How to Not Be a Newbie Blogger When You’re a Newbie Blogger

newbieBlogging = survival of the fittest.

It’s seriously a jungle out there, and for newly hatched blogs, it’s even harder to survive.

But, there are a number of things you can do right away as a “hatchling” to immediately gain ground “in the wild” and transform yourself from a newbie, to what may seem like a seasoned pro.

Below is a list of things (big and small) that you can do as a newbie, so you don’t stand out as a newbie.

1. A Professional Looking Domain Name

If you haven’t built your blog yet, I recommend grabbing a domain name and hosting package from a web hosting provider such as Bluehost. You can easily build your blog with their one-click WordPress install (in less than 4 minutes), and you’ll have the benefit of having a professional looking domain name.

So, instead of having something like: or

…you’ll simply have:

The free blogs you can setup on and aren’t bad. In fact, there are many successful ones out there – but if you’re planning to be a successful long-term blogger, then you might as well start on a self-hosted site.

2. Update the Favicon For Your Website

A favicon is the little 16×16 icon that appears next to your web address at the top of most browsers, and it sometimes shows up next to the tabs or in the bookmarks section too.

favicon-screenshotA new blog usually has what looks like a blank sheet of paper, or sometimes it’s your hosting provider’s logo. Either way, it screams “Newbie” to a lot of new visitors. Spend 5 minutes to update your favicon, and it can be a small detail that makes a big impact.

To update your favicon, you’ll need to place a 16×16 pixel icon (named favicon.ico) into your website’s root folder. For WordPress users, that’s directly into your public_html folder. You can create a picture file in Photoshop and simply rename it to favicon.ico, or you can create one easily for yourself on a website such as

3. Update Your Permalink Structure

The permalink is the URL that your blog creates when you publish new blog posts. By default, they usually come out looking ugly, like this: (where p=123 simply means post #123)

Not cool, and it definitely doesn’t do any good for search engine optimization.

Before you write your first blog post, you should change the permalink settings to simply be the name of the post that you create. For WordPress users, it simply means doing exactly what the picture below shows:permalink-structure

Under Settings > Permalinks, click on Custom Structure, and insert the code below into the Custom Structure field:


Your ugly URL problem solved, and now you look like you know what you’re doing.

4. Skip the Unnecessary Plugins and Widgets

What’s nice about WordPress is that there are tons of plugins and widgets to choose from that can do a wide variety of things for your blog, which makes customization really simple. The problem with this feature is that a lot of people tend to go overboard.

Not all plugins and widgets are useful. Be conscious about what plugins and widgets you’re placing on your site, and remember that sometimes less is more.

What good does a calendar on a blog do anyways?

5. Do Not Add an RSS Counter

New blogs should never include an RSS counter, because a counter with only 9 subscribers is basically a huge sign that says: “Hi! I’m new at this!”

Leave it out until you have over 100 subscribers (at least), and then you can incorporate it into your blog if you really want it on there. In the meantime, work on your content and making other parts of your blog awesome.

6. Add a Video To Your Blog

A quick and easy way to establish yourself as someone who knows what their doing as a blogger is by adding a video onto your blog, preferably somewhere in your sidebar.

A nicely recorded welcome message, or even a quick tip to share with new visitors can definitely make you stand out from even the more experienced blogs in your niche.

7. Format Your Blog Posts

Newbie bloggers almost always write excellent material. It’s probably because they’re super excited about starting a new blog and the possibilities of what’s ahead.

However, the format of many newbie posts always end up looking the same: a long, undivided post that resembles an essay.

In other words, the posts are lacking headings, subheadings, bold keywords, italics, lists, white space, pictures, charts, diagrams, and even links!

Take a look at some of your favorite blogs, and you can see that most are made up of several different parts, which makes it far easier to read and consume.

It might take a little practice, but if you can start off by writing blog posts with an eye-pleasing format, you’ll be far ahead in the game.

Darren from wrote a fantastic post about how to polish your blog posts, which I definitely recommend you read before you even begin to write your first post.

Tips From SPI Readers

I know I’ve only begun to scratch the surface about how to not blog like a total newbie, so I’m going to pass the baton to many of the SPI readers out there who do have experience with blogging, to hopefully add their own tips too. So please, feel free to leave a comment below with 1 tip that you’d give anyone who wants to start blogging tomorrow.


  • KreCi

    I have put RSS counter since beginning – but i must say that it really looked bad when showing 10 subscribers… Now I am not a big blogger and still do not have huge audience – but my counter vary between 80-120… And for me it is looking much more attractive now. yeah I know it is not much… but it is better than 10 :)

    • Pat

      Awesome KreCi! Sounds like you’re doing a lot of things right. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you at 1000 subscribers in no time!


  • Michelle

    Love your blog – super useful information with depth.

    Definitely agree about the favicon thing, I find myself being put off by blogs without one (kind of silly I know, but it is true.) I think to be taken seriously, a stand alone domain name is a must – they are really very inexpensive and if you are serious about your blog/site as a business, shelling out 10 bucks for one should be a given.

    I hadn’t thought about the idea of a video really making a site stand out (I don’t blog as such, I have static sites). Personal view – I have never seen the point in having a visible rss counter myself, but I guess once you are past a certain amount it can encourage others to join the X amount of other subscribers.

    Thanks for the post,


    • Pat

      Thanks for the comment Michelle.

      For me, I have a counter visible on my site because it helps with Social Proof, and like you said, it can help encourage others to join them.

      How are your static sites working out for you? Do you think you’d benefit from having updated content on your sites?

  • David Turnbull

    I’d say avoid posts that begin with (or are completely dedicated too) saying “Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.” It screams insecurity to me, and it’s just not something you see pro bloggers do.

    • Pat

      You’re so right, David. And that’s advice that doesn’t just pertain to blogging, but anywhere you present ideas to people, like at school, for example. I hate when people start off by saying, “I didn’t have the time to finish…”, or “It was tough to figure out but…” – things like that.

      Great reminder. Thanks!

      • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

        Never never say you have not been posting. I even de-emphasized the post dates. I’m writing evergreen content, not about yesterday’s news.

  • Alexei

    Hi Pat,

    I , actually, have much simpler advice to make a good blog:
    1. Implement the same features as

    This is what I did with my blog
    Every time I was adding a feature I was thinking “Does Pat has this feature on his blog?”

    I ended up with completelly differently looking blog but if you look inside , featurewise it is your blog 😉

    Thank you for a good blog,

    • Pat

      Wow – very cool Alexei! It’s always good to follow a working model, and I’m flattered that you chose my own blog for that. Looks great so far, just keep posting awesome content and connecting and networking with others, and you’re soon see a community build up behind your site. Keep up the good work!

      • Alexei


        Thank you for answer. I appreciate that :)
        Using your blog as a prototype was a joy 😉

        • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

          Heck of an idea. If I understood all Pat’s features I’d try this – maybe that should be a new goal.

  • Jean

    My tip is to relax and enjoy the process as a newbie. There is so much to learn about traffic building, social media, content writing, etc., that it can be overwhelming. My blog is just a baby, and I have tons to learn, but I’m determined to have fun as I move forward.

    • Pat

      Jean – this is great advice! It can be tough to be a newbie, definitely, but it’s totally a learning process! Have fun with it, like you said, and good things will start to happen.

      Thanks again Jean!

  • joel

    hmmm, helpful stuff for my am waiting for similar stuff for my especially on the permalink settings

    • Pat

      I’m not totally familiar with blogger so I can’t really say. If anyone has any suggestions as far as changing the permalink structure for blogspot blogs, please respond below. Thanks!

  • Jackie

    Another tip has to do with what you do off the blog — don’t email a bunch of bloggers and ask them to add your blog to their blogroll. Instead, leave useful or insightful comments on related blogs, and they may link to you after you have been around for a few months of consistent posting.

    • Pat

      Totally agree, Jackie! That’s probably the best way to develop relationships with other bloggers. An email out of the blue doesn’t do any good at all.

  • Ricardo

    Hi Pat,

    I was always curious about the little icon next to tabs. I said to myself ‘It would be cool if I had one for my site!’. Thanks for the info – now I know what it is actually called (favicon) and how I can get it done myself!


    • Pat

      Now you know :) Glad I could help! Good luck!

      • Khaizen

        Yaeh,me too.. Always want to know how to have that little icon..
        Thanks PAt.,.
        This is a very informative post for the newbie blogger out there.. =)

  • Srinivas Rao

    A few other things I’d add:

    1) WRite every day, but you don’t have post every day. You need to get into the habit of writing so that you eventually get into a groove.

    2) Build relationships but do it either by purchasing products of another blogger, commenting on their site or just starting a conversation with them on Twitter.

    3) Avoid Clutter or Ads: When I see Adsense on a blog that I know has been around for a short time it drives me nuts because it makes absolutely no sense.

    Great stuff as always Pat. Had a great time with your interview and learned alot.

    • Jim A

      I’m just starting a personal blog (still designing and add creating the base content), but I love the idea of your first tip: “Write everyday”.

      I’m definitely not in the habit of doing so, and although I enter the week with good intentions, more often than not I end up not writing ANYTHING. Writing everyday will provide a good challenge for me, and I can see this being quite beneficial as I grow in my blogging career.

      Thanks Srinivas!

      • Pat

        I love that tip too, Jim. I’ve found that my writing has gotten A LOT better since I first started this blog, because I am writing on a consistent schedule now and more often as well.

        Also, try and figure out WHEN you write best too during the process. You can save loads of time in the long run by knowing when you write best, so you don’t waste time trying to write when your energy is low or ideas just aren’t flowing. For me, it’s at night between 10-12am.

        Good luck Jim!

        • Jim A

          Thanks Pat.

          The writing has long way to go, but I’ll get there. Also, I’ll start being aware when I write best.

    • Pat

      Thanks again Srinivas – it was a pleasure. Hopefully I can help drive some traffic to blogcastfm very soon


      And thanks for the tips – each one is perfect.


  • Julius

    I think the advice about the plugins applies to both new and long-time bloggers. I also like the idea about the RSS counter and creating videos.

    • Pat

      Thanks Julius!

  • Peter

    One thing I see a lot of newer bloggers do is saturate their website with ads right away. While I think it’s ok to put up ads when you start, I think you’re better off trying to build your site, and grow your readership before going too overboard. After all, if you’re only getting a few pageviews a day anyway, slowing your page load down with a thousand ads isn’t going to do you much good.

    • Pat

      YES! This is great advice, and I know a lot of newbies love to put ads on their website because that’s what everyone else does, and that’s where the money comes from at first, but really what you forget is that you need readership and great content first.

      Thanks Peter!

  • Richard Scott

    I tried to click on the 25 Link Building Tactics in your picture and nothing happened… lol

    I’ve never thought about putting Video in a sidebar. Especially one with tips. That’s a great idea. I also agree on the RSS feed, no one wants to see you have 8 followers (like my FB page). :)

    The formatting is the biggest key for me. I just learned that this year and have been using it ever since. It looks and feels so much better.

    Skipping the plugins is a huge one. I get tired of going to a website that loads 50,000 widgets. Everything gets so slow and jerky. Drives me crazy. Thanks for the tips!

    • Pat

      LOL! I can send you that link if you want


      The formatting thing is HUGE, which is why I put it last. It really helps both you as a writer and your readers too.

      Thanks dude!

  • Jay Willingham – CampusByte

    Hey Pat,
    My Tip is to make friends asap. Trying to make your blog popular alone will leave you with no subscribers and an empty website. The sooner you make friends in your niche, the sooner you will see traffic and subscription conversion.

    Also, the friends you make will be there as teachers, showing you the right and wrong things to do. Plus, having great relationships will help you get guest posting opportunities much easier.

    Thanks for this post Pat.

    • Pat

      Absolutely, Jay. Awesome tip. If anyone tries to become a successful blogger without reaching out to others and making friends, they will FAIL, guaranteed.


  • Ms. Freeman

    If you’re a newbie and you know it clap your hands….clap clap! :)

    A tip I would add is to just relax, blogging is not rocket science. Enjoy the process, be open to others thoughts and ideas and don’t take yourself too seriously.

    • Pat

      Perfect tips, thanks Ms. Freeman! Especially not taking yourself too seriously. Have fun with it!

  • Camille

    My biggest tip is to remember that you are a newbie, and will make mistakes. You can easily recover from most of those mistakes, so don’t let fear of making them stop you from moving forward. Keep it simple and experiment with one thing at a time.

    • Pat

      Great tip Camille, especially with doing things one thing at a time. It can be very easy to get distracted with all of the “you should be doing this and that” out there. Good stuff! Thanks!

  • Lanny B

    The Favicon is a tool that I just implemented thanks to you! Thanks Pat, your ideas and tips are wonderful!

    -Lanny B

    • Pat

      Awesome Lanny! Do you have a link you’d like to share so we can see it?

  • Brandon

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Pat. With the RSS feed count to start – if you want to appear reputable in the jungle, walk like you have the followers, but only brag once you do. Very good point.

    I also like your point about the video. If you can display yourself to your audience, and do it confidently with information that is helpful, you instantly gain some approval – and likely a larger following when they have a true voice with the face.

    I’ve yet to get the video up yet, but your tip has been added to the to-do list.

    Again, great post.

    • Pat

      Thanks Brandon! Let me know when your vid is up, I’d love to check it out.


  • chris

    why isn’t my favicon working?!?! I’m on wordpress and did exactly what you said to do :(

    • Pat

      Sometimes, your browser will save your previous favicon so make loading your page faster, so it may already be loaded, your browser is just using an old cache. Try looking at your page on a different browser, or reloading your page once you’re on it.

    • chris

      nevermind! :)

  • David Rachford

    My tip: get an avatar… I can’t remember where I signed up for mine; was it ?

    • Pat

      Great tip, David, especially if you’re a newbie and you should be commenting on other blogs, and responding to comments on your own:

  • Alicia

    Thank you for this information. It really helps newbies and your are right about the importantance of having your own domain name.

    • Pat

      Thanks Alicia, I appreciate it!

  • Sandra

    Thanks for a GREAT post Pat! I will start working on some of these useful tips straight away. Keep up the good work! =)

    • Pat

      Thanks Sandra!

  • David Damron

    Suggestion to Newbies from a Newbie who did it wrong:

    -Write a short ebook/guide and offer for FREE to your readers as long as they subscribe to the newsletter. I have seen my traffic grow a ton since doing this.

    -Write 15 articles before launch. I skipped a few of my own deadlines and that ended up being inconsistent for my readers to follow. Stay waaaay ahead of your own deadlines.

    -Reply and contact each and every person that makes contact with you, comments, or subscribes. Build that loyal fan base ASAP.

    That’s all…

    David Damron
    The Minimalist Path

    • Pat

      Good stuff David. I think replying to everyone who takes the time to contact you, even if it’s through the comment section of your blog, is very important for building that cult of loyal followers.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for such great info Pat. I’m a true noob about to take the plunge and set up my domain. I’m probably being a bit too anal but was wondering your (and others’) feelings on .com vs others like .org and .net. For example, my preferred name in the .com area is taken, but I could add a prefix like “Howto” or maybe a suffix like “tips” or “blog” and get a .com domain. Or I could use my preferred name and use .net or .org. Would one way have an advantage over the other all other things being equal? Thanks for any help.

    • Pat

      The .com is obviously the top priority, but I’d recommend the hierarchy from for grabbing a domain name, which is as follows:

      I would stay away, .biz, .tv etc.

      Anyone else with any thoughts about this?

      • chris

        I think .org (for seo purposes) isn’t that bad, but anything else i’d stay away from

  • Stephen B. | InventionAddict


    You did it again. Excellent post! Defintite quality information and the quantity is a pretty good pace as well.

    My only regret is that I did not know all this a year ago when I launched my blog. I hit the one year mark and I there were times I had my doubts.

    Thanks for the great content.

    • Pat

      Thanks Stephen, I appreciate it! Sorry I didn’t get this out earlier for you!

  • Alex

    Awesome, awesome, awesome tips! Oh and did I say that these tips are awesome? Seriously, this is must read for newbie bloggers.

    • Pat

      Haha! Thanks, thanks, thanks Alex! Thanks!

  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    These are really great tips! I’ve never really thought about adding a video to the blog. I guess it will make some kind of a difference.

    • Pat

      I’m sure that it would, Andrew! If you do one, let me know when it’s up, I’d love to have a look. Cheers!

  • trevor

    Great posts Pat, I am a newbie and your blog is a big help

    • Pat

      Awesome, that’s great to hear. Thanks Trevor!

  • Jessica

    Awesome tips! I am a blogging/website/social media noob trying to break into the biz. Your tip of formatting posts will be very helpful, as I haven’t been doing that at all. Sub headings, bold, italicsm and pics will definitely help. I also agree with Srinivas about writing everyday to get into the habit. Even if it’s at work on lunch break, write something! Thanks for a great article!

    • Pat

      Thanks Jessica! Formatting is one of the most important things to making your content much easier to consume (and to write!) Good luck with everything, and definitely check out the problogger resources for tips on formatting if you have any specific questions. Cheers!

  • Nell

    Great tips!! I have been a long time lurker of your site and always value the information you are willing to provide to everyone. I just started blogging for fun and have been fearful of hitting that “publish” button so many times. Is it better to begin putting yourself out there, or wait until you have some content under your belt?

    In other words, if someone clicked over to your blog and it’s still in it’s infant stages (fetus in my case), they might not come back to see your progress because they have already made that snap judgement. I think progess is a process, but waiting around never got me anywhere.

    • Pat

      Hey Nell! I love comments from “lurkers”, hehe! Thanks!

      I know what you mean about hitting that publish button. Before, I would always spend 30 minutes to an hour after I finished a post, just hovering my cursor about the publish button because I was so scared. But really, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I always ask myself: “What’s the worst that can happen”, and when publishing a blog post, the worst is nothing at all. So you miss a few spellings or have some grammatical errors. As long as you have good content, those things won’t matter.

      Just do it, is what I say


      In the infant stages, get a few posts written, then go live and just see what happens. Keep writing, keep hustling, and good things will happen.

      Good luck Nell!

  • Profit Addiction

    Great post! I found you due to your eBook series I think, which is top-notch content as well. Thank you!

    • Pat

      Awesome, thanks PA!

  • Mike


    These are some excellent “must do” tips. Survival of the fittest is probably the most important point I take from this point. Specifically, if you really want to have a quality blog, you are going to have to publish quality content and set things up the right way. Anything else and blogging can be a frustration. Ever since I started taking my blog more seriously and putting more work into it, it’s become more fun. Imagine that!

    • Pat

      “Ever since I started taking my blog more seriously and putting more work into it, it’s become more fun.”

      Ditto! It has become a lot more fun for me too when I really hustled and took my effort to the next level on it.

      • Real Blogging Advice

        You’re right PAT, it’s really fun doing blogging. I love engaging to different people in the internet and learn from them also.

  • Pat

    Great tip, Ken. If you post just for the sake of posting, you’re doing yourself a disfavor and you’re lowering the quality of your blog as a whole.

    Good stuff! Thanks, as always, Ken!

  • Game

    Excellent list pat, thanks for sharing.

  • Ivan @ MySoloBusiness

    Thanks Pat, I created and uploaded a favicon on my blog and it’s just a small detail but it does make a difference. Just to add to your post, I did have to do a couple of extra things do get my favicon to display.
    1. I had to upload the favicon into the images folder of my wordpress theme
    2. I had to add a small piece of code in the header.php template : <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico” />
    Once I did that and restarted my browser, the favicon appeared.

  • Elias

    Excellent learning post Pat. Thank you very much. I’ll become a favorite!

  • Real Blogging Advice

    Hello Pat,

    Wow! What an awesome post. Some of your tips are I already tried but not all of them. Most new blogger are really excited what’s ahead of blogging, that’s why they are really motivated to do such things.

    I love to learn more from you and I also want to invite you to have a visit on my blog and tell me what is your impressions on it.

  • ValentinaI

    Thank you for these wonderful tips … I don’t know how long one can be a newbie – I recently promoted myself from kindergarten to grade 1

    But hey FAVICON!!! Never knew! I’ll get one up there. One more thing, the essay comment. I write for magazines so the white space and the titles and points etc. aren’t crucial (there is always an editor who pretties things up), but I have taken note of same and have been making some changes on my post appearance – now will pay even more attention.

    As always ……………super. Thank you.

  • Devthom1

    Awesome post, as a newbie to the blogging world, they’re great tips. Thanks

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  • Don Murphy

    Great tips on blogging, how long should it take to see results when starting a new blog?

  • Mario

    Love the post and comments. You and Glen @ViperChill are great inspiration. Keep it up.

  • Harsh Athalye

    All the worthwhile points. I earlier put on the RSS counter thinking it looks cool, but realized my mistake and removed it. One of my other mistakes was to try out too many things regarding theme, but I guess that’s because there is no single perfect theme out there which satisfy everybody’s needs.

    Btw, what’s your take on formatting the paragraphs to be justified? I haven’t seen blogs doing that, but just wanted to know.

  • PRKR

    i think the favicon is 60 pixels by 60 pixels

  • InfoGuy

    I definitely find that a clean layout, evidence of fairly frequent posting (nothing speaks DEAD like a blog where the last post is 2-months ago…) and use of some graphics (doesn’t have to be on every post, but certainly every 2cnd or 3rd post) adds to the professional image.


  • Brian

    Wow! I have referred back to this one a few times already. Thanks for all the great info, Pat. Not just on this post but on all of them. I love your story and hope to have a similar one soon. With your help, I just might get there!

  • Josh

    Great stuff Pat!

    I love the awesome content on here, my fleeting moments of free time will be invested in your website.

    So strange too as I was only coming on to help a friend design a similar opt-in box to your one at the end of every post. Fate works in mysterious ways

    But seriously, great post, great site and a great example to learn from!

  • Herbie Hysteria

    totally agree, i think new bloggers should essentially be concentrating on achieving a frequent posting schedule, ‘one post a day’ is the holy grail for me but it’s definately related to how successful your blog will become, adding frequent content is great for SEO, subscribers and notoriety. in wordpress, you can simply write posts at your own speed but you can schedule them to be published on any date in the future, this works great for me becaue it allows me to write a few posts in one session and then schedule them accordingly

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  • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

    All steps from #1 – #7 finally completed. Learned how to do the favicon today :) thanks Pat.

  • Glenn Dixon

    I’ve never been so excited by a favicon! LOL Thanks for the tip and links.

  • aditia

    thanks for the tips, i’m looking forward to be more professional blogger

  • Rafique

    Hi Pat,
    I am a newbie blogger. So, your article was very helpful for me. Actually, I was thinking of a favicon for me. But I am weak at graphics. So, I felt necessity of a website that could give the service. You have solved the problem for me. You know, I have installed huge bundle of plugins for me. Oh, mine is a wordpress blog. Can you suggest the best free plugins to run my site?

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  • Andrew

    Great post. Thankfully I seem to be doing ok so far by this checklist!

  • Austin Kelly

    Wonderful tips, Pat…this helps tremendously.

  • Sam

    Hi Pat, I ran into your site about 4-5 days ago and have been hooked. I’ve read a lot of material out there and you seem to be able to put it in “human terms”. You gave me the motivation to start to make money online again. I’ve had a couple blogs but they pretty much went no where because well honestly I am not a writer. So I think I may use the video approach often. My blog is still underway since I’ve only been at it a few days. Trying to get the ground work out of the way. I fount it hard to write about myself :) You have me completely stoked dude! Keep up this excellent blog!

  • Bérenger

    Thanks for the greta advice Pat, I am myself launching my blog about stuttering and how to overcome it, and your articles are helping me a lot !!

    Keep up with the great stuff !

  • Jarg Woldhuis

    Hi Pat,

    I want to know what to put in a newsletter when I get subscribers? “Old” articles or new and not published articles. I have seen the video (where you get interviewed by Olivier Roland ( and you said that you filled an ebook with all of the articles on your site. I sthis wise to do as a newbie or do I just save these emails for later?

    Jarg Woldhuis

    • Jeff – InfoProduct Guy

      Jarg – two points on what to put in your newsletter:

      1. Typically when I get someone to signup to a list from my blogs I put them into a small course, training, system or tips series where they get some real value for the first 7-14 days – this both delivers value to them, helps target specific segments of my readers and also allows me to promote advanced products that correspond to the free training – conversions are usually very good

      2. After someone has gone through the targeted course, I then continue to share articles of interest, personal experiences or observations, interesting blog articles from other blogs where we may exchange content to grow our lists, occasionally a free report or video, etc… Always delivering more content, but also asking for information from my list through surveys and feedback posts to help guage what more I can do for them both free and paid.

      You may want to incorporate some of this into your subscriber follow-ups


      • Jarg Woldhuis

        Thanks for your good tips!

        Now I have to, no, want to prepare a ebook product or training/tips. Ofcource for free.

        Jarg Woldhuis

  • Jenn Swanson

    Hi Pat,
    I am just trying to set up my blog with all the settings…and am not understanding how to get the favicon changed. I have read your tips, but I don’t see a public_html folder anywhere to put the favicon into. I’m using wordpress…but not sure exactly what to do once I have a favicon created. Where do I add it to change what’s there now? Help!!! Thanks,

    • Sam

      Hi Jenn Congrats on setting up your blog. You will need to open the file manager from your cpanel to locate that folder. There you will find the public_html folder to upload to. If you need more help I am online a lot just go to I have a live chat feed. If I’m online I’ll be glad to help. :)

      • Jenn

        Thanks Sam! I found the right folder and have been back and forth with Bluehost techie support all day because I can’t see the favicon I chose, but apparently they can….so we think it’s a caching problem. If I have more troubles, I’ll take you up on the offer…and I’ll check out your blog too. Cheers!

  • Jenn

    Thanks Sam! I did that, and have been back and forth now with Bluehost all day because I still can’t see my chosen favicon…but it seems they can. We think it’s a caching problem…even though I’ve tried it from an entirely new computer. We’ll see what they say, but I may take you up on your offer, and will certainly check out your site too. Thanks again,

  • Sean Davis

    I guess I’m not the newbie I thought I was. I’ve done the majority of this and learned it already at some time or another. I have a new blog but I guess I’m not really new to blogging. I’ve had a few in the past but I never took them seriously. I need to find out what level I’m on. Newbie may be a little too elementary for me.

  • April

    Hi Pat! I am a newbie and fortunately I found your blog ..I really love your it!..You are honest and you give so much information to the readers freely, I got a lot out from it and some were more than I could chew for the day 😀 but I am glad that you chunk down the ideas one by one …now I have a blueprint of what a good blogger should be :)

    God bless you!

  • April

    Hi Pat! I am a newbie and fortunately I found your blog ..I really love it!..You are honest and you give so much information to the readers freely, I got a lot out from it and some were more than I could chew for the day 😀 but I am glad that you chunk down the ideas one by one …now I have a blueprint of what a good blogger should be :)

    God bless you!

  • Simona Popova

    Hi Pat!
    Really useful stuff! I found your blog a week ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. You have inspired me to decide to start my own blog and I’m so glad I read these tips for newbies :) Keep up the good work!

  • sarah

    Hi Pat, The info is right on time. I don’t have a blog yet, but i have been reading your blog and your news letters. They have been very informative. I’ll put them into practice hopefully in a weeks time. Keep up the good work.
    God Bless.

  • MelodyAavah

    hi there! I was wondering if you can please help me with the permalink on my soon to be launched blog..

  • Aliza

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for sharing the tips above. Great tips for newbies to keep in mind and for the veterans to improve on.

    Anyhow, I have a question and your opinion (your readers’ comments are welcome too) is much appreciated.

    Which is better, Blogspot or WordPress?

    I currently have a personal blog which I created like almost a decade ago. I would prefer to maintain it as I would like my readers to read and (hopefully) identify with my experiences that happened from when I was a teenage girl to now that I am a mum.

    Anyhow, switching from Blogspot to WordPress would mean that I would lose all my previous posts, right?

    But most of the interesting mummy blogs I’ve seen are from WordPress (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough?) so I am in a bit of a dilemma.

    So do share with me your opinion(s) on whether I should stay or move “house”.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Heavenly regards,

  • Jen Collado

    The moment I read this post, I immediately deleted my blog counters. It’s so simple yet I just realized how it makes my blog look new. I have less than 50 tumblr followers and my traffic is not that high. I don’t think I should be proud of that just yet. Thank you for this!

    • Regine

      Very true. I thought having blog counters can be a bragging right that “I have this number of followers…someone from _____ visited my website…” wherein fact, as Pat points out, they definitely scream newbie. We might wanna steer away from them. :)

  • Steve Ruyle

    Was just setting up my blog tonight with the few spare minutes I had and thought I’d come see what your advice was on Permalinks. /%postname%/ it is. Thanks.

  • Pankaj

    I have just finished my usability study of 5 personal blogs.

    The following were ‘basics’ which blog designs are generally doing well, and are expected by users, if they’re not part of the user interface the impact on user satisfaction is very great:

    1) The right information at the right time to readers to gauge readership (comment counters, retweet counters, Facebook ‘like’ counters)
    2) Clear Time and date info on when a post was posted
    3) Enable users to easily View comments and Leave comments.
    4) Provide good profile info – with a photo

  • sharma

    You make an interesting point when you say that some businesses use marketing to cover up a product’s flaws. This isn’t a sustainable way of doing business because sooner or later, the target market catches on.

  • Matt

    Hey Pat, just a comment to thank you for the helpful info. I’ve been around the blog for a while but I picked up 2 great tips (favicon and permalinks) from this old(er) content! Thanks for keeping it evergreen.

  • Matt

    I’m far from a newbie blogger as I have created some successful sites and a new one that is really starting to take off in an area of expertise of mine, but these are great tips for anyone to get started – especially the permalinks. Perhaps the most powerful one of all.

  • Regine

    Very nice pointers we have here Pat. I’m a newbie blogger as well and listening to your podcast just about last month made me decide to build my own website-blog. Been checking your old posts ever since to pick up useful ideas for newbies like me.

  • mira

    Cheers for that. Favicon was a mistery to me up until now (and I hoped that I had passed the newbie stage…)
    I’m new to your nesletter list and just wanted to say that quite like your way of doing marketing

  • adrian lim

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been lurking around for a while and got back to basics again. It’s a load of information here. Some of which I couldn’t apply using your methods since I do not use wordpress as a platform for my blog. But thanks to you I found some alternatives for it. Thank you very much.

    Additionally, I realized that @ the point on the RSS counter, it’s similar to facebook likes and twitter follower box. For example, as of now my site has like 19 likes and it’s been for like 2 months or so. It looks “ugly” and it doesn’t get a vote of confidence from our users. So I had it removed, it’s common sense yet I didn’t even realize. Thanks for the points !

  • Doreen

    What a great site. I don’t have one yet but your info is very inspiring. Right now I am like a babe in the woods (Iam low tech) but your site is laying it out for me in a logical way. I love the KISS principle!
    Thanks and I look forward to getting on my site

  • DD

    Hi Pat,
    I’m starting a blog/podcast geared toward offering video production techniques and tips. When my blog eventually gets huge(!), does a WordPress blog enable me sell ads? Thanks,

    • forex rebate

      sure, you can use wordpress to publish posts and place many different ads,on the sidebar, at the top, etc

  • Carol

    Hey Pat.

    Looks like I am finally ready to take the next step up to make me look more professional. I saw that you recommend Bluehost, and am just a little fuzzy. I have a free wordpress but I don’t like the limits on customization and I heard that it could be deleted if they thought you were trying to sell anything on it. Also my site is a “do it yourself” and want to make it more professional. Would you recommend a Wordspress Site or does Blue Host perform the same functions or do they just host? (see…fuzzy) I like the idea that the WordPress sites seem to have the most recent (and relevent) information nearer to the top of the page. Any insite would be appreciated.

    • Pat Flynn

      Hi Carol! No worries! It’s definitely a good idea to steer clear of the free hosted WordPress option because of what you already mentioned – lack of customization options and inability to truly make money from your site. Bluehost will host your website for you but you can still create a wordpress site on it, it’ll just be self-hosted instead of freely hosted. Your server vs. WordPress’s own servers.

      I like Bluehost because after you sign up, there’s a 1-click WordPress installation feature which will immediately add a wordpress blog to your site. From there, you can customize it however you wish with themes and you can monetize it if you please with no worry of WordPress policy.

      If you’d like a video that walks you through this process, here it is!

      Of course, you don’t have to go through my affiliate link either when signing up, but in case you do here it is:

      Cheers, and please let me know if you have any more questions!

  • laura

    thanks for the advice!
    i have taken off the RSS counter, added more pictures to my blog posts and tried to use favicon.icc to create a new favicon, but when i upload it and then i view my blog, i can’t see my new favicon!
    i don’t know whether you can fix this for me or have any advice because i saw in the earlier posts that you are not so familiar with Blogger so if you don’t have any it is fine with me.

    • Brian Jenkins

      Hey Laura, not sure if it was a typo or not, and I know it’s been a while so you might have figured it out, but the name of the file is favion.ico NOT favicon.icc :-)

  • Jeremiah Say

    Great tip Pat. I love the one about “Update Your Permalink Structure” and “do NOT add RSS counter.”

    Makes absolute sense.

  • gagan

    hi pat i always read your blog posts because it pushes me to do some work like you did Appreciate you
    and just want to know about some more blogging tips from your side
    actually my content part is not so good but i really want to do start with some blogging as i know each and every aspect of SEO can you suggest me from where i want to start in which there is less need of content and earn some handsome income…

  • Jennifer

    Dear Pat,

    Thanks for the valuable information. I have been reading every single post here at SPI (except for listening to the podcasts..might come later) on blogging tips and you are a great inspiration for me to set up my blog as well. Thanks for being so generous with sharing information and I am looking for more updates here!!

    PS: I have subscribed to your newsletter and your e-book is the most professional freebie I’ve seen. How did you design that?

  • LifesApples

    I’m three years late, but better late than never! Loving the information posted on this blog. I read quite a few and this has to be one of the best!!! I hope my blog looks like this soon :)

    • Zubair Khatri Soomro

      share of information here. I really find this information really helpful for
      me. Thanks a lot, dude, for putting up this vital information on the internet
      for everybody to use.


  • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

    Hi Pat!
    Loving your work! Sometimes all I can do is send you big blessings while listening to your podcasts. I might add that I am usually listening to them working at my cleaning job and I feel it’s what gives me hope that I won’t be doing that in a couple of years!!!

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  • Carolyn

    This is so incredibly helpful. I’ve done a few of these before reading this (yay!) but i’ll be working on the others this week. Please continue to post newbie tips! I’ve been doing this for 2 months and I feel like information out there jumps from the basics to advanced in a split second. For example, how much content should you have or followers before you start considering web backups/security/adsense.

    Thanks for all you’re doing! I will be subscribing!

  • Hamza Ghani

    Hi Pat,

    I am glad I am here at SPI. your tips are awesome.
    I only want to know if youhave written any post on increasing blog traffic?
    If yes, please let me know.


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    I’m not very Newbie and I work around 8 years on web. and this article was really useful for me. Thank you Pat

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    Thanks for all you’re doing! I will be subscribing!

  • Marsian

    This post practically shows that I am not a newbie anymore! Thanks Pat!

  • Kris

    Hey, I’m Kris TOTAL NOOB! Gotta say thanks to you Pat. I’m reading your stuff and going step by step. I found my niche something i am personally affected by, created and purchased my domain name and hosting with Hostgator and have installed WP with a pretty basic theme which i might change and now. sounds like I’m not a NOOB but believe me i am. Now Im ready for more info on what to do next. Any thoughts?

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    These are the basics but always ignored by new bloggers, a very nice guide to read.


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    These are the basics but always ignored by new bloggers, a very nice guide to read.

  • Greg

    I am just a beginner but from all the reading I’ve done so far I can recommend keeping it simple. No unnecessary plugins, widgets and “cool” stuff. Clarity is more important. It helps our content to speak for itself.
    I’ve implemented this rule and I keep my blog this way:

  • Jaymee Sison

    Hi Pat, thank you for putting this together. These are small details that really make an impact on a new blog. I have made some minor tweaks to my website just while reading this article.
    P.S. That video idea you proposed on the list is still a scary thought for me to do! Which is probably why I should do it! It’s on my list-of-things to do now. Thanks again Pat.

  • Nelson

    Hello Pat,

    Thank goodness I’ve read this post. I know now where I would start. Cheer mate!

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    Cheers. Really useful for an embryonic blogger ( she says grabbing her laptop to remove rss thingy rapidly!)


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  • My Words and Stuff

    Great post, I have been trying to incorporate these tips into my blog since I started only a few months ago

    • Tobias Angus

      would love to share improvements about blogging and learn from each other esp about wordpress

  • Lea Pica

    I would say that the element separating my newbie blog from many others was immediately adopting the Content Upgrade strategy (which I learned about from you, Bryan Harris & Brian Dean). I can say that at least half of the subscribers I’ve gained through my website were through my various upgrades.

    I create one for every new post, and so far it’s paid dividends.

    Thanks for another stellar post!

  • MarcieR

    Hi Pat, great post. Thank you for the tips. Looking forward on applying some soon.Cheers!

  • Cherish

    Omg, Pat you are such an inspiration… Looking forward to being on the show, I’m forcasting in big way

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    Hi Pat,

    Great and informative post, indeed!

    One thing that I can add to someone who wants to start their blog is to try to build relationships with other bloggers. :)

    If you are a newbie blogger, then there will be no one who will recognize you, that’s why you have to go out to introduce yourself. One way is by commenting on other blogs and share their post if you feel it is useful post.

    By doing so, you will begin to be noticed by other bloggers. I’m sure, other bloggers will start visiting your blog. They will be return visitors to your blog if you offer useful and quality content.

    I hope it can be useful to anyone who wants to start their blogs!


    • Curly Gurl

      Excellent advice. I’ve actually heard other bloggers say that. Pat may have even said it.

  • Allan Stevens

    Great article. I have just started a small blog site, you have given me some great tips.

  • Hardeep Singh

    Here is the easy Tips for Adsense every beginners and for advanced.

  • Menno

    Thanks Pat for the tips. One question. Where is the public folder for wordpress found where the favicon needs to be placed? Cheers-Menno.

    • Arthur Palac

      Since WordPress 4.3 you can add a favicon or site icon from WordPress
      admin area. Simply go to Appearance » Customize and click on the ‘Site
      Identity’ tab.

  • jAtor

    Well… I tried to do two of these things as a newbie blogger… #2 and #3. I can’t find out where my public_html folder is on wordpress. I bought my domain name through wordpress so I don’t know who my host is… except wordpress? I tried to look for permalinks… but the option for permalinks doesn’t show up in my task bar. So… all in all– this post was unhelpful because the directions to do those steps were not specific enough? Any help?

    • Arthur Palac

      Since WordPress 4.3 you can add a favicon or site icon from WordPress admin area. Simply go to Appearance » Customize and click on the ‘Site Identity’ tab.

      You set the permalink structure in WordPress from the Settings > Permalinks menu on the dashboard.

      You have to pay for a host and transfer your domain name to that host.

      • jAtor

        Thanks Arthur. So helpful. Site Identity tab is no longer there– but I eventually found out what to do. the Permalink structure is still a mystery. Right now I’m just changing the slug on each post. The hosting thing I already figured out… Again, thanks so much.

  • James Snow

    Read Pat’s blog is the best tip I could give. I learned a lot of information here that made me a better blogger, and with any good blog, they always link to other good blogs. So do that and start putting the information to use rather than storing it and letting it collect dust.

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    SUCH great information. When I clicked on the link to this page, I wasn’t expecting such succinct, practical tips. Thanks! Going to start up my first blog now.

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    Thanks for the tips Pat! I already changed my permalink structure – much easier than I thought it would be. I’m also really enjoying your podcasts they are super helpful for newbies like me

  • Bill Burns

    Great stuff, Pat. You’ve done here just what today’s email said a good business should do: solve a problem — in this case, the problem being that we (or at least, I) don’t even know what questions to ask. Thanks for providing these great answers!

  • Agastya Maurya

    Hey Pat,

    Those are some great tips for a new blogger. The one tip that I would like to give to a newbie blogger, something which you also mentioned quite well, is to focus on delivering great content to the readers. The extent to which you as a blogger can add value to the lives of the readers is the extent to which your blog is going to be a impacting one.

    Pat, I’ve been a member of the SPI community for over 2 years and have learnt great stuff from you. I would say keep going man. I and many other of your community members are with you!

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    your post help me lot to learn new thing

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    As an FYI/caution, the tip below of “list of high paying google adsense keywords 2015” by “Preet” (one of the first 10 comments) seems to be pretty spammy; I clicked on it and found a “list” but the content was very bad English and I could not come back to your site or otherwise leave the page without closing it and starting over. Made me a little nervous. Perhaps remove the comment for the sake of your readers.

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