How to Make Your First $100 Online

How to Make Your First $100 OnlineThis is a guest post by Srinivas Rao of The Skool of Life and co-founder of BlogCastFM, one of my favorite podcasts that I fully support for your online education.

I am in Boston right now working with a client and with the beauty of technology and the wonders of WordPress I was able to schedule this post ahead of time – but that doesn’t mean this guest post is any less important. In fact, it could be one of the most important posts you read because when you think about – before you make a million dollars, before you make tens of thousands, or even just one-thousand dollars, you still have to make a hundred bucks first.

Once you can do that, the sky is the limit.

In this post, my good friend Srini illustrates some very actionable items to help those of you who have yet to earn your first 100 dollars online, earn it.

Please enjoy, and for the more experienced people out there, please share or add any tips you may have to help people earn their first $100 online.

Here is Srini…

Given that many of us are looking at our online efforts to supplement, increase or even replace our incomes, 100 dollars may not seem like a worthwhile goal. So Before I get into the “how-to” of making your first 100 dollars online I think it’s worth spending a bit of time talking about why you should focus on your first $100 before anything else. Most of us set goals of 1000 or 2000 dollars a month in income, and when it doesn’t happen at the pace we hope it will, we have a tendency to give up completely. As a result we never make a dime. The nice thing about $100 is that it’s a realistic achievable goal, and when you accomplish it, you’ll get the confidence boost you need to set some bigger goals. There a few other reasons it’s a worthwhile goal to start with:

  • It’s something you could accomplish within in the first 2-3 months of blogging, possibly even in your first month.
  • It doesn’t require tons of traffic. It doesn’t require tons of sales, and it won’t eat up a ton of your time.
  • In fact if you have an offer that is 10 dollars and 10 people buy it you’ve succeeded in making your first $100.00 online.

So let’s talk about how to create something that you can sell for $10.00

Making a Mini Product

Several months back I interviewed Dave Navarro who focuses on helping people to launch products. He turned me on to the idea of something known as a mini product. Here are some of the key characteristics of a mini product:

  1. Value for your Audience: This is a no-brainer. The reason most people love the Smart Passive Income Blog is because the insane amount of value that Pat provides to his readers. There’s something that you can learn or gain from every single post that he writes on his blog. This is at the core of anything you want to sell online. Whatever you put together has to be of value for your audience or for a subset of your audience. Remember this is not about creating something every single person will buy. It’s about creating something that 10 people will buy.
  2. It Doesn’t Take Tons of Time to Produce: The nice thing about a mini product is that it can be put together the in span of an hour. Often, when people do their very first product launch they tend to put  countless hours into something like a 60 page e-book. If it doesn’t sell it’s demoralizing because so much time and effort was put into it. When you only spend a short amount of time on a product like this is, if it doesn’t sell it’s not a big deal since it only took an hour. You can keep experimenting with different mini products until you find something that works.
  3. You Can Sell it Cheap: If you don’t spend countless hours putting it together than you can easily justify selling it for 10 dollars. For some reason people don’t seem to hesitate nearly as much when it comes to spending $10.00. If you’re concerned that no one will buy your product offer something of additional value. I offered 30 minutes of consulting time to the first 5 buyers who bought one of my mini products.

How to Come up with an Idea

  • Ask your Audience: If you have a small audience that is responsive this is actually easier than when your audience is huge because you can get really specific. You can ask your audience to what they want from you and have them respond in the comments. You can even go back through your comments and see what content that you’ve written that really resonated with them to come up with different ideas.
  • Identify Your Skills: One of the skills I knew I had developed over the last year was interviewing people. So after connecting with another blogger who decided to start a podcast where he interviewed people we decided to create a 1-hour teleclass called how to grow your blog with interviews. We added a worksheet to it and our first mini product was finished and ready for sale in about 2 hours. Chances are you have a skill that you are really good at that is of value to somebody. You can actually put together a short class, combine it with a workbook, and you have your first mini product.
  • Ask on Twitter: If you pay close attention to your twitter stream and the interactions that you have with people you’ll start to notice patterns or trends. I noticed that my time management content was something that was getting shared quite a bit. So, I jokingly put out a tweet saying that if I ever wrote an e-book it would be called “ Time Management for Bloggers with Short Attention Spans.” About 10 people responded saying they would definitely buy that. So, I sat down an hour later, packaged my best time management content together, added a few more elements to my mini e-book and put it up for sale the next day. Every one of those people who said they would buy it did.

Setting the Product Up for Sale

Once you have finished putting together your product you’ll need to get it set up for taking orders. This is a fairly simple process, but is somewhat confusing the first time you go through it. So I’ve outlined the steps below with screenshots for each step.

1. Sign up for an account with E-Junkie

For your first product, E-junkie is probably the easiest payment processor you can use.  The major disadvantage I’ve found with using E-Junkie when compare to clickbank is that you have to manually pay your affiliates.  But given that we’re talking about a 10 dollar product I recommend that you don’t have any affiliates. When you sign up for your E-Junkie account you’ll have an opportunity to link it to your paypal account where all your money will go.

2. Give your Product a name and Price

Once you’ve registered you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll have an option to “add product.” Click on that and you’ll be taken to the second screen below where you can give your product a name and price:

3. Upload the Product, and Get the Code for your Add to Cart Button

4. Publish Your Sales Page

Setting up a sales page your mini product is as simple as writing a blog  post on what the product is about. It doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated like sales pages for some of the bigger product launches you see. Have a paragraph or two that talk about the product and bullet points that highlight the benefits. You can see a sample sales page for our first mini product here.

Making a mini product can be a fun and easy way to start monetizing your blog even if you are in the earliest stages of growth. You can put one together in the amount of time that it takes to write a couple of blog posts and it will get you started with your very first passive income stream.

Srinivas Rao is writes about personal development at The Skool of Life, and is the host-co founder of BlogcastFM, a podcast for bloggers. Sign up for his FREE Webinar on the 7 Pillars of Blog Traffic

  • KimP

    Nice post, Sirini! Totally not what I expected, but still great.

    You hear everyone saying to wait at least 6 months to build an audience that trusts you, so this is the first time I’m reading to just jump in there from the start.

    • Srinivas Rao

      I do think you want to have some level of trust built with your audience. I would’t say put up a blog with something for sale day 1. Part of figuring out what might sell is having a bit of a conversation with your audience. That being said I think you can dabble with potential income streams early on.

      • Josh Kohlbach

        I don’t see why someone can’t do it straight away. If you build the website with the premise of selling a core product and bringing in great free resources around it by blogging then you’re setting your audience’s expectations straight away. I’d say go for it, but I know a lot of people disagree!

        • Dean Soto

          I agree with Josh. I think you could have a product right away on a new blog, it may not sell, but after an audience is built it probably will. I didn’t get much traffic to my blog at first and still had a product. Ended up selling a little, and that was motivation to do more things.

        • Kent Mauresmo

          I agree. I never heard anything about a “6 month rule.” You can actually start selling the product from day 1 and just create a blog around the product.

          I heard good things about E-Junkie, so I’m glad to see it being used here in this article. It just certifies that it’s a good platform to use.

      • Dennis Benedictos

        Knowing your audience is key.
        As head coordinator of a local basketball league with 24 teams (200+ players), I have a very good understanding of the needs of my own audience but it is a challenge to find what needs they have that you can convert into something you can make money from that is ongoing… but I’m ready for the challenge!

    • Gregory C.

      “Totally not what I expected, but still great.”

      Same here, but it turned out to be a great little guide.

  • Nate @ Strayblogger

    Another tip that tripled my sales on my own products was to have every page lead to an email opt-in form, and sell the product through a series of 5-7 informative emails that were labeled as an “ecourse”.

    That way, you get to provide more value and really increases your conversion rates vs. new traffic just going straight to your sales page.

    • Srinivas Rao


      That’s a fantastic idea and it provides tons of value to people without them even buying a product. It also is a great way to engage people which is what I love most. I think the more engaged your list is the better.

  • Peggy Baron

    This is an encouraging post for new marketers and you’ve outlined the steps very nicely, but where I see people having problems is in the marketing of said product.

    They have no list, or a very small one, and very few visitors to their blog. They can’t figure out how to bring eyeballs to the product. Perhaps you could do a second post on the next steps?


    • Srinivas Rao


      The thing with mini products is that they don’t require a ton of marketing beyond what you might do with with just a regular blog post. I understand your concern of very few visitors and a small list. But if you listen to my interview with Dave Navarro, you’ll hear him talk about people who’ve done four figure launches with a list of 25 people. What matters is how engaged you are with that audience even if it’s small. I launched an ebook recently and it sold about 30 copies. Then it occured to me that I should start a newsletter solely for people who bought my ebook. So I emailed all of the customers and said here’s the list. Teh ilst has 5 people on it and they’ve all opened the first email and my guess is that the open rates in general will be very high. So focus on the quality of the audience. Even if you sell one copy it’s a success.

    • gerry ayers

      I think following Pat’s epic content post is basically the best way to get eyes on your site. Going the viral route seems to be the best bet for me in the short run, then focus on SEO and backlinking in the long run. With the list building strategy based on placing your opt in forms all throughout your site. Just my opinion.

  • Sarah Russell

    Great tip! You’re right that some of us get so wrapped up in how we’re going to make a living online that we forget about the smaller, but no less important milestones like making that firsts $100.

    Just to expand on ideas for what to do with your newly-created mini product, you could also:

    *Put it up for sale in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum
    *Put a few affiliate links and offer it for free to an authority blogger to distribute to his or her email list
    *Get other new bloggers on board and combine your mini product into a much larger giveaway product
    *Offer an upsell to buyers of your mini product that goes more in depth on your topic, provides personal support, etc

    Just a few ideas – there’s a ton of possibilities out there once you have your own product :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Srinivas Rao

      Great suggestions for the marketing of the product. You mentioned having other bloggers being affiliates. One thing that really helped me is to partner up with another blogger who was at my same level and launch the product together. HE brought certain skills that I didn’t have to the table and wrote a killer sales page and added a really nicely designed worksheet.

    • Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM


      I love your ideas!

      I was reading them and then I went to your site and I kept thinking, “I’ve been here before but how?” Then I realized it. You and Jon Alford work together. I’m glad I solved my own mini mystery.

      Anyhow, great tips! I never thought of how to get my eProducts (once I get them done) out there.


      • Jon

        Hey Allie,

        Sarah is never short on great ideas :) Great gal to work with for sure!

  • Manspaugh

    I really enjoyed this guest post. Even though I’m making more than $100/month, I still need to be reminded NOT to look too far ahead of my next step.

    Mini-products are great, but I would have to add that you should be REALLY creative in making it. Do something a little different than anybody else out there and explain WHY it’s different. It will sell.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Great points. One thing to also keep in mind is that you can do a series of mini products and eventually combine them into a much larger product. People seem think that you have to build everything all at once. But we can take small steps in the right direction and really make great progress.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Srini,

    You make it sound so easy :)

    I definitively agree with you that we should focus on the first $100, and as soon as we earn it, we can start with the bigger projects. I made my first $100 with affiliate marketing, and it took me a long time, and it was more a coincidence. Focusing on creating my own “mini products” sounds like a lot more fun and a much better way to earn money.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.


    • Srinivas Rao


      It’s definitely more fun. You get to create and build something which is one of my favorite things about the online world. I waited a really long time to do it, and then one day on a whim I decided to launch it and just see what happened. It didn’t make me rich, but it probably paid for a few bar tabs.

  • Tiptopcat @ The PLR Boutique

    This is definitely a good way to look at the process of product creation. If you break it down into small enough chunks of earning potential, the target will not seem so daunting.

    The $100 figure is a good target to aim for if you are new to this game.
    Good luck everyone.

    Tiptopcat :)

    • Srinivas Rao

      As I mentioned above you can eventually also combine all of these prodcuts into something bigger. The other upside is you can really get specific about what your audience wants by catering to people who have already bought from you.

  • STRONGside

    I love the concept of a mini-product. I’ve been stressing with my new e-book, because it is taking me awehile to finish. So the concept of a mini-product is very appealing.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Srinivas Rao

      Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have. I highly recommend listening to that interview I mentioned in the post because it literally can serve as a step by step guide on how to do this.

  • Richard Scott

    I like the idea of a mini product. I’m one of those that spend countless hours on my 130 page ebook. To spend one night sounds kind of crazy. Do you have any other examples of quick mini products that work?

    Also, how big was your ebook that you sold for $10 and how big was your email list or following? :)

    • Srinivas Rao


      Great questions. The time Management for People With Short Attentions Spans was 17 pages. I actually made it short because it was tailored to people who couldn’t focus for very long. In terms of my following, I waited quite a while to do this and had about 1000 subs on my blog. But I also partnered up with a relatively early stage blogger, and truth be told I think the sales were driven more by his audience. See if there’s one of your readers or somebody you have a relationship with that might partner with you.

  • Donnie Schexnayder

    Pat/Srini…thanks so much for this post! It’s exactly what I needed to read today.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Glad you found it useful.

  • Jackie

    What I like best about this post is the concept that there should be something your audience can learn or gain from everything you put online. That can literally be taken to include every blog post you write. Thanks for highlighting that — I think it will greatly improve my posts.

  • Chris @ Passivly Earning

    Great guest post Srini. I think one of the things most people, me included, forget to do is ask the audience what they want. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes all it takes is asking.

    Keep up the good work and Thanks for finding great Guest posters Pat!


    • Srinivas Rao


      Glad you found it it useful. Asking the audience what they want definitely helps. You’ll also find that you are naturally good at certain things an that’s a great place to focus your efforts. Combine those two together and you have a formula for great mini products.

  • Diggy

    Good to see you here Srini!
    Helpful post and good actionable steps for newbies :)

  • http://[email protected] The Financial Blogger

    I find the $100 mark very important as it is the first door opening to the “make money online” world. I made my first $100 through the sale of a text link. It gave me the motivation to continue and grow my business. Three years later, I’m making that $100 online before noon every day ;-D

    great article!


    • Srinivas Rao

      That’s awesome. I’m going to have to check out your site and see what you’re up to. I remember making some initial money after text link ads. While mini products won’t give you enough to live off, they’re a start and a great way to build your confidence.

  • Sean

    Hi, this is great info. Is the samples sales page link working as you intended? ( ) Not showing a sales page…

    • Srinivas Rao


      It looks my friend that I launched the product with is redesigning his site, which wasn’t the case at the time of writing this post. But the sales page for a mini product is not complex. It’s like writing a regular blog post.

  • LifeAndMyFinances

    The 1st $100 is definitely the toughest. Once you figure out how to make $100 though, then you can make $300, $500, $800, $1,000…..and beyond! It just gets easier and easier after that first $100.

    • Srinivas Rao

      You pretty much nailed it. That’s why I think the first $100 is a great place to start. It can lead to lots of great things from there.

  • Marlee

    Hey Srini!

    Solid advice here. I’ve seen a lot of success with the minimum value product method of creation. Not to mention is serves as a great launch point for future products because you can get great feedback from people who buy.

    You really laid this out very well. Happy surfing!

    • Srinivas Rao


      Glad to hear that. It makes me think this is something I need to do on a more regular basis. Perhaps I’ll slate one mini product launch per month into my schedule and see how it goes :)

  • Robert

    Great tips on selling a new product to make your first $100. That can be the easiest way to get there. I remember getting my first check (after making $100) and how awesome it felt.

    • Srinivas Rao


      Its’ really great way to build your confidence. That’s why I think it’s a great place to start your product creation efforts.

  • Ryan

    I agree, not exactly what I expected, but valid information nonetheless. Maybe a followup post on a good squeeze page would be worthwhile? Sort of a next step after you have your info product created and on E-Junkie?

    Google will mail my first $100 dollar Adsense payment by the end of the month! Small steps. Good to know that if I can get there, I can get anywhere…

    Thanks again for the info. Best.


    • Srinivas Rao

      Once you make some initial progress you just have to keep going and youll build momentum from there.

  • Philadelphia Website Design

    Nice post… but when I went to see your sample sales page, it takes me to a page that says you will be back in 11 days. oops.

  • Eugene

    Great advice. I keep thinking about what massive premium product I can create, when in reality I should start small. Time to change my focus.

  • Rahul

    I do agree, we dont need tons of traffic to make $100 per month. I still have to crack that level. My best month i made $91. I hope next few month i will progress steadily and cross 100, 500 and 1000 mark.

    It just needs to scaling up the efforts.

  • TomL

    I think a lot of it has to do with momentum, understanding what you’re doing (takes a bit of time and action to gain this experience), feeling comfortable, confident, being at the right place at the right time and being able to find a hole in the market and fill it.

    What you’re saying is great as long as you already have those met. I see a lot of people come out the gate trying to teach about internet marketing… and for those that follow me on twitter… I call them out on that very fast.

    Amazing how many are trying to sell me, send me cpa offer or have me visit some crappy page.

    Saying do this and that, create a product is awesome… but most people coming to IM don’t have the slightest clue about owning a business, running a business, being a salesperson etc.

    They probably seen an ad saying that some wife is making a $1000 from her couch, or heard that this guy Pat makes $20,000 and he doesn’t seem like he does anything special.

    My first two months were hard, I’ve the case of information overload, made my $300+ in adsense and made a ton of mistakes (I call them experience). So I took more action, and reached out to other marketers and kept pushing.

    I already have over 10+ years of business/sales experience so can’t really compare to someone that’s worked for someone else all of their life and it was still difficult to wrap my head around it.

    After grinding it out for a few additional months, I didn’t even notice that I past the $4,000 per month barrier (never mind the eluded $100 per day) and a lot of my income stopped being in adsense. This entire time I didn’t try teaching or selling others products. Once I did make a few offers to small circles of people that already seen that I know what I am talking about… they sold out in hours. Talking about ($100-500+ per person sales here).

    As you see, its not as easy… but instead of wasting your time reading article after article… start doing and once you stop focusing on the money, it will come… Pat will probably agree with that.



  • Remco

    I am actually busy producing my 1sts product (10 video series) but want to offer it for FREE. I only have about 200 subscribers, so I want to build on my emaillist.
    Perhaps I should think of giving 5 video’s for free, and charge them for the next 5……..? What do you think?

    My problem is that I live in a country that paypal doesn’t have on the list to receive payments…..who knows systems (not clickbank) that I can use?

    • Srinivas Rao

      I think you could definitely do that. Or you could launch 3 of them as a mini product. AS far as payment processing I’m not sure what your alternatives are, but I’m guessing there has to be something.

  • Ryan

    Very encouraging.

  • Braden Talbot

    The title is quite the attention-getter. Everyone wants to make thousands (or more), but almost everyone can’t make their first buck.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Yeah the $100 mark is a great place to start because it’s something that is feasible. We don’t reward ourselves nearly for our successes and we put so much pressure on ourselves while comparing ourselves to the most successful people. This kind of effort to create a mini product can be a real confidence booster.

  • John Collazo

    That’s awesome. It’s so funny because I always thought it takes massive time to create a product. But this post made me realize that it doesn’t. It takes me now about 45min to write a 1000 word article.

    That’s about 2 1/2 pages on MS Word. I could write a 30 page informational ebook in one weekend! And like you mentioned in the beginning, it’s a great way to make your first $100 to motivate you to continue.

    Great Stuff!

    • Srinivas Rao


      You really could. You could also do it in audio. One thing I’m working on doing is a service where I help people create their first product using audio. But like you said you could hammer out a product in a weekend. There’s a great post on copyblogger about how to leverage your archives for cash.

  • Paul Wright

    Nice post I think it really is a great idea to concentrate on earning $100. I have been creating a niche site for the last 6 months and have made a more then $100 but from different sources. My current goal is $100 in adsense revenue. I am at about $80. $40 of which has been in the last 30 days so once i reach the first $100 the second will be following along behind shortly :-)

    • Srinivas Rao

      Hey Paul.

      Glad to hear you checked out our web site. That’s awesome that you are making progress already in terms of building your income. Even writing this post and getting comments from you guys is making me realize I ened to do more mini product launches myself (something Ill be working on quite a bit over the next quarter). I think it was quite convenient and a nice coincidence that PAt ran this guest post at the same time that I published his interview (which btw he packed with insights and value)

  • Paul Wright

    @Srinivas I just checked out your website and seen the interview with Pat at the top very clever it made me read on.

  • Ling-en Hsia

    Not only it s a great surprise to see u guest posting here, but this is a really great idea that I d like to try!!!

    Do u have any tips and resource to create a banner ad for the product? I think many of us are struggling with that. We don’t necessarily know and have photoshop and we are not willing to spend too much time on design if it s not our strength…

    Thanks again and keep up the good work with BlogcastFM. Best podcast ever!!! So inspiring!


  • phylus

    Great Post, All of the information I get from this site is always beneficial to me I always learn something new every time.

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    excellent stuff – baby steps – some encouragement, some fire, some more drive and one is off to making 1,000 then 10,000 then 100k!

  • Martha Giffen

    I feel like I just had a class! This couldn’t have been written any better. If anyone is even remotely thinking about trying online marketing, this post is a must-read! Fabulous content. Thanks!

    • Srinivas Rao

      Thank you so much. Maybe I will have to turn this post into a workshop of some sort. All of the comments and feedback have been very useful even for me. That’s one other place you might look for product ideas is in the comments section of your blog.

  • David Tong

    So awesome, thanks for the hand-holding Srini, and thanks Pat for featuring this! :)

    Dave Tong

  • Sparkle

    I have others swear by product creation. I think this is something I am going to try soon. I want to see how well this will go. If everyone is correct, it will go well and I should get a nice passive income from it.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Just remember that if you only sell one copy it’s a success. While you’re not going to become a millionaire this way you will definitely gain some great experience and lots of value.

  • cassie

    Hi, thanks for a great post. I’ve started offering a $1 guide on my website and have just sold my first copy to a “cold” customer, i.e. someone I don’t know. The guide is only 2 pages and didn’t take long to produce but it does add value to my audience (mums who want to make a living from home while looking after their kids). I’m wondering now how to increase the value to make this a $4.95 or $10 product so I can make my first $100. I like your idea of a video plus worksheet……….hmm, lots of food for thought.

    Combined with Pat’s backlinking strategy this is a great way to get started. Thanks again!

    • Srinivas Rao

      You could do a video, worksheet, and even an audio supplement (perhaps an interview with somebody). It wont take much to increase the value with just a few minor changes.

  • cassie

    Hi, thanks for a great post. I’ve started offering a $1 guide on my website and have just sold my first copy to a “cold” customer, i.e. someone I don’t know. The guide is only 2 pages and didn’t take long to produce but it does add value to my audience (mums who want to make a living from home while looking after their kids). I’m wondering now how to increase the value to make this a $4.95 or $10 product so I can make my first $100. I like your idea of a video plus worksheet……….hmm, lots of food for thought.

    Combined with Pat’s backlinking strategy this is a great way to get started. Thanks again Srinivas and Pat.

  • Cal

    I’m having a hard time getting past the $100 dollar mark. I know I can do $100 dollars, but why not $200, $300 or more?

    It is very hard and requires a lot of time.

    I have been thinking of going down this route. A $10 dollar product is a very good idea.


  • Smart online incomes

    Getting started online is really a challenge if you can not plan you action position. Online business is something that you really need to be serious about to see results. I can not blame the Gurus that they are making a lot of money for the products that are not working this is all because they know you are lazy and can not work.

    You will have to take action for the towards the above post to see result results you will not see any results without action.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Well said. Without action, nothing will happen. The problem is that so many people got this idea of “passive income” in their head as they get to sit around, do nothing, and make money. That’s not how it works. IT takes action and time.

  • Andrew


    Great post. I’ve been tempted to use e-junkie before and I really should. Cheers for the useful advice.

    All the best


  • Amanda

    I’m new on this making-money-online thing. It seems it’s a good idea to start with $100 in mind. The problem is (again), you’ve got to have a following/audience to sell, which boils down to having a blog/website. Don’t know if I’m right on this.

    • Srinivas Rao

      Without a doubt you do have to have an audience. You can´t sell anything to anybody if there´s nobody to sell something to. So before you jump into this you do want to spend some to building an audience.

  • Brett

    Nice post, micro-products do sell well if you can find a niche and make it your own. Please no more make money products!

    e-Junkie is nice, I’ve now switched to it and I love the one piece of code shopping cart.

    Affiliates are overrated to be honest – I’ve been selling products online since 2002 and to be honest all my affiliates have been largely a waste of space.

    • Srinivas Rao


      You can definitely get lots of value out of mini products. In terms of affiliates, I think it is really dependent on the relevancy to the audience of your affiliates. That being said I´m no master of recruiting affiliates.

  • Maryland Stink Bugs

    Great guest post !!! I never really thought about a mini product but I will now. Funny enough I’m at the point now where I’ve learned how to get traffic and use information gained from the analysis of my site to make changes and one of my changes along with a design change is going to be a product of my own. Thanks to Pat and Srinivas for a great post….SPI rocks..!

    • Srinivas Rao

      Glad to hear it. I´d be curious to hear about your results. Who knows, maybe we can follow this up with a case study on the people who have launched mini products and have them share their results.

  • Dr_E from InfoBarrel

    I don’t often post on SPI, but I thought this post was really inspiring.
    Thank you for such a great post.

  • Olatunji

    Thanks for cooking all this up.Much appreciated !

  • Moon Hussain


    Marvelous guest post on Pat’s blog, congrats! You’ve given me a blast of great ideas for my niche site… okay, well one really damn good one 😉 I think this could work well.


    • Srinivas Rao

      As I always say, all it takes is one good wave.

  • Edgar

    I dont understand why people will even use E-Junkie, they charge you a monthly fee.

    If your selling an ebook all you have to do is create a thank you page in your wordpress and upload your PDF file in your roots folder and place a link that says “click here to download” and just link it to your PDF file.

    when using a paypal button it allows you to insert a successful back URL, meaning after payment was made paypal will redirect to the URL you enter in this case it will be back to your thank you page.

    Come on guys why pay for services. Better yet theirs a wordpress plugin that does all this for you. why pay monthly.

    • Quickanswer

      I scan your website for folders by checking catalog tree. Get to download your pdf without paying and I can share it with world. On the top of that it’s 100% legal .Thank you.

      For services like e-junkie content is gated, meaning I would need to break the law to get your pdf.

      This didn’t take me a 30s to come up with.
      This is exactly why you pay someone to do the work for you, not everyone is “bad guy” in internet.

  • John Sherry

    Very telling advice Srinivas – from acorns great oaks are born. So many people want to head straight for a million immediately but those who build solid foundations learn the ropes, develop a strong, lasting reputation, and a brand begins to unfold. It’s like climbing a mountain – do it via a number of base camps then you’ll get there safely and the view will be more the sweeter. Thanks for being our Sherpa!

    • Srinivas Rao


      Thanks for the kind words. Not sure if I´ve ever thought of myself as sherpa. But like you you said from acorns great oaks are born. I´ve found that making your first $100 is a tough hurdle for many people to overcome. But once you do, then you can tackle bigger projects.

  • Himanshu Chanda

    @Srini @pat The heroic destiny site seems to be taken off for some changes …..

  • Siegfried

    I need to take closer look at this e-junkie, thanks!

  • Joe

    Hi Pat,
    Welcome to Boston…or I should BAWSTON :-) It’s beautiful this time of the year.. Let me know if you need anything in Boston. I live about 12 miles from downtown.

    Enjoy your time and and don’t be lost while driving because it’s so confusing and chaotic here.

    Good luck with your consulting gig and take care,

  • Estevan Montoya

    Thanks for the great post. I read your e-book, and it was THE MOST INFORMATIVE e-book I have ever read. This post just seems to weave everything together. Since finding your blog, I have decided to make my own product. Thanks!

  • Brian Yang

    Great article, it’s incredible smart to test a mini product.

    Why go 110% deep and hope for the best, when you can invest a fraction of that and see if it’s worth the rest of the effort by analyzing the results?

    I hear that advice repeated from super successful marketers such as Eben Pagan.

    • Srinivas Rao

      You hit the nail on the head. You could end up spending a small fortune and a ton of time on a product that flops. I even had a guest on our podast recently tell me that he offered some sort of free course and if people didn´t buy the paid product, he wouldn´t launch it.

  • Akil

    Great post Srinivas I was think of creating an ebook myself but didn’t think of selling to make some income right away as I was going to give it away as an ethical bride but now that I have read this post I will sit down and create an ebooks. I have a few in mind. I will start out with one and see how that goes first.

    • Srinivas Rao


      Look forward to hearing about your results. This is a great way to get started selling product and just testing the waters.

  • Danny Whitehouse

    I am a firm believer in being able to make more money online. If you can make a dollar, you can make a thousand. The process is just the same, but you’ve got to get it right.

  • LaTisha @Financial Success

    This is a great idea. I made my first 100 from a combination of an affiliate item and an ad sale. It was very exciting! Next step is products I can create and sell myself. Maybe I will take a twitter poll to find out what is most desired.

  • Jason@Internet Medicine Man

    I like the post. However, I find it hard to agree that you can create a $10 product in an hour or less. Being a beginner in writing articles and content I can spend 30 minutes to an hour to write a 400-800 word article. And that’s not something I see being worth $10.

    Through experience and practice I’m sure you can be writing articles in 20 minutes, and have a vast resource of past articles where you could put together mini products in an hour or so. But for a first product I would think most beginners would take much longer than an hour to produce something.

    I do like the concept of keeping it smaller and simple though. The time it takes comes from experience.

    • Srinivas Rao


      You make some fair points. I think an hour is the timeline I set, but it´s not set in stone. Like you said iut might take a bit longer. THe real key is not to spin your wheels on something huge. While a blog post might be worth 10 bucks, there are things you can do that I´m sure would be easily worth $10.

  • Emily

    I don’t have time to read thru all the comments, so forgive me if someone already pointed this out…

    but you’re not going to make one penny without doing SEO for your blog, b/c that is what gets free traffic to your site.

  • Jeremiah

    Hey Pat,

    Everytime you put up a new post it blows me away. Your tips and tutorials have got me started on my way to creating a blog (just did it today! woohoo) and if all goes well I’ll be getting new traffic and subscribers in no time due to your awesome content. Thanks again Pat, I’ll definitely be back!

    P.S. This post has got me so pumped up to write my first eBook. Here I come $100!

  • Ben

    Do you have any other strategies that a new blogger could employ to be able to earn their first $100? And can you self publish and sell an ebook with e-junkie?

    • Kent Mauresmo

      PPC marketing is good too. You can be in profit quick that way, but you need to invest some money first of course. Nothing is free!

    • Srinivas

      You can definitely self publish. As far as other ways to make the $100 you can do things like affiliate marketing, a bit of consulting or other things. This way is the one that I think gives you the most control.

  • Sonia

    Hi Pat,
    Another extremely informative post. It came for me just the right time when I am deeply involved in developing my entrepreneurial mindset in conjunction with my personal development. These I am implementing as my core support foundation so that I will be able to achieve and surpass that goal that you so carefully coined.

    Thanks for another motivating post.

  • Ash Tewierik

    Pat, another great article! I was thinking about writing something similar. I agree it all has to do with traffic which can be increased by providing quality help and products. If you are good to your customers, they are usually good to you.

    The feeling of reaching the first one hundred dollar profit is brilliant, and gets you hooked knowing that success is possible!

    Thanks again

  • William Rose

    Some really great ideas here. I especially like the idea of a mini-product. Doing something like this also provides you with the oppurtunity of expanding your creation at a later date.

    Love your work, Pat!

  • Erik

    Although I’ve already passed the first $100 mark, it wouldn’t hurt to learn new things. The idea of creating a mini product is a good one. It just goes on to show that there are so many ways to make money online. We just have to creative enough to maximize how little things and ideas work..

  • Jessie Haynes

    Great post – good to see quality content that can really deliver that income.
    $10 sales 10 times equals that first $100, easy!

  • Cory Lamle

    Hey Pat and SPI Community

    Pat you mention to “identify your skills!” This by far is one of the most important things that I have learned. If I’m going to provide content/products of the highest caliber then it’s very important that I talk about things and ideas that I have some expertise on (aka skills).

    Being a programmer I have begun to find my niche online, through a series of custom widgets and plug-ins. I currently have made over $400 in the last few months. One of the streams is becoming a form of semi-passive income and it’s a very exciting to start seeing that I can create income that doesn’t come from my corporate job.

    Pat I remember you talking about this in your first podcasts with AdSense and how exciting it was to get just a little bit of income, I’m at that stage right now and is quite exciting!

    Enjoying the journey one day at a time :)

  • marquita herald

    Great suggestions – especially for the early stages of monetizing a site. Thanks!

  • Timo

    Thank you very much for this. It is a real good eye-opener for regarding what I want to do with my blog in future time.
    However I have one thing to share here. It might be really to start selling your product, whatever it might be, right from the beginning. But for that purpose you need to have your page fully developed, so it wont look cheesy when you put your product up. How many people would buy a manual on how to make money through the internet when your page looks utterly useless, cheap and confusing from the design.
    I for myself I am trying to build up my blog first and improve it over time before I will try to sell any product, or am I wrong here with my opinion and I should try to sell soon?
    But anyways, thank you very much again for posting this.


  • SeoDuck

    Thanks for another brilliant post. But I recon to make your first 100 bucks online will be much easier by creating a website and by selling links from it.

  • Felix Albutra

    Wow! This is another level of making money online by starting to aim a $100 goal.

    The same goes for me too. When I did my first money making online journey, I started to from the $10 where I first bought my custom domain name and later on, make a $100+ and bought a web hosting and migrate my blog to WordPress.

    What I did was that, building a review mini-site from product launches and physical products in different marketplaces.

    Thank you very much for sharing your great information. I will try to apply this on myself.

    – Felix

  • naturessand

    Its always to earn the first $100. Once the inhibitions are shed, it all becomes very mechanical and easy.

  • Miriam

    Using a $10.00 product to aim for $100.00 is a great way of reducing the stress of answering the question “How will I make money online?”
    Thanks for the tips.

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  • Timo Kiander

    Superb! Just superb!

    Thanks to this post, I’m already brainstorming topics for my entry-level products.

    In fact, your interview with Dave was awesome. I wrote down plenty of actionable notes which I’m about to implement soon :)


  • sophie

    Making things for to sell on etsy is a great way to make extra cash

  • A.J. Arango

    Hey Pat!
    Well, first off I don’t want to sound like a total fan boy but I love what you are doing here. Anyway I found you from Podcasts and it inspired me to start a little blog, long story short about 40 days into this I made my first $100.00 online while I was out skiing on the lake with my wife. Thanks for all the great info. Have an awesome day.

    • Pat

      Dude – AJ, you rock man! Congrats and thanks for sharing with us and being an inspiration!

  • Tram Tran

    great post, guys. getting the first $ 100 online is the first win any starting blogger should aim for. in my blog, i have monthly goals ( which feature things that i would like to complete in that moth) and achivements( similar to your income report Pat- but i dont have any impressive income to show yet, so instead i show what monthly goals i have accomplished). one of the first goals is to earn $50 online of my first month blogging. Im on my way there=)

  • Business Ideas and Tips

    Well done OP for your post. I’m with you in spirit

  • Annie Andre

    I think we should just bottle you up and package you as my mini product. This is such a simple but easy idea. and like some others pointed out, i keep thinking big huge product when i should be thinking small increments maybe.

    Thanks and can’t wait to see what else you share.

  • Soumen Siddhanta

    Very good article. But its very difficult to make 100 dollar in a month in initial stage. Because I faced this problem first one year, that time I have made only few cents in a day.

  • chamal priyadarshana

    Is there any other service than E-Junkie to sell e-books?

    • Pat Flynn

      Check out :)

      • chamal priyadarshana

        Thanks Pat for the suggestion. is looking a good place to sell eBooks.