How to Use FREE In Your Business to Get More Traffic, Subscribers, and Customers (Pat’s 2013 NMX Presentation)

Free is Powerful - Use It (Correctly)Today I’m incredibly excited to share a full-length video recording of my presentation from New Media Expo this past January!

The presentation is about the power of using FREE in your business and exactly how and why it should be used, by everyone, to get more traffic, subscribers and customers. Not only is the session packed with a ton of relevant content, but I’m extremely proud of my delivery of that content to the packed house that was in attendance.

I started working on this presentation 6 months prior to sharing it at New Media Expo, and I actually hired a coach to help guide me towards my A-game.

It wasn’t easy though, and if you talk to Mike, my speaking coach, you’ll find out that during those 6 months we must have went through 4 or 5 completely different presentations before we finally landed on ‘the one’—each one with a different flavor and path to presenting the core message of the talk.

Although it was stressful at times, I had so much fun putting this presentation together. I remember a few moments during my final preparation that I actually jumped up and down around my office because I was so excited. That sounds a little geeky, but hey—if I enjoyed putting this presentation together there was definitely a good chance the audience would enjoy it too—and I believe they did.

Several people came up to me after the presentation was over to tell me that it was the best presentation they had seen during the entire event! Others told me their heads were buzzing with ideas, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. One person I spoke to took 8 pages of notes, which is awesome!

Here is my favorite tweet from the session.

And, you won’t see it on the video because it wasn’t recorded, but during my Q&A session I actually got a kiss on the cheek! 😉

I really feel at home on the stage now—something I never would have dreamt of saying when I first started public speaking back in October of 2011 at the Financial Bloggers Conference, which I hope to attend once again later this year.

Please enjoy, share, and let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks, and I appreciate you!

(or click here to watch Pat’s NMX Presentation on YouTube)

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  • Monja

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you SO much for your video! I’m really excited about it because I just recently started to apply FREE to my business and I can just say – it works!
    Giving people value is what it´s all about and once invested it comes back to you. I often spend 10+ hours writing an article but I never regret when I get a lot of nice comments, followers, subscribers – it’s a very rewarding work.
    Again, thanks for sharing for free – although I’d be more than willing to pay for the information you provide.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks so much Monja! I appreciate the kind words and am always happy to share this kind of information for free! Wishing you all the best!

      • Brandon

        Awesome video, its interesting how the whole ‘freemium’ business strategy is working out in a bunch of markets. Lots of video games are going towards that strategy along with tons of tech start-ups.

  • Siegfried

    very good video – thanks for sharing it for free! i like that tweet too :)
    Best Regards!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks so much! :)

      • Jason Love

        According to the time stamp, Pat you replied at 3:02 am. Do you usually work that late? I know some prefer working at night to working during the day.

        • Pat Flynn

          Yep! Just headed to bed now. I work in the late night / early morning hours when the kids are asleep :)

  • Andi the Minion

    Good Morning Pat,
    An excellent video, just when I thought I had enough to do this Monday morning I suddenly find I have an hour’s video to watch and it was well worth it. But then again they always are.

    I love the idea of the Freemium model, it just speaks volumes to me… as long as it is quality, the concern is that a lot of people give away rubbish and stuff that doesn’t really educate for free then expect people to buy the better stuff. It just doesn’t make sense, as you say, if you give away a fantastic product for free like your eBook, people will go ‘wow I wonder how great the paid for stuff is?’

    Reciprocal nature is what we have been doing since we were at school, we spent time with those who wanted to spend time with us. we help those who helped us, we avoided those who were miserable, who bullied us and who just wasn’t nice. It is in our nature.

    I do however thing’ brands’ is the way we are going, with keywords being hard to rank for these days becoming a brand is the way to go. I do think people are becoming ‘nice brands’ though. Like you, you are Pat Flynn but you are also the ‘SPI’ brand and both go nicely together. You are not a faceless corporation…

    Great video and I will now share… :-)

  • Kamil

    Hi Pat,

    great video! Post is also good, I will share it through Twitter with my readers.

    Best regards

  • george@seekdefo

    Free giveaways, webinars and plugins are all great incentives which make people do anything for your site or blog or business

  • Billy Murphy

    Awesome job Pat. Your presentation style is really, really good in my opinion.

  • Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for sharing this presentation with us.

    If you have recorded any other session there, I would be happy if you could share it with us.

  • Andrew Minalto

    Excellent video Pat & very interesting presentation.

    I first heard about Moving the Free line from Eben Pagan I think and since then have implemented it in my business as core, fundamental strategy.

    FREE really works! People who say it doesn’t, simply do not offer good enough content (or whatever) to make it work. As no one wants a poor product that doesn’t work, even if it’s free (ok right, some people will still take it, lol).

    Keep up the good work Pat! More videos from you would be nice as I really love the way you create them – same intro in this video – the quality is OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Tom

    Hi Pat,
    you have the talent to walk your audience through a concept that any webmarketer knows or at leat should have heard about, in a captivating and structured way. Great job.
    And at the end of the day, the point you’re making is “Nothing is ever without consequences, and consequently nothing is ever for free” (Confucius) => He understood the concept already 2500 years ago.
    Free is just a key ingredient to make your living online.
    Cheers and keep going.

  • Kenneth

    Thanks pat for sharing this with us. I am particularly grateful as i have picked an idea which i will implement immediately.

  • Ken @ Gold BUyers Guide

    Thanks pat, this video has set me thinking on how i too can start applying this idea.

  • Theodore Nwangene

    A very interesting presentation Pat,
    Its obvious that free gifts can perform so many wonders if you actually give out a good and worthy one.

    I did enjoyed the presentation indeed and have already tweeted it.

    Thanks for giving it to us free of charge. Its all about free.

  • Seemi

    I love your excitement about this presentation almost as much as I love this presentation! I can see why you’re proud of it. Thanks for being a continuing source of inspiration Pat.

  • Jason Love

    It sounds like having a speaking coach really helped. Being a magician for almost 10 years I have thought about hiring one to make my show better and my performance better… I am thinking about getting one again.
    Thanks for sharing!
    -Jason Love

  • Bargain Electricals

    Great video I really enjoyed it and the great post.

  • Joseph Michael

    I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks for sharing Pat! What a great presentation. You really delivered well. I don’t think I caught one “um.” I thought all the stories and slides you used were spot on as well. Everything was very easy to understand which is expected…and appreciated. I can only imagine how difficult it was putting together that presentation because like you said, there really isn’t a whole lot of research on the subject to pull from.

    Along with my main blog, I’ve spent the last several months preparing to launch a new site and have been really struggling with what direction to take it…

    How much should I give away?
    What should I charge for?
    Membership site or regular site?
    etc. etc…

    This video was exactly what I needed! It really helped me to gain a clear direction and fresh perspective. It was timely reminder of why I started all this in the first place – to help people – and the rest will all fall into place!

    Thanks again Pat!

    P.S. By the way I’m from St. Louis but will coming through San Diego for a couple days late March. Would love to meet up and buy you a cup of coffee or something if your free.

  • David >> Website Buddha

    You’re so unrelenting in your ability to get things done. You just hammer away at things. It’s really amazing to watch how you work with a clear methodology. You hired a coach to help with your presentation? No one does that…and that is perhaps why you are where you are.

    Anyways, free is kind of weird. Standing in line for a grand slam or a cup cake or at a state fair for a hamburger. Free is only free if your time is invaluable, but people just don’t see it that way for some reason.

  • Naveen | planetnaveen

    Great video Pat,
    As usual, you rock.

  • Joel Zaslofsky

    I’m glad you got this published, Pat. As someone who saw the presentation in person, I’ve been hoping to be able to pass along a link to other people who weren’t there so I could say, “See?! This is the kind of awesomeness I got to experience at NMX. And this is the kind of dude Pat Flynn is.” Thanks!

  • James

    Very timely Pat. I appreciate the work you put in and the effort to share it.

    I’ve had a last minute request to speak next Wednesday at a conference. I vowed I would say yes to all these opportunities this year, just didnt envisage having 8 days to prepare from scratch!

    Thanks again.

  • Chris Altamirano

    Awesome presentation my man!

    Proud of you for taking almost 6 months to perfect your presentation, it definitely showed! Fresh wardrobe to dude!

    Moving on to business.

    You couldn’t have posted this video at a better time. I’ve actually got a dating eBook that I wrote (About 100 pages long) and I’ve been wanting to sell it on my niche site but I haven’t really figured out a strategy.

    After watching your presentation I’ve got a gazillion ideas going through my head. I think I’ll go with a half of a freebie type give away? Maybe I’ll do what MJ Demarco does for his Millionaire Fastlane book and just give away the first few chapters or just the best parts and then let them download (purchase) the rest of it if it resonates with them?

    Appreciate you taking the time to put this up on the SPI blog dude. Keep it up! And finish your book already man! lol


    Free iPod Nanos?!! What’s next, iPads?! :p

    haha take care dude!

    – Chris

  • Dan

    Hey Pat,

    The “power of free” that your presentation at NMX was centered around generated over 300 optins on my girlfriend’s brand-new blog last month & led to over $1,000 in sales just in one week. She had a 30% optin rate from one referral source alone, & her website doesn’t even have a sales page or a contact me page!

    If you want to hear details, keep reading, otherwise thank you for such a valuable presentation; FREE works wonders!

    After setting up a blog & website for my girlfriend’s coaching business, we finally figured out how to get traffic to it using guest posting.

    After listening to (& dissecting) SPI episode 044 & 045, we were inspired to create an e-course for her. She wrote the content, I plugged it into Aweber & built the landing page on her site (we’re a pretty awesome team haha).

    From this free 21-Day e-course she now gets several hundred emails a week from people taking it, gets invaluable feedback from that list, & had 5 people reach out from that list asking to hire her (she has signed three of them already).

    Her TinyBuddha article was released early last month & on average, 3 out of 10 people who come to her site from that link opt-in to her free e-course.

    We are both stunned at how well a free e-course is converting, but also at the fact that she has made money from it without even having anything for sale!

    She went from having just another blog sitting in cyberspace to having followers, super-fans, & even paying customers almost overnight. It’s amazing.

    The only thing I can say to you is thank you, & if you are ever in Sacramento you’ve got a beer waiting for you.


  • Tim Sumner

    Looks like it was an awesome talk! Well done Pat! Thanks for putting it up us.
    Free is a good way forward for online businesses and for society at large in my opinion.

  • Kent Faver

    Really enjoyed this and got alot out of it Pat – thanks! You handled the mike power outage like a champ – what happened there exactly? Low battery?

    One personal point – As the father of daughters – not a fan of the Full Frontal graphic – came across a little 1970-ish to me – maybe something a little less abrasive would work to handle that powerful title? Thanks again!

  • Loz James

    Hi Pat

    Thanks for this great video – my head is buzzing with ideas now and I can’t wait to get started in the morning!

    BTW – love your Derek Halpern impression – a career on the stage beckons perhaps?!

    Great stuff as always.



  • Danny

    Great video Pat looking forward to the next Pod cast

  • Halina

    Speaking of free…you now also have a free beer waiting for you in Madison, WI. Probably at Ale Asylum; it’s closer to the airport. Thanks so much for posting this great presentation.

  • Tom Treanor

    Hey Pat – awesome! It’s great to see the presentation up online and thank you for including the link to my post. I just watched the presentation and the advice you gave me at the end – I’m going to implement the toolkit idea (vs. multiple single “lead magnets”) right away. Great job in the presentation – definitely glad I was there to see it live!

  • robert west

    Nice read like always

  • Ricardo Butler

    I loved this video. I already saw in on YouTube before seeing this post. So I kind of skimmed through it again a second time.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Ronald Earl Wilsher

    Love the info, Sir and your style.

    Pulled LOTS of things from this and it reminded me of the “Free Line” Mr. E. Pagan has used to bring value to the world.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Keep the faith and keep moving forward.

    All is well in Paradise! :~)

  • Karen Rawson

    Pat, I stumbled across this video when I was urging my husband (‘bone 78, Sec 81, Go Bears!), who was laid off in August, to get busy. I’ve been working on my own platform as a consultant and if he promotes nothing but my business (in house VA, free is good!), we’re ahead of the game – but he has so much more he can do.

    We watched the video together start to finish and I think he’s coming around! We will be studying together and we are ever so grateful to you for all the quality you put into everything you do. I know my husband, a PhD Molecular Geneticist, would not have been hooked watching anything of poor quality, but you really hit it out of the ballpark.

    Not only did you make a your main point about FREE, but you demonstrated what it means to treasure your audience, to over-deliver, and to make your work shine with your own special brand of YOU. THANKS!
    Karen (‘bone 81, SM 84, Cal Band Great!)

  • Sam

    Hey Pat!
    Thank you once again for a great post. You are so inspirational and I don’t usually take the time to comment on blog posts, but yours are so worth it!
    Also on a completely unrelated note, is that a trumpet in the background in the intro of the video? I’m a trumpet player so I just have to ask if you play or anything 😀

  • Joona

    Very cool presentation Pat. I especially liked the last 10 minutes or so when you brought the guys on stage and the tips you gave them.

  • Honolulu Aunty

    That was really good info, much mahalo for sharing!!

    Not sure who my audience is yet, nor my ultimate goal for them – but it will be a great start to figure that out so I don’t sound so much like a lil ole lady rambling on about everything.

    With aloha,


  • Jason

    Whoa! I do not remember signing a release form :) Your presentation made NMX well worth the trip.

    Thanks for sharing this and taking the time to add some production value with the cut aways to your slides and B roll shots.

  • Eddie Gear

    hey Pat, This video is so inspiring, to see how much you do. I’ve never seen you this way. Its really cool, that I am going to redefine the way I blog. Thanks for being an eye opener. Cheers.

  • chef arif

    that good concept, really inspiring me so much..and i like to use social media also to improve the brand of the blog. perhaps i would like to ask more about blogging from now on. please kindly support me :) its really nice

  • Ian McConnell

    Thanks Pat, that was a superb presentation.

    I would have loved to see the Q&A, but I got plenty of ideas from the presentation.

    What you said makes so much sense and I’ll be making a few changes. Free is where it is at and it’s so important to put yourself out there, and then give people opportunities to reward you.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • Vikas

    This presentation is so inspiring man. I just loved it Patt. You are becoming role model for me day by day. And by the way you are looking handsome in that dress.

  • Stephanie

    I love the presentation. You’re a very easy person to listen to and you’re very concise when speaking. Though I know you practiced plenty, you don’t sound rehearsed at all. Good job!

    Speaking of free, I’m in the midst of developing a new WordPress video plugin that I am planning on launching for free. I’m pretty excited to just get my first few downloads. :)

    • Anup @

      What plugin are you planning for launch? I mean what does it do?

  • Robert Szymaniak

    Hi Pat :-)

    You’ve shared some great piece of advice here. I really enjoyed the video :-)

    I think that giving value to people is a top priority in online business. Especially in today’s marketplace.

    What is strange is that when you really adapt the “all about them” mentality, doing business seems obvious. Writing content becomes fun and SELLING products online doesn’t cause you much harm.

    It’s all about your subscribers. Help them achieve their goals and they’ll gladly help you achieve yours :-)

    Keep up the work!


  • Steve Harlow

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for putting this presentation together.

    You did a sensational job, and it has given me some ideas on how to implement free in the future.

  • Sachin Bille

    Worth watching!!!

    You are milking it like anything Pat! You know exactly what you want to deliver and to whom you want to deliver.
    The concept of ‘Leveraging Free’ is awesome and really helpful for long run.

    Thanks for sharing it for FREE :-)

  • Traci-Work at home job journal

    Thanks for sharing this information for FREE! Am in the middle of watching it right now and am really enjoying it. You seem very comfortable in presenting.

  • Eddie

    Excellent video.


    Curious .. have you thought of developing a ROKU channel? :)

  • yogesh

    Hey Pat. Great Video presentation.
    Definitely, We ll get more idea about Promoting business. Thankx :)

  • Andreas

    Cool talk. But I have to disagree on the clothing. You look like an accountant. I would skip the west.

  • Heather

    Pat you hit another one out of the park. As a niche site owner operator always looking for new customers (Traffic) the word “contest” can be a free giveaway promoting what you have to offer if it is of quality. LOL the chocolate example presentation to the public was wait for it…… awesome! Thanks for another drink at the fountain of marketing knowledge you possess.

  • Jason Ellis

    Pat, thanks for taking the time to really break down this process step by step. The video was great and seriously, man, you present like a pro. Nice job. You’ve got some swag going on here and the cool vest doesn’t hurt. :) Nice job. You’ve really come up in the industry and it’s very well deserved. Thanks.

  • Maurice

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for giving some inspirational ideas on giving stuff away for free!
    Loved the little experiment with the chocolates! I think i’ve seen something like that on a other site. Nevertheless it was good to be reminded that the best things in life are (sometimes) for free.

    Keep Blogging

  • brandon avance

    Love your breakdown of free here. Very insightful and you highlight some very talented bloggers here. I especially enjoyed your personal advice at the end. Job well done. See you at SXSW?

  • Kapil

    Thanks a lot Pat. I just love your presenations. Every word of it makes sense to me. Great work. Keep it up my friend. God will bless you for doing good to the community. Thanks again.

  • Pierre

    Hi Pat,
    Just wanted to say thanks! You gave some very valuable advices and your presentation was fun and easy to follow :)
    Just one question (sorry if you’ve answered it already): what was this thing with the “free pack” in the beginning?

  • Herman

    Just watched your presentation. Had a lot of a-ha moments. Currently thinking of giving away an e-course on traffic generation..your thoughts..

  • Dr. Prophet Everett

    Hi Pat,
    I enjoyed your video presentation on “Free” I do utilize the art of free. I give away my books, DVD’s and CDs of my teachings and other things relevant to my ministry and business. But your examples were helpful for improving my marketing skills.
    Thank you
    Dr. Prophet Everett

  • Adeyemi Adisa

    This is really great. I only just find out about your blog and podcast today, and I must confess, I am inspired!

  • Monty Campbell

    Wonderful presentation. The video is great. In Vegas it felt a little different than seeing it online.

    I love your chocolate idea. Giving people the chocolates to begin with was interesting. I love chocolate but I always hesitate with free stuff knowing there is a catch. I probably looked at you like you were offering cod liver oil and mineral spirits when you presented the offer.

    It was even more interesting how you brought it together with your presentation. I appreciate how you connected personally with the audience then touched us with a message that connected the dots. And at that moment, I thought “Dang I should have gotten the Hersey’s kiss:-D”.

    I have a presentation in front of a few hundred this Wednesday. I have a presentation in front of several thousand this Sunday. I’d love to incorporate that method. I might be able to do the chocolate for the few hundred. But for the few thousand.. I’m looking for ideas.

    Anyway.. have a blessed day. I wish you continued success in your quests and goals. See you in San Diego .. “You stay classy San Diego.” in my best Ron Burgundy Voice;-)

  • Dave G

    Thanks for this Pat – many many great points made here, and in memorable and clear ways.
    Really interesting to see free used as a major part of a proper, robust and attractive business model too.

    The effort you’ve put in is clear to see also – and it seems more obvious than ever to me now that helping people is the key – ventures of mine that didn’t work out were all focussed on GETTING, the ones that work are all about what I can do for others.

    I think it says a lot that most of your comments are people saying thank you to you.

  • sufalam technologies

    Great ideas as usual. Please keep them coming. My favorite from this bunch was have fun. I love a good laugh and as much Facebook as I read, I really like the fun stuff best. Thanks again.

  • Prerna@The Mom Writes

    Anndd.. You did it again!! Awesomeness.. ‘Nuff said!!

  • Dakota

    Hey Pat,
    I am working on ‘free’ and wanted to get a professional opinion. My goal is to become Amazon’s Top Affiliate but not by traditional means. I wrote a 2,600+ post on ways I will do it. The main theme is that I will offer people a free education on different shopping deals that can be had from Amazon, and in return they will shop through my link.
    I am working on videos right now that will show shoppers tips and tricks for getting it done. Many are tips that the average shoppe doesn’t know about.
    What do you think Pat? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, at the same time, I realize you are a busy guy!

  • Chad Ettelbrick

    Thanks for sharing this. Always interesting to see these things from you. Your presentation game has really jumped over the years and it makes it exciting to see new ideas and concepts when they are presented. I’m a big proponent of “Free” and think it can really be a strong business tool. Podcast’s are a perfect example.

    Thanks again.

  • Blair

    Great info Pat! I’ve definitely found it effective when I call my ‘free’ item something that sounds like it’s usually paid for, or a special release only for a limited time.

    Also think about tier 2 freebies, and how you reengage people who may have fallen out of the funnel, because they are looking for something a bit different.

    Thanks for sharing the preso!

  • Yoonhyuk

    Appreciate the video! But that mic stand…. Ahhhhrrr!

  • ShaneandJocelyn

    Well done Pat. Good recovery on the mic malfunction! Never lost your cool haha. This video is “just in time” learning for me, my newest site is going to give away the main product FREE and then sell other products to support it. I’ve had people tell me I’m crazy…CRAZY to give this stuff away, but I know it is the way to go! Awesome presentation man!

    -Shane and Jocelyn
    Shiny Objects Media
    “Push The Domino”

  • Taswir Haider

    Awesome video ! I just love your presenations. Every word of it makes sense to me.thanks for sharing it.

  • Emma

    I’ve found that short free reports on the topics of either “Top 5 Mistakes xxx(in the industry you are targeting)” or “Top 5 Digital Tools (for that industry)” work well as a free giveaway. With option 2, you can include affiliate links to the tools/products you are promoting within the report – bonus! (And, go a step further and review those 5 tools in detail and put the reviews on your site with affiliate links included.

  • Sam Matla (Passive Productive)

    Hey Pat,

    Loved the video, thanks a lot. I have to admit I was laughing throughout the intro, I can’t believe that someone clicked that button 5000 times! Opportunity cost right?? Anyway, the talk really helped me out with some decisions. I actually released my first free product two days ago (just before watching this), though I’m not getting much subscribers for it.

    Maybe I should take a more passive approach and offer it for free regardless of whether the visitor enters their email or not, then I’ll plug it at the end like you said. We’ll see. Again, thanks!

  • Iain

    When listening to this, it really opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there.

    I loved how you talked with a couple people at the end and gave them some ideas as to how they can implement the idea of free on their websites.

    I know that I can get hung up sometimes on small details, but one must keep going.

    I find channelling my inner Yoda works, “do or do not, there is no try”

    Great work Pat.

  • Melanie Duncan

    Looking so dapper! Great presentation Pat!

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the information Pat!

    I started my new niche website today:

    You are great!


  • Alexander

    aww man this presentation was simply amazing Pat! I learned a ton as always. I can tell you really prepared a ton for it. On another note, I definitely want to steal your outfit ;). Great job Pat.

  • Jules (Video Hero)

    Great content, you handled the mic issue like a cucumber!

  • The Goddess Guide – Isis Jade

    Nothing is ever “free” in life, nor is anything guaranteed. With that in mind, following this perspective, as a marketing and business strategist I do agree the greater value you GIVE to people to enable them to get to know you – the greater TRUST you inspire. FREE is a vitally important term to use – as long as you don’t over use it. You also don’t want to train your customers into looking only for the free stuff, but at the same time, people who don’t know you – they definitely need the free education, information and articles you provide to entice them to get to know you.

    By the way… I LOVE your website here. I keep on coming back over, and over. It’s a far better resource than most of the internet marketing gurus out there.

    Thank you for the advice and guidance. Namaste.

  • Chris (CodeWithChris)

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for sharing that presentation. I watched it from start to finish and I really enjoyed it!

    I have to say that I was skeptical in the first 10 minutes because I imagined myself giving stuff away and shuddering but by the end of the presentation, I garnered a brand new respect for the power of Free.

    Thanks again!

  • Sarah Park

    Very interesting video. As a consumer myself, freebies and giveaways get my attention. Well, depends on what is offered.

  • Chris @ Stumble Forward

    What an awesome video Pat. You did such an amazing job. The concept of FREE is huge. It opens you up to a much larger audience and earning potential. I should also add that something can’t be just FREE to work, as you also need to give away something with huge value to it as well.

    This is probably were I am struggling a little, I’ve always wanted to create a free ebook to giveaway to entice people to sign up to my mailing list but I’m a little unsure what I should put together, but I plan to get something put together soon.

    Thanks for all of your great wisdom.

  • Byron Friday (@akaTGIF)

    Like a Boss!! Pat’s coming through again!

  • Car Games

    Getting traffic on online business is the most difficult task and if you get succressed in this field of seo hope you can achieve your goal in some days or may be in some 6 to 9 months. Nice article thanks for sharing your views and thoughts with your blog readers and with your audiance.

  • Iain

    Thanks for providing this presentation Patrick.

    It really made me think about what I could do to provide fantastic content and make it free.

    I love the concept, but I think it can be difficult to implement well.

    How would the best way to identify your free gift? You mentioned in the presentation that it can be difficult to nail down.

    Do you have a decision process that you go through?

  • Edmund

    I have been a fan of Pat Flynn, thank you so much for a wonderul explanation of using FREE in any endeavors that we are pursuing right now. It’s just came at the right time. Hope to see more of your techniques revealed to us. Thanks a lot Pat.

  • Marc Ashley

    Hey Pat I haven’t been around for a while in fact I’d given up on the idea of passive income all together. I think the reason for giving up was procrastination and understanding the difference between wanting something and wanting something! It’s taken me a while to understand how that, what I like to call a muscle works and what I really want to do and that definitely has to be helping others. Anyway, I loved the video, and the reason I liked it because FREE is an awesome filtering machine, which nobody realizes at first sight! All those people who gave back and buy a product after the FREE has been used… those are the good guys and the best thing is, they’re also the positive thinkers, the people who respect and understand what the word respect means. Another great thing is about the “Free loaders”… You’re giving them the chance to appreciate quality! People might come as a “FREEloader” and disappear… only to come back converted! …So being that I like to help as many people as I can on my website, I’ve decided to restructure my whole process and offer some awesome free epic content. So thanks for your FREE content and who knows maybe I get a visitor to my site from this very post, which would mean I got them for FREE! haha… thanks

  • Anup @

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