      Seriously this guy needs to get a life. What anger issues. Life must be really boring if trolling in the comment section is exciting to him.

  • Bridget

    Hey Pat, ur doin great and lookin awesome! Was really interesting to read ur points on why u were motivated and ssuccessful first time round because you reallydistilled motivation down into its core elements. My whole website on fitness motivation is centered around accountability, excitement, goal setting and tracking, they really are so important! Insanity seems cool, I am inspired to try it!

  • Eric Perrine

    I think it literally made you insane from looking at your picture lol. Insane is good though. Keeping fit is very important to being successful in life. The better you feel about yourself the better you feel about your surroundings and the more positive things you attract in your life! keep up the good work pat!

  • Mike

    Hey Pat,

    I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations! Your results are great. I think it’s good to switch things up (complete a program and try a new one) Not doing so, could be one of the reasons it seemed hard to complete P90x the second go around.

    Look forward to see how asylum is…you’ll have to try the kettle bells soon as I think you’ll like them. Take Care, Mike

  • Jared

    Nice Pat! Have you checked out Steve’s site He’s pretty badass too! :)

  • Rachael

    I fully admire your stickability with this. Well done!! You are looking great.

    Totally understand where you came from with finding it difficult to redo P90X. I am a runner and regularly do programs to increase my run times and speeds but I can NEVER do the same program twice. It seems that once I have knocked a program off, it holds no interest for me. The challenge is in finishing it, there’s nothng in it afterwards.

    Anyway, great job and I look forward to reading how you do with Asylum. I just know you’ll knock that off too.

  • steve

    wow! you actually did it for 60 days! I quit after two weeks because i was passing out… lol

  • Meredith

    Bravo, Pat! But here’s my question — did all this exercise do something weird to your hair? In the first set of pictures, the before has this neat little hair on top of your head and in the second one — holy cowabunga!
    Of course, I’m kidding… Wish *I* could try this, but with 2 hip replacements and my age, I’ll be doing a less strenuous weight routine to become “somewhat” buff! I do use Tim’s Geek to Freak system, though… It’s incredible… Meredith

    • Piraten-Anna

      Haha, Meredith,
      that’s exactly what I first thought. This fitness program must also exercise the hair 😀

      Well really nice looking results – not that you weren’t handsome before.
      It’s always good to see results one can believe not that crab that’s shown everywhere on those before-after pictures where persons don’t even look the same anymore :-)

      This is very motivating. Thanks for posting the results, Pat.

      My question is the same as @Chris
      Is this program available outside the US? I couldn’t find anything on that.

      • Pat

        Hehe – I didn’t cut my hair for 2 months, which is why it’s a bit crazy in the pics, hehe!

        They do ship internationally:

        If you’re going to make a purchase internationally and want to make sure I get the referral credit (it’s cool if you don’t! – no worries, that’s not my primary purpose of posting this) – shoot me an email so I can give you my information. Cheers, and I wish you all the best!!

  • Chris

    Question: how do you get this when you’re not based in US?

  • Kevin Velasco

    Just out of curiosity, in your “After” pics… are you flexed or unflexed?
    Cheers from Australia!

  • Rushan

    great shape buddy!! thanks for the inspiring post!

  • Arthur

    Wow Pat, you’re ripped =)

    My wife had a similar progression like you, finished P90X, plateau’d, finished Insanity and after a while also plateau’d … and she’s two weeks into Asylum, which really is crazier than Isanity.

    Me? I can handle most of P90X, but I can barely do the warmup for Insanity. As hard as I try, I’m just no the hardcore cardio type, but can do a lot of the strength exercises.

  • Adam Stanecki


    Well done on your results.

    The truth is that it was your dedication that got your where you are today. It seems to me that you applied the same SPI dedication to your fitness training.

    I’m a fitness coach, as such if I could recommend anything to you I’d say take a look at The Paleo Diet (more info at and It’s a little more scientific than Tim Ferriss’s diet and I think you’ll like what you get out of it.

    Thank you for showing everyone what dedication to a goal can deliver.

    Sincerely, Adam.

  • Michael

    Awesome results Pat, congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing this, it motivates me very well. Actually after reading your post about your P90X results I’ve started it and now I am at day 20 of p90x. I think Insanity will be my next step like yours.

  • Byron

    Hey Pat,

    would you suggest to start with PX90 before insanity? What are the differences between these two programs?

    Thanks and great results!

  • Cal

    You’re back looks like the Incredible Hulk’s back in the day 60 pic. RAR!

  • Floricel @ Starting an Online Business

    Hi Pat!
    Just wanna congratulate you for the job well done! You serve to be a true inspiration to all those who want to really make a 180-degree turn from unhealthy living to living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, I have been missing my dance routine lately and I truly want to go back asap and give time for it. But anyway, you have inspired me through this post and yes I will be back in the dance class in no time.
    Once again, thank you!


  • Bojan

    Whoa Pat, that’s pretty good stuff, I bet you are in best shape so far. My progress is doing pretty well. My girlfriend moved in with me and my diet improved way way much, so I started loosing some uncessery fat.

    I am still on my daily schedule of working out and it’s doing GREAT! I’ll share some results in the future, but for now I am gonna hit the gym… :)

    Oh, consider putting in some bulk now. Your chest need sizing up :)

  • Stephan

    Great stuff Pat!

    If you want to take the next step, look into Crossfit.

    Been doing it for 2 years and love it.

    Just do a local search on Google and I’m sure you’ll find one close to you.


    • Pat

      Thanks Stephan – a number of my friend have gone through CrossFit with great results, however it’s not as convenient as spending only 45 minutes a day to do a workout from home. :)

  • Jen

    Amazing job, Pat, as always. What is your tattoo of?

    • Pat

      Thanks Jen! My tat is a Hawaiian fishhook (Makau), which symbolizes strength and prosperity. It’s actually made of up a number of smaller pictures, including a shark (also meaning strength), a sun (meaning wisdom), and a turtle (meaning long life and positive energy).

      • Bioniclily

        Way to go Pat!!!!!!!!! It seems like you got results right away. Really proud of you Pat,
        You guys should go out and celebrate. Congratulations

  • Paul

    Great job, Pat!! Next up…

    I’m doing that right now and love it.

  • Scott

    Great Job Pat!

    If you don’t mind me saying…you’re ready to take it to the next level with Hardstyle Kettlebell training,which is the most ‘game changing’ fitness and performance training there is, bar none. You are ready, my friend!

    Awesome job and a big Congrats! ~Scott

    • Pat

      I remember watching some of your videos Scott – and have since continued to hear great things about Kettlebell exercises. After Insanity Asylum, I might look into a kettlebell regiment. :)

  • Kent F

    Awesome Pat! As someone who’s tried just about everything over the past 30 years, from triathlons to racquetball and about 4 hours/week of gym work, I’m amazed at you young guys. It does concern me, however, that it seems most of these workouts are visual results oriented primarily. Your kids (or your doctor) don’t care if you have a sixpack – they just want you to have the energy level necessary to keep up with them, and to live a long life. Well done!

    • Pat

      Thanks Kent – and these workout definitely seem visual oriented – I mean they know that is what sells more than anything else, but from someone who has gone through both P90x and Insanity now, I can definitely say it’s much more than that. I feel energized, and I can now definitely keep up with my 17 month old son, although he’s always challenging me and taking me to the limits, hehe. Cheers!

  • Mike

    This story is a bit sad.
    Sounds like the typical “american dream”: a lot of effort for a bit of pleasure.

    Enjoy :)

    • Pat

      Huh? I don’t get it Mike. Care to elaborate?

  • Dirk

    Hey Pat, well done for sticking it out the whole 60 days!

    Now you need to get something that keeps you in shape while having fun. I started kettlebells about 6 months back and it’s done wonders for my strength as well as sorting out a nagging back ache due to weak core muscles. A few sessions per week does it for me plus a bit of cardio.

    Well done again.


  • Clint Wilde


    I am so happy for you! That is awesome results. I too started a eating program about a month ago, called Isogenix. I feel so much better too.

    Question for you, when were your toughest times, and how did you keep up the motivation throughout the course?


  • JC

    Just a heads up for anyone that wasn’t in shape as much as Pat was before starting Insanity… make sure you determine if it’s right for you. (You might have to consult your doctor!!) Just because you see big people working out all the time on Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition – doesn’t mean that what they’re doing in those shows is what they’ll be doing in Insanity or P90X.

    Personally, I never made it past P90M. Intensity was too much for a big guy like myself. If you’re big, you’re gonna take more time to get it off because it took more time to put it on!!

    It’s two different complete levels of intensity for “losing it” and getting fit like Pat did!

  • Rachael Towne

    Great job! I am currently about 30 lbs. overweight and just bought a membership to an Online weight loss program. I’m completely sick of being fat!

    A few years ago I had to take a prescription medication for awhile, which had weight gain as a side effect. An extra 30 lbs. simply piled onto me in a matter of months! Prior to that I had been fit and healthy. Not too thin, but just right, and very active…lots of hiking, dancing, skating, etc.

    So, I am already locked into this other program at the moment, but I just may go through the Insanity program at a later date once I get closer to my target.

    Thanks for inspiring! :)

  • Pip

    You definitely look more fit, but the problem is your “starting point” was very Californian. You started out pretty fit.

    Nevertheless, those physical changes (exercise figures) are pretty impressive. I bet it has influenced your work rate too.

    To your health and wealth!

    • mike


      As opposed to all of us fat people in the other 49 states?

    • Rachael Towne

      I am Californian and I am 30 lbs. overweight! Plenty of fat and fit people everywhere I’m sure :)

      • Romina Fiume

        Hey, I
        am Robert Kelly, I live in Dallas Texas, here I love to share my personal
        reviews and experience on weight loss products as a freelaner editor and
        writing expert.

  • Zach

    I’m just not there yet. I CAN’T LIE…BUT, your story & pics inspire me. And I know, eventually, I will get there. The whole process is soooo mental.

  • Paul

    Awesome results dude! I have to say my favorite thing about this post is the first pic though. The after photo is hilarious. :)

  • Brad Acker

    What exactly do you have to do as a Beachbody Coach? I looked it up but it is still confusing. Is it basically just becoming an affiliate with a beachbody site that people can reach out to you if they want? I appreciate your time and congrats!

  • Paul Caparas

    Wow, great job Pat!

  • Martin

    I have a lot of respect for you pat. I don’t know how you got to where you are today, but I seriously envy you. I have been trying to discipline myself for the past 3 years, but everything I seem to attempt falls flat on its face because I give up before anything gets completed. I am not giving up, but it is very discouraging to feel like you’re getting nowhere. I just want to say thank you for being a good role model for those of us that are trying to get our acts together.

  • Insurance Activist

    Way to go Pat! Good to see you stuck through it, though the next one sounds somewhat crazy…

    Regarding tracking your workouts, mind if I pimp my own software?

    That does all the tracking stuff for both cardio and weights, plus gives you a countdown timer, photos etc. That was my first online product for passive income and still sells quite well.

    Your before and after photos reminded me of 2 photos of an American GI in WW2. His first photo shows him relaxed and smiling… He was captured but managed to escape, ended up joining the Russian army in order to kill more Nazis. His ‘after’ photo was just hilarious, from cheerful guy next door to physco-mad-killer…

  • Insurance Activist

    Found the link for the guy I mentioned, Joe Beyrle:


  • Eileen

    I bet you are glad it is over, and looks like it did you good. cheers

  • Arvind Raj

    Wonderful job, Pat!

  • Ty Coon

    At first I thought I was seeing Weiner’s twitterpic! lol…great job though:)

  • Sonia


    Great job! Well done! This is having to do with your mindset to accomplish that goal you set before you. You can achieve anything you want if you take action and that’s exactly what you did. Let’s face it, personal development is the key factor, ingredient, and also the driving force that propels you to get to your goals.

  • Phil


    Great job, the results speak for themselves. Not only in pictures, but mind-set and positivity. I am at the very beginning of starting my online business and am reading everything humanly possible to make my new online business a success. I don’t even have facebook so as you can imagine, I am starting from scratch (I am a trainer at weight loss retreats, so by no surprise, my product is a weight loss program). Therefore when I opened your page to read your blog on passive income I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was in regards to your health. The fact that you are maintaining a balance in your life is something that is great for you to encourage on a money making site… because it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t enjoy it too its maximum potential without great health. Not to mention the powerful influence it has on the little ones in our life (children), they only know better by our actions.

    So nice work, keep it up and I hope that you remain accountable by updating us during and at the end of your next program…. and feed off the competitive streak with your mate, Tony.

  • Josline E. Massey

    Wow! definitely an obvious change, and for the better. I’m impressed…

  • TomL

    I’m still messing around with p90x… haven’t gotten bored of it.

    Insanity seems too much for my bad knee

    • Pat

      Insanity definitely isn’t good for bad knees Tom, but as long as you’re not bored with P90X then you should be good!

  • Mark Dacoron

    Now all you have to do is send in for your free shirt! Did you know that you can meet Shaun T. I met him last year in San Diego. Let me know if you are up for it this year sometime in the fall.

  • Eduard

    Hi Pat,
    I like being fit myself, I like how it feels after a workout, it let’s me know a process is worthwhile in a very palpable way. Overall it keeps the journey light while earthbound by gravitational forces :-) You’re looking good, Pat Thanks for sharing.

  • Brent

    Hey Pat, looks like you’re tearing it up!

    The one thing that really helped me get into better shape was adding a set number of push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups on a daily basis on top of whatever workout I already had planned. I got my inspiration for this method by reading about Herschel Walker’s daily routine:


    Not saying this is something you need to do, but if you’re looking for an extra challenge, it could definitely give you a boost… and make your current workouts tougher!!!


  • Jen

    Sheesh, Pat, I’m all tired out just looking at the Fit Test for this – Insanity is a great name for the program. Congratulations on your accomplishment: a big change in 60 days! While I can’t say much for the exercise gear, fashion-wise 😉 but you’re looking mighty fine. You must be feeling a whole lot more energy, too?

  • Roy | Cruisesurfingz

    Congrats, sounds awesome. I need something for when I travel so dunno about the DVDs. Maybe I should just get jump rope!

  • Olawale Daniel

    Thanks Pat for this awesome notification… I love your steps and I hope to achieve more as I will always strife to be the best in my niche. Thanks for all your supporting articles and others.

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  • Dwight Anthony

    Hey Pat,

    Good fitness post, alot of people don’t put enough into their fitness. You do look a little insane on Day 60, LOL.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite blog Dot Com

  • Tony DiLorenzo | Fit Marriage

    Pat – I finally had the chance to look at your 1st Fit Test and compared it to mine. We were even in half of them and the other half either you did better or I did. Our Asylum Duel is going to be awesome if we are this close!

    Recovery week and then the second half. I’ll come back to check my Fit Test compared to yours when I do it again.

  • Helen Neely

    I will check to see if I can use it myself. As a lady, I have literally ballooned up in the last few years. It’s now a constant struggle losing some pounds.

    • Meredith

      Helen — I took Pat’s Niche Site class in January and ended up creating a website for people who have put on weight and not been able to lose it. It uses the Slow Carb Diet that Pat was on when he did this jagunda workout routine. Check it out — this thing really works!

  • Shobir

    Well done Pat on your success. It is really important to keep fit and you have demonstrated that if you put your mind to it you can reach a level of fitness that really benefits every part of your life. Your mind will be really sharp now, I am guessing you will be earning about $100,000 per month soon.

  • Andrew


    Full disclosure: I completed a round of P90X several years ago. I currently cannot imagine hearing Tony Horton’s voice again, or listening to his inane jokes. However, it is not only my aversion to his voice that makes me not want to do another P90X round, it is because I want more from my physical activity. Completing more pushups, pullups, crunches, leg kicks etc. is not, and in my opinion should not be the end goal of being active, but should be preparing you for some sort of sport.

    I believe it is dangerous for your long term health and sanity to do these at home workout routines. Insanity and P90X are great for initially getting into shape and feeling better about your body, but not for maintaining that hard fought for body. Here is why:

    1. The novelty wears off, most people don’t find enough value in improving number of reps. How many rounds of Insanity and P90X can one person do?
    2. Frustration over gaining weight and losing those muscles.
    3. Should not be a diet or workout routine, but instead a lifestyle change. Incorporate working out into your life as something you love to do because it makes you feel and look great.
    4. Have a sport you are working out for. Take up soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, racquetball running or any other competitive sport that you can train for, and which will keep you motivated to do those hard workouts. participating in some organized sport can be extremely rewarding.

    Can you see yourself endlessly doing these at home workout routines to maintain your the gains? If so, then I wish you the best.

  • murray

    Good stuff my man!
    i know this program takes a lot of hard work and determination to complete and show great results in fitness levels, but i find these types of workout programs to be too catabolic (muscle wasting) this is a bad thing even if your only looking to burn fat and not pack on muscle.

    If your interested in making a big change to your physique rather than your cardiovascular conditioning i suggest you try a program called max-ot.
    I found max-ot to be the most efficient and effective program for packing on muscle and burning fat at the same time, however it will require you to sign up to a gym rather than workout at home and also a change in diet, but the results are worth it mate trust me!

    Im going to leave it there as this is starting to sound like a sales pitch but if your interested on learning more about the program just Google max-ot and you should find the download within the first couple of results (don’t worry,it’s for free)

    note: the program was put together by a supplement company (AST sport science) and in program they suggest you will need there supplements and at this point you will start to think its nothing but an advertising campaign for there sups. Dont worry the program is legit, you cant blame them for trying to make a buck out of it. If you do buy supplements dont feel you need to buy the exact product they suggest, shop around and do research on your supplements and workout programs. The time you put in for the research will be more valuable than the time you put in at the gym.

    Wow this post has gone wayyyyy too long lol, just thought i would try and help you out like you have helped the rest of us. Good luck with it brother and keep up the hard work!

    • Sarah

      I definatly do not agree. This isn’t just a cardio program it is an interval training program. I can honestly say that I use to lift weights but lifting weights only targets certain muscles. I recorded how much weight I could lift in a certain routine before I started insanity. After month 1 my results were
      Leg press- I could barely do 90lbs and now I can do 170lbs
      I gained 15-25lbs of weight on all arm circuit weights
      I gained 25-45lbs on other leg circuit weights
      I’m just now starting month two
      This program is amazing for cardio vascular endurance but it is also a lot of resistance training to help build up muscle.

  • mark

    I started the insanity workout 6 weeks ago because I have developed the dreaded plantar fasciitis. I have been a long distance runner for close to 37 years. I have ran over 12,000 foot mountain passes.

    After doing Insanity, I can honestly say that the over all workout is much better because we are working our entire body. The muscles in my toes and fingers were sore after the first workout!

    I was 184 lbs when I started and I am still at 184. However, my body is much harder. It’s hard to put a price tag on this product. I bought a “copy” and did not feel right. Today, I bought a legal un-opened box-this baby is sealed and legal. I used to pay $1200 a year for club and it did not do the same.

    Kudos to you!


  • Jaimie Dee – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    This is so inspirational. I NEED to get off my butt and start exercising. Aaaah. I don’t do it enough.

  • Rich

    I admire you for not only putting up your income reports but also your before and after pictures. I’ve thought about copying your idea about posting income reports, but I don’t think I’ll ever do the picture thing. I’m hoping my “after” picture looks like your “before” picture! Then again you’re a lot younger than I am, apparently. Let’s check back in after your 3rd or 4th child! Great job! Truly Insane.

    • Meredith

      Hey Rich… I love your “I’m hoping my “after” picture looks like your “before” picture!” Made me smile… And if you haven’t checked out Tim Ferriss ideas about weight loss and working out — check his blog or his 4-Hour Body book. I’m 68 and have followed his ideas with great success…

  • Ross

    I made it through 30 days and hurt my back. Had been driving a lot and running and it was too much at once. Lost 30lbs though and a year later I’m back on track. Absolutely love Insanity but I don’t get very far in on the workouts.

    Cool to see another online marketing person into this workout. Still at it?

  • Tai

    Pat I just started my Insanity workout today thanks to you! I may need some encouragement just like in the Niche coaching. Wish me luck!

  • Robyn

    Hey Pat or anyone else who wants to reply!
    I have a question: I am a beachbody coach now as well and in my fourth week of insanity (almost to hit recovery week, woohoo). Before signing up for beachbody I was strictly a 4 hour body follower and very successful with it losing about 25 lbs, however I hit a lengthy plateau and wanting to accelerate weight loss before my wedding I added in Insanity about a 3 weeks ago. Did you stick strictly to 4HB or do you veer a little? I’ve noticed my muscles not recovering very fast and have had very low energy (previously not a problem). I was going to try to add in just the beachbody results and recovery formula right after, but it does have quite a bit of sugar and carbs from the ingredients they use. Do you think that this will ruin the principles of 4HB? Congrats on your results! I’m really enjoying the workouts and although not dropping a ton of lbs yet, I am dropping inches and my overall fitness is improving!

  • Patrick

    Followed Pat with P90X. You can see my results at

  • maguy

    hi i want to start insanity , what is one
    round ? 30 days or 60 days

    • Tony | Fit Marriage

      One round of Insanity is 63 days. It goes by quick too.

      • maguy

        thank you , i am going to start now . another question , i want to lose weight , i eat healthy most of the time and not much , i have lost already 80 pounds in 8 months and now i am in a plateau , 25 pounds more to lose i started boxing and light weight training to tone , they say eat more cause you train ,but on the scale the numbers are going up !!! i m not losing ! i get discorage! now i want to go back to insanity that i did part time . i want to commit to something now to lose those last 25 pounds and be toned cause i think i lost the pound to fast , saggy arms! what should i do?

  • Andy M

    I purchased the Insanity DVDs over the weekend and Monday is the first day for me and a friend to start this. About to head to the store and get my first week of fuel (food). I have a wedding to prep for after all. Haha.

    Thanks for this encouraging post!

  • Brockstar

    Insanity is definitely crazier than p90x, although neither are a walk in the park. I’m sure Asylum is ridiculous…

  • Ash

    I just started a blog to document my journey with insanity. I’m in week one and loving every minute of it!

  • Jim Johnson

    I just started yesterday! I’m 46, so it’s kicking my ass completely and I can’t even keep going during the workout, but I already feel it big time in my legs and abs. Great to see your results – thanks for sharing!

  • Ryan

    Not to be a downer, but how are the numbers you posted for your fit test even possible? 105 power jumps? That’s closing in on 2 jumps a second. If you’re jumping high enough to do the form correctly, I don’t see how it’s possible for you to land fast enough to do that many. Also, 84 power jacks? More than 1 a second? Again I just don’t see how, if you’re doing the form correctly, how that’s even possible. I think the chick in the video only did 60 some power jacks and she was moving really fast the entire time. The people in the video also did low 40’s power jumps. You’re telling me you do almost triple the people in the video? I’m glad you had success and all, but it’s just hard to believe some of these numbers.

    • Sean

      I agree 100%. I’ve been doing insanity for a long time now and those numbers aren’t real. You just can’t do the moves that quickly with correct form.

  • Cci

    Hi Everyone! I really can say INSANITY WORKOUT IS AWESOME!! Just in two weeks I got great results, felt so good with my self, etc… but unfortunately (not sure if specifically for the program) Doctors detected me Plantar Fasciitis, so I have to stop doing any sport activity for a while ='( and it’s too frustrating after you feel you found something great for your body :(…so, dd anyone experience something like this? I bought training cross shoes and some insoles, do you think I can return to insanity?

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  • asdasd

    ok results but dude your posture sucks. do some wall slides and more pulling movement. your pecs are too tight. practice good posture regularly, make the back of your palms point sideward and not to your front. seriously your posture sucks and that’s an understatement.