“I’m Fine, Thanks”

I'm Fine - ThanksIn January, my good friend Adam Baker from Man vs Debt asked me if I was interested in helping him out with a new project he was working on.

In the online world, “project” could really mean anything – a new website, an info-product, a course, software, etc. – but this project was much different – and far different anything I’ve ever been a part of before.

It’s a full-length documentary called I’m Fine, Thanks – a project I not only agreed to participate in, but I fell so much in love with it that I decided to help partially fund the project too.

In short, the documentary is about the issue of complacency in everyday life.

When I asked Adam what the goal of the film was, he said, “We want I’m Fine, Thanks to give thousands of people inspiration to live their lives based on their own hopes and dreams – not someone elses vision or script for their life. We want to push people to take the first small action to reignite their passions.”

This resonated with me big-time, because personally I know that if I wasn’t laid off like I was back in 2008, I’d be living a life where I was happy with the way things were (remember, I never wanted to leave my job) – but I wouldn’t know what it would be like to be this happy.

Adam and his crew of 4 film makers took a 2 month, 10,000+ mile road trip across the country interviewing over 60 people who each share their unique stories and thoughts about this idea of complacency.

On March 15th, Adam and his crew – Grant Peelle (Director), John Cropper (Camera Op), Dustin Koester (Sound), and Bryan Olinger (Director of Photography) visited our home in San Diego and hung out with the Flynn family for the day.

They filmed daily life in our home and even joined my wife and I downtown for date night, since it was a Thursday.

Part of the day also included a very intimate interview, which brought out a ton of emotion as I told my story on camera.

Pat - documentary filming

Adam wrote a few blog posts during the trek and even included a snippet of his experience in San Diego with my family here, which was really kind of him.

Adam, his family and the entire crew are now living in Northern California to work on finishing the project in time for it’s world premiere at Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit this July, and then hopefully at a number of premieres around the country after that.

I’m really proud to be a part of this, not only as someone who was interviewed but as someone who financially helped make this possible too.

Today, I’m Fine, Thanks starts it’s Kickstarter campaign, so I invite you to please watch the trailer below (which has some footage of my son and I!) and if the message resonates with you, then please consider backing the project. Even a pledge of $5.00 gets you a digital download of the full documentary (yes, the full thing!) once it’s finished.


(Click here to PLEDGE or watch the trailer on the Kickstarter Page)

And here’s a Facebook button to help share the campaign and spread the word.

Thank you again for taking the time to watch, and I’d love to hear what you think!

Lastly, big props to Adam for his vision. It’s been amazing watch the project progress since the start of the idea in January, all the way through execution and the upcmoing premiere in July! Talk about taking an idea and taking action with it!

Cheers, and look out for a new podcast episode coming and the end of the week!

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    excellent initiative and extremely compelling video. more importantly, superb underlying message (I hope ears, eyes and minds can open up to it). I am looking forward to the full release. thanks for bringing to light Pat

    • Pat

      Of course Sunil, my pleasure! The message spoke big-time to me and I hope it does well on Kickstarter to share that message with even more.

  • http://incomepress.com Joey

    You got my pledge 😉 Can’t wait till it’s fully done! Congrats Adam…

    • Pat

      Sweet – thank Joey! Me neither 😉

  • http://www.jumpintoit.com David

    Now that’s a bit scary. I just finished the first post on being a career renegade and choosing to do what you really love and then I see this post on your website. It’s like a sign^^

    Lol, this comment sounds like perfect spam, but I definetely didn’t intend it to be so, please forgive me, haha.

    Anyways, thanks for posting. Five dollars are going in their direction right now and I’m thrilled to see the finished product.

    • Pat

      Haha – actually, you’re right. It does sound spammy. Thanks for the backing and I’m thrilled to see the finished product too!

  • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

    Absolutely fantastic Pat – what a great concept, and how brave is Baker for doing it! Consider me a pledger! :)

    • Pat

      Seriously, right? He’s awesome and is always SO good at tackling projects and following through. I think this one in particular is going to be very special.

  • http://www.dreambigwb.com Shawn

    Great stuff Pat! I’m excited to see this come out. Glad to see MJ DeMarco associated with this film as well. Thanks for the vision!

    • Pat

      Cheers Shawn! Thanks so much and yes MJ DeMarco was a wealth of information and inspiration for the podcast he was on, so I’m sure he added a lot to the documentary as well.

  • http://www.bereketd.com bereket

    I love it when people think out side of the box. This documentary speaks to everyone. I live in Sweden and yet i relate to it. Don’t know what the ‘American dream’ is… but i guess its a dream we all share.

    • Pat

      The American Dream ‘was’ that idea of upward mobility through hard work, but as the documentary mentions that’s not always the dream that people REALLY want or what would make them ultimately happy.

  • http://www.going2media.com Manny Gongora

    OMG, this is going to be a great film. It’s kind of like a take off on the 4-hour workweek , except now you can visualize it, and be more inspired by it. Good Stuff Pat!

    • Pat

      Thanks Manny! I’m really excited to see how the film comes out. I know the crew is working around the clock every day to make it awesome, I have no doubt it will be :)

  • http://www.mobileapptycoon.com Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    Wow – Looks REALLY awesome! You and MJ in the same documentary – I’ll donate 😀

    • Pat

      Thanks so much Thomas! You rock!

  • http://monthlyexperiments.com John Muldoon

    Awesome! I was talking to Adam about this at a bar a few weeks ago. Seeing the trailer is so inspiring. I’ll back that.

    • Pat

      Awesome John!! :)

  • http://www.crochetingforbeginners.org bryan

    awesome, your all about being in the movies arnt ya?

    • Pat

      Heh – I guess so Bryan! 😉

  • http://agreda.com/ Jim @LiveWorkDream

    Thanks for sharing this! We’ll definitely help spread the word. Can’t wait to see the finished project, please keep us posted.

    This quote from the trailer is what my wife and I are all about with our free home business coaching:

    “It’s only when you can start making choices for yourself that you can start living your own dream…”

    • Pat

      Indeed – that was a great quote. Thanks for spreading the word Jim!

  • Ann Day

    That was completley awesome, I wish this attitude was around when I was in my late teens, I could have been some much more than I turned out to be. $100 to you guys as soon as I go to the Kickstarter page, Keep up the good work !!!!

    • Pat

      Ann – thank you so much for the pledge, you’re amazing!

  • http://www.ontargetcoach.com Brent Pittman

    I’ve been wondering what his movie was going to be about. Great trailer, thanks for sharing. Just read the $100 Startup also…I’m ruined for life.

    • Pat

      Heh – it’s a great book Brent, and why would you say you’re ruined, I’m curious.

  • https://www.adaptu.com Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    I saw you in the trailer! Congrats! Bummed you won’t be at WDS to see the premier though :(

    • Pat

      Thanks Jenna! I’m bummed too, but I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon. FINCON11 can’t be the only time!

  • http://www.earthcity.de Tim C. from earthcity.de

    Fantastic idea, this movie. Its time that people wake up and see that they do not have to follow the “standard rules” that most of us have been told. I just started to go my own path 6 months ago when i quit my job and I am writing about my experiences on my german blog earthcity.de. Pat, I am following your blog and the blog of adam and chris and all of them give me tons of inspiration …also to change the minds of people here in germany and europe as well…. all the best and keep up the good work, tim

    • Pat

      All the best to you too Tim – it’s great to hear that there are others like yourself who are spreading the word across the globe as well. Cheers!

  • http://www.moneyspruce.com Jeffrey

    Just backed it as well! Baker does some awesome work, so I’m excited to see this film!

    • Pat

      Awesome Jeffery! Thanks, and yes – Adam is a madman – in such a good way :)

  • http://www.hvacjobstraining.com Michael Glover

    I listend to his podcasts on my roadtrip last week. I love this guy. Can’t wait for the video.

    • Pat

      Yeah he’s new to the podcast scene, relatively speaking, but his podcast is great! Cheers Michael!

  • http://sdavismedia.com/ Sean Davis

    I’ve pledged. What a great concept. And what a great trailer. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

    • Pat

      Dude, Sean – you’re awesome man! Thanks for the pledge – seems like the trailer is definitely resonating with a lot of people :)

  • Bryan

    Backed the project, can’t wait to see the full documentary, the trailer alone looks fantastic.

    • Pat

      Thanks Bryan! The entire film crew is awesome – when they came over they were so nice to my family, and I could tell they were VERY good at what they do. I can’t wait to see the finished product too!

  • http://www.UnderstandITNow.com Tom

    This is an excellent project. I’m glad I could help support it. Good luck!

    • Pat

      Thank you Tom! You’re awesome!

  • http://encoreentrepreneur.net Paul

    Done. Can’t wait to see it…and you and yours as well.

    • Pat

      Cheers Paul – thank you! I’m excited to see what footage of the family they used!

  • Chris McKinley

    Absolutely would love to get the Video. Put me down as a pledge. $5 is a great deal. Best of luck to you.

    • Chris McKinley

      Pledged at the site! Can’t wait for the release.

    • Pat

      Huge deal, it seems. Most documentaries don’t give away the full length feature at that price, so that’s awesome. Thanks for the pledge Chris!

  • http://readythemes.com Dan

    This looks awesome and very inspiring! I can’t wait to see it!

    • Pat

      Thanks Dan! I can’t wait to see it either! :)

  • http://thehowtomakemoneyonlinemom.com Julie

    Oh wow…what a moving movie this will be! I can really relate. I wished I had follow my dreams years ago.

    • Pat

      It’s never too late Julie! :)

  • http://www.AccentHelp.com Jim Johnson

    That’s the first time I’ve ever donated on Kickstarter – totally worth it! I was actually moved just by the trailer, so they’re already doing something right. I definitely owe you a thank you for hooking me up with this. I NEED to watch this film! I’m just sorry I have to wait until July…

    • Pat

      You’re awesome Jim! I was moved too, they did an excellent job and if the movie is anything like the trailer, it’s going to be great and hopefully change a lot of lives for the better. I wish it came sooner too!

  • http://learnfinancialeducation.com/ Gil

    This is an awesome project, worth sharing to other people.

    • Pat

      Thanks Gil!

  • http://www.gobackpacking.com/Blog Dave

    Just pledged. Thanks for sharing the trailer here!

    • Pat

      You rock Dave – thanks so much for the pledge! It’ll go a very long way!

  • http://truepassiveliving.com Austin

    Awesome trailer! I’ll be donating L)

    • Pat

      Thanks so much Austin, you’re awesome bro!

  • Andrea

    Looking forward for the video! There is a huge need for inspiration from “awerage people” and I will be happy to share the message here in Czech Republic.

    • Pat

      Thanks for sharing it Andrea! This is definitely a movie for the entire world to see!

  • http://Rechargeablebatteryguide.com Felix


    I’m glad I checked your site tonight! I can relate to the people in the trailer. I’m sure everyone that reads your log can. Can’t wait to see the film and your segment too haha. If the film is anything like that tailed, it’ll be off the charts good.

    Thanks for backing this with your own coin! I pledged right before writing this.

    HEY YOU reading this comment, just go pledge already!

  • http://www.itcertificationmaster.com/ Mirek Burnejko

    I was crying like a child. Amazing trailer, amazing idea. Cannot wait to see the whole movie.

    It’s fu*****g hard to change the world, when around me everyone thinks about 9×5 job and life he/she doesn’t like. Thanks for the inspiration Pat, Adam, Chris, you, you and you.

  • http://jamrockcontent.com Casey Gentles

    Awesome Pat, thanks for the kick of inspiration. Can’t wait for the full movie to be released..

  • http://thebeautyleader.co.uk Natalie Collinson

    I LOVE this! I love that it’s in video format too… I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve spoken with friends or shared information, only to be looked at as some crazy-ass girl. This video really ‘hits-the-spot’ and tugs at those heart strings ? Donation coming through now.

  • http://www.mouseho.cz Lukas

    Really like the girl that wants to shake…;D That was the moment in the trailer that have hooked me in. Thx Pat!

  • http://optima-lifestyle.com Cristina Ansbjerg

    It’s not only the American Dream.
    Go to College, work hard for 45+ years and then enjoy life at 65 (now 70) is in the foundations of the European culture too. And it’s a broken dream these days.
    Even if you wanted to follow that path, it wouldn’t work anymore.

  • http://kickstarterrockstars.com/ Brian Kwong

    Just backed this project because of your post Pat, thanks for participating and sharing this project =)


  • http://www.gorgeousmachine.org/ Ish of Gorgeous Machine

    Wow Steve Kamb’s in there. Big fan of him.

  • http://digitalinternet.co.uk/ Stephen

    I’ve pledged too. I can’t wait to see it; looks like a very interesting and emotional movie. I hope they reach their target.

  • http://www.thecopybox.co.uk Loz James

    Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat Pat!

    I’ve been coming here for a couple of years and this is hands down the best thing you’ve ever been involved with :-) Everything else is great of course, but this film looks very inspiring. I’m a film maker myself, and having run my own home business for 12 years, this really resonates with me and my lifestyle.

    I can’t wait to see the film and I’m going to make a donation now. Good luck with this, it looks great!



  • http://YogaMeditationHome.com YOME- Yoga Portal

    It is about time to have such a movie! I have been doing a shift by myself a few years ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. I had the inspiration source around me so it helped a lot in paving the new path. This movie is going “to move the cheese” for many other people in this world!! Love your stuff, as always :-) I am going to share it on my facebook profile/page! Goodluck!!

  • http://www.HellisFull.net Maverick:

    I liked it, and I will be donating to the project at the beginning of next month. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://alexandreb.net Alexandre B

    Hi Pat,
    You know what ? You’re in, MJ de Marco is in so I’m definitely IN !
    Congratulations to Adam, it’s gonna be awesome. I can’t wait !

    All the best

  • TrafficColeman

    This is something that’s right up my tree, because there is nothing I love more then a documentary. I seen the trailer Pat and I’m already loving it…after 4 years of been laid off..now your a movie star..only in America

  • http://www.noobstarter.com Gabe

    Pledged, it looks awesome and I know how long it takes to edit video!

  • http://www.geemoneytalk.com Ryan Gee

    Seriously, I watched 10 seconds into the trailer, and then put down my ipod to pledge. It wasn’t a benjamin, but I did give my hard earned abraham lincoln to help support this movie. This is something that hits home for me right now.. looking forward to my digital download this July. Thank you, Pat, for spreading the word.

  • http://www.libeltyseo.com TomL

    Good one Pat!

    I’m now considering giving them a serious cash injection.



  • http://www.rankforprofit.com Vin

    This looks amazing Pat. I love the idea behind it. Looking forward to seeing it released.

  • http://www.mypassiveincomejourney.com/ Charles

    Wow, this film looks very promising (Pledge made without second thoughts), I just can’t wait for the release. The trailer is very professionally done as well. 😀
    This film should be shown in cinemas worldwide 😉

  • http://www.adulthockeyteams.com/hockey-blog/ Adrian

    Wow looks great! $5 for a movie this good looking? Not bad. I’ve spent more on horrible hollywood films. Can’t wait.

  • http://lifeinthegrid.com Cory Lamle

    Trailer was awesome! Looks like this is going to be very impressive! Pledge is on its way…

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine

    Wow, Pat, the preview looks great! I might have to pull out the old credit card for this one. Great work.

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi @ Ivblogger.com

    Awesome trailer and i am pretty sure Adam will be successful with this. I see NYTimes calling him for interview and also some independent coy calling him to film for them too.

    Wish you success Adam


  • http://basketballtraininghq.com Monty

    This is a message that every one needs to hear. Especially me! Keep up the good work man!

  • http://www.TheInfoPreneur.TV TheInfoPreneur

    It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are…and “the bar” and standards that are being set everyday by awesome ordinary, hard working people.
    This is sweet!


  • http://www.paradiseuruguayblog.com/ David Hammond

    Pat, Very cool. You let your light shine, and now you are helping to support others to do the same.

  • http://lifeinsurancebyjeff.com/ Jeff Rose

    Whenever Baker said you were involved (and all the other awesome entrepreneurs) it was a no-brainer to invest into it, as well. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • http://www.healfissures.com David Neff

    I’ve been following Adam’s journey to make “I’m Fine, Thanks” and can’t wait to see it. It will truly change so many lives for the better. You’ve got my support and a few $$$ as well. Pat, I think you chose a great project to put your money behind.

  • http://websitesuccess101.com Brandon Blackfin

    thanks for letting us know about this and being a part of it, i made sure to pledge. Keep it gangster

  • http://www.sublettetimes.com JC

    When my family met the crew and were being interviewed for “ImFT”, I didn’t know you were involved with the project Pat! Thank you so much for putting support behind this early on!

    Take Care!

    Wyoming USA

  • http://www.nichepursuits.com Spencer Haws

    Thanks for sharing Pat! I’ve been checking out kickstarter for a while, but this is the first one to get me to “bite” and pledge. Can’t wait to see the full film. Best of luck Adam!

  • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran

    Awesome, Pat. I loved the trailer and I just made a contribution. I also just sent you an email about this — I’m sharing it with some folks who have the capacity to make a much larger donation.

  • http://newinceptions.com JC

    This is a no brainer for me, Pat. It’s parallel to everything that I’m currently working on – and pretty much my entire Life Vision. :)

  • Anke

    Oh I am so excited! I can’t wait to watch this movie!! What a great project! I hope they spread it far esp among young people!! Why do people usually have to be miserable for 10 years before they realize??

  • John Polk

    I like it, I just don’t understand the mission?
    I think you could get a lot more support if you say what the purpose of the movie is going to be? With that opening, it could go many directions. Give us some insights into the meaning and purpose of the documentary. If it’s more than entertainment, what is it? Sounds like its leading to “start your own business” or what? If they have all been led to slaughter, then what’s the answer? If you weren’t asking for financial assistance, it might be different. It sounds like its leading up to a “product” to sell and if that’s the case, that creates a different emotional response. Anyway. I am confused and not sure where this is going. Would be glad to support if I knew where you are going with this. Maybe my comment makes no sense. That was the question that was ringing in my ear the whole time I was watching. For sure, I don’t always see what other people see. Maybe a different perspective. I wouldn’t be interested in donating if I found out later this was a movie about starting your own business and it became the lead in to a product launch. I am pretty sure that isn’t what its about, but I think you should tell us the vision. Or give us some assurance we are not being part of a new launch. enough. Ciao

    • http://www.libeltyseo.com TomL

      This is exactly what has me considering whether to donate or not as well. I can’t figure out the direction and am not interested in any make money online nonsense that might come out of it… or having people start businesses even though they have not idea about what they’re doing and will fail.



    • http://manvsdebt.com Baker

      Hey John, it’s Baker here – the producer for the film. :)

      I can 100% understand and appreciate your feedback and concern for wondering what our motives are! Really, I do get it!

      In fact, it was really important to Grant and myself that we didn’t create a film that ONLY encouraged people to start a business. Some of our people that were stuck did end up creating a business, others started freelancing, others still switched careers and now work in something more fulfilling (in fact, at least one went from being an entrepreneur TO working a job – and has never been happier).

      Our goal with the message isn’t to say “quit your job and start a blog.” In fact, that would be OPPOSITE to our mission. Our goal is simple: to help spread the message that your life is most fulfilling when YOU are the one steering it.

      People getting herded into working a 9 to 5 and giving up their dreams is one problem. People getting herded into blind entrepreneurship by people looking only to make money off them is another. We don’t want to belong to either!

      In short, we just want to stimulate action for people to re-evaluate their lives – and ask themselves – “are the choices I’m making and the path I’m on in line with my values”? If yes, great – doesn’t matter if you own a business or work a 9 to 5. But most people AREN’T living this way – so we hope to inspire them to take action to realign their life.

      Oh, and one last thing, cross my heart – there is no information product planned from this movie. It’s just the film. We want it to last for decades and help millions of people. We’re ambitious – but ambitious to make a film. Not the next $5,000 training course with a shiny trailer. :)

      Email me at Baker(at)ManVsDebt.com if you want to talk about it even more! Thanks for the comment! :)

  • http://www.moneyskillsblog.com Jeremy Jameson

    Looks like a good inspirational film that’ll get the gears of the mind turning. They got my pledge and I look forward to watching the documentary sometime in July :)

  • The Yellow Labradorian

    It’s so true! We don’t have to spend our lives drudging down the wrong roads when a richly satisfying life IS there for each of us. I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. (Emphasis added)

  • http://www.queasystomach.com/ Tommy Hardin

    I just heard of Kickstarter last week in a podcast. I will look into this. Thanks Pat.

  • http://www.thebravemanblog.com/ Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    PAT! THIS IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! I’m kind of poor right now, but as soon as I get paid next week I will definitely help you guys out!

    I will pay for the signed DVD and the poster hahahahaa I recently started my own online business here:

    And I’m working hard to achieve freedom for myself 😀 I hope I can make this work in time so I can help you guys with even more money, this is a wonderful journey that can give so much back, and it’s incredible the kind of things people will do so you don’t start a life of freedom and adventure, and I got already my first 5 clients around the world!

    All the people I’ve met in this journey are so fucking awesome! including you, thanks for all your help until today, thanks for giving so much value into your posts, I learned so much thanks to you, thanks to this blog and to the people who starts this journey.

    And for those who are just starting this path, my recommendation, is don’t be afraid, I live in a third world country and still this path has given me so much back in a matters of months, can’t even imagine what it would do for me in a matter of years :)

    I just know that I’ve never felt more alive and happy, I already shared this on my page and I will write a blog post later to make some noise, thank for everything Pat, you are changing people’s life every day :)

  • http://Lifebranches.com Ellen Scherr

    This looks like it’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it! Now going to pledge some money. I don’t have much since I was just laid-off my job but I have to see this project completed. Best of luck to you and Adam!

  • Kenedy

    Hey pat this is awesome! Thankyou for showing this to us!

    I’m realli interested in which video player is that? is cool and the video is being played in hd with so short loading, could you let me know is¡f this is a plugin or something please?

    Thanyou in advance 😉

  • Gail Urquhart

    Just what I needed to see today – thanks. Have pledged.

  • http://betterbusinessbetterlife.com ScottG

    Fantastic! I love the idea! And it looks like the video will have superb production quality! Thanks for sharing that! I want to see the final product, for sure! :)

  • http://www.motivationmastery.co Richard Stancik

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Pat. I’m looking forward to seeing the film and I’ve pledged to support it through Kickstarter

  • http://www.gracedraper.com Grace Draper

    Pat, I cannot get the video to work. It is coming in wavy. Any ideas why? I tried it on their website and yours, so I am pretty sure this is an issue with on my end. Probably don’t have the right software. What do I need?

    I will appreciate any help you can offer.

  • http://www.changepath.org Cianna Stewart

    Thanks for posting about this video! It sounds tremendous and inspiring. And beautifully shot. Exactly a message I want out there in the world. I expect I’ll want to use the final film in the work I’m doing, too. I backed it!

  • http://www.minilifehacks.com Tim

    Looks great Pat! Can’t wait to see it!

  • http://newclientseachmonth.com [email protected]

    Very inspirational! The number of people who are dissatisfied with what they are doing and how they are living are staggering! Hopefully this is a wake up call for people to take life by the horns and do what they love! I can tell you, there is NOTHING better than waking up and doing what you love each and every day!

    Thanks Pat!

  • http://www.CRAZEDpilot.com Brendan – CRAZEDpilot

    Have also given a pledge – thanks for sharing Pat, it’s the story a lot of us feel inside having been successful, even mildly, in our own entrepreneurial dreams. The reinforcement from ‘live your own life’ messages is needed in today’s society of follow-the-leader. It’s an honor to support such projects to help others to make that life-altering decision to leave their day job!

  • http://theblogofjasonlovett.com Jason Lovett

    Wow, Pat. Awesome. This is funny, I’ve been reading a lot about passion and realigning our lives to live that passion, and am even currently writing an ebook on it! It’s just funny how I feel everyone’s waking up to this all at once; like there’s some sort of revolution going on in our heads, what with the rising costs of college tuition and an extreme loss of confidence, happiness, independence, and free-spiritedness that, as far as I know, has been with us since the dawn of man. I honestly can’t wait to see the movie, and although I can’t pledge (cause I’m broke!), I’ll definitely we showing it to friends and family, as it really resonates with me that much. Thanks for the post! :]

  • http://jaredakers.com jared

    Awesome project.

    Love is happiness, full stop.

  • http://www.smartmusicincome.com Jeff, Tblazz Soloz

    Hey, I like the Idea!

  • http://www.onenormalfamily.com James

    Awesome, looking forward to this.

    As an aside I do wish Kickstarter was open to non-US projects.

  • John

    Really nice trailer. Looking forward for the full documentary. I actually was thinking of basically the same thing the other day. Why do people live in their houses, 2 kids, dog, car and a 9-5 job. Sounds boring to me!

  • http://bizdharma.com Himanshu Chanda

    I have heard a lot about Adam Baker
    and even a lot more about KickStarter.
    But more than everything else I know you Pat :)
    And believe in your honesty.

    Pledged !

  • Esther

    This resonated sooo much with me, I got wet eyes. The woman crying in the trailer, that was me a couple of years ago! Now I am off to do my first pledge on Kickstarter.

  • http://rechargeyourspark.com Michele

    Thanks so much for sharing…the film is the perfect message for so many including myself. I remember being in that place of living both a passive and sometimes desperate feeling role in my life. The human-ness is me is so much brighter – and it takes constant awareness and choice. I’ve already pledged and hope every commenter on this post does too.

  • Jennifer

    I will predge 10 bucks if you tell me what you say at the end of the video…I can’t make it out!
    ps-maybe my hormones are out of whack but I got teary-eyed. I guess I’m just a sap that hates the 9 to 5 idea.

  • http://myrainvillage.com Pilar

    nicely done! thank you for sharing this documentary Pat!

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    Thanks for sharing, nice one

  • anil

    Movie Rocks!- I totally relate and am on that same road.
    Im support it!

  • http://www.marketing-artwork.com Francesca Lorenzi

    Pat, thanks for passing this documentary on! I can’t wait to see the full length finished version and am happy to contribute, so that others like myself can learn how to break out of the constraints and follow our dreams!

  • http://ivideohero.com jules

    Looks great, I’m in!

  • http://flickerofgenius.com Jamie Alexander

    Can’t wait to watch the full video. It looks great. You’re becoming a bit of a film star, Pat. Thinking of switching over to Hollywood? lol

  • Logan

    So psyched to see this documentary. What a great project! In for $5!!

  • http://www.businesslovepotion.com Lain

    Just pledged!

  • http://www.notificationofpaymentreceived.net Anthony

    Would love to whatch this but can’t workout where the trailer link is over on kickstarter. I see the big I’m fine banner and twitter and embed code and links in the text but no play video. Any clues people?

  • http://www.sevinsense.com Mylene Merlo

    I want to pledge but I don’t know where to click…?

  • michael

    I don’t understand the point of this film. Seems like a bunch of people who made decisions they regret. I watched the trailer a few times. Is the point to just have people make their own decisions? If it is that’s confusing since every decision they make no one made it for them.

    Anil: why does this rock?
    Logan: what psyched you up?

    If the point is just to go against the ‘American dream’ or the path of your parents then it seems like this film is pretty pointless.

    On a happier note good cinematography and music…

    • http://www.nichewebsites.com.au Ralph | Niche Websites

      Hey Michael,

      I’m not sure how old you are but the majority of the people we saw were of an older generation. Where terms like “work happiness” “yoga” “work balance” “fulfillment” etc were not really around like they are now.

      Those days, following your dreams wasn’t really possible like it is now. The opportunities that we (I’m 28) have now are so much greater than they had. However, we have so many more choices that it also makes it harder to decide for a future that you enjoy doing.

      The people in the movie, just followed “a path” which they knew would’t give them the fulfillment in live they were searching for. It is being in a room with people who you don’t connect with but you just have to be there until you retire.

      Anil might think this rocks because it shows an opening, you just have to do it. It shows courage for leaving something that is something that you don’t like but it provides you.

      Logan might get psyched because he feels more confident that he is not alone in his way of thinking. He might be searching for something where he belongs.

      You mention “the path of your parents” it is not just your parents, its their parents and their parents before them. And then telling your kids they should follow the same path .. even though you sort of know there is more in life.

      I’ve done two masters at Uni and I sort of regret doing that. 40k in debt but I met my future wife there so can’t be all bumped about that. However on the academic side.. Getting teachers who haven’t build anything themselves in a business and then teaching me about how to build a business…

      Question you might ask yourself (which someone asked me yesterday) if I would give you 1.000 a week more would you work 10 hours a week extra? How about 10.000 a week more, 50 hours a week more?

      I hardly doubt the extra money would make you enjoy the work you do. You just get more money out of it but I doubt you keep working there even if you don’t need the money.

      If you work somewhere and you don’t need the money they give you, you can argue that they are just happy with what they do.

      This is just my opinion and I don’t mean to speak for Anil and Logan but this is my take. The ABC has a slogan here in Australia which is called “6 billion stories and counting” which I love. It’s not called “6 billion job titles and counting”

    • http://Www.geemoneytalk.com Ryan Gee

      This rocks because it’s motivating for someone like myself who has just made the decision to pursue something I love to do, and frankly, I’m quite scared. I have “gone through the motions” for school and my career for 12 years now. And I’ve been preaching to my wife about what it really means to live life happily. This is perfect timing for myself and our family. I do take responsibility for the choices I’ve made so far, and I will continue to, wherever my new path takes me.

  • http://lifeonpurpose-davidmfosteriii.blogspot.com David M foster

    didn’t see a way to pledge after clicking link.
    Love this stuff.I knew I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and theories.Wow what a great film this will be .So excited to hear other real storys

  • Matthew Barram

    Just gave $5. Looks awesome!

  • Alexandra Mihaita

    Hope my (humble) $5 support will help! I`m very excited to see the final result! Brilliant idea.

    @Michael: I guess this film`s purpose is to give inspiration & confidence..

  • Nigel

    Just pledged! Looks like a cool movie…thanks for letting us know, Pat!

  • http://webmarketingcamp.com Brock

    Hey Pat!

    Thanks for introducing me to this, it looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the whole film! I backed it, and put a widget for it up on my own site. I think the world needs this stuff, and so many people don’t understand what is possible!



  • http://www.watzzupsport.com Watzzupsport

    I like the premise of the movie, Pat how far down the rabbit hole do they go.

    I hope it is not just a fluffy feel good and a call to some program they have running.

    The need to point out the dark side of the control they eluded to will need to see people speaking out about the globilist banking cartels that sends nations to war and keep citizens fat, unhealthy, and apathetic with poison GMO food sources and monopolistic control over health care.

    As someone who works with mental health issues, the message of establishing your own sovereignty over your dreams and life is very powerfull and needs to be encouraged.

    I have kicked in and hope they deliver a message that is timely and poignant


  • http://www.bluesheepdog.com/ Richard

    In for $5. Wish I could give more, as this looks like a well done, great project!


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    Thanks for the share Pat.

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first. But the trailer “sold me.”


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    This is an awesome way to combat living in debt to your eyeballs, i’ve shared it out.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

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    Thanks for sharing Pat…. that’s a great trailor! Although I can’t really hear what you are saying at the end of it :-)

    all the best


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    lol you got to this project before us! Good work, looks like it’s going to be awesome :)

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    Wow, Pat, I think this might be the first time I’ve commented here, but this video looks amazing! Great that you were able to be involved and to contribute to such an awesome project. Hope it will be a great success for Adam and all those involved in the making of it. Thanks for sharing it!

  • James

    Why didn’t the filmmakers ask for the funding before doing the movie? Going on a 42 day recording spree only to say, well we can’t afford producing the movie without your help seems a little odd.

    It seems like a great project and I hope the end result will be likewise.

  • Wendy Krueger

    Hi Pat:
    Thanks for posting. I just pledged.

    I am passionate about filmmaking, in particular documentaries. Happy to support great projects.
    – Wendy

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    Hi Pat. It’s been great seeing the evolution of Adam and his website. I think he’s doing just a wonderful thing and I watched the trailer. It seems very promising and also motivating too.

    Congrats for being featured and thanks for sharing about the video.

  • http://TimsMinions.com Andi

    It looks good, very professional, has some good motivational value which many people need, I hope it isn’t just a ‘down to earth’ version of ‘The Secret’. Has a similar feel, but I feel this is more achievable and believable. I will shall share this on. :)

    Oh and congrats on being featured in the video.

  • http://www.themillionaireway.net/ Mark Foo

    Just pledged $5. Wish you guys all the best!



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    One word, “inspirational” .The world needs shaking up! I’m pledging just because you guys are so passionate.

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    Thanks Pat Flynn, I cant stop listening to you online, all of your emails always leave with me an remarkable footprint. I so much love the last email you sent about IDEAS.


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    I just donated $5, but the check out is the worse. Why Amazon… it would have been nice to use Paypal.. I know paypal will charge a fee but its easier. I had to create a amazon account and it took for ever I was about to cancel my donation…

  • Kou Yang

    I’ve been waking up everyday, for the last year, feeling this way and telling myself that IM going to make a change in my life so i can live my dream. great share pat. i can’t wait to see it when its finished. will help when i get home from work.

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    This is great! This is something a lot of people need to see. I can’t wait to see it and share.

  • http://www.ceoinfluence.com Ricky Figueroa

    It truly resonated with my heart. You guys have my full support. “Live your own dreams, instead of, The American Dream.” Great mission, and I’m truly sure it will create a big movement. I believe the world needs to see this documentary. People need to stop blaming things on the economy and others… and start creating their own economy.

    Pat… thank you for posting this… and for supporting him as well.


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    A really nice project that, thanks for the inspiration again Pat, and keep the inspiring stuff coming:)

    I’ve been expanding my online projects, and trying vary the things I do, and aim higher and bigger each time…and your blog has played a part in helping to motivate me to keep going!

  • Mitchel

    This is ringing the bell of truth. I encounter people every day who think that taking a “pill” will change their frame of mind and outlook.

    The reality is that the old teachings of working at the same JOB for 30 years is not the answer for many of us.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mitchel M.D.

  • http://www.personal-success-factors.com Steve-Personal Success Factors

    Pat and Adam and more…thanks for lighting the way before us. I’m going to donate and get my copy of the documentary today! One of the greatest enemies we fight is ourself: our own self-limiting beliefs cause us to be prisoners: staying in a less fulfilling ‘safe’ zone that is really ‘unsafe.’

  • http://www.wealthcoachinguk.com Kevin H. Boyd

    Inspiring work! I woke up to my own delusion that a job in IT was not the smartest way to spend my precious life energy. So when I turned 40 I started to look around for a different way. I read all the self help and get rich quick books I could find and then took some action and 5 years on from that decision to change I am finally free from the day job and can spend my life how I please.

    I have just written a book about my experiences called The Job Delusion. You can download a free chapter of the book from my blog at http://www.TheJobDelusion.com

    courage is not the absence of fear but feeling the fear and doing it anyway :-)


  • Pat

    I’m missing the Paypal option, don’t have a credit card (and don’t want one). I think outiside the U.S.A. the use of credit cards is not that common.

  • http://ianrobinson.net Ian Robinson

    I just listened to the latest Man vs. Debt podcast. Baker had disappeared from his podcast for ages and it was great to learn that he wasn’t podcasting because he was filming this documentary. It’s fantastic that you will make a guest appearance. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the post Pat.

  • http://www.yourpropertyclub.com/ Tom P

    Congrats Pat! The doco looks amazing, I can’t wait until it comes out. Hopefully you will be able to reach even more people and inspire them to break out of the mold.

  • http://wizims.com Shadi Halloun

    Wow, it’s really awesome to see someone taking a step back, and actually do something to help people.

    I’m sure this film will change lives for good. Great job! For both of you, Adam and Pat.

    Good luck with the film, I hope you can make another post about it once it’s finished.

  • http://allieswebquest.blogspot.com/2012/05/pity-party-for-one.html Allie

    CHILLS!!! WOW!

    I think we all get caught up in the “American Dream” when all we need to do is live “Our Dreams”.

    I will pledge and share many times. Looks awesome!


  • http://www.actionovertime.com/ Dan

    Saw the trailer today on FB… looks really good.

    Complacency. You don’t want that word to define you. I hope he gets the crowdfunding he needs.

    It’s cool too that you’re on it Pat. Great Success!

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    Hope they fix it soon. :-/

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    As a new business owner only 9 months in, I cant wait to see the whole film. I know exactly what the lady means when she says it feels great not knowing whats ahead.

    • http://toptourdates.com/bruce-springsteen-tour-dates Springsteen Lover

      Hey Eddie..

      FYI, ‘the lady’ at the end is DanielleLaporte.com :)

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  • http://www.HellisFull.net Maverick:

    Pledged 5$ 😀 I look forward to seeing it.

  • http://toptourdates.com/bruce-springsteen-tour-dates Springsteen Lover


    Tell them to get a Paypal button on their site, pronto! I went to pledge but had to register before I could give. Crazy!! I ended up skipping it..

    I was willing to forfeit the goodies they offered if I could have only found a simple Paypal button to make my donation.


  • Mary-Ellen

    Hi Pat, this is the first Kickstarter project that I’ve contributed to. I posted the preview on my FB site (with the mention that I was familiar with one of the producers who’s also in the documentary). After spending the last month perusing your site, I’m completely confident that comment is legit! I appreciate all your incite and look forward to starting my own blog very soon. Thanks for making this newbie’s maiden voyage feel less scary in uncharted waters.

    • http://rodgomes.com Rod Gomes

      Hi Mary-ellen,

      This was the first project I backed as well. I saw it on Pat’s FB page, and then later that same day I heard someone mention it again, and again.

      Usually when something gets on the radar so often, it means I should check it out. I’m very glad I did in this case, can’t wait for the doc!

      Thanks for sharing Pat!

      • Mary-Ellen

        Hi Rod, since I’m new to all of this, can I ask a question? How do you get your picture to show up next to your name? I appreciate it.

        • Rod Gomes

          It’s easy. All you have to do is create an account at gravatar.com (free), then you will be able to assign a picture to an email address of your choice.

          So whenever you fill out forms (with the same email you have set in Gravatar) to leave a comment, WordPress will communicate with Gravatar and fetch your picture.

          Let me know if you need help setting it up.

  • Pat

    Thank you all, again, for your amazing comments and contributions to the I’m Fine, Thanks project! We’re about 3k left from reaching the 100,000 goal with 6 days left – I think we’re going to make it!!

  • http://www.wealthcoachinguk.com Kevin H. Boyd

    You’guys have inspired me to raise money using crowd-funding too!

    I’ve just put up a pitch on the UK web site http://www.CrowdFunder.co.uk to raise money to help me promote my book The Job Delusion which details my journey from the day job to financial freedom.

    I would love you all to get involved at http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investment/the-job-delusion-book-1006

  • http://www.sjoptions.com/ Marvin Fontanilla

    Just saw the article about this project on http://thinktraffic. n e t/filmmaker-raised-100k-on-kickstarter. (I broke up the link)

    It looks like this documentary is going to be a huge success. Looking forward to watching it!

  • http://www.extremenewbiemarketing.com Lavonda Thigpen

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been reading your blog today.

    I just finished watching the “I’m Fine, Thanks” video, and it got me to thinking.

    I was born in 1964 in Lufkin Texas. My dad was the bread winner, and worked very hard to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and shoes on our feet.

    We were not wealthy by any means, but we always had what we needed, but not necessarley what we wanted.

    My parents raised what you could say 2 seperate families. I have two older brothers of which the oldest is 20 years older than me and the other 17 years older.

    My mom had me, then 19 months later had my youngest brother. My mom calls us her “Menopause” children.

    Growing up, I thought that I wanted the “white pickett fence” “the 9-5 job”, and the “2.5 kids”. Everything that my parents had.

    But the older I got, the more I began to realize that there had to be a better way. I didn’t want to work for 40 years and retire with a measley check every month. I wanted more.

    Well, as the years passed, I hated going to work everyday. I wanted to be at home raising my kids and taking care of my family. Little did I know, that my wish was about to come true, but not the way I had planned.

    I was working with special needs children in the LISD, the same district I graduated from many years back.

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    For the next 3 years I went to doctor after doctor having test after test. Finally they sent me to a “spinal specialist” in Tyler which is about 80 miles north west of here.

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    If you’ll send me your email, I’ll send you a copy of the ebook so that you can see the product.

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